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Nasrallah Walks A Tight Rope


“Bashar al-Assad’s regime – unlike other Arab ones – does not deserve to fall” — Hassan Nasrallah

by Sami Moubayed

Many in the Arab world are puzzled by Hassan Nasrallah’s position on the Arab Spring. The Hezbollah leader in Lebanon showered Egyptian rebels with praise in January, having personally come short – just a few months earlier – of calling on them to rise up against president Hosni Mubarak.

Members of Hezbollah after all, were in Egyptian jails, arrested simply for serving as liaisons with Palestinians in Gaza.

Nasrallah had no sympathy for Mubarak, whom he had always accused of being an autocrat “closely allied to the US and Israel.”

In 2008, he publicly called on Egyptians to bring him down after the aged Egyptian president shut the Rafah crossing between Egypt and Palestine during the Israeli war on Gaza.

The same could be said vis-a-vis his position on Libya, where he also had an old grudge to settle with Muammar Gaddafi. Back in 1978, the colonel had abducted – and probably liquidated – Nasrallah’s mentor and role model, Imam Mousa al-Sadr, while the latter was on a visit to Tripoli. Prominent Shi’ite politicians have spent the past 33 years demanding his release, blaming Gaddafi for his disappearance.

When it came to Bahrain, Nasrallah was even more vocal, calling on young Bahrainis to topple the regime, fiercely condemning the violence practiced against demonstrators since February. Those demonstrators, it must be noted, were fellow Shi’ites like himself rising against Sunni officialdom.

Nasrallah saw the Bahrain revolt as an extension of a centuries-long conflict between Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims.

On Yemen, he was also strongly critical of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who had fought Yemeni Shi’ites, known as al-Houthis, for years. Saleh should learn lessons from Egypt, Tunisia, Libya and Bahrain, Nasrallah warned, advising him to step down and face whatever could be salvaged of his reputation and dignity.

On Syria, however, Nasrallah has spoken a very different tone. From where he sees things, it is understandable and reflects the positions of his allies in Iran.

Nasrallah, a strong ally of Damascus for nearly 20 years, has refused to praise Syrian demonstrators who have been staging protests that have turned very bloody since March, arguing that Bashar al-Assad’s regime – unlike other Arab ones – does not deserve to fall.

Syria was a strategic ally for Hezbollah, he reminded his audience, adding that the Syrians had stuck by him through thick and thin for two decades, while most Arabs looked the other way. It was both improper and unimaginable for him to side with its enemies today, accusing them of being part of “an international conspiracy”.

When meeting Druze leader Walid Jumblatt in mid-October, Nasrallah bluntly told him that he believed that the Syrian regime would outlive the crisis “and emerge stronger from it”. He said it was a political, moral and religious duty for him to abide by “those who had supported the resistance in Lebanon, Iraq and Palestine”.

Nasrallah, with little doubt, was for more than 10 years the most popular and celebrated Arab figure in Syria. His speeches, along with Hezbollah anthems, could be downloaded as cell phone ringtones, whereas his photos were plastered on car windows and in shops throughout Syrian cities.

His inflammatory speeches would almost always attract a wide audience, often resulting in empty streets as both young and old gathered in cafes to hear him speak, promising to “destroy Israel”. Most Syrians believed him – simply put – and saw him as a saintly figure.

While most Arab leaders were living a lavish lifestyle, Nasrallah lived an aesthetic one, more like a monk than a political party leader. The death of his eldest son Hadi in 1997 only endeared him to Syrian masses, who watched as the sons of Arab leaders drove around in expensive cars, ran “successful businesses” and vacationed in Europe.

The secret of Nasrallah’s dramatic success was his ability to confront and inflict serious pain on the Israelis. That scene is now no longer accurate, although the Hezbollah leader continues to enjoy an impressive power base among day-to-day Syrians.

There are several reasons for Nasrallah’s diminishing popularity in Syria. Contrary to what many people believe, not all are linked to his position vis-a-vis the disturbances that erupted in March.

Nasrallah lost much of his charm when for security reasons he literally disappeared from public life in Lebanon, addressing his audience through live televised speeches rather than the crowd-packed public rallies for which he was famed.

Watching someone on screen is one thing, and seeing him in person connecting to an audience and enflaming their emotions is something completely different.

His absence created a physical and psychological barrier between him and his fans, both at home and in neighboring Syria. It also prevented him from acquiring new fans in the Arab and Muslim world.

Then came Nasrallah’s obsession with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) investigating the 2005 murder of Lebanon’s former prime minister Rafik al-Hariri. He famously accused it of being an Israeli project because it pointed fingers at four members of Hezbollah, naming them earlier this year in its “bill of indictment.”

People respected Nasrallah and cheered him on because they felt he was a selfless politician who cared more for his cause, regardless of whether they agreed with it or not, than for party politics. Nasrallah seemed suddenly to care more about the STL than anything else in Lebanon.

It is one thing to criticize the STL and focus on destroying it, but what Nasrallah did was forget about everything else in Lebanese politics, simply for the sake of the STL. Hezbollah reached its current standing, after all, because of the reputation it carefully constructed for itself, as savior of the poor and those in need – especially within the Shi’ite community.

Nasrallah came across as the social, political and military hero of his constituency, able to provide them with running water, good hospitals, improved schools, cheaper medication – and an impressive track record on the battlefront. In recent years, however, Hezbollah became over-involved in petty politics, distancing itself from both “resistance” and “nation-building.”

The anti-regime street in Damascus is furious with Nasrallah. Very unrealistically, they expected him to stand by the anti-regime street, forgetting the unwavering Iranian support for Syria, and his own fear that a regime collapse in Syria would damage the resistance in Lebanon.

Early into the crisis, demonstrators burned Hezbollah’s yellow flags and in some cases tore down posters of the Hezbollah leader.

Meanwhile, pro-regime demonstrators showered him with praise, “praying to the heavens to preserve Nasrallah”. Nasrallah realized that there is an entire Syrian street that he does not know, and which speak a language that he does not understand.

For years, he believed – wrongly – that Syrians of all colors were firmly supportive of him and Hezbollah. That illusion was shattered in March, when Nasrallah realized that not all Syrians supported him.

On the contrary, some had no affection for him whatsoever, either because of their Sunni zeal, because he was a Shi’ite warrior, or because of his unwavering support for the Syrian government.

In summer, Hezbollah began to build bridges with the “other street” in Syria, trying to explore it and know more about it, because clear from what was happening, Hezbollah knew only the pro-regime street in Syria.

Their official position remained firmly in favor of the Syrian government, but they nevertheless called on their Syrian allies to institute serious political and economic reforms, and at one point tried to play the mediator between the Syrian street, opposition and government.

That did not work because as far as the anti-regime street goes, Hezbollah is not an honest broker, having clearly taken sides with Syrian officialdom “because of its support for the Lebanese resistance.”

As the crisis in Syria unfolds, Nasrallah will have to walk a tightrope, maintaining an alliance with his traditional friends but, meanwhile, reaching out to other segments of society.

For years, political cunning, as far as he was concerned, was needed only for the complex game of Lebanese politics. He didn’t need to maneuver much in order to endear himself to the masses in Syria; they supported him regardless. All he had to do was be himself and that guaranteed him full support on the Syrian street.

That is now no longer the case. Nasrallah will not have to play politics – the Syrian way – if he wants to sustain the massive popularity that he enjoyed, not too long ago in Syria.

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Scotland Parliamentarians Stand Up for Middle Eastern Nuclear Whistleblower


Yesterday members of the Scottish Parliament spoke up for nucleaer whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu’s release from IsraHell. They spoke up for a nuclear free Middle East because you “can not devolve the right to speak out against injustice” during this member’s debate…..

Scottish Parliament speaks up for Vanunu and Nuclear FREE Middle East

In 1987, Mordechai Vanunu, wrote from Ashkelon prison, “No government, not even the most democratic, can force us to live under this threat. No state in the world can offer any kind of security against this menace of a nuclear holocaust, or guarantee to prevent it.

“A state that lives in fear of destruction must not threaten the whole world with annihilation. Any country, which manufactures and stocks nuclear weapons, is first of all endangering its own citizens. This is why the citizens must confront their government and warn it that it has no right to expose them to this danger. Because, in effect, the citizens are being held hostage by their own government, just as if they have been hijacked and deprived of their freedom and threatened.

“When governments develop nuclear weapons without the consent of their citizens – and this is true in most cases – they are violating the basic rights of their citizens, the basic right not to live under constant threat of annihilation…Is any government qualified and authorized to produce such weapons?”

In April 1999, thirty-six members of the House of Representatives signed a letter calling for Vanunu’s release from prison because they believed “we have a duty to stand up for men and women like Mordechai Vanunu who dare to articulate a brighter vision for humanity.”

President Clinton responded with a public statement expressing concern for Vanunu and the need for IsraHell and other non-parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty to adhere to it and accept IAEA safeguards, but ever since the silence from the American Government has been deafening.

Learn much more:  BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu’s FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial and My Life as a Muckraker: 2005-2010

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Freedom Waves To Gaza Boarded By Zio-Nazi Military

Provocateurs? Freedom Waves activists (Photo: MCT)

Freedom Waves to Gaza organizers have been unable to communicate with the ships since soon after the vessels were approached by Israeli warships earlier this afternoon.

Canadian and Irish ships sailing with Freedom Waves to Gaza have been illegally boarded by the Israeli military in international waters a short while ago.

Exclusive: Video From Gaza Flotilla As Israeli Navy Prepares to Intercept Boat  

The Israeli military stated that “Upon arrival of the vessels at the Ashdod port, the activists will be transferred to the custody of the Israel Police and immigration authorities in the Ministry of Interior”.

Freedom Waves to Gaza organizers have been unable to communicate with the ships since soon after the vessels were approached by Israeli warships earlier this afternoon.

The Canadian boat ‘Tahrir’ (Liberation) confirmed that the Israeli navy had contacted them asking for their destination at around 13:00 (Gaza time) to which Ehab Lotayef, an activist on board the ship, replied ‘The conscience of humanity’. When the Israelis again demanded to know the destination of the ship Lotayef replied; ‘The betterment of mankind’. ’

Huwaida Arraf ISM Co-Founder

Huwaida Arraf, spokesperson from Freedom Waves to Gaza, said “It’s clear that 27 civilians on two small boats, carrying only medicine, constituted no security threat to the Israeli state, and that the determination to keep them out is only a furtherance of Israel’s policy of collective punishment, a crime against humanity. Despite this Israeli aggression, we will keep coming, wave after wave, by air, sea, and land, to challenge Israel’s illegal policies towards Gaza and all of Palestine. Our movement will not stop or be stopped until Palestine is free.”

The Israeli military reported that the navy has been ordered by IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz to board the ships after “attempts to contact them failed.” The Israeli military has offered to unload the boats’ supplies at Ashdod, Israel.

Anatolia News Agency, Turkey, has reported that the boats were offered the choice to go to Egypt or return.

At 13:00 both ships were around 51 nautical miles from the coast of Gaza in international waters.

Israeli commandos boarded a previous Gaza Freedom Flotilla on 31 May 2010, killing nine Turkish activists and wounding many more.

The Freedom Waves to Gaza initiative is a non-violent, civil society movement to challenge the illegal Israeli blockade of Gaza Earlier this morning, activists aboard both ships were preparing for possible attack by the Israeli navy by training in nonviolent resistance tactics. The two ships, carrying a total of 27 passengers and $30,000 worth of medicine and supplies, set off from Turkey on November 2.

Here are some talking points or suggested messaging: 

Gaza has been under siege since mid-2006, depriving 1.6 million people of their liberty and basic human rights.  Although the siege has been condemned by the United Nations, the Red Cross, and many national governments, nothing has been done to ease the plight of these civilians.  Civil society has had to act where governments would not.  Two ships with 27 passengers from 5 countries are sailing to Gaza to confront the Israeli naval blockade, and to bring medical supplies and letters of support.

As Americans we insist that our government (which sends Israel $3 billion in military aid every year), demands that Israel insures the ships’ safe passage and ends its illegal blockade of Gaza. There is absolutely no excuse to subject 1.6 million people to collective punishment. Ask your local press to cover this story.  Up-to-date information will be available at, and

Please help us continue our work.



Latest update on the Freedom Waves to Gaza Boats November 6, 2011

 Israeli Navy Boards Gaza Aid Ships


The take over of the Tahrir and the Saoirse was violent and dangerous. Despite very clear protests from the occupants of the two boats that they did not want to be taken to Israel, they were forcibly removed from the boats in a violent manner. The whole take over took about 3 hours. Many of those on the Canadian boat were beaten.

It began with Israeli forces hosing down the boats with high pressure hoses and pointing guns at the passengers through the windows. Fintan Lane, on the Saoirse, was hosed down the stairs of the boat. Windows where smashed and the bridge of that boat nearly caught fire. The boats were corralled to such an extent that the two boats, the Saoirse and the Tahrir collided with each and were damaged, with most of the damage happening to the MV Saoirse.  The boats nearly sunk, the method used in the take over was very dangerous.

The Israeli forces initially wanted to leave the boats at sea but the abductees demanded that they not be left to float unmanned at sea, for they would have been lost and possibly sunk. David Heap, a Canadian delegate, was tasered and beaten.  All belongings of the passengers were taken off them and crew and they still do not know if and what they will get back.  6 prisoners were released-both of the Greek Captains, 2 of the journalists and 2 delegates. The passengers remain in Givon detention center and many, including Kit Kittredge of the U.S., have not been able to make phone calls.

Those remaining are being asked to sign deportation papers which state that they came into Israel illegally and that they will not attempt another effort to break the Gaza blockade. If they sign they will not be allowed into Palestine, through Israel, for 10 years.  Obviously their goal was to go to Gaza not Israel, and a signature could validate Israel’s right to blockade Gaza, so they refuse to sign.  This will mean longer detention. Their continued detention is designed to force them to agree to abandon their legal rights and has nothing to do with the security of Israeli civilians – just like the blockade of Gaza’s civilians is clearly punitive and has nothing to do with the security of Israeli civilians.

Our State Department has not been an advocate for its citizens. They would rather join Israel in stating that we are terrorists. Obama on Thursday said the passengers on these boats are defying Israeli and American law. He must have been confused. It’s the other way around.   State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said the U.S. was renewing its call to Americans “not to involve themselves in this activity,” and warned of possible consequences.

U.S. Emergency Consular Services  202-647-4000

and the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv  011-972-3-519-7575

Tell them you want them to insist Israel free the prisoners immediately and end its siege of Gaza.

Just a few phone calls can make a difference.

Thanks for all you do.

Jane Hirschmann and Felice Gelman

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BDS update: Erdogan `Why no UN sanctions for IsraHell ?’


The reason the international community had stood by without sanctioning Israel was that the Quartet – which includes Russia, the United States, the European Union, and the UN – was not genuinely interested in resolving the Mideast conflict.

by Eric Walberg

With the new campaign by Palestine to gain the world’s official recognition 63 years after the fact,BDS activities in Europe and North America — the main holdouts — have gained new momentum.

The Boycott, Divests and Sanctions (BDS) movement is growing relentless. On the boycott front, Natacha Atlas, who won a 2007 BBC Music award for her fusion of Arabic and Western styles, cancelled a planned concert in Israel: “I had an idea that performing in Israel would have been a unique opportunity to encourage and support my fans’ opposition to the current government’s actions and policies, but after much deliberation I now see that it would be more effective a statement to not go to Israel until this systemised apartheid is abolished once and for all.”

Atlas, who grew up in Belgium, is of Egyptian, Moroccan and Palestinian ancestry and has Jewish roots. She was appointed a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Conference Against Racism in 2001, which was boycotted by the United States and Israel, for raising issues about US treatment of African Americans and Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

The flip side of cultural boycotts of Israel is to prevent Israeli cultural figures from presenting a false image of Israel abroad. Idan Raichel, “Israel’s most popular dread-locked musician” according to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, prominent in Masa (Journey) Israel tours to recruit young Jews from American and Europe to Israel, is more than just a musician, seeing Israel’s cultural icons as “ambassadors of Israel in the world, cultural ambassadors, hasbara ambassadors, also in regards to the political conflict”.

Raichel’s hasbara message prompted American Jews to protest a recent Masa “journey” across the US, using the Internet to coordinate leafletting at the concert tour sites. His recent album “Open Door” prompted signs at the demos entitled “Does ‘Open Door’ include Palestinians?” and “Don’t entertain apartheid.” “Idan Raichel can’t support apartheid,” countered one concert-goer, “He sleeps with a black woman!” Raichel is part of the Brand Israel campaign, which aims to bring arts to the world in order to, in the words of an Israeli foreign ministry official, “show Israel’s prettier face, so we are not thought of purely in the context of war”.

A Finnish campaign is under way to cancel a new deal to purchase Israeli drones. Like Canada, the US, Turkey and Russia, Finland has been attracted by Israeli know-how in lethal weapons. The Finnish Defence Ministry recently signed an agreement on drone purchases, in defiance of EU regulations. This prompted Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja to break ranks with his colleagues and declare, in reference to Israel, that “No apartheid state is justified or sustainable.” Earlier while in opposition, Tuomioja himself signed a petition calling for an end to the arms trade with Israel. As foreign minister, Tuomioja could demand the suspension of EU-Israel Association Agreement, which gives Israel special trade access to EU markets, but on condition that Israel respects human rights.

The EU’s “common foreign policy” has been a bitter disappointment, especially with respect to Israel, as consensus prevents principled nations within the EU from acting, and attempts to enforce EU regulations are easily buried in bureaucratese. For instance, the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) provides research funds for universities and companies from Israel as a result of the Association Agreement. Despite Israel´s consistent violation of the Agreement´s human rights clause, Israeli companies such as Ahava, “academic” institutions such as Technion, and worse, Elbit Systems and Israeli Aerospace Industries receive European funding through FP7 on an equal footing with EU member states.

EU Scientific Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn

EU Scientific Commissioner Máire Geoghegan-Quinn insisted that there was no reason to exclude Israel’s Motorola company from EU-related activities since she did not have “any information about any radar systems Motorola Israel might or might not have installed in the West Bank”. Geoghegan-Quinn is not reading her inbox, where she would have found reports to the European Commission by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel and “Stop the Wall” documenting Motorola’s work in Israeli settlements in the West Bank.

An ambitious boycott-divestment effort by the newly launched KARAMA (Keep Alstom Rail And Metro Away) and the ongoing “Derail Veolia and Alstom” campaign, celebrated an important victory. Alstom lost the bid for the second phase of the Saudi Haramain Railway project linking Mecca with Medina, worth $10 billion, due to its involvement in Israel’s Jerusalem Light Rail (JLR) project. Alstom also suffered when the Dutch ASN Bank and the Swedish national pension fund AP7 excluded it from their investment portfolios. Veolia has lost more than $12 billion worth of contracts following boycott activism in Sweden, the UK, Ireland and elsewhere.

A national conference of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) took place from 14-16 October at New York’s Columbia University, bringing together 400 American student activists from a hundred campuses. SJP activists have made famous their mock checkpoints, walls, and die-ins on campus, to bring home the reality of Israeli persecution of Palestinians.

Delegates brainstormed about divestment campaigns and how to counter the power of AIPAC. Codepink’s Medea Benjamin, who gained world celebrity status for interrupting Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to Congress in May, explained how to lodge a complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics against the American Israel Education Foundation Congressional trips to Israel, which violate Congressional Ethics Rules.

Columbia University grad student Dina Omar said the conference helped create a “solid network and apparatus to help protect students from being systemically targeted by institutional power.” A week before the conference, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) reported on the “growing strength” of SJP. Ironically, it was a 2010 ADL statement calling SJP one of the top 10 “anti-Israel” groups in the US that pushed 67 chapters to unite. Max Ajl said: “The timing was key – everywhere there was the buzz that we are part of a broader mobilisation, the Occupy Wall Street movement. There is now both the opportunity and the incentive to link these struggles.”

Interestingly, there is division in the anti-BDS ranks over how hard to crack down on BDSers by claiming that Jewish students might be made “uncomfortable”. While the ADL lauded the US Department of Education’s 2010 decision to expand the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include “anti-Israel and anti-Zionist sentiment that crosses the line into anti-Semitism”, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) cautions Jewish groups against suppressing free speech by invoking civil rights laws. “Lawsuits and threats of legal action” should only be used “for cases which evidence a systematic climate of fear and intimidation coupled with a failure of the university administration to respond with reasonable corrective measures.”

Ali Abunimah

Ali Abunimah, co-founder of Electronic Intifada and author of One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian, argues that the ADL strategy is “inherently anti-Semitic because it assumes incorrectly and ahistorically that all criticism of Israel equals criticism of Jews”, and thus condemns all Jews for the racism practiced by Israel. “It seems that at least some in the pro-Israel community fear that this aggressive campaign of censorship and intimidation may do more to cast Israel’s defenders as thugs, than to improve Israel’s image on campuses.”

In interview with Time, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan questioned why sanctions are promoted by the US when dealing with Iran and Sudan, but are taboo with regards to Israel. Sanctions imposed by the United Nations on Israel would have resolved the issue of Mideast peace long ago, he said. “Until today, the UN Security Council has issued more than 89 resolutions on prospective sanctions related to Israel, but they’ve never been executed.” The reason the international community had stood by without sanctioning Israel was that the Quartet – which includes Russia, the United States, the European Union, and the UN – was not genuinely interested in resolving the Mideast conflict or “they would have imposed certain issues on Israel.”


Eric Walberg writes for Al-Ahram Weekly You can reach him at His Postmodern Imperialism: Geopolitics and the Great Games is available a t

Melbourne Palestine BDS demo @ Max Brenner July 29, 2011

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Sherman Skolnick, The ‘Crippled Jew Patriot’ And Stuff You Never Heard.

Sherman Skolnick, on right, with Kenn Thomas of on left.

by Tom Valentine

Moving from sports to news/features and from California to Chicago in 1968 Put me into close contact with Sherman Skolnick and while much has been written on the Internet about him, I have stories you never heard.

Skolnick was already a pariah to the editors and writers at Chicago Today, when I went to work there. His overbite and large teeth made him look as though he was always grinning at the world, and he proudly referred to himself as ‘that crippled Jew boy who brought down a corrupt Governor.’

Indeed, he is reluctantly credited even in establishment circles, with sending the corrupt former Federal Judge, Gov. Otto Kerner to the slammer. Listeners to my RFA broadcasts also knew him as the guy who exposed the criminal goings on with the PROMIS software that still serves the crooked Justice department in traking us goy.

The outright theft of the software developed by Bill and Nancy Hamilton is one for criminal prosecution if we ever force justice on this breed of snakes.   RFA covered the rotten story in detail over many shows, with Sherman and Mike Riconosciuto providing details.

The two stories I am about to tell were never broadcast thoroughly, but they are of interest to folks who follow corruption details in these United States.

My wife and I took Sherman to supper at Ginos, a Southside steak house of earned reputation. I had recently visited Lyndon LaRouche and when Sherman heard that, he told us a story about his own visit to the LaRouche cult HQ. I already suspected that Lyndon made waves because he wanted to run the Fed himself, hence he became a conspiracy maven.

Sherman said the La Rouchies were a cult, and were programmed to music. He described being on hand when members of the cult sprang to attention around the banquet tables, then ‘resembled zombies’ as the music blared. “If I could run, I would have run the hell out of there!” Sherman grinned.

Skolnick hated republicans with passion, especially Richard Nixon.
He told a story about how the authorities secretly ‘indicted’ Jesse Jackson on extortion charges after convening the Grand Jury in a firehouse in Gary, Indiana. The procedure produced a ‘true bill’ Indicting the famous activist.

However, US Attorney General John Mitchell, took over. He had what Nixon wanted, which was the indictment.   You may recall that Jesse Jackson was oft in the news in those days.

What was going on? Skolnick learned from his innumerable court sources that the Republicans now had a potent blackmail tool—Jesse would become a democrat, after working hard to be republican following years of battle with ‘da Mayor,   Boss Daley,’ the original. So the media darling did as told and became a democrat, which suited Nixon’s mob just fine.

Jackson’s operation Push had extorted grocery chains with a loud campaign “You will support us, or we will march on you.” Everyone knew of the blatant extortion, but no one heard about the Grand Jury.

Royko and Mabley (noted columnists) were silent.

Sherman was raised orthodox , but he was not a Zionist. He knew full well what the Zionist power in the US could do. He complained how certain trusted sources attempted to provide misinformation to him, and he had to dislodge it without being obvious.

While visiting him in his home on the teeming Southside he pointed out that the black neighbors around him protected him because they respected his work. He never locked his door, despite being located at 66th and Cottage Grove. “An Island in a Black sea,” He boasted.

Another story we shared intimately involved the famed ‘Watergate plane crash.’ United Airlines Flight 553 crashed on approach to Chicago Midway Airport at 2:28 p.m. Chicago time, on December 8, 1972.   Sherman called me that evening, he needed a ride.

We drove the length of the Dan Ryan (US 94) almost to Indiana border where we went into one of the biggest/busiest truckstops you can imagine .(It’s safer in a crowd)

We met with Alex Bottos and Bob Vary, The plane crash was all over the news. Bottos had been assigned by the Indiana crime commission to ‘infiltrate” the   Joseph Sarelli mob, which he did successfully (Not hard to do for a ‘connected’ Southsider. I really liked Alex, we socialized a lot in those days, as I learned ‘real’ Chicago lore.

If you Google the crash you get known details, which with the help of Sherman, I will flush out

“Among the deaths were: Dorothy Hunt (Wife of E. Howard Hunt) carrying $50,000 in Watergate payoff funds and close to $2 million that she was attempting to place in foreign banks; Michele Clark (CBS reporter who was to have interviewed Ms. Hunt); at least four people alleged to have knowledge of a large labor union “donation” to the Committee to ReElect the President who were paid to stop the indictment of a Chicago Labor hoodlum; a group of gas pipeline lobbyists, attorneys and gas company officials (Robert Moreau, Nancy Parker, Ralph Blodgett, James Drueger, Lon Bayer, Wilbur Erickson) who had allegedly gathered evidence against former Attorney General John Mitchell in an anti-trust case involving El Paso Natural Gas Co; “Harold Metcalf”, a hit man using the cover of a DEA agent who informed the pilot, Captain Whitehouse, that he had a gun, and was assigned a seat near the galley. After the crash, Cpt. Whitehouse and six of the Watergate related passengers were found to have unexplainably high cyanide contents, although the other 35 passengers who were killed did not. “Harold Metcalf” walked away from the crash. Up to 200 FBI and CIA agents took over the crash site immediately, beating the fire department to the scene, refusing to allow in a medical team, confiscating the control tower tapes, interviewing survivors and witnesses before the National Transportation Safety Board investigators had a chance to. There is considerable evidence of equipment sabotage. An in-flight robbery gang known as the Joseph Sarelli Mob came into possession of some of the Hunt Money and Mitchell documents after the crash and sold them for $5 million.

“ The day after the crash Nixon Aide Egil Krogh Jr is appointed Undersecretary of Transportation and is placed in charge of the two agencies investigating the crash (the FAA and the NTSB); ten days later Nixon assistant Alexander Butterfield, a CIA-Aviation liaison is appointed head of the FAA; a few weeks later Nixon Aide Dwight Chapin becomes a top aide with United Airlines.

Hmmmmm. Bottos said the planes cabin lights had been switched out and replaced with bulbs designed to cause electrical failures on command via a timer. The media reported not much, but Bottos and Skolnick had testimony about money floating all over the neighborhood, as Alex had reported to the commission.

Is it really news that the Nixon rat pack were crooks.   No, it’s not, but folks like colorful tales.

Some additional reading on the topic:” The day after the crash, White House aide Egil Krogh was appointed Undersecretary of Transportation, supervising the National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Association – the two agencies charged with investigating the airline crash. A week later, Nixon’s deputy assistant Alexander P. Butterfield was made the new head of the FAA, and five weeks later Dwight L. Chapin, the president’s appointment secretary, become a top executive with United Airlines. Mr. Krogh would later be convicted of complicity in the break-in of Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office along with Hunt, G. Gordon Liddy and a small cast of CIA-trained and retained Cuban black-bag specialists. Mr. Chapin was convicted of making false and/or misleading statements in connection to his involvement and spent less than a year in prison; Mr. Butterfield, who previously headed the office that secretly taped President Nixon’s White House meetings in the Oval Office, was not prosecuted or convicted in the Watergate scandal.

The office of the Cook County Medical Examiner convened a coroner’s jury and launched a parallel investigation. E. Howard Hunt in his “last confessions,” reported in Rolling Stone Magazine, claimed the FBI withheld or destroyed evidence.”

The sheeple caught on to Nixon, why are they so stupid today.

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Saif Gaddafi, the Enigmatic Threat


Will He fight in Court, or in a Guerrilla war ?

by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor

After the fall of his father’s government, Saif Gaddafi is, we are told, hiding away in Mali with tribesmen loyal to his family.

His legal counsel, someone I know, is seeking his exoneration at the International Criminal Court in the Hague and planning legal action against the United States.

At the same time, we are hearing threats of “retaliation” promising, not only continuation of the war in Libya but attacks on Americans and, in particular, America.

Does this make Saif Gaddafi a terrorist threat? Who can threaten acts of terror against the United States but not be named as a terrorist or even be put on a “no fly list?” Enigma, irony, what do we call this? Betrayal?

There are things we do know. Saif Gaddafi had, until recently, been a welcomed visitor around the world, particularly in Israel. His closest associates were British Prime Minister David Cameron and Rothschild heir, Nathan.

London School of Economics – Library Roof with Israeli Stars

His ties? London School of Economics, long accused of being a “nest of Zionist spies” by the Arab world.

Then again, we have the equally enigmatic questions of Gaddafi family history and the real question, where is all the money?

$70 billion dollars is supposedly under Saif Gaddafi’s control despite orders from the United Nations to freeze all Gaddafi and Libyan assets.

CIA historians tell us that Colonel Gaddafi came to power in 1969, a protégé of then Director Richard Helms. CIA cover operations listing “rogue operatives” and “IRA terrorists” are now “semi-public” knowledge.

Those Libyan stories, “Gaddafi and his terrorists” are now no longer credible, part of the endless lies of the Cold War.

The long and short of it is that Gaddafi was a “survivor,” who played east against west in the Cold War, friendly to the Soviets when he needed but also working actively against them on behest of the west and, in particular, the CIA, for decades.

Records from the Reagan Presidential Library confirm Lee Wanta as National Intelligence Coordinator and his appointment as Inspector General of the Department of Defense. Reagan’s daily diaries outline meetings with Wanta.

I have known Wanta for years, having been introduced by a real “big name” government spook that none of you have heard of, thus a “real one.”

Wanta has been grilled for endless hours, and his detailed knowledge of operations, some I knew some of, some I knew well and some I was totally in the cold on has made him a fascinating source.

Lee Wanta – Reagan’s National Intel Coordinator

Years ago, when Wanta used to talk “trillions of dollars” people went bananas.

Now that we all know that outfits like Merrill Lynch have misplaced over $70 trillion they admit to, out of $1,450 trillion of total “toxic securities,” we are told exist on the world market.

Wanta has new credibility.  Wanta’s “trillions” are real, documented and add credibility to his other roles in the intelligence community and the information, some of it shocking, that he is bringing forward after all these years.

I have debriefed Wanta on Libya, Wanta, Susan Lindauer and, years ago, Gaddafi himself. Is there a clear story of “good and evil?”

Not hardly. Positions we have taken on UN backing is based on VT correspondents who lived in Libya, those that have survived, who questioned aspects of Gaddafi’s rule, describing it as brutal and corrupt.

To us, it didn’t always seem that way and, frankly, none from the West had open access to Libya.

So, when Wanta explained to me that the 1986 bombing of Tripoli was part of a secret protocol between President Reagan and Colonel Gaddafi, I was flabbergasted.

He said Gaddafi never had Americans killed in Germany as claimed and also denies any Gaddafi involvement in the Lockerbie bombing.

Wanta said it was all an act, to preserve Gaddafi’s appearance of hatred toward America while he remained, or seem to at least, a stalwart ally. The truth? Who the hell knows.

The Now Slippery Tony Blair

Push the clock forward to 2003.

This is either the truth or another cover story.

Gaddafi, faced with sanctions, decides to join the Global War on Terror, become a “neocon,” make friends with Tony Blair, something I wouldn’t wish on a rattlesnake, and invite America and Britain to take over Libya.

Gaddafi, at the same time, got to “slowly” dismantle his WMD programs.

According to Wikileaks, he was still building WMD facilities as late as 2006.

Actually, he never dismantled his programs.

A week ago, stockpiles of mustard gas were found in Libya. It is more than rumored he had more than mustard gas, VX for sure, anthrax, small pox variations and maybe some nuclear material or worse.

Gaddafi was clever.

Gaddafi’s 155mm Mustard Gas Shells

Now we begin to look at the dots that do not connect, the puzzle pieces that do not fit together and why the games and rhetoric we use so often have not come into play.

If, as claimed, Saif Gaddafi is in Mali with tribesmen that America long ago identified as aligned with Al Qaeda, staying at a camp we call an “Al Qaeda base” and has $70 billion dollars stashed somewhere….

And, if he has threatened acts of terror against the United States, with the ties, with the money, with the resources to back it up, why isn’t the United States at least hunting him down, why isn’t he on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list, why do we hear nothing at all?

Do we feel guilty?

When we turned on his father, whether or not it may or may not have been justified by the claims of Amnesty International, the organization that brought the charges to the United Nations Security Council, does it not explain the rationale for America trying to kill Gaddafi because we needed to silence him?

If he was, as I have from many sources, a major CIA asset, was he “silenced” because of what he knew or for other reasons?

Another question: Why were so many Americans that are closely aligned with Israel active in orchestrating a public relations campaign on behalf of Gaddafi?

The NeoCon All Stars

Was it because he was laundering money to pay American neocons through terror organizations in Lebanon, something we discovered?

Is it deeper? If all Gaddafi funds were seized, where is the supposed $70 billion stashed away?

Here is one of the best parts.

Gaddafi has billions invested with the Carlyle Group, a major American defense conglomerate run by “conservatives” George H.W. Bush, a former President of the United States, John Major, a former Prime Minister of Britain, Frank Carlucci, a former Secretary of Defense and James Baker III, a former Secretary of State.

Talk about being “above the law”…

So, perhaps we are not hunting down Saif Gaddafi because he has billions invested in neocon America?

If he had secrets, we would certainly kill him for that. It is what we do.

If Saif has billions invested with the Bush family, how much is with our British friends, folks close to Blair and Cameron?

Since the world is circling Iran like vultures, all over rumors spread by Tel Aviv, secret nuclear facilities that after years and years nobody can find, after Tel Aviv burned all of its bridges of credibility when it was the conduit for the intelligence lies that led to the debacle in Iraq….

In fact, Tel Aviv, meaning the Likudists seeking war, have been abandoned by their own.  Former Mossad and Shin Bet heads call Netanyahu a “madman.”

But, back to Saif Gaddafi. Is he the new head of Al Qaeda, a case easily made with enough imagination, perhaps hiding out in one of those 10 layer bunkers that Rumsfeld imagined were in Afghanistan?

Is Said with Al Qaeda in the Desert With All That Money?

Can’t America claim they are all over the Sahara, with millions of Al Qaeda fighters, tanks, rockets, jet planes everywhere, waiting to descend on the peace loving nation of the earth like locusts or a plague or mixed Nordic and Grey aliens, each armed with an anal probe?

We say things like this all the time.  This is the basis of our culture.

What we haven’t discussed is the wishes of the people of Libya. I don’t see any signs of anyone caring, do you? Was Saif like the sons of Saddam?

Were the sons of Saddam like the sons of Saddam?  Was Saddam actually Saddam?  Was Hitler actually Hitler?  Wait, let me take that last one back, that’s a third rail issue that has cost more than one person their freedom.

Since the end of Gulf War I, we learned that even the first Gulf War was based on lies, that America had invited Iraq into Kuwait, the invasion was authorized by Washington.

Congressman Ron Paul read the memo in front of congress. Nobody said a word.

Gulf War II was worse.  This was conclusively proven though all aspects of 9/11, the needed precursor are still shrouded in mist that isn’t mist at all.

Afghanistan was worse still, bin Laden, like Gaddafi, was CIA and we have so much proof on that we could build an encyclopedia.

Saif During Better Days

Does the CIA simply turn on their own, murder their most important operatives, turn on our allies, when it suits them?

Seems so, at least I see this on TV all the time.

If Saif Gaddafi has all that money and knows all those things, and this certainly seems to be as it is, what can he tell us?

What will be done to keep him from telling us?

Will he get political asylum?

Will he be arrested but found innocent?

Will he get a prison sentence but have a paid double serve his sentence for him, something we have learned is not uncommon.

Will he be murdered as was his father?

Now we ask, why isn’t he being hunted. What are we afraid of? What does this tell us. It certainly tells us something.

 Editing: Jim W. Dean

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The drone mentality


In a New York Times Op-Ed yesterday, international human rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith describes a meeting he had in Pakistan with residents from the Afghan-Pakistani border region that has been relentlessly bombed by American drones; if I had one political wish this week, it would be that everyone who supports (or acquiesces to) President Obama’s wildly accelerated drone attacks would read this:

The meeting had been organized so that Pashtun tribal elders who lived along the Pakistani-Afghan frontier could meet with Westerners for the first time to offer their perspectives on the shadowy drone war being waged by the Central Intelligence Agency in their region. Twenty men came to air their views; some brought their young sons along to experience this rare interaction with Americans. In all, 60 villagers made the journey. . . .

On the night before the meeting, we had a dinner, to break the ice. During the meal, I met a boy named Tariq Aziz. He was 16. As we ate, the stern, bearded faces all around me slowly melted into smiles. Tariq smiled much sooner; he was too young to boast much facial hair, and too young to have learned to hate.

The next day, the jirga lasted several hours. I had a translator, but the gist of each man’s speech was clear. American drones would circle their homes all day before unleashing Hellfire missiles, often in the dark hours between midnight and dawn. Death lurked everywhere around them. . . .

On Monday, [Tariq] was killed by a C.I.A. drone strike, along with his 12-year-old cousin, Waheed Khan. The two of them had been dispatched, with Tariq driving, to pick up their aunt and bring her home to the village of Norak, when their short lives were ended by a Hellfire missile.

My mistake had been to see the drone war in Waziristan in terms of abstract legal theory — as a blatantly illegal invasion of Pakistan’s sovereignty, akin to President Richard M. Nixon’s bombing of Cambodia in 1970.

But now, the issue has suddenly become very real and personal. Tariq was a good kid, and courageous. My warm hand recently touched his in friendship; yet, within three days, his would be cold in death, the rigor mortis inflicted by my government.

And Tariq’s extended family, so recently hoping to be our allies for peace, has now been ripped apart by an American missile — most likely making any effort we make at reconciliation futile.

This tragedy repeats itself over and over. After I linked to this Op-Ed yesterday on Twitter — by writing that “every American who cheers for drone strikes should confront the victims of their aggression” — I was predictably deluged with responses justifying Obama’s drone attacks on the ground that they are necessary to kill The Terrorists. Reading the responses, I could clearly discern the mentality driving them: I have never heard of 99% of the people my government kills with drones, nor have I ever seen any evidence about them, but I am sure they are Terrorists. That is the drone mentality in both senses of the word; it’s that combination of pure ignorance and blind faith in government authorities that you will inevitably hear from anyone defending President Obama’s militarism. As Jonathan Schwarz observed after the U.S. unveiled the dastardly Iranian plot to hire a failed used car salesman to kill America’s close friend, the Saudi Ambassador: “I’d bet the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. has closer ‘ties’ to Al Qaeda than 90% of the people we’ve killed with drones.”

As it turns out, it isn’t only the President’s drone-cheering supporters who have no idea who is being killed by the program they support; neither does the CIA itself. A Wall Street Journal article yesterday described internal dissension in the administration to Obama’s broad standards for when drone strikes are permitted, and noted that the “bulk” of the drone attacks — the bulk of them – “target groups of men believed to be militants associated with terrorist groups, but whose identities aren’t always known.” As Spencer Ackerman put it: “The CIA is now killing people without knowing who they are, on suspicion of association with terrorist groups”; moreover, the administration refuses to describe what it even means by being “associated” with a Terrorist group (indeed, it steadfastly refuses to tell citizens anything about the legal principles governing its covert drone wars).

Of course, nobody inside the U.S. Government is objecting on the ground that it is wrong to blow people up without having any knowledge of who they are and without any evidence they have done anything wrong. Rather, the internal dissent is grounded in the concern that these drone attacks undermine U.S. objectives by increasing anti-American sentiment in the region (there’s that primitive, inscrutable Muslim culture rearing its head again: they strangely seem to get very angry when foreign governments send sky robots over their countries and blow up their neighbors, teenagers and children).

But whatever else is true, huge numbers of Americans — Democrats and Republicans alike — defend Obama’s massive escalation of drone attacks on the ground that he’s killing Terrorists even though they — and, according to the Wall Street Journal, Obama himself — usually don’t even know whose lives they’re snuffing out. Remember, though: we have to kill The Muslim Terrorists because they have no regard for human life.

This is why it’s so imperative to do everything possible to shine a light on the victims of President Obama’s aggression in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and elsewhere: ignoring the victims, rendering them invisible, is a crucial prerequisite to sustaining propaganda and maintaining support for this militarism (that’s the same reason John Brennan lied — yet again — by assuring Americans that there are no innocent victims of drone attacks).

Many people want to hear nothing about these victims — like Tariq — because they don’t want to accept that the leader for whom they cheer and the drone attacks they support are regularly ending the lives of large numbers of innocent people, including children. They believe the fairy tale that the U.S. is only killing Terrorists and “militants” because they want to believe it (at this point, the word “militant” has no real definition other than: he or she who dies when a missile shot by a U.S. drone detonates). It’s a self-serving, self-protective form of self-delusion, and the more we hear about the dead teeangers left in the wake of this violence, the more difficult it is to maintain that delusion. That’s precisely why we hear so little about it.

Over the last week, I had the genuine privilege of spending substantial amounts of time with participants in the truly inspiring Occupy movement around the country, including visiting Occupy Oakland on Thursday. This same dynamic is at play there. Many sneer at the protest encampments because they include the homeless, the unstable, the “dirty,” the jobless, and those who are otherwise downtrodden, dispossessed and unable to live decent lives.

Much of that sneering is due to the desire that these people remain hidden from sight, invisible, so that we can avoid facing the reality of what our society has produced on a large scale (having Dirty, Disobedient People be part of a movement vaguely associated with liberalism also harms the ability of progressive media stars to maintain their access to the Halls of Seriousness).

But they are and should be part of that movement precisely because the disappearance of the middle class and booming wealth and income inequality produces exactly this type of human suffering. There are those who love to parade around as supporters of the marginalized and poor who prefer that they remain silent and invisible — distant abstractions — because being viscerally confronted with their human realness is unpleasant and uncomfortable. That’s exactly why victims of President Obama’s relentless drone attacks remain invisible and many prefer to keep it that way — it’s best not to confront the reality of the misery that one’s policies wreak — and it’s exactly why everything should be done to prevent that disappearing from happening.

* * * * *

Pratap Chatterjee of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism attended the meeting in Islamabad which Smith describes in that Op-Ed and wrote in detail about it. Chatterjee posted video of Tariq at that meeting — who is seen on the video, posted below, in the dark shirt and yellow hat just days before his death-by-American-drone — and wrote the following:

Among the group was Tariq Aziz, a quiet 16-year-old, who had come after he received a phone call from a lawyer in Islamabad offering him an opportunity to learn basic photography to help document these strikes. . . .

Tariq was proud to be part of this meeting. About 18 months earlier, in April 2010, his cousin Aswar Ullah was killed by a missile fired from a drone as he rode a motorcycle near Norak. . . .

What none of us could have imagined was that 72 hours later, this football-loving teenager would himself be killed by a CIA drone, along with his 12-year-old cousin Waheed Khan. . . .

Tariq and Waheed’s death brought the total number of children killed in drone strikes to 175, according to the Bureau’s own findings. As part of an ongoing investigation, the Bureau has documented 306 strikes from remotely piloted drones that have killed between 2,359 and 2,959 people. Over 85% of them have been launched by the administration of President Barack Obama.

Tariq came from a poor community on the border with Afghanistan. He was the youngest of seven children. His father, Mumtaz Khan, was away working in the United Arab Emirates as a driver to support his family. Waheed’s family was equally poor – the 12-year-old worked in a local shop for a salary of just Rs 2000 a month (roughly £15 or $23)

As I’ve noted before, the statistical methodology used by the Bureau to count innocent victims is the most conservative possible, meaning the numbers are almost certainly much higher. The only thing unusual about Tariq is that his death is receiving substantial attention because of the coincidence that he met with Westerners 72 hours before his life was ended. Most Tariqs simply die without anyone in the country responsible being bothered with hearing about it.

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The Secret to Waging Effective War Against Unarmed Children

“Three Pears” by Suzanne Broussard, New Orleans

The Secret to Waging Effective War Against Unarmed Children

By Suzanne Broussard

There is a group of people that I can only refer to as the Newish Dominant Culture that has provided us with a most brutal police force here in the United States of America.

Training has been provided by the Mossad/Israeli Defense League/Anti-Defamation League based on practiced and perfected techniques used on Palestinians living in Jerusalem for about three generations now.

Now we all know that a Jew cannot be criticized by a Christian, the penalties being various and severe. Speaking the truth is now illegal here in the United States, such is the value of so many laws that exist today that I must approve of atrocities and you should too if you know what’s good for you. I have to advise you to approve of police brutality here in the United States since the police have been trained by the Israelis and are paid by a bank owned by people of the Jewish religion, just in case you didn’t know and might have inadvertently expressed disapproval and find yourself in violation of the Anti-Hate Crimes Act and the Patriot Act.

A brutal police force has been essential in the removal of Palestinians from their ancestral homes and farms so that the Jews may take them. This is not stealing since the laws of the State of Israel make it legal for Jews to take the property of the Palestinians. The law also makes it illegal for the Palestinians to defend themselves. This is a right reserved only for the Jewish people due to their Unique Culture. You don’t really even have to be a Jew to take other peoples’ property under this law. You just have to call yourself one, and while some proof must be provided, it isn’t really proof, they just call it proof. The United States Government insists that the Palestinians abide by these laws or else there might be anarchy and chaos in the world.

The killing, humiliation and imprisonment of Palestinian children as entertainment is a manifestation of the Unique Culture of the State of Israel. Their launching of massive military assaults on children in schools, hospitals and homes sets a precedent that is being imitated here in the United States and abroad as a new policing strategy that is intended to lead to NATO intervention or martial law. Or maybe the intention is simply to destroy humanity and take other people’s property. I don’t have privy to upper level strategy meetings so I can only guess on this one.

It is especially notable that in a military assault launched against children, the rule is that the children are prohibited from carrying or using any type of weapon. While bombs are allowable on the military side, the children are not allowed to use bombs whether as defense, retaliation or as pre-emptive warfare. They are especially not allowed to throw rocks. Children who are caught throwing rocks are imprisoned and subjected to any type of degradation that can be imagined. I don’t want to think about that one, but I cannot express disapproval of it, whatever it is, because my disapproval would be in violation of U.S. law.

It is a Unique Cultural Quirk that rocks are particularly odious weapons to the Israelis and their U.S. supporters who take great offense at their use. The Israeli leadership is partial to Atomic Weaponry and have these in great abundance, having already proven so effective at such previous sites as the Beirut Marine Barracks, the World Trade Center, Fukushima, to name a few. Rocks however, will not be tolerated under any circumstances. These rules should be respected, otherwise chaos and anarchy will ensue.

That training and weaponry for war against babies and children has been paid for and accepted by the U.S. tax payer for years makes it only fair and just that this training and weaponry now be used against children in the United States.

The demonstrators that I see on the streets are not physically mature adults, most of them barely weigh 100 pounds. They will not physically mature for another three years or so. This makes them perfect targets for military assault.

The demonstrators have no weapons or protective gear, while the soldiers, who are three or four times bigger in physical size thanks to anabolic steroid use, have the most technologically advanced weaponry and protective clothing at their disposal, not to mention the surveillance technology advantage. These large well equipped men in full protective gear with assault weapons then physically attack the much weaker children with no weapons. The results are then filmed and we watch. This is the Newish War.

The television announcers are trained to ridicule unarmed children as they are getting brutalized before our eyes by the most fearless and heavily armed mercenary military police security forces ever assembled in our nation. If there are no babies present, they will beat up and violate young girls. Any form of self defense by the children is strictly prohibited. These are the rules of the game and everyone has to follow the rules or else we would sink into uncivilized behavior.

If any children defend themselves in any way, the penalties are severe and could extend to confiscation of family property, years of imprisonment as a felon and the resulting permanent state of unemployment and lifetime homelessness. The charges could vary but a felony charge is conceivable, as is a charge of Domestic Terrorism.

The mercenary military are highly paid professionals and will not tolerate any form of self-defense whatsoever on the part of their unarmed child adversaries. Development of the expertise to make war on unarmed children is something that the United States Military Industrial Complex has focused its energy on since the bombing of Dresden, maybe before. The Newish Mercenary Security Forces are simply furthering these goals. It is up to the children to just deal with it. What are they protesting about anyway?

We are a proud nation, with a proud Military Industrial Complex and we can watch it now in action in any city these days. This proud Mercenary Security Force trained by a Foreign Country are there on the streets, showing off their training by rounding up, beating up, and arresting the innocent, confiscating and destroying private property and other things like grabbing girls breasts or sneaking up behind a girl and wacking her on the head with a baton full force…it brings tears to my eyes to see such Awesome Skillful Military Might. Thank you brave big men, I no longer have any fear of unarmed children like I did before.

Hopefully soon we can live in peace and security again, free from the threat of defenseless children. We certainly owe a debt of gratitude to the Israelis who have provided training in the subjugation, humiliation and imprisonment of unarmed women and children, not to mention their creative use of Depleted Uranium which provides us with such a wide variety of birth defects.

We also must be grateful to the Jewish Talmud which has enlightened us with this innovative military strategy. Previously known as ‘Genocide’, it must now be respected as a Unique Cultural Expression of the Jewish Religion, Praise Be to Yahweh. We must also show our indebtedness to the Banks who have so generously provided funding for this necessary fight against all that was formerly known so quaintly as ‘Civilization’.

We must support our Corporations who don’t Support our Troops and we must all agree to kill anyone who doesn’t agree with us, otherwise we might have chaos and anarchy. Anyone who disagrees with me is simply Un-American and ought to go and live elsewhere.

If I weren’t Christian, you’d have to die or be imprisoned for disagreeing with me.

Remember the words of our fearless leader, GW Bush, “Either you are with us, or you are against us…” I don’t know who ‘us’ is, or who ‘you’ are, that he’s referring to, but that’s what he said on TV so it must be true…

Just like Warren Buffet spoke the truth when he described what the rich are doing to the rest of the country: “We’re killing them.” That’s what he said, really.


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Yitzhak Rabin Assassination – A Retrospective

Israeli Statesman Helped Dig His Own Grave

                       Veterans Today brings you another great historical article and video…

by  Trowbridge H. Ford  

edited by  Jim W. Dean

Yitzhak Rabin – the Best Photo I Found

No democratic, developed country has more secretive, conspiratorial ways than the state of Israel, and they were never more in evidence than when its Prime Minister,Yitzhak Rabin, was assassinated on November 4, 1995 after attending a “Yes to Peace, No to Violence” rally in Tel Aviv by apparently a young, 3rd-year-law student at Bar-Ilan University, Yigal Amir.

The media portrayed the killing as the result of a right-wing fanatic, opposed to any peace settlement with the Palestinians but it was actually caused by a covert operation gone wrong.

It was reminiscent of John Hinckley’s nearly successful assassination almost fifteen years earlier of President Reagan rather than the mythic ‘lone assassin’ theory which people in the Western world have become accustomed to when such killings occur.

The real key to understanding the murder is appreciating the close connection that Israel established with the United States during its 40-year existence.

Without Washington’s increasing support, the Israeli state never would have made it, given the problems the Disapora and Holocaust had caused masses of Jewish people trying to resettle in Palestine.

The Truman administration’s prodding of the new Labour government in Britain to give up its Palestinian Mandate was followed by the May 1948 war in which Israeli forces triumphed against all the odds over those from the weak Arab states of Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Egypt.

While Atlee’s government attributed Truman’s stance of pandering to Jewish voters – and the President did acknowledge to a group of Mid-East ambassadors that he had no Arab constituents to contend with – he was genuinely committed to the Zionist cause.

Narkiss – Dayan – and Rabin at the Lions Gate – 1948

To enhance Democratic chances at the polls, Truman pressed for the admission of 100,000 Jewish refugees, and called for the partition of the country.

When the Mandate expired on May 16, 1948, the USA, along with the USSR, immediately recognized the new state of Israel. Still, Truman’s support of the Zionist cause did not play a significant role in his election in November.

During the War of Independence, Rabin, a native of Palestine, was in an ideal position to take military command of the situation as the British were forced by Jewish terrorists to withdraw.

Since he had helped British forces to attack Vichy ones in Lebanon during WWII, he was domestically positioned by 1944 to take command of the Palmach commando unit of the Haganah – what would become the nucleus of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF).

It took the lead in ousting Arabs from key territory around Tel Aviv, and on the road to Jerusalem.

While the Palmach failedto secure the Old City after the British finally departed, Rabin was still seen as a leading hero of the struggle.

The most controversial incident regarding Rabin’s alleged activities during the struggle for independence occurred on June 22, 1948 when a ship-load of Jewish Freedom Fighters, and munitions on the Altelena were prevented from joining up with Menachem Begin’s Irgun guerrillas.

They had blown up the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in July 1946, and it was feared that they would break the agreement for the cessation of hostilities.

Before the ship sailed from Port-de-Bouc in France, the Irgun in Palestine had signed an agreement with the government of David Ben-Gurion in Tel Aviv that all arms and fighters independently recruited would be handed over to the IDF.

The ship sailed in the hope of getting round it somehow, and secretly landing them unnoticed somewhere in Palestine – what was largely defeated by Radio London announcing its departure at the time.

Altalena Set On Fire For Worldwide Publicity

When the ship finally landed at Klar Vitin, David Even’s IDF brigade, thanks to an order given by the government, set about seizing the 1,000 men, and confiscating the 4.5 ton cargo of weapons, ultimately resulting in fighting during which six of them were killed.

The ship then sailed on to Tel Aviv, and before the whole confrontation was settled, another 10 died, and the ship was set afire.

In the accounts of the Altelena Affair, there is no mention of Rabin having played any significant role in the confrontation.

Apologist Ben Shapiro made up for that by having him carry the can when Rabin was assassinated for the failure of Begin, Ben-Gurion and Even to settle the difficulty peacefully.

During the Suez Crisis, Rabin, as commander of the Harel Brigade, was most eager to take advantage of its incursion on October 28, 1956 into the Sinai towards the Suez Canal, but the failure of Tel Aviv, Paris, and London to clear the whole operation with Washington resulted in it all going for naught.

The invaders were confident that they could force Eisenhower’s hand into backing the ouster of Egypt’s uppiddy dictator Gamal Abdel Nasser, but the American President reacted with unprecedented opposition and speed, causing all those involved, especially Israeli Prime Minister Ben-Gurion, Defence Minister Shimon Peres, IDF chief Moshe Dayan, and Rabin never to forget the lesson.

Rabin with His Troops

Washington had learned something about what was planned by intercepts that the new National Security Agency (NSA) had made of messages between Tel Aviv and Paris, and those between its allies in Paris and London, but had not learned the substance of.

Thanks to the division that Washington and London had made for eavesdropping on the world under the terms of the the postwar communications agreement, listening on what was transpiring in the Middle East was left to Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) to pass on to NSA.

It was sending along only a few which did not reveal what was planned. When Eisenhower learned the full extent of their perfidy, Washington took the necessary actions to reverse it, and NSA vowed never again to be caught short in supplying the necessary intelligence in such crucial Cold War confrontations.

The fallout from the fiasco had resulted in the Soviet Union tightening its hold on the Soviet bloc by suppressing the uprising in Budapest at the same time.

Ike, still suspecting that at worst the action in the Middle East was a surprise attack on Jordan, was completely taken aback when the Israelis invaded the Sinai, advancing within 25 miles east of the Canal – just when Imre Nagy, Hungary’s new Prime Minister, announced the restoration of multi-party rule.

America’s U-2 intelligence gathering concentrated upon determining what was slowly unfolding in Egypt for fear that the USSR would take advantage of the fiasco there when, in fact, Moscow was arranging a rollback of what was happening in Budapest.

Hungarian Revolution – 1956 – Before it was Crushed

On November 4th, two days before the American election, the Red Army began its suppression of the Hungarian revolution – something that Ike admitted that America, under the circumstances, could do nothing about. (Christopher Andrew, For The President’s Eyes Only, pp. 236-7).

By 1964, Rabin had become the IDF’s Chief-of-Staff, and he planned to pay back Washington and Cairo for the humiliation he and the IDF had experienced eights years earlier – what resulted in the devastating Six-Day War three years later.

This time, Israel revealed its aggression to no one, counting on the fact that it could dictate Washington’s response after the fact.

This was accomplished thanks to tight security its military-intelligence establishment was noted for, and the political influence Jewish Americans had on the beleaguered Johnson administration, bogged down in Vietnam, and facing the prospect of a tough re-election campaign.

There would be no babbling by the Israeli Prime Minister and her defence establishment to Washington about what was in the works this time, as had happened with Prime Minister Anthony Eden et. al. during the Suez Crisis.

The Israeli attacks on its neighbors, starting on June 4, 1967, were masterful deceptions, fooling everyone, it seemed, about who was attacking who with what – making Germany’s deceptions before its soldiers marched into Poland in 1939, and the CIA’s ones before the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 look like the most crude attempts.

USS Liberty War Crime by Israel’s IDF – The Lies Live On

The only surprise in the whole operation was the unexpected appearance of the American spy ship, USS Liberty, off El Arish on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast on June 8th during the height of the struggle.

The spy ship had great advantages in eavesdropping over other means as it could stay in an area where trouble was anticipated, and it could monitor and analyse all kinds of intelligence from close in, 24-7.

Its only drawback was that it could hardly defend itself if discovered and attacked.

As James Bamford has described in the greatest detail in Body of Secrets, the Israelis attacked the snooper with the greatest force from sea and air for fear that it was monitoring the slaughter that Rabin’s forces were carrying out on shore against Egyptian prisoners:

“…Israeli troops killed, in cold blood, as many as 1,000 Egyptian prisoners in the Sinai, including some 400 in the sand dunes of El Arish.” (p. 202)

In an attempt to prevent the war crimes from coming out, the IDF killed 34 servicemen on the ship, wounded 171 more, and nearly sank the ship itself. It was only after the Israelis had failed to eradicate the mission that they falsely claimed that the attacks were a mistake, and agreed most reluctantly to pay measly compensation for what they had done.

When Washington learned of the hostilities, Israeli Foreign Minister Abba Eban told the American Ambassador to Israel Walworth Barbour that the Egyptians had started them – a considerable armored force had entered its territory, and had given IDF ones battle.

The Foreign Minister lied about Israeli intentions, claiming that they were just interested in containing Egypt’s aggression when, in face, they were involved in grabbing territory which had eluded them nine years earlier.

While Israel wanted Washington to put pressure on the Soviets not to intervene, Moscow preempted the effort by sending an unprecedented message on the hot line, urging Washington to do all that it could to end hostilities, particularly exerting pressure on Israel to do the same.

After a hectic half hour in the White House over how to respond to the Soviets’ entreaty, Washington told Moscow that it would not be entering the conflict

Johnson and McNamara During 1967 War Meeting

It was only afterwards that President Johnson learned of the ship’s dire straits, especially the carnage on board. In anticipation of such a conflict, Washington had sent the USS Liberty there is the hope of preventing it, or at least containing it from becoming a conflict with the USSR.

On May 23rd, it was ordered to leave Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, and steam as fast as possible to the US Navy base in Rota, Spain, a journey of 3,000 miles, and requiring eight days travel.

There, it picked up five Arabic linguists and one senior analyst Marine Sergeant Bryce Lockwood to assess the meaning of what the Egyptians were planning and doing. (Bamford, pp.188-9)

While Frank Raven told Bamford that the lack of any Hebrew linguists was due to their shortage, it indicated that NSA was only planning to eavesdrop on what the Muslims were doing. On June lst, the ship left Rota, and deployed just off El Arish when the Israeli attacks started.

It seems that this effort was conducted secretly from the Israelis to give them cover without there being any revealing feedback from what was happening. The ship would have all kinds of messages deciphered about what Nasser’s forces were doing, but none from the Israelis – what would quell any complaints, especially by the Soviets, of Israeli aggression.

It would have no record of any massacres of prisoners by the IDF, and there were still no Hebrew linguists back at headquarters in Athens. It apparently was the Johnson administration’s compensation for the damage the Israelis had suffered at the hands of the Eisenhower administration.

The only trouble with it for the Israelis was that they knew nothing about it, so they went bonkers when they discovered the spy ship just off the coast in international waters, fearing that it was collecting information about war crimes which would be used against Israel’s military leadership. There was no other way they could interpret this new surprise.

Combat Photo of the USS Liberty Under Attack by IDF – Notice the Napalm Burns on the Superstructure

And when LBJ learned of the attack, Washington was more interested in sinking the ship in order to protect its vital Sigint secrets from falling into enemy hands, and to protect Israel from any embarrassment by inflaming American public opinion than saving it, and providing succor to its crew.

While LBJ was afraid that the Soviets had attacked the ship, he was soon informed by his ambassador in Tel Aviv that the Israelis had confessed to having attacked it “in error”.

NSA had discovered the attack before anyone else, though, showing that it had been eavesdropping on all Israeli communications to have just the right record for what it had originally planned – what Bamford still cannot explain. (p. 224)

After the President informed the Soviets that the Israelis had indeed attacked the ship “in error”, Washington hoped that the ship would indeed just sink.

LBJ amazingly ordered the Joint Chief of Staff to have fighters from the Six Fleet which had arrived on the scene to protect the ship from further attack to be recalled. “President Lyndon Johnson came on,” Rear Admiral Lawrence Geis, commander of the carrier force, added in information released after his death, “with a comment that he didn’t care if the ship sunk, he would not embarrass his allies.” (Quoted from p. 226.)

Never in American military history had the Commander-in-Chief been so cruel in the treatment of his own forces, and it can only be explained by the political motives in starting it in the first place.

The political fallout domestically, it seems, helped induce him not to run for re-election in 1968. Rabin was so upset by what he had done to Egyptian prisoners, and American eavesdroppers that he had a nervous breakdown while the fighting was still in progress.

To contain the damage done by the assault, Rabin was sent to Washington as its new ambassador, and he flouted diplomatic convention by going out of his way to make friends with members of Nixon’s new Republican administration.

Ambassador Rabin Meets President Johnson

Rabin’s close relationship with NSA Henry Kissinger and DNSA Alexander Haig came in most handy when the Syrians and Egyptians tried to pay back Israel for the 1967 war by springing the Yom Kippur War on it in October 1972.

Thanks to information NSA supplied the Israelis, Ariel Sharon’s forces were able to beat back the Egyptian forces behind the Suez Canal which had surprisingly crossed it, and the Syrian threat to the Sea of Galilee was stymied just at the last moment.

When the Soviets threatened to intervene in the war, Haig forced Brezhnev to back down by placing American forces around the world on the highest alert short of imminent war.

In reading the former Nixon Chief of Staff’s book, Inner Circles: How America Changed the World, one gets a good glimpse of just how Haig manipulated Nixon to help the Israelis while Rabin was manipulating Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in the defense of Jordan from Syrian attacks.

Little wonder that when she retired shortly thereafter, Rabin triumphed over Peres in a bitter battle for the Labor Party leadership, and succeeded her as Prime Minister.

Three years later, though, Rabin’s coalition government fell apart over an alleged financial scandal, and he went into the political wilderness.

Rabin had made enemies out of the leading players by acting as if he were in the process of solving everything – i.e, the surprise threats to Israel’s very existence, claiming how he had been so instrumental in its creation by stopping Begin’s reckless intrusions during the Altelena Affair, and covering up the Liberty one by successfully persuading Washington that it was indeed an accident.

Rabin Finally Shakes Arafat’s Hand

Rabin negotiated the Sinai Interim Agreement with Egypt, setting the country on its way to making peace with Anwar Sadat, and authorized theEntebbe raid which recovered almost all of the passengers who had been kidnapped by Uganda’s Edi Amin.

But he found dealing with the Carter administration and his fellow Israelis over the continuing Palestinian problem so difficult that he resigned after the Labor Party was defeated in the 1977 election.

He did so because his wife Leah had broken the rule about no Israeli having a foreign currency account without proper authority – what she had failed to do by opening a dollar one during their days there when he was the ambassador.

It seemed more like an excuse to avoid difficulties ahead all by himself, as if he had some fears of his own safety.

During his absence, the governments in Tel Aviv and Washington worked continuously to break down Arab opposition to Israel’s existence, while trying to get Israeli voters to agree to some kind of swap of land for security. By this time, Israel had more land than it needed, and the Palestinians were becoming increasingly isolated.

The Camp David Accords that President Carter negotiated between Sadat and Begin ended Egypt’s support of an armed Palestinian struggle, though Sadat was to soon lose his life at the hands of Muslim extremists. Sharon’s IDF responded by driving Yasser Arafat’s PLO out of Lebanon.

To soften American hostility to what Sharon had done, Prime Minister Begin went out of his way to tell the Reagan administration that Rabin had lied when he told previous American administrations that the attack on the Liberty was simply a mistake.

“We… had a choice,” he admitted in 1982. “The Egyptian army concentrations in the Sinai approaches do not prove that Nasser was really about to attack us. We must be honest with ourselves. We decided to attack him.” (Quoted from Bamford, p. 186)

In 1984, Rabin joined a government of national unity, headed by Labour Party leader Shimon Peres, and soon thereafter he, as Minister of Defence, was obliged to suppress the first Intifada.

Even Former CIA chief James Woolsey Wants Pollard Freed – A Disgrace and Betrayal of the American Intelligenc Community and All the Families of the Agents He Killed

He did avoid being implicated in the spying by Jonathan Pollard for the Soviets, and the illegal arms dealing by Ollie North et al. during Iran-Contra.

Rabin had insisted that Reagan unequivocally approve the sale of Israeli weapons to Iran in return for the hostages held there, and in August 1985 the President telephoned NSA Bud McFarlane to confirm his approval, adding that Washington would replenish Israeli weapons stocks. (Lou Cannon, President Reagan, The Role of a Lifetime, pp. 544-6)

The trouble with a bipartisan attempt in both Tel Aviv and Washington to solve the Palestinian problem was that it was done without consulting their top leaders while Iran joined the countries willing to support their increasingly fragmented leadership.

Israel had long been the Shah’s closest friend in the area, and his overthrow, coupled with Sadat’s assassination, left Begin’s government nearly surrounded by enemies, and too few resources for dealing with them.

Iran’s SAVAK (the National Intelligence Organization) had long done much dirty work for the Mossad and CIA, its joint creators, and they had reciprocated in kind, but their joint operations were ultimately its undoing when the young mullahs it had recruited turned on the Shah.

As a result, Israel had to increasingly do its own dirty work – what it had only seriously done before in reaction to the killing at its Olympic athletes at the Munich Games in 1972.

The Mossad had Said Hammami, the PLO’s London representative, shot dead by agents of Abu Nidal’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in January 1978 when it feared that he, an Arab moderate, was attempting to negotiate a peace deal with the Israelis for Arafat.

“The conflict had made little progress ten years later,” Tony Geraghty added in The Bullet Catchers, “when Arafat’s military commander, Abu Jihad (real name, Khalil al-Wariz) was assassinated with military precision at his villa near Tunis, probably by agents of Israel’s secret service, Mossad.” (p. 376).

Two Faces of Abu Nidal

During the interim, Nidal’s terrorist group had seen to the highjacking of the Italian liner Achille Lauro, the assassination of Jewish invalid passenger Leon Klinghoffer, and the shooting up of the airports in Rome and Vienna during the terrorist countdown to the shooting of Sweden’s statsminister Olof Palme in Stockholm on February 28, 1986 – what was intended to trigger a solution to all the problems the West and Israel faced with a non-nuclear conclusion to the Cold War with the USSR.

Rabin’s forcing Washington to approve any arms shipments to Iran before they occurred proved most helpful to Tel Aviv when the fallout from Iran-Contra was occurring.

The various investigations of the scandal, especially the Tower Commission, believed McFarlane’s testimony about which came first.

“The accumulated evidence,” Cannon concluded, “did show that Reagan had given prior approval.” As a result, former head of the Israeli Air Force, and current Israeli businessman Al Schwimmer had to take personal responsibility for trying to sneak 80 HAWK missiles through Sweden on November 17th without statsminister Olof Palme’s approval, beginning the whole massive scandal which resulted in his assassination along the way,

Rabin, while he was in New York, had even called McFarlane earlier in November while he was in Geneva where Reagan and Gorbachev were to meet for the first time to make sure that he obtained Palme’s permission for using Sweden for the weapons transfer.

“Rabin had asked for help in arranging for an Israeli shipment of Hawk missiles to pass through a third country and be transferred to non-Israeli planes for delivery to Iran. McFarlane had directed Oliver North, who was in Washington, to attend to the matter.” (Lawrence Wash, Firewall: The Iran-Contra Conspiracy and Cover-Up, p. 39)

When Rabin proved unable to crush the Intifada, and the Soviet bloc and Union collapsed in a peaceful way, Rabin easily replaced Shimon Peres as Labor Party leader in its election in February 1992.

Rabin on the Firing Line

The result was hardly surprising as the former Prime Minister aka “Mister Loser” had been working behind Rabin’s back with Ollie North’s people so that the arms shipments would go ahead no matter what he wanted, and Palme demanded, as all the American investigations had indicated. (For more, see Walsh, p.37ff.)

In the surprising victory, Peres was made a most dangerous enemy, a leader who was more interested in making sure Rabin failed somehow rather than succeeded.

Thanks to Rabin’s convincing Knesset victory in the July 1992 election, he set about implementing his mandate for a permanent peace with the Palestinians – what Washington outsider Bill Clinton, just elected President, was most eager to achieve.

Upon becoming Premier, Rabin ordered Israel’s General Security Service, Shin Bet, to focus its activities on the right-wingers opposed to any settlement, and appointed close associate, Karmi Gillon, its director general – instead of the veteran and more qualified Gideon Ezra – to carry out the mission which Gillon himself had pointed out the need of. Several senior Shin Bet people quit in protest over the new mission.

“This policy change resulted in the most dangerous and bitter split ever in Israeli society,” Uri Dan and Dennis Eisenberg wrote in “A slanderous tongue.” Rabin thought it was necessary if there was to be any hope of making the dream of peace a reality.

Once the Olso Accords had been agreed to, and Rabin, Peres, and Arafat received the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize, its prospects deteriorated as suicide bombers continued to kill Israelis, and Orthodox rabbis started a most threatening campaign against Rabin’s leadership.

Peres helped set up Rabin as the prime cause of the trouble by making him make the symbolic handshake with PLO leader Arafat at the signing of the agreement in Oslo.

Surprise, Surprise – Arafat Gets the Noble Prize

They revived two obsolete halachic precepts from the Talmud – the din rodef (the duty to kill Jews who imperil other Jews), and the din moser (the duty to kill Jews who threaten to turn in other Jews to non-Jewish authorities).

Religious law student Yigal Amir soon became acquainted with these precepts while attending Bar-Ilan University.

The precepts were soon being used against Rabin who had claimed during the 1992 election campaign that he would never negotiate with Arafat – whatYossi Beilin had met the PLO’s Abu Mazen in secret in May to work out the details of.

Because of Rabin’s actions in the Altalena Affair, right-wingers like Ben Shapiro were so clamoring that he was no hero at all since he had seen to the killing to his fellow Jews then, and was leaving others to fall into the hands of foreign authorities now.

To stem the anti-Rabin tide, Gillon, it seems, hired agent provocateurs, particularly Avishai Raviv.

They created hostile groups like Eyal, composed of angry settlers and right-wingers, to denounce and protest his policies in an increasingly violent way. Reminiscent of the campaign against Olof Palme, they called Rabin a traitor, and a Nazi.

The protesters cursed the Premier outside his apartment in Ramat Aviv, and Eyal teenagers produced a video, calling for a military coup.

When an Arab was murdered in Halhoul by persons wearing IDF uniforms, Raviv claimed that members of Eyal had done it, though, it turned out after Rabin’s assassination that Arab thieves had done it.

Rabin’s cabinet, especially Minister of Agriculture Ya’acov Tzur, still believed the deception, complaining bitterly when there were no arrests for the killing.

On October 5, 1995, there was a mass protest by the right-wingers at Zion Square, attended by Rabin’s apparent assassin. During the demonstration, a poster was raised on which Rabin’s face was pasted over the figure of Heinrich Himmler – what had been made originally by Raviv and Amir at a Eyal summer camp on the Kinneret. Amir responded to the sight thus:

“Because of this dog, this country is going to be destroyed.” When Amir noted TV cameras recording the scene, he said: “Instead of filming, will you come to the funeral? Will you come to the funeral tomorrow?” Then, Binyamin Netanyahu told the crowd being observed by guests including Sharon: “Rabin is a dog – In blood and fire we’ll drive Rabin out – will bring the government down.”

Amir’s Miracle Shot – Real or Blanks ?

Then the group marched on the Knesset during which they attacked Rabin’s empty limousine without any response by security people.

Then it attacked Housing Minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezar in his car, threatening to kill him.

Once he escaped harm, he charged after Netanyahu, exclaiming: “The settlers have gone crazy, and someone will be murdered here, if not today, then in another week or another month.”

It was 30 days later, on November 4th, that Rabin was assassinated after Amir had fired blanks in a fake attempt to rally public support when it failed, as he went to his limousine after addressing the peace rally, while his bodyguards once again looked helplessly on.

Once in the limousine, Rabin was shot twice by covert operators, dying on the way to the hospital. It was a case of hijacking the scene that the Prime Minister had made up in order to dispose of him without any serious blowback, at least not until Shimon Peres dies.

 [Editors Note: The shooting at about 1:40. I suggest you stop and start and move you play position back to watch this several times, starting and stopping.  You will notice that he is too far back to have the gun flash so close to Rabin’s back. This is been doctored to stretch his arm a few feet so the gun powder residue found on Rabin’s back fits a discharge that close. Amir is about three feet further back. They took some frames out of the original video, not a big deal to do.

In VIP high security all bodyguard as assigned zones to have the perimeter covered visually. You will notice here that they are ALL looking forward…something impossible for guarding a person like this. The left, right and rear are totally uncovered. It’s almost like they did not want to see anything. A rear shooting attack like this something that is an ABC defensive training procedure. You usually will have a ‘hand on gun’ lagging security person assigned to drop anybody making such an attack, and they train for quick shooting at short distances for this.

In the real world the the lagging security would have picked up Amir making his move, spotted his hand in his pocket and begun his shoot draw immediately. As soon as Amir began to pull his gun out he would have been shot three times in the back from a 45 to 60 degree angle. The only other possibility is total incompetence of the whole team.  Jim W. Dean]

YouTube – Veterans Today –

The Cold Eyes of Yigal Amir

Thanks to Gillon’s deceptive campaign, as the Shamgar Commissioninvestigating the assassination duly recorded, but was prevented from releasing the damaging details of, it was a case of ‘mirror-imaging’ which had completely confused his security detail about the dire threat of.

The most damning evidence about a double-agent operation having gone horribly wrong was the admission that Raviv had urged Amir to kill Rabin to prove his manhood – what Amir achieved after shooting the blanks when he told police:

“Do your work. I’ve done mine.”

Rabin X-ray – Count the Bullets

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New Bombs and War Crimes in Fallujah


by Jim Fetzer, Leuren Moret, and Christopher Busby

Heavy firepower was used in Fallujah in 2004

HEAVY FIRE POWER WAS USED IN FALLUJAH IN 2004: U.S. Marines fire Nov. 11, 2004, on Fallujah with a 155 mm Howitzer. One of the weapons originally designed for this artillery piece was a tactical nuclear weapon (that could include a neutron warhead) designed by Samuel Cohen, to be fired in eastern Europe on Soviet troops during President Ronald Reagan’s term in office. [Photo: Lance Cpl. Samantha L. Jones]

On Friday, 28 October 2011, it was my honor to host Leuren Moret and Christopher Busby as my guests on “The Real Deal”, an internet radio program broadcast on M/W/F from 5-7 PM/CT over Leuren Moret is an independent geoscientist who has done expert studies on the Fukushima disaster, radiation problems around the world including depleted uranium. Dr. Christopher Busby is a visiting biomedical studies professor at the University of Ulster and is the co-author of reports about the effects of depleteed uranium in Iraq especially in relation to Fallujah. What Busby found much to his surprise was not DU but enriched uranium instead.

The interview was extraordinary on many counts. During the first hour, Leuren reported on the lastest research about Fukushima and laid out a background for understanding the issues that she and Busby and I would discuss during the second hour. It has become apparent from Busby’s research that a new kind of bomb–which seems to be a neutron bomb–has been used in Fallujah, but also in other areas, including Lebanon. As though that discovery were not astonishing enough, listening to him, it struck me that this same weapon may have been used to destroy the Twin Towers, an explanation for which has remained elusive and where alternative theories about the possible use of mini-nukes, directed energy weaponry, and other causal mechanisms have been widely discussed–or, in some cases, actually suppressed.

So there are linkages of evidence and causation that tie together the commission of war crimes in Iraq with mechanisms of destruction that may have brought about the near-total conversion of two massive, 500,000 ton buildings into millions of cubic yards of very fine dust. We know that nanothermite does not have the capacity to bring about these effects, even though it has many staunch advocates. So what we have to learn from Christopher Busby may not only expose the existence of a new weapon of mass destruction but also provide a key to understanding what happened on 9/11. The transcription of the second hour of the program (published here) was done by Jeannon Kralj, to whom we are indebted for the excellence of her work. The images and captions were courtesy of Leuren Moret. I plan to have the first hour published tomorrow and will provide a link to the audio file as soon as it becomes available, which it has just become.

The Real Deal Radio Show (28 October 2011)

Host: Jim Fetzer: James Fetzer Ph.D.


Dr. Busby: Christopher Busby, Ph.D.

Leuren Moret: Leuren Moret B.S., M.A., PhD (ABD)

HOUR TWO (transcribed by Jeannon Kralj)

Jim Fetzer: This is Jim Fetzer, your host on “The Real Deal”, continuing my conversation with Leuren Moret and now we have been joined by Professor Christopher Busby who is a visiting biomedical studies professor at the University of Ulster and is the co-author of reports about the effects of depleteed uranium in Iraq especially in relation to Fallujah.

Chris, welcome to “The Real Deal”.

Dr. Busby: Yes, hello.

Jim Fetzer: Please do tell us about the results of your studies and the effects of the depleted uranium.

Dr. Busby: Okay, well, I’ve done two studies with colleagues in Iraq of the town of Fallujah, which I am sure everybody knows was attacked by US-led forces in 2004, and there was an enormous amount of fire-power used then. And following that there’s been a lot of talk about increases in cancer and congenital malformations and various other conditions, but nobody had ever done any proper epidemiology or scientific study. So it was all anecdotal, although it had been reported in a lot of media.

So a colleague of mine, Malak Hamden, decided to get involved and she contacted me and together we developed an idea to conduct an epidemiological study. This was in 2010 and we organized a team of people in Fallujah to visit various houses and set up a randomized group of people in houses to tell us how many people there were, sexes, ages and so forth, and how many cancers they had and what the population was and so forth. And that study was published in the International Journal of Environmental Public Health, a Swiss journal, in 2010.

And what it showed was that there was an enormous increase – there was – everybody had been right – all the anecdotal evidence was actually borne out. There was a very big increase in cancer in that population, highly statistically significant, and also there was a big increase in infant mortality and mostly driven by congenital disease, and there was a change in sex ratio, that is to the number of boys born to the number of girls, which is very indicative of a genomic or genetic effect on the sperm [in men] or the eggs of the women.

Toxic Zones in Iraq

TOXIC ZONES IN IRAQ: High risk areas contaminated with depleted uranium and other toxins from 30 years of war have left large areas of environmental ruin. The largest towns and cities account for 25% of the contaminated areas. Higher rates of cancer and birth defects have been reported at these sites. Contaminated agricultural lands in southern Iraq have caused a decline in the health of the poorest people living in those parts of the country. Recently a severe drought has decreased the water flowing in the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers by 70%, causing additional unprecedented environmental disaster. In October 2010, news sources in Baghdad Province reported 1 billion cubic tons of garbage had been dumped into the Tigris River and was increasing every day. [Sources: Chulov, M., “Iraq littered with high levels of nuclear and dioxin contamination, study finds, Guardian, January 22, 2010. Kamal, F. “One million cubic tons of garbage dumped in Tigris River”, AZZAMAN.COM, Oct. 28, 2010]

And so there was evidently some other cause in order to answer to the fact that the levels of cancer were higher than had been reported following Hiroshima. So we’re talking about some sort of agent which causes massive genetic damage in a population. And of course everyone said ‘well it must be depleted uranium.’ But of course this was an epidemiological study so we didn’t we couldn’t say anything about depleted uranium or what it was.

But in order to investigate it, we then decided to go ahead and have a look at a group of parents of children with congenital malformations. And so one of the team who was a pediatrician at Fallujah General Hospital organized 25 fathers and 25 mothers of children with serious congenital malformations, many of these died of course, and took hair samples from these people and we analyzed those hair samples using quite sophisticated technique, or Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS).

And we looked at 52 elements in the hair samples of these people and we found quite large increases in a whole range of elements but most of them were innocuous, things like calcium and aluminum and magnesium, which are not likely to cause congenital malformations. In fact, the only thing that we found apart from uranium that might have been implicated was mercury. But the source and levels of congenital malformations that we had found, and in fact there is another paper which hasn’t been published yet which does show these levels at very high levels of congenital malformation. The only thing that could explain it was uranium.

Large increases in congenital defects


[Source: Friday, December 31, 2010

BBC interview on the Fallujah Epidemic of Birth Defects]

BBC VIDEO: Fallujah Epidemic of Birth Defects

BBC interview on YouTube at:


The interesting thing about the uranium was that we were able to measure the isotopic ratio because we were interested to see whether it was, you know, natural uranium or was it DU, which is what we thought it would be. But in fact it turned out to be slightly enriched uranium [with U-235], so, that is to say, it was manmade enriched uranium.

Now enriched uranium is a material that should only be found in a nuclear power station or inside an atomic bomb. So to find it in the hair of the parents of these children with congenital malformations was really astonishing.

So we then went to look to see how this could be, and to cut a long story short, we concluded from various patents from the US patent office that we received from physicists, that it was quite entirely likely that there was a new secret weapon being used, an anti-personnel weapon of some sort which contained enriched uranium or else generated enriched uranium.

And so there are basically two possibilities. One is that they are using this enriched uranium. It’s only mildly enriched uranium, to cover their tracks, so that afterwards nobody can come to them, you know, with a whole trail of people with cancer and congenital disease and say ‘Hey look, we’re going to sue you” because then they can say “Well, you know, there’s no depleted uranium there.’

And the alternative – which is sort of science fictional and which is entirely possible – I have to say, which is that they have developed a sort of neutron device which uses enriched uranium as part of its components to generate neutrons. And the way it does this is to dissolve tritium in uranium powder. Like deuterium, heavy hydrogen is very soluble in uranium, and when it is compressed, when the saturated solution is compressed, you can get a cold fusion reaction which produced helium-4 and neutrons, and so that too is a possibility. But of course we don’t know what the answer is.

And interestingly enough, and also connected to this, is the fact that we know from various papers that have been published that the Gulf War veterans, the US Gulf War veterans, have also had a very high and statistically significant increase in congenital malformations in their children. But the uranium source of this has been excluded on the basis of urine tests which show that there is no depleted uranium. But of course, what we have discovered is that there wouldn’t be depleted uranium because it is enriched uranium.

Cancer rate increase in Basra, Iraq 1993-2001

CANCER RATE INCREASES IN BASRA, IRAQ1993-2001: Dr. Jawad Al-Ali, an oncologist in Basra, Iraq, reported large increases in cancer and leukemia in Basra following the 1990 Gulf War, and the introduction of depleted uranium weapons to the battlefield by the US govt. Cancer rates in Fallujah from the 2004 attack are even higher than Basra, and many times higher than after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

[Source: Dr. Jawad Al-Ali, Basra, Iraq]

Jim Fetzer: Well Chris, this is fairly astonishing news. I must say, I am taken aback in that the belief that it has been depleted uranium that has caused these problems, so widespread, so ubiquitous, that your findings are truly astonishing, I think even revolutionary, in altering the paradigm with which we view these matters where the American government, once again, is complicit. Whereas the attack on Fallujah obviously involved war crimes on a massive scale in the use of chemical and other weapons that were banned under the Geneva Conventions, now we’re talking about a whole new family of weapons that have devastating effects and that alter the genetics of the civilian and military population, which can have incalculable consequences from an evolutionary point of view. I am stunned.

Dr. Busby: Yes, well so were we. But I have to say that we weren’t absolutely astonished as we might have been because we had already turned up enriched uranium in a bomb crater in Lebanon in 2006, and there are certainly no differences about that in two separate laboratories using two entirely different techniques. So in one laboratory they used ICPMS, which is this method we just used.

But in another one, they used the old fashioned but much more certain method which is called alpha spectroscopy. And so in that laboratory, they also found enriched uranium. So there is no doubt that enriched uranium is being used as some component of some modern weapons system.

And the other thing about it is that people are so “Oh well you know they use…, why do you find depleted uranium because there are no tanks.” And of course the answer is that it is an anti-personnel method of attack. It is not a tank buster at all. It is a new system and I think that this is the message to the planet, that there is a secret new system and it is extremely dangerous.

Large increase in Fallujah post-2004 attacks

LARGE INCREASE IN FALLUJAH BIRTH DEFECTS WERE REPORTED AFTER 2004 US ATTACKS: Defects in newborns were 11 times higher than normal, “war contaminants” from new exotic weapons including nuclear weapons, are the probable cause.

[S0urce: Chulov, M., “Research links rise in Falluja birth defects and cancers to US assault”, The Guardian (UK), Dec. 30, 2010]

Jim Fetzer: Yes, extremely dangerous, and you are observing it was found in Lebanon, where to the best of my knowledge, there was not an American incursion but rather an Israeli, and that the Israelis may even have developed this weapon or been provided with it by the American government.

Leuren Moret: Actually what happened is that during the attack, in the middle of the Israeli attack on Lebanon, the US sent 800, rushed, 800 special bombs, and I have photos of them on planes in England and landing and taking off in Scotland and also Ireland. And they expedited delivery of these special bombs to the Israelis to use on Lebanon in the second half of that attack, and I believe that those may have been the source of this exotic weapons signature that Dr. Busby has just mentioned.

Jim Fetzer: Chris, had you heard those reports before possibly …?

Dr. Busby: Well I know that the Americans did supply bombs to the Israeli because there was a lot of fuss when they were landing in Scotland. The Scottish people wanted to prevent them using the airports there as a staging place for refueling in order to supply the Israelis because there was a lot of opposition to that particular war, which was another illegal war [unintelligible] I think it was in this report.

The crater that we found in Khiam (Lebanon) that my colleague, that actually I sent my colleague out there to look at, was in fact radioactive. So not only did we find DU but we found enriched uranium in it. The reason that we went there in the first place was that one of the local physicists who had been looking at the various effects of these weapons in Lebanon detected the radiation signature of this particular crater was alarmingly high, so that’s why we went to see why it was high. Now the radiation levels fell rapidly over about six weeks and went back to normal. Now that would be a signature for a neutron device because what happens is that the neutrons from the device cause an increased level of gamma radioactivity due to neutron activation of substances in the soil, but these are fairly short-lived, and so they do drop off over a short period of about three to six weeks, so that would fit in with that possibility.

Turbocharged “Superbombs”

Reactive Materials can be used to replace inert metals in munitions, all different kinds of weapons. Even Explosively Formed Penetrators, or EFPs, the “superbombs” used to such deadly effect in Iraq and Afghanistan, are candidates for the reactive materials revolution.

[Source: Hambling, D., “Reactive Revolution: Turbocharged ‘Superbombs’, WIRED, May 9, 2008]

Jim Fetzer: Now Chris, perhaps you can confirm my impression that one of the benefits of these neutron weapons is that they kill people but don’t damage property.

Dr. Busby: Well that’s why they were developed, of course. Yes, that’s correct, that is why they were developed.

I want to be very cautious about all of this. I have talked to a number of physicists who say that this is possible, who say that the model seems reasonable, but we have no real evidence apart from the existence of enriched uranium [I-235] in this crater in Lebanon, deuterium, anomalously high levels of radioactivity caused by neutron activation, and the rest is surmisable.

Jim Fetzer: Well, on the other hand, if you apply the principle of inference to the best explanation, if you consider alternative hypotheses about the possible cause and calculate the probability of the effects if those causes were indeed what had brought about those effects, the causes with the highest probability have the highest degree of evidential support …

Dr. Busby: Yes, of course. But the thing about this is that it is entirely possible also that what they are doing is just disposing of a load of old nuclear warheads. As you know, they have to have a lot of decommissioning of nuclear weapons and there are significant amounts, very large amounts of enriched uranium in those nuclear weapons, and so the point is that that stuff would have to normally be disposed of as nuclear waste. Now that would be a simple matter for them to just mix it in with depleted uranium until you got a mix which just took you on the correct side of the dose limits to the soldiers. That’s the way these people think. I can tell you. They would mix it in so that the soldiers under some risk model approach would have less than one millisievert in a year or whatever the risk level is, and that would be a very neat way of getting rid of all their warheads without having to find somewhere to put them which would cost them money. At the same time, of course, they could use them in this new weapon.

Now it doesn’t have to be a neutron weapon. The patents that we’ve found include a weapon where the uranium is part of an explosive, and then this explosive is used in a shaped charge, a sort of shaped appliance so that it shapes and directs the actual explosion power.

Now there are various missiles and tank styles that are called TOW and these are directed-charge weapons. And I’ve seen pictures of these taken at tanks. They fly over the top of the tanks and they suddenly go “bang” and this enormous directed charge goes downward on to the top of the tank and atomizes it. And these are quite small missiles. So there is an alternative explanation so it doesn’t have to be something nuclear.

Jim Fetzer: Goes down on the top of the tank and atomizes it?

Dr. Busby: Yes, yes, it does. It’s the most extraordinary thing, that the missile doesn’t hit the tank – it flies over the top of it and a sort of [shaped] charge shoots out from the bottom of the missile and blows the tank apart from the top.

Jim Fetzer: Could such a weapon then be used on steel structure high-rise buildings.

Dr. Busby: Well you could make a directed charge weapon that could do anything, and some of these weapons, of course…I think the point is…This has been described in various books about the battle of Fallujah. It’s not me saying this. But they do have these missiles that can blow down walls, and the problem was that these guys, what they call “the insurgents,” were inside buildings and were shooting out through windows and the easiest way to get them would be to just completely demolish the wall. So these directed-charge weapons are capable of doing that, which is to blow the wall away, presumably when the wall comes down with them. So there are lots and lots of modern weapons.

Another thing about this is that a lot of very strange wounds have been found. You know there is actually a group of doctors who are trying to figure out how these wounds have been found. They are not the sort of wounds you get in combats in historic wars. They’re entirely new. So there is some sort of new weapon out there, and I think probably it contains uranium – would be my guess.

Burn wounds never seen before

FALLUJAH BURNS: During the 2004 US attack on Fallujah, strange wounds and burns were reported by Doctors treating Iraqi war casualties. These types of wounds had never been seen before.

Jim Fetzer: Could you sketch some of these wounds so that we would have a better idea of what you are talking about?

Dr. Busby: There are people who have been found that for no apparent reason their bodies are slightly swollen and they cut the bodies open to look inside and found nothing at all which could produce pain–explain why they are dead.

Now this could be the consequence of a thermobaric weapon. Now uranium explosives have been associated with the development thermobaric weapons because what these weapons do, instead of their “bang” very sharply with a kind of sharp shock wave, they produce a very slow shock wave, so the shock wave goes out and then it sucks back into a vacuum. It just destroys people by its sudden change in pressure. It sucks their lungs out, if you like. So that could be one of them.

Now I took photographs of a boy who was hit by one of these weapons and there’s a stripe across his chest which is like a black stripe. The rest of him is perfectly all right. There is no problem with him, but where the stripe crosses his arm, the arm has been completely charred and its like you can just see two sticks where the bones are still there but they’re carbonized. So this guy who has obviously standing by a window and some enormous heat has come through the window and has just totally wiped out parts of him and other parts are completely unharmed. There are a number of these pictures around which really don’t make sense unless you have some kind of new weapon that we don’t fully understand [yet] . . .

Jim Fetzer: Chris, this is nauseating, I mean, man’s inhumanity to man, you know, seems to be on blatant display here.

Dr. Busby: It’s an interesting philosophical point really, how these people can do it. But you see they put themselves in a different universe. They just sit there with their pencils and paper and they kind of just see it as a . . . I don’t know, like an abstract plan on how to kill somebody. They don’t see them as real people.

Leuren Moret: It’s nothing personal, Chris. It’s nothing personal. It’s just another industry like making shoes to them.

Dr. Busby: I saw a very interesting video about three women who were walking along, Palestinians as well, and they were looking at a drone, one of these Israeli drones, and then two of the young daughters turned to the mother and smiled at her and sort of laughed and then pointed to it, and then the drone wiped them out. It sort of sent a missile down and blew them to pieces, these two children. And then later on in this same program, I saw a picture of the Israelis, young men sitting at computer screens with joy sticks, and they were controlling these drones and they were looking through the eyes of the drone, if you like, and seeing people walking about, and then they could press a button on the joy stick just like a computer game. And I had this vision of two of these guys sitting there and they saw these two beautiful young women turn round and laugh at them, you know, thought they were laughing at the drone, but who knows, they may have been laughing at some joke that they had made. You know, these guys saw them laughing at the drone and they just pressed the button and wiped them out. It is like that – this distance between people – that these modern weapons enable people to use.

Jim Fetzer: I’ve actually published a piece entitled, “On the Ethical Conduct of Warfare: Predator Drones”, that was published by Global Research, and studies have shown that from these drone attacks they are killing on the average of 140 innocent civilians for every targeted insurgent. And of course, as we well know, since the United States is the aiding and occupying force from the point of view of the Iraqis and the Afghans, these are “freedom fighters” as Ronald Reagan described the Contras in Nicaragua.

The incapacity of Americans to see another point of view, Chris, is simply staggering, I must tell you, it’s just staggering.

Dr. Busby: Well I agree with you, absolutely. I kind of know that. I know that. I don’t know what you can do about it.

Jim Fetzer: The fact that you’ve been dealing with these exotic weapons, or at least their effects, leads me to ask the following question. One of the most puzzling aspects of research on 9/11 is how the Twin Towers were destroyed because their being converted into millions of yards of very fine dust from the top down, while all the floors were remaining stationary. The mass of the lower parts of the buildings is overwhelmingly greater than the mass of the top of the building – in relation to the North Tower, for example, the top 14 floors, because the steel is tapered from the base. Whereas in the sub-basement it is 6 inches thick, and then 5 and so forth up to a quarter inch thick at the top, represents that only 1.4 percent of the mass of the steel and the idea that that could overcome the lower 98.6 is simply a physical impossibility. And yet we have these buildings clearly being blown apart in every direction, not any effect of a unidirectional gravitational attraction downward. And the question becomes “what could possibly have brought this about?” And I just wonder if any of these extraordinary weapons you are talking about could have such effects.

Dr. Busby: Well, that is an interesting question there and it has to do with this story of tritium in the water in the basement of the Twin Towers. Now if you look at tritium in the Twin Towers, there is a proper, peer reviewed scientific paper by a number of quite eminent chemical analysts who measured the concentration of the element tritium, which is a form of radioactive hydrogen [used in nuclear weapons and produced in some nuclear reactions] in the basement waters of the Twin Towers, and they concluded that the amount of tritium there was absolutely impossible – it could not have got there except as a consequence of some “unusual happening”.

Now the point about this weapon that I’m talking to you about, this weapon of deuterium and uranium, is that it does actually produce tritium. That’s one of its major products. It produces helium-4 and tritium. So what you would need to look for if you were looking for, I suppose, this particular explosive’s sort of footprint, you would look for tritium, and they did find tritium in the Twin Towers, so it is entirely possible that they were brought down with this same weapon.

Photo 1: A new Chinese neutron bomb

Jim Fetzer: And it’s a weapon that produces a neutron bomb effect . . .

Dr. Busby: Yes, by producing gamma rays

Jim Fetzer: . . . by combining depleted uranium with enriched uranium. And could be blended so you could create any mixture you like to achieve the type of effect, the range of blast and so forth desired.

Leuren Moret: Chris, explain to Jim and the audience what you discovered about the structure of super-thermite or thermite that was developed at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab and the similar structure in the layers, like a sandwich, of these fourth-generation nuclear weapons, and they were also developed at the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab.

Dr. Busby: Well I think that you’ll have to do that. I don’t know anything about super-thermite. People have talked to me about it, but I don’t really know anything about it.

Photo 2: A new Chinese neutron bomb

Photo 1: This photo was taken within a few hundredths of a microsecond of the detonation of the device. It was most likely taken from an airplane, but it could have been shot from a satellite. The fireball can be seen at its brightest, and a uniquely designed pattern is also very easily seen.

Photo 2: This second photograph was taken approximately a millisecond after the first. The dome of the fireball can be seen, along with the specially created pattern of neutrons impacting the ground.

CHINESE NEUTRON BOMB TEST 1995-6: Samuel Cohen said he estimates the size of the fireball in the pictures to be about 200 to 300 feet across. He believes it is a good example of what to expect from a one-kiloton, low yield neutron bomb. The photos came without technical information, so Cohen and others who evaluated the pictures were unable to provide conclusive details. [Source: Bresnahan, D., “China Test-detonates Kiloton Neutron Bomb: U.S. likely knew about surface explosion”, FREEDOM NETWORK, April 1999]

Leuren Moret: You were talking about the structure of the fourth-generation nuclear weapons where it is a layer of deuterium, a layer of U235….

Dr. Busby: No no, it’s a solution of deuterium in the uranium…

Leuren Moret: Oh, in the uranium.

Dr. Busby: Yes. The fact is that we know from work that was done by a colleague of mine called Martin Fleischmann, who first discovered what is called “cold fusion” at the University of South Hampton, and I was actually working with that a while ago. It was in the late 70s, beginning of the 80s. He discovered that if you dissolve deuterium and palladium and then electrolyze… use it for electrolysis, you get more energy out than you put in, and then that was called cold fusion. And everyone was running around trying to make free energy using cold fusion. And the Harwell Laboratory, at that time, the atomic energy research laboratory in the UK denied that and said “Oh, it doesn’t work”. He just kind of gave up on that, or at least it didn’t go anywhere. But more recently, he has told my colleague in Italy that in fact a much better electrode to use, or a much better material to use, is uranium, but in fact not palladium. But uranium dissolves much more hydrogen or deuterium because it goes into the interstices between these enormous uranium atoms because you know it has an atomic number of 92. So it’s a very very big atom and in the metallic matrix, there’s lots of spaces between the atoms where hydrogen can pack in, so enormous amounts of deuterium will actually just dissolve in solution into the uranium matrix. Now if you then compress it, it causes a cold fusion reaction, according to this guy, Emilio Della Guidice, whom I met in London. He told me about this. If you then compress a supersaturated solution of deuterium in uranium, there is nowhere for the deuterium to go so it compresses to the extent that it turns itself into helium-4 and produces tritium and a great gamma ray pulse with neutrons. It’s a two-stage reaction. So it is a cold fusion reaction.

So in principle what you have to do is take a shell and fill it up with uranium powder and then dissolve deuterium, heavy hydrogen, in that and then fire it at something. So there is that something it squashes. It gets compressed and then you get this gigantic pulse of energy as a result of this fusion reaction – cold fusion. That is what he suggested is what this cold fusion weapon is.

In fact, the Russians did talk about a similar weapon which they called “Red Mercury”. And they referred to it in the late part of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, sometime when there was a discussion between Reagan and some General in the Soviet system. They were bragging about the fact that they had this weapon that was about the size of a baseball that was a neutron bomb, and it had a density such that it weighed about 20 kilograms or so many kilograms. Anyway I have worked out that in order to be the size of a baseball and weigh whatever they said it weighed, it had to be to be uranium because that was the only thing that had sufficient density to weigh that much. So I think this weapon has been around for some time actually. So that’s all I know, but I don’t know anything about the super-thermite. But if a weapon exists, that’s how it works.

Jim Fetzer: The research that has been done about the superthermite or nanothermite actually had shown that it does not have the explosive properties that would be required to perform these feats. I have worked in collaboration with a chemical engineer from NASA by the name of T. Mark Hightower. We have now published several articles demonstrating that the detonation velocity of nano-thermite is only 895 meters per second, whereas as you know from materials science the principle that you must have a detonation velocity equal at least to the speed of sound and the material wherein concrete is 3200 meters per second and in steel 6100 meters per second, so that nano-thermite doesn’t even have the potential to have brought about the effects that were observed, for example in the Twin Towers on 9-11.

Dr. Busby: …the tritium, that’s the point.

Jim Fetzer: The tritium, yes yes, elevated levels of tritium and I also understand that of barium, of strontium and of deuterium.

Dr. Busby: Well…if true…I didn’t know you got deuterium as well as tritium. If you’ve got deuterium as well as tritium, that pretty much nails it, doesn’t it?

Eurasian air circulation and dispersal of depleted uranium

EURASIAN AIR CIRCULATION AND DISPERSALMovement of air masses through contaminated regions transports the radioactive poison gas and aerosols around the world, contaminating the environment through dry and wet depositions, causing large increases globally in uranium-related diseases and chronic illnesses, infertility, and the feminization of men. [Source: Peter Eyre, former British Naval Intelligence and Middle East oil and gas consultant]

Jim Fetzer: Well I would like for you to elaborate on that because this is a very important point. I have longed believed that it was the chemical residue that was going to tell us what was going on here.

Dr. Busby: Right. Well, from what I just said, from what Emilio Della Guidice told me, this weapon is deuterium dissolved in uranium. OK. Now if that’s the case, you’re not going to get a hundred percent fusion. I mean I’d be surprised if you got more than five percent fusion. And it could well be that you could regulate the level of fusion by regulating the gamma radioactivity of the uranium. So if you put more U235 into the mix, you might be able to increase the electron density and therefore, because of the ionization of the U235 is much more radioactive than U238, and then you might be able to regulate the percentage of the material that went to cold fusion. But I would be extremely surprised if the percentage of fusion was very high at all.

Because, if it were for me [to say], there would be all sorts of parts of this weapon that didn’t reach super-saturation. So some part of it would get this fusion reaction and it would blow the rest of it away. Just like the atom bombs. That’s why they had to put these big uranium casings on the atom bomb because the initial fission explosion would blow everything away and then the neutron density would fall down, so you would lose a lot of efficiency. And even the way in which they did it with atom bombs, they still only got about five percent fission. So there was an awful lot of wastage.

And the same here. So the wastage, of course, would lead to all that deuterium being released in the explosion as deuterium, not having been turned into anything else… like tritium and so forth and would be able to be there in the ground, see, and hence the deuterium.

Jim Fetzer: Let me pose the plausibility of the following scenario. We have firefighters who were reporting hearing ‘boom boom boom boom’. It was 110 stories and it took approximately 11 seconds to be completely destroyed, I believe we were listening to a series of explosions that were blowing out 10 floors at a time. Would that sound plausible using these types of weapons?

Dr. Busby: I really don’t know. I’m not a weapons expert. All I can say…I mean…all of this is the sort of back walk, I mean we walked away from what I know, which is that we discovered enriched uranium in Fallujah.

Jim Fetzer: Yes.

Dr. Busby: And walking back from that we then think well why is there enriched uranium in Fallujah and then we say ‘well look here, one of the possibilities is that they developed this weapon.’ And then you add all of the other stuff in and it means that maybe this weapon exists.

Jim Fetzer: Yes.

Dr. Busby: I have no idea how powerful it is, but I would suggest that it is very very powerful in terms of its size. So if you want something that’s small that somebody can walk and just stick it in the corner somewhere that has enough power to blow this building down, you know, then it’s a good bet. In other words, otherwise you’d have to take a suitcase of TNT, or maybe like, you know, suitcases that would make it more difficult…

Jim Fetzer: Oh it would be massive quantities of TNT, massive quantities… Just to mention in response to Leuren’s interest in the nano-thermite, it has less than 13 percent the explosive power of TNT.

Leuren Moret: A chemical explosive does not release enough energy to do what happened to the World Trade Center buildings, which was to nano-powder them. And they were in lower orbital space within 48 hours of the disaster. Those are very very tiny particles and I am an atmospheric dust expert. I’ve never heard of it going up into lower orbital space that fast.

Jim Fetzer: Doesn’t what Chris is describing sound very plausible conjecture, admittedly as a conjecture? But of course the crucial part of scientific reasoning is speculation, identifying hypotheses for further investigation. You know I think…

Leuren Moret: The whole key to what happened at the World Trade Center is the energy budget. How much energy was necessary to break those building materials into nano-particles? And that could not come from a chemical explosive.

And secondly, the data that Dr. Thomas Cahill reported from his air monitoring of the World Trade Center for five months beginning October 5th after 9-11 was…He’s the one that reported high levels of uranium, elevated levels of uranium in the dust that was released from the WTC, the highest concentration of fine particles ever measured in an air sample in the US and the highest concentration of metal ever measured in an air sample in the US. And also he reported deuterium, tritium, and like I said the elevated uranium levels.

Jim Fetzer: Go ahead Chris, yes.

Dr. Busby: Well, there you are. You have all those three ingredients, don’t you? The tritium, the deuterium and the uranium – yes, that’s all you need. It seems quite a plausible hypothesis.

Jim Fetzer: It does indeed and I just want to clear, Chris, about the ingredients. You have the deuterium that is a solution of uranium, or depleted uranium, powder that is diluted with deuterium, and then all you have to do is project it or impose some pressure upon it to cause it to…

Dr. Busby: That’s right. That’s how it works.

Jim Fetzer: That’s astounding! That’s just simply astonishing!

Leuren Moret: And then to add to that…to add to that, New York City is still radioactive after 9-11.

And when I started a depleted uranium Geiger counter movement in Hawaii in 2007, the police chief of New York City tried to get a law passed, he panicked because New Yorkers were contacting me and wanted to do a Geiger counter survey in New York City. And he tried to get a law passed in New York City that prohibited citizens from having or using Geiger counters or any air-monitoring instruments. It failed.

Jim Fetzer: What an arbitrary, capricious and tyrannical step to propose! I mean, that’s just stunning, Leuren. We’re talking about health hazard detection devices. They were supposed to be made illegal in New York City?

Leuren Moret: That’s right. Because as long as the government agencies are measuring the radiation levels, we’ll never get the truth. But once American citizens, or Japanese citizens or people in other countries start making the measurements themselves, then the cat is out of the bag. It’s extremely empowering and very powerful and it really pushes the military and the government up against the wall. And so it’s very important for Americans and citizens around the world to have measuring devices.

Dr. Busby just went to Japan. Tell them what happened, Chris.

Dr. Busby: Oh, well, sure. I said I wasn’t going to go very close to Fukushima because I was scared of dying, basically. So they said, “You can come 100 kilometers and we’ll get the citizens of Fukushima to come to you”, which they did.

So I went to a place called Aizu Wakamatsu, and they said “Oh, the levels of radioactivity there are quite low.” Now I have a portable gamma-spectrometer. It’s really quite a sophisticated piece of kit, which I got from the East Germans – call it the Germans now – but basically I still think of them as the East Germans, in Dresden. A very very nice piece of equipment, which consisted of a germanium-scintillation counter, a two and a half inch sodium iodide detector and then a little mini-computer and stuff.

And we found in Aizu Wakumatsu, we found using a Geiger counter that there were levels of about 5.5 microsieverts per hour, which is about 5, 6, 7 times higher than background. And we set up this thing and made it the spectrum there and found enormous levels of cesium-137 and cesium-134, and also the signal appeared to show the presence of uranium-235.

And since then, I have brought that sample back to England and had it tested in another laboratory using a high-resolution camera and what this shows is that there is a signal from U235, uranium-235. And that the ratio of U238 to U235 is quite anomalous. Again, it’s very highly enriched uranium, but it’s much more highly enriched than Fallujah. As far as the signal is concerned, based on the thorium daughter isotopes, it seems that there is at least a 4 to 1 ratio of enriched U235 to U238, whereas it should be about 140 [to 1]. So there is something causing a lot of U235 and it could well be the presence of plutonium-239. Because U235 is the daughter of plutonium-239, and of course there was one of the one of the reactors at Number 3 that had MOX fuel [MOX: mixed uranium and plutonium oxide fuel] which burned and exploded and so on. So I think there is quite a lot of contamination of plutonium all over the whole area there. But of course all of this has been covered up by the Japanese authorities…

Jim Fetzer: And with complicity from the American government, it appears, and I think…

Dr. Busby: And I would say probably encouragement from the American government.

Jim Fetzer: And in part, no doubt, on behalf of the nuclear power industry because they don’t want Americans to be alarmed by the massive risks they are confronting by having these power plants distributed all over the country.

Leuren Moret: Of course, of course. There is just an absolute massive global cover-up.

Livermore Whistleblower Leuren Moret

LIVERMORE WHISTLEBLOWER: Staff Scientist Leuren Moret exposed science fraud, graft, corruption, and contractor fraud in 1991 at the Livermore nuclear weapons lab. She has traveled to 50 countries to carry out an education campaign against nuclear technologies.

[Photo: courtesy of Leuren Moret 2005]

Dr. Busby: In my country in Britain, I managed to get on to the BBC right at the beginning before they figured out what was going on and I haven’t been on air since then. And there is a whole stream of people out there on television saying ‘oh, really no problem’ and ‘very low doses and nobody will be harmed’ and so forth. It’s an entire cover-up operation. It’s quite sickening.

Jim Fetzer: And I found the same with the BBC in covering research that I and others had done about 9-11. They were very adept when I’d be discussing one feature reported by photographic evidence. When they broadcast, they showed another photograph with different features and they did that in a pattern suggesting I hadn’t known what I was talking about, when in fact I had explained to them when they were here at my home, this most recent taping for four hours, the differences that were involved here, and nevertheless, they performed a sleight-of-hand during their documentaries.

Dr. Busby: How interesting. How interesting.

Jim Fetzer: I have actually published this in a piece titled “The BBC’s Instrument of 9/11 Misinformation” onVeterans Today.

But Chris I’ve got to say how much I admire what you have been doing here. This Fallujah catastrophe is going to go down as one of the great war crimes in history, comparable to the bombing of Guernica which Picasso immortalized. It is just grief inducing to hear about the consequences, and I gather, based upon your research, it is evident that this contamination is reaching around the globe, that it has the potential to effect the entire human species genetically.

Dr. Busby: Yes, that’s right. That’s right. We have measured this stuff in places like in the atomic weapons establishment in the United Kingdom. And it is not surprising at all because these particles are basically gas, and they are so small, you know, 50 nanometers, a hundred nanometers, they can’t really be considered to be solids. They are aerosols and they just behave as a gas, and they float all over the place. They float all around the globe and they contaminate everybody, so no man is an island in this case. Absolutely.

Jim Fetzer: It seems to me that between the catastrophes in Fallujah, in Iraq generally, in the Gulf of Mexico, and Fukushima that we are doing a pretty good job of contaminating our environment and making the planet uninhabitable at least for the long run for the human species because of genetic abnormalities which are going to lead to such a high percentage of deaths. And really it is going to stem the reproduction of the species. It seems to me it’s inevitable at this point in time.

SAMUEL T. COHEN, INVENTOR OF THE NEUTRON (FUSION) BOMB Sam Cohen holds up a Vatican Peace (for War) Medal for inventing the neutron bomb (for Peace), given to him by Pope John Paul I. He designed the neutron bomb with just pencil, paper and a slide rule. (Photo: San Jose Mercury News)

Dr. Busby: Well you say “we” but it’s not you or me, James. These are actual people and they’ve got names and addresses, and we’re talking about a split in the human race between the bad guys and the good guys. It’s a bit like the Lord of the Rings. There are bad guys and they do have names and ultimately I hope that they will send them to jail for a very long time.

Jim Fetzer: But the consequences, I fear, is not merely, you know, those who are responsible, but the enduring effects, which, it seems to me, are going to prove to be insurmountable, that there’s going to be no way to circumvent the consequences to the human species with respect to its capacity for reproduction based upon the genetic defects that are being induced by these calamities. It includes, of course, not just the radioactive disaster at Fukushima but also those induced by the use of Corexit in the Gulf of Mexico, and everything you have been describing in Iraq, which is horrendous by itself.

Dr. Busby: Yes, they were of course. And I can tell you one thing…that the Israelis, for example, carried out a study in Jerusalem about two years ago of sperm counts in young men. And what they found was that there was such a reduction in sperm counts [a 40% decline in sperm count/quality in last ten years] that the authors of this article, which was in a peer-reviewed journal, said that if this rate in reduction of sperm count continued at the same rate, by the time 2020, there will be no more Israelis. That will be it – finished. It will be like the Newfoundland cod.

Jim Fetzer: By the year when? How distant was their projection?

Dr. Busby: By 2020. Their project was 2020. If it continues…

Jim Fetzer: 2020 !

Dr. Busby: By 2020, that would be the end of Israel.

Jim Fetzer: 2020 — and this is already 2011!

Leuren Moret: The sperm count in the last ten years has declined 40 percent in Israeli men. It was already at least 20 percent in decline because of nuclear technology, but at this rate, by 2020, just as Dr. Busby has said, basically Israeli men will be sterilized. At 20 percent sperm count, men are considered to be sterile. [See HAARETZ:Study: Quality of Israeli sperm down 40% in past decade” by Ofri Ilani (11.05.09)]

Jim Fetzer: Are we aware of what might be the specific causes of this reduction in sperm count among the Israeli …

Dr. Busby: It’s uranium. It’s the uranium. The uranium is floating all around the Middle East.

Jim Fetzer: Including, at part, perhaps their own production of weapons where they have one of the larger stock piles, the largest in the Middle East, but also a large one worldwide.

Dr. Busby: It’s the uranium in the atmosphere. It’s the uranium. That’s what it is. Its inhaled and then it goes directly into the system…

Jim Fetzer: So we’re just talking about these Israeli men as a sample of a larger population problem worldwide?

Leuren Moret: No. What happened is I have photographs during the Gaza attack of the Israeli Defense Forces [IDF] dropping 8 and 10 depleted uranium bunker busters at a time [carpet bombing with DU] along the Israeli Gaza border, which is up on the heights. There’s nobody living up there. The Gaza population lives along the ocean, the Mediterranean coastline, and the Israeli Defense Forces were deliberately bombing their own border and I have airflow charts and photographs of the wind blowing from the Mediterranean, up to the heights, and blowing all that uranium dust into Israel.

January 2010 attack on Gaza


Exploding depleted (DU) uranium bomb, with 4 incoming DU bombs just above the fireball, on the heights above Gaza at the Israeli-Gaza border. The Gaza shoreline and Mediterranean Sea are in the back-ground. The onshore winds on this day in early 2009, carried the radioactive dust and smoke over the Israeli border in minutes, exposing the Israeli population to high levels of radiation in the air, and permanent contamination of the Israeli environment – air, water, soil, and food.

[Source: “UN 2008 Report: Evidence of Global Decline In Population and Fertility”, presented by Leuren Moret, at Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Confer. Sept. 20, 2009]

Jim Fetzer: Wow. And I presume a comparable reduction in sperm count is taking place in the Palestinian population.

Leuren Moret: Actually their population is expanding. The Israeli population is shrinking.

Jim Fetzer: That’s stunning, isn’t it? Stunning!

Leuren Moret: Well, they have a lot more children than the Israelis.

Jim Fetzer: Yes, but if the sperm count was being affected on both sides, it wouldn’t be happening this way either.

Dr. Busby: The Palestinians have a lot more babies, that’s all, same percentage…doesn’t matter same effect.

Jim Fetzer: Oh, so you are suggesting they could have the lower sperm count but because of reproducing, having more children than the Israelis, which of course is a well known socioeconomic phenomenon…

Leuren Moret: Right!

Jim Fetzer: …that the higher educated, the higher socioeconomic…

Dr. Busby: Have you noticed in the West, well I don’t know about America, but I certainly know in this country that it is getting more and more difficult to have babies. I mean there is all of this technology going into IVF (in vitro fertilization) now and so forth. You know when I was young, you know, you only had to shake hands with a woman and she would be pregnant.

Jim Fetzer: (laughs)

Dr. Busby: I mean, I can tell you…

Jim Fetzer: I got it, Chris, yes. That’s great.

Dr. Busby: But nowadays its not like that. You have to get fancy doctors and have all sorts of treatments.

Jim Fetzer: Don’t you imagine it is also a function of the increased use of electronic equipment and wireless transmissions and cell phones?

Dr. Busby: Yes, I think I know about that too. If you want to start me on that one, I think we figured that one out.

Jim Fetzer: Yes, give us a few words about that before we have to part because this has been simply superb.

Dr. Busby: OK. This is how it works. All of the effects of ionizing radiation are transmitted in the body in the form of charged particle tracks and most of these are electrons. So what happens is a gamma ray is absorbed by material in the body water, in the cell, and it generates a photoelectron. So the electron is wheeling off. And it is the photoelectron that causes all of the ionization that leads to the genetic damage. So it is charged particle tracks that cause cancer. Now if you put a charged particle track in the body electric into an electric field, then the energy of the electron or the particle is absolutely added to by the electric field.

And this is how television works. You shoot an electron down a cathode ray tube and you perturb its motion by putting it an electric field or a magnetic field, so you put any body contaminated with radiation into an electro-magnetic field, the energy is transferred to the body and it is transferred to the charged particles, to the electron. So obviously what you are doing is merely increasing the impact, if you like, the momentum, of the ionizing radiation…

Leuren Moret: The energy release. Yes.

Dr. Busby: And so that…what you are doing is augmenting the ionizing radiation dose.

Jim Fetzer: Say the last part…you’re ionizing the radiation…?

Dr. Busby: You’re augmenting the radiation, you’re increasing the ionizing radiation dose. So the ionizing radiation that you would normally get in the absence of a mobile phone, so you haven’t got a mobile phone, you’re sitting in a room with all the electrons whirling around causing genetic damage, and that’s called background radiation. So then you pick up your mobile phone, you switch it on and say “Hello mum it’s me’ all right, and what happens then is quite a few milliwatts per cubic centimeter then go into your brain, and all of that energy is electromagnetic energy.

Now as far as the electron tracks are concerned, they see no difference between that and an electric field or a magnetic field. So instead of whizzing along in a straight line, [an electric field causes the electrons to] wiggle about. So they’re increasing the amount of energy they deposit in the tissue over the amount that they normally would in the absence of the mobile phone radiation. Well, this is really quite remarkable.

We tried to do research on this at the Karolinska Institute [where the Nobel prizes are awarded in Norway]. We put in an application for funding and they freaked out and they shut down my main laboratory. They got so upset about this that my colleague, Olav Johansen, who is like a world authority on this – he and I were going to do research on this and show that it is true, using all sorts of techniques, you know, Monte Carlo modeling and cloud chambers and all sorts of…

Jim Fetzer: So the greatest risk from cell phone usage may not be a form of brain cancer but rather some kind of genetic damage?

Dr. Busby: No, no, it is a form of brain cancer. That’s how cancer forms. Cancer forms because of genetic damage. You get cancer from genetic damage, so all I’m saying is that the genetic damage that you normally get from ionizing radiation increases because the ionizing radiation borrows [absorbs] energy from the electromagnetic field. That’s it. The point is what they say is that it is not possible for the electromagnetic field on its own to interact with genetic material because the quantum energy is not high enough. But that is not the point…what I say is that it is not about the quantum energy being ionized, it adds its energy to the electron[from internal exposure to ionizing radiation]…

Jim Fetzer: It’s additive. Yes yes yes, so it does that much more damage between what the body is used to and not used to, the threshold is transcended and therefore it brings about…

Dr. Busby: No, normally you get cancer because of radiation. In other words, in a year you get two millisieverts, and then over the years the millisieverts add up and when you’re 70, you get cancer. OK So, you multiply that by say 140 millisieverts and your body starts to fall apart. But if you sit there with an electromagnetic field, with a mobile phone, that just doubles it, so instead of two millisieverts in a year, you’re now getting four millisieverts in a year.

Jim Fetzer: Yes Yes. and all the concomitant effects that will bring about…

Dr. Busby: Well it just doubles your rate of cancer and it doubles your rate of aging.

Leuren Moret: It’s a multiplier effect.

Jim Fetzer: It’s a multiplier effect, not merely additive.

Dr. Busby: Yes, correct, it is a multiplier effect.

Jim Fetzer: Christopher Busby, I cannot tell you how much I admire what you have been doing and the value of your contributions is immeasurable. This has been a most important conversation, and I am so grateful you could join me. Leuren, of course, I have long admired your many contributions and I am so grateful to have the both of you here together today. So I want to profess my profound appreciation to you, Leuren Moret, and to you, Christopher Busby for the exceptional quality of your work and your contributions to humanity. I admire you both.

Leuren Moret: Well we appreciate you.

Dr. Busby: You’re welcome.

Jim Fetzer: So this is Jim Fetzer, your host on “The Real Deal” thanking my specials guests today, Christopher Busby from the UK, Leuren Moret from California, and all of you for listening.

Jim Fetzer, McKnight Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota Duluth, is a former Marine Corps officer and the founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth.

Leuren Moret is an independent geoscientist who has done expert studies on the Fukushima disaster, radiation problems around the world including depleted uranium.

Dr. Christopher Busby is a visiting biomedical studies professor at the University of Ulster and is the co-author of reports about the effects of depleteed uranium in Iraq especially in Fallujah.

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