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J14: flash in a pan?



One of the main tropes of Zionist history and sociology has been the erasure of class from discussion of Israeli history and society. To erase class from our analysis at a moment of class struggle is to accept and replicate that erasure.  That it what the Israeli ruling class wants. Is there a reason to give them that gift?

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A. Loewenstein Online Newsletter


Some are doing very well with this endless war post 9/11

Posted: 10 Sep 2011

The Los Angeles Times reports:

It wasn’t long after the World Trade Center twin towers fell that U.S. Army special forces units were dispatched to the desolate outcroppings of Afghanistan to stalk and eradicate the Taliban.

The commandos were outfitted with radios, night vision goggles and automatic rifles. But a select few carried a new high-tech tool to hunt down the enemy.

It was a tiny robotic spy plane, so small it would fit in a backpack. Soldiers would throw the drone into the sky, where it would fly up to 400 feet, shoot video of what’s ahead and transmit those images back to the soldiers. The technology enabled them to avoid ambushes and pinpoint the location of enemy positions.

The small drones, made by Monrovia-based AeroVironment Inc., quickly became a staple of U.S. military operations in Afghanistan and fueled the growth of the once-tiny company into a publicly traded defense contractor with thousands of drones at work in the war zone.

After the Cold War, the nation’s defense industry saw a devastating drop in business. But after Sept. 11, 2001, all that changed as money once again began to flow to big-name defense contractors, such as Boeing Co., Lockheed Martin Corp. andNorthrop Grumman Corp.

But far more dramatic was the abrupt change in fortunes for smaller Southern California companies such as AeroVironment. The company’s annual sales over the last 10 years went from $29.4 million to $292.5 million.

Owners of small military firms that never had much of a chance at winning major government contracts during the Cold War were thrown in the spotlight for their smaller, cheaper but powerful high-tech weapons — vital to waging guerrilla-type warfare. And they remain in the limelight today.

“The threat changed after 9/11, as did the way the military addressed the threat,” said Timothy E. Conver, AeroVironment’s chief executive. “By using smaller, efficient systems, it coincided to what we do best.”

After the Sept. 11 attacks, the Pentagon budget more than doubled overnight, flooding defense contractors — big and small — with billions of dollars to build and develop hardware. It was a conflict that has bolstered Southern California’s fading defense industry.

“California’s aerospace industry has been one of the unsung heroes of the war on terrorism,” said John Noonan, aide to Rep. Howard P. “Buck” McKeon (R-Santa Clarita), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. “They were able to quickly adapt to new battlefield requirements, most notably in their swift supply of badly needed reconnaissance, intelligence and communications platforms.”

Voices rising against Serco’s power

Posted: 09 Sep 2011

Very few journalists in the corporate press seem interested in the ever-expanding role of unaccountable Serco, the British multinational. Privatisation is accepted as gospel by both major sides of politics and the mainstream media.

To its credit, Green Left Weekly publishes today the following important part of the story:

British-based multinational corporation Serco Group is bidding for more contracts with Australian federal and state governments. Worth £4.3 billion ($6.6 billion), Serco markets itself as a “solution to government”, which takes over government services and runs them for profit.

It has run Australia’s disastrous and increasingly unstable refugee detention centres since 2009, owns two Australian super-prisons and took over Western Australia’s court security and custodial services in June.

The $210 million WA contract was handed to Serco after private prison operator Global Services Limited — or G4S — was found to have been responsible for the death of Aboriginal elder Mr Ward, who died of heatstroke in the back of a prison van in 2008.

This month, Serco began training new workers to transport prisoners between jails and courts.

Robert Bell, a former senior officer in Britain’s public prison service, was in the first group hired by Serco to begin the training. But he told Green Left Weekly that, after only one week of training, he decided it would be a mistake.

“Serco are now carrying on the contract with the same G4S workers, and it was their colleagues who contributed to Mr Ward’s death,” he said.

Two workers formerly employed by G4S, and overseen by supervisors transferred from Britain on temporary work junkets, ran his training.

“The contract [for ex-G4S workers] never stopped. All they did was a series of weekend inductions for the G4S workers and gave them a new uniform.

“I did the first week of the Serco training period. It was a week of spin, not training. The head of human resources from Sydney came on the first day and told us what a fantastic company Serco was.”

Bell said there was a culture of silence about Serco’s working conditions even on that first day. After saying he was not impressed with Serco in Britain, a supervisor told him “some things are better left unsaid” and training staff had been told to “look out for troublemakers”.

Health and safety was emphasised in induction lectures, but not put into practice. “The trainer told us you’d wait to see physical injuries before saying anything,” Bell said.

The new workers were expected to carry out six weeks’ training and then start working with inmates. But it would be a year before they were considered fully qualified, with no recognition of prior experience, and be paid only the minimum wage.

“Over here the top pay rate is $25.40 an hour,” Bell said.

When he indicated he was considering resignation, human resources ended Bell’s contract before he even put it in writing. Serco’s employment contract allowed the company to sack workers without notice. “They could sack without reason in the initial training period.”

Serco is well known for running prisons on the cheap in Britain. Bell worked for many years at a British high-security state prison where he saw firsthand how Serco cut corners on its workforce.

“Serco came to deliver prisoners and the staff were just driven to the bone, working long hours. And they were on terrible money.

“A female supervisor bragged about their 28-hour shifts during the recent [British] riots. I said I hope Serco aren’t thinking of introducing 28-hour shifts in Australia. She said, ‘we just need to get the job done’.”

Bell said government prison workers were often sent to intervene when prisoner unrest broke out. “We had to bail out private centres run by Serco, when they lost control, we’ve had to go in.”

Jewish “leaders” happy to accuse BDS backers of anti-Semitism

Posted: 09 Sep 2011

It’s like Nazi Germany in Australia at the moment, in case you hadn’t heard:

Artwork from Gaza threatens Zionist lobby

Posted: 09 Sep 2011

This shows the desperation of a Zionist lobby that simply can’t handle the threat of hearing about Palestinians:

The Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland (MOCHA) has decided to cancel an exhibit of art by Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), which was partnering with MOCHA to present the exhibit, was informed of the decision by the Museum’s board president on Thursday, September 8, 2011. For several months, MECA and the museum had been working together on the exhibit, which is titled “A Child’s View From Gaza.”

MECA has learned that there was a concerted effort by pro-Israel organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to pressure the museum to reverse its decision to display Palestinian children’s art. 

Barbara Lubin, the Executive Director of MECA, expressed her dismay that the museum decided to censor this exhibit in contradiction of its mission “to ensure that the arts are a fundamental part of the lives of all children.”

“We understand all too well the enormous pressure that the museum came under. But who wins? The museum doesn’t win. MECA doesn’t win. The people of the Bay Area don’t win. Our basic constitutional freedom of speech loses. The children in Gaza lose,” she said. 

“The only winners here are those who spend millions of dollars censoring any criticism of Israel and silencing the voices of children who live every day under military siege and occupation.”

Unfortunately, this disturbing incident is just one example of many across the nation in which certain groups have successfully silenced the Palestinian perspective, which includes artistic expression. In fact, some organizations have even earmarked funds for precisely these efforts. Last year, regrettably the Jewish Federation of North America and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs launched a $6 million initiative to effectively silence Palestinian voices even in “cultural institutions.” 

The free exhibit, co-sponsored by nearly twenty local organizations, was scheduled to open on September 24, and featured special activities for children and families, including a cartooning workshop and poetry readings.

The Gaza Strip, which has a population of 1.6 million, has been under siege since Israel imposed a blockade against it in 2006. The United Nations and many human rights organizations across the world have condemned the blockade as an inhumane and cruel form of collective punishment.

MECA is disappointed in the museum’s decision to deny Bay Area residents the opportunity to view Palestinian children’s art, and is committed to seeking an alternative venue.  

“We made a promise to the children that their art will be shown and we are going to keep that promise,” said Lubin.

Memo to New York Times; you have no idea about the Middle East

Posted: 09 Sep 2011

Angry Arab:

While watching the scenes in Egypt today [protestors breaking into the Israeli embassy in Cairo], [New York Times columnist] Thomas Friedman, should have tweeted this to himself: I am so clueless.  I have no idea what is going on in the Middle East.  I was sitting in my suite at the Marriott and insisting that the Egyptian uprising has no foreign policy goals.  I feel like a fool, really.  Wait: what if I am.  cc To [Zionist lobbyist] Abraham Foxman.
PS Let me guess.  Friedman will write that extremist radicals exploited by an Iranian conspiracy hijacked the glorious Egyptian uprising. 

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Oakland Children’s Museum Cancels Palestinian Children’s Art Exhibit Under Pressure from Local Jewish Groups



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Oakland Children’s Museum Cancels Palestinian Children’s Art Exhibit Under Pressure from Local Jewish Groups

Berkeley, CA’s Middle East Children’s Alliance broke the news yesterday that the exhibit of children’s artwork from Gaza that they had worked on for months with Oakland’s Children’s Museum of Art was suddenly canceled by the board before the planned September 24 opening reception. The show featured drawings by children about Israel’s infamous Operation Cast Lead, the military assault of December 2008-January 2009 that led to the deaths of some 1,400 Palestinians, over 300 of them children.

(Check regularly at for updates and planned actions- they won’t be taking this lying down.)

MECA said in a statement:

The Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland (MOCHA) has decided to cancel an exhibit of art by Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip. The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA), which was partnering with MOCHA to present the exhibit, was informed of the decision by the Museum’s board president on Thursday, September 8, 2011. For several months, MECA and the museum had been working together on the exhibit, which is titled “A Child’s View From Gaza.”

MECA has learned that there was a concerted effort by pro-Israel organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area to pressure the museum to reverse its decision to display Palestinian children’s art.

Barbara Lubin, the Executive Director of MECA, expressed her dismay that the museum decided to censor this exhibit in contradiction of its mission “to ensure that the arts are a fundamental part of the lives of all children.”

“We understand all too well the enormous pressure that the museum came under. But who wins? The museum doesn’t win. MECA doesn’t win. The people of the Bay Area don’t win. Our basic constitutional freedom of speech loses. The children in Gaza lose,” she said.

“The only winners here are those who spend millions of dollars censoring any criticism of Israel and silencing the voices of children who live every day under military siege and occupation.”

Recognizing that the San Francisco Jewish Community Relations Council has an established track record of targeting Palestinian cultural expression, I wrote directly to JCRC Executive Director Doug Kahn to find out if they were involved in the board’s sudden decision to cancel the show. Indeed it seems they were, though perhaps not alone. This was his response in full:

East Bay JCRC, working closely with the Jewish Federation of the East Bay, shared with the leadership of MOCHA our concerns about the inappropriateness of this exhibit given the fact that MOCHA – an important and valued community institution – serves very young children.

(MOCHA has only stated that they received complaints “from Jewish groups as well as others in the community.”)

However, it doesn’t seem likely that this is about concerns for children’s sensitivities to war imagery. As the San Francisco Chronicle pointed out in its coverage of the incident today, MOCHA has a significant track record of showing the artwork of children living under war, including WWII, without incident. These images apparently aren’t substantively different.

This is, however, about giving voice to Palestinians-in this case children- who endured a simply extraordinary attack on an illegally captive population of 1.5 million people otherwise known as Operation Cast Lead.

The Israel government and its proxies pulled out all of the stops to undermine criticism of the Operation which drew nearly universal condemnation and triggered massive protest marches around the world. An unprecedented smear campaign was launched against a respected Jewish South African jurist named Richard Goldstone who led a UN task force examining Israeli and Hamas war crimes.

The canceling of the art show should be seen in the context of the Goldstone smear campaign, as well as previous successful efforts by a handful of Bay Area Jewish communal organizations to determine what Palestinians can and cannot say. (In contrast, exhibit organizer, the Middle East Children’s Alliance, enjoys significant Jewish support, and the Bay Area chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace is one of many exhibit co-sponsors.)

In 2007, the JCRC pressured San Francisco State University to change the content of a mural dedicated to the late great Palestinian intellectual Edward Said. It’s worth looking at the mural and then reading the JCRC’s critique to understand the depth of their fear of imagery that is so essential to Palestinian memory of fleeing or being expelled from their homes to make way for the then new state. It is odd, to put it mildly, to read Jewish communal professionals so closely aligned with the Israeli Consulate offering in depth art critiques of Palestinian symbolism in a policy-making capacity.

The JCRC was also involved in a deeply messy battle, along with the Anti-Defamation League, over the content of a San Francisco mural painted by young members of the nonprofit H.O.M.E.Y. which works with at-risk kids in San Francisco’s mission district. Not surprisingly, the groups’ insistence that they represented the vast majority of Jews in the Bay Area-an area known for its commitment to independent thought and open artistic expression– triggered significant Jewish opposition. And of course the JCRC is behind the highly controversial restrictive funding guidelines that essentially bar (or should I say threaten to bar) critics of Israel , including BDS proponents, from speaking prominently on panels of institutions funded in some way by San Francisco’s Jewish Federation.

But something tells me that this cancellation of Gazan children’s art, some of which you see here, may well cross a line for a lot of fence-sitters. While I reject the argument of parity that only applies to Palestinian stories, it certainly would have been wiser to lobby the MOCHA board to either work with MECA on adapting the exhibit or to hold an exhibit-like the Israeli government and others have – of artwork by the children of the Israeli city of Sderot rather than cancel the Gazan exhibit.  And to be fair, perhaps they were lobbied to do that but the board chose to wash their hands of the entire issue. We don’t know. I myself would have attended exhibits of children’s art from Gaza or Sderot, and brought my young son. But instead, we have what amounts to yet more erasure. The Israeli government has in essence locked the over 60% of Gazans who are children behind a wall and thrown away the key and forgotten entirely about them. Now the rest of us are supposed to forget about them too.

In the meantime, this must feel like deja vu all over again for MECA. Washington Report on Middle East Affairsreported about this incident in late 2005:

MECA had teamed up with the Berkeley Art Center and Alliance Graphics to present an exhibit last November and December called “Justice Matters: Artists Consider Palestine.” In their works 14 Palestinian and American artists addressed Israel’s occupation and colonization of Palestine.

The artists, MECA and the Berkeley Art Center were attacked by the Anti-Defamation League, the Simon Wiesenthal Center and other people who claimed to represent the mainstream Jewish community. According to Jos Sances, curator of “Justice Matters,” “there was even an effort to close the show down and have the city withdraw its annual support for the Berkeley Art Center.”

Fourteen rabbis (one for each artist?) visited Berkeley’s mayor to condemn the exhibit. The artists were charged with glorifying violence and terrorism, perpetuating anti-Semitic stereotypes and even lying about their own history.

On the other hand, there was support from the community and e-mails to the Berkeley Art Center included comments like: “A powerful, scathing experience. Thank you for it” and “It was very thought provoking to see the other side.” Even an Israeli offered ”my admiration for your courage in showing this important protest art.”

MECA’s Barbara Lubin says the mayor of Berkeley stood up to pressure and the show went on. The level of denial about Israeli human rights violations has dropped so dramatically in many Jewish communities in recent years—synagogues everywhere across the country are split — that I wonder if 6 years later most of those rabbis would have the same response to challenging art. I suppose we’re about to find out.

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I’ve signed this important letter

Friends, I’ve signed this important letter.  Please consider joining me and inviting your friends and associates to join us, as well.   Anne

Dear Friend,

You are invited to be a early signer to the letter below, so your name will be listed when the invitation to prospective signers is broadcast more widely. (Information about the genesis of the letter is pasted at the end of this message.) To add your name and city to the list of signers, please reply to me at Your organizational affiliation is optional. You may forward this message to your friends and associates who might like to sign. Thank you! Martha Reese

Hilmon Sorey, Board President
Masako Kalbach, Interim Executive Director

We are writing to request an explanation of MOCHA’s decision to cancel the forthcoming exhibition, “A Child’s View of Gaza.”

We commend you for having seen–at least initially–the importance, relevance, and immediacy of such an exhibition. The show’s concept is brilliant: art as a window into the minds of children and, simultaneously, a geopolitical issue. The exhibition, which would have displayed children’s varied artistic responses to life experience–some of it traumatic–was sure to inspire the viewer that museum art is a vibrant, living form of expression. Art like this touches our lives and underscores our common humanity within the global family of man.

Why, then, the cancellation?

We would hope that MOCHA’s decision is not designed to avoid either controversy or controversial art. Surely, there are well-funded institutions whose purpose is to promote a positive view of Israel. Those same parties, unfortunately, see the marginalizing and demonization of Palestinians as an essential corollary to their advocacy for Israel. They work to silence voices that raise essential, appropriate questions about the human impact of Israeli policy.

The individuals who fund and direct these institutions possess, in many cases, a worldview based on limited contact with actual Palestinian individuals or the lives they lead: subjects of military occupation, minority members of a nation in which they are relegated to perennial outsider status, exiles who have been dispossessed so that another people might find a place.

Evidently, some of these narrow-minded individuals with influence and access to decision-makers find it threatening that a direct, uncensored Palestinian perspective might be given a temporary space in American cultural life. Is MOCHA’s decision to cancel the exhibit a capitulation to the demands of such persons–individuals whose ignorance, prejudice, and empathy deficit have taken the form of a narrow, intolerant political agenda? Are we to be denied access to the art of all children living with political violence–or are only Palestinian children to be denied a place?

We Americans do not suffer from an overexposure to Palestinian perspectives; on the contrary, our limited exposure is a critical factor in perpetuating dangerous and damaging misapprehensions. Those working most assiduously to eliminate expressions of the rich and complex Palestinian experience are the very people who would benefit most from encountering it in an honest, uncensored form. The best remedy for ignorance, prejudice, and lack of empathy is exposure to life through the eyes of another. That was to be the profoundly hopeful, transformative possibility of “A Child’s View of Gaza.”

We request an explanation of MOCHA’s cancellation of the exhibition, and action that, to us, appears to reflect a serious error in judgment.


Michael Levin, Berwyn, IL – Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine

Rebekah Levin, Oak Park, IL – Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine

Martha Reese, River Forest, IL – Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine

Caren Levy Van Slyke, Oak Park, IL – Committee for a Just Peace in Israel and Palestine

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Help us release Ni’ilin’s Ibrahim Srour from Zio-Nazi Camp

Dear All,

Ibrahim Srour

Click here to
stand up for freedom for Ibrahim Srour

The village of Ni’ilin has been hit strong and hard by the Israeli attempts to suppress the unarmed demonstrations against the construction of the Wall.

Since May 2008, when demonstrations against the Wall began in the village, hundreds have been injured and hundreds more were arrested. Five , including a ten year-old boy, were killed by Israeli bullets. Other punitive measures included withdrawal of work permits and the blocking of entrances to the village for large periods of time.

The Wall in Ni’ilin, now complete, leaves roughly a third of the village’s lands sequestered behind it. Despite the repression, as land theft continues, so do demonstrations in Ni’ilin and many other Palestinian villages.

Please follow this link to make a donation towards supporting the Palestinian popular struggle’s prisoners and our fight for freedom and justice.

When I was in prison for organizing protest in my village of Bil’in, I knew that if I make bail or have to pay a fine to be released, someone would pay it. Worrying about such technicalities was literally the last thing on my mind. But now that I am free and other protesters are in prison, that knowledge has turned into a responsibility. My responsibility is to make sure other don’t have to worry about it as well.

Ibrahim Srour, a resident of Nil’in, has been imprisoned by Israel for nearly two years for participating in local protests. He will be released from prison on October 2nd, if the immense 12,000 NIS (3,250 USD) fine placed by a military court judge is raised in time.

Ibrahim Srour, 20, was arrested on January 7th, 2010, during a nighttime raid on his village, Ni’ilin. The soldiers who snatched him from his bed at gunpoint had been sent to arrest him for his participation in demonstrations held in protest of the construction of the Wall and the theft of some 30% of Ni’ilin’s lands. Protests, in which five unarmed protesters, including a 10 year-old boy, were killed by the Israeli army.

Prior to his arrest, Ibrahim was the main breadwinner to a large and poor family, including a sick father. Based on flimsy evidence, he was eventually sentenced by a military tribunal to twenty months in prison and a 3,250 USD fine. Ibrahim’s family cannot afford to pay the fine. Please help us raise the money to secure his release.

Ibrahim was arrested and charged based on statements drawn from a mentally challenged youth from the village. These coerced statements were used to against not only Ibrahim, but dozens of Ni’ilin’s protestors. The statements themselves and the man who gave them were so unreliable, that even a military judge was forced to disqualify them and acquit a defendant in another case.

The practice of pressuring weak individuals into making incriminating statements in order to put protesters and protest leaders behind bars is in common use by the Israeli army, as in the case of Nabi Salah, where the coerced confession of a 14 year-old boy during an unlawful interrogation brought about the arrest of more than 20 people.

Please click here to make a donation that will help us finally release Ibrahim from prison and fight Israeli repression.

Mohammed Khatib 
Mohammed Khatib

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Are Libya’s Palestinians ready for the post-Gaddafi era?


First published in Al Manar

Also available @

Franklin Lamb


As Palestinian students and faculty prepare for fall classes at Nassar College and Al |Fatah University in Tripoli, as well as Benghazi’s Garyounis University and Omar Mukhtar University near Al Bayda, a petition is being circulated on and around the campuses.

The petition organizers and initial signatories include mainly refugees and pro-Palestinian Libyans as well as resident foreigners. As part of their campaign the refugees are requesting of the Palestine Authority headquartered in Ramallah, Occupied Palestine, that the “Palestine Seat”, touring the Middle East be sent to Tripoli for a couple of days as part of the run-up to the presumed late September  UN vote to admit Palestine as the 194th  UN Member State.

Visiting with several Palestinian students, academics, and Palestinian business people who generally have done relatively well here, and some of whose families came here 29 years ago following the 1982 Israeli facilitated Massacre at Sabra-Shatila camp in Beirut, one thing seems fairly clear.  It is that the normally out of the international spotlight Palestinian refugees in Libya are quite motivated and are determined in their bid to gain UN Membership for a State bordered on the 1967 lines. Several also expressed support for attempting to overcome the anticipated US veto in the Security Council by invoking the 1950 “Uniting for Peace” Resolution 377 and overriding the American veto with a two-thirds General Assembly vote, for which there is international legal precedent.

A few hundred Palestinian refugees have returned to Libya over the past ten days as security improves and they are resuming their livelihood which is close to the pinnacle if compared to the 57 Palestinian refugee camps in the Levant region.  As a result of an initiative by Aisha Gaddafi’s Women’s Rights NGO, Wa Attassimou, in December of 2010 the People’s Congress enacted a law that grants women and Palestinian refugees full rights to acquire and pass on nationality to a spouse and children as a result of inter-marriage. The preceding July 24 Aisha was appointed a UN Goodwill Ambassador for her work that focused on women rights in Libya, poverty and HIV/AIDS.  In February 2011 US Secretary of State Clinton insisted that Ban Key Moon strip her of her post which, without bothering with the normal UN administrative procedures, he promptly did.

Of the Gaddafi children, Aisha and her brother Saif al Islam most closely share the unwavering commitment of their father to the cause of justice for Palestine and are widely admired among Palestinians in Libya.

Whatever one thinks of the “brother leader” these days, the social status and economic conditions of Palestinian refugees in Libya, as in the other Arab countries has been determined by each country’s leadership and by the degree to which the leaders play the Palestinian card domestically and internationally for their own benefit.

Moammar Gaddafi is no exception and while his rule appears to be coming to an end, his influence in Libya on the Palestinian issue may not be totally. Moammar Gaddafi has earned a respectful place in the history of the Palestinian Revolution. He stands above most other Arab leaders in his unalterable resistance stance and his unwillingness to waiver in his demands for the full Right of Return of all diaspora Palestinian refugees to their country.

Despite some mercurial behavior following Oslo and a couple of other times, Gaddafi’s granting of internationally recognized human rights to  all Palestinian refugees hosted by Libya  in the current period ranks Libya slightly behind Jordan and about equal with Syria is supporting, over the past 30 years, those whose land and homes were stolen by Zionist colonizers.

Yet there is demonstrable apprehension among a significant number of Palestinians in Libya that the new “NATO government” will not only recognize Israel and turn over to Israelis significant chunks of the Libyan economy, but that whatever government emerges may also curtail refugee rights in this country pending their return to Palestine.
Some have told this observer that if Gaddafi is not to return, at least his children ardently support the Palestinian cause and can hopefully influence the future actions of the new government.

But now that also is perhaps unlikely.

According to Aisha, she and her older brother Saif often talked politics with their Father and once had a contest several years ago to see who could recite for their doting father during his birthday dinner, the list of all the failed “peace plans” dealing with Palestine. Aisha, who was, grades wise, the best of the Gaddafi bunch in school, won the sibling contest.  Aisha’s recitation of failed “peace plans”, was:

“Peace proposals of Count Folke Bernadotte (1947-1948), UN Security Council Resolution 242 (November 22, 1967), Land for peace (1967), Jarring Mission (1967-1971), Allon Plan 26 July 1967Rogers Plan (1969), UN Security Council Resolution 338 (October 22, 1973), Reagan Plan (Sept. 1, 1982), Oslo Accords (1993), Wye River Memorandum (October 23, 1998), Camp David 2000 Summit (2000), The Clinton Parameters (December 23, 2000), Taba summit (January, 2001), Elon Peace Plan (2002), Nusseibeh-Ayalon Agreement (2002), Arab Peace Initiative (March 28, 2002), The People’s Voice (July 27, 2002), and The Road Map for Peace (April 30, 2003)”

And she claims she still can do it plus the more recent failures!

Saif, is an equally strong advocate of Palestinian rights and as is the case with his father and siblings, he advocates for a single state solution as he did in several lectures in England, including at Chatham House and elsewhere.

According to Saif, “My Father told us that before we were born he liked to read Mao’s Little Red Book of Quotations and more than once he wrote Chairman Mao to discuss some details.  Then Father wrote the Green Book and finally both of us worked on the White Book. The White Book project was something we both enjoyed and we believe it is the only workable solution. I think most Palestinians in Libya agree but you can ask them.”

It appears to this observer that the Palestinian refugees in Libya, no doubt having been influenced by the countless speeches by Moammar Gaddafi on the subject over the past four decades, are among the most ardent supporters, within the Palestinian community, of a One State solution to the Question of Palestine.

The White Book analyses the history of Palestine, notes the many defects with a two-state solution and proposes a single state, called, “Isratine.”  Saif and Aisha explained that the name may seem a little silly and some have ridiculed it but  that the first Parliament could choose the name it preferred for the new country.”

Whether Saif will be able to continue his family’s work on the Question of Palestine is currently problematical. A team of six international lawyers, organized by two Americans, at the request of long time Gaddafi allies, has asked Aisha,  herself an experienced lawyer, to join the legal team that is preparing to defend  Saif against any charges brought by the International Court of Justice (ICC) or inside Libya. Aisha has worked on a number of legal projects including defending Muntadhar al-Zaidi when he faced charges stemming from the George Bush shoe-hurling incident in Baghdad.

The American led team has learned that the NTC has received instructions from NATO to kill Saif on sight rather than have to put on a trial either inside or outside Libya. NATO is fully aware that an international trial of Saif will quickly become a trial of NATO.  This venue would doubtless quickly burst the propaganda bubble that has so broadly misled much of world public opinion these past six months about NATO’s regional goals and deeds in Libya.

Such a trial may take years to complete given the damming evidence against NATO that has been compiled by various research projects in Libya that have now spanned nearly four months, as demonstrative evidence continues to be catalogued.

A lawsuit against NATO is also being prepared for filing in the US Federal Court for the District of Columbia and will employ the relatively liberal Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to introduce voluminous documentation exposing NATO crimes against Libyan civilians.

In the coming uncertain period for Libya’s Palestinian refugees, this fall’s events at the United Nations and the make-up of Libya’s next government will weigh heavily.

Franklin Lamb is in Libya and can be reached c/o

In Solidarity,


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Ron Paul: Time to Throw Him Under a Bus?


We Have Been Played By Him Enough

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

For years, we have been told how Ron Paul supported a new investigation on 9/11, he is quoted continually on this.  In reality, his is a “denialist” of the American Holocaust.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Not just that, listen to this idiot for a minute or two, he is an absolute moron, even by Bush standards.  I do so love Texas, despite the poverty and wealth, the trash everywhere, breathing methane, Texans are people of rare character.  I spent a portion of my life there in the oil patch, love the oil business in every way and love Texas.

There was a time when I had hope for Paul.  I also loved the things Dennis Kucinich said until I found him in bed with oil and defense contractors, shilling for Gaddafi and the Mossad.

Now former CIA and Defense chief, Robert Gates tells us that everything the ‘alternative press’ has said about President Obama and Israel, despite idiotic statements Obama himself has made, is false and that both Obama and Biden are trying to dump Israel as more than a liability and embarrassment but something perhaps “unspoken.”  Gates calls them an “ungrateful ally.” 

With the Tea Party recently returned from a junket to Tel Aviv, fresh with new ideas, cuts in military pay, social security, veterans benefits and full deregulation of the banksters topping the list, Ron Paul was a hope to many.  I so hate writing this.

On the other hand, Ron Paul, worse yet, good friend of one of my best friends, is turning out to be dishonest.  Sibel Edmonds gutted Paul this week on her blog and on Veterans Today:

Is Ron Paul Still “Ron Paul?”

Bruce Fein: It Boils Down to‘Principle’

by Sibel Edmonds

Final: The Facts, Bruce Fein, Ron Paul, and
the Next Step

Today is Day 7 on the campaign to raise awareness and alert re Bruce
Fein, the greatest threat to the Ron Paul Camp to date. It may be my last one
depending on the public response and feedback we receive from the already active
and vigilant ‘true’ Paul supporters. I am going to start with one last response
to Bruce-Mattie Fein agents who have hijacked several websites to deflect
attention from the facts and the real issues. If you go and read the propaganda
written by the Feins’ agents you’ll see why I refer to them as ‘agents.’ Either
due to certain omega fatty acid deficiencies or natural genetic misfortune,
these guys slip and make clear their close associations with both Bruce and
Mattie Fein. Now, allow me to provide you with a concrete rebuttal to some of
this misinformation that is being spread and planted by Feins’

“So what if he is representing foreign agents, foreign
governments or foreign groups. He is an attorney after all, and it is his job to
represent these people?”


Last time I checked attorneys represented their clients in
courts. Last time I checked legal cases were not brought by attorneys before the
CIA. Last time I checked lawyers did not argue their clients’ cases before State
Department operatives. And last time I checked legal representation did not
extend to going to Congress, wining and dining representatives, and funneling
money into their pockets. Did I miss something when I checked all this last
time?! Because this is what Bruce Fein writes and markets about the services he
provides for foreign agenda clients, and if you read you hardly, if ever, come
across any mention of legal-attorney representation:

“The Lichfield Group features unrivalled government, media, and business
experience. Exemplary is the Group’s high level connections with the Department
of Justice, the Department of State, and the Central
Intelligence Agency
, on the one hand, to The New York Times, The
Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal, and nationwide broadcast or cable
networks on the other.

Whether a client is a giant corporation handcuffed by ill-conceived
United States government policies or a foreign government anxious to
influence the decisions of Congress, the President, agencies
, the
judiciary, or State governments, The Lichfield Group is armed with the skills
and contacts indispensable for success.”

Just to show my generosity and kindness towards the IQ-challenged Fein agents
I am going to recap: Bruce Fein is a foreign agent-lobbyist and that has nothing
to do with ‘legal representation.’ He represents foreign agendas before the CIA,
the State Department, the Congress, and the White House… Courts ain’t got
nothing to do with this in-name-only ‘attorney.’ Where did you guys ever hear of
cases being brought before the despicable Central Intelligence Agency-CIA?! What
exactly are this Bruce Fein’s ties and close connections to the CIA and State
Department he keeps braschmidtgging about?!

“Bruce Fein is a fine attorney. Regardless of his shady foreign
ties and businesses, as t
he Chief Legal Advisor to Ron
Paul Campaign he is bringing his highly regarded attorney expertise and

As I am writing this piece, as has been the case
since the ruling
 by the Congressional Ethics Committee, there is a fine group of legal
experts who are working on getting the Bar Association to investigate and
hopefully suspend Mr. Fein’s attorney license. This is a gigantic public
scandal, not an allegation,

“In a statement released on August 5, the House Ethics Committee ruled
that Rep Jean Schmidt has received multiple improper gifts totaling $500,000
from the Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) between 2008 and 2010. The Committee
ruled that Schmidt must pay the money back, However, she will not face sanctions
by the House as she was able to pin the blame for her behavior on her attorneys
Bruce Fein and David Saltzman.”

After investigating the case, the Ethics Committee says it was Bruce Fein who
intentionally misled his client Rep. Schmidt and funneled half a million dollars
of foreign lobby money to the Congresswoman. As I stated before,
there are only two possible scenarios here:

His two possible explanations for this case would be: 1- I did not tell
my client that my legal representation of her case was part of foreign lobby
money funneling to her; 2- My client was fully aware of the foreign lobby
bribery nature of my

legal representation and services, but to protect her and my foreign
bosses I took the blame. Under either explanation one glaring point remains
clear, and that is the lack of ethics on behalf of the involved attorney-Bruce

Feins’ agents are out there trying to persuade the Paul Camp to ‘forget
Fein’s foreign lobbyist status and businesses’; that ‘you’ve got a darn good
attorney as your chief legal advisor.’ It is not any of my ‘allegations’ they
are countering here; it is the official findings by the House Ethics Committee.
How is it going to look for Ron Paul and his supporters if and when it is
announced that Bruce Fein is being barred from legal practice due to unethical
practices as an attorney?! Who is going to defend Ron Paul for picking this kind
of an attorney for this kind of high-official position?! What will the public
say? The presidential candidate who picked a crusty foreign lobbyist and a
barred attorney as his chief legal advisor?!

I did not have to invent Bruce Fein’s Foreign Lobbyist status. It is in Mr.
Fein’s resume and his past and present practices, showcased by him right here.
Mr. Fein’s intimate associations with the CIA, the State Department and the
White House are not based on any allegations; it is in his resume as written by
him. Mr. Fein’s position and membership in the Neocon Nest AEI is a fact that is
highlighted and used by him when needed.

The ruling on Mr. Fein’s foreign lobbymoney funneling scheme is not some rumor; it is in an official congressional
report. And finally, it is very hard for me to believe that the propaganda,
misinformation and personal attacks on me recently could possibly be coming from
any ‘true’ Ron Paul supporter. We are talking about libertarians, and
libertarian-leaning people who refuse to stop the critical thinking process and
readily summit to any authority. Take a look at the following propaganda example
from the Daily Paul website, and tell me if this jibes with the Paul Camp

“I’m all for questioning things, but in the context of a presidential
campaign, our leader is Ron Paul. His decision is to keep Fein. Back him up,
despite your opinions.”
– Road Runner on Wed, 08/31/2011 –

Since when do Ron Paul people advocate for a monarchy-kingdom where followers
must follow their king/leader blindly without question? This is disgusting. A
disgrace to any libertarian minded person! Here is another one:

“An adviser may not be central in the campaign, and could be there to
simply “bolster the appearance of the management team”, just like they do with
company investment portfolios. It even might be for the purpose of gaining some
acceptance from neocons by having the AEI adviser, even though RP is not neocon
oriented and might not even take any advice from him. In the end, I have to
consider RP to be capable of making these decisions. He is experienced and may
have some reasons and knowledge that we do not see.” 
– Big T Wed,
08/31/2011 – 12:25.

What are these people saying? It is totally okay if Ron Paul hired this guy
in order to expand his base to include neocons?

Okay, I am not going to waste my time with mind-boggling quotes attacking me
personally, advocating a dictatorship style following, planting misinformation,
and most importantly attributing all that to Ron Paul supporters. Instead, here
is my message to all in the ‘true’ Paul Grassroots network: It is okay to think
highly of Bruce Fein’s speeches-writings on State Secrets Privilege and some
First Amendment related topics. I’ve read some of those, and I happen to like
the content.

Fein has been in and around the Paul Camp, giving speeches and
interviews since 2008. I had no problem with that. Have the man, pay the man, to
write and publish articles. That’s fine. But do NOT let this man inside as a
strategically positioned insider.

Do not let this man become Ron Paul’s Chief
Legal Advisor. A crusty foreign lobbyist, an unethical attorney involved in
money-laundering-funneling for foreign agents, a CIA-State Department Insider, a
known AEI Neocon, a covert Israel supporter, a man who has been playing all
sides-from the ACLU to AEI to Turkey to Pakistan to Israel to Ron Paul…Well,
that kind of man has NO place in the Ron Paul campaign as an insider, and has no
place with Ron Paul.

I believe I have said and done my part for now. I have been
in this particular fight for way too long. Causes to fight for have not
decreased but increased. I believed this to be one of those causes worth
fighting for, including taking vicious attacks and insults from Paul imposters.
However, the decision is now yours to make and the next step is yours to take.
In the end, it all boils down to sincerity and principle. Please let me know,
and until then.

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9/11 for Dummies: Top Five 9/11 Facts Everyone Should Know


Using Common Cents and Telling the 9/11 Facts

by Johnny Punish

In speaking with my fellow Americans about 9/11 ten years after the fact, I have found that many, sadly and unfortunately, have either forgotten what happened that terrible day or have purchased the propaganda delivered to them by their own “trusted” main stream US media. 

What especially concerns me is the progressive dummying down of our youth; specifically those under 20 years old who either hardly remember that day as it happened or where not even born yet.  These people must rely on what is told to them by “trusted” sources.  In other words, our American youth are getting an even  larger dose of propaganda then we did shortly after the event and it’s troubling.

As it stands, another lost generation can only accelerate the USA and it’s continued devolution towards Idiocracy.  In my view, this is NOT in our best interests and so I write this “9/11 for Dummies” post in hopes that those with limited time to invest in truth can get enough of the facts to at least ask “Hey! What really happened that day?”

First, why is truth important?

Well, as most of the intelligencia already know, the American public is being farmed by the globalists posing as American firsters in their fancy $ 3000 suits with American flag lapel pins.  We see them everyday on their respective party TV channels selling the snake oil. This has been going on for decades.  It’s nothing new.

What is new is that we, the people, now have access to information that was once hidden from us and thus are in shock mode as we get pummeled by reality as each layer of fakery is uncovered.  It’s destabilizing as if we’re on a boat in rough seas ready to vomit and realize, oh oh, no Dramamine; only truth to set us straight.

Okay, so what’s at stake here is the future because the human world is teetering on failure with overpopulation while gorges on mother nature’s resources.   In the meantime, globalists continue the rapture with no consequence.

So for us who live on edges of their empire, the question is simply “Should we allow the globalist to decide who lives and dies or can we, the global peoples, rise up and decide our own fate?”.  It’s a heavy question and I offer no answer except to ask you to share these 9/11 Top Five Facts with your neighbors and friends and help get the facts out so that, at the very least, when we completely give up our lives to the globalists, we do so with eyes wide open and not as cows at the slaughter house.

Oh, before I launch the Top Five Facts, please know that I am not a conspiracy theorist. I have no cards in the confusion game of misdirection.  Facts are facts!  At the end I will note my opinion and then you can decide for yourself.   So here we go……..

1. WTC Building 7:  Why did it fall?

This 47 story building fell on the same day as the twin towers yet it was NEVER hit by a plane.  There was a small fire with the cause never fully explained.  Then, in the early evening it collapsed. The video of the collapse shows it going straight down.

The 9/11 Commission does NOT have much to say about this  collapse and the main stream media never mentions it.  Moreover, most Americans do NOT even know that it fell and that it’s even part of that terrible day we  call 9/11.  On this one, 2 plus 2 does NOT equal 4.

No plane hit the building, period!  Why did it collapse?  How?  Has the red flag been raise?  Yes, by  many yet the general public is amazingly unaware.  Thus, this fact may go down and get lost in time.

The Common Cents Punish Opinion: In my view, this is key evidence that 9/11 does not pass the smell test.  But that’s my opinion only.  What’s yours?

2. Pentagon:  No Plane Debris

Witnesses at the scene who were in the building and had to crawl during the chaos report NO sightings of any plane debris; no cockpit, engines, seats,  nothing.

Worse, the Pentagon is the most secure building in the world and in 2001, that would mean hundreds of cameras on full time recording events outside  the building, not only by the Pentagon itself but by the myriad of buildings around the Pentagon yet NOT one video of a plane flying extremely low and hitting the building, not one!  Really?

All we have is an explosion and hole with no evidence of a plane hitting the building.  These are the facts.

Worse, professional pilots including ex-Air Force pilots report that there is no way they could have flown that plane that low at that alleged speed and hit  the building.  No way! Yet the 9/11 commission says it was an Arab pilot who could hardly fly a Cessna who did the deed.

Finally, the only evidence that we do have of a plane that was hijacked comes from a phone call from Barbara Olson to her husband Theodore Olson.  Yet, when we take a look at who these people are, it’s clear that they are NOT  average Americans.

Barbara Olson was a Republican Conservative employee of Fox News and her husband, Theodore (Ted), was a member of the Bush Administration as United States Solicitor General from 2001-2004.

In legal terms, these people are NOT exactly at arms-length and under cross  examination would be deemed biased and not credible witnesses yet these two are the only connection we have to a plane hitting the Pentagon.

The Common Cents Punish Opinion:  Who wrote this script?

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Free MP3 Download of 9/11 Truth Rock

3. Shanksville:  No Plane Debris

There is no evidence that a plane hit the ground.  There is just burned dirt and shrubbery. The first videos from the scene are no longer available and so  we’re left with what the government says about this thing.

According to the Shanksville Mayor Ernie Stull “There was no plane,” he told German television in March 2003.  He said “My sister and a good friend of mine  were the first ones there,” Stull said. “They were standing on a street corner in Shanksville talking. Their car was nearby, so they were the first here –  and the fire department came. Everyone was puzzled, because the call had been that a plane had crashed. But there was no plane.”

There are family members of those on the plane that said they received calls including the infamous “Let’s Roll” line yelled by one of the passengers but where are the bodies?  No bodies?  No recovery of seats?  engines?  Nothing!

The Common Cents Punish Opinion:  Again, no evidence that a plane crashed except what the government says happened.  This from the same government that gave  us WMD’s in Iraq.  Come on! why should I believe a known liar?  Give me evidence!

4. WTC Towers:  Planes and Collapse

At 8:46 a.m. the government says five hijackers crashed American Airlines Flight 11 into the World Trade Center’s North Tower (1 WTC) and at 9:03 a.m. another five hijackers crashed United Airlines Flight 175 into the South Tower (2 WTC).

Average Joe Blow witnesses on the ground say they saw planes hit the building and clearly, from the video evidence from both main stream media and some amateurs on the ground, we do see planes hit the buildings.  But the plane markings are NOT clear and thus we are NOT sure if those planes were in fact the planes that the government said were flights.

What we do know is that Larry Silverstein procured a lease for the WTC in July 2001 and won the bid despite  being outbid by a rival.  And it just so happens, Larry Silverstein also had the lease on Building 7.  His insurance policy calls for 3.55 billion to be paid out.

The Common Cents Punish Opinion:  I think the planes hit but it may not have been the planes that they said hit.  And did the buildings fall because of the planes or were they “pulled”.  Many in the field of engineering say they were pulled.  In my view, the government is notorious for cover-ups. They are the most secretive entity on the planet.  There is plenty of evidence that the government has kills their own to complete a mission.  So it’s sensical to question their account of that terrible day.  I don’t trust them at all!  Why should I?

5.  9/11:  The Perpetrators

According the government, the leader of the 9/11 attack was former CIA agent Osama Bin Laden and the mastermind operations manager was Khalid Sheik Mohamed.  They said they were 19 hijackers involved in the attacks and the government sponsored 9/11 commission concluded so.

As anyone who understands crime investigations knows, one must follow the evidence.  And the evidence says a lot that the government does NOT say.

First, the alleged evil doers are dead and their Al-Qaeda organization is decimated.  More, they don’t appear to have benefits from the attacks except notoriety.  Who did benefit from the attacks were the war profiteers and anti-civil liberties groups. In the days after 9/11, the government waged 2 major wars and reduced the American public from a once free society to a complete controlled corportocracy.   In the wars, trillions of dollars were made. The evidence is everywhere. The global beneficiaries are everywhere in plain sight while the American peoples are saddled with a broken economy, no relative freedom, and a bleak future.

The Common Cents Punish Opinion:  So who benefited again?  Oh that’s right, not us! And why is it that Zionism has it’s fingerprints everywhere from Douglas Fife, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Larry Silverstein et al…?   Is it me or does everyone who benefited from 9/11 happen to be associated with global Zionism?

Land Gigs

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U.S. Navy Won’t Protect Americans From IsraHell Terrorists

by Bob Johnson

“The Sixth Fleet cannot guarantee the security of S/V Liberty. Sixth Fleet recommends that if S/V Liberty is concerned about its safety and security that it should return to its point of origin.”  This is the sick and cowardly statement a spokesperson for the U.S. Sixth Fleet in the Mediterranean gave to an American citizen and sailor, Larry Toenjes, who sailed 8,000 miles to pay respect to the two U.S. Marines and 32 U.S. sailors who were murdered by the terrorist Jewish state of Israel during their cowardly and repeated attacks on the U.S.S. Liberty on June 8, 1967!

This gutless U.S. military policy not to confront the Israeli owners of U.S. politicians, even when the well-being of an American citizen is in danger, is nothing new. In fact, it’s simply the continuation of the same disgusting policy Lyndon Johnson set in motion on that terrible day in June 1967. While the U.S.S. Liberty was under Israeli attack, the crew managed to get a message out to the Sixth Fleet that they were under attack and needed assistance. The Sixth Fleet launched American fighter jets to shoot down the Israeli terrorists to protect the Liberty and her American

USS Liberty dead

American politicians don’t care how many Americans die for or because of Israel.

crew, but L.B.J. ordered the jets back to their carrier. This treasonous act by Johnson has become the status quo for the political whores of both parties in Congress and the White House ever since.

The Israelis and their puppets in the U.S. Congress and White House lied to the American people about the deadly attacks on the Liberty; they all claim it was an accident! Even though the Liberty was under repeated attacks from both the air and sea, these soulless liars and cowards continue to insist it was all just an accident.

To help make the point that it was not an accident, and that Israel and its stooges in Washington are liars, all we need to do is compare it to a real accidental attack on an American ship. That ship is the U.S.S. Stark which in 1987 was hit by two Iraqi missiles fired within minutes of each other by a solitary Iraqi fighter jet. The Iraqi pilot fired them in error, thinking the American ship was actually an Iranian ship during the Iraq-Iran war. The attack lasted less than five minutes, while the Israeli attack on the Liberty lasted about two hours. And the Iraqi attack involved a single plane while the Israeli attack involved multiple planes as well as multiple torpedo boats.

An interesting book on this covered up topic is Assault on the Liberty, by James M. Ennes, Jr. Mr. Ennes is a survivor of the Israeli attack on the Liberty.

Israel is the enemy of progress and peace. In fact, there is no word in ancient Hebrew for “progress” as is madeclear by the founding war pig of the neoconservative movement, Leo Strauss.  And we need to remember Israel would not even be able to exist without the aiding and abetting by treasonous U.S. politicians from both the left and the right who take BILLIONS of U.S. tax-payer dollars and give it to the Jewish state every year.

Americans must ask themselves why they are paying taxes for a huge and powerful military when that military is used to fight Israel’s battles and refuses to protect American citizens.

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Chatter: Obama Sought Arrest of Bush and Cheney for 9/11 Treason


JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) Threat: Obama, Biden and Family to be Killed

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

By 2006, rogue groups in the military, including members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, top Republican members of Congress, the Israeli lobby and most of the National Security Council had decided that Bush was a weakling, his brain addled from years of drugs, alcohol and the continual mumbling he referred to as “praying.” 

Attempts to bring about the scheduled invasion of Iran, set in motion by General Petraeus in 2005, had failed.  The coup attempt staged by the Air Force at Minot AFB, the seizure of a load of H bombs had been caught, those involved “accidented” and the Air Force, from then on no longer given any direct nuclear authority.

Two elections had been rigged to get Bush into office.  9/11, years in the planning, complex demolitions, radio controlled aircraft, SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative) weapons developments, our biggest weapons secrets, were used on to flatten the twin towers of the World Trade Center.

This could all have happened years before if the removal of Clinton had been allowed to succeed, attempts to tie him to CIA drug running and then the “Lewinsiki affair.”  As early as 1981, the elder Bush tried it too, 69 days into the Reagan presidency, John Hinckley, a mind control (MK Ultra) asset of the Bush CIA had tried to murder Reagan.

Soon after his election, President Obama was warned that if he did what he knew he must, jail at least 200 traitors, members of Congress, at least 3 Supreme Court justices and top officials of the White House and Pentagon, he would never have a presidency.

Obama in the Hot Seat

The economy had been gutted and he was told the CIA and military would kill his entire family if he interfered in their drug cartel, which controlled not only Afghanistan, a war he had to keep going forever, but Mexico as well, a border that would be kept open at all costs.

What had happened was simple.  The CIA had always been in the drug business, long before Oliver North and Iran Contra, long before George H.W. Bush and the ‘Golden Triangle.’

The games Wall Street and the banksters were allowed to play, emptying the markets, collapsing the banks, gutting the dollar, few in the CIA or military understood them though they stole trillions.

The CIA and military and key leaders of congress saw the easy money, drug money, rendition flights filled with heroin, trucks filled with ecstasy and cocaine flowing in from Mexico while the infrastructure of gangs, starting with Arizona and New Mexico, California had long become ‘other than America,” would quickly spread across the United States, buying up local governments in communities from South Carolina to Maine to Idaho.

All that was needed was an open border, the money was there to buy that easily, the CIA’s cover to move drugs and money around the world under the guise of the “Global War on Terror” and the war in Afghanistan that President Obama had sworn to end, to go on forever.

Fighting for What? – and for Whom?

Opium fields would give way to heroin processing, a private air force of Defense Department and CIA contractors to move the product and a sea of diplomats and members of congress to move the money, using their immunity and the ability to transfer billions using paper financial instruments.

Standby Letters of Credit, that went from Dubai to Zurich inside a wallet like a wrapped condom.

What his advisors told him, some at least, is that unless President Obama were to press criminal charges against those tied to 9/11, not just torture and rendition, not falsified intelligence or election rigging, we mean exactly what is said, 9/11 itself, where the FBI had half its evidence, and, at the same time, remove all “Dominionist traitors” (their terminology), those working with General Jerry Boykin and Vice President Cheney, including the contractors of Blackwater, Xe, Dyncorp and other companies, it would be impossible to function as a free nation.

They still held more than one nuclear weapon stolen during the Minot/Barksdale episode and at least two more from the South African stocks that Israel held, initially we have found, on Northern Cyprus, in partnership with members of Turkey’s armed forces.


In August 2007, at least 6 nuclear warheads were stolen from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota. The moment they were loaded, they disappeared from America’s nuclear inventory, “location unknown,” something that is not supposed to happen. There is no possible “misinterpretation” of orders, no mistake, no “wrong label” issue. These weapons were stolen, pure and simple.

Discussions of individual commanders having authority to deploy weapons, stories of accidents, confusion or political alignments within the Air Force are “red herrings.” Nothing is more controlled, more secure, more restricted, more classified, more protected than the nuclear arsenal of the United States. However, on that fateful day in 2007, a half dozen or more, hydrogen bombs, were plucked out of a secure bunker with no paperwork, no orders, nothing.

This is the military. People are jailed for losing flashlight batteries. They were loaded into the weapons bay of a B-52 long range bomber for transport to places unknown, for purposes unknown. The plane had no orders, was part of no mission, operated under no legal command structure, in fact, the moment the weapons were loaded, was no longer an American plane at all.

A mission, even under the most innocent possible circumstances, that would have required the knowledge of the President and his staff, certainly the Joint Chiefs of Staff and likely the National Security Council as well, seems to have authorized itself, out of “thin air.” Though the plane later landed at Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana, there is no evidence supporting this as the intended destination, far from it.

The theft, hijacking, you pick the term, these are the best two so far, happened outside the command authority of the United States government, contravening all protocols for the storage, handling and deployment of nuclear weapons. The incident was also a violation of treaties requiring America to safeguard her stockpile of nuclear weapons, not just from environmental disasters but, as with this incident, from a mutiny by members of the military and civilian branches of our government, acting outside authority, acting as civilians, an act of piracy, mutiny, an act of insurrection.

All the things Israel warns America about every day, radical groups in Iran and Pakistan getting control of nukes really happened, but not with Muslim radicals and not in the Middle East, it happened here at home. The radicals were Christians, of a sort at least, possibly intent on Armageddon, maybe planning to sell the weapons to Iran or North Korea or, more likely, tucking them away for “a rainy day.” The Minot-Barksdale “incident” demonstrated, not only that a secret government exists but it is capable of waging, not only foreign policy but of mounting a credible thermonuclear threat to the world.


When a planeload of nuclear weapons is hijacked by an extremist organization tied to the highest levels of power in America, we might ask, why then? What was going on in America in August 2007? Did something happen then? Why were 6 nuclear weapons stolen at the exact same time America suffered the largest financial collapse, became the victim of the largest financial crime in world history? Is this a coincidence?

We know these things for sure:

•This was the 11th hour, the last minutes of the 11th hour, the last chance to begin a war with Iran. Iraq had been temporarily “stabilized” by massive bribes paid out under General Petraeus’ “Sunni Awakening” program, a ‘band-aid’ fix that would soon come apart, Afghanistan had become a hopeless quagmire and the public had turned on President Bush, giving him the lowest approval ratings of all time, leaving his presidency failed and discredited.

•What had begun as a minor mortgage crisis had revealed a deeper disease, the “toxic derivatives” schemes that would collapse America’s entire financial system. Only 5% of the mismanaged funds were mortgage related, 95% was a massive Ponzi scheme by “banks” that had taken to creating wealth out of thin air, underwriting the entire American economy, bond and stock markets, corporate earnings, pension plans, all backed by nothing at all. The money most American’s thought they had wasn’t even the “counterfeit” trash spewed by the Federal Reserve. It was, in fact, imaginary, soon to be gone, “poof!” How could 6 nuclear weapons, providing this was the only theft, something we may never learn, be used to cover the crimes of America’s entire financial community? What use of weapons of mass destruction would have changed the public’s perception, a public increasingly suspicious of the other great coincidence of all time, 9/11? Were weapons to be taken outside the country to attack others or to be brought back, a container in a seaport, a vending machine in a stadium, atop a missile, brought home? For years, the front men for the secret government, the ones easily recognized, had done little but prepare America for such an eventuality. With $12 trillion dollars “missing,” would the incineration of an American city be enough?

Why Did We Accept a 9-11 Rigged Inquiry

The real threats were dramatic.  The transition team for Obama had more than enough evidence from “friendly” members of the 9/11 Commission.  The world then, even without the “slam dunk” proof that Building 7 and the Pentagon missile attack have provided was simple enough.  NORAD was on stand down.

Our satellite based air defense system, no, it hadn’t been “radar’ as claimed for over 20 years, had been disabled or its data destroyed.  It sees all planes, flying, landing, who is in planes, how hot the engines are, can even pick up irregular handling and course issues not tied to turbulence.

Our real system has nothing to do with RADAR or what is seen on TV, this is fiction.  Our real defenses are space based, can defend against, not only planes but cruise type missiles launched from submarines and even multiple warheads using sophisticated deception technology on ballistic missiles.

If an American Airlines pilot swerves lighting a cigarette in the cockpit while flying from Louisville to Wheeling, NORAD knows it, maybe even what brand.

The cover story given now, the recent leaks, just prior to the 9/11 10th anniversary are telling.  Former CIA director and Defense Secretary Gates is now describing the enmity between Obama, Biden and Netanyahu.  We now understand why millions in Zionist money, the Koch brothers cabal and the Mossad have been working so hard with neocons to brand Obama a socialist, a Muslim and even foreign born.

The Koch Brothers

Then the Koch brother hired “storytellers” to invent tales of Obama and the Chicago “Gay bathhouse scene,” stories carried by assets seldom exposed by anything this outlandish, folks usually used for “phony leaks” from imaginary “intelligence sources.”

This is, if anything, the most outrageous act thus far and every attempt was made to sell it.

When Obama, who had no private military capability of his own, no “hit squads” such as the GOP has with Blackwater, the threats against his family were real.

He could in no way retaliate or he and those close to him would suffer the same fate as John Wheeler III, victim of a street crime or Wisconsin Senator Paul Wellstone, who, with his entire family, were murdered in a staged plane crash.

With GOP/Pentagon/CIA rogue muscle to rent, the insurance and pharmaceutical industry, “clean coal” and nuclear power could suddely order “hits” like on the Sopranos, could and, were we to look more carefully, do.

If 3000 people could be murdered on 9/11 without the blink of an eye, the daughter of a president could be given cancer just as easily.

9-11 Satellite View – All Planes Can be Seen

The holes in 9/11, not just the ‘no plane hit the Pentagon’ issue but how planes disappeared from radar and nobody noticed, the failure to address that is epic.  Planes weren’t on radar, not for security.

They were watched by satellite, optical, synthetic aperature radar and infrared censors, dozens of satellites whose algorithms  watched them land, watched them unload, perhaps watched them replaced or simply repackaged for sale to Taiwan, a ‘rumor’ much less rumor than fact.

Those same satellites may well have watched the deaths of passengers, poison gas, pistol executions, bodies trucked to incinerators nearby.  Too graphic for you?

If a plane hit the Pentagon, satellite footage showing every inch of its travel in resolution capable of counting the rivets exists as does synthetic aperture radar capable of telling you what kind of wrist watch each passenger wore.

What do you think we spend our billions on?

911 Comission Perjury Went Unpunished – Why?

Remember, many years ago, when Gorbachev was nearly over thrown but the CIA gave him no warning.  Remember him saying, “The CIA can read license plates in Moscow and they couldn’t see armoured divisions closing in on the capitol?”

This was decades ago.

If you find Obama a disappointment perhaps you might remember, a few months ago, when he spoke of how difficult he found ‘asserting control’ over the Washington bureaucracy he inherited.

We, years ago, remember Mrs. Clinton telling us of a great conspiracy against the presidency. We were advised by TV talking heads to take these pronouncements as conspiracy theory.

These were blisters, those little areas where pus comes to the surface and the rot inside begins to seep out.

In a statement a year ago, CIA director Leon Panetta stated, almost cryptically, that “no one had heard anything from Osama bin Laden since late 2001.”

Similarly, Panetta and Gates over the past 2 years have declare the real strength of Al Qaeda, an organization many claim to be totally bogus in the first place, is down to “a dozen or less.”

YouTube – Veterans Today –

What we have seen is the rise of a political movement meant to restore constitutional authority, authority that ended under Bush, authority Obama has proven too fearful to oppose, a movement that, instead, enslaved itself to, not only continuing the abuses of authority it said it opposed but set about dismembering the checks and balances the Obama administration put in place to stop economic piracy has had occurred during the Bush regime.

These are, perhaps, the only signs of there having been an Obama presidency at all, this and the hatred Israeli extremists have for President Obama whose public pronouncements of love for Israel put his own loyalty in question by many.

Joint Special Operations Command

What still exists is JSOC, an extra governmental organization of contractors, professional military free of command structure, of “freebooters” in uniform operating illegally inside the United States and around the world, accused of war crimes by dozens of nations.

Because of JSOC and its sister groups in the CIA and Homeland Security, few members of the Bush administration can travel outside the US at all.  In fact, former President Bush has barely escaped war crimes arrests in both Switzerland and Canada.

Still, the billions flow, the heroin drowns the world, the cartels infiltrate every American town, our standard of living plummets and government is increasingly incomprehensible, or would be except for the occasional epithet such as this.

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