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Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth Needs Veterans To Get Involved


9/11 Tenth Anniversary Brings Truth to the Forefront of Public Awareness

Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth on the 10th year anniversary of this tragedy is asking U.S. Veterans to participate and join with them in their effort to raise public awareness that leads to an independent investigation and the truth.

They need your help! There are 4 phases described there where you can choose to get involved according to your interests.

These are designed to make the most out of the public and media attention which is expected to be given on this critically important tenth anniversary of 9/11.

Here is the four-phase strategy:

  1. Letters seeking appointments with local legal/law enforcement professionals in August and September

  2. At local courthouses on September 8, “daytime vigils” with optional press conferences

  3. Premiere screenings of “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out,” Sept 7-11 in local communities nationwide

  4. In-person presentations in your local Congressional offices

1. Letters and appointments with your local legal/law enforcement professionals

Whatever the chances of a new, legitimate federal 9/11 investigation, we will have a better chance if we work together to engage in educational outreach to local and state professionals with legal and law enforcement expertise. We provide a cover letter to legal/law enforcement professionals, and you provide educational materials for professionals in your community. A variety of brochures, postcards, and other graphics-rich materials are available in our online store.

2. At local courthouses on September 8, “daytime vigil” and press conferences

Hold a daytime vigil at your county courthouse and press conference in your local community. Raise public awareness of the evidence of controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center high-rises that killed as many as 2600 people on 9/11. Choose a visible location at or near your courthouse. The courthouse is a universal American symbol of truth and justice and is closer to most people than their congressional office. Hold your vigil from about 11:00 am to 3:00 pm to connect with the most people during the lunch hour. Plan ahead and commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 as a visible presence in your local community for justice.

Arrange for a competent photographer/videographer to record your event. Download our press materials and do your best to get local media to cover you. We chose the Thursday before 9/11/2011 because Thursdays are the best news day of the week before September 11. Sixty-seven groups around the world did this last September! Rehearse, dress for success, and get the word out through your local media.

3. Premiere screenings of our new DVD “9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out” in local communities nationwide

Be a part of the premiere release of “9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out,” September 7-11. Introduce your neighbors to the dozens of experts, high-rise architects, structural engineers, metallurgists, chemists, explosives experts and others, laying out the evidence for controlled demolition of the three World Center high-rises on 9/11/2001. Host a screening of this unprecedented documentary in your local library, theater, college, community center or house of worship. Register your event and the DVD will be sent to you in time for your screening. Increase public awareness of its release by forwarding the link to the trailer to your friends, family and local civic leaders.

4. In-person presentations in local Congressional offices

Congress will be in recess from Washington several times throughout the summer (see the schedule here). Whenever you are ready, schedule a meeting with your member of Congress. Present the 10-minute 9/11: Blueprint for Truth video to your member of Congress or to congressional staffers in your local district. We provide letters you can ask your member of Congress to forward to NIST, a federal agency, a request that will be difficult to turn down since this function is traditional and doesn’t require that the member of Congress immediately take a stand on the merits of the issue. Even if your member of Congress does not attend your meeting, you will educate the staffers, and they will get to see how their bosses respond.

Sign Up To Help

There are many ways you can help. Make phone calls to recruit additional help. Take the initiative to send or deliver letters to local legal and law enforcement professionals in your community, hold a courthouse vigil, host a premiere screening, and/or lead a delegation of AE911Truth petition signers to your local congressional office. You can also help as a photographer and videographer of your local events or you can write about a local event. Sign up here to let us know what you can do to help.


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