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Senator Al Franken Stands Against NDAA Abuses


Why I Voted Against the National Defense Authorization Act


by Senator of Minnesota Al Franken


Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill that includes provisions on detention that I found simply unacceptable. These provisions are inconsistent with the liberties and freedoms that are at the core of the system our Founders established. And while I did in fact vote for an earlier version of the legislation, I did so with the hope that the final version would be significantly improved. That didn’t happen, and so I could not support the final bill.

The bill that passed on Thursday included several problematic provisions, the worst of which could allow the military to detain Americans indefinitely, without charge or trial, even if they’re captured in the U.S.

At their core, these provisions will radically alter how we investigate, arrest, and detain individuals suspected of terrorism. What’s more, they could undermine the safety of our troops stationed abroad, and they introduce new and unnecessary uncertainty into our counterterrorism efforts.

But before I get into the details of why I opposed these detainee provisions, I think it is important to recognize that September 11th irrevocably and unalterably changed our lives. I was in Minnesota that terrible day. A number of Minnesotans died — in the towers, in the air, and at the Pentagon. In New York in the months following the attacks, I attended the funerals of brave firefighters and law enforcement officers who sacrificed their lives to help rescue Americans from the towers. I can’t shake those images from my mind, and I am guessing like many of you, I won’t ever be able to erase the horrors of September 11th from my head.

But it is exactly in these difficult moments, in these periods of war, when our country is under attack, that we must be doubly vigilant about protecting what makes us Americans.

The Founders who crafted our Constitution and Bill of Rights were careful to draft a Constitution of limited powers — one that would protect Americans’ liberty at all times — both in war, and in peace.

As we reflect on what this bill will do, I think it is important to pause and remember some of the mistakes this country has made when we have been fearful of enemy attack.

Most notably, we made a grave, indefensible mistake during World War II, when President Roosevelt ordered the incarceration of more than 110,000 people of Japanese origin, as well as approximately 11,000 German-Americans and 3,000 Italian-Americans.

In 1971, President Richard Nixon signed into law the Non-Detention Act to make sure the U.S. government would never again subject any Americans to the unnecessary and unjustifiable imprisonment that so many Japanese-Americans, German-Americans, and Italian-Americans had to endure. It wasn’t until 1988, 46 years after the internment, when President Reagan signed the Civil Liberties Act, that the government formally acknowledged and apologized for the grave injustice that was done to citizens and permanent residents of Japanese ancestry.

These were dark, dark periods in American history. And it is easy today to think that is all behind us.

But I fear the detention provisions in the bill forget the lessons we learned from the mistakes we made when we interned thousands of innocent Japanese, Germans, and Italians.

With this defense authorization act, Congress will, for the first time in 60 years, authorize the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without charge or trial, according to its advocates. This would be the first time that Congress has deviated from President Nixon’s Non-Detention Act. And what we are talking about here is that Americans could be subjected to life imprisonment without ever being charged, tried, or convicted of a crime, without ever having an opportunity to prove their innocence to a judge or a jury of their peers. And without the government ever having to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

I think that denigrates the very foundations of this country. It denigrates the Bill of Rights. It denigrates what our Founders intended when they created a civilian, non-military justice system for trying and punishing people for crimes committed on U.S. soil. Our Founders were fearful of the military–and they purposely created a system of checks and balances to ensure we did not become a country under military rule. This bill undermines that core principle, which is why I could not support it.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, and this wasn’t the way to mark its birthday.

Below is the comment from a VT contributor in response to Senator Al Franken’s article:

I definitely agree with Senator Al Franken.  What the House and Senate, along with our President, have done is simply put an end to our democracy and has moved us one step closer toward tyranny.  I am privileged to have met Senator Franken back in 2006 at Bagram AB in Afghanistan on a somewhat cold winter day as I was waiting to get a haircut and massage.  This happened before Senator Franken was elected and I know he is a straight shooter who loves our country dearly.  This NADD Legislation is worst then anything that has come out of Capitol Hill, maybe since the infamous McCarthy era.  Somehow someway we must find a way not only to repeal this terrible piece of legislation but also repeal the Patriot Act, both of which were designed solely for the benefit of those Zionist, Neocons & Corporations who control our government and don’t want the truth to be told.


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Kristallnacht in Palestine


by Stephen Lendman


Virtually daily, Israeli security forces attack, kill, or injure Palestinian civilians with impunity. They also destroy their property by bombing, shelling, bulldozing and uprooting it.

At the same time, Israeli authorities wink and nod, occasionally decry, yet do nothing to deter extremist settler crimes against Palestinian civilians.

Most often, they’re given license to terrorize, vandalize and commit physical violence with impunity. Rarely ever is anyone held accountable. The same holds for its own security forces, no matter how outrageous their crimes.

So imagine Defense Minister Ehud Barak’s hypocrisy. In response to days of settler attacks against Palestinian property, he shamelessly called them “Jewish terrorists.”

B’Tselem responded, saying “this is an illegitimate way to deal with the phenomenon of violence by Israeli citizens in the Occupied Territories. Instead, this phenomenon must be dealt with through the criminal justice system.”

Netanyahu disagreed, stopping well short of condemning settler attacks and ordering arrests. Instead, he described them as a “small group that does not represent the public that lives in Judea and Samaria.”

For years, radical settlers terrorized Palestinians with impunity. In the past two years alone, six mosques in Palestine and Israel (belonging to peace and other activist groups) were burned or otherwise vandalized.

More recently in early October, settlers torched a Galilee mosque in Toba Zanghriyya village, then wrote “Price Tag” and “Revenge” on its walls. Despite efforts by residents to extinguish the blaze, destruction was extensive, including holy books consumed.

Northern Branch on the Islamic Movement deputy head, Sheikh Kamal Khatib, said “racism is controlling the Jewish sector in Israel.” He also held Netanyahu’s government responsible for “encourag(ing) hatred toward Muslims.”

In June, another mosque was targeted, and “(u)nder the Price Tag campaign, Israeli settlers….attacked and torched several others, in addition to setting Palestinian orchards and farmlands” ablaze.

Each time, Israeli police say they’ll investigate. Arrests and prosecutions rarely follow. Settlers have virtual impunity to terrorize Palestinian civilians as do Israeli security forces. They take full advantage.

On December 14, settlers overnight torched the historic Jerusalem Okasha mosque. They also defaced walls with Star of David images and graffiti, saying “Muhammad is a pig” and “A good Arab is a dead Arab” in Hebrew.

In addition, they spray-painted their “Price Tag” identity on exterior surfaces, knowing they can act with virtual impunity.

The Al Aqsa Foundation denounced the attack, saying:

“We condemn the torching of the mosque and hold Israel fully responsible for this terrible crime and all its aggressions against our holy sites and that it is enacting racist laws and not doing anything against those who commit these crimes.”

On the same day, northern West Bank settlers torched cars and a water tanker in Nablus and Salfit districts. They tried, but failed, to set a bus ablaze.

In 1948, West Jerusalem’s Okasha mosque was closed when Israel was established. It’s remained a historic site, though Israel denied Al Aqsa Foundation requests to renovate it.

Similar incidents happen regularly. Targets include mosques, homes, cars, olive trees, farmland, and civilians, including women and children.

Authorities say they’ll investigate. Occasionally settlers are interrogated and at times briefly detained. However, prosecutions rarely follow. At most, Israel decries the acts, but does nothing to deter them.

On December 15, a Burqa village West Bank mosque near Ramallah was torched and defaced. An eyewitness said armed settlers entered before dawn, set it ablaze, and caused considerable damage.

Jewish Settlers torch Ramallah mosque

After the Jerusalem mosque attack, MK Mohammed Barake condemned extremist parliamentarians for drafting and enacting racist and other anti-democratic laws, saying:

“Responsibility for the mosque burning does not only lie with the gang of fascists who carried it out, but also with some of the scumbags among the (MKs) and ministers. (They) should not pretend they are shocked when the draft laws they back become a raging fire that devours mosques” and other Palestinian property.

Other moderate MKs, analysts and activists also condemned racist legislation and policies. They’re causing Palestinians, human rights groups and others great harm.

Supportively, Emek Shaveh, an archeological and community activist organization, also denounced the Jerusalem mosque attack, saying:

“The destruction of the antiquities, in this case probably by Israelis, is part of the process of erasure of ‘the other” – of everything that doesn’t suit the extremist and one-dimentional ideology of certain Israeli groups.”

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) condemned racist settler attacks, including houses south of Nablus.

Windows were smashed and Molotov cocktails thrown. Women and children especially were terrorized. One house was set ablaze. Israel security forces provide no security for Palestinians and did nothing against those responsible.

On December 15, Haaretz writer Ari Shavit headlined, “Israel has never been so ugly,” saying:

Natanyahu wants to silence Muslim calls to prayer, shut down the Palestinian/Israeli peace radio station, and effectively support settler vandalism by doing nothing to stop it.

Moreover, “Justice Minister Yaakov Neeman is trying to turn the Supreme Court into another one of his subsidiaries. Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is working to prevent the media from reporting on investigations against public figures. Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litziman excludes women from participation in an official award ceremony.”

“Coalition chairman Zeev Elkin undermines and neuters civil society. Religious fanatics exclude women, tryannize secular citizens and spit at priests. Jewish terrorists burn Muslim houses of worship, invade Israeli Defense Force bases and attack soldiers.”

“We see what we would never believe with our own eyes. Darkness at noon, a dark Israel snuffing out” a once more enlightened society, though never one treating Arabs like Jews.

Under Netanyahu and MK hard-liners, extremism and moral cowardice rose to unprecedented levels. Anything now goes, including police state laws and failing to stop increasing numbers of violent attacks on Palestinians for being Arabs, not Jews.

A Historic Analog – Nazi 1930s Violence Against Jews

Nazis institutionalized violence to solidify power and establish despotic rule. The Gestapo and SS enforced it against declared enemies of the state, including communists, social democrats, gypsies, homosexuals, and, of course, Jews.

After the March 1933 elections, Nazis institutionalized violence. Riots in the Ruhr spread nationally. Jewish businesses, enterprises and stores were picketed. Handbills said: “Germans, don’t buy at Jewish shops.” SA stormtroopers broke into Jewish homes, mistreating and arresting occupants.

Hitler launched a nationwide boycott against Jewish enterprises, doctors and lawyers. Entrances to their establishments and offices were blocked. Anti-semitic graffiti was displayed and windows smashed. Racist propaganda institutionalized public anger against Jews as enemies of the Third Reich.

By 1935, they were publicly humiliated, banned from certain towns, and party activists assaulted the orthodox. Their beards were cut off and heads shaved to humiliate them and Judaism.

Racist legislation followed, including the infamous “Nuremberg Laws.” More on them below. Landlords were forced to break leases with Jewish tenants. By 1936, harming Jews physically and using legal measures destructively against their businesses and livelihoods were commonplace.

By 1938, violence escalated. It intensified with the March Austrian Anschluss. A wave of anti-Jewish measures followed, aimed at Austrian Jews. Nazi policy enforced “Aryanizations,” confiscations, arrests, and physical violence.

In November, the infamous Kristallnacht pogrom occurred. Hitler and Goebbels, Reich Minister of Propaganda, incited it.

They exploited the November 7 attempted assassination of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath in Paris. Violent riots followed. The entire party apparatus was involved.

In most German cities and towns, enterprises and Jewish homes were looted. Over 200 synagogues and 7,500 Jewish enterprises were attacked, burned and destroyed, and, when it ended, 680 Jews were dead and nearly 30,000 interned in concentration camps.

In addition, the ministerial bureaucracy and Gestapo intensified enforcement of Jewish emigration and keeping Jews and Aryans apart. German law exempted violent anti-Jewish acts.

Many occurred, including murders, rapes, other sexual assaults, organized pogroms, public humiliations, vandalism, anti-semitic graffiti, boycotts, confiscations, looting and other forms of theft. Virtually anything was permitted to vilify and remove German Jewry.

On WW II’s eve, German society was accustomed to anti-semitic violence. It was the genesis of the 1941-45 holocaust, facilitated by the 1935 “Nuremberg Laws” that:”

  • protected “German Blood and German Honour”;

  • prevented marriage or sexual relations between Jews and Aryans;

  • declared persons with any Jewish blood no longer citizens and denied all rights;

  • banned Jews from holding professional jobs to exclude them from education, politics and industry;

  • segregated Jews from Aryans;

  • punished them financially, effectively bankrupting Jewish enterprises;

  • prohibited Aryan doctors from treating them;

  • prevented Jews from becoming doctors;

  • excluded Jewish children from state-run schools; and

  • effectively denied Jews all rights afforded Aryans.

Nazi genocide followed. For decades, Palestinians have endured similar abuses from racist laws, persecution, land theft, lost homes, dispossessions, exclusion, isolation, mass imprisonments, torture, targeted assassinations, violence, wartime slaughter, and Gazans suffocating under siege.

Nazi Germany’s historic analog shows how extreme racist persecution can become. Unless checked, genocide may annihilate a population entirely.

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Remembering Why Real Americans Fight


Truth, Justice and the “American Way”


by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Generations of Americans have fought the British, the Germans, but mostly each other in order to give our kids a chance at life and hope for a decent job.

And having to fight an endless war in some far away hell hole was never part of the basics of the “American Way.”

It was going to be flying cars, cures for cancer, college for all, gleaming cities and pristine suburbs, picturesque small towns, orderly farms, generations worked for this future, a million died for it.

Thus far, only the Swiss are living it, a country also filled with arms factories and banks loaded to the gills with OPM.  (Other People’s Money)

As for America, I spent yesterday shopping in Detroit.  I love Detroit.  Why?  I love hopeless causes, Detroit and now America.

We are a hopeless cause.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

A few weeks after our kids started demonstrating against the financial criminals that stole their future, “we” passed the NDAA, a law that ends all rights for all Americans forever.

Remember Al Franken, former comedian, now Senator from Minnesota, an unlikely hero?  Who would have known:

Senator Al Franken – Into the Breech

Yesterday, the Senate passed a bill that includes provisions on detention that I found simply unacceptable.

These provisions are inconsistent with the liberties and freedoms that are at the core of the system our Founders established. ..

The bill that passed on Thursday included several problematic provisions, the worst of which could allow the military to detain Americans indefinitely, without charge or trial, even if they’re captured in the U.S.

At their core, these provisions will radically alter how we investigate, arrest, and detain individuals suspected of terrorism.

What’s more, they could undermine the safety of our troops stationed abroad, and they introduce new and unnecessary uncertainty into our counter terrorism efforts.

The Founders who crafted our Constitution and Bill of Rights were careful to draft a Constitution of limited powers — one that would protect Americans’ liberty at all times — both in war, and in peace…

How Much Time Do We Have Left?

With this defense authorization act, Congress will, for the first time in 60 years, authorize the indefinite detention of U.S. citizens without charge or trial, according to its advocates.

…And what we are talking about here is that Americans could be subjected to life imprisonment without ever being charged, tried, or convicted of a crime, without ever having an opportunity to prove their innocence to a judge or a jury of their peers.

And without the government ever having to prove their guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

I think that denigrates the very foundations of this country. It denigrates the Bill of Rights.

It denigrates what our Founders intended when they created a civilian, non-military justice system for trying and punishing people for crimes committed on U.S. soil.

Our Founders were fearful of the military–and they purposely created a system of checks and balances to ensure we did not become a country under military rule. This bill undermines that core principle, which is why I could not support it.

Yesterday was the anniversary of the ratification of the Bill of Rights, and this wasn’t the way to mark its birthday.

Spanish Coup d’Etat – “Can You See Me Now? “

I can tell you why the bill was passed and signed though it is blatantly illegal, even treasonous.

America is now and has been since the stolen election, a coup d’etat in 2000, a “police state”.

It is a kleptocratic monstrosity feeding off the lives, the savings and decency of our own people, feared and hated around the world.

We are hardly a beacon of freedom for anyone anymore.

President Barak Obama, someone many hoped would be a person of courage and decency seems to have lost his mind.  Why has he done this?

Worse still are the Republicans.  They don’t think this is enough.

There is no right that can’t be violated, nothing that can’t be stolen, no crime too great that a majority of American politicians, slaves to those who bought them the second they entered politics, there is nothing an American politician won’t do.

There isn’t even room for a joke about this.


Will We Fight Each Other – While the Bad Guys Watch?

What are our new hopes?  We hope our own military and police will refuse the orders we now know are coming.

These will be orders to put Americans into prisons or simply kill them and bury the bodies in public dumps as though they were our heroic war dead turned over to the Air Force. (You didn’t know?)

Our government has thrown down the gauntlet.

We can stay stupid, support the two political parties they offer, vote for their judges, obey their police, starve quietly, living as slaves or we can die at their hands.

Will they use gas chambers?

Years ago, when the news was taken over, it was coming.  9/11 was the watershed.

We were told two lightweight airliners, supposedly hijacked by terrorists seen going to casinos with Jack Abramoff, Republican “fixer,” knocked down 3 huge buildings, a relatively small amount of cool burning jellied kerosene vaporizing hundreds of thousands of tons of structural steel, including one building not hit at all.

Arrests were made, truckloads of explosives but the drivers were Israeli, not Arab.  That had to be cleaned out of the news quickly.

A low flying missile hit the Pentagon accounting office, where records for the investigation of $2.3 trillion in stolen funds were kept.

Keane and Hamilton – They Knew Witnesses Perjured Themselves and Evidence was Withheld – Yet the Commission Did Not Resign in Protest

Afterward, we all know the story.  Movies were made, telling of aircraft hijackings and passengers, movies now known to be totally false.

The 9/11 Commission Report has been proven false, documents, testimony and scientific evidence debunks all of it.

We could talk about the wars and over two million dead but people count for nothing.

Since 9/11, $2,500,000,000,000,000…99% of it “imaginary money” is now missing, enough money to buy the sun, enough to fight World War II a thousand times.

It’s enough to give every family in the US a Ferrari, a mansion and a million dollars a year till the end of time, is “missing.”  (based on 2.3% ROI, FDIC guarantee assumed)

I now have a list.


Al Franken Faced up to the Congressional Coup

Al Franken is on it.  Al Franken is the only patriotic American in Washington.  Ron Paul may well be with us, we hope so anyway.

There are two lists.  The other one involves treason and betrayal.

Every American has a duty.  Keep a list.  Let’s get every American on record, every judge, every governor, every state legislator.

For certain, as Stewart Rhodes will tell you, every American than has sworn an oath is obligated to publicly denounce the current NDAA.  (National Defense Authorization Act)


YouTube – Veterans Today –

Ordering any member of the police or military to enforce a law that violates, not one or two constitutional provisions but nearly all of them, has to be a criminal act, minimally a felony, probably treason.

Arrest of such people must be prepared for.

What would a real America do?

YouTube – Veterans Today –

We Have Seen This Happen Before – John Kennedy Was Not the First, or the Last – Is It Our Turn on the Table Next?

They would get a lawyer, they would get bail, they would be judged by a jury of their peers.

They would have the right to counsel and if they couldn’t afford counsel, such would be appointed for them.

They would be protected from self incrimination.  They would be protected from torture, cruel and unusual punishment.

They would have these rights because 28 million American veterans fought for those rights.  This is what we define as the “American way.”

We will protect our country but we also remain a nation of laws, we will keep our decency, our honor and our system of justice.

However, don’t assume we won’t use that system.


It was created to defend America and to the surprise of some, the gangsters in Washington are not above the law.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean                                                              VT Gbay Graphics… by Steve Scroggins

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Money, Twisted Scripture Enslaved Us, Final Part


by Tom Valentine


Millions of productive and mostly rational Americans are depressed, and furious because the great “American dream” became a nightmare. This series has pointed out how it came about via diabolical conspiracies. We must remember the adage: Where there is life, there is hope.

I have tried vainly to influence propagandized and programmed Americans, to little avail; for example the following is a letter I submitted to our local newspaper on Aug. 16, 2009:

Editor, Daily News,

Apparently many Americans believe the propaganda that claims there never were any Palestinians living on the land now occupied by Israel. Sadly, naive Americans do not know the history. I beg to differ.

This big lie began at the end of World War I. The Balfour Declaration, used to establish modern Israel, was one of the most deceitful statements ever penned. Here is the third clause of that 67-word document: “…it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of non-Jewish communities in Palestine…”

Non-Jewish communities indeed—In 1918 the British divided “Palestine” into 644,000 Arabs and 56,000 Jews. The vast majority of those 56,000 were newcomers from the Zionist movement.

The Ottoman rulers of the area for 400 years prior to 1917 did not in any way alter the traditional Arabic/Semitic culture of the people of Palestine. The small Jewish and Christian minorities lived in peace with the majority.

Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir cemented the lie in 1969 with an awkward statement about Palestinians that ended: “They did not exist.”

If one lives in America, he’s American; if in Canada, he’s Canadian—so why are people traditionally from Palestine not Palestinians?

So-called Christian Zionists, ignoring history and twisting Bible verses have from the pulpits supported this historic lie to benefit the imbalanced support of Israel by American taxpayers.

To paraphrase Jesus in Matthew 23:15: Believe the liars and proselytizers and be twice-fold the child of hell as they are.

Establishing control of the blossoming world of oil export was only half of the goal of the Crown in the machinations following both WWI and WWII.

The two world wars were apparently all one manipulated global-changing activity. Today, the Internet is chock full of information about the banking conspiracy, and the Zionist Conspiracy; there is little about the “Crown” conspiracy, which embodies both, big time.

To fully understand where we are going, we need to delve into a little modern history of Institutional Churchianity because it is the combination of Jewish Zionist and Churchist Zionist belief systems that provides the political base for America’s unfettered support of modern Israel and the never-ending wars of insanity and oil we live amidst today.

In a recent column, I mentioned how far back in Christian history the notions of millennialism go, finding evidence that very early writers cited it. I learned that the Catholic church vetoed the 1000 year earthly reign at the council of Ephesus long ago nevertheless Protestants renewed it big time into the 19th century— by Crown design. Isms Can Drive Us Nuts! What Is Chiliastic Millenialism?

In 2003, I wrote it up this way:

Christians generally believed Jesus Christ completed his father’s work. The Jews have always vehemently denied it, generating an implacable wall. Then along came the modern (1800) millennial revolution, fomented by the Crown in England called Darbyism or the Brethren (a name straight out of Masonry).

This was a revolution that changed Christianity as thoroughly as the industrial revolution had changed man’s ways of life—ironically, the two unrelated revolutions grew together in the 1800’s. Secular history taught in schools deliberately ignores the millennial revolution for what it really is, but one need only read an excellent book: Death of the Church Victorious, by Ovid Need Jr. to get the entire well-documented story.

The so-called Brethren movement actually caught on more in the United States than it did in its native UK. The US fervor for evangelism was made to order for the Crown, and they took full advantage of it. An itinerant American lawyer named Cyrus Scofield obtained backing for the Scofield Teaching Bible from some very interesting sources.

In the US it was Arno C. Gaebelin, a Zionist who published a periodical” Our Hope”, in 1894. Gaebelin, a converted Jew proclaimed the imminent but non-scriptural Second Coming of Christ and alerted gentiles to the remarkable Zionist awakening among the Jews of Europe.

Curiously, the Scofield Teaching Bible in which the copious margin notes reverse what is written was first published by Oxford University Press in England thanks to a financial angel named Untermeyer (with known connections to the Crown). Oxford is hardly a religious publisher, so it was out of character for this highly connected institution to publish a “Bible.”

Though few among Churchists know what the words mean, Millenialism and dispensationalism are very popular today, but they are anti-Christ while pretending to be Christian. These non-scriptural doctrines actuallymake the advent of Jesus Christ of non-effect, and virtually “Judaize” Christianity—hardly any churchist today sees this because the ministers have all been trained in Scofield heresy at the major Bible schools. It required concerted clout and money to bring this about, which is the sure tipoff that the Crown was behind it.A Lifelong Pastor Sees Where He Was Wrong

So, as Christianity came into the radio, and eventually the television age, the predominant point of view was and is anti-Christ Scofieldism, carefully cultivated by powerful forces behind the scenes

When I wrote the report in 2003 The statements about what was available via Google and the Internet were true and readily verified, but today, no! I leave it as originally written:

You can also find an important booklet by Charlie Samples by searching Google for Sample’s book: The Greatest Hoax; A Study of the Inconsistent Theology of Modern Bible Prophecy. By reading Charlie Samples you will get a clear picture of the diabolical plot to use churchists against Christianity and truth.

( refuting the Schofield idea of a “Second coming” will require yet another column, coming shortly with help from Charlie Samples, whose work is no longer on the Internet, which is suspicious.)

Now we fast forward to 2004. The most powerful nation on earth, the United States, is embroiled in an expensive, brutal war in Iraq. Our propaganda says that “we” are determined to “free” the Iraqi people from dictatorship and Muslim extremism. The administration of George W. Bush has claimed our motives are defensive and on behalf of the world. George Bush, by his own words, is a repentant sinner and devout follower of Christ. He has not stated a belief in millennialism, but his actions are 100% Christian-Zionist (an oxymoron, but the term used today).

Bush’s major ally in the recent war against terrorism has been the Prime Minister of Great Britain. Neither of them likely knows that they are both representatives of the Crown, more than they are representatives or leaders of the people who elected them.

Were either of these two national leaders to be told outright that their actions were nothing more than a furtherance of the Crown’s goals to control world oil and to establish a center in Jerusalem to be the throne for the Kingdom of God on Earth, they would demand the teller of such a tale be locked away in a straightjacket. They would adamantly deny any such thing, and chances are they would be sincere because they are useful idiots and not part of the directorate—which they likely don’t believe exists.

Is the Crown is a figment of my imagination? Was World War Two not manipulated and used as one giganticurban renewal project to solidify the Crown’s earthly control? Was the cold war not a game designed to make the Crown’s military industrial complex ever stronger on a worldwide basis?

In order to maintain power over the always restless natives of the earth, the Crown must make sure that all their manipulated governments have an enemy to face or a crisis to manage—else the people don’t need governments that steal their money ”legally” via taxes.

The two political parties are used to keep independent thinking away from a Constitutional government. TheCrown generally finances the opposition to its own puppet regimes. Does anyone doubt that International Communism is a Crown device?

When reading history books, you should notice how it is almost always stated in “financial” terms. These are blatant lies, accepted everywhere in academia and controlled media.

For example, the build-up for WW2 in the 1930s is always expressed in financial terms by historians, who suggest that one nation or another could not get financing to build huge, fast naval ships. What a joke! TheCrown “created money from air” and loaned it to virtually every nation so nobody had any problem with “financing”

The “useful idiots” accepted this “financial reality” that is anything but real. Recent banking and financial “bailout” events prove this conclusively, which is why the “immaculate they” know the jig is up.

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Who Cares? Why should Americans care about Foreign Policy?


Americans have mostly built lives where we don’t have to be bothered by events outside our own little worlds. But being a good citizen, holding leaders accountable, and voting for the right people requires a little bit of attention.


by Keith Porter


U.S. foreign policy affects almost every aspect of our daily lives. Prices, jobs, the supply of gasoline, taxes, and the life and death of our nation’s soldiers are impacted by how we interact with the rest of the world.

And if we get past those self-centered reasons for caring about U.S. foreign policy, we can start to think about how others are affected by America’s actions. At our best, the United States can bring hope and light to the neediest people in the world. I have seen Americans doing this good, hard work in nasty places all over the planet.

At our worst, we bring pain, breed fear and unleash the fury of those who conclude we are part of the same tyranny against which they have always fought. Too often, people hear about American values and then see quite different American actions. People who should be our natural allies turn away with disillusionment and disappointment.

Yes, there are people who seek fault in all actions by America overseas. I am not one of them, and I don’t think you should be either. The path of “blame America first” leads to a dead end. American leadership, leadership marked by pulling together those who share a common interest in the common good, is a vital force in the world. Tossing it away would be a sin.

On the flip side, there are those who want to forever build American global supremacy as the only path to American security. And this path leads to bankruptcy and inevitable retribution. Like holding a fistful of sand, the harder we squeeze, the faster we lose our grip.

Finding the Middle Path

There is a middle path. It is not mysterious, and it does not require deep research by think-tanks and gurus. In fact, most Americans already grasp it. In fact, many mistakenly believe this middle path is already the foreign policy of the United States. And this explains why they are shaken (or in denial) when they see overt evidence of an America abroad they do not recognize.

Most Americans believe in American values: democracy, justice, fair play, hard work, a helping hand when needed, privacy, creating opportunities for personal success, respect for others unless they prove they don’t deserve it, and cooperation with others who are working toward the same goals.

These values work in our homes and our neighborhoods. They work in our communities and our national life. And they work in the wider world as well.

The middle path for foreign policy involves working with our allies, rewarding those who share our values, and joining arms against tyranny and hatred. It is slow hard work. It has much more in common with the tortoise than the hare. Teddy Roosevelt said we need to walk softly and carry a big stick. TR understood that walking softly was a sign of both caring and confidence. Having the big stick meant we had a great deal of time to work out a problem. Resorting to the stick meant that other means had failed. Resorting to the stick does not require shame, but it does call for sober and serious reflection. Resorting to the stick was (and is) nothing to be proud of.

Taking the middle path means holding ourselves to high standards. Americans never quite grasped what happened with those pictures from the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The rest of the world never saw how sickened average Americans were by those images. The rest of the world expected to hear America say out loud what most Americans were thinking: What happened in that prison, whether it was two Americans or 20 or 200 who were responsible, was awful, it is not what this country stands for, and we are all ashamed to know that this was done in the name of America. Instead, all the world saw were American leaders trying to downplay the significance of the pictures and pass the buck. An opportunity to show the world what America really stands for slipped away.


Demanding American control over the world is out of step with our values. It creates more enemies and it encourages those enemies to band together against us. It makes the United States the target for every grievance in the world. Likewise, withdrawing from the world leaves too many open options for those opposed to our values. We seek to be neither an 800-pound gorilla in the world nor to withdraw into our cocoon.

Neither of those paths will make us more secure. But the middle path for foreign policy, working with our allies, rewarding those who share our values, and joining arms against tyranny and hatred, holds the potential to spread prosperity around the world….a prosperity that will bounce back on us as well.

As American citizens….voters….it is our job to hold American leaders to this middle path in the world. This will not be easy. Sometimes quick action to protect business interests will need to take a back seat to other values. Sometimes we will have to sever relationships with old allies that don’t share our interests.

When we don’t live up to our own values, we will need to point it out fast…before others even have the chance. And it will require that we stay informed.

Americans have mostly built lives where we don’t have to be bothered by events outside our own little worlds. But being a good citizen, holding leaders accountable, and voting for the right people requires a little bit of attention.

Not everyone has to subscribe to Foreign Affairs and start reading newspapers from around the world. But a small awareness of events overseas, beyond the disaster reports on television news, would help. Most importantly, when American leaders start talking about some foreign “enemy,” our ears should perk up. We should listen to the charges, seek out other views, and weigh the proposed actions against what we know are the true American values.


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Pakistan: Why Salala Was Attacked By NATO?


by Asif Haroon Raja


While the US military and NATO have off and on committed unfriendly and hostile acts against its ally Pakistan since 2006, attack on Salala on 26 November by NATO helicopters killing 24 soldiers and injuring 16 was by far the worst. It was a premeditated and well-calculated massacre meant to give a tough message to Pakistan to behave or face the music. The big question is why this gruesome attack was launched at a time when things are not going well for ISAF and Pakistan’s cooperation in the endgame of Afghanistan is vital. The attack didn’t occur at the spur of the moment but in my reckoning was the cumulative affect of unreasonable grouses which Washington has been gathering against Pakistan over the years. It will be worthwhile to recapitulate some of the major events of the yesteryears.

There is no denying the fact that the US made Pakistan its coalition partner in war on terror because of its motivated interests and not because of love of Pakistan. The US had ditched Pakistan in 1989 and had befriended India. Over the years, the gap between USA and Pakistan kept widening mainly because of influence of India and Israel. Differences further widened after Pakistan turned nuclear and military dictator took over. Indo-US-Israel nexus formed in mid 1990’s saw nuclear Pakistan with a strong conventional military power and fairly strong technological base a big danger to its future designs and had marked it as a target. With the active blessing of Washington, Indian and Israeli jets had on few occasions come close to destroying Kahuta plant.

Therefore to say that there was a sudden change of heart after 9/11 is absurd. Pakistan was never regarded a friend by USA and will never consider it in future as well. It has been hiring Pakistan to serve its short-term interests and rudely pushing it aside after its objectives were accomplished. A stage has been set for another boorish break-up. The only difference is that in all previous marriages of convenience, Pakistan was not the target; this time it is the target.

The Indo-US-Israeli nexus duly joined by UK and Germany had made up their minds to make judicious use of Afghan soil for denuclearizing and Balkanizing Pakistan and making it a satellite of India through covert means. Well-sounding phrases like ‘making amends for past mistakes; and ‘lasting relations’ were gimmicks to dupe Pakistan and after lulling the senses of its leadership and disabling the nukes, striking it from within at an opportune time. India also embarked upon similar strategy to befool Pakistani leaders that it would resolve all core issues including Kashmir. In reality, it wanted to make Pakistan forget about Kashmir and accept its hegemony. While our adversaries on the quiet kept weaving the web around Pakistan, our myopic leaders lured by aid flow kept praising them and calling them their sincere friends.

In its honeymoon with the US, Pakistanis got the first jolt when George W. Bush administration struck highly controversial Indo-US civilian nuclear deal in March 2006 and didn’t give the same to Pakistan. The US went out of the way to build India’s military power and its nuclear strength without caring for the regional military imbalance. Its visible tilt towards India became a cause of concern for Pakistan, particularly when the US ignored Pakistan’s defence needs and counter terror equipment and even made its aid conditional to its performance against terrorists.

The warmth in Pak-US military and intelligence agencies relations started getting diluted after Pakistan was blamed for the terrorist attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul in July 2008. The US tilt towards India was again seen in the aftermath of Mumbai attacks when Indian military became highly belligerent. Since Mumbai drama backfired, India’s design to put its Cold Start doctrine to test in Sindh and South of Sutlej couldn’t materialize. Indo-US objective of getting ISI declared as a rogue outfit and to declare Pakistan’s nuclear program as unsafe boomeranged.

The US became more demanding and aggressive in 2009 after Barack Obama replaced George Bush and formulated Pakistan focused Af-Pak policy. It was designed to make Durand Line redundant and to allow ISAF to operate inside FATA freely. On several occasions Obama hurled threats that the US forces would hit a target in FATA unilaterally whenever actionable intelligence came their way. When Gen Kayani put his foot down, Obama reacted by intensifying use of drones in FATA. He also demanded firmer action by Pak Army against the militants. ‘Do more mantra’ and vilification campaign against the Army, ISI and nuclear program gathered pace. Pakistan became the convenient target to fire upon by all and sundry. Governed by its policy of appeasement, Pakistan kept offering its second cheek to the domineering bully.

In 2010, some strains occurred in Pak-US military relations. The reason behind it was continuously deteriorating security situation in Afghanistan. Two troop surges had failed to control the rising power of Taliban. Casualty rate of ISAF had increased substantially. Apart from reverses in Afghanistan, another worrying matter for schemers was that Pakistan Army’s image had shot up and it had disarrayed the TTP. The conspirators were extremely unhappy to see Pak Army successfully coming out of the well laid out ambushes in Swat and South Waziristan (SW). Separatist movement in Balochistan backed by foreign agencies was also going nowhere and its top leadership was in exile. Not knowing how to explain its failures, the US military in Afghanistan in conjunction with Karzai administration enhanced their trend of leveling unfounded and baseless allegations against Pakistan, its Army and ISI, and blamed them for whatever went wrong in Afghanistan. This unholy practice of blame-going is still continuing.

Failing to arrest the down slide in Afghanistan and to weaken Pak Army and Pakistan’s nuclear program, the US devised another scheme in the form of Kerry-Lugar aid bill, which was aimed at cutting Pak Army and ISI to size and allowing CIA network to reach up to our nuclear arsenal and missile sites. This move ran into snags because the Army smelt the rat and raised serious objections. When Pak Army couldn’t be ensnared in the laid out traps of Swat and SW, Pentagon and CIA hatched another plan to trap and defame Pak Army by pushing it into the cauldron of North Waziristan (NW).

Gen Petraeus pronounced NW as the major cause of ISAF’s reverses in Afghanistan and claimed that bulk of terrorism was flowing into Afghanistan from NW. Successive postponement of planned operation in Kandahar was attributed to safe havens in NW. Desperate to bog down another Corps size force and thus drastically reduce Pak Army’s operational effectiveness, Pakistan was pressed to launch a major operation in NW similar to Rah-e-Rast and Rah-e-Nijat and eliminate safe havens of al-Qaeda and anti-US militants. Pakistan’s reluctance to open another front when Swat and SW had not been fully stabilized was not well received in Pentagon and in Langley, which had its effect on civilian power centres in Capitol Hill as well.

The dawn of 2011 further strained Pak-US relations when Raymond Davis was arrested on 27 January after he murdered two motorcyclists in Lahore and was put in Kot Lakhpat jail. Preliminary investigations revealed that pretending to be a diplomat, he was CIA contractor and in connivance with CIA Station Officer in Islamabad Jonathan Bank, he had been playing a major role in destabilizing Pakistan. Although he was released on 16 March after the US agreed to pay blood money to the next of kin of the deceased, the US feeling insulted never forgave Pakistan. It felt more offended when ISI started pushing out under cover agents of CIA and also monitoring the activities of US diplomats.

Gen Pasha during his meeting with CIA Director in Langley insisted that full details of CIA agents and the US Special Forces personnel based in Pakistan under different guises to be provided and repatriated at the earliest. When Panetta refused to oblige, Pasha had to abruptly call off the meeting and fly back, which further angered CIA. In retaliation, not only spate of drones increased, Operation ‘Get Geronimo’ was hatched to teach a lesson to ISI and Pak Army. Stealth assault in Abbottabad was launched on 2 May with multiple objectives, but the main purpose was to discredit the Army, ISI and PAF in the eyes of the public and getting rid of the two eyesores – Gen Kayani and Gen Pasha.

When the defenders of Pakistan – COAS and DGISI – survived the western-local media cum PML-N politicians’ debilitating onslaught and civil-military relations remained cordial, the US refused to reduce terms of engagement in war on terror and intelligence sharing in writing, turned down the calls to vacate Shamsi airbase and to terminate drone war as was envisaged in 14 May joint resolution of the parliament. Instead of attending to Pakistan’s concerns, the US played upon the theme that some elements within Pak Army and ISI had facilitated Bin Laden’s stay in Abbottabad. It then invented another story that Haqqani network (HN) based in NW was involved in cross border terrorism and its safe havens must be liquidated. HN was demonized and pressure on Pakistan was further stepped up. Pakistan’s continued refusal to mount an operation in NW, saying that with its hands already full, it could ill afford to activate a new battlefront became a major irritant.

Fearing that the US may block military and economic assistance to Pak Army, Gen Pasha undertook whirlwind tours of China and some Arab countries in May to solicit financial assistance. He availed the opportunity to apprise his hosts that ISI and Army had no knowledge of Bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad and that Pakistan was stabbed in the back by its ally. He received a favorable response from all quarters. To suggest that he had gone there to seek assistance of Arabs to topple the sitting government is ridiculous.

Once GHQ decides to bring down the ruling regime, it will neither inform any other country nor would need external assistance. All the four Generals who forcibly grabbed power did so without outside assistance.
After series of attacks on US-NATO targets by Taliban in Eastern Afghanistan in July-September 2011 including attacks on US Embassy and NATO HQ on 13 September, which blew apart tall claims of US military that lot of progress had been made, the US military lost its cool when Burhanuddin Rabbani was murdered on 20 September. Admiral Mullen went crackers and started hitting the roof on 22 September. He didn’t mince his words in directly accusing ISI’s linkage with HN claiming that it was the ‘veritable arm’ of ISI. Demand for eliminating sanctuaries of HN in NW became vociferous but Pakistan continued to resist.

Revelation of memo directed against the very independence of Pakistan by Mansoor Ijaz on 22 October was yet another conspiracy to sever civil-military relations and to tempt Gen Kayani to launch a coup against the government. Mansoor is not a friend of Pakistan. Reportedly, he is connected with CIA, MI6 and RAW. He was the carrier of the memo but leaked the story five months and 12 days after it was drafted and handed over to Admiral Mullen. Memogate scandal has given rise to an assumption that President Zardari, our Ambassador in Washington Hussein Haqqani (now sacked) and our High Commissioner in London Wajidul Shams knew about the 2 May attack and when the operation failed to fetch the desired objectives, the memo was drafted at the behest of Zardari and delivered to Mullen through Jim Jones on 10 May.

While the purpose of USA was to inflict harm to Pakistan, it is a different matter that the memo affair came as a blessing in disguise. It helped in exposing America’s chosen man Haqqani and getting rid of him. His absence from Washington in the ongoing difficult days is acutely felt by his patrons in Washington. They are apprehensive that he might divulge many secrets shared between him and US leadership. Haqqani may prove to be more dangerous than Raymond Davis. Supreme Court is seized with the issue and hopefully it will extract the truth and bring the traitors to justice. Panicked by Supreme Court’s assertiveness, Federal government has taken an irrational stance that memogate scandal should be investigated by the Parliament and not by Supreme Court, not realizing that great majority of elected parliamentarians are corrupt and dishonest.

It was in the backdrop of utter failures of US military, NATO and Karazi regime in Afghanistan on the political, economic, social and military fronts and their repeated failures to earth Pakistan that provoked them to launch an unprovoked attack at Salala. It was an act of sheer frustration and desperation. This latest hostile act has boomeranged in a big way and has impelled our weak-willed leaders to take steps which they should have taken long time back to roll back the US blatant intrusions and making a mockery of Pakistan’s sovereignty. They have dared to take series of measures because the top leadership is caught up in memogate case and shield of NRO has been taken away by the Supreme Court. It is anyone’s guess whether the President recuperating from his stroke will return from Dubai or not. The ruling regime closely associated with USA is standing on a very slippery ground.

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Iraq Issues Arrest Warrant for VP

 Vice-President Tareq al-Hashimi

Iraqi government issued on Monday an arrest warrant for Vice-President Tareq al-Hashimi for suspected ties to assassinations and bombings.

Spokesman for interior ministry, Adil Daham, said the warrant for Hashimi was on “terrorism charges” related to alleged links to assassinations of government officials.

“An arrest warrant was issued for Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi accordingto Article 4 of the terrorism law and is signed by five judges… this warrant should be executed,” Daham told a news conference, waving a copy of the document in front of reporters.

The state-run television aired what it said it were confessions by “terrorists” linked to Hashimi.
The men said, during the tape broadcast, they had been paid by the VP’s office to carry out killings at several government ministries as well as Baghdad police officers.

The three men shown on television detailed the assassinations they were told to carry out by Hashemi’s aides including planting roadside bombs and drive by shootings of security and government officials.

One man said he was handed $3,000 as a reward by Hashemi himself.

The VP left Baghdad on Sunday for the semi-autonomous Iraqi region of Kurdistan, in a move that appeared to bemotivated by hopes that Kurdish authorities would not turn him in. Investigative judges banned him the same day from traveling outside of Iraq.


Two weeks earlier, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki accused Iraqi politicians of being behind a recent spate of assassinations of senior military and civilian officials.

Maliki did not name any specific individuals, but he said political parties and security guards were involved.

“Recently, the number of assassinations has increased,” he told reporters at a news conference in Baghdad.

“Certainly, this is the work of Al-Qaeda, but there have also been political assassinations and we will publicly denounce those who are behind the killings, their security guards and their political parties.”

Source: Agencies

Iraq in political turmoil only days after US withdrawal

Published Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and other Iraqi leaders have called for talks to head off a worsening crisis since a warrant was issued for the Sunni vice president, an aide said.
“Maliki is calling for a conference of heads of political blocs and political leaders to discuss their differences, and to sort out the current security and political crisis,” Ali Mussawi, media adviser to the premier, said on Tuesday.

Days after US forces left the country and on the eve of the first anniversary of the government, Iraq’s political truce looked to be unraveling.

The Iraqiya List, the main Sunni-backed parliamentary bloc, is boycotting the cabinet, while Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has called for the sacking of one of his deputies, a Sunni who branded the Shia-led government a “dictatorship.”

Osama al-Nujaifi U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (R) and Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama al-Nujaifi pose for photographs and make brief remarks before a meeting at the Department of State June 24, 2011 in Washington, DC. Al-Nujaifi said he received a joint Iraqi-U.S. report this week that the amount of money missing from a fund from Iraqi oil proceeds is about $18.7 billion, more than the $6.6 billion reported earlier.
 parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi

The White House voiced concern over the developments, and multiple Iraqi leaders called for a national conference of the country’s political blocs to break the deadlock.
“I call for a national conference, at a time when the political process is subject to strong and dangerous shocks with undesired consequences,” parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi said in a statement.

Nujaifi, who along with Vice President Tareq al-Hashemi and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlak is a Sunni and a member of the Iraqiya bloc, warned that Iraq faced “crucial days.”

His call for talks echoed that of Massoud Barzani, president of Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region, who cautioned on Monday that “the situation is headed towards deep crisis.”

Massoud Barzani with Rice
“The ruling partnership has become threatened,” said Barzani, who in November 2010 hosted a meeting of Iraq’s leaders at which the foundations of the national unity government were laid, ending months of impasse following elections in March that year, with a cabinet eventually named on December 21.

On Monday, a five-member judicial panel issued a warrant against Hashemi on anti-terror charges, an interior ministry spokesman said. The vice president has also been banned from overseas travel.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said that the United States, whose troops completed their withdrawal from Iraq over the weekend, “have expressed our concern regarding these developments.”

“We’re urging all sides to work to resolve differences peacefully through dialogue, in a manner consistent with the rule of law and the democratic political process,” he said.

News of the warrant came with Hashemi in Kurdistan and as state broadcaster Al-Iraqiya TV aired footage showing what the interior ministry said were Hashemi’s bodyguards confessing to planning and carrying out terror attacks, and receiving funding and support from Hashemi.
At least 13 of Hashemi’s bodyguards have been detained in recent weeks, though it was unclear how many were still being held.

Hashemi’s office said only three were arrested, and has complained of “intentional harassment” in the form of a security force blockading his home for several weeks, as well as other incidents.

Iraqiya, meanwhile, said it would boycott cabinet meetings to protest Maliki’s “dictatorship,” after earlier saying it was suspending its participation in parliament.

 “This decision is based on the deterioration of the political process, and to ensure that the country will not head towards a catastrophe if Maliki’s dictatorship continues,” Mutlak, who Maliki said over the weekend should be sacked, told AFP.

Lawmakers are due to consider Maliki’s request to fire Mutlak on January 3.

Iraqiya, which holds 82 seats in the 325-member parliament and controls nine ministerial posts, has not pulled out of the national unity government.

Iraqiya, which garnered most of its support from the Sunni Arab minority and emerged with the most seats in March 2010 elections, was out-maneuvered for the premiership by Maliki who finished second in the polls.

Maliki Govt. Issues ‘Terrorism’ Arrest Warrant Against Sunni VP

Facing Coalition Collapse, Officials Seek to Arrest Top Rival

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Occupy Wall Street Protesters Day in Court



Nearly 200 people arrested during Occupy Wall Street-related protests have appeared in New York courtrooms on charges stemming from a march on the Brooklyn Bridge and a demonstration in a Rochester park.


The Elegant Symmetry of Hypocrisy



A Manhattan court ploughed through the arraignments of 161 people, most of them among the more than 700 picked up in an October 1 march that marked the biggest mass arrest of the New York protest so far.


Hundreds of other protesters arrested on the bridge and during other Occupy demonstrations in the city have already been to court, but this week’s numbers are some of the biggest.

Meanwhile, 28 Occupy Wall Street supporters asked a Rochester court to dismiss charges they violated a night-time curfew at a park. A judge set another hearing for January 12.

In Manhattan, people lined hallways and an overflow courtroom in a courthouse that handles low-level offences, with some defendants and supporters wearing their Occupy Wall Street allegiance on buttons – and in one case, a hand-painted oxford shirt.

Many had been arrested on the bridge after police said protesters ignored warnings not to leave a pedestrian path and go onto the roadway.

The demonstrators were generally charged with disorderly conduct and blocking traffic. Nearly 60 per cent took a judge’s offer to have their cases dismissed if they avoid being arrested again for six months.

Over the nearly three months since Occupy Wall Street began, New York City police have arrested more than 1200 people in connection with the demonstration.

Besides those arraigned, about 170 more have court dates later this week.

Source : The Herald Sun

Note:  For a full list of participating Occupations and more solidarity actions across the worldvisit Occupy Wall Street:

In October, demonstrations in emulation of Occupy Wall Street were held in Europe, Asia and the Americas, drawing crowds in the hundreds and the thousands.

The political impact of the movement was increasingly plain. Democrats offered cautious support and Republicans were generally critical, but both parties seemed to agree that the movement was changing public debate.

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Obama Approves Draconian Police State Law


by Stephen Lendman


Obama supports draconian FY 2012 National Defense Authorization Act provisions. Justification given is national security and war on terror hokum.

Henceforth, anyone anywhere, including US citizens, may be indefinitely held without charge or trial, based solely on suspicions, spurious allegations or none at all.

No reasonable proof is needed, just suspicions that those detained pose threats. Henceforth, indefinite detentions can follow mere membership (past or present) or support for suspect organizations.

Presidents now have unchecked dictatorial powers to arrest, interrogate and indefinitely detain law-abiding citizens if accused of potentially posing a threat.

Constitutional, statute and international laws won’t apply. Martial law will replace them if so ordered.

As a result, US military personnel anywhere in the world may arrest US citizens and others, throw them in military dungeons, and hold them indefinitely outside constitutionally mandated civil protections, including habeas rights, due process, and other judicial procedures.

In other words, presidents may order anyone arrested and imprisoned for life without charge or trial. Tyranny arrived in America. Abuse of power replaced rule of law protections.

Even someone erroneously arrested and cleared of wrongdoing could be held indefinitely without charge, given non-civil trials, none at all, or, for foreign nationals, sent abroad to torture prison hellholes.

Civil Libertarian Responses

On December 14, an ACLU press release headlined, “White House Backs Away from Defense Bill Veto Threat,” saying:

Obama “support(s) passage of the (FY2012) National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which contains harmful provisions (to) authorize the US military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians, including American citizens, anywhere in the world.”

Responding, ACLU Washington Legislative Office director Laura Murphy said:

“The president should more carefully consider the consequences of allowing this bill to become law. If (he) signs this bill, it will damage both his legacy and America’s reputation for upholding the rule of law.”

The last time Congress authorized indefinite detentions for uncharged US citizens without trial was in 1950 over Harry Truman’s veto.

The Emergency Detention Act provision of the Internal Security Act authorized incarceration for those considered likely to commit espionage or sabotage.

It was never used, then repealed by the 1971 Non-Detenton Act, stating:

“No citizen shall be imprisoned or otherwise detained by the United States except pursuant to an Act of Congress.”

At issue was never again subjecting US citizens to lawless internment the way Japanese Americans were in 1942. At the time, loyal citizens were forced into War Relocation Camps lawlessly.

Murphy faintly hoped Obama would emulate Truman. However, Senate bill sponsor Carl Levin said he insisted on subjecting US citizens to the same draconian treatment as foreign nationals. The original Senate bill excluded them. At his request, they were added.

ACLU deputy legal director Jameel Jaffer called NDAA “an awful bill….” He and other civil libertarians are outraged by its passage. Jaffer added:

This bill will “make permanent as an American law this fixture of worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial. (It’s) a bill that would further militarize counterterrorism policy.”

It’s “a bill that will make it harder to close Guantanamo. It has all the problems that we identified earlier, and it is really quite astonishing and disappointing that (Obama) is withdrawing his veto threat.”

All along, of course, it was disingenuous and hollow. As explained above, he insists on subjecting uncharged US citizens to the same draconian treatment as foreign nationals.

On December 14, the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) said:

Obama “made a choice with chilling consequences today when he announced he would not veto the NDAA despite the lack of change to provisions of the bill that make it even more difficult to shut down the prison at Guantanamo and make indefinite military detention(s) without trial a permanent feature of the US legal system.”

Throughout his tenure, Obama exceeded the worst of George Bush. Besides trashing rule of law principles and other democratic values, waging multiple imperial wars, sanctioning torture, wrecking America’s economy, and turning a blind eye to growing human need, he’s taking a major step toward institutionalizing tyranny by supporting the “indefinite detention of citizens and non-citizens alike without charge or trial….”

On December 15, Bill of Rights Day, the Senate passed NDAA following House passage on December 14. On December 16, Obama will sign it into law, in defiance of Bill of Rights protections he’ll further abrogate with his signature.

As a result, December 15 may become known as a day of infamy when tyranny replaced constitutional law.

Henceforth, no one anywhere will be safe, and there’s no place to hide.

Major Media Scoundrels for Tyranny

Notably, US media scoundrels largely ignored the bill for months. On December 14, ahead of its enactment, TheNew York Times misreported its significance by failing to explain how US citizens are affected. Instead, it discussed inconsequential language changes and quoted a White House statement, saying:

“As a result of (House/Senate conference committee changes), we have concluded that the language does not challenge or constrain the president’s ability to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists, and protect the American people, and the president’s senior advisors will not recommend a veto.”

A same day Washington Post (WP) article also ignored the bill’s draconian provisions. It quoted the same White House statement, and falsely claimed civilian authorities, not America’s military, will be authorized to make arrests on US soil.

A December 13 WP editorial also misreported, claiming US citizens won’t be subjected to military detention. In addition, like The Times and is own December 14 article, it discussed (ahead of passage) inconsequential changes while omitting explanation of constitutionally destructive draconian provisions.

Of course, no one ever accused America’s major media of being long on truth and full disclosure. In serving wealth and power, they fail on all counts by inverting truth and avoiding what journalists are supposed to do – their job.

Readers, viewers and listeners have a choice. Growing numbers exercising it by walking away.

They’re tuning out and making credible choices for real news and analysis more needed today perhaps than ever, given America’s draconian direction.

Hopefully eventually they all will before it’s too late to matter.

A Final Comment

On December 14, headlined, “Congressional Tyranny, White House Surrender,” saying:

The FY 2012 NDAA “will finish off some critical American rights under our Constitution.” Two retired four-star marine generals (Charles Krulak and Joseph Hoar) urged an Obama veto, saying:

“One provision would authorize the military to indefinitely detain without charge people suspected of involvement with terrorism, including United States citizens apprehended on American soil. Due process would be a thing of the past…”

“A second provision would mandate military custody for most terrorism suspects. It would force on the military responsibilities it hasn’t sought….for domestic law enforcement….”

“A third provision would further extend a ban on transfers from Guantanamo, ensuring that this morally and financially expensive symbol of detainee abuse will remain open well into the future.”

Other military, security, and former government officials also expressed opposition.

This law will deny US citizens due process and judicial fairness. It will let military forces become law enforcers. It will make America a police state. It will abolish constitutional freedoms besides others already lost.

This “arbitrary, open-ended dictatorial White House mandate was never subjected to even a House or Senate Committee hearing….It was rammed through by the House and Senate Armed Services Committees without the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees invoking their concurrent jurisdiction for public hearings.”

As president, Obama’s done the impossible. He’s governed worse than his fiercest critics feared, worse than Bush on domestic and foreign policies.

This law furthers destroy American freedom. Obama’s support and moral cowardice assures it.

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A Warm Winter In Pakistan Amidst The Memogate Hearing


For the first time in history, Pakistan’s military has resorted to resolving a major issue of national security through the court instead of imposing a dictatorship in haste.


by Zaki Khalid


Image Courtesy:

It is a first in the country’s history that the military establishment has not taken an issue of national security overboard by imposing the dreaded martial law.

This was notable in the past when Field Marshal Ayub Khan overthrew a civilian setup, setting the trend for three subsequent coups by Generals Yahya Khan, Zia ul Haq and Pervez Musharraf. When a coup is in the making in Pakistan, there is an eerie silence in the atmosphere and everything seems perfectly normal.

However, there is no delay in its imposition under which the ’111 Brigade’ spreads out around Islamabad’s corridors and eventually across Pakistan, taking control of corruption-filled civilian institutions and infrastructures.

This is a new milestone for Pakistan’s military that despite repeated calls by a majority of anguished and frustrated citizens in Pakistan, they have not booted out the corrupt regime which happens to be the worst yet and a direct sponsorship of the CIA. In maintaining this disciplined position, is the military displaying some sort of ‘appreciation’ for the government? That is not the case. Pakistan’s present military rulers happen to be the finest with their national popularity rankings at peak, at least more than the leaders of the numerous political parties scattered across the country on ethnic, sectarian and linguistic lines.

The Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Pervez Kayani was head of the country’s famed intelligence agency ISI during the era in which foreign insurgencies emerged such as the TTP. And DG ISI Lt. Gen. Ahmed Shuja Pasha was Chief of Military Operations, a core post in domestic security. Hence both these officials have experience in intelligence as well as the military tradecraft and know well the plans which the enemy might hatch to exploit this tussle. Track record has shown that the American objectives excelled manifold during dictatorships after which the top brass had to face the onslaught of continuous criticism and denunciation by the masses.

But that’s not the real concern Pakistan’s military rulers have. They are making precautious moves considering the fact that a direct action to rid the state of the setup will provoke massive unrest by the loyal feudal warlords and tens of thousands of their barely literate followers especially in Sindh where the ruling PPP has its stronghold and more precisely, a cult following. One such revelation finally came to the forefront when a PPP minister in Azad Kashmir district threatened that the country will face destablization if the government is subjected to pressure.

Those who have been more loyal than the king for the US include President Asif Ali Zardari and his frontman, Husain Haqqani whose wife Farahnaz Ispahani (former CNN producer and founders of VOA Urdu) is an American citizen (according to the US State Department Diplomatic List (a blue book about almost all foreign diplomats in the USA) of Spring 2011, dated, 7 April 2011). She is considered a more influential lobbyist than her somewhat innocent husband who got himself into a trap through the Memogate Scandal.

Mansoor Ijaz’ history is filled with dubiousness and half-truths, half-lies. Infact, if I may comment personally on this, he is not credible at all. Then there’s the enmity he bears for Pakistan’s military intelligence as a whole when he sits down to write vitriolic articles discussing the ISI’s alleged involvement in terrorism which are published in notable papers around the world. Their headlines keep simmering on the Western and even Indian media for days on end. Mansoor was previously never given any worthy highlight in Pakistan’s media. The recent case caught immediate attention because it comes under the fold of treason against the state which is an unpardonable sin.

Funny thing for some is why Mansoor Ijaz would “help” Pakistan’s intelligence in revealing Haqqani’s alleged role. He is certainly not aiding the ISI since he recently wrote another piece alleging that the agency’s Chief Pasha visited Arab states after the hoax Abbottabad raid vouching “support” for a coup. If that was the case, a silent coup would have been in action back then. Believe me, the military, once it has had enough, does not wait for further developments and immediately garners nationwide enforcement. But that was the past and both Kayani and Pasha are well aware a coup is what would add fuel to the fire that the US military-intelligence complex has already setup in case their civilian puppets fail: Military takeover = Planned ‘Pakistan Spring’ (rebellion) akin to the one in Egypt.

A contact in Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence highlighted that their Technical Department has some of the finest digital forensic experts who are also acclaimed data extraction specialists. We all know that the whole issue revolves around the Blackberry messages and its parent company, Research In Motion (Canada) does not allow any authority to get access to their information-monitoring encryption source codes. Except for a few minor permits after harsh action by the UAE and Indian government, R.I.M. promises secrecy for its users (intel officials claim otherwise but I’ll leave it at that for now). The ISI Chief and one of his senior subordinates met Ijaz at London to have a first-hand look at the electronic evidence. On his flight back, the DG ISI duly informed Gen. Kayani of his trip and what he browsed through.

Media analysts kept speculating why the country’s ISI Chief met with a man who has been behind the vehement wave of propaganda against the very agency he heads: “Ijaz is not the source, the evidence is”, said the official.“Take this example: If your enemy mocks you by claiming he has evidence of your accomplice being in secret cahoots against you, will you not enquire further to ascertain the truth?” In the intelligence world, one meets all sorts of individuals. After all, despite the huge walls that exist between the ISI and CIA, Panetta and Pasha did meet twice at Langley after the Raymond Davis incident. I recall a quote here, ‘Keep your friends close and your enemy closer’.

Politicians of the ruling regime in Pakistan, jolted by the increasing media focus, lashed out on TV, where one of the senior ministers Syed Faisal Raza Abidi went so far as to say that “Mansoor Ijaz is a pawn of the Mossad and RAW”. Interesting that, since the past is witness to the same ‘Mossad man’ being in communication with the late Benazir Bhutto. If this be the case, then a prominent question comes to mind: If we accept this, then keeping the memo issue aside, at least it has been established that Husain Haqqani was in good terms and contact with Mansoor Ijaz. Was a Pakistani ambassador to the US in touch with a Mossad operative?

Mansoor Ijaz does not matter at all. The man is garnering undue publicity to promote his claims of being a private and independent national security advisor for the US. His evidence though cannot be ignored. If it were pictures, they can be photoshopped as desired. But text messages and call records with complete log archives have already been verified as authentic by the ISI as mentioned in a report by The News.

I find it amusing what sort of people are coming to Haqqani’s defence: Bruce Riedel (notorious former CIA officer) who leaves no stone unturned to malign Pakistan and especially the ISI. First he defended Haqqani and then Mike Mullen himself saying, “I didn’t find that credible”.  The latest news here is that Gen. James Jones has sent an affidavit to Haqqani’s lawyer Asma Jahangir (not surprisingly a military critic herself) saying that he does not believe Husain Haqqani wrote the memo and that it was in fact “written by Mansoor Ijaz himself”.

The memo case hearing is underway at the Supreme Court of Pakistan. The government which claimed to be united with the military just recently made indirect scoffs at Kayani and Pasha since both the officials, when asked by the court to submit their statement, declared that “The memo issue is a reality and must be probed into”. Remember that included in this case is the strong claim that Husain Haqqani and Asif Zardari allegedl yhad prior information of the fake racket in Abbottabad to supposedly kill OBL, a man who already died at Tora Bora back in 2001. The event had greatly tarnished the repute and integrity of Pakistan’s security establishment. Gulf News further quoted Pasha as saying, “Access to unadulterated truth and justice is a right of the people of Pakistan, the real sovereign masters of this country”.

So we have a paradox here: Military coming out with a demand for inquiry but through a proper channel this time (judiciary) and the civilian government repeating, “This is a conspiracy against democracy!”

“Democracy my foot,” says Karam Elahi, a street vendor in Lahore and a good friend. “What does that even mean? Whatever the heck that might be, it’s eating us all. We were much better under that despicable Musharraf. These rulers are a wrath of God upon us!”

As I was browsing through mails, a reader named Zain Umar sent an interesting email. He first shared the reference of his remarks:

And he brought my attention to the lines which say (reproducing from the original where HH = Husain Haqqani and MI = Mansoor Ijaz):

05/09/2011 12:35
HH: Pls call me. I m at the Park Lane Intercon
HH: Waiting for ur call now 05/09/2011 13:37
MI:  Could access to the 3 stooges who widow the man be arranged as part of the bigger picture?

Zain asks, “Does this question by Mansoor Ijaz not infer that Husain Haqqani possibly have knowledge of three people who widowed our President? He used the word stooges, does that mean the people responsible are American-sponsored i.e. CIA?”

I never replied because I was indulged in idleness after his pointer. I had a flashback of history where a few years ago the FBI declassified files from the 50′s revealing that the gun which was used to assassinate my first Prime Minister, the charming Nawab Liaquat Ali Khan, was of a make only available to a specific lot of Pentagon officials of the time. Fast-forward time and we have a popular leader Benazir being assassinated coincidentally at the same location: Liaquat Bagh (Liaquat Park), named in honor of the ground where Liaquat Ali Khan was shot.

It is chilly in Lahore these days due to winter, but the atmosphere in the country remains warm as ever. There is a wave of heat fluctuating now and then with the developments of the memo case that are unveiled in the media after every few hours in the form of flashing headlines and commentary by various politicians. I am not interested in politics and political parties at all since I consider all to be beautified garbage in some way or the other (pardon me for the bluntness). But this issue is important: It is a matter of national security.

If a wretched Israeli army man tells me someday, “Mossad was involved in 9/11”, will I not investigate further or just shut him up for being a Zionist?

I heartily commend and congratulate the security establishment of Pakistan for the level of maturity and discipline they are exhibiting in all this confusion. The prevailing social media trends in Pakistan reflect the full support which the military and intelligence have against all impending developments. One thing is sure though, as I mentioned in my first VT column, “There will be no martial law”.

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