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“I wish that if our fate is to die, that we die together, I wouldn’t want anybody left to have to bear this sort of pain”

ed note–Remember as you read this folks, that there is no mystery as to ‘why’ this has happened a million times over the last century–

“When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy…You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”

–Book of Deuteronomy, 7:1-8

Jihad, Mu’tassam, and Zeid Nasla with a picture of M’uz Nasla, killed during the attack. (Photo: Palestinian Center for Human Rights)

On 1 January 2009 at around 15:00, Israeli military planes targeted a water tower across from the home of the Nasla family in North Beit Lahiya. The family were making lunch when the first bomb hit. As the family were trying to escape the smoke filled house, a second and third bomb struck the area, killing Ayoun Nasla, 6, and M’uz Nasla, 2.

For Ayoun and M’uz’s father, Jihad Nasla, the memory of what happened that day is especially distressing. “I found M’uz with his heart outside his chest and my daughter Ayoun with part of her skull missing and her brains spilt out,” says Jihad. “It is the night time, when I used to tell M’uz the stories of Abraham to get him to sleep, and when I go to visit their graves, when I most vividly recall the incident”. “I can no longer go into clothes shops to buy clothes for my children, I used to buy for three boys and two girl’s; I can’t bear to buy only for three”, added Fatima, 42.

The children’s mother, Fatima, has also given a lot of thought and attention to that fateful day. It is clear that she ruminates on the moments, days and years before the attack took place. “M’uz used to go to the balcony of the house every morning and say “good morning” to Majdal and Herbia, where our family is originally from, and every night he would say “good night.” The day he was killed he had said good morning but he never got to say good night,” says Fatima. “M’uz used to have a favourite resistance song he sang all the time, it reminds me so much of him anytime it is played, especially because it is played a lot on the anniversary of his death, which also happens to be the anniversary of one of the resistance groups.  The title of the song is now written on his grave.”

The family dynamic has been dramatically changed since the attack, a result of the stress they all share; the stress of one family member increases the anxiety of the others.  “My wife now cries every day, I have to try and calm her down every time and this has become a source of conflict between us,” says Jihad, to which Fatima adds: “I cry so often I feel my vision is now starting to be affected.” The children’s anxiety also feeds into the parent’s anxiety. “If Zeid wakes up in the middle of the night, when it’s dark, he starts to scream. I then wake up terrified something is happening” says Jihad.

The anxiety of the children is plain both from their parents discussion of the changes they have gone through since the death of their siblings, and their reaction to the unhappy topic of the discussion. “Mu’tassam was very calm until the incident. But he has started to become violent. His grades have also been lightly affected” says Jihad.

Talk of the future for the couple is largely filled with fear and doubt. “In the future I hope to live in peace with the Israelis, but I doubt this will happen given what the Israelis do to us” says Fatima. “I wish that if our fate is to die that we die together, I wouldn’t want anybody left to have to bear this sort of pain”. Jihad expresses similar feelings, “I am terrified that another attack will take more of us, when planes are flying overhead I tell my children to play so that we are distracted,” he says. “My hope is that the pain we carry will one day come to an end, but I don’t know how this is going to happen.”

PCHR submitted a criminal complaint to the Israeli authorities on 9 September 2009. To date, no response has been received.


Happy New Year: One Day Children Will Ask… “What is War

… A Message of Hope for 2012

By Martin Luther King

Global Research,

One day,

Youngsters will learn words they will not understand, 

Children from India will ask: “What is hunger?”

Children from Alabama will ask: “What is racial segregation?”

Children from Hiroshima will ask: “What is the atomic bomb?”

Children at school will ask: “What is war?”

You will answer them, you will tell them:”Those are words not used any more,

Like ‘stage-coaches’, ‘galleys’ or ‘slavery’,

Words no longer meaningful,

That is why they have been removed from dictionaries.”

 Martin Luther King

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Who Profits: Israeli High Court of Justice legalizes the exploitation of natural resources in the OPT


Dear Friends,

2011 will go down in memory as the year in which the Israeli Knesset has intensified its anti-democratic legislation, while the Israeli High Court of Justice validated once again the structural economic exploitation in the occupied Palestinian territories. On Monday, December 26 the Israeli High Court of Justice rejected a petition filed by the organization Yesh Din, which challenged the legality of the use of natural resources extracted by 11 companies quarrying and mining in the occupied West Bank. This validation adds to the stamp of approval the High Court of Justice already gave to the Israeli settlements and the Separation Wall.’ findings, providing evidence for the case against the activities of the companies in the OPT, established that 94% of the materials extracted by quarrying and mining companies active in Area C under Israeli control are used for sale in Israel. The companies transfer some of their profits to the Israeli civil administration in the OPT, which in turn facilitates their activities. Only a fraction of the material is sold to Palestinians. One hand rubs the other in serving the interests of the occupier, contrary to Israel’s duty under the International Humanitarian Law to protect public property in the occupied territories, including natural resources. With this ruling, the status quo of economic exploitation has been legalized and the companies have been authorized to continue their activities without any hinderence.

This ruling is based on disingenuous arguments. The High Court, similar to the companies exploiting the labour of Palestinian workers, argued that Israel’s quarry activity in the West Bank provides employment opportunities to Palestinians. Invoking the Israeli-Palestinian interim agreement which leaves the quarries in Area C under Israeli control, the court determined that the PA gave its consent to the quarries’ operation. The invocation of the interim agreement is strikingly anachronistic: there is no consent particular to this sector in this (long non-existing) agreement, and even if there was, the PA does not have the authority to agree to the exploitation of natural resources and to the human rights violations deriving from it on behalf of the occupied population.

The High Court did recommend that Israel will not open new quarries in the West Bank, admitting thereby that the resources extracted should be protected from overexploitation. Yet it failed miserably to recognize that the overexploitation for the benefit of occupier has been for over 40 years the order of the day. The court’s ruling perpetuates a situation in which the Palestinian people continue to suffer from land expropriation, the lack of water and other essential necessities, while the Israeli state and private companies rip the benefits of pillaging natural resources in occupied territories, in grave violation of the IHL, international human rights standards and corporate social responsbility codes of conduct.

For more information on the court case and the companies, go to our Who Profits database (

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Mainstream Media keeps al-Qaeda Myth Alive.


“Who’s going to object to referring to the Sunni insurgency in post-war Iraq as yet another attack by al-Qaeda?”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat 


Lost in a proxy war.

While surfing the morning news, Most people would indifferently glance at this headline “Al-Qaida in Iraq says it was behind Baghdad blasts” and fail to grasp the real story behind it. But then, how could they not when the story is presented to them with such a deceiving title to begin with.

Now that the boys are out of the Iraqi swamp, a smart move in Obama’s electoral campaign,why should any American care what happens in that remote area on planet earth called Iraq- a place most Americans failed to locate on the map in a National geographic survey in 2006.

The American military and the so called coalition forces raided Iraq in 2003 in a search for the alleged presence of military training camps for the so called al-Qaeda and hidden depots packed with tons of weapons of mass destruction(WMD).

Neither was found … Nevertheless the American & coalition troops dragged their feet before they finally left Iraq.

And as Obama was saying to his returning soldiers “welcome home .. welcome home” his inner circle at the white house and Pentagon knew for a fact that this diplomatic move is more of a strategic repositioning of troops in the region ( in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain) than a full withdrawal, and that Iraq is bound to stay under the American strategic and military control till at least 2020. That if Iraq managed to linger as one nation for that long.

Last week and as Leon Panetta, the American defense secretary was declaring that the American war on Iraq had finally come to an end and that the boys would be home for Christmas he somehow forgot to say to the Iraqis Sorry fellows for all the mess and the killing we caused. Hope you hold no hard feelings for us and that you’d understand that we didn’t mean to bring about that much damage and chaos … we were only fooled by the Israelis and blindly acted on their misleading intelligence … and yes, maybe we dumped too much Depleted Uranium on your heads .. and maybe the black water guys overdid it, any way this game is over now .. and we will leave you fellows to sort this old grudge between the Sunnis and Shiites on your own.”

While the civil war now raging between Shiite and Sunni in Iraq is sometimes cast as an extension of an age-old religious struggle, today’s conflict is about something slightly more political.

But that is not how the Zionist- controlled mainstream media define and report this struggle. Whenever covering the deadly confrontations between the two sects; the Shiites are referred to as Iran-backed sect and the Sunni sect is conveniently referred to as al-Qaeda front group.

Despite the fact that the American/coalition troops couldn’t find any WMD nor any link between Sadam’s regime and the so called al-Qaeda simply because the whole story of al Qaeda is nothing but a CIA/Mossad masterpiece operation.

Nevertheless, it won’t hurt anyone especially that Osama Bin Laden is now lying in the bottom of some sea serving as fish food, to keep this myth alive. Who’s going to object to referring to the Sunni insurgency in post-war Iraq as yet another attack by al-Qaeda?

The Bush/Obama administration used it so did Gaddafi in Libya, Saleh in Yemen and now Bashaar el-Assad in Syria … so why not keep this myth alive, it will surely come in handy, in case Israel decided it is time they fooled the Americans once again into yet another and uglier war in Iran.

US soldiers board the last C17 aircraft carrying US troops out of Iraq

Al-Qaida in Iraq says it was behind Baghdad blasts

BAGHDAD (AP) — An al-Qaida front group in Iraq has claimed responsibility for the wave of attacks that ripped through markets, cafes and government buildings in Baghdad on a single day last week, killing 69 people and raising new worries about the country’s path.

The coordinated attacks struck a dozen mostly Shiite neighborhoods on Thursday in the first major bloodshed since U.S. troops completed a full withdrawal this month after nearly nine years of war. They also coincided with a government crisis that has again strained ties between Iraq’s Sunnis and Shiites to the breaking point, tearing at the same fault line that nearly pushed Iraq into all-out civil war several years ago.

The claim of responsibility made no mention of the U.S. withdrawal. Instead, it focused its rage on the country’s Shiite-dominated leadership, which Sunni insurgents have battled since it came to power as a result of the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein in 2003.

“The series of special invasions (was) launched … to support the weak Sunnis in the prisons of the apostates and to retaliate for the captives who were executed,” said the statement in the name of the Islamic State of Iraq.

For more articles by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat visit his website

CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Dosen’t Exist

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Obama administration secretly preparing options for aiding the Syrian Zionist Contra


By Josh Rogin

As the violence in Syria spirals out of control, top officials in President Barack Obama‘s administration are quietly preparing options for how to assist the Syrian opposition, including gaming out the unlikely option of setting up a no-fly zone in Syria and preparing for another major diplomatic initiative.

Critics on Capitol Hill accuse the Obama administration of being slow to react to the quickening deterioration of the security situation in Syria, where over 5,000 have died, according to the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights. Many lawmakers say the White House is once again “leading from behind,” while the Turks,  the French, and the Arab League — which sent an observer mission to Syria this week – take the initiative to pursue more aggressive strategies for pressuring the Assad regime. But U.S. officials said that they are moving cautiously in order to avoid destabilizing Syria further, and to make sure they know as much as possible about the country’s complex dynamics before getting more involved.

But the administration does see the status quo in Syria as unsustainable. The Bashar al Assadregime is a “dead man walking, State Department official Fred Hof said this month. So the administration is now ramping up its policymaking machinery on the issue. After several weeks of having no top-level administration meetings to discuss the Syria crisis, the National Security Council (NSC) has begun an informal, quiet interagency process to create and collect options for aiding the Syrian opposition, two administration officials confirmed to The Cable.

The process, led by NSC Senior Director Steve Simon, involves only a few select officials from State, Defense, Treasury, and other relevant agencies. The group is unusually small, presumably to prevent media leaks, and the administration is not using the normal process of Interagency Policy Committee (IPC), Deputies Committee (DC), or Principals Committee (PC) meetings, the officials said. Another key official inside the discussions is Hof, who is leading the interactions with Syrian opposition leaders and U.S. allies.

The options that are under consideration include establishing a humanitarian corridor or safe zone for civilians in Syria along the Turkish border, extending humanitarian aid to the Syrian rebels, providing medical aid to Syrian clinics, engaging more with the external and internal opposition, forming an international contact group, or appointing a special coordinator for working with the Syrian opposition (as was done in Libya), according to the two officials, both of whom are familiar with the discussions but not in attendance at the meetings.

“The interagency is now looking at options for Syria, but it’s still at the preliminary stage,” one official said. “There are many people in the administration that realize the status quo is unsustainable and there is an internal recognition that existing financial sanctions are not going to bring down the Syrian regime in the near future.”

After imposing several rounds of financial sanctions on Syrian regime leaders, the focus is now shifting to assisting the opposition directly. The interagency process is still ongoing and the NSC has tasked State and DOD to present options in the near future, but nothing has been decided, said the officials – one of whom told The Cable that the administration was being intentionally cautious out of concern about what comes next in Syria.

“Due to the incredible and far-reaching ramifications of the Syrian problem set, people are being very cautious,” the official said. “The criticism could be we’re not doing enough to change the status quo because we’re leading from behind. But the reason we are being so cautious is because when you look at the possible ramifications, it’s mindboggling.”

A power vacuum in the country, loose weapons of mass destruction, a refugee crisis, and unrest across the region are just a few of the problems that could attend the collapse of the Assad regime, the official said.

“This isn’t Libya. What happens in Libya stays in Libya, but that is not going to happen in Syria. The stakes are higher,” the official said. “Right now, we see the risks of moving too fast as higher than the risks of moving too slow.”

The option of establishing a humanitarian corridor is seen as extremely unlikely because it would require establishing a no-fly zone over parts of Syria, which would likely involve large-scale attacks on the Syrian air defense and military command-and-control systems.

“That’s theoretically one of the options, but it’s so far out of the realm that no one is thinking about that seriously at the moment,” another administration official said.

Although the opposition is decidedly split on the issue, Burhan Ghalioun, the president of the Syrian National Council, earlier this month called on the international community to enforce a no-fly zone in Syria.

“Our main objective is finding mechanisms to protect civilians and stop the killing machine,” said Ghalioun. “We say it is imperative to use forceful measures to force the regime to respect human rights.”

Is the U.S. bark worse than its bite?

Rhetorically, the administration has been active in calling for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to step aside and protecting the rights of Syrian protesters, despite the lack of clear policy to achieve that result. “The United States continues to believe that the only way to bring about the change that the Syrian people deserve is for Bashar al-Assad to leave power,” White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Dec. 21.

On Tuesday, Dec. 27, the administration hinted at stronger action if the Syrian government doesn’t let the Arab League monitors do their work. “If the Syrian regime continues to resist and disregard Arab League efforts, the international community will consider other means to protect Syrian civilians,” State Department spokesman Mark Toner said in a statement.

The Syrian National Council (SNC), the primary organization representing the opposition, has been very clear that it is seeking more than rhetorical support from the United States and the international community. An extensive policy paper titled, Safe Area for Syria, edited by SNC member Ausama Monajed, laid out the argument for armed intervention by the international community to aid Syrian civilians.

“The Syrian National Council (SNC) is entering a critical phase in the Syrian revolution whereby the hope of a continued campaign of passive resistance to an exceptionally brutal and unrestrained regime is becoming more and more akin to a suicide pact,” the paper stated.

But Washington is uncomfortable acting in concert with the SNC: Officials say there is a lack of confidence that the SNC, which is strongly influenced by expatriate Syrians, has the full support of the internal opposition. U.S. officials are also wary of supporting the Syria Free Army, made up of Syrian military defectors and armed locals, as they do not want to be seen as becoming militarily engaged against the regime — a story line they fear that Assad could use for his own propaganda, officials said.

There is also some internal bureaucratic wrangling at play. This summer, when the issue of sending emergency medical equipment into Syria came up in a formal interagency meeting, disputes over jurisdiction stalled progress on the discussion, officials told The Cable. No medical aid was sent.

So for now, the administration is content to let the Arab League monitoring mission play out and await its Jan. 20 report. The officials said that the administration hopes to use the report to begin a new diplomatic initiative in late January at the U.N. Security Council to condemn Assad and authorize direct assistance to the opposition.

The officials acknowledged that this new initiative could fail due to Russian support for the Assad regime. If that occurs, the administration would work with its allies such as France and Turkey to establish their own justification for non-military humanitarian intervention in Syria, based on evidence from the Arab League report and other independent reporting on Assad’s human rights abuses. This process could take weeks, however, meaning that material assistance from the United States to the Syrian opposition probably wouldn’t flow at least until late February or early March. Between now and then, hundreds or even thousands more could be killed.

There is also disagreement within the administration about whether the Arab League observer mission is credible and objective.

“This is an Arab issue right now, and the Arab League is really showing initiative for the first time in a long time,” said one administration official.

“[The Arab League monitoring mission] is all Kabuki theatre,” said another administration official who does not work directly on Syria. “We’re intentionally setting the bar too high [for intervention] as means of maintaining the status quo, which is to do nothing.”

Andrew Tabler, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that the administration was caught off-guard by how the opposition became militarized so quickly. The administration’s message had been to urge the opposition to remain peaceful, but that ship has now sailed, he said.

“We have a pretty strong policy of not engaging the Syria Free Army directly, because earlier it was agreed that peaceful protesters had the moral high ground over the regime and were more able to encourage defections,” he said. “But there was no clear light at the end of that peaceful protest strategy. We assumed, incorrectly, that the civil resistance strategies used in Egypt and Tunisia were being adopted by the Syrian opposition, but that didn’t happen.”

Most experts in Washington have a deep skepticism toward the Arab League monitoring mission. For one thing, it is led by a Sudanese general who has been accused of founding the Arab militias that wreaked havoc in Darfur. Also, many doubt that 150 monitors that will eventually be in Syria can cover the vast number of protests and monitor such a large country.

The Assad regime has also been accused of subverting the monitoring mission by moving political prisoners to military sites that are off-limits to monitors, repositioning tanks away from cities only when monitors are present, and having soldiers pose as police to downplay the military’s role in cracking down on the protesters.

“It seems awfully risky for the U.S. to be putting its chips all in on that mission,” said Tony Badran, a research fellow with the conservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “There never was a serious mechanism for it to be a strong initiative.”

Badran said that the Arab League monitoring mission just gives the Assad regime time and space to maneuver, and provides Russia with another excuse to delay international action on Syria.

“Now you understand why the Russians pushed the Syrians to accept the monitors,” he said. “It allows the Syrians to delay the emergence of consensus.”

Brian Katulis, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, said the administration is trying to balance the value of protecting civilians with the interests of trying to ensure a measure of stability in Syria.

“The biggest thing is extensive consultation with as many international allies as possible. That’s another feature of this administration,” said Katulis. “And when change does come to Syria, the Syrians have to own it.”

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Obama Secretly Preparing for Syria Intervention


Mainstream Media Now Peddles Old Syrian News They Censored for Months…as ‘New’ Developments  

by  Sibel Edmonds


This morning I woke up to the following news headlines. Let me correct myself: This morning I found the US media and their quasi extension reporting on stale, at least 6-month old US operations on Syria. Now, that’s much better.

I think it is safe to assume that the media has been given a ‘green light’ by the White House and Pentagon to report on long-ongoing war preparations, aka ‘intervention’ plans, on Syria while making it sound as fresh-new-recent.

Let’s read together:

Obama Administration Secretly Preparing Options for Aiding the Syrian Opposition

As the violence in Syria spirals out of control, top officials in President Barack Obama‘s administration are quietly preparing options for how to assist the Syrian opposition, including gaming out the unlikely option of setting up a no-fly zone in Syria and preparing for another major diplomatic initiative.

And here is the almost comical egregious part:

After several weeks of having no top-level administration meetings to discuss the Syria crisis, the National Security Council (NSC) has begun an informal, quiet inter-agency process to create and collect options for aiding the Syrian opposition, two administration officials confirmed to The Cable.

Right! According to these ‘reporters’, up until now our imperialistic hawks have been sitting on their butts and doing absolutely nothing on Syria’s months-long prewar crisis! Just read the following by MSM’s favorite source WINEP, and please try not to laugh:

Andrew Tabler, a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said that the administration was caught off-guard by how the opposition became militarized so quickly. The administration’s message had been to urge the opposition to remain peaceful, but that ship has now sailed, he said.

All right; I’ll forgive you for laughing out loud. I admit; I laughed so hard I ended up with the hiccups. Now, let’s look at the casual introduction of Washington’s main artery, front, in executing their next takeover [All Emphasis Mine]:

The options that are under consideration include establishing a humanitarian corridor or safe zone for civilians in Syria along the Turkish border, extending humanitarian aid to the Syrian rebels, providing medical aid to Syrian clinics, engaging more with the external and internal opposition, forming an international contact group, or appointing a special coordinator for working with the Syrian opposition (as was done in Libya), according to the two officials, both of whom are familiar with the discussions but not in attendance at the meetings.

Basically, the Washington Bosses are telling their ‘boys’ what they’ve been doing since last May in Turkey, inside the Incirlik base, but tweaking the time-line, changing it to  soon-to-come action plans.

A few months ago these same MSM dudes were given all the documents and witnesses on the operations mentioned above which began in May 2011.

I broke the story (since the MSM and their quasi buddies refused to run it) in November.

And let me provide you with every single plan-operation quoted by the media as ‘soon-to-come,’ and show you how every single one was already reported here at Boiling Frogs Post based on our military sources in Turkey and the US:

On November 21, we reported that:

The joint US-NATO secret training camp in the US air force base in Incirlik, Turkey, began operations in April- May 2011 to organize and expand the dissident base in Syria.

Colonel Riad al-Assad

Col. Riad al-Assad has been in Turkey, working with U.S. & NATO, right inside the US Incirlik Base in Turkey, to do exactly what he vehemently denies: smuggle US weapons into Syria, participate in US psychological and information warfare inside Syria.

He is the middle-man whom Syrian protesters tend to trust, and help with funneling intelligence and military operators across the border and night-time drop offs by air.

The HQ also includes an information warfare division where US-NATO crafted communications are directed to dissidents in Syria via the core group of Syrian military and Intelligence defectors.

Just compare the facts we reported on November 21 to the Washington ‘plans’quoted by the Media as ‘soon-to-come’:

The options that are under consideration include establishing a humanitarian corridor or safe zone for civilians in Syria along the Turkish border, extending humanitarian aid to the Syrian rebels, providing medical aid to Syrian clinics, engaging more with the external and internal opposition, forming an international contact group, or appointing a special coordinator for working with the Syrian opposition (as was done in Libya), according to the two officials, both of whom are familiar with the discussions but not in attendance at the meetings.

Next, on December 3rd, we reported the following on the intentional censorship of these facts by the US media:

The story above only goes as far as ‘France’ and the French factor. It stops short of France and other NATO member nations led by the United States in NATO member country-Turkey.

I immediately started checking our infamous US mainstream media sites- still nothing on this significant information. I then contacted one of my high-level sources and asked why he had come to me with his documented report instead of going directly to the big guys.

With several credible insiders as his corroborators and a high-level official in Turkey, he would have no problem getting their attention. And his response? Well here it is minus a few expletives:

Who said we didn’t go to MSM first? We got them the info back in October. First they were interested and drooling. At least the reporters. Then, they disappeared. We sat and waited for a few weeks, and no one followed up. It is Turkey. It is NATO. It is our CIA guys. The media hot shots would not touch those cases without State Department sanction attached…

By the way, our report, these confirmed facts, were reported by major international news outlets, and several major Turkish newspapers ran further confirmation reports.

Here is my interview with Russia Today on the story:

US, NATO troops train Syrian rebel militants in Turkey –

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here we are: the US mainstream media has begun reporting on the real operations albeit with dictated time-line adjustments, twisted facts and a highly-adjusted tone. I am going to correct myself one more time:

The controlled reporting and propaganda by the Washington war machine has not been limited to the US mainstream media. Many popular quasi alternative channels have followed the exact same trend, the most troubling one being AntiWar.Com.

For several months they refused to run any of these confirmed reports while they ran every single bit of propaganda coverage by the US mainstream media on Syria.

Today, with the green light from Washington, and with the US MSM in the forefront, they ran the neocon-produced and widely neocon-quoted article on Obama’s not-so-secret plans on Syria. Check it out here.

Many Changes at – For the Better?

I published a brief commentary on the very troubling switch of position and changes at AntiWar.Com, a site that I used to support and consider one of my favorites.

Since their management change they have been banning not only me but other well-respected true alternatives. And they have been losing many supporters while gaining mystery-undisclosed funders.

But the most troubling change is their consistent coverage of the New York Times, Washington Post and the rest of the US government and corporate propaganda machine.

I have researchers who are compiling data on their recent changes, and running background checks on their new team members who have successfully altered this once truly valuable source of information.

I despise hypocrisy, and hypocrisy appears to be one of their newly gained characteristics. On one hand, they trash the US mainstream media and Soros-Funded quasi alternatives for smearing Ron Paul, and they pound us with the unreliability and falsehood of the MSM. And I completely agree with those positions.

Yet, on the other hand, every single day they fill their entire website with the same exact MSM produced war propaganda and falsehoods. As I have said before, I hope it is not too late to put them back on track during this war-filled period when real AntiWar information sources are badly needed.

And I hope you will all help with getting this accomplished. We have more than enough war propaganda machines, and cannot afford to lose the very few who were once on our side.

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Escalating Anti-Iranian Tensions


by Stephen Lendman


Whether or not anti-Iranian rhetoric, saber rattling, sanctions, other policy measures, and recent events signal war isn’t known. Growing dangers though mount.

America targets all independent regimes. At issue is replacing them with client ones.

In October, Washington falsely charged Iran with plotting to kill Saudi Arabia’s US ambassador. In November, outdated, forged, long ago discredited, and perhaps nonexistent documents were used to claim Iran’s developing nuclear weapons.

According to America’s latest March 2011 intelligence estimate, no credible evidence proves it. Nor was Iran involved in 9/11.

Nonetheless, on December 15, Manhattan Federal Judge George Daniels said he’ll sign an order accusing Iran, Hezbollah, and Al Qaeda of 9/11 responsibility.

In response to a lawsuit brought by family members of 9/11 victims, he claimed Iran provided material support to Al Qaeda. He based it on fake evidence and spurious testimonies from three Iranian defectors. Their affidavits remained sealed during court proceedings.

In late December, Daniels assessed Iran $100 billion in damages. According to attorney Dennis Pantazis:

“We have worked over eight years, consulted hundreds of intelligence experts, reviewed thousands of documents and reports and traveled to three continents and multiple countries to interview eyewitnesses. The ruling stands for the proposition that no matter how big or powerful evil is, it will always be revealed.”

His rant omitted clear evidence of CIA and Mossad involvement, not Iran, Hezbollah or Al Qaeda. Among others,David Ray Griffin‘s exhaustive research exposed the 9/11 lie.

On April 5, 2006, he said:

“It would seem, for many reasons, that the official story of 9/11, which has served as a religious Myth in the intervening years (and still does), is a myth in the pejorative sense of a story that does not correspond to reality.”

In his newest book titled, “9/11: Ten Years Later, Griffin said:

“Getting the 9/11 lie exposed is essential. One obvious reason is simple justice,” including for 9/11 family members, deserving most of all to know. “There also needs to be justice in the sense of punishment for those who engineered this crime,” including top government, military, and intelligence officials. They’re “guilty of murder and treason.”

War Winds Target Iran

Tensions and dangers mount. A New York Times November editorial accused Iran of “pushing its nuclear program forward.” Separately, The Times called Iran’s commercial program “one of the most polarizing issues in one of the world’s most volatile regions.”

Without explaining why, it claimed both Bush and Obama administrations tried engaging Iran diplomatically when, in fact, they continued years of hostile relations and provocations.

In July 2008, Seymour Hersh said Congress agreed “to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran, according to current and former military, intelligence and congressional sources.”

At issue is destabilization. Minority Ahwazi Arab and Baluchi groups, as well as other dissident organizations are supported. Intelligence operations targeting Iran’s nuclear program remain ongoing.

“United States Special Operations Forces have been conducting cross-border operations from southern Iraq.” Revolutionary Guard Al Quds commandos were kidnapped and taken to Iraq for interrogation.

CIA and Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) operations were “significantly expanded.” Current tensions suggest these and perhaps other covert operations continue.

In June 2011, Hersh said despite “years of covert operations inside Iran, extensive satellite imagery, and the recruitment of many Iranian intelligence assets, the United States and its allies, including Israel, have been unable to find irrefutable evidence of (a covert) nuclear-weapons program in Iran, according to intelligence and diplomatic officials here and abroad.”

Of course, replacing an independent regime with a client one is at issue, not an alleged nuclear weapons program. Yet its provocatively used for possible planned conflict.

Hostile Rhetoric Increasing

Addressing a Union for Reform Judaism audience on December 16, Obama called “a nuclear Iran unacceptable” and ruled “no options off the table.” Perhaps he signaled war.

It wouldn’t be the first time. After extending sanctions on Gaddafi last March, he said “the bottom line is that I have not taken any options off the table at this point.” Days later, NATO began bombing.

On December 5, State Department arms advisor Robert Einhorn said Iran’s “violating international obligations and norms. It is becoming a pariah state….The timeline for its nuclear program is beginning to get shorter, so it is important we take these strong steps on an urgent basis.”

On December 7, Republican presidential aspirant Mitt Romney said, “Ultimately, (Iranian) regime change is what’s going to be necessary.” He called for “covert and overt” efforts to destabilize Tehran’s government.

Other Republican candidates also escalated tensions. Newt Gingrich said he’d use “covert capability” for “regime change.” Former Senator Rick Santorum said:

“There have been scientists turning up dead in Russia and in Iran. There have been computer viruses. There have been problems at their facility. I hope the United States has been involved with that.” Foreign scientists helping Iran are “enemy combatant(s and should be) taken out by the United States.”

An unnamed senior Western intelligence official told Israel News that “(t)here is deep concern within (Iran’s) senior leadership….that they will be (targeted by) a surprise military strike by either Israel of the US.”

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, Guardian and Independent, it’s already begun to control regional oil and gas riches.

On December 19, Secretary of Defense Panetta suggested Iran’s a year away for having nuclear weapons. Washington “will take whatever steps necessary to deal with it,” he said.

On December 20, Joint Chiefs Chairman General Martin Dempsey said “the options we are developing are evolving to a point that they would be executable, if necessary.” He added that his “biggest worry is that (Iranians) will miscalculate our resolve.”

On December 22, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak responded to Washington remarks, saying they “make clear a fact that was already known to us from closed-door (meetings). It makes clear to Iran that it faces a real dilemma.”

On December 23, former Secretary of Defense Office strategist/Council on Foreign Relations (CRF) Stanton Nuclear Security Fellow Matthew Kroenig’s CFR Foreign Affairs article advocated war titled, “Time to Attack Iran.”

Harvard’s Stephen Walt called his piece “a textbook example of war-wongering disguised as analysis. It is a remarkably poor piece of advocacy….This is not fair-minded ‘analysis;’ it is simply a brief for war designed to reach a predetermined conclusion.” Nonetheless, it escalated tensions further.

Obama Continues America’s Permanent War Agenda

Throughout his tenure, Obama aggressively waged war. He’s unrestrained for more. He’ll even risk regional war with unpredictable consequences. If Russia and China enter to protect their strategic interests, all bets are off.

For years, Washington pushed the envelope with Iran. The Bush administration authorized covert CIA destabilization. Congress appropriated $400 million for it. Obama continues similar policies.

Moreover, Iranian nuclear scientists were murdered. Its Atomic Energy Organization head, Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani, was wounded by bombs attached to nearby cars.

Last spring, Iranian intelligence discovered the Stuxnet malware computer virus infecting its Bushehr nuclear facility. At the time, its operations were halted indefinitely.

Israel was blamed. Washington was also implicated. Calling it a hostile act, General Gholam-Reza Jalali said if Bushehr went online infected, Iran’s entire electrical power grid could have been shut down.

On November 12, an explosion destroyed the Revolutionary Guard’s Bid Kaneh base. Seventeen deaths resulted, including a founder of Iran’s missile program. On November 28, another Isfahan explosion badly damaged a uranium enrichment facility.

On December 4, Washington’s sophisticated stealth RQ-170 drone illegally entered Iranian airspace. Iran downed it intact by hacking into its cyber system. Its design replicates America’s B-2 stealth bomber.

Washington has many ways to destabilize, weaken and oust regimes. They include provocations, fake accusations, political and economic sanctions, isolation, covert or direct confrontation, and cyberwar, among other dirty tricks.

On December 13, House and Senate leaders agreed on legislation imposing new sanctions on Iran. They’re aimed at penalizing foreign financial institutions doing business with Tehran’s central bank. It’s the main conduit for its oil revenues. US corporations, including banks, are already prohibited from dealing with the Islamic Republic.

Additional measures expanded sanctions on companies doing oil related business, including investments, selling Iran refinery goods and services, and providing Tehran with refined products worth $5 million or more annually.

Obama’s preparing to sign the measure. If fully implemented, Iranian oil shipments may be affected. If so, energy prices will rise during global economic weakness.

Other measures sanctioned developing infrastructure, ports, buying Iranian sovereign debt, and companies helping Tehran, North Korea or Syria pursue nuclear, chemical or biological weapons, as well as missile development programs.

Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari said Iran’s naval forces can readily block the Strait of Hormuz in response to hostile Western actions. He spoke a day after Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi warned not a drop of oil would pass through the Strait if Iran’s oil exports are sanctioned. If so, expect energy prices to skyrocket until normal flows resume.

A Final Comment

Obama appears inching toward more war, no matter the potentially devastating consequences, especially if nuclear weapons are used.

Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Leaders ordering Syria and Iran attacked are deranged.

They infest political Washington and Israel. Buckle up. Anything ahead’s possible, no matter extreme dangers sensible officials wouldn’t plan, risk, or even contemplate.

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The Hanukkah Massacre in Gaza



The Hanukkah Massacre in Gaza 


The following article was forwarded by email from a White Nationalist who is also of Jewish descent.

–Admin staff 2

“When the LORD your God brings you into the land you are to possess and casts out the many peoples living there, you shall then slaughter them all and utterly destroy them…You shall make no agreements with them nor show them any mercy…You shall destroy their altars, break down their images, cut down their groves and burn their graven images with fire. For you are a holy people unto the LORD thy God and He has chosen you to be a special people above all others upon the face of the earth…”

–Book of Deuteronomy, 7:1-8

The aerial assault on Gaza thus far resulting in several hundred deaths and close to a thousand casualties (much of which will result in even more deaths) must–if it is to be understood correctly–be placed within the historical context of the religious ideas expounded by Judaism since its inception and which today constitute the philosophical lifeblood of the state of Israel.

It is an increasingly popular fad these days amongst those taking the moral high road against Israel’s 60 year-long orgy of violence and bloodshed against the indigenous Semites of Palestine, Lebanon and other surrounding areas to erect a separation wall between “Zionism” as a violent, racist political movement and “Judaism” as a “holy religion” devoted to the worship of God. Such arguments, whether made by groups such as Neturei Karta or “Rabbis For Human Rights” or whoever maintain that the two ideologies are as  different from each other as the lion is to the lamb. Some go so far as to refer to Herzl, the founding father of Zionism as a “heretic” who abandoned the “godliness” of Judaism in favor of a secular, Marxist ideology responsible for creating the modern Jewish state.

However, despite some very impressive arguments made by prominent individuals and groups in trying to paint this picture the fact is that the aforementioned argument is as real as any other fantasy created by Jewish Hollywood that defies the laws of reason or reality. Modern day Zionism and Judaism are synonymous, and it has been the fundamental misunderstanding of this fact that has brought the situation to where it is today, both in the Holy Land and in the present “Clash of Civilizations” between the West and the Islamic world.

Judaism is based upon the Old Testament, and in particular, the first five books that constitute “The Law”, referred to as “The Torah”. As many undoubtedly remember from their Sunday school classes, it begins with the story of creation, the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, Noah’s ark and other seemingly harmless tales of persons and events.

The point at which it transforms into the creature responsible for so much of today’s mayhem is when Abraham, a landless, penniless nomad living in modern day Iraq, begins hearing voices in his head telling him he has been favored by a God named Yahweh who than promises him a future of wealth, land, power and superiority over all other persons, encapsulating this idea with “I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee”.Shortly thereafter, he again hears voices in his head telling him to engage in the barbarity of human sacrifice by killing his own son Isaac in worshipping this God named Yahweh. With knife at the throat of his son and a mere few seconds away from becoming a murderer, he is then prevented from doing so by an angel, and some 3 generations later, his descendents (made up by 12 tribes) come to be known as “Israelites”.

Not long afterwards an Israelite named Moses also begins hearing voices from this same god, telling him to rescue the Israelites being “oppressed and persecuted” by the Egyptians. After a series of plagues brought against the oppressors–seemingly a fulfillment of Yahweh’s promise to “Curse those who curse” the descendents of Abraham, Moses–again, under the direction of the voices he is hearing–orders the Israelites to steal all the gold and silver of Egypt and to follow him to the land “promised” them by Yahweh residing between the two great rivers, the Nile and the Euphrates. Before entering this land however, Moses instructs the Israelites that they are to kill all the inhabitants, man, woman and child–”infant and suckling” and to rob them of all their possessions. An extermination campaign is mounted, in effect a “holocaust” of the Semitic peoples in the promised land, left unfinished by Moses but taken up again by his protégé Joshua and other subsequent leaders such as Saul and David.

By the time all is said and done, 31 cities inhabited by non-Israelite peoples–including but not limited to the Midianites, Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Hivites–have been completely destroyed. The only non-Israelites allowed to remain alive are young girls “who have never slept with man” who then become concubines for the Israelites as well as those adults who resign themselves to live as “carriers of water and hewers of wood”–in effect, slaves for God’s chosen people.

Obama, vacationing in Hawaii, had nothing to say about Gaza

Obama, vacationing in Hawaii, had nothing to say about Gaza

So in other words, Zionism–the idea that the “Chosen people” were promised the land encompassing modern day Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and elsewhere and were given the commandment to expel, murder and enslave the peoples and civilizations already there got its start with Abraham and was later put into practice by Moses and those who came after him. By definition then, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Saul, David and all the other “Patriarchs” (the George Washingtons, Thomas Jeffersons and John Adams of “Israel”) were Zionists.

Putting this into context, any other person or group of persons claiming to have received divine messages from some “higher power” telling them they were superior creatures and commanding them to invade, slaughter, enslave and rob other peoples not like them would–rightly–be branded criminally insane, delusional, fanatical and locked away for life. As it is today though, this situation is not categorized as such. Rather, it has been made into a “holy” religion that guides the actions of a nuclear-armed nation.

As all who understand the situation in Palestine can attest, the moment the Jews made their “exodus” from the various lands they previously inhabited and returned to “redeem and make clean” the Promised land, they have repeated the very same process of killing, expelling and enslaving today’s version of the ancient Midianites, Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, Perizzites, Jebusites, Hivites, etc of Moses’ heyday. NOTHING HAS CHANGED. The Jews of today are in effect trying to implement 21st century BC ideas in a 21st century AD world with results no different than what took place as recounted in the Old Testament. It is this history that forms the foundation of their existence as a people and now as a nuclear-armed, messianic nation. The only difference between the Israelites of old and those of today is that when today’s Israelites “smite” the non-Israelite inhabitants living in close proximity to them they do not hack them to pieces with the edge of a sword or an axe but rather blow them to pieces with hellfire missiles, Apache attack helicopters and one-ton bombs made in the USA.

no more food

no more food

This being the case, it only stands to reason then that massacres such as what took place 2 days after Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ occur. Just as Christians go to church on Sundays and Muslims to mosque on Fridays to commemorate the persons and circumstances of their respective faiths, so too must the Jews engage in the same type of holy war against the non-Israelite peoples living in or near their “promised land” as a means of “keeping holy the Lord’s day”. This genocide against civilians is the glue that holds them together as a people and prevents what is an already organically-fractured nation from disintegrating from within. The fact that this latest massacre took place during the religious festival of Hanukkah, (the festival of lights) where the Jews celebrate the “temple” being rescued and redeemed from the Assyrians over 2,000 years ago lends even more credence to the notion that for them it is all about religion and has nothing to do with the stated justifications of “security”. That the Gazans were starved for months upon months prior to this recent holocaust is yet one more manifestation of this religious mindset, and in particular the commandment to “Cut down the groves” of the non-Israelites living in the promised land.

A recent case (covered by Palestinian journalist Khalid Ameyreh) taking place in Israel just prior to the Gaza massacre  adds even more proof to this idea encompassing the theme of “Judaism VS the world”. Said case involves one Daniela Weise, a rabidly anti-Gentile “Israelite” who regularly quotes from the Old Testament, telling hundreds of Jewish fanatics it is a mitzvah (religious commandment) to attack Arabs and murder them because “their lives have no sanctity and their property belongs to us” and adding that “The Bible shows us the way we should be dealing with the Arabs. The Bible can’t be wrong“. In another similar case, an American tourist in Israel recently engaged in a discussion with a Jew where the following exchange took place–

Israeli Jew–“You are a Christian, aren’t you?”


Israeli Jew–“Do you believe in the Bible?”


Israeli Jew–“Well then, you know God ordered the ancient Israelites to wipe off the goyim (gentiles) from the holy land of Israel. If that was right then, why can’t it be right now?”

As all are told (and have been on a daily basis now for the last century) Israel is not like other nations. Both secular and religious leaders have gone to great lengths in trying to sell the idea that the Jewish state is the “embodiment of God’s word” on earth. As former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir once quipped Israel is “The fulfillment of a promise made by God Himself…It would be ridiculous to ask it to account for its legitimacy.”

What all of this means in the final analysis is that as long as Israel (a nation founded on the Old Testament tales of genocide, rape, pillage, expulsion and enslavement of “the other”) exists, massacres such as the one taking place against the Palestinians in Gaza will be a regular occurrence, just as they have been throughout the last 60 years. Having been nursed on the poisoned milk of tribal supremacism first envisioned by a greedy, covetous, ambitious nomad hearing voices in his head complimenting his own delusions of grandeur and later adopted by the great “Patriarchs” manifested in violence and bloodshed of innocents as extolled in the religion known as Judaism means that the Jewish state MUST engage in these acts as a means of paying homage to the deity Yahweh.

Although 2,000 years too late, it is imperative now more than ever that the world come to grips with these facts, and until it does that “great day of reckoning” commonly referred to as Armageddon will continue to barrel towards civilization like an out-of-control freight train. The curing of any disease begins with isolating the cause, and in the case of the present circumstance involving the Jewish state being at war with the entire world (and more specifically against the Arabs in Palestine) it is the recognition of the “I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse thee” mindset coupled with the justification of genocide and enslavement of “the other” that threatens all life on earth.

Anyone needing proof of this should simply visit some of the photos of the most recent massacre taking place against the Palestinians–Christian and Muslim alike–who are and have been sacrificed now for the last 60 years upon the altar of twisted Judaistic thinking. This most recent massacre taking place during the Jewish “festival of lights”, where Gaza was “lighted up” with balls of fire after 200,000 lbs of high-explosives were dropped on schoolchildren is proof positive that Israel is not a nation of people devoted to a righteous, loving God, but rather a civilization of vampires making up the caricature of the beast described in the Book of Revelation that threatens all life on earth. And unless the rest of the world comes to this “revelation”, they too will soon find themselves in the same place as those today being exterminated in the interests of appeasing the “God” of the Jews.

(c) 2008 Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn is a Lebanese Christian and correspondent for the weekly
populist newspaper,
 American Free Press. He maintains an independent
 The Ugly Truth. He lives and works in northern Idaho.

Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper

Photos from The Palestine Chronicle


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Ron Paul Rising

Ron Paul Rising

by Jeff Davis

It looks like Ron Paul may be getting the chance at the Republican nomination he was cheated out of during the 2008 election with its Diebold machines and outright fraud. Evidence of fraud in that election can be found here and here.

An article from the Atlantic reports: “A new poll from Public Policy Polling shows that Ron Paul has taken the lead in the Iowa caucus race, while Newt Gingrich’s support is fading fast. A different Gallup poll shows Gingrich still holding the lead, but slipping, while Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight has Paul in the lead as well.”

“Gingrich has seen his numbers in the PPP poll drop from 27 percent to 14 percent in just three weeks, while his favorability rating is now split at 46 percent for to 47 percent against, the worst of any candidate not named Jon Huntsman. That’s quite a fall for someone who looked to be running away with the state and taking charge on the national level.”

“Mitt Romney has also seen his numbers tick up slightly (to 20%), putting him just behind Paul (23%) for second place. The poll measured voters who are planning to vote in the Republican caucus. Perhaps the most telling secondary question was, ‘Do you think Newt Gingrich has strong principles?’ Only 36 percent say that he does, but for Paul that number was 73 percent.”

On issues that have made the biggest difference to America, Ron Paul has been on the right side, opposing NAFTA and GATT, opposing the illegal war on Iraq and supporting US immigration law while Gingrich can’t be trusted.

The article notes “The bad news for Paul, however, is that when asked for their second choice for President, only 9% said they would vote for him after their preferred candidate. That means if supporters of any of the second-tier candidates sense defeat and decided to abandon their choice at the last minute, those votes are more likely to go to Romney. Even if Romney doesn’t win, the stronger than expected showing could be the snowball that starts a primary avalanche for him.”

Now why exactly should all these voters default to Romney? Romney supported a socialized medical program in Maine very similar to ObamaCare. Romney can’t be trusted on immigration. Romney seems to be a neocon warmonger, who might throw us into that war with Iran that the Zionists have been lobbying for.

Ron Paul’s strong polling numbers in Iowa and New Hampshire have recently forced the mainstream media to finally start talking about him. For the last six months, the media has been giving Paul the silent treatment even though he’s a strong candidate in a weak field.

After a couple days of semi-impartial coverage, the mainstream media shifted into attack mode against Paul. Article after article has appeared falsely accusing Paul of racist beliefs. The most hysterical attacks always seem to come from Zionists and their stooges with maybe a little hatred coming from ACORN.

Paul is a genuine outsider, and his growing success is an indication of just how fed up people are getting with the whole rotten two-party system.

It will be interesting to see how both parties react if Paul wins the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary (the one he was cheated out of in 2008 by blatant vote fraud.) Neither party wants him on the ticket. They want him not on the ticket and out of sight.

The Zionist wire-pullers don’t like a politician that they don’t control. That’s all it takes to incur their hatred. The kibosh (silent treatment) didn’t work. They’re now resorting to outright slander and smears against Paul. If that tactic fails too, I strongly advise Dr. Paul to buy a good quality bullet proof vest and to wear it religiously because the last populist politician that the Zionists couldn’t control and who stood a good chance of winning was named Huey Long, and he was gunned down by a Zionist assassin in 1936.

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Operation Cast Lead and a 2012 Deja Vu


by Eileen Fleming


Exactly three years after Operation Cast Lead, Israel is threatening another invasion on Gaza while Hamas leaders order a halt to all attacks on Israel.

This year’s week between Christmas and New Years reaped at least three Palestinians killed by Israeli air strikes on Gaza and several rockets fired from Gaza into Israel without reports of damage.

Israeli military chief Benny Gantz said a new offensive would be “Swift and painful. Sooner or later, there will be no escape from conducting a significant operation.” [1]

An Israeli army commander in the Gaza Division said, “We are preparing and in fact are ready for another campaign…to renew our deterrence, if we are called on to restore full quiet to the communities [in the south].” [Ibid]

Haaretz reported that the Israeli plan calls for the next Gaza operation to be shorter then Operation Cast Leads three-week onslaught and will employ even greater firepower.

Haaretz also reported that Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal ordered the movement’s military wing to cease its operations against Israel and quoted unidentified sources from Fatah who said the instructions were issued as part of the reconciliation talks between the two factions in Cairo. The Cairo meet-up managed to focus the two groups on the people powered popular struggle against the Israeli occupation in the spirit of the pro-democracy demonstrations that spontaneously erupted in the Arab world this past year.

A Little History:

On April 3, 2009 the President of the United Nations Human Rights Council commissioned a fact-finding mission “to investigate all violations of international human rights law and international humanitarian law that might have been committed at any time in the context of the military operations that were conducted in Gaza during the period from 27 December 2008 and 18 January 2009, whether before, during or after.”

The Council appointed the Jewish Justice Richard Goldstone, a South African Constitutional Court judge and the former chief prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunals for Rwanda and the former Yugoslavia.

Justice Goldstone issued the 575-page report on September 29, 2009 and the Goldstone Report accused both Israel and Hamas of war crimes perpetuated during the 22 days of assault on Gaza which began two days after last Christmas day, when the Israeli military launched Operation Cast Lead; a full-scale attack on Gaza that killed 13 Israelis and 1,400 Palestinians.

Over 5,000 Palestinians were injured, 400,000 were left without running water, 4,000 homes were destroyed, rendering tens of thousands who are still homeless because of Israel’s targeted attacks upon them, their schools, hospitals, streets, water wells, sewage system, farms, police stations and UN buildings.

US-supplied weapons enabled the 22 days of Israel’s attack on the people of Gaza and we the people of the US who pay taxes provide over $3 billion annually to Israel although Israel has consistently misused U.S. weapons in violation of America’s Arms Export Control and Foreign Assistance Acts.

America is the worlds largest arms supplier to Israel and under a Bush negotiated deal with Israel, we the people who pay taxes in America will also provide another $30 billion in military aid to Israel over the next decade.

During the 22 days of Israeli assault on Gaza, “Washington provided F-16 fighter planes, Apache helicopters, tactical missiles, and a wide array of munitions, including white phosphorus and DIME. The weapons required for the Israeli assault was decided upon in June 2008, and the transfer of 1,000 bunker-buster GPS-guided Small Diameter Guided Bomb Units 39 (GBU-39) were approved by Congress in September. The GBU 39 bombs were delivered to Israel in November (prior to any claims of Hamas cease fire violation!) for use in the initial air raids on Gaza.” [2]

In a 71-page report released March 25, 2009, by Human Rights Watch, Israel’s repeated firing of US-made white phosphorus shells over densely populated areas of Gaza was indiscriminate and is evidence of war crimes.

“Rain of Fire: Israel’s Unlawful Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza,” provides eye witness accounts of the devastating effects that white phosphorus munitions had on civilians and civilian property in Gaza.

“Human Rights Watch researchers found spent shells, canister liners, and dozens of burnt felt wedges containing white phosphorus on city streets, apartment roofs, residential courtyards, and at a United Nations school in Gaza immediately after hostilities ended in January.

“Militaries officially use white phosphorus to obscure their operations on the ground by creating thick smoke. It has also been used as an incendiary weapon, though such use constitutes a war crime.

“In Gaza, the Israeli military didn’t just use white phosphorus in open areas as a screen for its troops,” said Fred Abrahams, senior emergencies researcher at Human Rights Watch and co-author of the report. “It fired white phosphorus repeatedly over densely populated areas, even when its troops weren’t in the area and safer smoke shells were available. As a result, civilians needlessly suffered and died.” [Ibid]

In November 2006, Father Manuel, the parish priest at the Latin Church and school in Gaza warned the world:

“Gaza cannot sleep! The people are suffering unbelievably. They are hungry, thirsty, have no electricity or clean water. They are suffering constant bombardments and sonic booms from low flying aircraft. They need food: bread and water. Children and babies are hungry…people have no money to buy food. The price of food has doubled and tripled due to the situation. We cannot drink water from the ground here as it is salty and not hygienic. People must buy water to drink. They have no income, no opportunities to get food and water from outside and no opportunities to secure money inside of Gaza. They have no hope.

“Without electricity children are afraid. No light at night. No oil or candles…Thirsty children are crying, afraid and desperate…Many children have been violently thrown from their beds at night from the sonic booms. Many arms and legs have been broken. These planes fly low over Gaza and then reach the speed of sound. This shakes the ground and creates shock waves like an earthquake that causes people to be thrown from their bed. I, myself weigh 120 kilos and was almost thrown from my bed due to the shock wave produced by a low flying jet that made a sonic boom.

“Gaza cannot sleep…the cries of hungry children, the sullen faces of broken men and women who are just sitting in their hungry emptiness with no light, no hope, no love. These actions are War Crimes!”

During Operation Cast Lead, the UN Security Council, Amnesty International, International Red Cross and global voices of protest rose up and demanded a ceasefire but both houses of Congress overwhelmingly endorsed resolutions to support a continuation of Israel’s so called “self defense.”

This Citizen of CONSCIENCE for House of Representatives 2012 is on the Record saying NO to another assault on Gaza and an End to the Occupation of Palestine in 2012!

1. Israeli army plans new invasion of Gaza

2. US Arms Used for War Crimes in Gaza

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