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Lucifer’s Pincers; Zionism and Humanitarianism


by Tom Valentine


Ah, political correctness! Turning the merely stupid into outright morons and poisoning life for us all. I don’t know where that came from but I agree with it. Here’s what I learned about life from my Deist father, when I was just a laddie: from my previous column:

“Tommy, ‘ he responded, sipping an Acme beer, while seated against a pile of lines coiled down and at rest prior to running out the two “albacore” poles athwartship. It was dark, just before bunk time and the view of the stars was crisp and magnificent; the boat idled along at about one knot, the sea was calm; all was well; hard work was over until daylight when it started all over again.

“The way I see it, everything, and I mean everything from all those stars down to your baby brother’s squalls;everything and everyone is spinning around inside a great big brown bag following certain sets of rules.

The known rule is: everything must come in on the right and everything must go out on the left. That’s all anyone can know for sure, we live and we die.

You and me are like everything else, spinning around in the dark; some will tell you they figured it out, but they only kid themselves Others will say they have things tied up against the spinning—never believe it.

The only one who knows the why of all the spinning, is the Joker holding the bag—and he ain’t talking.”

I Know not where his colorful analogy derived; it could have been from his fertile mind. He was “educated” into 7th grade only, but constantly read books and magazines; we were blessed by no television or Internet and hardly any radio.

Today, we “sophisticated” Americans are spinning in bitter, ignorant confusion primarily because of Lucifer, the personification of evil that few of us take seriously, and those two manipulative pincers from hell—Humanism and Chutzpah.

“Humanism is an approach in study, philosophy, world view or practice that focuses on human values and concerns. In other words it is an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters.” Wikipedia, and good enough for me.

Josef Kapstein, author of the “authentic “1938 book History and destiny of the Jews,” claims proudly that humanism sprang from the merging of Jewish philosophers, like Maimonides, (check him out at wikipedia) with “enlightened Muslim and Christian thinkers in Spain during the times of “freedom” prior to the power of the Catholic Church becoming established.And repressive in that region. He, in his Talmudic bias, credits the European “enlightenment” to this brief time and place

To me, the so-called enlightenment was a loser for us all, but that is merely an opinion. The epitome of Humanism is well-expressed by the following paragraph from, I believe, a reader’s response:

Karl Marx’ “socialist man” is directly tied by him to the golem legend in the Kabbala, in which the rabbis, now secularized, create mankind de novo, as if from clay. As Marx said, this new man will be content with his functional role in society, probably something like well-fed cattle. Evidently I got that graph from a comment posted following a previous column, to which I responded as follows:

Dan, good post. I have on the drawing board a piece on Humanism and Scientism (this is it) which is taking a lot of time and research to provide concrete examples.

As part of my job for the past 25 years I have perused the technical literature critically every week; Nature, Science, Chemical & Engineering News, Etc.

Years ago, with the advent of 3D spectroscopy, I noticed the creep toward production of a “golem” orartificial/synthetic “life” the world is as much in the grip of this technically marvelous Humanism as it is in the political grip of oxymoron Christian Zionism; I see the Devil’s pincer movement in this pair of activities.

We, unthinking producers who pay the bills have only faith with which to withstand it. A faith that will be sorely tested. So reliable information is an absolute must.

Religious chutzpah plays a false God game from traditions of man altering the word of God—the original sin of pride and arrogance and usurpation of God’s position clearly stated here: Judaism’s Strange Gods; A Review

The scribes who were teachers of the Old Testament, knew the teachings of Malachi. That’s why the disciples asked why they were saying that Elijah should come first. One of the reasons that the religious leaders of Christ’s day rejected Him, is because they were so spiritually illiterate that they were expecting some physical return of the Elijah of the Old Testament.

Like the oxymoron Christian Zionists today, they could not see that the fulfillment of the prophecy was of aspiritual nature and their earthly fleshly appetites could not be satisfied by a spiritual application of prophecy. It’s amazing that religious leaders have never changed their spots – from that day till this, religion still seeks to satisfy the physical, all the while rejecting the trueness of the spiritual.

I am convinced that the idea of original sin holds the key; it shall be explored.

Meanwhile the following very short video may help by provoking some thought while we spin around inside the bag: Murray Rothbard on ‘Society’ vs. ‘the State’

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Op-ed: Kadima’s Tzipi Livni says she longs for leaders who care about Israel’s future

Arik Sharon sank into a coma six years ago. All of us followed it and prayed with hope as the ambulance disappeared into the hospital. When today I try to think about the essence of the public longing for Sharon, six years later, it appears that the longing for Arik has turned into longing for a prime minister who does not fear domestic politics and who sees the welfare of the nation of Israel before him when making decisions.

Arik proved that a leader does not have to fear the radicals in his party and does not have to fear a change in his positions when considering the welfare of the State and the Jewish people’s future.

I miss his palm, which would pound the table decisively, a gesture that implied “find a solution” when he was dissatisfied with operational plans presented by the army; the decisive pounding that implied “get to work” in the face of the bureaucracy; the decisive pounding implying “enough – no more!” in the face of politicians who attempted to resort to exploitation in order to get more. He always viewed these politicians cynically and humorously.

During my first steps in politics, I met him, a superb leader, at the home of a Likud activist. Arik opened his speech with a cynical, captivating smile. “I’m sorry,” he said,” I was busy in recent months and therefore I did not manage to attend all the weddings and bar mitzvahs you invited me to.” In that sentence I got to know the politics of the Likud Central Committee, but also Arik the person.

He cynically referred to the bunch of politicians who traveled from one city to another in the aims of getting elected as a “traveling circus.” “It would be good to approach politics with humor,” he told me, and I understood it later, on days where he sat alone in the Knesset cafeteria, observing small and large instances of treachery around him.

Caring about Jewish people

Two more political images of Sharon accompany me. The first one is seeing Arik at the Knesset plenum, restrained and incredibly focused on the words uttered by random speakers at the podium, knowing that his rivals, headed by Netanyahu, are sweating outside in an attempt to topple him. Yet Arik remained relaxed, as if it was another world that does not pertain to him.

The second image is of Arik leaving his office after dismissing Shas’ ministers with one gesture of leadership. This image repeated when he dismissed the National Union ministers who objected to the disengagement and proved that for a real leader, political considerations do not dictate policy, but rather, policy dictates political decisions; a prime minister who does not cave in to the caprices of sectarian parties.

When Arik Sharon thought that the haredi parties – his natural partners as they are known in Likud to this day – do not allow him to realize the policy needed for the country, he formed a government without them.

The Jewish issue was not sectarian at all for him. The Jewish people’s future bothered him. He made his decisions based on this concern. Jewish immigration was a value for him. “Bring another million immigrants,” he told me in our last one-on-one conversation, and embraced the new arrivals as if they were family.

I remember him always excited at the annual meeting at Sukkoth in his home with new immigrant combat soldiers; some of them were naturally non-Jewish and were in the midst of the conversion process. Arik would take pleasure in their combat service, and lament the difficult conversation process and the demand for strict adherence to the mitzvahs as a condition for conversation. “They would not be converting me either,” he said, “and nobody thinks I’m not Jewish enough.

And just as he took pleasure in the immigrants, he reprimanded those who did not make Aliyah yet. In every visit abroad he would urge any Jewish audience to move to Israel and lament the traveling Jew who does not cling to the Land of Israel’s soil.

During those visits abroad, he was able to enlist world leaders to the cause of Israel’s security needs. It wasn’t simple to gain their trust. World leaders were initially captive by his old image. Yet within a short period of time, without diplomatic manners, he gained that trust. “I’m a farmer,” he would say, “and when added “I mean what I said and I only say what I intend to do,” they believed him and knew it was true. To this day, in my meetings with leaders abroad, I discover that the longing for this direct leader still exists worldwide.

Establishing Kadima

I saw Arik in the disengagement too, taking a dramatic decision against the camp that supported him based on the belief that avoiding a decision would harm Israel’s future and security. I saw him sustaining the fury of the settlers after making the decision.

Before the evacuation I initiated the meeting between the evacuees and the man who made the decision about their lives. No eye remained dry. I saw him showing concern for every detail, to the point of finding a place for the tractor of every farmer. This responsibility for the evacuees’ future, which I know Arik carried in his heart, is kept in my heart to this day.

Six years ago he fell ill, after managing to establish Kadima. In the decisive meeting on forming Kadima we were still members of Likud, while the radicals attempted to constrain the leader who made a diplomatic decision for the sake of Israel’s security and the Jewish people’s future; they constrained him to the point of not being able to coexist anymore. He made the decision, and Kadima was established.

The principles we attempted to convince Likud members to follow turned into Kadima’s platform. Some of us joined immediately, taking the personal political risk inherent in leaving deeply entrenched parties such as Likud and Labor; others hesitated and joined later.

It was clear to us back then, as it’s clear to us today more than ever before, that ideology is not a matter for radicals alone, and that realizing the Zionist dream of a Jewish and democratic state requires leadership that first asks what’s good for the State and for the Jewish people and only later asks what’s good for our coalition partners.

Just like we long for the deceive pounding on the table, I believe the public longs for leadership that takes decisions and assumes responsibility even when taking the toughest calls; leadership that always sees before it the future of Israel and the Jewish people rather than some public opinion poll. It took Sharon years to win the love of the people, and he won it precisely because he acted based on his beliefs and not in line with the public’s random mood.

Arik Sharon fell silent six years ago, yet his faith persists to this day, and he left it up to us to finish the job.

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By Nahida the exiled Palestinian

I met Jesus today 
His name was Palestinian
Issa… Jesus he was called
On the altar of “chosen-ness” he was crucified
Time and time and time again

His face was Palestinian
Olive, with a hint of agony
Years of torture fail to conceal the glow
The purity of his soul peeks through
The sparkle in his eyes invites you to dive in

His pain was Palestinian
The colour of his words
Grips your guts
And squeeze… squeeze … squeeze
Until you lose consciousness
You fall on your knees
Begging for forgiveness

His faith was Palestinian
“Their sadism too much to bear
In the street I waited for a car
No way out but to kill myself
Twilight hour the fall of night
The call to prayer woken my heart
Healing balsam caressed my soul
Maybe…. In this life… still…there is something I can do”

His heart was Palestinian
Carved with sorrow
Filled with love
Flames of rage and roars of thunder
Hound his torturer to his grave

His tears were Palestinian
His first crucifixion… he was only fourteen
On the second, he was nineteen
From then on
He was crucified every minute

…of every hour

…of every day

…of every week

…of every month

…of every year……

His dignity was Palestinian
Anguished by his rapists
With his broken back he stood tall 
His wounds run deep… his head held high
He saw the rainbow in the horizon
When all gave up he gave them hope

His smile was Palestinian
It has been said:
“To smile when confronted with most severe oppression
Is an act of Resistance
In unparalleled beauty” *
The smile of Issa
Was Palestinian

His resilience was Palestinian
“As he punched me in the face
I felt stronger
As he kicked me in the stomach
I felt stronger
As he slashed my arm
I felt stronger”, he said

His hope was Palestinian
Insha’Allah, ya rab, Alhamdulillah
Bouncy words sprinkled around 
Buds of trust bloom and grow
His broad grin whiffs you to life

His nightmares close their eyes

His tales of horror lie to slumber

When all lost hope he saw a future
I saw Jesus today

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Bishop: anti-Zionist vicar ‘no antisemite’

January 5, 2012
Bishop Hill

Bishop Hill

A Church of England vicar has been backed by his diocesan bishop after promoting a website which supports Holocaust denial and warns of a Zionist conspiracy controlling the world.

Reverend Stephen Sizer received the support of the Bishop of Guildford, the Right Reverend Christopher Hill, a former chaplain to the Queen, following calls for him to be suspended for linking to the site.

The bishop said Rev Sizer “repudiates antisemitism and Holocaust denial” and had “only intended” to draw his followers’ attention to a specific article about the possibility of an Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear weapons programme.

Rev Sizer used his Facebook profile to link to the piece on American website The Ugly Truth, a site which claims to highlight “Zionism, Jewish extremism and a few other nasty items making our world uninhabitable today”.

Rev Stephen Sizer

Rev Stephen Sizer

It runs cartoons in celebration of Holocaust deniers, blames Israel for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and supports Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s nuclear ambition.

Rev Sizer, senior pastor of the Anglican Christ Church in Virginia Water, Surrey, is a passionate anti-Israel activist who regularly uses his Facebook page to promote anti-Zionist articles and websites to his nearly 900 followers.

He has written two books on the “manifestation” of Christian Zionism, blaming Christian Zionists for prolonging the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Both books were praised by Bishop Hill.

Another Church of England vicar, Reverend Nick Howard, encouraged Bishop Hill to suspend Rev Sizer for promoting The Ugly Truth. The bishop, suggesting that Rev Sizer might have posted the link accidentally, responded by saying he could see nothing in Rev Sizer’s actions “which would merit disciplinary matters, not least because differing political opinions are definitely exempted from disciplinary proceedings in the Church of England”. (In fact, the Bishop of Willesden was suspended in 2010 after using his Facebook page to make inappropriate remarks about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.)

Rev Howard said: “If Rev Hill withdrew his support it would be extremely difficult for Stephen Sizer to carry on. But as long as his diocesan bishop is sticking by him his position is secure. It is astonishing that he is still in his job. Posting that link shows he is not just an opponent of Israel but an opponent of Jewish people. It’s a game-changer.”

But a senior diocese official said Rev Howard was “mischief-making” and “building up guilt by implication”. He said the diocese viewed the criticism of Rev Sizer as a “form of political campaign” against him.

In a joint statement, Bishop Hill and the Diocese of Guildford said: “Rev Stephen Sizer has made it clear on many occasions that he repudiates racism, antisemitism and denial of the Holocaust. His intention was only to draw the attention of his Facebook followers to a specific article.”

Rev Sizer removed the link on Wednesday, after JC inquiries.

Simon McIlwaine of Anglican Friends of Israel said: “Rev Sizer must be properly and independently investigated by an ecclesiastical court. We cannot consider the apparent brush-off by the Bishop of Guildford to be a remotely satisfactory response.

“The allegations against Rev Sizer, if substantiated, are potentially extremely damaging to Jewish-Christian relations and undermine the good work of church leaders to atone for historical institutional antisemitism.”

Lambeth Palace confirmed it had received “correspondence” about Rev Sizer’s conduct, but said no official complaints had been made against him. A spokeswoman said it was “a matter for the Diocese of Guildford”.

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Who is more racist, Diane Abbott or the British government?


Life on Wheels


“White people love playing divide and rule We should not play their game #tacticsasoldascolonialism”


I fail to find the inaccuracies in the above statement, but the tweet made by Hackney MP Diane Abbott has raised a storm of moral outrage and disgust. Apparently, calls were made for the MP to resign for the comments. Personally, I think that politicians should resign, or be re-called by their constituents, when they openly and blatantly mislead people, or when they are complicit in crimes against humanity. Not when they tweet something historically accurate. Nick Clegg, for example, whose arrogance you could hear dripping from his words as he denounced Abbott’s comments as “stupid and crass”; ironically, an apt and concise description of his political career since he was awarded the role of Deputy Prime Minister.

Although some find it a bitter pill to swallow, I have no problem with recognising the role that “white people”, “English people”, “rich people”, or whatever you want to call them, have played in drawing the borders of the world. There is no problem with recognising that. White people drew the borders of Africa. White people drew the borders of the so-called “Middle East”. White people invaded what is now known as the United States of America, and Australia, and massacred the indigenous people of those lands. It is not “self-hate”, it is simple, historical fact. And the phrase “divide and rule” would be a fairly accurate description of your country’s past if you came from Palestine, India or Korea, to name a few.

The less-than-140 characters tweeted by Diane Abbott do not equal racism. What does equal racism are the policies of British governments, both current and past, in upholding a global status quo of oppression and inequality. British governments have never had a problem of killing a few thousand brown-skinned people when “our interests” are at stake, whether it be land, profits or oil. There has never been a problem with a few black people dying in police custody in England, especially if they are sufficiently demonised as “gangsters”, “drug-dealers” and “criminals” in the immediate aftermath.

Is it not time that we recognise the real racism problem that exists in this country, in the form of the British government, and the newspaper headlines that join them in demonising young black, and Muslim people on a regular basis. The racist ideology that somehow gives some English people, still today in 2012, the inane belief that we have the ability and duty to act as some kind of moral authority when it comes to the internal affairs of other people’s countries. The Iranian people, apparently, could be the latest lucky winners of our humanitarian liberation bombs, with Defence Secretary Phillip Hammond today warning Iran that closing the Straits of Hormuz would be “illegal”, and that Britain would be prepared to use force to re-open them. Oh yes, Britain, that great arbitrator of international law; I’m sure Presidents and leaders of the world are lining up for lectures. I can’t wait to hear David Cameron’s plan for fighting racism!

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Eliahu Ben Haim pleads guilty in New Jersey’s largest-ever federal corruption sting.


A prominent rabbi who admitted playing a role in a $1 million money-laundering scheme involving religious charities was sentenced Wednesday in Trenton to five years in prison, the longest sentence so far from New Jersey’s largest-ever federal corruption sting.

Rabbi Eliahu Ben Haim was arrested in July 2009 in a wide-ranging federal corruption probe into international money laundering and political corruption that ultimately netted 46 defendants.

Ben Haim, a 60-year-old Long Branch resident, pleaded guilty last year in Trenton to a money laundering conspiracy count, admitting that he had used his network of religious charities to conceal more than $1 million in illegal proceeds for a man who turned out to be a government informant.

That informant, Solomon Dwek, turned government cooperator following his own arrest in a $50 million bank fraud. Alternately posing as a businessman and a real estate developer, Dwek ensnared several members of his Syrian Jewish community — including Ben Haim — on money laundering charges while reaching out to an array of state officials to offer cash bribes in exchange for development assistance.

Ben Haim, the son of a prominent Syrian Jewish rabbi, was the leader of the synagogue Congregation Ohel Yaacob in Deal, a Jersey Shore town 50 miles south of New York City that’s home to a large community of Syrian Jews. Prosecutors said Ben Haim started working with Dwek in October 2006, instructing Dwek to make checks out to various charities that Ben Haim had a hand in, according to court papers. Ben Haim in return would give Dwek cash, obtained through an underground money transfer network that stretched to Israel and several other countries. Ben Haim took a 10 percent fee from each transaction, authorities said.

Ben Haim was one of five rabbis arrested in the sting.

Edmund Nahum, the rabbi of Deal Synagogue in Deal, was sentenced in September to a year of probation after pleading guilty to a money laundering charge.

Also last year, 89-year-old Rabbi Saul Kassin, the spiritual leader of the Syrian Jewish community in the United States, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years’ probation in the same case.

Mordchai Fish, the principal rabbi of Brooklyn’s Congregation Sheves Achim, pleaded guilty in April to laundering nearly $1 million he admitted thinking was criminal proceeds from Dwek. He’s scheduled to be sentenced in February.

Brooklyn Rabbi Lavel Schwartz has pleaded not guilty. His case is pending.

Ben Haim’s supporters and family members packed a Trenton federal courtroom Wednesday for his sentencing. He pleaded for leniency with U.S. District Judge Joel Pisano, saying that his life of good works outweighed his criminal behavior and that he wanted to continue being a productive citizen, not a burden to society.

The judge dismissed Ben Haim’s claims that he had engaged in the scheme to help others and said he hoped the sentence would serve as a deterrent to others.

The judge also sentenced defendant Akiva Arye Weiss in the same case Wednesday. Weiss was given five years’ probation after pleading guilty to running an illegal money transfer business prosecutors say operated as a “cash house.” The judge said the 57-year-old Brooklyn resident should serve the time in a mental health facility, as he suffered from Asperger’s syndrome and had been living in isolated squalor.

The majority of those arrested in what became New Jersey’s largest corruption sting have pleaded guilty or have been convicted at trial. Two defendants, Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez and former state Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith, were acquitted by juries. Another defendant, Hudson County employee Richard Greene, had charges against him dropped.


America the “Bad Guy,” a Lesson in Historical Hypocrisy


Time for Americans to Grow Up


by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


America has 28 million veterans, I am one of them, a combat Marine from Vietnam. 

Some very unwholesome things were done by Americans in Vietnam.

These were not on the scale of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, but the “draftee” military was made up of soldiers who believed nothing they were told and left the military the first day possible, if not before. 

Were there to be justice in the world I could have done 5 years in prison just for being involved in the war at all, though I think I behaved in a civilized manner toward the Vietnamese I didn’t kill.

Why would I say such a thing?  For those unaware, most of the German army that surrendered at the end of World War II was systematically starved to death in concentration camps under the orders of General Eisenhower, or worked to death by the Russians.

Nearly 75% of the healthy POWs, the highest number of any World War II participant held by the allies, died.

Far as the eye can see

Considering those kept in the US, Canada and Britain were treated well, that the majority of those who were in Europe died of exposure, starvation, thirst and disease at the hands of the allies, makes America much worse than even Japan.

A higher percentage of Germans died under American supervision than Americans who died on the Bataan Death March.

Also, we could take into consideration, let’s say, Dresden.  It was a city with no factories, filled with refugees and yet we bombed it flat during the last days of the war, killing over 200,000, 100% of them civilians, all of it in no way contributing to anything but murder.

Why was this done?  Don’t even begin to study history.  World War II ended in 1940 secretly, kept alive only by Winston Churchill and whatever group had bought him off for years.  Why say that?  Declassified documents prove it.

Here is part of a follow-up piece by Jim W. Dean:

The close of WWII found the victorious Allies staging the Nuremberg trials and convicting the Nazi leadership of  ‘waging an aggressive war’. Those who went to the gallows were a symbolic sacrifice, as millions of innocent victims were slaughtered after WWII, under Allied control.

German POWs found themselves a convenient substitute for the original plan for the mass murder of twenty million German civilians to ensure a peaceful co-existence with what remained of Germany afterwards.

Morganthau’s Treasury Department, heavily penetrated by Soviet Espionage via the likes of   Harry Dexter White had proposed reducing Germany’s population by one third to a level that would not require food imports. Morganthau’s son later stated, protectively perhaps, that the plan had really been White’s.

This would eliminate Germany’s need to be an aggressive exporter to earn the needed foreign exchange.

To Morganthau and his fellow enlightened cohorts, killing off 20 million post war Germans through starvation would be a step forward toward world peace. I suspect our Founding Fathers would disagree.

Fast forward to 2011. Morganthaus still walk among us, re-encarnated in the form of the American NeoCons and their band of merry conspirators.

‘Waging an aggressive war’ seems to be an ‘in thing’ now with these folks and I do not perceive their having any fear of prosecution under the Nuremberg precedents.

Alcohol and Cigars, in Large Amounts, Did Not Kill Him

You mean the whole war, all those battles, all of it a scam?  Yup!

But we say, “Germany deserved it because of the gas chambers and the 6 million Jews they murdered.” Did they?

Here is a nasty fact.  Hell, have a couple.

Most of the Jews who died in the holocaust were in Russian custody, over 4 million.  Remember 1939?  Russia took half of Poland, half of Czech and Russia held most of Europe’s Jews.

There is no evidence that any Jews under Russian control in 1939, over 4 million, ever fell into German hands, not a single one.  In fact, the trainloads of Jews who were sent to labor camps went to the Urals to work for Stalin, not to Dachau.

“But I never heard that before.”

Here is a nasty fact.  Were you to visit selected “death camps” where millions were killed by “Germans” and see the crematoriums, the gas chambers and smoke stacks, you will also find they were built by Stalin after the war to “demonstrate how the Germans did it.”

Fake gas chamber at Auschwitz was actually an autopsy room and morgue for SS hospital behind – and converted to a bomb shelter toward the end. Chimney is not even connected.

Of course, today most know Stalin was the worst mass murderer in history.  Why would he build “demonstration gas chambers?”

The answer is simple, he killed the Jews and up to 55 million others, and not just during the war but both before and after.

The war, with the greatest mass murderer in world history as our ally, gave Stalin the chance to hang his crimes on others including some real whoppers about Russia.

Stalin has Germans murdering tens of millions of Russian civilians, the same civilians who welcomed them as conquerors, hundreds of thousands of which joined the German army to fight Russia.

Oh, they didn’t tell you that?  You say that “now,” none of the stuff you see in movies makes any sense or that the narratives on those history documentaries now seem a bit fanciful?  Really?

I am not making excuses for Germany killing partisans, executing them hundreds at a time but, let us remember the Katyn Massacre.  I can’t even legally challenge that Germany killed 6 million Jews in gas chambers because doing so is a felony in many countries.

I can, however, say that Stalin killed at least 4 million Jews.  If that means there were 4 million more Jews than anyone thought, call that a math problem.

The Russians claimed, until 1989, that Germany murdered tens of thousands of Polish military after conquering Poland in 1939.

As I put it, “In for a dime, in for a dollar.”  The only mass graves found tied to a “holocaust” are Russian, not German.  I am not making excuses for camps or claiming to know about things I never saw.  On the other hand, remember when President Obama told us his uncle had liberated Auschwitz and then we found out he made it all up?

YouTube – Veterans Today –

 Almost every war story I have ever heard, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, were total lies.  The truthful ones I got from good friends who told them with some reluctance.  As for my own, I have folks around me who were with me in Vietnam.

If I started with a “hero story” they would laugh themselves to death.

Roughly 5000 of the executed Polish officers were found in Kaytn Forest

Anyway, Katyn, the massacre, is real proof, bodies exhumed, lies for 50 years. living proof that everything we heard from Stalin’s Russia was a lie and that it was Soviet policy to murder any entire population that he saw as a potential problem.

“But this is what they say about Hitler?”  Whatever is true about Hitler or not, were there to be a trial for “mass murderers,” our ally Stalin would hang first.

Many historians now say Winston Churchill would hang next to him.  Troops who found in the Gallopoli campaignplanned by Churchill in 1915, the First World War, would have no trouble believing that, not one bit.

Later we learned that Churchill took a very active part in starting World War II, in fact was hired to do so and paid very generously.  This requires some reading, references supplied below, but explains why, at the end of the war, Churchill was thrown out of office.

Thus, of all the “facts” we base our beliefs on regarding World War II, the Katyn Massacre is the most important.  It is the “smoking gun.”

Later, Russia admitted it had done it, killed them all and blamed it on Germany. Thus, we reiterate;

Russia killed tens of millions and blamed about half of them on Germany, including, not only Jews but millions of Russians, over half the population of the Ukraine which was systematically starved to death by Stalin.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn – Rare photo find of him in the Gulags. His book Gulag Archipelago describes his meeting American Airman POWs and who were still wearing their uniforms.

 Here is another fun factoid.  At the end of World War II, the Soviets found 9000 American POWs in German camps in areas they liberated.  What was done with the 9000 Americans?

They died in Siberia, our own ally, the one that built the smoke stacks at Buchenwald, the one that built the gas chambers there, sent the 9000 American POWs to Soviet gulags.

Not a single one came home.

Vietnam?  Did you know that 1205 American POWsfrom Vietnam were sent to the Soviet Union by North Vietnam?

America officially learned of this in 1993 but later we learned that Nixon and Kissinger knew all along.  President Clinton asked for their return and Russia spent months searching Siberia for signs of them later claiming they couldn’t be found.

Russia admitted it had them.  Nixon and Kissinger were overheard on tapes talking about some of them, not all 1205, but several hundred they were aware were “shipped off” but never asked for.

Records of their transfer and interrogation were under the control of President Havel of what was then Czechoslovakia, a government friendly to the US.

We had a list of documents telling where they were sent, a list of witnesses who had handled the POWs and reports from General Senja, former Czech military chief and American Super-Spy, that thousands of POWs from Korea and Vietnam were in Russia.

Recovery plans were submitted including plans for document analysis, systematic “interviews” of those involved and an organized recovery effort.  An odd coincidence, I was one of the authors of this plan, back during “another life.”

When the plan was refused without reason, Pentagon, State Department, Presidency, “ABC,” though evidence was ten times stronger than even those with mid level security clearances were ever able to learn, the entire affair was covered up and has remained so.

Betrayal from the top – As usual

Everyone involved in covering for Russia, just as was done with the holocaust, as with the Ukraine, as with the murders of up to 8.5 million German civilians, another very real “holocaust” were “fast track” promoted and rewarded for their loyalty to Russia.

Why were so many Americans, why are so many Americans either loyal to Russia or loyal to Israel?

Another of these cases was in 1967 when the Israelis tried to board an American naval ship, the USS Liberty, with orders to execute the entire crew and blame Egypt.  The crew fought them off, 179 of 204 crew members were killed or wounded.

A similar action was done in New York City, September 11, 2001, when 3 office buildings, two empty, filled with asbestos and over-insured, were destroyed killing thousands.

It is said airliners took them down but recent revelations show the planes said to have been involved were in the air, hundreds of miles away, radio and navigation online.  Dr. James Fetzer will be submitting documentary evidence on this.

Another “not so big” secret is that America lost nuclear weapons off Somalia in 1991 when a B-52 went down. They were recovered by arms dealers from Zimbabwe and South Africa and taken inland to be put on the “open market” along with hundreds of old Soviet nukes we have all been told never existed.

These were hydrogen bombs, “big boys,” city killers and America went after them, through Somalia, through Mombasa, into Kenya and elsewhere.  We were told they had eventually been tracked into Africa and American teams were sent in to look for them.  Satellites had picked up signatures.  This was 1998.

This is What Makes it Go Bang!!! – As You Can See, This is Not Something That College Kids Could Make

A previous recovery attempt in 1994 was unsuccessful.  You know of that as “Blackhawk Down.”  Another name is “Broken Arrow/Somalia.”  The incident, which tries to depict elite Army Ranger and Delta Force groups as “UN Peacekeepers” has even now been relocated from Somalia by Wikipedia to Iraq.

When it came time for the 1998 recovery attempt, a “cover and deception” plan was invented.  That involved the bombing of two American embassies by a mysterious terror group created for such a purpose.

It was named by the Americans who planned the operation “Al Qaeda,” and CIA asset, Osama bin Laden was said to be its leader.  Of course, “Al Qaeda” never existed and bin Laden, who had recently been reassigned by the CIA, knew nothing of it.

Part of the fissionable material, in this case, the plutonium “pits” from one of the weapons, showed up in North Korea and was used in an unsuccessful attempt by them to simulate a nuclear explosion.  It was a failure.

Rare Photo – A. Q. Khan Teaching Class

Soon after, the CIA asked General Musharraf of Pakistan to “encourage,” (read torture) A. Q. Khan to make statements taking responsibility for turning nuclear technology over to North Korea.

Of course, were anyone to want to know, a simple A- Bomb can be built out of $38 dollars of plumbing supplies and requires no “implosion” or advanced physics at all.

The problem is, most folks don’t have alot of 95% plus uranium 235 or plutonium around the house.

If you did, the kids could build a nuke that would work moderately well in less than 4 hours.  All the stories about advanced physics, “implosion theory” and such is total bull.  Early nukes would go off if you dropped them.

Eventually, in 2009, Korea simply bought one from Israel.  That one worked, not that well, but it was less embarrassing than another failure, a handful of plutonium and an entire shipload of ammonium nitrate fertilizer.

North Korea should have gone to Canada like Brazil did when they made their nukes.  Oops, that never happened either and Canada, that very nice country to the north would never build nuclear weapons nor be the world’s largest violator of non-proliferation treaties.

Here is the public version of Canada’s secret nuclear program as seen on PBS.   Even moderate research will lead to a trail of weapons grade fissionable material from Canada heading to some very unsuspected places. But, as there is no political reason to blame Canada for something, nothing to gain, Canada can do anything they want and do.

Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?

A bit ago, we began talking about Vietnam.  Of the 2.9 million Americans that served in Vietnam, by standards of international law, almost all are subject to some prison time.

Thankfully, I guess, only about one in four survive and most of them are sick, actually almost all of them are sick.  As for those who served, some “did” more than others.  We would like to call them “leaders.”

Many are subject to longer sentences.  One can make a reasonable case for President Kennedy being killed because he wanted to end the war before it began.

There are other reasons but this is one of them.

Considering today’s wars, now tens of thousands of suicides, 500,000 wounded and disabled, up to 10,000 combat dead added to the suicide number, what if we got the treatment we so love dishing out?

What if Americans were subject to the treatment we gave the Wehrmacht?  Should Americans brought home from Iraq be sent to open air prison camps for years?  Should all be questioned, leaders and “fanatics” singled out for years of prison?

We have records of war crimes that technically justify it.  We can’t pretend it didn’t happen. 

We can’t pretend that part of our official training didn’t include systematic psychological indoctrination on religious war, racism and conditioning to make brutality to innocent civilians seem commonplace and “less stressful.” 

In fact, the Department of Defense hired “conservative think tanks” to advise our military training regimen on how to instill race and religious hatred into our military.

In fact, conditioning troops to kill Muslims because of their religion was the basis of America’s military experience during the Bush administration, from training to “pep talks” to carefully selected entertainment to the selected “information networks,” Fox with Limbaugh and Beck and the lunatic “Pentagon Channel” blithering.

Julius Streicher – Hanged Oct.16, 1946 – Nuremberg

Were the Nuremberg War Tribunal standards applied, everyone involved in this aspect alone, though civilians, would be subject to execution as though they were guilty of murder themselves.

In fact, the single most well known but ignored aspect of our current wars is that so many troops were involved in the random killing of civilians for no reason other than amusement that stories were no longer questioned or even deemed newsworthy.

As much of the world sees it, a discharge from the American military should come with a mandatory prison sentence of 5 to 8 years, even for non-combatants.

Ask around, see if I am making this up.

But then, these wars themselves weren’t American at all, as we no longer had an elected government to blame.  Few remember that President Roosevelt tried to “stack the Supreme Court.”

He recognized that it was put into the constitution at the behest of Federalists working for the Rothschilds in London.  American history is the history of “Federalism,” another word for British or “Rothschild” control versus Americanism, “no central bank” and “states rights.”

Those with PhD’s from the really good schools can explain the Supreme Court, the Electoral College and why the Senate was “chosen” and not elected until well into the 20th century.  America was set up, after control was wrestled from the “founding fathers” to be a British colony again, run as a sort of dictatorship. 

Study some American history, I suspect this explanation might fit a bit better than the continual excuses text book gurus try to pawn off on us.

Similarly, the Supreme Court wouldn’t have illegally intervened, a direct violation of our constitution, to appoint George W Bush president unless there was something afoot, which we now know as 9/11.

I am told every day this is a “conspiracy theory” much as with the sunrise and sunset, and the wars that seem to go on forever, more of my paranoid excesses.

How could a war last over a decade without a single shred of proof that anyone we are supposedly fighting was ever, in any way, involved in a threat to our country?

Did Afghanistan threaten to cut off our heroin supply?  Is that why we are still there?

I promise not to discuss how drugs from Afghanistan have bought Americas congress, the money laundered through corporations that are now, another unconstitutional act by our supreme court, “actually living people.”

For a change of pace, we can do a bit of political comparison.  Ron Paul has lots of tongues wagging, with millions of Zionist dollars spent to prove he is a “David Duke clone.”

Paul is frankly, an unknown.  I hear him making some of the noises Ross Perot made years ago, “they” went after Perot also, if you remember.  I don’t see signs of Perot’s charisma or intellect in Paul.

Paul has issued irregular threats to end the “special relationship” between Israel and the US. 

Fact is, the current government of Israel is an enemy of the US while the Israeli people are split, about a third are pro-American and even American citizens and the rest are of differing opinions from “don’t care” to “I wish everyone there would simply die.”

For whatever reason, it is likely that Paul would remove “dual citizens” from defense decision making in the US and end military aid to Israel.

Why? It’s not my job to explain these things.

Used to be if you wanted to say something bad about someone, you called them “like Hitler” or a “Fascist.”

Remember my talk, oh so many paragraphs ago about Stalin?

Let’s talk “Fascism.”

Captured Libyan Intel Reports – David Welch Advised Gaddafi Regime on Defeating NATO

Here is some context.  A few months ago, Necon public relations firms were paid millions through Israeli “slush funds”  (read “terrorist money”) to defend Gaddafi as the benevolent leader of all time.

By African standards, the Libyans lived better than the starving masses of Darfur and the Neocons made millions telling the world that.

I think Libyans live even better than Nigerians.  Both nations have oil, both nations have corruption problems though Nigeria has nicer cities.

Problem is, Nigeria has 200 million people and Libya has, well, we don’t know because most people there are foreign workers.

I think Libya is smaller than Cleveland, population anyway.

Let’s talk Hitler.

I am eliminating out of varied reasons hundreds of pages of misrepresented American history, now glossed over in “revisionist” texts.  We can talk about being mean to the “American Indians,” stealing land and worse, like “genocide worse”.

But we can’t talk much about the real depth of currency and banking scams and to what extent Americans fought for freedom at home only to end up dying on battlefields around the world not knowing they were there as defacto employees of powerful global banking institutions.

History has to be kept simple.  Imagine George W Bush’s education, that kind of simple.

Famous WWII author David Irving was imprisoned in Austria for a speech he had given 16 years earlier. The government actually set up a sting operation to get him into Austria so they could arrest him.

Before we jump to the “but he killed all the Jews” end of this, I suggest that one is overused.  Some question its truth in that there has never been a document saying Hitler had anything to do with the holocaust.

Israel says Hitler gave out “verbal” orders only.

Only real history will give us the truth on this and scholars who study these things have been jailed.

Why?  I am not answering that one either.  Try your own deductive reasoning.

Ah, a “factoid.”  Remember the “Afrika Korps?”  You know, Rommel and those Germans trying to take the Suez Canal and gain control of Palestine.

You will love this and, worst of all, it is entirely true.  Hitler cut a deal with Germany’s Zionists to conquer Palestine and set up a Jewish homeland there.


YouTube – Veterans Today –

This is a mainstream news story worth watching.  It simply tells you things were more complicated than people, especially Jews, were told.

Young Adolf in 1901 on Right

The truth?  Some Jews saw Hitler as a savior and Hitler would rather have had German Jews running the Middle East than France and Britain.

How does this fit into the “holocaust” or does it fit?  I can’t get into “Dr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine” and find out the truth.

What I depend on is “history” which, as time goes on, has turned out to be largely communist propaganda taught to me in public schools that were supposed to teach me to hate communism.

This, in itself, confuses the hell out of me.  I smell a plot and tend to see the hand of the Rockefeller Foundation behind it. “Things were not as they seemed,” the understatement of all time.

Well, anyway, back to Fascism.  Why do I think it had gotten a bad rap?

Let’s take today and apply Adolf Hitler’s solutions.  You will love this:

  • Hiter nationalized the central bank, in a sense, eliminating the “Federal Reserve”

  • Hitler began massive public works, building things for people, highways, parks, on a much larger scale than Roosevelt and the NRA (which the Supreme Court found “unconstitutional”)

  • Hiter instituted wage and price controls, evening out wage differentiation between labor and management.  When bonus time came, everyone was paid on a mandatory scale, not like is done in the US.

  • Corporate profits had to be loaned to the government, initially at 6% interest then lowered to 4.5%.

  • Summer camps were built for all kids, nutrition programs instituted, education was made mandatory at a time when in the US, only 10% graduated from high school

  • Free national health insurance was instituted

  • Manufacturing and jobs were kept in Germany and exports supported, underwritten by credit lines financed by corporate taxes

  • Corporate profits quadrupled because of this while wages and standard of living went up 16%

  • Simultaneously, Germany build the largest army in the world, perhaps not the best thing but, considering Stalin as a neighbor, perhaps understandable

  • By 1938, there was a labor shortage in Germany while America and Britain were sinking in debt and deep in depression

  • Germany had a generous social security retirement system

Now wait a minute, can this be true?  Free medical care, no unemployment, cheap food, paid vacations at government built resorts.

When it came time for war, young Germans all had their teeth, were well nourished, could all read and were healthy. In Britain, over half were illiterate, most suffered from malnutrition, it was a nightmare.

Author/historian Len Deighton writes on this in Blood Tears and Folly.  Consider reading it.

So, we damn Germany because of concentration camps, secret police, gas chambers and all those invasions.

But if we compare Fascism to whatever the hell it is we pretend to have in the US with NAFTA and drugs and prisons everywhere, you will find that American prisons are far beyond anything Germany had for concentration camps.

In fact, America today is far more comparable to Stalin’s Russia than Germany under Hitler.

Is this why all we hear about is war criminals and concentration camps? Are we trying to hide something?

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Is Hamas Really a Mean-Minded Christmas Scrooge?


Hamas didn’t stop Christmas in Gaza

Phoebe Greenwood, writing from Gaza City in The Guardian on 23 December Gaza Christians long for days before Hamas cancelled Christmas, reported:

“There hasn’t been a Christmas tree in Gaza City’s main square since Hamas pushed the Palestinian Authority out of Gaza in 2007 and Christmas is no longer a public holiday.”

The headline said Hamas had “cancelled Christmas”. Could this possibly be true?


by Stuart Littlewood


When I visited Gaza in late 2007 Fr Manuel Mussallam, the feisty old priest in charge of the Catholic community, took me and others to meet Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and some of his colleagues. Relations between Christian and Muslim – or at least between the Catholic community and the Hamas government – seemed strong enough and friendly enough for Christmas celebrations to be left undisturbed.

The very idea of a ban actually makes me smile because Scotland, a Christian country of course, saw Christmas as a papist festival and for centuries discouraged it. When I lived there it wasn’t even a public holiday.

But back to the Strip… Is Hamas being beastly to Gaza’s Christians? Has Phoebe Greenwood got her story straight? I wrote to her at The Guardian, pointing out that revelations of this kind in the popular British press undo the hard work activists put in to help the Palestinian cause. Could she please throw more light onto it? I’ve had no reply.

I’m in England and unable to contact Hamas. Phoebe Greenwood is on the spot. Shouldn’t someone from Mr Haniyeh’s office be given a chance to comment?

As for Fr Manuel, he has finally retired and left Gaza. The school he ran there, part-funded by the Vatican, had 1200 pupils. About 1000 were Muslim and some of these the children of Hamas leaders.

Fr Manuel Mussallam (L) meets with Hamas leader Haniyeh (R)

The relationship between Muslim and Christian in the Holy Land, and the potential for friction, is frequently poked and prodded simply to make mischief.

Those with a rightful cause versus those who took it away

Archbishop Theodosius Hanna (Greek Orthodox Church), on a visit to Ireland a year ago, told politicians: “The problem in Palestine has nothing to do with religion – it is not a religious issue. It is not a conflict of Christians, Muslims and Jewish people. It is a conflict between those who are the holders of a rightful cause and those who took away that right by military might.

“Palestinian people as a whole, including Christians and Muslims, have said repeatedly that what they want is peace. We want two states that live together in peace. However, the reality on the ground is that we are extremely far away from that goal because Israel does not want peace.”

Fr Manuel, who accompanied the Archbishop, told his listeners what happened when the Christian school in Gaza was targeted.

“Five Hamas ministers visited the school after it was attacked and promised they would repair the damage… A Hamas minister, a Muslim, picked up the Holy Bible thrown on the ground, kissed it and put it back on the altar. He said Muslims were forbidden to do such things to the Bible. Hamas paid more than $122,000 to repair all the damage caused.

“Afterwards I met the Hamas prime minister, Ismail Haniyeh. When he embraced me he said this, and we believed it. He said: “Go to your family, but be assured that Hamas will employ weapons against Muslims to protect Christians in Gaza.” This is the reality. Christians in Palestine are not suffering persecution, because we are not considered to be a religious community, but rather the people of Palestine. We have the same rights and the same obligations.”

It is hardly surprising that Israeli oppression aided and endorsed by western Christendom, and the grinding poverty this evil alliance creates in the occupied territories, drives some Muslims into the arms of Islamic extremism. Hamas insists that extremist acts are incidents not policy.

Outside the Irish Parliament. Left to Right: Alan Lonergan (SADAKA), Constantine Dabbagh, Fr Manuel Musallam, John Ging, Archbishop Theodosius Hanna

Fr Manuel went on to tell the Irish what things were really like under military occupation. “We have spoken to Israel for more than18 years and the result has been zero. We have signed agreements here and there at various times and then when there is a change in the government of Israel we have to start again from the beginning. We ask for our life and to be given back our Jerusalem, to be given our state and for enough water to drink. We want to be given more opportunity to reach Jerusalem. I have not seen Jerusalem since 1990.”

He described the nightmarish system of entry and exit permits, which Israel invariably refused. “We want to see an end to this occupation, and please do not ask us to protect those who are occupying our territory.”

A week ago, on Christmas Day, the Voice of Palestine website ran this news item:

DAMASCUS – Hamas Movement have offered its best wishes to all Palestinian Christians in occupied Palestine, and other countries on the occasion of Prophet Jesus’ birth and wished them a happy holiday.

“On the occasion of rejoicing the birth of Prophet Jesus peace of God be upon him, the Islamic Movement of Hamas extends its sincere wishes to all our fellow Christians in their homeland Palestine, the cradle of prophecies and the land of divine messages, as well as to the Palestinian Christians in the Arab and Islamic countries and the whole world,” Hamas said in a press release on Saturday.

Hamas wished this occasion to be an opportunity for uniting the Palestinian people and pooling the efforts of the world’s free people to support the Palestinian cause and protect the Islamic and Christian holy sites.

In the past Hamas has shown great respect for the Christian tradition of Christmas and, I hear, Hamas officials in Bethlehem used to dress up as Santa Claus to distribute gifts to Christian children. So the question remains: has Hamas really become such a Scrooge* as to torpedo Christmas with a tree ban?

If so, it’s a sure-fire way to lose friends and alienate people.

  • for more about the mean-mindedness of that notorious character Ebenezer Scrooge, and his hatred of Christmas, see ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens. Scrooge eventually sees the light and redeems himself.

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The eventful 2011 did not just change contours of Middle East, it leaves behind a world transformed


by Aijaz Zaka Syed


The world is supposed to end in 2012, if we are to go by the ancient Mayan calendar. Hollywood’s Doomsday pundits and some Christian groups in the US seem to agree that we are truly living in the end times. Hallelujah! Of course, how 2012 would eventually end would become starkly clear by year end Insha Allah.

For most people in the Middle East, it’s 2011 that changed the world. What an extraordinary, truly game-changing year it has been! Who would have imagined this time last year that hope would break out of the darkness of a dying year? Who could have known that a faceless fruit seller would spark a series of revolutions when he put a match to himself in utter despair?

A Tunisian demonstrator holding a placard reading “Game Over” during a rally in Tunis. (Photo by AFP)

A new Tunisia and a new Middle East rose from the ashes of hope that died young. The ostensibly invincible empires of tyranny collapsed like a house of cards within weeks. It’s still hard to believe three are already down with more on the way. By the time the Arab Spring comes to a close, we may have a region transformed beyond recognition.

What is most exhilarating about this season of change is the fact that it’s inspiring and has already spawned similar movements across the world, from America to Australia. Which is remarkable for a region long derided as a black hole for freedom, democracy and civil liberties.

For too long the Arabs have been stereotyped as the folks who have a natural propensity to tolerate tyranny and are incapable of embracing Western ideas of progress, liberty and empowerment.

No wonder the self anointed champions of democracy and freedom have had to join hands with men like Mubarak, Ben Ali and Qaddafi to govern the ungovernable natives.

This is why it’s so gratifying to see the Americans march on to the Wall Street and “occupy” New York and Washington while unprecedented protests against the unfair and disastrous economic policies across Europe set the continent on fire. It’s not the same thing, you would say. But like the people of the Middle East, Americans and Europeans are also fighting tyranny and corruption — tyranny of the economic elite and fattening up of the two percent at the expense of the rest.

While millions of jobless and starving people in the world’s richest country are out on the streets demanding their due, their government spends trillions of dollars on absurd, vainglorious wars and to bail out the corrupt and criminal of the Wall Street. Things are so bad that for the first time in its history America is witnessing a brain drain. Today, more US citizens than ever before — as many as 6.4 million, according to the latest Gallup study — are living outside the country. Why some of them are going down to study and work in India!

Things are little different across the pond. The Year 2011 has proved equally eventful for Europe. Until last year the continent was the ultimate model of benign Western capitalism. Euro was almost as much valued and in demand as getting a toehold in the European Union.

Today, one formidable EU economy after another is unraveling, clouding the very future of the elite club as people take to streets against the long decades of exploitation and abuse. Even Putin’s impregnable fortress stands breached. And it is not just the West; the scent of the Jasmine revolution has reached South Asia too with both India and Pakistan going through a great churning.

In both India and Pakistan, as in the Middle East and West, it’s not conventional politicians and opinion leaders but ordinary people who are leading the movements for change.

As much as I admire and adore Imran Khan, it’s not the cricket legend who has generated the groundswell sweeping Pakistan today. The craving for change of ordinary Pakistanis has created this momentum.

Imran Khan

Khan, who has captured the imagination of the nation and is attracting hundreds of thousands to his rallies from Lahore to Karachi, is a creation of the circumstances that have made Pakistan such an unhappy place for its people today. Battered and abused by its “allies and friends” and plundered by its elites, the land of the pure has once again managed to end up with the lowest of the low at the very top. They sign away the nation’s sovereignty and dignity to foreign masters all in the name of democracy and “making a nation.”

When the loud calls demanding change were rocking the Tahrir Square and much of the Arab world, many of my Pakistani friends wondered when and if their own spring would arrive. Well, Pakistan is almost ready for the long due spring cleaning. And so is India.

Again, the crusade against corruption roiling the great democracy isn’t entirely a creation of Anna Hazare and his team.

Popular anger and frustration, simmering over the years, had reached a boiling point long before the septuagenarian activist arrived on the scene.

The public outrage over the all-pervasive corruption with one scam after another billion rupee scam blowing up in the government’s face was palpable to even distant observers like us while the honest and incorruptible Singh slept on the wheel.

It’s as though the government was driven by a death wish, choosing to do nothing even after senior ministers like Kalmadi and Raja were caught with their hands in the till.

And in this tussle, the people of India seem to have placed their trust unanimously on one man alone — Anna Hazare.

Indeed, even after the media went to town with the grisly details of the royal ride India had been taken for by Kalmadi in the name of the Commonwealth Games, it was business as usual. He remained part of the Cabinet and still headed the CWG organizing committee. Ditto Raja who has to his credit the Rs. 1.76-trillion telecom scam, said to be the biggest in history. They were sent to prison much later only after a relentless media campaign made it impossible to protect them.

All this was too much to swallow even for a stoical people long accustomed to abuse in all walks of life. Hazare, the rebel forever looking for a cause, stepped forward to tap into this reservoir of cold fury reproducing India’s own Tahrir Square in New Delhi.

Hazare’s my-way-or-the-high-way approach and his audacity to dictate to the government and Parliament is of course breathtaking. He has also managed to turn the nation’s yearning for change into an anti-Congress crusade, often targeting Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. No wonder the Congress sees him as a BJP-RSS conspiracy.

Yet if India has decided to take on corruption today, notwithstanding the Lokpal fiasco in Parliament on Thursday with all parties trying their best to derail the legislation, some credit goes to a very obstinate old man — and perhaps also to the westerly winds of change blowing from across Arabia. And it’s not end of the world. Hope lives on and the Year 2012 promises to be anything but dull.

Happy New Year everyone!

Source : Arab News

Tunisia, Egypt Global Revolution Tribute – by Ken O’Keefe


Ken O’Keefe’s video (with Anthony Lawson’s added opening voiceover) pays tribute to the revolutionaries of Tunisia, Egypt, along with the global revolutionaries yet to be identified. “Governments should fear their people!”


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Raid on Egypt NGOs: The Old Regime is Back in Business


“Less than two weeks after the military violently crushed street protests leaving dozens killed and hundreds injured, some warned Thursday’s raids were a sign of a fiercer crackdown ahead of new protests planned for Jan. 25, the anniversary of the start of the 18-day mass uprising.”


Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


Egyptian soldiers and police stormed non-governmental organization offices throughout the country on Thursday, banning employees inside from leaving while they interrogated them and searched through computer files / AP.

CAIRO — “Egyptian security forces stormed the offices of 17 human rights and pro-democracy groups on Thursday, including several based in the U.S., accused by the country’s military rulers of destabilizing security by fomenting protests with the help of foreign funding” …  First thing first, so try and keep this “foreign aid” cliché aside now, and let’s focus on the allegation of “fomenting protests” because this is the main issue here … Inciting people to take to the streets in huge numbers in a country long ruled by an authoritarian regime that never witnessed protests or even allowed dissent during the last 60 years or so, that is certainly a crime and shame that need to be confronted with swift and decisive actions… “Among the 17 offices which were raided the U.S.-headquartered National Democratic Institute, Freedom House, the International Republican Institute, which is observing Egypt’s ongoing parliamentary elections, as well as Germany’s Konrad Adenauer Foundation, a think-tank with links to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party”

… Timing is of essence here, so we have to ask why now, .. after almost a whole year since the Egyptian uprising erupted back in 25 January, why storm the headquarters of rights groups now? … Those NGOs have been operating for longtime, and some of them were founded during the rule of Hosni Mubarak… “A joint statement, signed by 28 Egyptian rights groups said that less than two weeks after the military violently crushed street protests leaving dozens killed and hundreds injured, this latest show of force against NGOs heralds a wider clampdown to target those who led the uprising and an attempt to “liquidate” the revolution” …

The raid on Cairo-based NGOs came less than two weeks of violent crackdown on Tahrir protesters and activists.


To put you into context, the raids on the NGOs headquarters which had to look intimidating in every way possible as Special commandos in full gear sealed office doors shut with wax, demanded computer passwords, carted away boxes of documents and searched the bathrooms, is the latest in a series of preplanned and systematically executed actions to abort and hijack the Tahrir square revolution … “The raids on the NGOs were the first since Mubarak’s ouster, though Egyptian officials have been levying accusations for months that the civil society groups are serving a foreign agenda”

… A foreign agenda, we have all heard this before by Gaddafi in Libya, Saleh in Yemen, by the prince of Bahrain and now Bashaar al-Assad in Syria and even Putin in Russia, “The foreign intervention card” is always there on their desks, meticulously folded and ready to be played out in time of need. “The Foreign agenda” …whenever you hear of it, be sure that the people in power are in trouble.

Who needs a foreign agenda to make people scream from the pains of poverty, injustice and brutality? You don’t need a foreign agenda for that; all you need is courage that can take you to the street and a voice that fears not to say you can’t take it no more

Egyptian military stand guard as officials raid one of the non-governmental organization

“The Interior Ministry said the raids on the nonprofit organizations were part of the investigation into foreign funding of rights groups” …

That’s fair enough, but then why we never heard of the military council doing the same and investigated the obscene and unmonitored funding of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis -the ultra-conservative Muslims- by the Wahabbi foundations in the Arab peninsula. “181mn dollars have been transferred from Qatar last February to the “partisans of the Sunni society” a NGO affiliated with the Salafi party.” Declared a source in the Justice department … “The Cairo-based Arabic Network for Human Rights Information said in a statement that the raids went beyond the type of Mubarak-era tactics that spurred hundreds of thousands of Egyptians to take to the streets demanding freedom and democracy during this year’s uprising”

10 months of dragging the military feet on the trial of Mubarak and his inner circle of high officials and business tycoons, ten months of dragging their feet on restoring order and safety to the Egyptian street in order to sustain the feeling of chaos and insecurity, 10 months during which the Tahrir square, the hub of the revolution, has turned into a battle field where the military joined by army of thugs and police snipers have been crushing the remaining die-hard protesters and activists …

“By far the largest recipient of foreign funding in Egypt is the military itself, which has for more than 30 years received about $1.3 billion in annual U.S. security assistance” … The military generals want to put an end to the revolutionary tide on the Egyptian street and restore things to “business as usual”  .. and in doing so they are willing to strike secret deals with the Islamists and neutralize them, abduct 12000 protesters and activists and lock them away after trying them before military tribunals, promote the concept that the revolutionaries of the Tahrir square are but a bunch of rioters and vandals who dared burn the scientific institute of Cairo and were up to burning down the parliament building and that the political activists are just covert agents on the payroll of  foreign governments, and in fulfilling that aim Egypt military generals are willing to even anger the Americans …

YouTube – Veterans Today -Egypt military & police forces sorm NGOs operaing in Cairo

The Obama administration demanded Egyptian authorities immediately halt the raids on non-governmental organizations (NGOs), saying they are “inconsistent” with long-standing U.S-Egypt cooperation” … Egypt military have all the time in the world to reconcile with Washington and make things look consistent again.

Deposed president Mubarak / Field Marshal Tantawy

But as we said, first things first, the military junta’s priority now is to restore control over things, demean the demands of pro-democracy protesters and taint the reputation of the activists and political rights groups, pave the way to pardon Mubarak and reinstall the disrupted system of policing the state and silence critics as the country approaches the first anniversary of the Tahrir revolution.

 … In short, the military council want to derail this revolution from its track and turn this whole thing into some coup-d’état that only managed to topple Mubarak but not the regime … and I don’t think that is something that would anger the white house.  Nevertheless Egypt military has assured the United States that it’s willing to stop the raids on US and other pro-democracy groups as long as all parties concerned clearly understand that “the regime is back in business.”

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