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Zionist Ron Prosor Envoy to UK ” Long sentence so what?”

Traitor Kamel Hawwash ” We don’t know who they might be”


What is the PSC executive afraid of? ‘

The question is whether or not to build a fighting mass movement in support of Palestine.

In an entirely unexpected turn of events, the CPGB-ML’s resolution was vociferously opposed by the Executive Committee of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign at its AGM on 22 January 2011. Since a resolution containing many of the same points had been passed virtually unanimously at the Stop the War conference last autumn, this came as rather a surprise to the comrade who moved the motion.

The arguments posed against the resolution went like this:

– The list of actions is ‘too prescriptive’; we can’t agree to it.

This was a clearly disingenuous excuse. Most of the other resolutions that were passed without dissentalso had lists of actions attached, related to the specific spheres of action each resolution was dealing with (ie, boycott and divestment, trade-union work, student work, etc). In fact, resolutions are by their natureprescriptive. That doesn’t mean the movers expect the actions suggested in it to be carried out exclusively.

Quite clearly, in this case, the idea here was to be complementary to other work being done by the PSC. Equally clearly, this argument is just a cover – perhaps for reasons that the opposers didn’t feel comfortable sharing with the rest of the members.

– We can’t put resources into campaigning/fundraising for the Gaza protestors; it’s a diversion from what we do.

This is a shocking stance, especially considering that it was PSC who called the demo at which these young people were arrested. It also contradicts the ambition, constantly put forward by the PSC leadership, that we should be in the business of building a mass movement.

A big campaign to have the Gaza prisoners’ sentences overturned would be a fantastic way to draw attention to the British state’s role in supporting Israel. Not to mention highlighting islamophobia, bringing many more young people and muslims towards the PSC and generally highlighting the issue that people have been criminalised for merely objecting to war crimes!

– We can’t promise to support all those arrested for opposing Israel’s war crimes (including the Gaza protestors); we don’t know who they might be.

The clear implication here was that some of the people being targeted for their principled stand, whether direct-action activists or newly politicised young muslims, might somehow be ‘asking for it’!

– We can’t ask workers to refuse to cooperate with war crimes in the current climate, when they’re worried about losing their jobs.

Once more, a fairly shocking stance, with not much further comment needed, except to say that you could make the same argument about concentration camp guards! Either it’s a crime or it isn’t. Either we’re against the British state assisting in Israel’s crimes or we’re not.

The fact is that we can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to – but surely we should be doing everything within our power to take the arguments to British workers and to help them to make informed decisions? Why is it ok to campaign amongst union members as individuals around the boycott demands, but not to try to mobilise to take concrete action to prevent war crimes collectively?

It’s also worth bearing the student example in mind. Two years ago, students were occupying their universities in support of the people of Gaza. The confidence and experience they gained in these actions no doubt contributed to the militancy we’re seeing today in the anti-fees movement and occupations.

Far from making working people nervous, encouraging them to use their power to stop crimes against Palestinians might actually help them to get more militant in using their power against the current cuts in benefits, pensions, wages and public services!

What’s really going on?

It’s clear the above arguments don’t add up, so we have to ask ourselves, just what is it that the PSC national executive is really afraid of? If we really want to build a mass movement in support of Palestine, why would we be afraid to try to mobilise broad sections of the working class or muslim communities? And why are we avoiding the question of real, concrete solidarity with Palestine?

Jeremy Corbyn MP’s closing statement, in which he blethered on about Early Day Motions in Parliament, was a joke. Anyone who knows anything about how the House of Commons works can tell you that EDMs aren’t even relevant within its walls, never mind outside of them; they don’t even get debated!

We were sad to see that not only outgoing Secretary Betty Hunter, but also PSC’s deputy chair Kamel Hawwash spoke most shamefully against the resolution, causing much confusion amongst those present, who clearly wondered what could be the reason for such vociferous opposition to something so seemingly innocuous, and so obviously fundamental to our work as actively opposing Israel’s war crimes.

We were also sad at the way the whole debate was handled. It was clear from the inconsistency and illogicality of the opposing arguments that the reasons being put forward in such a hysterical fashion weren’t the actual reasons for the executive opposing the resolution. Several speakers said that “while there were many good things in the motion, it was impossible to support it all because of ”.

But if that was truly the case, why not contact the movers of the resolution about changing it, so as to let the good stuff through? Why not put forward amendments that we would all have had time to read and think about before the conference? Why wait and hijack everybody with an unexpected and baffling ‘controversy’ that many present were simply unable to unravel in the time available?

One possible answer is that the executive is afraid of attracting too much negative attention from the state if it openly supports either the Gaza protestors or the various direct-action anti-war-crimes activists, despite the fact that well publicised campaigns along these lines could do much to broaden the appeal of PSC and to extend the reach of our solidarity message (all of which could make a direct difference to Palestinians).

Another possibility is that the executive is afraid to upset the cosy relationship it has built with various Labour party and trade-union officials by raising the question of direct participation in war crimes by British workers – and their power to withhold that participation – within the unions, many of which spend their time trying to squash the notion of collective power, substituting instead the idea of individual pleas to the better judgement of managers and employers.

This fits with the current PSC strategy of spending much time and resources on ‘lobbying’ to ‘change the minds’ of MPs and MEPs, who are then allocated ‘good’ or ‘bad’ status according to whether or not they’re happy to sign up to one of the aforementioned Early Day Motions or similar. Instead of mobilising the real power of the British people from the street and demanding that the British state withdraw its support from Israel, many in the PSC leadership would like us to confine ourselves to going cap in hand to parliamentarians and asking them to be nicer.

And if nasty MPs, like those unreasonable employers who say no to trade unionists, decline to sign up to a ‘please be nicer to the poor Palestinians’ request? Well, we tried. Come back next year!

On a more optimistic note, despite the bullocking from the Executive Committee and their trade-union and Labour party friends, around a third of those present voted in favour of the resolution, and many members went away determined to discuss the issue in their branches. We hope they will make the arguments in favour there and come back determined to change the organisation’s policy next year.

No cooperation with war crimes: step up the campaign

In the last year, many important developments have taken place, which on the one hand make the work of actively opposing Israel’s war crimes more urgent, and on the other have created an atmosphere that is more receptive to our message.

In this context, conference notes the passing at the Stop the War conference of a motion calling on the coalition to “take the line of non-cooperation into as many arenas as possible”. This resolution included a detailed programme of activities that could take this work forward, some of which the PSC has already been taking the lead in.

Conference notes the attack on those condemning war crimes that was embodied in the draconian sentences handed down to the Gaza protestors. Conference further notes that these sentences were aimed not only at discouraging muslim youth from political activism, but also at dividing the anti-war and Palestine solidarity movements along racial lines, and branding Palestine solidarity as a ‘muslim’, rather than a human rights or anti-imperialist issue.

Conference condemns the murder by Israeli commandos of ten solidarity activists (nine at the time and one who died later) aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla in May, despite the fact that the UN had called for the ships to be allowed to pass. Conference notes the UN’s recent findings that these murders were illegal – another war crime to add to the many being committed daily against the Palestinian people.

Conference commends the excellent work done by PSC in getting an enhanced boycott motion passed at the TUC following the flotilla attack, and notes that the acceptance of much stronger language than previously used reflects the sea change in the attitude of many ordinary British workers towards Israel.

Conference further notes that in the atmosphere of international outrage that followed the flotilla murders, even Israeli-friendly politicians such as Cameron and Hague were forced to make statements condemning both the murders and the siege on Gaza.

Conference reaffirms its support for all those who have taken the lead in active non-cooperation over the past year, in particular for the EDO Decommissioners, for the Gaza protestors, and for the many British participants in siege-busting missions by land and sea to Gaza.

Conference notes that the landmark acquittal in the case of the Decommissioners can only facilitate more actions of this kind, since it not only sets a legal precedent, but is a reflection of the general sense of disgust against Israeli war crimes.

Conference reaffirms its belief that the majority of people in Britain are opposed to British imperialism’s support for the criminal Israeli state, and considers that the time is ripe to make active non-cooperation a central theme of our work. Conference therefore calls on the incoming steering committee to work with Stop the War and any other organisations that are willing in taking the line of non-cooperation into as many arenas as possible, including:

1.    Putting on a fundraising concert to draw attention to the Gaza prisoners’ plight and to raise money towards a campaign to overturn their convictions.

2.    Giving full backing, including maximum possible publicity, to all those groups or individuals, whether affiliated to PSC or not, who, like the EDO Decommissioners and the Raytheon activists, are targeted by the state for refusing to cooperate with, or for actively attempting to prevent the many crimes of the occupation, including: the frequent bombings and shootings of civilians; the destruction of Palestinian homes, farms, schools, hospitals, mosques and churches; the crippling siege of Gaza; the building of the apartheid wall, and the seizure of ever more land in Jerusalem and the West Bank for jewish-only settlement construction.

3.    Building on our existing campaign inside the unions to draw attention to Israeli war crimes, and the complicity of the British government and corporations in those crimes, with the aim of passing in each of them, and then at the TUC, motions condemning those crimes and calling on workers to refuse to cooperate in their commission, whether it be by making or moving munitions or other equipment, writing or broadcasting propaganda, or helping in any other way to smooth the path of Israel’s war machine.

4.    Building on the excellent PSC campaign to draw attention to pro-Israeli propaganda in Panorama and working with such groups as Media Lens (see, for example, their recent alert drawing attention to the media’s total bypassing of evidence revealing Israel’s starvation policy in Gaza) and others to draw in as many members and supporters as possible to an ongoing campaign to hold the media to account for their pivotal role in apologising for, covering up and normalising Israeli war crimes.

5.    Continuing and increasing the work already done to make Britain a place where Israeli war criminals can get no peace, through the campaign on universal jurisdiction, through holding protests, through citizens’ arrests and through all other available channels, including using local, national and international courts to file charges and draw attention to the crimes of Israeli military, government and corporate leaders – and those in Britain who back them politically or financially.



Combat Troops in Iraq Talk About PTSD

We have PTSD interviews from the combat theater that will be the centerpiece of this project.

by Tim King

(SALEM, Ore.) – Hundreds of thousands of American combat veterans are victims of the effects of combat and war. The symptoms of PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, are wide ranging.

The current conflicts continue to generate PTSD in our troops, and they join the ranks of veterans of the Persian Gulf War, Lebanon, Vietnam, Korea and WWII as survivors of things that no man or woman should ever witness in a civilized world.

My goal in Iraq in the summer of 2008, was to gather interviews for a television documentary on PTSD. What veterans are doing while at war is part of what we will explore, and even more importantly, we will show all types of different therapies that are being used successfully by vets and people who help veterans, in their adjustment back to a peaceful society. It’s well into 2011 and the documentary is still not produced, and as the editor of this online news group I am very restricted and have been unable to accomplish this goal. I am sorry, the need is clearly as large as ever, larger in fact.

While we have received some assistance to get as far as we have, and that particularly helped with our trip to Arizona and California two summers ago where we recorded significant additional footage for the program. We are still seeking a partner to help with the cost of producing this extremely important program. It will be a valuable tool to help educate people about PTSD.

The National Institute of Mental Health states that millions of Americans get Post Traumatic Stress Disorder every year. A large number of those Americans are our combat forces serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. The Veterans Administration’s almost immediate medical answer is to provide morphine-based drugs that create vegetables and addicts. There are better, more creative ways for those who suffer from PTSD to find relief and therapy.

Among those who have Iraq War and Afghanistan, one study looked at members of four United States combat infantry units (3 Army and 1 Marine) who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to PTSD in Military Veterans.

“The majority of soldiers were exposed to some kind of traumatic, combat-related situations, such as being attacked or ambushed (92%), seeking dead bodies (94.5%), being shot at (95%), and/or knowing someone who was seriously injured or killed (86.5%).”

They report that, approximately 12.5% had PTSD after being deployed, a rate greater than that found among these soldiers before deployment.

They need the support of a nation. The video documentary we are producing on PTSD will change things greatly by educating sufferers and their families as to the multiple ways they can seek therapy and recreation and camaraderie beyond the traditional channels.

Please visit to learn how you or your company can help. We are interested in moving this forward quickly as the need has already existed for a long time. Simply enter PTSD in our search box and select, and you will see years of reports dealing with this tragically widespread disorder. I have also spent time covering the war in Afghanistan and we have the footage from that available for this program.

We’ve gone out of our way to get the footage from the combat theater and the interviews that will be the centerpiece of this project. We appreciate your help for these Americans who suffer from PTSD.

Here is a link to our latest update on the documentary:

War and PTSD: A Discussion Regarding the Documentary (VIDEO) – Bonnie King & Dr. Phil Leveque

Beyond the increasing rate of veteran suicide, the dark side of PTSD for too many who served their nation can be alcoholism, homelessness, drug abuse, depression, and sometimes destructive behavior.

Some of the Marines and soldiers that I spoke with in Iraq about PTSD are Army S/Sgt. Ryan Ahern, Marine Sgt. Cory Marcus, Jake Witt USMC of Chicago, Illinois, Army Spc. Clarence Ariola, Marine Sgt. Gabe Stall of Indiana, Marine Cpl. Michael Patton who was on his second tour in Iraq, Marine Cpl. Tyler Reuter of Minnesota.

In this report you will hear their words, as they share their thoughts in PTSD, from what has been the number one PTSD-inspiring place in the world; Iraq.

As retired Oregon physician Dr. Phillip Leveque, who for years specialized in treatment of veterans with PTSD says, “the level of Post Traumatic Stress that a person suffers from, ultimately is graded on a scale of one to ten.”

He says veterans or anyone else with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can generally be treated and if educated properly, gain personal skills that help them deal with it.

I talked to these Marines and soldiers in different parts of Iraq during the summer of 2008 to learn what their thoughts are on PTSD, and to discover what they are doing to help offset problems from it later in their lives.

To help, please visit our PayPal link on the upper right side of the front page, send an email to


Special thanks to Salem-News.Com for this report.

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iSad in Damascus: Syrians Reclaim Steve Jobs

Few people know that Apple founder and icon Jobs, who died on Wednesday at the age of 56 after losing a battle with cancer, originally came from Syria.

by Sami Moubayed

“Steve Jobs was Syrian,”  they proudly typed into their Facebook and Twitter pages, sadly acknowledging, however, that had he worked in Syria, he would probably not have achieved any of his innovations.

During the years of French Mandate Syria, Abdulfattah Jandali was born to a large landowning family in the midland town of Homs in 1931. Like most affluent and ambitious Syrians of his generation, he studied at the American University of Beirut before moving to the United States to complete his higher education in the 1950s.

During his teens, Abdulfattah’s cousin, Farhan Jandali, was rising to fame in Syrian political circles, serving as a member of parliament and education minister during the era of Syria’s pre-Ba’ath president, Nazem al-Qudsi.

The Jandalis probably believed that Farhan would be the most member of the family to reach nation-wide fame, if only briefly, in the 1950s and 1960s. That was until Abdulfattah had his first child – born out of wedlock – in 1955. This baby boy, little would he know, would become a legend of the 20th and 21st centuries combined. His name was Steve Jobs – or as many Syrians would love to call him, Steve Jandali.

Few people know that Apple founder and icon Jobs, who died on Wednesday at the age of 56 after losing a battle with cancer, originally came from Syria. As the news of Jobs’ death vibrated throughout the globe, young technology-savvy Syrians mourned his death, laying claim to a computer genius who revolutionized the world.

Steve’s groundbreaking creations, iPads, iPhones and Apple computers can be found all over Damascus and are especially popular with young Syrians, although because of US sanctions they cannot download any application from iTune stores.

“Steve Jobs was Syrian,” they proudly typed into their Facebook and Twitter pages, sadly acknowledging, however, that had he worked in Syria, he would probably not have achieved any of his innovations.

The story of Jobs’ Syrian origins was first published in Syria in early 2007, when the country’s English monthly Forward Magazine ran a story entitled “Forgotten Syrians”. The six-page report listed world celebrities who trace their origins, three to four generations back, to Syria. The list was a long and surprising one, and it included Bob Marley, Paula Abdul, Paul Anka, former Argentinean president Carlos Menem, and Steve Jobs.

Jobs’ mother, Joanne Schieble, was a German-American woman who had an affair with Abdulfattah Jandali in the 1950s, when they were living in Wisconsin. Her father refused to let her marry a Syrian Muslim, forcing them to give up the baby boy for adoption in San Francisco, where he was raised by Paul and Clara Jobs, an Armenian woman who after seven years of marriage was unable to conceive.

Eventually, Jandali and his girlfriend married, giving birth to their daughter (Steve’s sister) Mona Jandali, who went on to become a celebrated novelist in her own right, known by her husband’s family name, Mona Simpson. Her parents divorced when she was four, and in recent years, Simpson managed to reconnect with her father and brother, but no connection was made between Steve and his father.

After giving up the baby, Jandali became a political science professor at the University of Nevada, Reno. Then he moved into the hotel industry where in 1999 he became food and beverage manager at Boomtown Hotel & Casino. He kept that post until 2010, when he became vice president of the casino.

While Jandali was making a living running roulette and poker tables, Steve Jobs was leading a very different life; taking over the world was co-founder, chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple. When he stepped down as CEO this summer, for further treatment of his pancreatic cancer, Jandali, now 80, mailed him his complete medical history, hoping it might help his ailing son – but Jobs still refused to speak to the man who had abandoned him 56 years ago.

Speaking to the London-based al-Hayat last February, Jobs’ father said he regretted having left his homeland Syria, and recounted stories of his university days in Beirut, where he was an ardent Arab nationalist. “If I had the chance to go back in time, I wouldn’t leave Syria or Lebanon at all. I would stay in my home country my whole life. I don’t say that out of emotion but out of common sense.”

He added: “Of course I miss the social life and wonderful food [in Syria], but the most important thing is the outstanding cultural attributes which in general you don’t find in the West.”

More recently, Jandali gave an interview to London-based The Sun, where he said: “This might sound strange, though, but I am not prepared, even if either of us was on our deathbed, to pick up the phone to call him. Steve will have to do that as the Syrian pride in me does not want him ever to think I am after his fortune. I am not. I have my own money. What I don’t have is my son … and that saddens me.”

He continued: “I honestly do not know, to this day, if Steve is aware of the fact that had it been my choice, I would have loved to keep him. I live in hope that before it is too late, he will reach out to me. Even to have just one coffee with him just once would make a very happy man.”

Steve Jobs never replied, and two months later, he was dead.

Abdulsalam Haykal, a World Economic Forum-recognized Damascus-based media and technology entrepreneur, typed in a Facebook status, “iSad” on Thursday morning. Commenting on Steve Jobs’ death, the president of the Syrian Young Entrepreneurs Association said:

Syrians have the right to claim Steve as their own, regardless of how fate interfered after he was born. Needless to say, Steve is a legend that everyone wants a part of. He was an inspiration to entrepreneurs around the globe, and his genius changed the world for ever. But nothing could change the fact that his father came from Syria and has a pure Syrian name. In a place where family and lineage means a lot to people, the connection needs no more emphasis.

Haykal, who is soon to launch the Steve Jobs Entrepreneurship Award, added:

Steve Jobs is a personal inspiration. I e-mailed him three years ago about the idea of two let-down young entrepreneurs in Syria. He e-mailed back briefly, expressing no interest, but probably with the intention of lifting up their morale, and prove my argument then to them that even Steve Jobs was reachable and they shouldn’t be giving up.

Many Syrian entrepreneurs have inspired the world with their genius and creativity. I just wish they will some day be able to make their success in Syria. I wish Syria could someday give its budding entrepreneurs the eco-system and supporting environment, and not only the genes. Our expatriates make us a truly global nation too.

A nation-wide campaign needs to start, many Syrians are saying, to reclaim Steve Jobs. Syrians have done it before, reclaiming, for example, the Cairo- and Beirut-based musician Farid al-Atrash, whom the world remembered as Egyptian rather than Syrian. They then did it again with his sister, the diva Asmahan.

Reclaiming Steve Jobs might be more difficult, but it is a success story that Syrians want to be proud of.

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A Note to Petraeus

A “Hello” From the Not-Unfamiliar Loyal Opposition

By Gordon Duff

General Petraeus,

As you look through the staff and contributor list at Veterans Today, you will see the CIA’s “rogues gallery.”  I think you already know the names you see and many you know are behind them are also “rogues” out of loyalty and honesty when such things had become “unpopular.”

Banksters Must Have Political Protection

Some at VT had become…”unreliable.”  Better that, than stupid or cowardly.  That is who you are surrounded by now in your new position as CIA director.

You will recognize that the banking collapse is a foreign threat, our greatest security issue and is tied to a very real global conspiracy.   There will seem like little you can do.  We are hoping you consider otherwise.

If you don’t know the list of those responsible, we will gladly supply what we know.  For a briefing on the dynamic, I suggest Jeff Gates.  He is exactly who you need to advise you on how to fight the economic war.

You are going to see a number of “outcasts” here at VT.  For reasons you know, I am assuming you are considerably less stupid than predecessors.

There are several unique challenges and opportunities of late.

Public Servants? – Or Rogues Gallery?

Working in Washington, a hellhole, overrun by foreign spies, unregistered foreign lobbyists and power mad billionaires, serving a congress filled with morons and a president, you have your own assessment there, something we all keep very private, you will either fail miserably and move on or “kick ass” and become feared.

Become feared.

Take no prisoners.  None of those around you have anything coming.  Being a “reasonable man” will go nowhere.  You have nothing to lose.

There are many decent folks still in the FBI but the structure of the DOJ and the courts have left America a dictatorship, that and so much else.

Some minor suggestions:

  • Begin “branding” the term “unanswered questions about 9/11″

  • Come to quick grips that the Turks, Israelis and even Egyptians are still working together spying on the US, despite the appearance otherwise

  • Make Putin an ally

  • Watch the Tel Aviv, Kabul, New Delhi axis carefully

  • Mexico is our biggest security threat, next to the banking collapse and Homeland Security is heavily involved on the wrong side

Other suggestions:

  • Isolate those who became answerable to the old neocon power structure, they still stab you in the back

  • Bring in your own people.  (Private)  Use this as a litmus;  If they don’t know Bush and his gang are responsible for 9/11 and willing to admit it behind closed doors, they should be guarding a parking lot somewhere

Your/Our Oath Sir – “All enemies, foreign and domestic”

As for other issues, I suspect you already know the French can’t be trusted, nor can the Italians.  You will find a fascinating group in Britain who have a lot of guts, including your former counterpart.

Do not underestimate the possibility of nuclear false flag terrorism in the US tied to the neocon obsession with pushing the United States into a war with Iran.

A new factor is the oil glut, the many new finds you should request an immediate White Paper on.

This will make closing the Straits of Hormuz a last ditch attempt to protect the oil markets from collapse.

Much of the corporate money coming into politics is drug money.  It’s time to start taking down some of the offshore corporations for their endless violations of law, starting with the Koch boys and Haliburton.

Good luck.  Obviously, you know how to reach us (or anyone).


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An Iranian rival for the Guinness Book of World Records

By Kourosh Ziabari

 The Guinness Book of World Records should await its downfall in the near future. A new rival is slated to take the place of Guinness World Records in the near future. Sayyed Mortaza Mirseradji, Iranian researcher, journalist and essayist has registered a plan in the Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance to publish a book containing cultural, spiritual and moral records called “Al-Khayrat.”
According to Mirseradji, Al-Khayrat which means “good and decent deeds” in Arabic will be an all-encompassing enterprise including encyclopedic books, movies and cultural organizations which are aimed at spreading cultural and moral records in the world. Some examples of cultural and moral records include the highest number of books written by an author, the longest duration of professorship in the university, the oldest library servant etc.

Mirseradji has written several books about Imam Mahdi, the religious leader whom the Shiite Muslims believe that will appear on the Earth one day alongside Jesus the Christ and spread justice, peace and tranquility all around the world.

He believes that in order to have their names registered in the Guinness Book of World Records, people do foolish and useless actions and Guinness motivates them to even endanger their life for setting unbreakable records; however, Al-Khayrat will include records which are aimed at serving the humankind and are beneficial for the people from all religions, ethnic groups and genders.

What follows is the complete text of my interview Sayyed Mortaza Mirseradji, Iranian religious and scientific journalist and the founder of Al-Khayrat cultural and moral records.

Sayyed Mortaza Mirseradji

Kourosh Ziabari: What made you think of publishing a book for registering moral records? What’s your main objection to the Guinness Book of World Records? After all, it is an internationally acclaimed source of records.

Sayyed Mortaza Mirseradji: I had read the news related to the Guinness World Records and also bought three copies of the book a few years ago and read them. I found many interesting and educative points in it; however, some of the records made me think more deeply. When I realized that someone had not cut his fingernails for many years and this was set as a record in the Guinness Book of World Records, I felt extremely sorry because such a practice is nonsensical and meaningless from every aspect, preventing one from many important affairs and showing the thoughtlessness and stupidity of that person to everyone.

On that time, I asked myself that what will the results of such actions and registering them be for the crisis-hit humanity? Unquestionably, registering such records is worse than doing the work itself. I strongly believe that supporting and promoting an unbecoming action is far worse than that action as our religious leaders have made this subtle remark that the doer of a suitable action is many times better and more favorable than the action itself while the doer of an inappropriate and obscene action is worse than the very action.

Therefore, it came to my mind that propose the idea of a new idea about the world records to the international community and am motivated and feel that it’s very useful to register positive and helpful records in an international effort for promoting and enshrining the decent deeds and bring into existence a feeling of healthy and principled competition.

In principle, what inspired me to propose and implement the project of Al-Khayrat Records were two identical verses in the Holy Quran where the Almighty God says that “so race to all that is good.” In addition, many verses and religious anecdotes prevent the believers from whatever is useless, worthless and irrational. For this purpose and in order to realize my idea, I registered my plan in the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Islamic Republic of Iran and also sent letters to the officials at UNESCO to register this plan and implement it internationally.

My main objection to the Guinness World Records is the registration of records which are in contrary to religion, logic and moral standards. All the divine religions have been emerged with the order of the Almighty God to help the humankind find positive approaches and suitable ways for achieving progress and perfection and consider them as his ultimate goal so as to realize his sublime objectives. In your view, and from the perspective of every rational and open-minded person, is it useful if one sleeps in a glass coffin and a few thousands cockroaches parade on his body? Is it a good deed if someone creeps 100 meters on the ground and register a record of speedy creeping?

The prophets have been selected for prophethood to help the humankind get out of ignorance and confusion and make him understand that they should derive benefit from conscience in all aspects of his life. Isn’t it a collapse and downfall in contrary to the intellect if we move on the ground like animals? Isn’t it that we all claim that we’re living in the 21st century? Should the incarnations of civilizations be confined to constructing skyscrapers, paying attention to nanotechnology, space stations, biotechnology and the like? Aren’t we bound to develop and improve ethics alongside the other manifestations of civilizations according to our divine and humane responsibility?

KZ: Please explain for us the features of your plan. Is the collection of moral records slated to be published in the format of a book or do you have other plans for it? What records are supposed to be registered in this book? Would you please give us some examples of these records?

SMM: At the outset, I started from a simple blog. Great efforts start from little steps. In my long-run perspective, I have foreseen a multilingual website, the publication of a book, producing films and establishing a cultural institute with the participation of professional experts and scholars. The collection of Al-Khayrat cultural and moral records can encompass a variety of records in different fields such as charitable donations, compilation of books, inventions and discoveries, humanitarian efforts and the like.

For example, Dr. Sheikholeslami is the title-holder of blood donation in the world as he has donated his blood 190 times. Or the late Ayatollah Shirazi who was a source of emulation (a religious authority) with a heavy workload and many children which the Almighty God had bestowed upon him had written more than 1200 books one of which was a 150-volume book. There are thousands of similar instances and I wish the Almighty God helps me to register these records and review and classify them with the assistance of professional and dexterous experts.

KZ: Don’t you believe that the Guinness Book of World Records has the potentiality to register cultural and moral records?

SMM: It does have to some extent, and has been successful in some cases. However, when the people of the world are motivated to radical attraction-seeking which is a despicable human characteristic, there will emerge a contradiction between this and the registration of moral and useful actions. It is said that in the ancient times, there was a king who destroyed the grape fields which were used to produce wine while at the same time producing wine in his own palace.

It is impossible for us to be thirsty and quenched at the same time. Guinness makes profit and gains fame by registering unwise performances and a number of imprudent people even endanger their own lives for becoming famous and well-off. It’s impossible to bring together moral and immoral records because it will be detrimental to morality and spirituality and makes it difficult to figure out what is good and what is bad. One important point which I want to raise here is that I’m not an enemy of Guinness World Records. If it was not important to me and was not an international effort, perhaps it would never dawn on me to think of such an enterprise. If the Guinness opens a section for registering the moral records of the world one day, I’ll find my objective realized which is to have a positive influence on people and sociocultural institutions.

However, as I noted earlier, mixing cultural records and foolish records is obnoxious to spirituality. Guinness has performed well in the scientific field such as recording the intuitive or exceptional characteristics of animals or the physiological records of people or records in geology etc, because such information are pretty useful and valuable for enthusiastic people, researchers and scientists. Nonetheless, I think that mixing spiritual and material records with each other is not a right decision and it’s better to register spiritual and moral records in the framework of Al-Khayrat records.

KZ: What’s your schedule for carrying out the Al-Khayrat project? To put it more succinctly, when will the first manifestation of your project, whether in the form of a book, film or multimedia CD be released? Do you think that this project can receive widespread international attention?

SMM: There’s no doubt that spirituality has always had the lower hand and the diabolical forces have been perpetually unrivaled. Just imagine that how many books were written and how many movies were produced about the useless personalities and evildoers of the world. Has the international community praised and paid tribute to the spiritual symbols and personalities in the same way? Imam Ali (PBUH) has a golden statement which says: “don’t be afraid of your fewness in the path of guidance.”

I think that the Al-Khayrat spiritual – cultural records are actually leading the mankind toward decency and what is good. In the first days, you find yourself lonely; however, as long as you are connected with the Almighty God, you should not be concerned. Moreover, a true believer should always pay attention to conferring the affairs to the Almighty God and not be neglectful of divine assistance and patronage. I think that one should not be always concerned with the results and someone who is always looking for the results is not a true lover, spiritualist and servant. We should work like a soldier and attend to our service.

If we, the human beings, come to the conclusion that a certain job is decent and righteous, we should do it as correctly and powerfully as possible and leave the results to the Creator. Having said this, I rely on God in this enterprise and leave the results to Him. The establishment or non-establishment, popularity or unpopularity of an enterprise such as the Al-Khayrat records in the national and international level is dependent upon different conditions and circumstances. For example, in the case of driving, if you are a good driver, it does not guarantee that you’ll never have a car crash because the other side of the story which is the driver opposing to you is also effective in your destiny.

I want to say that your effort alone does not make everything; rather your readers and audiences should also take steps and be receptive to your idea and thought. We should add the Providence to this statement. At any rate, I’m optimistic that these records will be well-received internationally and I can succeed in contributing to a change in the approaches of the humankind and encouraging them to decency and spreading what is righteous.

KZ: In order to operate your plan, you certainly need remarkable financial resources. Publishing a glorious book with an attractive appearance and in wide circulation needs a powerful sponsor. Have you made any decision in this regard?

SMM: Yes, certainly we need remarkable financial assistance. We should pay the price for an impressive and effective enterprise. We live in a world which is fueled by money. I hope that with popular donations, governm

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Bloomberg to Demonstrators: Parasites Are Meant To Rule

Blowhard Mayor Defends Banksters as “Job Makers”

By Gordon Duff,

Today, New York’s mayor Bloomberg, whose rampaging police force has brought combat veterans and union members to New York to defend the constitution, has totally flipped his lid.

This is what he has said today:  “Everyone’s got a thing they want to protest, some of which is not realistic,” Bloomberg said during his weekly radio show on Friday, according to The Village Voice.

“And if you focus for example on driving the banks out of New York City, you know those are our jobs … You can’t have it both ways: If you want jobs you have to assist companies and give them confidence to go and hire people.”

The only jobs New York’s  financial community has created is work for bailiffs throwing people out of their homes or collection agencies.  New York, “ground zero” for a generation of financial hucksters that have destroyed the American economy through an endless series of criminal scams, is finally beginning to see where things are going.

In today’s presidential press conference, especially from “minute 21 onward,” President Obama makes it clear that the “Occupy Wall Street” protestors are ”speaking for the frustrations of the American people.”  It seems like the president and the mayor have different ideas who and what “people” actually are.  Major Bloomberg’s definition is a frightening one.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Now there are only protests, stifled by uniformed thugs.  In a nation with 100 million living in near poverty, tens of millions facing homelessness, all because of friends of Michael Bloomberg, yes, I mean literally this mans good friends, it is only the Bush era police state that is keeping the lid on things.

Bloomberg and New York City – Crime Capital of the World ?

Otherwise, yes, things would get worse.  America would be in total revolt against a government that chose to pay off its criminals rather than jail them.

The reason Bloomberg loosed his thugs quickly is because he knew it was close to citizens arrests and real trials in real courts, not the ones bought and sold on Wall Street, the ones run by the cabal Bloomberg is fronting for.

The 9/11 cover-up, ten years of war, tens of thousands of veteran suicides, a government trying to dismantle social security, why is all this going on?

The answer is simple.  We know who to blame.  The money that Americans are supposed to earn, the jobs they are supposed to have, the retirement funds put away for decades, the taxes paid by the many, those who can least afford it, all of this has been done to guarantee the privileged life for the few, the Michael Bloombergs, the parasites of the world.

He doesn’t like protests.

This is more of Bloomberg’s drivel from Politico:

“The protests that are trying to destroy the jobs of working people in this city aren’t productive,” Bloomberg said.

“What they’re trying to do is take away the jobs of people working in the city, take away the tax base that we have,” Bloomberg added. “We’re not going to have money to pay our municipal employees or anything else.”

Bloomberg also attacked the labor unions who joined the fray this week, saying that “their salaries come from — are paid by — some of the people they’re trying to vilify.”

The New-Real Face of the Bloomberg Administration

A nation of 350 million people faces blanket poverty, has lived through a decade of war, has seen its financial future disappear and there is no question whatsoever about who is responsible and where they are.

Finally, after years of silence, Americans are showing some backbone and all Michael Bloomberg can do is come up with this?

Can’t he afford better writers?  A child could make up a better story than this one.

When is Bloomberg going to start spouting threats about demonstrators being “Al Qaeda terrorists?”  I expect it any time now.

Americans are asking for simple justice.  All we want is the banks put out of business and those running them to rot in prison for the rest of their lives?  Is that so unreasonable?

There have never been so many criminals gathered in one area like this before.  New Yorkers must be proud.

Think of the disaster if they are all hauled off to prison.  Think of the jobs lost.  No more cleaning their toilets, ironing their shirts, driving their limousines.  These are the jobs that Bloombergs criminal friends create.  What jobs have they cost?

Are New Yorkers Subman’s to Zionist Mayor Bloomberg?

Do you think America turned into a nation of “burger flippers” by accident?  Did you borrow the $15 trillion dollars that the American people have to pay, that “national debt” we hear so much about?

Ah, Bloomberg’s magical banks, their endless schemes, mortgage fraud, derivitive fraud, junk bonds, it goes on decade after decade, the endless “pump and dump.”

“They” manage to lose money ”they” never had and the rest of us have to reimburse them somehow or the world will stop spinning.

I am willing to risk it.

Close them down, all of them, no more ”free lunch,” no more “get of out jail free” cards.

Hunt them down, every single on of them, jail the lot of them and throw away the key.

Turn Manhattan into a ghost town if necessary.

We recognize our enemy and it is you.


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Money Manipulation and Social Order; What happened to ‘Merry’ Old England

by Tom Valentine


(Live and learn! After 75 years of reading ‘history’ I just now learned important details sent to me by my longtime anarchist buddy. Tony ‘The geezer from Weiser,’ who was a top researcher for the old Spotlight. Read carefully.)

The very last pages of one of Rev. Denis Fahey’s great books, “Money Manipulation and Social Order” (the title tells it all) are an appendix which he titled, “Outline of English History.”

In truth, it is an outline of Protestant English history as it begins with Henry VIII. If it were an outline of all English history the sudden difference from “merry ol’” Catholic English history to its Protestant hell would amaze every reader other than those who have done the homework. Catholic England, the England of Magna Carta, trial by a jury of one’s peers (people who knew the accused personally), other guarantees of justice and fair play; the England of “Old King Cole, the merry old soul,” had an enviable reputation as the happiest nation in the world. No one was interested in the bottom line, the main interest was living Godly.

Thanks to the phony “reformation” England, in a very short time, became a slaughter house prison wherein people who refused to denounce their ancient religion which was the root of such happiness were murdered in the most cruel manners possible as all the religious property which was used for their support was stolen by a criminal elite. Those who were allowed to remain alive, beside being forced to worship in a different, obviously twisted religion based on lust and greed, were pauperized and starved, often hanged for stealing a crust of bread for their children from the murderous thieves who now claimed ownership of all, as faithfully recorded by William Cobbitt (a Protestant) among others. Cobbitt’s book, “A History of the Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland” has been rescued from the memory hole and republished.

It reads very similar to the Soviet rapine and mass murder of the innocents of Russia and Eastern Europe, of China and parts of South Asia in the twentieth century. All under “communism,” a euphemism for ultimate capitalism, wherein the capitalists own the state itself, even the people.

The appendix is short therefore I have copied it in it’s entirety below sans only some of the references.

Although Fahey wrote for the benefit of his Irish people, his works fit the circumstances of all the English speaking world and much of the world in general.

Recently I watched a 7-minute video presentation about the evil, secretive, Cabalistic/Masonic/Illuminati world takeover that rings true.

We the people can’t solve this if we do not recognize the secretive evil-doers. The money mess did not simply evolve. Now segway back to Tony B. (we either learn from history or we repeat it.

Outline of English History

The following brief outline of English History from Henry VIII to William of Orange, taking account of the financial factor, may prove useful to students. For the development of the points here touched upon, “The Two Nations,” by Christopher Hollis, frequently referred to in the course of this book, and “The Tragedy of the Stuarts,” by J. Desmond Gleeson, are strongly recommended.

When Henry VIII attacked the Divine Plan for order, he prepared the downfall of the English popular Monarchy. The families that rose to wealth and power by the confiscation of the property of the Church and the Abbey lands, which were used for the maintenance of the poor and the education of the people, gradually hemmed in the Monarchy. The overthrow of the Monarchy by these new fortunes of the Cecils, the Cavendishes, the Cromwells and the rest was largely contributed to by the decline in the value of money during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Deriving from feudal times and customs, the normal Crown dues were fixed. While prices were rising and expenses increasing, the royal income remained at the old fixed rate. “Half an ounce of gold in Henry VIII’s reign could scarcely be equaled by three ounces of gold in Charles I’s reign, roughly one century later — and yet, both Henry and Charles were in receipt of incomes represented by the same figure—The true royal incomes, then, were in steady decline at the same time that the private incomes of a special group of men within the state were in a condition of steady increase.

And moreover, with its decreasing means, the royal resources in lands were being rapidly lost to the Crown and gained by the new men—The Crown had to be subsidized and the subsidy, naturally, came from the new rich lords — It was on this very question of subsidy that William Cecil and his partners were able to exercise control over Queen Elizabeth. It was in order to secure her money that she was forced to yield to their requests, notably in the matter of the public execution of Mary Queen of Scots.

James I was shrewd enough to size up the situation of the Monarchy and allowed Robert Cecil to guide him. Charles I “saw the dependence of the monarch upon the large owners become daily more abject, and he struck.”

By James the First’s death, the price-level was up to 550 and it was impossible for Charles I to pay off a 5.5d. when he had only 1d. Charles I “rebelled against those who would appoint themselves his pay-masters—He challenged the practical rights of the new big fortunes to dictate to him because he had lost his fortune, and he lost the battle that ensued — Charles II was brought back to England from foreign exile as a salaried head of state, almost as a salaried servant of the rich.

Charles, a very clever man, tried to shake himself free from the shackles with which he was bound. His experiment of issuing paper money failed, in part because, as Christopher Hollis points out, he issued paper orders only for large sums. The bankers or goldsmiths were thus enabled to charge a large discount to those who wanted small sums and in this way brought discredit on the King’s notes. But the King’s rising income from customs duties made him almost independent by the end of his reign.

When James II, the creator of the English fleet, who was a convinced Catholic and a man not given to compromise like Charles II, came to the throne, the wealthy nobles had a twofold reason for plotting to get rid of him. They knew that he would not be a pliable servant and they feared a Catholic reaction, which might reopen the question of the old Church lands.

With the advent of William of Orange, the triumph of the Aristocracy over the Monarchy was complete. The foundation of the Bank of England, however, with its privilege of creating money, meant that wealth and power gradually passed into the hands of the financiers and the speculators with disastrous results for the landowners and the countryside.

(Footnote – In the Introduction to “An Agricultural Testament,” Sir Albert Howard ends his outline of the decay of the Roman Empire with the words: “The strongest possible support of capital must always be a prosperous and contented countryside. A working compromise between agriculture and finance should, therefore, have been evolved. Failure to achieve this naturally ended in the ruin of both.) The rule of the financiers and the speculators is called Democracy.

To Illustrate the significance of the remark that the manipulators of the money rule, in spite of the label “Democracy,” a few sentences may be quoted from an excellent pamphlet, “Money and National Reconstruction,” by P. C. Loftus, M.P. (Economic Reform Club):

“That the Bank of England was responsible for our disastrous post-war financial policy from 1920 to 1931,” he writes, “is widely and, I think, correctly believed. The Cardinal error of that policy was the decision to return to the Gold Standard, especially to return to the pre-war parity, thereby doubling the value of the depreciated pound and doubling also the real value and actual burden of our vast National Debt. Warning voices were raised by individuals prominent in industry and finance pointing out that such a step must inevitably wreck the export trades and lead to a vast increase in unemployment, but in vain, and the Bank of England commenced its policy of reducing the amount of money in order to force up its value —The sacrifices the Nation made to restore the Gold Standard, the bitter years of deflation, the millions of unemployed, the ruin of the cotton and coal export were all in vain, and the edifice so laboriously constructed at such a cost of human suffering finally collapsed in 1931.

Any individual may call at Somerset House and inspect the shareholders’ register of any public company; But he is not allowed to inspect the list of shareholders of the Bank of England, if indeed a list is kept at Somerset House. Moreover, a member of Parliament is entitled to put down questions on the Order Paper of the House of Commons on almost every conceivable subject, but he is not allowed to put down any questions asking for information as to the names of the shareholders of the Bank of England.”

End of appendix.

Do you find familiar ringing in your head reading this?
Tony B.

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Global 99 Percenters Attacked By Out of the Closet Global Government


by Johnny Punish

Over the last 100 years, the shadow global government has been building up and operating in secret behind closed doors at places like Bilderberg and Bohemian Grove

But now, it’s out in the open and their contempt is as blatant as the pepper spray their soldiers use against the non-violent Occupy Wall Street protestors.

Yesterday, in a blatant attempt to keep the US middle out of the Occupy Wall Street equation, the Fed in Fear placed the US Mortgage rates below 4% for the first time in history.  Make no mistake, this is no coincidence.  Ben Shalom Bernanke and his assigns are not stoopid. They understand how to control the US sheeple.

Now, while middle America rushes to their refinance guy at the local mortgage enslavement firm, the Occupy Wall Streeters are left with only the lowest classes to fight the power; a good strategy to nuetralize the protest.

It’s just another step for the global government in waiting to mission creep themselves forward while the middle of America claps and cheers all the way to fascism and complete control.

For all of you reading this for the first time, be advised that this is NOT something new.  The global government has been at work for decades planning and plotting.  Their aim is simple to destroy the US economy and lower the standard of living.  Then, like they did with the European Union, they aim to unify the North American Union with Canada, Mexico, and the USA.  Later the Asian Union as the Tri-Lateral Commission gets set to use those three pilars to govern the globe under one global government.  It’s right there in your face…..take a look!

Now some of you may say, wow…good idea!  But wait, you gotta know they plan on taking down the human population from an expected 9 billion in 2050 down to less than 1 billion people.  They want a return back to natural equilibrium where technology and nature will allow their species to live super long lives while our species, the 2nd tier, goes extinct.

Don’t believe it?  Print this and give it to your children for their children in the year 2075 and see if what I am saying is out of the realm of reality.

As it stands, we see injustice and starvation everywhere on the globe with no one in “elected”  government is taking a stand.  They’ve been hog tied and shut down by the global power.  Millions will die off soon and billions to come later on in the 21st century.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Strife is everywhere….from Greece to Syria to main street USA.

Yesterday, empire globalist Dick Cheney entered Canada to claps and cheers. Yes, the same guy who tortures, circumvents international law, and robs the US Taxpayer blind while guys like George Callaway are refused entry.   What this means is that Canada no longer respects international law.  This means its peoples who once stood for human rights have been hijacked by the globalists and stand impotent like the rest of the US peoples.

And so Canadians are now one of us; the deposed, abused, beaten, and ignored.

It started in Tunisia, then over to Egypt, and now in Syria and spreading to the US.  People are fed up with the global government posing as national governments everywhere.  The ruse is in plain view now.

It’s now the global 99% versus them, the ruling 1% and they aim to win at all costs.  The only question is;  Will the 99%, that so-called 2nd class of humans, rise up and take humanity back from these strange abusive animals?

YouTube – Veterans Today –

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Fukushima on Facebook

Casualties Mount in Japanese Radiation War

by Bob Nichols

(San Francisco) – Some 800 million people world wide are members of Facebook;  that is larger than most countries, the United States included. Only China and India have a larger population.* Since a literate population is a hall mark of a nation’s power this makes Facebook a force to be reckoned with in the modern world.

Today, October 7, 2011 is fully 211 days into the Darkness of a radioactive Japanese War without any “Booms” from nuclear bombs. We have, apparently, only had Hydrogen gas explosions and fires as 10,000 tons of lethal, radioactive reactor cores spread their filthy poison all over the earth.

Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) warfare precautions and protective gear are required in many parts of Japan and are not available. That’s true even in Tokyo, a metropolitan area of some 30 Million people. As a result, the population is being sacrificed in place to save face for the Japanese politicians and GE.

All of this continuing madness and descent into the Stone Age is all a gift from the General Electric Corporation and their slavishly obedient President Obama and the obliging United States government.

Here’s a list today of the Facebook Groups organized to understand and take effective action to end the continuing extinction level event reactor meltdowns  and explosions at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, Japan.

FUKUSHIMA: “All nuke reactors leak, all the time” SOLUTIONS NOW

Meditations for Solutions to Global Issues:  Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

FUKUSHIMA Activities for community pray-ER SUPPORT

(The groups directly below have just been created and are growing, filling a need for info)






ASK ABOUT sonderkommando NOW AND THEN


The following are other Facebook groups created and maintained by other, and amongst all the groups, there is cross-posting and sharings…

Glowing Conversations – DIALOGUES and RESOURCES on Nuclear

Give your hands to Stop Radiation from Fukushima.  Save Japan.  Save Humanity



A Group to Discuss Nuclear Events at Fukushima Daiichi

Children of Chernobyl, Children of Fukushima

Fukushima Diaries


We the People vs. G.E., TEPCO and Hitachi

Water Ceremony with Masaru Emoto


The groups below have a more general focus on nuclear and anti-nuclear matters….

Radiation Health Solutions

Stop Jaitapur Nuclear Plant

Stop Nuclear Industry/ Atomic

Safe Citizen Inter Agency

A Group to Discuss Nuclear

Notes and Sources.

  • “Facebook rolls out big changes to ‘lock in’ users,” The Bangkok Post, 30-9-2011, “Facebook on Friday begins rolling out its biggest ever shake-up, in a move observers say will not only profoundly alter how its 800 million users interact with the site, but will keep them coming back for decades to come.”

Facebook Rolls Out Big Changes To Lock In Users

Brand Resource Center | Facebook,

The Resource Center was reviewed for referencing Facebook.

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More on Irvine 11: Meet the Real Michael Oren

“We all know that equality under the law has no meaning anymore, but now you have one more example, one that has serious ramifications for anyone challenging Israeli behavior.”

Dr.Ashraf Ezzat

SANTA ANA, CA – SEPTEMBER 23, 2011: Muslim students stare at the jury after being found guilty of conspiring to disrupt and then disrupting a speech by the Israeli ambassador at UC Irvine.

In the United States of America if you are a brave Muslim and if you peacefully stand up in front of an audience being addressed by an American- born Israeli who supports Israeli war crimes you can be convicted of a crime. On the other hand, if you are a brave Jew or a brave Arab who is smart enough to be surrounded by a few brave Jews, you can peacefully stand up in front of an audience being addressed by an Israeli war criminal and you will not be charged. That which cannot be tolerated is Muslims acting on their own against Israeli usurpation of Muslim and Christian lands. With no Jewish cover, the Muslims have no standing.

On September 23, ten members of the so-called “Irvine 11″ (charges against one of the original eleven students were dropped) were convicted on misdemeanor charges of disrupting a UC Irvine speech by the Israeli ambassador to the United States. That’s what they did, and that believe it or not, in the United States of America and regardless of the first amendment, is now considered a crime.

“Being mean to the Israeli ambassador” to the United States.

After more than two days of deliberation, an Orange County jury found the ten Muslim young men guilty.

What these handsome young men did was stand up – already showing more balls by doing so than the American president, Barack Obama has ever shown – and state that the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, was supporting war crimes against Palestinians.

This is something that most reasonable people around the world regard as axiomatic. But not in the US, No way. In fact it is now a crime to point this out if you are a Muslim.

According to an attorney for one of the students, the longest of the interruptions lasted roughly 8 seconds, and the total amount of time taken up by their outbursts—combined—was roughly one minute.

That’s one minute too long when you’re talking about Muslim students interrupting the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. to inform him that some people think his country’s policies are unjust, which is illegal, so don’t do it.

In a moment you will come to a short video of what they did. Each one stood up, stated his case in a few seconds, and then peacefully walked away. This was for too much for the host of the event and for the shaky “Israeli” ambassador; more on that Zionist mouth piece will follow.  The Israeli ambassador left the stage while his host chastised members of the audience who take human rights seriously to the cheers of members of the audience who do not.

The Ten little Muslims were convicted of misdemeanors and sentenced to 56 hours of community service and three years of probation. The judge seems to have been very hesitant to be harsh after the jury found these students guilty of speaking truth to power and noted that if they do the 56 hours within a year they won’t have to do the probation. However, now and after one stupid incident, those students will forever have to answer yes if they are asked by, say, potential employers whether they were ever convicted of a crime.

We all know that equality under the law has no meaning anymore, but now you have one more example, one that has serious ramifications for anyone challenging Israeli behavior.

Here’s the short video I mentioned.

YouTube -the Israeli ambassador to the United States’ disrupted speech at UC Irvine.

Who is Michael Oren?

Michael Oren

American-born Michael Oren was radicalized at an early age to become an Israeli, serve in the IDF, advocate for Jonathan Pollard and to become a chief Israeli propagandist writing Zionist-filled books on such topics as the June 1967 war – a book with a completely disgraceful chapter on how the poor little Israelis made an innocent mistake when they tried to sink the USS Liberty and kill every man on board.  (Norman Finklestein and James Bamford blew his Zionist allegations out of the water, so to speak. You can read their comments on Oren’s work here andhere.

At the age of 15 Oren went to Israel with a Zionist-socialist youth radicalization movement known as Habonim Dror and lived on a kibbutz. No doubt this had a pretty deep impact on him, as he seems to have spent the rest of his life in service to Zionism. In 1978, he worked as an advisor to the Israeli diplomats at the UN and the following year he immigrated to Israel for good.  He joined the IDF in 1979 and served in Israeli’s illegal invasion (and subsequent 22 year occupation) of southern Lebanon. In the 1991 war against Iraq he served as the Israeli liaison to the US Sixth Fleet. And since then he has been engaged as a propagandist for Israel to include working for an outfit in Israel that was affiliated with the notorious racist Meir Kahane.  Oren’s propaganda work included several stints teaching at major US universities including Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. I guess at Georgetown when they say “Foreign Service” they must mean “serving foreigners”. Imagine this American turn-coat teaching America’s future diplomats how to behave.

Oren, like most Israeli propagandists, loves to do two things, one is play fast and loose with the facts and the other is to invoke the Holocaust to defend Israel’s murderous rampages and constant war mongering. Here is an excellent example of his Zionist propaganda where he plays fast and loose with facts and yells “Holocaust” the whole time. The article is even entitled”Deep Denial: While the Holocaust Still Matters.”  He did get ripped for this; you can see it here for example. It is precisely his defending of Israeli war crimes as he does in this article that the protesters were protesting.

SourcesThe Ugly Truth, & Los Angeles Times.

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