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Joined by Palestinian Journalist Sammi Ibrahem

by crescentandcross 

Eyewitness to Israeli brutality in Gaza–we are honored to be joined by Palestinian journalist Sammi Ibrahem as he recounts some of his personal experiences dealing with God’s Chosen Terrorists during his youth in occupied Gaza.



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Israel and Libya: Preparing Africa for the “Clash of Civilizations”

Introduction by Cynthia McKinney

By Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya

Global Research,

Third of Four Installments on Libya: Israel and Libya


Once again, Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya peels away the veneer of legitimacy and deception enveloping the U.S./NATO genocide currently taking place in Libya. In his first article, Nazemroaya exposed the mechanism by which the world came to “know” of the need for a humanitarian intervention in the Libyan Arab Jamahirya and U.S./NATO admissions of targeted assassination attempts against the Leader of the 1969 Libyan Revolution, Muammar Qaddafi. In his first of these four installments since his return from Libya, Nazemraoya makes it clear that there never was any evidence given to the United Nations or the International Criminal Court to warrant or justify United Nations Resolutions 1970 and 1973 or current U.S./NATO operations inside Libya.

In his second article detailing this very sad story, Nazemroaya exposes the relationships between the major Libyan protagonists/NATO collaborators and the U.S. Congress-funded National Endowment for Democracy. Incredibly, when leading Members of Congress publicly proclaimed repeatedly that they did not know who the Libyan “rebel” NATO collaborators were, select so-called rebel leaders were political intimates with stakeholders at the National Endowment for Democracy. The leaders of the National Transitional Council, contrived to appear highly influential to publics in former colonial capitals, have very little influence or support inside Libya, and can be likened to a Hamid Karzai type of morally bankrupt neo-colonial authority that presides over and gives a fig-leaf of “legitmacy” to those outsiders whose objective is the total destruction of recalcitrant citizens who demand self-determination over their own communities and country. Nazemroaya also exposes that, despite its Global War on Terror, the U.S. government actually financed Libyan terrorists and criminals wanted by INTERPOL.

In this, his third of four installments, Nazemroaya removes the U.S./NATO fig leaf and what he reveals are the abhorrent, obnoxious, inhumane, and cynical machinations of the pro-Israel Lobby that is the only political force that seems to be able to command the mightiest of militaries and the strongest of leaders to act in ways that threaten the peace and tranquility of their own political parties and national security of their own governments. Indeed, by its policy to support Israel, no matter how belligerent its policies, the United States has eroded its own national interest, as warnings from U.S. military leaders continue to point out.

In fact, my own personal experiences with the pro-Israel Lobby inside the United States demonstrate Israel’s intense interest in Africa. I have written about my experience with “the pledge” to support Israel that is forced on every candidate for the U.S. Congress; refusal to sign it, as I did, means not one dollar of the millions expended each election cycle in campaign contributions and can ensure the most vicious media demonization as the major descriptor of the un-cooperating candidate. The demonization of Alabama’s first Black Member of Congress since Reconstruction, Earl Hilliard, in his 2002 re-election campaign, with specific regard to his visits to Libya, immediately come to mind. Weeks later, many of the New York contributors against his re-election, reappeared in my own opponent’s campaign coffers. While I was portrayed in letters to supporters of the pro-Israel Lobby as anti-Israel, I will continue to believe that it was my very real activities in Africa that the pro-Israel Lobby found most threatening. From land reform to blood diamonds to various warnings I sent to certain African oil-producing countries to support for African self-determination and against artificial efforts to create divisions in Cote d’Ivoire, Zaire/Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Sudan, I found an incredible interest in all things African on the part of the pro-Israel Lobby.

In fact, I was invited to lease my “Black” face to these very interests and get arrested in front of the Sudan Embassy to sow the very “Black versus Arab” narrative being tragically created in Libya which Nazemroaya describes so thoroughly in this current text. I note here that some Blacks inside and outside of the U.S. Congress did choose to accept this particular invitation and get arrested. My representative was present at the meeting where these activities were planned, finance was arranged, and actions put in motion. This was a purposeful manipulation of U.S. policy and more importantly, of the despicable behaviors in Sudan that led to human rights abuses and crimes against humanity. My own legislation to de-list corporations from the U.S. stock exchange that aided or abetted or engaged in any way in human rights abuses in Sudan was deemed by guardians of the pro-Israel agenda inside the Congress to be an unacceptable answer to the very real abuses taking place in that country.

Additionally, while I was in prison in Israel, the point of the mostly African female prisoners on my Ramle Prison cell block was that they were adherents of “the wrong religion.” The purging of Christians inside Israel is a fact. The scribblings on the wall of my Israeli holding room in another prison complex before my release made it clear that those Christians being deported were not wanted in Israel and they felt that it was because of their religion. Israel’s recent push, despite its non-Jewish residents, to identify itself as a “Jewish state” is telling.

While in Libya, I met many Africans who said that they chose to live there because of the pan-Africanism of the policies of the Libyan Jamahirya. In fact, while at an “Africans in the Diaspora Conference” there in January/February of 2011, I personally witnessed, along with a delegation of others from the United States, Muammar Qaddafi pledge $90 billion to a “United States of Africa” that would work together to build the Continent and counter the efforts to penetrate and recolonize it. Blacks in the United States who struggled for dignity, self-determination, and against U.S. oppression and imperialism during the 1960s and 1970s have a relationship with Muammar Qaddafi and the Jamahirya government that goes back decades. At the 29-stops of my Libya Truth Tour, I met many U.S. citizens who reminded the audiences of the contributions of Muammar Qaddafi and the Jamahirya government against British imperialism in Northern Ireland.

Continental Africans attending these Tour-stops reminded audiences of Muammar Qaddafi’s support for Nelson Mandela and Africans struggling to rid the Continent of Apartheid at a time when Israel shared an alliance with that government. They also noted the Jamahirya government’s current support for many development projects throughout the Continent and for the budget of the African Union, itself. Therefore, many alarmed observers have pointed out that the U.S./NATO attack on Libya is actually an attack on all of Africa. Nazemroaya eloquently makes this point while revealing the underlying motives for the “uber-violence” that we see in Libya and that is opposed by large majorities of voters in NATO member states, if reported polling results can be trusted.  What comes to my mind is how anyone who identifies with the peace community could support such an attack on Libya, especially while the people of Libya valiantly resist NATO domination.

Nazemroaya makes the essential point: “An attempt to separate the merging point of an Arab and African identity is underway.” The Voice of America has exposed the psychological aspects of its brutal intervention and hints at the mindset of the U.S./NATO Libyan pawns; several stories suggest that the “new” Libya will turn more toward its Arab identity than its African identity. And U.S./NATO successful imposition of the psychological chains of identity denial are the most longlasting of chains. While in Tunisia, I actually came face to face with the fruits of this project when a taxi driver born in Tunisia told me that he was not African! Muammar Qaddafi drove home to all Libyans that Libya, as its geography dictates, is an African country. It seems ludicrous on its face to have to reiterate such a fact except for the racism, brainwashing, and psychological underpinnings of current U.S./NATO policy and its colonial antecedents that Nazemroaya exposes.

Finally, Walter H. Kansteiner has moved in and out of various positions within the foreign policy apparatus of the United States government and has been the voice for exactly the policies described by Nazemroaya. Among Kansteiner’s positions are stints as Africa Director at the State Department and National Security Council Director for African Affairs during the Presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush and Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs during the Presidency of George W. Bush. During these stints, Mr. Kansteiner was in a position to initiate the balkanization of Africa that we now see reaching fruition on the Continent. I was forced to write

letter to President Bush in 2001 expressing my alarm at his suggestions for Democratic Republic of Congo. In my opinion, Laurent Kabila was murdered because he refused to balkanize Congo. (He personally related his last conversation with a certain U.S. representative who encouraged him to betray Congo. In his last words to me, “I will never betray Congo.”)

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Part 1 contains some footage from a picket orgenised by J-BIG that took place shortly prior to Gilad Atzmon’s ‘The Wandering Who’ book launching event and Panel Discussion
Panelists: Glen Bowman, Karl Sabbagh, Oren Ben-Dor and Gilad Atzmon
Facilitator: Irving Rappaport

Panel Discussion on Jewish Identity Politics, Part 1 from Tali Atzmon onVimeo.

Part 2 contains an introduction by Irving Rappaport who was the facilitator of the event.

Panel Discussion on Jewish Identity Politics Part 2 from Tali Atzmon onVimeo.


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By Gilad Atzmon

I tend to agree with Shlomo Sand that Jews invented themselves as a nation over a century ago. But it was interesting to find out this week that Naomi Wimborne Idrissi and her three Jewish Anti Zionist comrades AKA AZZ (anti Zionist Zionists) were desperate to invent Gilad Atzmon.

For me, the Jewish anti Zionists, exhibit the most amusing ideological  pathology of all Jewish collectives. On Monday morning, the Palestine Telegraph called Wimborne Idrissi and her mini clan not to picket my book launch.  Wimborne Idrissi, was, seemingly, deaf to the Palestinian call. In the evening she appeared along side another three of her comrades at the resource centre, London. They were not alone. There were another three allies who identified themselves initially as ISM but later had to admit that they were actually representing themselves and themselves only.

I actually went out of the conference centre to meet my adversaries. I wanted to invite them in to take part in the discussion. I thought to myself that if they have a valid criticism, they may well want it to be heard in public. I thought that more than anyone else, they should join the gathering and understand once and for all what my writing is all about and why more and more people regard the AZZ as the enemy within.

Attempting to engage with those ‘progressive’ minds in the street, I realised that they were throwing around some quotes and I thought that though were  allegedly taken from The Wandering Who they were totally unfamiliar to me.

Yesterday I was sent a PDF of the anti-Atzmon leaflet that was produced by Wimborne Idrissi’s JBIG.  As you can see, not a single sentence in the document  below is supplied with a page reference  and for obvious reasons. The ideas below are not  taken from my book or any of my writing.  They have nothing to do with myself or my body of thoughts.  Wimborne Idrissi & Co  basically invented it all. It is not sick, it is not even sinister, it is just stupid beyond belief.  More concerning is the fact that the multi-talentless anti Zionist Jews who produced this embarrassing Hasbara leaflet didn’t even manage to imitate my voice.

And I am left puzzled, If I am as horrible as Wimborne Idrissi & Co suggest, why do they have to forge my words? Why do they have to operate in such a fraudulent manner?  Why can’t they  simply quote me in context and prove their point?  Can’t they see that spin, deceit, and fraud don’t buy  them the necessary support ?  Are Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists familiar at all with the notion of intellectual integrity? Do they really believe for a second that the list of the most profound thinkers in our movement that already supported and endorsed my book  would support a book that states the above? The tragic truth is that we are dealing with a bunch of compulsive liars.  As far as I am concerned and as I mention in my book, It is actually the AZZ who are providing us with an authentic image of the tribal collective  psychosis.

Don’t misread me here. I would  be delighted to see Wimborne Idrissi and her 3 comrades at all of my events, either on the pavement waving  their anti Atzmon placards or inside with the rest of us. These AZZ really insist on making my life easy. They prove time after time  that my criticism of the tribal ideological continuum between hardcore Zionism and Jewish ‘anti’ Zionism is not just a theoretical elaboration. It is the true reality of contemporary Jewish identity politics.

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Introduction by Gilad Atzmon::  Leading  pro-Palestinian activist Laura Stuart tells us  about the role of the Jewish thought police in Britain, both Zionist and AZZ (anti Zionist Zionists). For some reason, they insist to locate themselves at the centre of every political discourse.

The last seven days have been particularly busy ones for “activist” me. Last Thursday I was outside Downing Street shoulder to shoulder with the Torah Faithful Jews (N.K.), Muslims and non Muslims, protesting against our government’s invited guest ‘War Criminal’ Tzipi Livni. The Naturei Karta Jews turned up with their banners, stood for photographs, did a video interview all with no fuss, their agenda is clear they want to see the end of the State of Israel. When I e.mailed around the video of the Naturei Karta interview I received a reply from a Jewish lady in America warning me that they do not have the same agenda as us!

Saturday I was in Trafalgar square for the anti war protest and although I didn’t notice any Jewish groups there I was especially uplifted (sarcasm) as a Muslim woman, to have read Harry’s Place and learned that they were 100% behind the continued war and occupation of Afghanistan in the name of women’s rights! Harry’s Place a rabid pro Zionist website believes that firing missiles from drones is liberating for Afghan women never mind that said women are too often left widows and grieving mothers.

Monday I was at the launch of Gilad Atzmon’s book “The Wandering Who” a panel discussion on Jewish identity politics. Outside this event was the scene of the most amazing “it’s all about me” event of the week… a small group of anti Zionist Jews turned up to picket outside. They handed people arriving at the event a paper with some copy and pastes taken from Gilad’s blog previously, when asked none of them were able to say they had actually read ‘The Wandering Who’ which they claimed is anti Semitic. The one thing I learned from the picket was that Gilad arouses great passion in some women and makes them very over emotional, the very opposite of the intellectual debate which took place inside this successful event. I wonder why the anti Zionist Jews didn’t just come inside and take on the debate? As an aside Tony Greenstein who wasn’t at the event at all has published a very misleading report on his blog today, of course Tony is completely obsessed with Gilad so this is not something new.

Tuesday evening I was inside the House of Commons for a M.E.M.O. event the presentation of a report sponsored by the Cordoba Foundation entitled “The Cold War on British Muslims”. In front of me sat Jonathan Hoffman which proves that Muslims are not the ones trying to prevent freedom of speech or control the “solidarity movement”. Imagine my surprise today when Harry’s Place ran the following headline on their report of the event:-

“MEMO’s event about Muslims turns out, yet again, to really be about the Jews”

erm …NO it is NOT!

Laura Stuart




Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: In this short address to Palestinian Solidarity Campaign Laura Stuart says “Some of the things that I find disturbing now, more than the scenes of blood, and the massacre itself are, I happen to live in the Finchley area. And sometimes, when I was looking at the soldiers on the boat, pointing their guns at me, I was thinking, do any of you have dual passports? Do any of you live just down the road for me?”

Stuart is indeed correct,  this is a matter of great concern. Considering the vast Israeli record on war crimes, the British Government better look closely into this unique group of dual passport holders. Seemingly, our government is doing the complete opposite. Two weeks ago it amended the British Universal Jurisdiction Laws in order to appease leading Israeli war criminals.


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