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Rotten sardines caught in Turkish facebook dragnet

Names of the small criminals who followed the criminal orders of the big criminals and committed piracy (actually, that is unfair to real pirates) and murder on the high seas, while taking over the Mavi Marmara.

Agai Yehezkel, Aharon Haliwa, Alex Shakliar, Amir Ulo, Amir Abste, Amir Shimon Ashel, Anna Strelski, Anton Siomin, Aram Zehavi, Ariel Brickman, Ariel Karo, Ariel Rifkin, Ariel Yochanan, Arnon Avital, Assaf Bryt, Avi Balut, Avi Bnayahu, Avi Mizrakhi, Avi Peled, Aviad Perri, Aviel Siman, Avihay Wizman, Avihu Ben Zahar, Avishay Levi, Avishay Shasha, Aviv Edri, Aviv Kochavi, Aviv Mendelowitz, Baruch (Barry) Berlinsky, Basam Alian, Ben-Zion (Benzi) Gruver, Bnaya Sarel, Boaz Dabush, Boaz Rubin, Boris Schuster, Dado Bar- Kalifa, Dan Dolberg, Dan Harel, Daniel Kotler, David Shapira, David Slovozkoi, David Zini, Eden Atias, Eden Atias, Efraim Aviad Tehila, Efraim Avni, Eitan Ben-Gad, Elad Chachkis, Elad Itzik, Elad Shoshan, Elad Yakobson, Eli Fadida, Eli Yafe, Eliezer Shkedi, Elik Sror, Eran Karisi, Erez Sa’adon, Eyal Eizenberg, Eyal Handelman, Eyal Zukowsky, Gil Shen, Gur Rozenblat, Gur Schreibmann, Guy Givoni, Guy Hazut, Haggai Amar, Hanan Schwart, Harel Naaman, Hila Yafe, Ido Nechushtan, Ilan Malka, Itay Virob, Liran Nachman, Michelle Ben-Baruch, Miki Ohayon, Moshe Tamir, Nadav Musa, Nathan Be’eri, Nezah Rubin, Nimrod Schefer, Nir Ben-David, Nir Dupet, Nir Ohayon, Niv Samban, Noam Keshwisky, Ofek Gal, Ofer Lahad, Ofer Levi, Ofer Winter, Ofer Zafrir, Ofir Edri, Ohad Girhish, Ohad Najme, Omer Dori, Omri Dover, Or Nelkenbaum, Oren Bersano, Oren Cohen, Oren Kupitz, Oren Zini, Pinkhas Buchris, Raz Sarig, Ron Asherov, Ron Levinger, Ron Shirto, Ronen Dan, Ronen Dogmi, Roi Elkabetz, Roi Oppenheimer, Roi Weinberger, Sahar Abargel, Shai Belaich, Shaked Galin, Sharon Itach, Shaul Badusa, Shay Unger, Shimon Siso, Shiran Mussa, Shlomit Tako, Tal Alkobi, Tal Bendel, Tal Kommemi, Tal Ruso, Tamir Oren, Tamir Yadai, Tom Cohen, Tomer Meltzmann, Geva Rapp, Tslil Birbir, Udi Sagie, Uri Ron, Yair Keinan, Yair Palay, Ya’akov(Yaki) Dolf, Yaniv Zolicha, Yaron,Finkelman, Yaron Simsulo, Yehosua (Shuki) Ribak, Yehu Ofer, Yehuda Fuchs, Yehuda Hacohen, Yigal Slovik, Yigal Sudri, Yizhar Yona, Yoav Galant, Yoav Gertner, Yoav Mordechai, Yochai Siemann, Yochanan Locker, Yom-Tov Samia, Yonathan Barenski, Yonathan Felman, Yoni Weitzner, Yossi Abuzaglo, Yossi Bahar, Yossi Beidaz, Yotam Dadon, Yishai Ankri, Yishai Green, Yuval Halamish, Zion Bramli, Zion Shankour, Ziv Danieli, Ziv Trabelsi, Zuf Salomon, Zvi Fogel, Zvi Yehuda Kelner.

The list of the big criminals is easier to compile, beginning with Obama, Netanyahu, and Ashkenazi. For some reasons, the Turkish government doesn’t list Obama, although no Israel crime is possible without his approval.

If the people on this list think twice before landing in any airport other than the one is ethnically cleansed Lydda, that’s already the beginning of accountability.

Now, this list, compiled by the Turkish government, mostly based on facebook, may or may not be accurate. Of course, Israel could provide the accurate list.

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Mearsheimer responds to Goldberg’s latest smear

Ever since John Mearsheimer and I began writing about the Israel lobby, some of our critics have leveled various personal charges against us. These attacks rarely addressed the substance of what we wrote — a tacit concession that both facts and logic were on our side — but instead accused us of being anti-Semites and conspiracy theorists. They used these false charges to try to discredit and/or marginalize us, and to distract people from the important issues of U.S. Middle East policy that we had raised. The latest example of this tactic is a recent blog post from Jeffrey Goldberg, where he accused my co-author of endorsing a book by an alleged Holocaust denier and Nazi sympathizer.

Goldberg has well-established record of making things up about us, and this latest episode is consistent with his usual approach. I asked Professor Mearsheimer if he wanted to respond to Goldberg’s sally, and he sent the following reply. John Mearsheimer writes: In a certain sense, it is hard not to be impressed by the energy and imagination that Jeffrey Goldberg devotes to smearing Steve Walt and me. Although he clearly disagrees with our views about U.S.-Israel relations and the role of the Israel lobby, he does not bother to engage what we actually wrote in any meaningful way. Indeed, given what he writes about us, I am not even sure he has read our book or related articles.

Instead of challenging the arguments and evidence that we presented, his modus operandi is to misrepresent and distort our views, in a transparent attempt to portray us as rabid anti-Semites.His latest effort along these lines comes in a recent blog post, where he seizes on a dust jacket blurb I wrote for a new book by Gilad Atzmon titled The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics. Here is what I said in my blurb:

Gilad Atzmon has written a fascinating and provocative book on Jewish identity in the modern world. He shows how assimilation and liberalism are making it increasingly difficult for Jews in the Diaspora to maintain a powerful sense of their ‘Jewishness.’ Panicked Jewish leaders, he argues, have turned to Zionism (blind loyalty to Israel) and scaremongering (the threat of another Holocaust) to keep the tribe united and distinct from the surrounding goyim. As Atzmon’s own case demonstrates, this strategy is not working and is causing many Jews great anguish. The Wandering Who? should be widely read by Jews and non-Jews alike.

The book, as my blurb makes clear, is an extended meditation on Jewish identity in the Diaspora and how it relates to the Holocaust, Israel, and Zionism. There is no question that the book is provocative, both in terms of its central argument and the overly hot language that Atzmon sometimes uses. But it is also filled with interesting insights that make the reader think long and hard about an important subject. Of course, I do not agree with everything that he says in the book — what blurber does? — but I found it thought provoking and likely to be of considerable interest to Jews and non-Jews, which is what I said in my brief comment.Goldberg maintains that Atzmon is a categorically reprehensible person, and accuses him of being a Holocaust denier and an apologist for Hitler.

These are two of the most devastating charges that can be leveled against anyone. According to Goldberg, the mere fact that I blurbed Atzmon’s book is decisive evidence that I share Atzmon’s supposedly odious views. This indictment of me is captured in the title of Goldberg’s piece: “John Mearsheimer Endorses a Hitler Apologist and Holocaust Revisionist.”This charge is so ludicrous that it is hard to know where to start my response. But let me begin by noting that I have taught countless University of Chicago students over the years about the Holocaust and about Hitler’s role in it. Nobody who has been in my classes would ever accuse me of being sympathetic to Holocaust deniers or making excuses for what Hitler did to European Jews. Not surprisingly, those loathsome charges have never been leveled against me until Goldberg did so last week.Equally important, Gilad Atzmon is neither a Holocaust denier nor an apologist for Hitler. Consider the following excerpt from The Wandering Who?

As much as I was a sceptic youngster, I was also horrified by the Holocaust. In the 1970s Holocaust survivors were part of our social landscape. They were our neighbours, we met them in our family gatherings, in the classroom, in politics, in the corner shop. The dark numbers tattooed on their white arms never faded away. It always had a chilling effect. . . . It was actually the internalization of the meaning of the Holocaust that transformed me into a strong opponent of Israel and Jewish-ness. It is the Holocaust that eventually made me a devoted supporter of Palestinian rights, resistance and the Palestinian right of return” (pp. 185-186).

It seems unequivocally clear to me from those sentences that Atzmon firmly believes that the Holocaust occurred and was a horrific tragedy. I cannot find evidence in his book or in his other writings that indicate he “traffics in Holocaust denial.”The real issue for Atzmon — and this is reflected in the excerpt from his blog post that Goldberg quotes from — is how the Holocaust is interpreted and used by the Jewish establishment. Atzmon has three complaints. He believes that it is used to justify Israel’s brutal treatment of the Palestinians and to fend off criticism of Israel. This is an argument made by many other writers, including former Knesset speaker Avraham Burg, historian Peter Novick, and political scientistNorman Finkelstein.

Atzmon also rejects the claim that the Holocaust is exceptional, which is a position that other respected scholars have held. There have been other genocides in world history, after all, and this whole issue was actively debated in the negotiations that led to the building of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC. Whatever one thinks of Atzmon’s position on this subject, it is hardly beyond the pale.Finally, Atzmon is angry about the fact that it is difficult to raise certain questions about the causes and the conduct of the Holocaust without being personally attacked. These are all defensible if controversial positions to hold, which is not to say one has to agree with any of them. But in no way is he questioning that the Holocaust happened or denying its importance. In fact, his view is clear from one of Atzmon’s sentences that Goldberg quotes: “We should strip the holocaust of its Judeo-centric exceptional status and treat it as an historical chapter that belongs to a certain time and place.” Note that Atzmon is talking about “the holocaust” in a way that makes it clear he has no doubts about its occurrence, and the passage from The Wandering Who? cited above makes it clear that he has no doubts about its importance or its tragic dimensions; he merely believes it should be seen in a different way.

Again, one need not agree with Atzmon to recognize that Goldberg has badly misrepresented his position.There is also no evidence that I could find in The Wandering Who? to support Goldberg’s claim that Atzmon is an apologist for Hitler or that he believes “Jews persecuted Hitler” and in so doing helped trigger the Holocaust. There is actually little discussion of Hitler in Atzmon’s book, and the only discussion of interactions between Hitler and the Jews concerns the efforts of German Zionists to work out a modus vivendi with the Nazis. (pp. 162-165) This is why Goldberg is forced to go to one of Atzmon’s blog posts to make the case that he is an apologist for Hitler.Before I examine the substance of that charge, there is an important issue that needs to be addressed directly. Goldberg’s indictment of Atzmon does not rely on anything that he wrote in The Wandering Who? Indeed, Goldberg’s blog post is silent on whether he has actually read the book. If he did read it, he apparently could not find any evidence to support his indictment of Atzmon. Instead, he relied exclusively on evidence culled from Atzmon’s own blog postings.

That is why Goldberg’s assault on me steers clear of criticizing Atzmon’s book, which is what I blurbed. In short, he falsely accuses me of lending support to a Holocaust denier and defender of Hitler on the basis of writings that I did not read and did not comment upon.This tactic puts me in a difficult position. I was asked to review Atzmon’s book and see whether I would be willing to blurb it. This is something I do frequently, and in every case I focus on the book at hand and not on the personality of the author or their other writings. In other words, I did not read any of Atzmon’s blog postings before I wrote my blurb. And just for the record, I have not met him and did not communicate with him before I was asked to review The Wandering Who? I read only the book and wrote a blurb that deals with it alone.Goldberg, however, has shifted the focus onto what Atzmon has written on his blog.

I discuss a couple of examples below, but I will not defend his blog output in detail for two reasons. First, I do not know what Atzmon may have said in all of his past blog posts and other writings or in the various talks that he has given over the years. Second, what he says in those places is not relevant to what I did, which was simply to read and react to his book.Let me now turn to the specific claim that Atzmon is an “apologist for Hitler.” Again, I am somewhat reluctant to do this, because this charge forces me to defend what Atzmon said in one of his blog posts. But given the prominence of the charge in Goldberg’s indictment of Atzmon (and me), I cannot let it pass.Plus, I see that Walter Russell Mead, who is also fond of smearing Steve Walt and me, has put this charge up in bright lights on his own blog. Picking up on Goldberg’s original post, Mead describes Atzmon’s argument this way: “poor Adolf Hitler’s actions against German Jews only came after US Jews called a boycott on German goods following Hitler’s appointment as German Chancellor. Gosh — if it weren’t for those pushy, aggressive Jews and their annoying boycotts, the Holocaust might not have happened!”It is hard to imagine any sane person making such an argument, and Atzmon never does.

Goldberg refers to a blog post that Atzmon wrote on March 25, 2010, written in response to news at the time that AIPAC had “decided to mount pressure” on President Obama. After describing what was happening with Obama, Atzmon notes that this kind of behavior is hardly unprecedented. In his words, “Jewish lobbies certainly do not hold back when it comes to pressuring states, world leaders and even superpowers.” There is no question that this statement is accurate and not even all that controversial; Tom Friedman said as much in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago.In the second half of this post, Atzmon says that AIPAC’s behavior reminds him of the March 1933 Jewish boycott of German goods, which preceded Hitler’s decision on March 28, 1933 to boycott Jewish stores and goods. His basic point is that the Jewish boycott had negative consequences, which it did.

In Atzmon’s narrative — and this is a very important theme in his book — Jews are not simply passive victims of other people’s actions. On the contrary, he believes Jews have considerable agency and their actions are not always wise. One can agree or disagree with his views about the wisdom of the Jewish boycott — and I happen to think he’s wrong about it — but he is not arguing that the Jews were “persecuting Hitler” and that this alleged “persecution” led to the Holocaust. In fact, he says nothing about the Holocaust in his post and he certainly does not justify in any way the murder of six million Jews.Let me make one additional point about Goldberg’s mining of Atzmon’s blog posts.

Goldberg ends his attack on me with the following quotation from a Feb. 19 blog post by Atzmon: “I believe that from [a] certain ideological perspective, Israel is actually far worse than Nazi Germany.” That quotation certainly makes Atzmon look like he has lost his mind and that nothing he has written could be trusted. But Goldberg has misrepresented what Atzmon really said, which is one of his standard tactics. Specifically, he quotes only part of a sentence from Atzmon’s blog post; but when you look at the entire sentence, you see that Atzmon is making a different, and far more nuanced point. The entire sentence reads: “Indeed, I believe that from [a] certain ideological perspective, Israel is actually far worse than Nazi Germany, for unlike Nazi Germany, Israel is a democracy and that implies that Israeli citizens are complicit in Israeli atrocities.” This is not an argument I would make, but what Atzmon is saying is quite different from the way Goldberg portrays it.

Finally, let me address the charge that Atzmon himself is an anti-Semite and a self-hating Jew. The implication of this accusation, of course, is that I must be an anti-Semite too (I can’t be a self-hating Jew) because I agreed to blurb Atzmon’s book. I do not believe that Atzmon is an anti-Semite, although that charge is thrown around so carelessly these days that it has regrettably lost much of its meaning. If one believes that anyone who criticizes Israel is an anti-Semite, then Atzmon clearly fits in that category. But that definition is foolish — no country is perfect or above criticism-and not worth taking seriously.The more important and interesting issue is whether Atzmon is a self-hating Jew. Here the answer is unequivocally yes.

He openly describes himself in this way and he sees himself as part of a long dissident tradition that includes famous figures such as Marx and Spinoza. What is going on here?The key to understanding Atzmon is that he rejects the claim that Jews are the “Chosen People.” His main target, as he makes clear at the start of the book, is not with Judaism per se or with people who “happen to be of Jewish origin.” Rather, his problem is with “those who put their Jewish-ness over and above all of their other traits.” Or to use other words of his: “I will present a harsh criticism of Jewish politics and identity … This book doesn’t deal with Jews as a people or ethnicity.” (pp. 15-16)In other words, Atzmon is a universalist who does not like the particularism that characterizes Zionism and which has a rich tradition among Jews and any number of other groups. He is the kind of person who intensely dislikes nationalism of any sort.

Princeton professor Richard Falk captures this point nicely in his own blurb for the book, where he writes: “Atzmon has written an absorbing and moving account of his journey from hard-core Israeli nationalist to a de-Zionized patriot of humanity.”Atzmon’s basic point is that Jews often talk in universalistic terms, but many of them think and act in particularistic terms. One might say they talk like liberals but act like nationalists. Atzmon will have none of this, which is why he labels himself a self-hating Jew. He fervently believes that Jews are not the “Chosen People” and that they should not privilege their “Jewish-ness” over their other human traits. Moreover, he believes that one must choose between Athens and Jerusalem, as they “can never be blended together into a lucid and coherent worldview.” (p. 86) One can argue that his perspective is dead wrong, or maintain that it is a lovely idea in principle but just not the way the real world works. But it is hardly an illegitimate or ignoble way of thinking about humanity.

To take this matter a step further, Atzmon’s book is really all about Jewish identity. He notes that “the disappearance of the ghetto and its maternal qualities” in the wake of the French Revolution caused “an identity crisis within the largely assimilated Jewish society.” (p. 104) He believes that this crisis, about which there is an extensive literature, is still at the center of Jewish life today. In effect, Atzmon is telling the story of how he wrestled with his own identity over time and what he thinks is wrong with how most Jews self-identify today. It is in this context that he discusses what he calls the “Holocaust religion,” Zionism, and Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Again, to be perfectly clear, he has no animus toward Judaism as a religion or with individuals who are Jewish by birth. Rather, his target is the tribalism that he believes is common to most Jews, and I might add, to most other peoples as well.

Atzmon focuses on Jews for the obvious reason that he is Jewish and is trying to make sense of his own identity.In sum, Goldberg’s charge that Atzman is a Holocaust denier or an apologist for Hitler is baseless. Nor is Atzmon an anti-Semite. He has controversial views for sure and he sometimes employs overly provocative language. But there is no question in my mind that he has written a fascinating book that, as I said in my blurb, “should be widely read by Jews and non-Jews alike.” Regarding Goldberg’s insinuation that I have any sympathy for Holocaust denial and am an anti-Semite, it is just another attempt in his longstanding effort to smear Steve Walt and me.

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Zionist reaction if UN approves Palestinian statehood


Zio-Nazi FM tells IsraHell Army Radio that if UN would pass the one-sided resolution it would have tough repercussions, says he welcomes the Quartet’s proposal to open negotiations.

Zio-Nazi Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Sunday there would be “tough repercussions” if the United Nations approved a Palestinian application for statehood.

Lieberman did not spell out what action Israel would take if the world body backed the application made on Friday by Zionist puppet’s  Mahmoud Ab-A$$ at the UN General Assembly.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, left, listens to speeches during the 66th session of the General Assembly at United Nations headquarters, Friday, Sept. 23, 2011.

In the past Lieberman has suggested severing ties with Ab-A$$ Palestinian Authority, which exercises limited self-rule in the Zionisti-occupied West Bank, if it wins recognition without a peace deal with Israel.

IsraHell’s closest ally, the United States, has said it would block the resolution, which means a Palestinian state would fall short of achieving full UN membership.

But IsraHell is concerned that, even if Washington vetoes the motion in the Security Council, it could still win more limited approval in the General Assembly, where any vote can pass by a simple majority.

“If the Palestinians will indeed pass a one-sided resolution if not in the Security Council then the General Assembly, that would bring us to an altogether new situation and this would have repercussions, tough repercussions,” Lieberman said in an interview on Israel Radio.

“Any unilateral step will without a doubt bring an IsraHell reaction,” Lieberman added. IsraHell has insisted Palestinians would only be able to win statehood through negotiations, and has said both sides would need to agree on border and security arrangements.

Lebanon’s UN ambassador said the UN Security Council would meet on Monday to discuss Abbas’s application.

Peace talks stalled a year ago in a dispute over the building of IsraHell illegal settlements on land in the West Bank.

The Quartet of Middle East power brokers, made up of the United States, the European Union, Russia and UN, proposed a new plan on Friday, urging IsraHell and the Palestinians to meet within a month and set a new agenda for talks.

The Quartet proposal calls for deadline at the end of 2012 for achieving a peace deal that would result in Palestinian statehood alongside IsraHell, in territories Zionist captured in a 1967 war.

Prime Minister Benjamin Naziyahu has welcomed the Quartet’s call for direct talks.

Lieberman also welcomed the idea, telling Army Radio that “with all the reservations we have regarding the Quartet [proposal], we are ready to open immediate negotiations” with the Palestinians.

Zionist media said senior cabinet ministers would debate the plan at a session on Monday. Ab-A$$ has said he would discuss the ideas with Palestine Liberation Organization leaders and other senior Palestinian officials.

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Five Turkish police officers killed in Kurdish rebel attack


Kurdish guerillas armed with rocket launchers attack police station in town of Pervari in southeastern Turkey.


Kurdish guerrillas armed with rocket launchers attacked a police station in southeastern Turkey on Saturday, killing five police officers and wounding nine in a clash in which three rebels were also killed, security sources said.

They said the attack took place in the town of Pervari in the southeastern province of Siirt and fighting was still under way.

It was staged at a time of heightened tension between Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) rebels and the Turkish military, which has launched air strikes and artillery raids against
suspected PKK bases in northern Iraq in retaliation for a recent spate of militant attacks inside Turkey.

Turkey has threatened to carry out an incursion into northern Iraq to attack PKK bases there, despite opposition from Iraq’s regional Kurdish government.

Earlier this month, Turkish Interior Minister Idris Naim Sahin said Turkey was preparing a possible ground operation in northern Iraq, depending on the result of talks with Iraq.

After a clear victory in a June election, Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan vowed to press ahead with legal reforms addressing the 12-million-strong Kurdish minority’s grievances.

But a wave of PKK attacks have raised the possibility of a return to a hardline government stance in the 27-year-old fight against the rebels, with Erdogan recently warning he had lost patience with the PKK.

The PKK, branded a terrorist group by Ankara, Washington and the European Union, took up arms against the Turkish state in 1984 to fight for Kurdish autonomy. More than 40,000 people have died in the separatist insurgency.

related–Israel to ‘punish’ Turkey by arming PKK rebels

Jerusalem fights back: Foreign Minister Lieberman formulates series of tough moves in response to Turkish steps; Israel to cooperate with Armenian lobby in US, may offer military aid to Kurdish rebels


Jerusalem to punish Erdogan: Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has decided to adopt a series of harsh measures in response to Turkey’s latest anti-Israeli moves, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Friday.

Senior Foreign Ministry officials convened Thursday to prepare for a meeting to be held Saturday with Lieberman on the matter. Saturday’s session will be dedicated to discussing Israel’s response to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent threats and his decision to downgrade Ankara’s diplomatic ties with Jerusalem.

Following Thursday’s meeting, officials assessed that Turkey is not interested in an Israeli apology at this time and prefers to exploit the dispute with Jerusalem in order to promote Ankara’s status in the Muslim world. Lieberman therefore decided there was no point in seeking creative formulas for apologizing, instead choosing to focus Israel’s efforts on punishing Turkey.

The Foreign Ministry has now decided to proceed with the formulation of a diplomatic and security “toolbox” to be used against the Turks. The first move would be to issue a travel warning urging all Israeli military veterans to refrain from traveling to Turkey. The advisory will be especially harsh as it will also urge Israelis to refrain from boarding connections in Turkey.

Another planned Israeli move is the facilitation of cooperation with Turkey’s historic rivals, the Armenians. During Lieberman’s visit to the United States this month, the foreign minister is expected to meet with leaders of the Armenian lobby and propose anti-Turkish cooperation in Congress.

The implication of this move could be Israeli assistance in promoting international recognition of the Armenian holocaust, a measure that would gravely harm Turkey. Israel may also back Armenia in its dispute vis-à-vis Turkey over control of Mount Ararat.

‘Turkey better show respect’

Lieberman is also planning to set meetings with the heads of Kurdish rebel group PKK in Europe in order to “cooperate with them and boost them in every possible area.” In these meetings, the Kurds may ask Israel for military aid in the form of training and arms supplies, a move that would constitute a major anti-Turkish position should it materialize.

However, the violent clashes between Turkey and the Kurds only constitute one reason prompting accusations that Ankara is violating human rights. Hence, another means in Lieberman’s “toolbox” vis-à-vis Erdogan is a diplomatic campaign where Israeli missions worldwide will be instructed to join the fight and report illegal Turkish moves against minorities.

The tough response formulated by Lieberman stems, among other things, from the foreign minister’s desire to make it clear to Erdogan that his anti-Israeli moves are not a “one-way street.”

Officials in Jerusalem also noted that Turkey’s global status at this time is not promising as it is, adding that Ankara is embroiled in tensions vis-à-vis NATO and Greece, while Erdogan’s relations with Syria and Iran are also not favorable.

“We’ll exact a price from Erdogan that will prove to him that messing with Israel doesn’t pay off,” Lieberman said. “Turkey better treat us with respect and common decency.”

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The Storming of the Zionist occupation embassy

No qualms about it. We hate Israel (while disliking Amr Moussa and Husni Mubarak). We hate it immensely. No shame in admitting to that. Political spite is not only justified; it fuels fundamental change. Would the apartheid regime in South Africa have collapsed had Blacks not abhorred it? Zionist propaganda not only wants to crush armed resistance, but it depicts our hatred of it as a kind of racism per se, because racism is reserved for the white man (and the Israeli – the latter strives to model himself after the white man, ignoring Israel’s non-European population). The storming of the embassy was a television and internet moment.

Every calamity that befalls the enemy is an opportunity for us to celebrate as we await the greatest celebration, when the usurping entity falls. Who didn’t rejoice at the sight of the lowering of the flag, and the competition among the Egyptian uprising’s youth to climb the building? Who didn’t notice that the enemy’s building insisted on opening in a residential building (without the residents’ knowledge or input, of course, but this was decided by the Sadat-Mubarak regime) in order to use the residents as human shields?

The enemy’s embassy used the building’s residents as human shields, to guarantee it would never experience an explosion or a fire. The Egyptian government should’ve required the Israeli embassy to move elsewhere, where it would be accessible to protesters. The enemy’s embassy wants to enjoy the government’s protection and that of civilians, who are forced to bear the burden of sharing space with the enemy’s outpost in Egypt. Jubilation and congratulations about the storming of the embassy spread on Facebook and Twitter. It might be a watershed moment in the Egyptian uprising’s history. We may say “after the storming of the embassy, not before.” This has destroyed the Zionists’ dreams of peaceful coexistence with the Egyptian uprising’s outcome.

Husni Mubarak’s era represented a depraved time on all fronts including cultural production. There is a brand of art, known in Egypt as “degraded” art, that flourishes only in a degraded era like that of Sadat and  Mubarak. Compare that to Abdul Naser’s era, who was soley accused tyranny by the House of Saud. That doesn’t mean the Mubarak-Sadat era was absolutely devoid of good art. But the art that gained international recognition (in the arts and literature) was decadent. Adel Imam was an opportunist, one of the final products of the Jamal Mubarak era that never began; Imam was a Nasserite during Nasserism, a Sadatite during Sadat’s government and a supporter of Mubarak during Mubarak’s era.

In his movie “Al-Safara fi Al-‘imara” (The Embassy in the Building) embodied Mubarak’s obsolete values (which still haven’t ended due to SCAF rule). The movie sought to trivialize most Arabs’ political principles (with the exception of the House of Saud’s lackeys who write in the publications of … the House of Saud). The movie tries to depict the generation of hostility towards Israel (as if that generation ended in the sixties) one that deserves ridicule. In the movie, the “protagonist’s” sexual instincts become more important than rejection of Israel. The position towards Israel’s aggression becomes a mere debatable viewpoint.

This week’s scenes of the Israeli occupation embassy’ storming inflamed the new online Arab generation. I followed it online and was relieved that the new Arab generation holds no less animosity towards Israel than its predecessors whenever the opportunity to express itself arose, and whenever the nightmare receded (this is Altantawi, the US and Israel’s dilemma in Egypt. The fear factor has disappeared, and nobody can succeed Omar Suleiman’s filthy acts, internally and externally despite the fact that the revolution has not yet ripened). Israel has secretly known the Arab world’s concealed opinions. It knew that its interests coincide only with tyrannical regimes like Sadat and Mubarak’s. The pictures from embassy were exhilarating. An Egyptian protester was sending me pictures from the site via her own phone (she holds a PhD from Oxford, and I say this only because western media has tried to depict the protesters as Mubarak’s hooligans. Politically and sexually sleazy website Elaph spread the idea that the protesters were paid by Jamal Mubarak’s cronies).

Egyptian indignation towards the enemy’s embassy has several meanings: it conveys not only traditional Arab anger towards the usurping entity but it also expresses a new Arab awareness. The Arab people have become aware that Israel is Arab tyrants’ natural ally in our area while it simultaneously boasts of its own democracy (it is democratic for Jews only, and there is racism amongst Jews themselves, in the same fashion as the apartheid regime in South Africa before it crumbled). The truth about Israel’s support for repressive regimes from Morocco to Saudi Arabia was concealed from most Arabs (including military, intelligence and sometimes economic support. Let’s not forget Mauritania’s drive to normalize with Israel). All this was exposed over the last few months when the deceptive Israeli government concealed its true sentiments towards Husni Mubarak. Israel will soon regret, if it hasn’t already regretted, making its affinity with Mubarak publicly before and after his downfall.

That is, it has implicitly included anti-Israeli feelings in the new definition of Egyptian citizenship. The Egyptian people have understood the trick, and they have realized that Israel and Saudi Arabia clung desperately to Mubarak’s regime to the very last minute and beyond. This explains the Egyptian masses’ approach of both the Israeli embassy and the Saudi embassy (though the Saudi embassy enjoys strong protection from SCAF, which receives Saudi money). All Arab media, and most western media, ignored the Egyptian masses’ march to the Saudi embassy because the simultaneous animosity to Israel and the House of Saud is embarrassing.

The embassy does not only represent Zionist penetration into the Arab world and an attempt to quell categorical rejection of Israel as per the no’s of Khartoum. The embassy’s large crew does (not) conceal its espionage and terrorist intentions as well as psychological warfare forcing the Arab people to accept the idea of peace with Israel; a concept supported by Husni Mubarak’s family and a a few Egyptian writers in Saudi newspapers. The Israeli embassy in Cairo is a point of penetration Arab societies as well as a nerve center for espionage operations in Egypt and other Arab countries. The Camp David regime crumbled before the Egyptian uprising completely expelled the Israeli presence from Egypt. Liberals still try to impose limitations on the discourse surrounding Camp David: it demands nothing more than amendment of Camp David’s stipulations in order to mobilize Egyptian troops in the Sinai, as Walid Junblat opined. That is, Egyptian liberals’ goal is to increase Israel’s security provided by the Egyptian army.

The details of the attack on the Israeli embassy reveal much about the essence of the ruling regime in Egypt and about Israel’s strategic status. It appears that six armed security personnel were trapped inside the embassy, or inside a bathroom, or on the rooftops, fearing the people’s wrath. Israeli press that Netanyahu and Barak called “field marshal” – what a funny title for officers who led armies to defeat; the title is better suited for south Lebanon’s youth in 2006, who deserve the title – Tantawi more than once but he refused to talk to them. When Netanyahu and his staff gave up on trying to reach Tantawi the enemy’s leaders contacted Obama and the US Secretary of Defense (and the head of Egyptian intelligence, who promptly responded to the enemy). The US Secretary of Defense tried for two hours to reach Tantawi, to no avail, he finally managed to deliver a direct threat to the Egyptian regime.

This conveys the enemy’s strategic crisis: this is the Zionist state that has enjoyed a tremendous amount of aid from the US, Germany and other countries as well as monstrous western arms without the humiliating conditions imposed on Gulf regimes, which are meant to boost western economies. Despite that, the Zionist state found itself in a weak, helpless position. When the people revolt the enemy’s arsenal disappears even nuclear weapons. This was a lesson the Shah, the apartheid regime in South Africa and Husni Mubarak’s regime learned. Israel, which used to send its terrorist planes around the world to rescue a single Israel individual, calls out for help from the American administration so it commands Field Marshal Tantawi to stop the spontaneous attack on the embassy. Israel could do nothing but wait and arrange for the escape of the terrorists within (they may have dressed as farmers, as some newspapers reported). The Israeli prime minister may have allowed the embassy’s security to fire on the Egyptian masses, and they did, but SCAF certainly censored this news (there may be an American propaganda movie soon “starring” the enemy’s terrorists and depicting the Egyptian protesters’ “savagery.”)

We can use this event to extrapolate the short term future. The enemy’s media was terrified. Israel’s international isolation has increased along with Arab people’s anger. Fighter jets that had defeated Arab regimes’ armies in the past have become useless. There is confusion in the enemy’s ranks towards the embassy crisis. The enemy’s media worked to cover up the embarrassment and the people’s rage. Israel was in no position to face that kind of reaction, a few months after the overthrow of its dear Mubarak (even American liberal writer Richard Cohen, who writes for the Washington Post, wrote a letter reminiscing about Husni Mubarak after the embassy attack). Israel’s leaders discovered that the era of Camp David supports Zionism but it’s suffers severe weakness (it is incorrect to assume Camp David is a bilateral agreement, especially since it involves several military and secret intelligence provisions that the US inserted – just ask Nabil Al-Arabi).

This weakness lies in the States’ ability to secure a pro-American, tyrannical regime. Consecutive American administrations since 1979 performed their duties and flooded the Sadat-Mubarak regime with military and intelligence support. But the people’s anger is greater, as we saw. To advance its own hegemony in the area and protect Israel’s interests, the US made Mubarak’s family a Pharoah dynasty. Jamal Mubarak was prepared for his position via coordination between his father’s government and the Bush administration. American media used to race to meet Jamal Mubarak as if he were the wise man of the Nile. Obama clung on to Mubarak until the last minute. And when it became clear that Mubarak could no longer continue in power Obama tried to appease Israel with Omar Soleiman, but this also failed. Omar Soleiman’s role was the Obama’s administration last choice to extend Mubarak’s era.

Arab treatment of the scenes of the embassy attack sufficed to bring the House of Saud’s lackeys out of the woodworks to come to Israel’s rescue. Ali Salim, who calls for normalizing with Israel (who sees no contradiction in normalizing and expressing hostility to Jews as Jews in Arabic media. But aren’t all Israel’s friends in the Arab world anti-Jewish?) played the same old Saudi media broken record: the tune of warning against chaos and wars after the fall of Mubarak. Since Mubarak’s overthrow Prince Salman’s newspaper, Al-Sharq Al-Awsat, has been rife with articles and pictures warning again chaos if Mubarak were to fall and they published sleazy articles about Iranian and Hamas conspiracies to overthrow him. The editor of this newspaper, who is one of the loudest Likudnik voices among the ranks of the House of Saud’s writers, equated the burning of the embassy with the burning of Egypt.

Even Walid Junblat (who returned from Libya praising the new regime just like he used to praise Qadhafi – but this time he took with him an oil expert) expressed his opinion about Camp David as harming the “civility” of the Egyptian revolt. Speaking about civility and killing with axes, is anyone more informed about that than Walid Junblat? The House of Saud’s press chose, for reasons ordinary human intelligence cannot fathom, to play the role of a guardian to democratic uprisings in the Arab world. The House of Saud’s lackeys may be confused: perhaps beheading in Riyadh’s public squares are the ideal democratic model.

The advancement, not regression, of the Egyptian uprising to the level of revolution will result in an immediate distinction between fundamental, revolutionary change and liberal change. Of course, Islamists have their own calculations according to the Qatari or Saudi governments, or both these days. Islamists (Ikhwan and Salafists) stayed away from the storming of the embassy. They actually condemned it. Jihad is resisting Abdulnaser because the Ikhwan were in a regional-global alliance that includes the Israeli enemy. But the Cold War is in the past now, albeit it is clearer why Abdulnaser opposed the Ikhwan. The liberal wing in Egypt rushed to strongly denounce the storming of the embassy. Since when were revolutions liberal? Is there a revolution in history that was created by liberals? Liberals do not sully their hands with revolutions: they just try to reap their rewards during their appealing phases, but they flee once it turns into a revolution.

The website “We are all Khaled Said,” on Google’s behalf, which secretly assured the Israeli government it would block search results of Israel’s maps in a way that only Mossad directors and Google know about – the website quickly commented on the embassy storming and described it as “amateur.” Wael Ghonem, the Egyptian uprising’s accepted face for the white man because he works in an accepted company and because he says nothing against Mubarak’s American sponsor. He also has no position against Israel) commented on Twitter denouncing the storming of the embassy. Yediot Ahronot promptly quoted Wael Ghonem as the sole representative of the uprising of millions of Egyptians.

While it is true that Ghonem returned to demand the Egyptian government to take a “strong” stance after the killing of the sixth Egyptian soldier on the hands of the enemy, but a strong stance is defined by liberals as kissing the enemy’s cheeks no more than three times during formal meetings. Arab liberalism shares some features (we shouldn’t confuse Egypt’s independent liberals with those liberals who write for the princes of Saud). All forms of Arab liberalism suffer the white man complex: they try to appease him in every way possible, especially with regard to his stance towards Israel. Popular anti-Israeli sentiment embarrasses Arab liberals because they embrace the white man (who is a Zionist) and they constantly try to prove their civility. For this reason liberals’ comment on the storming of the embassy was to stress the importance of the revolution’s peacefulness and civility.

Revolutions were never “civil.” There was no civility in any global revolts that are considered beacons for humanity, such as the French revolution. Robespierre gave no attention to the charges leveled against him accusing him of terrorism (if Robespierre were alive today the US would’ve thrown him in Guantanamo in a heartbeat). Robespierre would tell them: if I were a terrorist, you would be at my feet. How could violence towards a concrete wall (built b the enemy on Egyptian soil, with permission from Tantawi’s council) be considered violence? We’ve been told for years that the definition of terrorism according to Zionism is any violence committed against any Israel even if he were a heavily armed terrorist soldier, which would then result in a United Nations resolution. But how is the demolition of a wall considered terrorism?

Also, why does the storming of the enemy’s embassy cause more noise than the Israeli terrorist soldiers’ killing of Egyptian soldiers and Egyptian civilians? Liberalism may latch on to revolutions but they do not create them. The distinction between liberals and revolutionaries is inevitable and it may have been set in motion. As Amin Rihani described this phase [in his poem “Revolution”] in “The Valleys’ Chant”: Haven’t we told them the stories of Paris / when the Bastille was smashed, and the prisoners serenaded / when the king was beheaded / and the necks of top French people were cut.””

By: As’ad Abu Khalil

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Zionist Rick Perry Dancing With The Rabbis



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British and US Zionists in panic over book on Jewish identity politics

Gilad Atzmon​ muses over how Israel’s stooges in Britain and the USA have been thrown into a state of panic over distinguished Professor John Mearsheimer’s endorsement of Atzmon’s thought-provoking book – The Wandering Who? A Study of Jewish Identity Politics – and have resorted to their favourite tactics: smears and intimidation.

Professor John Mearsheimer is subject to a Zionist trans-Atlantic attack for supporting my latest book  The Wandering Who?

Earlier this year John Mearsheimer, the highly respected international relations theorist and Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago, wrote the following preliminary  front matter for my book:

Gilad Atzmon has written a fascinating and provocative book on Jewish identity in the modern world. He shows how assimilation and liberalism are making it increasingly difficult for Jews in the Diaspora to maintain a powerful sense of their ‘Jewishness.’ Panicked Jewish leaders, he argues, have turned to Zionism (blind loyalty to Israel) and scaremongering (the threat of another holocaust) to keep the tribe united and distinct from the surrounding goyim [gentiles]. As Atzmon’s own case demonstrates, this strategy is not working and is causing many Jews great anguish. The Wandering Who? should be widely read by Jews and non-Jews alike.

Israel’s UK mouthpiece and the ex-concentration camp guard

It seems that the Zio-cons on both sides of the pond are now in a state of panic. In an obviously orchestrated attack, Britain’s Zionist mouthpiece, the Jewish Chronicle, the Islamophobia Award nominee neo-conservative website Harry’s Place and the ex-Israeli concentration camp guard Jeffrey Goldberg, have all launched a typical hasbara smear-and-intimidation  campaign, in which they labelled both Professor Mearsheimer and me anti Semites. I was also called a “neo Nazi”, a “Hitler apologist”, a “Holocaust denier” and a “hatemonger”.

“… it is somewhat amusing that Goldberg, an ex-concentration camp guard, labels me a “Hitler apologist” or a “Holocaust denier”. After all, since Goldberg is an ardent pro-war Zionist who openly and enthusiastically supports a Jews-only, racist, expansionist state, it is clear that he is actually the one who is an advocate of a distinctly Nazi-like ideology and practice.”

To be honest, it is somewhat amusing that Goldberg, an ex-concentration camp guard, labels me a “Hitler apologist” or a “Holocaust denier”. After all, since Goldberg is an ardent pro-war Zionist who openly and enthusiastically supports a Jews-only, racist, expansionist state, it is clear that he is actually the one who is an advocate of a distinctly Nazi-like ideology and practice. (Jeffrey Goldberg​ decided to make aliyah when he was 18 years old. He left America for Israel, joined the Israeli army and served as a prison guard in an Israeli concentration camp during the first Intifada.)

The American neo-con Zionist

In addition, I learned from Goldberg that Adam Holland, another notorious Zionist zealot, also cannot quite believe that Professor Mearsheimer would endorse my book.

Adam Holland wrote:

I had trouble believing that a distinguished professor at one of the world’s greatest universities would link himself to a hatemonger like Atzmon. So I sent Professor Mearsheimer an email quoting the blurb and asking him to verify its accuracy. I also gave him an opportunity to amend it or add to it. Here’s what he [Mearsheimer] wrote back:

“The blurb below is the one I wrote for The Wandering Who? and I have no reason to amend it or embellish it, as it accurately reflects my view of the book.” John J. Mearsheimer

What is clear to the rest of us is that our Zionist detractors are fighting a lost battle. I really wonder what they hope to achieve: after all, those who have taken the time to actually read my work know very well that there is no hatred, no anti Semitism and no racism in my entire body of work. Instead, I believe that truth is a dynamic process – I believe in the power of reason and in free debate.

If Jeffrey Goldberg has any dignity left at all, then he should start again. He should apologise to Professor Mearsheimer, me and the Palestinians – and to humanity. He would do better to also try to present an argument, and if he actually has anything to say, he would be best advised to then learn how to argue and encounter in debate.

By Gilad Atzmon

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Mondoweiss Online Newsletter


Outside the UN
Sep 23, 2011 11:35 pm | Andrew Courtney



Alan Dershowitz near the U.N.




Andrew Courtney is an artist, teacher and activist for social change. Learn more about his work atRed Hill Films.

A roundup of opinions from a busy week at the UN

Sep 23, 2011


Video: Will Palestinian statehood make a difference in Gaza?
22 Sept — Julie Webb-Pullman: In recent days I interviewed Gazans working in an office building in Gaza City, people in the street, and some students at the Al Azhar University. I asked first what they thought of President Abbas taking the bid for statehood to the United Nations, and secondly, whether they thought it would make any difference to life in Gaza if successful.

Expert reactions to Abbas and Netanyahu speeches at UNGA
IMEU 23 Sept — Mouin Rabbani, Diana Buttu, Omar Dajani, Ali Abunimah. Noura Erakat

Analysis: US views Abbas in a new light / Nasser Laham
NEW YORK (Ma‘an) 22 Sept — Until 6 p.m. in New York on Tuesday, Israeli and American intelligence and most analysts regarded President Mahmoud Abbas as weak. But after US President Barack Obama demanded the end of the Palestinian membership bid in his UN speech and Abbas vowed to continue, a new image of the man is emerging in the US.

Bardaweel: PA’s September statehood bid a trap to liquidate Palestinian cause
KHAN YOUNIS (PIC) 23 Sept — Dr. Salah al-Bardaweel, a leading Hamas figure and member of Hamas bloc at the Palestinian Legislative Council, rejected Abbas’s bid to get the UN to recognise a Palestinian state within the 1967 borders, as a unilateral move that concedes most of the area of historic Palestine. Bardaweel said, at a seminar organised in Khan Younis on Thursday for PA security personnel, [that] the so-called “September state bid” is an Israeli and American requirement from the start, as it is a trap aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause by giving up 78% of the area of historic Palestine, then negotiating endlessly on the rest of the land and off course giving up the right of return of refugees.

Abu Mazen ready for historical peace — Netanyahu made sure America can’t broker it
Gush Shalom 23 Sept — “Mahmoud Abbas has taken the excuses out of Netanyahu’s hands. The State of Palestine, under his leadership, is fully ready to make peace with the State of Israel on the basis of the 1967 borders, to resume negotiations if no settlement facts are created on the land subject to negotiations – but the Palestinians are not ready to continue to live under occupation” said former Knesser Member Uri Avnery – Gush Shalom. “The State of Palestine will not arise tomorrow, and a long and hard road awaits all of us until this state becomes a reality and takes its rightful place as the Palestinians’ national state and Israel’s partner for peace. Still, today will be counted among the key historical dates in the history of our region. Netanyahu’s answering speech was nothing but a cheap compilation of propaganda, with rejection of the Palestinian offer and intransigent refusal to end the occupation packed in “security” rhetoric and clichés.

Abu Mazen’s gamble / Uri Avnery
Gush Shalom 24 Sept — A WONDERFUL SPEECH. A beautiful speech … A work of art. The art of hypocrisy. Almost every statement in the passage concerning the Israeli-Palestinian issue was a lie. A blatant lie: the speaker knew it was a lie, and so did the audience. It was Obama at his best, Obama at his worst. Being a moral person, he must have felt the urge to vomit. Being a pragmatic person, he knew that he had to do it, if he wanted to be re-elected. In essence, he sold the fundamental national interests of the United States of America for the chance of a second term…
THE TRAGIC hero of this affair is Mahmoud Abbas. A tragic hero, but a hero nonetheless. Many people may be surprised by this sudden emergence of Abbas as a daring player for high stakes, ready to confront the mighty US. If Ariel Sharon were to wake up for a moment from his years-long coma, he would faint with amazement. It was he who called Mahmoud Abbas “a plucked chicken.”…
Nearing the end of his career, he made the big gamble. BUT WAS it wise? Courageous, yes. Daring, yes. But wise? My answer is: Yes, it was. Abbas has placed the quest for Palestinian freedom squarely on the international table. For more than a week, Palestine has been the center of international attention.

The one-sentence blunder / Juliette Kayyem
Boston Globe 22 Sept — Did a surprising misstep by the United States help cause the UN crisis over Palestinian statehood? … According to Abbas’s advisers, a letter given to the Palestinian leader was the final straw. The letter has not been publicly disclosed by either party, but Arab media and commentators have zeroed in on a single reported sentence. In pushing for direct negotiations with Israel as an alternative to seeking UN recognition, the letter argued that the Palestinians need to consider Israel’s rightful security needs, as well as “demographic changes”’ that have occurred since the war in 1967. Those “demographic changes” are, of course, the Jewish settlements built in the Palestinian territories of the West Bank and Gaza after the 1967 war. The demographic change represents nearly a half-million Israelis.

Netanyahu targets UN and militant Islam in General Assembly speech / Mairav Zonszein
972mag 23 Sept — Couching his speech in what he claims is the ‘truth’ as the representative of the ‘only true democracy’ in the Middle East, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a defensive, hostile and unoriginal speech at UN on Friday – my initial reactions. — Bibi opened and closed his speech at the UN cordially on Friday afternoon, saying the word “peace” many times and making a formal invitation to Abbas to negotiate in NY. However, everything in between was saturated in hostility that did nothing to gain Israel favor with the whole world watching this international extravaganza.

Palestinian activist: Why I’m not celebrating Palestinian statehood / Diana Alzeer
972mag 23 Sept — For the last two months the press has staunchly defended the State of Palestine on the 1967 borders. Yet, for many Palestinians refugees – who make up 70% of Palestinians worldwide – and activists on the ground, this state does not represent us.

Palestinians’ UN gamble could backfire / Saree Makdisi
LA Times 22 Sept — There is more to the cause than statehood. U.N. action on the wrong set of terms could be a setback in the Palestinians’ decades-long struggle for self-determination … At the heart of the problem is how “Palestine” might come to be defined in the U.N. … It would be profoundly problematic, not to say dangerous, if the Palestinian U.N. bid substituted a very narrow formal recognition — which would mean little practically, given that mere recognition would do nothing to actually end Israel’s ongoing occupation of Palestinian land — for the much broader definition of the Palestinian constituency and the array of Palestinian rights already recognized by the U.N.

The Palestinian Authority’s top gun in D.C.: Benjamin Netanyahu / Alex Kane
Mondoweiss 23 Sept — The Palestinian Authority’s (PA) decision to buck the United States and ask the United Nations for statehood recognition has provoked a chorus of U.S. officials to threaten the PA with a cut-off in aid, among other consequences.  But there will likely be no U.S. aid cut-off, and that’s because the PA has a powerful ally with easy access to Congress:  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu … the reality is that Israel and the PA work closely together, and that the PA functions as a subcontractor for the Israeli occupation.  Republican calls for a cut-off in aid to the PA are just posturing. Netanyahu knows that the PA, first and foremost, serves Israeli interests by preventing any Palestinian challenge to Israel’s occupation regime. The UN bid won’t change that.

It’s the occupation, stupid / Sandy Tolan
Antiwar 23 Sept — But whatever the Turks, Egyptians, or Americans do, whatever symbolic satisfaction the Palestinian Authority may get at the U.N., there’s always the Occupation and there — take it from someone just back from a summer living in the West Bank — Israel isn’t losing.  It’s winning the battle, at least the one that means the most to Palestinians and Israelis, the one for control over every square foot of ground.  Inch by inch, meter by meter, Israel’s expansion project in the West Bank and Jerusalem is, in fact, gaining momentum, ensuring that the ‘nation’ that the U.N. might grant membership will be each day a little smaller, a little less viable, a little less there.

Palestine statehood team a ’cause of concern’
AJE 22 Sept — Concern mounts in lead-up to statehood bid at the UN as diaspora members criticise Palestinian officials.

Obama: America’s ‘first Jewish president’? / Marwan Bishara
AJE 22 Sept — After the president’s speech to the UN, our senior analyst wonders why US leaders continue to pander to a foreign power — Obama is the “the first Jewish President”. That’s the title [well no, it isn’t] of New York magazine’s lead article, written by John Heilemann and quoting a major Obama fundraiser. Listening to Obama speak at the United Nations on Wednesday many would nod in agreement, not less in Palestine and the Arab world. The US President has embraced the rejectionist Israeli position on the question of international recognition of an independent Palestinian state. But that’s not a Jewish position. It’s a radical Zionist position. Many Jews, including US and Israeli Jews, do not embrace such extremist views. But the fact that Obama surpassed his predecessor George W Bush, the most radical supporter of Israel among all US Presidents, has left everyone in Israel dumbstruck. The latest Zionist US president sounded like Israel’s own founding fathers.

The Palestinians are the new Jews / Gideon Levy
Haaretz 22 Sept — The Palestinian group that is now going to the United Nations should remind Israelis of the Zionist group that turned to the same organization 64 years earlier. Yes, there are differences. And yet the similarity is captivating: Now they are the weak versus the strong, David versus Goliath, their Qassam can’t help but remind us of our Davidka. They are now the ones whose cause is just in the eyes of the world. The same world that understood in November 1947 that the Jews (and the Palestinians ) deserve a state, understands in September 2011 that the Palestinians finally deserve a state. Then it was after the trauma of the Holocaust, now it is after the trauma of the occupation, without making comparisons.

And more news from Today in Palestine:

Land theft

Report: Settler official calls for speedy construction
JERUSALEM (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — A settlement official on Friday called for accelerated construction of settler facilities in case the diplomatic wrangling over the Palestinian UN bid leads to a freeze on settlement building, Israeli media said. The Hebrew-language daily Maariv said the president of the Gush Etzion settlement bloc near the West Bank city of Bethlehem encouraged speedy building as the UN bid goes to deliberation.
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The violent fear violence from others:

Jewish residents of East Jerusalem say they fear Palestinian onslaught
Haaretz 23 Sept — Residents of Shimon Hatzadik, the Jewish enclave in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem, say they are ready to shoot at Palestinians if they try to overrun the compound in the wake of the Palestinian bid for statehood. Also since last week, two large guard dogs have been purchased for the El Ghawi house, where Jewish residents now live. The house is at the heart of the Jewish-Arab conflict in Sheikh Jarrah.
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Communities along Green Line beefing up civilian security
Haaretz 23 Sept — Security forces have put together various scenarios of rioting either of West Bank Palestinians or in Israeli-Arab communities. Extreme scenario envisions a Palestinian or Israeli-Arab crowd descending on one of the small seam line moshavim or kibbutzim.
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Israeli police deploy as Jerusalem alert raised
JERUSALEM (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — Thousands of Israeli police were set to deploy in Jerusalem on Friday, in preparation for potential demonstrations as President Mahmoud Abbas delivers a speech at the UN later in the day. An Israeli police spokesperson told Ma‘an Palestinian men under 50 years old would be prevented from accessing Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City on Friday, and troops were reinforced around the ancient city center and at entrances to the holy compound, the Haram al-Sharif. Radio Israel reported that 22,000 officers are manning main roads, areas with mixed Palestinian and Israeli populations, the “Green Line” which marks the historic boundary between East and West Jerusalem, and other locations where tensions might erupt.
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IDF issues urgent terror warning along Israel-Egypt border
Haaretz 22 Sept —  Israeli defense officials believe Hamas planning terror attack on Israel in attempt to distract from Abbas’ UN bid.
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Settlers – armed women and children
photo tweeted by IMEU 22 Sept
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…or even manufacture it

Creating a flashpoint / Amira Hass
Haaretz 21 Sept — Testimony from a soldier in the reserves sent to disperse a demonstration in the West Bank before it even started … “The worst thing is that, in the end, the soldier arrives on the scene and the situation is not as bad as we were prepared for. They come, fill the flak jacket with rocket launchers and gas grenades, and then in the end find a reality that in no way necessitates their use. The frustration is great, and they start to shoot without any reason. The reserve duty is very boring. There are no confrontations, no explosive devices, no shooting. And then finally on Fridays there is some action and it is possible to go there and get rid of their aggression.” R. adds: “One of the guys even said to me, ‘Listen, if we weren’t there, nothing would have happened.”
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Violence against Palestinians from Israeli forces

PCHR Weekly Report: 2 children dead, 2 children and 2 adults wounded by Israeli forces this week 15-22 Sept
IMEMC 23 Sept — …the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) found that two Palestinians, included a child, died of previous wounds in the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces continued to attack Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip, and to use force against peaceful protests in the West Bank. Two Palestinian civilians, including a child, were wounded. A total of 4 Palestinian civilians, including two children, were wounded by Israeli forces and Israeli settlers … Israeli forces conducted 38 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank, during which they abducted 18 Palestinians, including 7 children and a member of the Palestinian Legislative Council. Israeli forces abducted at least 4 Palestinian civilians at military checkpoints and border crossings in the West Bank … There are approximately 585 permanent roadblocks, and manned and unmanned checkpoints across the West Bank. At least 65% of the main roads that lead to 18 Palestinian communities in the West Bank are closed or fully controlled by Israeli forces….  [details follow]
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Israeli forces kill Palestinian in northern West Bank
NABLUS (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — Israeli forces on Friday killed a Palestinian man and injured five others during clashes in Qusra village in the northern West Bank, medics said. Issam Kamal Odeh, 33, died after he was shot by two bullets in the neck and shoulders during confrontations after morning prayers, medical officials said. Mayor Hany Abu Murad named the dead person as Essam Kamal Badran, 35 … Palestinian Authority settlement affairs official Ghassan Doughlas told Ma’an clashes erupted when residents of Esh Kodesh settlement raided the village carrying Israeli flags. Soldiers entered and opened fire, he said, adding that Sadeq Tayseer, 22, was shot in his neck and Jawad al-Shaer in his hand.
Meanwhile, settlers attacked Jalud village south of Nablus leading to clashes with locals, residents said. No injuries were reported. Witnesses said dozens of settlers were pelting rocks at Palestinian cars at Zatara checkpoint near Nablus. They said the checkpoint was briefly closed.
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IOF troops raid Silwan, clash with local youth
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC) 23 Sept — Violent clashes between local youth and IOF troops broke out in different streets of the Jerusalem suburb of Silwan, south of the Aqsa Mosque. IOF troops disguised as Arabs were deployed in the suburb to chase and arrest Palestinian youth. Wadi al-Helwa information centre said on Friday that the clashes were concentrate in Ras al-Amoud, Bustab, Bir Ayoub and Batin al-Hawa neighbourhoods of Salwan and Sawwana neighbourhood of the old city after IOF troops raided those areas and local youth responded by hurling stones and empty bottles at them.
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Assaulting brutally the youth Waheed Rwaidi from Silwan
Silwan, Jerusalem (SILWANIC) 23 Sept — By Maysa Abu Ghazaleh. Waheed Rwaidi a 33 youth from Jerusalem suffers from wounds and concussions [contusions?] all over his body after being attacked by the undercover units and the Israeli borders forces when he was arrested while Waheed was heading accompanied with his family to his sister’s house. The incident took place last Thursday  when he was in his private car with his wife, two children 3 yrs and his baby 9 months, heading from his house in Beer Ayoub district in Silwan on their way  to his sister’s in Abu Tour which is few kilometers away from Silwan, unfortunately, there was a mobile barrier in Beer Ayoub district  and it was stopping cars randomly, and inspecting documents and i.ds and Waheed was chosen to be arrested. Waheed tells his story.
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Hit-and-run injures young boy in Hebron
HEBRON (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — An eight-year-old boy sustained serious injuries after being struck by a vehicle in east Hebron on Friday morning, eyewitnesses said. Taleb Jaber was left bleeding as the Israeli-plated car fled the scene by al-Baqaa village near the army-controlled H2 area in the West Bank city’s east, locals said. Israeli forces summoned an ambulance and evacuated the child to a hospital inside the settlement Kiryat Arba, they said. An army spokeswoman said this report fit with her understanding of events.  But Jaber’s grandfather told Ma’an the incident was deliberate and not a car accident.
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Settlers destroy 60 olive trees in West Bank village
NABLUS (WAFA) 22 Sept — Israeli settles from Yitzhar, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, uprooted and destroyed 60 olive trees in Madama village, south of Nablus, according to local sources. A Madama village council member said that 10 to 15 settlers came from Yitzhar and tried to lower the Palestinian flags raised over the roof tops of Palestinian homes but village residents stopped them. He added that the settlers went to a piece of land south of the village where they tried to set fire to olive trees after uprooting and cutting down some of them before residents chased them away.
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Settlers burn agricultural land in West Bank village
RAMALLAH (WAFA) 22 Sept — Israeli settlers set fire on Thursday to dozens of dunums of agricultural land in Deir Jarir, a village east of Ramallah, according to local officials. Niaz Shajaieh, head of the village local council, told WAFA that about 15 settlers came to the village land and set fire to 25 dunums of land planted with olive and fig trees. The land is located west of the village, close to Ofer settlement built on ‘Ein Yabroud village land
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Cop who attacked settler to face trial
Ynet 22 Sept — Police Commander Amir Faras [Druze name?] is to face a disciplinary trial for assaulting a protester during the evacuation of the Amona settlement in 2006, Ynet learned Thursday.
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Activism / Solidarity

Israel’s ‘Scream’ fails to silence Palestinian resistance
ISM 22 Sept — On Wednesday, demonstrators at the Qalandia checkpoint were met with a new weapon referred to as the ‘Scream’, an obnoxious siren that sounded once demonstrators had organized near the checkpoint in spirit of a future Palestinian state. The new sound weapon was used for the first time. It emits a painfully loud high pitched noise which forces those within a range of 100 metres to cover their ears to protect them from the deafening sound. The device was mounted on the back of a jeep and could target the noise in a specific direction so as not to affect the soldiers standing behind it. The device was used at least 15 times throughout the demonstration, usually for intervals lasting about 2 minutes

Hebron rally: ‘Like everyone else, we want to be free’
ISM 22 Sept — A huge rally for Palestinian statehood surged through the streets of Hebron all day Wednesday, mobilizing thousands and culminating in prolonged and sustained Israeli military attacks on Palestinian civilians in the narrow and crowded markets of the Old City … The crowd then dispersed, and made its way back to Baladiya Square and the Hebron municipality, away from the borders of the Israeli-controlled H2 district of Hebron. There, under enormous banners that read ‘UN 194’ and ‘Palestinian state’, thousands of people paraded and danced in the streets, circling the square in huge groups, chanting and cheering. Trucks unloaded free bottles of water throughout the massive crowd, and men and women, boys and girls, young and old rejoiced together sharing a common hope.
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Dozens wounded in Bil‘in’s weekly nonviolent protest
IMEMC 23 Sept — Dozens suffered asphyxiation as a result of inhaling gas fired by Israeli soldiers against nonviolent protesters in the village of Bil‘in near the West Bank city of Ramallah Friday …  he march started following the Friday prayer and headed to the lands that have been recently retrieved by an Israeli court ruling, carrying Palestinian flags with the number 194 printed on them, marking the number of the anticipated Palestinian state in if approved by UN. Protesters also carried an American flag with the word Veto printed on it … As protesters attempted to go through the fence to reach their confiscated land, Israeli troops operating their showered them with concussion grenades, tear gas and rubber coated steel bullets … The intensive use of gas bombs and concussion grenades set fire to the nearby olive trees, however the villagers managed to put it out.
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Israeli forces use gas to stop nonviolent protests in Ni‘lin
IMEMC 23 Sept — Dozens of nonviolent protests suffered effects of gas inhalation in the weekly nonviolent anti-wall protest in the village of Ni‘lin near the West Bank city of Ramallah on Friday. The villagers of Ni‘lin marched Friday in support of the Palestinian bid for full UN membership. The marchers also chanted slogans condemning the speech made by the US President Barack Obama at the United Nations’ General Assembly meeting on Wednesday, accusing him of ignoring 60 years of the suffering of the Palestinian people.
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Gaza activists to relaunch boat monitoring
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — International and Palestinian activists in Gaza said Friday they planned to relaunch accompaniment of Gaza fishermen from Saturday. A press statement from the Civil Peace Service in Gaza said the mission will be the first since July 20, when Israeli naval boats rammed the international volunteers’ vessel, the Olivia, damaging its engine.
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Gaza: 29 years later, Palestinians march forward
ISM  Gaza 21 Sept — For three years the Beit Hanoun Local Initiative and the International Solidarity Movement have marched into the buffer zone north of Beit Hanoun.  Tuesday, September 20th was no different.  We gathered near the agricultural college, and at 11 AM we marched north into the buffer zone.  There were about thirty of us.  The sun was hot, but spirits were high.  Over the megaphone we played Bella Ciao and chanted for a free Palestine. As we crested the hill nearest the buffer zone we were greeted with a new sight.  The tower in the wall closest to where we protest had been covered with netting used to hide snipers.  We could see the dust of tanks rising from behind the wall.  This did not deter us.  We marched into the buffer zone. We were propelled both by the horrors of the past and hope for the future.  Twenty nine years ago the world was just learning of the massacre of Sabra and Shatilla.

Tunisian press: Convoy waits for Egypt permission to enter Gaza
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — The Tunisian aid convoy Karama, or Dignity, is still waiting for permission from Egyptian authorities to enter the Gaza Strip, Tunisian press reported Thursday … The convoy is carrying medical supplies which are unavailable in the Gaza Strip. It is the first Tunisian aid convoy to set out for Gaza since the Tunisian revolution, which ousted long-term president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011.
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Breaking – Irvine 11 found guilty on two charges for protesting Michael Oren
Mondoweiss 23 Sept — This is a chilling decision and a very dangerous precedent. An Orange County court has found 10 Muslim students guilty of two misdemeanors for a protest they held against Israeli ambassador Michael Oren in February 2010. For background on the case see the Mondoweiss posts herehere and here. Also read Nora Barrows-Friedman’s blog on Electronic Intifada, who has offered the best coverage of this case bar none.

Detention / Court actions

Teenager arrested for violating house arrest
JERUSALEM (WAFA) 22 Sept – Israeli police Thursday arrested a teenager from an East Jerusalem neighborhood allegedly for violating a house arrest order, according to family members. They said police arrested Yasin Abu Madi, 16, from his Ras al-Amoud home and took him to the Russian compound detention center in West Jerusalem. Police claimed Abu Madi has violated an 8-month long house arrest.
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5 teens detained in Jerusalem
JERUSALEM (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — Israeli police detained five Palestinian teens in Jerusalem on Friday, after thousands of officers were deployed around the city ahead of President Mahmoud Abbas’s speech at the UN. Three were detained in Beit Hanina for throwing stones, an Israeli police spokesman said. Two young man were detained near Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem’s Old City, he said, adding that they had tried to enter a closed-off area.
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Israeli administrative detention punishes entire family
EI 22 Sept — The latest Israeli administrative detention order against Palestinian nurse and ambulance officer Ayed Dudeen — issued only two months after Dudeen was released from almost four years spent in Israeli custody without charge — has once again highlighted the destructive and harmful impact that this Israeli policy has on Palestinian families. “It is horrible because you don’t know your head from your toes,” said 20-year-old Hamza Ayed Muhammad Dudeen, Ayed’s eldest child. “At the beginning our hope rises that at any minute he will be released, but this hope fades away when the number of consecutive extensions [of administrative detention] reaches ten or 11.”
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PASF nabs seven Hamas supporters in arrest campaign
AL-KHALIL (PIC) 22 Sept — Palestinian Authority security services arrested Thursday morning seven supporters of Palestinian resistance group Hamas in an arrest campaign in the West Bank. Dozens more Hamas supporters were also handed summonses for questioning. Most of those wanted by the PASF have already been detained by either Israeli or the PA security forces. Separately, a PA court in the West Bank sentenced several prisoners in the notorious Juneid prison to an additional 15 days in detention. On Wednesday, the PASF arrested seven Hamas supporters in the West Bank, five of them in Al-Khalil governorate.
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Gaza court questions accused in death of Italian
GAZA CITY (AFP) 22 Sept — A Gaza military court on Thursday played the alleged confessions of four men accused in the April kidnap and murder of Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni. Of the four men, all from Gaza, two are accused of murder, a third of having helped in the kidnap and killing, and a fourth of providing the house where the body of Arrigoni was found hanging, hours after he was snatched. The defendants appeared in Gaza City courtroom unshackled and in civilian clothes, all four sporting beards. They appeared calm and responded to questions from the court’s three judges.
The prosecution submitted four CDs purportedly containing videotaped confessions from each defendant. The judges called each of the accused to the bench to observe a portion of their alleged confession being played on a laptop, which was not visible to the court’s audience. “Is this your confession?” one of the judges asked Tamer al-Husasna, 25, who is charged with murder. “Yes, but it was taken from me by force,” he replied, alleging he had been tortured by Hamas’s internal security forces.
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Palestinian refugees trapped in a congressional debate
VOA 23 Sept — The United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) runs 700 schools and 137 health clinics for approximately five million displaced Palestinians who live in refugee camps spread throughout the West Bank, Gaza and three neighboring Arab states. However, a bill under discussion in the U.S. House of Representatives would cut off aid to the Palestinians and to any UN organization that supports an effort by the Palestinian Authority to request recognition as a state. If approved by Congress and the White House, the bill would cut an estimated 25 percent of UNRWA’s annual funding. That’s a step that even Israel, the Palestinian Authority’s strongest adversary, would not take, according to some observers.
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Twilight Zone – Tragedies, not flags / Gideon Levy
Haaretz 23 Sept — No celebrations were going on in the Jenin refugee camp this week, where families involved in the long struggle with Israel acknowledged that what concerns them now is economics – not empty declarations at the UN … This week we visited the homes of Hamas, Fatah and Popular Front families, we spoke to bereaved parents and those whose dear ones are in prison, we sipped lots of coffee in guest rooms with the pictures of the fallen hanging on the walls, where the tribulations of their inhabitants since the early days of their refugeehood are heartrending. There is not a home here without a tragedy – and no, the United Nations doesn’t interest the Jenin camp; nobody here expects anything from the organization. We didn’t find a single festive flag flying in the alleys this week.
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Statehood bid — news

Full official text of President Mahmoud Abbas speech at the UN GA
WAFA 23 Sept … Abbas received a warm welcome and standing ovation when he took to the podium of the UN General Assembly to make his 40-minute long speech. Following is an official translation of the full text of the speech.
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Live report — Palestinian bid for statehood: how it happened
1837 GMT: We’ll conclude this Live Report with AFP’s Shatha Yaish in Jerusalem, who reports that a large convoy of vehicles with enthusiastic supporters of the UN bid has set off to the Muqata‘a (the administrative center of the Palestinian National Authority) to pay respects at Yasser Arafat’s grave, beeping their horns and playing patriotic songs along the way …  1825 GMT: With the Palestinians’ bid for full UN membership now formally lodged, the pace of diplomacy is picking up, with the Quartet for Middle East peace — the United States, Russia, the European Union and United Nations — meeting at 1830 GMT in Ban Ki-moon’s conference room, according to the UN chief’s spokesman.
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Thousands cheer Abbas as Palestinian hail UN bid
RAMALLAH (AFP) 23 Sept — Tens of thousands of Palestinians erupted into cheers of victory across the West Bank on Friday, hailing their president’s historic bid for Palestinian UN membership. In central Ramallah’s Arafat Square, the crowd roared its approval at the news that President Mahmoud Abbas had handed over a formal request asking the United Nations to admit Palestine as a member state … The scene was similar in city centers across the West Bank, where massive crowds gathered in front of giant television screens to listen to Abbas urge the international community to approve the membership bid … “Today we got back our dignity. Obama and America can go to hell. We don’t need their money, we need our dignity,” said Majed Hussein, a government employee who watched the speech in Nablus … The uplifting mood was in sharp contrast to that in Gaza, where the Hamas rulers and Abbas’s Fatah party had agreed that no rallies would take place.
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‘UN hall of darkness for Netanyahu’
Press TV 23 Sept — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described the UN General Assembly as a ”hall of darkness” for Israel. Addressing the UN General Assembly shortly after acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas, Netanyahu said on Friday that Israel has been singled out for criticism during the annual convention.
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Abbas: No pressure will deter UN statehood initiative
NEW YORK (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday that no amount of pressure could deter him from the UN membership bid, and he was not authorized to discuss any proposals for a return to negotiations with Israelis while in New York. Abbas addressed around 200 representatives from the Palestinian community in the US at his New York hotel, just hours before he is due to speak at the UN General Assembly
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Fatah official: Abbas seeks ‘accelerated’ Security Council review
UNITED NATIONS (Ma‘an) 22 Sept — President Mahmoud Abbas has urged the UN Security Council to “accelerate” the Palestinian application for membership in the UN, a senior Fatah official said Thursday.  Muhammad Shtayyeh told Ma’an that Abbas’ request will first be examined by a committee of experts before it is debated by the full council, a process that could take weeks or even months before a vote is held … It is “not really something you can do in a few days time,” Shtayyeh said. [really? South Sudan became independent on 9 July, and a UN member state on 14 July.]
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Ban hands Palestinian bid to Security Council
UNITED NATIONS (AFP) 23 Sept — UN chief Ban Ki-moon has handed over a request for a state of Palestine to be admitted as a full member of the UN just hours after it was submitted by President Mahmoud Abbas. A spokesman for Ban’s office said Friday the letter given to the UN leader earlier had already been transmitted to the UN Security Council which will now examine the documents.
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Fatah leader: Palestine has votes to pass Security Council
UNITED NATIONS (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — A resolution admitting Palestine as a member state of the United Nations has the support of a majority of the Security Council, a top Fatah official said Friday. “We need the nine votes plus no veto. The nine votes are already there. We hope there will be no veto,” said Muhammad Shtayyeh, speaking after President Mahmoud Abbas’ address to the General Assembly. Shtayyeh said the Palestinian leadership would only make a decision on whether to take the matter to the General Assembly after the Security Council has had a chance to consider the issue. “You cannot go to two places at the same time,” he said.
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Interfax: Russia to vote for Palestinian UN membership
MOSCOW (Reuters) 23 Sept — Russia will vote for Palestine to have full membership in the United Nations if the question of its recognition is presented to the Security Council, Interfax news agency cited a source within the Russian delegation as telling reporters on Friday.
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Israeli intellectuals back Palestinian statehood in Tel Aviv rally
Haaretz 23 Sept — Former MK Yael Dayan criticizes Israeli leadership for calling Palestinian bid at UN ‘unilateral,’ asking: ‘Isn’t the occupation unilateral?’

Hamas to Abbas: Don’t beg for a state
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 23 Sept — Prime Minister in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh on Friday urged President Mahmoud Abbas not to “beg” for a Palestinian state at the United Nations. Speaking to reporters after morning prayers in Gaza City, Haniyeh said Abbas’ bid for full membership of the United Nations “harms the dignity of the Palestinian people. “We want a state but it should have full sovereignty and not at the expense of Palestinian rights.”
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Women demonstrate in Gaza in support of UN bid
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 22 Sept  — Dozens of women marched in support of the Palestinian bid for UN membership on Thursday, in a rally jointly organized by the General Federation of Palestinian Women and political party FIDA … Member of the Fatah revolutionary council Amal Hamad addressed the march by reading a statement of support for the Palestinian leadership.
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Quartet sets timetable for new Mideast talks
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) 23 Sept — The “Quartet” of Middle East mediators proposed on Friday that Israel and the Palestinians should meet within one month to agree on an agenda for resumed peace talks. In a statement, the Quartet — the United Nations, the European Union, the United States and Russia — said it wanted to see comprehensive proposals within three months on territory and security, and substantial progress within six months. The aim would be to reach a peace agreement before the end of 2012
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Other news

Lebanon: Meeting bolsters cluster munitions convention
BEIRUT (IRIN) 22 Sept — Over 100 children have been killed or maimed by cluster munitions in Lebanon since 2006, a senior army officer told IRIN at a recent international meeting on cluster bombs in Beirut … In the last 72 hours of its 34-day war with Lebanon in 2006, at a time when the UN Security Council had already adopted Resolution 1701 calling for an immediate cessation of hostilities, Israel dropped four million cluster bomblets over South Lebanon. Around 40% failed to explode upon impact, according to the UN, becoming de facto landmines that could continue to threaten civilians for several decades unless cleared. According to a 2008 Human Rights Watch report, Israel’s use of the weapons was the most extensive anywhere in the world since the 1991 Gulf War. This catalyzed international efforts to ban the weapon.
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The Palestinian pound: a precarious history / Taghrid Atallah
Al-Akhbar 22 Sept — With the Palestinian Authority pushing for international recognition at the UN, an elderly Palestinian historian recalls an evasive symbol of Palestinian identity – the Palestinian pound … Al-Haj was less than 10 years old at the time but vividly recalls the design of the Palestinian pound. He describes a coin in the form of a golden disc resembling the British and Ottoman pounds. Wealthy women made chains out of holed gold coins and wore them as either jewelry over their heads or as a means to tie a head scarf.
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Breaking: ‘Irvine 11′ found guilty on two charges for protesting Michael Oren

Sep 23, 2011

Adam Horowitz

UpdateElectronic Intifada reports over twitter that the students will not be sentenced to jail time, but instead will have three years probation and will have to do 56 hours of community service at a non-profit. The probation will be dropped if the community service is completed within a year. EI tweets the judge said “defendants were motivated by their political beliefs. No jailtime.”

Also: Jewish Voice for Peace has released the following statement:

‘This is a shameful day for the legal system and the Jewish communal leaders who actively supported this unfair railroading of young Muslim students and unprecedented attack on everyone’s right to free speech. How can it be that the Israeli ambassador enjoys more rights in the United States than do young Muslim citizens?

We hope this prompts some real soul-searching among those who actively supported the case against the Irvine students simply because they didn’t like what the students had to say about Israel’s human rights record.

The principle of free expression for even unpopular speech, as it applies to all people, is fundamental to democracy. And it is never, ever OK to allow or support the unjust targeting of a minority group—which is what happened here. And frankly, as a religious and ethnic minority who was once a largely young immigrant population, Jews of all people should understand the need to protect minority rights.

Our young Jewish members engaged in a nearly identical protest of Israeli policies-only the venue was larger and the target was the Prime Minister of Israel, Bibi Netanyahu. They were let off without even a mark. Their Muslim peers were tried and criminalized. What does this say about America today?

Original Post: This is a chilling decision and a very dangerous precedent. An Orange County court has found 10 Muslim students guilty of two misdemeanors for a protest they held against Israeli ambassador Michael Oren in February 2010. For background on the case see the Mondoweiss posts herehere and here. Also read Nora Barrows-Friedman’s blog on Electronic Intifada, who has offered the best coverage of this case bar none.

From the LA Times:

In a case that garnered national attention over free-speech rights, the trial centered on conflicting views of who was being censored. Prosecutors argued that Ambassador Michael Oren was “shut down” when his speech was interrupted by students who took turns shouting preplanned phrases in a crowded UC Irvine ballroom.

Six defense attorneys argued that the students, seven from UC Irvine and three from UC Riverside, were only following the norm of other college protests and were being singled out.

A guilty verdict, the defense had said during the trial, could chill student activism and the free exchange of ideas at colleges nationwide.

University administrators disciplined some of the students involved and suspended the campus Muslim Student Union, whose members participated in the protest, for an academic quarter. The group is still on probation.

The case also has drawn the attention of a wide range of groups, including Muslim and Jewish organizations and civil libertarians. The trial began Sept. 7.

Erwin Chemerinsky, the dean of UC Irvine’s Law School, has said that although freedom of speech is not an absolute right, university sanctions were enough for the students.

But he also added that he believes criminal sanctions go too far.

Chemerinsky told The Times last week that “it makes no sense” to use such resources. “It’s so minor.”

Charges against one defendant were tentatively dismissed pending completion of 40 hours of community service at a local soup kitchen.

Abbas brings Tahrir to New York, and some of our media seem to be on board

Sep 23, 2011

Philip Weiss

CNN broadcast Mahmoud Abbas’s speech to the General Assembly today with a split screen of a huge, respectful, flagwaving crowd in Ramallah. Truly inspiring optics: Tahrir Square had come to New York.

Myself I found the Abbas speech hugely moving. It pulsated with history, with the Nakba and Partition and the ’67 war and the occupation, and it was incredibly dignified. As dignified as the people gathered in Ramallah, so many of them older. So many of them dressed for a global welcome. A beautiful people, I thought to myself, and they only want what we take for granted…

Abbas may not have any charisma, but his sense of the moment was flawless and Martin Luther Kinglike. Our dreams have been deferred forever– this is inarguable. His factual rendition of the unending occupation and of the thousands of prisoners of conscience and the refugees twice displaced was straightforward and unemotional. His invocation of the nonviolent protest movement against the racist, apartheid wall and the settlers touched on every freedom-loving heart in the room. He did not resort to figures of speech or any cheap histrionics.

It was a speech that called the U.N. back to its roots, in human rights. The calm description of 100s-year-old olive trees being uprooted was crushing, and surely comes as a revelation to many Americans.

I can’t think of a greater contrast than Netanyahu’s subsequent performance. It was casual and derisive and scowling. He seemed to be leaning on his elbow on the podium as he insulted the body. His sneers and one-liners reminded me of performances I’ve seen at the American Enterprise Institute; and when he said that he speaks for 100 generations of Jews who longed to return to Jerusalem, he seemed deluded. The Daily Beast is likening him to Caligula.

On CNN even Jamie Rubin of Bloomberg News trashed Netanyahu’s speech as unworthy of the body, a “debating society” speech. That is a sign of how the optics of the Palestinian movement have changed in just the past few days. Andrea Mitchell interviewing Diana Buttu– even the American elites seem dubious about the political cartel that is working to deprive the Palestinians of their Arab spring. In months to come, we can expect probing coverage of the occupation at last from the American press, reports on the children seized in the middle of the night, the demonstrators shot, the cisterns destroyed, the olive trees uprooted.

Mondoweiss liveblogs the UN General Assembly speeches
Sep 23, 2011

Alex Kane

All eyes are on Palestine today as Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas is set to address the United Nations (UN) General Assembly about his request for UN recognition of a state of Palestine.  Tune in here as Mondoweiss liveblogs the Abbas speech and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s.  You can watch the General Assembly session above.  

Shortly after the speech, Abbas will submit a letter requesting membership UN membership.  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is set to address the General Assembly shortly after Abbas speaks.  The speeches mark the climax of months of diplomatic wrangling and intense pressure on the Palestinian Authority to abandon their statehood bid. 

5:05 PM (EST): In a move aimed at avoiding a Security Council vote on the Palestinian Authority’s bid for statehood recognition, the Middle East Quartet released a statement this afternoon.  Colum Lynch at Foreign Policy reports:

“The Quartet reiterated its urgent appeal to the parties to overcome the current obstacles and resume direct bilateral Israeli-Palestinian negotiations without delay or preconditions,” reads the Quartet statement. “But it accepts that meeting, in itself, will not reestablish the trust necessary for such a negotiation to succeed.”

The statement details a specific proposal for a timeline for direct talks, beginning with a “preparatory meeting” in the next month to “agree an agenda and method” for the talks. “At that meeting there will be a commitment by both sides that the objective of any negotiation is to reach an agreement within a timeframe agreed to by the parties but not longer than the end of 2012.”

The Quartet “expects the parties to come forward with comprehensive proposals within three months on territory and security, and to have made substantial progress within six months. To that end, the Quartet will convene an international conference in Moscow, in consultation with the parties, at the appropriate time.”

The Quartet “recognizes the achievements of the Palestinian Authority in preparing institutions for statehood,” the statement said. It also calls on the two parties “to refrain from provocative actions if negotiations are to be effective.”

The Quartet statement includes nothing about continued settlement building.  The Palestinian Authority has said it would only return to negotiations if Israel froze settlements and agreed to base the talks on the 1967 borders.  Lynch also reports that the European Union has been “pressing the Palestinians to back down and not force the matter for a vote. Instead, the Europeans would support a bid by the Palestinians to secure a General Assembly decision recognizing the Palestinians as an non-member observer state.”

2:11 PM (EST): My takeaway from the Netanyahu speech:  There was nothing new, and we heard much the same from his speech in front of the US Congress.  Netanyahu has no strategy but occupation and settlements.  How will that play in a new Middle East, one where people power is beginning to matter?

1:54 PM (EST): This speech is tone-deaf to the new reality of the Middle East.  Netanyahu is making the argument for prolonged military occupation, forever.  He is speaking to a world that has seen people rise up against their dictators.  But Abbas, whatever legitimate criticisms there are of him, has firmly put the cause of Palestine back at center stage in the midst of the Arab uprisings.

1:43 PM (EST): Netanyahu is so far avoiding any talk of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and instead focusing on the threat of radical Islam and Iran.  He is reiterating the tried myths of the “generous offers” of Camp David and Ehud Olmert.

1:40 PM (EST):  Netanyahu has begun his speech, reciting a tired litany of complaints about the UN.

1:32 PM (EST): Abbas’ speech is over.  What comes next?  A list:

-The UN Security Council will vote on Palestine’s application–eventually.  As the Wall Street Journal reported, “the U.S. and its European allies plan to delay a U.N. Security Council vote on Palestinian membership well beyond this week in a bid to revive direct peace talks between the Palestinians and Israelis and sidestep an American veto, said officials briefed on the talks.”  The U.S. is sure to delay and delay indefinitely, but they may be forced to veto the bid.  The question is whether Abbas would approach the General Assembly after that.

-Israeli reactions and consequences.  On the immediate front, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman walked out, calling it a “speech of incitement,” YNet reports.

1:00 PM (EST): The news in the speech is that Abbas has submitted an application for full UN membership for a state of Palestine, with East Jerusalem as the capital.  But the big question remains:  What exactly does the application say about a Palestinian state and its territory?  The PA bid has been shrouded in secrecy, and no one knows what the application will say.  If East Jerusalem is to be the capital, how do you explain the Palestine

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No Palestinian involvement in the Eilat attacks

Zio-Nazi army revealed several days ago that not one of the Eilat attackers were Palestinian. Not one was from Gaza. Take note. Not only does Israel carry out belligerent reprisals — reprisals against attacks that it provokes by its occupation which is constant terror — its leadership self-consciously acts as thought it is at war with the Arabs as a collective group.

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More “Islamic” Poisoning of Western Christian culture

A scene from the new movie entitled “Bridesmaids”. NOW REMEMBER FOLKS, ON THIS SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2011, no doubt in half the ‘Christian’ churches in America, some fat, sweaty, perverse preacher/pastor got in front of his congregation and bemoaned the destruction of ‘Christian’ America and how the culture is in the toilet, linking it to our ’Muslim’ president and the ‘ever-encroaching’ threat of Islamo-fascism, while all good ‘Christians’ must give their sweat blood and tears to IsraHell.

In the meantime, here in this ‘Christian’ country, a new movie that defames, denigrates and derides motherhood and marriage–PRODUCED AND PROMOTED ENTIRELY BY THE ZIONIST INTERESTS RESPONSIBLE FOR COACHING THESE ‘CHRISTIAN” PREACHERS ON WHAT TO SAY FROM THE PULPITS–is then dumped into the social/moral consciousness of ‘Christian’ America while our children go off to fight and die for the same members of the synagogue who detest their very existence as ‘goyim’.  


  1. Yes, these film clips are indicative of Hollywood humor- unnecessary, not funny, and promoting someone’s way of life. Don’t people ever question the same garbage they are fed over and over. The people that made this film stand for nothing- nothing rises above the cheap, the mundane, the disturbed. People should just not purchase this movie or show called Bridesmaids. Let the makers of the movie suffer tremendous $$$ loss.

  2. “More “Islamic” Poisoning of Western Christian culture”

    And this will not stop unless good-meaning people stop it! It is again distraction and racist propaganda as usual.

    Westen Christian Culture owes more to Islam than to Judaism, and, I can prove it, of course, but who will be interested? I am not going to spend hours compiling the material and posting it only to see it ignored or viciously attacked!


  3. If you put in the contributions, I will read them. Do Arabs shows have cheap dialogue like Bridesmaids? Of course Americanized Muslim women may turn to the TV soaps etc. Hollywood goes after a certain IQ level and unless you are part of the “masses” you will not appreciate their trite, degrading culture.

  4. Frank says:

    As I recall the Catholics did put a stop to this in the 30s with codes. Where are they NOW??

  5. Lydia D. says:


    The Catholic Church have been been hijacked by Freemasons and Communists since the 60′s and Vatican II. Before his death in 1958, Pope Pius XII discovered over 800 Freemasons within the Vatican. Modern Rome no longer represents Catholicism as it has stood for 19 centuries but a mixing of Freemasonry, New Age, Protestantism, and pop psychology.

    Those who still practice the faith as it had always stood have pretty much been relegated to the catacombs, as far as being able to “do anything” now.

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