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The Wandering Who-A Study of Israeli Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder i.e. Preemptive Strike , available on  or


Two blasts rock south Lebanon hotel popular with UN staff


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Blast went off in pub of Queen Elissa Hotel in port city of Tyre; minutes later, another explosion damaged a liquor store; no casualties reported.


A bomb exploded Wednesday at a hotel frequented by UN staffers in southern Lebanon, causing damage but no casualties, a Lebanese security official said.

The official said the blast struck the pub at the Queen Elissa Hotel in the port city of Tyre early in the morning. Rubble littered the pavement outside the hotel, and part of the ground floor was badly damaged by the blast.

Another explosion minutes later damaged a liquor store in the city, also causing no casualties. The official spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether UN staffers were the target of the attack at the hotel. The blast shattered the windshield of one UN SUV parked outside the inn. Lebanese troops and peacekeepers cordoned off the area after the explosion.

The official estimated the hotel bomb to weigh about 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds), adding that a sample was sent to Beirut to determine the type of explosives used.

Tyre is a predominantly Muslim city and serving alcohol is common at hotels and restaurants.

There have been several attacks against UN peacekeepers in Lebanon in the past, most recently in July, when a roadside bomb blew up next to a UN convoy carrying French peacekeepers in southern Lebanon, wounding at least five people.

UN peacekeepers have been deployed in southern Lebanon since 1978 to monitor the border with Israel. The force was boosted to almost 12,000 troops after Israel and Hezbollah fought a war in 2006.

Under the UN resolution that ended the fighting, the mission is monitoring a zone south of the Litani River where Hezbollah is banned from keeping weapons.

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Global week of action against IsraHell wall in the West Bank


Since the beginning stages of Israel’s implementation and continued construction of its illegal wall in the occupied West Bank nearly ten years ago — and compounded with the International Court of Justice’s (ICJ) ruling in 2004 that the wall is in violation of several international laws — activists on the ground in Palestine and in numerous countries around the world have engaged in sustained and creative protest.

The Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign/Stop the Wall (STW) has organized a global week of action against Israel’s wall and its policies of apartheid and settler-colonialism in Palestine, which begins today and runs through 16 November.

Activist groups, boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) committees, student coalitions and grassroots organizations from 18 countries on five continents have signed on to officially participate in the global week of action.

In Palestine, STW has organized three separate demonstrations in addition to the regular, weekly Friday actions against the wall in different villages.

From their website:

13 November: Demonstration in the southern West Bank village of Tarqumiya — The demonstration takes place to commemorate the massacre of the people of al Sammou, south of Hebron. Exactly 45 years ago, on November 13 1966 Israeli forces raided this village, destroyed 125 houses, the village clinic and school as well as 15 houses in a neighboring village. 18 people were killed and 54 wounded.

15 November: Demonstration in Qalandiya — Qalandiya has become the flashpoint of confrontation, a symbol of the Palestinian determination not to accept the isolation of Jerusalem and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian capital.

20 November: Demonstration in northern West Bank city of Tulkarem — Tulkarem, its refugee camps and surrounding villages are heavily impacted by the Wall and its checkpoints. People from the northern parts of the northern part of the West Bank will gather to demonstrate their determination to continue resistance against the Apartheid Wall and the Israeli project of enclosing them in enclaves and Bantustans.

Global solidarity events

A sampling of international events — culled from the official list on the STW website— include:

– Belgium, 10 November: In Brussels, Intal [a Belgian global solidarity group] will organize a conference and debate in support of the Palestinian call for a comprehensive and mandatory military embargo on Israel by highlighting the fact that Belgium sells weapons to Israel. This conference will have as a goal to inform our members and their friends about the weapons business between Belgium and Israel

– Netherlands: Activities are planned in Utrecht and Amsterdam … Signatures will be collected for a so-called citizens initiative asking for a debate in parliament on the ICJ ruling. From the needed 40,000 signatures the last 3,000 will be collected that week plus the following weeks of the year

– Spain/Basque country, 10 November: A conference in Bilbao about Israel’s wall

– England, 12 November: Wall around the Monument in Newcastle City Centre. A human wall where each person represents a fact about the apartheid wall. Distribution of fact sheets on the wall, Israeli apartheid, human rights abuses, andBDS nearby. BDS pledge cards will be distributed to the public.

– Argentina, 16 November: The FEARAB youth group in Buenos Aires have launched a call for the academic and cultural boycott of Israel in Argentina, and the signatures of the persons who support the initiative will be announced publicly as the week of global action closes

– Canada, 10 November: An evening with writer and photo journalist Jon Elmer, coordinated by Students Against Israeli Apartheid in Toronto

– United States: Huge awareness-raising campaign tool kits for various action ideas by US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation

– South Korea, 12 November: A performance to educate the public on the wall and its effects on Palestinians

Radio Intifada

Several organizations throughout Latin America, including Argentina and Mexico, are participating in the week of action. Radio Intifada, a Spanish-language radio project ofSTW, has also produced three 30-minute segments that are available for free download and syndication on local independent radio stations interested in broadcasting news and analysis on Israeli policies and the grassroots actions to challenge them.

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EU Parliament chief refuses to protest at illegal arrests by IsraHell


Submitted by david

The president of the European Parliament Jerzy Buzek has declined to protest at how Israel arrested one of his own colleagues in international waters.

Last weekend, Paul Murphy was one of 14 Irish people kidnapped by Israeli forces who boarded the MV Saoirse, as it sailed towards Gaza. Murphy, a member of the European Parliament (MEP), has still not been released but is expected to be flown from Tel Aviv to Dublin tomorrow.

Buzek took his time reacting to Murphy’s arrest, which took place last Friday. It wasn’t until several days later that Buzek urged Israel to “quickly” release his fellow MEP and the other detainees. Buzek does not appear to have posted any statement about the arrests on his website.

I called Buzek’s spokesman Robert Golanski this morning to ask if Buzek had gone beyond calling for the release and complained at the unlawful manner of Murphy’s arrest. “The main concern of the president is to make sure that EU citizens, including a colleague of his, be released as soon as possible,” Golanski replied.

When I repeated the question about whether or not Buzek protested at Israel’s illegal conduct in international waters, Golanski remained evasive. “It looks as if Mr Murphy is going to go home very soon,” he said. “The issue is closed.”

Buzek, a former prime minister in Poland, is sympathetic towards Zionism. During a meeting last month with Reuven Rivlin, the speaker of Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, Buzek described Israel as an “indispensable partner for the EU.” Buzek has been more vocal in demanding the release of Gilad Shalit, the only Israeli soldier detained by Hamas until recently, than any of the thousands of political prisoners held by Israel.

Furthermore, Buzek’s refusal to protest at Israel’s illegal behavior in recent days is at variance with the official position of his institution.

In June 2010, the Parliament approved a resolution condemning Israel’s killing of nine activists taking part in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla. The resolution argued that the manner in which Israel attacked the Mavi Marmara, a Turkish ship, breached international law.

Fortunately, nobody was killed when Israel used heavy-handed tactics against the Saoirseand the Canadian boat the Tahrir last weekend. But considering it behaved in a manner that had been previously condemned by his assembly, Buzek had strong grounds to protest. His decision not to do so indicates that he either has a short memory or that he is not willing to upset Israel.

Update: Seven of the 14 Irish people detained by Israel were prevented from boarding a London-bound flight in Tel Aviv this morning.

It appears that the seven have been returned to prison. In brief phone calls, the detainees complained about their treatment. Fintan Lane, coordinator of the Irish Ship to Gaza campaign and one of the seven, said: “This is a deliberate and calculated attempt by the Israelis to break our spirit. It won’t succeed.”

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Alex Callinicos asks us to celebrate NATO’s war on Libya


08 November 2011

See: Fight Racism

Black Libyan African woman protests at treatment by the NTC in Tripoli’s Martyr’s Square

Photo: Black Libyan African woman protests at treatment by the NTC in Tripoli’s Martyr’s Square

The 29 October edition of Socialist Worker carries an article by the Socialist Workers’ Party (SWP) leading member Alex Callinicos entitled ‘West’s role in the dictator’s downfall shouldn’t stop us celebrating.’ Callinicos compares Colonel Gaddafi to the Italian fascist Benito Mussolini and says that Gaddafi, like Mussolini, was killed by ‘popular militias’, adding ‘we should have no qualms in joining the Libyan people’s celebrations of their tyrant’s demise’. Callinicos celebrates along with NATO secretary general Anders Fogh Rasmussen who described the war on Libya as ‘a successful chapter in NATO’s history’ creating ‘a new Libya based on freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law’, and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who said, ‘We came, we saw, he died’, then laughed.

After repeated NATO attempts to kill Colonel Gaddafi his murder on 20 October was a depraved act. Among the final images from Gaddafi’s life is a scene with a dark-skinned man tethered to a pole in the background. Callinicos’ ‘popular militias’ have been and are committing ethnic cleansing and racist murder against black African Libyans. It is a travesty that this supposed socialist should join in the demonisation of Colonel Gaddafi with which the bourgeois politicians and media justified their war on Libya.

NATO said it was going to stop a massacre and then committed one. It flew approximately 28,000 sorties or an average of almost 133 a day for nearly eight months and killed between 50,000 and 70,000 people. Sirte, a town that once had approximately 100,000 people, is now almost completely deserted and looks like Hamburg after the Allies firebombed the city in July 1943. Tawargha, a town of 25,000 mainly black African people, ‘no longer exists’, according to one of the militia’s commanders, its inhabitants dead or scattered from Tripoli to Benghazi. In September Amnesty International said it was concerned at ‘increasing cases of violence and indiscriminate arrests against the people of Tawargha’.

Many of Tawargha’s people were descendants of former slaves. Andrew Gilligan, for The Sunday Telegraph, visited the town and found slogans daubed by the militia, ‘The brigade for purging slaves [and] black skin’, (11 September 2011). Several hundred black Libyan refugees protested in Tripoli’s Martyrs’ Square that they had been held in camps for over two months, that women had been abducted from the camps, others raped and that men had been seized and disappeared. Human Rights Watch reported, ‘We found 53 decomposing bodies, apparently Gaddafi supporters, at an abandoned hotel in Sirte, and some had their hands bound behind their backs when they were shot.’ This is a war crime. Mass graves are being discovered, the militias are fighting each other – are these what Callinicos wants us to celebrate?

On 23 October the leader of the National Transitional Council (NTC) Mustafa Abdul-Jalil proclaimed the liberation of Libya and announced ‘we adopted sharia as the principal law’; laws protecting women will be removed and polygamy reintroduced. Libyan women’s groups have protested. Should we have ‘no qualms’ about this, Alex Callinicos? On 31 October the NTC installed Abdurrahim al-Kreib as the new prime minister. This man was flown back to Libya from the United Arab Emirates where he served as a professor at the Petroleum Institute, which is funded by BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total. French, US, Canadian and British firms are queuing up to grab Libya’s oil. The British government’s UK Trade and Investment estimates that oil, gas, reconstruction and education contracts worth $320 billion are coming up for bids in the coming decade.

Benito Mussolini’s corpse was put on display, as was Colonel Gaddafi’s. However, Callinicos presents his readers with supposed similarities between the ‘highly contradictory ways’ of the two figures. This is a deception. Mussolini was a leader of an imperialist power, a racist and a fascist who supported Franco’s fascists in the Spanish civil war, who idealised war and launched the invasion of Ethiopia and then led Italy into the Second World War on the side of the Nazis. Mussolini was captured and executed by Italian partisans.

Gaddafi was the leader of an oppressed nation, formally colonised by Italy and then run by Britain and France. The Libyan state repressed internal opposition and collaborated with the US rendition programme against Islamists. However, it achieved the highest life expectancy, lowest infant mortality rate and highest UN Human Development Index in Africa. It was for the Libyan people and them alone to deal with their government, not NATO and the British ruling class.

A decisive moment in the history of socialism came at the outbreak of the First World War. Kautsky and parties of the Second International followed their national bourgeoisies into the war. British so-called socialists backed the British state in the name of opposing Prussian militarism and for the defence of democracy and German socialists backed the German state to oppose the British monopolists and colonialists and Russian tsarism. Lenin and the Bolsheviks denounced them both and explained that the war was an imperialist war for possessions by the British, German, French and Russian ruling classes and had to be opposed by socialists and working class internationally. The point was to oppose the imperialist bourgeoisie of your own nations.

Writing a feature article in May 2011’s Socialist Review entitled ‘Imperialism and revolution in the middle east’ the SWP’s Richard Seymour avoids taking up the issue of British imperialism and focuses on US imperialism instead. This is shameful and revealing at a time when the British state was directing the Royal Air Force, the Royal Navy and special forces against Libya. Seymour makes it plain that he supports the initial revolt against the Libyan government. His Party did nothing to oppose the British state’s war on Libya, did nothing to oppose the war waged by the British ruling class. Dressed up in socialist rhetoric and all sorts of paeans to the working class, Seymour and Callinicos, like their Socialist Workers’ Party, stand in the traditions of Kautsky and the Second International.

They supported the British troops entering the North of Ireland in 1969, they repeatedly criticised the ANC when it was fighting apartheid in South Africa, they use every opportunity they get to denounce socialist Cuba and they celebrated the collapse of the Soviet Union and socialist countries of central and eastern Europe as a victory for the working class – never as a victory for imperialism. Callinicos and his Party argue that with Colonel Gaddafi out of the way the workers can organise and fight for socialism. The reality is that what they do is demobilise potential opposition to imperialism among people here in Britain and whenever required they call for a vote for the war-mongering Labour Party.

Callinicos and his Party ask us to celebrate barbarism and, for now, a triumph for imperialism. This has nothing to do with democracy and helping the working class of the Middle East and North Africa. The SWP represent a chauvinist trend within the working class. They must be challenged and overcome if an anti-imperialist and socialist movement is ever to be built in Britain.

Trevor Rayne

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Mondoweiss Online Newsletter


The Freedom Riders of Bus 148

Nov 15, 2011

Mariam Al-Barghouti and Deema Al-Saafin

(Photo: Activestills)

The Palestinian Freedom Rides movement was inspired by the Civil Rights Act of 1961, when African Americans and Americans alike boarded buses and road throughout the south in order to break segregation marked by Jim Crow laws. This act branded them the name “Freedom Riders”.  Segregation of the 1960’s revolved around a direct schism between “blacks” and “whites” in every aspect of life imaginable; education, public eating, public transportation, and housing provinces. This began the Freedom Riders movement where Americans, “blacks” and “whites” alike, rode segregated buses . Inspired by such a movement, six Palestinian activists decided to do the same regarding segregated Israeli buses, in which they would be non-violently defying illegal Israeli settlements, and Israeli segregation.

Freedom Riders waiting for the bus. (Photo: Ann Paq/Activestills)

Earlier Tuesday November 15th, 6 Palestinian activists as well as people of the press headed to the illegal Israeli settlement of  Kohav Yakov, where they attempted to board  segregated Israeli buses headed to Jerusalem in defiance of Israeli apartheid and segregation. The first bus passes the activists however, the driver keeps driving on. The second bus, and the third pass, to no avail. Five buses passed the activists without stopping to allow them to get in as passengers; instead they completely ignored their existence. Whilst they were waiting for a bus to stop, an IOF military jeep came to the location of the Freedom Riders.  It wasn’t until the sixth bus, bus number 148 that the Palestinian Freedom Rides activists were able to board. Illegal Israeli settlers boarded the bus with the Freedom Riders. At this point, history had already been made, as Palestinians had physically got onto segregation buses headed to Jerusalem. Aboard the bus, the Palestinian flag was flown.

         During the first and second Intifada, the waving of the Palestinian flag was an action enough to land a person in jail. During the weekly demonstrations in villages such as Nabi Saleh, Bil’in, Ni’leen and Walaja, waving the Palestinian flag can bring a person an arrest, or worse as in the case of Ashraf Abu Rahmah, administrative detention.

A settler aboard attempted to grab and confiscate the Palestinian flag, but his attempt was defied.

Fadi Qura’an facing the Israeli Border Police.
(Photo: Oren Ziv/ Activestills)

Bus 148 began its move to its perceived destination: Jerusalem. The driver of the bus was following an Israeli police vehicle, while the bus was accompanied by Israeli Occupying Forces from behind. The bus was led to Hizmah checkpoint, which is one of 522 checkpoints that are spread throughout the West Bank. Upon arrival to Hizmah checkpoint, Israeli Border Police as well as Israeli soldiers boarded bus 148 which carried the six Palestinian Freedom Rides activists: Nadeem Al-Sharbate, Huwaida Arraf, Dr.Mazin Qumsieyeh, Fadi Qura’an, Basel Al-Araj, and Badee’ Dwaik, as well as several journalists documenting the event. The Police asked all the settlers on board and the driver to leave the bus, to which they obeyed but not before remarking to the activists still on board that “this is our land.” The settlers were able to board another bus heading to Jerusalem without any harassment from the Border Police. However the activists were asked for their ID’s, and confiscated them in an attempt to get the Freedom Riders to exit the bus. “I will show them my Palestinian ID card and say I want to go to Jerusalem. We’ll see what happens,” said Dr Mazin Qumsiyeh. However the Freedom Riders were determined to remain on the bus, saying over and over again “We are headed to Jerusalem.”

Journalists were then kicked out of the bus and fined 500 Israeli Shekels for “parking on the side of the road”. This is merely an attempt to punish those who spread the word of Israel’s apartheid regime and its racist implications to the rest of the world.

(Photo: Activestills)

At this point, Freedom Riders had begun chanting, “We are not getting off, even if you throw us in jail”. They knew that they could be arrested but remained defiant, and most importantly, non violent. Palestinian activist, Badee’ Dwaik, resisted by nonviolently laying on the floor of the bus. He asked the Israeli Border Police “Why didn’t you ask a settler for his permission slip into Jerusalem? Is his blood red and mine blue?”

When journalists and settlers were removed from the bus, only IOF and Israeli Border Police remained with the Freedom Riders. The bus then began its move to a police station.

Once at the police station, Israeli Border Police began forcibly removing Freedom Riders one by one. (Due to the camera shooting the live stream footage running out of battery, we were only able to see three arrests (Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh, Huwaida Arraf and lastly Fadi Quran’s). Israeli Border Police tried to negotiate with activists Huwaida Arraf and Fadi Quran, if negotiating meant saying “You are here illegally. Yallah, you will be taken off the bus.” The Freedom Riders remained in their seats, staring straight ahead. IOF and Border Police then began to violently grab these activists one at a time forcing them off the bus. Whilst being arrested, Huwaida and Fadi both introduced themselves as Freedom Riders and said “We are only trying to go to Jerusalem.” Alongside the activists, Fajr Harb was also arrested, even though he was not on board the bus, nor part of the Palestinian Freedom Riders group, he was merely arrested for showing support for the cause, and being Palestinian. As Fadi Quran said as he was being arrested “We only want our freedom, justice, and dignity.” The activists and Fajr Harb were taken to the detention center of Atarot, where they remain now until further notice.

(Photo: Oren Ziv/ Activestills)

This post originally appeared on the website WrittenResistance. All the Freedom Riders have since been released from Israeli custody.

Mariam Al-Barghouti is a Palestinian-American graduated from high school May 2011, currently taking a gap year in attempt to bring more awareness to the Palestinian cause. 

Deema Al-Saafin is from both Gaza and West Bank,she also holds a British passport. She graduated from high school May 2011. She is continuing her studies at Birzeit University, where she is majoring in public administration.

Gaza Lives On

Nov 15, 2011


Once again Filmmaker Ashraf Mashharawi of Gaza’s Media Town, producer of the stunning documentary A story of a war has produced yet another out of the ballpark film, Gaza Lives On. Enjoy, it is very precious and captures the beauty, struggle and spirit of Gazans in a very intimate way.


“I just wanted by this film to show how people here have a nice building spirit and to show their love of life and peace so we can see this nice color pictures despite the hard conditions that they have.”

“Gaza Lives On” will be shown 8 times this week on Al Jazeera English channel starting today:

  • 15 November 20:00 GMT

  • 16 November 12:00 GMT

  • 17 November 01:00 GMT

  • 18 November 06:00 GMT

  • 19 November 20:00 GMT

  • 20 November 12:00 GMT

  • 21 November 01:00 GMT

  • 22 November 06:00 GMT

Welcome to the new Mondoweiss

Nov 15, 2011

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz

M 200px square

As you’ve surely noticed things are looking very different around here. We have been working on redesigning the site since the end of the summer, and we’re excited about Mondoweiss 3.0. To us it signifies the continuing evolution of the site away from being simply a blog, to an interactive website that delivers news, hosts thought-provoking analysis and spurs debate.

We hope the new design will be easier to navigate, and help highlight the wide breadth of writing, and writers, we feature on the site. In addition, we want the new site to deepen reader engagement, and bring our very active comments section to the fore.

As with all transitions this is very much a work in progress! Please let us know what you think, we’ll be continuing to tweak and adjust the site in coming days (and probably weeks). Please use the comments section here to share your thoughts and thanks so much for helping the site become what it is today!

Police end Wall Street occupation– for now

Nov 15, 2011

Philip Weiss


The Bloomberg administration cleared Zuccotti Park in New York this morning, arresting hundreds of participants in Occupy Wall Street, and filling Broadway (below). Photos from Patrick Markee.


Gaza Gateway provides a closer look at the siege on Gaza

Nov 15, 2011


Gisha’s Gaza Gateway has published a position paper presenting a brief overview of how Israel continues to maintain control in Gaza. Here are some examples:

The tax system
Israel continues to control taxation in the Gaza Strip, which forms part of a single customs envelope along with Israel and the West Bank. This means that Israel sets the customs and Value Added Tax rates collected for goods and in so doing influences product prices as well as Palestinian fiscal policy. To illustrate: a merchant in Gaza who purchases clothes from an Israeli manufacturer pays VAT at a rate determined by Israel, and Israel is responsible for transferring this amount to the Palestinian Authority. If the merchandise is imported, Israel sets and collects the customs for it and is responsible for transferring the amount to the Palestinian Authority. The VAT and customs rates set by Israel then affect the price the consumer pays for clothes in Gaza.

Physical control of the Gaza Strip
Following “disengagement” in 2005, Israel continued to control the area adjacent to its border with the Gaza Strip on the Palestinian side. In 2008, Israel expanded this area, referred to as the “no-go” zone, and today it covers a distance ranging from 300 to 1,500 meters from the border1.  The area which is restricted in practice includes both areas which have officially been declared off-limits and areas where one risks being shot at. It amounts to some 17% of the entire territory of the Gaza Strip and a third of its agricultural lands.

The land crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt
The 2005 Agreement on Movement and Access marked the end of Israel’s military presence at the Rafah Crossing on the border between Egypt and the Gaza Strip, yet allowed Israel to maintain substantial control over the terminal. This control was exercised via Israel’s continued control of the Palestinian population registry, which determines who may travel through Rafah, the ability to monitor individuals traveling through the crossing, and the power to decide when and if to close Rafah. The crossing operated routinely as per the Agreement on Movement and Access until June 2006. 

Territorial waters
Israel has complete control over Gaza’s territorial waters and prevents movement of people and goods by sea. It also limits fishing to a distance of three nautical miles from Gaza’s coastline. In 2008, Israel made an exception and allowed six ships to reach Gaza, but has since prevented the arrival of any vessels.  Israel has cited various legal sources as the basis for the ban on maritime travel off the Gaza coast: until 2005 it maintained the ban was imposed pursuant to the laws of occupation; beginning in 2005, it justified its control of Gaza’s territorial waters as “security restrictions on fishing areas off the Gaza Strip coast” , and, at times, as an exclusion zone or a combat zone.  On January 3, 2009, in the midst of the large scale military operation “Cast Lead”, Israel declared a maritime blockade off Gaza’s coast, and though the operation ended that same month, the blockade has remained in force.  In 2001, despite its commitment to allow the construction of a seaport in the Gaza Strip, Israel destroyed the site facilities belonging to the foreign company which was about to begin construction of a port and has since prevented construction by failing to provide donors with assurances that such port would not be destroyed.

Israel maintains complete control over Gaza’s airspace and prevents movement of people and commercial goods by air. Gaza’s airport, built in 1998, was closed in October 2000, following the outbreak of the Second Intifada, and bombed by Israel in 2001. Since then, there has been no air traffic into and out of the Strip. The only exception is Israeli aircrafts, manned and unmanned, which fly over the Gaza Strip to carry out observations, collect information and bomb targets including in “targeted killings”, that is to say the assassination from the air of individuals defined by Israel as wanted.

Control of civilian infrastructure
Israel controls the supply of infrastructure upon which the Gaza Strip is reliant. Gaza’s electricity system, as developed since 1967, is largely based on power supplied from Israel through 11 high voltage transmission lines1.  A power station was built in Gaza in 1998, but its capacity has been limited since it was bombed by Israel in 2006. The station has never been fully repaired. Restrictions on the transfer of equipment and the entrance of trained professionals, as well as on the shipping of equipment for repairs outside Gaza, have also impaired the ability to upgrade the electricity system. Another factor that interfered with the operation of the power station was the restrictions Israel imposed on the transfer of industrial diesel into Gaza beginning in October 2007 as part of its policy of “economic warfare”, designed to undermine Gaza’s economy. A dispute over finances between the Palestinian Authority and the Hamas regime in the Gaza Strip further decreased industrial diesel supply to Gaza in 2010. In early 2011, the shortage was partially resolved by the purchase and transport of diesel for the power station through the tunnels. As a result, the power station’s dependence on Israel has decreased, though it still relies on Israel, to a degree, for shipping equipment for repairs, importing parts, bringing in expert engineers and sending engineers from Gaza for professional training and business meetings. Additionally, Israeli-supplied electricity still makes up the lion’s share of Gaza’s electricity, and there is no plan for an alternative in sight.

Gaza Strip and the West Bank
Following Hamas’ takeover of internal control in Gaza in June 2007, the Palestinian Authority’s influence over Gaza has significantly diminished, and most of the routine administration of the government and public services, such as the education system, policing, sanitation and hospitals, is carried out by the Hamas regime. However, the Palestinian Authority still maintains significant responsibilities, particularly the financing of major public services such as the healthcare system and the supply of electricity. The Palestinian Authority continues to coordinate the passage of people and goods with Israel, and taxes levied on goods transported from Israel through the crossings are collected by Israel on behalf of the PA. Additionally, Palestinian Authority officials remain responsible for transferring applications for changes in the population registry to Israeli authorities, including for the purpose of issuing passports. For this reason, Israel’s control over the Palestinian Authority, which operates both in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, influences the latter’s ability to make independent decisions related to Palestinian residents, govern them and fund public services.

The population registry
Israel continues to control the Palestinian population registry which is common to the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Any change made in these records requires Israel’s approval, including the registration of births, marriages, divorces, deaths or address changes. The Palestinian Authority may amend or issue an ID card only after Israeli approval is granted. Israel updates all the changes in its copy of the population registry, which determines who is recognized as a Palestinian resident for the purpose of travel permits. Palestinian passports are issued by the Palestinian Authority only to residents who are listed in the Israeli-administered population registry. Physically, coordination on issues pertaining to the population registry for Gaza is done through meetings between representatives from Israel and the Palestinian Authority in Gaza which are held at Erez Crossing.

And more news from Today in Palestine:

B’tselem: The Israeli gov’t speeds wall construction on its borders with Egypt
B’Tselem center for human rights said the Israeli government accelerated the building of the huge iron wall on its borders with Egypt in the Sinai and finished about 70 kilometers of it.

Aid convoy “Arab Spring” to arrive in Gaza soon

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza said it is making preparations in cooperation with the European commission for humanitarian aid to send an aid convoy to Gaza later this month.

Nida’ Mohammed (Mohammed’s Cry): Help Kickstart a Gaza Video Documentary

link to

Land theft and destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Palestinian culture & history

Israel to invite bids for 800 East Jerusalem homes

JERUSALEM (AFP) — Israel is to invite tenders for the construction of more than 800 new homes in two settlement neighborhoods of annexed East Jerusalem, a housing ministry spokesman said on Tuesday. Ariel Rosenberg told AFP the ministry had published formal notice of its intention to invite tenders to build 749 housing units in the southern Har Homa neighborhood, and another 65 in Pisgat Zeev in the north.
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Palestinian family given two weeks to vacate East Jerusalem home

Himnuta, a subsidiary of the Jewish National Fund to evict longtime residents, transfer house to settlers.

link to

Palestinian family to be evicted within two weeks
Silwanic has learnt that Israeli authorities plan to evict a Palestinian family living in Wadi Hilweh within the next two weeks. The family received a court order notifying them of the eviction expected to take place any time before 28 November 2011. The threatened family owns the house, and have been engaged in a long legal battle for it with Israeli authorities since the first half of last decade. The family has already lost a plot of  land to the Elad settlement association. Should they succeed in appropriating the house, Israeli authorities seek to turn it over to settlers. The Israeli Department of Procedures has demanded that the family pay 2 million NIS as the only means to keeping the property. Under Israeli law, however, this is impossible. Over the decades, authorities have used the same tactics to appropriate many other Palestinian homes and properties in Silwan, claiming that the land belonged  to Jewish people. On occasion when defendants have proved this to be incorrect, the nominated Absentee Property guardian orders the threatened family to leave their house complaining the real owner live out of the country. Through a persistent limiting of defendant families’ legal options, the houses are then acquisitioned by the state who turn them over to Elad and other settlement organisations.
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Al Hadidiye to be demolished once again: Halt this new wave of ethnic cleansing!

Immediately contact your consulate and embassy through our email action! While the international community discusses Palestinian statehood, on the ground Israel is continuing the ethnic cleansing and colonization of Palestine with a further displacement push in the Jordan Valley. Al Hadidiye is a Bedouin community of some 112 permanent inhabitants and some 130 further inhabitants that during the two cold winter months return back to villages near Tobas as Israeli forces have destroyed their homes already and they have not found the necessary means to build shelters that can protect them from the winter cold. On Thursday November 10, the Israeli authorities served the community nine new demolition orders that target 17 structures and will affect 72 people , including women and children.

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JERUSALEM, November 14, 2011 (WAFA) – The Israel Antiquities Authority Monday approved the resumption of digs at the site of a Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem for the construction of the ‘Museum of Tolerance’ despite the discovery of ancient skeletons at the site, said a Fatah leader in Jerusalem. Member of the Revolutionary Council of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah), Dimitri Diliani, said in a press conference that “the Antiquities Authority has approved digs of 1000 graves in Mamilla, which comes as part of the offensive project called ‘Museum of Tolerance.’” He said the digging process is being resumed extensively under a huge media blackout to hide any discoveries, despite the evident proof of ancient skeletons found in the historical cemetery. Diliani said that desecration of the Mamilla cemetery, which holds unique religious and historical value, is part of Israeli historical and cultural forgery and ethnic cleansing against Palestinians, which affects the dead also.

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Israeli army steps up attacks on Palestinian water
Speaking to the American Congress in May, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu remarked that Israel would maintain a long-term presence in the West Bank’s Jordan Valley. In the months that followed, the Israeli army stepped up its attacks on the water wells of the Palestinians who live there.

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Pathology of a Checkpoint in Service of Settlers

Tamar Fleishman – The Palestine Chronicle – “In order to give this prohibition validity, a special decree […] signed by the commander in charge of the Central Command, Yaeir Nave, had been issued in 2006. The procedure was called ‘regulatory selection’ and as the commander of the checkpoint explained: ‘during the regulatory selection we stop the car, check whether it’s a Jew or an Arab, if it`s a Jew – check to see if he is disoriented and warn him from heading on to Ramallah’. When I mentioned the bad historic connotation of the expression, he laconically replied: ‘the army has enough to deal with. It can`t be bothered with every single word…’”

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Five Republican congressmen take Christian Zionist solidarity tour of settlements, Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz

From the Arutz Sheva article “Congressmen with ‘Judeo-Christian Spirit’ Tour Heartland”: On November 9, five US Congressmen ventured into otherwise uncharted territory, at least by the standards of traditional diplomatic delegations to Israel. A strong affinity to Israel and genuine frustration with repeated fatal failures of “peace processes” drove these American leaders to take a fresh look at Israel’s heartland…
Israel routinely produces new ploys to counter Palestinian pleas for justice. But is anybody interested?
Israeli Violence & Warmongering
Israeli tanks bomb east of Gaza
Israeli tanks on Tuesday morning fired a barrage of artillery shells at the eastern part of Gaza city.
link to Israel military chief favors Gaza offensive (AP)
AP – Israeli media report the nation’s top military commander as saying he favors a major offensive in Gaza because of rocket attacks.
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Settler threatens resident with gun in Ras al-Amoud
Eyewitnesses report seeing an Israeli settler point a gun at a Palestinian resident in Ras al-Amoud district of Silwan on Friday night, 10 November. The incident followed confrontations between Palestinian residents and Israeli forces in Al-Hara al-Wasta district, which lies next to Ras al-Amoud. The settler involved was not questioned or charged by police. Settler violence has long been an unfortunate fact of life for Palestinian inhabitants of Silwan. Last year Samer Sarhan, 36, was shot dead by a settler guard, and this year Milad Ayyash, 16, met the same fate. Many others have been grievously injured, including Mazen Audeh, 23, who was shot in the leg by a settler; Ameer Froukh, 13, shot; and Ahmad Qaraeen, 39, who was shot in both legs with an M-16 rifle by a settler on leave from his military service.

link to silwanic.netReport: Settlers vandalize Palestinian home in Jerusalem
JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Settlers wrote graffiti on a Palestinian owned apartment in Jerusalem on Tuesday in a suspected “price tag” attack. Israeli police arrested two suspects who confessed to the vandalism charges, the official news agency Wafa said. The family had received death threats in the past from Jewish extremists, Wafa added. Hardline Jewish settlers have adopted what they call a “price tag” policy under which they have attacked Palestinians and their property in response to Israeli government measures against settlements.
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Political Detainees / Other Prisoner News

Confrontations throughout Silwan, one arrested

Clashes erupted in Bir Ayyub district of Silwan on Saturday night, 12 November, when Israeli forces provoked confrontations with local residents. Clashes quickly spread to other neighborhoods, with Israeli forces firing tear gas and rubber bullets on residents. A 16-year old boy, Mahmoud Atyeh, was arrested and beaten by Israeli officers. Eyewitnesses state that violence erupted when a number of Israeli forces chased a group of local youth who had been standing in the street.

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PA security kidnaps four Hamas members in W. Bank areas
The Palestinian authority security forces detained in recent raids four Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas Movement in the West Bank.
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IOF soldiers round up six West Bankers
Israeli occupation forces (IOF) rounded up six Palestinians in different West Bank areas at dawn Tuesday including three young men in Doheisha refugee camp south of Bethlehem.

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The minister of women’s affairs in Gaza, Jameela al-Shuntee, has denounced a decision by the Israeli Prison Authorities to install surveillance cameras in female common areas inside the Hasharon Prison. Al-Shuntee asserted that this arbitrary measure which violated their rights was immoral, and that its goal was to harm and provoke the prisoners. In a written statement from Al-Shuntee, she stated that the surveillance of female prisoners was a violation of the legal and human rights laws which the Israeli occupation and international organizations trumpet, and which call for the safeguarding of human rights. She asserted that, “What the occupational army does consistently confirms that it is bereft of every moral value.”
The freed prisoner, Amal Fayez Jumaah, has languished in the Nablus Specialist Hospital in the northern West Bank for more than two weeks following a serious deterioration in her health subsequent to her release from Israeli prison. She was released from prison as part of the recent prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas. Jumaah has suffered from cancer for many years alongside a range of other diseases and conditions resulting from her captivity including back and stomach problems. The visages of extreme fatigue are apparent on her as a result of the Israeli policy of serious medical neglect suffered by Palestinian prisoners and which results in a multitude of accumulated diseases and conditions.
 Other Human Rights Violations / Racism
JERUSALEM, November 14, 2011 (WAFA) – Moaz Za’tari, General Manager of Al-Maqdese for Society Development (MSD), strongly condemned the decision of Israeli Ministerial Committee for legislation to pass discriminatory laws, hindering the civil work and human rights organizations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, according to a press release published by MSD on Monday. These discriminatory Israeli bills will hinder the work of human rights organizations and CSOs registered in Israel and the occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem. This includes the Israeli left wing and Palestinian organizations, he said.
link to english.wafa.psMore racist laws are on the way in Israel
Israel’s Knesset (parliament) is set to discuss a number of bills in its winter session which Palestinians regard as racist, continuing a policy of “unprecedented racist legislation in 1948 Palestine” aimed at undermining the very existence of Palestinians in their own land. As part of the “Judaisation” process, a proposed law calls for the end of Arabic as an official language of the state of Israel, a move which would marginalise ever further one-fifth of the population for whom Arabic is the mother-tongue. Indeed, Arabic was the official language of Palestine during the British Mandate period before the 1948 Nakba (Catastrophe). The former head of Israel’s internal security agency, Shin Bet, has drafted the proposed law. Avi Dichter, MK for the Kadima Party, has included the language stipulation in a bill headed “Israel as the national state of the Jewish people” in collaboration with the Strategic Institute for Zionism, and supported by one-third of the Jewish members of the Knesset.

Solidarity/ Activism/ Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions
Watch Follow the Freedom Rides, by Adam Horowitz
live streaming video from freedomriders at The following statement was made at the start of the Freedom Ride protest this morning: My name is Hurriyeh Ziadah. I am the media spokeswomen for the Palestinian Freedom Rides campaign. Thank you all for being here today. Fifty years ago brave African American civil rights activists challenged the racist and unjust laws of Jim Crow by boarding buses to the segregated South, thereby embarking on a campaign of civil disobedience and direct action.
link to mondoweiss.netStatement of the Palestinian Freedom Riders, Jesse Bacon
As of now, 6 Palestinian Freedom Riders are about to be arrested just inside Jerusalem. Read why the Palestinian human rights activists boarded segregated buses below. My name is Hurriyeh Ziadah. I am the media spokeswomen for the Palestinian Freedom Rides campaign. Thank you all for being here today. Fifty years ago brave African American civil rights activists challenged the racist and unjust laws of Jim Crow by boarding buses to the segregated South, thereby embarking on a campaign of civil disobedience and direct action.
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For today’s Freedom Riders– an old letter from a Birmingham Jail

Because he is arguably the most beloved, esteemed American not only of my generation but for all time, revered and loved internationally, neither this letter nor its author require further introduction. May these timely excerpts serve to open and expand hearts and minds not only for our current tribulations but for stressful passages inflicting future generations. The full text can be found here.

Freedom Riders on the West Bank?
In May 1961, 13 Freedom Riders left Washington DC on Greyhound and Trailways buses headed to New Orleans in order to directly challenge segregation in the Jim Crow South by staging mixed-race bus rides.  Inspired by this action 50 years later, this Tuesday, November 15th, Palestinian Freedom Riders will be challenging the Israeli military occupation through nonviolent civil disobedience by boarding segregated Israeli public transportation headed from the West Bank to Occupied East Jerusalem.

Separate Is Not Equal: Standing in solidarity with the Palestinian Freedom Riders, Adam Horowitz

The above image is part of a protest Jewish Voice for Peace is planning tomorrow in solidarity with the Palestinian Freedom Rides. The artist, Ethan Heitner, explains in a post on the Just Seeds Artists Cooperative website how the images fit into the protest…

US Freedom Riders woke a nation. Palestinian Freedom Riders must wake the world, Clarence B. Jones
Last month I was invited as a guest to a reunion of former Assistant and Deputy Attorneys General from the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department during the presidencies of John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson. Pulitzer-Prize-winning civil rights historian Taylor Branch and civil rights activists Julian Bond and Robert Moses also attended. Moses had been Mississippi Field Director of Voter Registration for the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee during the 1960s. The reunion was also the occasion for the celebration of the 90th birthday of John Doer, the former Civil Rights Division’s Deputy Attorney General.

Freedom Waves: Another Challenge to the Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza and the U.S. Congress, Kit Kittredge
Why I wanted to Challenge the Israeli Naval Blockade of Gaza. In the overland five trips I have made to Gaza since March, 2009, I have seen the disastrous effect of the brutal Israeli land and sea blockade has had on the Palestinian people.  I have seen the terrible level of destruction that the 2008-2009 Israeli attack wrecked on Gaza, in which 1,400 Palestinians were killed in the 22 day attack, 5,000 were wounded and 50,000 were made homeless.  I was on the Gaza Freedom March in 2009 and I was a passenger on the US Boat to Gaza, the “Audacity of Hope” that was forbidden from sailing June, 2011 by the Greek government on behalf of the Israeli government.
link to dissidentvoice.orgPalestinians express solidarity to NYC ‘Occupy’ camp before raid; Activist in tweet controversy linked to Israel PR groups, Abraham Greenhouse
Sieradski has also provided professional services to groups whose core mission is to influence public opinion in support of the Israeli state by whitewashing its crimes against Palestinians. His LinkedIn profile notes his work with Israel21c, a hasbara organization which “redefines the conversation about Israel” by diverting media and public attention away from Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and instead toward it’s “vibrant diversity, humanity, creativity, innovative spirit, and responsiveness”. The organization, which has also “trained more than 1,500 Israel activists in seven US cities,” is currently headed by former AIPAC PresidentAmy Friedkin. It should be no surprise that an “anarchist” who not only supports the concept of states, but believes “strongly” in the “need” for an ethnocratic state, in which the domination of one ethnic group over another is enshrined in law, sees no problem in aligning himself with far-right individuals and institutions when its suits his purposes.
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Occupy movement cannot be silent on Israel/Palestine, say 3 Jewish groups
This is a statement from Jewish Voice for Peace-NY, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, and Jews Say No! As Jewish-American organizations, we regret that right wing media outlets, organizations, and individuals have tried to undermine the Occupy Movement with unfounded accusations of anti-Semitism. We have been particularly concerned to see the conflation of anti-Semitism with criticism of Israel. Anti-Semitism is an expression of bigotry while criticism of Israel, just like an anti-capitalist or an anti-war statement, is an expression of a political position. It is important to maintain this distinction between bigotry against an ethnic or religious group and criticism of a state or its policies and actions. The Occupy space has been a consistent venue for expressions of non-violent resistance to economic injustice and other forms of government oppression, including solidarity for the occupied people of Palestine. As Jewish-Americans who endorse the goals of OWS and are committed to the struggle for justice in Israel-Palestine, we believe it would be an egregious double standard to ask the Occupy movement, which has so admirably raised the call for justice and freedom around the world, to silence itself when it comes to Israel-Palestine. Instead, we seek to ensure that space is created at OWS to speak about Israel-Palestine when appropriate and that this space is a welcoming, safe space for all people.

Finkelstein says international law is powerful weapon for boycott
Jews for Boycotting Israel Goods – The public will want to know, you are asking us to boycott until when? Until the Occupation ends, as defined in international law, or until Israel ends? If the latter, you will have no possibility of reaching beyond the people in this room.”
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Israel trip divides Chicago Jewish group
Josh Nathan-Kazis – The Forward – A social service trip to Israel may seem like an innocuous program for a Jewish social service organization. But Avodah, a Chicago-based Jewish anti-poverty group, has become deeply divided by controversy over just such a trip, with some members demanding that the itinerary include the Palestinian territories and that otherwise the trip would become an act of whitewashing Israeli occupation and oppression of the Palestinians.
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Political News
Ben-Eliezer: Israel, Egypt on collision course
Labor MK and close friend of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak warns of Muslim Brotherhood’s growing influence.
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RAMALLAH, November 14, 2011 (WAFA) – Minister of Economy, Hassan Abu Libdeh told Voice of Palestine Monday that “Israel’s decision to freeze Palestinian Authority’s tax revenues is a denial to the international conventions.”  He added, “These revenues are not a grant from Israel; they are Palestinian money that Israel collects in exchange of 3% of the value.” He expressed hope that the United States of America will be able to put pressure on Israel to retract this decision.

Reintegrating Jordan and West Bank
Jordanian officials, including King Abdullah II, have repeatedly voiced of late their frustration and despair with regard to Israel’s intransigence and anti-peace policies.

AP – Weeks after a new round of fighting with Gaza militants subsided, a senior Israeli military official said Sunday that Israel is ready and able to topple the territory’s Hamas government, though it has no immediate plans to do so.

Drill conducted amid severe threats of abductions following the completion of the Shalit prisoner swap.

Sarkozy pledges ‘friendship’ to Netanyahu after gaffe
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has written to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to reaffirm friendship despite what he refers to as their “differing views on the Middle East,” Israeli officials said on Monday.

U.S. & Other Mideast News

FBI: Anti-Muslim ‘hate crimes’ up 50 percent in U.S.
WASHINGTON — So-called “hate crimes” against Muslims rose nearly 50 percent in the United States in 2010, according to FBI statistics released Monday. The figures, part of a report on hate crimes, showed actions motivated by anti-Muslim prejudice rose to 160 in 2010 from 107 the prior year. Anti-Jewish crimes were down from the previous year at 887 incidents from 931 the previous year. The number of crimes motivated by anti-Catholic sentiment rose to 58 last year, from 51 in 2009. The total number of incidents classified as hate crimes rose marginally in 2010 to 6,628. Of the total, 47.3 percent were motivated by race and 20 percent by religion, the FBI statistics showed.

In an interview this morning with Meet the Press’ David Gregory, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) repeated her claim that the Iraq should pay America for the privilege of having their nation invaded and occupied for most of the last decade — and then doubled down by calling for Iraq to pay millions of dollars for each American killed in that country…

Malaysia hosts symbolic trial against Bush, Blair (AP)
AP – Malaysian-led activists plan to hold a symbolic trial this month against former President George W. Bush and British ex-leader Tony Blair on charges of committing crimes against peace in the Iraq war.

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Syria calls for Arab League meeting
President Assad requests summit of regional bloc a day after the body votes to suspend Damascus over bloody crackdown.

Iraq official slams Arab League’s Syria suspension (AP)
AP – An Iraqi government spokesman says a decision by the Arab League to suspend Syria over the country’s bloody crackdown of an eight-month uprising may make matters worse.

Jailed UAE activists begin hunger strike
Move aimed at pressuring authorities to release activists unconditionally and halt judicial proceedings against them.

US expert: We must wage all-out financial war on Iran
Former Treasury official Avi Jorisch talks to Ynet about US’ efforts to stifle Iran’s economy and what is stopping Obama administration from taking more drastic measures.
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United States also does not seem thrilled at the prospect of launching another war in the region.

Iran dismisses IAEA report as ‘meaningless’
Parliament speaker likens UN agency’s assessment of atomic programme to “a copy of orders” issued by US and Israel.

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‘Don’t believe Iran blast was an accident’
Western intelligence source tells Time magazine Mossad was behind Saturday’s blast in Iranian missile

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War Clouds Form over Iran

By Wayne Madsen

Israel’s all-powerful lobby in Washington, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), an organization composed of Israeli collaborators, infiltrators, and outright traitors to the United States, is steamrolling through the House of Representatives H.R. 1905, which would prohibit the President of the United States, the Secretary of State, members of the U.S. Foreign Service, or any special envoy from engaging in any sort of diplomatic contact, official or unofficial, with any member or agent of the government of Iran.

Only when the President informs the requisite committees may he proceed with engaging on diplomatic contact with Iran. Israel has de facto control over the foreign affairs committees of Congress, so any White House notification of the need to contact Iranian officials would be instantly transmitted to Binyamin Netanyahu’s office in Jerusalem and Israel would then circumvent any U.S.-Iranian contact. AIPAC, with its resolution, is further making the United States a vassal of the Jewish state.

Israel’s strategy is to make certain that its plans to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities and, perhaps other targets, meet no opposition from diplomatic circles in the United States… Israel has placed its own interests well beyond and in contravention of those of the United States.

Faced with the prospect of an Israeli attack on Iran, backed by Saudi Arabia – Israel’s secret ally in the region – has had ripple effects across the Middle East and Asia.

Countries in Asia are scrambling to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as full members. Confronted by a belligerent United States, NATO, and Israel intent on toppling the governments of Syria and Iran, the economic, cultural, and de facto collective security pact that comprises Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan announced after its prime ministers’ summit in St. Petersburg that SCO would soon be opening its doors for full membership for Pakistan, Iran, and India. The Asian nations want to freeze the United States out of interference in Asia.

Ahead of the St. Petersburg summit, Russia and China strongly warned the West against any military attack on Iran. The words being used in international diplomacy are reminiscent of the Cold War era, however, it is the West that is playing to role of the aggressor, albeit an aggressor led around by Israel and its intelligence spies and assets embedded in the upper echelons of governments in Washington, London, Paris, Berlin, and within the United Nations hierarchy.

Even America’s vassal state of Afghanistan, eager to break free of the bonds of NATO and Washington, has attained observer status in SCO. Recent comments by the deputy commander of NATO training in Afghanistan, U.S. Army Major General Peter Fuller, that the Afghan government leadership is erratic, ungrateful, and isolated from reality because President Hamid Karzai said Afghanistan would side with Pakistan in an American war on Pakistan, resulted in Fuller’s firing. Fuller’s comments also resulted in Karzai asking for observer status in SCO as American aggression against the Muslim world and opposition to sovereignty for Palestine has seen Washington’s standing around the world plummet.

Another nation where the CIA, Pentagon, has their agents creeping and crawling, Mongolia, is also a SCO observer. There are also SCO “partners in dialogue” — nations that could attain SCO observer or membership status in the future. Partners in dialogue nations include Belarus, Sri Lanka, and one that should worry Tel Aviv and Washington, Turkey, a NATO member. Moscow and Ankara agree that Turkey should eventually become a full SCO member. Turkey has close historical and cultural links with the Turkic nations of central Asia and with many of the autonomous Turkic republics of Russia, including Tuva, Bashkortostan, and Adygeya.

Turkey has grown tired of Israeli interference in its internal and external affairs, as witnessed by the vicious and bloody Israeli attack on the Turkish Gaza aid vessel, the Mavi Marmara; Mossad support for Kurdish PKK terrorist attacks in Turkey; and covert Israeli entanglement in the Ergenekon “deep state” network in Turkey.

Iran has now seen Israel’s most-open secret ally, Saudi Arabia, appoint the former Egyptian intelligence chief and close Netanyahu friend, Omar Suleiman, as an adviser to Saudi heir apparent, Crown Prince Nayef bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who is also the Interior Minister. The Jerusalem-Riyadh axis is being further cemented as the Obama administration is shifting 4,000 troops from Iraq to Kuwait and beefing up other U.S. military assets in Bahrain — home of the U.S. Fifth Fleet – and Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Oman. The CIA and Pentagon have set up Predator drone bases in Djibouti, Seychelles, Ethiopia, and, reportedly, Saudi Arabia.

The president-elect of Kyrgyzstan, Prime Minister Almazbek Atambaev, has announced he wants the U.S. and NATO to leave the Manas Transit Center airbase in his country after the current lease expires in 2014. Already, Soros-funded non-governmental organization (NGO) agents in Kyrgyzstan are attempting to suggest that under the new Kyrgyz constitution, Atambaev does not have the authority to close the base. It is this type of U.S. interference in the affairs of the nations of Asia that has SCO readying an expansion of its membership to include two nations that have received direct U.S. military threats: Iran and Pakistan.

Suspicion of U.S. intentions and military plans has also made Washington’s request to enter SCO as a partner in dialogue a dead issue. Washington’s interest in attending SCO summits as a “partner” says more about the CIA’s inability to crack into the inner workings of SCO, even through erstwhile “allies” like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Mongolia, than in having any great desire to “dialogue” with SCO members and observers. After all, AIPAC and its minions have managed to jam through the U.S. House a law that prohibits any U.S. diplomatic contact with Tehran’s officials.

President Obama is under tremendous pressure from the Israel Lobby during an election year to support an Israeli military strike on Iran, action that will inevitably lead the United States military in the Gulf region into war against Iran on behalf of the Tel Aviv/west Jerusalem regime. At the G-20 summit in Cannes, French President Nicolas Sarkozy was overheard telling Obama, “I cannot bear Netanyahu, he’s a liar.” To which Obama replied, “you’re fed up, but I have to deal with him every day.”

The Sarkozy-Obama interchange is instructive. Obama did not disagree that Netanyahu is a patent liar who will do anything or say anything to advance Israeli and global Zionist interests over all else, even to the point of lying about a bogus Iranian nuclear weapons threat to promote a military attack on Iran.

Israel, using its agents of influence in the UN delegations of the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands, has ensured that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Yukiya Amano has tainted his agency’s report on Iranian nuclear developments in a manner that would have never been tolerated by his predecessor, Mohammed ElBaradei. Amano certainly took no interest in the fact that his own nation, Japan, was secretly producing nuclear weapons at the Fukushima nuclear complex in contravention of IAEA rules. The aftermath of the destructive earthquake in Japan laid open the secret work going on at Fukushima. Amano is perfectly willing to act as a cipher for Israel and the Israel Lobby in “discovering” IAEA violations by Iran.

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientist’s “Doomsday Clock,” a measure of how close the world is to nuclear war, now stands at six minutes until midnight. With the machinations of Israel toward Iran, the internal meltdown of Obama’s White House staff with the demotion of chief of staff Bill Daley, and the invitation by SCO to Iran to come under the protective security umbrella of Russia and China, the clock has just jumped ahead several minutes.

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The Crisis of Misdirection, Time to Get Off the Bus


Leaving the Program Forever

Differentiated Reality, Out of Focus

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

For the past two weeks, I have had out feelers in the intelligence community, trying to verify stories about secret deals between Israel and Iran.   Groups in both countries, we have confirmed from multiple sources, have planned to stage a phony short lived conflict in order to scam the oil markets.

What they forgot to do is tell other people they are just kidding.  There are no real conflicts between Iran and Israel, any idiot knows that.  They are far from each other, have nothing to fight about, no conflicting interests of any kind.

Are we all supposed to be so stupid we don’t know we are being played.

Below is my 2 hour interview this week with Kevin Barrett.  It has its moments:

Untitled from Gordon Duff on Vimeo.

Yesterday, the Republican presidential contenders, how it sickens me to to think about them, bumbling fools, Gingrich especially, (who should know better), stumbled all over themselves hoping bags of Jewish money would flow in if they made enough noises about wanting to murder 100 million Iranians.

Two weeks ago, while investigating the secret protocols reportedly between Israel and Iran, we were told of Iran’s nuclear weapons.  This information came from dissidents in their own military who told us they bought weapons from the Ukraine.

SS19 – Being Transported

We then went to the Ukraine, top level intelligence officials, who were more than willing to blame the old government, who told us that the Ukraine sold Iran 6 nuclear weapons.

A week later we asked them more and they explained the weapons were part of an SS19, a Soviet ICBM with 6 thermonuclear weapons of 550 kiloton capacity but the missile was unserviced.

We then asked the CIA, or whatever idiot was tasked with lying to Veterans Today, they change that off on a biweekly basis, who confirmed the story about the SS19 missile.

We had confirmed from the Ukraine that the purchase was done in latter 2002 or early 2003. We were told, 2 days ago, that it was authorized by the Russian government, which is, in itself, a big secret. 

As for the reason, we can’t guess. Russia has withheld transfer of air defense systems to Iran for several years but allowed nuclear weapons to be transferred there.

Back to the CIA:

Thermonuclear Warhead

The CIA claims that in 1991, the Ukraine sold 250 “suitcase nukes” to Iran.  I had heard this story so many times I have become immune to it.

Then the CIA said the weapons in the SS19 needed a certain capacitor replaced, one that operated the authorization bypass circuit.  They said that the search for these parts, misnamed “nuclear triggers” was what Valerie Plame had been working on.

There are several ways that nuclear weapons are disabled so that they can’t be used by terrorists.  Some have explosive booby traps that misshape the fissionable material, requiring complex re-machining.

Some have digital circuits, some have coded boxes like the old Enigma machines and others have circuits buried in epoxy that nobody can work on.

However, any real nation with a decade to think about it, can take apart any hydrogen bomb and make a standard “gun type” nuke out of it, given a few months.

Thus, the CIA story is not rational.

American SADM – Suitcase Nuke

Additionally, based on the age of the warheads, it is reasonable to assume the lockouts are primitive and mechanical and easily overridden.

The CIA seem “tasked” with convincing the world Iran has hundreds of nukes.  No secret there, perhaps no truth either.  We, thus far, believe they have 6.

An issue with bypassing the lockouts is if the weapons were to be used as initially proposed, as part of missile nosecones.

One other “lockout” method is to have sensors on a weapon that detect a launch, changes in trajectory, deceleration, all the predictable things ICBMs do when busy destroying things.

We aren’t so sure this type of lockout dates back this far.

However, what the CIA and the Ukraine told us is that nukes were sold, maybe not 250 suitcase nukes to Iran, maybe yes, maybe no, but weapons went places we never suspected.

Libya got some. Syria very likely got some.

We also have reliable stories that the US lost 3 nukes off Somalia, which the British claimed that Iraq, then Syria, then Lebanon and now Iran have.

I have each of these “leaked” secret reports. What do I make of this?

First of all, Israel has nukes and we are told has used them in terror attacks like Bali and the Beirut Marine attack.  We have found the US has used nukes, some of unknown physics, in Iraq and Afghanistan, something now fully factual, not theoretical.

We have also been told that both Saudi Arabia and the UAE have approached China to buy nuclear weapons, not to defend themselves against Iran, as we had been told initially, but had not reported, but because they think Netanyahu has gone insane.

We have strong confirmations on this. The UAE, I understand, the Saudis, this surprises me.

In the interim, the Ukraine reports they are nearing a civil war.  The rationale they give is that Russia is reasserting control over those areas lost when the Soviet Union broke up.

Only the Ukraine remains, it and Georgia, well outside the Russian sphere and that moves are in progress to correct this, civil war, political assassination, this sort of thing.

Vladimir Putin

This is Putin’s plan. Our question is why?

Putin is very unfriendly to the US.  He still is very unforgiving about the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan although, taken along with the US defeat in Vietnam, it could be seen as “balancing the books.”  He disagrees.

The plays between the partners, Israel, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia are too complex to explain.  This, of course, is my excuse because I actually don’t understand them myself.

I suspect Putin is playing “the long game” while Israel is involved in a “crash and burn” which is hard to miss.

In the interim, western Europe has melted down financially and half the nations in the Euro may well be restricted to Germany, France, Austria and the Netherlands, until, at least, it is learned how much debt France is hiding.

As for Putin, this move is 85% done, the “Stans” are under Russian control and the once powerful EU no longer exists, nor does the United States.

Does this mean Russian hegemony, over the Middle East, cooperation with China to control South Central Asia, a rapprochement between Pakistan and India and a reassertion  of Russian/Soviet influence in Afghanistan as well?

Russian influence across Africa is virtually unknown to Americans.  We think we run Africa from Djibouti with our AfriCom.

What can we conclude here?  If nukes are everywhere, used continually by the US in Iraq and Afghanistan, a “dime a dozen” after the fire sale when the Soviet Union crashed, kept at bay only out of denialism, why all the talk about Iran?

Israeli Nuclear Weapon Core Model from Dimona Plant- Mordacai Vanunu Photo

What is Israel’s real arsenal?  Their military, as those who have come against it other than civilians tell me, is not a shadow of what it had once been.

Where does all of this point?  Arab Spring’s are hopeful as is the political meltdown in the west.  Is there reason to celebrate the collapse of the United States?

I normally would have thought of such a thing as a disaster for the world.  I no longer hold those views.

John McCain and I are on the same page on this one.

The next thing we are awaiting is the announcement of what will replace the world’s financial system.  There is nothing left of the old one.

It really isn’t the old one anyway, simply a “smash and grab” looting of world currencies, part of an attempt to simply steal money instead of things, as money exists electronically now, it no longer requires carrying around but spends just the same.

Judge Napolitano, the light of the otherwise worthless and despicable Fox News cabal makes some interesting points, which he mitigates out of an obvious need to continue drawing a paycheck:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

He is clear, tear it all down, there isn’t enough left to work with. McCain suggests a third party. I suggest a violent revolution, kiddingly of course, with reeducation camps for millions.

What Will Neo-Low Income Housing Look Like?

The real issue is survivability. The economic system has to end.  It serves no purpose. There is no real world economy, only a shell game.

Currencies have to go, they serve no purpose other than to represent chess pieces in a great game run by organized crime where “winning” means the destruction of humanity.

I strongly suggest all classified information be opened to the public, UFO’s, secret weapons, suppressed energy technologies, secret back door deals, all of it.

Keeping secrets has no purpose anymore.

One answer might be honest work for all.

What we need are growing and picking turnips in reeducation camps for our leaders, military, political and financial. And for others, saving our environment, building a rail system across America, decent housing for all, raising food and returning all manufacturing to America.

What is required is for the American people to join their brothers and sisters around the world and “get off the bus.”

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Is Herman Cain A Zionist Sock Puppet? (Satire)


Yup, Cain places Israel ahead of the United States.

“You mess with Israel, you mess with United States” — Herman Cain

by Mantiq al-Tayr

Just keep reading. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, make sure you are not near any sharp objects, and read, weep and drink. (oh, to fully understand your politicians’ obsession with an ally, please don’t skip the videos, seeing is believing.)

1. Of course he is, why the hell are you even asking? But it’s not just that his two top aides, Mark Block and Linda Hansen are long time Americans for Prosperity hacks (AfP being a Koch brothers creation). Nor is it just the current scandal involving Block and possible illegal campaign contributions. It goes much deeper than that. Enjoy the ride into the depths of the abyss.

Oh, before I get into it, I bet you wanna know what the picture above is all about and what it has to do withHerman ZioCann. Just keep reading. Sit back, grab your favorite beverage, make sure you are not near any sharp objects, and read, weep and drink.

First of all , I sure hope that the sexual harassment allegations against Herman Cain don’t derail his candidacy because Americans richly deserve to have such a monster become their president. Thank Allah that Cain has mastered the art of groveling before Israel, as this link shows so clearly. “Mr. Cain is a firm supporter of Israel,” said Imri Eisner, who was just named Cain’s point man for Jewish outreach. “He’s made it well known that as president, he will know who our friends are and who our enemies are.”

And good old Imri, should know. Yeah, Cain made his hajj to Israel in August and for his own personal “Feast of the Sacrifice” he offered up Palestinians to the racist bigoted God of the Hebrew Bible.

Cain is pretty much an ignoramus on most subjects. His ignorance of exactly how much he needed to grovel before Israel caused him some problems early in his campaign to become the Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA). Thus when asked by Islamofacist Chris Wallace about the right of Palestinians to return to Israel – from whence they had been expelled by completely innocent peace loving Jews – Cain mumbled something about how they should have that right if Israel wanted to grant it to them. Even a statement as obsequious as that cannot be tolerated by the Z people, so Cain had to get an education about Israel. One thing he did was read a bunch of books by Alan Derwoshitz. I’m not making this up.

And he also read “Israel at Sixty: An Oral History of a Nation Reborn” written by two Jews named Gerald and Deborah Strober. Who are the Strobers?

Well, have you heard of Herman Cain’s new book? It’s called “I’m totally controlled by Zionist Jews and I want to help them destroy America.” Okay, that isn’t really the title. The real title is “This is Herman Cain! My Journey to the White House.” Except he didn’t really write it. Gerald and Deborah Strober wrote it for him.

And it was the Strobers who told him to go to Israel, so he did.

“The Strobers, who are Jewish and live in Manhattan, suggested a trip to Israel, and in August they accompanied Cain on a four-day tour of the country, starting with an appearance at Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem rally. Cain met with Israeli political figures — most of them on the right, including Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Yaalon, Deputy Knesset Speaker Danny Danon and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

Cain’s token meeting with Palestinian puppet Salaam Fayyad never took place. It was all Jews all the time for Cain. Oh, plus attending that Glenn Beck hate fest too. He learned his lessons well. “Deborah Strober added, “He’s been briefed on the right of return and has an understanding of that.”‘


While in Israel, Cain also said “This may get me in trouble, but I do not care,” he said. “I think the Israeli people is (sic) more interested in peace than the Palestinians. Look at history and the fact that you’re getting bombed on the southern border. It is clear to me that Israel is more interested in peace than those seeking to deny the peace process.”

The more I think about it, the more I like the title I proposed for his book, rather than the one the Strobers used.

Oh, by the way, J.D. Gordon, one of Cain’s main advisors, is the son of Jewish father and has a rather interesting connection to a really juicy scandal involving pro-Israelis in the UK. As Max Blumenthal opens his article on Gordon he writes:

“Top foreign policy advisor to US Republican presidential candidate has a murky history fraught with accusations of fraud, links to alleged clandestine operations with Mossad, sexual harassment and racism.”

Man, I really want Cain to become president. Maybe J.D. Gordon will become the head of the National Security Council.

“Not only has Gordon worked as a well-paid “fellow” for the Center for Security Policy, a far-right think tank at the heart of the campaign to demonize Muslim citizens of the United States, but he has also been the key Washington representative of Atlantic Bridge, a shadowy front group at the center of a major influence peddling scandal that in October brought down British Defense Minister Liam Fox.

Note to Shas Party Members, the Center for Security Policy is wild-eyed Islamophobe Frank Gaffney‘s outfit. See why we need Cain to win in 2012? I’m gonna go get me some bumper stickers. You have got to read theBlumenthal article and share it with your friends.

Oh, wait, I forgot to talk more about the Strobers.

Gerald Strober is a really cool catch for Deborah Hart, aka Deborah Strober. When they got married back in 1981 Gerald was “national director of The American Friends of Tel Aviv University in New York.” But Gerald was even luckier. Debbie’s daddy is Phillip Hochstein, former editor and publisher of New York Jewish Week and a big shot in the Newhouse gang. Her deceased brother is Joseph Hochstein who has quite a few relatives living in Israel. Philip and Joseph founded Michael Collins Piper’s favorite publication, “The Washington Jewish Week.” (Just kidding Mike. I think he prefers “The Forward.”) Joseph passed away in Israel, where he spent the last decades of his life.

Deborah and Gerald have a child who apparently lives in Israel. Read all about this wonderful couple here.

” In fact, when Herman Cain visited Israel earlier this year, the Strobers — who have an apartment, a child who made Aliyah and grandchildren in Israel — say they arranged his itinerary and traveled with him. Indeed, like the idea for the memoir, the idea for Cain to go to Israel was theirs as well, they said.”

Even the book was their idea. And apparently so was everything else in Israel.

“According to the Strobers, Block immediately picked a date, which was later modified so that Cain could attend Glenn Beck’s rally in the Jewish State. While in Israel with Cain, the Strobers arranged for the White House contender to meet Israeli government officials and opposition leaders, to stop by the land the Israeli government has set aside for a U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, to go to the West Bank settlement of Ariel and to visit Christian holy sites, among other activities.”

Hold on a sec. I have to digress. “Ariel” was the feature of this Mantiqiyyan post earlier this year. Read it to see what an illegal piece of shit it is and how it was founded by religious fanatics. It’s also supported in part through US tax-deductible donations. End of digression.

By the way, the “Block” referred to here is Cain’s chief aid, Mark Block, a Koch brothers crony as I noted above, but I digress.

And here’s the bottom line for the Strobers:

“The Strobers are confident that even though Cain may not be an expert on foreign policy, he has the fundamentals right and would certainly be better than the current administration on Israel. ”

Cain has learned his lessons well.

And now he needs your vote. Vote for Cain, Americans deserve him.

2. It’s video time goys and girls. But it’s a little different this time. I don’t expect you to watch them all, though you should. But I also give you a little commentary, some of it I hope will be informative and it will also explain the picture at the top of today’s post.

First, here is Herman ZioCaine in Israel on Israeli National TV in August. He is no longer the fiesty right wing gadfly who delights in outraging others. Here he is zio-pussy-whipped into utter submission. He actually makes Obama look good. That’s no mean accomplishment.

Video link:

Now here is ZioCain back in the US. It’s real short. He’s trying to talk tough, but I can still detect that pussy-whipped tone.

Video link:

Okay, now below we are back in Israel and on Fox News. The questioner talks like a typical Fox News Mossad agent. He asks ZioCain at one point [start at around 1:17 in the video] a question about Obama and Israel asking “Do you sense that they [the Israelis] don’t feel like they have a loyal leader in the White House?”

That’s right, the assumption in the question is that the President of the United States has to be loyal to Israel. Cain agrees with that assumption. He replies “I not only sense it, I had a lot of people here tell me that in no uncertain terms. And it goes back to when President Obama threw Israel under the bus or he threw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu under the bus when he was coming to the United States. The people have not forgotten that. Not only a lot of Jewish people who live here in Israel, but I have also ran (sic) into a lot of Jewish people who came over the Glenn Beck event, and they also feel as if this president has let the Jewish people down. That will not happen in a Cain presidency. Absolutely not, because as you know my doctrine is real simple, if you mess with Israel you are messing with the United States of America. That’s how strongly I feel about the relationship between the United States and Israel.”

Yup, Cain places Israel ahead of the United States. Americans really deserve this guy.

Enjoy the video.

Video link:

Here is perhaps the most disgusting ZioCain video of all. It says so much, oh so much. He is speaking at the Israel Day concert. That concert was on June 5th. The picture at the start of this essay is taken from the concert’s brochure. That’s right, Herman Cain spoke at an event honoring Jonathan Pollard. Man, Americans deserve this son of a bitch. Here, watch him grovel. The web site for the Israel Concert Day is here. Their brochure in full is here [PDF]. You should look at those documents and see who they bring in for this thing. It’s like having Mossad move into Central Park. The web pages don’t even look American. They look foreign, alien, weird. And that’s because they are.

Video link:

Source: Sabbah Report

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US War Rhetoric: The Road to Sedition


by Ismail Salami

Following the recent IAEA report released on Iran’s nuclear program which many observers found professionally faulty, Washington once again ratcheted  up the ‘bomb, bomb Iran’ rhetoric.

The rhetoric escalated even more in the US presidential debate on Saturday when some of the Republicans made it loud and clear that a war with Iran would be the ultimate solution to Iran’s nuclear program.

“Totally. Absolutely without any doubt the Iranians if they develop a nuclear weapon … the whole region is going to want a nuclear weapon. Then you march down the road of Armageddon. If you open Pandora’s box, if you attack Iran, if they get a nuclear weapon you empty Pandora’s box, that’s the world we live in. So I support the option of a military option as a last resort,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Sunday.

To hawkish Graham, attacking Iran’s nuclear sites is not enough and his ostentatious bellicosity towards the country extends beyond this move and includes covert attempts to “neuter this regime, destroy the air force, sink their navy, go after the Revolution Guard and try to get people in the country to overthrow the regime.”

Attacking the Iranian nuclear sites will not definitely be worth the military cost and energy Washington is planning to lavish on Iran. They need to do something more to guarantee their long-term interests in the country unless we naively believe that the US government is a benevolent government and that it makes its best efforts to bring democracy and prosperity to the beleaguered world!!!

However, Graham is not the only congressman who wishes to travel on the path of war with Iran. At Republican presidential debate on Saturday, candidates started beating their drums of war against Iran and one after the other ramped up their war rhetoric like they were participating in a marathon of threats.

“If all else fails, if after all of the work we’ve done, there’s nothing else we could do besides take military action, then of course you take military action,” said former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

There were of course some who suggested that the US government had better engage in a “maximum covert operations to block and disrupt the Iranian program, including taking out their scientists, including breaking up their systems, all of it covertly, all of it deniable.” These words were blatantly uttered by former US House speaker Newt Gingrich who has long been an advocate of using the CIA in Iran.

It is a long time since the US government has kept the Damocles sword hanging over Iran’s head and when a propitious occasion arises, it takes recourse to the old stratagem on Iran, makes a nuclear mountain out of a molehill and surreptitiously reaps the benefits of its threats.

Although the US government has launched a military invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, the idea of mounting another war seems quite far-fetched. Washington has seen better days and today is not its best day to indulge in another military adventure particular on a country such as Iran whose government stands on firm grounds and one which enjoys overwhelming popular support.

The truth be told, Washington entertains some other motives in making such recklessly orgasmic threats against Iran.

In the sinking ship called ‘USA’, unemployment is too high, and the national debt tops 14 trillion dollars with thousands of people on the streets demanding social justice. Besides, there is no glimmer of hope for the deteriorated US economy and as Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister, once said, “The United States lives on credit, which for one of the leading economies is very bad. They are living beyond their means and shifting their problems onto the rest of the world. To some extent, the US is a parasite on the world economy because of their monopoly of the dollar.”

In a desperate attempt to apply a poultice to its gaping wound, the US has resorted to any attempt including the demonization of Iran in the world especially in the eyes of the oil-rich countries. With this aim in mind, Washington can start an arms race in the region.

A recent report says that the Pentagon is planning to sell the UAE 4900 Boeing-made Joint Direct Attack Munitions [JDAMs] which are compatible with the country’s strike aircraft, specifically the US-made F-16s that comprise a large part (3 squadrons, around 80 aircraft) of the air force. In parallel with this policy, the US has also provided some of the Persian Gulf littoral states with advanced arms since 2008.

In 2010, the US government announced that it would be selling weapons to Saudi Arabia in one of the biggest arms sales in history. Under the terms of the deal, which is worth $60 billion, the United States will supply Saudi Arabia with 84 advanced F-15 fighter planes with electronics and weapons packages.  Also the 70 F-15′s already at the disposal of Saudi Arabia, will be upgraded. It has also been agreed that the US will supply Saudi Arabia with a huge fleet of nearly 200 Apache, Blackhawk and other helicopters as well as a large number of radar systems, anti-aircraft and anti-ship missiles, and guided bombs.

Obviously, the US is supplying weapons to regimes regardless of their authoritarian nature. In another deal of disgrace, Washington inked a new arms contract with the despotic Bahraini regime of King Hamad Al-Khalifa. Under its terms, the US will provide Bahrain with an additional $53 million of weapons. Strangely but sadly, the US pontificates about the Arab Spring on the one hand, but it provides dictatorial governments with state-of-the-art weaponries on the other.

Thanks to the long US-Israeli efforts in demonizing Iran and depicting the country as a global threat, Washington has been able to witness a remarkably lucrative flourish in the war industry and as the effect of Iran threat is being given greater force, the US government will be in a better position to surf on the waves of Iranophobia and reap the benefits of the threat in the form of their enormously lucrative arms sale deals.

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