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Norway’s Johan Galtung, Peace & Conflict Pioneer, on How to Stop Extremism that Fueled Shooting



Norwegian police have released the identities of another 24 people killed by alleged attacker Anders Behring Breivik as they ended their search for bodies around the island where 68 of the overall 76 victims of the twin Norway attacks were murdered. Breivik is due to be questioned by the police for the second time today.

Details have emerged, meanwhile, on Breivik’s claim to have bought high-capacity ammunition clips used in the attack from the United States. As Norway mourns the tragedy, we speak with Johan Galtung, a Norwegian sociologist who is considered the father of peace and conflict studies. Galtung’s granddaughter was on the island when Breivik attacked. [includes rush transcript]


Johan Galtung, a Norwegian sociologist and a principal founder of the discipline of peace and conflict studies. He is author of several books including The Fall of the U.S. Empire—And Then What?


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JUAN GONZALEZ: Police in Norway yesterday released the identities of another 24 people killed by Anders Behring Breivik last Friday as they ended their search for bodies around the island where he shot 68 of his 76 victims. Breivik has admitted to shooting people on Utoya Island and killing another eight in a bombing in Oslo.

The head of the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Bjorn Guldvog, says health authorities should follow up with those affected by the shooting.

BJORN GULDVOG: This is a more dramatic catastrophe, with strong terror, than we are used to. And our best professionals gives very strong advice to have a more active role in the follow-up than we would otherwise recommend.

JUAN GONZALEZ: Details of the latest victims emerged as the anti-fascist organization Searchlight said it had found more postings on anti-Muslim and far-right forums thought to be from Breivik from as far back as 2008.

Breivik is due to be questioned by the police for the second time today. He was first questioned for seven hours the day after the attack. He claims he legally bought high-capacity ammunition clips by mail from the United States, prompting Capitol Hill’s leading gun-control advocate to say on Thursday that America should be ashamed such purchases aren’t against the law.

AMY GOODMAN: Meanwhile, European counterterrorism experts met in Brussels to discuss ways of preventing such attacks in the future. Tim Jones, the main adviser to E.U. counterterrorism chief Gilles de Kerchove, said he was concerned about others replicating the Norway attacks.

TIM JONES: One major risk is that somebody may actually try to mount a similar attack, as a copycat attack or as a way of showing support. It will depend how that attack is planned and where it takes place, whether it’s detectable or not, but it’s clearly a possibility.

AMY GOODMAN: For more, we go to Spain to be joined by a man who’s spent half a century pursuing nonviolent conflict resolution. He’s Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung, known as the father of peace and conflict studies, recipient of numerous awards, including the Right Livelihood Award and a number of honorary doctorates. He is founder and head of Transcend International, joins us right now from Spain, where he’s currently working. Also, his granddaughter was on the island when [Breivik] attacked the island.

We welcome you, Johan Galtung, to Democracy Now!

JOHAN GALTUNG: That’s very kind of you in this hour of profound mourning.

AMY GOODMAN: First, can you talk about what has taken place and also what happened to your granddaughter? From when this first happened, we have been trying to find you to talk to you, Johan, and as a Norwegian and as a person who’s dealt on the issue of peace studies for so many years. It was only right before we reached you that we learned your own granddaughter was in the attack.

JOHAN GALTUNG: So, you will get me, dear friends, in all three capacities: as a Norwegian, as a grandfather, and as an analyst with a number of things to say.

You can imagine the shock when I heard that my granddaughter had arrived not only on the island the day of the massacre, but together with the assassin on that small boat. And he was carrying a huge weapon, according to Ida—I-D-A is her name, member of that young Labourite youth organization, where I, myself, was a member many years ago. And she then understood, when the shooting started, that this is serious.

So Ida escaped with a friend, a girlfriend, Johanna, and they were able, after getting rid of a red rain jacket, to camouflage themselves behind a stone under her green rain jacket. And on the other side of the stone, the assassin was standing, shooting. And their friends fell down, and crying, crying, crying. And there was a pool of blood. But she escaped, together with her friend, unhurt. And you can imagine that when, after one hour or close to an hour, a boat came, they didn’t dare go out. But then came a big unmistakable boat, and they escaped to that one.

This brings it very close. It’s a small society, you know? And we Norwegians, as you put it mildly, are not used to that kind of thing, 76 people killed on one day. And with an annual murder rate of 40, two years’ rate on one day. I don’t use the word “terrorist.” That’s an American vocabulary, which has found much too much usage. It’s a sign saying, “Stop thinking. He’s just simply bad and evil.”

So, then comes, of course, my third identity, as an analyst, and it is also clear that if you have the possibility of analysis, it somehow comes also as a comfort against your strong feelings as a Norwegian of solidarity with your compatriots, and in my case, also with people with whom I associate to a large extent still politically, and of course my granddaughter, too.

JUAN GONZALEZ: Well, Johan Galtung, I’d like to ask you about the climate in which this has occurred across Europe, as well as in the United States: growing anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant sentiment, right-wing parties getting more and more votes in a variety of countries across Europe. Could you talk about the impact on Norway of this event and also of the ideology behind the perpetrator of this terrible crime?

JOHAN GALTUNG: Thanks for the excellent question. So let me start with the more general Norwegian question. Don’t try to explain this in terms of anything Norwegian. Our right-wing populist party, which is very far from anything I stand for, I have to defend. They had strongly anti-Islamic, also racist, connotations two or one decade ago. They have, to a very large extent, liberated themselves from that. Anti-immigration? Yes. But they are not alone in that in Norway. He’s not a reflection of that party. He was a member and left it, and left it because he found it much far to the left or to the center and not to his liking. And the general climate in Norway, of course there are Islamophobes, and of course there are people to the extreme right not organized as a party. We have our fair shares.

But we also have something else. We have 10 percent of Norwegians born abroad, and a heavy portion of them are Muslims. And by and large, they are integrated perfectly, speak fantastic Norwegian. You now have them second generation. And as I say to my family members, I am totally prepared for the circumstance that there will be a Mohammed Galtung and a Fatima Galtung in the future. And Galtung is some of the oldest families in Norway, from Viking times.

Now, having said that, I have the impression that their encounter with middle-range social democratic Norway has also modified and made their Islam less, shall we say, confrontational, although I know enough about Islam to know that the word “confrontation” is not built into it, except when it is trampled upon—the fourth stage of jihad, to put it that way. In general terms, with some few exceptions, the relations are good, and very different from what you can find in other countries. You have England, Netherlands, of course, Hungary. And in Italy, a parliamentarian just said that he was 100 percent in agreement with Anders Breivik, but not with his violence, but ideologically in agreement.

So let us then turn to the second part of your question, which is—

AMY GOODMAN: Before we go to the second part—


AMY GOODMAN: —we’re going to go to a break, and then we’re going to come right back. We’re speaking with Johan Galtung, a Norwegian sociologist, one of the founders of peace and conflict studies, also the author of a book called The Fall of the U.S. Empire—And Then What?. His granddaughter was caught in the attacks on the island. She survived. Her friend did not. We’ll continue our conversation in a minute.


AMY GOODMAN: Our guest right now in Spain is Johan Galtung. He’s a Norwegian sociologist, principal founder of peace and conflict studies, author of the book The Fall of the U.S. Empire—And Then What?We’re talking about this issue of how to avoid, stop these kind of attacks in the future. And then, following up on Juan’s question, your second answer, Johan Galtung?

JOHAN GALTUNG: His ideology, OK, we have to go into it. And it doesn’t help anything, as I said, to call him a “terrorist.” We have to try to understand him. So I identify three features very quickly. Point one, a civil war in Europe between deep Christianity, which is his essentially as Catholic, and Islam.

And a civil war has been going on and is going on. Point two, Islam is penetrating on a road greased by multiculturalism, tolerance, and key proponents of this tolerance are the builders of that road, which he finds in what he calls “cultural Marxism” and social democracy. And point three, debate is impossible. You cannot end the Norwegian democracy and have a debate about this, because people are deaf and dumb. The Islamists, as he calls and would refer to all Muslims, will not listen; they are just pursuing their cause. In other words, the only possible response, horrible as it is, is violence—terrible, but necessary. There you have three features.

And that makes me immediately ask the question, what does it remind me of? And I have one simple answer and one horrifying answer. I will take the simple answer first: it reminds me of Nazism. There’s a civil war in Europe between Jews and Aryans—also a very basic tenet of Hitlerism, Nazism. And the Jews are of two kind: the Bolshevik Jews in Moscow and the plutocratic money Jews in London. Point two, there is something greasing the way for them, and that is miscegenation, racial mixing, marriages between Jews and Aryans—the worst crime imaginable. And point three, these people have their minds set; there is no dialogue possible. The only thing one can do is to expel them.

You might even reward them for expelling them. And if not, the alternative is to execute them. Now, that last point was picked up by Breivik. I don’t think he had it from Nazism, but his idea was that each Muslim family in Norway should be paid 25,000 euro to leave, back to their own country. And if they rejected that, the alternative was execution—exactly the same as the Nazis did under the famous Transfer Agreement during the 1930s, when 60,000 Zionist German Jews were given not only the permission, but encouraged to leave for Palestine. Well, I can call this ideology neo-fascism, and it’s an updating, where instead of being anti-Semitic, it’s anti-Islam, and instead of miscegenation being the fantasma, it’s multiculturalism. So Breivik talks cultures where the Nazis talked race. But otherwise, the similarity is almost point to point.

But you see, then, when again you ask the question, “What does it remind you of?” there is a horrifying answer, which will be very difficult for Norway to process. This is exactly the ideology of the Washington-led attack on Muslim countries. There’s a civil war in Europe. It’s called “clash of civilizations,” the idea that came from the Princeton professor Bernard Lewis and was taken by Samuel Huntington’s publishers and put as title of his book, and I think wrongly attributed to Sam. But that doesn’t matter; that’s a small detail.

The road is greased by failed states and by local groups taking command those failed states, so that in these failed states, the local groups, be they Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, these groups can launch decisive attacks on the Christian Western mainland, and particularly then U.S. And 9/11 is then interpreted in that context. And point three, makes no sense to have any dialogue. These people, you cannot talk with them. Terrible as it is, the only language they understand is violence. Well, my country, Norway, is a part of that: sharpshooters in Afghanistan killing Taliban.

I had talked to a number of Taliban. I feel very deeply touched by that. They are human beings. They are fighting for their country. Some are what we would call “extremists,” most of them are not. I think their ideology has essentially three points. Point one, they stand up for Islam, but know they have made—know very well they have made mistakes, particularly with regard to women.

Point two, they hate Kabul as the landing platform for foreign invaders. And they hate being invaded. I have no difficulty accepting those three points. I have great difficulties, or I cannot—I simply reject the Norwegian government signing up with the U.S. effort to try to quench what they see as a rebellion of people with whom they cannot talk.

And then you have Norway in Libya, F-16s, 535 sorties, throwing 501 bombs on what they call military targets. OK, Breivik could say, “My bomb killed very few, and it was on the target.” The target was the center of decision making. The parallel is disgusting. And the point about it is that, suddenly, my little country Norway stands as victim. We are mourning today. There are beautiful ceremonies. And I must reach out to the Prime Minister, saying his words are extremely well chosen. He does it beautifully. And at the same time, Norway, under the leadership of Washington, is doing exactly the same thing, only on a much larger scale: perpetrator—victim and perpetrator.

Well, I hope my country will be able to process that. And I think the way to process it, there’s only one road, and that is to point to positive openings, both in Norway, in Europe, and in the world. So, as a mediator, I’m working on that and have a couple of small things to say.

AMY GOODMAN: We only have a few minutes to go, and I wanted to ask—you have said that you don’t compare this to Timothy McVeigh blowing up the Oklahoma City building or to 9/11, but to the Nazis.


AMY GOODMAN: Your father was captured, is that right? Held by the Nazis.

JOHAN GALTUNG: That’s correct. He was in concentration camp.

AMY GOODMAN: That comparison that you make and those you reject? And then I’d like you to end by reading a portion of the letter from your granddaughter, who was on the island when Breivik started shooting.

JOHAN GALTUNG: Now, you want me to read, or you will read?

AMY GOODMAN: No, no, if you would, but if you would just start by that comparison, the ones you’re rejecting, to 9/11 and Timothy McVeigh, and the one you think is most appropriate.

JOHAN GALTUNG: My granddaughter ends her letter to all her relatives, and I do not have her permission to circulate this in any detail, but she ends with a very important sentence. “I want you all to know that if I haven’t answered to all the expressions of compassion that I have been reading by now, it’s because I have tried to think, and I have tried to think of one thing: how can we prevent movements like the movement Breivik participated in?” I find that very wise. And the question is, what are the answers?

Let me give one answer immediately. Challenge these people on the extreme right in debate. Get them out in public space, in the open. Challenge them. Let me only say one thing. If you want to challenge them, you should have been well prepared. These people are well prepared. Don’t underestimate them—point one. This has to happen all over Europe. It is not a question of just identifying cells. It’s a question of going to them personally. Get them out. Invite them into the best of our society, the open, free debate. But—and then comes the difficult point—it’s difficult to do that unless you are willing to open for the same possibility in dialogues and debates with Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda. And I can only say, having done it, it’s very, very easy. But you have to understand them. That doesn’t mean you have to accept them, but you have to go your portion of the way.

And I can add to that one point. The mourning today in Norway is in churches and in mosques. How about a joint ceremony? A joint ceremony would be beautiful. We haven’t quite come to that stage yet, but we could be close. And the closest place in Europe would be the Mezquita in Córdoba, which was a mosque and was destroyed partly. They were trying to make a cathedral, and now is some kind of mix. Well, the Muslims in Spain have suggested to have, let us say, Muslim ceremonies on Fridays, Christian on Sundays, and I could add, how about joint ceremonies on Saturdays? It’s been rejected by the local clergy.

And then I turn my face on the map to Turkey. OK, you had a big, big cathedral in Constantinople, and it was turned into a mosque. How about doing the same there? How about doing the same? You have Premier Erdogan in Turkey, Zapatero, and they have made the Alliance of Civilizations. What a fantastic symbol this would be, leaving these rightists behind, saying, “You are not a part of our history. You belong to the past. You belong to the past. Come and join us in this endeavor. Talk with the Islamic people you are so afraid of.” And you will find them 99.99 percent very, very reasonable.

AMY GOODMAN: Johan Galtung, we want to thank you very much for being with us, Norwegian sociologist, called the father of peace studies, author of the book, among others, The Fall of the U.S. Empire—And Then What?. His father was taken by the Nazis, was considered a mayor of Oslo, was a doctor. His granddaughter was one of the survivors of Breivik’s shooting on the island.

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A. Loewenstein Online Newsletter


At least some in US Congress recognise toxic culture of mercenaries in war zones

Posted: 28 Jul 2011

As we learn that the US has wasted tens of billions on contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan since 9/11, few American politicians are opposed to this explosion of privatisation.

Here’s a statement by Bernie Sanders, US Senator from Vermont:

Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) today introduced legislation that would phase out private security contractors in war zones. 

This legislation recognizes that the United States increasingly has relied on private contractors to wage our wars, wasting taxpayer money, damaging military morale and hurting our reputation around the world.

“The American people have always prided themselves on the strength, conduct, and honor of our United States military.  I therefore find it very disturbing that now, in the midst of two wars and a global struggle against terrorism, we are relying more and more on private security contractors – rather than our own military – to provide for our national defense,” Sanders said.

“Our continued reliance on private security contractors endangers our military, damages our relationships with foreign governments, and undermines our global priorities,” said Schakowsky. “Though we have the finest military in the world, we continue to outsource our security to private contractors, who answer to a corporation rather than a uniformed commander.  When Senator Sanders and I introduced this legislation last year, we had 22,000 armed private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Today, we have 28,178.  We need this bill now more than ever. “

There are 155,000 contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan today, but only 145,000 uniformed service members.

About 28,000 of the contractors are performing mission-critical functions such as training troops and police, guarding convoys, repairing weapons, administering military prisons, and performing military intelligence. 

The Stop Outsourcing Security Act would restore the responsibility of the military to perform such functions. The bill also would require that all diplomatic security be undertaken by U.S. government personnel. The White House could seek exceptions, but those contracts would be subject to congressional oversight.

The legislation is a strong and necessary step toward restoring the international reputation of the United States.  Military officers in the field have said that private contractors operate like “cowboys,” using unnecessary and excessive force uncharacteristic of enlisted soldiers. In 2007, guards working for a firm then known as Blackwater were accused of killing 17 Iraqis, damaging the U.S. mission in Iraq and hurting our reputation around the world. Later that year, a contractor employed by DynCorp International allegedly shot and killed an unarmed taxi driver.  Incidents like this demonstrate that we should leave warfare to the military rather than delegate it to private corporations.

This legislation would also save money.  High pay for contract workers in war zones burdens taxpayers and saps military morale.  While some soldiers who risk their lives for their country struggle to support their families, private security company employees are often paid two or three times as much as U.S. military personnel doing the exact same work, sometimes pocketing as much as $1,000 a day.  By some estimates, every position converted from a private contract to federal employment saves on average $44,000 per year.

What Breivik’s manifesto tells us about his hatred of our way of life

Posted: 27 Jul 2011

Jeff Sharlet is the American author of the bestselling book The Family and expert on Christian fundamentalism in the US.

He speaks on Democracy Now! about the massacre in Norway and the details of killer Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto largely ignored by the corporate media:

AMY GOODMAN: What were you most shocked by, Jeff Sharlet, as you tweet your way through this manifesto, sharing what you are learning? For example, talk about Spencer. He mentions him, what, more than 150 times throughout the pages.

JEFF SHARLET: Yeah, and already—”apologists” seems like too strong a word, but these conservatives are going and saying, “Oh, that’s not fair to draw a connection”—will say, “Oh, he doesn’t mention Spencer. People he’s quoting mention Spencer,” particular, another popular anti-Islamic blogger named Fjordman, who he quotes extensively. But that’s the nature of this text, and that’s—and Breivik is not a stupid man, and he talks about that, how he’s collaging this text, so he’s constantly coming back to Spencer as his sort of dominant authority on what Islam is. And, you know, if you depend on—if you believe Spencer’s understanding of Islam, other people might be taking up arms, too. It’s a little bit like reading Leviticus and then saying, “Oh, well, I know what Christians are all about, and all Christians are off hunting for witches, literally, and killing people.” I mean, it’s—the irony of Robert Spencer is he takes an absolute literalist and kind of ahistorical examination of Islam and then builds up this great monster, and that’s what Breivik goes to for his authority. And not just Spencer, but Pamela Geller, Rich Lowry from the National Review.

He’s really—what struck me most about this document is just how American it is in every way. I mean, a huge amount of it is from American sources. The ideology, he himself will sometimes describe as American. He’s a great admirer of America, because he says United States, unlike Europe, has retained its Christian identity, and that’s why he’s going to these sources. He says America has the kind of Christian identity he would like for Norway to have.

AMY GOODMAN: The manifesto also provides detailed instructions for preparing physically and mentally for what Breivik describes as a coming “civil war” between patriotic nationalists and “multiculturalists” who are, wittingly or not, destroying European civilization. He writes, “Once you decide to strike, it is better to kill too many than not enough, or you risk reducing the desired ideological impact of the strike. Explain what you have done (in an announcement distributed prior to operation) and make certain that everyone understands that we, the free peoples of Europe, are going to strike again and again.”

He also says, “This is the big day you have been looking forward to for so long. Countless hours and perhaps years of preparation have rewarded you with this opportunity. Equip yourself and arm up, for today you will become immortal.”

One more quote: “For the last three years I have been working full time on a cultural conservative work which will help to develop and market these political ideas.”

And finally, “The time for dialogue is over. We gave peace a chance. The time for armed resistance has come.”

Jeff Sharlet, comment on these.

JEFF SHARLET: You know, you mentioned that marketing line, and there’s another line, and he says, “I’m not only a one-man army, I’m a one-man marketing agency.” That’s how he describes himself. And what’s interesting is he analyzes what he thinks the media reaction is going to be. And so, he predicts correctly that, you know, a lot of mainstream media is just going to dismiss him as a madman, as insane. “You can use that to your advantage,” he says, “because they’re not going to take you very seriously.” And he says, but the other thing is, he says, a lot of cultural conservatives, like Pat Buchanan, he said, they will be forced to condemn what I’ve done. They may, in fact, genuinely condemn what he’s done, he says, but they’re going to read my manifesto, and they’re going to find in it this great document, this wake-up call, as Pat Buchanan has described it, “wholly accurate,” as American Christian right leader Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association has described it.

So when you look at—you know, one of the things that comes out of that, all that sort of rhetoric about preparing for battle is terrifying, but even more terrifying is his really sort of correct assessment of how conservatives would use it. And so far, they’ve been playing pretty close to the script and condemning the violence but saying, “Hey everybody, this is—you know, we really do need to fight the Muslim menace,” and so on, which sort of starts to lead you in this kind of circular logic where you get back to, ultimately, atrocities like the one Breivik has committed.

AMY GOODMAN: Throughout his manifesto, Breivik blames the feminist revolution for Europe’s downfall. He says he even tried to measure the relative decadence of each European country by determining how willing women were in each country to have one-night stands. In one part of Breivik’s manifesto, he writes, “Fact: 60-70% of all cultural Marxists/multiculturalists are women. This partly explains why the gradual feminist revolution is directly linked to the implementation of multiculturalist doctrines. These feminist cultural Marxists do not only want more benefits and rights for themselves. They want it all, and have more or less been awarded with everything they could ever dream of achieving. They now have complete matriarchal supremacy domestically and exercise substantial influence in politics.”

He also writes, “Females have a significantly higher proportion of erotic capital than males due to biological differences (men have significantly more prevalent sexual urges than females and are thus easily manipulated).”

Jeff Sharlet, how does this fit into his overall ideology?

JEFF SHARLET: It’s really—I mean, this has been one of the things that hasn’t been commented on enough: how central his critique of feminism is to the whole manifesto. You know, you get into long sections where he’s really picking up all these sort of talking points of the American Christian right. And he goes a little further. He goes as far as sort of the far edges of the American Christian right, saying that women should not pursue advanced degrees. And he really gets into this kind of—this sort of breeding frenzy, described by my friend Kathryn Joyce in her book, Quiverfull, which is a great source on this, this American Christian right movement that sees Christian women as somehow—and American and European women—as somehow not doing their job by having enough babies to compete with the Muslims. And, you know, as crazy as that seems—as, you know, I’ve written in another book—there’s plenty of U.S. congressmen who endorse this idea. He reproduces a long article by an American named Phillip Longman on this idea of restoring the patriarchy, that this is what’s necessary to fight Islam.

And, of course, it gets into, as with so many of these kinds of texts, this constant sort of description of women’s sexual morality. He says you can measure the weakness of Western countries’ ability to fight Islam, as you said, by counting one-night stands, which he claims to have done with his group of buddies by traveling around Europe and seeing, you know, how many people they could sleep with. So there’s, I mean, this sort of very—that sounds crazy, but then you start looking at the sources he has. And right from the very beginning, he’s constantly returning to this idea that feminism, that women’s rights, are at the heart of the kind of sort of fifth column attack on Western strength in response to Islam.

Note to Zionists; it’s a civil duty to protest companies complicit with occupation

Posted: 27 Jul 2011

Which is why this story in Murdoch’s Australian – fair and balanced as usual, presuming that simply protesting outside a company with ties to the IDF is anti-Semitic by definition – is so revealing. There’s fear that BDS is taking off globally and what do critics do? Allege anti-Semitism and desperately hope that nobody talks about why; Israeli society and its policies are abouthumiliating Palestinians:

A group of prominent Australians met for a hot chocolate last night in a peaceful protest against violence in front of a Jewish business that was recently targeted as part of an anti-Israel boycott.

Labor MP Michael Danby, Australian Workers Union secretary Paul Howes, former Labor Party president Warren Mundine, comedian Sandy Gutman, aka Austen Tayshus, and journalist Jana Wendt were among those who spoke out against a violent protest on July 1 outside the Max Brenner chocolate shop in Melbourne in which three police officers were hurt and 19 protesters arrested.

Mr Danby, who organised last night’s meeting and is one of three Jewish federal MPs, said the violent protest had been a reminder to him of the need for vigilance against anti-Semitism, and it was worrying that Greens senator Lee Rhiannon was a vocal supporter of the boycott.

“The impetus was an ugly, violent demonstration in Melbourne and Senator Rhiannon’s determination to take this boycott further,” he said. “She would like to see it introduced into the Senate and into politics.

“We remember the precedence of the 1930s; my father came from Germany, and (at) any sign of this kind of behaviour we have to draw a line in the sand.”

Senator Rhiannon has said that she still supports the Israel boycott – known as BDS – but federal Greens leader Bob Brown says he does not support it and the boycott would not become Greens policy. The BDS is still part of NSW Greens policy.

Mr Howes said the far-left protesters were “mimicking the behaviour of the Nazi thugs” and it was necessary to “nip this in the bud”.

“I would say the bulk of the people who are voting Greens have no understanding of the xenophobic, extremist and abhorrent policies they are voting for,” he said.

Wendt said she felt the tolerance of Australian society was under threat if people did not learn from history.

“As the daughter of refugees whose lives were critically affected by both fascism and communism, I’m grateful for what Australia has to offer,” she said.

“It is a truism, but we can’t afford to ignore the lessons of history.”

Mr Mundine said the boycott was “not anti-Israel but anti-Jewish.”

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Anders Behring Breivik fits in best with the pro-Zionist neocons, who lied the US into the Iraq War.

Norway Shooter, Anders Behring Breivik, Pro-Zionist Child Killer

by Charles Coughlin

An article from the JTA reports “The confessed perpetrator in the attack in Norway that killed as many as 98 people espoused a right-wing philosophy against Islam that also purports to be pro-Zionist… Anders Behring Breivik is charged with detonating a car bomb outside Oslo’s government headquarters, which houses the office of Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and of shooting and killing at least 85 mostly young people at a political summer camp on nearby Utoya Island.”

The mainstream media has been trying to paint Anders Behring Breivik as a neo-Nazi, but Breivik has expressed hostility toward any Nazi or White Nationalist political parties. Breivik would fit in much better with the pro-Zionist neocons, who lied the United States into the war on Iraq. The only difference between Breivik and other neocons is that he did his own dirty work, instead of sending brainwashed soldiers out to murder innocent civilians.

A White Nationalist would not shoot innocent White children because of their political affiliation as did Anders Behring Breivik, who attacked a left-wing Labour Party summer camp, which included children as young as 13.

The mainstream media will continue to try to spin this incident as a “Nazi” rampage shooting even though Breivik was clearly motivated by pro-Israel kosher conservatives, who have promoted no shortage of hatred for Muslims.

The pro-White movement sees the real problem facing White people as being Jewish control of the news media and the governments of White nations. The Jews are promoting policies to flood every White nation with Third World people. We need to expose this sinister situation.

Lunatics going off on shooting sprees, whatever their intentions, only pave the way for more gun control and hate crime laws.

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Secret Terror, The Price of Ignorance


Breivik’s Real Uniform, his suit of armour

A Very Real Masonic Plot

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The slaughter in Norway last week, dramatically punctuated by mysterious photographs of a reputed mass murderer in odd regalia, festooned with symbols of the Masonic Order, is unlikely to bring rise to some important questions.  This is a mistake, in this case a fatal mistake and not for the first time as you will read below.

The highest levels of Freemasonry, after World War II, formed parallel governments, engaged in terrorism and were the subjects of investigations across Europe when it was proven that they threatened the very foundations of free societies.

This week, we learned that threat is alive and well.

Breivik was allowed to buy assault weapons, silencers, tons of explosives all while on terror watch lists.  Why?  His Masonic friends in the police, the same police whose helicopters were disabled on “terror day,” much as NORAD was mysteriously “closed” on 9/11, were looking out for him.

Norway’s police and security services are controlled by Freemasons and have a long history, dating back to 1957 when NIS Director, Vilhelm Evang stumbled on a secret organization within his own Psywar and Counter-intelligence command that had compiled “death lists” of individuals, progressives, liberals and intellectuals.

In 1978, Norwegian financier Hans Otto Meyer was arrested on what would today be termed “terrorism” charges.  Tons of arms and explosives along with radio equipment were found at a cabin he owned.  Meyer said the cache belonged to Norwegian intelligence for use by clandestine civilian groups, such as those operating in Italy at the time.  Meyer was imprisoned, there was no investigation but the parallels are there, decades later, cover stories, denials, misinformation.

On April 27, 1961, President John F. Kennedy, in a speech on press censorship, did something very unexpected.  He warned America and the world of the extreme dangers of Freemasonry.  For those in America and Europe, decent simple people, who, by the hundreds of thousands, men and women, even children, that belong to Freemasonry and related organizations, the idea of their organization, their secret society as a threat to freedom, as a cover for international terrorism, must seem unreal, or at least did.

Norway changed all of that.  I was warned, I didn’t listen.  Dimitri Khalezov, the Russian nuclear intelligence expert, told me there was a Masonic terror organization in Europe, closely aligned with Israel, one that penetrated security services, ran police and counter-terrorism forces and used them more than once to perpetrate acts of terror, London 7/7, Madrid, now Norway.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

I didn’t listen, so many of my friends are Freemasons, I have been asked to join repeatedly and refused.  I have been invited to join other organizations, some “highly exclusive” whose membership includes Bill Clinton and Rupert Murdoch.  I am not a joiner, I am deeply suspicious but obviously not suspicious enough.

What I do, like everyone else, when faced with surmountable odds, almost everyone else, I turn away.  Taking on Freemasonry is a death sentence.  It was for John F. Kennedy.  I knew that those who murdered him were Freemasons, those who orchestrated his death, who executed him with sniper rifles that day in Dallas, who turned out the Warren Commission Report.

Operation Gladio, the “staybehind” network that became the platform for decades of worldwide terror

Years later, when the 9/11 Commission Report came out, it was written by Freemason’s too.  As a document, it is so absurd, so patently false that those responsible have talked of little else since, the lies, the intimidation, the pressure to bury the truth in a cacophony of lies, as we have done so many times, forgotten scandals like Iran/Contra or the dozens, perhaps hundreds that have been squashed by the secret handshake.

Few know that, in the late 1980′s, Freemasons were instrumental in bringing down communism, collapsing the Soviet Union.  Today, as we look back on those heady times, we see a Russia run by a gangster elite, utterly corrupt but powerful, as technologically advanced as ever, better rockets, better air defense systems, better small arms, unimaginable secret weapons, awash in cash, power centralized in one man.

Russia is run by Freemasons.  I didn’t listen.

America?  Broke, busted, divided, preyed upon by a cancerous oligarchy of financial criminals, corrupt politicians and a massive police state bureaucracy of, yes, Freemasons.

I didn’t listen.

British culture is filled with spy stories and detective yarns.  The British air their dirty laundry so much better than America.  Their news is censored, almost beyond belief, more than any American would guess unless they have lived in the UK, but their TV heroes, their authors and screenwriters, they understand.

A major theme in British conspiracy lore is Freemasonry.  Freemasons run the police and security services, they run the Home Office kind of like “Homeland Security” on steroids, a government bureaucracy that has its hands in everything.  Freemasonry in Britain and Norway is a secret government, the organs that manage everything from political terror to fixing a parking ticket.

On November 5, 1990, The Guardian reported on what they termed:

Over the past few weeks, government after government, with the notable exception of the British, has been forced to admit that the organisation – whose original purpose was to set up resistance groups against occupying Warsaw Pact forces – still exists. It has come be to known as Operation Gladio, after its Italian branch.

Two threads have emerged. Ministers, let alone parliaments, knew nothing about the secret units; second, while nominally established as “stay-behind” sabotage groups to combat communist forces, in some countries they soon had internal political targets in their sights.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Representatives from these units have been meeting regularly in Brussels in the Allied Coordination Committee. This consists of civilian and military personnel, according to Italian and Belgian sources. Guy Coeme, the Belgian defence minister, has said it last met in Brussels in late October.

The network was not confined to Nato countries. An inquiry in Switzerland recently revealed the existence of a secret organisation, P26. It had 400 agents with access to guns and explosives with a German radio system, Harpoon, set up in 1985 to contact parallel groups in neighbouring countries.

One early task was to take over plans for a Swiss government-in-exile in south-west Ireland in the event of invasion. Another was to prepare for action against “subversion”.

P26 was backed by P27, a private foreign intelligence agency funded partly by the government, and by a special unit of Swiss army intelligence which had built up files on nearly 8,000 “suspect persons” including “leftists”, “bill stickers”, “Jehovah’s witnesses”, people with “abnormal tendencies” and anti-nuclear demonstrators.

On November 14, the Swiss government hurriedly dissolved P26 – the head of which, it emerged, had been paid £100,000 a year.

What isn’t mentioned, however, is that the force described, a mix of civilians, extremist political parties, anti-immigration groups, police, military and security services had gotten totally out of hand and had, in fact, begun operating as terror organizations, robbing banks, assassinating political leaders and partnering with other organizations from Israel’s Mossad to the PLO.  Two other things are left out of the Guardian’s story, the fact that these were Masonic Organizations, named as such but not clearly identified in the story and that they were never really dismantled.  The Guardian continues:

Although the Ministry of Defence has repeatedly refused to comment on Britain’s involvement, Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley, a former commander of Nato forces in northern Europe, has confirmed that a secret network of arms – to be handed out to a civilian guerrilla force in the event of an invasion – was set up in Britain after the war.

The Guardian has learned of a secret attempt to revive elements of a parallel post-war plan relating to overseas operations. In the early days of Mrs Thatcher’s Conservative leadership, a group of former intelligence officers, inspired by the wartime Special Operations Executive, attempted to set up a secret unit as a kind of armed MI6 cell.

Those behind the scheme included Airey Neave, Mrs Thatcher’s close adviser who was killed in a terrorist attack in 1979, and George Kennedy Young, a former deputy chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6.

Mrs Thatcher is said to have been initially enthusiastic but dropped the idea after the scandal surrounding the attack by the French secret service on the Greenpeace ship, Rainbow Warrior, in New Zealand in 1985.

British co-operation with the Gladio network since the 1950s appears to have concentrated on offering training expertise for continental cells. Werner Carobbio, a member of the Swiss parliamentary inquiry, referred the Guardian to Swiss press reports that P26 personnel had received training in Britain.

General Gerardo Serravalle, a retired officer, told the Italian parliamentary inquiry that a Gladio unit trained in Britain in the early 1970s. General Fausto Fortunato, head of the Italian Gladio cell until 1964, referred to a “crucial” meeting of the network held in Britain, followed by others in France, Belgium and Luxembourg in the early 1960s.

Revelations about the Gladio network have provoked embarrassed reactions. Wilfried Martens, Belgium’s prime minister almost continuously since 1979, has said he was never told about its network, now under investigation after allegations that it was linked to a series of terrorist attacks in the 1980s.

The Dutch prime minister, Ruud Lubbers, told parliament last month that a secret organisation had been set up inside the defence ministry in the 1950s originally to provide intelligence to a government in exile. Members of the cell are believed to have taken part recently in a training exercise in Sicily.

The French defence minister, Jean-Pierre Chevènement, has announced that the French section, code-named Gallio, had been dissolved by presidential decree.

The German section, set up with the help of second world war army veterans and the extreme rightwing Federation of German Youth, allegedly drew up plans to assassinate leading members of the opposition Social Democrat party in the event of a Warsaw Pact invasion. The German government has promised to consider winding it up.

In Greece, where it was given the code-name, Sheepskin, a cell was set up by the CIA in the 1950s but was dismantled in 1988, according to the government. Officers in the underground unit were involved in the Colonels’ coup in 1967.

In Turkey, Bulent Ecevit, prime minister at the time of the invasion of northern Cyprus in 1974, has said he was informed at the time of a “special warfare” department within the headquarters of the general staff. He said he was told it had been financed until then by the US but needed funds from Ankara.

A former Italian Gladio officer has said Gladio agents were trained by US instructors at a military base in Spanish Canary Islands from 1966 to the mid-1970s. He said France proposed Spain for membership of the network in 1973 but Britain, Germany and the Netherlands blocked the move on the grounds that Spain was not a democracy.

By “Masons,” we don’t mean uncle Bob and his friends.  Real Freemasons are 33rd degree and above, the 7 levels above 33rd degree that few can imagine aspiring to.  Therein lies real power.

Scene of the Bologna P2 Lodge bombing

Before calling any of this conspiracy theory, you have to look at Italy after World War II and the Masonic Lodge, now defunct, known as “P2.”

Established in 1877 as a secret government lodge, “Propaganda Massonica” or “P” became “Propaganda Due” or “P2″ after the war.  Mussolini had crushed the Masonic lodges during his reign but they reemerged in 1945 and became fervently anti-communist.  About a third of Italy is Communist, then and today.

As the Cold War got hotter, the anti-communist Freemasons became the “go to” secret society for, not only political dirty tricks but terrorism as well, terrorism orchestrated to bring down governments that the United States and CIA were uncomfortable with.

The CIA/NATO cover name for this Masonic terror organization was Gladio.

How many Americans have heard of Operation Gladio? Many ask, how could simple Arabs or even Israel, put together an organization capable of 9/11? If, as 78% of Australians indicate, in a recent Herald Sun poll, America planned 9/11 herself, how did a democracy lose its way? How did America’s intelligence and defense groups become terrorists? When did it happen and why? The answer isn’t simple, it started decades ago, when the world was at the edge of obliteration and two systems, or what we then believed were systems, fought for the hearts and minds of the world.

Today, all that sounds childish. A mature look at the Cold War looks more like two rats fighting over a corpse. Then, however, some saw it as “light and dark,” clear as that. Many believed the Soviet Union would drive its tanks through Europe like a knife through hot butter. To fight this “eventuality,” NATO built a terrorist organization of massive proportions. The remaining cells of Operation Gladio, one of the greatest disasters of military ignorance in history, are busy today.

We call some of them “Al Qaeda.”

Operation Gladio is the heart of world terrorism, alive and well, and built by NATO, built by the United States and used against America and the world. Gladio, created to save us from communism, quickly became a terrorist organization itself, murdering political leaders, rigging elections, terror attacks to blame on one group or another. The “medicine” became the disease. It is now killing us.

In Italy, 1981, prosecutors investigating the Mafia role in the Vatican banking scandal found that the P2 Masonic lodge was at the heart of it.  A list was discovered, 962 members of this secret organization.  Among them was Silvio Berlusconi, current prime minister along with the heads of Italy’s Carbineri, the army and nearly every corrupt banker and major gangster in Italy.

On August 2, 1980, an explosion at the Central Station at Bologna killed 85 and wounded hundreds.  A small “fascist” organization was blamed immediately, part of a coverup orchestrated by security chief, General Pietro Musumeci, but few took his efforts seriously.  It was more than obvious from the political climate that “P2″ was responsible and General Musumeci, a member of the P2 Lodge, was charged with falsifying evidence in order to divert attention from the real planner, Licio Gelli, Grand Master of the P2 Masonic Lodge.

The trials continued through 2004 with Gelli convicted of “obstruction” and the original patsies, part of an anti-nuclear group, to languish in prison.

The operations uncovered in Norway had their beginnings in Italy and follow a clear pattern.  This same pattern is now emerging in Norway, a pattern seen in the United States with 9/11, in Britain with 7/7 and across Europe and the world, concealed behind the myth of Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda.

The following is a timeline of planning and operations of the Masonic P2 organization in Italy:

1965 3-6- May Parco dei Principi Rome:  In the Parco dei Principi hotel, Rome, a conference is held to discuss the theme “Revolutionary War”; it is organized by the Alberto Pollio Institute of Military Studies, and financed by the REI office of the SIFAR secret services. Its underlying assumption is the danger of the Italian Communist Party coming to power and the need by a section of the right to take on responsibility for reacting to such a danger and, in this activity, to join forces with particularly “sympathetic” parts of the state: men of the secret services, the carabineers and neo-fascist members of the army. In the opinion of some, this conference marks for Italy the planning and start of the “strategy of tension” and “opposing extremes”, part of a wider international operation, “False Flag” or “Operation CHAOS”, aimed at opposing the advance of Communism in the world.

1969 25 April Bombs in Milan:  A bomb explodes in the Fiat booth in the Milan trade fair, wounding six; the explosion took place at 7 p.m., after the fair’s public closing time. A second, unexploded bomb is found in the central station. 1969 9 August Attacks on Trains 8 bombs, placed on various trains, explode, wounding 12. A further two unexploded bombs are discovered in Milan’s central station and in the Santa Lucia station in Venice 1969 12 December Piazza Fontana A bomb explodes in the headquarters of the Banca dell’Agricoltura In Piazza Fontana in Milan. 17 people die and another 88 are wounded. The same day bombs also explode in Rome, in the Banca Nazionale di Lavoro in Via Veneto, wounding 16 people, and at the Altare della Patria.

1969 15 December Giuseppe Pinelli:  The anarchist railway worker, Giuseppe Pinelli, is arrested as part of the Inquiries into the slaughter in Piazza Fontana. During an interrogation by the police commissioner, Luigi Calabresi, Pinelli dies after falling from a fourth floor window of the police station.

1970 22 July The Gioia Tauro Massacre A few hundred metres from the Gioia Tauro railway station there is an explosion resulting in the derailment of the Palermo-Turin fast-train, known as the “Treno del Sole” or Sun Train. The attack results in 6 mortalities and over 60 wounded.

1970 7 December The Borghese Coup:  During the night between 7 and 8 December 1970 there is an all-out attempt at a military coup which only lasts a few hours as it is called off before becoming a real insurrection. A group from the Avanguardia Nazionale movement gathers in the building sites of Montesacro, owned by the builder Remo Orlandini who is close to the secret services headed by Vito Miceli. Just outside Rome, an armed column of forest-rangers from Cittaducale, near Rieti, await orders. Another group of neo-fascists, led by Junio Valerio Borghese, ex-commander of the X Mas, or 10th Assault Vehicle Flotilla, enter the armoury of the Home Office accompanied by Aviation General Giuseppe Casero, the neo-fascist Sandro Saccucci, and Police Major Salvatore Pecorella.

1972 31 May The Peteano Massacre:  After an anonymous tip-off to the carabineer station in Gorizia a white Fiat Cinquecento car is found with two holes in the windscreen. Three carabineers try to open the vehicle’s bonnet; the car explodes killing them all, while a further two are severely wounded.

1973 17 May Milan Police Station:  The self-styled anarchist Gianfranco Bertoli throws a bomb at the Milan police station killing four people.

1974 28 May During a trade union demonstration in Brescia, a bomb explodes in Piazza della Loggia. Eight persons are killed and 94 are wounded.

1974 4 August The Italicus Train:  A bomb explodes in the Italicus train running between Rome and Munich. In coach number five 12 people die and 48 are wounded.

1975 22 May The Reale Law:  The principle writer of this law is the Justice Minister Oronzo Reale; he is a member of the Italian Republican Party. It regularizes the rights of the law enforcement agencies to use arms, extends the use of preventive custody, even if the accused is not caught in the act, and in fact allows preventive custody for 96 hours within which the judicial authorities can issue a validation order. And, finally, it regulates the use of helmets and other elements that might make citizens unrecognizable.

1975 2 November Pier Paolo Pasolini On the night between 1 and 2 November Pasolini was beaten to death and run over by his own car on the beach near the Ostia seaplane base.

1978 16 March The Via Fani Massacre:  At 9.15 a.m. in Via Mario Fani in Rome, a Red Brigade terrorist group kidnap Aldo Moro, president of the Christian Democrat party. In the attack the five members of his escort are killed.

1978 21 March Special Laws:  The Italian government approves the first of the special laws (decree law n. 59) providing for, amongst other things, life imprisonment for kidnappers in the case of the hostage’s death; an extension of police detention-powers and of phone-tapping; the possibility of being interrogated without a lawyer.

1978 9 May Prime Minister Aldo Moro:  At 1.30 p.m., in Via Michelangelo Caetani in Rome, Aldo Moro’s body is discovered. The corpse of the president of the Christian Democrat party is in the boot of a red Renault 4.

1980 2 August Bologna Station: At 10.25 a.m., in the crowded 2nd class waiting-room of Bologna station, a high-explosive bomb is set off. The blast is so violent that part of the building falls on the passengers inside.85 people lose their life while another 147 are wounded.

1980 6 February The Cossiga Law:  The law provides heavy sentences for those judged guilty of “terrorism” and gives the police further powers.

1981 17 March Confiscation of the P2 Masonic Lodge Lists:   Castiglion Fibocchi The investigating magistrates Gherardo Colombo and Giuliano Turone, in the course of an inquiry into the alleged kidnapping of the Sicilian lawyer and businessman Michele Sindona, search Licio Gelli’s house in Arezzo, “Villa Wanda”, and his factory, “Giole”, in Castiglion Fibocchi near Arezzo; the operation, undertaken by Colonel Bianchi of the Financial Police, finds in the “Giole” archives a list of almost a thousand members of the P2 Masonic lodge, among them the commanding officer of the Financial Police itself, Orazio Giannini (membership number 832). Michele Sindona himself is also on the P2 list thus confirming the suspicions of the investigating magistrates.

These terror organizations, initially founded with help of former Nazi Abwehr agents and later supplemented by, not just Israeli operatives but terror organizations of every kind, established cells and arms caches in every nation in Europe, particularly Switzerland, never a member of NATO.  Operational “fall back” locations were set up in Ireland, the Canary Islands, Cyprus and even Libya.

What is Freemasonry?  Don’t ask a Mason, they are sworn to secrecy.  More truthfully, they would never know.  Most, almost all, are decent citizens, known for their civic responsibility.  Europeans know them as a cult of police and corrupt petty officials who use their secret handshakes to rig courts, get friends off the hook for crimes, a “social club from hell.”

Europeans also know of the bombings, Octoberfest in Munich, Italy has we have examined already, the acts attributed to the ‘Red Brigades,” and now the slaughter in Norway.

Americans know the Founding Fathers and 14 presidents are known to have been Freemasons, with Truman among the real elites. The founding of Israel may well have been a deal cut between the Freemasons and their Rothschild partners with Truman “carrying the water.”  Americans are very unlikely to ever know what a disaster this as been.

Alexander Hamilton was a Freemason.  He was also the intermediary between that organization and the Rothschild banking family.  His attempts to turn the US Treasury over to that group were stopped by a bullet from Vice President Aaron Burr.

It wasn’t until 1913 that Rothschild banks took over the United States under the guise of the Federal Reserve System.  One could mark their calendar with that year, noting it to be a milestone in the loss of American freedom and independence.  Many American’s, better informed in that horse and buggy era, knew what had happened.  Today, few have an idea, they only know all the money is gone and they don’t know where it went.

The Federal Reserve took it, they, the Freemasons, the Rothschilds and a cabal investigative journalists keep working to name, a cabal that destroys any who get too close.


Referred by one of our researchers today, from 2004:

NATO’s secret armies linked to terrorism?

by Daniele Ganser

ISN Security Watch, 15 December 2004 17 December 2004

The URL of this article is:

At a time when experts are debating whether NATO is suited to deal with the global “war on terror”, new research suggests that the alliance’s own secret history has links to terrorism.

ISN Editor’s Note:

This report written by Daniele Ganser is based on excerpts from his newly released book, “NATO’s Secret Armies. Operation Gladio and Terrorism in Western Europe”, released this week by Frank Cass in London.

The book describes NATO’s clandestine operations during the Cold War. The research was prompted by a story that made world headlines in 1990 but quickly disappeared, ensuring that even today, NATO’s secret armies remain just that – secret.

Until now, a full investigation of NATO’s secret armies had not been carried out – a task that Ganser has taken on single-handedly and quite successfully.

In Italy, on 3 August 1990, then-prime minister Giulio Andreotti confirmed the existence of a secret army code-named “Gladio” – the Latin word for “sword” – within the state. His testimony before the Senate subcommittee investigating terrorism in Italy sent shockwaves through the Italian parliament and the public, as speculation arose that the secret army had possibly manipulated Italian politics through acts of terrorism.

Andreotti revealed that the secret Gladio army had been hidden within the Defense Ministry as a subsection of the military secret service, SISMI. General Vito Miceli, a former director of the Italian military secret service, could hardly believe that Andreotti had lifted the secret, and protested:

“I have gone to prison because I did not want to reveal the existence of this super secret organization. And now Andreotti comes along and tells it to parliament!” According to a document compiled by the Italian military secret service in 1959, the secret armies had a two-fold strategic purpose: firstly, to operate as a so-called “stay-behind” group in the case of a Soviet invasion and to carry out a guerrilla war in occupied territories; secondly, to carry out domestic operations in case of “emergency situations”.

The military secret services’ perceptions of what constituted an “emergency” was well defined in Cold War Italy and focused on the increasing strength of the Italian Communist and the Socialist parties, both of which were tasked with weakening NATO “from within”. Felice Casson, an Italian judge who during his investigations into right-wing terrorism had first discovered the secret Gladio army and had forced Andreotti to take a stand, found that the secret army had linked up with right-wing terrorists in order to confront “emergency situations”. The terrorists, supplied by the secret army, carried out bomb attacks in public places, blamed them on the Italian left, and were thereafter protected from prosecution by the military secret service. “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game,” right-wing terrorist Vincezo Vinciguerra explained the so-called “strategy of tension” to Casson.

“The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security. This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened.”

No comment from NATO or the CIA

How strongly NATO and US intelligence backed and supported the use of terror in Italy in order to discredit the political left during the Cold War remains subject of ongoing research. General Gerardo Serravalle, who had commanded the Italian Gladio secret army from 1971 to 1974, confirmed that the secret army “could pass from a defensive, post-invasion logic, to one of attack, of civil war”.

The Italian Senate chose to be more explicit and concluded in its investigation in 2000: “Those massacres, those bombs, those military actions had been organized or promoted or supported by men inside Italian state institutions and, as has been discovered more recently, by men linked to the structures of United States intelligence.” Ever since the discovery of the secret NATO armies in 1990, research into stay-behind armies has progressed only very slowly, due to very limited access to primary documents and the refusal of both NATO and the CIA to comment. On 5 November 1990, a NATO spokesman told an inquisitive press: “NATO has never contemplated guerrilla war or clandestine operations”.

The next day, NATO officials admitted that the previous day’s denial had been false, adding that the alliance would not comment on matters of military secrecy. On 7 November, NATO’s highest military official in Europe, Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) US General John Galvin, together with NATO’s highest civilian official, Secretary-General Manfred Wörner, briefed NATO ambassadors behind closed doors. “Since this is a secret organization, I wouldn’t expect too many questions to be answered,” reasoned a senior NATO diplomat, who wished to remain unnamed. “If there were any links to terrorist organizations, that sort of information would be buried very deep indeed.” Former CIA director William Colby confirmed in his memoirs that setting up the secret armies in Western Europe had been “a major program” for the CIA. The project started after World War II in total secrecy, and access to information was limited “to the smallest possible coterie of the most reliable people, in Washington, in NATO” and in the countries concerned. Yet when in Italy in 1990 former CIA director Admiral Stansfield Turner was questioned on television on Gladio, he strictly refused to answer any questions on the sensitive issue, and as the interviewer insisted with respect for the terror victims, Stansfield angrily ripped off his microphone and shouted: “I said, no questions about Gladio!”, whereafter the interview was over.

Protest from the EU

If there had been a Soviet invasion, the secret anti-communist soldiers would have operated behind enemy lines, strengthening and setting up local resistance movements in enemy-held territory, evacuating shot down pilots, and sabotaging the supply lines and production centers of occupation forces. Upon discovery of the secret armies, the European Parliament responded with harsh criticism, suspecting it to have been involved in manipulation and terror operations. “This Europe will have no future,” Italian representative Falqui opened the debate, “if it is not founded on truth, on the full transparency of its institutions in regard to the dark plots against democracy that have turned upside down the history, even in recent times, of many European states.” Falqui insisted that “there will be no future, ladies and gentlemen, if we do not remove the idea of having lived in a kind of double state – one open and democratic, the other clandestine and reactionary. That is why we want to know what and how many “Gladio” networks there have been in recent years in the Member States of the European Community.” The majority of EU parliamentarians followed Falqui, and in a special resolution on 22 November 1990 made it clear that the EU “protests vigorously at the assumption by certain US military personnel at SHAPE and in NATO of the right to encourage the establishment in Europe of a clandestine intelligence and operation network”, calling for a “a full investigation into the nature, structure, aims, and all other aspects of these clandestine organizations or any splinter groups, their use for illegal interference in the internal political affairs of the countries concerned, and the problem of terrorism in Europe”.

Secret armies across Western Europe

Only the parliaments in Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium had formed a special commission to investigate the national secret army, and after months or even years of research, presented a public report. Building on this data and secondary sources from numerous European countries, “NATO’s Secret Armies” confirms for the first time that the secret networks spread across Western Europe, with great details on networks in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Luxemburg, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, as well as the strategic planning of Britain and the US. The stay-behind armies were coordinated on an international level by the so-called Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC) and the Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC), linked to NATO’s Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). And they used cover names such as “Absalon” in Denmark, “P26” in Switzerland, “ROC” in Norway or “SDRA8” in Belgium. Interestingly, large differences existed from country to country. In some nations the secret armies became a source of terror, while in others they remained a prudent precaution.

In Turkey, the “Counter-Guerrilla” was involved in domestic terror and torture operations against the Kurds, while in Greece, the “LOK” took part in the 1967 military coup d’état to prevent a Socialist government. In Spain, the secret army was used to prop up the fascist dictatorship of Franco, and in Germany, right-wing terrorists used the explosives of the secret army in the 1980 terror attack in Munich. In other countries, including Denmark, Norway, and Luxemburg, the secret soldiers prepared for the eventual occupation of their home country and never engaged in domestic terror or manipulation. In the context of the ongoing so-called war on terror, the Gladio data promotes the sobering insight that governments in the West have sacrificed the life of innocent citizens and covered up acts of terrorism in order to manipulate the population.

Allegations that NATO, the Pentagon, MI6, the CIA, and European intelligence services were linked to terror, coups d’état, and torture in Europe are obviously of an extremely sensitive nature, and future research is needed in the field. In the absence of an official investigation by NATO or the EU, ongoing international research into terrorism is about to tackle this difficult task, the first step of which I hope to have promisingly taken with “NATO’s Secret Armies”.

Dr Daniele Ganser is a Senior Researcher at the Center for Security Studies at the ETH in Zurich. For more information on the topic, compare the research of the Center of Security Studies (CSS) at ETH Zurich.

Music Video:  Frank Zappa’s “Gladio”

YouTube – Veterans Today –

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Obama Needs Primary Challenge; Bernie Sanders Is The One


by Allen L Roland


President Obama needs to be dramatically reminded that he represents Main Street America ~ not just Wall Street and special interest groups. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is just the man to forcibly deliver that message in a Primary battle based on America’s true values: 

Vermont’s Independent Senator Bernie Sanders is often called ”America’s Senator” for good reason ~ Bernie represents what a vast majority of Americans truly want and what Congress and President Obama continue to ignore.

Here are eight examples:

  1. A majority of the American people and Bernie want to protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid ~ Obama and the Republicans don’t.

  2. A Majority of the American people want to tax Billionaires ~ Obama and the Republicans don’t.

  3. A majority of Americans want to end the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan (so called wars) ~ Obama and the Republicans don’t.

  4. A Majority of Americans want to protect the environment ~ Obama and the Republicans don’t.

  5. A Majority of Americans want to invest in Public Education and Jobs ~ Obama and the Republicans don’t.

  6. A Majority of Americans want to curb corporate greed ~ Obama and the Republicans don’t.

  7. A Majority of Americans want to protect civil rights ~ Obama and the Republicans don’t.

  8. A majority of Americans want to protect rights in the workplace ~ Obama and the Republicans don’t.

Bernie Sanders is an honest strident voice in the political wilderness of Washington, DC crying out for moral values and political decency in a jungle of lobbyists, special interest groups and greedy political opportunists.

Here’s a short 12 minute video of Bernie offering a fictitious Congrats to the Gang of Six, the Powerful, the Wealthy, and Multinational Corporations on their recently announced long-term deficit reduction plans ~


“ Two and a half years ago when Barack Obama, then a senator from Illinois, ran for president of the United States, he made it very clear if you voted for him there would be no cuts in Social Security… What Senators Coburn, Crapo and Chambliss have managed to do in the Gang of Six is reach an agreement where there will be major cuts in Social Security. Don’t let anybody kid you about this being some minor thing. It is not. What we are talking about is that Social Security cuts would go into effect virtually immediately. Ten years from now, the typical 75-year-old person will see their Social Security benefits cut by $560 a year. The average 85-year-old will see a cut of $1,000 a year. Now, for some people here in Washington, maybe the big lobbyists who make hundreds of thousands a year, $560 a year or $1,000 a year may not seem like a lot of money, but if you are a senior trying to get by on $14,000, $15,000, $18,000 a year and you’re 85 years old, the end of your life, you’re totally vulnerable, you’re sick — a $1,000 per year cut in what you otherwise would have received is a major, major blow.”

Bernie ends that video with these words ~ words which endear him to his constituency, which have made him the longest serving independent member of Congress in American history, as well as me and millions of Americans who see him as a voice of truth in a din of deceit ~ “This senator is going to fight back. I was not elected to the United States Senate to make devastating cuts in Social Security, in Medicare, in Medicaid, in children’s programs while lowering tax rates for the wealthiest people in this country.”

William Rivers Pitt correctly describes the growing political despair of millions of Americans when he recentlywrote ~: “It is difficult to describe this emotion. I’m used to disappointment, fairly comfortable with heartbreak, and am well acquainted with rage. Over the course of my lifetime, my presidents have been Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and now Obama … and each, in his own way, has been worse than the last.”

As Jeff Cohen wrote yesterday in AlterNet ~ “ Independent Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont ~  widely seen as “America’s Senator” ~  is so disgusted by recent White House actions that he called Friday for a challenge to Obama in Democratic primaries: “I think it would be a good idea if President Obama faced some primary opposition.” Although Sanders has said clearly that he’s running for reelection to the senate in 2012 ~ not for president ~ his comment led instantly to a Draft Sanders for President website. See story

Cohen is correct that President Obama has pandered to Corporate interests for years but I would go one step further to say that Obama’s base support is no longer enthusiastic Progressives, Independents, Youth, Women, Seniors or even Blacks. Can anyone explain or justify that over 20% of our country’s income (it was 7 percent in 1980) now goes to the richest 1 percent of Americans.

Obama’s base is now the Corpocracy and a primary challenge would reveal this dichotomy and could well be used as a lever against any deal which would cut the social security safety net while maintaining tax breaks for the rich.

I agree with Cohen in that it could well be a powerful movement-building opportunity for activists tired of feeling hopeless with Obama ~ or I would add, betrayed by Obama’s broken promises which now include Social Security.

Please Join me and Climb on board the I Want Bernie Sanders To Run For President In 2012  bandwagon  ~
Click here to sign up.

We cannot afford to settle for the lesser evil ~ we don’t have to and should not.

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Fai arrest: Changing the course of the Kashmir debate?


Ghulam Nabi Fai

Mr Fai’s attorney said it was politically motivated.

“It appears to me that this is politically motivated. Look at the timing when Hillary Clinton went to India and when the ISI is having problems with US agents,” said Nina J Ginsberg, Fai’s attorney.

Out of nowhere, Ghulam Nabi Fai has become the face of India-Pakistan tensions over Kashmir. Fai will soon be officially charged by the Americans for being an ISI agent. On The Buck Stops Here, we debate whether the Fai case will prove to be a watershed in the Kashmir debate.

Fai arrest: Changing the course of the Kashmir debate?

Fai released on bond, placed under house arrest

Virginia: Ghulam Nabi Fai, alleged to be an ISI agent and charged of trying to influence the policy of White House and Congress on Kashmir, raised his hand in jubilation after the judge announced that he would be released on bail.

He then stood there, for a tad longer than necessary, soaking up the moment and eventually had to be lead out of the room by the security officials. His wife did not even wait to step out of the courtroom before she broke out into a triumphant cheer.

“Dinner is on me. I thank you for your duty. Justice will be done and we hope one day justice will be done for the people of Kashmir,” said Chang Ning Ying Q, wife of Ghulam Nabi Fai.

It seems the Fai family is not seeing his arrest and pending trial as a setback and are determined to use these developments to internationalise the issue of Kashmir here in the US.
“I just want to thank god today. Thank you,” Chang Ning Ying Q, wife of Ghulam Nabi Fai told NDTV.

As the prosecution and the defence argued it out about whether Mr Fai should be released on bail or not the FBI officer in charge of this case took the stand. She testified that 80 per cent of Mr Fai’s statements come from the ISI and he repeats them verbatim. The prosecutor then told the judge that Mr Fai should not be released because he was an agent of the ISI and that the ISI would look out for one of their guys. With the ISI having similar facilities in the UK and Brussels, Mr Fai would be a flight risk.

However, in the end, the judge decided that Mr Fai should be released on bail but under some strict conditions.

“He is fighting for the self determination of the people of Kashmir. We should encourage people like him who are fighting through a peaceful struggle,” said Tarib Iqbal Khan, Chairman, Fai Release Committee.

Mr Fai’s attorney said it was politically motivated.

“It appears to me that this is politically motivated. Look at the timing when Hillary Clinton went to India and when the ISI is having problems with US agents,” said Nina J Ginsberg, Fai’s attorney.

Mr Fai was released on a bail bond of $100,000. He will be under house arrest and electronic surveillance. He has also been warned by the judge not to have any correspondence with the Pakistani government. His trial is set to begin in a month or two, promising to add further tensions to an already strained relationship between the US and Pakistan.

Source: NDTV

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Post 9/11 Macavity


by Hamid Waheed


In India Former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police S M Mushrif wrote in “Who Killed Karkare-The Real Face of Terrorism in India”  that  all the reports that were available to him suggest that the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) was aware of the attack at least five days in advance. They knew the entire operation; the route these terrorists were taking. However, it is strange that they did not pass on this information to the Mumbai police.This lack of intelligence led to the Mumbai attacks and some right-wing groups upset with the investigation into the Malegaon incident taking advantage of the situation killed Karkare.

As the ancient poem of a mystery cat macavity, goes even when the Secret Service decides that Macavity was behind a loss, they can’t get him there as “he’s a mile away.” The international  relationship  has become a mystery with significant shift towards  intelligence and covert relations. The reality considered an absolute value had becomes dynamic with the uni-polar world moving towards information warfare. The psychological  operations as part of information operations  launched now focus on creating confusion and demoralisation amongst target nation and increase the wedge between the leadership, security apparatus and general population.

However, the environment of false flag started in last decade are now fast moving towards exposure to reality paving way for a better understanding amongst the target Nations. The perception of linking taliban , muslim and extremism seem to be withering away as the world encounters reality. The blast in Oslo  had all the finger pointing  towards Pakistan till Norway police declared that the Christian Extremists were involvement in the  blast.

The eyewitnesses say that a second shooter was active in the massacre at the Utøya summer youth camp outside of Oslo. It has also come to light that a special police unit had been conducting a drill or exercise in downtown Oslo which involved the detonation of bombs – exactly what caused the bloodshed a few hundred meters away little more than 48 hours later.  According to a report foreign intelligence agencies had been conducting a large-scale program of recruiting retired Norwegian police officers with the alleged purpose of conducting surveillance inside the country. This program is known as SIMAS Surveillance Detection Units, Daily Telegraph reported that Christian fundamentalist attacker held meeting in London, in April 2002, to reconstitute the “Knights Templar”, a Crusader military order. Police searching breivik’s farm found three tons of artificial fertiliser, suggesting as much as three tons went into making the bomb.

In India Former Maharashtra Inspector General of Police S M Mushrif wrote in “Who Killed Karkare-The Real Face of Terrorism in India”  that  all the reports that were available to him suggest that the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB) was aware of the attack at least five days in advance. They knew the entire operation; the route these terrorists were taking. However, it is strange that they did not pass on this information to the Mumbai police.This lack of intelligence led to the Mumbai attacks and some right-wing groups upset with the investigation into the Malegaon incident taking advantage of the situation killed Karkare. S M Mushrif also reveals that the cases against the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) were faked.

All the boys who were arrested were found to be innocent during the course of the investigation and later court dismissed the cases against the boys. Gujrat riots still remain in memories of Indian Muslims. Famous writer Smita  Narula describes Gujrat riots as Genocide of Muslims and states. According to her What happened in Gujrat was not a spontaneous uprising, it was a carefully orchestrated attack against Muslims”. Today Sikhs, Christian, Muslims and Dalits (the untouchable humans) are victim of state policies and inequality in India. Human rights organizations are registering number of abuse cases against minorities.

Former Inspector General S M Mushrif

Although the Indian State and its proponents seek to blame past governments for human rights abuses and assert that India is no longer violating human rights but independent research by numerous organizations, indicates otherwise. International human rights organizations, such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, continue to condemn India for its failure in preventing and in many cases advocating, the violation of human rights against its minority and underprivileged communities, including women. Surprisingly it is seldom that such activities get focus in Indian media.

The Indian media usually remains Pakistan centric as a proactive approach to hide their own short falls.However, for the first time the intelligencia has raised questions on the role of CIA agents like  David Headley Coleman & the fact that India  has more than 3500 Americans unaccounted for in their country as per the records of the Home Ministry . After july 2011 attack in Mumbai,  an understanding is developing where other elements are seen taking advantage of the old  Indo – Pak perceptions .

The  recent terrorist attack in China, Killing of Iranian Nuclear scientist and series of cross border attacks in Pakistani  areas bordering Afghanistan  in recent days seem to have some links with the handlers in Afghanistan. A report on training of Afghan  National Army exposed  that  more than 75% afghan selected  for Army are drug edicts. This breed of soldiers can be easily used by any agency having money to fulfill  their drug requirements. The US exit strategy leaving behind  such a ground force having air support at mercy of American basis leave lots of questions  for the future role of Afghanistan as part of South Asia.

The story published in Telegraph on  how US commanders fight the Taliban during the day and dine with them at night tells that  Lieutenant Colonel Tom Savage waits for his opposite number in the Taliban to turn up for tea,  a man whose day job is killing fellow US Marines. Lt Col Savage, says they may well have killed his own men, and almost certainly some of the British whom the Marines inherited part of southern Afghanistan from last year. But he says they are tired of fighting, and if he lays down his weapons he could have a significant effect around here. I have to put aside what he may have done in the past, and think about what he can do in the future.

According to a military-led investigation U.S. trucking funds reach Taliban. The report compiled in May and reviewed by an  international news paper, say the military found “documented, credible evidence  of involvement in a criminal enterprise or support for the enemy” by four of the eight prime contractors.  Tierney, now the top minority member of the national security subcommittee of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, said “I would hate like hell to think my kid was over there” and the Taliban was “coming after them with something bought with our taxpayers’ money,” When asked by a Pakistani journalist about U.S. military relations with Pakistan, the chairman Mullen said there is a “recalibrating” of relations. Pakistan military Chief Gen Kiyani’s statements after Osama incident also speak of increasing mistrust.

In such intense gray environment of perceptions use of locals by exploiting their weaknesses is a common lead behind most of the terror incidents in the world  where  chances of common handler and a mind set can not be ruled out.  The Challenges for the world in general and South Asian region in particular are real with all the potentials to escalate after 2014. The thinking process has to change if  Nations are serious in defeating not only the terrorists but also the mind set behind them. SAARC countries need to increase confidence amongst each other and find common enemy. The opening of dialogues between Pakistan and India is a great opportunity.

Endeavors to get China, Saudi Arabia and Iran to realize the oncoming challenge is a step in right direction. Role of a pragmatic, selfless and a true democratic  leadership having firm belief in prosperity of the people can make a difference for coming generations of this region . Defeat of Macavity may be difficult but collective and regional approach can certainly blunt the intensions of converting our part of the world into dystopia. Unfolding of events provide an opportunity for the leaders and the Nations to act in  collective interest and stop implosions.

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Arrests, a Murder and a Visit to Jenin Camp

by Eileen Fleming


(West Bank, July 27, 2011)- At 3:30 AM this morning, heavily armed and masked Israeli Forces hurled blocks of stone into several windows of the Freedom Theatre in Jenin Refugee Camp and arrested Adnan Naghnaghiye the manager, and Bilal Saadi a board member and took them away to an unknown location.

When the theatres manager Jacob Gough, from the UK and cofounder Jonattab Stanczak from Sweden arrived on the scene, they were forced at gunpoint to squat next to a family with four small children who were surrounded by about 50 Israeli soldiers.

Juliano Mer-Khamis, established the Freedom Theater in 2006 and was murdered outside of it on 4 April 2011. Palestinian security forces arrested and charged a member of the Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in connection with his murder. Mer-Khamis, was born to a Palestinian father and Jewish mother. His mother, Arna, first founded the theater in the late 1980s for children in the wake of the first Intifada.

I never made it to the Freedom Theatre, but I did spend a day in Jenin Camp on 23 July 2007.

My driver with VIP plates and I left Jerusalem at 9:45 AM and what had once been an hour and a half’s drive took us nearly three, but the Palestinians we passed along the way stuck at the checkpoints waited much longer.

Once we cleared Beirzeit, I took my first deep breath of fresh air and rested my eyes upon miles of mountain vistas of thousands of olive trees and a few Bedouins whose only shelter was a ripped plastic tent, and who were out grazing a small herd of sheep. There were scattered Arab homes, some quite palatial and then the familiar clumps of red roofed settlements built on the mountain tops with one mount occupied by a half dozen caravans/trailers: the first sign of a new colony.

When we got to the checkpoints, and only because we had the ‘right’ license plate, we were allowed to bypass the queue of scores of Palestinian cars and hundreds of individuals who waited underneath a metal enclosure packed like sardines and denied the freedom of movement.

Racism is visible on the front of every motor vehicle, for Palestinian plates are green with white numbers; Israelis are yellow with black and VIP cars white with black. The latter two get waved on through, but green and white means you wait, wait, wait and even then maybe denied the right to travel on.

When we approached the checkpoint at Wad Elbedar Valley, my driver confessed his anxiety, “I am very afraid of the Israeli’s but also this is dangerous territory; Nablus, Jenin and Qalquiylia.”

I smiled and told him, “Relax, we are doing nothing wrong and I am on a mission from God.”

The soldier who looked about twelve took my passport and as I smiled at him, he asked, “Where are you from?”

“America, I help pay your salary. Where are you from?”


“You were born here?”

“Yes, Haifa.”

“Nice place.”

“Yes, very nice and what are you doing here?”

“I am visiting a priest in Zababdeh.”

“Okay, enjoy.”

“Thanks, bye bye.”

Ten minutes from Zababdeh, the priest I was to meet, pulled out from a side street in front of us and led us the rest of the way to his home and church grounds, where the very first and only Olive Trees Foundation Olive Grove and Children Park took root in 2005. I have been to the property three times and my first visit was as the Christian delegate for the non-profit Olive Trees Foundation for Peace, which had been dedicated to raising awareness and funds to help replace the over one million food bearing trees that have been destroyed by The Wall.

In 2007, The Washington Report on Middle East Affairs reported “Financed with U.S. aid at a cost of $1.5 million per mile, the Israeli wall prevents residents from receiving health care and emergency medical services. In other areas, the barrier separates farmers from their olive groves which have been their families’ sole livelihood for generations.” [Page 43, Jan/Feb. 2007]

My second visit to the priest’s home and church was on 14 March 2006, as a member of a Sabeel [Arabic for The Way] reality tour through the West Bank. That was the very same day that the Israeli Defense Forces/IDF stormed the Jericho prison and the Al Aqsa Brigade issued a warning and demanded that all USA and British citizens immediately vacate the West Bank or they would be abducted.

Ahmed Sa’adat and four other Palestinians had been detained at the Jericho Prison since 2002, despite a court decision ordering their release. They were accused of assassinating the former Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze’evi in 2001. They had been detained under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority under the supervision of guards provided by the UK and USA in accordance with an agreement reached between the British, USA, Israel and the PA.

It was immediately after the withdrawal of the American and British troops that the raid took place. The guards had announced their intention to withdraw from the prison but they made no alternative arrangements for their absence. The IDF then began their assault in the absence of any alternative safety-nets. After the American and British forces abandoned the Jericho prison and the IDF showed up demanding Saadate come out with his hands up, rumors began flying throughout the West Bank that the Third Intifada had begun.

The Sabeel group had planned to be in Jericho the very next day, but as John Lennon sang, “life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” and so we went to Nazareth instead.

We learned the news from Jericho while we were breaking bread with the Christians in the village of Zababdeh. Our Sabeel group had been advised by the locals that although we were perfectly safe with them, we should leave the West Bank ASAP and forget about our plans to visit the Jenin Refugee Camp and our meeting with Badil: the Resource Center for Palestinian Residency and Refugee Rights.

On 23 July 2007, my plan was to spend the day in the Jenin refugee camp and within three minutes of my arrival the priest’s best friend, a Muslim drove up and invited me to go and see the facts on the ground in the 100% Muslim, Jenin refugee camp and meet with some of the Fatah underground.

In the car, the priest told me, “There are 2,500 Christians now left in Zababdeh and just over 1,000 Muslims and we have always gotten along. Whenever I have a problem here, I go to Jenin and get help there.”

We traveled past the five years young American Arab University where medical and law students from Israel and Palestine study together. The priest informs me, “We are suffering now. The Israelis denied to renew the visas for the American teachers because they do not like them opening America’s eyes. The teachers tell all about the suffering, hunger and anger of the occupied.”

Jenin refugee camp is home for nearly 20,000 Palestinian Muslims who share one square kilometer of land. Within seconds of stopping the car on one of the winding narrow alleys, an elderly woman approached us with a broad smile and immediately invited us all to her home for coffee and lunch. We thankfully decline as we are on the way to meet 40 year old Krozow, the number two leader of El Katib; the underground resistance movement within the Fatah party.

In English, Krozow translates to “good fighter” and Fatah stands for Palestinian Liberation Movement. I am shown a picture of the old and the new logo- the former depicted two hands holding two guns; the new logo had two hands, with one hand holding a gun and the other hand holding an olive branch in memory of Arafat’s pledge at the UN, “Don’t let me drop this olive branch, don’t let me drop this olive branch, don’t let me drop this olive branch!”

Krozow was 16 the first time he was sent to prison for throwing rocks in 1985. He was released in ’88 and resumed his resistance to the occupation and was sent back to jail from 1990-1994, when he was released under the Oslo accords.

Krozow greeted me warmly and his smiling children kept entering the room where we were talking. Krozow patiently and lovingly hugged them all and with a broad smile, deposited them back outside the living room door. He returned with water, and then after another child entered the room, he repeated the ritual but returned with coffee and on the third time with orange soda.

Krozow informed me, “Last week Israel and Abbas agreed that 232 persons here would hand over our weapons. We did and Israel agreed that they would not attack the camp. Yesterday the soldiers came and shot out the streetlights. The children watched from the windows and saw it all. They also saw when the Israelis shot and burned up an ambulance and the man inside died. What can children think when they must see these things?

“The camp is a warm place because children dream of freedom. My son is 4 years old and he knows all about weapons. All his words are about the Israelis attacking us and Apache helicopters that drop bombs. Children all over the world get to go play outside, but here all they see are soldiers who come every day to terrorize.

“We are not violent people, but we do resist the occupation, as is our right. What if Russia came to occupy American, wouldn’t you fight? I support Abbas, but he believes in negotiations, I believe in resisting the occupation. Abbas is the political Fatah, they drive Mercedes and roll up their windows and shutout the suffering of the people. I am dedicated to the people and to protecting them from the IDF. We are people under occupation and we would all love to have our children grow up free and live like children anywhere else in the world, who can play outside, go swimming and not have to see soldiers all the time. The Israeli’s tell the world we are violent, but we are only against their occupation. What if Russia came and occupied America, wouldn’t Americans resist?

“Hamas sends people out to Israel and targets civilians. The underground Fatah movement does not do that, we defend our home ground against Israeli forces. I take care of my family, home and community. I do not target innocent people.

“Last week Abbas told us to surrender our weapons and the PA would take care of the people. I surrendered all I had except for this one hand gun, for my personal safety against the Israelis. Every night I leave my home and sleep in the Mukatar [Palestinian government building in Jenin City].

“We have every right to live like the Israelis. My dream is for a viable Palestinian state, but they have cut up the West Bank and the only way to solve the problem is to give Palestinians the right to live like human beings everywhere else in the world, the right to our land, to move with freedom, the right to a good life like the Israelis.

“I have no hope for the immediate future, but I have hope for my children that American taxes will stop going to buy Apache helicopters that bomb them. My dream is that there will be a political agreement between Israel and Palestine and so all children can live in peace. Our relationship with Christians is we are brothers. We are looking to have peace with all the sons of Abraham.”

I stand to thank him for his time just as his mobile phone rings. It was Zechariah the number one commander of the underground El Katib Fatah resistance movement and he had agreed to speak with me, in the proverbial “five minutes.” In Palestine five minutes can easily take hours, but I sit back down and Krozow brings the fruit out. After a forty-minute wait another phone call and the message received is to leave the camp and drive to where Zechariah is staying that day.

The priest tells me, “Zechariah is number one on the wanted list by the Israelis. He is the top man in Jenin and spends his day solving many of the social problems. His mother and brother were both murdered by the Israelis and his three brothers are in prison. Abbas has asked for his support, for Abbas is very worried about Hamas. Hamas has a very different way of thinking and we don’t hate them, but we hate the way they deal with the issues. No one is born a killer and violence only makes more violence. The stupidest thing Palestinians did was pick up weapons. The second stupidest thing they did was target innocent people.”

We arrive in the home of one of Zechariah’s assistant’s who tells me, “My roof is higher than the roof of Oslo. Your government is controlled by the Zionist agenda. What Americans see on TV and read in the paper is controlled by the Zionist agenda and it is not the truth of what we live and what we are like and what we want. We are living an existence under occupation for 40 years now. All occupied people have been liberated, except the Palestinians. America liberated herself from Britain and we have every right to a free life. We are a resistance movement and Israel calls it terrorism, but we call it resisting occupation.

“The resistance has no strategy to fight Israel and destroy it, or end their existence. Our resistance message to the whole world is that we are people existing under occupation and we can only exist by resisting.

“The more powerful one is the one who must make peace and that is Israel, it is up to them. The weak cannot bring peace and we are not talking peace between nations but between governments. The Holy Land always had all three religions; this land is holy to all the sons of Abraham. Religions idea is suitable for one state, but the political situation doesn’t make it possible. There is no disagreement between the Christians and Muslims here, but we do disagree with the Christians in the U.S.A. who do not come here and see the truth!

“It is wrong news that Jenin is a terrible place to come and visit. What happened in Gaza with Alan Johnston [kidnapped journalist] is not the true Palestinian culture. We are hospitable and it is not our culture to kill.

“My message to the American government is that Arab people do not trust you. You asked for democratic elections and you don’t support the suffering people, you support only Israel. Palestine is a very holy place for Jews, Christians and Muslims and there is no future for the West Bank if it remains under occupation. What we want is freedom from occupation; we want our land, water and refugee rights.”

After coffee and fruit juice, but no sign of Zachariah who was detained by dealing with many of the social problems of the people of Jenin, I thanked the ten men who had gathered with me and my three escorts in the living room for their time and information and then my driver and I headed back to Jerusalem and some more eye opening checkpoint experiences.

At the Wad Elbedar Valley checkpoint the line of cars extended around the mountain, but my driver passed by and pulled in front of the first in line and we were almost immediately waved into the checkpoint area and after the usual questions of where I am from and why had I come, the soldier handed me back my passport with, “Welcome to Israel.”

After passing through the checkpoint we joined four lines of cars at least a mile long waiting to be funneled into one. It took 30 minutes for us to reach the road home, but the other four lanes of cars waiting to go where we had come from, never moved at all. The people passed their time visiting each other and laughing. I asked my driver to ask one of them how long they had been waiting, “They don’t pay attention to the time, this is normal procedure.”

When we reached the Nablus checkpoint the cars stretched at least a half a mile long and there was no side road for NGO’s and VIP’s, so my driver went down the rocky-pitted path and reached a phalanx of rolled barb wire. Somehow, he was able to maneuver around it and turn onto the road first in line at the checkpoint. We waited ten minutes but the soldiers never waved us on, so I got out and walked over to them. They appeared stunned as I approached and announced, “Hi, I am U.S.A. and need to get back to Jerusalem. Can’t you wave us through already?”

We immediately got the wave from the soldiers and with my biggest smile I handed over my passport to one who inquired, “Why are you here?”

“To visit with a priest.”

He replied with a smile, “Have a nice day.”

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IAI Heron UAV to deploy against adivasis in India


IsraHell Aerospace Industries’ (IAI) Heron unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is set to add another to its list of targeted victims, adivasi (tribal) militants in central and eastern Indian states. The Daily News & Analysis of Mumbai notes that the national government will undertake “a first-of-its-kind effort to counter Maoists” and will deploy the IAI “Heron’s eagle eyes to track their movements on [a] real time basis.” [note: ‘the Centre’ – found throughout the linked article – is a term used in India to refer to the national government and ‘Naxalite’ is a term used to refer to the various communist adivasi groups engaged in armed struggle to protect themselves and their lands, formerly from the Forest Department, now primarily from mining companies, the police, and local paramilitaries.]

Arundhati Roy’s stellar 2010 essay “Walking With The Comrades” is a vital read for understanding the Naxalite struggle and a 2009 essay of hers – “Mr. Chidambaram’s War” – also offers tremendous context. For months now, the Indian press has been filled with discussions about deploying the nation’s UAV fleet against the Naxalites. For reasons of budget, training, local police rejection, technological problems (mostly questions about the efficacy of the Heron’s capability for surveillance in the dense jungle where the Naxalites are strong) and political sensibilities, the decision was not made until now.

India first ordered the Heron UAV in 2001, then placed further orders in 2003 and 2005. IAI’s drone sales to India go back to Heron precursors such as the Harpy (1995), Searcher (1996), and Searcher II (2000, 2002). The firm has also played a major role in developing Indian drone technology and has signed several joint-development agreements with Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. and Jubilant Bhartia Group.

To date, UAVs have primarily been deployed along India’s coastline and the borders with China and Pakistan by the Army and Navy, and in the disputed region of Jammu and Kashmir, especially during the 1999 Kargil War. Now they are to be deployed against what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called “perhaps [India’s] gravest internal security threat.”

Roy and the Naxalites themselves portray things differently. Roy points to a 2008 report [PDF] from a panel of experts commissioned by the Indian government itself which states:

However, the Naxalite movement has to be recognised as a political movement with a strong base among the landless and poor peasantry and adivasis. Its emergence and growth need to be contextualised in the social conditions and experience of people who form a part of it. The huge gap between state policy and performance is a feature of these conditions. Though its professed long term ideology is capturing state power by force, in its day to day manifestation it is to be looked upon as basically a fight for social justice, equality, protection and local development.

The Naxalites then can only be a grave security threat if current Indian policy offers no recourse for demands for social justice. If the Indian state was amenable to social justice it could simply accede to the just adivasi demands, almost instantly removing any threat from militants. Instead, India has declared war on its own citizens.

Roy points out the language often use to describe the targeted areas such as ‘Maoist infested‘ or ‘Maoist afflicted‘. The use of public health and epidemiological terminology points to solutions much more like disease eradication than population engagement (this despite the panel of experts stating explicitly that “Since the goals of the movement are political it has to be addressed politically.”).

In the best of times, which have not been very good, the Indian state has neglected entirely the adivasi communities. When the ‘democratic’ Indian state has engaged, common results have been brutal and tragic. The panel of experts listed some of the norms:

  • Social boycott.

  • Denial of employment.

  • Consumer segregation (not being allowed to buy certain products, such as fish).

  • Denial of the right to vote.

  • Public insults and humiliation by upper castes.

  • Forbidding the carrying out of cultural practices.

  • Theft of goods by police and upper caste persons.

  • Forced nude marches through public areas.

It gets worse:

  • Violent suppression of political demonstrations.

  • Being force-fed excrement (in the case of a carpenter who demanded pay owed for work).

  • Indentured servitude/debt peonage.

  • Arbitrary arrest, torture and detention.

  • Arson by police, landlords and upper caste individuals and groups against houses and entire villages.

  • Amputations of hands, fingers and limbs by upper caste persons.

  • Kidnapping and murder by upper caste persons.

  • Mass extrajudicial executions (“encounter killings”) by police and paramilitaries.

  • Systematic rape by police and military.

The desire to keep this piece manageable demands ending the list there.

And who are the Naxalites the Heron will be deployed against? Roy describes them as such.

The Maoists’ guerrilla army is made up almost entirely of desperately poor tribal people living in conditions of such chronic hunger that it verges on famine of the kind we only associate with sub-Saharan Africa. They are people who, even after 60 years of India’s so-called Independence, have not had access to education, healthcare or legal redress. They are people who have been mercilessly exploited for decades, consistently cheated by small businessmen and moneylenders, the women raped as a matter of right by police and forest department personnel. Their journey back to a semblance of dignity is due in large part to the Maoist cadre who have lived and worked and fought by their side for decades.

Their public image is one of a savage group attempting to keep India in the Stone Age by perpetrating brutal attacks against agents of progress and development. The brutality of Naxalite attacks and ambushes is undeniable. Some attacks are impossible to defend, at least to defend sensibly. But as Roy points out, “People have the right to resist annihilation.” Annihilation is what the adivasis are facing. India’s largest newspaper, Times of India, noted in 2009 that the “Naxal cancer” is spreading. The only answer to cancer of course, is to cut it out. That is the policy being pursued and that is what the Heron will be deployed for.

To date the Heron is being, has been or will soon be deployed against:

  • The Palestinian and Lebanese people, for use against whom it was developed.

  • The Iraqi people by Australia.

  • The Afghani people by Australia, Canada, France, Germany

  • The Kurdish people by Turkey.

  • Favela dwellers in Rio in Brazil (though the much more sensible policing policies being pursued by elements of the Rio police and national government allow for the possibility that it will not lead to human rights abuses).

  • Narcotraffickers around El Salvador by El Salvador and the US (while narcotraficantes don’t deserve much sympathy, the history of US-led anti-drug efforts have invariably included massive injustices).

To this we can now add the adivasi peoples of Central and Eastern India. Developed for use against the Palestinian people, it is a paradigmatic technology of IsraHell’s ‘Pacification Industry.’ It is not a tool to bring security, or justice and peace. It will not further the political engagement the Indian government recognizes as necessary to address mass injustices faced by adivasis. It will not work out the details in negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis. It is a tool to manage and extend the inequality of the status quo.

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