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IsraHell Operation Summer Seeds

by Stephen Lendman


Ahead of the General Assembly’s likely granting Palestine statehood recognition and full de jure UN membership in September or early October, Israel is preparing its army and arming settlers for disruptive protests.

Law Professor and former PLO legal counsel Francis Boyle explains that a simple two-thirds majority of states present and voting are needed. Abstentions and no-shows don’t count. “Palestine has those votes for admission,” he says! “The Israelis and the Americans know it.”

Aside from Washington’s illegal planned veto, if a Security Council resolution is introduced, Netanyahu apparently abandoned plan A, replacing it with a disruptive plan B.

On August 30, Haaretz writer Chaim Levinson headlined, “IDF training Israeli settlers ahead of ‘mass disorder’ expected in September,” saying:

Settlement-by-settlement “red line(s)” were determined for “when soldiers will be ordered to shoot at the feet of Palestinian protesters if the line is crossed.”

Arming settlers with tear gas, stun grenades, and perhaps other weapons is also planned, allegedly “as part of the defense operation.”

Called Operation Summer Seeds, its “purpose is to ready the army (and settlers) for September and the possibility of confrontations with Palestinians following the expected” General Assembly granting them statehood and full de jure membership.

A document leaked to Haaretz stated a “working assumption” that “a public uprising” will follow Palestinian independence “which will mainly include mass disorder.”

In fact, celebratory demonstrations are likely, not disturbances unless Israel and settlers incite them. Apparently, that’s what’s planned, again blaming victims of Israeli violence to maintain hardline occupation.

This time, however, it will be against a sovereign internationally recognized independent state, able to file a formal State to State complaint against Israeli officials.

In addition, as Boyle explains, it “can ratify the Genocide Convention and sue Israel for Genocide at the World Court, pursuant to” previous advice he gave Arafat and Abbas.

Moreover, it can “get a temporary restraining order” against Israel, requiring either Security Council enforcement approval, or if Washington vetoes it, to the General Assembly under the 1950 Uniting for Peace Resolution overriding it.

In addition, it can use this procedure to halt settlement construction once and for all and perhaps regain lost land.

These prospects frighten Israel and its Washington paymaster/partner. So they’re are pulling out all the stops to prevent Palestinian statehood or at least disrupt it if achieved to maintain hardline policies, claiming they’re in self-defense.

The Israeli document contends disorder will include “marches toward main junctions, Israeli communities, and education centers; efforts at damaging (Israeli) symbols of government.”

“Also, there may be more extreme cases like shooting from within the demonstrations or even terrorist incidents. In all these scenarios, there is readiness to deal with incidents near the fences and the borders of the State of Israel.”

In fact, Israel is the only nation without fixed borders, because of its longstanding plan to seize Palestinian land, as well as more from neighboring states for a Greater Israel. It’s indeterminate in size depending on how much it can steal.

Israel’s army has been holding training sessions near its Shiloh military installation. It’s also trained settlement squads at its Lachish base, used as a command training center for that purpose.

In addition, two virtual defense lines for each settlement were established. If Palestinians cross the first one, they’ll face settlers using tear gas and other disruptive measures.

If line two is breached, soldiers will use live fire at their legs.

In other words, Israel plans disruptions. Rules of engagement were established to unleash them. A heightened state of readiness exists. Palestinians will be blamed like always. Injuries and perhaps deaths may result.

Instead of recognizing the UN’s new member, Israel plans hostile acts short of war, perhaps planned later as more naked aggression.

As a result, Peace Now’s Hagit Ofran expressed alarm, saying:

“We hope the army is making clear that nonviolent protests (and celebratory marches are) legitimate, and no settlers (or IDF personnel) should use any violence against unarmed demonstrators.”

Rabbis for Human Rights’ Arik Ascherman raised “serious questions and problems” with regard to settlers acting illegally, saying:

“We’re very concerned that (Israeli forces) will not reduce conflict but increase it.”

In fact, more at issue is instigating it as Israel commonly does, blaming its violence on Palestinian to shift responsibility.

Notably in early August, Israeli Foreign Minister/Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman outrageously claimed Palestinians are preparing for “bloodshed the likes of which we’ve never seen before,” so when Israel sheds it they can be blamed.

Palestinian spokesman Ghassan Khatib accurately said Israel’s “trying to fuel a fake picture of what will happen in September. These Israeli predictions of violence aren’t true.”

Palestinian Statehood and De Jure UN Membership Issues

A previous article explained Francis Boyle’s work as PLO legal advisor to assure all Palestinians worldwide automatically become citizens of the State of Palestine if granted by the upcoming General Assembly vote.

On August 30, Ma’an News published his assessment and International and Comparative Law Professor John Quigley’s concurring, saying:

The Palestinians’ “initiative” to be introduced in the General Assembly “is no threat” to their rights, and “will only improve their standing. This is because as a matter of international law, states must ensure that human rights are not being violated.”

As a sovereign state, Palestine will be “interacting” with others, “and this is a much stronger position. It can pursue remedies at the diplomatic level in its capacity as a state. It will do favors for other states. It can demand (them) in return. It can also pursue prosecutions of Israeli officials for war crimes,” including illegal settlements, applying greater pressure available to sovereign states.

Moreover, “(r)ather than posing a threat to the refugees, (they’ll), in fact, be in a much stronger position. Legally, while people might leave states, if the refugees are nationals then the state cannot refuse to allow them to return.”

In 1988, the General Assembly accepted the PLO “as the sole representative of the Palestinian people.” It’s precisely what it’s likely to do “in September if asked to accept Palestine as a state.”

A Final Comment

The Virtual Jerusalem web site headlined, “Let Your Voice Be Heard,” stating: “Say No to Palestinian Statehood.”

The pro-Israeli group accuses the PA of including “terrorist(s)….whose stated mission is ‘the elimination of Israel,” no matter that saying so is a bald-faced lie.

Nonetheless, it accused Hamas of hundreds of terrorists attacks, calling self-defense against Israeli violence “terrorism,” what scoundrels always say.

It falsely said the PA lacks “vital aspects of modern statehood, such as freedom, respect for human rights, and a functioning democracy. Palestinian statehood,” it adds, “will make peace negotiations with Israel impossible.”

In fact, they’ve been stillborn for decades because Israel and Washington promote violence, not peace, a notion they find intolerable.

Virtual Jerusalem doesn’t even lie well, adding that Palestinian statehood “will be gravely detrimental to Israel’s security and the safety of the Israeli people.”

“Stand with Israel and make your voice heard,” it says. Tell Obama to support Israel against Palestine. Of course, he, like past presidents since Lyndon Johnson, have done it throughout their tenure.

It’s time more responsible world leaders recognized rule of law responsibilities by voting to grant Palestinian statehood and full de jure UN membership.

Why? Because it’s the right thing to do!

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Why Palme Assassination Suspect Viktor Gunnarsson Was Killed

By Trowbridge H. Ford



When Viktor Gunnarsson, a leading suspect in the assassination of Sweden’s statsminister Olof Palme, was himself assassinated on, its seems, the night of December 3, 1993, only his murderer or murderers, and people working with them knew it had happened, and that his body had been disposed of in a very inaccessible place, Deep Gap, 110 miles away on an access road off U.S. Route 421, outside Boone, North Carolina. For the rest of the world, Gunnarsson had simply disappeared from where he lived in Salisbury.

For the people who murdered Gunnarsson, this limbo became almost immediately intolerable since it risked his body not being found soon enough to convict anyone of the crime – what would just compound the problems surrounding Palme’s unsolved assassination. Börje Wingren had recently given cause for a wide variety of people wanting to kill Gunnarsson by writing Han Sköt Olof Palme, claiming that Gunnarsson had confessed to the killing in Stockholm.

With Gunnarsson simply disappearing, though, the book, instead of putting the finishing touches on Palme’s demise, would merely inflame conspiracy theories about the whole affair.

The plan to blame Gunnarsson’s murder on former Salisbury policeman L C. Underwood also hit an unexpected snag because he had an alibi for where he was when it apparently occurred.

According to the sworn testimony of Rick Hillard and Shirley Scott at Underwood’s trial, he was at home with Scott at 11:40 p.m. on the night of December 3rd, and he was still there when she left 45 minutes later. (Testimony, Vol. 1, p. 45) It would have taken Underwood another 15 minutes to go to Gunnarsson’s apartment; some time to subdue the considerably bigger man, tie him up with tape, and bundle him silently out of the second-floor complex into his car; and drive two hours to Deep Gap where Gunnarsson was executed, and hide the body after another difficult struggle.

Around this time, beleaguered Bill Clinton was beginning to gain some respite from all his difficulties in the White House, especially those surrounding Vince Foster’s suicide. Chief of the former Arkansas Governor’s security BuddyYoung coerced the state troopers threatening to tell all about Clinton’s immoral and illegal activites – especially in light of Luther ‘Jerry’ Parks’s murder in September – into shutting up.

David Hale, whose Small Business Administration loan to Clinton cronies Susan and Jim McDougal had permitted them to go ahead with the grandiose Castle Grande development, was indicted on September 23rd for making three false statements about it.

Roger Altman, acting head of the Resolution Trust Corporation who was  appointed to clean up the whole S and L scandal, alerted the White House of the referrals affecting the Clintons, and presided over their handling on October 14th in a way which least hurt them. (For details about all this, see James B. Stewart, Blood Sport, p. 168ff.)

Moreover, Clinton’s bold approach for dealing with his enemies – where nothing was ruled out, even murder – was beginning to have unexpected dividends.

CIA’s interest in getting rid of Gunnarsson stirred the Swedish police investigating Palme’s assassination to question former officer, and friend of Gunnarsson’s Bror Perä about their activities in the months leading up to the statsminister’s shooting, what resulted in his committing suicide. Five days after Palme’s killing, Perä had told friend Lars Lundberg, after he had been questioned by Danish police about the Stockholm shooting, that he had been involved.

Up until then, investigation of this Nazi group had been left to the Swedish Security Service, Säpo, whose liberties with Palme’s security, especially with Britain’s MI5, had led to his undoing.

On August 15th, Jon Parnell Walker, a Resolution Trust Corporation investigator looking into the Clintons’ involvement in the operation of Jim McDougal’s bankrupt Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, jumped or was pushed to his death from the balcony of his Arlington, Va. apartment. The RTC criminal referral in the Madison Guaranty case from the Kansas City office to the Justice Department in Washington had dropped the previous year’s language that their involvement might mean something more than their being simply potential witnesses – what leaks to important reporters in the press about its mere existence resulted in the Justice Department’s Criminal Divsion even dropping a criminal investigation of it in late October.

Then there was another suicíde when Gunnarsson’s murder was being set up to take place – what greatly deflated all the conspiracy theories about Vince Foster’s death. During the Clintons’ pursuit of the White House, they attracted the attention of the Edward E. Willey, Jrs., the wife of whom became famous for her claims of groping by the President in the Oval Office after the Monica Lewinsky story broke.

The husband was the son of a famous Virginia state politician who hoped to parlay funds he made in the S and L bonanza into an important appointed post. Of course, when the Clintons surfaced as real comers in the process, the Willeys latched on to them, even flying out specially to Little Rock after Clinton was elected President to celebrate.

The only trouble with Ed Willey was that he could not play the game successfully. While he had all the right connections and many political positions to exploit, he, unlike Slick Willie, just went further and further in debt – what he tried to hide by borrowing from his friends and insurance policies, withholding rent payments in return for alleged legal services, and ultimately just stealing $255,000 from a client in a Richmond civil works project.

Perhaps, the most embarrassing debt Willey incurred was the $52,000 loan from well-known Randolph Cosby, Sr. – what was only repaid because of action by the executors of his estate, and at the expense of a life insurance policy.

While the pattern reminds one of the Clintons in the State House in LIttle Rock, and at the Rose Law Firm, they at least had considerable sums coming in, and they did not live anywhere near as high on the hog as the Willeys – what the truly rich Smith Bagleys were able to afford.

Elizabeth Frawley Bagley was shortly thereafter appointed US Ambassador to Portugal, a position like Kathleen Willey truly wanted

When Willey’s clients cheated out of their quarter million brought a suit against him before the Virginia Bar Association’s disciplinary committee to disbar him, he decided to kill himself since his life was in ruins. By doing so, his worthless estate would be worth $350,000, and he would not have to suffer the indignity of disbarment.

Earlier on the day Willey shot himself, his wife Kathleen had the appointment with Clinton in the Oval Office to convert her volunteer service at the White House Social Office into a permanent, paying position. Once it resulted in a commitment to a post in the White House Counsel’s Office – what the groping charge was intended to cover up – Ed shot himself outside Richmond.

By showing that suicides, and S and L problems were not the difficulties solely of the Clintons, America’s secret government was encouraged to take greater risks in the Gunnarsson debacle. The Oval Office and the CIA could not afford to wait for the possible discovery of his body. Perhaps, it would be chewed up by various carnivores beyond recognition It might well be spring before it was found, and by that time, any chance of connecting the murder to Underwood would have been lost.

North Carolina is a state, though, in which appeals of murder convictions would allow the probative introduction of nearly identical crimes, provided they apparently were committed by the same weapons, in the same manner, in the same time frame, and by the same suspect or suspects. It was, consequently, essential that a similar murder be conducted immediately, and that Gunnarsson’s body be found shortly.

The recognition of taking advantage of this circumstantial pathway in the law in the botched Gunnarsson murder almost immediately surfaced. The killing was botched since no killers in their right mind would try to set someone up when he clearly had an alibi, and then compound the problem by disposing of the body in such a faraway, inaccessible place that the chances of finding it soon were practically nil.

It was only found five weeks later by state highway worker Jeff Winkler when he was making his rounds on January 7, 1994. The killers should have made it fairly obvious that foul play had occurred at Gunnarsson’s apartment, and fairly quickly that Underwood had done it by disposing of the body nearby in a rather crude manner. The only unexpected thing about his apartment was that he was nowhere to be seen.

The killers showed their greatest unease over the matter when three men were seen by Kay Weden outside Gunnarson’s apartment at 10 p.m. on December 5th. She was concerned about his whereabouts, and well-being, and she thought one of them might be Gunnarsson as he was wearing his brown leather jacket, though she was too far away to be sure. Inexplicably, she then withdrew without making sure or contact, though she did observe them leaving in a car, and without informing the police of possibly finding the missing Gunnarsson. (Trial, Vol. I, p. 169)

The day before, Clara Sowers and her daughter Mary Ann saw Gunnarsson and his friend Wolfgang Nailing returning in an SUV from the area where the body was ultimately discovered, though before they could make positive identification of Gunnarsson, he had somehow disappeared from the now parked vehicle, leaving in his place, though, signs of blood, tape like Gunnarsson had been bound with, and a gun.

It seems most apparent that the killers had been in the process of retrieving Gunnarsson’s gold watch which had been left in the apartment when he was bumdled out of it naked from the shower, and putting it on the corpse to make sure that he could be positively identified when found.

On December 9th, there was a surreptious entry of the home of Kay Weden’s mother, Catherine Miller, and she was executed in gangland style with two .38 caliber bullets shot into her head at close range. There was a feeble attempt to make the murder look like the result of a robbery, with plastic cards from her wallet scattered nearby, but nothing of value had been stolen from her residence.

Mrs Miller’s deceased husband had owned a lucrative hardware store in Salisbury, and all his property had been willed to his wife. Kay Weden was the sole beneficiary in her mother’s will.

The Miller killing recalled what the Mafia-infested Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) – whose resident Arthur Coia had been so instrumental in securing Clinton’s election – did to squealers, and to hitmen who messed up their silencing, provided that it is put in the proper national security context.

The Gunnarsson and Miller murders seem to have been ones Clinton helped arrange for the Agency’s sake and his own.

The precedent for them was provided in 1983 when the head of LIUNA’s Local # l in Chicago Vincent Solano arranged the murder of Ken Eto for fear that he might squeal about all its illegal operations. Two hitmen, consequently, shot him three times in the head, but Eto somehow managed to survive, resulting in his doing what Solano only suspected and feared. Five months later, the hitmen were slowly tortured to death, “a warning to other mobsters not to flab their assignments.”

The killers of Gunnarsson and Miller showed that they needed no reminding to do their duty but they tailored the latter one too much to suit Underwood’s apparent capability, using, it seems, his .38 caliber pistol after he had turned it in when resigning from the force in November.

Actually, Gunnarsson was killed because he was threatening more than ever to squeal about the Stockholm shooting, thanks to Börje Wingren’s libelling him. The morning of his murder, he had taken friend Daniel Johansson to the Charlotte Airport for his flight back to the Swedish capital, and by the time Johansson left, he had gotten an earful of what Gunnarsson planned to do with those who would make him a scapegoat for a world-threatening murder, or put words in his mouth.

His killers had no doubt about what he was up to – putting him bound, gagged, and naked in the trunk of a car for a two-hour drive to his site of execution, where it was carried out by dragging him up to 50-foot high ridge, shooting him twice around the head, and dumping him down the deep gap. It was far more terrifying than most state-sponsored executions.

Mrs. Miller’s murder, of course, had a tonic effect upon Kay Weden too. Right after it occurred, she told Rowan County Sheriff’s officers that she was the one who was upset over the breakup with Underwood when she saw him with another woman a few days later; that an officer of the State Bureau of Investigation, Mike Culnan, tried to get her to implicate Underwood in some trouble at her house the previous March; that it was Underwood’s friend, Danny Hilliard, who had caused most of the trouble when she had had dinner with David Sumner in November; that the last time she and Underwood talked before the murder “…ended up on good terms”; and that she “…does not believe L. C. Underwood killed her mother.” (Case No.: 1-93-003336 ROWAN COUNTY SHERIFFS OFFICE, Witness Statement,12-09-93)

Salisbury Post reporter Jonathan Weaver still wrote a most provocative article about Underwood for that day’s edition, volunteering that he claimed that he hadn’t killed Mrs. Miller though no one had asked him if he had. Ms. Weden told Weaver that she was concerned that Gunnarsson had not called, as they were planning to find a tree together to celebrate the Christmas holidays, and that relatives in Sweden had called because they had not heard from him for a few days since Johansson’s return. “I felt,” Weden told Weaver, “that if something happened (to Gunnarsson), it was connected to L. C.”

By the time Gunnarsson’s body was found five weeks later, Ms. Weden, increasingly afraid that she would be suspected of the murder which finally solved all her financial problems unless another suspect quickly surfaced,
completely changed her story. In a series of articles in the Salisbury Post, mostly written by Weaver, she volunteered that the connection between Gunnarsson’s murder and her mother’s was L. C. Underwood.

Then she added to her statement about getting jealous with Underwood when she saw him with another woman at Spencer’s Restaurant on December 6th that before her friends had arrived, he had told her that her mother “…had ruined their relationship and that he wished something would happen to Miller so Weden would know what he felt.” (No. CO A98-648: State of North Carolina v. Lamont Claxton Underwood)

Then the attempt by SBI officer Culnan to set up Underwood in some kind of plot at Weden’s house the previous March because someone was sending her
anonymous, threatening letters, and damaging its garage doors was made out to be all her ex-lover’s conniving: “L. C. had convinced me that there was a conspiracy to get him off the police force, to fire him, and for some reason that I never understood that the SBI had it in for him.” (Jonathan Weaver “A body found…,” Salisbury Post, January 7, 1994)

In fact, by the end of January, claims of Underwood’s murderous activity had become so commonplace that the Watauga County Sheriff’s Department, led by Sgt. Paula Townsend, put together a 10 and 1/2-page affidavit dealing with them – what resulted in the issuance of a warrant to search his house which was unprecedentedly published in the newspaper.

On February 1st, while Underwood was away, his house was searched by a team led by SBI detective Don Gale, and its most important find were lengths of electrical tape, attached to the water line behind the washer and dryer, which were consistent with those which had bound up Gunnarsson’s body. Apparently, Underwood, to avoid suspicion in Gunnarsson’s murder, had hidden the tape in a most awkward way behind the appliances rather than simply dump it in the trash.

With his murder being firmly fixed on suspect Underwood – and one can just imagine the discomfort and fear he felt for having apparently committed such hateful murders in the community – CIA finally moved to arrest its Rick Ames for spying for the Soviets. During the past four months, the joint CIA-FBI mole hunt had come up with all kinds of new evidence of his spying, but had been unable to catch him passing it on to the Russians, or being paid for it, though it was not for want of trying.

Efforts to catch him servicing dead letter drops, and meeting Soviet handlers always failed because of some unexpected slipup or mishap, not all of its own doing. Ames seems to have known that he was under the most intense surveillance.

The only disturbing new evidence it had found was the torn-up note in Ames’s trash on October 6th, indicating that he, for some inexplicable reason, had been working not only with the KGB but also with the Russian Federal Ministry for Security (MBRF), the primary organization conducting counter intelligence investigations in the USSR. The Bureau seemed to think that the Soviet system was like the American one, with only the MBRF having a role in domestic counter intelligence cases.

Actually, the KGB’s Directorate K was concerned with counter intelligence, as was dramatically demonstrated when it was rewarded profusely after the Stockholm shooting was not chalked up at Moscow’s expense. (David Wise, Nightmover; p. 327, n.)

When the FBI shortly thereafter learned of this oversight, it so pursued the Agency for more spies, resulting in Brian Kelly being placed on permanent leave suspicion of spying, and helping the Bureau’s spy, Robert Hanssen, escape disclosure for another eight years.

During February, the American intelligence community’s leadership played cat-and-mouse with Ames in a way to crush him as best it could, while making President Clinton come out smelling like roses. (For details, see, e.g., Wise, p. 248ff.)

With NSA Tony Lake now briefing Clinton daily on the state of the spy’s exposure and capture, though the President, of course, did not know the individual’s name to show that it apparently had neither a political nor a personal motive in the matter, the CIA prepared Ames for his scheduled visit to Turkey, Romania, and the USSR where he would consult with his Russian handlers about how to deal with the growing narcotics trade at a drug conference, while the joint mole hunt closed in on him.

To fire Ames’s hopes and ambitions, it was even suggested that he would brief the President himself on his mission, but it was reduced to several agents, including Ames but without revealing who he was, briefing various senior members of the NSC about what was in the works, insuring that the Preisdent was still insulated from what was going on. “Lake,” Wise added, “approved the bogus briefing, which took place at CIA headquarters.” (p. 250)

In addition to the bogus briefing, DCI Woolsey made it seem that Ames would definitely be going to Moscow – what threw the molehunters into a panic until deputy CI chief Paul Redmond gave the thumbs-up for Ames’s immediate arrest. This correctly occurred on President’s Day, the federal holiday on February 21, the day before his scheduled departure.

The whole process had worked like a charm, with the biggest troublemakers disposed of in various ways, the President coming out of the crisis without a scratch, and the Agency finally showing some get-up-and-go when it came to its problems, especially internal ones.

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The End of Innocence Revisited


by Gilad Atzmon

Introduction: The following piece is a commentary I wrote and circulated amongst friends on the 15th of  September  2001, just four days after 9/11.   At the time I didn’t regard myself as a writer. I was a jazz musician preparing for the publication of my debut  novel.

During that time I didn’t know a single editor, journal or media outlet. My commentary was circulated on the net via emails.  Eventually, nine months later, it was published by Counterpunch.  This commentary was, in fact, my first attempt to comment on world affairs, ethics and politics.

I am slightly embarrassed about some of my early formulations. I want to believe that I am a better writer now.  I am certainly more succinct and yet, I somehow managed to predict, already then, in September 2001,  that the fate of the west was doomed and the collapse of  Anglo-American strategy was inevitable. This paper is ten years old but its message may even be more devastating today.

The End of Innocence by Gilad Atzmon

(15th September 2001) – In the light of the tragedy and the devastating images from New York City, in the shadow of embarrassingly stupid remarks made by the major western ‘free world’ leaders and in the light of the call for a western jihad against a faceless enemy, I feel obliged to expose the lie that stands in the center of the current liberal democratic militant enthusiasm.

Being born in Israel in the early sixties, I was raised to believe that I lived in the ‘only democracy in the middle-east’. While being a soldier in the army I realized that I grew up among a people who deny the most basic human rights to millions of Palestinians. As soon as I was able to interpret my surrounding reality I had to acknowledge the terrible fact that this oppressive Israeli policy is being supported by America and the ‘free world’. Having managed to stop regarding myself as an innocent victim and detached myself from any Zionist beliefs, I have became very suspicious of manipulative right wing brain-washing and nationalist propaganda.

Since September 11th, we have been asked by every American official to join the struggle to maintain our ‘free world’. Ever keen to join righteous struggles for justice, I had to ask myself few questions first: Where is this free world that I am suppose to protect? Is it in the Gaza strip a land heavily populated by Palestinian refugees that has been turned into a concentration camp with the active support of the American government? Is the ‘free world’ to be found in the streets of Baghdad, where millions of civilians are deprived of medical supplies and food because of something that looks more and more like a personal debate between one person with a moustache and another person who hasn’t started shaving yet?

Is there any room in the ‘free world’ for hundreds of millions of Muslim Arabs who watch the American administration supporting the continuous humiliation of their brothers in the Holy Land? Does the ‘free world’ which I am called to protect include all those dark corrupted Arab regimes heavily supported by the American government only because they happen to have huge oil resources?

If there is such a call to protect this kind of ‘free world’ I think that they will have to fight without me. I am not going to be there among the front line soldiers. As a matter of fact, in an attempt to make this world a better place, I will try to expose this phony and manipulative demand for a ‘free world crusade’. I want to believe that the common usage of the words ‘free’ and ‘world’ together is just a clumsy slip of the tongue. At the end of the day, the American leaders must know better than anyone else that the world is not free mostly because of their own discriminatory policy that opposes anything that fails to match western interests.

Since the horrifying collapse of the twin towers we are urged by the American president to protect our western democracy. So, there is an urgent need to scrutinize this call, a call may well lead to a new world war. What is democracy supposed to be? Originally, democracy was created to express the people’s will. Democracy claims to be the manifestation of the true spirit of the people. If democracy manifests people’s will and spirit, then within a democratic society people must share a certain kind of responsibility for their government.

Unlike in dictatorial regimes –in which the sovereign power is taking a personal responsibility for the whole state policy –in democracies responsibility is somehow shared between the elected government and the electing civilians. The civilians are sharing a direct responsibility with their elected government. When the American people vote for an intellectually immature politician to be their president, they must take a direct responsibility for the danger of a world war provoked by his infantile character.

Similarly, the Israeli people can be blamed and should be blamed for all the ongoing crimes committed by their government. The Israelis have been voting every few years in favour of the continuous oppression and humiliation of the Palestinian people. It is crystal clear that the Israeli people have a direct responsibility for the miserable condition of their Palestinian neighbors. They are directly involved with the whole range of crimes against humanity that go with occupation. In a dictatorial regime the situation is very different. While the Israeli and American people enjoy the possibility of changing their fate, the German people under Hitler (for example) did not have any civil vehicle to oppose the criminal gang that turned their state into an industrial criminal organization. Unlike dictatorships in which citizens are emptied from their legal right to oppose the ruling power, in democracies civil opposition is a must. In a democratic society, every citizen is obliged to protect the whole community from committing crimes against humanity.

Being a citizen within a democratic environment becomes a heavy moral burden. In other words, it becomes a moral commitment. Unless the members of a democratic community take an active role in opposing the wrong political decisions made by their government, they lose their innocence. Every single member in the democratic community becomes responsible for the whole society. Unfortunately, in those democratic societies which conduct military, imperial and capitalistic affairs overseas, the civilians become instantly responsible for all those who live on those foreign lands. Following that line of thinking, the Israelis who regard themselves mistakenly as a democratic people, should be made responsible for every possible aspect of Palestinian life. For instance, the Israelis need a good excuse to justify the denial of Palestinian civil and human rights, or, at least, should explain the exclusion of the Palestinians from the democratic game.

The Americans should justify their support of evil and corrupted regimes all around the world. Since there is no sign of any apologetic behaviour either on the Israeli or on the American front, we can conclude that Israeli and American societies are far from being innocent. When an act of terror takes place against Israeli and American people, the victims cannot present themselves as innocent. At most they can hide under the light shadow of naivety.

We are moving towards a new phase of political life in which ‘free people’, the citizens of the free world, are emptied of their innocence. People are drained of innocence unless they decide to fight for it, unless they start to oppose their government’s wrong policies.

Living in an era of growing terror activity and facing the unique phenomena of suicidal attacks should raise many questions among the attacked. I remember being myself under the terror of suicidal attack whilst an Israeli soldier in the early days of the Lebanon war. I can recall asking again and again what brings people to sacrifice their life over an international conflict. In our western society, soldiers have to fight from time to time but they always wish themselves to come home alive. According to our western understanding, young people go to fight in order to guarantee a better future for their own community.

In general it can be said that western people go to fight because they try to improve their conditional state of being in this actual world. Western people fight because they want to live. They want more from life than life can give. Yet, it is still hard to understand what motivates thousands of American soldiers to jump into the blue cold water of Normandy and to turn it into red. The will to live doesn’t explain why Americans rushed to die in Vietnam (or indeed in Afghanistan), but we must believe that it has something to do with the acceptance of the call to save the ‘open society’ from ‘its enemies’. A vague promise that guarantees better life but always turns out to be fairly self-destructive.

In as much as we can try to empathize with the poor soldier that swims or marches towards his death, the suicide bomber is far more difficult for us to deal with. On the surface, it is very hard to see how the collapse of the twin towers and the evil murder of thousands of civilians can improve the condition of any one anywhere. How can the death of thousands of people make our world any better? Since we cannot really provide any rational answer that is consistent with our western methodological approach, we are left with some very fundamental questions: How is it that someone is willing to give his life just to kill me?

What have I done so wrong that turns someone into a mass murderer? How can I manage to turn some remote culture into cold horrific inhumane criminals? Did we do something wrong? Are we still doing something wrong? Are we stopping our governments from supporting the continuous Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people? Did we oppose our governments’ sanctions against the Iraqi civilian population? Did we ask our government to ban Israel from developing nuclear and mass destructive weapons? Why do we ban the Arab states from having weapons of mass destruction while we keep plenty of them in our bunkers? Because the answer to all these questions is probably going to expose a great deal of ignorance toward people living in miserable conditions, I allow myself to claim that we do not really care about anyone but ourselves. Hence, we cannot see ourselves as ‘innocent victims’ anymore. At most, when being hit, we are just victims.

Since we do not show any care for anyone except ourselves, we have managed to lock ourselves within a western self-centred phony sense of ‘freedom’. ‘Freedom’ that very soon, is going to turn itself against us.

Because of the very basic character of suicidal terror activity, the terrorist, as long as he succeeds, is always the first to die. He is the first to be punished and he is delighted about it. By punishing himself, the suicidal fighter manages to demolish our common western sense of justice. He cannot be brought to trial. He cannot be confronted with his own wrongdoing. Since he is the first to die, among his victims, he is probably the first to meet God. Within his own philosophical and cultural presuppositions, the ‘shaid’ guarantees himself a luxurious state in heaven. While on earth the ‘free world’ granted him misery and humiliation, confronting God, he is listed among the greatest martyrs.

The terrorist, from his point of view, is not concerned with our human sense of morality and justice. He prefers the heavenly supreme court of justice. As we all know, God allows himself to demolish the whole world in order to purify it from its sins. Following that line of heavenly supreme justice, the suicidal terrorists are conducting a Biblical war against us. They are fighting a religious war in the name of Allah. They attack the core of our new religion, the religion of money and wealth. If we accept that money and life-style have become the spiritual mediator of new man, by hitting the world trade center, the terrorist has managed to destroy the ‘free world’ temple, the ‘Mecca of wealth’.

Although nobody has yet managed to win the war against terrorism, it looks as if the Americans are trying to pull us all into a pointless crusade against the most extreme form of terrorism, the suicidal one. Except for the fact that conflict with suicidal terrorism can lead to an enormous catastrophe, we are made blind to the fact that categorically, suicidal terror is unbeatable. Western man can never win against this enemy. In our culture ‘life’ is regarded as the highest human value. In our culture, the death penalty is regarded as the worst possible punishment. It is a trivial and obvious truth that a culture that regards life as the most sacred value can never win in a conflict with a culture that regards death as a supreme spiritual souvenir.

When it comes to a conflict with all those millions of Muslim people that are living in extreme poverty, there is very little that we can take from them except their life. Since it seems as if they are completely blazé about giving their life away, the West is conditionally deprived of victory. We can never win in the battle against the real Other. The Other that is conditionally different from us. When you cannot win a battle you had better call off the war and start to listen to your enemy. If we really insist on considering ourselves as free agents in a ‘free world’, we must learn in detail the fury of all those remote Islamic cultures. We must confront our wrongdoings, we must look in the mirror.

We must understand that the victory in the ‘battle against terror’ leads us to a logical conflict. By winning the battle we are losing our freedom altogether. The suicidal terrorist takes his conviction and determination to die from a mighty spiritual force. While it is clear that the spiritual call to hand over your soul to God can bring some people to conduct some terrifying crimes, that very spiritual lesson is completely legitimate within our western cultural boundaries. The call for a physical sacrifice is reflected in all religions to a certain extent.

In that case, in order to protect ourselves from the suicidal terror, our only way to fight back is to clear our streets of certain spiritual leaders. Unfortunately by doing so we cease to be a ‘free world’. By the restriction of the freedom of speech we empty ourselves of the most fundamental essence of liberty. Thus, a victory in the war to maintain our ‘free world’ will be the end of our freedom. We will turn into an oppressive culture. In that case I would prefer, again, to call off the war all together.

Our only way to become free in this world is to start to listen while knowing that we might not understand. To accept the differences, to welcome the existence of different ideas and remote world-views. We must learn to regard the act of terror as an act of despair, as a call for help. If we are as strong as we think we are, we can move on and help this world to be a bit better. We must open ourselves to the Arab world and to understand Islamic fundamentalism. We must learn to accept lack of a dialogue as a legitimate form of co-existence. We must move towards better sharing procedures of the world’s wealth.

We have to remember that this war is not ours unless we really insist on making it ours. This war belongs solely to the Americans and their Zionist counterparts. We must remember that Europe can have a different role. The European can engage by providing the American people with the terrible truth of their wrong international policy regarding the Middle East and the Islamic world.

If this message gets through we might save this planet from a unique form of political incompetence represented by the new American administration. If this message does not get through, we are going to face a very different world in a very short time. If we don’t listen, if we just decide to use our mighty forces against hungry civilians, we are probably going to turn central London into a pile of rubble.

In honouring the memories of the victims buried under what is left of the world trade center, we must try to consider a peaceful approach, lead our world into the next phase of multi-culturalism, to the land of compassion and forgiveness.


You can now pre-order Gilad’s new book- The Wandering Who?  on

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WIKIPEDIA Censors Mordechai Vanunu: Again!


by Eileen Fleming





On the last day of August Mordechai Vanunu updated the world regarding his inspired public plea to Israel: Vanunu CANCEL,Revoking my Citizenship-MAY 5-2011eng’

Under “Arrests and hearings” on Vanunu’s WIKI page, I posted:

On 31 August 2011, Vanunu wrote: “The court hearing about the restrictions, not to speak to foreigners, not to leave Israel will be on Oct’ 3 (it is possible the date can be changed). About canceling my Israel citizenship, we are waiting to hear from Interior minister or we will have one more court hearing.”

On the first day of September I checked Vanunu’s Wiki page and discovered Vanunu’s words had been censored and not even a message or warning from the ‘Wiki Team’ editors to me as has been our history.

My battles with the Powers that be at WIKIPEDIA began years ago when I edited the very first line, which WIKI edited back wrong:

Mordechai Vanunu (Hebrew: מרדכי ואנונו‎); (born 14 October 1954.

On Vanunu Facebook page he writes “born on October 13, 1954” but WIKI does not accept Vanunu’s own words as credible witness and what follows is a short excerpt from:

June 17, 2010: Mordechai Vanunu, Mainstream Media, Wikipedia and a PS: To the Book Publishing World

When Israel sent Vanunu back to solitary confinement on 23 May 2010; punishment for speaking to foreign media in 2004, I was kept occupied for over a week responding to over 100 Vanunu Google NEWS ALERTS, because the vast majority were based on erroneous information as to why Vanunu was sent back to jail.

To clarify The Media’s errors and ‘sin’ of omissions, I emailed them all the facts, but once again, not one of the Mainstream Media outlets bothered to reply.

What I emailed many Top Mainstream Media News Outlets and Ombudsmen:

Why Israel Put Mordechai Vanunu Back In Jail

On 24 April 2004, which was three days after Mordechai Vanunu was released from 18 years in a windowless tomb sized cell jail for providing the photographic proof and telling the truth about Israel’s clandestine seven story underground WMD Program in the Negev, Uri Avnery wrote:

“Everybody understands that he has no more secrets. What can a technician know after 18 years in jail, during which technology has advanced with giant steps?

“But gradually it becomes clear what the security establishment is really afraid of. Vanunu is in a position to expose the close partnership with the United States in the development of Israel’s nuclear armaments.

“This worries Washington so much, that the man responsible in the State Department for ‘arms control’, Under-Secretary John Bolton, has come to Israel in person for the occasion. Vanunu, it appears, can cause severe damage to the mighty super-power.

“The Americans, it seems, are very worried. The Israeli security services have to dance to their tune. The world must be prevented by all available means from hearing, from the lips of a credible witness, that the Americans are full partners in Israel’s nuclear arms program, while pretending to be the world’s sheriff for the prevention of nuclear proliferation.” [1]

The day before Vanunu returned to jail he emailed me:

From: Vanunu Mordechai J C.
To: [me]
Date: Sat, May 22, 2010 at 5:10 AM












Waiting In East Jerusalem. To Be Free, To Leave.

I posted a link to the above article on Vanunu’s WIKI page, and when it was deleted, I emailed WIKI inquiring why and was informed:

“Wikipedia is governed by consensus, and no one editor may have ultimate control over what is and is not included in an article, including determination of the inclusion of links to articles outside of Wikipedia. This includes editors who may be reporters, plumbers, governors, senators, presidents, kings, emperors, or whatever other position of authority outside Wikipedia they may hold.”

Another member of the WIKI team explained:

“Wikipedia’s role is to be an encyclopedia, and not a news source or analysis/opinion/commentary source. Most newspapers and magazines combine those two roles to some degree. Wikipedia, as an encyclopedia, isn’t here for those purposes. We’re here to be a reference source of record…

“Wikipedia’s role is to be an encyclopedia…It’s appropriate to bring your ongoing coverage of Mr. Vanunu to the attention of those of us who sometimes edit the article to update and improve it. The most appropriate way to do that would be to post links to print media publication of your articles on him…”

On June 8, 2010, I replied to the WIKI team:

I very much appreciate your clarifications and thus, I have more questions.

RE: Wikipedia’s role is to be an encyclopedia

Doesn’t that mean that reporting accurately as to WHY Vanunu was returned to jail should be included?

As I have been following Vanunu’s trial beginning from day one: 25 Jan. 2006 and THE PRINT MEDIA has failed miserably in their ‘coverage’ as to WHY he went back to jail for 3 months with errors and omissions, seems to me that setting the record straight should be a part of an encyclopedia.

RE: The most appropriate way to do that would be to post links to print media publication of your articles on him into the article’s talk page and invite other editors to review them for inclusion and update.

I have been contacting THE PRINT Media since 2006 TRYING to get them to REPORT on Vanunu’s case, even have contacted Ombudsmen-they never reply and as Vanunu said, here is WHY:

On March 26, 2006, Vanunu told me:

“Many journalists come here to the American Colony, from CNN and NY Times. They all want to cover my story, but their EDITORS say no…CNN wants to interview me; but they say they can’t do it because they don’t want problems with the Israeli censor. BBC is doing the same thing.

“Sixty Minutes from the United States from the beginning they wanted to do a program, but because of the censor situation they decide not to do it. Also big media from Germany, France, Italy, Japan. None of them wants problems with the Israelis.”

So, as The Print Media failed to do its job-I have stepped in.

Can you tell me what is wrong with linking to THIS article so as to set the record straight, which is the purpose of encyclopedias, isn’t it?

Why Israel Put Mordechai Vanunu Back In Jail Last Month

As I received no reply from my June 8 inquiry, I took it as a GO ahead and on June 12, 2010 I posted under “Imprisonment” on Vanunu’s WIKI page:

On 22 May 2010, Mordechai Vanunu wrote why he was to return to prison on 23 May 2010 for a three-month sentence.

The link lead to the article, but, once again the link disappeared, although “ is also the first exclusively Web news organization in the world. Not a blog, but a full service multimedia news site staffed by award-winning professional journalists and a wealth of diverse writers from all over the U.S. and also in places like Canada, Vietnam and Mexico. was created as a present and future answer for the needs of a wide range of news consumers in Oregon, across the nation and around the world.”

On Vanunu’s WIKI Talk page a WIKI volunteer editor who “may be a reporter, plumber, governor, senator, president, king, emperor, or whatever” informed me

Dear Eileen, I understand that you have a great deal of insight into the matter of Mordechai Vanunu, more than myself and many other Wikipedia contributors. But it is not acceptable to publish your own material on other sites and then push it as a valid source. Vanunu’s situation is a high profile case and well-established facts should be mentioned by several other independent sources. Please consider replying to the criticism and comments on this talk page, as it stands right now you are either unaware of our efforts to inform you regarding Wikipedia policy or simply ignoring our efforts. Surely you realize that you have more to gain from complying than trying to work against the project. Let’s give Vanunu and our readers what they deserve, a factual, encyclopedic and well-written article regarding his life and actions. –03:40, 14 June 2010 (UTC)BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu's Freedom of Speech Trial

I have no desire to engage in a battle with any “reporter, plumber, governor, senator, president, king, emperor, or whatever” but I am in solidarity with giving readers factual, encyclopedic and well written material regarding Vanunu’s life and actions, and this is all she wrote on that: BEYOND NUCLEAR:

And I will persist to report on ongoing injustice that The Media doesn’t and WIKI doesn’t want to allow.

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Glenn Beck Will Shed Real Tears Next Time He Visits IsraHell


“It is hard to imagine that the story of the Zionist land grab of Palestine could go down in history as the redemption of the world Jews and a courageous act that need to be restored by a hypocritical Zionist mouthpiece like Glenn Beck.”


Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

“– We should go east into Transjordan. That will be a test to our movement.

– Nonsense, isn’t there enough land in Judea and Galilee?

– The land in Judea and Galilee is populated by the Arabs

– Well, we’ll take it from them; we’ll harass them until they get out, let them go to Transjordan. As soon as we have a big settlement here, we’ll seize the land, we’ll become strong, we’ll expel them from there too … let them go back to the Arab countries.”

Despite the ethnic cleansing and the wall, the Palestinian land speaks Arabic

… That was part of a dialogue between two pro-Zionism advocates in 1891 and the intro of the famous documentary The land speaks Arabic” in which Dr. Nur Masalha, a Palestinian professor of politics and history reveals through his ‘Post-Zionism’ and ‘new history’ argumentation the hard to disguise anymore neo-colonialist ideas on which the Jewish state of Israel was established, namely the ‘transfer’ and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

This highly criminal plan of transferring an entire indigenous population did in fact require, besides the international political duplicity, a parallel substance of brazen imprudence and methodical terrorism carried out by the then terrorist Zionist guerrillas , the Stern GangHaganah and the Irgungroup, the infamous right-wing Zionist militants responsible for the King David hotel bombing operation and commissioned under Jabotinsky’s teaching to deter the Palestinians and disrupt the genuine fabric of the Arabic society in Palestine in the 1930s through mass murder and terrorism.

It is hard to imagine that the story of the Zionist land grab of Palestine could go down in history as the redemption of the world Jews and a courageous act that need to be restored by a hypocritical Zionist mouthpiece like Glenn Beck.

Beck in Jerusalem without tears nor cheers.  

“My Israeli friends, I have a message: You must not lose hope. You must not lose confidence. You must have courage.

And you must draw courage from the knowledge that you were led to this land by God. And in the affairs of mankind, God is not a stranger to the children of Abraham.

He promised that Israel would rise again. For two thousand years the Jewish people held on to this promise. We have seen the promise fulfilled.

Israel, we have witnessed the dawn of your redemption.

We live in an age of manmade, technological miracles. But these are the days of divine miracles.

Not by the hand of any man, whether his name is Balfour or Truman, does Israel exist. Israel is here because the God of Abraham keeps His covenants.

In the 40 years of wandering in the desert, the ancient Hebrews were led through the dark of night by a pillar of fire.

Courage is the act of walking into the darkness, and knowing that each step would be guided and protected by the pillar of fire, if we follow it. God is with us.

I will admit, I did not know this, until very recently.”

… Thus Said Glenn beck in his latest speech delivered in Jerusalem in what was expected to be a mass rally dubbed “restoring courage“, or rather restoring the bits and pieces left of his right wing fundamentalism and media mania after he was kicked out of Fox.

Isareli leftists protesting Glenn Beck’ Jerusalem rally

I believe Mr. Beck when he said he didn’t know this until recently, but I also believe that he has neither a right nor a proxy to assume a prophet’s intonation and speak on behalf of God and describe the Israeli military occupation of Palestinian land as yet another divine miracle.

This Israeli military takeover of the Arabic land with the premeditated plan for the transfer of its whole indigenous population could not and should not be cloaked in the shrouds of piety as Beck’s recent and flimsy knowledge of the Israelite story clearly shows.

Beck is as clueless about the true meaning of the story of the chosen people as many of the Hebrew Bible followers who listened many times to, but never contemplated, the historically refuted story of the exodusof the ancient Israelites from Egypt after alleged tale of years of enslavement and torture, wandering in the wilderness for 40 long years and then getting the divine clearance/visa to enter a land historically known asCanaan, but from the Hebrew Bible’s perspective called the land of milk and honey or better yet the promised land.

Canaanite Nakba

During that ancient time and as the Israelites were about to invade Canaan they were led by Joshua, a biblical figure said to be Moses’ assistant for he was most gifted as a spy, so he sort of did the job of Mossad for the Israelites in the famous story in that remote era in history.

The Israelites reached Canaan but to their astonishment, though no one of them seemed astounded since they had Yahweh on their side to do all the thinking, the Promised Land was not empty; it was not some deserted terrains with a big sign at its gate saying “welcome my dear and chosen children to the promised land, please take a number and wait in line”

The whole of Canaan, with Jericho included was inhabited with people who had their own culture, religion and language, in other words, the Promised Land was a land of milk and honey alright, along too many other resources, but only with a tiny and rather inconvenient obstacle, it was unfortunately populated with indigenous people who not only ever attacked or provoked the Israelites but also never heard of them before.

According to the story, Joshua was commanded by his god upon the crumbling of the walls of Jericho, that mysteriously collapsed like the 911 towers, to kill every man, woman, child and farm animal in Canaan. And that he did with the rest of the so called chosen people and children of god without a blink of shame, Hesitation or remorse.

Socio-politically speaking, the massacre of the Canaanites is described as blatant and unabashed act of genocide, but biblically speaking, it is reverently referred to as a divine land grant regardless of all the killing of innocent men, women, children, animals and even babies still inside their mother’s wombs.

Couldn’t we learn anything from history?

July 14.1948 edition of the “Jerusalem Post” only it was then titled “The Palestine Post”

Now if we jumped ahead thousands of years we will be astounded by the similarity of the same crimes of genocide committed in Palestine by the Israelis and their modern spy agents of Mossad.

But the more astonishing is the fact that after thousands of years of dauntless efforts to reach the realm of separating facts from myths and after painful sacrifices to reach new grounds of shared values of respected freedoms and human rights the world conscience is still quite at ease with the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, if not indifferent to the whole crime, to say the least.

Another Bin Laden but in a smart suit

Back to Mr. Beck’s bold speech as he went on and said

“Everything we know about human rights and civilization came from this place. Whether you live by 613 commandments or 10 or just one golden rule, they all came from here, this throne of the Lord.

When the world turns its back on Israel and the Jewish people, the world turns its back on the source of all human rights. Without the Jewish people, humanity would not know that every individual life has dignity and that every life is sacred”

Mr. Beck’s ignorance, knowing not that the human conscience dawned from ancient Egypt rather from the teachings of some pastoral nomads, and his brazen hypocrisy surprised me not, for he was just being himself.

Glenn Beck

But the weird thing is that nobody caught him in tears as he was ass-kissing the few bunch of Israelis who showed up for his pathetic performance.

Glenn Beck is virtually no different from other religious extremists like Osama bin laden or rabbi Ovadia Yosef except for the chic suit he wears and the celebrities of the like-minded as Jon Voight who regularly attended his campaigns of restoring fear and reconstructing the foolish milieu of the ages of medieval fanatics who accept no creed other than their own as a legitimate path to God, and who seem intent on hastening the arrival of their version of Armageddon.

With the tenth anniversary of 9/11 a few days away and with the majority of honest scientists, experts and intellectuals attesting to the fact that the collapse of the world trade towers is a false flag operation done by a covert agency that managed to pull out the biggest demolition scam ever in history, next to of course the mythical collapse of the walls of Jericho, how could America prevail over militant Islamism whom was scapegoated for 9/11, with such a backward religious thinking promoted by fanatics like Glenn beck and John Hagee.

The next time Mr. Beck will visit Israel, which I reckon will be soon after the UN will have rejected the Palestinian bid for statehood, thanks to the United states’ only good for Israel brokering peace efforts and timely vetoes, his eyes will be sore and wet all day, not from the poignant ambience of being in the company of the chosen children of god, but from the highly irritant smoke emitted from tear gas canisters and grenades the Israeli settlers in the west bank will be firing this September on the angry and stateless Palestinian protesters or in other words, the few thousands left of the descendants of the ancient Canaanites.

For more articles by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website

YouTube – Veterans Today -The documentary ” The Land Speaks Arabic”

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9/11: Gordon Duff Discusses Cruise Missile Attack Video on Press TV


‘Pentagon attacked by a cruise missile not a passenger plane’

Leaked videos of the 9/11 attack against the Pentagon confirm eyewitness accounts that the attack was not carried out by a passenger plane as officially stated but was rather the work of a cruise missile hitting the building from a different angle.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

“There were 85 videos; a second video was released yesterday (August 29). Now it hasn’t been carefully vetted but it appears to be quite genuine that clearly shows a cruise missile from another angle hitting the Pentagon,” Gordon Duff, senior editor of Veterans Today, told Press TV’s U.S. Desk on Tuesday.

The people at the scene of the attack including CNN reporters say that they saw no plane wreckage following the attack, Duff added.

He said there are “reliable reports” from airline pilots stating that it would be “impossible” for the plane and any pilot including the top air force and navy pilots and the Top Gun instructors to have flown a plane to have accomplished what was accomplished.

“We have engineers at Boeing the company that manufactured the plane that supposedly hit the Pentagon that say it couldn’t fly that fast, it can’t fly that low, it can’t make those turns and it couldn’t have been there,” the investigative journalist added.

He further said that other physical evidence gathered at the scene of the attack against the Pentagon all indicate that it could not have been carried out by a passenger plane. Duff concluded that “it is our belief that members of the U.S. government and one other foreign government were complicit in the planning and execution of the attacks on 9/11.”

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Machine of Israel


by Gilad Atzmon

‘Machine of Israel’ is the name of the following cartoon. The short clip is openly critical of Israeli politics but it is also critical of Israel as a whole. The organisation behind the clip left a short note on youtube. It says in Hebrew “rather than (politicians) changing chairs, let’s change the system.”

Israelis are unhappy with the ‘Israeli impersonal oppressive reality’. But for some reason, they fail to grasp where the real problem is. They complain about the system but they are yet to admit or even realise what their ‘system’ is all about.

Israel defines itself as the ‘Jewish State’ and as such, it regards itself as the state of the ‘chosen’. The Israeli system is fuelled by ‘choseness’ because ‘choseness’ is the true pragmatic meaning of the Jewish State and Zionism. If Israel wants to ‘change its system’ it must first drift away from tribalism, chauvinism and supremacy. It may as well be possible but once it happens, Israel wouldn’t be the Jewish State anymore.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

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Turkey: IsraHell told “Pack your bags”


Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. AA photo

Turkey expels Israeli diplomats after UN report

ISTANBUL/ANKARA – Daily News with wires

Editor’s preface:  A publishable note, part of the text of the email which included this story from Turkey, sent to me by US personnel there:

“Tayip Erdogan stood up against Israel at the Davos Summit and now again.  Israel was given until Wednesday of next week to pack their bags and leave the country.  My hat is off to him.  Attached is the English version of an article that appeared in the Hurriyet’s Turkish Daily News.  I just hope that Israeldoesn’t retaliate like they did recently in Norway.”

Turkish daily Hurriyet reported that during Israeli Ambassador Gabi Levy’s visit to the Black Sea Technical University, a group of students congregated around him, shouting slogans such as «Israel’s child killers are not wanted in our universities», and hurled eggs into his van until university security personnel intervened.

Turkey expelled Israel’s ambassador and senior Israeli diplomats and suspended military agreements on Friday, the day after it emerged a U.N. report said Israel had used unreasonable force in a raid on a Gaza-bound ship that killed nine Turks, Reuters reported.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu had said Thursday that Friday’s official release of the “Palmer Report” would constitute Israel’s last chance to apologize for its raid on the Turkish-sponsored flotilla and warned of consequences, including sanctions, should Israel continue to refuse to apologize.

Stung by Israel’s refusal to meet demands for a formal apology, pay compensation for families of the dead, and end the blockade of Palestinians living in the Gaza enclave, Turkey announced it wasdowngrading ties with Israel further.

“Turkey-Israel diplomatic relations have been reduced to a second secretary level.

All personnel above the second secretary level will be sent home by Wednesday at the latest,” Foreign Minister Davutoğlu told at a news conference in Ankara.

Mavi Marmara — Turkey’s Gaza Flotilla

Davutoğlu announced five measures that the Turkish government would take against Israel:

1. Downgrade diplomatic ties between the two countries to level of second secretary, effectively expelling diplomats above the said level.

2. All military agreements will be put on hold.

3. Turkey will take measures for freedom of maritime movement in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

4. Turkey will no longer recognize the Gaza blockade and will take the issue to the International Court of Justice.

5. Turkey will support all flotilla victims, Turkish and foreign, in court.

Israel’s ambassador Gabby Levy was currently in Israel and canceled plans to return to Turkey on Thursday. Immediately after the attack on the aid convoy last year, Turkey withdrew its ambassador to Israel, suspended joint military exercises, and barred Israeli military aircraft from Turkish airspace. On Friday, Turkey went a step further by putting military pacts with its erstwhile ally on ice.

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Dick Cheney, The Ultimate American Terrorist


The Most Hated Man in America

by William Rivers Pitt/truthout


“Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction” – Dick Cheney

It is axiomatic by now: when someone leaves government service, especially a high-profile position, they write a book. They all do it, sometimes more than once.

Richard Nixon is the main example of one who produced a multi-volume apologia; by the time he went into the ground, he’d penned enough books to fill a wide shelf. Henry Kissinger was similarly prolific, which leads one to wonder about the relationship between criminal activities and the printed page.

Nixon was chased from office after a series of crimes that, at the time, had no precedent, and Kissinger is still so infamous that he cannot travel abroad for fear of arrest. Both wrote enough books to take up half the political science section of any local bookstore, perhaps in the vain attempt to explain away the lasting damage their actions did to the republic.

Speaking of damaging the republic, Dick Cheney has a book out. I’m sure you’ve heard about it by now; he laid the groundwork for its release by claiming the contents would cause heads to explode in Washington, causing everyone to say “Ooooh, this should be good.”

David Berkowitz – Son of Sam – and Maybe Cheney, too?

It isn’t, at all, but I must confess that my head did come very close to launching itself off my shoulders…not because of what’s in the book, but because I have to deal with the rancid reality of a free and un-convicted Dick Cheney appearing in the public eye once again.

If there were any justice to be found in this deranged country, Dick Cheney would have penned his pestiferous, self-serving little memoir by the light of a bare bulb inside the cell of a federal prison.

If there were any justice to be found, Mr. Cheney would be forced to contend with the “Son of Sam Law,” which, according to World Law Direct, “refers to a type of law designed to keep criminals from profiting from their crimes, often by selling their stories to publishers. Such laws often authorize the state to seize money earned from such a deal and use it to compensate the criminal’s victims.”

The Son of Sam, a.k.a. David Berkowitz, killed six people and wounded several others during his notorious summer-long shooting spree in New York. Berkowitz is an absolute piker compared to Dick Cheney, whose actions directly caused deaths and injuries that number in the hundreds of thousands. The deaths he is responsible for are ongoing to this day, in fact.

All Americans were ‘Fair Game’ to Cheney and Crew

Cheney’ Victims

If there were any justice to be found, whatever profits he earns from his book would be spread out between the families of dead and wounded soldiers whom he lied into war in Iraq.

Included should also be the families of dead and wounded Iraqi civilians, and Americans like Valerie Plame, who along with numerous other intelligence figures, had their lives bulldozed by Cheney’s eight-year rampage through our system of government.

It would hardly amount to a pittance paid to each injured party – there are so many to account for! – but it would be a kind of justice all the same, for nary a dime of profit would line Dick Cheney’s already-stuffed pockets.

Alas, the generations to come will be forced to reckon with one of the great and lasting failures of the Obama administration: the simple, unbelievable fact of Dick Cheney’s continued freedom.

He and his ilk committed enough brazen crimes to keep a brace of federal prosecutors busy for the next twenty-five years, and yet Mr. Cheney remains unmolested by the system of law he so vigorously disdained.

According to Wikileaks, not only has the Obama administration failed to seek a reckoning with Cheney, they worked vigorously behind the scenes to ensure that no such reckoning will ever come to pass.

A Government Makes War on It’s Own People

And so we have Dick, and his book, and yet another hard lesson on the absence of justice. He’ll make a few bucks off the thing, which he can bank next to the obscene millions he gained through his nefarious Halliburton war profiteering. He was still getting paid by Halliburton while in office. Remember that?

WMD Hype Was an Attack on America

They called it a “deferred retirement benefit,” an annual check with six zeroes to the left of the decimal, and all the while Cheney was steering your tax dollars into Halliburton’s coffers with a blizzard of bald-faced lies about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

There is so much to remember about Dick Cheney’s time in office. There was the Office of Special Plans, which he created to formulate the most effective lies possible about Iraq, WMD, and connections to September 11. There was the torture in Abu Ghraib and elsewhere, which he referred to as “the dark side” and which he championed with great vigor.

There was his dismissal of lawfully-issued congressional subpoenas, and his dedication to the idea of a “Unitary Executive” which is beholden to nothing and no one.

There was his broad plan to spy on millions of Americans without a warrant, which he wanted to continue even after the whole thing was declared to be illegal. There was (and remains) the program of indefinite detention without due process of law, which was his baby, and there was the coddling of known criminal and double-agent Ahmed Chalabi, who was his pal.

The Flow of the Intel Mojo – and – We Told You So

There was all this, and so much more besides, but one incident stands out in my mind above all else. It was only an accent in the symphony of wrongdoing Cheney directed from his office, and was barely noticed at the time, but I will never forget it.

It was a simple thing, really: the National Archives, by dint of two different federal laws, annually collects the official papers of the Executive Branch for the edification of future historians, researchers and government officials. It is a by-rote requirement, one small cog in the wheelworks of government, but not this time.

Cheney Attacking America From Within

Dick Cheney said no. No, you cannot have any papers from the office of the Vice President, and for one reason: the office of the Vice President, because I say so, is not part of the Executive Branch.

It deserves to be written twice: Dick Cheney actually claimed, with his bare face hanging out to all the world, that the office of the Vice President is not part of the Executive Branch. The unmitigated gall required to utter such a claim, especially after so much talk about the “Unitary Executive,” is unparalleled in modern American history.

There, right there, is everything you need to know about the man. Dick Cheney is the ultimate American terrorist, one who not only lacks respect for American law and government, but who spent his eight years in office actively working to destroy and dismember the functions of that government.

Cheney Was Caught in the End – His Lies Will Not Live

He tore the place up, deliberately and with intent, because he hated the law and the government it supported, and we will be a long time recovering from his deeds. He is directly and personally responsible for thousands of deaths and injuries. If this is not terrorism in the raw, then the word has no meaning.

Dick Cheney has blood on his hands, but will remain free for the foreseeable future because the administration that replaced his lacks the honor, integrity and intestinal fortitude to address what he has done. Until such a reckoning is at hand, all I can do is remind Mr. Cheney, and anyone who will listen, of another fact of law that, God willing, will be brought to bear against him someday.

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The road out of PTSD hell


by Ed Mattson

I received an email this week regarding the efforts of a Gulf war veteran on behalf of veterans suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which is characterized by potentially disabling symptoms, that are behavioral and emotional and occur in those individuals exposed to severe psychological trauma such as sexual abuse, combat, or natural disorders. In 1980, PTSD became officially recognize by the American Psychiatric Association, and added to the third edition of its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III).

Dealing with PTSD is a challenge for the bravest warriors

PTSD is a relatively new diagnosis, but it has been with mankind since the first cavemen began beating each other on the head with clubs. All one has to do is watch any documentary of a tragic event and observe the reaction of those who have lived through it. They can hardly get three words in edge-wise before there is a breakdown of emotion. In the movie, “Band of Brothers”, the personal interviews with the heroes who fought in Easy Company, were obviously very stressful for those who survived, and you could see in their demeanor the long-hidden PTSD each man had carried the last six decades. That is PTSD.

A couple of months ago I wrote about PTSD and the problems it has caused for the veterans who live every day with their own demons, fears, and flash backs, and why the transition from warrior to civilian is so difficult. There is no doubt that since 1980, when APA officially recognized PTSD as a mental disorder, the military and Veterans Administration have been doing a much better job of helping those who display the most obvious outwardly signs, but there have been millions of others who have slipped through the cracks because, in most part, the fear of being “labeled” or “tagged” with a “mental disorder”. So many who served in WWII, the Korean War and in Vietnam, have never gotten the help they need, and live every day with the possibility of having a complete breakdown. Most are not even aware of their condition, and seek solace by never allowing themselves to re-visit the event(s) which can trigger less than normal behavior.

Today the VA and military have gone to great lengths to help those who are returning from the multiple missions they have been assigned in combat zones, well before major problems can occur. As it has been explained to me, there are a number of decompressing steps that need to be taken:

  1. Returning from Warrior mentality to normal military duty

  2. Re-establishing communication and intimacy with family and friends

  3. Counseling to understand and recognize how to deal with the potential effects of PTSD

  4. Reintegrating into the civilian environment

  5. Making the decision to re-enlist or transition to civilian status

  6. Preparing for civilian life and employment if civilian transition is the choice

  7. Regaining normalcy in “the real world”.

Each branch of the service provides a number of mandatory counseling and informational programs as well as an array of training programs that can help deal with the ever-present possibility that some will never achieve 100% normalcy because with war “you never get over it but you learn to live with it. It’s part of who you are but you don’t dwell on it. If you dwelled on it you’d be paralyzed by it”(Greg Marinovich, war correspondent).

In addition to the “unwinding therapy” provided by the military and follow-up by the VA, many counseling support choices are available through the non-profit sector, including faith-based groups, ex-military support agencies, state sponsored solutions, and individual groups of PTSD victims learning to cope by helping others facing the same battle. I have mentioned several such groups in past articles, but this last week I was introduced toAntoine Johnson M.A. ED. SPEC., President of the Warrior Relaxation Response Center in Colorado Springs CO, who after serving a couple of combat tours and retiring from the army, transitioned to civilian life to pursue a teaching career.

Since leaving the military Antoine knew his role in life was to help those in need. It started in the Colorado Springs School District where he learned how to educated troubled students who were on the verge of giving up on life. As Antoine puts it, “This was my basic training for what I do today… working with the hardest kids society can offer up”. His first months of work after leaving the army as a combat platoon sergeant, were the most difficult part of his transition to civilian life, and was made even harder by having to educate kids who just couldn’t care less, compared to directing troops, where duties were carried out without much hesitancy. This is not to complain, but having to become mentor, hero, father, and friend to help his students gain respect for themselves and for life, became essential  for his role at the Warrior Relaxation Response Center.

After a brief tenure in his teaching profession, Mr. Johnson read about his fellow warriors who were undergoing the same transitioning challenges he had faced with many never quite reaching a point of fully understanding their affliction with PTSD. He knew he must be there to help as many as possible achieve the level of metal freedom that can only come about with the right kind of help. The need to serve, as it was to volunteer to serve his country, again became a calling greater than the need for personal success as a teacher, and as satisfying as it was in his position to help wayward bound children get back in step with society, he knew he had to answer this new call.

So began Antoine’s one-man campaign in May of 2009, to develop a facility where ex-soldiers could come for help to identify and understand the serious emotional and behavior disorders he himself had to deal with. There were no start-up grants to fund Mr. Johnson’s program, no major donors, only a goal to develop a program he himself had followed and one which offers a lasting cure to PTSD.

Modeled after the therapy concepts of Harvard cardiologist, Dr. Herbert Benson, Antoine created the Warrior Relaxation Response Center using multiple discipline concepts to overcome the many symptoms of PTSD so that life can become a center of normalcy. This was not simply a class-room type instructional program, but a program to “deprogram the hard-wired” antidote of fight or flight reaction in response to stressful situations that were the key elements of survival in combat.

The concept of relaxation as being the key to overcoming a learned stress reaction like fight or flight requires many elements that must be re-learned. To those with no experience in the field that may seem pretty simple, but in fact is one of the most difficult mental tasks that one must accomplish. Because post traumatic stress disorder creates both physical and mental responses dealing with the anatomical and physiological functions for the entire body (structure of all living things) all the way down the cellular/genetic level, the entire being needs to be addressed which is impossible without total relaxation.

The Relaxation Response Center teaches decreasing metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, and the rate of breathing, to calm brain activity much in line with meditation techniques used in other therapy procedures. The purpose of the program is to automatically elicit or bring-out a response in participants that will bring peace and calm, which have been shown to elicit changes in gene activity, and can totally eliminate stress. Like the initially learned response to combat was the fight or flight phenomenon, caused by an increase in adrenaline, the object to relaxation therapy, is to train the body to basically redirect attention and decision-making functions of the brain, so it can respond rationally to the degree of stress that needs to be addressed.

The program developed by Mr. Johnson is not a “cheap, one-night stand”, but rather a complete re-learning process with an outstanding record of success. It does take time to un-learn and then re-learn behavioral patterns, but for a soldier wanting to put the past behind, it is well-worth the effort and time.

The road to satisfying the criteria for TRI-CARE coverage has been one of the major hurdles to leap, but with the addition of two part-time licensed behavioral specialists Antoine’s center now meets the requirements for coverage, and the center joined its network on July 1. It means Fort Carson health providers now can refer soldiers to the center for behavioral health treatment, and an opportunity for continuing this remarkable program.

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