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9/11: The Day After the 10 Year Anniversary


Gutwrenching Memorials, Touching Commentary and Shared Experience Brings US Citizens Together for One Moment

But like Building 7, Freedom and Liberty are Still Forgotten and Ignoring That 800lb Gorilla in the Room Makes Us Look Like Fools at the Trough of Stupidity

by Johnny Punish

Yesterday we memorialized the fallen of 9/11.  It was a sad important day filled with gutwrenching memorials, touching stories, and considerate support for all who empathize.

The NFL had an amazing ceremony before each game with players holding a huge field size flag together in unity with members of the community.  Heck, President Obama visited Ground Zero commemorating the day and held our collective national hand in remberance.  It was a good day for all who suffered that terrible event.

More, Americans everywhere celebrated by waving their flags proudly.  Mainstream TV played personal stories putting faces to the suffering of 9/11;  completely appropriate and respectful indeed.

What was NOT featured were the real causes of 9/11 or the millions of people lost due to this global event.  But as my wife says, it would be an inappropriate day to bring that sore subject up while everyday peoples and families mourn the fallen.  She’d be right and so I write this article on Septempber 12, the next day, the day after.

As it stands, the massive loss of life notwithstanding, we are still stuck with the reality that, in hindsight over 10 years, what really happened that terrible day has NEVER been fully explained or investigated backed with evidence and truth.

Instead, we’ve had to endure 10 years of wars, millions dead, and trillions in profits for war propheteers as the US economy ended up in massive debt with millions of lost jobs and opportunity for everyday Americans whilst our freedoms and liberties were mangled beyond recognition.

What is going on?

Well, when one slowly things about it, the winners of 9/11 were the global elite.  They made trillions off the wars and were able to rake in the bucks off the backs of Americans during the wall street rape and pillage.

The losers were the global populations including but not limited to those civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and yes, the USA.  In fact, the biggest losers, one may argue, are the U.S. citizenry.  While innocent Iraqi’s and Afghani’s lost millions, their collective societies were NOT swimming in freedom and enjoying liberty.  They were living under oppression.

In the USA, pre-9/11, while the federal government at Foggy Bottom had been encroaching on civil liberties it was being done over many years, slowly, so slowly that most Americans never noticed.  It was a mission creep.  On 9/11, it just became a creep on steroids.  Immediately after 9/11, the global elite rammed through the U.S. Patriot Act destroying any semblance of civil liberty, freedom, making a mockery of the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution.  It was game, set, and match.  The days of freedom and liberty were over.

Unfortunately, the U.S. popluation did NOT see it coming and, to this day, most seem not to notice that the government has taken over their freedom and liberty in that the U.S. citizenry now lives at the pleasure of their global government posing as a government of the people by the people.

Clearly, this fall from the liberty freedom tree was the longest fall, the most painful, and sad.

Once the great envy of the world, the USA has been relegated to just another country.  As the representative of the global elite, George W. Bush thumbed his nose at the peoples of the world unilaterally going into Afghanistan and Iraq making money for his assigns while utilizing torture, renditions, and secret prisons at his leisure without criminal consequence.

During this rampage, the American people lost their collective integrity and now have to endure the fact that they own torture and oppression once previously reserved for banana republics and clowns in military dictator suits.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

And so, here we are.  Now what?

Well, as Americans suffer for their fallen yesterday and the billions worldwide continue to suffer from the global elite rape and pillage, we are left to wonder what the heck happened?  And how did we get here?  And what can we do about it now?

Or maybe, like Building 7 falling after no plane hit it on 9/11, freedom and liberty may be forgotten and no longer discussed as we embrace our idiocracy and continue to live as the farmed livestock on the global elite plantation.


Land Gigs

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Palestinian Statehood: Now’s the Time

by Stephen Lendman


Palestinians worldwide want it. So do supporters and up to 140 countries. They comprise more than enough to ensure it and full de jure UN membership.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) can petition the General Assembly directly. It has sole admittance power, not the Security Council only able to recommend.

UN Charter Article 80(1) and others empower the General Assembly to recognize Palestinian statehood and take all necessary measures to end Israel’s illegal occupation.

If Washington invokes its Security Council veto, the GA can override it under the 1950 Uniting for Peace Resolution 377.

The choice is in Mahmoud Abbas’ hands. Later this month, he can either support his own people or don his collaborationist hat. His recent comments and body language suggest the latter, whatever his next moves.

Hopefully enough pressure will push him in the right direction to back long denied recognition and justice for millions deserving more than they’re now getting.

On September 8, Mohamed Elshinnawi headlined his Voice of America article, “Palestinians and UN – Statehood or Stalemate?” saying:

Palestinians seek General Assembly recognition, “but the final vote could fall short of the two-thirds majority required for final passage.”

False! As explained above, up to 140 countries express support, including China, Russia, Brazil, India, Japan, and most others, well more than enough needed for a simple two-thirds majority of voting members. Abstentions and no-shows don’t count.

Abbas is expected to address the General Assembly on September 23 when he’ll submit his request. Law Professor Francis Boyle explains practical membership benefits, saying:

“With admitting the Palestinian state as a full member in the UN, it will be able to file formal state-to-state complaints against Israeli officials….” If it “ratif(ies) the Genocide Convention, (it can) sue Israel at the International Court” for redress.

Theoretically it may be able to halt settlement construction entirely, and automatically make all diaspora Palestinians citizens of a new state they’re free to return to as international law mandates, including Resolution 194′s Article 11, stating:

“Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible.”

He said Palestine’s upgraded status would provide a strong incentive for Israel to negotiate in good faith and reach the much promoted two-state solution to end the conflict.

He also argued that statehood would incentivize Israel to negotiate in good faith, to end years of conflict and agree to an equitable two state solution within 1967 borders as Palestinians demand – 22% of sovereign Palestine.

Former Israeli UN ambassador Gabriela Shalev said Israel should understand invoking Resolution 377 is possible. In 1956, when France and Britain vetoed a Security Council resolution, condemning their attack on Egypt, General Assembly members used the measure to override.

Passed in 1950 during the Korean War, it came when Washington wanted power to circumvent Soviet Russia’s Security Council veto power.

It lets the General Assembly recommend various “collective measures,” including sanctions and use of force if permanent Security Council members can’t reach unanimity, and “there appears to be a threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression.”

Former US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Schifter said General Assembly members involved Resolution 377 in 1981 to advance Namibian independence. It called on member states:

“to render increased and sustained support and material, financial, military and other assistance to the South West Africa People’s Organization to enable it to intensify its struggle for the liberation of Namibia.”

It also urged members to cease “all dealings with South Africa in order totally to isolate it politically, economically, militarily and culturally.”

Why not do the same for Palestine if America invokes its veto. The power is there to be used for long overdue rights too important to kick down the road and delay, even if risk US and Israeli hostility.

Many other allies are supportive, so the power of numbers may compensate, especially for the world’s newest state, millions don’t want to end up stillborn.

On September 9, Ma’an News said Palestinians “on Thursday began a campaign in support of their UN membership bid, as their senior leaders met to fine-tune the plan to become the UN’s 194th member state.”

Abbas met with senior Palestinian representatives including Fatah central committee members, the PLO’s executive committee, and leaders of various Palestinian political parties.

At issue is finalizing details of the likely bid to be submitted to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon later this month.

In Ramallah, a solidarity march to UN headquarters was held to present a letter, requesting his support. Campaign coordinator Ahmed Assaf said:

“Today we began our campaign on the ground and we chose the UN building because it represents the United Nations and we expect them to respond to our demands.”

“We are no less important than the other 193 states in the United Nations, and our message will ask for our state to be 194.”

He added that campaigning for statehood will continue until “Palestine is finally admitted as member state number 194.”

Latifa Abu Hamid, mother of seven sons who spent time in Israeli prisons (Israeli forces killed her eighth one), said:

“I’m delivering this message to the UN to say we have a right to our own state just like everyone else in the world and we have a right to see the end of the occupation.”

The letter called on Ban to “stand by justice and do right by our people.”

“The admission of the state of Palestine to the UN is an important step towards ending the occupation and achieving Palestinian independence and realizing a just and comprehensive peace in the Middle East.”

“We hope that you will join the international consensus and support the Palestinian bid for its long overdue recognition.”

About 100 marchers chanted, “We want our identity. We want a state.” We want as many supportive states globally as possible.

On September 9, Ban Ki-moon said it. Does he mean it, affirming support for Palestinian statehood, but added that member states must decide.

Washington will invoke its veto. According to State Department spokesman Victoria Noland:

“It is not a surprise that the US will veto the Palestinian statehood bid at the UN in the city of New York. A Palestinian state can only be established through direct peace talks with Israel. So, yes! We are going to use the veto against the Palestinian bid.”

On September 8, New York Times writer Isabel Kershner headlined, “Palestinian Leader Says US Is ‘Too Late’ on UN Bid,” saying:

Abbas said America’s last-ditch efforts “to prevent the Palestinians from applying for membership in the United Nations this month were ‘too late.’ ”

As of now, they’ll petition the Security Council first. If America invokes its veto, General Assembly affirmation will be sought.

However, if the quartet arranges a settlement construction freeze and agreement on using pre-1967 borders based on land swaps, Palestinians “will go to the United Nations and we will return back to talks.”

Israel offered them with no preconditions, meaning they’re stillborn before getting started and worthless.

It’s time to move forward for full recognition, whether or not Washington and Israel approve.

The power of numbers solidly backs what’s long been denied. This time perhaps it’s enough for full recognition by invoking Resolution 377 if necessary.

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911 Ten Years After


This 911 Memorial Day, Ten Years After, will be Heard from Every Corner of the Country

by Sartre Batr

The media will emphasize the emotional horror and avoid the reasons that have transformed our native soil into an armed camp of distrust and despair.

No matter where you come down on the multiple explanations about the actual attack on lower Manhattan and the Pentagon, or who was really behind the planning and execution, one fact is indisputable. Namely, that NOTHING good has happened in the last decade for ordinary citizens or for the quality of life of the nation.

The America of our birth is history. The police state of homeland security is the true terror. The government of bipartisan dictatorship is the essential dread. The cultural denial of objective reality is the final death.

In order to place the significance of the September 11, 2001 into context with the help of hindsight, one can review the numerous accounts that deal with every imaginable aspect of the excuse that rationalizes each higher level of tyranny committed in the name of a mystical goal of national security.

Viewing an account like, 9/11 Is the LitmusTest is a strong contender of establishing the perspective and circumstance that the official 911 report wants you to ignore. However, an examination of an initial response published the day of the treason, demonstrates that little enlightenment has touched the minds of those who continually serve the empire.

When Will America Learn? – Squarely exposes the destructive internationalist foreign policy that only advances the interests of fifth column globalists that scheme to destroy the last remnants of our constitutional republic.

Gravity is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. But it pales in comparison to the insanity that festers in the American Psyche. Wholesale denial will be the legacy of the horror that struck our Nation today. The root cause for evil – lies within each of us. When its ugly head rises to a height that all can see, we tend to ignore our own complicity. Blame the perpetrators as criminals, as well we should; but most neglect to look within themselves for their unwillingness to confront depravity.

Acceptance of insane Foreign Policy in the name of Patriotism breeds the ultimate reaction that nature provides. Who among us are surprised? Is there anyone left that can honestly say that America is NOT viewed with the greatest contempt among the most disgruntled elements of terror? Terrorism is wrong. Violence is not justified. But it will become the typical pattern, as long as JUSTICE is viewed through myopic lenses.

It has long been argued that neutrality in Middle East Policy is in the best interest of America. Today that contention is no longer debatable. Continued support for Israel has brought the plague to our shores. It is not only our first-born sons who were slaughtered. The lamb of innocence died in the heap of rubble that is now New York City.

When the zealot, favors the prospect of death to peaceful coexistence; the consequences can only inflict the most dreadful outcome. The jihad against the infidel is a direct result of an unholy alliance with a country that inflicts their own form of terror upon a native population. Neither party has any high ground of morality. Both are equally responsible for the suffering and death that this blood feud imposes on a region and now our own land. It is payback time and we are unwilling to recognize our responsibility for this debt.

When your leaders wear the mantle of the Zionist, your children will pay. It does not make it right, but that is the tragic reality of blind support for interests that are not our own. Moral outrage is hypercritical when it has been denied for decades. Balance in official policy has never existed, nor has prudence in our own self-interest.

Those who wave the ‘bloody flag’ are the preceptors of mass suicide. Today’s causality list will be relegated to an asterisk, when the nukes start to explode. If the world community seeks to unify their ‘New World Order’ upon the bodies of terrorists that they constructed, we will surely create the seeds of martyrs, for future generations.

When the Ford’s, Haig’s and Eagleburger’s call for swift and strong retribution, be forewarned that the war against America will only intensify. This is not an issue of manhood, but one of endorsing a cause that conflicts with ours. What benefit will any of us see when the landscape of more of our cities resemble that of lower Manhattan?

Will you people ever get it? Or will it take the funeral of your family to paint the picture for you? If you purport to be patriotic, your duty is to stop support for Israel. Their fight is not yours, but we will pay for their sins. Does this make sense to you?

America will cease to exist when a public whose emotional naiveté will scream for retribution will readily accept totalitarian measures! Folks, the enemy is us; for our involvement in the creation of hostilities that seeks to obliterate our symbols of ‘Pax American’.

Israel is not an ally, but is the cause of our sorrow. Wake up America, and divorce this soiled maiden. Does anyone share the pain of the Arab children that are suffering and dying from the one sided policy of U.N. enforcement? Until you acknowledge that Zionism has equal blood on its hands, you will bleed on your own flag.

The future is NOW! Moreover, what you decide will shape its course. It is time for an American First Foreign Policy, that will repudiate the role of a policeman for the world. Think before you demand pay back, for it will blow up in your own face. Recognize the real cause that threatens our country and way of life. Abandon the nation founded on guilt. Blame the terrorists for the body count and hold them accountable. But remove the reason for their hate. If you were part of the fourth world, you just might become your own freedom fighter.

America was suckered into WWII with the treachery of Pearl Harbor. Do not repeat this same mistake and let DEFCON ONE turn into a mushroom cloud that will engulf more than Wall Street. All life is sacred. Resist allowing America from falling into the trap of a domestic created form of Terror. Demand and establish Justice, and Peace will follow. SHALOM

SARTRE – September 11, 2001

Our economy is in meltdown. Exercising our freedoms are condemned as expressions of terrorism. Troops serving the transnational corporatist interests are used as, tools or targets, for butchery. The NeoCons and now the NeoLibs, betray every loyal American for their Talmud masters.

Those who are unable to distinguish between Zionist rulers and expendable Jews or Israelis, share the same mental disease, as those who buy into the Al-Qaeda 911 myth of Islamic mastermind terrorism. The elites that further their global empires are quite eager to exterminate American, European, Jewish and Moslems in their quest for total supremacy.

911 is simply the best example of efficient and accelerated mind control that furthers the public demand for an increased and intensive totalitarian response for an imaginary threat. Sacrificing natural rights is patriotic for the modern day flag wavers of an evil government.

Hell is now the new normal. Government bureaucrats follow orders because they care more about their career than their integrity. The corporate titans suck up all the government contracts that bribes can buy. Making hay from the security revolution is big business. World Peace is sold short because the shekel is the dominate force that drives the foreign policy express.

Paleoconservatives are not fools. They understand the nature and extent of the corruption and treason that allowed the 911 diversion to kill our liberty and expand the American gulag. The Old Right were champions of an American First Foreign Policy during the last World War. The coming next global conflict will be fought from an easy chair by electronic drones that eviscerate whole societies with the flick of a joystick.

If you ignored the conclusion in the September 11, 2001 – When Will America Learn? – essay, what chance do you have now to discover the insidious lies that underpin the entire state sponsored war of terror. Read the 911 a saga of deceit and lies site for valuable resources from the first five years of the 911 truth movement.

Ten years after, the fools that populate popular culture produce even more committed political sycophants. Abandoning rationality, while defending the indefensible is their badge of pride. Yet, the lessons of fabricated deception are not lost on everyone. Hopefully you count yourself in this group.

This country will never survive a 20thanniversary of 911. The current police state will become the permanent prison of war stalag encampment because you dare express your Bill of Rights civil liberties. The true terrorism is domestic to the core and resides in a government gone bad.

SARTRE – September, 11, 2011

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Suicide: The War on Poverty…Poverty won!


by Ed Mattson

Friday I started this two-part article on understanding suicide, blaming much of it on the basic deterioration of the family unit and society as a whole. The basis is on the observation that for decades the issue of military suicide was at, or in many cases, just a notch below suicide in the general population.

It is my belief that it was the result of the disciplined structure of military life and the fact that throughout the first half of the 20th century, particularly in time of war, we had a balance between conscription and volunteers. Additionally, prior to the War of Poverty, which began in the Sixties, the majority of military enlistments came from two-parent, intact families.

According to The Future of Children Foundation (The Future of Children is a collaboration of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University and the Brookings Institution), “the changes in the marriage, divorce, and remarriage rates over the past 70 years have had a profound effect on the living arrangements of children. A growing number of children are being raised by single parents or by stepparents.

In 1990, there were 64.1 million children under 18 in the United States; the vast majority (45.2 million, or 70.5%) lived in two-parent households. Most children (37 million, or 57.7%) lived with their biological parents, 11.3% (7.2 million) lived in married stepfamilies, and 1.5% (1 million) lived with adoptive parents. Approximately one quarter of the children lived in single-parent households; 9.5% (6 million) with a divorced, single parent, 7.7% (4.9 million) lived with a never-married parent, 7.6% and (4.9 million) lived with a separated or widowed parent, and 4.7% (3 million) lived in a house with no parent present”.

“In 1940, 85% of children lived in two-parent families, 70% lived in an intact (biological or adoptive) two-parent family, and the remaining 15% lived in two-parent stepfamilies. In spite of the increasing divorce rates in the 1960s and 1970s, a large majority of children in 1988 still lived in two-parent families (71%), and a majority (58%) still lived in intact two-parent families. However, since the 1970s, there has been a large increase in the proportion of children living with never-married mothers (from 1.1% in 1970 to 6.7% in 1988) or divorced mothers (from 3.5% in 1970 to 7.8% in 1988)”, from the same report.

One can draw a direct correlation between the rise in broken families and military suicides beginning in the Vietnam era when the family structure began to crumble. Many of the young men, (most were born in the 1940’s) were drafted shortly after high school because they couldn’t afford a “college deferment”. The cost of a college education, even in those days, was beyond the means of many single family households. Additionally, the other avenues to “dodge Vietnam” were to join the National Guard, flee to Canada, or “be connected” to get a lower draft registration classification with the help of an affluent parent.

2/3 of those who served in Vietnam however, were volunteers or those who volunteered for 1-A status for the draft. That figure alone was enlightening. But within the five-year period following the withdrawal of troops and discharge from the military, deaths from suicide were 1.7 times more likely among Vietnam veterans than non-Vietnam veterans. This has to stem from the despair of the disintegrated family (with no one to turn to) and the “psychological pain” felt from the rejection most troops received on their homecoming.

An added fact that must be consider when assessing why the suicide rate jumped following Vietnam, was that the average infantryman faced 240 days in combat because of the helicopter versus just 40 days over the entire four-year war in combat for the veterans of WWII.

LBJ’s Great Society failed!

Since the Vietnam era the changes in the marriage, divorce, and remarriage rates have had a profound effect on the living arrangements of children. The number of children being raised by single parents or by stepparents has risen steadily. In 1990, approximately one quarter of the 64.1 million children under the age of 18 lived in single-parent households; 9.5% (6 million) with a divorced, single parent, 7.7% (4.9 million) lived with a never-married parent, 7.6% and (4.9 million) lived with a separated or widowed parent, and 4.7% (3 million) lived in a house with no parent present. While this trend is seen regardless of ethnicity, it has grown to epidemic proportion in the African-American population where 52% of the children do not live in a 2-parent household. In 1960 the figure was closer to 4%!

The rise of the suicide problem has to be laid at the foot of the failed social policies whose “safety-net” promises and grandiose schemes of the government becoming “the provider of choice” for many. It has created an entire class of dependency. To become eligible for government support there is a disincentive to have children inside a two-parent family structure. Today with such a high number of children without the family support we had in the first half of the 20th century, is it any wonder to anyone with half a brain, that society in general, across the entire spectrum, has deteriorated to the point where all forms of crime, drug and alcohol dependency, high school dropout rate, and poverty, is on the rise. No one ever reached “wealth status” on government handouts.

Here we are in 2011 witnessing an epidemic suicide rate in the ranks of the military rising rapidly since the start of the Gulf conflicts. Were it just for the fact that our troops are facing multiple deployments with little R&R in between (as was pointed out by Marine Corps veteran John Murtha), then we could easily blame “battle fatigue” (from WWI), shell shock (a WWII diagnosis), and post traumatic stress disorder PTSD (current diagnosis), as the culprit and forget my entire theory about the “family structure”. That would be easy. BUT what about those in the military who have never been in the battle zone? Their rate of suicide is just as bad statistically when compared to the general population.

Over one million people die by suicide every year. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that suicide is the thirteenth-leading cause of death worldwide while the US National Safety Council rates it sixth in the United States. Suicide is the leading cause of death among teenagers and adults under 35 with the rate being higher in men than in women. Additionally, there are an estimated 10 to 20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year.

You can easily see that the isolation many Vietnam era veterans felt following their homecoming, without the comfort of a nurturing family environment, can be directly associated with obvious issues that make suicide a viable alternative to life… Socio-economic factors such as unemployment, poverty (stemming from discrimination of being a veteran), homelessness, and the pain of PTSD were all part of the lexicon that awaited the returning warrior. One VA study found that a lack of social support, a deficit in feelings of belongingness and living alone were crucial predictors of a suicide attempt.

The military today is just as vulnerable as I pointed out in earlier articles. The enlistment ranks are swelled with those fresh out of high school, many who are married within months of joining the military. Following their initial training they are sent off to Iraq and Afghanistan, leaving their family at home to live on an income below the national poverty line (the military enlisted are the at the bottom of the federal pay scale). Many come home to find their own family in disarray because it never had time to mature before being deployed. In short many couples have “outgrown their relationship” and there is a gap in communication, intimacy, and what being a father or mother is all about. This is the perfect scenario for a deteriorating relationship leading to PTSD and loneliness, much the same as the Vietnam veteran felt upon his return.

The only difference between the Vietnam vet and the veteran today is that the realities he faced in no-fault divorce, the feminization of America, the single parent household, and the dependency on government as “the bread-winner”, came to symbolize the family of the Sixties, so too has the deterioration of the families as outlined above given way to “the perfect storm” environment for suicide. My assessment of the family environment being at the core of the problem is not a lone thought. Governments all over the world are reluctant to devote much effort to investigating the “family unit” as the root cause of suicide, because of their “investment” in social justice and other liberal policies make it impossible to admit failure. And that my friends, flies in the face of everything the War on Poverty was going to fix!

As President Ronald Reagan said… “in the Sixties we fought a War of Poverty and Poverty Won”.

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Background To Norwegian Massacre: Auschwitz Entrance Sign Theft


by Trowbridge H. Ford


In today’s ongoing world war by subterfuge, misdirection, and stealth, ‘false flag’ operations are still one of the leading favorites, especially by lesser powers, as they cost little, and carry only slight risks while promising considerable rewards. Their best source is some real or assumed grievance which has resonance with the world at large, like Madrid’s apparent sinking of the USS Maine while it was on a good will mission to Cuba during the final days of the Spanish empire – what sparked the Spanish-American war. It put the apparent culprits of a very heinous action in an almost untenable position by, it seems, requiring them to prove that they were not guilty of actions that they seemingly committed. It’s like asking a person to prove that he or she is innocent of some terrible felony. While major powers do not usually engage in them as they have enough visible means of power to get done what is wanted or required, lesser ones, especially those like Teddy Roosevelt’s imperial-minded America, are their usual practitioners.

The most common ‘false flag’ operation is the assassination of a figure who is proving a great thorn in the side which commits it, though making it look like it was done by others or self-inflicted. The political assassinations which come to mind are those of troublemakers like Serbia’s Zoran Djindjic who sent war criminal Slobodan Milosevic to The Hague – what threatened others like Israel’s Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his cohorts, especially the Mossad Director Meir Dagan, to a similar fate. Britain’s WMD Dr. David Kelly and Sweden Foreign Minister Anna Lindh were also assassinated because they threatened the whole neocon re-designing of the Middle East to suit Israel’s essential interests.

Kelly threatened to expose the whole, fraudulent basis of the exercise, and Lindh vigorously supported an EU agenda which promised to punish Tel Aviv most seriously for what it was engaged in. Then there were political murders of Holland’s Pim Fortuyn and Austria’s Jörg Haider because they promoted a much more conservative, inward-looking agenda for the European Union. Even New Zealand’s former Labour Prime Minister Helen Clark was under the gun because of her wanting to have the Anzac countries opt out of what the Israelis wanted.

These murderous acts should not blind one to others which can accomplish similar results by more conventional means. In Israeli’s case, the activities which most readily come to mind are the continuous exploitation of the atrocities committed during The Holocaust, starting over 70 years ago. While one would expect the tragedy to be less often exploited as time passed, it has become more often used because of the increasingly difficult position Israel is placed in. The last, pathetic participants in it are being hunted down while laws are being enforced which punish those who deny it – what well might soon become sanctions against those who allegedly even think it.

And Israeli agents and supporters are increasingly trying to exploit what anti-semites say and do about The Holocaust while attempting to entrap other people who seemingly support such ideas by their attendance of conferences dealing with it, association with people known to be so, and just folks whose hobbies smack seemingly of supporting neo-Nazism. Of course, the Israeli government uses such experience as a pawn when other powers, especially the United States, want its support for some more traditional end.

The case which comes to mind in this regard is Israel’s exploiting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s apparent dishonesty about the subject, seemingly inventing it when it suited his election chances. During the height of his campaign to get more benefits for disorientated veterans, he mentioned the mental disorder that his uncle, unlike his grandfather who was also fighting with George Patton’s Third Army, had incurred while liberating Auschwitz from the Nazis. To help obtain more medical assistance for current troops who are suffering from post-taumatic stress disorder because of America’s increasing wars, the Illinois Senator said to a 2008 Memorial Day celebration in Las Crucas, New Mexico that his uncle was so upset by what he witnessed at Auschwitz that when he returned to the States, he withdrew for six months into the attic of his house to recover from the horror.(1)

While these mistakes were soon corrected by the Obama campaign, they were seized upon by his worst critics, especially those who doubted the legality of his even holding the office. It turned out that this was another example of faulty memory to gain political support, especially amongst Jewish supporters, for what he thought all psychologically crippled veterans deserved but the Americans never reclaimed Auschwitz from the Nazis – the Soviets did in Poland- and it wasn’t Obama’s uncle, but one of his great uncles, Charles W. Payne, he was referring to. He had been a member of K Company of the 89th Infantry Divisions’s 355th Regiment, recruited from Kansas. It helped George Patton’s Third Army capture Buchenwald from the Germans. Still, the mistake was no big deal, soon forgotten by most of Obama’s critics.(2)

Once he was elected, and had increased his political influence by being declared the Nobel Peace Laureate for 2009, he made a point of visiting the Buckenwald Concentration Camp on his way back from a tour of the increasingly unstable Middle East where his great-uncle had helped secure a part of it from the Germans. Accompanied by German Chanellor Angela Merkel, fellow Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, and Buchenwald survivor Bertrand Herz, the President made a most impassioned speech that the world should never again experience such evil against any people. In doing so, he made clear what his own family had actually done in helping stop The Holocaust.

The trip and its explanation only enticed extreme neo-Nazi and anti-semite James von Brunn to take drastic action five days later. He had been becoming more rabid in his ideas ever since he served in the US Navy during the closing stages of WWII in the Pacific as a PT-boat commander after joining Navy ROTC while going to college at St. Louis’s Washington University. Von Brunn thought that he had fought on the wrong side during the war. He took out all his rage about it on Jews and blacks, claiming that they were gaining the benefits that real whites had made sacrifices for. He wrote a book for his enemies, entitled Kill the Best Gentiles. He predicted in 20 to 30 years, the country would be ruled by blacks, and the media would be owned by the money-grabbing Jews.

On the 40th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, he attempted to make a citizens arrest of the Federal Reserve’s board of directors, including Director Paul Volker, while armed with a handgun, claiming that it was just helping the enemies of the white man – what he served six and a half in federal prison for. During the rest of the 20th century, he earned his way by distributing the Liberty Lobby’s Spotlight, the infamous white suprematist publication while living in Annapolis, Maryland.

After 9/11, von Brunn became even more paranoid in his attacks, claiming on his website that it was simply an “inside job” to help Jews in the West, and Israelis in the Middle East. He even joined the 9/11 Truth Movement, and when Obama started pulling away from the Democratic pack in the 2008 presidential campaign, he became a Birther, the group which contests his claim of having been born in the United States. When Obama became President, von Brunn espoused the same anti-semitism and hatred of Jews which became so noted for that opponents tried to get Google from posting its URL. It has been suspected by many that JewHate had Israeli backing as it helped divide people to extremes on questions pertaining to them. If it didn’t have Mossad support then, von Brunn would soon make it so.

No sooner did von Brunn hear what he considered self-serving propaganda in the black President’s Buchenwald speech than he decided to end his own life. “with his boots on”, against those who were exploiting what mainly whites had allegedly done for America since WWII. A neighbor even noticed how he had become even more outspoken, and committed to a violent showdown after the speech. On June 10th, von Brunn walked into the U. S Holocaust Memorial Museun in Washington with his rifle blazing, killing black security guard Stephen T. Johns while being criticially wounded by others in the process.

While it seemed that von Brunn had gotten his wish in the shootout, he managed somehow to survive being shot in the face, and the Mossad seems to have gotten its wish – i. e., this rabid, anti-semitic, white suprematist being tried for his life during which his extreme views and experience would have even the most extreme Zionist wanting nothing more. It was so convenient for Israel’s supporters and the President’s opponents that he was called upon to reassure Jews about their security..The assault seems to have been the source of Mossad Director Meir Dagan’s most belated, parting gift from office to Israel.

The only trouble with the arrangement is that von Brunn surprisingly developed a deadly illness while in the federal correctional institution at Butner, North Carolina just before his trial was to begin. In November, he was taken to the Watauga Medical Center in nearby Boone with such physical problems that the prison’s medical facilities could not cope with them. He seems to have been poisoned with something like minute doses of arsenic or hemlock, and by the time when was taken to the state hospital, he was in a terminal, incredibly painful condition, dying on January 6, 2010.

His death was the last thing the Mossad wanted, leading one to suspect that at Butner he had been conveniently killed by personnel in either their public or private capacity. It seems more likely the former as his federally-appointed lawyer, M. J. Kramer, neither knew nor cared about the cause of his demise, and the circumstances during which it occurred. An autopsy was not performed on his body.

In light of Obama’s apparent political expediency in dealing with such serious matters regarding The Holocaust, it was hardly surprising that Dagan took steps to exploit any recurrence of such failings in future. The covert operator – known for his ability to create conditions, or anticipate ones which served his purposes – moved immediately to make up for the policy vacuum that von Brunn’s unanticipated demise had created. What better substitute for a vile denier of The Holocaust than an assault on the place best known for the genocide itself – Auschwitz! And what better represented it than the entrance gate sign which announced that work would make its entrants free (“Arbeit Macht Frei”) when, in fact, its promised all their demise. Well over 1,000,000 men, women, and children, almost all Jews, were exterminated at its three camps, the largest that the Nazis maintained.

The Israeli secret intelligence service certainly had the human and physical assets for such a mission. It could easily put together of body of people who could steal the sign, and see that it was taken wherever the Mossad wanted. A sleeper cell – led by the right handler, dupes who had been recruited for various false or illegal reasons, and just plaim criminals who had been hired for just another hesit – could easily steal the sign, hide it until transport was arranged to take it out of Poland, and then take it to a neo-Nazi who wanted such memorabilia or seemed to want it, the more likely possibility. A ‘false flag’ operation of this sort was just what the circumstances called for. The problems would center on getting the sign out of Poland, and to a likely buyer who would be identified to the proper authorities before he realized what was going on.

The easiet of these concerns is setting up an unsuspecting victim, as I learned when I was going to graduate school. During WWII, my father was a division artillery commander during the assault on Nazi Germany, and after it capitulated, he brought back to the States all kinds of Nazi memorabilia as trophies, and they were lying around our summer house for years. One day my mother decided to liven up the rooms by putting Nazi flags up for curtains in one of them, and they were still there when I brought my girl friend down to meet the folks. She, a militant anti-Nazi, went bananas when she saw the curtains, and no amount of explaining could undo the damage. She decided that we, especially me, were closet Nazis, and that was really the end of the affair. Just show an interest in such things and you will be judged a neo-Nazi no matter what the circumstances, and your protestations.

In this case, the Mossad had many possible targets for such a set-up if it could only get the sign to them. It could easily be cut up into pieces, and shipped as just some artistic metal work to some unsuspecting target. An ideal target had just become Marc Garlasco, a Human Rights Watch military investigator who specialized in the crimes surrounding the Palestinian question. A former Pentagon official, he was increasingly demonized by supporters of Israel, especially Omri Ceren who had just updated his criticism of him. Ceren could just not believe that Garlasco’s criticisms, particularly of Tel Aviv, could not be connected to his obsessive collections and publications about Naiz memorabilia, especially that of the Luftwaffe.(3) The biggest problem was just getting the entrance sign somehow to him.

In southern Sweden, the Mossad apparemtly persuaded a converted neo-Nazi Anders Högström to help arrange the transport of the theft, believing that real neo-Nazis like Swedish millionaire Lars Göran Wahlström wanted it, and that it was in Israeli interests to infiltrate and catch the culprit. Högström’s family has an estate in Bleklinge in southern Sweden and a house here in Lidingö, and quit the National Socialist Front in 1999 because of its criminal acts against opponents, especially the assassination of trade unionist
Björn Söderberg, forming a group called Exit to help others escape from the cluthes of National Socialism. Högstrom believed that Wahlström had been reporonsible for Söderberg’s killing because he had caused the firing of neo-Nazi Robert Vesterlund from the trade union Sveriges Arbeteras Centralorganisation’s newspaper Arbetaren because of his subversive allegiances, and thought that the Israeli set-up would be proper punishment for Wahlström.

On Friday, December 17, 2009, a team of five men cut down the entrance sign at Auschwitz, cut it up, and hid it nearby in southern Poland, awaiting instructions from Högström, it seems, about when and where to move them. He was totally surprised by the delay, believing that they would be already on their way to Sweden to entrap Wahlström where they would be surprisingly delivered to his Skåne doorstep, the police waiting nearby to recover them, and nab him. The theft was allegedly being used to help fund neo-Nazi attacks, especially on Sweden’s Riksdag.(4)

Högström seems then to have been told that the sign pieces were to be shipped out of an airport in lower Poland on a Corendon airliner, a Turkish carrier, and the sign pieces should be addressed to one Thomas Salme. Airports in Lódz. Krakow, and Katowice are a long way from Sweden, and they did not have scheduled flights to places like Sweden. In short, Högström was convicted that the plan had been changed, and he was being set-up for the crime, resulting in his informing the Swedish police of where the sign had been hidden, and Salme’s role in the process, though he, perhaps, had not idea of who he really was.

The Swedish authorities informed the Polish ones where they could recover the sign pieces, but were panicked by Högström’s claim that Salme was involved, as its Transport Authority (TA) knew all too well about the former Royal Swedish Air Force fighter pilot who had been flying for 13 years with a recently forged Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) – what captains of multi-engined, passenger jets must obtain. Salme only had his military experience, and a long-expired Commercial Pilot License. He had left the service when it was vastly slimming down during the 1990s, and had joined civilian carriers when they were rapidily expanding with few questions asked of its applicants. He joined the Italian carrier Air One shortly after its first full year of operation in 1996, thanks to his having flown Boeing C-130s during his time in service. It had the same avionics as Air One’s Boeing 737s which all the airlines Salme flew with had.

Then it was just a question of flying enough hours to maintain his active status, and undergoing any periodic test required – what seemed most unlikely, given his flying cargo assignments. A few years later, he transferred to the English cargo carrier, Channel Express, in the Midlands, and stayed with it until it was taken over by Jet-2 and wound down the cargo business. Then Salme flew tourist flights for Apollo Airlines to places around the Mediterranean, especially Greece, and then did the same thing for Air Sweden, an airline so unobservant of EU rules about operating in the Community that the Swedish Transport Agency is trying to force its closure – what its experience with Salme might well have had something to do with.

It had tried to stop Salme in 2007 because of his lack of proper qualifications. But he had left the carrier and the country by then, settling in Milan, and starting to work for Corendon – a tourist agency run one, working out of Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport – and the TA just forgot about it all. Salme’s secrets about flying might well have been the cause of his, it seems, being blackmailed into the plot.

Högström’s tipoffs, of course, sent Polish, Swedish, and Dutch authorities into absolute tizzies. Warsaw, while most happy to have retrieved the terrible sign, was most desirous too of getting its hands on him so the whole fiasco could be quickly quashed. They even claimed that the sign had been recovered at the other end of the country when it was found near Auschwitz.(5) Stockholm, while pleased at having located where the sign had been hidden, was most opposed to any revelations about how it was tipped off, particularly what Högström had said about Salme. In fact, it wanted to dispose of Salme’s difficulties before ever really admitting that it was taking the case against Högström seriously, as the police only mounted his heavy arrest here in Lidingö at his family home after two months as if he were a fugitive on the run.

The Dutch wanted to take steps to prevent damaging blowback when Salme was finally outed so as to limit injury to the airline, its tourist industry, or its authorities. It especially wanted it to appear that the only problem was Salme’s apparent lack of an ATPL – what it conveniently managed to overcome when it replaced him in the cockpit with a qualified captain without any delay in a flight to Turkey when he was finally outed on March 3rd.(6)

By this time, the Mossad had well mended its reputation, having an all-Israeli covert operation take out Hamas leader Mahmoud Al Mabhouh when he visited Dubai in mid-January 2010.(7) Meir Dagan was not going to go out on such a sour note where Swedish, Polish, and Dutch second-thoughts and dithering led to such a fiasco, one which is still unfolding. This time, the Mossad operation was a classic, though most belated, eye-for-an-eye one. It replaced public interest in what had happened to the Auschwitz sign.

While Högström was finally prosecuted in Krakow, and sentenced to 32 months in prison, provided it would be served in Sweden, Stockholm was continuing to make light of Salme’s failures, having the publishers Norstedt’s contract his autobiography, 13 Years in Heaven, which the established reporter Stefan Lovgren is helping him with. Norstedt’s published Steig Larssons’ World of Millennium which has sold welll over 50,000,000 copies worldwide.

Not bad to end up being associated with such writers rather than in the company of just jailbirds, like Högström!.

2. For more, see:
3. For more, see:
4 For more, see: http://www.digitaljournal/article/284804
6 For more about how he was discovered, and what he had been doing, see this link:
7 For more, see:,1518,739908,00.html

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Nothing Dishonors the Dead Quite Like Lies


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Never have I been as sickened and ashamed of being an American as yesterday. In more than 6 decades of life, I have seen America ignore mass murder, put vicious dictators in office, sold its history of heroism and sacrifice to a pack of international bankers and thieves.

America, as almost every American will tell you, is a nation run by a pack of crooks and tyrants who crush a population being pushed into poverty with the help of a censored and controlled press.

This is one thing almost all Americans agree on, they just blame different people for causing it. I suggest Americans blame themselves.

Reporting on the 9/11 anniversary was the lowest point in my memory, pure censorship. The biggest reason, one few are aware of but true just the same, is that “conspiracy theorists,” according to the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) claim to have proof that Israel helped plan and execute 9/11.

This was enough, the fear those in the press have of being labeled “anti-Semites,” the threat the ADL throws around to stifle any honest discussion of American policy in the Middle East, to omit all reporting of dissent on 9/11, even the official dissent of the commissioners who investigated the incident and requested criminal prosecution for many Bush officials who they say lied to them and were covering up some kind of conspiracy.

Then there are the groups, families of victims, the first responders, police and fire, the pilots, the military, the veterans, the engineers and architects who all say 9/11 was a staged false flag terror attack that had nothing to do with hijackings.

Only one real poll has ever been held, in Australia, seeing who supported these ideas. The surprise?

77% held these beliefs, beliefs that didn’t receive a single word of mention on 9/11. That is the nature of censorship, of tyranny, of dictatorship under the guise of democracy.

America is simply a dictatorship with a controlled press, where elections are held between carefully screened candidates and even those are rigged.

How do you define a criminal? How many do they have to murder? How many crimes before someone goes to jail? If you are poor, the answer is “one.”

If you are powerful and control the press, there is no answer at all.

This is the nature of the Building 7 controversy.

On 9/11, one building was not hit, the third tower, known as Building 7. Some believe a plane that crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania was supposed to hit that building but couldn’t. A wild story was invented about passengers taking over the plane.

They made that into a movie. Nothing in that movie can be proven true, not a single fact. It is entirely fiction.

When no plane hit the building, the BBC announced that the building had fallen, announced that while standing in front of the building which was only slightly damaged. 20 minutes later, it fell, in what everyone describes as a classic controlled demolition, one that took weeks, maybe months to engineer, beams cut, explosive charges planted throughout the building, the work of skilled engineers who have made a science of bringing buildings down.

Without this science, they tend to fall over or end up half standing and half collapsed, leaving months of work.

Then we have the interview with Larry Silverstein, the “lessor” who claims he ordered the destruction of Building 7.

We have this on tape, it was broadcast around the world on CNN.

Then, further, we have the destruction itself, firemen announcing the upcoming explosions, we hear them go off.

Then, however, we have the official report that calls all this evidence “conspiracy theory” and claims that the undamaged building fell because of “office fires.”

What we have is murder.

What we can also assume, according to the work of many prominent scientists, is that the twin towers, much larger, much stronger, that were said to “pancake” after fires caused by plane crashes were, in fact, destroyed the same way, controlled demolition.

The scientific evidence for this is overwhelming.

What we have is murder.

What we don’t have is hijackers. So long ago, when a group of the 9/11 hijackers came forward claiming they weren’t really dead, we all laughed.

After all, we saw the planes, we heard the stories, all the same, passports falling from the sky, stories of flight schools, and Saudi money paying for Osama bin Laden’s vicious criminal act.

Then, year after year, bin Laden himself, came forward bragging about 9/11.

Little did we know that those videos, the audio tapes, had been proven forgeries, sold to the US government by Israeli intelligence, now a fact very much in evidence.

What is in evidence? Bin Laden said 9/11 was done by others, he named Israel, he named drug cartels and he named American extremists.

Then we are told he died, in 2001, told by CIA handlers who knew him for years, told by the ISI handlers who worked with him, told by those who claim they buried him, confirmed by newspapers across the Middle East and Pakistan that reported his death from kidney failure.

In fact, dozens of American intelligence agents have come forward with this same story, only ‘disproven’ recently when bin Laden was captured, shot for no known reason and then thrown into the ocean, a thousand miles away, also for no known reason.

Then those who did it, the SEAL team, no, not others, it was them, all died in a mysterious helicopter crash that violated every security protocol known to man.

Back in Pakistan, where bin Laden was captured or killed or whatever, TV reported a helicopter crash and dead Americans everywhere. Witnesses seemed credible and they had film of the helicopter parts strewn across the ground.

American claimed the helicopter was victim of a minor ‘mishap.’

Then again, the CIA claimed, or used to claim, that bin Laden died in 2001 and his body was recovered near Tora Bora, from a shallow grave and returned to a Navy base in the Gulf Region for storage.

I only know this because I interrogated bin Laden’s CIA handler.

I also discussed this with the then Director General of the ISI, Pakistan’s intelligence services. I also discussed this with the current Director General of Pakistan’s military information services, the ISPR, whose staff confirmed bin Laden’s death. Author Jeff Gates sat next to me during this exchange.

Later we met with the current Director General of the ISI, a discussion covered by security issues involving the governments of Pakistan and the US.

What we do know is that 9/11 was a horrible crime. What we do know also is that crime is being covered up by a conspiracy, we have names of 103 involved against whom we have sufficient evidence to warrant an immediate criminal investigation.

I have certainly lost faith in the US government, no secret there. Not having faith in government is about as patriotic a thing any human can do.

American needs its own “Arab spring.” Even Israel is getting one, demonstrations last week had 500,000 in the street but our press reported little or nothing of it.

Even our good friends in Israel, when they stand up for freedom, are silenced.

Everyone is silenced almost as though this were Stalin’s Soviet Union with a “smiley face” stuck on it.

We are living like pigs in clover, for a while at least, Obama ready to borrowed $400 billion for jobs so American people can live a bit longer before the collapse we all see as inevitable sets in.

The talk in Washington, all of it? Theatre and lies, nothing more.

Our press? The same as we all saw yesterday when censorship reared its ugly head as never before.

Millions, tens of millions of Americans are demanding jail, execution, even overthrow of our own government because the 9/11 murders, Americans killing Americans (mostly), a crime now totally exposed for what it is has been shelved as though we were all cattle.

Some call us “sheeple.”

Yesterday, Senator McCain told us that American will fight no more wars in the Middle East. He is right.

We are no longer capable. We are broke, our military is in collapse, 500,000 of what should be our best soldiers are now disabled veterans, waiting for years to go on a lifetime of anti-psychotic medications or treatments for traumatic brain injuries or lost limbs.

They aren’t going to be replaced, no matter how much poverty American is pushed into. Ron Paul is right, the draft will have to return.

The real issue isn’t government, it is the press. Yesterday was “lie day,” lies of omission, of censorship, of deception and full criminal complicity in murder.

Even Huffington Post, the once “opposition press” showed its true colors, the worst of them all.

Fox News, the network that broke stories on bin Laden and the 9/11 deception, Geraldo Rivera and Judge Napolitano, were silenced forever.


A year ago, they exposed it all as did others.

Then history and time were erased and dictatorship reared its ugly head.

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The Day The Bush War on Terror Began


It did not need to come to this. 

Ed. Note /by Debbie Menon

James Wall identifies the distortion and deception completely… “it did not need to come to this,” but through the gross and brutal distortion of a dreadfully unspeakable event, and turning a memorial and a rallying point into a marching banner for more of the same, leaders have betrayed their offices, their people and themselves as human beings.

The fact that some of them, like Robert Gates  and others, can discuss these betrayals after they leave office, indicates that they were aware of the nature of their crimes while in office.

Furthermore, although they voice outrage and anger, they have done absolutely nothing about it.  What in hell are American taxpayers paying them for, anyway? All the right reactions, for the wrong reasons…. and inadequate responses!

Political and personal expedient in the power game of dominance over other men!

The Day The Bush War on Terror Began

by James M. Wall

President George Bush’s War on Terror began ten years ago, September 11, 2001.

Murderous crime scenes in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, became spiritual staging grounds for an international war against what Time’s Tony Karon describes as “a tiny network of transnational extremists, founded on the remnants of the Arab volunteers who’d fought in the U.S.-backed Afghan jihad against the Soviet Union.”

It did not need to come to this.

The attacks on the US could have been a time to reinvent ourselves as a united people, bound together in our common grief.  But politicians, supported by a national media that was far more concerned with drama of what happened than why it happened, began to shape a different future, a worldwide attack on Islam.

Our crime scenes of death became shrines of memory designed not to mourn the dead, but to serve as spiritual support bases for the Bush War on Terror. The deaths of more than 3000 victims were exploited to create an evolving  narrative of  permanent international warfare.

Frank Rich wrote in New York magazine August 27, 2011:

The hallowed burial grounds of 9/11 were supposed to bequeath us a stronger nation, not a busted one. We were supposed to be left with a finer legacy than Gitmo and the Patriot Act. When we woke up on September 12, we imagined a whole host of civic virtues that might rise from the smoldering ruins.

Rich reminds us that Bush, a “still-green president” had a “near-perfect approval rating for weeks”. The nation was ready to build “a selfless wartime patriotism built on the awesome example of those regular Americans who ran to the rescue on that terrifying day of mass death, at the price of their own health and sometimes their lives”.

Instead we got “another hijacking—of 9/11 by those who exploited it for motives large and petty, both ideological and crassly ­commercial”.

The most lethal of these hijackings was the Bush administration’s repurposing of 9/11 for a war against a country that had not attacked us. So devilishly clever was the selling of the Saddam-for-Osama bait-and-switch that almost half the country would come to believe that Iraqis were among the 9/11 hijackers.

Joseph E. Stiglitz, University Professor at Columbia University, wrote in a posting, The Price of 9/11: “President George W. Bush’s response to the attacks compromised America’s basic principles, undermined its economy, and weakened its security”.

Three years ago, when Stiglitz, a Nobel Prize winning economist, and a colleague, examined the costs of the Bush wars, their conservative tally was $3-5 trillion. Since then, he writes, the costs have mounted.

With almost 50% of returning troops eligible to receive some level of disability payment, and more than 600,000 treated so far in veterans’ medical facilities, we now estimate that future disability payments and health-care costs will total $600-900 billion. But the social costs, reflected in veteran suicides (which have topped 18 per day in recent years) and family breakups, are incalculable.

One glaring reason why the Bush-Cheney war machine could shape public opinion with such impunity in 2001 is that the main stream media had abandoned its journalistic responsibility to talk truth to power.

Looking back over my own 2001 files from those immediate post 911 months, I found a remarkable exception to that total media capitulation, a Newsweek essay published on November 18, 2001. The essay was written by David Gates under the headline, “The Voices Of Dissent”. The Daily Beast, Newsweek’s current online presence, has the essay on its site, here. Gates writes:

Since September 11, political dissent has seemed a decadent luxury, rather than a democratic necessity. The new united-we-stand orthodoxy holds that we’re all engaged in a war of unquestionable good against inexplicable evil–that, in fact, the attempt to understand the enemy’s perception of us is disloyal–and that bombing Afghanistan, approved by 90 percent of Americans, is both morally and practically justified.

These assumptions are worth questioning, if only for prudential reasons. But our official opposition party has signed on; so have most of the world’s leaders. And again, [few contemporary] writers get with the program.

Gates found, with some searching I imagine, John le Carre and Alan Gurganus, both of whom had written “to critique the war and the United States’ arrogance”

The most audible voices Gates identified, however, were those of Susan Sontag and Barbara Kingsolver, and the Indian novelist Arundhati Roy.

Sontag, the essayist and author of the National Book Award-winning In America: A Novel, drew a bizarrely fierce reaction for a 473-word New Yorker piece. She called the president “robotic” and added that the attacks were motivated by “specific American alliances and actions”.  Gates does not specify those allies and their actions, but ten years later it is possible to surmise she may have been alluding to Israel.

Gates writes further that since September 11, Kingsolver “has been pouring out editorials and essays”.

Her dissent, like Roy’s, is both moral and practical. “If our goal is to reduce the number of people in the world who would like to kill us,” she says, “this is not the way to go about it.” She resents having her patriotism impugned. “I’m speaking out because I’m a patriot,” she says.

“Because I love my country and I want it to do the right thing.” And she also resents being told–as she has been lately–that she should stick to writing novels. “It’s a nasty slap down that’s been used against those of us, particularly Arundhati Roy, who have spoken out,” Kingsolver says.

“As if the fact of our being novelists disqualified us for any other sort of speech. I can’t make any sense of that. Words are my tools. Words are what I have to offer.”

In that same 2001 file folder I found a column I wrote for the Christian Century‘s December 12, 2001, issue. It is available on the Century web site. Cick here for the full column.

I quoted from the David Gates Newsweek essay, and added  these observations on how Bush’s War on Terror looked to me, and to many more Americans who were not being heard, in 2001.

Meanwhile, the president’s repeated insistence that the war against terror will last a long time indicates that he is listening to those who want him to extend the war to all nations that “harbor” what Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who has seen too many movies, likes to call the “bad guys.”

Rumsfeld’s deputy Paul Wolfowitz, White House officials Condolezza Rice, Karl Rowe and Karen Hughes, and chairman of the president’s Defense Policy Board, Richard Pearle, are urging Bush not to stop with Afghanistan.

New Yorker writer Peter J. Boyer reports that Newt Gingrich, a member the President’s Defense Policy Board, is urging the president to “confront Iraq even while the engagement in Afghanistan continues, and go after terrorist operations in Somalia and Sudan as well.”

I called my December 12, 2001 column, A Moral Squint: Bombs and Chaos. The column began:

After a particularly heavy U.S. bombardment of the city of Kunduz, al-Qaeda and Taliban fighters initially refused to surrender. Northern Alliance factions argued over how to arrange the surrender of Kunduz, provoking one U.S. official to describe the situation in and around the city as “chaotic.”

His word reminds me of an exchange in Robert Bolt’s A Man for All Seasons. Cardinal Thomas Wolsey demands that Thomas More support a papal dispensation so that King Henry VIII can legally divorce his queen, who has failed to produce a male heir.

When More refuses to intercede with the pope, the cardinal says, “You are a constant regret to me, Thomas. If you could just see facts flat on without that horrible, constant moral squint. With a little common sense you could have made a statesman.”

To which More replies: “I think that when statesmen forsake their own private consciences for the sake of their public duties they lead the country by a short route to chaos.”

Our nation needs the wisdom of  writers these days who possess a “moral squint” and don’t hesitate to write and speak about it.

The picture at the top was taken September 11, 2001 by Marty Lederhandler for the Associated Press.  It ran on Tony Karon’s Time blog on September 8, 2011. The Empire State Building is in the foreground; the burning twin towers are at  the right.

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Egypt: Retry or Free 12,000 After Unfair Military Trials


Civilians Tried Since February Exceed Total Under Mubarak

SEPTEMBER 10, 2011

Nearly 12,000 prosecutions since February is astounding and shows how Egypt’s military rulers are undermining the transition to democracy. The military can end these trials today – all it takes is one order to end this travesty of justice.

Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch

(New York) – Since it took over patrolling the streets from the police on January 28, 2011, Egypt’s military has arrested almost 12,000 civilians and brought them before military tribunals, Human Rights Watch said today. This is more than the total number of civilians who faced military trials during the 30-year rule of Hosni Mubarak and undermines Egypt’s move from dictatorship to democratic rule, Human Rights Watch said.

“Nearly 12,000 prosecutions since February is astounding and shows how Egypt’s military rulers are undermining the transition to democracy,” said Joe Stork, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch. “The military can end these trials today – all it takes is one order to end this travesty of justice.”

In a September 5 news conference Gen. Adel Morsy of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) said that between January 28 and August 29, military tribunals tried 11,879 civilians. The tribunals convicted 8,071, including 1,836 suspended sentences; a further 1,225 convictions are awaiting ratification by the military.

Under the Mubarak government, such trials were reserved for high-profile political cases, such as the2008 conviction of the former deputy guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Khairat al-Shatir, and 24 others; cases in which the defendants had been arrested in a military zone such as the Sinai; or bloggerswho criticized the military.

Human Rights Watch strongly opposes any trials of civilians before military courts, where the proceedings do not protect basic due process rights and do not satisfy the requirements of independence and impartiality of courts of law. Defendants in Egyptian military courts usually do not have access to counsel of their own choosing and judges do not respect the rights of defense. Judges in the military justice system are military officers subject to a chain of command and therefore do not enjoy the independence to ignore instructions by superiors.

Over the past months there has been growing consensus among all political parties and activist groups in Egypt against the military trial of civilians.

Morsy also said the referral of civilians to trial before military courts for violations of the Egyptian penal code would end as soon as the state of emergency is lifted. SCAF generals previously have said that the Code of Military Justice gives them the jurisdictional grounds to bring civilians before tribunals. This law provides overly broad jurisdiction to the military justice system in articles 5-6, which allow for civilians to be brought before military tribunals for crimes under the penal code if the crime takes place in an area controlled by the military or if one of the parties involved is a military officer. Since taking over the government, the military appears to consider the whole country “controlled by the military” and therefore everyone is potentially subject to military trials.

“The military should end the state of emergency immediately, but even that will not be enough to end military trials of civilians,” Stork said. “The Egyptian authorities should amend the Code of Military Justice in line with its obligations under international law to limit military jurisdiction to military offenses.”

International human rights bodies over the last 15 years have determined that trials of civilians before military tribunals violate the due process guarantees in article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which affirms that everyone has the right to be tried by a competent, independent, and impartial tribunal. Egyptian human rights lawyers have filed two cases before Egypt’s administrative court, the Council of State, appealing against SCAF’s administrative decision to bring civilians before military tribunals, which the court will hear in September.

Military courts have acquitted only 795 of the nearly 12,000 cases they have tried, a conviction rate of 93 percent, Human Rights Watch said.

In July, the SCAF issued statement number 68 in which it announced that it was limiting the use of military tribunals to three categories of crimes: “thuggery,” rape, and assault against police officers, a limitation of little practical relevance since these categories cover the vast majority of cases before tribunals over the past months. The vast majority of those sentenced by military tribunals are not political cases but involve individuals arrested in connection with alleged regular criminal activities. Those sentenced included a 16-year-old child, Islam Harby Raga, currently in Tora prison serving a seven-year sentence after a military trial in February in which he was convicted on charges of assaulting a public official.

One of the political prisoners who remain in detention after an unfair military trial is protester Amr al-Beheiry. Military officers arrested al-Beheiry, along with at least eight others, in the early hours of February 26 after forcibly evicting protesters from Tahrir Square, beat him, and brought him before a military prosecutor. Al-Beheiry’s family learned of his arrest from a newspaper and found out that al-Beheiry had been tried and sentenced on February 28 in the absence of his lawyer. Al-Beheiry is serving a five-year sentence in Wadi Gedid prison, 400 miles from his home, rather than in Tora prison outside Cairo. The military appeals court has scheduled his appeal for May 1, 2012.

Another protester, 21-year-old Mu’aty Abu Arab remains imprisoned in Wadi Gedid prison. Military officers arrested him on February 3 in Tahrir Square. They took him to the military prison and brought him before a military court, which sentenced him to five years on charges of breaking curfew and “thuggery.” His lawyer, Adel Ramadan, told Human Rights Watch that his appeal had been scheduled for February 24, 2012.

“One of the basic due process protections is the right to an effective appeal,” Stork said. “Those wrongfully detained should not have to wait a year and a half before being able to appeal a patently unfair conviction.”

Blogger Maikel Nabil, currently on hunger strike, is serving a three-year prison sentence for “insulting the military establishment” and “spreading false information” – in fact, for peaceful expression of his views on his blog and on Facebook. Nabil’s lawyers have appealed his sentence and another military court will hear his appeal on November 1. On September 5, Morsy insisted that there were no cases regarding freedom of expression before the military courts, saying that Nabil was a case of “insulting the armed forces.”

In response to growing public calls for an end to military trials of civilians, the military has chosen instead to criticize the media for its coverage of the trials. In a news release on September 7, Morsy warned the media to stop commenting on military trials and spreading “false” information about proceedings. “We call upon all parties to pursue the legal route to appeal decisions and to directly submit complaints to the competent parties for those who have standing or their legal representatives instead of spreading rumors without basis,” he said. In response to criticism of the military, the military prosecutor has thus far summoned nine people on charges of “insulting the military” for questioning though so far he has not referred any of these cases to court, with the exception of Nabil.

In a speech on February 12, Gen. Mohsen Fangary, a member of the SCAF, declared that Egypt would abide by its international obligations under the treaties it had signed. Those international treaties include the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which obligates states to protect and ensure the right to fair trial and freedom of expression.

The Set of Principles for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights through Action to Combat Impunity, presented before the former United Nations Human Rights Commission in 2005, states that “the jurisdiction of military tribunals must be restricted solely to specifically military offenses committed by military personnel, to the exclusion of human rights violations, which shall come under the jurisdiction of the ordinary domestic courts or, where appropriate, in the case of serious crimes under international law, of an international or internationalized criminal court.”

“The military cannot pick and choose which parts of international law it considers relevant or convenient,” said Stork. “By insisting on using military trials to try civilians the military is showing contempt for Egypt’s obligations under human rights law.”

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Earlier today Britain amended its universal jurisdiction law to the extent that Israeli war criminals can now enter the Kingdom without risk of arrest. British Ambassador to Israel Matthew Gould shamelessly called Israeli war criminal Tzipi Livni, against whom an arrest warrant was issued in 2009, and told her that the Queen has signed the amendment “to ensure that the UK’s justice system can no longer be abused for political reasons.”

Ignoramus ambassador Gould should know that putting a war criminal behind bars is not a political matter, but an ethical necessity.

However, the amendment of the law is just another symptom of the Zion-ification of UK legal system and culture.  I believe that the timing of this submissive dubious political decision couldn’t be more significant.  This week a decade ago the English Speaking Empire adopted the Old Testament’s ‘eye for and eye’ (i.e. ‘The War Against Terror’) as its new official ideological mantra.  Hence, it is far from being surprising that it is now following orders from Jerusalem.

If the West was once associated with Athens, it is clearly fixated by Jerusalem now. This is certainly a tragedy, yet not a Greek one.


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Turkey-IsraHell: ‘Who is bluffing who’


 by rehmat1

On Friday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened arrogant radical Jewish Prime Minister Benji Netanyahu that Turkish Navy will escort the future Turkish aid vessels to Gaza Strip.

“The eastern Mediterranean Sea is not Israel’s private playground. Turkey will defend the rights of its citizens when Israel chooses to intervene and prevent free movement in international waters”.

The hawkish Jew Foreign Avigdor Lieberman responded with counter threat that if Erdogan do that Israel will arms and train the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK), a terrorist armed group in Turkey.

Here is interesting part of this ‘tit for tat’. The pro-Israel main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has criticized Erdogan for making such outrageous statement. On the other hand, most Turks believe that both Washington and Israel arm PKK.

In 2007 – Turkish security forces captured 1260 weapons from PKK terrorists which were all Made in USA. Americans caught red-handed, claimed that the weapons were part of the US shipment to Iraqi military and police units trained by the US Army (and Israel). The USA Today reported on October 30, 2006 that one out of every 25 weapons given to Iraqis by US has disappeared. Furthermore, the system for tracing them never worked. More than 370,000 light weapons were sent to Iraq between 2003-2006, yet just 3% had their serial numbers recorded by the US Defense Department prior to being handed over. And guess who was the incharge of that particular task during that period? YES, no other than Zionism’s military poodle, Gen. David Petraeus, currently head of CIA.

It’s no secret that US and Israel have been aiding anti-Islamist Kurd terrorist group in Islamic Republic. American Jewish investigating reporter Seymour Hersh wrote in Jewish magazine, The New Yorker, on November 27, 2006 that many neocons in Bush administration believe that Washington cannot win the war in both Afghanistan and Iraq without weakening Islamic regime in Iran. But they also realize that the goal cannot be achieved by military attack as the West learned by their experience in 2006 Israel-Lebanon war. The military adventure failed not only to destroy Hizbullah but made its leader Sheikh Nasrallah more popular, not only among Arabs Arab but also among Israelis. Some of other means to pressure Tehran include both Israel and the US arming the militant Kurdish group ‘Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK)‘, a sister organization of PKK. The group has been conducting clandestine cross-border terrorism in western Iran. Israel has played a major role in supplying arms and providing information on Iranian targets through members of Kurd Jewish community. There are over 50,000 Kurd Jews in Israel.

May be Syrian President Bashar Assad take a clue from anti-Turk Avigdor Lieberman and revive Ba’athist-PKK marriage which received divorce in 1990s with the expulsion of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan from Syria. PKK along with Jewish dominated Iraq’s Kurdish Democratic Party (KDP) has been waging war against Ankara since 1984 to establish a Greater Kurdistan for the 30 million Muslim, Jews and Christian Kurds, on their ancestral land partitioned by the western colonial powers among Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.

In 1982, Oded Tinon laid out the Zionazi policy in the Muslim East in his study A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s which is being followed by Ziocons (mostly Jewish) controlling the successive US administrations. The study recommended to bring about a controlled chaos in the region, creating a series of weak statelets that would benefit a strong Israel.

And finally, a joke from Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan. Before embarking on his meeting with three western-puppet dictatorship (Egypt, Tunisia and Libya), Erdogan told the Zionist regime that it’s isolated in the region. Now, if Erdogan’s criteria of popularity is based on friendly relations with western-puppet regimes – then I can assure him, Turkey will never be able to beat Israel in that game. In fact, it’s Turkey which has been isolated in the region due to AKP’s stupid policy of allying with Washington against Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

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