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Kashmir: Mass Graves Imbroglio

By Sultan M. Hali


Over 2000 bodies found from Mass Graves – Indian Occupied Kashmir

Following the 2008 discovery of unmarked graves in 55 villages across the northern regions of Baramulla, Bandipore and Handwara in Kashmir by human rights groups, last week, the Indian government confirmed more than 2,000 unidentified bodies had been found in single and mass graves in three northern regions. Another 574 bodies found in the graves have been identified as local residents. Indian Jammu and Kashmir State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), for the first time, has officially acknowledged that 2,156 unnamed bodies have been buried in mass graves across Indian Kashmir. This vindicates the position taken by various human rights activists and independent analysts including this scribe that the over 8000 Kashmiri youth missing, were brutally tortured, murdered and their bodies hidden in unmarked single and mass graves. This gives a fresh twist to the 32 year old struggle, which commenced in 1989, after the Kashmiris lost hope and faith in the Indian government ever acquiescing to upholding the UN Resolutions on Kashmir for the Kashmiris to exercise their right of plebiscite to decide their own fate. Since then, over 100,000 Kashmiris were butchered, their women raped and houses and shops looted and burnt. Thousands of Kashmiri youth lie incarcerated in Indian prisons on trumped up charges but most pathetically, over 8000 of the local Kashmiri youth have been missing and their kith and kin have been driven from pillar to post in search of some clue to the whereabouts of their loved ones.

Indian officials set up the commission to investigate and also began a separate police investigation, the findings of which have yet to be released. The commission’s 17-page report also urged DNA profiling to identify the bodies, saying the matter should be “investigated thoroughly by an impartial agency.” London based Amnesty International is urging India to allow impartial forensic experts to investigate hundreds of unmarked graves in Indian-occupied Kashmir. Indian officials have previously claimed the graves contain the bodies of Kashmiri militants fighting Indian occupation. But the Indian government now says Kashmiri civilians killed in the 20-year-old conflict may also be buried there.

Ultimately, the Indian government should be commended for taking the belated step of identifying the bodies. It is a painful step for the authorities to admit their wanton bloodshed, carnage and the callous process of hiding the remains; however it will provide a closure to the bereaved families of the missing Kashmiri youth. The Amnesty International should be asked where they have been all these thirty two years, when over 700,000 Indian armed forces were wreaking havoc over the hapless Kashmiris. Using draconian laws like POTA and AFSPA by virtue of which they can shoot to kill, enter any house and arrest its inmates without warrants and commit other atrocities yet not be challenged by any court of law. Contemporary history is rife with cases of rape, murder and mayhem. The Rip Van Winkle attitude of the international human rights agencies to be sleeping through decades of suppression and subjugation of the Kashmiris has actually encouraged India to continue with its policies of state terrorism in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

To add insult to injury, India has labeled the just and warranted freedom struggle of the Kashmiris as acts of terrorism and has also accused Pakistan of abetting, arming and launching them. Pakistan has denied such baseless charges since it offers only diplomatic and moral support to the oppressed Kashmiris being crushed under the yoke of Indian tyranny. What is worse is that some Indian analysts, in order to hide their crimes against humanity are equating the massacres in Kashmir with the situation in Balochistan.  They are claiming that “those in Pakistan who are sadly ‘rejoicing’ at this unfortunate news should think about the atrocities being committed in Balochistan by the Pakistani military and its proxies. At least the Indian state has taken the first step by uncovering human rights violations in Kashmir while Pakistan continues to ignore state oppression being committed against the Baloch.

Pakistan can no longer paper over its ‘kill and dump’ policy in Balochistan. Thousands of Baloch have been missing and Pakistan’s spy agencies are said to be behind the abductions, torture and murder of Baloch nationalists. The wave of separatism in Balochistan has picked up momentum because of this phenomenon. If we support the Kashmiris’ right to accountability for crimes committed by the Indian security forces, how can we justify our double standards in the case of Balochistan? Pakistan either needs to stop the military operation in Balochistan and give the Baloch their due rights or be prepared for the breakdown of the federation.”

These misinformed analysts with their misplaced loyalties need to get their facts straight and understand that some members of the Baloch community are engaged in acts of insurgency, which has neither been endorsed by the United Nations through Resolutions, nor has Balochistan been dubbed as a disputed territory as Kashmir has been. On the other hand, Pakistan has ample evidence of Indian spy agency RAW being engaged in clandestine activities in its fourteen Consulates and Trade Missions in Afghanistan, recruiting, training, arming and launching Baloch youth to carry out subversion in Pakistan.

There are others who are pointing at the killing fields of Karachi and claiming that if Pakistani authorities are letting the bloodbath of innocent Pakistanis continue unabated with little or no action to apprehend the culprits or protect the lives of common citizens then Pakistan has no right to point fingers at Indian atrocities in Kashmir. Here they do have a point to some extent, since it is baffling that more than 100 precious lives of innocent citizens have been lost to torture mongers engaged in a turf war and no finger has been raised. The Pakistan Army intervened in Swat at much less but here the Army is being kept at bay, while the Sindh Rangers and Police are being used with their dilapidated equipment, weaponry and total lack of commitment to take action, thus the killing continues unchecked with impunity.

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Pakistan: Now Its Zardari

After Musharraf it’s Zardari’s turn to get ditched

By Brig Asif Haroon Raja

The US and its three strategic allies Israel, Britain and India, the champions of terrorism, made terrorism as an excuse to vandalize


Muslims and to defame Islam. The clever band backed by Zionists projected terrorism as the most horrifying thing this world had ever seen and the biggest threat to world peace and security. The specter of terrorism was created through stage managed terrorist attacks in New York on 9/11 in which about 3000 people died. The Jewish controlled media spun into action to frighten and convince the world that without undertaking a crusade against Islam inspired terrorism, there will be no peace. The media kept churning horror stories in which Muslims were described as the demons and kept the world scared and glued towards the exploits of US led counter terror forces.

The master planners took cover behind the façade of liberating the Muslims from the clutches of tyrants who till then were their blue eyed boys and had helped USA in promoting its brand of imperialism in the third world. They kept humming about establishment of true democracy in the Middle East and in Afghanistan from behind the foliage of deceit, lies and duplicity to hide their crimes and to continue with their excesses.

Eager to steal the resources of Muslim world, the headstrong and heartless rulers of powerful countries egged on by defence, oil and construction corporations remained fixated with the concept that shock and awe alone would subdue all their opponents. They were sure that whatever expenditure incurred on fighting global terrorism would be recovered from the occupied countries. Afghanistan and Iraq were thoroughly destroyed to allow its construction companies to rebuild from the resources of ruined countries. They got so puffed up with apparent successes in Afghanistan and Iraq that no amount of reasoning and logic propounded by saner elements to put an end to madness could bring them back to their senses.

The aggressors mocked at those who cautioned them that insurrectional war have a history of humbling big powers and that their fate would be no different. They drew satisfaction from the self perceived thought that this time the top brains and power centers of the world with rich experience of tackling with Muslim insurgencies and freedom struggles were collectively battling the insurgents. In their calculation they had abundant resources and had catered for all possible eventualities and were in a comfortable position to change the history by proving that Afghans are conquerable. They worked on the strategy of isolating, dividing and then crushing their foes in the two theatres of war.

In Afghanistan, Taliban were detached from Pakistan to deprive them of their fallback position, and then pitched against Northern Alliance backed by US-NATO air power. Subsequently the schemers embarked upon a plan to create rift between Taliban and al-Qaeda and make them fight against each other, and also made efforts to divide Taliban to confront moderates with extremists. In Iraq, the planners isolated Iraq within the Arab world and pitched Shias and Kurds against Sunnis. Later, the Sunnis were coaxed and made to fight against al-Qaeda. While CIA and Blackwater helped in fomenting sectarianism, ethnicity, extremism and lawlessness, the media helped them in demonizing the leadership of the targeted countries and in projecting Islam and radical Muslims in poor light. The media also helped in covering the crimes of leading terrorist states by painting wrongful pictures.

After occupying Afghanistan with the help of Pakistan under Gen Musharraf, the US and its allies forcibly pushed terrorism into Pakistan and forced Pakistan to combat terrorism ignoring the fact that it is supposedly a key ally of USA and a non-NATO member. The gang of four kept fuelling terrorism to destabilize Pakistan and in the same breath kept pressing Pakistan to do more to eliminate terrorism. Pakistan has suffered monumental human casualties and incurred astronomical material losses in fighting terrorism but has failed to gratify US leaders. Their purpose is not to eliminate terrorism but to enfeeble Pak Army and Pak economy.

The people of Pakistan had no role in 9/11, and were not privy to Bush-Mush deal, or in several secret deals with Washington to secretly promote US interests. They didn’t draw any benefit from the US aid, foreign investments or IMF loans or increase in foreign exchange reserve. Rather foreign injections had a telling effect upon the economic health of the country the consequences of which were borne by the deprived class only. The ever rising inflation and price spiral, unemployment, load shedding, shortages of fuel and gas, and insecurity have made no impact on the lifestyle of rich class.

For over a decade the forces of USA and NATO are spilling blood of the people of the occupied countries and destroying their homes and hearths. They have been employing series of techniques how to emasculate Pakistan from within so that it is either compelled to voluntarily hand over its nukes in return for aid for survival, or else militarily it is not in a position to defend its nuclear arsenal against its covert and overt efforts to disable the program. Whenever the US notices some signs of reluctance, it starts twisting the arms of NRO cleansed leaders or dangles another bag of dollars. Both methods have helped Washington in making the puppets dance to its tunes.

The top leadership of ruling regime is not in a position to show eyes to Washington since it had been brought to power by USA after buying its loyalties. The US like a ruthless exploiter is fully exploiting this weakness and is not relenting in its demands. The rulers are so infatuated with wealth and power that they have allowed their patron to wreak havoc in Pakistan. It was owing to policy of appeasement and subservience and putting blind faith in US patronage that Pakistan had to suffer the humiliations on 02 and 22 May.

These jolts should have woken up our leaders from their stupor but strangely they are still heavy-eyed and refuse to grasp the enormity of the challenges confronting Pakistan. Well knowing that American officials coming under different disguises are deadly agents and that the US friendship is far deadlier than its enmity, they are still hopeful that they will be able to win back the affections of estranged USA.

In one of my articles in 2008, I had written that disturbed security situation in northwest and in Balochistan are auxiliary efforts of our adversaries meant to prepare ground for main assault in Karachi where the main battle will be fought. My prediction has come true and our economic hub is bleeding profusely. Notwithstanding the perverse role of PPP, MQM and ANP, foreign hand is definitely involved to keep the streets of Karachi drenched in human blood.

Having sufficiently bruised the limbs of body of Pakistan, fatal blows are now being delivered on the head. Conditions are being prepared for the employment of Army in aid of civil power. Like North Waziristan, Karachi is another trap set up for the Army to step in and get further diluted and possibly defamed. Our self-centred rulers engulfed in their own fears have belatedly ordered Police-Rangers surgical action to stop the wanton bloodshed. This action may bring temporary calm but the disease will remain uncured.

One wonders what is making President Zardari believe that the US will not betray him even after seeing the fate of Musharraf and so many other blue eyed boys of USA. On what basis does he consider himself to be more special and indispensable to Washington? Rest assured, after Musharraf, it is now Zardari’s turn to get ditched since like Musharraf he has also outlived his utility for the US. His sycophants and beneficiaries will remain loyal to him till he is in power. Before the US gets rid of him he should pre-empt by honoring Supreme Court’s verdicts on NRO and other cases, take a lead in bringing back his wealth from abroad; stop protecting the corrupt and dishonest, put an end to cronyism and restore system of merit, do away with political expediency under the garb of policy of reconciliation, carryout across the board accountability of the wrongdoers and seek forgiveness of Allah in this holy month of Ramadan.

If he takes these steps which are certainly not beyond his capability, he will for sure come under the benign protection of God Almighty and he will not need the so-called patronage of untrustworthy USA. He would also frustrate the designs of his political foes who surely like him to keep treading the destructive path and get perished. Hatred welled up against him will fade away and people of Pakistan will forgive all his sins as they had done in 2008 and he will be looked at with deference by them. Unlike Musharraf, he will not have to go in exile but will live honorably in his own homeland. Given the fact that Pakistan is going through worst crisis, I implore him to come out of his self serving materialistic world and take the plunge for the sake of the country and rest assured he will be remembered with approbation.

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Palestine: Arduous Odyssey of Statehood


By Dr. Ismail Salami

Kourosh Ziabari

The plight of the Palestinian people is no closed book to anyone in the world; a subjugated nation which has been unjustifiably subjected to discrimination and violence for the past 6 decades.

Even the close allies of Israel and those who support the continued occupation of Palestine admit in their privacy that the actions and policies of the Israeli regime are beyond the pale and run counter to the very principles of humanity and morality.

Everyday, the mass media run reports of several Palestinians being killed or injured by the Israeli forces. Hundreds of Palestinian children and women are incarcerated in Israeli jails and their dignity is flagrantly violated. The homes of the Palestinian citizens are demolished by huge bulldozers every day and Zionist settlements are constructed in their place.

In its nature as a colonizing regime, Israel has never spared any efforts to suppress the Palestinian nation. The 2008-2009 Operation Cast Lead which claimed the lives of 1,417 Palestinians and destroyed a great deal of the infrastructure of Gaza coastal enclave including schools, mosques, hospitals and even the UN headquarters was only a simple example of Israel’s unrelenting atrocities against the people of Palestine.

Since its establishment in 1948, Israel has committed every type of war crimes and crimes against humanity. It constantly violated the international laws and regulations such as The Hague Regulations of 1907, Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and the customary laws of belligerent occupation; however, the United States and its European allies endowed Israel with immunity to the law and protected it from accountability before the international community. Since 1982 up to now, the United States vetoed 27 United Nations Security Council resolutions critical of Israel and hindered the investigation of Israel’s criminal actions including building illegal settlements on the Palestinian lands, deporting the Palestinian citizens from their hometown, incarcerating children and women without charges or holding tribunals for them and more importantly, building and accumulating nuclear weapons.

However, the Palestinians have realized that it is now time for their sufferings to come to an end and start a new era in the life of their browbeaten country. Actually, they are getting prepared for putting forward a proposal to the United Nations General Assembly to officially become the 194th member of the United Nations.

On November 15, 1988, the Palestine Liberation Organization’s National Council unilaterally adopted the Palestinian Declaration of Independence and claimed territories which still remained under the Israeli occupation. Since 1974 when the Arab League summit recognized PLO as the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people “and reaffirmed their right to establish an independent state of urgency”, Palestine has been accepted as an observer member of the United Nations without a right to participate in the General Assembly’s voting. After the declaration of independence, the UN General Assembly officially acknowledged the proclamation and voted to use the designation “Palestine” instead of “Palestine Liberation Organization” when referring to the Palestinian permanent observer.

Now after spending two decades as an observer state, Palestine is seeking full membership in the United Nations. When the General Assembly convenes on September 13, it will also decide on whether to accept Palestine as an official and sovereign state or not. However, the Palestinians have a long way to go to realize statehood and it’s almost a far-fetched and complicated journey for them.

According to an article recently published on New York Times and quoted by Stephen Lendman, “last March, Israel told UN Security Council members and other prominent EU countries it will act unilaterally if the General Assembly grants Palestine de jure membership in September inside 1967 borders, 22% of historic Palestine.”

As said by American author and political writer Stephen Lendman, if Palestine is granted full membership, Israel will likely deny recognition, continuing its illegal occupation, this time against a sovereign country; however, even if Israel keeps up with its hostility, the “automatic majority” of the UN General Assembly will take the side of Palestine.

The U.S. President who was recently snubbed by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he said that Israel should recognize the state of Palestine within the pre-1967 borders has rhetorically accepted with Palestine’s plans for submitting a bid for membership in the UN; however, he has implied that its terms, size, locations and timetable should be checked with and verified by Israel. In other words, “he supports Israeli veto power of Palestinian rights, including sovereignty, an unacceptable or illegal condition under international law,” wrote Lendman.

From a legal viewpoint, it’s said that Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories should end if Palestine succeeds in gaining a vote of statehood from two-third of the General Assembly members.

Lendman says that Washington has already provisionally recognized Palestine as an independent state and according to the UN Charter Article 80 (1), it cannot reverse its position by vetoing a Security Council resolution calling for Palestine’s UN admission.

Albeit, it should be kept in mind that even though Mahmoud Abbas, the acting chief of Palestinian Authority has made numerous concessions to Israel and tried to please the U.S. and its European allies, he has several enemies in the public sphere, especially among the U.S. congressmen, media personalities and pundits.

An article published by the American conservative FrontPage Magazine says that Palestine cannot meet the requirements of proposing full membership in the UN. “The first problem is that the PA cannot yet demonstrate all of the four characteristics required for statehood by international law. A sovereign state is a political entity with a defined territory, a permanent population, a functioning government with the ability to exercise sovereignty over that territory (i.e., to command habitual obedience from that population by means of that state’s monopoly on the use of force), and the capacity to enter into relations with other sovereign states,” the article says.

A recent poll conducted on 10,787 people by Press TV shows that 47 percent of the respondents believe the PA’s bid will gain the majority of the votes at the UN but will be vetoed by the US and a total of 24 percent say the US and Israel would prevent the bid from being presented at the UN General Assembly in September. Roughly 13 percent said the bid would fail to garner enough votes on account of the pressure exerted by Washington and Tel Aviv.

Indeed there are repercussions for the Zionist regime if Palestine succeeds in gaining recognition. A source in the Israeli government cites three repercussions in this regard: 1. International perception of Israel as an occupying state will shift to a colonizing one. 2. The countries voting in favor of recognizing Palestine might impose economic sanctions on Israel and sever all their trade ties. 3. Israel might be forced to depart from international trade organizations. 4. The world may force Israel to approve the construction of the first Palestinian international airport in the West Bank.

These are all the possibilities that may take place but as to the first one that Israel will shift from an occupying state to a colonizing one, one should say that Israel has already been a colonizing state for decades.

Interestingly, the same source predicts that from 192 member states in the UN’s General Assembly, around 180 would vote for the recognition of Palestine, six would abstain and six others would oppose.

This sounds a very optimistic viewpoint and is surely what the Palestinians and the rest of the Muslim world aspires. However, truth is sour and anyone with some degree of political savvy is aware of the amount of influence the Zionists exercise on the US.

Some pundits rightly see the recognition of Palestine as a political tsunami for the Zionist regime.

If the recognition of Palestine is not a nightmare for Israel and its cronies, what is?

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REPORT: $42 Million From Seven Foundations Helped Fuel The Rise Of Islamophobia In America


By Faiz Shakir

Following a six-month long investigative research project, the Center for American Progress released a 130-page report today which reveals that more than $42 million from seven foundations over the past decade have helped fan the flames of anti-Muslim hate in America. The authors — Wajahat Ali, Eli Clifton, Matt Duss, Lee Fang, Scott Keyes, and myself — worked to expose the Islamophobia network in depth, name the major players, connect the dots, and trace the genesis of anti-Muslim propaganda.

The report, titled “Fear Inc.: The Roots Of the Islamophobia Network In America,” lifts the veil behind the hate, follows the money, and identifies the names of foundations who have given money, how much they have given, and who they have given to:


Donors Capital Fund $20,768,600 Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT),Middle East Forum(MEF), Clarion Fund(Clarion), David Horowitz Freedom Center (Horowitz)
Richard Scaifefoundations $7,875,000 Counterterrorism & Security Education and Research Foundation (CTSERF), Center for Security Policy (CSP), Horowitz
Lynde and HarryBradley Foundation $5,370,000 MEF, CSP, Horowitz
Russell Berrie Foundation $3,109,016 IPT, CTSERF, MEF
Anchorage Charitable Fund and William Rosenwald Family Fund $2,818,229 IPT,CTSERF, MEF, CSP, Clarion, Horowitz
Fairbook Foundation $1,498,450 IPT, MEF, CSP, Jihad Watch, Horowitz,American Congress for Truth
Newton and Rochelle Becker foundations $1,136,000 IPT, CTSERF, MEF, CSP, Clarion, Horowitz, American Congress for Truth
Total $42,575,295

The money has flowed into the hands of five key “experts” and “scholars” who comprise the central nervous system of anti-Muslim propaganda:

FRANK GAFFNEY, Center for Security Policy – “A mosque that is used to promote a seditious program, which is what Sharia is…that is not a protected religious practice, that is in fact sedition.” [Source]

DAVID YERUSHALMI, Society of Americans for National Existence: “Muslim civilization is at war with Judeo-Christian civilization…the Muslim peoples,those committed to Islam as we know it today, are our enemies.” [Source]

DANIEL PIPES, Middle East Forum: “All immigrants bring exotic customs and attitudes, but Muslim customs are more troublesome than most.” [Source]

ROBERT SPENCER, Jihad Watch: “Of course, as I have pointed out many times,traditional Islam itself is not moderate or peaceful. It is the only major world religion with a developed doctrine and tradition of warfare against unbelievers.” [Source]

STEVEN EMERSON, Investigative Project on Terrorism: “One of the world’s great religions — which has more than 1.4 billion adherents — somehow sanctions genocide, planned genocide, as part of its religious doctrine.” [Source]

These five “scholars” are assisted in their outreach efforts by Brigitte Gabriel (founder, ACT! for America), Pamela Geller (co-founder, Stop Islamization of America), and David Horowitz (supporter of Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch). As the report details, information is then disseminated through conservative organizations like the Eagle Forum, the religious right, Fox News, and politicians such as Allen West and Newt Gingrich.

Over the past few years, the Islamophobia network (the funders, scholars, grassroots activists, media amplifiers, and political validators) have worked hard to push narratives that Obama might be a Muslim, that mosques are incubators of radicalization, and that “radical Islam” has infiltrated all aspects of American society — including the conservative movement.

To explain how the Islamophobia network operates, we’ve produced this video to show just one example of how they have mainstreamed the baseless and unfounded fear that Sharia may soon replace American laws:

Click here to read the full report.

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U.S. envoy: We will stop aid to Palestinians if UN bid proceeds


U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem, Daniel Rubinstein, tells chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat U.S. ‘will take punitive measures’ against Palestinian Authority if it seeks to upgrade position at UN General Assembly.

The United States will stop all financial aid to the Palestinian Authority if they proceed with plans to ask the United Nations for recognition of an independent state in September, a U.S. official warned Friday.

U.S. Consul General in Jerusalem, Daniel Rubinstein, told chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, that the U.S. would veto a UN Security Council resolution calling for recognition of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip within the June 4, 1967 borders and for UN membership.

“If the Palestinian Authority insists on going to the Security Council, the U.S. will use the veto,” he told Erekat during a meeting in the West Bank city of Jericho, according to a statement issued by Erekat’s office.

“And in case the Palestinian Authority seeks to upgrade its position at the UN through the General Assembly, the U.S. Congress will take punitive measures against it, including a cut in U.S. aid,” he said.

Rubinstein said his country sees the Palestinians’ UN bid as “useless,” and that it would be better to conclude a peace agreement with Israel through direct negotiations, according to Erekat.

Erekat said U.S. support for the Palestinian UN bid would actually enhance the two-state solution and peace in the Middle East.

He called on the U.S. to reconsider its position on the issue because “the right decision is to support Palestine’s membership of the UN.”

Erekat, who had also met with the European Union’s representative to the Palestinian Authority, Christian Burger, also urged Europe to support Palestinian efforts to get full membership of the UN.

The European Union, he said, “should take the correct position, not the easy position.”

The EU has not yet decided which way it will go when the issue comes up for discussion at the Security Council in September. Some member states, such as Spain, have said they would support the Palestinian step.

If the U.S. vetoes the Security Council resolution, the Palestinians plan to ask the UN General Assembly to vote on the resolution, which needs a two-thirds majority to pass.

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Report: Libyan rebels seek Zionist support


Rebels’ spokesman says group wants Zio-Nazi State of IsraHell to help garner international support for new Libyan leadership, Western media outlets claim

Libyan rebels are turning to the Zio-Nazi state for support in their new leadership, ahead of the looming end of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime, Western media outlets reported on Thursday.

“We are seeking Israel’s support and influence around the world in order to bring to an end Gaddafi’s despotic rule,” Ahmad Shabani, the founder of Libya’s Democratic and a spokesperson on behalf of the rebels was quoted as saying.

According to the unconfirmed reports, Shabani, whose family fled Libya after the king was deposed in 1969, said they were seeking the Zio-Nazi State’s help because “Libya needs all the international support they can get, including Israel’s.”

Responding to Gaddafi’s allegations, according to which al Qaeda was aiding the rebels to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip, Shabani said the deposed dictator was himself cooperating with the terrorist group, adding that the opposition group aims to stop the alleged arms smuggling.

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Arab League chief: Egypt-Zionist peace treaty not as sacred as the Koran


Arab League Secretary-General Nabil Elaraby, says the 1979 peace treaty is ‘not sacred,’ and is subject to annulment or amendment if breached by either side.


The Secretary-General of the Arab League, Nabil Elaraby, told Al-Arabiya TV that the Egypt-Israel peace treaty is not as sacred as the Koran.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya TV, Elaraby, who served as Egypt’s Foreign Minister before his appointment to the Arab League in July this year, said that if one of the sides breached the treaty, signed in 1979, the other side reserves the right to amend or annul it, according to an Israel Radio report.

The peace treaty is not like the Koran or the New Testament, Elaraby said.

Earlier Friday, the British weekly “The Economist” reported that Defense Minister Ehud Barak said that Israel will soon allow Egypt to deploy thousands of troops in the Sinai Peninsula.

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin responded to Barak’s interview with the Economist on Friday, saying that the deployment of Egyptian troops in Sinai, a violation of the Camp David Accords and the Egypt-Israel peace treaty, may need the Knesset’s approval – not only the government’s.

Haaretz reported earlier Friday that Barak said he would agree to send thousands more Egyptian soldiers into eastern Sinai in order to end the anarchy there, saying it would be “a clear Israeli interest” since it would stop smuggling of weapons and people from Gaza.

The move came after the series of terror attacks in southern Israel on August 18, which left eight people dead. Israel and Egypt believe the gunmen responsible for the attacks were militants that infiltrated from the Gaza Strip via Egypt’s neighboring Sinai desert.

Officials also suspect that militants from Sinai had also joined the Gaza gunmen in carrying out the attacks on Israelis. Israel agreed Thursday to a joint investigation alongside Egypt of the events surrounding the terror attacks.

Public anti-Israel sentiment in Egypt culminated Friday in a ‘million-man protest’ in Cairo against the peace accord with Israel in the wake of the recent events on the two countries’ shared border.

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Egyptians to hold ‘million-man protest’ against peace accord with IsraHell


Egyptian protesters set their sights on changing the country’s foreign policy, calling for the reexamination of the Egyptian-Zionist peace accord, following the recent developments on the two countries’ border.


Who and how many will take part in today’s million-man demonstration in Tahrir Square? It is not expected to be one of the routine demonstrations that have shaken Egypt since January. This time, Tahrir Square will confront Egypt’s foreign policy. The headline of the demonstration is “Million-man demonstration to expel the Israeli ambassador,” and most of the protest groups have announced that they will participate. Egyptian anger is not only directed at Israel which killed five soldiers during the terrorist attack near Eilat last week, but also against the Egyptian government’s policy toward Israel.

Since the terrorist attack there have been raucous demonstrations in front of the Israeli embassy in the neighborhood of Giza that have resulted in a national event and a national hero, who climbed the flagpole in front of the embassy and removed the Israeli flag. Even though there are reports of smaller crowds and consequently smaller amounts of security guards protecting the embassy, the public discourse on the issue remains intense.

Those who organized the demonstration today also relied on a report in the daily Al-Masry Al-Youm, which said that Israel has still not responded to an Egyptian request for a joint investigation, and that National Security Adviser Ya’akov Amidror said that Israel will hold no such joint probe.

Even though Amidror took back his statement Thursday, it does not appear that the commitment to hold a joint investigation has calmed the atmosphere. Egyptian reporters told Haaretz yesterday that they had learned from Egyptian political sources that the prime minister and representatives of the Supreme Military Council were in touch with the leadership of the protest, but they intend to hold the demonstration “in order to make it clear to the government of Israel that Mubarak’s Egypt no longer exists and that the Egyptian public will have its say also on matters pertaining to state security.”

Another report, quoting a security source, said yesterday that recalling the Egyptian ambassador to Israel remains an option and that the Egyptian government is waiting to see how Israel will conduct the investigation with the Egyptian officials.

There were many reports Thursday in Egypt that Israel would like to relocate the embassy to another area, which is less populated, and presumably more secure. Also, the April 6 Movement announced that it planned to change the site of its demonstrations from Tahrir Square to a large area in the Giza neighborhood, near the zoo, bringing the demonstrators closer to the embassy.

The demonstrations against Israel and the investigation of the terrorist attack have caused a disagreement among the opposition groups, and even the Islamic Brotherhood is divided between those who support today’s demonstration and those who are opposed. For example, the Freedom and Justice Party, the official party of the Muslim Brotherhood, announced that it would not participate in the demonstration, but Al-Nahda, a party which broke off from the Muslim Brotherhood said it would participate in the demonstration.

No explanation was given for the decision of the Muslim Brotherhood not to participate in the demonstration, especially in view of its position that the Egyptian government should “reevaluate” the Camp David agreement and “take substantive measures” against “the Israeli assault on Egyptian sovereignty and the killing of Egyptian soldiers.” Nonetheless, it would appear that the main reason for staying out is that the group’s leadership is seeking to differentiate itself from the breakaway faction.

Regardless of the reason, Israel has become part of the arm-wrestling dialogue between the protest groups and opposition parties on the one hand, and the Supreme Military Council on the other. If the protest groups avoided confronting the regime on issues of foreign policy, “thanks to” Israel this will now be the subject at hand in the square.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian public, in the ongoing dialogue in the media, seems to accept the regime’s version of events when it comes to the attack near Eilat: that the terrorists were members of extremist groups operating in collaboration with Bedouin. The Egyptian government and army is enjoying the full backing of the Muslim Brotherhood in taking action against these groups, perceived to pose a threat to the state.

In addition to the situation in the Sinai, it appears that the civil war in Libya is posing a new threat to Egypt. On Wednesday, Egyptian security forces announced that they prevented yet another transfer, the third in a week, of large amounts of weapons from Libya into Egypt. These are suspected to be shipments of arms for extremist groups operating in Sinai.

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Ahmadinejad: No place for IsraHell in region


Speaking after al-Quds day Friday prayers Iranian President says Palestinian state only first step in liberation, no room for Israel in region after formation of a Palestinian state

Ed note–this is a story from Ynet, Israel’s biggest online newspaper. It repeats the constantly misquoted/mistranslated “Israel should be wiped off the map” nonsense that the Jewish community and their lick-spittle supporters have been braying about now for years. It is not the position of this editor or this website that these quotations should be attributed to Ahmadinejhad, an honorable man, however we are running the story nonetheless because the rest of his comments are, in our opinion, 100% correct.

The creation of a universally-recognized Palestinian state would be just a first step towards defeating Israel, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Friday.

He spoke at a ceremony Friday following nationwide pro-Palestine rallies marking Quds Day. The annual demonstration is an occasion for Iranian officials to show their support for Palestinians and condemn Israel.

Ahmadinejad says establishment of a Palestinian state should be the first step in the liberation of entire Palestine. Iran’s Islamic leadership is hostile to Israel and backs anti-Israel groups like Palestinian Hamas.

Ahmadinejad, restating a position expressed soon after taking office in 2005 that Israel was a “tumor” to be wiped off the map, urged Palestinians not to settle for a two-state solution that is backed by Abbas but to strive for a complete return of what they consider their land.

‘Liberate Palestine’

“Recognizing the Palestinian state is not the last goal. It is only one step forward towards liberating the whole of Palestine,” Ahmadinejad told worshippers at Friday prayers.

“The Zionist regime is a center of microbes, a cancer cell and if it exists in one iota of Palestine it will mobilize again and hurt everyone.”

Any move for Palestinian statehood at the United Nations is likely to be vetoed by the United States, but even if it were to pass and Israelis and Palestinians found a way to co-exist, that would still be entirely insufficient, Ahmadinejad said.

“It is not enough for them to have a weak, powerless state in a very small piece of Palestine. They should unite to establish a state but the ultimate goal is the liberation of the whole of Palestine,” he said.

“I urge the Palestinians never to forget this ideal. Forgetting this ideal is equal to committing suicide. It would be giving an opportunity to an enemy which is on the verge of collapse and disappearance.”

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Oil Companies Scramble for Libyan Oil


Many looking to restart deals made with Gadhafi on more favorable terms with the Western-supported rebels

Oil companies from the United States, Europe, and Asia are scrambling for a share in Libyan oil as the rebels’ Transitional National Council gradually works to take the place of the Gadhafi regime.

Many of the companies are eager to restart business deals they had with Gadhafi on more beneficial terms with the rebels. British Petroleum (BP) of the United Kingdom, Total of France, and ENI of Italy had major projects in Libya before the rebellion against Gadhafi began six months ago.

ENI, which was producing 196,000 barrels per day before the war, was sending technicians to back Libya even before Gadhafi’s fortified compound in Tripoli was overrun by rebels this week, so it may be the first to resume production. BP is likely to push a $1 billion deep-water exploration program in the Gulf of Sidra, part of a $900 million deal signed with Gadhafi in May 2007.

Other companies, like Gazprom from Russia and Repsol from Spain, are also looking to restart oil drilling, production, and export out of Libya, which has at least 41.5 billion barrels in reserves, the ninth largest in the world. Some have made the case that Libya’s high potential value as an oil exporter influenced the US-NATO decision to intervene on behalf of the rebels.

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