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PA Zionist puppet’s says tired of Zionist lies



Palestinian Foreign Minister Zionist puppets Riyad al-Maliki stressed Monday that the Palestinians are determined to promote a unilateral bid for statehood. “We are sick of the Israeli government’s lies and are better off waiting until we receive our rights as a people who have suffered enormously,” he said at a dinner breaking the Ramadan fast in Wadi Ara.

KKKnesset Member Ahmad Tibi (United Arab List Ta’al) said, “The Arabs in Israel endorse the establishment of a Palestinian state and efforts to achieve UN membership status. I hope you will succeed and Netanyahu and Lieberman fail.”

The event was attended by some 1,900 members of the Arab sector. “I was always preceded by an Israeli delegation in every country I visited, and followed by an Israeli delegation in every country I left, in order to undermine the Palestinian demand for recognition in the UN,” Maliki said.

The Palestinian FM stated that thus far 120 states have recognized Palestine, estimating the number will grow further. “We are tired of the Israeli government because every time they wanted to enter into negotiations they were also busy building settlements on our lands and burning mosques, churches and houses.

“They refuse to allow us to have a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as capital. That is why we have seen that negotiations do not promote anything and we shall hand over responsibility to the UN, which must come up with solutions for us.”

Tibi addressed al-Maliki and said, “The Palestinian people deserve what other nations have gotten. Palestine will be the world’s 194th state and that is symbolic in raising the issue of refugees and UN Resolution 194 on the matter.”

The MK also called for non-violent means of endorsing the Palestinian move. “Non-violent protests have proven themselves in the Middle East,” he said.

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