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Rabbi–’Intermarriage plays into Nazis’ hands’

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“Marrying gentiles is like playing into the hands of the Nazis,” Yad Vashem Council Chairman and former Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau has been quoted as saying to students from Ramat Gan’s Ohel Shem High School.

According to the students, the rabbi made the remark during a lecture on the Holocaust and on his personal memories as a survivor of the Buchenwald concentration camp which he delivered to teenagers who had returned from a trip to Poland.

One of the teens who left the room explained, “As far as I understood, the lecture’s point was that marrying non-Jews is forbidden, and according to Rabbi Lau, marrying gentiles is ‘playing into the hands of the Nazis.’

“This remark was made toward the end of the lecture and made me very angry. As soon as it was said, I got up and left. I came to the lecture without any skepticism and tolerant toward his opinions, otherwise I would have walked out at an earlier stage.”

The student addressed other remarks made by the rabbi, which angered him. “We were told about the daughter of a respected rabbi who disconnected from religion during the Holocaust, married a goy, had a child and sent him to a convent,” he recounted.

“The lecture also included Bible verses, one which I particularly remember was from the Book of Psalms, and according to the rabbi, it described the Holocaust before it happened. This was said after he claimed that the Nazis tried to destroy Judaism and not just the Jews, so basically the Jews drawing away from religion are destroying Judaism.”

Another 12th grader shared the unpleasant atmosphere caused by the rabbi’s remark. “He spoke about his life in Poland and about the Holocaust, and then began preaching about assimilation,” he recounted.

“He said the Jewish people must not assimilate and that we must maintain the Jewish identity. In addition, he presented delusional statistics, claiming that had there been no assimilation the United States would now have 30 million Jews, and showing contempt for those who assimilated – as if they are inferior to others.”

Some students were upset over their fellow classmates’ protest. “I saw students leaving in the middle of the lecture, not listening, and some even chose not to enter the auditorium at all. It made me very angry and bordered on disrespect for an elder and honorable person,” a 12th grader said.

“A spontaneous discussion on the issue continued in the classrooms,” she added. “Many were irked by the fact that we are forced to enter lectures. We have listened to many lectures during our three years in Ohel Shem, and I think the only reason they were angry was because that person is a rabbi and now a secular man.

“But Rabbi Lau is a person who contributes to the community. He is an outstanding man and should be respected if only for his position and for being an honorable person, regardless of his beliefs.”

And weren’t you irked by the saying about marrying gentiles?

“Every person can take this sentence to a different place. The Nazis tried to hurt Judaism, and there is a point in the rabbi’s remark that assimilation is a spiritual victory for the Nazis.

“The lecture was not religious in my opinion and I didn’t see any incitement attempts. The word ‘assimilation’ was mentioned in only one sentence and the rabbi was not trying to influence us. If a secular person had said the exact same thing, it would have been received differently.”

The former chief rabbi’s office issued the following statement in response: “Rabbi Lau has been delivering lectures at Ramat Gan’s Ohel Shem High School for many years now, and this time too he appeared before nearly 400 12th graders.

“The rabbi did not see any of the students leave during the lecture. On the contrary, he got the feeling that the students were attentive and fascinated by what he had to say.”

As for the rabbi’s remarks, his office said: “It’s no secret that the number of Jews in most of the world’s countries is steadily declining – not because of their immigration to Israel but because of intermarriage and assimilation. Therefore, self-examination is needed during the High Holidays.

“This troubling phenomenon serves generations of Israel’s enemies, who envy the Jewish people’s survival. The rabbi regrets any extreme reactions from those who surely did not listen to what he was saying and did not absorb the message stemming from the lecture.”

The municipality said in response, “The Ohel Shem School encourages an open dialogue in democratic and pluralistic frameworks and hosted Rabbi Lau. Several students who were unsatisfied with certain opinions acted in a disrespectful manner and walked out, and we regret that.

“The school is unaware of the discussion reaching the classrooms, although we encourage an open dialogue as part of our values-based education.”

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Labour’s fixed leadership election


Of the five candidates, the top three runners, David Milliband, Ed Milliband, and Ed Balls are all Bilderbergers, the 140 strong ultra senior freemasons who’s job it is to build the EU dictatorship.

They have controlled the Conservative party since 1970, with at least 8 of its senior members Bilderbergers, today including Francis Maude, Ken Clarke, David Cameron George Osborne and William Hague, and the Labour party since at least 1985 through Bilderbergers including Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Peter Mandleson.

The power of the Bilderbergers is such that since 1970 every British Prime Minister has been a Bilderberger – which they often achive through fixed elections like this one.

Labour Leader John Smith (and later Robin Cook) would not comply. Both ended up dead of surprise heart attacks. Heart attack inducing substances like potassium chloride are their preferred method.

Margaret Thatcher, a naive Bilderberger, realised later on the EU was a dictatorship, and made her Brugge speech opposing it. Within one year the other Bilderbergers in her cabinet had her out on the street, and a compliant Bilderberger, John Major in her place. Margaret has suffered ill health ever since, preventing her from mounting a campaign; that was almost certainly a substance administered in her food.

It is Bilderbergers who force our three parties to insist on being inside the EU police state, and spend 80% of their time illegally passing EU treaties, EU laws (300 now) and EU regulations (120,000 now) instead of implementing the wishes of the people, the only thing they are allowed by our constitution to do. Bilderbergers are the reason your vote makes no difference, and the three parties’ policies are similar in practice (although they may pretend otherwise in rhetoric and manifestos)


The phony cuts


£167 billion a year was wasted on quangos in 2007 according to the Cabinet Office – its nearly £200 billion pa now. These British Quangos, mostly controlled by the EU’s Common Purpose organisation, are the largest bribery structure in the world – that’s 12.5% of our economy of £1,330 billion to pay up to £300,000pa salaries to 100,000 people the government and EU need to influence.

£60 billion is wasted on 800,000 overpaid bureaucrats installed in the NHS by the EU’s Common Purpose to destroy it. Hospital and medical staff are only 400,000, and are deliberately paid peanuts and overworked to sap moral as the bureaucrats make continual changes calculated to make their lives impossible and to sabotage the NHS.

£100 billion a year is wasted on EU regulations according to the governments Better Regulation Task Force Annual Report 2005, with a foreward by Tony Blair.

Since then the waste in these three areas has got much worse, but the government won’t publish full figures.

Even if they just cut all this waste at 2007 levels, the government would save £167 + £60 billion = £227 billion, and save industry £100 billion in EU costs, total saving £327 billion, far, far more than they ever need to save: The budget deficit is only £155 billion, total government borrowing £903 billion, 60% of GDP. They could pay it all off in just 4 years.

One of the 200+ methods the EU is employing to destroy Britain, its biggest enemy in two world wars, is to swamp us with government, bureaucracy and regulations, and tax us into poverty

Yes, governemnt should be reduced (by 75%, not 25%). But it won’t happen. If they really meant to save, the above are the cuts they would start with, and it would be easy. But they have no intention of saving; their intention is to keep stealing 70% of the economy in taxes, fines and charges to collapse our nation, to fund their bloated lifestyles and waste.

As always, they’ll cut front line services, but keep the armies of bureaucrats and patronage growing. They will ensure as many British as possible are diesempowered and in poverty on £5 per hour as they can. Our government ministers do not represent us, but are agents for a foreign power:


Elections in the British One Party State


If you vote Conservative, Labour, Lib-Dem, UKIP or the BNP, you’ll be voting for the EU dictatorship. All five party leaderships are EU controlled. That’s why your vote doesn’t make a difference – all these five parties have the same policies: the EU’s policies.

The 16 most senior politicians in the Conservative and Labour parties, including Francis Maude, Ken Clarke, Cameron, William Hague, Brown, David Milliband, Peter Mandleson are Bilderbergers, the 140 strong band of ultra senior Freemasons whose job it is to build the EU dictatorship.

No Bilderberger, Freemason or Comman Purpose graduate should ever be allowed to hold public office.

UKIP and the BNP are honeytraps to neutralise activists: UKIP is riddled with Freemasons and Common Purpose like a cancer, and the BNP controlled by the Edgar Griffin (father) and son Nick Freemasonry family. The 350,000 freemasons and the 40,000 strong Common Purpose Organisation are the (mostly unknowing) footsoldiers of the EU in Britain. (Which makes the BNP the easiest party to clean up – get rid of the Griffins, and put in a real anti-EU leadership.)

The new EU President: Herman Van Rompuy (ex Belgian PM) -a federalist, very pro the EU dictatorship, a deceivingly innocent looking pair of hands while the EU consolidates its power. EU foreign Secretary: Lady Catherine Ashton, whose career followed the path of many communists with fat salaries from state organisations, was the EU trade Commisssioner and is the traitor who forced the Lisbon Treaty through the House of Lords. An evil pair.

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By Way Of Deception


Examining Alan Dershowitz’s and Abe Foxman’s arguments against The Wandering Who

Earlier this week I learned from the Jerusalem post how desperate notorious Zionists Alan Dershowitz and ADL’s Abe Foxman are to stop my new book ‘The Wandering Who’.  It seems that Foxman, Dershowitz and their allies amongst the Jewish ‘anti’-Zionists (aka ‘anti-Zionist Zionists’ or AZZ) are in a state of total hysteria. So far, the book has been endorsed by some of the most distinguished academics, writers and humanists in contemporary discourse. It has been praised on every dissident outlet around the world.

But it’s also obvious to every person who reads me that there is not a drop of racism, bigotry or anti Semitism in any of my writing. In my entire writing career I have never criticized Jews as people, ethnicity or race. Nor do I criticise Judaism.  What I do is to scrutinize Jewish ideology and culture and I argue that if Israel defines itself as the ‘Jewish State’ and drops bombs on civilians from airplanes decorated with Jewish symbols, then surely it is our moral duty to question what this ‘Jewishness’ is all about.

In fact my biggest contribution to the discourse is my attempt to offer a critical argument against Jewish identity politics that is both ethically grounded and based on universal thought.

But it seems that those who try to stop the book refuse to read it. Instead, they recycle empty labels that cannot be substantiated. The Jerusalem Post wrote this week, “The Wandering Who, has been described as contemporary cultural racism and as an attack on Jewish identity inspired by Soviet anti Semitism” Needless to say, ‘cultural racism’ is a misnomer.  There is nothing wrong with cultural criticism as long as it is not racist, and racism is clearly something that will not be found in any of my texts. And what about ‘Soviet anti- Semitism’, what is that exactly, and how specifically do I fall into such a category?

Alan Dershowitz seems to forget that defending an alleged wife- killer may be somewhat easier than promoting an ideological racist, expansionist and murderous collective*. Dershowitz told the Jerusalem Post that the “book has crossed the line from anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism.”

 Here, I’m puzzled. Is Dershowitz, getting soft in his old age? Is he now suggesting that ‘anti Zionism’ is actually legitimate or even kosher? This would certainly be a most welcome development, but no, it seems  that Dershowitz also hasn’t read the book. And if he has, he has clearly failed to explain why the book is ‘anti-Semitic’?

As well as being intellectually lame, Dershowitz is also both a bully and a coward, “I challenge Mearsheimer and Falk to a debate on whether they have endorsed an anti-Semitic book,” Dershowitz proclaims. I believe that if Dershowitz has a problem with the book, he should have the guts to debate this with its author.

Dershowitz prefers to intimidate rather than debate. This is neither new nor surprising and ‘The Wandering Who’ attempts to explore the depth, and the characteristics and the origins of those tactics that are employed regularly by Dershowitz and his ilk. In the book I try to explain why they prefer to lie and intimidate rather than engage in fruitful critical dialogue. And the answer is simple. Blindness and detachment are inherent in Jewish identity political discourse. They are there to maintain the club, so consequently the history of Jews may be understood as one long tale of the brutal silencing of any form of dissent.

Another laughable character in a panic about my book is Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti- Defamation League. “With his glowing endorsement of a book by a known Hitler apologist and Holocaust denier, John Mearsheimer has revealed himself to be an anti- Semite.” Yet this master of ‘Anti- Defamation’ fails to inform us what exactly it is that makes me into a ‘Hitler apologist’ or a ‘Holocaust denier’.  The truth of the matter is that within the Jewish Ghetto some Zionists and AZZ just get so carried away tagging me with their own outrageous labels, probably projecting their own symptoms on myself, that they miss that no one outside the Jewish ghetto believes any of this spin.

In ‘The Wandering Who’ I try to grasp at this deep culture of deceit – so symptomatic of modern Jewish political national activism – while they, for some reason, believe that ‘by way of deception’ is the true materialisation of Jewish wisdom.

So, unable to produce a single intelligible argument, Foxman reverts to his Talmudic bullying tactics; “For years, Mearsheimer paraded as an objective analyst, professor and critic, and for years we were very careful not to label him as an anti-Semite. Now he has clearly aligned himself with the worst kind of anti-Semitism.”

Being intellectually retarded, Foxman here admits that the ‘anti-Semitic’ tag is attached to people and even distinguished academics without any evidence of any form of hatred towards Jews or ‘Semites’. Mearsheimer’s sin, according to Foxman, is simply that he endorsed my writing and so Foxman labels the American professor as an ‘anti-Semite’ without presenting a shred of evidence of hatred towards Jews or anyone else.  I honestly can’t make up my mind whether Foxman’s blunder here is sad or funny. But certainly, it is revealing.

Foxman and his ilk attribute the anti-Semitic label to anyone who fails to surrender to their command. But the tide has turned. Foxman, Dershowitz and their AZZ collaborators will have to either adapt or accept defeat. They can neither stop me nor my book. ‘The Wandering Who’ has now been read by thousands – it now has a life of its own, and it will quickly spread.

If Dershowitz, Foxman and any other hasbara campaigners want to do themselves a big favour, they should engage in an open debate. They should dig deep into my writing in the hope that they might manage to produce a valid counter argument.

Do they posses the wisdom or intellectual integrity to do this? I doubt it, but I truly hope they do. It’s really starting to get a bit boring over here.


You can now order The Wandering Who on  or

*According to an Israeli poll, at the time of operation Cast Lead,  a whopping 94% of the Israeli Jewish population strongly supported  the operation and  IDF’s tactics that included carpet bombardment and WMD warfare.

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More than 160 Palestinian children remain behind in Nazi Concentration Camp


Palestinian children in the Gaza Strip celebrated the recent release of prisoners from Israeli jails, but no imprisoned children were set free.

GAZA CITY (IRIN) – While there have been emotional scenes after the release of 477 Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails, concerns are being raised about the plight of 164 Palestinian children from the West Bank in Israeli custody.

They were either sentenced or are being detained, mainly for stone-throwing, according to the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) which, along with other international organizations, is appealing to the Israeli government to release all Palestinian children in Israeli military detention.

It is unclear whether the children will be part of the second wave of 550 releases in the coming two months.

“UNICEF calls on the Israeli government to release Palestinian child detainees so that they can be reunited with their families,” said Jean Gough, a UNICEFrepresentative for the West Bank and Gaza. “As stated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the detention of children should be used only as a measure of last resort and for the shortest appropriate period of time,” she said.

The Israeli justice ministry was unable to confirm the number of Palestinian children detained by Israel.

Mother can’t speak to son

Rami Abu Haneieh, aged 14 and from Hebron, was arrested by Israeli forces one month ago for throwing stones. “I have not been permitted to see or speak with him since his arrest,” said his mother, Khloud Abu Haneieh, a primary school teacher. His lawyer was allowed to visit Rami once, said Khloud, adding that her son may be released as part of the second wave of the prisoner swap.

The organization Defence for Children International-Palestine Section (DCI-Palestine) also issued an urgent appeal for the children to be freed.

According to the latest figures released by the Israeli Prison Service and DCI-Palestine, on 1 October there were 164 Palestinian children (aged 12-17) in Israeli detention facilities, including 35 aged 12-15. Seventy-six of these children have been sentenced, while 88 children are being held in pre-trial detention.

The number of Palestinian children detained in Israel fluctuates, said UNICEFspokesperson Catherine Weibel in Jerusalem. In 2010, on average 250 children were in detention each month, and in 2009 the monthly average reached 300, she said.

DCI estimates that each year about 700 Palestinian children aged 12-17 from the West Bank are prosecuted in Israeli military courts after being arrested, interrogated and detained by the Israeli military, police or security agents. According to UNICEF, more than 7,000 Palestinian children were arrested and detained by Israeli authorities over the past 10 years.

Sabri Awad, 16, from Beit Ommar, near Hebron, was arrested and detained by Israeli soldiers three weeks ago. “Our family and his lawyer have not been allowed to see or speak with him,” said his 18-year-old brother, Yousif Awad, unsure why Sabri was arrested.

In 2010 two children were being held in administrative detention (detention without charge or trial authorized by administrative order rather than judicial decree) in violation of international law, reports UNICEF, although there are none at present.

According to Weibel, Palestinian children from East Jerusalem are tried in civil courts administered by the Israeli police, just the same as Israeli children. Palestinian children from elsewhere in the West Bank are tried in military courts.

Palestinians arrested by the Israeli army in the West Bank fall under the jurisdiction of Israeli “military legislation.” This is a separate military court system that applies only to Palestinians, according to the Israeli military.

Radhika Coomaraswamy, UN special representative for children in armed conflict said: “Juvenile justice standards are clear; children should not be tried before military tribunals.”

Since Israel’s “disengagement” from the Gaza Strip in September 2005, Palestinians from Gaza detained by Israeli authorities are generally prosecuted in Israel under civilian security legislation, and not under military law.

It is a violation of Article 76 of the Fourth Geneva Convention to remove children under military occupation from occupied territory, said spokesperson Weibel, thereby prohibiting family visits.

The Israeli army admits that most Palestinian detainees are imprisoned inside Israel, but argues that removing Palestinians from the West Bank is approved by the Israeli high court and is consistent with Israeli law.

Torture persists

According to DCI, reports of torture and ill-treatment during the arrest, transfer and interrogation stages in the system when children may be pressured to sign confessions, have persisted for years.

“Ill-treatment starts at the moment of arrest, when many children report experiencing terrifying night-time raids on the family home, before being tied, often painfully so, and blindfolded,” reports DCI.

Also, children continue to be interrogated in the absence of a lawyer or a parent, and continue to be denied bail in around 90 percent of cases in violation of Article 37(b) of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, according to DCI.

The Israeli Prisons Service was unavailable for comment.

In 2010, there were at least 90 cases documented of the ill-treatment of Palestinian children while detained by Israeli authorities, said Weibel, and in 2009 there were at least 101 cases documented.

Hamas deputy foreign minister Ghazi Hamad, who participated in talks with Israel to broker the prisoner swap deal, said: “Nearly 200 children and medical patients being held prisoner may be part of the second wave [of prisoner releases].”

This item comes to you via IRIN, a UN humanitarian news and information service, but may not necessarily reflect the views of the United Nations or its agencies. All IRIN material may be reposted or reprinted free-of-charge; refer to the copyright page for conditions of use. IRIN is a project of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

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IsraHell war on Palestinian culture


by maureen

In a new article made available today by the journal Jerusalem Quarterly, activist and The Electronic Intifada contributor Hannah Mermelstein discusses a lesser known part of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine — the attempted annihilation of the Palestinian nation through cultural theft and destruction.

In Overdue Books: Returning Palestine’s ‘Abandoned Property’ of 1948,” Mermelstein focuses her discussion on Hebrew University’s Jewish National and University Library, where tens of thousands of books looted from private Palestinian libraries are stored — thousands of them marked with the label “AP” for “absentee property.”

Mermelstein writes:

To this day, the books’ call numbers begin with the letters “AP.” The National Library has thus maintained a likely unintentional collection of looted Palestinian books, easily identifiable to those who understand what “AP” means. It remains unclear why certain books were labeled “AP” and others were not. Indeed, the remainder of the 30,000 plundered books, which were embedded into the library’s general catalog and are also still housed there, are much more difficult to identify.

This study will focus solely on the 6,000 books with the “AP” designation, and aims to contribute to uncovering a particular historical episode and to offer suggestions on how to move forward with the information the study gathers. It will place the story of Palestine’s looted books in the larger political contexts of Zionism and other cases of looted cultural property during times of war and occupation, namely that of Jewish property looted by Nazis. Most concretely, it will begin to establish an understanding of how the “Abandoned Property” books at the Jewish National and University Library may be linked to their former owners and eventually restored to their place in Palestinian cultural memory.

Mermelstein compares the theft of Palestinian cultural artifacts in 1948 to the theft of Jewish cultural property by the Nazis, and discusses attempts to restore such looted artifacts to individual owners or representative groups.

The author visited Israel’s National Library to see whether she could find information in any of the “Absentee Property” books that would link the artifacts with individual owners:

I set out looking for markings such as name plates and bookseller stamps; handwritten notes, including owners’ names, dedications, and marginalia; librarians’ or catalogers’ markings; and request slips or check-out cards indicating prior use.

There are close to 6,000 books labeled “Abandoned Property” in the National Library, most of which are in Arabic. …

I looked at thirty-four books, most of which appear at the beginning of the list. They seem to be representative titles, encompassing linguistics, science, religion, philosophy, literature, and more. …

While the AP books are in closed stacks, they can be requested and viewed in a reading room. Kara Francis, an Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies graduate student at Hebrew University, visited the library on three occasions in order to view all of the requested books. She photographed any markings that might be useful and sent the data to me. Colleagues fluent in Arabic helped translate notes, decipher handwriting, and provide further context for some of the names and types of comments found in the books.

Mermelstein’s article is a must-read for anyone wanting to better understand the premeditated, comprehensive nature of Zionist forces’ attempts to destroy the Palestinian people for their colonial project in 1947-48, and indeed the decades that have followed. It also hopefully marks a step toward restoring the Palestinian people with their cultural property.

As Mermelstein writes, “This first step of acknowledging looted property can lead to the further step of return.”

The Great Book Robbery

This chapter (no pun intended) in Palestinian and Zionist history is also the subject of a forthcoming documentary, The Great Book Library (see the trailer below). The documentary project also involves a website that aims to build a virtual library for the tens of thousands of stolen Palestinian books, find their individual owners and advocate for their return.

Arwa Aburawa reported on The Great Book Robbery project for The Electronic Intifada last year, interviewing the filmmaker and Palestinians whose families’ looted property remains off limits to them in the library of a prestigious Israeli university (yet another reason to support the academic boycott of Israel).

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Living with David Duke and Louis Farrakhan

Those who challenge and combat the decaying and decadent system are the real heroes. Those who parrot the politically correct jargon facilitate the race divide by playing into the myth that compatibility is the noble goal.


A discussion about race is one of those subjects that frighten most people. Yet, the facts of social and ethnic differences are a major cause of our idiotic public policy in a society that is rooted in denial. Of course, ethnic groups are different, but it does not follow that they cannot have common ground. A comparison of David Duke and Louis Farrakhan might seem to the casual observer to be a study in dissimilarities, but for the scholarly practitioner of the “real world”, the commonalities of – Just What’s in those Genes? – illustrates a universal nature.

The reason why both Duke and Farrakhan are vilified in the popular culture stems from their shared pattern of taking on the establishment sacred cow of multiculturalism. Add to this dangerous trait of defending your own people, targeting the Zionist cult that seeks global superiority, is the ultimate transgression.

If people of color view themselves as victims of discrimination, how is that any different from European descendants being singled out as bigots for resisting social integration? The power struggle for supremacy fails to understand that separatism is achievable and preferable. Both Duke and Farrakhan exemplify the validity of this principle.

Carving out a multiculturalism society has been a miserable failure by any objective standard. Examine their respective reports on housing and the mortgage debacle.

David Duke quotes Ian Mosley about the experience in the US and lesson from Ireland,

“While people may surrender their homes to the new agencies, they will still owe any shortfall between the current value and their mortgage to their lender. This will remain the case until the introduction of personal insolvency legislation which is to be fast-tracked by the Department of Justice. The report stressed that reform of the bankruptcy and personal insolvency law was fundamental and stated that without it the mortgage problem would not be resolved.”

Renting out foreclosed homes is a logical next step to limit further financial losses. Banks can do this in Ireland since they’ll be renting to White people, who will take good care of the homes. In the US however, banks haven’t been renting out their foreclosed homes because the federal government will force them to rent out a large percentage to blacks and Latinos, who will likely destroy the homes. Considering that there are more than 19 million foreclosed homes in the US, political correctness and federal interference is costing society hundreds of billions of dollars in losses —again.”

Minister Farrakhan draws from – Foreclosures mount, mediation fails, wealthiest Black suburb suffers.

“For communities of color around the country, a “lagging collapse” may be ahead, said Alan Mallach, a nationally known housing expert who has done extensive on-the-ground research into the foreclosure crisis. Prince George’s county is a case in point. The nation’s wealthiest majority-Black county, it has been devastated by the foreclosure crisis. Heavily targeted by subprime lenders in the boom years, the county is now staggering under the weight of abandoned homes and plummeting prices. The county received more than 7,100 notices of intent to foreclose in March.”

Housing foreclosures have devastated everyone who overbought and leveraged their purchase. Targeting blacks for subprime loans or reluctance to rent out foreclosed homes to blacks and Latinos are understandable statements coming from the respective viewpoints of their own ethnic identity. Clearly, the banking laws that drove the irrational notion that anyone is responsible enough to own a home has caused much pain and loss of capital. However, the theme that different groups naturally gravitate to reside in neighborhoods of their own kind is apparent. So why not respect that inherent trait and abolish the social engineering experiments that force unnatural behavior?

When it comes to the international arena, both Farrakhan and Duke are not shy in voicing their shared disgust for the global integration into a perverse New World Order.

Now that the mendacious media message is rejoicing over the demise of Gaddafi the Farrakhan video is even more relevant. Watch Minister Farrakhan’s message in “That’s A Murderer In The White House!” and you will see a much different person than the one the media manipulators wants you to believe.

former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, Human Rights Activist Viola Plummer and International Activist Cynthia McKinney.

Farrakhan’s support for Colonel Gaddafi is well known. But, his warnings went unnoticed by most readers in the press and globalists in the government. Back in March of this year, he stated:

“Well, today our dear brother (Obama) has to be very, very careful in this decision that he and his Secretary of State, and [French President Nicolas] Sarkozy and [British] Prime Minister [David] Cameron and others are planning. They would love to go into Libya and kill Brother Gaddafi, and kill his children as they did with Saddam Hussein and his sons, Qusay and Uday. You must remember, dear people of America, that whenever government wants you to think and act in a certain way that would bring justification to an action that they are already planning to make, they must make the person that they hate a ‘boogey man,’ ” he said.

Note the sharp contrast between the way Minister Farrakhan addresses President Obama and the way he calls him out in the video. Now that the war against Libya is shifting into a new stage of regime change, the path to the next target comes into the cross hairs.

David Duke is most vocal about the coming strike upon Iran. In his 2010 video – No War for Israel in Iran – Keep Americans Safe he points the finger at Zionism. The NeoCons drive the foreign policy of the US Empire, bent on expanding a greater Israel, is a basic part of the New World Order arrangement. Obama is just a continuation of the Bush foreign policy.

Farrakhan knows the wrath from the Jewish Lobby. Nevertheless, at the recent 16th anniversary and commemoration of the historic Million Man March, he said:

“I would respectfully submit to you that we all should conscientiously object to the wars going on in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan Somalia, Yemen and Libya and we must not let our government send our babies to die on the basis of a lie!” Minister Farrakhan stated emphatically. “The media is stoking the fire for war with Pakistan and war with Iran. As a Muslim, never will we fight against our Muslim brothers for the Zionists of America that have locked down the government of America. Never will we die for the state of Israel!”

Duke and Farrakhan may differ in the particular emphasis of exploration endured by their respected identity groups, but both are unequivocal in their understanding that there is a pervasive link, to a different tribe, that adversely affects their mutual interests. This linkage traverses both foreign and domestic policy. Moreover, when it comes to the institutions that benefited from the housing and mortgage fiasco, they are in total agreement.

The significance of this mutual awareness is that both racial populations are casualties of the same manipulation. The dense middle class, of any race, has a hard time accepting that the real cause of the disintegration of society is a designed process, intended to play one group against another. The solution is not a homogenous forfeiture of your cultural legacy, but a restoration of a separation from the absurdity of the multicultural model that destroys individual identity.

Appreciate the offense from the Chutzpah that claims a false legitimacy for a Chosen People, when the practice of racial suicide is fostered at every turn upon the gentile and Islamic communities. Exempting the perpetrators of global Totalitarian Collectivism from scrutiny, much less accountability is irrational. All along, the race baiters continue their promotion of intermingling, which is a guaranteed formula for cultural demise.

Both Farrakhan and Duke are champions of the human race, because they know the natural boundaries required for every ethnic group to maintain their own unique identity.

Libya destroyed and Iran is on deck. The similarity with the predictable collapse of the mortgage scam and the methodical elimination of dissenting political regimes is not a stretch. It is part of the plan to impoverish humanity in confined prisons of beggary and dependency. Living in the same locality with David Duke and Louis Farrakhan is a step up in personal integrity and self-fulfillment from being neighbors with NeoCon, Christian-Zionists or NeoLib multiculturalists.

Isn’t it time to grown up as a society and have the guts to converse in a serious discussion about the true causes that are destroying America? Let people live their own lives in the way and manner that strengthen their own heritage and aspirations. Lines between and among cultures is entirely natural. Globalists want to deceive you into thinking that everyone should be accepting of the New World Order.

Those who challenge and combat the decaying and decadent system are the real heroes. Those who parrot the politically correct jargon facilitate the race divide by playing into the myth that compatibility is the noble goal. Finally, those who continue to pour out the poison of regime change are the same elites who set up the walls and barriers that protect them and keep the rest of us in a slum of government design. The choice is yours. Whom do you want for a neighbor?

SARTRE – October 23, 2011

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A Saudi Game of Musical Chairs

Ruling Saudi Arabia in the manner that has prevailed since the 1930s will be difficult for any monarch as the world advances into the 21st century.

By Sami Moubayed

The death of Saudi Crown Prince Sultan Ibn Abdul-Aziz could not have come at a better time for Saudi Arabia. The world is simply too busy with the graphic murder of Muammar al-Gaddafi in Libya to notice the 86-year-old passing away.

Oil prices were unaffected by his death, and most analysts predict a smooth replacement after his body arrives for burial from New York, where he died last weekend. King Abdullah will have room to maneuver quietly away from media attention as he selects a new heir to the Saudi throne.

With the Prince Sultan’s death, two posts are now vacant in Saudi Arabia; that of crown prince and defense minister, which he held since 2005 and 1962 respectively. For all practical purposes, King Abdullah’s younger brother Prince Nayef, 78, is the next in line for the throne.

Prince Sultan (left) who served as defence minister for nearly five decades, could be succeeded by Prince Nayef (right), the interior minister.

Nayef, a conservative Muslim, was appointed second deputy prime minister in 2009, a position usually reserved for whoever is third in line to the throne. Nayef had held the post of interior minister since 1975 and managed the kingdom’s daily affairs in the 1990s with Abdullah, who at the time was crown prince and de facto monarch during the prolonged illness of his brother, King Fahd.

Nayef is close to the powerful clergy in Saudi Arabia and a ruthless opponent of both al-Qaeda and Iran, which makes him a natural favorite for the United States, Saudi Arabia’s unwavering ally. The final say, however, will be for the Allegiance Council that King Abdullah set up in 2006, bringing 34 members of the ruling family under one umbrella to decide on any incoming heir apparent.

It currently consists of 15 brothers of King Abdullah and 15 grandsons of the kingdom’s founder King Abdul-Aziz (the father of Abdullah, Sultan and Nayef). Each member of the council will vote for whoever the king nominates, or put up a nominee of their own, from the sons of King Abdul-Aziz.

The defense minister in waiting

The issue of defense minister is less certain, as King Abdullah has to make a delicate choice to avoid angering what remains of his aged and ailing brothers and more importantly, their ambitious sons and grandsons.

Over the past 50 years, Saudi Arabia has had five monarchs, but only one defense minister. That post is of particular importance not only to Saudi Arabia but to the US, which relies heavily on Riyadh for military cooperation in the Gulf and a defense budget of US$34 billion spent largely on US arms and equipment.

One strong minister hopeful is the current Deputy Minister Prince Khaled Bin Sultan, who is the eldest son of the late crown prince. Prince Khaled, aged 62, was trained at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in the United Kingdom, along with Arab royals like Jordan’s late King Hussein and Oman’s Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

He then underwent further training at the US Army’s Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas, graduating from the Air War College at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama. He became commander of the joint forces in the first Gulf war in the early 1990s, and then retired from the military for an entire decade where he worked in business, returning in 2001 as deputy defense minister.

During his time in business, Khaled was heavily involved in managing al-Hayat, the London-based daily newspaper he bought in 1990 from the family of its founder and publisher, Kamel Mroueh. Two years ago, he led the Saudi military campaign against the Houthi rebellion in Yemen, where 130 Saudi casualties were recorded, along with over 1,000 Yemenis.

All previous Saudi kings and crown princes began their reign in their late 50s or early 60s, with the exception of King Abdullah, who was 82. The kingdom’s founder Abdul-Aziz, for example, was 50 in 1926. His successor King Saud was 31 when he became crown prince in 1933. King Faisal was 47 when became crown prince in 1953, while King Khaled was 52 when he became heir to the throne in 1965.

Prince Nayef today is in his mid-70s, raising questions on whether he will outlive the king, or die before him as the case with Sultan. Both of them, after all, are way past retirement age and reportedly not in the best of health. The grandsons of the founder, King Abd al-Aziz, whose rights to the throne were recognized in March 1992 by King Fahd himself, are mostly middle-aged.

In fact, many in the royal family who had their eyes set on the throne had kept Fahd alive since 1995 for one reason: they hoped that Abdullah would die before him. And this was precisely the case with Prince Sultan’s entourage, who hoped that King Abdullah would die before his crown prince. But actually, the exact opposite happened, for the first time in Saudi Arabia.

Given the advanced age and medical condition of the first generation of Saudi royals, it is likely that a king will die every two or three years as what remains of King Abdul-Aziz’s children take their turn on the throne. As the crown is passed on, prosperity, stability and reforms will likely be slow.

While this might have been accepted in the past, it is now dangerous due to the snowballing Arab Spring. Two of Saudi Arabia’s neighbors, Jordan and Yemen, are already being rocked by the Arab Spring, although in totally different magnitude. Fifty-percent of Saudi youth are under the age of 18.

They are seeing Arab regimes fall all around them and this undoubtedly is awakening their appetite for change. This generation, like that of other Arabs in the Arab world, wants reforms and modernization, and they want it fast. King Abdullah is a wise man who grabbed at the signals reaching him from Tunisia and Egypt earlier this year, wanting to avoid the fate of his friend Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and Zein Al-Abidin Bin Ali, who he has hosted in Saudi Arabia since toppled by the Tunisian revolt in January.

King Abdullah ordered a massive increase in spending, up to $130 billion over the next decade, on measures like affordable housing for young Saudis. Although critics accused him of either bribing his citizens or giving too much away, Abdullah was adamant, arguing that he knew what it takes to keep young Saudis happy.

Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter have completely revolutionized not only Saudi Arabia but the Arab and Muslim World at large, he argued, and now was the time for pre-emptive action. Ruling Saudi Arabia in the manner that has prevailed since the 1930s will be difficult for any monarch as the world advances into the 21st century.

This is the real challenge that King Abdullah may not live long enough to face, but one which will be facing Prince Nayef, who by all accounts is stubborn and autocratic, as he rises to the post of crown prince this week.

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Palestinian Prisoners Behind Bars and Walls


by Eileen Fleming

Joharah Baker is Director of the Media and Information Department at the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy (MIFTAH). She wrote:

It has been just under a week since the historic deal between Hamas and Israel saw the release of captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit for 1,027 Palestinian political prisoners.

In Israel, an entire nation let out a sigh of relief that their son had come home safely.

There is no arguing the intense human aspect behind this prisoner release. But what so much of the western press in particular has bypassed so far is the human aspect of our prisoners, who unlike Shalit, have been bunched up into one unappealing category: murderers, terrorists, people out for blood. And who wants to give a human story to that?

I do and have ever since my first of seven trips to Israel Palestine in June 2005.

On July 25, 2007, I wrote:

Reverend Dr. Mitri Raheb, captivated over forty international youth who attended Sabeel’s Second International Conference: “40 Years in the Wilderness…40 Years of Occupation”

Born in Bethlehem, Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, has been the Pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Christmas church in Bethlehem since 1988. He is the General Director of the International Center of Bethlehem/ICB, which provides the people of occupied territory training in arts, crafts, training and degrees in media and communications and health and wellness programs for youth and the elderly.

Raheb spoke with passion, “People need to see the potential of Palestine and Palestinians come to this center to create facts on the ground; creative and cultural facts on the ground while Israel creates destructive facts on the ground.
“We are not spectators, we have a role to play…we are nonviolent but I have problems with nonviolence; people from abroad come here and give us sermons on nonviolence and I appreciate it, but why don’t they preach nonviolence to Israel and America?

“It’s a miracle that the Palestinians are so nonviolent in spite of the abuse we live with on a daily basis. If you lived here every day you would get fed up too. The world assumes it is the Palestinians who are the violent ones, but nonviolence is who we are. If you operate in a system of violence you will also be violent when you go home.
“Palestinians who throw stones; and many think that is ok, but I say why do that? One day you will throw stones at Palestinians too and that is exactly what happened in Gaza, but the reason is the occupation! Where do you think Hamas learned to torture? In Israeli prisons from their captors!

“There is no way to end the violence without first ending the occupation. Our Palestinian government was boycotted for a year and a half by America and the EU: this is violence! As long as the violence is exercised against us that is OK with the world. When the Presbyterians talked divestment the Zionist rose up and said ‘you can’t do that!’

“I started interfaith dialogue in 1985 because Christians should not be islands and you don’t dialogue just with yourself, you must dialogue with the other and the biggest temptation for the church is to stay within their walls and only be dedicated to their own members; which leads to a dead church. We are called to go out, and we do not just preach with words, people here are fed up with words; they hear one thing and see another with their eyes.

“They hear peace, peace, peace and for 85 years the politicians have been working for peace and the situation gets worse. Blair, and all the politicians are into PR for themselves; they do nothing for our situation. Blair got himself a good job marketing himself and he will come and go and Israel will continue building the wall, settlements and carving the West Bank into Swiss cheese; Israel gets the cheese and we Palestinians fall into the holes!

“Fifty million American dollars

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The Wonderful World of Tony Blair

Channel 4 Investigation:

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Foreign Policy – A Non Sequitur


US Citizens are paying good tax dollars for this poor knowledge of strategic affairs, maybe it’s high time that organizations like the AEIare reviewed

by Jack JC

Chiang Kai-shek, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill met at the Cairo Conference in 1943 during World War II. Credit : Wiki.

You would expect Foreign Policy Wonks to know at least a little bit about the subject that they spout off about.  However, it seems that mostly Foreign Policy Quacks infest the US body politic today and get their jobs by sucking back unhealthy doses of neo-con koolaid, as well as healthy (to them) doses of US tax dollars. America needs to rethink its Foreign Policy. I find myself once again compelled to review FP – hack Daniel Blumenthal’s, Sino-American policy analysis:

DB : “The Sino-American competition is not about whether “state capitalism” (whatever that means) will beat out “democratic capitalism.”  China does not have an exportable economic and political model.”

JC : Neither does the USA have an exportable model!  Only in Europe has any kind of ‘democracy’ prevailed after WWII and that because there were long periods where democracy prevailed before.  In fact, the US destroyed several democracies in order to get a strongman in place who would do US bidding in the region!  Nicaragua, Iran, South Korea, need I go on?  Why does China not export their economic and political model?  It’s not their foreign policy to do so!  They strictly align with non-interventionism and deal with whatever government the locals choose, fascist or democratic.  This avoids huge and financially crippling military bases circling the globe.

US NAVAL BASE — Kingdom of Bahrain

DB : Arabs (and others) want representative government, not tyranny. The Chinese people themselves are not fond of the Chinese model. The uptick in daily protests in China against corruption and injustice speaks for itself.

The Arab (and others) want an end to corrupt regimes!  If it’s a democracy, it’s a democracy, if it’s not, as long as there’s jobs and minimal corruption they’ll be happy!  The US propped up Bahrain which is  an autocratic regime against the will of the people because of the 5th fleet base there – you can’t be a kettle calling the pot black!  Most protests against corruption in China are at the provincial level, not the federal.  Once the federal government steps in and roots out the corruption the problem goes away, and just so you know – in China corruption can mean a death penalty!  In the USA white collar crime is prosecuted much less vigorously, and with less jail time than others although the dollar value is typically much higher.

DB : “The current international system made and maintained by the United States has plenty of room for China to succeed.” 

You mean by funding the World Uighur Congress, Falun Gong and the Free Tibet Movement?  Please explain this, I’m curious how that works, ‘we want you to succeed by breaking you up …’

DB : “Instead, we are in a security competition because the Chinese Communist Party has made it so. The CCP is trying to make the world safe for its continued rule. This desiderata is very difficult in a liberal international order dominated by the United States. The CCP has to beat back attempts by its people to push for democracy. And, because the CCP has made the restoration of a Sinosphere in Asia synonymous with its own legitimacy, the Party must “reunify Taiwan,” pacify Xinjiang and Tibet, keep Japan down, and make sure any other pretenders to the throne in Asia (India, Vietnam) are put in their place. Washington cannot be trusted to simply go along with any of these projects. So China must extend its military ambitions”  

So explain to me how the US which spends about 43% of the world defense budget and six times China’s budget can claim to be in a ‘competition’?  The US has something like 800 international bases in the world compared to China’s zilch, so explain to me how you make the leap that ‘the CCCP is trying to make the world safe for it’s continued rule’ when the base to base ratio is so unbalanced?  I think the psychology term for this is ‘projecting’.  Did I mention how the US funds those special interest groups trying to split China up?  Did I mention that the USA has been arming India?  It seems that Beijing is taking care of strategic national interests, and damn well knows what’s going on!

DB : “If Washington seeks to undermine China’s plans, then it is also imprudent for Beijing to rely on the U.S. Navy to secure its energy supply lines. So Beijing has decided it needs a military that can coerce Taiwan, push around its neighbors, and thwart American attempts to help its allies and protect its long sea lanes. That is why we are in a security competition with China. Beijing has decided upon a set of goals that are rather uncongenial to our own vision of peace and security.” 

Actually, I’ll give Blumenthal this one.  Knowing the US’s past with China, if I were China I would want a strong military too.  The only thing in the phrase I would change is “If Washington …” to “Because Washington …”  But I will ask, who said the ‘US vision of peace and security’ is the only vision?


DB :  “If China was ruled by a regime whose legitimacy rested on the consent of the governed, perhaps it would not see the need to build a big military to: 1) protect itself from its own people; 2) beat back American “containment; or 3) to embark on revanchist projects. If China had a different sort of regime, I submit, we would not be in a security competition with China.”

Well it actually does rest on the consent of the governed.  If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be there anymore, so let’s talk about the ‘Occupy <insert city name here>’ protests.  Does ‘Washington’ rest on the ‘consent of the governed’?  Does not Washington need a big military to protect itself from the people?  I understand that 20,000 troops were posted back to the USA last year for just such an emergency!  I say that if the USA had a different sort of regime, China would not maintain such a large military!

DEFENCE SECRETARY ROBERT GATES’ TRIP TO CHINA —- What’s a Little Friendly Competition?

DB : “Until China changes we are left with the fundamentally realist project of protecting ourselves and our interests by maintaining a strong military presence in Asia and building up our alliances. For now, the central realist truth carries the day. We must engage with China when it is in our interests to do so. But our most urgent task is to successfully play balance of power politics in Asia until a new regime emerges in China that is more accepting of the international order and less afraid of its own people.”

How about this, China’s most urgent task is to successfully play balance of power politics in the world until a new regime emerges in the USA that is more accepting of international law and order, and more willing to take care of the needs of its’ people at home.  Now there’s democracy in action!

US citizens are paying good tax dollars for this poor knowledge of strategic affairs, maybe it’s high time that organizations like the AEI  (American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research) are reviewed based on the value they bring to the discussion in terms of dollars earned for the USA, and less on the value they receive to propagate the political aims of the very few who earn money during times of war!

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Bunkered Barack Obama Awaits World War


By Captain Eric H. May

As The Denver Post reported Sunday, today marks the second time in less than a month that Barack Obama has come to the mile-high city, headquarters of the nation’s state-of-emergency command apparatus, where he will remain through tomorrow.

The last time he came was four weeks ago, when he arrived on Sept 27 to command massive terror exercises occurring during the window of opportunity for an Israeli attack against Iran, as reported by Haaretz in Netanyahu must be stopped from attacking Iran. The timing of the “continuity of government” training seemed so suspicious that I posted America Awakens to Denver False Flag Danger. Just five days before, Big Oil shenanigans had raised false flag fears in Ron Paul’s toxic home turf of Texas City, which I described in my article the following morning, Texas City Terror Scare.

This time around BO’s stated mission is the less menacing promotion of his $447 billion Jobs Bill, but who knows what evil lurks in the heart of the Kenya Kid? Observers find him to be quite as malicious as his predecessor, King George, so much so that my friend Lori Price, editor of Citizens for Legitimate Governmentregularly lampoons him as Obusha.

Despite the reassuring White House press release, duly regurgitated by the mass media for public consumption, there are unsettling current events that make this presidential appearance in Denver seem like another command post exercise ready to go live for a false flag, world war or both.

The visit occurs after Israel’s favorite goy boy, John McCain, suggested Sunday that an outpouring of American blood could quench Israel’s regional fires, as reported by Haaretz in U.S. Senator McCain: After Libya, strike on Syria may now be considered. Add to this the fact that, six days ago, there was yet another Texas city terror scare, this time in San Antonio. I analyzed it in my weekend article, San Antonio 10-19-11 Terror Plot.

I offer a few points of particular concern for the penetrating reader:

Yesterday Obama was in Las Vegas, where the false flag establishment has a score to settle, and expects Harry Reid to make up for his past failure by helping it do so:

‘Terrorist attack’ on Las Vegas canceled

At Sen. Harry Reid’s request, the Obama administration canceled a mock ‘dirty bomb’ terrorist attack exercise in Las Vegas. Critics say the administration is playing politics with national preparedness, but others say a shift to secret surprise tests is a better way to prepare for the worst. — Christian Science Monitor, 3/30/10

Then there is the release last week of a Hamas-captured Israeli soldier:

477 for 1 Gilad Shalit

Israel has published the names of 477 Palestinian prisoners who are to be released in exchange for captured Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. A further 550 prisoners are to be released after Sgt Shalit returns home. –, 10/16/11

The number 477 is a numeric harmonic, a variation, of the $447 billion in the Obama Jobs Bill. It’s likely that the Israelis have encrypted a go code for a false flag and world war even as they have removed their boy from the reach of the expected Hamas backlash.

The only other time Barack Obama came to Denver with an economic agenda was on Feb 17, 2009, for the signing of the Stimulus Bill, of which the Jobs Bill is a close cousin. Few recall that within a day of his mile-high triumph he was looking at a cartoon brutally depicting him as a chimp, shot dead for his Stimulus Bill failure. How could this be?

I answered the riddle in a 2010 article: the Stimulus Bill then, like the Jobs Bill now, was a code, the underlying reality of which was a diabolic deal with world finance to nurture the ruinous national debt in exchange for a false flag attack on America. Thanks to a vigorous Internet Resistance, we prevented a Chicago attack then. Let’s pray that we can do the same for whatever U.S. city is the target of treason now.

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