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Video: Zio-Nazi spokesman lecturing to empty room


Students at Wayne State University in Detroit staged a silent protest and mass walk-out that left Zio-Nazi Army reserve spokesman and Jerusalem Post correspondent Gil Hoffman lecturing to a virtually empty auditorium on November 1.

video of the event just posted on YouTube shows Hoffman lecturing to hundreds of students. Many of them have their mouths symbolically covered in red tape, or have signs pinned to them protesting IsraHell war crimes and calling to hold IsraHell accountable.

At a certain point, the students walk out of the large auditorium en masse leaving only a handful of people listening to the speaker.

Hillel, the national pro-Zio-Nazi advocacy organization which sponsored Hoffman’s talk, billed him as “Chief Political Correspondent and Analyst for the Jerusalem Post.”

But Hoffman’s personal website identifies him as “A reserve soldier in the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.” Perhaps only in IsraHell can someone be taken seriously as an objective journalist reporting on military and political affairs while at the same time acting as an official mouthpiece for the army.

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Behind closed doors Sarkozy and Obama spill the beans
Nov 07, 2011 08:04 pm | annie

After the G20 press conference Obama and Sarkozy chatted in a private room but the conversation wasn’t so private:


The conversation then drifted to Netanyahu, at which time Sarkozy declared: “I cannot stand him. He is a liar.” According to the report, Obama replied: “You’re fed up with him, but I have to deal with him every day!”

The remark was naturally meant to be said in confidence, but the two leaders’ microphones were accidently left on, making the would-be private comment embarrassingly public.

The communication faux pas went unnoticed for several minutes, during which the conversation between the two heads of state – which quickly reverted to other matters – was all but open to members the press, who were still in possession of headsets provided by the Elysée for the sake of simultaneous translation during the G20 press conference.

Israel plans to build over 50,000 new homes in East Jerusalem in the next 20 years

Nov 07, 2011


Report: Israel plans 50,000 houses in Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (Ma‘an) 7 Nov — Israel’s Jerusalem municipality plans to build more than 50,000 new homes in the city’s occupied eastern sector over two decades, Israeli media reported on Sunday. A study commissioned by Israel’s Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barakat to address housing shortages in the city, obtained by Hebrew daily Maariv, shows designs for 60,718 housing units in the city, with the majority — 52,363 homes — planned for East Jerusalem. Most of the city’s land available for construction lies in the eastern sector, with West Jerusalem lacking viable sites, the study says…
The vast majority of land on which Jerusalem is built, including the settlements in the city’s occupied eastern sector, is state land, and the property built on it can be purchased by anyone who is an Israeli citizen, or who is Jewish. Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem, very few of whom have Israeli citizenship, must first obtain a special permit to purchase land or property there. Rights groups say such permission is virtually unheard of.

J’lem construction in next decades — mostly on occupied territory
[with map] 972mag 6 Nov By Noam Sheizaf — This is not a Peace Now report, but an official document of the Jerusalem Municipality: According to a survey conducted at the request of the mayor’s office, 60,718 new housing units are slated for construction in Jerusalem in the next decades. Of those, 52,363 of them will be built east of the Green Line, in the territory annexed to Israel after the Six-Day War.

Israel cancels plans for new Bedouin neighborhood / Amira Hass
Haaretz 7 Nov — Haaretz has learned that the head of the Civil Administration in the West Bank, Moti Almoz, met recently with representatives of settlements in the Ma’ale Adumim bloc to report on a plan to forcefully concentrate the area’s Bedouin population in the Bedouin village near the Abu Dis garbage dump. According to the same source, Almoz also told the Israeli settlers that the Civil Administration canceled a plan to build another permanent neighborhood for the Bedouin. The canceled plan was prepared in cooperation and consultation with the Bedouin communities living on the eastern outskirts of Jerusalem, through their representative, Atty. Shlomo Lecker of Jerusalem.

And more news from Today in Palestine:

Russell tribunal on Palestine finds Israel guilty of the crimes of apartheid and persecution
MEMO 7 Nov by Dr. Hanan Chehata — The Russell Tribunal on Palestine and its eminent panel of jurists has determined that Israel’s practices against the Palestinian people are in breach of the prohibition of apartheid under international law. Following two intense days in Cape Town listening to testimony from expert witnesses, the Tribunal concluded unanimously that “Israel subjects the Palestinian people to an institutionalised regime of domination amounting to apartheid as defined under international law.” The jury reached this conclusion having paid particular attention to the legal definition of apartheid and ensuring that each of the defining criteria was met.
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The Russell tribunal on Palestine — Cape Town session
MEMO 7 Nov — SUMMARY OF FINDINGS, 7 NOVEMBER 2011 … The Tribunal finds that Israel subjects the Palestinian people to an institutionalised regime of domination amounting to apartheid as defined under international law. This discriminatory regime manifests in varying intensity and forms against different categories of Palestinians depending on their location. The Palestinians living under colonial military rule in the Occupied Palestinian Territory are subject to a particularly aggravated form of apartheid. Palestinian citizens of Israel, while entitled to vote, are not part of the Jewish nation as defined by Israeli law and are therefore excluded from the benefits of Jewish nationality and subject to systematic discrimination across the broad spectrum of recognised human rights. Irrespective of such differences, the Tribunal concludes that Israel’s rule over the Palestinian people, wherever they reside, collectively amounts to a single integrated regime of apartheid.
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Kadima MK files complaint against Zoaby, MK
IMEMC 7 Nov — Israeli Member of the Knesset (MK), Otniel Schneller, of the Kadima opposition party, filed a complaint against Arab MK, Hanin Zoaby, for travelling to South Africa to testify in a court without Israel’s permission. Schneller claimed that Zoaby of the Balad Party is acting against the state of Israel and ‘must be punished for her actions’.
Furthermore, leaders of the Likud Party, headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, are also calling for the ousting of Zoaby, and for preventing her from running for the Knesset in the next elections.
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Tutu: Palestine must not be made of Bantustans
CAPE TOWN, South Africa (Reuters) 6 Nov — Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Saturday called for a Palestinian state that is contiguous and not made of Bantustans, at an international gathering in Cape Town … Addressing delegates, Tutu, who won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for speaking out against white minority rule in South Africa, called for the creation of a Palestinian state. But, he said, it should not resemble the territories designated for black Africans during South Africa’s apartheid years.
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Palestinians to challenge segregation by riding settler buses to Jerusalem
Media Advisory  Monday, 7 November 2011 Palestinian Freedom Riders to Challenge Segregation By Riding Settler Buses to Jerusalem – Palestinian activists will reenact the US Civil Rights Movement’s Freedom Rides to the American South by boarding segregated Israeli public transportation in the West Bank to travel to occupied East Jerusalem.
When: Tuesday, November 15th, 2011
Meeting point: the Ramallah Cultural Palace at 1:00 PM
Media contact: 054-632-7736
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Netanyahu: Israeli settlement in West Bank important but must be done legally
Haaretz 7 Nov — PM says settlers must not build homes on private lands, and that Israel’s efforts must focus on strengthening existing settlements … Netanyahu stressed that settlers in the West Bank must stop setting up illegal outposts, saying that there are enough places to build homes in the settlements that are not someone’s private land.
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Occupation government decides to change features of Qastal
OCCUPIED JERUSALEM (PIC) 7 Nov –The Israeli occupation government approved the development plan, for Qastal on the outskirts of Jerusalem as “part of its efforts to immortalise the memory of Yitzhak Rabin the former PM on the 16th anniversary of his assassination.” Benjamin Netanyahu said that after 16 years the government decided to develop this site as part of Rabin’s Park, to immortalise his memory and to show appreciation for the founders of the state and Rabin’s role on breaking the siege on Jerusalem [in 1948]. The cost of the project is 2.5 million Shekels, half of it will be paid by a settlers’ fund. Palestine Remembered on Qastal
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Israeli settlers, extremists

UN report shows 40% rise in settler violence in 2011
972mag 7 Nov by Mairav Zonszein — The United Nations Office for Coordination of Human Affairs (OCHA) in the Palestinian territories has just published a report on settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank that (not surprisingly) shows a significant rise since last year. The report covers not only physical harm to Palestinians, but also property damage, which can often be just as bad or worse than physical harm, as the impact of uprooted olive trees, damaged tractors or murdered sheep on Palestinian livelihood can be so grave that it ultimately costs lives.
Maybe the most disturbing statistic is that 90% of complaints filed with Israeli police by Palestinians of such incidents have been closed without any indictments. This means no accountability and no justice. As the report explains:
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Farmers arrested for working on their land near Bethlehem
BETHLEHEM (WAFA) 7 Nov — A farmer, his wife and her sister were arrested Monday for working on their land in the village of Irtas, near Bethlehem, according to local activists.They said Jamal Assad, 58, was working on his land, which is located near the Israeli settlement of Daniel, when a known extremist settler brought police claiming Assad was trespassing on her land and had cut down trees. Assad denied the claims saying he has papers to prove ownership of the land claimed by the settler. He said the settlers had cut down 80 olive trees and set fire to his house in order to force him to leave this land
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Eid in Sheikh Jarrah
ISM 7 Nov — ISM has maintained a daily presence at the al-Kurd residence in Sheikh Jarrah since August 2009 when Israeli authorities paved the way for Israeli settlers to occupy the front part of the family home.  On the first night of Eid al-Adha, on November 6th, 2011, three international volunteers camped in a makeshift area just outside of the residence, located in the same area where the ISM tent was before it was burned to the ground by the settlers just two months ago … After staying the night I had more time to talk with Nabil.  He showed me the blankets he’d been forced to hang to prevent water, vomit, and human waste being tossed at the family from the windows of the house occupied by illegal Zionist settlers … The violence directed toward the Al-Kurds does not stop with the constant verbal abuse and the tossing of liquids.  One female family member, for example, has been beaten on six occasions, each time requiring medical attention.
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We are here because we exist. The story of a shoemaker living in Hebron’s H2
StopTheWall 3 Nov — Tamir: “… they want to scare and despire us, they want us to leave the are, that is why they do this. But we are not leaving. We are here because we exist…”
Tamir or Abu Taleeb (The Father of Taleeb) is a shoemaker and lives in the H2 are of Hebron’s Old City. I met Tamir and his family the day when a group of young Palestinian and foreign volunteers met in his lands to harvest olives. This group of volunteers went to help Tamir and his family because they practically live surrounded by Israeli settlers … Tamir told me that in previous years when he and his family harvested the olives they were frequently attacked by settlers who threw stones at them while they were farming. The settlers also steal Tamir’s olives. Tamir explains that the settler attacks do not only occur during the olive harvesting season, but it may happen at any given moment or place … Tamir and his family not only have to face the soldiers, but also the settlers, he said that when his wife makes laundry, the settlers would come and make it dirty again. Last year, the Israeli authorites gave Tamir a permit to harvest his olives, only for one day and a couple of hours.
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Israel arrests 3 settlers over mosque attack
JERUSALEM (AFP) 6 Nov — Three Israeli settlers have been arrested on suspicion of attacking Palestinian property and buildings, including a mosque, police said on Sunday.
“Three residents of the settlements, two adults and a minor, were arrested at the end of the week for acts of vandalism, including participation in the burning of a mosque in northern Israel at the beginning of October,” police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP. He said “more than eight” people in all had been arrested in connection with various attacks against Palestinian property in Israel and the West Bank recent months, including two currently in prison and the three detained last week.
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Jerusalem court issues first-ever ‘price tag’ indictment
JPost 7 Nov – The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Monday issued the first-ever indictment for a ‘price tag’ operation, charging two 18-year-olds and a minor in connection to two incidents that occurred in March. The suspects included 18- year-old Hillel Leibowitz of Hebron, 18-year-old Yisrael Katz of Sde Eliezer, and an unnamed minor from the center of the country. he indictment alleges that on March 13, the day of the funeral for the Fogel family from Itamar, Leibowitz vandalized an SUV belonging to Jerusalem resident Muhammed Bakrit, while it was parked in the Givat Shaul neighborhood. Leibowitz allegedly punctured four of the Toyota Land Cruiser’s tires and broke several windows, causing NIS 23,716 in damage. Later that night, police stopped the three suspects near the Arab village of Baka al-Gharbiya, while they were traveling in a car they stole from a resident of the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar. According to the indictment, the car contained two plastic bottles of diesel fuel and three pairs of black gloves.
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Netanyahu urges settler restraint after clashes
JERUSALEM (AFP) 7 Nov — Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday urged Jewish settlers to act with restraint after 12 were arrested in a clash with police who were demolishing part of a wildcat settlement outpost. But he reassured the settlement movement, from which his coalition government draws much of its support, that he was committed to building in the Israeli-occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem … The arrests occurred early on Monday as police and troops demolished three structures set up illegally in the Oz Zion outpost east of Ramallah, police spokeswoman Luba Samri told AFP, saying “dozens” of young settlers had tried to prevent the move by hurling rocks. “A total of 12 suspects were arrested, six young women and six young men,” she said. Seven of them were minors.
Earlier, about 150 settlers and their supporters had demonstrated outside the Knesset to protest against plans to demolish some outposts built on private Palestinian land by the end of the year, police and settler officials said.
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Settlement activists plan J’lem march against demolitions
JPost 7 Nov — Activists to march on capital from Supreme Court to Knesset calling on gov’t to intercede on behalf of Migron, Givat Assad, Amona outposts.
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Jerusalem offices of Peace Now evacuated after bomb threatt
Haaretz 6 Nov — Graffiti spray-painted, bomb threat made against offices of Israeli NGO in apparent ‘price tag’ attack; Peace Now director says fears attackers will start harming people.
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Nasr Ibrahim Alean was murdered by Israel Thursday
ISM 7 Nov — Nasr Ibrahim Alean was a 23 year old farmer from Beit Lahia.  He was murdered on November 3, 2011.  He was picking strawberries in his field when he was shot in the leg by the Israeli army.  He called his friend Muhammad Abu Helmeyyah, 22 years old, to help him.  Muhammed tried to take him to safety, but they were both killed by a missile from an Apache helicopter.  Nasr was not the first farmer in Gaza murdered by the IDF, and he will probably not be the last. When Nasr was killed he was working in a field 500 meters from the border.  Outside of the Israeli imposed ‘buffer zone’ which is in reality a 300-meter zone of death that surrounds Gaza.
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Israel forces shell east Gaza City, 3 injured
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 7 Nov — Israeli forces shelled the eastern Shujaiyeh district of Gaza City on Monday, with medics reporting three people were injured. Witnesses told Ma‘an that up to 10 shells were fired from the direction of Israeli crossing Nahal Oz to the east of the city throughout the morning.
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Palestinians say Israel imposing steep court fees to prevent lawsuits
AP 7 Nov — Palestinians who lost family members in the Israeli offensive in Gaza say they cannot seek compensation due to near-impossible barriers placed by Israel … Israeli restrictions prevent Gazans from entering Israel to testify, undergo medical exams or meet with their lawyers. But the biggest obstacle, the victims say, are steep court fees that can reach tens of thousands of dollars.

Islamic Jihad: Israel ‘broke’ truce
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 7 Nov — Islamic Jihad said it would retaliate after Israeli forces killed a member of its armed wing in Gaza late Saturday, hours before the Muslim festival Eid al-Adha began. “Israel has again broken the truce” agreed by Gaza factions after Israeli strikes killed 12 people in two days last week, spokesman Daoud Shihab said in Sunday’s statement.
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‘Keep Gaza lull, or Israel will attack’
Ynet 5 Nov — Egyptian official says escalation and rocket fire toward Israeli cities could prompt wide military offensive in the Strip; says Cairo’s ability to thwart operation limited
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Former Shin Bet chief: Israel may have to retake Gaza
TEL AVIV, Israel (MaÍan) 5 Nov — Israel’s former Shin Bet chief Avi Dichter said Friday that Israel would have to take over the Gaza Strip again unless “neighboring countries” assist Israel in stopping rocket fire.
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OPT: Aid agencies help Gaza’s poor in Eid al-Adha holiday
GAZA CITY (IRIN) 7 Nov — Impoverished Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip are looking to aid agencies to deliver food assistance during this Eid Al-Adha holiday season. International NGOs, many Islamic, have been purchasing sheep and cows in preparation for meat distribution to assist the most vulnerable families across Gaza, with several providing gifts and warm clothing as the winter season starts. Islamic NGOs are launching ‘Qurbani’ appeals worldwide.
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Under the missilefire: celebrating Eid in Gaza
Notes from behind the blockade 5 Nov — Eid-al Adha began in Gaza at sundown. For those of you not familiar with Eid, it’s the Festival of Sacrifice, and marks the end of the Hajj, the pilgrimage that all able-bodied Muslims should make once in their lifetimes. It’s one of the two most important holidays for Muslims, sort of akin to Christmas for Christians. Since everything would be closed tomorrow, we head to Gaza’s Old City to buy some vegetables … When we arrived to the Old City, the streets were packed with people seemingly there for some last-minute shopping.  The tradition here is to give family members gifts of clothes and candy. Though we walked through narrow streets lined small stalls, it became apparent few people actually appeared to be buying anything.
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Freedom Waves Flotilla

Freedom Waves prisoners abused and imprisoned; ‘Anonymous’ hackers strike back / Ben Lorber
Mondo 7 Nov — In the immediate aftermath of the illegal capture of the Freedom Waves flotillas, Israel’s public image has been tarnished, as reports of violence at sea surface to counteract its claims of a peaceful takeover, and as human rights cyber-resistance group Anonymous retaliates by shutting down Israeli government web sites. As Israeli naval soldiers boarded the Tahrir and Saoirse Friday afternoon, the IDF released a statement saying that the ships were intercepted peacefully, and that no activists were harmed in the takeover. In addition, in an attempt to portray its own reasonable benevolence, the IDF released a video of soldiers contacting the ship and offering to reroute its humanitarian aid by land or through Ashdod, shortly before releasing another video which seemed to show Israeli soldiers peacefully and non-threateningly boarding one of the flotillas.  When Egyptian journalist Lina Attalah, an activist aboard the Tahrir, wrote an account of Israel’s seizure of the boats after her release on Saturday, however, the world began to see a different picture.

VIDEO: Israel intercepts Gaza-bound flotilla; Dozens remain detained including DN! correspondent
Democracy Now! 7 Nov — For the complete interview, read the transcript, download the podcast, and for additional reports about the flotilla and years of Democracy Now! reports on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, visit
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IDF satisfied with flotilla takeover
Ynet 6 Nov — Army draws lessons from 2010 Marmara raid, arranges for timely documentation of takeover operation which ended with no violence. IDF denies Haifa student’s claims of aggressive behavior
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With latest flotilla, the IDF celebrates overcoming passive activists
(972mag 6 Nov By Yossi Gurvitz — The military tries to paint the blocking of two unarmed ships as a major military success – and highlights its own faults in the process — Our brave troops have raided, at dawn, two unarmed ships, filled with dangerous and enthusiastic peace activists, and have managed to carry out the operation without casualties. The operation actually had a name – Ruah Kalah, “Light Wind” – and was overseen by the commander of the Israeli Navy himself, Admiral Ram Rotberg Hebrew). Senior brass have told Ynet they were ‘deeply satisfied’ with the results of the operation, though they admit that the success was also derived from ‘the passivity of the 27 activists’.
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Activists: Gaza boat passengers refuse deportation deal
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 6 Nov 22:19 — Activists detained in Israel after they attempted to sail to Gaza are refusing to sign a deportation agreement, a spokeswoman for the group said Sunday.  The document states that they entered Israel voluntarily and in an illegal manner, which the imprisoned boat passengers dispute, Huwaida Arraf said in a statement.
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Canadian Boat to Gaza organizers call for Baird to resign
OTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwire -11/07/11)- With several Canadians still languishing in an Israeli prison, organizers of the Canadian Boat to Gaza are demanding Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird step down for failing to do his job. “Our friends have been assaulted, tasered, beaten, kidnapped, robbed, and imprisoned and we have now learned that the Department Foreign Affairs is telling them they have to pay for their deportation flight,” says Wendy Goldsmith, an organizer with the Canadian Boat to Gaza. “If Minister Baird wants to put the interests of a far-right Israeli government before Canadians, he should apply for the job of Israel’s ambassador,” adds Goldsmith.
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IDF, Mossad, and Shin Bet back online after day of computer malfunctions
Haaretz 7 Nov — Hackers’ group Anonymous believed to have crashed the websites of IDF, Shin Bet and Mossad, but government denies this, claiming that an IBM computer component was responsible … Anonymous had earlier threatened the Israeli government in response to the Israel Navy’s interception on Friday of two boats of activists trying to reach Gaza, so suspicions arose that the group was responsible.
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PA to provide housing for prisoners released in Shalit deal
Ynet 5 Nov– Palestinian President Abbas tries to outdo Hamas, says Ramallah will take care of all of the newly-released Palestinian prisoners’ needs
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Hamas: PA security arrested 47 resistance activists in the West Bank last month
GAZA (PIC) 6 Nov — Hamas’s information office issued its monthly report documenting the breaches of the PA in Ramallah, during the month of October 2011 … The report comprised three elements: ‘arrests and kidnappings’, ‘oppressive courts, summonses and human rights breaches’ and ‘manifestations of security coordination with the occupation army’. The report stated that the PA in the West Bank continued its campaign of kidnapping and arresting leaders and cadres of Hamas and the resistance in general. In October alone 47 Palestinians were known to have been arrested.
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Israel arrests Palestinian youth involved in Jerusalem stabbing attack
IMEMC 7 Nov — Israeli sources revealed that the police in Jerusalem arrested last Thursday a Palestinian youth allegedly involved in stabbing a Jewish teenager in Ramot, in occupied Jerusalem, which took place three weeks ago. The stabbed youth suffered moderate-to-severe injuries, and was hospitalized in Jerusalem. The sources claimed that Abdul-Rahman Zayed, a student of the Abu Dis University in East Jerusalem, admitted to the charges filed against him and re-enacted the attack in front of Israeli interrogators. Israeli initially imposed a gag order on the arrest.
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UN membership bids

US renews financial aid to Palestinians after US statehood row
AP 7 Nov — Chairman of House Foreign Affairs Committee says funds are national security interests of the United States and that Israel does not object to the assistance … The United States recently stopped 60 million dollars in aid to UNESCO after it admitted the Palestinians as a member. Ros-Lehtinen stands firm on that issue, saying recently that she opposes any attempts to change U.S. law that requires a cutoff of American funds to any UN entity that gives membership to the Palestinian Liberation Organization.
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Israel concerned as PA UN bid gains momentum
Ynet 7 Nov — Admittance to UNESCO, France’s decision to abstain in UNSC vote and Quartet’s negotiations failure cause great concern among Israeli officials as UN prepares to deliberate over Palestinian bid … Moreover, France has announced that it intends to abstain in the UNSC vote, a move that increases the chances that the US will need to veto the Palestinian bid, a step the US was trying to avoid at all costs.
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Fatah: Israel undermining PA ‘disastrous’ for region
RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 7 Nov — …Fayiz Abu Aita said the measures announced by the Israeli government the day after UNESCO admitted Palestine as a full member were an attempt to undermine the Palestinian Authority. “This is a declaration of war” on the PA, Aita said in a statement issued by the Media and Culture Commission. “Israel bears full responsibility for this dangerous escalation.”
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Israel’s proposed housing plan diverted to serve ultra-Orthodox
Haaretz 7 Nov –Yet another aspect of the Trajtenberg recommendations for social and economic reform is being adjusted to suit narrow sectoral interests: Having a job will be dropped as an eligibility requirement for affordable housing. This means that most of the homes built under the affordable housing program, Mehir Lemishtaken, are likely to go to Haredi families, as happened in the past.
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Jerusalem women challenge ultra-Orthodox ban on ‘immodest’ posters
Haaretz 2 Nov — On Tuesday, six women met in Jerusalem to be photographed so their pictures can be hung from balconies throughout the city, beginning Wednesday, to counteract what appears to be the attempt to keep women out of advertising in the capital. A group that calls itself Yerushalmim (“Jerusalemites” ) and focuses on issues of pluralism is behind the initiative.
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Reality check: Taking back the billboards / Jeff Barak
JPost 7 Nov — Women have been steadily disappearing from street advertising in the capital, due to self-censorship by secular advertisers scared of antagonizing haredim .. And of course, in the most extreme sect among the haredi community in Jerusalem, women are not just non-existent in street furniture, they’re also non-existent on the street itself. During Succot, the Toldot Aharon group erected a barrier to divide a street in Mea She’arim by gender outside their main synagogue, while large posters throughout the neighborhood forbade women to enter another street during the festival celebrations. Although the High Court has banned dividing streets on a gender basis, this is no guarantee that Toldot Aharon will not try to do the same thing again next year. BUT IT’S not just the haredi sector that is seeking to reduce the profile of women outside of the home. There have been two serious incidents within the Israel Defense Forces over the past couple of months that highlight the increasing religious stringency entering general Israeli life, to the detriment of women.

Ousted Jerusalem councilwoman: Israel surrendering to extremists
Haaretz 6 Nov — With a quivering voice and tense face, Rachel Azaria, freshly ousted from the Jerusalem city council, gave a speech the other day summarizing her campaign against gender segregation in the capital. She had received notification of her firing two days earlier in a laconic e-mail from the office of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.
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Other news

MKs: Amendment to Defamation Law outrageous
Ynet 7 Nov — Legislators say bill suggesting sixfold increase of automatic compensation in defamation cases is meant to ‘shut people up’ … A former journalist, Ben Simon added that the bill “would make reporters’ jobs incredibly difficult. They would constantly have to worry about getting sued for millions.”
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PM supports curbing Left’s foreign funding
Ynet 7 Nov — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly agreed to support imposing restrictions on foreign funding available to leftist organizations in Israel. According to a Monday report on Channel 2, the Ministerial Committee on Legislation will debate legislation barring foreign governments and international organizations from contributing to leftist organizations, and both Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman will back the bill.
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Israel’s general strike ends after four hours of disruption
Haaretz 7 Nov — A general strike by Israel’s public sector ended on Monday after four hours of near paralysis across in the economy. The strike took place from 6:00 A.M. to 10 A.M., after Labor Court President Nili Arad decided after a night of deliberations to limit it to only four hours.
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Turkey resumes commercial flights to Israel after months of suspension
Haaretz 6 Nov — Twelve flights to run over course of week to accommodate Israeli Arabs taking their vacations in Anatalya on the occasion of the Muslim holiday Eid Al-Adha.

Analysis / Opinion

Insanity, not logic guides Israel’s leadership / Gideon Levy
The mens’ men who are threatening Iran now are the real cowards’ cowards. The brave ones are in fact those who are trying to thwart the insanity, from former Mossad chief Meir Dagan to Interior Minister Eli Yishai.
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The struggle to make Israel a normal country / Oudeh Basharat
Haaretz 7 Nov — At a time when the right is tearing its hair out because the Arabs are not willing to give the Jews even one state, life in the Arab villages has become a continuing nightmare with daily shooting and bombs being thrown freely … Even though Arabs make up about 20% of the population, their share among those murdered in 2009 was 60% … The police’s inaction is amazing, since if there had been even the faintest trace of a security matter, as the residents say, they would have ripped the walls open.
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Jewish Feds General Assembly seems paranoid about ‘who is on our side’ inside Jewish community

Nov 07, 2011

Philip Weiss

The Jewish Federations of North America are holding their annual general assembly in Denver. A lot of the program has a bunker vibe.

Like this yesterday:Opening Forum: The Big Blue Tent and Jewish Dissent.” It features two Israel advocacy groups (the Jewish Agency for Israel and Makom) and wants to establish red lines on what people inside the Jewish community can talk about, emphasis mine:

As the international assault on Israel’s right to exist gains momentum, how can we clarify who is “on our side”?…. How should a Federation handle Jewish programming that appears to attack Israel?

Here’s another one, this morning, led by Irwin Cotler, the Canadian neocon leader: The Assault on Israel’s Legitimacy Monday, November 7.

Though Israel has overcome many challenges since its establishment, today the Jewish nation faces an unprecedented assault on its very right to exist. This session highlights the nature of the current global assault on Israel’s legitimacy and examines the strategies, goals and tactics required to counter this increasing threat. Leading political, social and cultural figures will provide you with key insights into the complex issue of delegitimization.

And yesterday there was this one on “community-building” in Jerusalem. Why do I think there was nothing about the Palestinian population of the occupied city? David Makovsky was on the panel, so was Nir Barkat, the Jerusalem mayor. Hmm. Sounds like quite an exercise in obfuscation and misdirection.

And then there’s this one, on delegitimizationwhich is aimed at targeting “vulnerable constituencies.” I’m guessing this means young Jews who may not want anything to do with Israel? More concern about what’s happening inside Jewish life:

Combating Delegitimization: The North American Response Monday, November 7, 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM With anti-Israel efforts taking place on many stages, with many voices and varied tactics, countering delegitimization is a complicated task. Find out about proactive strategies that are being used to combat these challenges within North America, and learn tactical and adaptable strategies to use in your community. Under the guidance of the Israel Action Network, you’ll learn how to effectively lead the conversation about Israel by examining case studies and targeting vulnerable constituencies.

’48 is beginning to replace ’67 in discourse — even at UVa

Nov 07, 2011

Philip Weiss

Helena Cobban reports at Just World News:

On Saturday, I was delighted to attend the first two sessions of a half-day conference held at the University of Virginia on the topic ‘1948 in Palestine.’ The main speakers at those sessions were Susan Akram on Boston University Law School and Rochelle Davis of Georgetown University.

…What was equally notable to the high quality of both of these discussions was, for me, simply the fact of the open-ness of this corner of American academe to discussing this whole issue of 1948 in such an open-minded way.

These days, dealing with the still-unresolved issues of 1948 is moving back to being an inescapably central part of the whole quest to find a workable and equality-based formula for the longterm coexistence of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, whether in two states or one. For several years in an earlier era– perhaps up to 1999 or 2000; or possibly, even later than that?– it seemed to many people around the world that dealing only with the issues of 1967 (primarily, ending the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza that Israel initiated in that year) would be sufficient and/or workable, while the issues from 1948 (primarily, the question of that large portion of Palestinians who were ethnically cleansed from the area-that-became-Israel that year) could somehow be sidestepped, swept under the rug, or finessed in one way or another.

For many Israelis, however, even trying to discuss the question of the Palestinian refugees as being bearers of rights is still seen as anathema, or as an attempt to “delegitimize Israel”, or whatever… and the same is true of the many pro-Israeli watchdogs and discourse-suppression organizations in the U.S. media and the U.S. academy.

Democracy Now on the ongoing Israeli detention of flotilla activists

Nov 07, 2011

Adam Horowitz

Freedom Waves prisoners abused and imprisoned; ‘Anonymous’ hackers strike back

Nov 07, 2011

Ben Lorber

In the immediate aftermath of the illegal capture of the Freedom Waves flotillas, Israel’s public image has been tarnished, as reports of violence at sea surface to counteract its claims of a peaceful takeover, and as human rights cyber-resistance group Anonymous retaliates by shutting down Israeli government web sites.

As Israeli naval soldiers boarded the Tahrir and Saoirse Friday afternoon, the IDF released a statement saying that the ships were intercepted peacefully, and that no activists were harmed in the takeover. In addition, in an attempt to portray its own reasonable benevolence, the IDF released a video of soldiers contacting the ship and offering to reroute its humanitarian aid by land or through Ashdod, shortly before releasing another video which seemed to show Israeli soldiers peacefully and non-threateningly boarding one of the flotillas.

When Egyptian journalist Lina Attalah, an activist aboard the Tahrir, wrote an account of Israel’s seizure of the boats after her release on Saturday, however, the world began to see a different picture.  “Towards the early afternoon,” she said, “we saw three Israeli warships in the horizon… Soon after, the Israeli presence in the waters around us intensified. We counted at least 15 ships, four of which were warships, and the rest a mix of smaller boats and water cannons. From inside the smaller boats, dozens of Israeli soldiers pointed their machines guns at us. This is when our communications system was jammed and we lost contact with the world…the Israelis sent radio messages to our boat, asking us to stop sailing because they would board the boat and take us to the Israeli port of Ashdod. When our boat refused to surrender, they aimed their canons at us, showering us with salty water. The boat had become highly unstable and panic was in the air… Israeli ships hit our boat and soldiers started boarding. Dozens of masked soldiers screamed “on your knees,” and “hands up.””

The violent nature of Israel’s takeover of the Tahrir and Saoirse became more apparent with a statement released mid-Sunday by Fintan Lane, the National Coordinator of the Irish Ship Saoirse, in a hurried phone call made from an Israeli prison. “The whole takeover [of the Saoirse by Israeli naval authorities] took about three hours”, claims Lane. “It began with Israeli forces hosing down the boats with high pressure hoses and pointing guns at the passengers through the windows. I was hosed down the stairs of the boat. Windows were smashed and the bridge of the boat nearly caught fire. The boats were corralled to such an extent that the two boats, the Saoirse and the Tahrir, collided with each other and were damaged, with most of the damage happening to the MV Saoirse.  The boats nearly sank. The method used in the takeover was dangerous to human life.”

The same day, Saoirse activist Paul Murphy, Socialist Party and United Left Alliance MEP for Dublin, related in a 3-minute phone call, monitored by Israeli prison authorities, that “our boat was almost sunk by the manner in which it was approached and boarded by the Israeli navy. People were shackled and deprived of all personal belongings. In Givon  prison the authorities tried to disorientate us through sleep deprivation and the removal of our watches and the prison clock recording the wrong time. We have been given no time frame as to how long we will be kept here before the deportation trial. We were denied our right by Israeli law to contact our families within 24 hours of our arrest.”

Also on Sunday, Greek captain of the Tahrir Giorgos Klontzas, after his release from jail, told Greek Omnia TV that during interrogation, Israeli forces handcuffed him tightly and stuck fingers in his eyes.

The clearest testament to the abuse suffered by the activists at the hands of the Israeli military has come from Canadian activist David Heap, in a letter smuggled out of his prison cell.  “I write to you from cell 9, block 59 Givon Prison near Ramla in Occupied Palestine”, the letter stated. “Although I was tasered during the assault on the Tahrir, and bruised during forcible removal dockside (I am limping slightly as a result) I am basically ok… [we] were transported in handcuffs and leg shackles…[we have created] a political prisoners’ committee in order to press our collective demands- association in the block, i.e. open cells; adequate writing and reading material; free communication with outside world- i.e. regular phone calls; [and] information about shipmate women held at same prison”. In response to the shortage of information regarding the female activists currently behind bars, the Women’s Organisation for Political Prisoners (WOFPP) offered Sunday night to send a lawyer free of charge to visit the female prisoners.

As reports of Israeli military violence leaked throughout the weekend, an international group of hackers named Anonymous released a video threatening retaliation against “a clear sign of piracy on the high seas.” The ‘Open Letter from Anonymous to the Government of Israel’ was pointed in its critique- “your actions”, it claimed, “are illegal, against democracy, human rights, international and maritime laws”, and an example of “justifying war, murder, illegal interception and pirate-like activities under an illegal cover of defense” which “will not go unnoticed by us or the people of the world”. Anonymous, which has temporarily disabled many web sites in past publicized acts of moral retribution, further threatened that “if you continue blocking humanitarian vessels to Gaza or repeat the dreadful actions of May 31st 2010 against any Gaza Freedom Flotillas, you will leave us no choice but to strike back, again and again, until you stop….we do not forget, we do not forgive. Expect us.”

A day later, Haaretz reported that “the websites of the IDF, Mossad and the Shin Bet security services were down”, likely due to an Anonymous cyber-attack. Hours later, however, the Israeli government released a statement on Facebook claiming that the websites were down “due to a systematic malfunction of the servers”, denying that Anonymous was behind the crash1. It is highly unlikely, however, for this shutdown to follow so soon after Anonymous’s threat as a matter of pure coincidence.

As the international community rises in condemnation of Israel’s illegal takeover of a ship in international waters, 21 of the 27 activists captured by Israel remain in prison awaiting deportation, and the whereabouts of one, PressTV journalist Hassan Ghani, remains unknown. The Irish activists have refused representation by a lawyer in the Israeli court system, on the grounds that they do not acknowledge the legitimacy of Israel’s legal system. In addition, they refuse to sign a waiver which would forfeit their claim to legal representation before a judge and allow for their immediate deportation, because the offered waiver claims that they came to Israel voluntarily and entered illegally, statements which are patently untrue in light of the fact that Israeli naval boats seized the activists from the Tahrir and Saoirse, and forcibly transported them to Ashdod. They will therefore, according to Israeli law, be detained for 72 hours and then brought to court, where they will almost certainly be deported- though, because they refused to sign the waiver, the deportation will occur without their consent.

As Israel unsuccessfully attempts to save face in the aftermath of its illegal and violent seizure of innocent civilians on a humanitarian aid mission in international waters, the international community once again bears witness to the fact that, in the words of a Saturday press release by the Canada Boat to Gaza team, “there is no legal justification for stopping or in any way impeding the passage of the totally peaceful Freedom Waves boats from the international solidarity movement with Palestinian people”. What is clear to all, in spite of Israeli repression, is that the recent aid mission is only the first of many Freedom Waves bound for Gaza’s shore. “Whatever the Israeli Occupation Forces do to us,” said David Heap and Ehab Lotayef, steering committee members of the Tahrir, from behind Israeli prison bars, “this flotilla marks the launching of the Freedom Waves. It is the continuation of many efforts over the years to bring the plight of Gaza and Palestine to the world’s attention. We will keep coming again and again, until the closure of Gaza is ended and Palestinians have been able to achieve liberation and justice… Expect us. Again and again. The Freedom Waves are just beginning.”

Ben Lorber is an activist with the International Solidarity Movement in Nablus. He is also a journalist with the Alternative Information Center in Bethlehem. He blogs

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No-fly zone over Iraq set to expire, opening shortest route from Israel to Iran


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Agreement between United States and Iraq, signed in November 2008, is due to run out at end of the year when U.S. forces withdraw from Iraq under timetable set by President Obama.


A key clause in a U.S. military agreement creating a no-fly zone over Iraq is set to run out at the end of the year. The clause, inserted in the agreement following Iranian pressure on Iraq’s Shi’ite prime minister, Nouri al-Maliki, was apparently a way to thwart an Israeli air attack on Iran.

The agreement between the United States and Iraq, signed in November 2008, is due to run out at the end of this year when U.S. forces withdraw from Iraq under the timetable set by President Barack Obama (although thousands of advisers will remain ).

Clause 27 of the agreement states that, if asked, the United States must thwart threats to Iraq’s sovereignty and not let its land, territorial waters or airspace be used for attacks on other countries.

The clause has special significance considering the increased speculation in recent days that Israel might attack Iran’s nuclear sites. It is unclear to what extent the United States will be obligated under the clause after its forces leave Iraq. In any case, the obligation will certainly not be as binding as it is now.

The shortest air route from Israel to Iran is over Iraq.

In September 2007, when, according to foreign sources, the Israel Air Force attacked nuclear sites in northern Syria, the planes reportedly jettisoned detachable fuel tanks over Turkey on their way back.

The reports embarrassed Ankara, which asked Israel for clarifications.

Considering the current troubled relations between Israel and Turkey, it is very doubtful that in an attack on Iran, Israel could use Turkish air space.

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Is Herman Cain A Zionist Sock Puppet?


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1. Of course he is, why the hell are you even asking?  But it’s not just that his two top aides, Mark Block and Linda Hansen are long time Americans for Prosperity hacks (AfP being a Koch brothers creation). Nor is it just the current scandal involving Block and possible illegal campaign contributions. It goes much deeper than that. Enjoy the ride into the depths of the abyss.

Oh, before I get into it, I bet you wanna know what the picture above is all about and what it has to do with Herman ZioCann. Just keep reading. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, make sure you are not near any sharp objects, and read, weep and drink.

First of all , I sure hope that the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain don’t derail his candidacy because Americans richly deserve to have such a monster become their president. Thank Allah that Cain has mastered the art of sucking up to Israel, as this link shows so clearly.  “Mr. Cain is a firm supporter of Israel,” said Imri Eisner, who was just named Cain’s point man for Jewish outreach. “He’s made it well known that as president, he will know who our friends are and who our enemies are.”

And good old Imri, should know. Yeah, Cain made his hajj to Israel in August and for his own personal “Feast of the Sacrifice” he offered up Palestinians to the racist bigoted God of the Hebrew Bible.

Cain is pretty much an ignoramus on most subjects. His ignorance of exactly how much he needed to suck up to Israel caused him some problems early in his campaign to become the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA).  Thus when asked by Islamofacist Chris Wallace about the right of Palestinians to return to Israel – from whence they had been expelled by completely innocent peace loving Jews – Cain mumbled something about how they should have that right if Israel wanted to grant it to them.  Even a statement as obsequious as that cannot be tolerated by the Z people, so Cain had to get an education about Israel. One thing he did was read a bunch of books by Alan Derwoshitz. I’m not making this up.

And he also read ““Israel at Sixty: An Oral History of a Nation Reborn” written by two Jews named Israel Gerald and Deborah Strober. Who are the Strobers?

Well, have you heard of Herman Cain’s new book? It’s called “I’m totally controlled by Zionist Jews and I want to help them destroy America.” Okay, that isn’t really the title. The real title is “This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House.” Except he didn’t really write it. Gerald and Deborah Strober wrote it for him.

And it was the Strobers who told him to go to Israel, so he did.

“The Strobers, who are Jewish and live in Manhattan, suggested a trip to Israel, and in August they accompanied Cain on a four-day tour of the country, starting with an appearance at Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem rally. Cain met with Israeli political figures — most of them on the right, including Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon, Deputy Knesset Speaker Danny Danon and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.”

Cain’s token meeting with Palestinian puppet Salaam Fayyad never took place. It was all Jews all the time for Cain.  Oh, plus attending that  Glenn Beck hate fest too. He learned his lessons well. “Deborah Strober added, “He’s been briefed on the right of return and has an understanding of that.”’

While in Israel, Cain also said “”This may get me in trouble, but I do not care,” he said. “I think the Israeli people is (sic) more interested in peace than the Palestinians. Look at history and the fact that you’re getting bombed on the southern border. It is clear to me that Israel is more interested in peace than those seeking to deny the peace process.”

The more I think about it, the more I like the title I proposed for his book, rather than the one the Strobers used.

Oh, by the way, J.D. Gordon, one of Cain’s main advisors, is the son of Jewish father and has a rather interesting connection to an really juicy scandal involving pro-Israelis in the UK.  As Max Blumenthal opens his article on Gordon he writes:

“Top foreign policy advisor to US Republican presidential candidate has a murky history fraught with accusations of fraud, links to alleged clandestine operations with Mossad, sexual harassment and racism.“

Man, I really want Cain to become president. Maybe J.D. Gordon will become the head of the National Security Council.

“Not only has Gordon worked as a well-paid “fellow” for the Center for Security Policy, a far-right think tank at the heart of the campaign to demonize Muslim citizens of the United States, but he has also been the key Washington representative of Atlantic Bridge, a shadowy front group at the center of a major influence peddling scandal that in October brought down British Defense Minister Liam Fox.”

Note to Shas Party Members, the Center for Security Policy is wild-eyed Islamophobe Frank Gaffney’s outfit.  See why we need Cain to win in 2012? I’m gonna go get me some bumper stickers. You have got to read the Blumenthal article and share it with your friends.

Oh, wait, I forgot to talk more about the Strobers.

Gerald Strober is a really cool catch for Deborah Hart, aka Deborah Strober. When they got married back in 1981 Gerald was “national director of The American Friends of Tel Aviv University in New York.”  But Gerald was even luckier. Debbie’s daddy is Phillip Hochstein, former editor and publisher of New York Jewish Week and a big shot in the Newhouse gang.  Her deceased brother is Joseph Hochstein who has quite a few relatives living in Israel. Philip and Joseph founded Michael Collins Piper’s favorite publication, “The Washington Jewish Week.” (Just kidding Mike. I think he prefers “The Forward.”) Joseph passed away in Israel, where he spent the last decades of his life.

Deborah and Gerald have a child who apparently lives in Israel. Read all about this wonderful couple here.

” In fact, when Herman Cain visited Israel earlier this year, the Strobers — who have an apartment, a child who made Aliyah and grandchildren in Israel — say they arranged his itinerary and traveled with him. Indeed, like the idea for the memoir, the idea for Cain to go to Israel was theirs as well, they said.”

Even the book was their idea. And apparently so was everything else in Israel.

” According to the Strobers, Block immediately picked a date, which was later modified so that Cain could attend Glenn Beck’s rally in the Jewish State. While in Israel with Cain, the Strobers arranged for the White House contender to meet Israeli government officials and opposition leaders, to stop by the land the Israeli government has set aside for a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, to go to the West Bank settlement of Ariel and to visit Christian holy sites, among other activities.”

Hold on  a sec. I have to digress. “Ariel” was the feature of this Mantiqiyyan post earlier this year. Read it to see what an illegal piece of shit it is and how it was founded by religious fanatics. It’s also supported in part through US tax-deductible donations. End of digression.

By the way, the “Block” referred to here is Cain’s chief aid, Mark Block, a Koch brothers crony as I noted above, but I digress.

And here’s the bottom line for the Strobers:

“The Strobers are confident that even though Cain may not be an expert on foreign policy, he has the fundamentals right and would certainly be better than the current administration on Israel. “

Cain has learned his lessons well.

And now he needs your vote. Vote for Cain, Americans deserve him.

2. It’s video time goys and girls. But it’s a little different this time. I don’t expect you to watch them all, though you should. But I also give you a little commentary, some of it I hope will be informative and it will also explain the picture at the top of today’s post.

First, here is Herman ZioCaine in Israel on Israeli National TV in August.  He is no longer the fiesty right wing gadfly who delights in outraging others. Here he is zio-pu**y-whipped into utter submission.  He actually makes Obama look good. That’s no mean accomplishment.

Now here is ZioCain back in the US. It’s real short. He’s trying to talk tough, but I can still detect that pu**y-whipped tone.

Okay, now below we are back in Israel and on Fox News. The questioner talks like a typical Fox News Mossad agent. He asks ZioCain at one point [start at around 1:17 in the video] a question about Obama and Israel asking “Do you sense that they [the Israelis] don’t feel like they have a loyal leader in the White House?”

That’s right, the assumption in the question is that the President of the United States has to be loyal to Israel. Cain agrees with that assumption. He replies “I not only sense it, I had a lot of people here tell me that in no uncertain terms. And it goes back to when to President Obama threw Israel under the bus or he threw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under the bus when he was coming to the United States. The people have not forgotten that. Not only a lot of Jewish people who live here in Israel, but I have also ran (sic) into a lot of Jewish people who came over the Glenn Beck event, and they also feel as if this president has let the Jewish people down.  That will not happen in a Cain presidency.  Absolutely not, because as you know my doctrine is real simple, if you mess with Israel you are messing with the United States of America. That’s how strongly I feel about the relationship  between the United States and Israel.”

Yup, Cain places Israel ahead of the United States. Americans really deserve this guy.

Enjoy the video.

Here is perhaps the most disgusting ZioCain video of all. It says so much, oh so much. He is speaking at the Israel Day concert. That concert was on June 5th. The picture at the start of this essay is taken from the concert’s brochure. That’s right, Herman Cain spoke at an event honoring Jonathan Pollard. Man, Americans deserve this son of a bitch. Here, watch him grovel. The web site for the Israel Concert Day is here. Their brochure in full is here.  You should look at those documents and see who they bring in for this thing. It’s like having Mossad move into Central Park. The web pages don’t even look American. They look foreign, alien, weird. And that’s because they are.

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Rabbinic Voice of Conscience,


RHR is Israel’s “Rabbinic Voice of Conscience,” comprised of Orthodox,
Reform, Reconstructionist, Conservative and Renewal rabbis.  We work

for the human rights of Israeli Jews, Israeli Arabs, Palestinians in the

Occupied Territories, African Refugees and Guest Workers.  We have received

the Speaker of the Knesset’s Prize for our contributions to Israeli Society, the
Niwana Peace Prize, the Ghandi Peace Prize, etc.,  We have been endorsed by
many rabbinic organizations, churches, etc., around the world.  RHR-North
America both supports RHR and works for human rights in the U.S.

We have so many important projects we work on,, and help
with any of them would be appreciated.  However, I am particularly concerned
right now about Palestinians whose lands are being taken over by settlers,
Israelis who are being denied public housing, and the some 30,000 Israeli
Bedouin in the “Unrecognized” villages of the Negev whom the government
plans to expel from their homes.

For my birthday, I am particularly asking your help on behalf of tens of
thousands of Bedouin live in “Unrecognized” villages not on State maps,
although they either existed before the State or are populated by Bedouin
moved to their current location by Israel.  Others have been already forced
to give up their lifestyle, and have been herded into artificially created
towns that have become magnets for poverty, crime, drugs and despair.  Fear
mongers argue that the Bedouin are going to take over the Negev.  The fact
is that they are 30% of the population, but they lay claim to only 5.4% of
the land.

The Jewish National Fund, which does wonderful and holy forestry and
ecological work, has sadly been involved in planting trees on Bedouin land.
The village of El-Arakib has been demolished over 30 times since July 2009
by the JNF and Israeli Land Authority, even as JNF forests close in from
different directions, and threaten to leave only the El-Arakib cemetery in
the heart of a forest testifying to the community that once existed there..
El-Arakib residents have Turkish, British and Israeli proofs of land
ownership, including purchase documents from 1908.

The oldest graves are from 1914.  The State has tried to tell the Israeli courts

that because they expropriated the land in the fifties, these ownership document

are meaningless.  In one case a judge accepted that argument.  Thankfully, in a

second case Judge Nehama Netzer has rejected the argument and will hear the
case.  She also issued a non-binding request to the Israel Lands
Administration and JNF not to create facts on the ground before the Court

Israeli democracy is alive and kicking, but needs our help.  In addition to
financial contributions to help us prevent the Israeli Knesset (parliament)
from passing a law to expel the Bedouin, you can write to the officials of
your government and to Israeli officials.  You can also write to the JNF in
your country, asking them to draw a moral red line.  The JNF argues that
they are simply the forestry service for the State.  We say “Shev v’al
ta’asheh,” “Just Say No.”

RHR-NA, in partnership with the Jewish Alliance for Change, is coordinating
this campaign in North America.  You can learn more at , or on the site of our Israeli partner, the
Co-Existence Forum, Many congregations have used
RHR’s prayer for El-Arakib,

If you can, please make a financial contribution to support the
demonstrations, media work, lobbying we are doing, the materials we want to
create.  A portion of the contributions made to RHR-NA for RHR remain with
RHR-NA to support our work.  However, if you can request that for my
birthday wish that this be a special donation going 100% to RHR for this
specific cause.  Outside North America, you can also contribute on line at, or via the New Israel Fund.

Together, we will create some justice!

B’Vrakha (In Blessing),
Rabbi Arik Ascherman
Special Projects-Rabbis For Human Rights

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Alliance of Convenience


This recent article talks about the “alliances of convenience” in the Middle East between the Gulf Arab states and Israel. All alliances are “alliances of convenience,” but what the author of the article does not understand is that the Gulf Arab States would be relatively happy to normalize with Israel. That was one of the points of the 2002 Arab Peace Initative.

Normalization with Israel would mean the end of primary, secondary, and tertiary boycotts – which are not necessarily observed these days anyway – and since Saudi Arabia and its Gulf satellites are the major holders of capital in the region, with far larger holdings than Israel, normalization would mean sales of petrochemical products and also metal to Israel, and less chicanery needed to circumvent the various boycotts. In the Middle East, Israel would take on the role of a high-tech manufacturing platform. The “resolution” of the Palestinian issue would allow these things to take place openly, without, they hope, stirring up a sense of Gulf betrayal of the most potent symbolic grievance against Western colonialism.

And of course none of them like Iran, because Iran is stubbornly independent, runs its own foreign policy, has a highly politicized, educated population, and still has something of a socially embedded state which its population, by and large, considers legitimate, even if a substantial chunk are bridling under some of its repressive features. Of course the Gulf states which garishly buy off their populations – an attempt to avert social confrontation rather than a response to social revolution, as is the post-1979 Iranian welfare state – hate Iran.

It’s one of the region’s major population centers. The Israeli saber-rattling likewise reflects this same hatred of Iran: Israel relies on weak, fragmented, or totalitarian states in the Middle East to maintain its security, the same weak, fragmented states that can organize around neoliberalism internally and arms purchases from the West externally.

Israel and the GCC discreetly work hand in hand: “I would be surprised if there is no knowledge about the Saudi positions (in Israel) or knowledge in Saudi of the Israeli positions,” said David Menashri, director of the Center for Iranian Studies at Tel Aviv University. “I would put it this way: The Gulf states, some of them, would like Israel to be more active against Iran, though they would never say it publicly,” said Meir Litvak, a regional expert at the Dayan Center think tank at Tel Aviv University. All this takes place under the umbrella of regional “defense strategy,” meaning the military exercises which keep Iraq and the Gulf under various kinds of Western political dominance so as to constrict oil supplies and justify ongoing arms purchases by the $700 billion dollar in annual spending US defense complex.

As the NYT reported last week, “With an eye on the threat of a belligerent Iran, the administration is also seeking to expand military ties with the six nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council — Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. While the United States has close bilateral military relationships with each, the administration and the military are trying to foster a new ‘security architecture’ for the Persian Gulf that would integrate air and naval patrols and missile defense.

The size of the standby American combat force to be based in Kuwait remains the subject of negotiations, with an answer expected in coming days. Officers at the Central Command headquarters here declined to discuss specifics of the proposals, but it was clear that successful deployment plans from past decades could be incorporated into plans for a post-Iraq footprint in the region.”

The ongoing threat of Iran justifies the ongoing military purchases off which the ruling families in each of the sheikhdoms take a massive cut, sometimes up to 30 percent, conspicuous wastage while the poor in those countries – who are increasingly a globalized poor, since most of them rely on Bangladeshi and Indian foreign workers – live in penury. All of this must be kept in mind when the Gulf States make their ritual gestures at peace with Israel, especially as in 2002 when they knew it would be rejected, allowing them to pose as paladins for the Palestinian cause while, of course, doing precisely nothing for the Palestinians, a huffing-and-puffing act that Ahmadinejad and Erdogan have also lately adopted. There are forces within each Gulf country pushing for “peace” with Israel, nowadays in the context of a demilitarized Palestinian state, and who will profit off of it, but for the time being, the looting is also going well.

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Women in Islam – Pointers for the Western mind


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Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq

Many people are both misguided and confused regarding the treatment of women in Islam. They believe the wrong media portrayal of Muslim women and they confuse Islam with male chauvinistic actions that are not supported by teachings in Islam or the example of our Prophet (saaw). What I would like to ask them is: Have you ever studied Islam and seen for yourself what it teaches about the treatment of women? Most have not. But yet some westerners speak and write as authorities based on the false propaganda broadcasted in the media and the poor examples of some Muslim men portrayed in the Islamic world. The following will help present a few facts regarding how Muslim women are viewed and treated according to the teachings of Islam:

1. The Prophet Muhammad (saaw) taught that the Muslim father who educates his daughters will go straight to heaven. Why did he have to say that? He was coming from a society that buried their female baby daughters alive and thought that it was only great to have sons. Allah blessed the Prophet to abolish that practice with the teachings of Islam. Also it shows the value that Allah places on the importance of women being educated. It shows that Islam expects contributions from women in society.

2. The Prophet said, “Heaven is at the feet of the mother.” This shows the great importance of women to society. How she raises her children can bring about heaven for a society if she raises them correctly.

3. The Prophet was asked, “Who in this world should be loved more than anyone else?” He answered, YOUR MOTHER. He was asked then who next? He answered, YOUR MOTHER. Again he was asked who after that? He answered, YOUR MOTHER. And again he was asked who after that? Then he said, YOUR FATHER.” This powerful Hadith should be enough to emphasize the importance and high regard in which women and especially mothers are held in Islam.

4. The Qur’an teaches that both men and women can reach the same mental and spiritual heights. It does not make the woman a lesser being than man in respect to mental and spiritual possibilities. In addressing the believers, the Qur’an often uses the expression, “believing men and women” to emphasize the equality of men and women in regard to their respective duties, rights, virtues and merits. It says:

For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for true men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women who humble themselves, for men and women who give in charity, for men and women who fast, for men and women who guard their chastity, and for men and women who engage much in Allah’s praise, for them has Allah prepared forgiveness and great reward. (33:35)

The special relationship between a man and his wife is captured in these beautiful words from the Qur’an:

And among His Signs is this that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that ye may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect. Qur’an 30:2

A life of tranquility filled with love and mercy between their hearts is what Allah ordained in the Qur’an for husband and wife.

The Qur’an says:

And for women are rights over men similar to those of men over women. (2:226)
The Prophet (saaw) said, “O People! It is true that you have certain rights with regards to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under Allah’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers.”

Instead of suppression, the Prophet (saaw) said “The best among you is he who is most kind to his wife.” And the Qur’an says: “Live with them in kindness; even if you dislike them, perhaps you dislike something in which Allah has placed much good” (4:19).

Kindness to our wives is very heavily emphasized. The Prophet also said: “Do not beat the female servants of Allah.”

The idea of women being some kind of lesser being in Islam to be treated badly is totally false. There is no justification to be found for that view in anything Islam teaches.

5. Did you know that Islam gave women the right to vote, to own properties and to initiate divorce 1400 years ago long before women in the western world got those rights? When did women get these rights in the U.S.? It was only in the 1920s and it took a women’s suffrage movement to make it happen. Prime Ministers of Bangladesh: Khaleda Zia & Hasina Wajed

6. Did you know that in the brief history of maybe about 70 years being free from colonial rule Islamic women were able to accomplish a feat that women in the more than 200 year history in the U.S. have not been able to accomplish? What is that you ask? In three Muslim countries, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Indonesia women were elected Prime Ministers of their countries. They became the top leaders of their countries. How could that be if Islam treats women as “inferior”?

7. Did you know that the veil worn by some women in Islamic countries is not dictated by Islam? Did you know that even the Burgah in Afghanistan and black Abayya dress in Saudi Arabia is cultural NOT Islamic? Read the Qur’an and study Islamic literature and see what it says. The only requirement Islam puts on women’s dress is modesty.

And say to the believing women that they restrain their looks and guard their private parts, and that they display not their beauty or their embellishment except that which is apparent thereof, and that they draw their head-coverings over their bosoms, and that they display not their beauty or their embellishment save to their husbands, or to their fathers, or the fathers of their husbands, or their sons, or the sons of their husbands, or their brothers or the sons of their brothers, or the sons of their sisters, or women who are their companions, or those that their right hands possess, or such of male attendants as have no desire for women, or young children who have not yet attained knowledge of the hidden parts of women. And that they strike not their feet so that what they hide of their ornaments may become known. And turn ye to Allah all together, O believers, that you may prosper. (24:31)

Go look at a movie portraying women in the U.S. around the 1900s. You would see that they too dressed modestly. It was not until deliberate and overt immoral messages were infused into society by the people in control of mass media advertisements, popular entertainment, and the fashion industry that women began to take their modest dress off and they began to feel that exposing their bodies as sexual objects was to be viewed as some kind of “freedom”.

Islam teaches that women have great value in society, and it protects them from being demeaned and viewed as sexual objects.

Regarding modesty, the Qur’an gives these general rules, which may help in understanding how to interpret dress and other rules in modern times.

O ye Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness,- that is the best. Such are among the Signs of Allah, that they may receive admonition! (7:26)
So clothing does not have to be drab: it is all right for both sexes to use clothing to enhance beauty as well as to cover nakedness. The most important thing is for a Muslim’s character to be modest and righteous.

8. The veil came into Islamic countries 300 years after the passing of Prophet Muhammad. According to Karen Armstrong:

“There is nothing in the Qur’an about obligatory veiling for all women or their seclusion in harems. 

This only came into Islam about three generations after the prophet’s death, under the influence of the Greeks of Christian Byzantium, who had long veiled and secluded their women in this way. Veiling was neither a central nor a universal practice; it was usually only upper-class women who wore the veil. But this changed during the colonial period.”  Link

There is much more that I can point to in the teachings of Islam and practices of Muslims that can help clarify the deliberate misrepresentations about the position of women in Islam. But, if you want to know the truth, go talk to a Muslim woman. Let her tell you how “oppressed” and “not free” she is. Go observe the respect and care that her husband and male members of her family and society gives her and the protection they demand for her. The Prophet (saaw) said “the foundation of the family is in the woman”. And we know that the foundation of any society is in the family. Rather than disrespect the woman, Islam places her on a high pedestal of respect and honor for the dignified being that Allah has created her to be. Western women may believe that exposing themselves is a symbol of true womanhood. But they are sadly mistaken.

The etymological meaning of the word “woman” is “womb of mind”. Women are both the physical and mental wombs for the development of all minds in society. As a result more respect is demanded for them. They are not to be treated as sexual objects but should be honored and held in high esteem. This is and always has been the position of Islam on women. Do not be fooled by media distortions and practices of “Muslims” who are ignorant of their religion.



  1. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq

    “Have you ever studied Islam …”

    It seems useless to ask THEM the same question over and over again, but WE HAVE TO!

    I am particularly not interested in Muslims as they always try to convince me that they know it all. But, I rather try and speak or write to or write about people like Michael Tsarion, Jordan Maxwell, David Icke, Texe Marrs, Richard Dawkins, and a few others who despite their ‘great’ knowledge of ‘Christ’ianity are convinced that Islam is comparable to it and because they have found all the evil in the world in their particular brand of Christiniaty they are convinced Islam has the same evils and even worse.

    I have taught my two grand daughters the nasheed in the posted youtube video clip, and now I cannot say any thing bad about their blessed mother even when she drives me crazy. And some say religion is not useful or necessary for a balanced way of life!

    THANKS for the posting.


  2. weeteanscone says:

    November 7, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Because of the fact that what passes for Christianity now is only a substance less veneer of Christian principle, and only ‘mouth service’ and hypocrisy, we no longer see women portrayed or living their ‘roles’ as Christian women.

    There is much to be admired in the Islamic tradition, which places woman much closer to the natural order of her design.

    The over all theme of ungodliness which permeates all aspects of Western culture has taken a terrible toll through the degenerate posture it endorses for womankind.

    In Christian tradition and writ, the roles of men and women are well defined. Without quoting numerous chapter and verse

    Women are to be ‘subject’ to their husbands in all things. Women are to be pure and chaste. Women are to be modest in dress, deportment, character and speech. Women are to busy themselves with their own households. Women are to bear and raise children.

    As the Jew is at continual war with God, and Godliness, these norms of the defining presentation of ideal womanhood, once highly esteemed in Christianity; have, through Jew agenda initiatives, become the objects of scorn and ridicule.

    I would say that the rebellion against Godly values in western woman is epidemic in proportion.

    One may calculate the impact of it by merely reviewing the divorce and abortion statistics; and, it has all been orchestrated in the past few decades, by the Jew.

  3. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 7, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    “Heaven is at the feet of the mother.”

    Back in 1990-1991, I was so disappointed with my mother who was having a terrible time coping with her ELEVEN children some of whom I claimed rightly or wrongly to be devils.

    When I could bear it no more, I said to my mother:

    Mum, can you, please,lift up your foot. She did not understand why I asked her to do that, but she did lift her foot and I crouched down and passed my hand under her foot and said to her:

    “Mum, I have now taken my Jannah (Paradise) from under your foot!” She tapped me on the cheek and said: “Shut your mouth!” I was 45 years old. At 89, she still taps me on the cheek because I would not shut up!

    Having said that, Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt, Dershowitz, Foxman, Bush, Blair, Obama, Sharon and Bibi too must have had MOTHERS!

    My claim (I cannot prove it!) is that sometimes the DEVIL comes in between a husband and wife (or cohabiting partners) and does some real mischief at conception.


  4. Ghyslaine Roc says:

    November 7, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    There he goes again!

    Do not listen to Basheer, he knows nothing about women and he has such a big mouth!


  5. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 7, 2011 at 7:31 pm

    “5. Did you know that Islam gave women the right to vote, to own properties and to initiate divorce 1400 years ago long before women in the western world got those rights? When did women get these rights in the U.S.?”

    Yes, we do but we don’t want to acknowledge anything that can make us change our mind and way of life. We know many things like

    who carried out WWI, WWII, the Russian revolution, 9/11, 7/7
    the assassinations of the Tsar and his entire family
    the Armenian genocide
    the slave trade
    the Congolese Holocaust
    the Ukrainian Holocaust
    the Irish Holocaust
    the Algerian Holocaust (3 times)
    the Afghan Holocaust (3 times)
    the Iraqi Holocaust (twice)
    who owns the Federal Reserve and the Bank of England
    who controls the Vatican, the CIA, the CRF, the Bilderbergers, the UN, the IMF, the World Council of Churches, the Freemasonic Movement, the Rosicruscians…

    We know a lot, but why change? Who cares about women’s rights in Islam? All we know is that Islam oppresses women and

    our media say so
    our government says so
    our churches say so

    But, it is a pity Jesus Christ forgot to say so!

    YES, Islam did give women the right to vote, to own properties and to initiate divorce 1400 years ago long before women in the western world got those rights, and nobody can change this truth!

    So, my dear Americans and Christians, if not gratitude, at least HAVE SOME RESPECT FOR THE RELIGION THAT LIBERATED WOMEN!

    JESUS, peace and blessings upon him, taught the same thing when he asked us to OBEY THE LAW and what did the Law say?

    HONOUR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER! LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF! As a matter of fact, Muhammad came only to correct the corruption of men and PERFECT the Diin (way of life – religion) once for all.

    America has had great and blessed Chrsitian mothers by the tons because they were never ill treated by their husbands. But, the Devil was living amongst them and they did not pay much attention to him. Let us hope that they will finally realise that the Devil is still here thanks to the efforts, dedication and sacrifice of some and that they have to do something about it.

    Long Live Christian America!


  6. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 7, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    “There is nothing in the Qur’an about obligatory veiling for all women or their seclusion in harems …”

    The Islamic obligation is to be modest in dress and manners. The veil is a Byzantine tradition.

    As for harem, the West has demonised that term.

    It just means the PRIVATE APARTMENT of the ladies (not only the wife or wives) where men are not allowed! Men had never any private apartment, but women had! It has nothing to do with a polygynist household or the kind of “brothels” of some rich potentates of the Jewish Saudi Kings and other puppet royalties put by the West at the head of conquered Muslim lands.

    “Harem (Turkish, from Arabic حرم ḥaram ‘forbidden place; sacrosanct, sanctum’, related to حريم ḥarīm ‘a sacred inviolable place; female members of the family’ and حرام ḥarām, ‘forbidden; sacred’) refers to the sphere of women …”

    It has to do with Islamic SAVOIR-VIVRE where men do not just walk in into the ladies’ quarters as they please! But, it is also true that some fanatics have exagerated this practice.


    Why did the West have separate bathrooms (toilets) for GENTS and LADIES? I do not know (liar!) if they still have it with all these scandals about feminist and LGBT rights!


  7. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 7, 2011 at 7:56 pm

    I always loved women, BEAUTIFUL women, and always treated them well and as a perfect gentleman. I once brought a bouquet to my boss in 1975. She misundersood the gesture and thought I was infatuated or in love with her. In 1982, she gave me a son!

    There’s a woman for you! But, when the heart is not beautiful, what’s the use of physical beauty? In 1997, she said: Get out of MY house! Of course, she was lying, but my 14 year old son and I chose to leave to this very day.

    But, were it not for Islam and for Muhammad, I do not think I would have stayed a gentleman for long.

    So, I say a CHRISTIAN America will be good for Muslims and Islam as Islam and Muslims have been good for Christians for the past 1400 years. If American Christians cannot understand this, then, they will prove only one thing: that their religion is not that good after all!


  8. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 7, 2011 at 9:43 pm

    Ghyslaine Roc says:
    November 7, 2011 at 7:10 pm

    “Do not listen to Basheer …”

    Nonsense, woman!

    I am good, really good! How many of us know that more and more Christians are becoming RENEGADES and more and more Muslims are becoming Atheists and renegades?

    Many Christian apostates have chosen other gods like those of Tarot, astrology, numerology and the Jewish Kabbalah! Can anybody tell us what they preach in their religions about women’s rights? Thanks.


  9. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 7, 2011 at 10:04 pm


  10. Ghyslaine Roc says:

    November 7, 2011 at 10:13 pm

  11. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 7, 2011 at 10:37 pm

  12. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 7, 2011 at 10:57 pm

    While the Western media is demonising Muslim women, the CANNIBALS are butchering their children around the world.

    Yes, Islam united the Children of the World only to be slaughetered like cattle and irradiated with weapons of mass destruction.

    GOD is not so great after all. JEWS ARE UNLESS ……. !

  13. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 7, 2011 at 11:43 pm

    I posted the present article on a French RACIST;FASCIST website that declared war against Islam and the Islamic Dress Code.


    Commentaire par Ghyslaine ROC — Dimanche 12 décembre 2010 @ 17:57

    COMMENTAIRE SUPPRIMÉ PAR SITAmnesty (Cyrano et l’équipe de Riposte Laïque)

    [Premièrement, non, on n’a rien supprimé du tout mais on n’est pas en permanence derrière notre clavier à guetter les commentaires. Il peut se passer plusieurs jours entre un commentaire et sa validation. Il n’y a pas d’ailleurs pas de censure ici puisque nous appliquons toujours notre Charte du Dialogue. Exceptionnellement, le message de pur délire ci-dessous n’a pas été passé à la charte comme le sont habituellement les messages de ce type, ceci pour vous permettre d’en apprécier la rareté (heureusement…) à sa juste valeur. Deuxièmement SITAmnesty et Cyrano+l’équipe de Riposte Laïque ne sont pas les mêmes personnes. Nous avons simplement des valeurs communes et nous faisons sur SITAmnesty de la publicité pour leur livre parce que c’est un bon livre.]


    Je vous re-dis MERDE !

    Nous vous disons MERDE, à vous, « Ripostes laïques » et à la France fasciste !

    Je suis FRANÇAISE, terrienne et citoyenne du monde contrairement à votre bande de vermines racistes, de laïques pourris, d’antisémites, d’incitateurs à la haine raciale et religieuse, de fanatiques, d’extrémistes, de fascistes, d’intolérants, de dégénérés, d’esclavagistes, de fabricants d’holocaustes, de marchandises sionistes, d’avorteurs, de pornographes, de pédophiles, de Sodomites, de suppôts de Satan et d’AntéChrists !

    Vous puez le racisme à six millions d’années lumières !

    Si les Six Millions de Musulmanes et de Musulmans de France n’étaient pas aussi lâches et n’aimaient pas autant l’argent sale des Juifs, ils sortiraient en masse dans les rues de France en hijaab, en niqaab, en kipa, barbus, en pyjamas, en jellaba, en soutane, si cela les arrange, et si vous n‘êtes pas contents, alors nous vous disons MERDE, à vous et à la France !
    Si vous voulez que les Musulmans (et non les Juifs et les Sionistes) prennent le chemin de l’Exode, alors fichez le camp de leurs pays que vous colonisez, pillez et dont vous massacrez et violez les habitants depuis des siècles ! Et, je suis polie !

    Ghyslaine ROC
    Femme Libre et Souveraine de la Terre
    Serviteur de Dieu et d’aucun homme ou gouvernement
    Ce dimanche non laïque 12 décembre 6010

    Commentaire par Ghyslaine ROC — Dimanche 12 décembre 2010 @ 17:57

    Les CROISÉS JUDÉO-CHRÉTIENS de « Riposte Laïque » ont le droit, EUX, de MENTIR, de DIFFAMER, d’INSULTER, de pratiquer la discrimination contre l’Islam et les Musulmans de France et de la francophonie, mais nous n’avons pas le droit de RIPOSTE ! Belle mentalité laïque ! De la lâcheté, oui !

    Halte aux seins nus et aux fesses à l’air,symboles de la soumission des femmes françaises et de l’offensive laïque judéo-sioniste sur le marché du sexe laïque de Pigalle et du Bois de Boulogne !

    C’est vrai, c’est bien chez nous que la liberté d’expression fut abolie par les Judéocrates bolcheviques et qu’on emprisonne les historiens et les dissidents ! Donc, continuez à vous amuser, mais je vous préviens que les SIX MILLIONS DE MUSULMANS DE France ne se laisseront jamais mener au four crématoire du Père Lachaise ou du Rabbin Josy Eisenberg ou Sitruck (machin truc) sans se défendre !

    Passez le bonjour à vos acolytes de la Cabale ! Si vous décidez de m’envoyer le Shin Beth, le MOSSAD, le Criff, S.O.S. Juifisme, les milices de la DJ, je suis archi prête à les recevoir !

    Ghyslaine ROC

    Commentaire par Ghyslaine ROC — Dimanche 12 décembre 2010 @ 22:46

    [Exceptionnellement, le message de pur délire ci-dessous n’a pas été passé à la moulinette du dialogue comme le sont habituellement les messages de ce type, ceci pour vous permettre d’en apprécier la rareté (heureusement…) à sa juste valeur.]

    Nous vous disons MERDE, à vous, « Ripostes laïques » et à la France fasciste !

    Je suis FRANÇAISE, terrienne et citoyenne du monde contrairement à votre bande de vermines racistes, de laïques pourris, d’antisémites, d’incitateurs à la haine raciale et religieuse, de fanatiques, d’extrémistes, de fascistes, d’intolérants, de dégénérés, d’esclavagistes, de fabricants d’holocaustes, de marchandises sionistes, d’avorteurs, de pornographes, de pédophiles, de Sodomites, de suppôts de Satan et d’AntéChrists !

    Vous puez le racisme à six millions d’années lumières !

    Si les Six Millions de Musulmanes et de Musulmans de France n’étaient pas aussi lâches et n’aimaient pas autant l’argent sale des Juifs, ils sortiraient en masse dans les rues de France en hijaab, en niqaab, en kipa, barbus, en pyjamas, en jellaba, en soutane, si cela les arrange, et si vous n‘êtes pas contents, alors nous vous disons MERDE, à vous et à la France !

    Si vous voulez que les Musulmans (et non les Juifs et les Sionistes) prennent le chemin de l’Exode, alors fichez le camp de leurs pays que vous colonisez, pillez et dont vous massacrez et violez les habitants depuis des siècles ! Et, je suis polie !

    Ghyslaine ROC
    Femme Libre et Souveraine de la Terre
    Serviteur de Dieu et d’aucun homme ou gouvernement
    Ce dimanche non laïque 12 décembre 6010

    Commentaire par Ghyslaine ROC — Dimanche 12 décembre 2010 @ 17:57

  14. funky d says:

    November 8, 2011 at 12:57 am

    this article by nashid reminds me of the article he posted on his website explaining how the prophet muhammed (peace be upon him) did not and could not have married a 9 year old girl, but how she was in fact around 18 years old.

    good to see the likes of nashid return to these types of websites.

  15. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 8, 2011 at 1:04 am

    weeteanscone says:
    November 7, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    “Women are to be ‘subject’ to their husbands in all things.”

    I am sure I can find the evidence that this was not a Christian practice but a Church innovation and a Paulian invention.

    Much about Mary (Maryam) the blessed and saintly mother of Jesus, peace be upon him, and Mary Magdalena has been omitted, deliberately tampered with, and even hidden like the GOSPEL OF MARY MAGDALENA.

    The “holy” Roman Empire has always been a big business corporation that subjugated both Christian men and women for the benefit of the Churches, the royalty and the aristocracy.


  16. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 8, 2011 at 1:16 am

    “But, if you want to know the truth, go talk to a Muslim woman. Let her tell you how “oppressed” and “not free” she is.”

    They would never interview the Muslim woman!

    Accusing Islam for oppressing women while the same monsters raped 60,000 of them in one country alone, Bosnia-Herzegovina, murdered 200,000 at least, expelled 600,00 and destroyed 800 mosques.

    Muslims are amnesic of their own history and refuse to learn, but they know everything about football, cricket, Hollywood, Bollywood, games, cocacola, mcdonald, and pop stars!

    Jews are better than all of us as they remember even history that never was.


  17. weeteanscone says:

    November 8, 2011 at 2:26 am


    Peace be upon you. I would like to suggest a recommendation for you.

    I have observed your comments here, and at other pages; and must confess, that I find them over reaching the concept of a comment.

    For long expressions of idea; and, you certainly have much to express, I suggest that you create our own ‘blog’, for free, here –

    There are various advantages to doing this; and some of them are as follows.

    Having your own blog allows you to write about things from your perspective, and on aspects of subjects that are important, as you may see them.

    There are many facets to the subject at hand, and we can better cover the whole by individual insight from individual perspectives.

    The idea then would be to choose those aspects most important, in your opinion, and write about them. If you are inspired to write a very long comment, from something that you read at some one else s blog, then you can post the entire article on your blog, then post a short comment with a ‘link’ to it. And at your blog you can also ‘link’ back to the original article.

    This multiplies the number of ‘blogs’ active in the effort. People will find your blog and link to others from it.

    If every reader had a forum for his own thoughts in this effort, it would reflect very positively for our efforts, especially statistically.

    Then you could still make short supportive comments on numerous other sites.

    It would be well if many more would engage in this simple activity. I have just addressed this comment to you, because you obviously have much to post; and actually, enough to warrant you having your own blog.

    Why not give it a try, and ‘multiply’ the number of blogs addressing our subject ?
    Sincerely yours ; Weeteanscone

  18. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 8, 2011 at 5:16 am

    weeteanscone says:
    November 8, 2011 at 2:26 am


    “Peace be upon you. I would like to suggest a recommendation for you.”

    Dear who shall I call you?

    Peace be upon you, too!

    “I would like to suggest a recommendation for you” too.

    I have not “observed your comments here, and at other pages; and must confess, that I find” your suggestion very disrespectful towards our host. I have been accomplishing a mission here and, like most others, you have not yet understood what it is all about. You are here for just the fun of it, but I am not.

    I have been entertaining the guests here for quite some time and I quite enjoy it or saddened depending how we look at it to see how one by one they silently fade away and run away from the issues raised and this gives me an idea how good both readers and contributors are.

    It is the second time I am respectfully invited to abandon my host and go elsewhere. I do not know from what school of thought this kind concern about my work is coming from and I do not intend to find out.

    If I were not a guest, I would be less polite.

    “Why not give it a try, and ‘multiply’ the number of blogs addressing our subject ?”

    “Our”? You do not seem to be quite interested in the subject or in receiving advice from me and being educated. Why not try following your own advice? Just give it a try if this is your ambition to ” ‘multiply’ the number of blogs addressing” your subject?

    By the way, where are your other “commentators”?

    Yours sincerely


  19. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 8, 2011 at 5:21 am

    funky d says:
    November 8, 2011 at 12:57 am

    “good to see the likes of nashid return to these types of websites.”

    Maybe I’ll be luckier with old funky!

    Come on, old chap, am I that invisible? I contributed as well and quite a bit on BOTH posts you mentioned.

    Amazing, those earthlings!


  20. B.A.Frémaux-Soormally says:

    November 8, 2011 at 5:30 am

    “Western women may believe that exposing themselves is a symbol of true womanhood. But they are sadly mistaken.”

    Many western and westernised women are very decent women.

    I knew one in France, a former Catholic by the name Nadine. She refused to EXPOSE herself (meaning sleeping around with the producers, directors, stars…) in order to obtain a role in Hollywood and said adamantly:


    One of the richest French Jews, if not the richest, liked Nadine and married her. His name is ROTHSCHILD, a Baron!

    I always wondered how some Jews got these titles when ‘we’ (the Freemasons) chopped the heads of the French Royalty!


  21. MJ says:

    November 8, 2011 at 5:38 am
    “Islam has never sought to put an equal sign between the sexes. ‘Woman’ can neither be studied nor understood in a context independent of ‘man’. The two are inseparable. The Prophet declared that women were “… the twin-halves of men.” The Qur’an confirmed this inter-dependence when it declared “They are your garments, and you are their garments.” And in a passage with sublime literary beauty the Qur’an (al-Lail, 92:1-4) first directed attention to the ‘night’ and that which it shrouds and conceals with such mystery and splendor, and then turned to the ‘day’ with its bright light which exposes everything and leaves nothing concealed, and then proceeded to explain that the ‘male’ and the ‘female’ are functionally analogous to the ‘day’ and the ‘night’. In the same way that ‘day’ and ‘night’ are functionally different yet interdependent, so too are the ‘male’ and ‘female’.

    When this philosophy of gender was applied to Muslim society the ‘night’ never attempted to become ‘day’. Rather ‘night’ and ‘day’ eternally longed for each other. And so we were never subjected to the abominable phenomenon (that European civilization is now exporting to the rest of the world) of the ‘day’ mating with ‘day’ and vice-versa. Women in such a society not only fulfilled all their sacred functional duties as wives and as mothers, and thus contributed in a significant way to preservation of the health, strength and stability of the family, but, in addition, they preserved both their femininity as well as their fertility. And so the Muslim woman remained truly and enchantingly a woman! An age that produced the celibate priest had obstinately insisted that one had to turn away from woman in order to turn to God. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah Most High be upon him) responded by declaring “Three things have been made dear to me in this world of yours – perfume, women and prayer.” And so Islam rejected both celibacy and the ‘object’ while recognizing woman, like prayer, to be a medium through which a man might journey to paradise.”


  22. MJ says:

    November 8, 2011 at 5:46 am

    From Brother Nashid’s article:

    “O ye Children of Adam! We have bestowed raiment upon you to cover your shame, as well as to be an adornment to you. But the raiment of righteousness,- that is the best. Such are among the Signs of Allah, that they may receive admonition! (7:26)
    So clothing does not have to be drab: it is all right for both sexes to use clothing to enhance beauty as well as to cover nakedness. The most important thing is for a Muslim’s character to be modest and righteous.”

    Basically once our desires are met in a honorable manner and marriage is honorable. We can focus on our higher purpose of pleasing the Creator and striving for paradise.

  23. Ghyslaine Roc says:

    November 8, 2011 at 6:11 am

    weeteanscone says:
    November 8, 2011 at 2:26 am


    “I would like to suggest a recommendation for you …”

    Don’t play with fire, whoever you are! Observer, my foot!

    If you cannot digest Basheer’s stuff, maybe you should see what’s wrong with you!

    Ghyslaine ROC
    Femme Libre et Souveraine de la Terre
    Serviteur de Dieu et d’aucun homme ou gouvernement

  24. Ingrid B says:

    November 8, 2011 at 4:31 pm

    It is my opinion that western women who dress immodestly may attract a certain amount of attention, of the wrong kind, whereas muslim women are shown respect. Unfortunately, western women, most of them, have not figured this out. In the words of the Grateful Dead, (Attics of my Life,) we should close our eyes to see..

  25. Ingrid B says:

    November 8, 2011 at 4:33 pm

    @ weeteanscone, I think you must be a Scottish muslim..

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American Soldier Teasing Iraqi kids


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As if it is not bad enough that their country has been destroyed, then Israel’s preferred attack dog has to engage in the typically-Jewish business of mocking the victim as well. Doesn’t it just make you PROUD Americans?

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Ex Libyan PM shares his views on the reason why Gaddafi was murdered


Libya Libye | Mahmoud Jebril, ex Libyan interim PM for the NTC, expresses his views on the reasons behind the execution of Muammar Al-Qathafi.

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“Anti-Semitism” on Venezuelan TV decried


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B’nai B’rith slams Holocaust denial, repudiation of Zionism by guest on state television


B’nai B’rith decries the reprehensible remarks made on Venezuelan state television on October 26, in which a guest denied the Holocaust and repudiated Zionism.

On the show “Contragolpe” (in English: “Counter-Strike”) host Vanessa Davies interviewed Argentine professor Saad Chedid, who was reportedly in Venezuela to give a lecture titled “Philosophic and Semantic Analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Cause for Concern? 

ADL poll: Anti-Semitic attitudes on rise in America  / Yitzhak Benhorin

Nationwide survey of the American people released Anti-Defamation League reveals that anti-Semitic attitudes have risen slightly in America 

While giving a preview of his lecture, Chedid stated among other things that Theodor Herzl, the father of Zionism, was a “sick and paranoid person,” even implying that there was close collaboration between the Nazis and the Jews to create the “implanted” State of Israel.

Referring to the Holocaust, Chedid denied its existence, saying: “Holocaust is a word that means strictly the total burning of an animal—from a pigeon to a bull—so there’s no Jewish Holocaust. The Jewish ideologues have a weird ability to hide things through the use of another word. For example the Yahweh, which is the god of the Jews, cannot be named…”

“This kind of raw anti-Semitic material can unfortunately be found regularly in the state-owned Venezuelan media and in direct violation of a promise Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made last year to curtail such rhetoric,” said B’nai B’rith International President Allan J. Jacobs.

“In May 2011 B’nai B’rith passed a resolution calling on Chavez to immediately end anti-Semitic expressions. We continue to call for such action now.”

Chedid went on to talk about a 1907 report that purports to prove that Great Britain was planning the establishment of a Jewish state more than 100 years ago, with the intention of preventing Arabs from uniting to win their independence.

‘Government directly sponsoring hate’

“The content of this and other programs on the state-owned media clearly underscores that the government freely allows anti-Semitism in Venezuela,” said B’nai B’rith International Executive Vice President Daniel S. Mariaschin.

“These remarks made on state-sponsored television clearly lead to the conclusion that these vitriolic anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiments are given approbation at the highest levels of the Venezuelan government and must not go unchallenged. We call on the international community to denounce these outrageous claims.”

This is not an isolated incident. The Venezuelan public is frequently subject to this kind of anti-Jewish and anti-Israel propaganda. A few months ago, the director of the Venezuelan National Radio recommended that people read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (a fraudulent, anti-Semitic text that described a Jewish plan for achieving global domination).

By allowing this type of furiously anti-Semitic material to go unchallenged in the media outlets that they control, B’nai B’rith said in a statement, the government is directly sponsoring anti-Semitism and hate. 

B’nai B’rith International has offices in Latin America and says it will continue to monitor these developments.

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