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JFK: What We Know Now that We didn’t Know Then


by  Jim Fetzer

The alleged assassin of JFK

With the advent of the 48th observance of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it may be appropriate to share important findings regarding what we know now about his death that we have not known in the past. Most Americans are not in the position to take on the task that serious research requires.

As a former Marine Corps officer and professor of philosophy who taught logic, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning for 35 years, it was my privilege to organize a research group consisting of the best qualified individuals to ever study the case in 1992.

Since then, we have published three books reporting what we have discovered – Assassination Science (1998), Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000), and The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003) — I have chaired or co-chaired four national meetings on this subject and produced a documentary on it.

From these books and other sources I will cite, many available on the net, you can verify what I am saying about our findings.

This research group–whose efforts continue to this day–has included three M.D.s, one of whom attended the mortally wounded president and then, two days later, his alleged assassin, and a world authority on the human brain who was also an expert on wound ballistics.

Another is an expert on radiation oncology who has studied the autopsy X-rays in the National Archives and is the leading expert on the medical evidence; and three Ph.D.s, including one with a specialization in the physics of light, who is the foremost authority on the Zapruder film today. 

Others include an expert on the JFK photos and films, who testified before the House Select Committee on Assassinations when it reinvestigated the case in 1977-78, another an expert on the production/post-production of films and the technology available to alter them in November 1963, where the third Ph.D. is a philosopher of science who has published 29 books.

The hole in the windshield (1), the man in the doorway (2), the Dal-Tex shooter’s location (3), and LBJ’s security already reacting at the same time JFK’s detail is looking around and non-responsive (4)

Among the enduring controversies of JFK research has been the identity of the man in the doorway, whom many believe to be Lee Oswald.  Oliver Stone studied this question in preparing his film, “JFK”, and concluded that it was Billy Lovelady instead, a co-worker at the depository.

Documents newly released by the ARRB, the interview notes taken by Will Fritz, the homicide detective who interrogated Oswald, however, show that Lee told him he had been “out with Bill Shelly [another of Oswald’s co-workers] in front” during the assassination.

And, indeed, if you look more closely, you can see that the face of a man who is to the left/front of Lovelady (to the right/front facing him) has been damaged in order to conceal the presence of the alleged “lone assassin”.  

While the Altgens has widely been supposed to be untouched, this discovery demonstrates that that is not the case. Indeed, another figure two persons to Lovelady’s right (or to his left facing him) has also been obscured, whom I would surmise was probably Jack Ruby.

This discovery demonstrates that proof that Oswald was framed, which includes the faking of the backyard photographs, is simply overwhelming and far beyond any reasonable doubt.

Lovelady to the left, Oswald to his right/front (defaced)

Will Fritz handwitten notes

If we use the phrase “beyond a reasonable doubt” to characterize arguments based upon logic and evidence for which there is no reasonable alternative explanation, then what we have published in these books and recent articles demonstrates beyond reasonable doubt:

* that JFK was hit at least four times (once in the back from behind; once in the throat from in front; and twice in the head, once from behind and once from in front);

* that the wound to his throat was caused by a shot that penetrated the limousine windshield, which was subsequently destroyed and replaced by a substitute windshield;

* that the shot to the back was well below the collar, entered only about as far as the second knuckle on your little finger, and evinced no point of exit from the body;

Will Fritz notes typed

* that no bullet transited the President’s neck without hitting any bony structures and exited at the level of his tie, a trajectory that in fact turns out to be anatomically impossible;

* that, as a consequence, no bullet passed through the President and hit the Governor, who was hit by at least one and perhaps as many as two or even three separate shots;

* that, including the shot that missed and injured James Tague, an absolute minimum of six shots had to have been fired during the assassination, where the total was more likely eight, nine, or even ten;

* that at least 59 witnesses reported that the limousine slowed dramatically or came to a complete halt after bullets began to be fired, which supports the conclusion that it slowed dramatically as it came to a complete halt;

No hits were fired from the 6th floor “sniper’s lair”

* that the first shot to the head was fired from behind and entered in the vicinity of the external occipital protuberance at the back of the head;

* that the second shot to the head was fired from in front and entered in the vicinity of the right temple;

* that this second shot was fired with a frangible or “exploding” bullet that transmitted shockwaves through the brain;

* that the impact of this bullet combined with the weakening of the skull by the first shot to the head caused 1/3 to 1/2 of his brains to be blown out in Dealey Plaza at the time;

* that the massive blow-out to the back of the head was concealed by imposing a “patch” to the right lateral cranial X-ray (of the skull taken from the right side);

He was said to have rushed from the 6th floor to the lunch room in order to drink a coke

* that the brain had to be reconstituted since, once the defect to the skull had been “patched”, there was no place for that brain matter to have gone;

* that the brain shown in diagrams and photographs in the National Archives cannot be the brain of John Fitzgerald Kennedy;

* that two brain examinations were conducted, the first of which was with the President’s brain, the second with a substitute;

* that the autopsy report was prepared without the benefit of the autopsy photographs, which were removed by the Secret Service;

* that the photographs were subsequently altered and altered in various ways to conceal evidence of the cause of death;

* that the Zapruder film of the assassination was in the hands of the National Photographic Interpretation Center (NPIC) run by the CIA already the weekend of the assassination;

But witnesses saw him in and around the 2nd floor lunchroom

* that the extant “Zapruder film” has been massively edited to remove evidence of the actual cause of death, including the limousine having been brought to a halt in order to insure that the target would be killed.

A very accessible overview of these findings was presented at a national conference held at the University of North Dakota and published as Chapter 30, “Dealey Plaza Revisited: What Happened to JFK?” The studies by David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D., on the autopsy X-rays have been supplemented by his presentation, “The JFK Skull X-rays: Evidence for Forgery” at a national conference in Dallas in 2009.

A visual tutorial introduction to the evidence that the Zapruder film has been recreated by John P. Costella, Ph.D., “The JFK Assassination Film Hoax” , explains how we know that the film is a fabrication.

That finding that has been reinforced by the publication by Douglas Horne, senior analyst for military affairs for the Assassination Records Review Board, of Inside the ARRB (2009), whose key arguments about the film are summarized in an article for those who may not have time for all five volumes!

Many related articles are also archived at and .

His 1:40 PM arrest report convicted him without the benefit of any investigation

Most of these findings were published in Murder in Dealey Plaza (2000), which benefited from the release of the first of some 60,000 documents and records that were meant to be withheld from the public by the Warren Commission for 75 years.

Those whose work is brought together in this volume include the leading authority on the Secret Service (Vincent Palamara); the most knowledgeable student of the Presidential limousine (Douglas Weldon, J.D.); a leading expert on the medical evidence at Parkland and at Bethesda (Gary Aguilar, M.D.); the single most highly qualified person to ever study this case (David W. Mantik, M.D., Ph.D.); the Senior Analyst for Military Records for the ARRB (Douglas Horne); a legendary photo-analyst who advised the HSCA during its reinvestigation (Jack White); a world-famous philosopher who received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950 (Bertrand Russell); a prize-winning director and playwright, who has produced a brilliant chronology (Ira David Wood III); and a philosopher of science who had then published more than 20 books and 100 articles (James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.).

Given the extraordinary character of these findings, it would be appropriate to provide reasons beyond the research itself that was published there to reassure the public that it should be taken seriously.

Fortunately, this book was reviewed by George Costello for The Federal Lawyer (May 2001), pp. 52-56. This journal (formerly: The Federal Bar News and Journal) is a publication for attorneys who work for the federal government, who practice before federal agencies, or who appear before federal courts.

There were no nitrate residues on his face

The reviewer was honored with an award of recognition for this review of Murder in Dealey Plaza , which suggests his professional colleagues appreciated the contribution he made, which, in part, he summarized as follows: 

What does all of this mean? Any one of the findings summarized above would be troubling by itself.

Together, these findings form a critical mass of evidence indicating that President Kennedy’s autopsy was falsified, and help establish a compelling case that people within the federal government covered up evidence of frontal shots – and hence of multiple gunmen and conspiracy in the assassination of President Kennedy.

Because it pulls this evidence together in one place, Murder in Dealey Plaza is one of the most important books to date on the Kennedy assassination.

The new evidence turns the tables. No longer can defenders of the lone assassin theory hide behind the autopsy evidence and claim that it trumps all the other evidence.

The weight of this other evidence now trumps the autopsy report. Lone assassin theorists must address and explain the new evidence if they wish to regain credibility.

It is time for people of integrity who were involved in the official investigations  especially the professionals – to take a good-faith look at the new evidence and confront the likelihood that their conclusions were based on falsified data .

Murder in Dealey Plaza may not be the last word on the medical evidence, but it should be the starting point for a fresh look – not only at the medical evidence, but also at the assassination and its implications.

Lee said it was his face imposed on someone else’s body–and he was right!

Those implications, I might add, are substantial in their impact upon alternative theories of the assassination.

The mafia, for example, would not have been able to extend its reach into Bethesda Naval Hospital to alter X-rays under the control of medical officers of the US Navy, agents of the Secret Service, and the president’s personal physician.

Neither pro nor anti-Castro Cuban could have substituted another brain for that of JFK. Even if the KGB had an ability to alter films comparable to that of the CIA and Hollywood, it could not have obtained the original of the Zapruder.

These findings thus indicate that at least some of those involved had to have been among the nation’s highest officials, a result that receives further support from James Douglass, JFK and the Unspeakable (2008) and Phillip Nelson, LBJ: Mastermind of JFK’s Assassination (2010).

It is long past time that the American people are entitled to know the truth about the death of our 35th president.

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Nazi Jewish religious zealots attack ‘immodest’ shops



A sign at the ice cream parlor may caution men and women not to lick cones in public, but the warning didn’t stop Jewish zealots vandalizing the shop in Jerusalem’s main ultra-Orthodox neighborhood.

Other businesses in Mea Shearim, including a bookstore and dress shops, have been damaged in night-time attacks by Sikrikim, a group of some 100 ultra-religious men who want one of the holy city’s most tradition-bound quarters to become even more conservative.

Recent Attack   ‘Immodest’ haredi bookstore vandalized / Ari Galahar   Mes Shearim shop’s windows smashed with hammer in middle of night after owner refuses to give in to extremist faction’s modesty demands  Full story   “Promiscuity” reads graffiti scrawled in black at the entrance of a clothing shop selling dresses whose lengthy hemline and drab colors have been deemed too racy by the group.

Other stores in the neighborhood, where men wear traditional black garb and women bare little but their face, have had their windows broken, locks glued and foul-smelling liquid smeared on walls.

“They also threw once a bag of excrement inside and smashed our windows three times,” said Marlene Samuels, manager of the Or Hachaim bookshop, whose bright lights and large storefront sign stand out among smaller and more dimly lit businesses.

Protest outside Zisalek ice cream parlor (Photo courtesy of Channel 24)

The shop has been attacked more than 10 times since it opened a year and a half ago, Samuels said. The latest assault was last week when one of the store’s branches had its locks glued overnight.

Samuels said the shop’s owner met with the Sikrikim several times. The store stocks only religious books, but they include volumes published by Orthodox institutions that are Zionist – anathema to the Sikrikim, who believe a Jewish state can be established only with the coming of the Messiah.

Ancient resistance

Named after a small Jewish group which 2,000 years ago fought against Roman rulers and suspected Jewish collaborators, the modern-day Sikrikim strike at night and some wear masks to hide their identities.

“They use aggressive tactics and they also ask for protection money which involves paying (a religious inspector) coming in and removing the books he deems unfit,” Samuels said.

Meir Margalit, a Jerusalem councilman from the secular Israeli Meretz party, voiced concern that the existence of the Sikrikim, although a tiny minority, signified a growing divide among Jews in Israel.

“Society is becoming increasingly extremist. With the Sikrikim particularly, who are religiously motivated and rule out any position but their own, one cannot reckon, only fight them,” Margalit said.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews make up about 8% of Israel’s 7.7 million population. With an average of eight children per family, they are a fast-growing population. Many live below the poverty line and keep to dozens of their own towns and neighborhoods.

Mea Shearim area is small, less than half a square mile (1.3 square km), and home to about 30,000 residents considered among the most tight-knit and reclusive of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews.

It takes about a minute to walk from Jerusalem’s city center to Mea Shearim, but the dozens of synagogues and Hassidic courts dotting its narrow alleyways are a world away from the cafes and bars of downtown Jerusalem.

Sikrikim attacks have also been reported at Beit Shemesh, a mixed secular and religious town with a growing ultra-Orthodox community, about half an hour’s drive from Jerusalem. The latest target there has been a religious girls’ school.

The Sikrikim who reside near the school object to the way the girls dress. Since the school year began in September they have regularly picketed outside shouting out at the students, most of them younger than 12, that they are promiscuous.

“They claim to be religious but what they do is a crime against God, against the Torah and against humanity,” said David Rotenberg, who works at Or Hachaim.


Up the road, the Zisalek ice cream parlor has separate entrances for men and women and a sign – posted at the request of local religious authorities – asking them to avoid any show of immodesty by licking cones in public.

“They (the Sikrikim) had a real ball with us,” said Guy Ammar, one of Zisalek’s owners, describing vandalism similar to attacks against other shops in the area.

“But we were not deterred. Residents here told us not to give up and business is going well now.”

Sikrikim shun the media and have made no public comment about their activities.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said an investigation was under way following two complaints lodged by Or Hachaim Center but no suspects have yet been arrested.

Some business owners in Mea Shearim said police has been slow to act, reluctant to get involved in what they see as internal disputes among different religious sects of a closed community.

Rosenfeld said that no other businesses have filed formal complaints in recent weeks.

A few minutes’ walk from Zisalek Ice Cream is the Greentech music shop, where Hasidic music plays in the background and one DVD in a collection of ultra-Orthodox movies is a suspense film about the battles of a rabbi against Christian missionaries.

The Sikrikim “do not like anything that changes the character of the shtetl and the way it was a hundred years ago,” a worker in the music store said, using a Yiddish term for the small towns where Eastern European Jews lived before the Holocaust.

Shlomo Kuk, an ultra-Orthodox journalist from Jerusalem, said the Sikrikim shouldn’t be seen as representative of devout Jews known as “haredim.”

“One thing is certain: they may dress like haredim but what they do is utter sacrilege which blackens the name of the entire haredi community,” Kuk said.

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Report: Hezbollah considering military coup if Assad falls


Sources tell al-Arabia network Shiite group planning to ‘seize parts of Beirut’ should Assad’s regime fall for fear of foreign intervention in Lebanon ynetHezbollah’s leadership is considering the possibility of taking control of Beirut and effectively carrying out a military coup in Lebanon should the current Syrian regime fall, the al-Arabia network reported Tuesday.According to the report, Hezbollah members have expressed concerns over the escalation of the civil uprising in Syria, which could lead to the fall of Bashar Assad’s regime.
The Syrian president is an ally of the Lebanese Shiite group.Sources close to Hezbollah noted that it was due to those concerns that the Hezbollah leadership was examining various scenarios – including a “broad maneuver on the ground,” similar to the takeover of Beirut in May 2008. However, the current plans apparently include a much more extensive maneuver which may expand to a military coup.“As soon as Hezbollah will sense that the collapse of Assad’s regime is imminent, armed cells will quickly begin operating to seize control of Beirut’s eastern and western parts,” one of the sources told al-Arabia.“

This operation, which will be coordinated with Hezbollah’s allies, including Michel Aoun’s Free Patriotic Movement, will be carried out under the banner of ‘protecting the resistance and its weapons inside Lebanon,’” he said.According to the source, Hezbollah will explain that the takeover “as an act that is aimed at countering Lebanese forces plotting to suppress the resistance in cooperation with foreign elements – headed by Israel – and take advantage of (Assad’s downfall) to annihilate Hezbollah.”About a week and a half ago Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah warned Israel and the US that a war against Iran and Syria would lead to an all-out regional conflict.“They should understand that a war on Iran and Syria will not remain in Iran and Syrian territory, but it will engulf the whole region and there is no escaping this reality,” Nasrallah said during a televised speech honoring “Martyrs’ Day.”

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Prominent Zionist rabbi faces criminal probe over anti-Arab remarks




ed note–this is nothing more than dog and pony show from Israel in making it appear she is anything other than a racist state. Nothing will come of it because to punish a Jew in Israel or anywhere else for ‘racism’ is to convict the very foundation of Judaism and Jewish thinking, and that is surely NOT going to take place.


Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein decided Tuesday to open a criminal investigation against Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, for alleged incitement to racism.

The decision to investigate Eliyahu came after he was quoted making several anti-Arab comments in interviews with the media.

Eliyahu was one of 18 rabbis who signed a petition in October 2010, urging Jews to refrain from renting or selling apartments to non-Jews – a move seen as being directed against Arab students enrolled in Safed’s college. Some 50 rabbis eventually endorsed the so-called “rabbis’ letter.”

The criminal investigation opened by Weinstein will not focus on “rabbis’ letter,” however, but rather on personal remarks made by Eliyahu.

After a series of complaints were lodged with the Attorney General’s office regarding Eliyahu’s anti-Arab remarks, Weinstein decided to investigate whether any criminal intention could be found in the remarks.

Eliyahu last year slammed those who have accused him of being a racist, saying that a survey showed that 74 percent of the public supports the letter. He added that he believed the letter had backing from God.

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Lebanon: How Zionist Spies Were Betrayed By Their Cell Phones


As we all know by now (I hope), phones are very effective tracking devices. Location data from those phones can be valuable to advertisers, to law enforcement (ideally with a warrant) and to spy hunters. The AP reports how Hezbollah used cell phone data to sniff out Zionist spies:

Using the latest commercial software, Nasrallah’s spy-hunters unit began methodically searching for traitors in Hezbollah’s midst. To find them, U.S. officials said, Hezbollah examined cellphone data looking for anomalies. The analysis identified cellphones that, for instance, were used rarely or always from specific locations and only for a short period of time. Then it came down to old-fashioned, shoe-leather detective work: Who in that area had information that might be worth selling to the enemy?

via News from The Associated Press.

That led to the arrest of over 100 Zionist spies in 2009, reports the AP.

Back at CIA headquarters, the arrests alarmed senior officials. The agency prepared a study on its own vulnerabilities, U.S. officials said, and the results proved to be prescient. The analysis concluded that the CIA was susceptible to the same analysis that had compromised Zionist, the officials said.

via News from The Associated Press.

The lessons the CIA learned did not prevent their own spies from getting caught. Though they may have been more clever about how they used their cell phones, they weren’t very clever in coming up with code words. According to ABC News, CIA agents were using “pizza” as a codeword for their secret rendezvous spot with spies, which Hezbollah deduced was a Pizza Hut in Beirut. According to unnamed government officials who spoke with ABC, monitoring the Pizza Hut delivered the identities of the Lebanese spies working with the CIA.

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IsraHell effort to muffle speech


Editorial Board Opinion

FOR YEARS repressive governments in the Middle East have sought to curb scrutiny of their human rights records and prevent the development of organized opposition by banning civil society groups from receiving funding from foreign governments. As the Arab Spring spreads across the region, some of those controls are easing. So it is shocking to see Israel’s democratic government propose measures that could silence its own critics.

A ministerial committee of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government voted last week to support two pieces of legislation that would have the effect of cutting funding to non-governmental groups deemed “political.” One, backed by Mr. Netanyahu, would limit contributions by foreign governments to about $5,000; the other would impose a tax of 45 percent on contributions.

  • The measures would have a devastating effect on more than a dozen Israeli groups that depend heavily on funding from European governments. These include some of Israel’s best-known organizations, among them Peace Now, which receives a third of its funding from abroad, and the human rights group B’Tselem, which gets half its money from foreign donors.

The groups have been targeted by right-wing politicians because many advocate for Palestinian rights and some have collaborated with international investigations of Israel. Critics say that European governments spend tens of millions annually to support them — far more than they give to civil-society groups in the Arab world.

There is, however, nothing nefarious about public organizations in a democratic country receiving support from other democracies. The NGO funders are not enemies of Israel, and the groups themselves are not trying to subvert the state — only to correct what they see as its flaws. In the case of the illegal settlement construction often reported by Peace Now, or the human rights abuses by the Israeli army chronicled by B’Tselem, the government would be better off responding to rather than suppressing the criticism.

Fortunately, the legislation is provoking strong opposition from the parliament and Mr. Netanyahu’s own cabinet. Legal advisers are warning that it is unconstitutional, and the prime minister himself has said that the legislation should be amended. He would be wise to kill it altogether. Those who, like Mr. Netanyahu, worry about the “delegitimization” of Israel will only advance that cause if they are seen to erode the country’s democratic foundations.

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Naziyahu freezes bills to limit funds for IsraHell human rights groups, sources say


New legislation that would cap foreign governments’ contributions to ‘political’ NGOs, said to be stalled indefinitely; sources close to bills’ sponsors say move prompted by foreign pressure.

By Jonathan Lis

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu decided to freeze the parliamentary process that would ratify bills aimed at limiting foreign funding of Israeli human rights organizations, sources said on Saturday, a week after a Ministerial Committee for Legislation approved the bills.

According to the sources, Netanyahu decided to indefinitely postpone appeals submitted against the Ministerial Committee for Legislation’s vote, meaning that Knesset members wont be able to ratify the bills.

Benjamin Netanyahu - Kobi Gideon - 6.11.2011

Benjamin Netanyahu, center, during a weekly cabinet meeting, Nov. 6, 2011.

Photo by: Kobi Gideon / Flash 90

These bills, sponsored by two members of Netanyahu’s Likud party – MKs Tzipi Hotovely and Ofir Akunis, would cap foreign governments’ contributions to “political” non-governmental organizations at NIS 20,000.

Speaking with Haaretz, officials said the “bills won’t come up [for vote] soon,” adding that there are “dozens of appeals awaiting cabinet debate, designed to stall the promotion of bills, and this is one of them.”

“As of right now there’s no intention to hold a discussion about [the bill] in cabinet meetings. Netanyahu will have to decide when and how – if at all – he would like to revive these bills. This also depends on the pressure he may face,” the source added.

This is not the first time the bills had been stalled, after Netanyahu asked Ofir Akunis, who was behind one of the proposals, to withdraw the version he submitted to the cabinet, and reformulate its phrasing. Speaking on Saturday, Akunis estimated that revamping the bill would “take some time” before it could be submitted for the cabinet’s approval.

Officials close to the bills’ proponents told Haaretz Saturday that they feel “Netanyahu is working to jam these bills. Maybe he was scared from the criticism he had heard from foreign representatives and from the Attorney General.”

The European Union and the United States, as well as other countries, have been pressing Netanyahu’s office, urging the new legislation be scrapped.

Near the bills’ approval in the cabinet, EU’s ambassador to Israel, Andrew Standley, contacted the prime minister’s national security adviser, Yaakov Amidror, and warned him that the passage of the legislation could harm Israel’s standing in the West as a democratic country.

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Dorothy Online Newsletter


Dear Friends,


Yesterday I complained that, among other things, the situation in the US is getting to be horrible, and mentioned in passing that the police handling of the Occupation protesters is almost as if they had been trained by Israeli military or border police.  I had no evidence of this, but the techniques of the US police resemble those used in the OPT by Israeli soldiers and border police.  This morning I found a note from a friend, Paul L, recommending that I read ADL (anti-defamation league) on security.  I did.  Considering that I had always thought that the ADL’s main concern was fighting anti-Semitism, I was surprised to learn that it dealt also with security, and was even more surprised to learn that it trains counter-terrorist forces, but less surprised by this time to learn that the ADL sends forces to Israel for training.   Item 1 contains 3 separate ADL statements on law enforcement.  Real eye openers, at least for me.


As for the rest, the single concern of most of the media abroad was Egypt , and after it Turkey and Syria .   Israel received little if any attention today in the international press today. 


But the Israeli press has much to say about the bills that the Knesset hopes to turn into laws.  I have selected from the criticism.


The first of these, item 2, reports that a member of the Government Press Office’s advisory council “has quit her post in protest” against the obstacles that the government places against freedom of the press.


Item 3 reports on a protest tonight against the same bill—the libel bill.


In item 4, Merav Michaeli claims that Israel ’s self-victimizing right is misleading the people.  Unfortunately, most Israelis are not paying much attention to the fact that they are being misled.  So also was true of the Germans during Hitler’s era.


Item 5 is a B’tselem newsletter.


Item 6 begins with comments by Guenter , who forwarded the news about Veolia (a French company) continuing to work with and for Israel regardless of the fact that other companies have shown their displeasure with Veolia doing this by divesting from it.


The items close with ‘Today in Palestine .’  So much disgusting news in it, but important to know if we want to keep being informed.


All the best,



1.    U.S. Law Enforcement Receive Counter-Terrorism Training in Israel


Posted: April 15, 2011

ADL brought 15 law enforcement executives from across the United States to Israel from April 9-17, to learn how Israel ‘s police, intelligence, and security forces prevent terror attacks.


As participants in ADL’s National Counter-Terrorism Seminar, they met with counter-terrorism experts in an intensive program incorporating formal presentations and briefings with site visits around the country to areas that have borne witness to terror attacks. They learned how Israel has prevented and responded to suicide bombings and terrorist attacks and how the nation protects its airports, shopping malls, and public events.


The delegation consisted of executives from the California Highway Patrol and major city police departments from across the country, including New York , Philadelphia , Houston , Dallas , Atlantic City , Louisville , Richmond , Tulsa , Nashville , Charlotte , Albuquerque , and St. Louis County . More than 115 federal, state and local law enforcement executives have participated in this ADL program since it was first launched in 2003.


 2011 Anti-Defamation League



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ADL Trains Law Enforcement Executives on Terrorism



Posted: June 13, 2011

ADL held the nineteenth session of its Advanced Training School (ATS) course on Extremist and Terrorist Threats from June 5-7 in Washington , DC . ATS is a three day training providing federal, state and local law enforcement executives and commanders from across the country with practical information, resources and contacts to increase their capabilities in combating domestic and international terrorist threats.  It is recognized as one of the premier counter-terrorism training programs in the U.S.


The agenda featured briefings from ADL experts, as well as counter-terrorism experts from outside the League, such as a senior commander from the Israel Police. The program was attended by 36 commanders from agencies which included : the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Threat Management Unit, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) National Targeting Center , NYPD, Philadelphia Police Department, Houston Police Department, Atlanta Police Department, Dallas Police Department, and the Boston Police Department, among others. 


Deputy Commissioner Thomas Wright of the Philadelphia Police Department said of the training, “I have been in law enforcement for 22 years and I have attended a variety of training seminars during that time. I can honestly say that the training offered by ATS-ADL is by far the most useful and current training course I have ever attended. The knowledge I have gained and relationships I have developed during these past few days will benefit me, the Philadelphia Police Department, and the citizenry of the United States of America .”


ATS has trained almost 700 senior level law enforcement personnel, representing over 220 different agencies to date, and is recognized as one of the premier counter-terrorism training programs in the U.S.


© 2011 Anti-Defamation League


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ADL and Law Enforcement: Fighting Terror before 9/11 and Beyond


Posted: August 24, 2011


The Anti-Defamation League has worked closely with law enforcement for decades to carry out our mission of protecting both the Jewish people and all others from extremism, hatred and injustice.  But since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the scale of our work with law enforcement has increased significantly and the greatest demand for ADL expertise has been in the area of training for law enforcement.  As the foremost non-governmental authority on domestic terrorism, extremism, organized hate groups and hate crimes, ADL has been the leading non-government organization training police.  In 2010 alone, we trained more than 10,500 law enforcement officers from all over the country.  


“The training and education you provide for the FBI and for law enforcement have never been more relevant. This especially includes the classes at the Holocaust Museum . At a time when law enforcement must be aggressive in stopping terror these classes provide powerful lessons on why we must always protect civil rights and uphold the rule of law.”


– FBI Director Mueller speaking at ADL’s National Commission Meeting in 2005


ADL’s Advanced Training School (ATS)

ADL’s Advanced Training School (ATS) was conceived shortly before 9/11 as an ” ADL Academy ” to provide law enforcement executives and commanders from across the country with practical and useful information, resources and contacts to increase their capabilities in combating domestic terrorism and extremist threats. Launched in January 2003, ATS was ADL’s first national training program for law enforcement and conducted training on both domestic and international extremist and terrorist threats.  ATS has come to be recognized as one of the premier counter-terrorism trainings in the country. Interest in the program is so high that ADL is only able to accept one in eight applicants for the training. ATS has now trained 700 senior level law enforcement personnel, representing more than 220 federal, state, local and military law enforcement agencies from across the country, including 24 of the 25 largest local police departments in the U.S. Officers have told us, “This course will ultimately save lives.”


ADL’s National Counter-Terrorism Seminar (NCTS)


In 2004, ADL created its National Counter-Terrorism Seminar (NCTS) in Israel , which brings law enforcement executives from across the U.S. to Israel for a week of intensive counter-terrorism training.  NCTS connects the heads of FBI field offices, major city chiefs, state police superintendents, and commanders assigned to counter-terrorism, special operations, and homeland security with commanders in the Israel National Police, experts from Israel ‘s intelligence and security services, and the Israel Defense Forces.  In addition to understanding Israel’s experiences and lessons learned in preventing and responding to suicide bombings and terrorist attacks, the course also focuses on leadership in a time of terror, and better prepares stars and rising stars in American law enforcement to command if necessary during an attack here in the U.S.  The program has brought 115 law enforcement executives to Israel to date.


Law Enforcement and Society (LEAS): Lessons of the Holocaust [what has the Holocaust to do with training law enforcement agencies? D]


Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust, (LEAS) was created in 1998 by ADL and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to train police recruits in Washington , DC ‘s Metropolitan Police Department. By 2000, LEAS was training a dozen law enforcement agencies and was a required part of training for every new agent in the FBI. LEAS was designed to increase law enforcement professionals’ understanding of their relationship to the people they serve and of their roles as protectors of the Constitution and individual liberties. The attacks on 9/11 only increased the demand for Law Enforcement and Society.  The program’s focus on the role of law enforcement in our democracy and the profession’s core values has become even more relevant as law enforcement agencies throughout the nation confront the challenges of fighting crime and terrorism without compromising their role as protectors of the Constitution and individual rights.  More than 70,000 law enforcement officers have participated in the program since 1999, including those from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Washington , DC Metropolitan Police Department, Philadelphia Police Department and dozens of other agencies.


ADL: Leading Non-Government Organization Training Police


Trained 700 law enforcement commanders from more than 220 different agencies through ADL’s Advanced Training School course on “Extremist and Terrorist Threats,” since it was launched in 2003.

Brought 115 law enforcement executives from across the country to Israel for intensive counter-terrorism training with the Israel Police through ADL’s National Counter-Terrorism Seminar in Israel .

Trained more than 70,000 law enforcement officers through Law Enforcement and Society: Lessons of the Holocaust, run in partnership with the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum .

Trained more than 10,500 law enforcement officers in 2010.


Related Articles 

9/11 Ten Years Later : The Changing Face of Hate, Terrorism and Democracy in America


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2.  Haaretz

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Government press adviser quits over eroding journalistic freedom

Eva Berger explained her decision : The council’s objective is to grant its approval of an old wrong, in the guise of democracy, and I will not lend my hand to this.


By Talila Nesher

Tags: Knesset


The dean of one of Israel ‘s media studies schools has quit her post as a member of the Government Press Office’s advisory council in protest of obstacles it places before freedom of the press.


“The council’s objective is to grant its approval of an old wrong, in the guise of democracy – and I will not lend my hand to this,” said Eva Berger , dean of the School of Media Studies at the College of Management in Rishon Letzion.


  Eva Berger


Photo by: Moti Milrod 


Berger linked her resignation to recent government proposals that many see as restricting freedom of expression, like efforts to make it easier for politicians to sue the media for libel and to block most foreign funding for left-wing nonprofit groups.


The government also recently shut down a Jewish-Palestinian radio station and has threatened to shut Channel 10 television over outstanding debts.


Berger said she wanted her fellow council members to consider whether the government should even be involved in determining who should be considered a journalist.


The GPO issues press passes and determines who is eligible to receive them.


“I naively thought that in light of the dignified composition [of the advisory council], it could be a dynamic and thinking council and could discuss any finding, based on the information it has,” she said. “The fact that this is not the case comes on top of the silencing” of anti-establishment voices, which she said was a goal of recent legislative proposals.


Berger also protested the involvement of security forces in assessing applicants’ eligibility for the government-approved press passes, an issue that came before the council when journalists for Arab-language media outlets said they were having difficulty securing press passes.


“To put this decision in the hands of the security establishment is to add insult to injury,” she said.


3.  Ynet

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Freedom of Expression


 הפגנה נגד תיקון חוק לשון הרע רע כיכר הבימה נגד בנימין נתניהו תל אביב Photo: Moti Kimhi


    Thousands protest against ‘libel bill’


Some 2,000 gather in Tel Aviv to protest amendment to Defamation Law, which aims to increase maximum compensation paid for libel violations. Protesters shouting ‘Bibi, you’ve gone too far – Israel is not Iran ‘,7340,L-4151861,00.html


Yoav Malka


Some 2,000 people gathered in Tel Aviv’s Rothschild Avenue on Tuesday in protest of the amendment to the Defamation Law, which passed its first Knesset reading on Monday. 


The protest, which was organized by Peace Now , came on the heels of an initiative proposed by right-wing Knesset members, which aims to increase the maximum compensation paid for libel violations to NIS 300,000 (roughly $80,500) – six times what it is today – regardless of proof of damage.


4.  Haaretz

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Israel ‘s self-victimizing right is misleading the people

The savage attack of the extreme, self-victimizing right is misleading the whole system, causing it to think that maybe it really does represent the majority, and apologize for not adhering to its ideology.


By Merav Michaeli


“Finally, the right is beginning to rule,” said MK Uri Ariel (National Union ) after the vote to change the composition of the Judicial Appointments Committee.


The entire paradox is embodied in one man. Ariel is a declared rightist, a member of the Judicial Appointments Committee from the beginning of the term, while at the same time in the opposition, which is supposed to be non-right. He has served as head of the settlers’ council, head of the Defense Ministry’s settlement division, a board member of the Jewish National Fund and the first council head of the settlement Beit El. Yet he feels that only now “finally the right is beginning to rule.


Ariel’s resume alone exemplifies exactly to what extent the right has been ruling here for a very long time, including when the “left” was supposedly in power. And yet we hear that cry of the assailant posing as victim.


The Supreme Court and the media, which according to MK Yariv Levin (Likud ) must also be conquered in order to rule, have never been leftist. The Supreme Court and the media, in different ways, are mainly liberal. The good old patriarchal liberalism, advocating equality and freedom, but without renouncing the hegemony and supremacy of the white, secular, but very Jewish man.


The Supreme Court permitted practically all the settlements, the roads to them and the perks they get, and legitimized the separation wall and the extrajudicial executions. It enables ultra-Orthodox men’s exemption from military service and Orthodoxy’s exclusive control over conversion, marriage and divorce. It allows segregation between men and women and permits state laws based on halakha, like forbidding public transportation on the Sabbath. In fact, the Supreme Court has preserved all the right’s interests and strengthened them.


The media are pro-establishment by nature. They identify with the ruling power, until they don’t, according to their own need for drama. The media glorified Menachem Begin as it glorified Yitzhak Rabin, protected Ariel Sharon as it abused Shimon Peres and supported both the Oslo Accords and Operation Defensive Shield. They employ a large number of women and display them frequently, but in inferior positions and as sexual objects and they support anything Jewish and patriotic (like the Tzohar rabbis’ marriage ceremonies, for example ).


The right and its positions have been abundantly represented in the media, which have effectively disseminated these positions and strengthened them.


But the right did not invent this paradox. This is exactly the paradox in which Israel has always conducted itself as a state, increasingly so since 1967. A strong, thriving, flourishing Israel is occupying the West Bank and Gaza in one format or another, oppressing the Palestinian people in these territories on a daily basis, and at the same time, entertains a victim’s self-image and awareness and portrays itself to the world as such. Both Israel and the right use the victim’s position to justify their aggression against Israelis, non-Israelis, institutions and other states.


This is why Israelis have trouble discerning that the right, now running amuck in a frenzied bid to take over all the authorities – especially those that aren’t supposed to be under the government’s power – isn’t really a victim. The performance of a victim attacking indiscriminately evokes a familiar feeling in most people, one they recognize immediately, and identify with regardless of the performance’s content. In the habit of presenting ourselves, the strong ones, as victims, the right wing’s violent, bullying victimization performance bypasses the public’s rational common sense, landing straight in the heart , which is used to that feeling of self-righteousness.


In this emotional sense, and only in this sense, the right really does represent the majority. This is how the Israeli public misses the fact that the extreme right does not represent the majority and has no concern for the majority’s interests. This is how the public fails to see that what the extreme right wants to accomplish with the latest onslaught of legislation is not good for most people, not even in its practical everyday meanings, regardless of the Palestinians.


The savage attack of the extreme, self-victimizing right is misleading the whole system, causing it to think that maybe it really does represent the majority, and apologize for not adhering to its ideology. Well, for the record, the extreme right already knows very well it is no victim. But it also knows how much it can benefit from playing that card. Just like Israel does.



5.  [use the link to watch the video]





Olive trees belonging to a resident of Beitillu that were torched, apparently by settlers. Photo: Iyad Hadad, B’Tselem, 24 Oct. ’11


 Video: Soldiers let settlers assault Palestinian demonstrators

On 29 Oct. ’11, Palestinian residents of Beit Ummar demonstrated on part of their land against theft of their lands. A B’Tselem volunteer documented settlers entering the security buffer strip surrounding the adjacent Carmei Tzur settlement, and throwing stones at the demonstrators. Soldiers at the scene did not try to stop the assault; instead, they removed the Palestinians by shooting tear gas and throwing stun grenades.


The anti-democratic initiatives only strengthen our resolve

Jessica Montell, B’Tselem’s Executive Director, calls on all those who are concerned about human rights and the Israeli democracy to speak out against efforts to stifle Israeli civil society.


Israeli civilian killed by Palestinian rocket fire

B’Tselem condemns the recent rocket fire by Palestinian organizations in Gaza at civilian areas in Israel . On 29 Oct., the firing killed Moshe Ami, 56, a father of four from Ashkelon . The organizations firing the rockets and mortar shells into Israel openly state their aim to kill civilians. Intentionally attacking civilians is immoral and constitutes a war crime.


Settler violence against Palestinian farmers in Ramallah area

On 24-26 Oct. ’11, B’Tselem documented four cases of attacks on farmers from Beitillu, a Palestinian village near Ramallah, and their property. In three cases, the perpetrators damaged olive trees. In one case, settlers assaulted farmers who had come to their land to pick olives. The army failed to provide the farmers with adequate protection.


No religious conflict in Hebron

B’Tselem’ s Hebron field-researcher Musa Abu Hashhash published an op-ed in the Jerusalem Post in anticipation of a mass pilgrimage of Jews to Hebron this Saturday. If we continue to allow the extremists to use religion to divide us, our conflict will be bloody and intractable. When we focus on basic rights we can build a future based on dignity for us all.


B’Tselem awarded Danish human rights award jointly with Palestinian organization Al-Haq

Palestinian and Israeli human rights organizations B’Tselem and Al-Haq were jointly awarded the annual human rights award given by the Danish PL Foundation this year. The award has been given since the 1980s to individuals and organizations who struggle non-violently for the values embodied by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Israeli civil society organizations respond to attacks against activists

18 Israeli civil society organizations speak out following the attacks on Peace Now: Israeli law enforcement authorities must take the threat seriously and act to protect activists from violence. 


6.  Dear Barbara,

why “who profits”? I should rather add: “and who pays the price..

The fact, mentioned below is one of the greatest crime against the 4th Geneva Convention because of it is irreversibility.
Israel deposites the waste, civil and military, of the whole country in occupied palestine !
And who operates this? Veolia, the same FRENCH company already involved in operating the Tramway to Maale Adumim,
– occupied and annexed by Israel against international law. Furthermore, VEOLIA operates a great number of public bus
services, from “Israel-proper” to illegal settlemente in occupied Palestine .

Please distribute this largely – also within your Attac-network –  there should be done something against it!

Best regards

Von: “Jess Ghannam” <>
Gesendet: 21.11.2011 19:08:12
An: “Al-Awda-SF@yahoogroups. Com” <>, “Al-Awda-News@yahoogroups. Com” <>, uscom4acbi <>, academicsforjustice <>, palestine_solidarity_network <>


Betreff: [AcademicsforJustice] Who Profits: Veolia owns, operates Tovlan landfill in OPT for Israeli waste

Veolia is not only still involved in the illegal Israeli tram project connecting Israeli’s colonies to Jerusalem, it also owns and operates (through its subsidiaries), as confirmed below, the infamous Tovlan landfill which processes Israeli waste on occupied Palestinian land in direct violation of international law.


Though it lost billions of dollars worth of contracts worldwide (particularly in the UK , Sweden and Ireland) and had to close shop in many countries, due to BDS and other factors, Veolia has yet to end its complicity in Israel’s grave violations of international law. It may take the loss of more lucrative contracts, especially in the US , to feel more heat. Then its share owners will reconsider.



Veolia’s Involvement in the Occupied Jordan Valley – An Update

  • Confirmation from the Civil Administration – waste from within Israel is transferred to Veolia‘s site in the Jordan Valley

  • YARV Sherutei Noy 1985 – a subsidiary of Veolia has won a tender for waste collection services from IDF bases in the Jordan valley

On October 10th, 2011 the Israeli Civil Administration responded to a Freedom of Information law application that had been submitted by ‘Who Profits‘ a month earlier. The application was regarding the Tovlan landfill – a waste-disposal site operated by Veolia in the occupied Jordan Valley . Previous research work carried out by the ‘LifeSource‘ collective indicated that the waste transferred to the landfill originates within Israel . The Civil Administration’s reply officially confirms this and clarifies that Veolia is responsible for the transferring of Israeli waste to the company’s site in the OPT.

Furthermore, the civil administration’s response includes a list of companies authorized to transfer waste to the Tovlan landfill, among them two subsidiaries of Veolia Environmental Services Israel: TMM – Integrated Recycling Services and YARV Sherutei Noy 1985. In mid-August of this year, the latter won a tender issued by the Ministry of Defense for waste collection services from the IDF bases in the Jordan Valley .

Veolia is a multi-national French company operating in the fields of water, waste management, energy and transport services. Through its subsidiaries, Veolia is involved in the operation of the light rail in Jerusalem – a project that was designed to connect the city of Jerusalem with the illegal settlements around it. Additionally, the company operates bus services to Israeli settlements in the West Bank along road 443, which has been referred to as an “apartheid road”, because Palestinians are prohibited from driving on almost all segments of it.

Through its subsidiary, Veolia Environmental Services Israel (which bought T.M.M. Integrated Recycling Services), the company owns and operates the Tovlan landfill in the occupied Jordan Valley . The waste transferred to the landfill originates in recycling factories within Israel and in settlements in the West Bank. The company uses captured Palestinian land and natural resources for the needs of Israeli civilians on both sides of the green line. Under international law, Israel is prohibited from using land in occupied territory for the sole benefit of its own civilian population and, thus, the company may be complicit in Israel ‘s alleged violations of international law.

 The civil administration’s response includes the following information:

  1. Eight Israeli companies hold permits to transfer waste to the Tovlan landfill: Eden Brief Recycling Services; Rami Shitawi – Poultry Maintenance; YARV – Sherutei Noy 1985; Ramnir; Mifat 1965; SH Market – Trade and Recycle; Sharonim Recycling; and TMM – Integrated Recycling Services. 

  2. The waste transferred to the Tovlan site is brought from recycling factories in the areas of HaSharon, Sgula, Haifa and Afula and from the Hiriya site (southeast of Tel Aviv). All of these sites are located within Israel .  

  3. The waste transferred to the landfill consists of municipal solid waste, construction waste, sterilized medical waste and electronic waste. The civil administration mentioned that there is no permit for bringing hazardous waste into the site. 

  4. The average amount of waste that originates inside Israel and is permitted to be buried in the site is 19,000 tons a month. 

  5. At the moment there are no expansion plans for the site.


Who Profits Newsletter


7.  Today in Palestine

November 21, 2011

Posted in Nova NewsletterComments Off on Dorothy Online Newsletter

“They brought snipers to finish us off. As if we are Palestine and they are IsraHell.



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  5. Vik Arrigoni kidnapped.… If their demands are not met within 30 hours…

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A. Loewenstein Online Newsletter


Zionist fanatics embrace Glenn Beck, Mr. 1939 is here (again)

Posted: 22 Nov 2011


What has happened to my people? One of America’s most prominent Jewish groups – they embrace settlements, racism inside Israel and Palestine, no criticism of Zionism and never-ending occupation – brazenly invites former Murdoch favourite hack, Glenn Beck, to rally the troops and talk about preparing for the apocalypse.

Zionism 2011 (via JTA):

The Zionist Organization of America’s annual dinner is a place where conventional thinking about the liberal proclivities of American Jews goes to die. But never quite like Sunday night — when Tea Party darling and Republican presidential hopeful Michele Bachman served as the opening act and Glenn Beck was swarmed like a rock star.

Beck, who was on hand to receive the ZOA’s Defender of Israel Award, made his way into the VIP reception at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Manhattan shortly after 5 p.m. and almost instantly was beset by a crush of admirers. He found himself wedged into a corner as a crowd of well-wishers surged forward to have their photographs taken with him. Bachmann and her fellow Republican congresswoman, Florida’s Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, were there, too — but it was clear who the star was.

“Love, love, love, love, love,” Ros-Lehtinen said, extending her hand to Beck, who responded by clasping hers in both of his. All around her, an expanding mass of people pressed in closer, seemingly eager to express the same sentiment.

“I need everyone to back up please,” a photographer practically yelled as he tried to create a cordon around the VIPs to set up his shot. But despite help from Beck’s two bodyguards, an assistant, and assorted publicists and ZOA personnel, the crowd kept pushing ahead.

Crowd control proved to be a recurring problem at the dinner. After the appetizer was served, seemingly half the room converged on Beck and his wife, Tania, tying up the traffic flow in the center of the ballroom and rendering the area impassable. A succession of ZOA officials implored the crowd to sit down so servers could get dinner on the table, but with little effect.

Grabbing the microphone, ZOA President Morton Klein, raised his voice — the first of several times he would do that over the course of the evening — and commanded those standing around to “sit down — NOW!”

“Glenn Beck got in touch with me, thanked me for writing this because no one else in the organized Jewish world was defending him, and he asked if we could get together,” Klein told JTA. “We got together, I asked him if he’d be our honoree, he began to almost cry. Tears welled up in his eyes.”

Asked about the discomfort some feel with Beck’s repeated use of Holocaust analogies, Klein, a child of survivors who was born in a German displaced persons camp, claimed ignorance, saying he didn’t watch Beck’s show often enough to have an opinion.

“I just don’t know,” he said.

That Beck, an unabashed crier, became misty at Klein’s offer is eminently believable. Beck appeared to choke back tears at least four times during his hourlong speech — and that was during his less emotional moments.

When he wasn’t battling the urge to cry, he was issuing a battle cry. With arms flailing wildly and face turning the color of the red caviar served in the VIP room, Beck portrayed the challenges facing Israel and the Jewish people in apocalyptic terms — as the ultimate showdown between good and evil. Beck was the only speaker at the dinner whose voice reached a pitch more feverish than Klein’s.

Beck said he came to the ZOA as a brother. “It’s personal,” he said repeatedly.

And clearly he has not been chastened by the urgings of some Jewish groups to tread lightly with the Holocaust analogies. Again and again he invoked them, saying the world stood on a precipice like the one it faced in 1939 — only this time it’s worse, as not only is the world ignoring rising evil, he said, it is actively helping it along.

“America is not a collective,” Beck thundered. “America is built on the individual. I am a man and I demand to be counted so others are not numbered again.”

The crowd went wild.

Fox News endorses state violence against peaceful students

Posted: 22 Nov 2011

Sy Hersh on MSM lies over Iranian nuclear “threat”

Posted: 22 Nov 2011

Will we ever learn?

Serco, we have a problem

Posted: 22 Nov 2011

Yet more evidence that the British multinational Serco, running Australia’s detention centres, simply aren’t up to the task. But don’t expect the government to do anything about it any time soon. They need somebody, anybody, to take the blame for its dysfunctional refugee policies (via The Age):

The multinational company that runs Australia’s immigration detention network has been fined $15 million for failing in its duty of care to asylum seekers and underperformance .

The immigration department has told a federal parliamentary inquiry it had docked $14.8 million from monthly payments to SERCO between March 2010 and June 2011 because of poor management of the detention centres, and docked another $215,000 from SERCO’s contract to run immigration housing centres.

SERCO was paid $375 million to run immigration centres last year, and $101 million in the three months to October 2011.

The secretive contract the federal government signed with SERCO withholds payment for audited ”abatements” each month. Escapes, failure to secure perimeter fences, not providing activities or reporting major incidents, not giving access to visitors, interpreters or legal representatives, poor building conditions and food safety can trigger fee reductions.

The penalty is limited by the contract to 5 per cent of SERCO’s monthly fee. The $15 million fine, revealed in written submissions to the inquiry, is therefore near the upper limit of what the Immigration Department would have been contractually able to penalise SERCO in a period plagued by riots, fires, suicides and escalating detainee self harm.

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