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The Israeli newspaper Haaretz mysteriously removed from its website an article exposing atrocious Israeli racism against black people just hours after it was published.

The article by David Sheen – a copy of which was made by The Electronic Intifada beforeHaaretz deleted it – reported on a rally by Israeli Jews on Sunday in Tel Aviv against African immigrants, demanding that they be sent home because Israel is a “Jewish state.” The rally was addressed by Michael Ben-Ari, a member of the Israeli parliament from the National Union party which also favors expelling Palestinians.

“We have come to expunge the darkness”

The deleted article stated:

The demonstrators chanted “The people demand the expulsion of the infiltrators,” “We have come to expunge the darkness,” and “Tel Aviv is for Jews, Sudan is for Sudanese.”

Ben Ari criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu for allowing African migrants to remain in the county after they had already entered in recent years. He called Netanyahu’s cabinet “the blackest government ever for Tel Aviv.”

Shocking video of hate rally

Video taken at the rally and posted on YouTube by Sheen, shows some of the vile racism, including by Knesset member Michael Ben-Ari.

Protesters can be heard chanting such slogans as, “Sudanese to Sudan, Tel Aviv is for Jews” and “Their place is in Sudan, not here. This is a Jewish state!”

“Restrict their movements”

Ben-Ari apparently referring to some nearby counter-demonstrators said: “I can see them over there, those who want to destroy our country. I see those who are setting up a welcome tent for the millions of Africans who are on their way here and I tell them it’s no use, our response is the Jewish nation lives!”

Ben-Ari and several protesters then broke into singing the nationalist refrain, “The Jewish nation lives.”

Ben-Ari then praised the mayor of the Red Sea port city of Eilat for his alleged harsh treatment of Africans. The mayor, Ben-Ari said, “is doing a great job with the Africans there. I only wish we did the same here in Tel Aviv. He doesn’t allow them to attend schools, he restricts their movements, he knows what to do.”

Africans ‘bad for property values’

The handful of counter-demonstrators calling for an end to racism are confronted by some of the protestors and one woman shouts: “Disgusting! Why should my son go to school with 30 Sudanese in a class?”

The same woman adds, “Let’s see you take them back home to your neighborhood and then we’ll see you complain that your property values are dropping.”

Why did Haaretz delete the article?

It is very unusual for a publication to delete an article without explanation after it is published. Responding to my questions on Twitter, Sheen suggested it was because the article was no longer “newsy,” coming 24 hours after the rally.

While this may be what the Haaretz editors told Sheen, it is far from convincing. In a professional publication, such decisions are made before an article appears, not after.


Sammi Ibrahem The Ugly Truth Radio Podcast

December 13, 2011

by crescentandcross

We are joined by the dynamic duo Jonathon Azaziah and Sammi Ibrahem to discuss the death murder of Mustapha Tamimi by Israel, Jewish racism and how the penetration/subjugation of the Palestine Solidarity Movement by Zionist infiltrators is destroying the resistence from within.


Download here


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From America to Amerika: The End Game


Jim Fetzer (with Dennis Cimino)

FEMA Camps across the USA

The brutal suppression of the exercise of freedom of speech and of the right to petition our government for redress of grievances by local and campus police departments, who are clad in riot gear and helmets with masks appears to be a manifestation of the increasing militarization of police departments at the local, state, and federal level through the creation of “fusion centers” supervised by the Department of Homeland Security.  These events, in turn, reflect the increasingly fascistic character of the national police state into which the US has evolved, not least of all as a consequence of the creation of the Department of Homeland Security, which was justified by the fabricated events of 9/11.  Those who have any concerns about the ramifications of the PATRIOT Act in subverting the U.S. Constitution, at this point in time, should have no lingering doubts.

The most striking indication that all is not well turns out to be the activation of FEMA detention facilities across the county upon 72 hours notice, which has been taking place over the past few years, with bids now being taken for vendors to supply these centers. Staffing those facilities represents the final step preparing for their opening along with arranging for vendors contracted to start service with that same 72 hours notice. This has now been confirmed by published Army advertisements for “Internment Specialists”, which, it now appears, is being given legal cover by Senate Bill 1867, better known as the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which authorizes holding American citizens in indefinite detention with no legal rights of representation or due process provisions. Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), has now explained on the floor of the Senate that language which would have precluded those conditions from applying to American citizens (in its Section 1031) was removed at the request of the administration, which thus reflects President Obama’s position.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Empowering the military to implement these policies represents the death throes of The Posse Comitatus Act, which was meant to to delimit and constrain the powers of local and state governments and law enforcement agencies from the use of federal military personnel to enforce federal laws, which, as brasschecktv has reported,is being done by transforming local and state police agencies into an ersatz “standing army”.  Much of this represents the culmination of corrupt practices since World War II, including especial “Operation Paperclip”, by which high-level Nazi intelligence operatives along with research scientists were brought to America and integrated into our intelligence agencies and research operations.  While some of us expected Barack Obama to repeal the PATRIOT Act, rescind The Military Commissions Act and close Guantanamo, none of that has come to pass and the situation has only grown more grave.  I therefore invited Denis Cimino to join me in addressing these issues from an historical point of view and reflecting on what, if anything, U.S. citizens can do about it.

America: The End Game

Dennis Cimino and Jim Fetzer

NDAA, The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, if you haven’t heard, gives the U.S. military the authority to indefinitely detain without charge and incarcerate any American citizen on U.S. soil, for reasons and on grounds that the military does not have to disclose.  It is stunning that this act subvertshabeas corpus, originally formalized by an Act of Parliament in England (1679), but which recognized the long standing practice that a citizen cannot be detained for prosecution by a court of law without  due process, including the right to know the charges being brought against him and the right to legal representation.  If you ask perhaps how this Senate bill and the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor are related, the answer is not difficult to discern for multiple reasons, including the treatment of Japanese-Americans in the wake of Pearl Harbor, but especially because of the early warnings involved.

The truth is, imagine yourself being the Japanese emperor, and you send FDR an advisory message warning him of your intention to attack Pearl Harbor.  By breaking the code the Japanese high command was using to communicate was, militarily comparable, assuming the Japanese knew we had broken their code. Look at the McCain and Levin amendments to this appropriations bill, and how this is more or less the same thing as the Emperor Hirohito getting on the phone and telling an Adversary who has embargoed his country’s access to oil that he planned to retaliate.  In real life, you would expect the duly informed party to take countermeasures to prevent taking it on the chin, would you not?  It is a highly probable response when a viable and verified threat is issued from one party to another to take some form of rather extreme action.

In the case of the McCain/Levin amendment, this is a warning to every American citizen who takes issue with this corrupt, murderous, even illegitimate government in Washington, D.C., no matter where they are here in the United States, that the military now has a hunting license to come get you and ferret you off to a secret gulag for torture and indefinite incarceration. As any reasonable person would do when so threatened, you might well begin to prepare for that contingency.  You might buy ammunition and make sure your firearms are well serviced and ready.  You might create hard-to-penetrate-by-small-arms-fire zones in your basement if you have one, or home.  You might go somewhere and get re-familiar with how to safely defend your home from such an incredible, unConstitutional and even treasonous intrusion by the armed forces of our own country.

Internment Camp Services Bid Arrives After NDAA

On 6 December 2011, Kurt Nimmo and Alex Jones reported that has received a document originating from KBR, a subsidiary of Halliburton, that offers details of plans to activate FEMA and U.S. Army camps around the United States. Entitled “Project Overview and Anticipated Project Requirements,” the document describes services that KBR is looking to farm out to subcontractors. As they explain, “Services up for bid include catering, temporary fencing and barricades, laundry and medical services, power generation, refuse collection, and other services required for temporary ‘emergency environment’ camps located in five regions of the United States.” This means that the activation of those camps is not a distant event but has become imminent.  As they report,

YouTube – Veterans Today –

KBR’s call for FEMA camp service bids [has arrived] soon after the Senate overwhelmingly passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) which permits the military to detain and interrogate supposed domestic terror suspects [including OWS protesters] in violation of the Fourth Amendment and Posse Comitatus.  Section 1031 of the NDAA bill declares the whole of the United States as a “battlefield” and allows American citizens to be arrested on U.S. soil and incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay.

On Section 1031 of the Non-Detention Act of 1971

The Japanese American Citizens League (JACL), the nation’s oldest and largest Asian American civil and human rights organization, which is not surprising given the treatment Japanese-Americans received in the wake of Pearl Harbor.  Thus, “In a letter addressed to Congress, S. Floyd Mori, the national director of JACL, said the NDAA is the first time that Congress has scaled back on the protections provided by the Non-Detention Act of 1971, including Section 1031.  Mori said the legislation, if enacted and put into use, would be reminiscent of the unconstitutional indefinite detention of Japanese Americans during World War II.”

KBR Instrumental in Establishing Camps in 2006

As they also explain, “In 2006, KBR was awarded a contingency contract from the Department of Homeland Security, allegedly to support its Immigration and Customs Enforcement facilities in the event of an emergency, Market Watch reported. The contract was effective immediately and provided for establishing temporary detention and processing capabilities to expand existing ICE Detention and Removal Operations Program facilities in the event of an emergency influx of immigrants into the U.S., or to support the rapid development of new programs, KBR said. The contract may also provide migrant detention support to other government organizations in the event of an immigration emergency, as well as the development of a plan to react to a national emergency, such as a natural disaster, the company explained.

Internment / Resettlement Specialist (31E)

The sentence alluding to “the rapid development of new programs”, of course, offers no indication of what those “new programs” might be.  But, at this point in time, given the inclusion of language in NDAA 2012 authorizing the apprehension and indefinite detention of American citizens in violation of habeas corpus at the request of the Obama administration, there can be scant reason to doubt that these “new programs” are intended to suppress dissent by the most powerful possible means, no matter how much the Constitution and Bill of Rights are thereby obviated.  There are precursors for these events in European history, of course, including the “Enabling Act” passed by the German Parliament at the insistence of then-Chancellor Adolph Hitler.  Most U.S. citizens are ignorant of those developments, even though they paved the way for The Third Reich.  And others remain infatuated with the notion of “American exceptionalism”, which is a form of mass delusion that “it can’t happen here”.  Unfortunately, it not only can but actually is “happening here”!

Army Civilian Inmate Labor Program

Enemy Prisoner of War/Civilian Internee (EPW/CI) Camp

As Nimmo and Jones also report, “Soon after KBR’s announcement, a little-known Army document surfaced. Entitled the ‘Civilian Inmate Labor Program’, the unclassified document describes in detail Army Regulation 210-35. The regulation, first drafted in 1997, underwent a “rapid act revision” in January 2005 and now provides a policy for the creation of labor programs and prison camps on Army installations.” Moreover, “In 2009, the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645 was introduced in Congress. It mandates the establishment of ‘national emergency centers’ to be located on military installations for the purpose of providing ‘temporary housing, medical, and humanitarian assistance to individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency or major disaster’, according to the bill. In addition to emergencies, the legislation is designed to ‘meet other appropriate needs, as determined by the Secretary of Homeland Security’, an open ended mandate which many fear could mean the forced detention of American citizens in the event of widespread rioting after a national emergency or total economic collapse, as Paul Joseph Watson noted in January of 2009.”  Those fears, alas, are not coming to fruition.

Pearl Harbor and “the New Pearl Harbor”

As history records, the U.S. Navy took one massive pasting in Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.  B-17 bombers were arrayed in neat rows at the Naval Air Station, Ford Island, in the middle of the harbor, while battleships—which were no longer the core of the fleet and thus were moderately expendable, while the carriers, which would be necessary to a war in the Pacific, had been put to sea—were left at pier side.  The military was not on any alert status of any kind, in spite of the fact that the intelligence community in the United States had plenty of reason to do so.  The old “Pearl Harbor” has now been succeeded by “the new ‘Pearl Harbor’” as a fabricated attack intended to instill fear into the American people in order to manipulate us to promote a political agenda.

The first event was allowed to happen to induce the citizens of this nation to abandon isolationism and engage with our allies in World War II.  The second event was made to happen to induce us to support wars of aggression against nations that had never attacked us, with regard to our foreign policy, and to surrender civil rights guaranteed under the Constitution, as a matter of domestic politics, both of which were strikingly contrary to our values and traditions. The consequences of the “new” Pearl Harbor are now coming to their culmination in the complete abdication of our Constitution and the emplacement of a national security/police state.  The question thus becomes what we should do about it.

Telegraphing the actions that the government is about to take may have been an unavoidable consequence of securing Congressional approval by the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011.  It was something that those who are about to enslave us simply could not avoid.  But we have to ask ourselves:

 If you were issued advance warning that your government was about to “go rogue” and abandon the last vestiges of the rule of law by shredding the Constitution in front of you, would you not be disposed to take certain actions to make it , if not “very difficult”, at least “very stupid” for them to send soldiers to seize you for exercising your right of dissent?  Is our own government counting on our naivete to take for granted that our Senators and Representatives are looking out for our best interests, just as Bush and Cheney were looking our for us on 9/11?  And when Sen. Carl Levin has explained Obama himself wanted these provisions, how dumb are we?

We would guess that the number of citizens who have valid and quite genuine disagreement with the outrageous and criminal policies of the government in Washington, D.C., might represent as much as 20-30% of the adult population and possibly more. Applied to 300,000,000 citizens, that might equal roughly 60,000,000.  If it’s half that, around 30,000,000; and half that, only 15,000,000. Calculations done on the basis of the number of railroad cars that Halliburton has been commissioned to construct times the number of those they can carry using the shackles with which they are equipped approximates 15,000,000 detainees.  So maybe that number is the closer approximation.

A FEMA Camp awaiting occupation by American civilians

Estimates have it that some 80,000,000 American citizens are armed, where the   certainty is that more than a hundred and fifty million households in the U.S. have some form of firearm beyond a .22 caliber “Saturday night special”, and at least two or three members of that household may well be able to aim and fire it at an intruder, be they a thief or a person in a police or a military uniform. In any case, since 9/11, we have had the government put every one of us on the highest paranoia alert status in American history with a series of fear mongering, wholly unjustified reasons for us to either look for Muslims coming from every nook and cranny, as well as the recent advice by Janet Napolitano, who would have each of us conduct surveillance on our friends and neighbors

Where do we go from here?

We have experienced the FBI having set up dozens of fake terror suspects, and have had to endure insane scenarios such as “underpants” and “shoe” bombers who either can’t get the loads in their pants to go off or effectively light a cigarette with repeated attempts.  We are told that a guy with no passport was waltzed past security to board an international flight without any problems, apparently because he was escorted by some official no one has been able to identify.  We were conned about 19 Arab hijackers magically overcoming the totality of the entire North American Defense Command on 9/11 using box cutters as their weapons.  But it turns out that the government has never been able to prove that they were actually aboard any of those planes.  And the alleged phone calls from all four planes turn out to have been faked.  How dumb are we supposed to be?

These plans date at least from REX 84

The government, it now appears, has given us a two year head start on arming and loading to protect ourselves, even if it would have preferred not to have done so.  By putting an advertisement for INTERNMENT SPECIALISTS with an MOS of 31 ECHO in the advertising section of The Wall Street Journal and in other printed media, when, since the Patriot Act was morphed three times, they didn’t have to say a public word and could have hired these specialists in secret with a far more covert approach than by announcements in these publications. But the point may be to make it appear as though these moves were undertaken in the public interest.  After all, if something terrifying and subversive were going on, it could be argued, why would it be done in such a public fashion?  But to ask the question is to answer it.  As Hitler observed, BIG LIES are simply beyond the comprehension of most citizens—of Germany or of any other country.

Tactically, it doesn’t make any sense.  Militarily the U.S. does not have the troop strength to quell massive civil unrest without the use of non-conventional force application. Which is it?  Is it another Pearl Harbor “let it happen on purpose” like 7 December 1941 and, for that matter, also similar to the 9/11 “made it happen on purpose” gambit used to psychologically traumatize and induce fear into the the American public by fabricating a non-existent enemy striking from the caves of Tora Bora? The threat of NDAA appears to be ‘real’ but, to those of us who understand what it represents, as ludicrous as Emperor Hirohito calling FDR on the phone and telling him that on Sunday, 7 December 1941, he was going to attack the U.S. fleet.  Something is seriously wrong with this picture. Perhaps they want to provoke a civil war that would justify to complete deconstruction of America. Perhaps they are simply playing us for saps.  It has worked before.  It can work again.

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One Lie After Another – And Now 911


By Stewart Ogilby

I recall my father calling my brother and me into the house from the backyard where we were at play that brisk December afternoon, December 7th, 1941. He had us listen to a news report coming from our Philco radio and told us that we would remember that day for the rest of our lives. It was then that I had my introduction to foreign affairs.

Somewhere in the world, a long distance from Staten Island, New York, a place called Pearl Harbor had been attacked by airplanes. As he explained, since that was a part of our country we were in a war.

We had a small mounted globe of the world in the dining room close to the radio. Showing us where Japan is located, he told us that Japan was our enemy. He went on to say that there was another country, considerably more dangerous, with which we would soon be at war. Turning the globe all the way around, he pointed to Germany.

He said that Germany’s goal was to conquer the world. Placing my finger on the small area called Germany I asked, “How can a little country like that take over this huge globe?” Father said that they were already well on their way, showing us areas Germany had occupied. “Do you think that we will win?”, I asked. I recall my father looking very grave and saying, “Yes, we will win, but it will be very difficult and things will never be the same.”

My father was honest, a brilliant self-educated research chemist, a farmer, and a patriotic man. Years after I had left home and my father was approaching retirement, there was a television in the farm house, an item I had never seen there before. During a visit, as my father watched Watergate unfold I saw tears come to his eyes when President Richard Nixon appeared on screen. “That man lied to us”, he muttered. By “us” he meant my mother and himself. Both had voted for Nixon. The patriot in him had been betrayed. My Dad would be 110 years old. I wonder what he and others of that generation would think today.

The historian, Harry Elmer Barnes, concluded that President Roosevelt had been designing a casus belli with Japan in 1941, having personally ordered three small US Naval ships to sea to confront the mighty Japanese navy. In my own small library I treasure a copy of Admiral Kemp Tolley’s, Cruise of the Lanikai. Tolley had been CO of one of those three small antiquated 1941 US Navy vessels. His book contains a photocopy of that order, signed personally by President Roosevelt.

When that ruse failed, Roosevelt had no recourse other than to engineer, by default, the December 7th Pearl Harbor attack. The machines used for decoding Japan’s Purple Code had been deliberately removed from Hawaii, leaving both our Army and Navy commanders there blindfolded. Barnes’ work and conclusions have since been completely verified through FOIA documents.

If you doubt this, please find a copy of Robert Stinnett’s 2001 book, Day of Deceit. My father, as most Americans, never dreamed of such high treason. Somewhere he had learned a fact, from a source he had trusted as much as he trusted his president many years later. He had informed his two sons that Germany was “out to conquer the world”. I realize today that this honorable man, along with millions of other Americans, had been deceived there as well. A nationwide disinformation campaign, intelligence newspeak for lies, had been designed to once again thrust our nation into a foreign war. Yes, bankers make wars.

Who would have launched such propaganda? For an answer, begin by reading real history gleaned from original source material. David Irving was a greatly admired World War II historian until a certain group decided they had to wage a vicious ad hominem smear campaign against him after his painstaking research contradicted certain of their own historical narratives.

In addition to the amended death count and causes of death at Auschwitz, a well documented truth is that Adolph Hitler attempted repeatedly to remain at peace with England. He never prepared to challenge the Royal Navy’s maritime supremacy, hardly an effective strategy for anyone setting out to “conquer the world”. Patrick Buchanan’s recent book, Churchill, Hitler, and the Unnecessary War deserves careful reading also.

Those who need widespread acceptance of their own historical narratives, including that of 911, resort to vehement criticism and traditional ad hominem smears, e.g., “conspiracy nuts” or “anti-semites”, and seldom counter researched issues.

I was young and patriotic once. Now I am old and still patriotic. The USA is a very young nation. My forebears arrived here in 1816 as Jefferson and Adams were engaging in a fascinating correspondence. The constitution, together with its first ten amendments, our Bill of Rights containing legal safeguards against tyranny, is a political masterpiece. Never considered to be a final document, it remains open to amendment by a process involving every separate state in the union. Today we have witnessed the utter destruction of those legal safeguards against tyranny. It could never have happened without lies, disseminated narratives such as those which propelled a peaceful people into two World Wars.

More recently, televised lies were constructed to prey upon fear and paranoia in a nation traumatized on 911 by the world’s biggest liars, themselves perpetrators of that murderous event. Lies about 911, lies about terrorists, lies about historians, lies about history, and lies about just about everything else have launched us into today’s unending wars, have shattered our treasured political heritage, and have taken away most of the money
accumulated by Americans over the years. The liars are addicted to money and power.

Wealth in America today does not consist of money. Today’s national wealth lies in our traditional patriotism, our intellects, our demand for truth, our weapons, and our courage to confront internal enemies, the masters of deceptive narratives, the liars and exporters of our jobs, the liars and Wall Street shysters, the liars and media moguls. Certain key lies and their consequences are past and most participants deceased: the Maine, the Lusitania, Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, murders of two Kennedy’s, Dr. King, and John Lennon, wounding of President Reagan, all are grist for the mill of conscientious investigative journalists and historians.

They provide today’s reader with literature in the mystery genre. However, what is crystal clear today is that our government has, in the past, lied to We the People at the onset of major wars and as rationale for changes in national policy. Precisely how many times we have been intentionally deceived is open to continuing
investigation and debate.

It is critically important for Americans today to side-step brainwashing and official narratives, lies promulgated by controlled newspapers and television and to learn basic facts pertaining to 911, our generation’s recent world-changing tragedy. We must make the effort to understand documented facts of 911. In the past, information traveled more slowly. Technics of our digital age, especially the internet, have increased tremendously the speed that information is disseminated. Today we can accomplish what in the past took years to expose.

Americans cannot afford to be hoodwinked yet again by the masters of deceptive narrative, the perpetrators of 911. That crime is the Achilles heel for traitors of this generation. For the sake of all that’s valuable in this country, for this generation’s children and grandchildren, 911 criminals must be detained, prosecuted, and removed from positions of financial, media, and political power in America.

The most effective and immediate way to reconstruct our beseiged society is by supporting 911 Truth and demanding accountability. Real traitors, those masters of official lies, will thereby be exposed and eliminated. Can you think of a more effective way to remedy today’s disasters in America than by demanding justice for those responsible for 911′s mass murder and its increasingly pathetic cover-up?

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The Incarnations of China

Chinese society –Social harmony — Crowds & villages

The philosophical undercurrents of Chinese society has always been reverence to the past, societal duty based on position, and a desire for social harmony. 

by Jack JC

I have been asked on many occasions to write an article on China similar to one I wrote on the USA‘Manifest Destiny to PNAC’‘ in the hope that it will foster better understanding of China’s cultural heritage.  This is not an easy task.

China is virtually the only country where you can dig up an 800,000 year old bone, and their descendants still live there.  This was illustrated to me while I was preparing for a business presentation, needed a different angle for my audience, and asked my wife how many years her family had farmed the ancestral land – the answer was 25 generations.  I found out that her family keeps a book of the family tree, now in two thick volumes.  To add further shock, the book traces her ancestral line to Liu Bei who was descended from Emperor Jing of the Han Dynasty and himself Emperor of Hu Shan during the three kingdoms period of China – in about 200 AD.

Lingjing Paleolithic Site, Xuchang Henan Province

Unlike most countries, China doesn’t have a defined beginning; it starts as a myth, grows into a legend, and slowly materializes from legend to reality.

With mountain ranges, harsh terrain, and oceans blocking excessive migration into the region, China was well placed to develop a unique and relatively stable society.

The land is fertile, and produces anything an aspiring civilization could desire.

Large human habitations dating from 1.3 million BC have been located, suggesting that socialization started early in Chinese civilization.

Over time, Paleolithic sites yield to Neolithic, and in 18,000 BC we find the Chinese making the oldest known pottery to store grains and living in communities,  suggesting organized society and agriculture of some sort.

In 10,000 BC we find a series of overlapping similar cultures; the first known regular agricultural practices are well established, as are towns and a government that stored millet for future use.

Large cities appeared around 6,000 BC as did the first forms of Chinese writing.

In 1995 Kyodo News reported finding another large city dating from 4,500 BC, and sometime between this city and the rise of the Xia between 2,500 and 2,100 BC we find Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor.

Yellow Emperor

Huangdi set the cultural emphasis on harmony, social cohesion, and duty.  He is attributed with discovering agriculture, irrigation, carts, animal husbandry, mathematics, astronomy and so forth but in a departure from other mythical or semi-mythical founders he shares credit for many discoveries with his advisers.

It was a descendant of Huangdi who was the first Emperor of Xia, leading to a line of 17 Emperors.

Little is known about the Xia other than what has been excavated, but they had a lunar calendar, agriculture, and almost certainly writing. They were believed to be the first Chinese dynasty to cast bronze until three tombs were opened containing advanced bronze metallurgy and predating the Xia by 500 years.

It is thought that justice and propriety were keystones of Xia culture as embodied in the term HuaXia.  (  The last Xia Emperor Jie was ineffectual at ruling and was deposed by the Shang Dynasty ending about 400 years of rule.  Remarkably, other than the uprising to depose Jie, there are few legends of battle or warfare suggesting that the land was relatively peaceful.

A Chinese crossbow with a buttplate from either the late Warring States Period (3rd century BC) or the early Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD); made of bronze and inlaid with silver.

The Shang Dynasty ruled for 30 generations and produced the most advanced cast bronze articles in the world at that time.  The Shang used divination and wrote their history in oracle bones.  Items from the Shang period exhibit very high quality workmanship but they were a warrior people and are credited with the first use of slavery in China.

For the first time there was evidence of a priest caste and human sacrifice was practiced.  It is from the Shang that ancestor worship is thought to have started.  In 1,000 BC the last Shang ruler was deposed by the Zhou for his lack of care in ruling the realm, ending 600 years of rule.

 Evidence of other great Chinese civilizations contemporary with Shang have been found suggesting that Shang was not as widespread as originally thought, and is only one of several epicenters of Chinese philosophy and culture.

It is alleged that during the Zhou dynasty the great classical philosopher Lao Tzu appeared, whose teachings spawned Taoism.  Taoism is unique in that it became a religion but it is not a religion, it is more a philosophical look at life, and Lao Tzu deplored the rituals that eventually grew around it.  Taoism stresses that religions cloud your mind to the realities around you and the wise man therefore refutes religion to better see ‘the way’ of life.  Taoism also stresses harmony, in life, in love, in duty, in work, and in pleasure, all things must balance.  As an example, if a river were cutting a channel to create a ring lake, you would help the river only so much as the river needed, letting the river do most of the work – work with nature and don’t fight it.

Taoism is one of the native religions or philosophies of China and its’ beginning actually predates Lao Tzu as attested by silk tapestries in tombs that attribute Taoism to Huangdi and even before. The Three Jewels of the Taocompassionmoderation, and humility.

What is remarkable about Chinese civilizations is that a well defined secular priest or deity cult never appeared except under the Shang and then disappeared. The essence of Lao Tzu’s teachings are found in the Tao Te Ching ( 

A portrait of Confucius, by Tang Dynasty artist Wu Daozi (680–740).

During the Zhou dynasty we also find the birth of K’ung Fu Zi, or Confucious. He teaches with respect to propriety and filial duty; dealing with justice and sincerity in government and personal lives.

In effect, he believed that the best forms of government were based on family and family values, including respect for ones elders and ancestors.  Culturally influenced by the ages old philosophy of Taoism, he doesn’t so much teach new information but provides a wise insight into the deeper meanings.  It is arguable whether his teachings are a religion, or a philosophy as his teachings advise people to think deeply for themselves and progress in their learning, while retaining their sense of propriety, humility, duty and justice.

His book ‘The Analects’ discusses his teachings, and was written by his students.

With the fall of the Zhou dynasty we enter the warring states period, where seven states were fighting for control of the empire.

It is during this time that Sun Tzu writes one of the worlds most enduring political and military texts ‘The Art of War’ based on Taoist philosophy.  Finally, by adopting Legalism to assist his province, Qin conquers all and we enter the Legalist period of Chinese history – it was destined to last for one Emperor only.

To a Legalist, the law was supreme, a place for everybody in a meritocratic system and any upward motion within the meritocracy was the result of your capabilities regardless of your birth position.

Breaking the law was punishable by severe penalty, frequently death for the transgressor and family.  One of the benefits this system offered Qin was a state with capable people in the position they were best suited for, and where the inhabitants were directed towards one sole intent, to unify China.  Qin became the first empire encompassing all of China around 200 BC and it lasted about 15 years.  With the death of the Qin Emperor, a revolt overthrew this dynasty and the Han Dyasty followed.

Emperor of Western Han Dynasty

Lasting over 400 years the Han Dynasty built on the teachings of Lao Tzu and K’ung Fu Zi veneered over Legalism to produce the forerunner of modern Chinese civilization.  At this time Buddhism is also thought to have made its’ appearance into China, providing for the first time a lasting secular priest caste.

During the Han reign, the basis of Chinese leadership was to provide strict laws with a system of rewards and punishments for all, nobody was above the law.  The ruler was also bound to choose the best advisers available and rule with the best interests of the people at hand ensuring that taxes were not unbearable, and that commerce and the arts flourished while protected by a strong army.

Many dynasty’s followed the Han in a series of 300-600 year reigns with 40 to 100 years of struggle between before the next dynasty rose.  It is an ancient Chinese curse “May you be born in interesting times” referring to the infrequent spates in China where the next dynasty was as yet unformed.

In response to outside pressure involving drugs, trade, and military power the Chinese Imperial system collapsed in 1911, having guided China since the days of Huangdi and probably before.

In it’s place the western powers Britain, France, Germany, and the USA imposed a federal system involving a dictator, Chiang Kai Shek who was later deposed by the Communist Peoples Party led by Mao Zhedong.  To illustrate how the Chinese operate, the Kuomintang and the CCP often coordinated efforts to fight the Japanese together while at the same time fighting for control of China.  With the Japanese defeated and removed from China in 1945, in 1949 the CCP drove the Kuomintang out of China onto Taiwan where they were supported by the western powers and given a spot representing all China at the United Nations.  Later, with Russian pressure, this decision was reversed.

It was under Mao that China forestalled the western powers attempts to cut China into protectorates, restored the Qing Dynasty boundaries, and reversed the British tendency to cut slices out of China for their own Raj.

Today, after 60 years of Communist Party rule, China has the largest foreign cash reserves, is the second largest economy that is growing at an annualized rate of around 9%, and is the third country to place man in space, planning a lunar jaunt and a space station.

The philosophical undercurrents of Chinese society has always been reverence to the past, societal duty based on position, and a desire for social harmony.  Although fiercely resistant to territorial incursions, the Chinese use force as a last resort.  They have a high regard for education, artistic ability, and wisdom.  Churchill once said “Beware the sleeping dragon, for when she wakes the earth will shake”.  With a society that can be melded together like no other, a leadership style that conveys a long political tenure with a high education, and a cultural philosophy that places non interference in external affairs with a cultural business sense, China is in a strong position to make Churchill’s words prophetic.

Edited by Debbie Menon

They are proud as Chinese — Fareed Zakaria

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Debunking the Israelite Myth: Ancient Egypt Knew No Pharaohs


“If you think that history is all about the past …  you’d better think again.

If you think the stories the Hebrew Bible had told about ancient Egypt was the whole truth … you’d better think once again.

And if you believe that ancient Egypt was ruled by pharaohs … then you’d better read the next lines”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

King Tutankhamun

Ancient Egypt knew no Pharaohs


 The title might sound a bit strange and perplexing, but throughout the following lines I’m going to elaborate on the historical reasons why the rulers of ancient Egypt were called kings and notPharaohs. And by straightening out this bizarre issue, the Israelite connection will eventually be exposed.

“Kings or pharaohs, what difference does it make?” some might argue.

Well, it would make a world of difference if we discovered that, for thousands of years, we’ve been living a myth that we continue to cling to and hold dear as the only irrefutable truth till this very day.

It would make a world of difference if we knew that what took place at that remote period of time in the ancient Near East, particularly in ancient Egypt, has dramatically shaped, over the centuries and through our willful ignorance, the way we live today with all this web of political, ethnic and religious conflict and intolerance, and that only by unraveling the truth and exposing the myths of that past could we untangle this web of antagonism and belligerence we currently endure.

Ancient Egypt, the rise and demise

Egypt, a nation known worldwide as the land of the pharaohs, is so embedded in history you can trace back its culture, spirituality and traditions for thousands of years way long before the world crossed the threshold of civilization; when ancient Egypt was building the great pyramids under a powerful, highly organized central government the world was still crawling out of its prehistoric ages

The thing that makes the ancient Egyptian kingdom stand out as a unique civilization in the ancient world history, besides the magnificent legacy of colossal wonders of masonry and engineering and the highly religious texts and moral teachings is the fact that the ancient Egyptians kept a solid and coherent documentation of theirchronicles that covered the geo-political, socio-economic, military records and even covered the daily life activities in a way that left not much room for second guessing or speculation.

Civilization long shrouded in silence – David Roberts 1838

With the demise of ancient Egypt, the language of that civilization – hieroglyphs – that kept intact and thriving for well over three millennia was eventually declared extinct following the Ptolemaic and Roman period(332 BC- 395 AD)

After that, the ancient Egyptian monuments and texts had been shrouded in sheer silence and neglect and the once great civilization that witnessed the firstdawn of human conscience and helped to shape the human code of moral conduct turned into oblivion.

For the following 1500 years too many narratives and stories had been spawned seemingly trying to retell the story of ancient Egypt, not as it actually occurred but through interpretations and perspectives that somehow served the interests of the story tellers.

The story of ancient Egypt, the Israelite version

Of all the narratives that were told about ancient Egypt, the Hebrew Bible is the one narrative that managed to convince the world with its stories of some Pharaoh and Hebrew slaves that, it alone, monopolized the truth about the history of ancient Egypt.

Most of the scholars of the history of the ancient Near East for nearly two millennia relied primarily on the Bible as a scientific reference and in doing so they simply followed what the Hebrew scribes wrote, or better yet tampered with in the history of ancient Egypt and blindly took it for granted.

Scholars of the Biblical ancient history of the Near East and in the absence of the technology of modern archeology, and instead of excavating the earth and digging out the hidden truth, they simply resketched the landscape and chronicles of that remote period of time following whatever signs they encountered within the confines of the Bible pages.

This is how the world got to recognize Egypt as the land, according to the Hebrew’s alleged narrative, where pharaohs brutally reigned and enslaved the ancient Hebrews and also as the land that witnessed the alleged devastating ten plagues, the parting of the sea and the epical exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

So whenever Egypt was mentioned during the last two thousands of years, the word pharaoh would simultaneously pop up in the discourse thus adding more deluding power to the Hebrew and Biblical designation of the rulers of ancient Egypt as pharaohs.

Ancient Egypt resurrected

Jean-François Champollion

It was not before 1822 when Jean-François Champollion, the French philologist managed to decipher the hieroglyphs in his arduous task and breakthrough of translating the Rosetta stone.

Thanks to this brilliant Champollion, the long muted and almost buried under the earth ancient Egypt with treasures of enormous records and chronicles inscribed on the stone and written on papyrus scrolls were resurrected and finally brought back to life.

And what the predecessors thought of as mute masonry covered with some weird scribblings  and coffins haunted with some kind of eternal curse began to attract eager historians and modern archeologists who, upon dusting off the ancient artifacts and temple reliefs and inscriptions, and on reading the Egyptian texts they, and for the first time, began to listen to the stone and the papyri uttering the truth about the genuine story of ancient Egypt.

In the mid-nineteenth century the genuine version of the history of ancient Egypt and the Near East was beginning to unravel as its true stories were being retold again.

Ironically enough, what the excavated records of ancient Egypt told the modern historians and archeologists was totally different from what the Hebrew narrative said. But what struck historians as a total surprise is the fact that ancient Egyptian records had no mention of any Israelites in Egypt, non whatsoever, while the Hebrew Bible is replete with tales of Egypt, and the more of ancient Egypt texts and inscriptions were deciphered, the remoter from truth the Biblical narrative looked.

Interestingly, and as the historical findings and the non- stop archeological discoveries were in the process of resurrecting the true story of ancient Egypt the Biblical narrative kept on decomposing subjecting some of the dominant Israelite stories, like the exodus, to demolition after it had been scientifically refuted by prominent modern archeologists, many of whom are Israelis and who amongst other Canadian and AmericanEgyptologists now view the story of the Israelites’ exodus, along others like the zombie tale of the ten plagues and the “Demille-style” parting of the red sea as mere myths at best or some of the ancient Israelite’s tales that had been somehow magnified, stretched out and skillfully embroidered by the gifted Hebrew scribes of the Bible over the years.

ancient  Egyptian royal titulary

If we went back in time and tried to find how the word “Pharaoh” claimed that worldwide popularity and recognition, we would undoubtedly have to stop before the Hebrew landmark story of the exodus from Egypt, the tale of Moses – the historically enigmatic figure- where he and his people fled the Egyptian kingdom while being hunted down by the army of an alleged tyrant referred to as Pharaoh.

Was pharaoh the name of the Egyptian king, or was it his title or his epithet, that is one thing the Bible had not been clear about. But while such nuance could be appreciated in fictional works, it could never fit into a scientific historical account.

Tracing the etymology and the historicity of that word “Pharaoh” and for an avid reader and researcher of Egyptology who spends almost all of his weekends at the Egyptian museum in Cairo, I stumbled upon the most astonishing discovery. I didn’t discover a new royal mummy nor found the lost tomb of king Akhenaten, I simply found out, contrary to what everybody believed, that the history and the chronicles of ancient Egypt had no mention of pharaohs.

History shows that ancient Egypt only knew kings and sometimes queens but never pharaohs nor any mention of enslavement of Israelites, as a matter of fact; slavery was not a common practice in ancient Egypt and it was introduced into the late dynasties of ancient Egypt only after the Persian and the Roman conquest.

The old kingdom (2686-2181 BC) knew kings such as Djoser, Khufu and Teti , the middle kingdom ( 2055-1650 BC) had kings such as Senusret I and Senusret II and the new kingdom ( 1550-1069 BC) witnessed the topnotch kings such as Thutmose III, queen Hatshepsut, Akhenaten, Tutankhamun and Usermaatre Setpenre ( Ramsses II )

Egyptian kings typically had five names, a Personal name (nomen)  which was bestowed upon them at birth and another four names- Horus nameNebty (“two ladies”) name, Horus of Gold, Throne name (praenomen),that were not given until they took the throne. The final four names were bestowed upon the king to officially commemorate his transformation from a mortal to a deity. The birth name of the king seems to have remained very prominent in the king’s life. It was the birth name that was primarily used in the cartouche and the name by which the king was most commonly known.

King Tutankhamun royal cartouche with his coronation name

The kings’ throne name usually had strong connotations of sovereignty over the upper and lower Egypt and divine relation to the gods Amen or Re. the coronation name inside a cartouche was usually accompanied with the title nesu-bity, “King of Upper and Lower Egypt” and the epithet neb tawy“Lord of the Two Lands”, referring to upper Egypt and delta regions of Egypt.

For example, king Tutankhamun’s throne name was Tutenkh Amen, which meant the living image of Amen accompanied by the epithet “lord of the two lands” followed by the customary benediction linelife, prosperity and health

According to the ancient texts and papyri, high ranking officials like high priests, princes, commanders of the army… etc, addressed the king as the ruler of the crowns, beloved of the gods, lord of the diadems, living forever and forever… but never as Pharaoh.

Not so often kings of ancient Egypt were referred to as the magnificent in earth and heaven, lord of crowns and as “the sun in the sky” and this was the ultimate titulary that reflected the ascension of the king to the realm of deities.

Etymology shows that the word pharaoh is the Greek pronunciation of the compound word ” pe-ro” or “pr –aa” which referred to the palace of the king or rather the great house and not necessarily the king himself.

Some argue that during the eighteenth dynasty (sixteenth to fourteenth centuries BC) the title pharaoh was employed as a reverential designation of the ruler as is the case in a letter to Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten), who reigned 1353 – 1336 BC, which is addressed to ‘Pharaoh, all life, prosperity, and health!.

The Great House vs. the White House

But somehow they ignored the fact that this letter was sent from foreign non-Egyptian subordinates who were not entitled to directly address the king of Egypt, the magnificent in earth and heaven by his mere throne name. It was simply not their place to do so. They had to refer to him in a highly dignified and reverential designation. So it was common and accepted from a protocol point of view to refer to the king of Egypt, who presided over the skies like the sun as the one who resides in the great house or the royal palace.

In other words, it was customary and kind of required of those foreign subordinates who were not Egyptian subjects nor well instructed in the Egyptian ancient traditions and culture to refer to the king of Egypt as the great house dweller.

And as we of today refer to the president of the United States and his inner circle of high officials as the white house, in the ancient world and especially amongst the Asiatic foreigners they referred to the mighty king of Egypt and his court of priests and commanders as the great house. And just as the white house is not the title of the president of United States so the “pr – aa” was not the name of the ruler of ancient Egypt.

Never was there a papyrus or an inscription on any wall or pylon of any Egyptian temple that showed the word pharaoh as a reference to the king himself. The name of the king, as the ancient Egyptian traditions decreed, was always enclosed in a royal cartouche.

And to get a grasp of the meaning of “pr – aa” and when ancient Egyptians were inclined to use it, we could only discern that in the following lines from a hymn to the god Ra taken out from the ancient coffin texts or what is known as the book of the dead.

The majestic Pyramids

“Homage to thee …
o thou lord of brightness
thou who art at the head
of the great house …
prince of night and of thick darkness …
he comes to thee being a pure soul …
..o, grant thou unto him
His mouth that he may speak therewith,
At the season when there are clouds
And darkness …”

                                     Verses from the ancient Egyptian coffin texts

As we saw, the ancient Egyptian used to refer to the supreme God as the head of the great house. … That was the epithet of Amun-Re in funerary and religious texts not the king who was used to be designated as the ruler of the two lands and the beloved of gods, etc.

When ancient Egypt was brought back from the dead and resurrected by Champollion’s breakthrough, it was like a prophecy coming true as the ancient Egyptian believed that once his name was uttered once again after his departure he would come back from the dead and live forever as immortal in the afterlife.

That’s why Egyptians cared so much about their funerary texts and coffins.

But on their journey for immortality they somehow, along the way trod on thorny grounds the Israelites covered with made-sacred tales of ancient Egypt and the so-called pharaohs who never ruled except in the Egypt depicted by the Hebrew scribes who made sure it would serve their stories of exodus, wandering in the wilderness and conquest of some promised land, all of which history hardly mentioned or left any archeological trace.


Now let’s go back in time thousands of years ago … long before any crusades, before Jesus Christ, before Alexander the great and even before the alleged tales of the twelve tribes of whom history had not rendered any records… and let us try and re-dramatize the whole thing.

Imagine yourself wandering in the wild desert for weeks in dirty and smelly rags wading through the vast and barren terrains, herding flocks of sheep starving for any sign of green weeds and yourself feeling no less hungry or exhausted under the blazing sun with nothing on your mind except a bite to eat and a shady tree to retire under… and all of a sudden you spot on the distance fields of green, flowing rivers, military garrisons, busy markets, sheltered farmhouses and huge temples .. and at the far background and as the sun was leaving the sky silhouetting the mighty pyramids the smooth white casing of which along with the golden pyramidions glittered as they reflected the sun rays.

This must have been a jaw dropping and day dream-like sight for any shaggy, smelly, itchy and semi-barbaric nomad in the proto-historic time no matter how Jewish or how preferred and meticulously chosen by Yahweh he was.

… Standing barefoot and dwarfed by the colossal royal palace of Egypt’s king, the homeless nomad asked in amazement “what is this?”

“pr – aa” answered one of the royal guards at the entrance of the palace while ordering him to step aside and walk away.

And walk away he did, but on his way back to his tribe in the barren rocky terrains, as he was exiting Egypt, this Hebrew Shepherd could hardly wait to tell his concocted story of the unbelievable land of “Pr – aa”

.. A fictitious story, crammed with fallacies and fairy tales that permeate with a noticeable sense of malevolence and envy … but what’s astonishing about this ancient Israelite story- or hate speech if you will- is that it still lives, as hallowed and indisputable, with us till this very day.

For more Egyptology articles by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website


YouTube – Veterans Today -The majestic royal procession of King of Egypt, ruler of the crowns and beloved of 

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The Great Chinese-Iranian Stealth Reconnaissance Drone Theft Caper


Why Serving In The American Armed Forces Just Became Much More Dangerous, Thanks to Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich.

by  Mike Harris                                      

Editing … Jim W. Dean

A Gift – Literally From the Heavens

The national insecurity stakes just went up once again.

Being in the armed forces of any country, at any time, has always been a hazardous occupation.

But thanks to the gross incompetence, malfeasance and short sightedness of our current and former elected officials it just became much, much, deadlier to be a US Serviceman.

This week it was revealed that a 5th generation state of the art (it does not officially exist yet) US reconnaissance drone was stolen, I mean captured, by the Iranians.

How did this happen and what is the big deal?? An unmanned drone flying at 50,000 feet invisible to radar and undetectable, so how was it stolen??

I spent my entire adult career in the technology sector, specifically the semiconductor sector, which was due to the actions that occurred during the Clinton administration while Mr. Gingrich was Speaker of the House, the semiconductor industry was off shored to China.

This industrial sector no longer manufacturers in the USA. In fact I served as a technology advisor to a certain member of the House Committee on Science and Technology.

It was during that period of time 1994-2000, that certain free trade agreements were being passed and ratified, specifically NAFTA, GATT, and membership for China within the WTO.

Al Gore Undermined National Security With His Military Electronic Component Outsourcing

In conjunction with that disastrous misguided US economic policy, the military under the direction of then Vice President Al Gore was “streamlining” US Military procurement protocols.

Mr. Gore implemented a set of policies which relaxed the stringent manufacturing and testing procedures required to pass the tight Mil-Spec 883-C2 standards for all military electronic hardware and systems.

The net result was the Pentagon could continue to buy all the weapons systems they desired but with cheaper off the shelf components.

After all, they were in many instances the same part, just made to civilian standards, not manufactured to Mil-Spec, which we were assured were just as good and please consider the cost savings.

The net result was the company that I was associated with had an excuse to shut down their dedicated military use product divisions.

They could now sell off the shelf components to the military customers for use in sophisticated advanced systems, profitability goes up, and people get laid off, cost and overhead is reduced, good business, right?

Captured Intel Drone – An American Intelligence Disaster?

So how does this ancient political history relate to the Iranian capture of a 5th generation US Spy Drone? The simple answer is: the outsourcing and off shoring of critical US technology industries.

At the time of the passage of the disastrous trade bill I cite above, the USA was #1 in the world for semiconductor production and technology, since then the USA has willingly ceded that position to China and today is not even in the top 10 semiconductor producers.

China is now the country of origin for the majority of semiconductor devices used within US Military systems. There are very few companies left who even manufacture in the USA.

How does this affect our armed servicemen and women?

We have all watched action adventure movies on TV where some young, brilliant, wonder, hacker has a back door into the super secret computer system.

Most of the time this is a software item, but if the hacker(s) are clever enough, in this case perhaps the Chinese Government itself, the backdoor can be of the hardware variety.

Back Door Hardware Hacking

Very rare, impossible to detect and it must be conceived well in advance. I have direct knowledge of this type of hardware backdoor; you probably have it near you as you read this.

Anyone who has a cell phone has a system with a hardware backdoor installed. Even if the phone is powered off the FBI can turn on the device and listen to any conversation within range of the cell phone.

Your cell phone, even turned off, can also be used to locate the cell phone using embedded GPS technology. This is required for every cell phone sold within the USA.

Now that you understand the concept of the hardware backdoor, then apply this concept to the stolen stealth drone the Iranians now possess.

Given that China is now the world’s leader in producing semiconductors for US consumption, you will easily grasp the concept of how the Iranians could have seized control of the CIA’s 5th generation stealth drone and safely landed it to reverse engineer with the help of the Chinese and Russians.

In the case of the stolen CIA drone, the hardware with the backdoor was most likely embedded within he telemetry system, which is the multi-function brain of the drone, in fact every system within the drone is routed through the telemetry system, every sensor, every control, everything.

Was This the Drone Hacking Hijack Station?

In fact the telemetry system is how the Airman atNellis AFB uses via the joystick to fly the drone like it was a video game.

I do not know about this particular telemetry system, but from my experience at White Sands Missile Range during the early 1980’s it was common to use FM/FM modulation techniques.

All the Iranians needed was to be able to emulate one of the multitudes of frequencies used for telemetry purposes to trigger the embedded hardware purchased from the Chinese and installed within a US secret drone.

Once that hardware is triggered it is programmed to change the all the other frequencies used to control the secret drone and allow the Iranians to take total and complete control.

Imagine the young Airman with joystick in hand, and his commander at Nellis trying to capture images of any collection of buildings, gas stations, or old tires in the desert.

They might want to use these images to convince the world that the site in the photo was an Iranian nuclear weapons facility. Suddenly the Stealth drone has a mind of its own and is off mission.

Did the U.S. Dept of Defense Fall for an Old Trick ?

“Surprise, Surprise, Surprise”,  to quote Gomer Pyle. This secret spy mission to create photographic proof of Iranian nuclear intentions has gone horribly wrong.

China is the country of origin for many, many of the semiconductors used by the US Military. It was most likely that China provided the hardware with the secret backdoor that allowed the Iranians to seize control of the Stealth drone while the drone was on a secret CIA mission over Iran.

Working together, they captured a state of the art US Military stealth aircraft.

What this means to all US Military personnel serving anywhere in the world? It means that control of any electronics system in any type of platform, can be seized and used against the military that launched it.

What will happen when a fight pilot fires a missile at an enemy and it turns and blows his aircraft out of the sky?

What happens when a submarine launches a torpedo and it turns and destroys the Submarine of origin??

What happens when the AWACS systems don’t report accurate info? What happens when the Carrier Group 3C system fails??

Please take the time and apply this concept to every weapons system with electronics, they all can be turned against the USA. This event proves the entire US Military is vulnerable to being hacked.

This is Cyber Warfare at an entirely new level. Shutting down the internet won’t stop this type of cyber attack.

Electronic Manchurian Candidates – How Many Are Already Out There?

No electronics system within any platform is safe as long as there is any non-domestic electronics content.

Components from China are OK for a flat-screen TV, but not for critical weapons systems. Chinese components simply cannot be trusted.

Every system down to the component level must be recalled.

Any and all suspect components must be replaced, immediately before we actually place our fighting men and women in harm’s way with compromised systems.

This is an extreme threat to our National security, caused by the idiots masquerading as politicians in Washington DC.Fools and traitors have compromised the fundamentals of sound National Defense policy for a few quick bucks in their campaign coffers.

Damn them and damn the crooks and investment bankers on Wall Street who funded the de-industrialization the USA.

Stand Down – And Verify All Electronics

As a country we need certain strategic industries. In this computer age, we need a strong and vibrate semiconductor industry we cannot safely or prudently outsource this to China.

In the interim, the Pentagon should stand down all weapons systems activated since 1998, and re-activate the older, but trustworthy systems.

Until a complete and thorough recall and inspection can be conducted, any components of Chinese or foreign origin must be replaced with US manufactured devices.

This is serious people!! The very lives of our serviceman and the security of our Nation depend upon this remedial action.


Addendum:      Lockheed Martin RQ-170 Sentinel still in top secrecy

Editors Note: This article is a bit dated…as we do have a lot more photos now.The version the Iranians not have from us is the fifth generation, with the curved contours on the front edges for more radar dispersion.

Defence Aviation: Since the confirmation of the existence of the “Beast of Kandahar” by U.S. Air Force the secret is out of the stealth UAV that was seen flying out of Afghanistan in late 2007.

It was the RQ-170 Sentinel developed by Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works as a stealth UAV and operated by the 30th Reconnaissance Squadron of United States Air Force (USAF) and has been deployed to Afghanistan as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.

There is not much record of the operational history since the UAV is kept in top secrecy and no clear photos exist as of now. RQ-170 Sentinels is known to have been deployed to Afghanistan, where one was sighted at Kandahar International Airport in late 2007.

Editors Note: We have provided you some clear photos from our sources.

RQ-170 Sentinel UAV

In December 2009 there were also reports that the RQ-170 Sentinel had been test-flown in South Korea for the past few months and that it was expected that they would be permanently deployed in 2010 to replace Lockheed U-2 reconnaissance aircraft operating from Osan Air Base.

Again there were report in August 2010 that RQ-170s either had been or were about to be redeployed to Afghanistan and that the UAVs had been fitted with a full motion video capability.

Recently U.S. intelligence officials acknowledged that the stealthy RQ-170 Sentinel drone was indeed used to provide ISR support for the raid that killed Osama bin Laden in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad.

On the night of 1 or 2 May 2011 at least one RQ-170 monitored the area while elements of the United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group launched an assault on the compound which resulted in bin Laden’s death.

The aircraft provided footage of the attack which was watched live by President Barack Obama and his senior national security advisors.

The RQ-170 also monitored Pakistani military radio transmissions in the area to provide warning of the response to the attack.

Front – Overhead View of the RQ-170

However there was also speculation that the Sentinel’s deployments to Afghanistan and South Korea were probably undertaken to monitor Pakistan and North Korea’s ballistic missile programs.

From the low quality images of the Beast that exist aviation experts argue stealth to be moderate, the side views of the aircraft show the belly fairing which looks like it houses an electro-optical/infrared sensor at the front.

Some experts are also of the opinion that a side looking AESA (Airborne Electronically Scanned Array) radar could be housed behind it, in the belly supporting all-weather, high resolution radar-imaging by Synthetic Aperture Radar processing.

There’s still a mystery of the over-wing fairing about what is hidden beneath. Experts like Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week said:

“One possibility: they contain antennas that can be rotated, when not in use, to reduce their reflectivity, given that the best bandwidth-selective radome (radar dome) can only do so much.

So if your UAV is being illuminated by radar, you turn to place that radar on one side of the aircraft and use the antenna on the opposite, “shadow” side of the aircraft to communicate.”

The RQ-170 is estimated by Aviation Week as being approximately 66 feet in wingspan. Some expert suggests that it a wing span of about 46-90 feet with a service ceiling of about 50,000 feet and yet with an unknown engine possibly

Were Cutting Edge Technology UAVs Saved for Places With No Active Air Defense, Like Afghanistan?

The RQ-170 is a flying wing design and its take-off weight is estimated to be 8,500 pounds.

The design also lacks several elements common to stealth engineering, namely notched landing gear doors and sharp leading edges.

It has a curved wing platform, and the exhaust is not shielded by the wing.

Aviation Week postulates that these elements suggest the designers have avoided ‘highly sensitive technologies’ due to the near certainty of eventual operational loss inherent with a single engine design and a desire to avoid the risk of compromising leading edge technology.

It was also suggests that the medium-grey color implies a mid-altitude ceiling, unlikely to exceed 50,000 feet since a higher ceiling would normally be painted darker for best concealment.

But still many questions remain about the aircraft’s use. If it is a high-altitude aircraft it is painted an unusual color – medium grey overall, like Predator or Reaper, rather than the dark gray or overall black that provides the best concealment at very high altitudes

Since RQ-170 is a product of Lockheed Martin’s Skunk Works and property of United States Air Force nothing much can be known of it.

Experts’ claims it could be configured to carry “a high-powered microwave source” to fry computers and electronic equipment on the ground, or an electronic jamming platform to support other aircraft.

But at the official level, silence surrounds the Beast of Kandahar and its potential combat or non-combat functions.

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West Bank: Palestinian shot in the Face with Tear Gas Canister (Like Those Used in Oakland)


 ”A Palestinian from the village of Nabi Saleh remains in critical condition after he was hit in the face with a direct shot from a tear gas canister.”

*** We apologize for the graphic photos but the reality in the occupied West Bank is more Horrible.***

Mustafa Tamimi 28 years old after being shot in the face with a high-velocity tear gas canister from short range

Mustafa Tamimi, 27, was critically injured on Friday in the village of Nabi Saleh when an Israeli soldier fired a tear gas canister directly at his head from a short distance.

A group of Palestinian men surround Mustafa Tamimi after he was shot at the village of Nabi Saleh

Witnesses say the soldier was less than ten meters away when he fired, causing severe damage to the orbital region of Tamimi’s face.

“Half of his face was destroyed, pretty much. It looked really, really bad and he lost a lot of blood,” said Lazar Simeonov, a photographer that was in the village at the time. “I am not sure he will make it.”

Friday marked the two-year anniversary of the weekly protests in Nabi Saleh. A larger crowd than usual had gathered for this week’s demonstration, including a delegation from the United Nations.

After more than an hour of tear gas salvos from the soldiers against the main core of demonstrators, a group of Palestinian youth had set up a small road block of stones on a main road, where they began throwing rocks at soldiers.

Nabi Saleh village -Two people console each other after the day’s tragedy

An Israeli military bulldozer came to remove the hand-made obstacle with three Israeli jeeps to guard it. Palestinian youths began throwing stones at the bulldozer when Israeli soldiers emerged from the jeeps and began firing. One of the soldiers launched a tear gas canister directly at Tamimi. Other protesters ran over to help him before he was rushed away in a small ambulance.

The vehicle was stopped by soldiers at a checkpoint at the entrance of the village and Tamimi was removed from the ambulance, where he was treated on the spot by soldiers before being taken to the Beilinson Hospital in Petah Tikva.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Several people have been killed or injured by tear gas canisters discharged by Israeli soldiers in recent years. The crowd dispersal weapons were intended to be fired skyward, a directive often disregarded by the soldiers.

Mustafa Tamimi (left) a moment before his injury. Circled in red are the barrel of the gun and the projectile that hit him

Nabi Saleh, a small Palestinian village near Ramallah, has had much of its land appropriated by the neighboring Jewish settlement of Halamish. After a critical water well was taken by settlers two years ago, local residents of Nabi Saleh began organizing non-violent protests.

*All photos by Lazar Simeonov.

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Newt Gingrich, an Invented Fake American

Newt Gingrich for Sale to Highest Bidder

A Con Man’s Con Puts America On Collision Course for 21st Century War in Middle East Ignoring Main Street Interests

by Johnny Punish

Yesterday, U.S. Presidential candidate and GOP front runner Newt Gingrich boldly proclaimed to his Zionist assigns that “Palestinians are an invented people“. 

Of course being a Palestinian American in the Diaspora who’s mother happened to be born in Haifa Palestine (1939), I naturally, on a personal level, took offence. Heck wouldn’t you?  He dissed my mother!  And in America, that’s a call out.  So if you don’t mind, when I see Newt in person, I will be punching him in nose and telling him that he’s a bully that belongs in the marginalized corner for the socially unacceptable.

But that’s just me in defense of my family.  My personal feelings aside, Newt the Bold and his proclamation really opens up a discussion on American foreign policy in the Middle East and the benefits to the American people.

But before we go there, let’s put this on the table.

The number one priority for the USA is the USA. It’s jobs and economy.  It’s America!  Not Israel!  Agreed?

SO what’s with the facisination with Israel; a place populated by a few million people halfway around the world?  And why do American politicians seems to think that Israel is our number one priority? What does Israel have to do with jobs and our lives on main street in America?

Like all Americans, I am asking what the hell is going on?

Watch Newt Cowtow to Zionist Money

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Well, with AIPAC looming over Washington DC like an alien space ship spreading stupid gas on our political system, there is simply no hope that any U.S. politician can survive their attack.  We are dealing with the most aggressive virus to infect America ever!

Now with Israel already getting the most aid from U.S. Taxpayers than any other country in the world and with NO real genuine benefit to the 310 million Americans who pay for this robbery of the national wealth, Americans better

start paying attention because this robbery is going on while we continue to suffer through unemployment, the systematic and deliberate devolution of our middle classes, and a general loss of credibility across the world rendering the

U.S. impotent in both real political influence and cultural significance.

In short, We are being robbed by men in suits.  They are are selling us a bag of shit telling us it’s gourmet faire.  It was okay when we were at least robbed politely but now they are doing it in our face and then telling us to piss off to boot.  Not cool folks!

Moreover, this B.S. about the promised land was cute and a nice story.  Heck even I liked the that sales pitch from these atheist posing as good Christians because it was always fuzzy and comfy.  Thanks for that security blanket.

I mean its’ always good to believe in some other world and hope for a messiah to save us.  I mean who does not want to be “saved”?

But now this dirty pitch is getting out of hand and it’s costing the real lives of real people in the here and now!  And that’s NOT responsible.  That’s reckless.  So shelve the pitch and save it for some other day.  I have kids to feed okay!

I mean that ridiculous pitch says nothing to us about our real lives here in 21st century America.

We live under a government that no longer represents our interests run by policians and their sponsors who are investing their proceeds of a crime all over the world and not in our own communities.  It’s straight up B.S.

I mean with unemployment effectively over 20%, cuts in real social services nationwide, a lower standard of education, embarrassing homelessness that makes us # 1 in that category, and growing real poverty in our communities, we need our monies invested in our communities, not on fanatical wars in places far far away.  This is crazy!  While our economy continues to suffer at the hands of the banksters and globalists posing as American politicians who have robbed the American taxpayer blind, we have to live with the likes of Newt and his assigns who steal from us creating havoc for the worlds peoples.

This is America 2011.  What the hell does Israel have to do with our lives anyway?  Absolutely nothing!  What is the rational to back them anyway?  Democracy?  Salvation?  Fear? What?  How many jobs does Israel create for us?  Heck, they are not even in the top 20 trading partners with the USA.   Canada, China, and Mexico are 1,2,3…..get it.  Invest in our future, not in fantasy!

As with poor ole Newt for Sale, well, he’s willing to go all in and take America from quasi-honest broker to all the way in favor of a Zionist Israel without regard to the millions of Palestinians who actually live in Israel proper, the West Bank, and Gaza. This is straight up reckless.

Heck, this maniac is putting Israeli’s in peril as well as Palestinians.  In fact, this reckless approach puts Newt in a new strata of American politician.  He’s the new 21st Century Washington guy in a suit who steals from you with his

hand in your pocket while he smiles at you and asks “hey buddy, what’s for dinner?”.  Nothing covert about Newt the Con Man.  Nope, he really is a con man’s con.

Now I do remember the days before Newt the Political Streetwalker.  Yeah, American politicians who aspired to the presidency at the very least pretended to be honest brokers.  Heck, some were truly honorable men who really tried to

aspire to justice for all mankind. But this guy clearly is NOT going in that direction. He’s a sociopath; plain and simple!

Nope, Newt, that mentally and physically obese global political whore is going 100% all out against the whole world and putting the Palestinian people on a collision course with war against the Israeli military paid for by the U.S.

Taxpayer.  Worse, by proxy, the U.S. military who will eventually be called upon to pre-emptively strike against any nation that stands up to coming finishing off genocide of the Palestinian people.

Remember, these so-called “invented people” have no army, no guns, no jobs.  These are NOT powerful indigenous peoples yet he wants to denounce them as “invented”, as persona non-grata, so that he can wipe them out as if they were worthless faceless human.  He’s straight psychotic!  He’s a terrorist!

Think about it.  This psycho-garbage is coming to us from an “Invented American” Newt who’s ancestors came to America where they systematically took North America from the “invented” indigenous peoples.  Yes, the same Newt that has the gall to call Palestinians “invented” is the same Newt who is actualy invented

But is that so shocking?  Hell no!  It’s par for the course!

This is the same guy who was mouthing off on Bill Clinton with the most horrible name calling for having his sexual liaison with Monica Lewinsky.  yeah, he called for his impeachment while he, the more moral upstanding Newt, was having an affair behind the back of his wife who was suffering through cancer.  Good job jack-ass!  Dood, you need to get punched out!

I mean this guy is way better than any con men I have ever cross paths with in my years running in the halls of a Las Vegas casino life.

He’s got balls! This guy is the con man’s con.  A hero among the psychotic predators.

On the surface, you gotta love the boldness of his psychosis. And it would be funny if it was not going to affect millions of men, women and children.  I mean, heck who does not enjoy a good grift in the movies right?  But we don’t like it real life do we?  Hell no!

So really this is absolutely NOT funny.  It’s deadly serious and this ain’t no movie.  This sicko wants to be President of the USA.  He’s a dangerous man.

For Israeli’s and Palestinians, he must be stopped.  But much more important, for Americans, this sellout and pillager of the U.S. Taxpayer, he and his kind my be arrested and jailed before they commit more crimes against humanity.

For Newt the Atheist posing as a Christian is a direct danger to liberty, justice and pursuit of happiness; not only for Americans but the whole world.  He belongs in jail, not the oval office.

As for his global sponsors?  Well those dark suited psychotic predators in shades standing behind all the Newts, well someone get a fly swatter.

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Overview: IsraHell Spying


Israel Runs One of World’s Most Aggressive and Damaging Espionage Networks Against U.S. 

  by Alison Weir

One senior American diplomat explains that inside the State Department “everybody knows that Israel spies on us. When someone is caught, they’re ‘punished’ by being promoted.”

In 2006, a Pentagon judge stated categorically: “The Israeli government is actively engaged in military and industrial espionage in the United States.”

Technology Theft

Israel obtains significant advantage by systematically stealing American technology with both military and civilian applications.

US-developed technology is then reverse engineered and re-exported minus research and development costs, providing a huge advantage against foreign competitors.

Sometimes, the military technology winds up in the hands of a US adversary.

Israel has sold advanced weapons systems to China thatincorporated technology developed by American companies—including the Python-3 air-to-air missile and the Delilah cruise missile.

Tel Aviv has also stolen Patriot missile avionics to incorporate into its own Arrow system and it used US technology obtained in its Lavi fighter development program—which was funded by US taxpayer provided $1.5 billion—to help the Bejing government develop its own J-10 fighter.

Governmental Reports on Israeli Spying

Israel features prominently in the annual FBI report called “Foreign Economic Collection and Industrial Espionage.”

The 2005 report, for example, states:

“Israel has an active program to gather proprietary information within the United States. These collection activities are primarily directed at obtaining information on military systems and advanced computing applications that can be used in Israel’s sizable armaments industry.”

It adds that Israel recruits spies, uses electronic methods, and carries out computer intrusion to gain the information. The 2005 report concluded that the thefts eroded US military advantage, enabling foreign powers to obtain sophisticated defense technologies.

A 1996 Defense Investigative Service report noted that Israel has great success stealing technology by exploiting the numerous co-production projects that it has with the Pentagon:

“Placing Israeli nationals in key industries … is a technique utilized with great success.”

A General Accounting Office (GAO) examination of espionage directed against American defense and security industries, also undertaken in 1996, described how Israeli citizens residing in the US had stolen sensitive technology to manufactureartillery gun tubes, obtained classified plans for a reconnaissance system, and passed sensitive aerospace designs to unauthorized users.

In its report the GAO stated that an Israeli company monitored a Department of Defense telecommunications system to obtain classified information, while other Israeli entities targeted avionics, missile telemetry, aircraft communications, software systems, and advanced materials and coatings used in missile re-entry.

The GAO concluded that Israel “conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any US ally.”

In June 2006, a Pentagon administrative judge overruled an appeal by an Israeli who had been denied a security clearance, stating:

“The Israeli government is actively engaged in military and industrial espionage in the United States. An Israeli citizen working in the US who has access to proprietary information is likely to be a target of such espionage.”

125 investigations into Israeli espionage stopped due to political pressure from above

More recently, FBI counter intelligence officer John Cole hasreported how cases of Israeli espionage are dropped under orders from the Justice Department.

He provides a “conservative estimate” of 125 worthwhile investigations into Israeli espionage involving both American citizens and Israelis that were stopped due to political pressure from above.

Top US Neocons Investigated for Israeli Ties

A number of individuals—many of whom have been senior officials in the Defense Department, National Security Council and Office of the Vice President—have been investigated as security risks due to their actions in regard to Israel.

In April of 1979, the US Deputy Assistant Attorney General recommended in writing that Stephen Bryen, then a staff member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, undergo a grand jury hearing to establish the basis for a prosecution for espionage.There wasconsiderable evidence to justify this prosecution.

Yet, the case was shut down by Philip Heymann, Chief of Justice’s Criminal Division. Heymann was a former schoolmate of Bryen’s attorney, Nathan Lewin.

In 1981 the FBI received an application by the Defense Department for a Top Secret security clearance for Bryen. Richard Perle, who had just been nominated as Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy, was proposing Bryen as his Deputy Assistant Secretary.

Within six months, with Perle pushing hard, Bryen received both Top Secret-SCI (sensitive compartmented information) and Top Secret-“NATO/COSMIC” clearances.

Bryen then attempted to provide top secret technology to Israel.

Similarly, In 1983 Richard Perle recommended that a man named Michael Ledeen be hired at the Department of Defense as a consultant on terrorism – despite the fact that the CIA had him in their files as an agent of influence of a foreign government: Israel. Once in place Ledeen continued to take actions to assist Israel.

An investigative article asked:

“One might wonder how, with security histories like these, Messrs. Bryen and Ledeen have managed to get second and third chances to return to government in highly classified positions.

“And the explanation is that they, along with other like-minded neo-conservatives, have… friends in very high places.

In particular, Bryen and Ledeen have been repeatedly boosted into defense/security posts by former Defense Policy Council member and chairman Richard Perle, Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, and Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith.

A Case Study

An interesting story relating to the pending sale of twenty F-35 fighter planes to Israel illustrates the problem:

The $130 million F-35, one of the most advanced fighter planes in the world, will be a gift to Israel from the US taxpayer, but Israel is balking at the sale and is demanding full access to the plane’s advanced avionics and computer systems.

But Lockheed-Martin and the Pentagon both know that Israel will steal whatever it can if it gains access and would then market its own products at a price below that of US defense contractors. The result is a triple whammy for Uncle Sam: the expensive planes are given to Israel free, the technology is then stolen, and future sales vanish.

Many analysts feel that the United States-Israel military assistance entanglement – what we give, sell, and especially what is stolen – is an unaffordable and unjustifiable burden on every American citizen.

Source: The Council for National Interest

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alison Weir is an American freelance journalist and founder and Executive Director of If Americans Knewand president of  The Council for National Interest. Ms. Weir writes and speaks on issues covering the situation in Palestine/Israel, addresses the historical context and provides critique of how the media covers issues which challenges U.S. foreign policy and well-funded lobby interests.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the world’s major sources of instability. Americans are directly connected to this conflict, and increasingly imperiled by its devastation. It is the goal of  If Americans Knew to provide full and accurate information on this critical issue .For more information visit her Ground breaking Articles by Alison Weir. She can be reached at

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