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A slip of the tongue betrays IsraHEll hardline propaganda



Tony Karon

It’s no wonder that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has reportedly ordered his defence minister to shut up. Ehud Barak, after all, has a well-established habit of telling inconvenient truths – while running for prime minister in 1999, he was asked what he would do if he had been born Palestinian. He answered:”I would join a terror organisation.” That willingness to put himself at odds with Israel’s PR line was once again on display last week when Mr Barak was interviewed by the US TV talkshow host Charlie Rose.

“If you were Iran, wouldn’t you want a nuclear weapon?” Rose asked his guest.

“Probably, probably,” Mr Barak replied. “I don’t delude myself that they are doing it just because of Israel. They have their history of 4,000 years. They look around and they see the Indians are nuclear. The Chinese are nuclear, Pakistan in nuclear as well as [North] Korea, not to mention the Russians.”

The problem that Mr Barak’s remarks present for the Israeli narrative is obvious: Iran’s rulers, we are typically told by Israeli officials, are fanatical religious extremists determined to destroy Israel at any cost, even if that meant national suicide. They are implacably committed to their pursuit of doomsday weapons, and will not be deterred by the logic of “mutually assured destruction” that prevented Cold War nuclear exchanges.

But if, as Mr Barak inadvertently suggested, Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons was a response to its perception of its threat environment, that is an entirely different proposition. Indeed, that is exactly what governments that reject the US-led effort to isolate and pressure Iran over its nuclear programme have been arguing. Turkey, for example, strongly opposes that its neighbour develop nuclear weapons, but believes Washington’s approach of piling on sanctions and threats of military action are more likely to ensure that Tehran goes nuclear. “It is important to put oneself in their shoes and see how they perceive threats,” Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul told the Guardian this week, referring to Israel’s undeclared nuclear capability.

The former US defence secretary Robert Gates, while still in the job last December, sought to pour cold water on the mounting campaign for military action against Iran’s nuclear facilities. Air strikes, he warned, would at best delay the Iranians by a couple of years, but would all but ensure they went ahead with building the bomb. “The only long-term solution to avoiding an Iranian nuclear weapons capability,” Mr Gates said, “is for the Iranians to decide it’s not in their interest.”

But the path the Obama administration has chosen is through escalating sanctions, backed by a threat of military action. Despite the rhetoric, however, the US and its allies are essentially treading water. Western officials had promised that the recent IAEA report – which suggested that Iran may have in the past undertaken research work into warhead design – would be the bombshell that would oblige the likes of Russia, China and Turkey to support tough new sanctions. No such luck. So underwhelming were the report’s findings that the US and its allies couldn’t get support at the IAEA’s board for referring the matter back to the UN Security Council (where China and Russia had made clear they would veto any further escalation of sanctions, anyway).

The report has simply spurred a new round of business-as-usual: More unilateral US sanctions were announced on Monday targeting investment in Iran’s energy sector, but steering clear of even the measures advocated by France that would target Iran’s central bank. Other measures were announced by Britain and Canada.

Harsher measures might be deemed acts of war by Iran, and prompt retaliation, which could prove nasty in a moment where the world economy sits on the cusp of a slide into recession, and where oil prices last week reached $100 a barrel simply on the fear of a confrontation over Iran.

And then there’s the sabre rattling by Israel, constantly threatening to launch unilateral military action – Mr Barak last week also said Israel had just one year before Iran reached the point of no return – in the hope that the likes of China and Russia might be forced to support tougher sanctions as the lesser evil compared with the havoc that could be unleashed by a military confrontation. But so far, nobody’s buying it.

In an ominous new development 10 days ago, an explosion at an Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps missile base that killed 17 men, including a top IRGC commander, was widely reported to have been a covert operation by Israel’s Mossad. If so, the Iranians were not taking the bait, denying the claim – and removing any pressure for retaliation.

But sanctions and covert operations don’t seem to be doing the trick, and military action cannot do more than delay Iran, but at a potentially catastrophic cost. The logic of Mr Barak’s admission is obvious: preventing Tehran from building nuclear weapons requires reordering and reducing its threat perception. And that can only be achieved through diplomatic engagement aimed at normalisation – or at least, conflict management.

Domestic politics in both Iran and the US may preclude the serious engagement required to bring that about for at least the next year, however. And that same domestic politics may propel the standoff towards confrontation – even if, as Mr Barak’s gaffe reveals, many of the key players on both sides clearly understand how that could be avoided.

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Herman Cain Was “Elated” When He Learned His Muslim-Sounding Doctor Wasn’t Muslim



Dan Amira

God forbid a Muslim doctor try to save Herman Cain’s life.

When Herman Cain made an appearance at a Jesus-themed amusement park in Florida recently, he made an effort to connect with the pious Christians who had decided to spend their day there instead of someplace even remotely fun. And what better way to ingratiate yourself to your Christian brothers and sisters than telling an anecdote about how much you hate Muslims! As Yahoo’s Chris Moody reports:

He did have a slight worry at one point during the chemotherapy process when he discovered that one of the surgeon’s name was “Dr. Abdallah.”   “I said to his physician assistant, I said, ‘That sounds foreign — not that I had anything against foreign doctors — but it sounded too foreign,” Cain tells the audience. “She said, ‘He’s from Lebanon.’ Oh, Lebanon! My mind immediately started thinking, wait a minute, maybe his religious persuasion is different than mine! She could see the look on my face and she said, ‘Don’t worry, Mr. Cain, he’s a Christian from Lebanon.’”   “Hallelujah!” Cain says. “Thank God!”   The crowd laughs uneasily.

We’re almost shell-shocked by how unbelievably bigoted that story is. Apparently, in addition to being terrorist sympathizers who want to replace the Constitution with Sharia, Muslim-Americans are supposed to be pro-cancer now, too.

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How Zio-Nazi Rabbi Ovadia Yosef murder plot was averted



A mentally ill man who had previously run over a rabbi and was recently indicted for murder tells police: ‘I came to Kotel to kill Rabbi Ovadia’, but rabbi made last minute cancellation

Some will say it is providence, others will claim it is a simple coincidence: “I came to the Kotel to kill Rabbi Ovadia Yosef,” a mentally ill man admitted to police when he was arrested for questioning. Based on his previous history, it is reasonable to assume that he was serious.

The mentally ill man (50) is known to the authorities. He lives in the north and was once a member of the messianic sect of the Chabad Hasidic group.

In 2000 he ran his car over then Safed Chief Rabbi Levi Bistritsky and left the rabbi severely injured. “The Rebbe commanded me to do it.” He said when interrogated by police.   Luckily, the rabbi cancelled his visit at the last minute because he was feeling unwell.

The disappointed man went home where he wrote a letter to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s bureau in which he announced that he had put a Pulsa Denura curse (a Kabbalistic death curse) on the PM, like the one taken out on former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin before he was murdered.

The man was located, sent to observation and in the psychiatric ward reiterated his intentions towards Rabbi Ovadia. He is now under arrest awaiting trial for attempted murder after he stabbed another patient who had ripped up a picture of the Lubavitch Rebbe.

‘I had to assassinate him’

During his interrogation, the man told police of his plans to kill Rabbi Ovadia: “On Tisha b’Av I equipped myself with a sharp shard of glass and went to the Kotel to assassinate Rabbi Ovadia.

“I knew he was supposed to visit there and planned on getting close to him by pretending I wanted a blessing from him and then tearing his throat. At the end, he never came.”

When asked about his reasons for seeking to kill the rabbi he said: “Rabbi Ovadia spoke against the Lubavitch Rebbe, He humiliated him so I had to assassinate him.”

Close associates of Rabbi Ovadia were made aware of the threats and placed a metal detector at the entrance to his home.   Since the rabbi does not receive a bodyguard from the State, Shas party ministers who do receive State funded protection, decided they would accompany the rabbi when he left his home so that someone would be on hand to respond should he be attacked.

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Zionist Firster Rick Perry Calls for No-Fly Zone In Syria




Would Act Unilaterally Without UN Authorization

Think Progress

Texas Gov. Rick Perry hasn’t said much about Libya on the presidential campaign trail but he did call Muammar Qaddafi’s death last month “good news for the people of Libya.” Earlier this evening on Fox News, Perry said he’d “absolutely” support instituting a Libya-style no-fly zone in Syria and do so without a United Nations blessing–

CHARLES KRAUTHAMMER: Would you do what we did in Libya which is institute a no-fly zone over Syria? If you were the president would you advocate that we do that in Syria?

PERRY: Absolutely. Absolutely. …

BILL KRISTOL: And you’d do that I suppose unilaterally without waiting for the U.N. to approve it?

PERRY: I would not spend a lot of time waiting for the U.N. I will tell you that my position on the U.N. is if they continue to go around as the Palestinian state tried to do. We need to sit down as a country and have a conversation about, is the continued funding of the United Nations in the best interest of America.

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Good News: Iran says arrests 12 CIA agents amid reports of compromised U.S. ring



Comment by top Iranian official comes as Intelligence Online says U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers arrives in Beirut to probe reported exposure of U.S. intel squad in Lebanon.


An Iranian official disclosed new details Thursday concerning the reporting exposure of a U.S. spy ring in the Islamic Republic, saying that Tehran arrested 12 CIA agents.

Parliamentarian Parviz Sorouri, who sits on the powerful committee of foreign policy and national security, claimed that the arrested agents planned to strike at Iranian interests with the aid of Israel.

Sorouri said the spy network aimed at damaging Iran in the security, military and nuclear sectors.

The Iranian official’s comments come after current and former U.S. officials said on Monday that dozens of spies working for the CIA were captured recently in Lebanon and Iran, as well as after Iran’s claim earlier this year that it had intercepted a major spy ring.

Following the report of a compromised CIA ring in Lebanon, the French intelligence newsletter Intelligence Online indicated in its latest issue that U.S. Congressman Mike Rogers, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, arrived recently in Beirut to probe the affair.

According to Intelligence Online, all CIA officers operating the Beirut station were transferred to Cyprus for security reasons and for further investigations.

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Nziyahu calls for stronger sanctions on Iran than those imposed by U.S



PM says Tehran’s nuclear ambitions must be curbed after IAEA report indicated that Iran had worked on designing a nuclear bomb.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Wednesday for stronger sanctions on Iran than those imposed this week by the United States, Britain and Canada to try to curb its nuclear ambitions.

“Iran is developing nuclear weapons. If anyone had any doubts, the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) report certainly dispelled them,” Netanyahu told parliament, referring to the UN body’s findings on Nov. 8 that suggested Iran had worked on designing a nuclear bomb.

“It is important to impose sanctions, tough sanctions, on this regime – even tougher than those that have been imposed over the past few days,” he said, without elaborating on measures he believes should be taken.

On Monday, the United States, Britain and Canada announced new sanctions on Iran’s energy and financial sectors, steps analysts said may raise pressure on Tehran but were unlikely to halt its nuclear program.

The United States named Iran as an area of “primary money laundering concern”, a step designed to dissuade non-U.S. banks from dealing with it; blacklisted 11 entities suspected of aiding its nuclear programs; and expanded sanctions to target companies that aid its oil and petrochemical industries.

The United States stopped short, however, of targeting Iran’s central bank, a step that could have cut it off from the global financial system, sent oil prices skyrocketing and jeopardized U.S. and European economic recovery.

In a coordinated action, Britain ordered all British financial institutions to stop doing business with their Iranian counterparts, including the Iranian central bank.

Canada said it would ban the export of all goods used in Iran’s petrochemical, oil and gas industry and “block virtually all transactions with Iran”, including with its central bank, with an exception for Iranian-Canadians to send money home.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton telephoned Netanyahu on Monday to brief him on the new sanctions. Like the United States, Israel has said all options, including a military one, are on the table in trying to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear arms.

In a statement issued after his conversation with Clinton, Netanyahu’s office quoted him as saying: “Such sanctions make clear to the Iranians the price (they will pay) will be high if they continue to their nuclear program.”

Iran says its nuclear program is peaceful and is aimed at generating electricity. Israel has said a nuclear-armed Iran would pose a danger to its existence.

Last week, Defense Minister Ehud Barak called for “lethal sanctions” against Iran, including steps to halt imports of Iranian oil and exports of refined petroleum to the Islamist Republic.

But he said such moves would require the cooperation of the United States, Europe, India, China and Russia, and he did not believe such a coalition could be formed.

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AP: FBI declined to pursue NYC bomb plot




(AP)  NEW YORK – U.S. authorities declined to pursue a case against an “al Qaeda sympathizer” accused of plotting to bomb police stations and post offices in the New York area because they believed he was mentally unstable and incapable of pulling it off, two law enforcement officials said Monday.

New York Police Department investigators sought to get the FBI involved at least twice as their undercover investigation of Jose Pimentel unfolded, the officials said. Both times, the FBI concluded that he wasn’t a serious threat, they said.

The FBI concluded that Pimentel “didn’t have the predisposition or the ability to do anything on his own,” one of the officials said.

The officials were not authorized to speak about the case and spoke on condition of anonymity. The FBI’s New York office declined to comment Monday.

New York authorities said Pimentel is an “al Qaeda sympathizer” motivated by terrorist propaganda and resentment of U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said police had to move quickly to arrest Pimentel on Saturday because he was ready to carry out his plan.

He also talked of bombing a police station in New Jersey, Kelly said.

“He was in fact putting this bomb together,” Kelly said. “He was drilling holes and it would have been not appropriate for us to let him walk out the door with that bomb.”

The 27-year-old suspect was being held after his arraignment Sunday on terrorism-related charges.

His lawyer Joseph Zablocki said his client’s behavior leading up to the arrest was not that of a conspirator trying to conceal some violent scheme. Zablocki said Pimentel was public about his activities and was not trying to hide anything.

“I don’t believe that this case is nearly as strong as the people believe,” Zablocki said. “He (Pimentel) has this very public online profile. … This is not the way you go about committing a terrorist attack.”

New York City authorities said that the FBI was involved in the case but did not specifically say it declined to pursue the charges.

Kelly said the NYPD worked very closely with federal authorities on the case.

“We just believed that we couldn’t let it go any further,” he said. “We had to act.”

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Teargas used against Tahrir Square protesters made in US



The teargas used by interior ministry troops in Cairo’s Tahrir Square is supplied by a US company. Demonstrators say cartridges retrieved from the scene are branded with the name and address of Combined Systems Inc (CSI).

The firm is located in Jamestown, Pennsylvania. It specialises in supplying what it calls “crowd control devices” to armies and “homeland security agencies” around the world. It also manufactures lethal military equipment.

Protesters say the CS gas seems more powerful than that used by Egyptian police during the country’s last popular uprising in February. “It’s stronger, it burns your face, it makes you feel like your whole body is seizing up,” one witness said. He added: “It doesn’t seem to be combated by Coke or vinegar.”

Experts told the Guardian the gas was likely to be standard CS gas, but the effects could be exacerbated by physical exertion.

As well as the effects of the teargas, protesters have suffered grave injuries to their heads and faces from rubber bullets. There are also reports of live ammunition being used. Dozens of people have been taken to makeshift hospitals after inhaling the choking gas fired by the Central Security Forces.

The export of teargas to foreign law enforcement agencies is not prohibited. CSI has also sold teargas to the Israeli police, where it has been deployed against Palestinian demonstrators, as well as, reportedly, to the regime of Tunisia’s ousted dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. Nevertheless, the revelation that people are being gassed and hurt by US-manufactured projectiles is embarrassing for the Obama administration.

“We have seen the illegitimate and indiscriminate use of teargas,” Heba Morayef, a researcher with Human Rights Watch in Cairo, said, of Egypt’s most recent street protests, as well as the original revolution in February. “There are a few cartridges from Italy but the vast majority are from the USA.”

She said teargas did not constitute direct military aid, since it was sold to the interior ministry rather than the army. But she added: “Ideally governments should be verifying who they are selling teargas to.”

Morayef said the gas was having a devastating effect on its victims, with everyone left choking, and hundreds forced to seek medical treatment. Protesters have also retrieved 12mm rubber bullet cartridges made in Italy. “One person I know ended up coughing up blood,” she said. Human Rights Watch intended to examine the canisters to discover exactly what kind of gas was being used, she added.

Alastair Hay, professor of environmental toxicology at Leeds University, said police in Cairo were almost certainly using conventional CS gas. “It’s a standard riot control agent which has been around for a very long time,” he said.

Hay said its effects were extremely unpleasant. “It’s an eye and respiratory tract irritant, largely. It will also cause skin irritation.”

The chemical compound used in CS gas – 2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile – was “perfectly legitimate”, with many commercial companies involved in selling it, and domestic governments willing to make use of it in riot situations, he added.

US army trials showed CS gas had a far more serious effect on people taking part in physical activity than those sitting passively, sometimes leaving its victims needing intensive care afterwards. The way to get rid of it was “constant irrigation” to wash away the affected areas, Hay said.

There was no immediate comment from CSI.

The company’s website says it was founded in 1981. It adds: “Combined Systems Inc (CSI) is a US-based firm that supports military forces and law enforcement agencies around the world. CSI is a premier engineering, manufacturing and supply company of tactical munitions and crowd control devices globally to armed forces, law enforcement, corrections and homeland security agencies.

“[…] In addition to its military products, CSI markets its innovative line of less lethal munitions, tactical munitions and crowd-control products to domestic law enforcement agencies under its law enforcement brand name, CTS. CSI also supports its wide base of international military and law enforcement customers with its line of non-lethal munitions.”


  1. aisha says:

    November 22, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    Yes it is a new teargas never before used, a physician treating the casualties on the al-jewzeera news, I know the network is not credible,hence the fitting name, however the doctor said he never saw this brand before and its effects are unlike any other used.
    According to this interview the army were (and still are) in cahoots with the U.S.A and the new ammo is part of the snake oil packages being sold to the organized Arab springers.

    The arrest of foreign protesters among the Egyptiand who were throwing molotov cocktail

  2. at the Egyptian police on the side streets of Cairo .

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Shame On Rick Womick


By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Tennessee State Representative Rick Womic made national and interantional news on Veterans Day following a radio interview when he said that Muslims should be banned from serving in the U.S. Military and all Muslims currently serving should be forced out. He further added, “and if they do not like it, then they can go back to where they came from.”

If bigotry is a crime, the Tennessee Representative will be doing hard time in jail for his ignorance, twisted views and his total disregard for the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment that prohibits a state from denying “any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the law.”

Had he made similar remarks about any other religious or ethnic group in America, he would have been nationally condemned, forced to resign or censured in the State House for his remarks. America’s Muslims should not be fair game!

Insulting and demeaning Muslims is not what one expects of a public official. Such comments are dangerous, indecent and un-American. One gets the impression that Mr. Womic is using prejudice and racial division to advance his political career.

I wish to challenge Mr. Womic’s false assumptions. First of all, there are nearly 3,500 Muslims currently serving in our Armed Forces. Muslim soldiers took part in every war and major conflict since the founding of our nation. More can be learned about Muslims’ and Arabs’ contributions in the defense of America by visiting the website of the Patriotic Arab-Americans in the Military

It is a religious and moral duty for all Muslims to defend the country in which they live against enemies within or from threats from the outside. It makes no difference if they live in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Palestine or the good old US of A.

Upon further reading, I came across this comment from a US soldier on the message board of the British Mail Online magazine that read as follows–

Shut up, Rick W. I am in the military, I serve next to Muslim Soldiers every day and I trust them with my life – and I’m in Afghanistan right now! Perhaps you don’t recall the values of loyalty and honor. Perhaps the Air Force failed to inculcate those values in you when you served. Regardless, I suggest you keep your mouth shut. Those statements alone make you unqualified to pass judgement upon any of us ACTUALLY IN AFGHANISTAN AND IRAQ, so get stuffed.

– Alexandra, New York, USA, 16/11/2011

Read more:

It is rather bizarre that Mr. Womic has tweeted a message earlier that day that said, “Thank you to all our veterans who serve or have served! Ur bravery,sacrifice and selfless service humble and inspire me. God bless u all!”

Oh please, save me the agony Mr. Womick!

I am an American and also a Muslim who wore the uniform with pride and served for 20 years with honor in our armed forces. I was willing and ready to die for America if need be. Just before I retired in 2004, my oldest son also enlisted in the military and has served two tours of duty in Iraq and one tour in Afghanistan. The last thing he said before he left home, ” If I die, I want to be buried at Arlington !” I was stunned and speechless. Thank God he made it back alive and not in a body bag.

My point is, he did not learn about patriotism and loyalty at school; he learned it at home. Questioning the loyalty and patriotism of Muslim Americans is preposterous. It was a slap in the face for this veteran writer to endure such an insult coming from a lawmaker on Veterans Day.

Patriotism and loyalty is not just about waving Old Glory, it is about loving your country and respecting other citizens regardless of their views and religious preferences. Muslims serving in our armed forces are an asset and not a liability.

Shame on you Rick Womick!

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Retired USAF Veteran

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