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INDIA: Protecting the Killers


A Policy of Impunity in Punjab, India

OCTOBER 17, 2007

This 123-page report examines the challenges faced by victims and their relatives in pursuing legal avenues for accountability for the human rights abuses perpetrated during the government’s counterinsurgency campaign in the Punjab.

The report describes the impunity enjoyed by officials responsible for violations and the near total failure of India’s judicial and state institutions, from the National Human Rights Commission to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), to provide justice for victims’families.


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India: Investigate Unmarked Graves in Jammu and Kashmir

Official Inquiry Confirms That Some Held Bodies of the ‘Disappeared’

AUGUST 24, 2011

For years, Kashmiris have been lamenting their lost loved ones, their pleas ignored or dismissed as the government and army claimed that they had gone to Pakistan to become militants. But these graves suggest the possibility of mass murder. The authorities should immediately investigate each and every death.

Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director at Human Rights Watch

(New Delhi) – Indian authorities should immediately open an independent, transparent, and credible investigation into the unmarked graves discovered in Jammu and Kashmir state, Human Rights Watch said today. An inquiry by the police investigation team of the Jammu and Kashmir State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) has found 2,730 bodies dumped into unmarked graves in four of the state’s 14 districts. Thousands of Kashmiris have been forcibly disappeared during the last two decades of violence, their whereabouts unknown.

The Enquiry Report of Unmarked Graves in North Kashmir, submitted by the investigating police team to the commission on July 2, 2011, said that the unidentified bodies had been buried in 38 sites in north Kashmir’s Baramulla, Bandipora, Handwara, and Kupwara districts. At least 574 have been identified as the bodies of local Kashmiris. The government had previously said that the graves held unidentified militants, most of them Pakistanis killed over the two decades of violence in Jammu and Kashmir whose bodies had been handed over to village authorities for burial. However, in response to commission inquiries, in March 2010 district police claimed that a total of 464 unidentified bodies had been buried in north Kashmir.

“For years, Kashmiris have been lamenting their lost loved ones, their pleas ignored or dismissed as the government and army claimed that they had gone to Pakistan to become militants,” said Meenakshi Ganguly, South Asia director at Human Rights Watch. “But these graves suggest the possibility of mass murder. The authorities should immediately investigate each and every death.”

According to the Srinagar-based Association of Parents of Displaced Persons (APDP), at least 8,000 people have disappeared since the insurgency began. In February 2003, the government of Jammu and Kashmir, then led by the current opposition leader, Mufti Mohammad Sayeed, told the state legislative assembly that 3,744 people were missing and that many of those reported missing since 1990 were actually in Pakistan, where they had signed up to be trained as militants.

Human Rights Watch and other human rights groups have repeatedly called for an independent investigation into allegations of unlawful killings and enforced disappearances by Indian security forces. In a September 2006 report, “Everyone Lives in Fear,” Human Rights Watch said: “The debate about the facts and the inconclusive nature of government and NGO claims make it clear why the government or a specially designated independent body should conduct a transparent investigation into each case of ‘disappearance’ reported since 1990.”

The commission’s report, which was leaked to journalists over the weekend, is the first official confirmation that such deaths occurred. Pointing out that Kashmiri groups, including APDP and the International People’s Tribunal on Kashmir, have said there are similar unmarked graves in at least eight other districts, the report recommended a thorough investigation by an “impartial agency,” and at least $15,000 in compensation for each death. The Jammu and Kashmir state government and the central government in New Delhi have yet to respond to the findings.

When the new government of chief minister Omar Abdullah was elected in Jammu and Kashmir state in February 2009, Human Rights Watch wrote to him, saying: “Thousands of people remain victims of enforced disappearances in Jammu and Kashmir. The practices of ‘disappearances’ and extrajudicial executions violate basic human rights, including the right to life, the right to liberty and security of the person, the right to a fair and public trial, as well as the prohibition on torture and cruel, inhuman, and degrading treatment or punishment. Under international law, an enforced disappearance is a continuing crime until the ‘disappearance’ is resolved.”

The enquiry report recommended that the commission call for immediate DNA sampling and other forensic tests to try to identify the bodies by matching them with the next of kin of people who have disappeared. Seventeen of the bodies found in the four districts have already been reburied by relatives in family graveyards. The investigation found that 18 of the graves contained more than one body.

Human Rights Watch has previously called for creation of an independent, transparent commission working within a specified time frame to which relatives and others can provide information about cases of enforced disappearance. This commission should be empowered to summon members of the security forces who might have been responsible, even if they are no longer posted in Jammu and Kashmir or have retired from service.

“The government has long been well aware that widespread killings and disappearances have occurred in Kashmir, but it has looked the other way,” Ganguly said. “The discovery of these unidentified bodies will make it impossible to continue the long cover-up of the facts or to deny justice to the families of victims.”

A similar pattern of abuses and cover-up took place in the neighboring state of Punjab during counterinsurgency operations from 1984 to 1995, Human Rights Watch said. Indian security forces were implicated in thousands of killings and secret cremations to hide the evidence.

The National Human Rights Commission, which was specially empowered by the Supreme Court to address these cases, narrowed its efforts to merely establishing the identity of the people secretly cremated in three crematoria in just one district of Punjab. It rejected cases from other districts and ignored intentional violations of human rights by India’s security forces. For more than a decade, the commission has failed to investigate a single case independently, and it refuses to identify any officials responsible for the abuses.

None of the key architects of the counterinsurgency strategy in either Kashmir or Punjab who bear substantial responsibility for these atrocities have been brought to justice.

“The fact that the investigation in Jammu and Kashmir has taken place and led to the confirmation of these unmarked graves is encouraging, but as in Punjab the Indian government and security establishment have a long record of failing to hold anyone accountable for these deaths,” Ganguly said. “The government now has the opportunity to deliver justice by prosecuting those responsible.”

Human Rights Watch also urged the immediate repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act [AFSPA], a draconian law that grants the military widespread powers to arrest people without warrant and to shoot to kill. This law has enabled security forces to engage in crimes such as enforced disappearances, Human Rights Watch said. It protects military personnel responsible for serious crimes from prosecution, creating a pervasive culture of impunity.

“Even some senior government and judicial figures believe that the AFSPA leads to abuses and offends human rights principles,” Ganguly said. “If the government is serious about justice, it needs to get rid of AFSPA immediately.”

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Libya: NATO Acquires Military Outpost In Third Continent

By Rick Rozoff

Libya: Another country for NATO to take root in

Interview conducted John Robles on August 27 with Rick Rozoff, the manager of the Stop NATO website and a Correspondent of Global Research at

Can you shed a little light on the situation in Libya, in particular with NATO?

As you know, I’m in Chicago, not in Tripoli, so I’m observing events from afar. Yet there is an old Roman expression which says the game is best viewed by the spectator. So, what I have to say I think is trying to situate developments in Libya, whatever they are on the ground, within both a regional and an international context.

And, within that framework, we know that the African Union has refused recognition to the so-called Transitional National Council, consisting of what by all accounts is a fairly motley, heterogeneous grouping of anti-government forces in Libya, aided and abetted by major NATO powers like France, Britain, the U.S. and Italy and by Persian Gulf monarchies like Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

So, the fact that the African continent, on which Libya is located, has collectively refused recognition to the new rebel regime is significant, as is the fact that the Russian Foreign Ministry has voiced its concerns and its opposition to any plans that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization may entertain for placing troops on the ground in Libya, ostensibly under the guise of a peacekeeping or stabilization force, but also more prominently voiced some concerns about the prospect of NATO military facilities being authorized by the forces opposed to Gaddafi.

Would you characterize everything that you have heard and seen as a true revolution of the people or is it some sort of a western-backed insurgency in your opinion?

The latter is acknowledged by universal accord, even by those celebrating the apparent overthrow of the government in Libya as a triumph of “people’s power” democracy or however they choose to phrase it. What is unquestionable is the fact that, whatever the nature of the rebel coalition is, it would never have succeeded in consolidating support outside of Libya, much less moving into the capital, if it had not been for over 21,000 NATO air missions since March 31 and almost 8,000 combat air sorties in the same period of time. Additionally, more and more information is emanating from sources in Europe, newspapers in Britain and elsewhere, that special operations troops, special forces, from several major NATO countries, including the CIA which is acting in the streets of Tripoli, are actively involved in combat operations on the ground.

Are they hunting Gaddafi or providing air support for the rebels?

There is no question about both. The intent of United Nations Resolution 1973 adopted in March to “use all means necessary to protect Libyan civilians” had been extended and in essence violated by France, Britain, Italy, the U.S., Canada and other major NATO nations to wage what can only be characterized as a war against the incumbent government in Libya, and this includes, according to NATO’s own statistics, over 21,000 air missions flown over Libya since March 31, of which almost 8,000 are combat sorties. And what is documented even in Western news sources, Western newspapers for example, is that as recently as today Muammar Gaddafi’s hometown has been attacked by NATO warplanes and earlier, a couple of days ago, the major governmental compound in Tripoli was attacked by as many as 64 missiles.

These attacks are coordinated with the military activities of rebel groupings, so that NATO basically bombs them into areas, including the capital and other cities in Libya. The coordination of NATO’s aerial bombing and naval blockade of Libya with rebel forces is unquestionably an act of participation on behalf of one of the belligerent forces against the other – the government of Libya. And in that sense it’s a perfect parallel to what happened in Yugoslavia in 1999, where NATO bombed the country mercilessly for 78 days in coordination and in conjunction with the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army.

You mentioned that some people from Global are in Libya, in Tripoli, and they are trapped in a hotel there.

Actually, the international press corps is there. But there are particular concerns about Canadian-based journalist Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya of Global Research and French journalist Thierry Meyssan of the Voltaire Network, who have voiced concerns about their well-being. Their position is very well-known as not parroting the official line of the Western countries, and that information I’m sure has been passed on by establishment Western journalists within the hotel to rebel forces in Tripoli. And there is concern by the two journalists I’ve mentioned that their lives may be in danger.

What do you see as NATO’s role in Libya after Gaddafi is gone?

Time will tell. But assuming previous Yugoslav and Afghan precedents as a likely scenario, we have a lot to go on. We have the fact that the Turkish Foreign Minister announced yesterday that NATO’s role will continue in Libya after the installation of the rebel government, the so-called Transitional National Council.

And similar soundings have emanated from major figures and NATO countries that suggest, far from NATO’s role ending, it may in a certain sense just be beginning. And that parallels almost identically what happened in Yugoslavia in 1999 and what has happened in Afghanistan in the past decade, where NATO bombs itself into a country and sets up military bases and doesn’t leave. The U.S. still maintains Camp Bondsteel in the contested Serbian province of Kosovo, which is a large, expansive base, by some accounts the largest overseas military facility built by the US since the war in Vietnam. And it remains there over 12 years after the end of the 78-day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.

Similarly, the U.S. has substantially upgraded air bases in Afghanistan, including those bordering Central Asian nations and close to the Iranian border, and there is no indication they are ever going to abandon them, as they are not going to abandon military bases in Iraq and other places. It’s a lot easier to bring NATO into one’s country or have it forced in than to get it out.

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Poetry for Palestine: Can I come in?


Can I come in?

I want to get inside

Your kind and tender heart

With love-seeds in my hand

Find a bleak barren corner

Planting all I have

To bloom with delight

A beautiful secret garden

Chasing sorrow away

Just open the door

I want to come indoors

Of your caring gentle soul

With a blanket in my hand

Find a cold lonely corner

 Swathe it all around

Keep it nice and warm

Chasing pain away

Just open the door

I want to knock the doors

 Of your passionate loving core

Flung them wide open

With a candle in my hand

Find a dim gloomy corner

I’d sit on the floor

Shedding lots of light

Chasing fears away

Just open the door

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America’s Great Health Care Takeaway

By Shamus Cooke

The health care crisis in the United States is getting worse with no visible end. The popular anger over unattainable or unaffordable health care has been diverted away from corporations by crafty politicians, always seeking to exploit a social disaster for their benefactors. Instead of making health care more affordable for the average person, politicians have successfully switched the messaging. Now, the purpose behind “reform” is to make health care less costly for governments and employers, at the expense of patients and workers.   

This was the essence behind Obama’s health care reform. And although Republicans exploited the “individual mandate” in Obamacare to gain populist credentials, they wholeheartedly agree with the deeper philosophy of the plan, which aspires to control health care costs — for corporations and governments — by providing less health care services to those who need it.   This agreement to “ration” health care aligns the two parties over the coming cuts to Medicare in Obama’s bi-partisan “Super Congress,” while also binding the two parties’ approach to health care on a state and business level.  

Most workers now understand that there is a difference between apparently having health care and actually having health care: if you are technically “insured” but cannot afford doctor visits due to high deductibles and co-pays, you really aren’t insured. 

This fact, applied to Medicare, has startling consequences. The New England Journal of Medicine found that, “For every 100 people enrolled in plans that raised co-pays, there were 20 fewer doctor visits, 2 additional hospital admissions and 13 more days spent in the hospital…”  

When co-pays and deductibles are raised, people simply stop going to the doctor and use the emergency room as needed.  

This dynamic pleased politicians because less Medicare money was being spent on doctors’ visits, but they were upset that hospital stays were more frequent. The answer? Stop paying Medicare payments to hospitals if they re-admit a patient after 30 days, a policy sure to “reduce costs.” And it worked! This aspect of Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act gives hospitals financial incentives not to admit patients and, according to Bloomberg, is a major reason that Medicare costs have dropped significantly in the past year:BR>
“Historically, nearly 20 percent of Medicare patients have been readmitted to a hospital within 30 days of being discharged… The Affordable Care Act included, among other remedies, a modest penalty for hospitals with high readmission rates.” (August 24th, 2011).  

The problem here is that re-admissions are usually medically necessary. According to a study by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, only one out of ten hospital re-admissions were preventable. Hospitals are thus encouraged to deny hospital stays to those who need it, something they’ve already started. According to Case Management Monthly, hospital social workers have noticed this disturbing trend accelerate: “Several case managers have recently received readmission denial letters…they are surprised because the readmissions in question were actually appropriate and medically necessary.” (October 1st, 2010).   

Cost saving ideas like these are at the heart of Obama’s health care plan — which included massive cuts to Medicare — and further cuts to Medicare can be expected in his Super Congress. Even if the bi-partisan Super Congress is unable to agree to make massive cuts to social programs, cuts to Medicare will be automatically “triggered.” Obama tells us not to worry because the triggered Medicare cuts will affect only providers — hospitals and doctors — not patients, as if the two could be so easily separated. The above example of denied hospital re-admissions is also a case where providers were targeted for cuts but patients were the most affected.  

Another way that politicians are saving health care money is by slashing Medicaid, the shared federal-state health care program that serves low-income populations. The states’ budget crises are quickly debilitating this already under-funded program, reducing availability and quality of health care for those low income people who qualify for the program. USA Today reports:  

“With a shortage of doctors…[ Medicaid] patients have little choice but to use hospital emergency rooms for more routine care.” (July 5th, 2011). 

Higher income workers across the country are also seeing their health care rapidly deteriorate. The shoddy health insurance that includes high deductibles and co-pays are standard to most non-union workers who’ve suffered under this pseudo insurance for years. But even these plans are being shelved.  Two studies recently show that employers plan to quit offering health care plans altogether: a survey by Towers Watson showed that one out of ten companies plan to eliminate health care coverage by 2014; while a different study by the McKinsey Company showed that, by 2014, 30 percent of companies will drop their health coverage for workers.  

Much of this is due again to, Obama’s Affordable Health Care act: companies were encouraged and given an excuse to drop their health care coverage because everyone would be mandated to buy their own shoddy coverage. Politicians recognized that high health care costs were hurting corporate profits, and they were determined to do something about it.  

For those companies with a unionized workforce, Obama’s health care plan took special aim, taxing companies extra that offered so-called Cadillac insurance — coverage that was actually quality health insurance. But no more. This Cadillac tax doesn’t kick in till 2018, but employers are working now to make their health care plans skinny enough to avoid the tax; unions everywhere are being forced to make major concessions in the realm of health care, paying higher monthly premiums, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket costs.  

Another trend in the attack on health care for employees involves the implementation of Health Engagement Models (sometimes called Health Promotion Model). This super-invasive insurance plan forces all workers to undergo a health “assessment,” and based on the results (weight, blood pressure, etc.) and health habits, workers will be forced to follow recommendations of a health “coach.” Not following the coach’s orders will result in monthly fines, as will refusing assessments or continuing to smoke or other bad habits. Plans like this are becoming popular among corporate leaders since they openly discriminate against workers who are overweight, or are older, or who smoke, and thus drive down the cost of health care of the employer. This form of plan combined with the above higher costs are quickly turning the once-quality health insurance of union workers into its opposite.  

The above trends in health care are not likely to be reversed anytime soon. Some union leaders are arguing for these concessions using outworn logic, assuming that the economic crisis will soon be over, enabling unions to again demand better wages and benefits. No respected mainstream economist believes this. The current recession is expected to be longer and deeper than any since the Great Depression. Labor unions need to adjust their expectations to the facts and revise their tactics based on the changing economic landscape.  

This also applies to working people in general, who cannot simply wait for jobs to be created or wages and benefits to regain their past value. Health care is a key component to a worker’s standard of living, and it is now unreasonable to expect any progressive health care reform from the Democrats or Republicans. The above policies have not improved health care, though they have decreased the cost of health care for corporations and governments, since patients are paying more for fewer services. The above policies have also not increased the number of workers with health insurance. In fact, the number of people without health care continues to grow every year, the most recent figure stands at over 52 million!  Obama’s plan to force people to buy crappy insurance they couldn’t afford to actually use — if the law survives the Supreme Court — will do nothing of substance to help. 

The above health care policies are the natural result of a health care system based on the principles of private profit.  Corporate profits demand that companies provide the least amount of health care services at a minimal cost. From this vantage point, health care is a commodity that is bought by those who can afford it, instead of it being the human right of every person, as the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights asserts. Europe has already proved that a nationwide, single payer system is vastly superior when it comes to quality, cost, availability, and results.  

The single payer system did not come into existence from the benevolence of kind governments, but from the demands of people in the street. Organized workers must fight to maintain their benefits; unorganized workers must organize to fight for better insurance; and older workers/retirees must fight to maintain and expand Medicare. The logical end to such struggles would be to demand a Medicare For All system, financed by taxing the wealthy and corporations.   

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Michel Chossudovsky: The “Liberation” of Libya: NATO Special Forces and Al Qaeda Join Hands


By Prof. Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research

Extensive war crimes have been committed. NATO has blood on its hands. The heads of government and heads of state of NATO member countries are responsible for extensive war crimes

The “pro-democracy” rebels are led by Al Qaeda paramilitary brigades under the supervision of NATO Special Forces. The “Liberation” of  Tripoli was carried out by “former” members of the Libya Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

The jihadists and NATO work hand in glove. These “former” Al Qaeda affiliated brigades constitute the backbone of the “pro-democracy” rebellion.

NATO special forces with “boots and the ground” pass unnoticed. Their identity is not known or revealed. They blend into the Libyan rebellion landscape of machine guns and pickup trucks. They are not highlighted in the photo ops.

Special forces composed of  US Navy SEALS, British Special SAS Forces and French legionnaires, disguised in civilian rebel garb, are reported to be behind major operations directed against key government buildings including Gadhafi’s Bab al-Aziziya compound in central Tripoli.

Reports confirm that British SAS were on the ground in Eastern Libya prior to the onset of the air campaign. Special Forces are in close coordination with NATO air operations. “Highly-trained units, known as ‘Smash’ teams for their prowess and destructive ability, have carried out secret reconnaissance missions to provide up-to-date information on the Libyan armed forces.” (SAS ‘Smash’ squads on the ground in Libya to mark targets for coalition jets, Daily Mirror, March 21, 2011)

NATO special forces and the CIA sponsored Islamic brigades under the command of “former” jihadists constitute the backbone of combat capabilities on the ground, supported by the air campaign, which now includes Apache helicopter raids.

The remainder of the rebel forces include untrained trigger happy gunmen (including teenagers) (see photo below), which serve the function of creating an atmosphere of panic and intimidation.

What we are dealing with is a carefully planned military intelligence operation to invade and occupy a sovereign country.

Zohra Bensemra/REUTERS

Killing the Truth. The Role of the Western Media

The Western media constitutes a major instrument of war. NATO war crimes are obfuscated. Popular resistance to the NATO led invasion is not mentioned.

A narrative of  “liberation” and  “opposition pro-democracy rebel forces” is instilled in the inner consciousness of millions of people. Its called the “NATO Consensus”.

“The NATO Consensus” which upholds the “humanitarian mandate” of the Atlantic alliance cannot be challenged. The bombings of civilian areas as well as the role of a terrorist militia are either trivialised or not mentioned.

Killing the truth is an integral part of the military agenda.

Realities are turned upside down.

The lie becomes the truth.

Its an inquisitorial doctrine. The NATO consensus dwarfs the Spanish Inquisition by a long shot.

The criminal invasion and occupation of Libya is not mentioned. The lives of independent journalists in Tripoli who report on what is actually happening are threatened. The catch words are “Liberation” and “Revolution” with NATO’s mandate limited to R2P (“Responsibility to Protect”).

Liberation or Invasion? By camouflaging the nature of the military operation, not to mention NATO atrocities, the Western media has contributed to providing the Transitional Council with a semblance of legitimacy and international recognition. The latter would not have been forthcoming without the support of the Western media.

NATO special forces and intelligence operatives on the ground are in permanent liaison with military planners involved in coordinating NATO strike sorties and bombing raids on the Libyan capital.

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Chabad “at home” in The White House


The Zionist-controlled media is heaving with anti-Islam, anti-Shari’a propaganda and incitement for racial and religious hatred. A permanent bombardment of accusations, lies and forged evidence deviously presents Islamic Shari’a as a set of rigid and cruel laws, and Islam altogether as a backwards primitive system that aims to impose itself over the entire world.

At a time of economic and social hardship, mass-opinion often swings to xenophobia. Subversive incitement to racial and religious hatred threatens social cohesion, as the vulnerable masses gradually adopt hatred and violence. Thus, instead of solving problems inherent to our time, hatred against Islam and Muslims is incited to deflect from those guilty of causing hardship.

Their “war of ideas” presented as “information” couldn’t be further from truth, as every person with slightest exposure to or knowledge of Islam knows.

Sharia’a is the Arabic word for “the road to the watering place” In a religious context, it means “the righteous path”.

Shari’a is not a set of Laws, but rather a Set of Principles with JUSTICE at its heart and foremost aim.

These are, the six principles of shariah:

1. The right to the protection of life.

2. The right to the protection of family.

3. The right to the protection of education.

4. The right to the protection of religion.

5. The right to the protection of property (access to resources).

6. The right to the protection of human dignity.

With the establishment of communities with people of Islamic faith, political entities were formed, and like everywhere else in the world, a body of Civil Laws was set, with regional and local differences. These laws are derived from the predominant moral principles carried and defined in different locations and places where Muslims live. While fleshed with human understanding and interpretation, the backbone of these Laws are sourced in major Islamic books and references, in the Qur’an, in the documented saying of Muhammed known as Hadith, and then the works of Muslim scholars past and present to allow adaptation and evolution. In essence, it the same influence of initial religious moral principles found in any legal codex anywhere in the world.

No, Shari’a is NOT carved on stone or set in cement. No, Shari’a by its own definition can NOT be enforced on anyone nor can following its principles be enforced on any one, let alone on non-Muslims. Just like choosing to follow Islam can only be acknowledged and recognised when done under absolute free-will, so is following the Islamic moral principles i.e. Shari’a.

Even kindergarten children know that the Qura’nic principle “No compulsion in religion” (Qur’an 2:256) can not be compromised under any circumstances, because this principle of “no compulsion in religion” is fundamental to the whole Islamic philosophy.

We are insistently bombarded with the zionist hateful incitement against Islam and while we impotently watch the barbarity of their wars setting our world ablaze whilst claiming to be the “the most civilised” “nation” and “the only democracy” in the Middle East, the liberal freedom-loving “nation” marching at the forefront of the “heroic war” against “Islamic terror” and leading the world to prosperity, stability and peace!

Nevertheless, these hasbaric mouthpieces are utterly mute with regards to the chillingly racist and supremacist nature of “Jewish Law” known as Halacha. You would never in the wildest dreams see a programme or an article in the Main Stream Media that attempts to bring to light some accurate information about Halacha, let alone criticize it or put under scrutiny.

In the light of what had happened to Palestine and Palestinians over the past decades, and in the light of the accumulating evidence that exposes some very dark ideology that thrives amongst some Jewish communities, examining and scrutinizing what is known as Halacha (Jewish Law) is a must if we are to come close to understanding the Talmudists, their mentality, their morality and their behaviour as they continue to strangle Palestine while indulging in perpetual WARS of GENOCIDE. But more importantly, studying the Halacha will open the eyes to that which is worse, their FUTURE PLANS for the world which terrifyingly includes waging WARS of EXTERMINATION.

Furthermore, it’s vitally important to study Halacha carefully because of the fact that the proposed Laws for the Gentiles i.e the “Seven Laws of Noah” are already being integrated in the laws of many countries, including USA, Japan and many others with the full blessing of the highest legislative bodies of these countries:

The Seven Laws of Noah were recognized by the United States Congress in the preamble to the 1991 bill that established Education Day in honor of the birthday of Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, the leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement.

It is important to notice that while some of these Noahide Laws sound benign and innocuous at the surface, they also have far more sinister implications. In particular, as adopted the establishment of Jewish Courts to enforce these Jewish Laws over non-Jewish citizens, is mandatory. Even more alarming, are the rigid and cruel “sentences” these racist, supremacist Talmudists are dreaming to pronounce against any transgressor.

With our jaws dropped and mouths wide open we can watch Ambassadors sign a proclamation to observe Seven Noahide Laws and with our eyes rolling we can also discover the deep links and the intimate relationship between “Israel and the supremacist Chabad Lubavitch

For how long are we supposed to keep dancing around the elephant in the room while we turn our heads away pointing the finger at the “Islamist” bogeyman, pretending not to see, pretending not to know, pretending that looking or even glancing at the elephant is an irrelevant distraction, or hateful anti-Semitism !!

Furthermore, for how long are we going to tolerate the hate, racism, supremacy and calls for subjugation and/ or extermination of the non-Jews by some Jewish books, some Jewish Laws and some Jewish fanatics, who have actually already secured themselves in extremely high positions of control and influence in the world of the gentiles??

Now, I would like to invite you to a “Taster” of the Halacha, please stay seated, take a deep breath, fasten your seat belts and hold onto the arms of your chair.

I reaffirm again, that these are NOT the “protocols”, neither are they “forgery”:

Start Quote:


6) The obligation to destroy the seven nations living in the Land of Canaan;

7) The prohibition against allowing any one of them to remain alive;

8) The obligation to destroy the descendents of Amalek;

9) The obligation to remember what Amalek did;


Mishneh Torah, Chapter 1, Halacha 1

Israel was commanded to fulfill three mitzvot upon entering the Promised Land:

a) To choose a king, as Deuteronomy 17:15 states: ‘Appoint a king over yourselves;’

b) To wipe out the descendents of Amalek, as Deuteronomy 25:19 states: ‘Erase the memory of Amalek;’

c) To build God’s Chosen House, as Deuteronomy 12:5 states: ‘Seek out His Presence and go there.’


Mishneh Torah, Chapter 1, Halacha 2:

Amalek’s seed should be annihilated before the construction of the Temple

“A king should not be appointed from converts to Judaism, ‘You may not appoint a foreigner who is not one of yourbrethren.’”

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 1, Halacha 4

“This does not apply to the monarchy alone, but to all positions of authority within Israel. A convert may not serve as an army commander, a leader of fifty, or as a leader of ten. He may not even supervise the allocation of water from a stream to various fields.’Appoint a king over you from among your brethren.’ This implies that all appointments must only be ‘from your brethren.’”

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 1, Halacha 5:

We may not appoint a woman as king. When describing the monarchy, the Torah employs the male form of the word king and not the female.

This principle also applies to all other positions of authority within Israel. Only men should be appointed to fill them.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 1, 
Halacha 6

Neither a butcher, barber, bath-attendant, nor a tanner should be appointed king or High-Priest. This is not because of an inherent fault, but because their professions are less prestigious, and the people will always treat them lightly.

A person who has served in one of these professions for even one day, is disqualified for the monarchy.


Mishneh Torah, Chapter 3, Halacha 2

‘He (the king) should not amass many wives’ Deuteronomy 17:17. The Oral Tradition states that he may take no more than eighteen wives.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 3, Halacha 8

Anyone who rebels against a king of Israel may be executed by the king.

Even if the king orders one of the people to go to a particular place and the latter refuses, or he orders him not to leave his house and he goes out, the offender is liable to be put to death. The king may execute him if he desires, as Joshua 1:18 states: ‘Whoever rebels against your command … shall be put to death.”

Similarly, anyone who embarrasses or shames the king may be executed by the king as was Shim’i ben Gera.

The king may only execute people by decapitation. He may also imprison offenders and have them beaten with rods to protect his honor. However, he may not confiscate property. If he does, it is considered theft.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 3, Halacha 10

He (the king) may execute many on one day, hang them, and leave them hanging for many days in order to cast fear into the hearts and destroy the power of the wicked of the earth.


The property of all those executed by the king, belongs to the king. Similarly, all the treasures belonging to the kings of the kingdoms which he conquers become the property of the king.


A king should not wage other wars before a milchemet mitzvah. What is considered as milchemet mitzvah? The war against theseven nations who occupied Eretz Yisrael, the war against Amalek, and a war fought to assist Israel from an enemy which attacks them.

Afterwards, he may wage a milchemet hareshut, (war of aggression) i.e. a war fought with other nations in order to expandthe borders of Israel or magnify its greatness and reputation.

[ Beautiful, isn’t it !!!!! ]

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 5, Halacha 3

The king may burst through the fences surrounding fields or vineyards to make a road and no one can take issue with him.

There is no limit to the road the king may make. Rather, it may be as wide as necessary. He need not make his road crooked because of an individual’s vineyard or field. Rather, he may proceed on a straight path and carry out his war.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 5, Halacha 4

It is a positive commandment to annihilate the seven nations who dwelled in Eretz Yisrael as Deuteronomy 20:17 states: ‘You shall utterly destroy them.’

Anyone who chances upon one of them and does not kill him violates a negative commandment as ibid.:16 states: ‘Do not allow a soul to live.’ The memory of them has already been obliterated.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 5, Halacha 5

Similarly, it is a positive commandment to destroy the memory of Amalek, as Deuteronomy 25:19 states: ‘Obliterate the memory of Amalek.

It is also a positive commandment to constantly remember their evil deeds and their ambush of Israel to arouse our hatred of them, as ibid.:17 states: ‘Remember what Amalek did to you.’ The Oral Tradition teaches: …Remember’ – with your mouths; …Do not forget’ – in your hearts.’ For it is forbidden to forget our hatred and enmity for them.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 5, Halacha 6

All the lands which Israel conquers in wars led by a king and approved by the court are considered as conquered by the people at large. Thus, they have the same status as Eretz Yisrael which was conquered by Joshua in every regard. This only applies if they were conquered after the conquest of Eretz Yisrael as described in the Torah.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 5, Halacha 9

It is forbidden to leave Eretz Yisrael for the Diaspora at all times except:

to study Torah;

to marry; or

to save one’s property from the gentiles.


[ and here, look how kind, graceful, and peace-loving they are, the kind of peace that they offer Palestinians, day-in and day-out ]

Align Centre

War, neither a milchemet hareshut or a milchemet mitzvah, should not be waged against anyone until they are offered the opportunity of peace as Deuteronomy 20:10 states: ‘When you approach a city to wage war against it, you should propose a peaceful settlement.’

If the enemy accepts the offer of peace and commits itself to the fulfillment of the seven mitzvot that were commanded to Noah’s descendents, none of them should be killed. Rather, they should be subjugatedas ibid.:11 states: ‘They shall beyour subjects and serve you.’

If they agree to tribute, but do not accept subjugation or if they accept subjugation, but do not agree to tribute, their offer should not be heeded. They must accept both.

The subjugation they must accept consists of being on a lower level, scorned and humble. They must never raise their heads against Israel, but must remain subjugated under their rule. They may never be appointed over a Jew in any matter whatsoever.

The tribute they must accept consists of being prepared to support the king’s service with their money and with their persons; for example, the building of walls, strengthening the fortresses, building the king’s palace, and the like as I Kings 9:15-22) relates: “This is the tribute which Solomon raised to build the House of God, his own palace, the Milo, the wall of Jerusalem,… and all the store-cities which Solomon had… All the people that remained from the Amorites… upon them did Solomon lay a tribute of bondservice until this day.”

In contrast, Solomon did not make bondsmen out of the children of Israel. They were men of war, his personal servants, his princes, his captains, the officers of his chariots, and his horsemen.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 6, Halacha 4

If they do not agree to a peaceful settlement, or if they agree to a peaceful settlement, but refuse to accept the seven mitzvot, war should be waged against them.

All males past majority should be killedTheir money and their children should be taken as spoil, but neither women or children should be killed, as Deuteronomy 20:14 states: ‘But the women and the children… take as spoil.” ‘The children’ refer to males below the age of majority.

The above applies to a milchemet hareshut fought with other nations. However, if either the seven nations or Amalek refuse to accept a peaceful settlement, not one soul of them may be left alive as ibid. 20:15-16 states: ‘Do this to all the cities that … are not the cities of these nations. However, from the cities of these nations,… do not leave a soul alive.’ Similarly, in regard to Amalek, Deuteronomy 25:19 states: ‘Obliterate the memory of Amalek.’

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 6, Halacha 7

When a siege is placed around a city to conquer it, it should not be surrounded on all four sides, only on three. A place should be left for the inhabitants to flee and for all those who desire, to escape with their lives, as it is written Numbers 31:7: ‘And they besieged Midian as God commanded Moses.’ According to tradition, He commanded them to array the siege as described.

[[[ Goodness me, does that not remind us, Palestinians of what they did in 1948 and 1967!!]]]

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 6, Halacha 11

We should lay siege to the gentiles’ cities at least three days before the Sabbath. We may engage in battle with them every day, even on the Sabbath, as Deuteronomy 20:20 states: ‘against the city waging war with you until you subjugate it.’ Our Sages explain: this implies ‘even on the Sabbath.’ This applies to both a milchemet mitzvah and a milchemet hareshut.


Mishneh Torah, Chapter 8, Halacha 2

Similarly, a soldier may engage in sexual relations with a woman while she is still a gentile if his natural inclination overcomes him. However, he may not engage in sexual relations with her and then, go on his way. Rather, he must bring her into his home as Deuteronomy 21:11 states ‘If you see a beautiful woman among the prisoners…You shall bring her into the midst of your home…’

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 8, Halacha 3

Relations with a yefat toar are only permitted while she is in captivity as the verse states ‘ If you see… among the prisoners.’

This license is permitted whether the woman is a virgin or not, even if she is married, for the gentiles’ marriages are not recognized.

A number of laws are derived from the exegesis of the verse from Deuteronomy quoted above:

‘And you desire’ – even though she is not beautiful.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 8, Halacha 10

By the same regard, Moses was commanded by the Almighty to compel all the inhabitants of the world to acceptthe commandments given to Noah’s descendants.

If one does not accept these commands, he should be executed. A person who formally accepts these commands is called a resident alien. This applies in any place. This acceptance must be made in the presence of three Torah scholars.


Mishneh Torah, Chapter 9, Halacha 2

A gentile who worships false gods is liable provided he worships them in an accepted manner.

gentile is executed for every type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would consider worthy of capital punishment. However, a gentile is not executed for a type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would not deem worthy of capital punishment. Nevertheless, even though a gentile will not be executed for these forms of worship, he is forbidden to engage in all of them.

We should not allow them to erect a monument, or to plant an Asherah, or to make images and the like even though they are only for the sake of beauty

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 9, Halacha 3

gentile who curses God’s Name, whether he uses God’s unique name or one of His other names, in any language, is liable. This law does not apply with regard to Jews.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 9, Halacha 4

gentile who slays any soul, even a fetus in its mother’s womb, should be executed in retribution for its death. Similarly, if he slew a person who would have otherwise died in the near future, placed a person before a lion, or starved a person to death, he should be executed for through one manner or other, he killed.

Similarly, one should be executed if he killed a pursuer when he could have saved the latter’s potential victim by maiming one of the pursuer’s limbs. These laws do not apply with regard to Jews.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 9, Halacha 10

Similarly, a gentile who engages in relations with a Jewish maiden who has been consecrated is stoned to deathbecause of her as is the law regarding Jews. If he engages in relations with her after she has undergone the wedding ceremony, but has not engaged in relations with her husband, he is strangled to death as is the Jewish law. However, if he engages in relations with a Jewish woman after she engaged in relations with her husband once, he is sentenced to beexecuted by decapitation as if he had engaged in relations with a gentile woman.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 9, Halacha 9

A gentile is liable for violating the prohibition against theft whether he stole from another gentile or from a Jew.

This applies to one who forcefully robs an individual or steals money, a kidnapper, an employer who withholds his worker’s wages and the like, even a worker who eats from his employer’s produce when he is not working. In all such cases, he is liable and is considered as a robber. With regard to Jews, the law is different.

Similarly, a gentile is liable for stealing an object worth less than a p’rutah. Thus, if one gentile stole an object worth less than a p’rutah and another gentile stole it from him, they are both executed because of it.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 9, Halacha 14

How must the gentiles fulfill the commandment to establish laws and courts? They are obligated to set up judges and magistrates in every major city to render judgement concerning these six mitzvot and to admonish the people regarding theirobservance.

gentile who transgresses these seven commands shall be executed by decapitation. For this reason, all the inhabitants of Shechem were obligated to die. Shechem kidnapped. They observed and were aware of his deeds, but did not judge him.

gentile is executed on the basis of the testimony of one witness and the verdict of a single judge. No warning is required. Relatives may serve as witnesses. However, a woman may not serve as a witness or a judge for them.


Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10, Halacha 3

A gentile who converted, was circumcised, and immersed in the mikveh, and, afterwards, decided to forsake God and revertto his previous status as a resident alien is not granted permission to do so. Rather, he must remain as an Israelite in all matters or be executed.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10, Halacha 5

It has already been explained that gentiles are always executed by decapitation except in cases when one engages in relations with the wife of a Jew or a consecrated maiden. In the latter instance, he is stoned to death.

If he engaged in relations with a Jew’s wife after they married, but before they ever engaged in relations, he is executed by strangulation.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10, Halacha 6

gentile who gave a Jew a blow is liable to die for causing even the most minimal damage. Nevertheless, he is not executed.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10, Halacha 9

A gentile who studies the Torah is obligated to dieThey should only be involved in the study of their seven mitzvot.

Similarly, a gentile who rests, even on a weekday, observing that day as a Sabbath, is obligated to die. Needless to say, he is obligated for that punishment if he creates a festival for himself.

The general principle governing these matters is: They are not to be allowed to originate a new religion or create mitzvot for themselves based on their own decisions. They may either become righteous converts and accept all the mitzvot or retain their statutes without adding or detracting from them.

If a gentile studies the Torah, makes a Sabbath, or creates a religious practice, a Jewish court should beat him,punish himand inform him that he is obligated to die. However, he is not to be executed.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10, Halacha 11

The Jewish court is obligated to appoint judges for these resident aliens to judge them according to these statutes so that the world will not become decadent.

If the court sees fit to appoint the judges from the resident aliens themselves, they may. If it sees fit to appoint them from among the Jews, they may.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10, Halacha 12

If there is a dispute between a Jew and an idolater: If the Jew will fare better according to their laws, theyare judged according to their laws. When the judgement is rendered, the judges explain: ‘Your law obligates this judgement.’ If the Jew will fare better according to our laws, they are judged according to Torah law. When the judgement is rendered, the judges explain: ‘Our law obligates this judgement.’ It appears to me that this approach is not followed in regard to a resident alien. Rather, he is always judged according to their laws.


Mishneh Torah, Chapter 12, Halacha 1

Do not presume that in the Messianic age any facet of the world’s nature will change or there will be innovations in the work of creation. Rather, the world will continue according to its pattern.

Although Isaiah 11:6 states: ‘The wolf will dwell with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the young goat,’ these words are a metaphor and a parable. The interpretation of the prophecy is as follows: Israel will dwell securely together with thewicked gentiles who are likened to a wolf and a leopard

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 12, Halacha 5

In that era, there will be neither famine or war, envy or competition for good will flow in abundance and all the delights will be freely available as dust. The occupation of the entire world will be solely to know God.

Therefore, the Jews will be great sages and know the hidden matters, grasping the knowledge of their Creator according to the full extent of human potential, as Isaiah 11:9 states: ‘The world will be filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the ocean bed.”

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Libya: What lies ahead for the NTC



Gloating about their resplendent achievement in Libya, an anonymous British official stated in an interview with the ‘Economist’ that ‘NATO’s involvement in the Libyan uprising means that ‘now we own it”.

Stop genocide in Libya

By Sobia Hanif

The Libyan Revolution is undoubtedly the most significant event in contemporary world politics. The collapse of Col. Gaddafi’s 42 year old despotic regime presents a new dawn for the Libyan people who may cherish the boons of democracy after decades of tyrannical rule. On the contrary, there is a note of grave concern amongst all the optimism. If things were to go terribly wrong, the oil-rich African state could be plunged into turmoil with the out break of civil war amongst various power hungry factions, with foreign involvement further exasperating the dire situation. For now all eyes are on the performance of the National Transitional Council (NTC) which is the leading body responsible for coordinating efforts to dismantle Gaddafi’s forces and consequently, his control over Libya.

The NTC was established in February this year and comprises of people across the Libyan society. While the NTC has been widely acclaimed for the constructive role it has played in the Libyan uprising, it has also been subjected to criticism on two major accounts. Firstly, the NTC comprises of individuals who are mostly dissidents of the Gaddafi regime but have not been elected by the popular vote and therefore, do not reflect the desires and aspirations of the Libyan people. Secondly, in order to defeat Col. Gaddafi and his forces the NTC resorted to ask for western assistance. In a country which has been breeding on hatred against the United States and the west for so long, the NTC’s initiative has been viewed with much skepticism. It is no longer a secret now that the NATO forces initial mission to launch airstrikes in order to protect Libyan civilians soon transformed into a comprehensive strategy, integrating undercover ground troops along with massive jet power to defeat Col. Gaddafi’s forces.

The NTC now faces a number of renewed challenges. While the hunt for Gaddafi continues amid a huge bounty of $1.5m placed on his head, the war-torn country faces the

Different faces of revolution

perils of civil unrest. After the initial united efforts to overthrow Gaddafi succeed, there is a potential risk that the various factions may develop differences and engage in a tug of war for control over Tripoli. This, in turn could lead to further loss of human life and an embittered state of affairs for the rebel factions as well as the Libyan society. With extensive arms having been distributed by Col. Gaddafi’s forces to his civilian supporters on one hand and the western supply of arms to anti Gaddafi elements, the entire Libyan society seems to be in possession of weapons by now. The NTC will have to devise policies to disarm the population or else the dangers of a mishandled isolated incident could trigger the outbreak of bitter fighting between various armed elements.

With much of the Libyan territory now under the rebel’s control, there is a fear that a culture of vengeance might overpower the desire for a peaceful transition to democracy. A number of incidents have been reported in which Gaddafi loyalists were shot in the hand by rebel fighters to signify their loyalty to the tyrannical despot. The recent discovery of mass executions of 52 Libyans on August, 23rd 2011 has created a sense of urgency among the NTC to restore peace in Libya. Although the rebels have disowned this inhuman act and held Gaddafi and his forces responsible for it, the facts need to be winnowed from fiction as yet. It has called upon all Libyans to show restraint and tolerance towards one another. Mustafa Abdul Jalil has threatened a number of times to resign as chairman of the NTC if the rebel commanders did not respect the law indicating that atrocities were also being committed against Gaddafi loyalists.

Another issue that lies dormant for now is the uncanny murder of the NTC military chief, Abdul Fattah Younis. He served as interior minister in Gaddafi’s regime but revolted against him soon after the Libyan uprising gained momentum. His tribesmen are demanding a thorough interrogation and retribution from the NTC. This, in turn could lead to splits in the rebel ranks and precipitate further unrest.

The United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon in a recent statement has asserted that ‘there is a need to put an end to the conflict and restore order and stability’. The African Union, Arab League and European Union have also called for halting human suffering and restoring peace in Libya. The NTC has responded to these calls by inviting police forces from Arab and Muslim states to help in restoring the peace in Libya.

While NATO has played a pivotal role in bringing down Gaddafi’s forces in coordination with the NTC, the assistance does not come without a price. Countries which have played the most significant role in the NATO’s mission in Libya feel they are entitled to a lion’s share in its oil reserves once the dust begins to settle. The UK, Italy and France along with The United States are expected to be the biggest beneficiaries, whereas China and Russia may be left licking their wounds as both states have not yet formally recognized the NTC despite meeting their representatives.

Germany also shocked its European allies with its refusal to back a UN Security Council resolution authorizing NATO intervention in Libya on humanitarian grounds. Later on, Germany extended recognition to the NTC as the sole representative of the Libyan people this June. The Arab League and the European Union have also accepted the NTC as the primary political force in Libya. However the African Union has voiced its concerns over the legitimacy of the NTC and has criticized it for lack of transparency in its decision making process.

NATO’s presence in Libya signifies a renewed challenge for the NTC. While the western forces may have intervened in Libya on humanitarian grounds, an early departure does not seem imminent. Having attained a strong foothold in the African heartland, Libya presents a golden opportunity to the West for securing its oil interests in the region. The country produced 1.6 million barrels of oil prior to the war and has oil reserves worth 46 billion, the largest in Africa.

British involvement in every Muslim land

Some analysts have referred to this as the “second colonization of Africa”. This can be best understood as coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Gloating about their resplendent achievement in Libya, an anonymous British official stated in an interview with the ‘Economist’ that ‘NATO’s involvement in the Libyan uprising means that ‘now we own it”. Therefore, another daunting task for the NTC would be to rid itself of western influence. A failure to do so would greatly undermine the sacrifices made for emancipation by the Libyan people thus replacing an authoritarian rule with western domination.

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Saudi Pro-Ziionist Regime Crimes

Thousands of returning Egyptian Umra pilgrims Wednesday continued to suffer on their second day of being stranded at Jedda International Airport in Saudi Arabia.  The pilgrims said airline employees have not served them food for 72 hours, and have forbidden them from buying medicine or using toilets.  
They also said that Saudi pro-Zionist regime employees “insulted” the Egyptian revolution, told them that former Zionist puppet’s Hosni Mu-Barak will not be convicted, and threatened to refer them to the pro-Zionist regime intelligence service.
“They have ridiculed us for bringing Zionist Mu-Barak to court,” said Khaled al-Sherbiny, who finally returned on Wednesday after having been stranded with 1500 other pilgrims for 22 hours. “They put more than 1500 pilgrims in a small lounge with just one toilet for men and women to share,” he said. “And they only allowed flights carrying other nationalities to depart, leaving the Egyptians behind.””  I am thrilled that the new Egypt is most angry at Zionist regime AND it’s friend Saudi Arabia.  

Umra pilgrims trapped in Jedda say they are being harassed by security

Egyptian pilgrims after their arrival to Cairo international airport after finishing their pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia

Thousands of returning Egyptian Umra pilgrims Wednesday continued to suffer on their second day of being stranded at Jedda International Airport in Saudi Arabia.

The pilgrims said airline employees have not served them food for 72 hours, and have forbidden them from buying medicine or using toilets.

They also said that Saudi pro-Zionist  employees “insulted” the Egyptian revolution, told them that former Zionist puppet’s Hosni Mu-Barak will not be convicted, and threatened to refer them to the pro-Zionist  Saudi intelligence service.

“They have ridiculed us for bringin Zionist  Mu-Barak to court,” said Khaled al-Sherbiny, who finally returned on Wednesday after having been stranded with 1500 other pilgrims for 22 hours.

“They put more than 1500 pilgrims in a small lounge with just one toilet for men and women to share,” he said. “And they only allowed flights carrying other nationalities to depart, leaving the Egyptians behind.”

Sherbiny added that Saudi Arabian Airlines has violated international aviation law, which obliges an airline to serve meals to passengers if a flight is delayed for three hours or more, and accommodate them in hotels if the delay exceeds seven hours.

Sherbiny and the other passengers refused to leave their plane when it arrived in Cairo, set on filing a police report against the airline and the Saudi Consulate.

“The Saudi Consulate and the embassy did not reply to callers asking about their stranded relatives,” he said, also blaming the Egyptian consulate in Jedda for not helping the pilgrims.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a woman said pro-Zionist Saudi security personnel were threatening the pilgrims with tasers.

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Zio-Nazi Taking Advantage of the Holocaust


Sygmunt Bauman, the Jewish sociologist and one of the greatest philosophers of our time, castigated Zionist harshly this week, saying it did not want peace and was afraid of it.  Bauman said Zionist was “taking advantage of the Holocaust to legitimize unconscionable acts,” and compared the separation fence to the walls surrounding the Warsaw Ghetto, in which hundreds of thousands of Jews perished in the Holocaust.


Polish-Jewish sociologist compares West Bank separation fence to Warsaw Ghetto walls

Sygmunt Bauman says Israel ‘terrified of peace’ and ‘taking advantage of the Holocaust to legitimize unconscionable acts,’ in interview with Polish weekly ‘Politika.’

By Roman Frister

Sygmunt Bauman, the Jewish sociologist and one of the greatest philosophers of our time, castigated Israel harshly this week, saying it did not want peace and was afraid of it.

Bauman said Israel was “taking advantage of the Holocaust to legitimize unconscionable acts,” and compared the separation fence to the walls surrounding the Warsaw Ghetto, in which hundreds of thousands of Jews perished in the Holocaust.

Separation fence in Bethelehem

Meta-graffiti of a walled Christmas tree on the separation fence in Bethelehem.

Photo by: Olivier Fitoussi

In a long interview to the important Polish weekly “Politika,” Bauman said Israel was not interested in peace. “Israeli politicians are terrified of peace, they tremble with fear from the possibility of peace, because without war and without general mobilization they don’t know how to live,” he said.

“Israel does not see the missiles falling on communities along the border as a bad thing. On the contrary, they would be worried and even alarmed were it not for this fire,” the Polish-British sociologist said.

Bauman, who lived in Israel briefly, referred to an article he wrote in Haaretz, in which he expressed concern that the younger Israeli generation was being raised on the understanding that the state of war and military alert were natural and unavoidable.

The Polish public has not heard such a diatribe against Zionism and Israel since the anti-Semitic propaganda campaign the Communist regime conducted after the Six-Day War.

Not surprisingly, leading Jewish figures came out against it.

“Politika” published the criticism alongside the letter of Israeli ambassador in Warsaw Zvi Bar, who rejected Bauman’s “half truths” and “groundless generalizations.”

Bauman, who was born in Poland in 1925, has been living in England since he left his lecturer’s chair at Tel Aviv University in 1971.

He is seen as one of the greatest sociologists of our time and has dealt extensively with the ties between the Holocaust and modernism, globalization and consumer culture in the postmodern era.

Some of his books have been translated into Hebrew, including “Liquid Love.”

His grandson is attorney Michael Sfard, of the human rights group Yesh Din.

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