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It’s a Win-Win Situation!


Gilad Atzmon


It was a few years ago that I grasped that Zionism was just one manifestation of Jewish political power in the West. But at the time, hardly anyone was either brave or stupid enough to tackle the topic. In spite of Israel defining itself as the ‘Jewish State’, despite the fact that the warplanes that dropped their bombs on Palestinian civilians were covered in Jewish symbols, still no one was willing to openly ask exactly what Jewishness was all about or what it stood for – and those few who did dare to raise the question were subject to total abuse until they took cover or just faded away.

It’s also been clear for quite a while that many Palestinian solidarity activists, intellectuals and academics have been begging for recognition from mainstream Western institutions. For obvious reasons, many of us have been fearful of open confrontation with exponents of Zionist power, whether mainstream Zionist media organisations or even those AZZ (Anti Zionist Zionists) who have managed to lodge themselves so comfortably within our ranks.

But recently things have changed and the popularity of my book The Wandering Who’ (TWW) is just one example of that clear shift in consciousness. Somehow, we have lost our fear, somehow we have found the courage to say what we know to be the truth.

I’ve been engaged with Jewish identity politics issues for over a decade now but it was  back in 2003 that I realised that total and uncompromised opposition to any form Jewish of identity politics was the only way forward. I also realised that I might be able to expose the framework of Jewish political infrastructure, not only within Israel but also within Zionist organisations, Western politics, Western media and the so-called Jewish ‘anti Zionist’ network.  And it didn’t take long to realize I was in a true win-win situation. If they managed to destroy me, it would merely prove my point about their overwhelming influence but if they failed to neutralize me, that could only mean that Jewish power was disintegrating – which was exactly what I set out to achieve.

Three month ago I published TWW – a compilation of my thinking and probably one of the most damning criticisms of Jewish identity politics-left, right and centre – ever. Needless to say, all hell broke loose.

Since late September, I’ve been chased and harassed by just about every possible exponent of Jewish power and advocate of Israel and Zionism. The ADL, The Jewish Chronicle, The Simon Wiesenthal Center, the crypto-Zionist ‘anti’ racist Hope not HateAlan Dershowitz the Zionist mouthpiece and veteran IDF concentration camp guard Jeffrey Goldberg. Suimilarly, Ynet, Islamophobic Harry’s Place, The Board of Deputies of British Jews – all have worked closely together in a desperate attempt to bring down both my book and myself. But they were not alone. As I suggest in TWW there is a clear continuum between Zionism and Jewish ‘anti’ Zionism and certain elements within the Left. The Hasbara campaign against me was joined by the so called Jewish ‘anti’ Zionists aka AZZ and even by a few of Zionism’s Sabbath Goyim such as one Richard Seymour (for some reason convinced he is the true reincarnation of Lenin).

The Book Burners

Each morning brought a new assault. First, they mounted pressure on my publisher to pull the book. But Zero is made of sterner stuff. Even when ten of their authors threatened to leave, Zero held firm. But this initial failure did not damp the Zionists’ enthusiasm – in fact they stepped up the campaign. Now they tried to stop my talks and concerts, even campaigning against music festivals around the world. Of course again they failed but again they didn’t stop. Desperately they tried to halt the distribution of the book. In vain, they begged my growing list of endorsers to retract.  But again, in each and every turn, they failed.

I was rather encouraged by their relentless attempts. The more they campaigned, the more copies were sold, the more they harassed, the more people realised how accurately the book  describes the Jewish political continuum and the uglier their tactics were, the more people joined me.

The fact is, neither my publisher nor myself has spent a penny on promotion. We left our entire promotional campaign in the safe hands of the Jewish Chronicle, Jeffrey Goldberg, AZZ and Alan Dershowitz – and they did not disappoint. So far, the book has sold thousands. It has been read by most English-speaking Palestinian solidarity and anti war activists and within a year, the book will be available in most European languages. But best of all, the orchestrated Jewish campaign has proved beyond any doubt the accuracy of every single point made in the book about Jewish identity politics.

But, one wonders, why did they fail? Is it possible that Dershowitz and the Board of Deputies of British Jews are totally blind to the consequences of their actions? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Self-blindness is inherent to supremacist identity politics. As Deir Yassin Remembered’s Paul Eisen recently wrote, “You are so busy being clever that you’ve forgotten to look into the eyes of the other”. And this blindness has so often had catastrophic results. For as much as Jewish politics is fuelled by Jewish suffering, it is, at the same time, totally blind to the circumstances that has caused Jewish history to be characterized by an endless chain of shoas.

But also they failed because, quite simply, the tide has changed. We now experience an ever-growing fatigue with Jerusalemite lies and the Zionification of both our cultural life and political  discourse. We want to reinstate the spirit of Athens – those precious notions of pluralism, universalism and ethics  – not the Old Testament’s  interventionist ‘righteousness’ explored by different ‘ways of deception’ known to us all as ‘Hasbara’.

So, TWW spreads like a forest fire, not because it’s particularly innovative but because it discusses those matters with which each of us has been concerned for a very long time. We say now enough is enough. We do not wish to hear again and again about antisemitism, the holocaust and the primacy of Jewish suffering – It is actually Islamophobia and the Palestinian shoa about which we all care.

My many detractors are afraid that the popularity of TWW will lead to a shift in the Palestinian solidarity discourse. They obviously don’t get it. It’s actually the other way around. The popularity of TWW is but a manifestation of that very shift within our discourse. So, rather than compromising, and searching desperately for that least offensive way to put it, activists and intellectuals are now competing for who can say it most ‘like it is’. We are there to touch raw nerves. Our world is in a volatile state and if we want to save it, we’d better say what we think – we’d better call a spade a spade.

Jews are of course most welcome in our rapidly changing movement – theyare precious to us and we are responsible for them too. But let’s be clear: we need no Kosher stamp. Gatekeeping is a thing of the past. No longer will their Hasbara campaign be tolerated. So rather than try to steer us, Jews must march with us.

We are indeed in a win-win situation. And it’s all because we know that truth is on our side.


The Wandering Who-A Study of Jewish Identity Politics  or

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The Piper Report Radio Show

The Piper Report Dec 20, 2011

by crescentandcross

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Media ‘ignores’ Jewish angle to Newt Gingrich bribery Scandal…

Among other important items dealing with the destruction of our world.


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Who’s Afraid of Women’s Song?


The following is a testimony of one of the women, out of the 23 activists, who were arrested in this week’s Nabi Saleh demonstration (above video). This demonstration was the first after Mustafa Tamimi’s murder. It was extremely brutal, which is a relative term, considering the continuous repression that the demonstrations against the apartheid wall face, and the village of Nabi Saleh in particular.

Out of the 23 activists, many were physically assaulted while handcuffed behind their backs, as Mohammed Khatib, one of the leaders of the Bil’in popular committee, describes in his own testimony. Mustafa Tamimi’s sister, Ola, who was prevented from being with her brother as he took his last breaths, was pepper sprayed in the eyes, from a few centimeters away. And another handcuffed woman was slapped with the back of the hand of a passing male settler, when she expressed objection to him assaulting Khatib and taking pictures. These are just a few of the testimonies that were published and taped, we still don’t have a complete story of this particular demonstration, and many other stories will be lost in the clouds of gas.

Testimony of Sahar M. Vardi:

A few minutes before I was arrested in Nabi Saleh on Friday, we walked next to the soldiers. I walked pretty close to them as they progressed in the direction of the road, mostly because I knew that the other soldiers won’t fire tear gas near these soldiers- a sort of reversed “Neighbor Procedure“. In short, I walked, and I don’t remember if at this point I was talking with them, or not. I think I was. I think I asked them why they’re there? And if they feel they’re protecting anything, or anyone, or me? And then one of the soldiers turned to me and asked: “How big is the Arab cock you’re getting?”

Answers were running in my head, some, if not all, we’re at the levels of his question. And no, I don’t answer, and it’s better not to answer. I have nothing to gain from it, I’ll speak only with myself, if I say anything at all.

And still it echos in my head all this time. It doesn’t hurt me. It doesn’t disturb me on that level. Or maybe it does. It hurts me not as “me”, but as a woman- a political woman. It hurts me because, as I later explained to the interrogator, at that point when he asks “do you have anything to add?” and I did have something to add. I’d like to add that one of the soldiers asked me: “How big is the Arab cock that I’m getting”. And the interrogator stopped, a bit struck. Less struck from the fact that a soldier had actually said that, but rather struck from the fact that I said it. So he asked why I said it? And I knew that he would ask, and had a ready reply and answered him. But fuck, what do you mean why am I saying this? Why did he say this?!

So here’s the explanation that I gave the interrogator as to why it bothered me so much, and why I need to file a sexual harassment complaint, if I identify the soldier: Because this soldier, with one sentence that- to him- was just an insult and nothing more, took away from me- as a woman- every thought of freedom of choice, every option of being a political being, of having stances, thoughts and ideas of my own. I’m an instrument. I’m an instrument in the hands, thoughts, or bed of a man. That’s what I know, that’s how thoughts, ideas and ideologies come to be in my head. I’m a woman- I’m a sexual object – and everything that I do, including protest, is the result of a man that turns me into an object. I’m a woman, I’m a sexual object of the soldier or the Arab- ours or the enemy’s- but either way, no matter what side I lay with, their cock, is what determines my opinions and my thoughts. Their size is what determines if I demonstrate here, or enlist there.

So this is what peeved me so much. That with one sentence, and without even thinking about it, this soldier put me back in the place of the object without will, other than his sexuality. An object that must be his property, or an instrument of his occupation. Of course size will determine what this instrument will be, and all its thoughts, ideas and acts- at the end of it all- are determined by one thing: Cock.

Last thought: Though Sahar describes what she went through as “sexual harassment”, I contend that because the man who had harassed her was holding a gun, this is in fact “sexual assault.” This is a common occurrence for women facing soldiers in demonstrations and should be called by its name.

Originally posted by Tali Shapiro on the Pulsemedia website

Update about Sausan and Amal, 2 Palestinian Girls Arrested as their Home was Demolished

Our last Villages Group post reported the demolition of structures, including homes and a mosque, in the Palestinian village of Al-Mufaqara (also known as Umm-Faqra) in southern West Bank.

The destruction was perpetrated on November 24 by Israeli civilian contractors (see here for a brief report in Ha’aretz). They were hired by the deceptively named “Civil Administration” – an arm of Israel’s military Occupation apparatus which poses as a legitimate governing body. The name “Civil Administration” was invented deliberately in the 1980′s by then-defense minister Ariel Sharon, in order to confuse and confound people about this body’s true nature. Its main business these days seems to be to harass, refuse permits, and eventually destroy property belonging to Palestinians, in order to “clear” them out of West Bank areas that Israel wants to eventually annex.

The civilian contractors and deceptively-named “Civil Administration” thugs were accompanied by ordinary IDF soldiers. As can be seen in the video below, throughout the demolition neither contractors, nor CA thugs, nor IDF soldiers, acted or looked like people under any form of threat or duress.

That did not stop them from arresting and carting off two female Palestinian youth: 21-year-old Sausan Hamamdeh and her 17-year-old cousin Amal. Some of the events around and immediately after their arrest are in the video, around minutes 1:30-3:00. The video was filmed by Guy Batavia, activist with Ta’ayush and Rabbis for Human Rights.


Amal and Rasha (Sausan’s sister) gave us a detailed account of the arrest: during the demolition Sausan was stressed, realizing her home was about to be demolished without the women of the family having a chance to remove its contents. According to the present Israeli procedure of house demolitions, the removal of the house contents is carried out only by a contractor’s firm hired for this purpose. Sausan’s attempt to force her way into her home to clear out belongings led to her being pepper-sprayed in the eyes by one of the soldiers, and to her arrest.

Amal was arrested as she tried to provide Sausan a water bottle to relieve the stinging in her eyes. Water from the bottle squirted out and wet the soldier who was preventing Amal from giving Sausan the bottle, and that was the reason for Amal’s arrest.

Sausan (image on right) and Amal were then taken by army jeep to the police station at Kiryat Arba settlement.During the ride one of the soldiers in the jeep tried to sexually harass Amal and also kicked her in the belly.


After the interrogation at the Kiryat Arba police station, Sausan and Amal were driven to Jerusalem where they were placed in detention at the infamous “Russian Compound” detention center. Conditions at the facility (which they shared with another inmate) were very severe – it was a very cold week in Jerusalem and the room had an air conditioner that was cooling rather than heating the place.

Repeated requests by the women to turn it off were refused by their jailers. Amal’s stay in this room lasted five days, whereas Sausan spent a whole week there (she said it felt like a year).

On November 28th the two youngsters appeared at the Occupation’s kangaroo military court in the Ofer base. We have a full account of the proceedings, thanks to a Machsom Watch volunteer being present. Here are a few excerpts:

…the charge [for both girls] is: attacking a soldier. While the representatives of the Civil Administration, together with soldiers and Border Police came to demolish her house, Sausan picked up a stone [later described as a ‘rock’] and hit a BP officer on the hand. Sausan was arrested. Then Amal came on the scene and poured water on the officer.

This is the prosecution’s version. A CPT observer who was on the scene issued quite a different report (.doc file):

The second family’s [whose home was destroyed] 21-year-old daughter confronted the Israeli soldiers when they marched into their home and began throwing the bedding outside. When she asked what they were doing, one soldier said, “Get out of my sight.” The daughter refused; in response, the soldier threatened, “If you don’t move, we will do even more,” and sprayed her in the face with tear gas. The other solders began kicking her as she fell to the ground.

…The 21-year-old’s cousin, who is 17, tried to bring her water to soothe her eyes. The soldiers arrested them both…

The Machsom Watch account continues:

The prosecution agreed to Amal’s release that day (perhaps because she is a minor, or because squirting a soldier with water is not such a serious violation) in return for a 4000 shekel deposit. The defense explained that Amal cannot afford to pay such a sum: she is the daughter of a destitute shepherd, and besides, her house has been destroyed.

The judge’s decision: He’s willing to consider reduced bail, plus third person Israeli guarantor (me) to insure that the defendant shows up for a hearing, should one take place on 21.12.11. …The judge also ordered the Prison Authorities to provide Sausan with a coat, after seeing the girls shiver, since they were wearing the same clothes they were arrested in 4 days earlier.

I wondered how the released underage girl was going to get home that day, with no money and no proper clothes. My concern proved well founded: She was released from the Russian Compound detention center in the evening. An Israeli friend of the family who inquired where he could pick her up was told to wait for her at Qalandiya Checkpoint [north of Jerusalem]. The man waited for 5 hours only to learn later that the girl had been released at Bethlehem Checkpoint [south of Jerusalem]. Amal reached home at 10 PM.

In the end, Sausan was released on Thursday evening [Dec. 1]. This time two activists waited for her at Bethlehem Checkpoint to drive her home. But they waited in vain, because she was released at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem (thus turning her into an “Illegal infiltrator” into Israel). A taxi driver took her home.

Today, Monday December 19, Sausan’s case reached a verdict. As usual in the Occupation’s kangaroo-court system, it is based on a plea bargain, whose terms are negotiated based on whatever confessions or negative testimonies the interrogators managed to get out of the defendant, vs. the level of success by the defense to demonstrate how ridiculous the original charges were (Occupation charge-sheets are invariably inflated). In Sausan’s case, the overall balance yielded a relatively mild outcome. Ehud just emailed me the verdict (pdf file, Hebrew).

I sentence the defendant to:

A. 8 days arrest, as many as she had already spent imprisoned.
B. One month arrest in the event she repeats the offense within two years.
C. A monetary fine of NIS 3,000, to be taken out of the bail posted on behalf of the defendant…

So Sausan is back home. A proper court would have thrown out the case, based on abuse in custody, lack of access to legal counsel when a (partially retracted) confession was elicited from the defendant, conflicting testimonies of the event, and several other reasons. The heavy-handedness in treating Sausan and Amal stands in glaring contradiction to the numerous assaults on soldiers by the Israeli settlers whose interests these soldiers serve – assaults that usually go unpunished. We should also call out the routine dirty trick of over-arresting and over-charging Palestinians, which then helps the judges of these kangaroo courts appear enlightened when they encourage more lenient plea bargains – when in fact, the judges have not lifted a finger towards carrying out their duties of overseeing true justice and guiding a search for the truth about events.

The fine, and the lawyer’s fees, are a very steep sum for the Hamamdeh family to pay. But at least Sausan is home and facing a relatively benign fine. Moreover, the charges against her 17-year old Amal are now almost certain to be dropped.

Finally: this story has struck a chord among people in Israel’s social-justice activism community, shinining a light upon the woeful injustice in Occupation in general and South Hebron Hills in particular, and inspiring solidarity action among female activists. Last week, after reading Ehud’s account of Sausan and Amal’s arrest on the Rabbis for Human Rights website, several organizers of this summer’s mass rallies in Israel for social justice visited the region with Villages Group activists. They filmed an interview with Sausan, and decided to take further action.

These activists are organizing a fundraising concert on Sausan’s behalf, on December 28 2011, 8:30 PM, at Beit Ha’am, in Rotschild Avenue Tel Aviv – the epicenter of the summer’s protests and the resulting movement. Top-notch Israeli Singer-songwriter Rona Keinan, a consistently brave and outspoken voice for justice and human rights in Israel-Palestine, has already pledged to appear. Emerging musician Ruth Dolores-Weiss will also appear. We will post an update about the event within a few days.

(crossposted from the Villages Group blog)

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The Freemasons & Ahmediyya Connection


Late in the 1970’s the New Age Movement (sub movement of Freemasons) emerged from its closed circles and started propagating its ideology to the world. The New Age Movement is closely associated with the concept of a New World Order, which in fact is part of it. The movement and its doctrine by now has become so common that everybody considers it normal day to day business: the world as a Global Village. World Religions Conferences. Working towards establishing a World Government, towards uniting the world religiously, politically, economically, and socially.

But is it all as innocent as it seems?

The New Age Movement has its roots in ancient history, although the revival of New Age as we know it today, is anchored in 1860-1890, in the work of a Russian born Madame Helena Blavatsky (1831-1891). See also “The Ahmadiyya Movement: The British-Jewish Connection”, by Bashir Ahmad M.A.(Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, USA), chapter one. The crucial role of Helena Blavatsky can best be illustrated with the following quote:

“… Madame Blavatsky … stands out as the fountainhead of modern occult thought, and was either the originator and/or popularizer of many of the ideas and terms which have a century later been assembled within the New Age Movement. The Theosophical Society, which she cofounded, has been the major advocate of occult philosophy in the West and the single most important avenue of Eastern teaching to the West.”
(J. Gordon Melton, Jerome Clark and Aidan A. Kelly, editors, New Age Almanac, Detroit, Michigan, Gale Research Inc., 1991, p. 16, quoted in the Blavatsky archives on-line)


Bejamin Creme writes:

“The externalization of the Hierarchy actually started as far back as 1860. Certain disciples came in, such as H.P. Blavatsky and others, who have been releasing to the world the New Age teachings. I don’t mean just the occult teaching. I mean new ideas of philosophy, of politics, of economics, etc. ”
(Frequently Asked Questions, version 9 April 2000, website Indo-Paksitani Maitreya Share International)

“As humanity matures, further aspects of this previously hidden knowledge are released in a wider, more open manner. Throughout the last 100 years, the Ageless Wisdom Teachings have been communicated through individuals such as Helena Blavatsky, founder of the Theosophical Society”
(The Ageless Wisdom Teachings — in brief, Humanity’s spiritual legacy, ind-Pakistani Maitreya, Share International

Blavatsky asserted to receive revelations and commands directly from a Spiritual Master, with whom she had telepathic contact and offered herself as a medium to higher (demonic) powers that worked through her. She was used to present to the world a new presentation of the age-oldTheosophia “The accumulated Wisdom of the ages, tested and verified by generations of Seers…,” “that body of Truth of which religions are but as branches of the parent tree”. In The Secret Doctrine Blavatsky writes:

“The teachings in these volumes belong neither to the Hindy, the Zoroastrian, the Chaldean, nor to Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, nor Christianity exclusively. The Secret Doctrine is the essence of all these. Sprung from it in their origins, the various religious schemes are now made to merge back into their original element, out of which every mystery and dogma has grown, developed, and become materialized.”

Let it be noted here, that this Madame Blavatsky traveled extensively. In the 1850s and 1870s she visited India repeatedly (also visited Kashmir) while undergoing her occult training and she established various contacts there.

In 1875 Madame goes to New York and founds the

Theosophic Society there, as an instrument to promulgate the ancient teachings of Theosophy, or the Wisdom concerning the Divine which had been the spiritual basis of other great movements of the past, such as Neo-Platonism, Gnosticism, and the Mystery-Schools of the Classical world. The society insists that it is not offering a new system of thought but merely underscoring certain universal concepts of God, nature, and humanity that have been known to wise men in all ages and that may be found in the teachings of all the great religions. One of the society’s most controversial claims concerns the existence of a brotherhood of Great Masters, who, it is asserted, have perfected themselves and are directing the spiritual evolution of humanity. This is reflected in the New Age writings:

“The Masters of Wisdom, together forming the Spiritual Hierarchy, are the custodians of the Divine Plan for this planet. They have inspired all the great human achievements, working from behind the scenes through their disciples in every field of endeavor”
(The Ageless Wisdom Teachings — in brief, Humanity’s spiritual legacy, Share International)

The major publications of Helena Blavatsky are Isis Unveiled in 1877 and the earlier mentioned The Secret Doctrine (1888).

The time wasn’t considered ready yet to go public with this doctrine, and her Master instructed her that the doctrine must remain secret for 100 years, time during which only a close circle was to be informed and was to prepare everything:

  • “There has been preparation going on for many years. The externalization of the Hierarchy actually started as far back as 1860. Certain disciples came in, such as H.P.Blavatsky and others, who have been releasing to the world the New Age teachings. I don’t mean just the occult teaching
    (Frequently Asked Questions, website Indo-Pakistani Maitreya, Share International)

  • “In 1922, therefore, he inaugurated the New Group of World Servers, which is the most important group existing in the world, although it has no outer form or organization. Each member of it is related subjectively (i.e. on the inner, soul level) to Hierarchy; they know and understand the Plan and their part in it. On the outer plane there are two groups: one large group, unaware of their subjective link with Hierarchy and working only under impression from the Masters; the other, a small inner nucleus which works consciously on the outer plane under the direct supervision of the Masters. Made up of men and women of all levels of society, the New Group of World Servers has members in every country in the world, without exception. . They are to be found in the educational, political, economic and scientific fields. …. The New Group of World Servers forms a bridging group between humanity and Hierarchy.It is several million strong today. ”
    (Frequently Asked Questions, website Indo-Pakistani Maitreya, Share International)

New Age: a world wide movement to establish the New World Order:

Shortly after 1975, a century after this whole preparation started, the New Age Movement started to go public. What is New Age? What is New Age? In “New Age Reforms”, Prof. J.S. Malan, University of the North, South Africa, writes:

“The New Age objective is … to unite all religions in an alliance of world religions. In association with demonic doctrines such as evolution, reincarnation, metaphysics, parapsychology, astrology, pantheism and socialism, all faiths and philosophies must revert to their common Luciferian origin. In this way, unity can be achieved in the world and all people’s lives be ordered according to the same principles.”

The dominant unity syndrome of the New Age Movement is the motivating power behind various actions by a whole network of organisations that all endeavour to create a new, integrated social order on earth, lead by one world government, with one world monetary system.

Various core, middle and front organisations are said to be active in promoting and establishing the New World Order of which this Maitreya will be declared the leader some time soon now.

  1. Core organisations that are mentioned in various sources are Luciferic of nature. Their final objective is to worship Lucifer and to subject the entire world to his direct authority. We quote:Middle organisations

    At the middle level, there is a world-wide network of organisations. Most of these hide their occult nature and operate behind names such as the Universal God of All Faiths, masters of wisdom, cosmic consciousness, etc. They promote practises and concepts that are favourable for the transition to and acceptance of a new world order.

    In “New Age Reforms” Prof. J.S. Malan, University of the North, South Africa lists a series of organisations at this level:Tara,  (lower graders of) 
    The Freemasons, World Future Society, The Association for Humanistic Psychology, the New Group of World Servers, the Theosophical Society, the World Council of Wise Persons, the Club of Rome, the Humanistic Movement, Global 2000, various Eastern meditation cults, the Astrological Society, as well as a number of peace movements and ecological groups of which it is quite possible that there are several who have no idea of the real nature of the doctrine they are advancing.


    • “The true light of Lucifer cannot be seen through sorrow, through darkness, through rejection. The true light of this great being can only be recognised when one’s own eyes can see with the light of the Christ, the light of the inner sun. Lucifer works within each of us to bring us to wholeness. As we move into a new age, which is the age of man’s true wholeness and Unity, each one of us gets to the point in our lives where we must receive a Luciferic initiation. Through this experience we enter the phase of light and wholeness in our lives.”

      (Reflections on the Christ, by David Sprangler (head of Planetary Citizens, a leading New Age organisation)

    • “Question: Do you accept the interpretation of Lucifer as the Fallen Angel of evil? Answer: No, I do not. I think this is a complete misunderstanding of Lucifer by Christian teaching. The name ‘Lucifer’ means, literally, ‘light’. The word comes from the Latin root: lux, lucis — light; and fer, ferre — to bring. It means, therefore, light-bringing and is the name of the planet Venus as the morning star. Far from being evil, it is pure light. In the esoteric teaching, Lucifer is the name for the great angelic Entity who embodies the human kingdom on the soul plane. “

      (Indo-Pakistani Maitreya’s teachings on religion, Share International)

    In “New Age Reforms” Prof. J.S. Malan, University of the North, South Africa lists a series of organisations at this level: the top three grades of Freemasonry, the Illuminati, and other secret societies, Planetary Citizens, Lucis Trust (formerly called Lucifer Publishing Co.). All these give open recognition to Lucifer. There also is the Planetary Initiative for the World we Choose, under the leadership of David Spangler. He is also the head of Planetary Citizens.


  2. Front organisations

    A large number of organisations support the New Age doctrine. These organisations all advance its ideologies of globalism, religious unity, and the use of cosmic powers to attain a higher level of consciousness. Among these front organisations Prof. J.S. Malan, University of the North, South Africa, mentions: “Eastern religions, the Roman Catholic Church, ecumenical bodies such as the World Alliance of Reformed Churches, the World Council of Churches, the World Parliament for Religions, and the World Conference on Religion and Peace, the United Nations with its agencies, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, several large bankers and multinational companies, the CFR, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as well as governments, political movements, educational institutions, and influential media groups that can strongly influence public opinion.”

These  are establishing the New World Order of which this Maitreya will be declared the leader some time soon now.Freemasonic involvement shows that to some extend this Maitreya is actullyDajjal i.e the Anti-Christ. 

Other sources make a link with nazist ideologies (nazism = national socialism, where in this case the nation is the world). The Maitreya teachings mention the Holy Grail, which is what Hilter also based his religious legitimation on, although they add that their use of among others the Swastika is meant to restore it in its original meaning. Which illustrates how with their discours they present something occult as something good.

Characteristic for this whole New Age Movement, is the New World Order, interfaith initiatives, etc. And one of the various symbols that are often used by such organisations is the broken cross.

The New Age Movement also targets the media-, educational-, and recreational worlds. The new interest in cosmic conscience, astrology and paranormal phenomenae has reached the universities and many now recognise disciplines such as hollistic medicine. Hospitals also recognise “healers” who use “alternative” mystical psycho-techniques. Management seminars use techniques from the same pool: meditation, relaxation exercises, etc. The entertainment industry brings movies, videos and games and entertainment parks with concepts, personages and stories anchored in New Age thinking.

In other words, our societies are being prepared to accept the concept of the New World Order:

“He (=the Maitreya) will fulfil that mission if we respond to the need of the time, which is the transformation of society
(Frequently Asked Questions, Indo-Pakistani Maitreya, Share International)

Let us re-iterate here that this New Age Movement that is so widespread today, has its roots in the revival of ancient occult thoughts and the occult “revelations” of Helena Blavatsky, whose teachings were to remain secluded for a century. And indeed, a hundred years later, in the 1970s, the New Age Movement started going public. In 1977, the Maitreya Mission was founded and the Maitreya started writing down his revelations. He has been publishing them since 1982 and has been giving several lectures. He will be presented to the entire world as The Maitreya: the Messiah for the Jews, the Christ for the Christians, the Buddha for the Buddhists, the Imam Mahdi for the Muslims, the Krishna of the Hindus.

Ahmadiyya remains quiet about the Maitreya. The Maitreya remains quiet about Ahmadiyya. And yet the Maitreya fishes in the same pond as Ahmadiyya – they are both after the same kind of spiritual and world leadership. They target the same public and focus on the same job. This mutual silence is quite remarkable, to say the least. Unless of course Ahmadiyya and the movement around Maitreya are the same or plan a future merger of their audiences?

The role of Ahmadiyya in this whole New Age / New World Order:

In the most minimalistic scenario, the role of Ahmadiyya in this whole New World Oder/New Age concept, appears to have been to prepare Muslims for the acceptance of a World Teacher by trying to break the seal of prophethood and the finality of the Quranic teachings through the introduction of a new prophet with new revelations, a new prophet who claimed, completely in line with the occult Theosophy of Helena Blavatsky, that he was the unifier of all religions: the Krishna, the Christ, the Mahdi, Messiah, Imam Mahdi, Jesus (as), Muhammad (saw), all united in his person. He claimed to be everybody and everything, with the remarkable and striking exception of being the Maitreya.

That claim he did not make. Why? Because it was all part of the Plan designed more than 130 years ago that by now the Maitreya would arise. His task was not to be the new World Teacher, it was to break the resistence against such a World Teacher in Islam. If one billion Muslims would stick to the seal of prophethood and finality of the revelation, the idea of a New World Order wouldn’t stand a chance. Mirza’s task was to break the seal of prophethood and the finality of the Quran, thus paving the road for the Maitreya who was scheduled to emerge a century later.

Whereas the New Age Movement in the West specifically targets the Christian societies to prepare them to accept a “cosmic Christ”, Ahmadiyya fits in perfectly as it prepares Islam for the acceptance of the same principle. Once the Muslims can be brought to embrace Ahmadiyya, the step from what then would be considered an “Islamic” Movement to a World Wide New Age Movement would be very small. Is it a coincidence that at a moment in time when organisations like the Parliament for World Religions have interfaith conferences, Ahmadiyya also organizes all these interfaith conferences, where other religions are invited, and then the Ahmadiyya doctrine is introduced as the next logical step?

The split in the Ahmadiyya Movement is a most convenient vehicle to force a change: the “extreme” Qadiani group functions as focal point about which the opposition can vent its frustration, while the flexible Lahore group quietly makes the Ahmadiyya doctrine acceptable by denying half of the claims of Mirza Ghulam. It isn’t because they deny these claims that he didn’t make them though. Yet while the Qadianis try to break the seal of prophethood in a forceful way, the Lahoris pepare Islam for the Maitreya with the soft approach, a charm offensive to sweettalk Muslims into accepting the Ahmadiyya doctrine of which most don’t even know what exactly it is. It is an often used strategy to force change: one group takes an extreme stand. The other group moves to the center and tries to reconcile the opposition into a compromise, a compromise which in one go makes the doctrine acceptable.


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Former Israeli general: Provoke a settler attack, then shoot the ‘Jewish terrorist’

Dec 19, 2011

Allison Deger

uri sabuy
Former IDF general Uri Saguy. (Photo: Niv Calderon/Ynetnews)

Responding to the recent settler attack on army base, a former IDF general has said the government should provoke an attack from settlers and then shoot the “Jewish terrorist.”  Retired general Uri Saguy wrote an op-ed in Ynetnews last week, slamming the IDF and Netanyahu for not taking harsher action.

Prompted by Netanyahu’s refusal to term the violent settlers responsible for the recent attack of a mosque and IDF base, and IDF commander, as “terrorist,” Saguy denounced Netanyahu for his lack of “leadership,” and suggested provoking a “confrontation” and then shooting the settlers.

In the absence of leadership, we may have to facilitate a confrontation and win it. As the people who ruin us hail from our midst, we must take action. I fear these domestic threats more than I fear the Iranian threat. At this time, we are in the midst of a messianic, delusional process that is violent, belligerent, intolerant, and also un-Jewish. [emphasis added]

Saguy writes, “the rioters who attacked IDF soldiers resorted to terror, and terror should be addressed firmly.”  Saguy insinuates fears that secular Israelis will become “a persecuted minority in a sea of haredim, fanatics, Arabs and parasites.”  In order to avoid being taken over by these parasidic settlers and Palestinians, the general calls for “real force,” stating “I would have shot them. Terrorists should be shot.”

Israeli philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz. (Photo: Gabi Menashe/Ynet)

The general sees this rise in Jewish extremism as part of what Israeli anti-occupation and Orthodox Jewish intellectual Yeshayahu Leibowitz forshadowed, following the 1967 occupation of the Palestinian territories.  Leibowitz, a staunch supporter of a secular state, and a staunch supporter of the literal, unquestioning practice of Jewish law, halacha, predicted that the continued occupation of Palestinian lands would lead to the downfall of Israel.  Saguy writes:

While I still served in the IDF, I invited Professor Yeshayahu Leibowitz to address my soldiers in the wake of the Six-Day War. He sounded like a prophet of apocalypse, yet to my regret I can today fully endorse his prophecy, which spoke of three phases to follow that war.

In the first stage, he said, we shall see euphoria, upon our return to our ancient sites. Next, we shall see the emergence of messianic, radical and dangerous nationalism. In the third stage, we shall see Israeli society becoming more brutal and the emergence of a police state.

Leibowitz imagined a corruption of halacha, brutality against Palestinians, and a rise in the Israeli right-wing. However, the IDF general misses Leibowitz’s  famous and controversial “prophetic” characterization of the IDF as “Judeo-Nazi,” when he suggests provoking a “confrontation” with the settlers, in which the army will “shoot the terrorist.”

Eldar: ethnocentrism has called on religious and secular alike

Dec 19, 2011

Nima Shirazi

Akiva Eldar
Akiva Eldar

Writing in Ha’aretz today, veteran journalist Akiva Eldar argues that “Israel can be Jewish without being racist,” but admits that, in Israel, “there is no wall separating the religious from the secular.”

He writes, “Jewish ethnocentrism – and the desire to erase the collective identity of the Palestinians and take control of their land – have been a thread linking religious and secular over the past 44 years.”

Eldar is appalled by settlers, especially the so-called “hilltop youth,” who he calls “thugs” and “young Jewish terrorists.” He also condemns recent Knesset legislation:

The most racist legislative proposals have been the product of Knesset members such as Avigdor Lieberman, Avi Dichter, Danny Danon, Yariv Levin, Faina Kirshenbaum and Anastassia Michaeli, none of whom have religious motives.

He concludes thusly:

At the end of a meeting held last week with rabbis and settlement leaders, President Shimon Peres said: “There is one thing that unites us all: not abandoning this country to a group of people who constitute a major danger to the existence of the state.”


Mr. President, it is not a marginalized “group of people” that constitutes the major danger to the existence of Israel as a democratic and Jewish state, rather than a racist and Jewish one. The seeds of lawlessness were sowed by good secular people like you.

In the past, Eldar has recognized that the story begins in 1948, not 1967. He wrote, commendably, that his “primary mission is to leave behind for my children and grandchildren a state that is loyal to these principles and values. The occupation of a people, while denying its basic rights, robbing its lands and trampling its dignity, is turning us Israelis into prisoners–prison guards spend a significant part of their lives behind prison walls.”

He went on:

Occupation does not have two sides. There is no symmetry between the occupier and the occupied. This is true even if the occupied fight the occupier with despicable and contemptuous methods. The problem of mainstream politicians and journalists in Israel–including the Zionist left–is that for years, present day included, they have accepted the conversion of the occupation into an annexation process.

And that was written before Cast Lead.

Klein: Ron Paul is surging because he opposes another neocon war for Israel

Dec 19, 2011

Philip Weiss

Joe Klein
Joe Klein

Joe Klein is great. Full stop. He hated the Vietnam war and then he hated the Iraq war and had more courage than any other journalist in the mainstream, to nail it back in ’03 as a war for Israel’s security. He says it again here. And Klein is a liberal Zionist! He understands the importance of Ron Paul, who NPR says is at the top of the latest Iowa polls. Why? Because he’s antiwar!

Iowa Republicans are not neoconservatives. Ron Paul has gained ground after a debate in which his refusal to join the Iran warhawks was front and center. Indeed, in my travels around the country, I don’t meet many neoconservatives outside of Washington and New York. It’s one thing to just adore Israel, as the evangelical Christians do; it’s another thing entirely to send American kids off to war, yet again, to fight for Israel’s national security.

Notice that he pins the tail on the ideology, neoconservatism. This is why David Brooksthought Paul had a “bad debate,” because he is trying to tell Americans about a dangerous ideology, neoconservatism. Oh and look how much air the NYT gives Ron Paul in its Iowa wrapup this morning. About one paragraph.

Iraq war was brought to you by Democrats, too

Dec 19, 2011

Philip Weiss

Joe Scarborough at Politico makes some good points about the origins of the Iraq war (h/t Voskamp):

A cursory review of quotes over the past decade and a half illustrates just how aligned the most powerful Democrats in Washington were with George W. Bush when it came to the threat they thought Saddam Hussein posed to America. The Democratic quotes also show how short our collective memory is as a nation.

Clinton’s secretary of state, Madeleine Albright, called the ability of states like Iraq to use their weapons “the greatest security threat we face.”

Clinton’s national security adviser agreed.

Sandy Berger stated with certainty that “Saddam will use those weapons of mass destruction again, as he has 1- times since 1983.”

Other Democratic leaders, such as Edwards, Nancy Pelosi and Jay Rockefeller also encouraged military action against Saddam Hussein if it was necessary to eliminate his weapons programs.

One of Bush’s harshest critics during the war, Michigan Sen. Carl Levin, the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, spent the first years of the George W. Bush administration warning the new president of Iraq’s grave threat. In 2001, Levin told Bush that “Saddam Hussein is a tyrant and a threat to the peace and stability of the region. He is building weapons of mass destruction and the means of delivering them.”

In 2002, Hillary Clinton also warned that Saddam was working to rebuild his nuclear program and had “given aid, comfort and sanctuary to terrorists, including Al Qaeda members.”

Rockefeller, the Democratic vice chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, also said in 2002 that “there is unmistakable evidence that Saddam Hussein is working aggressively to develop nuclear weapons and will likely have nuclear weapons in the next five years.”

Bush’s 2000 opponent, Al Gore, was quoted in that same year saying that “Saddam has stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country” and that finding them would be “impossible for as long as Saddam is in power.”

Bush’s 2004 presidential opponent, John Kerry, also vouched for Iraq’s WMD programs when he told the Senate, “I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction are in Saddam Hussein’s hands and is a real and grave threat to our security.”

Even the president’s harshest war critic, Sen. Ted Kennedy, told fellow senators that “we have known Saddam Hussein has been seeking and developing weapons of mass destruction for some time.”

The New York Times joined the Democratic chorus by grimly warning of the threat posed by Iraq in the final years of the Clinton administration. The Times expressed grave concerns over the dictator’s attempt to develop weapons and warned U.S. leaders that negotiations could be ineffective, since “it is hard to negotiate with a tyrant who has no intention of honoring his commitments and who sees nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons as his country’s salvation.”

On the eve of President George W. Bush’s first Inauguration, The Washington Post was even more apocalyptic, calling Iraq’s weapons program the greatest threat facing the new president.

The Democratic Senate passed its war resolution 77-23. The Republican House followed suit, supporting action against Saddam 296-133.

Two years before Bush was even elected to the White House, his predecessor told Americans that their purpose should be to “seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq’s WMD program.” President Clinton saw Iraq as a major threat.

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Dec 19, 2011

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Another 550 Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails

Dec 19, 2011

Annie Robbins


19israelphoto1 articleLarge
A Palestinian prisoner is greeted by a relative after his release at the Rafah border crossing in southern Gaza Strip on Sunday. Photo: Eyad Baba Associated Press

This feels bitter sweet. While it is indeed precious whenever political prisoners are released from captivity, because of the framework of the prisoner exchange negotiations between Hamas and Israel, the second phase of Palestinian prisoners released Sunday night in exchange for Galid Shalit’s October release were Israel’s choice this time around. Unsurprisingly, many of the prisoners released had very little time left to serve, thankfully some were children, and according to Ethan Bronner, all were categorized as light security prisoners.

Israel chose to release the prisoners at night. Jubilant crowds gathered in anticipation and celebrations followed, complete with tear gas, rubber bullets and arrests from Israel’s military forces overseeing the Occupation of Palestine.

Guy Azriel and Enas Muthaffar, CNN

Thousands of Palestinians celebrated the release Sunday night of 550 inmates from Israeli prisons……The revelry in the Mukataa compound in Ramallah — the long-timehome to the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat — ran late into the night. Tayeb Abdel Rahim, general-secretary in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ office, was among those officials greeting the line of freed prisoners, as they all paid their respects at Arafat’s grave.


At least 20 Palestinians and one Israeli soldier were injured in the Sunday evening skirmishes at the Beitunia crossing, according to Palestinian and Israeli officials.

Samer Abu Ali, spokesman for the Palestinian medical relief services in Ramallah, told CNN that many of the Palestinians suffered injuries from inhaling tear gas and from rubber bullets fired by the Israeli security forces at the families and friends of the soon-to-be-released prisoners.

Palestinian independent lawmaker and political activist Mustafa Barghouti, who was at the scene of the clashes, told CNN that he had been sprayed with foul-smelling water used to disperse crowds and had been overcome by tear gas.

An Israeli military spokesman said some 400 Palestinians were engaged in an “illegal riot” at the crossing point and were throwing rocks and burning tires. The spokesman said soldiers were using riot control methods to disperse the crowds.

Ethan Bronner, NYT

This second phase involved what the Israelis call light security prisoners. None had been convicted of killing or wounding anyone, and none were members of Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

About half of the prisoners were serving four years or less, and a third of them two years or less, often for offenses like throwing stones or incendiary bombs or possessing weapons. About 10 percent had sentences of 10 years or more, mostly for throwing or planting bombs or attempted murder. Ten percent are younger than 18; three of the prisoners are 14 years old.


“This is not a serious part of the exchange,” Issa Qaraqe, the Palestinian minister of detainees for the West Bank-based Palestinian Authority, said in a telephone interview. “Many of those being released were due to get out within months anyway, and there are women left behind and prisoners who have been there a long time. If Israel had wanted to make a real good-will gesture, the list would have been totally different.”


In Gaza, a spokesman for Hamas, Salah al-Baradweel, said Israel seemed to be punishing Gaza by freeing so few prisoners from there: 41 of the 550.

Jihan Abdalla and Nidal al-Mughrabi, Reuters

Nearly all of the prisoners passed through a crossing into the West Bank and were greeted by thousands of Palestinians who danced and cheered in the city of Ramallah……..”My feelings of joy are mixed with sorrow because we left behind beloved brothers, we hope all of them will be freed,” said Samer Aweidat, who was released after serving four years of a six-year sentence for weapons possession and being a member of a miltant group.

Israel’s Supreme Court opened the way for Sunday’s release to go ahead by turning down a petition Friday from Israelis opposed to freeing the prisoners, whose terms ranged from a few months to 18 years.


Hani Habib, a political analyst in Gaza, said that Israel, given the opportunity to pick which prisoners would be freed in the second stage, chose inmates from Fatah rather than Hamas.

“Israel was interested in turning the victory that has been achieved into a Palestinian discomfort and a Palestinian division with its discrimination,” he said.

Hamas said it would petition Egypt to pressure Israel into freeing all the Palestinian women in its jails, something it had wanted to happen in Sunday’s release.

Congratulations to Palestine and especially all the reunited families enjoying the presence of loved ones today, especially the children.

A shout out to Israel’s Supreme Court for turning down a petition Friday from Israelis seeking to renege on Israel’s obligation to release the second group of Palestinians prisoners from Israeli jails.

A huge shout out to Hamas for holding strong and brokering this deal. While it isn’t everything we hope for, there are families across Palestine united and fathers and brothers and sisters and mothers in the arms of their long-missed relations because of your determined sumud.

And finally, thank you Egypt and the Arab Spring for your part in making this happen, this was a long time coming.

Israeli university bids (w/ Cornell and $350 million) to set up on Roosevelt Island in NY

Dec 19, 2011

Philip Weiss

Over the weekend it was announced that Stanford had bowed out of a NY city-sponsored competition to build a huge engineering campus on Roosevelt Island, and Cornell, which is still in the running, just upped the ante.

Cornell University said that it has received an anonymous $350 million donation to back up its bid for a proposed engineering campus in New York City.

The city of NY will also kick in $100 million. Good times. Well Cornell wants to build the campus in league with the Technion, Israel’s version of MIT. As I say often, Follow the money.

From the Cornell University Chronicle, on the intimate connections between the schools. Again I wonder about the fundraising aspects of this alliance:

It should not be a surprise that Cornell and The Technion — Israel Institute of Technology have formed a partnership to propose building a new campus in New York City focused on technology, innovation and commercialization. A web of collaborative research and a shared mission have been connecting them for at least two decades.

“They are two institutions that are land-grant to the world,” said Carol Epstein ’61, a member of the Cornell University Council who also sits on the International Board of Governors of the Technion and the National Board of Directors of the American Technion Society…

Cornell faculty are just as likely to teach in Israel. Zygmunt Haas, professor of electrical and computer engineering, has just settled in for two semesters in the electrical engineering department at the Technion, at the invitation of the department chair, teaching a course in his specialty, wireless networks. An administrator at Technion can quickly reel off the names of 15 Technion faculty members, past and present, who have studied or taught at Cornell.

Cornell President David Skorton also has had Technion connections. He and Technion President Peretz Lavie developed a good relationship when Skorton led an American Jewish Committee Project Interchange tour of Israel with other university presidents in the summer of 2010.

As my friend Dennis Loh asks:

Why is US (NYC) courting Israel, a pariah-state, to develop a high-tech state-of-the-art grad school in NYC? The main issue I have is what it implies for the future. Are American students, post-doctoral fellows, and professors going to be working with/for an institution that is fully-partnered with Israel? Given Technion’s position in Israel (discrimination against Israeli Palestinians), it raises some very serious questions regarding NYC’s role in “legitimizing” Technion. Will US-based brains, resources, and hard work to be “automatically” shared with an Israeli institution? For example, an Asian foreign student working hard at such an institution will indirectly be “helping” Israel. There are so many aspects to this proposed collaboration and the questions should be raised NOW (in public) before the final selection is done in January.

UPDATE: Mayor Bloomberg is reported in today’s Times to be going with the Cornell offer. Note that in the piece there is NO mention of the Israeli connection. Huh.

Defense lawyer Lichtman says Palestinians have a ‘culture of death’

Dec 19, 2011

Philip Weiss

Jeffrey Lichtman is a prominent defense lawyer in New York and radio show host on the weekends. His facebook page is filled with thrusts at Islam. “I feel bad for the virgins,” when Israel claims that it has killed militants in Gaza. Or during the celebration of a Shiite holiday earlier this month: “Well, at least the Muslims who are not blowing shit up today are calmly celebrating such an important holiday.”

And this assertion below is on a University of Pennsylvania boycott page.

Screen shot 2011 12 18 at 7 52 30 PM 1
Screen shot 2011 12 18 at 7 52 30 PM 1

Our second Christmas of protests in Adelaide– now kids ask, ‘What is Palestine?’

Dec 19, 2011

Margaret Cassar

Adelaide protests

An extraordinary thing has happened since this site published an article I wrote reviewing our Adelaide Seacret protests. These protests promote the BDS movement and criticize the presence of Israeli company Seacret in our premier shopping precinct, Rundle Mall. We have now been protesting for 62 weeks and since the publication of “44 Weeks of protesting and not a word in print” (August 4) nearly every problem mentioned in the piece has changed. I can only conclude that this website is widely read and influential even in places as far flung as Adelaide.

Most obviously a short time after the Mondoweiss article our local newspaper, News Limited’s “The Advertiser” (23 August) produced a handsome, full page article on the Boycott Divestment Sanctions movement in Adelaide titled “Boycott boiling point”. For months this newspaper had studiously ignored dozens of pro-Palestinian protesters and their colourful, noisy counter protesters facing off on arguably the most important political issue of the 20th and 21st centuries in the heart of our small city.

Also our paparazzi admirers have all but disappeared. For a while we almost felt like celebrities we had so much attention from covert and overt photographers. We could never see their fascination with our small peaceful protests. There we were – a fairly ordinary bunch of Australians dressed in the same green T-shirts with the same background every week. Yet anywhere between 5 and a dozen photographers and film-makers thought we were worth filming. We have wondered where all the photographers have gone but more importantly why were they there in the first place? And who were ”the friends in Israel” they kept telling us they were sending the photographs to?

In another development, the Christian Zionist counter protesters have found themselves the subjects of counter-counter- protesters, a group of young kids brought together by Facebook and organized by the gay rights group called Equal Love. The Christian Zionists now have this group to contend with plus court cases stemming from their use of loudspeakers to abuse Christians attending the Paradise Christian church, not to mention ongoing actions by the Adelaide City Council to limit their abuse of shoppers in the Mall. As you can see in this You Tube celebrating our first anniversary we have been able to stage our protests with not one Christian Zionist in sight.   This is also partly due to us changing the times of our protest to a Sunday afternoon and also due to fact they have bigger fish to fry. Our Christian street preachers did not achieve a word of media attention while harassing us but are all over Adelaide’s print and television media when confronting any other group.

What hasn’t changed is the commitment of the protesters to continue the protests. We have just held our 62nd protest. Our latest You Tube celebrates our second Christmas season in the Mall. Nearly 30,000 leaflets have been distributed and hundreds of thousands people have seen these protests. We constantly overhear teenagers asking their friends or parents “What is Palestine?” It’s a great question and one that never would have been asked without our presence in the Mall. The conversation about Palestine is continuing and people are looking for information and want to ask questions. And we are only too happy to provide them with the facts and some answers.

Margaret Cassar is Executive Member, Australian Friends of Palestine Association.

What my God chip says about Jerusalem

Dec 19, 2011

Yonah Fredman

Mount of Olives from Jerusalem
Mount of Olives from Jerusalem, photo (c) Ben Adlin

Yonah Fredman has posted here before and comments under the nom-de-blog wondering jew. He lived in Israel for 4 years 8 months and 16 days and has been back in the states for about half a year. After a virtual discussion following Weiss’s post “Contextualizing the Holocaust”, Weiss invited him to comment on the Holocaust and Jewish identity.

I had two grandmothers. Both lost their mothers in World War Two. One grandmother also lost the rest of her family- father, brother, sisters, nephews and nieces. It’s worse to lose your family than to have your limb amputated, even though it’s less obvious to outsiders.

“If you put your tongue to my heart it would poison you,” one survivor said in Claude Lanzman’s “Shoah”.

Zionism is like a booby prize for the Shoah. “My grandmother went to Auschwitz and all I got was this shitty little country.”

I cannot dismiss Jerusalem as insubstantial. Too much time spent contemplating the Mount of Olives from the walls of the Old City for me to act aloof and disinterested. That piece of the planet sends me. But oy, the meshugene murderous politics! What a curse!

“This long time curse hurts

but what’s worse

is this pain in here/ I can’t stay in here

ain’t it clear

that I just don’t fit.

I believe it’s time for us to quit…”

But quitting as an individual cannot be multiplied by five million. My need to breathe freer air is not a prescription for the conflict. I wasn’t born there and face it- it’s not designed for a spoiled old American like me, who’s not spoiling for a fight.

Will I be young enough to spoil for a fight when Hamas and/or Fatah finally advocate one man one vote. I don’t know.

I do know that I love many people who live there and I care what happens to them.

The Torah and the prayerbook, the Tanach, the Midrash and the wise parts of the Talmud should not be tossed on the ash heap. Neither should they be overestimated. I’m not an atheist. To me religion is like art, an integral part of our humanity. Still, some art is not so pleasant to be around.

The litigious Jew pushing his menorah into the public square and pushing the tree out is not my response. The dissident Jew who listens to “Feliz Navidad” with one ear and rebels against the bombardment of the mass media majority rules seasonal onslaught is a better description. It may seem perverse, but the split mind is the stance that fits me. Maybe a nonsocial individual can afford such a split, whereas more social people cannot. I think this just happens to be the halfway point between the way I was raised and some unknown ideal that I will probably never find. If I cannot be myself, at least don’t drag me into the public sphere to act like something I am not. This is the essence of my stance.

No religion is perfect. No belief system is flawless. Mortal vulnerable life plus the brain chip known as the God chip or the awe chip have produced many systems of belief. My rational mind versus my awe chip wrestle, scratch and elbow each other, depending on the day, the week and the season.

I still participate in most of the Jewish holidays and in an occasional Friday night Shabbos/Shabbat/Sabbath meal. On occasion I read Psalms and Isaiah in Hebrew aided by English translation. I feel closer to my nieces and nephews in Israel because I do. And also closer to my grandmother’s family murdered in the forest outside of Brest Litovsk.

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“Zionists Out of the Peace Movement”




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      Is Judge Goldsmith Biased in AATA Suit?



Henry Herskovitz is reporting another apparent

conflict of interest in the AATA “Boycott Israel” advertising controversy.

In a section of his recent vigil report entitled “Disturbing News Flash”he writes:

On the heels of this conflict of interest existing with AATA Board members

and Counsel, comes this: according to U.S. District JudgeMark Goldsmith’s

 biography, “[Goldsmith] has also served in theleadershipof several

community organizations, including … the B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation

League.” We have also determined from a separate and reliable source

that his leadership included Board membership on the ADL.

How many foxes does it take to guard this henhouse? Will someone ask

Judge Goldsmith whether he supports Israel’s claimed right to exist as a

Jewish state (the ADL sure does), and whether that answer might influence

hisability to render a fair verdict?

Judge Mark A. Goldsmith was nominated to the federal bench by Barack Obama

while serving on the Oakland County Circuit Court. A little digging revealed more

evidence of Goldsmith’s potential bias in the Ann Arbor Transportation Authority

case.Goldsmith’s 2010 federal Financial Disclosure Report (Section VII) indicates

that he doesn’t own any US bonds but he does own Israel Bonds and they’re the

only asset for which he did not declare a value. Furthermore, Goldsmith and his wife

sent their sixteen-year-old daughter to study in Israel.Can a man with such strong

Zionist ties really be expected to preside impartially at a trial over the constitutionality

of an advertisement graphically criticizing Israel as an apartheid state and calling for

its boycott?

The Code of Conduct for United States Judges says:


  1. Respect for Law. A judge should respect and comply with the law and should act at all times in a manner that promotes public confidence in the integrity and impartiality of the judiciary.

  2. Outside Influence. A judge should not allow family, social, political, financial, or other relationships to influence judicial conduct or judgment. A judge should neither lend the prestige of the judicial office to advance the private interests of the judge or others nor convey or permit others to convey the impression that they are in a special position to influence the judge. A judge should not testify voluntarily as a character witness.

  3. Nondiscriminatory Membership. A judge should not hold membership in any organization that practices invidious discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, or national origin.

Regarding Canon 2B, Goldsmith has or recently had demonstrable family and financial ties to Israel. It may be, too, that his social relationships unsuit him to preside at this trial. In the nominee’s questionnaire Goldsmith submitted to the judiciary committee, he discloses that he became Vice-President for Religious Affairs of B’nai B’rith Barristers in 2009. Advocacy for Israel is second on B’nai B’rith’s list of “Our Prime Issues”. B’nai B’rith has publicly “condemned” supporters of the international boycott of Israel, such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Furthermore, Goldsmith has been a member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee since the the 1990s.

Goldsmith is also evidently a “strictly Sabbath observant,” devout adherent of Judaism; he is a cantor at his synagogue and a serious student of the TalmudGoldsmith was profiled in 2011 in “Jewels of Justice: Timeless Jewish Values in the American Courtroom” in the American Jewish Spirit (emphasis added). Reportedly, at his federal investiture ceremony, “the newly appointed judge said ‘he was grateful to the Almighty for allowing my plan to be part of His plan,’ and in the words of an ancient Jewish prayer, thanked God for ‘granting us all life, sustaining us and allowing us to reach this day.’ … ‘I do believe with a complete faith, Judge Goldsmith said, ‘that the Spirit above guides the spirit within.’ “

Being devoutly religious should not per se be a disqualifying factor but one wonders how the “Spirit above” will guide Goldsmith’s “spirit within” when it comes to Coleman v. AATA. In his nominee’s questionnaire Goldsmith reports that he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit. He’s been a member of Congregation Beth Shalom since 1987; he joined its Board of Directors that same year and served until 2005. He was the president of the congregation from 1997 until 1999. Congregation Beth Shalom describes itself as providing “opportunities for all ages that nurture our love of and commitment to Jewish life, our Synagogue and the State of Israel” and it hosts an “Israel Affairs” committee. There can be little doubt that the Congregation Beth Shalom agrees that Zionism is an affirmation of Judaismand “has its origins and roots in the authoritative religious texts of Judaism. … Anti-Zionism, not Zionism, is a departure from the Jewish religion.”

Regarding Canon 2c, Goldsmith’s service (1986-1994) on the “Regional Advisory Board of B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League” (ADL), which was highlighted in his Senate confirmation hearing, sets off alarm bells. The ADL is decidedly andundeniably pro-Israel and that to the detriment of Palestinians. A case can be made that it “practices invidious discrimination” (although probably not in its membership) against non-Jewish people and Jews who are not Zionist (or insufficiently so).

In 2000, a Colorado jury awarded a $10 million judgment against the ADL to two people who had been defamed as “anti-Semites” by the ADL. That award survived all appeals. Earlier, in 1999, the ADL was forced to pay $175,000 in an out-of-court settlement stemming from forty years of domestic political espionage by the ADL. The ADL has been active in lobbying against Congressional recognition of the Armenian genocide. This had led some Massachusetts communities to pull out of the ADL’s bogus “No Place for Hate” campaign. Interested readers are urged to have a look at Professor Steven Salaita’s book, Israel’s Dead Soul. Salaita devotes an entire chapter to the ADL where he makes a compelling case that “according to its own public criteria, the ADL should classify itself as a hate group.”

In light of all of the above, should Goldsmith recuse himself? You decide. Canon 3C(1) of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges says: “A judge shall disqualify himself or herself in a proceeding in which the judge’s impartiality might reasonably be questioned …”

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F. William Engdahl

Fast on the heels of the regime change in Tunisia came a popular-based protest movement launched on January 25 against the entrenched order of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak. Contrary to the carefully-cultivated impression that the Obama Administration is trying to retain the present regime of Mubarak, Washington in fact is orchestrating the Egyptian as well as other regional regime changes from Syria to Yemen to Jordan and well beyond in a process some refer to as “creative destruction.”

The template for such covert regime change has been developed by the Pentagon, US intelligence agencies and various think-tanks such as RAND Corporation over decades, beginning with the May 1968 destabilization of the de Gaulle presidency in France. This is the first time since the US-backed regime changes in Eastern Europe some two decades back that Washington has initiated simultaneous operations in many countries in a region. It is a strategy born of a certain desperation and one not without significant risk for the Pentagon and for the long-term Wall Street agenda. What the outcome will be for the peoples of the region and for the world is as yet unclear.

Yet while the ultimate outcome of defiant street protests in Cairo and across Egypt and the Islamic world remains unclear, the broad outlines of a US covert strategy are already clear.

No one can dispute the genuine grievances motivating millions to take to the streets at risk of life. No one can defend atrocities of the Mubarak regime and its torture and repression of dissent. No one can dispute the explosive rise in food prices as Chicago and Wall Street commodity speculators, and the conversion of American farmland to the insane cultivation of corn for ethanol fuel drive grain prices through the roof. Egypt is the world’s largest wheat importer, much of it from the USA. Chicago wheat futures rose by a staggering 74% between June and November 2010 leading to an Egyptian food price inflation of some 30% despite government subsidies.

What is widely ignored in the CNN and BBC and other Western media coverage of the Egypt events is the fact that whatever his excesses at home, Egypt’s Mubarak represented a major obstacle within the region to the larger US agenda.

To say relations between Obama and Mubarak were ice cold from the outset would be no exaggeration. Mubarak was staunchly opposed to Obama policies on Iran and how to deal with its nuclear program, on Obama policies towards the Persian Gulf states, to Syria and to Lebanon as well as to the Palestinians. He was a formidable thorn in the larger Washington agenda for the entire region, Washington’s Greater Middle East Project, more recently redubbed the milder-sounding “New Middle East.”

As real as the factors are that are driving millions into the streets across North Africa and the Middle East, what cannot be ignored is the fact that Washington is deciding the timing and as they see it, trying to shape the ultimate outcome of comprehensive regime change destabilizations across the Islamic world. The day of the remarkably well-coordinated popular demonstrations demanding Mubarak step down, key members of the Egyptian military command including Chief of General Staff Lt. Gen. Sami Hafez Enan were all in Washington as guests of the Pentagon. That conveniently neutralized the decisive force of the Army to stop the anti-Mubarak protests from growing in the critical early days.

The strategy had been in various State Department and Pentagon files since at least a decade or longer. After George W. Bush declared a War on Terror in 2001 it was called the Greater Middle East Project. Today it is known as the less threatening-sounding “New Middle East” project. It is a strategy to break open the states of the region from Morocco to Afghanistan, the region defined by David Rockefeller’s friend Samuel Huntington in his infamous Clash of Civilizations essay in Foreign Affairs.

Egypt rising?

The current Pentagon scenario for Egypt reads like a Cecil B. DeMille Hollywood spectacular, only this one with a cast of millions of Twitter-savvy well-trained youth, networks of Muslim Brotherhood operatives, working with a US-trained military. In the starring role of the new production at the moment is none other than a Nobel Peace Prize winner who conveniently appears to pull all the threads of opposition to the ancien regime into what appears as a seamless transition into a New Egypt under a self-proclaimed liberal democratic revolution.

Some background on the actors on the ground is useful before looking at what Washington’s long-term strategic plan might be for the Islamic world from North Africa to the Persian Gulf and ultimately into the Islamic populations of Central Asia, to the borders of China and Russia.

Washington ‘soft’ revolutions

The protests that led to the abrupt firing of the entire Egyptian government by President Mubarak on the heels of the panicked flight of Tunisia’s Ben Ali into a Saudi exile are not at all as “spontaneous” as the Obama White House, Clinton State Department or CNN, BBC and other major media in the West make them to be.

They are being organized in a Ukrainian-style high-tech electronic fashion with large internet-linked networks of youth tied to Mohammed ElBaradei and the banned and murky secret Muslim Brotherhood, whose links to British and American intelligence and freemasonry are widely reported.

At this point the anti-Mubarak movement looks like anything but a threat to US influence in the region, quite the opposite. It has all the footprints of another US-backed regime change along the model of the 2003-2004 Color Revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine and the failed Green Revolution against Iran’s Ahmedinejad in 2009.

The call for an Egyptian general strike and a January 25 Day of Anger that sparked the mass protests demanding Mubarak resign was issued by a Facebook-based organization calling itself the April 6 Movement. The protests were so substantial and well-organized that it forced Mubarak to ask his cabinet to resign and appoint a new vice president, Gen. Omar Suleiman, former Minister of Intelligence.

April 6 is headed by one Ahmed Maher Ibrahim, a 29-year-old civil engineer, who set up the Facebook site to support a workers’ call for a strike on April 6, 2008.

According to a New York Times account from 2009, some 800,000 Egyptians, most youth, were already then Facebook or Twitter members. In an interview with the Washington-based Carnegie Endowment, April 6 Movement head Maher stated, “Being the first youth movement in Egypt to use internet-based modes of communication like Facebook and Twitter, we aim to promote democracy by encouraging public involvement in the political process.”

Maher also announced that his April 6 Movement backs former UN International Atomic Energy Aagency (IAEA) head and declared Egyptian Presidential candidate, ElBaradei along with ElBaradei’s National Association for Change (NAC) coalition. The NAC includes among others George Ishak, a leader in Kefaya Movement, and Mohamed Saad El-Katatni, president of the parliamentary bloc of the controversial Ikhwan or Muslim Brotherhood.

Today Kefaya is at the center of the unfolding Egyptian events. Not far in the background is the more discreet Muslim Brotherhood.

ElBaradei at this point is being projected as the central figure in a future Egyptian parliamentary democratic change. Curiously, though he has not lived in Egypt for the past thirty years, he has won the backing of every imaginable part of the Eyptian political spectrum from communists to Muslim Brotherhood to Kefaya and April 6 young activists. Judging from the calm demeanour ElBaradei presents these days to CNN interviewers, he also likely has the backing of leading Egyptian generals opposed to the Mubarak rule for whatever reasons as well as some very influential persons in Washington.

Kefaya-Pentagon ‘non-violent warfare’

Kefaya is at the heart of mobilizing the Egyptian protest demonstrations that back ElBaradei’s candidacy. The word Kefaya translates to “enough!”

Curiously, the planners at the Washington National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and related color revolution NGOs apparently were bereft of creative new catchy names for their Egyptian Color Revolution. In their November 2003 Rose Revolution in Georgia, the US-financed NGOs chose the catch word, Kmara! In order to identify the youth-based regime change movement. Kmara in Georgian also means “enough!”

Like Kefaya, Kmara in Georgia was also built by the Washington-financed trainers from the NED and other groups such as Gene Sharp’s misleadingly-named Albert Einstein Institution which uses what Sharp once identified as “non-violence as a method of warfare.”

The various youth networks in Georgia as in Kefaya were carefully trained as a loose, decentralized network of cells, deliberately avoiding a central organization that could be broken and could have brought the movement to a halt. Training of activists in techniques of non-violent resistance was done at sports facilities, making it appear innocuous. Activists were also given training in political marketing, media relations, mobilization and recruiting skills.

The formal name of Kefaya is Egyptian Movement for Change. It was founded in 2004 by select Egyptian intellectuals at the home of Abu ‘l-Ala Madi, leader of the al-Wasat party, a party reportedly created by the Muslim Brotherhood. Kefaya was created as a coalition movement united only by the call for an end Mubarak’s rule.

Kefaya as part of the amorphous April 6 Movement capitalized early on new social media and digital technology as its main means of mobilization. In particular, political blogging, posting uncensored youtube shorts and photographic images were skillfully and extremely professionally used. At a rally already back in December 2009 Kefaya had announced support for the candidacy of Mohammed ElBaradei for the 2011 Egyptian elections.

RAND and Kefaya

No less a US defense establishment think-tank than the RAND Corporation has conducted a detailed study of Kefaya. The Kefaya study as RAND themselves note, was “sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, the Unified Combatant Commands, the Department of the Navy, the Marine Corps, the defense agencies, and the defense Intelligence Community.”

A nicer bunch of democratically-oriented gentlemen and women could hardly be found.

In their 2008 report to the Pentagon, the RAND researchers noted the following in relation to Egypt’s Kefaya:

“The United States has professed an interest in greater democratization in the Arab world, particularly since the September 2001 attacks by terrorists from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Lebanon. This interest has been part of an effort to reduce destabilizing political violence and terrorism. As President George W. Bush noted in a 2003 address to the National Endowment for Democracy, “As long as the Middle East remains a place where freedom does not flourish, it will remain a place of stagnation, resentment, and violence ready for export” (The White House, 2003). The United States has used varying means to pursue democratization, including a military intervention that, though launched for other reasons, had the installation of a democratic government as one of its end goals.

However, indigenous reform movements are best positioned to advance democratization in their own country.”

RAND researchers have spent years perfecting techniques of unconventional regime change under the name “swarming,” the method of deploying mass mobs of digitally-linked youth in hit-and-run protest formations moving like swarms of bees.

Washington and the stable of “human rights” and “democracy” and “non-violence” NGOs it oversees, over the past decade or more has increasingly relied on sophisticated “spontaneous” nurturing of local indigenous protest movements to create pro-Washington regime change and to advance the Pentagon agenda of global Full Spectrum Dominance. As the RAND study of Kefaya states in its concluding recommendations to the Pentagon:

“The US government already supports reform efforts through organizations such as the US Agency for International Development and the United Nations Development Programme. Given the current negative popular standing of the United States in the region, US support for reform initiatives is best carried out through nongovernmental and nonprofit institutions.”

The RAND 2008 study was even more concrete about future US Government support for Egyptian and other “reform” movements:

“The US government should encourage nongovernmental organizations to offer training to reformers, including guidance on coalition building and how to deal with internal differences in pursuit of democratic reform. Academic institutions (or even nongovernmental organizations associated with US political parties, such as the International Republican Institute or the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs) could carry out such training, which would equip reform leaders to reconcile their differences peacefully and democratically.

“Fourth, the United States should help reformers obtain and use information technology, perhaps by offering incentives for US companies to invest in the region’s communications infrastructure and information technology. US information technology companies could also help ensure that the Web sites of reformers can remain in operation and could invest in technologies such as anonymizers that could offer some shelter from government scrutiny. This could also be accomplished by employing technological safegaurds to prevent regimes from sabotaging the Web sites of reformers. ”

As their Kefaya monograph states, it was prepared in 2008 by the “RAND National Security Research Division’s Alternative Strategy Initiative, sponsored by the Rapid Reaction Technology Office in the Office of the Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics.

The Alternative Strategy Initiative, just to underscore the point, includes “research on creative use of the media, radicalization of youth, civic involvement to stem sectarian violence, the provision of social services to mobilize aggrieved sectors of indigenous populations, and the topic of this volume, alternative movements.”

In May 2009 just before Obama’s Cairo trip to meet Mubarak, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton hosted a number of the young Egyptian activists in Washington under the auspices of Freedom House, another “human rights” Washington-based NGO with a long history of involvement in US-sponsored regime change from Serbia to Georgia to Ukraine and other Color Revolutions. Clinton and Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs Jeffrey Feltman met the sixteen activists at the end of a two-month “fellowship” organized by Freedom House’s New Generation program.

Freedom House and Washington’s government-funded regime change NGO, National Endowment for Democracy (NED) are at the heart of the uprisings now sweeping across the Islamic world. They fit the geographic context of what George W. Bush proclaimed after 2001 as his Greater Middle East Project to bring “democracy” and “liberal free market” economic reform to the Islamic countries from Afghanistan to Morocco. When Washington talks about introducing “liberal free market reform” people should watch out. It is little more than code for bringing those economies under the yoke of the dollar system and all that implies.

Washington’s NED in a larger agenda

If we make a list of the countries in the region which are undergoing mass-based protest movements since the Tunisian and Egyptian events and overlay them onto a map, we find an almost perfect convergence between the protest countries today and the original map of the Washington Greater Middle East Project that was first unveiled during the George W. Bush Presidency after 2001.

Washington’s NED has been quietly engaged in preparing a wave of regime destabilizations across North Africa and the Middle East since the 2001-2003 US military invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. The list of where the NED is active is revealing. Its website lists Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Sudan as well, interestingly, as Israel. Coincidentally these countries are almost all today subject to “spontaneous” popular regime-change uprisings.

The International Republican Institute and the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs mentioned by the RAND document study of Kefaya are subsidiary organizations of the Washington-based and US Congress-financed National Endowment for Democracy.

The NED is the coordinating Washington agency for regime destabilization and change. It is active from Tibet to Ukraine, from Venezuela to Tunisia, from Kuwait to Morocco in reshaping the world after the collapse of the Soviet Union into what George H.W. Bush in a 1991 speech to Congress proclaimed triumphantly as the dawn of a New World Order.

As the architect and first head of the NED, Allen Weinstein told the Washington Post in 1991 that, “a lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA”

The NED Board of Directors includes or has included former Defense Secretary and CIA Deputy head, Frank Carlucci of the Carlyle Group; retired General Wesley Clark of NATO; neo-conservative warhawk Zalmay Khalilzad who was architect of George W. Bush’s Afghan invasion and later ambassador to Afghanistan as well as to occupied Iraq. Another NED board member, Vin Weber, co-chaired a major independent task force on US Policy toward Reform in the Arab World with former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and was a founding member of the ultra-hawkish Project for a New American Century think-tank with Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld, which advocated forced regime change in Iraq as early as 1998.

The NED is supposedly a private, non-government, non-profit foundation, but it receives a yearly appropriation for its international work from the US Congress. The National Endowment for Democracy is dependent on the US taxpayer for funding, but because NED is not a government agency, it is not subject to normal Congressional oversight.

NED money is channelled into target countries through four “core foundations”-the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, linked to the Democratic Party; the International Republican Institute tied to the Republican Party; the American Center for International Labor Solidarity linked to the AFL-CIO US labor federation as well as the US State Department; and the Center for International Private Enterprise linked to the free-market US Chamber of Commerce.

The late political analyst Barbara Conry noted that, “NED has taken advantage of its alleged private status to influence foreign elections, an activity that is beyond the scope of AID or USIA and would otherwise be possible only through a CIA covert operation. Such activities, it may also be worth noting, would be illegal for foreign groups operating in the United States.”

Significantly the NED details its various projects today in Islamic countries, including in addition to Egypt, in Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Iran and Afghanistan. In short, most every country which is presently feeling the earthquake effects of the reform protests sweeping across the Middle East and North Africa is a target of NED.

In 2005 US President George W. Bush made a speech to the NED. In a long, rambling discourse which equated “Islamic radicalism” with the evils of communism as the new enemy, and using a deliberately softer term “broader Middle East” for the term Greater Middle East that had aroused much distruct in the Islamic world, Bush stated,

“The fifth element of our strategy in the war on terror is to deny the militants future recruits by replacing hatred and resentment with democracy and hope across the broader Middle East. This is a difficult and long-term project, yet there’s no alternative to it. Our future and the future of that region are linked. If the broader Middle East is left to grow in bitterness, if countries remain in misery, while radicals stir the resentments of millions, then that part of the world will be a source of endless conflict and mounting danger, and for our generation and the next.

If the peoples of that region are permitted to choose their own destiny, and advance by their own energy and by their participation as free men and women, then the extremists will be marginalized, and the flow of violent radicalism to the rest of the world will slow, and eventually end…We’re encouraging our friends in the Middle East, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, to take the path of reform, to strengthen their own societies in the fight against terror by respecting the rights and choices of their own people. We’re standing with dissidents and exiles against oppressive regimes, because we know that the dissidents of today will be the democratic leaders of tomorrow…”

The US Project for a ‘Greater Middle East’

The spreading regime change operations Washington from Tunisia to Sudan, from Yemen to Egypt to Syria are best viewed in the context of a long-standing Pentagon and State Department strategy for the entire Islamic world from Kabul in Afghanistan to Rabat in Morocco.

The rough outlines of the Washington strategy, based in part on their successful regime change operations in the former Warsaw Pact communist bloc of Eastern Europe, were drawn up by former Pentagon consultant and neo-conservative, Richard Perle and later Bush official Douglas Feith in a white paper they drew up for the then-new Israeli Likud regime of Benjamin Netanyahu in 1996.

That policy recommendation was titled A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. It was the first Washington think-tank paper to openly call for removing Saddam Hussein in Iraq, for an aggressive military stance toward the Palestinians, striking Syria and Syrian targets in Lebanon. Reportedly, the Netanyahu government at that time buried the Perle-Feith report, as being far too risky.

By the time of the events of September 11, 2001 and the return to Washington of the arch-warhawk neoconservatives around Perle and others, the Bush Administration put highest priority on an expanded version of the Perle-Feith paper, calling it their Greater Middle East Project. Feith was named Bush’s Under Secretary of Defense.

Behind the facade of proclaiming democratic reforms of autocratic regimes in the entire region, the Greater Middle East was and is a blueprint to extend US military control and to break open the statist economies in the entire span of states from Morocco to the borders of China and Russia.

In May 2009, before the rubble from the US bombing of Baghdad had cleared, George W. Bush, a President not remembered as a great friend of democracy, proclaimed a policy of “spreading democracy” to the entire region and explicitly noted that that meant “the establishment of a US-Middle East free trade area within a decade.”

Prior to the June 2004 G8 Summit on Sea Island, Georgia, Washington issued a working paper, “G8-Greater Middle East Partnership.” Under the section titled Economic Opportunities was Washington’s dramatic call for “an economic transformation similar in magnitude to that undertaken by the formerly communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe.”

The US paper said that the key to this would be the strengthening of the private sector as the way to prosperity and democracy. It misleadingly claimed it would be done via the miracle of microfinance where as the paper put it, “a mere $100 million a year for five years will lift 1.2 million entrepreneurs (750,000 of them women) out of poverty, through $400 loans to each.”

The US plan envisioned takeover of regional banking and financial afairs by new institutions ostensibly international but, like World Bank and IMF, de facto controlled by Washington, including WTO. The goal of Washington’s long-term project is to completely control the oil, to completely control the oil revenue flows, to completely control the entire economies of the region, from Morocco to the borders of China and all in between. It is a project as bold as it is desperate.

Once the G8 US paper was leaked in 2004 in the Arabic Al-Hayat, opposition to it spread widely across the region, with a major protest to the US definition of the Greater Middle East. As an article in the French Le Monde Diplomatique in April 2004 noted, “besides the Arab countries, it covers Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Israel, whose only common denominator is that they lie in the zone where hostility to the US is strongest, in which Islamic fundamentalism in its anti-Western form is most rife.” It should be noted that the NED is also active inside Israel with a number of programs.

Notably, in 2004 it was vehement opposition from two Middle East leaders-Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and the King of Saudi Arabia-that forced the ideological zealots of the Bush Administration to temporarily put the Project for the Greater Middle East on a back burner.

Will it work?

At this writing it is unclear what the ultimate upshot of the latest US-led destabilizations across the Islamic world will bring. It is not clear what will result for Washington and the advocates of a US-dominated New World Order. Their agenda is clearly one of creating a Greater Middle East under firm US grip as a major control of the capital flows and energy flows of a future China, Russia and a European Union that might one day entertain thoughts of drifting away from that American order.

It has huge potential implications for the future of Israel as well. As one US commentator put it, “The Israeli calculation today is that if ‘Mubarak goes’ (which is usually stated as ‘If America lets Mubarak go’), Egypt goes. If Tunisia goes (same elaboration), Morocco and Algeria go. Turkey has already gone (for which the Israelis have only themselves to blame). Syria is gone (in part because Israel wanted to cut it off from Sea of Galilee water access). Gaza has gone to Hamas, and the Palestine Authority might soon be gone too (to Hamas?). That leaves Israel amid the ruins of a policy of military domination of the region.”

The Washington strategy of “creative destruction” is clearly causing sleepless nights not only in the Islamic world but also reportedly in Tel Aviv, and ultimately by now also in Beijing and Moscow and across Central Asia.


Paying Their fair Share of Tax


Dear All ,

This morning, we found out that the government’s tax collectors – HMRC – don’t seem to have been doing their job properly.Instead of making sure everyone is paying their fair share of tax, they’ve agreed to “sweetheart deals” letting big companies off paying billions of pounds. [1]

The government will be hoping we’re too busy doing our Christmas shopping and working out how we’re going to pay our heating bills to care what their tax officers have been up to. But they’re wrong.

A huge public outcry and a flood of complaints to HMRC will send a powerful message: we won’t stand for the government giving big business the green light to dodge billions in tax.

It only takes 2 minutes to send a complaint letter to HMRC – we’ll collect all the letters together and deliver them in the New Year:

Today’s news is full of the shocking details of these deals. The Daily Mail warns “While families, shopkeepers and small businesses are forced to pay their bills in full, big businesses are striking favourable deals and have a ‘far too cosy’ relationship with HM Revenue and Customs.” [2]

As lots of us prepare for winter on a tight budget, it’s not hard to imagine that those billions of pounds could have been spent on something better than stuffing the wallets of the most powerful companies in the country. We could have spent it on schools, on hospitals, or making sure everyone can have a safe, warm home this Christmas time.

We know that tax dodging is a big issue. That’s why last month we decided that it should be something we should make an urgent priority. [3] This is our chance to make sure we get a fairer system. A people-powered flood of complaints now will surprise HMRC and force them to think again.

Send your letter of complaint to HMRC now:

Over the last few hours on Facebook lots of 38 Degrees members have been speaking out. [4] Here are some of their comments:
– Tober: “It’s a Scandal. Get to it 38 degrees!!”
– Paul: “A list of these firms need to be published and the individual amount they owe. Im glad this is front page news today”
– Andy: “disgusting smell of corruption hangs over this whole business.”
– Dean: “I feel so angry about this – and so impotent, what can be done?”
– Michelle: “No it isn’t fair, but sadly I’m not surprised! The rich get richer and the poor can pay!”
– Diana: “No it isn’t fair and that unfairness is at the heart of all the resentment and division in our society. When did someone decide it was OK for tax officials to accept lunches or other gifts?”

Send the tax office your letter of complaint now – then we’ll collect them together to make a huge people-powered impact:

Thanks for getting involved,

Marie, Hannah, Johnny, David, Becky, Cian and the 38 Degrees team


[1] See for example:

BBC: MPs attack HMRC’s ‘cosy’ deals with big business

Guardian: HMRC hid ‘sweetheart’ tax deals for big business, MPs say

Mirror: MPs blast tax chief for ‘cosy deals with big firms’

Channel 4 news: HMRC “bent rules” for big firms

Metro: HM Revenue and Customs ‘hiding corporations’ unpaid tax worth £25bn’

Scotsman: Taxman ‘helped big business avoid bills and cost public purse millions’

[2] Daily Mail Big firms let off £25BILLION in taxes: As families are chased for every penny, corporate giants dodge their massive bills.

[3] Read more on the blog here:

[4] You can read more here:

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Palestinian clowns are everywhere


By Sam Bahour  

Some Palestinians refuse to just sit still and accept their fate as a permanently, militarily occupied people. One would think by now that Palestinians would have received the message loud and clear – the world couldn’t care less about their fate. But no, these Palestinians just refuse to sit still. They continue to defy their reality and can be seen across the Holy Land – jumping, climbing, swinging, falling, tripping, singing, twirling, juggling, cycling, tight roping, and the like. Their nerve! To think they can attempt to live a normal life when the powers that be are spending billions, literally, to cause a collapse of Palestinian society.  

And who is it exactly I speak of? Palestinian clowns. No, I’m not taking a swing at the political leadership, at least not here. I’m talking about the real thing: circus clowns, like in clowns that make you laugh and make you forget that the boot of occupation is pressing on your neck.  

I can understand your confusion. Clowns and circus do not usually appear in the same sentence with Palestine. You are probably much more attuned to how Palestinians have been labeled over the years by some Israelis and their marionettes – everything from terrorists, crocodiles, ‘beasts walking on two legs,’ grasshoppers, cockroaches, slaves, ‘a community of woodcutters and waiters,’ the ‘penniless population,’ ‘not worth a Jewish fingernail,’ all the way to the most recent classification of being an ‘invented people.’  

As many are bent on dehumanizing Palestinians, systematically and with contempt, others are mending the wounds of a people who have been purposely stripped of their well-being in one of the world’s most unjust chapters of history. One group tending to that process of mending the deep wounds that 44 years of military occupation continue to inflict is the Palestinian Circus School (PCS), based in Birzeit, Palestine.  

Yes, you read correctly. There is a Palestinian Circus School in Palestine! However, as I have learned while working closely with this professional team of circus artists, this is not what we all think of when we first think of circus. There are no elephants here, only Palestinian children engaged in a form of art and expression that uses their body to tell a story which can make audiences laugh, cry, or both.  

Although the school recently moved from Ramallah to its newly donated headquarters in Birzeit (thanks to Dr. Hanna Nasir), its activities are spread across the West Bank, and Gaza will be added as soon as possible. The School operates local circus clubs and gives performances in various cities, villages and refugee camps.  

The Palestinian Circus School is a non-profit, non-governmental organization established in 2006 and registered with the Palestinian Authority since February 2007. You can read more and view some videos of their work at: 

My consulting firm, which mainly serves the private sector, was commissioned by a unique donor, the Drosos Foundation, to assist the Palestinian Circus School in developing a five- year business plan which we successfully completed. Drosos has a rock solid motto of being ‘committed to enabling disadvantaged people to live a life of dignity.’ It is rare I would choose to write about one of my work assignments; however, what I witnessed over several months sparked an interest that I want to share. I also want to appeal to you to support their efforts. Likewise, Palestine is flooded with donor agencies, and most want to drive Palestinians’ development agenda, so when I worked with a funding agency that was sincere about supporting Palestinians by providing resources, but didn’t stand in the way of indigenous planning, I felt this was one of those cases that is the exception and also deserves to be shared.  

Contemporary circus (or nouveau cirque as it was originally known in French-speaking countries) is a genre of performing art developed in the late 20th century, in which a story or theme is conveyed through traditional circus skills. It may all look like a game to the untrained eye, but this is serious business. At its heart, this style of circus is a societal change agent. The Circus School teaches young Palestinians the circus pedagogy to stimulate and develop their physical, mental, artistic, emotional, social and cognitive abilities. The circus then employs these skills in bringing smiles to the faces of children throughout Palestine, especially in marginalized areas.  

If you spend any time in any part of Palestine, or even in Palestinian refugee communities outside of Palestine, you will quickly notice that the ultimate weight of this conflict is falling on the shoulders of our youngsters—shoulders that should never have to carry the weight of a military occupation! These young minds continue to be systematically damaged, but society is not standing still.  

The Palestinian Circus School puts smiles on children’s faces as well as using the platform of circus to link to a global circus arts community. Circus schools and troupes worldwide are acting in solidarity with Palestinians by exchanging trainers, performances and experiences. It’s serious business with serious results. Maybe that’s why, last year, Israeli authorities denied entry to Mr. Ivan Prado, the most famous clown in Spain, who was coming to perform to Palestinian audiences.  

Robert Sugarman, author of The Many Worlds of Circus, described the impact of circus best when he wrote, “By turning you upside down, we teach you to stand on your own two feet. By dropping objects we teach you to catch them. By having you walk all over someone, we teach you to take care of them. By having you clown around, we teach you to take yourself seriously.” The children of Palestine have had their lives turned upside down. Help us bring a smile to their faces and build confidence in their futures to make their lives worth living.  

So, as you prepare to bring in a new year, I appeal for your generous support to the Palestinian Circus School in any way you can. You will not be disappointed. There are three places donations can be made:  

– IndieGoGo Campaign to raise $25,000 to kick off fundraising for erecting a movable training hanger, which will be located adjacent to the newly donated headquarters. This new addition will house the high circus equipment, which are now placed outside in the cold under the open sky. This campaign just started and will run through February 20, 2012 at: 

– Alternatively, donations to the Palestinian Circus School in the U.S. can be made through The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA is a tax-exempt 501(c) 3 organization, so your gift is tax-deductible) 

– Of course, direct donations and/or student scholarships can be made via the School’s website at 

Happy Holidays.  

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