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Why Are They Afraid of Jesse Ventura?


Another Sideshow, Another Black Eye for the Military


by Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Fox News is continually reporting that former Governor/SEAL/UDT Jesse Ventura, was “beaten senseless” in a bar brawl in 2006 by a SEAL.  The story goes that Ventura said “more SEALS need to die.”

VT Editor Jim W. Dean reminds me, “Why now, why years later, why station after station, all Neocon controlled spin and sleaze carrying this story?

Who gave the command, unleashed the media rats?”  Then we checked the web, same thing, every scumbucket site on net.  Then, of course, a “little birdie” told me that Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura, America’s political “dream team” had been talking.

True or not, the attack dogs who went after Paul are now on Ventura.

From that second onward, I knew I was listening to pure unadulterated bull from a carefully coached Neocon stooge using his military service to sell out his country.  It reminded me of watching Ollie North in his dress blues, there, in front of congress.  I wanted to puke.

There is no bigger veteran supporter than Jesse Ventura.  There is also no bigger enemy to the crooks that have used our military against our own country than Ventura.

This is why Jesse is the real hero and why he is feared.


YouTube – Veterans Today –

The claim by a Kris Kyle seems a bit hollow.  Those who know Jesse claim he never would have said it.  Were I to show up on the “trash talk” circuit, I might have a witness or two, even if I had to pay them out of the reptile fund.  Sorry for going there, I tend to equate neocon’s with reptiles, don’t know how that started.  Perhaps it is their empathy level but more likely their intellect.

The story goes like this, back in 2006, Jesse Ventura went into a bar he frequents in Coronado, CA.  This “Kyle” character says Jesse was “badmouthing the war.  The mythology begins:

Kris Kyle – In the Flesh !

Kyle then claims he decked Ventura, a former pro-wrestler, and “ran out of the building.”  The run part I understand.  Everything else is unsupported.

What is supported is that “Kyle” has a book out claiming he is a great war hero, a sniper who killed hundreds of “insurgents” in Afghanistan.

I know a bit about stuff.  Part of my time in Vietnam was spent as a sniper.  In real life, and this is how we have to be, snipers are seen as “backshooting cowards” by the rest of the military.

Even with the old equipment we had, I could hit 3 people, “pink mist,” before they knew it from so far away it would take them an hour to get there, terrain as it is.

I didn’t like it, it felt “dishonorable” to me but this is just my opinion.  I never had to walk a hundred miles to kill an NVA general and evade trackers for weeks, like I read in books that I suspect are 99% fiction.

Shooting folks who are called “insurgents” in a country where every adult carries a gun may have risks but probably means that many who were killed were murdered and others who were real “insurgents” were actually patriots fighting another foreign invasion, “us.”

Thus far, 80% of dead “insurgents” are unarmed civilians, in particular women and children.  I’ve been there and have done my homework.

This, I suspect, is Ventura’s position.

There is no other position.  Anyone who buys the 9/11 and bin Laden crap is too stupid to live.  In 2006, fewer knew that it was all invented. 

By 2008 or today, all special ops guys know 9/11 was an inside job, all know bin Laden died in 2001 and if they don’t, it means nobody trusted them enough to tell them the truth.

Where Kyle, in his endless interviews, each embellished more than the last, is right, he says we fight for each other as professionals, not for the war.

Let’s talk about self defense issues.


spent 35 years in martial arts, starting as a kid.  My earliest lessons involved fighting for lunch money as a kid in Detroit.

I studied Judo (Jujitsu), I boxed, all of it…with my last official competition well into my 50s.  I have worked with every imaginable weapon and more than a few that won’t be declassified during our lifetime.

However, as an old guy I was slow, taped up but with better upper body strength than in my 20s, much better, and frankly, more willing to cheat.  Why?  I needed to.

Back when I thought I was a big deal I had an awakening.  I got into the ring with an average professional light heavyweight boxer.  I got to hit air more than I wanted and got a lesson.  Professional boxers are to be avoided.

What I would remind Kyle of is professional wrestlers.  These guys, and many of us know they are acting most of the time, are on my ‘avoiding’ list.

I am certain of this.

Any professional wrestler, even with my 35 years of training, much of it “not amateur,” meaning trained in silent killing, would have me asking for mom to come and help in 5 minutes.

Compared to these guys, the rest of us are a joke.  I at least have the guts to admit it.

Let’s talk about SEALS.

First of all, I know many SEALS, some are friends and know their hierarchy.  I also have a gang of SAS buddies from “head honch,” being “Mike” to non coms.  It isn’t about bluster but more professionalism.

Where we get suckered is when we try to paint “honor and duty” onto things when we know better.  We just do what we do because we can, because it is our place at the table and once we lose it, we are just like anyone else.

All of us are only an inch away from a job at Home Depot or, for so many of our friends, simply deciding we can handle it anymore.  This is why we stick together because, frankly, there are days when nobody else is real.  Enough about that.

This is the best group of guys in the world.  I find them good company, which is as good a thing as any Marine can say about someone in the Navy.

Remember Vietnam?  38 SEALS died in Vietnam.  21,000 Marines died in Vietnam.  This is the link to my article on Ventura from 2010.  It has been reproduced and read more than anything anywhere that year, print or internet.  It got over 100,000 reads an hour for some time.

SEALS – The Neo-Cavalry

Marines demand respect because we earned it. What we also don’t forget is that these guys are still out there, they are part of “us”.

And when special ops guys need extraction from impossible situations, if SEALS are the ones who show up, they are the luckiest men on earth.

What bothers me is “book selling” and appearing like a trained ape on right wing TV and radio.  This has you speaking for me and you can’t speak for me.

I am a Vietnam combat vet.  I have spent decades trying to outlive what happened at My Lai, when a “military unit” executed hundreds of women and children.

Now, as one of the leaders of a rather large veterans organization, the stories come in, some anti-American propaganda but more, more than I will print certainly, speak of cowardly acts by special operations personnel and contractors, and the proof is too often on live video.

Do we damn everyone?  This is a good question, maybe we do.

What it tells me is that, when you find yourself on the wrong side of a war, where the enemy is the “good guys” and you are working with a pack of spoiled thugs, it is time for hard decisions.

Do you “shitcan” your career?  Do you walk away from your buddies?  Would real courage require standing up and refusing illegal orders as is required by the Geneva Convention to which every American soldier is a personal signatory?

Fog of War – Tokyo – One Night – 100,000 Killed

Then again, I do know “fog of war.” Things aren’t clear and combat tends to blunt the decision making process.

Also, in today’s world, a military paycheck may be the only paycheck and you go or your kids are on welfare and welfare isn’t what it once was if you hadn’t noticed.

This isn’t 2001 or 2003.  I think all of us know the facts by now but just don’t know how to get out of it.

Military service is a trap, the more “special” or “secret” the bigger the trap and, as so many know, the more unstable and purely delusional those around you can get, especially “leadership” such as it is.

Anyway, who am I to judge?

What do I expect from the SEALS?  It is time someone admitted the Abbotabad fiasco.

Here is what I know:

  • The US had casualties there, Abbotabad,  SEALS and aircrew, denial is disrespect.  We saw the wreckage and have proof of American bodies being picked up.  End of that lie.

  • Bin Laden had died a decade ago, the mission was “political” and SEALS never should have been involved.  Obama needed a “win” and SEALS bought it for him.

  • Initial stories about gunfights and “bin Laden hiding behind a hostage” were proven lies and failure by the Seal community to deny this reflects poorly

  • The entire scenario, the shooting of an unarmed, unprotected old man who died ten years ago who would have been, if any of it were true, the most valuable intelligence asset in history, reflects poorly on SEALS and is, I hope a lie made up by DC bureaucrats

  • The “Muslim Burial at Sea” fiasco, not only is it an obvious lie, only a moron would try to tell it.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

The reason for the video is simple.  It explains the difference between real and phony, between stupid and moronic, as well as anything.  It debunks the bin Laden death about as quickly and painlessly as imaginable.

Might Tag Team Time be Coming Again?

Then we get to the “old guy” thing.  I am an old guy.  Jesse Ventura is an old guy.  I have a brother 5 years older than me.

His recent gig was training our intelligence officers in unarmed combat.  I am more than certain he could take anyone around, effortlessly.  He was 67 at the time.

He is not patient like Ventura.  Hitting him would mean a month in an ICU, no matter who you think trained you.

One of my good friends and co-workers was a Special Forces, an intel guy.  His last gig was Defense Attache to Israel.

He also has 30 plus years of martial arts and is 6’5″ plus.  He is also an old guy.

I have put his tail on the ground but I remember being hit by him.  He nearly broke one of my arms, at 70 could easily drop any heavyweight to the floor.  I am sure we are both slow as hell but the Kyle story, this takes the cake.

Ventura was, on his worst day as a pro, well beyond any of us.  Hitting him with a baseball bat would be a wasted effort much less suckerpunching him and fleeing a bar where you were supposedly an invited guest at a wake?

Fishy?  No kidding.

I grew up around tough guys and the military weren’t the toughest except perhaps Harris.  Eddie Lee Harris, for those who follow such things, was rated numero uno in all martial arts in all services back in the late 60s.

He is a close friend and I was asked to be his sparring partner because I was “trained.”  Ouch!

I saw Harris invite an entire Navy crew to a boxing match on the USS Cleveland.  When he did 10 consecutive KO’s, none lasting one minute, no more takers.

In an informal confrontation, he and I against what I thought was hopeless numbers, I watched him pick up one guy by his belt and begin beating others with the body as though it were a stick.

Even Harris is an old guy now, still a brother, knee replacements, still plays softball, still tough as hell but no longer bigger than a truck.

What are the issues?  I am waiting for Kyle to challenge Ventura to a rematch.  This would be good, short but good.

I am not so sure I believe Mr. Kyle, which, since he presents himself as a SEAL, dishonors all SEALS.  Marines would have shut his lip long ago.

This “sniper” crap is just that, “crap.”  As a Vietnam Marine, working for a tenth the money and with more trigger time than a century in Afghanistan would offer, I am immune to bull.

We were starved, did 30 days a month “out” and were invariably outnumbered ten to one or more.  We had no body armour, no hot meals, certainly no pay, no calls home, no internet, no weeks of downtime, no personal belongings, just death, starvation and rain. 

One of our writers and a fellow squad member in Vietnam,  Bill Eckard, died a bit ago.  He lost two legs, part of an arm and ended up in an early grave in Arlington National Cemetery.

To Those We Have Loved – And Lost

[Editors Note: Dear Folks, Gordon is too humble to put this link in so I will, as Bill Eckerd was in command of the flanking squad in:

The Last Bayonet Charge in Vietnam.

For those who have not caught this yet, it is being called one of the best Vietnam War pieces there is… Jim W. Dean]


To me, “Ralph” was always “Bill.”  He will always be 20 years old, he will always be my family.  This is our path, this is how we go and, for the best of us, sometimes why we fight for each other in wars we spend our lives learning were “mistakes.”

But then, we were like so many others.

Like who?

Tiny Tomb Stones

Like every other American army that ever fought in wars, from Valley Forge to Antietam to Belleau Wood to Iwo Jima.

Now we need new rules, a professional military of Christian politicians who cost millions to train and live on talk shows and TV?

I thought General MacArthur, “Dugout Doug” was bad enough.

What would a real patriot say?  No wars for my kids, not unless America is attacked.  Well, we were attacked, we were attacked by a cabal of Neocons, backed by Pentagon Princes and the Mossad and trillions were stolen.

More of us learned we were lied to.  Why did we have to learn at all, Vietnam was lesson enough but the “forgetting” set it along with phony politics, phony religion and cheap cowards who took over our government.

Our answer to being attacked by our own government?

We invaded Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hell, I was in Vietnam.  I know stupid wars.  I was part of a generation that died in the mud, forgotten in Vietnam or who returned to a country that honored us with parades decades later when few of us were still alive.

They could have kept their parades.

When it comes down to who I respect and I have Jesse Ventura telling me our wars are wrong and America is guilty of criminal aggressive war, which is the simple truth, I respect the simple truth. I respect Jesse.  Those who have the choice and pretend to believe a lie are the real cowards.  Ventura is not.

For me it isn’t politics.  I am always on the side of the veteran, the poor sap who dies, whose wife (or husband) is with “Jody” and whose kids will grow up without a real family.

I am against those who start wars, who profit from wars, who play war politics, I think they should all be executed. As Jim Dean so often says:

“The problem with Gitmo is that they don’t send the really dangerous terrorists down there, but to Washington instead.”

I can’t say Jesse Ventura is a god.  I don’t believe everything he has done but he did the best analysis of 9/11, the landmark in American history. He is responsible for the best piece of journalism America has, certainly the most important.

For that, we owe him.  No sniper, no SEAL, no journalist comes close, Jesse…on that one day won something well beyond the medal of honor. As a veteran, Ventura stood up for the honor of all of us.  I choose to judge him for that day.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


Addendum Reader Submission/Commment:


Dear Gordon, a quick note to thank you for the last two articles you wrote on Veterans Today:

1. Why Are They Afraid of Jesse Ventura?

2. The Gasoline Export scam These two articles have to be as good as anything I have read in a long time, and they are hard hitting and accurate. One of my business partners worked with Jesse Ventura right after he got out of the Navy. He was 100% standup, worked harder than anyone else there and although he didn’t talk much, he was a very caring individual, taking his fellow workers to Gold’s Gym and teaching them how to weight lift and work out (Jesse worked at an auto service center in Robbinsdale, Minnesota as a tire buster, my associate was a mechanic there).

I also knew a number of folks that knew Jesse well when he was mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Same story, honest hardworking, a treasure to the community. He cut taxes and increased efficiency and overall did a great job. He was very respected there just as he was while he was Minnesota Governor. As Governor he was very popular and made it clear from the very start, no lobbyist deals and govt not for sale and he meant it and his administration was free of corruption because of it. Many of us were disappointed he didn’t run again.

As far as Kyle, rumor has it he is being promoted by the shadow govt for a homeland security role setting up a special strike force sniper team, a private mercenary force to deal with dissidents if any future hot breakdown occurs and has some very questionable current connections, and that big contracts may be pending, that he is being used to attempt to smear Jesse Ventura because the power structure is very afraid of his connections to the seals and the respect they have for him (plus he has been a source of public truth).

I have worked with some combat vets in the past and none bragged about having to fight or kill and described their experiences in war as very stressful and traumatic overall. I view war like Ron Paul as the “last option” which should be legally declared when all else fails or we are attacked, and then we should stage a 100% full spectrum effort to win completely and quickly, doing all possible to avoid harming civilians.

In most cases war seems to be tragic for most involved except the war profiteers and power brokers at home, especially these illegal, unprovoked, unconstitutional, undeclared perpetual wars (police actions for war profiteering for the big defense contractors). Those that serve their country bravely deserve to be protected from useless perpetual Vietnam style police actions which place them needlessly in harms way and seem to never be won. It seems to me that the only ones that make out on these perpetual wars are the large defense contractors.

It seems to me that all wars since WW2 have been illegal, undeclared wars that have taken advantage of the greatest service folks in the world which is tragic. As you know Jesse Ventura has always stood up for the Vets, especially the wounded vets. The fact that Kyle has been bragging about hundreds of kills publicly is tragic and misguided, IMO. Something seems to be seriously wrong with him and it sends the wrong message to young folks. And to try and smear Jesse Ventura with obvious lies is downright disgusting. Jesse is a national treasure and anyone who tries to smear him is either seriously misguided, compromised or seriously whacky, IMO.

Everybody that is anybody knows Jesse is the real deal, 100% stand up, somebody you can trust and rely on. Seems like this whole smear job against Jesse is a sophisticated PSYOP to me. This serves as a big LITMUS TEST for which publications are clean and which are dirty. Any publication that smears Jesse is dirty and following a psyops scripted by some entity, IMO. I have checked the Internet and it is easy to identify which major and minor publications are dirty (it’s the ones participating in this phoney smear job). Thanks for getting right about Jesse ventura and standing up for this great American Hero.

As far as the “The gasoline Export Scam” article, you hit another grand slam home-run with this. The information you included is well founded. Years ago I asked a high ranking oil exec I knew how serious the oil shortage was. He laughed and said that most of it was marketing and distribution issues, that there was plenty of oil in the ground, but too many rules preventing drilling inside the USA or offshore and no permission to build the necessary refineries.

I also learned about the Russian deep oil well research which proved that oil is not a fossil fuel (ie a decayed plant derivative from pre-historic times), but actually is a mineral that flows in rivers and exists in large pools deep underground at varying levels. That there is so much oil it is astounding and the world is literally afloat in it.

There is so much oil off the coast of Florida that Cuba has leased oil drilling rights to the Chinese to drill there. We should be doing the same. But of course the BP disaster was a staged disaster to create a problem with that and help keep the price up. And then the recent huge oil finds in the Bakken Range in ND, Idaho, etc. and now a huge find in the Rockies. And many know about the world’s largest find to date at Gull Island Alaska, discovered and capped by Atlantic Richfield over 20 years ago. I was also told that almost all of our Alaskan oil is shipped to Japan as part of a secret treaty.

If it came to the continental US we would have much cheaper gas. And your articles about Iran and the saber rattling to increase the oil price now that consumption is at an all time low have been right on the mark and very hard hitting. I can’t thank you enough for all these great articles which just seem to keep getting better and better. You have taken Veterans Today to the top of the pack for investigative journalism, that’s for sure. Please keep these excellent investigative articles coming. Many thanks for the great articles and getting the real truth out,


Jim Viken (retired former psychologist and Marriage & Family Therapist)

Minneapolis, MN


The Navy SEAL Foundation is proud to serve the Naval Special Warfare community including the U.S. Navy SEALs, SWCC, NSW Support Personnel, and their families

19 Responses to “Why Are They Afraid of Jesse Ventura?”

  1. Greg Gunderson says:

    Thank you for the article. Our soldiers are the best. They dont need to be used as cannon fodder for the money whores. Jesse Ventura is a man of noble character traits that are sorely lacking in most of our leaders in these times.Mr Kyle seems to be the new poster boy for the war profiteers.It should be interesting to see if he starts to get alot of publicity in the future.My dad also exposed govt corruption.He passed away in July.He was a retired high ranking fbi official. After he left the bureau and started his own investigative business, his eyes became opened to what really goes on in this crazy world. I deeply respect and have the utmost admiration for men like these, who put aside their credentials and reputation to side with what is morally honest and upright not fearing the cost. thanks again

  2. TC says:

    Who knows why ‘they’ would be afraid of J. Ventura? After all, he seems to be one of ‘them’, lol; the limited hangout, controlled opposition, whatever. Effing Westerners, particularly Americans, always defending the right to travel the globe brutalizing everyone and everything in their path. He’s part of the old crap which will be taken out with the other garbage.

  3. Solonsays says:

    Congress has the worst approval rating in history and the average American is no longer represented in any of three branches of government. The working class is being struck down by class warfare.
    When it comes to using the tax code and government power to promote self interest at the expense of fellow countrymen, the Corporate-Government Partnership and tax avoidance syndicate running this country have clearly crossed the into the realm of the inhumane.
    The working class has borne the brunt of blood and treasure for the political wars sponsored by our political elite, endured decades of stagnant wages, decades of declining purchasing power from the Federal Reserve Wage Confiscation Tax, otherwise known as inflation, and now face the prospect of long term unemployment and under employment while corporations and the wealthy are given a free ride to accumulate tax free and tax deferred wealth in the global market place. is a website dedicated to helping the working class understand the betrayal of their government against them.

  4. Great info.. am not of any experience in military matters however i follow events note.! Where is John Walker LInd,??.anyone seen him or heard from him..he was the asset that poisoned the other asset, Bin Laden..yup that was in you say the rest is history , good or bad..

  5. just a dumb old grunt says:

    Very well said and done !

  6. KC says:

    Nobody is making this point!!!!!: Was this sniper Kyle piece of shit, by his background as a sniper and his shadow government connections, is he some kind of veiled threat against Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura??? i.e.-keep running for president and you are in sniper danger??

  7. Hoobadooba says:

    You talk so much about being in Vietnam you probably were not. Just like any random homeless guy.

    Oliver North did not testify in his “dress blues” you incredible retard. He wore his Class A uniform, as is proper protocol for a visit to Capitol Hill, you retard again.

    Sorry you felt dishonorable as a sniper when you were playing Halo or World of Warcraft. REAL snipers actually have to make effort to be accepted into and pass sniper school.

    You seem to think talking about your imaginary friends with big dicks will make people think you have a big dick, but it’s all imaginary.

  8. Good man! At least you’re not afraid to allow comments.

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  9. James says:

    Dirty Little Secrets – the hidden, awkward origins of World War 2 – the unexpected views of four key diplomats who were close to events

    Just consider the following:

    · Joseph P. Kennedy, U.S. Ambassador to Britain during the years immediately preceding WW2 was the father of the famous American Kennedy dynasty. James Forrestal the first US Secretary of Defense (1947-1949) quotes him as saying “Chamberlain (the British Prime Minister) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war”. (The Forrestal Diaries ed. Millis, Cassell 1952 p129).

    · Count Jerzy Potocki, the Polish Ambassador in Washington, in a report to the Polish Foreign Office in January 1939, is quoted approvingly by the highly respected British military historian Major-General JFC Fuller. Concerning public opinion in America he says “Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands…when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have no real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe… It is interesting to observe that in this carefully thought-out campaign… no reference at all is made to Soviet Russia. If that country is mentioned, it is referred to in a friendly manner and people are given the impression that Soviet Russia is part of the democratic group of countries… Jewry was able not only to establish a dangerous centre in the New World for the dissemination of hatred and enmity, but it also succeeded in dividing the world into two warlike camps…President Roosevelt has been given the power.. to create huge reserves in armaments for a future war which the Jews are deliberately heading for.” (Fuller, JFC: The Decisive Battles of the Western World vol 3 pp 372-374.)

    · Hugh Wilson, the American Ambassador in Berlin until 1938, the year before the war broke out, found anti-Semitism in Germany ‘understandable’. This was because before the advent of the Nazis, “the stage, the press, medicine and law [were] crowded with Jews…among the few with money to splurge, a high proportion [were] Jews…the leaders of the Bolshevist movement in Russia, a movement desperately feared in Germany, were Jews. One could feel the spreading resentment and hatred.” (Hugh Wilson: Diplomat between the Wars, Longmans 1941, quoted in Leonard Mosley, Lindbergh, Hodder 1976).

    · Sir Nevile Henderson, British Ambassador in Berlin ‘said further that the hostile attitude in Great Britain was the work of Jews and enemies of the Nazis, which was what Hitler thought himself’ (Taylor, AJP: The Origins of the Second World War Penguin 1965, 1987 etc p 324).

    Etc etc etc etc more detail at

  10. James says:

    It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

    Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
    ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ (page 83)

    I’ve checked out the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War and the statement is quite correct – not a single mention of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; Churchill’s Second World War totals 4,448 pages; and De Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages.

    In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi ‘gas chambers,’ a ‘genocide’ of the Jews, or of ‘six million’ Jewish victims of the war.

    CODOH – Committee for Open Debate of the Holocaust – breaking the power of taboo

  11. Meatwad says:

    Attacking Jesse? Naw, no way, really mann?

    The fact a hidden cabal of terrorizing unknowns has dominated OUR political lives, has got to be the biggest flag to normal people. Who wants to go to war with Iran now? If they are not confident enough in their actions to be openly known for them, their actions are obviously not in everyones best interest. The shame I feel for most “americans” (just the USA versions) at not speaking out when the liars told their stories without any backing of any proof, then to allow them to wage (top bidder expensive in materials and lives of the INNOCENT) wars over those lies,,, those times I wished there was your god to smite them and you to dust for your inaction. That was a fine key they molded for themselves, quite intelligent hey, ‘god will get ’em’ excuse to do nothing. You sit there thinking ‘they will get theirs when they meet their maker’,,, the shame just sits on your couch.

    You impose your own ignorance of the truth at your own peril. This is exactly what you are doing, self imposed ignorance. I’ve tried many times to convince some people they were lied to, and all I get back is a snide “no way”. The weakest part of their deluded claim, “they would never kill their own people”,,, is the ultimate in their self imposed ignorance. They do not care one bit for you and yours. Quit deluding your own minds, PLEASE?

    It is so obvious religious demands have caused so much damage in the physical and mental areas of politics. Can I openly state their gods are myths, their rules are not practiced themselves, their goals are dominance of all they can dominate, then I would be the “crazy one” with wild ideas?

    What has Governor Ventura said that bothers those terrorist organizations enough to go and make up lies? To discredit him to some people, why? It was said here by Gordon Duff, he spoke his truthful opinion about the 2001 9 11 attacks. That is a mortal sin, a capital crime to the brainwashing crowds and the criminals that carried it out. They demand the gold you dug up, and are very determined to get at it. Who is it that will allow the conviction of another without any proof what so ever of their guilt? This is just one fact of the September 2001 attacks that is damning to (USA) americans and rightly so. You didn’t force the issue of the simplest of things, the truth and justice in the “American way”, and now you are the innocent co-conspirators in every death that followed. What are you going to do about it to clear your name? You failed to make your “leaders” follow the same laws you are expected to live by, and now what will you do about it? Are you going to pray for justice to show up? Are you hoping some magic man will come and save the day for you? Try this. Stand up and be that magic wo/man that does the right thing, the easiest thing, just demand the truth. When they accuse others, demand their proof. When you do not get these simple answers from those “you hired” to represent you, stop that liar from doing another thing until they do. They can miss their next donation dinner meeting, don’t you think your representation deserves that. Not most of you, because you have deluded yourself. You allowed the liars, to be your truth.

    All the clues are there. From the obstruction of real (black and white codified laws and procedures) justice, as the law prescribes justice be carried out in this nation. To the “testimony” of two witnesses at the exact same time, in secret and with no record official or otherwise. The altering of long held procedures of our military in preparation. A new lease to remove the publics “right to know” the facts and details. The destruction of evidence, a biggy if you would wake up already. The cover up of the many tens of videos that would provide a very clear picture of the plane that landed in the pentagon (smell my sarcasm). The immediate precedent setting pay out to the “victims” of their crimes never before heard of in this nation except for those admitting guilt, or upon a court judgement or settlement. These are all a subtle confessions from those guilty parties. What, do you want their confession in writing?? = PNAC Period!

    A crime occurs. What does the investigator look for? Motive, means, opportunity. Did our legal representatives do that? Nope, they openly obstructed justice as written. There was only one ‘suspect’ that has all three bagged up in their pockets. Some guy in a cave can not take out WTC7 with a plane that landed in Penn State. The ‘means’ element fails from ‘the cave’. Who in the special departments of the Federal agencies that occupied that building, CIA, DEA, etc, would allow people to sneak in and plant demolitions in their building? There is absolute means by some insider though. They were brought in to prepare the job, long before the collateral fires started in WTC7. I can wire up an occupied building fairly easy, if I am allowed to work. They actually build into buildings, areas in the structure to make this reworking of needed connections, like for telecomm etc, very easy. The fact a ‘permitted demolition’ takes months of planning, is mainly due to the stripping down of no load bearing wall materials and getting out recyclables first. Time for rigging demolitions connections is minimal. I presume telecom wiring is not much different than demolitions wiring, except my destination is more difficult to get to in the middle of a room.

    Governor Jesse Ventura is being targeted because he does draw in an audience that is not the normal ‘into politics’ type of American. The threat to the criminal is the truth, and so far that is all the Governor has said, to my knowledge.

    Truth, justice, the American way,,, three different things on a list.

  12. Taylor says:

    Great program, no doubt. A courageous man seeking truthful answers is Governor Ventura. My only gripe is that young punk on his team, can’t recall his name. Ventura clearly presents the evidence and asks the quesions and the punk just flimsically brushes him off. I love June, but don’t like that punk kid.

  13. kaycee says:

    So you do “REALLY BELIEVE that the ELECTIONS are FAIR and are NOT RIGGED and that your Votes do Really Count”? Well think again? Ever wonder why the Jews refer to all Non-Jews as GOYISHE KUP or STUPID CATTLE?
    > You view this on your own and then think about the advice
    > that you posted on the messageboard.
    > >
    > Ps: There was voter FRAUD and VOTE Rigging in all of the major states. One has to be a complete moron or a complete idiot to have not noticed it!

    The Israeli Defense Firm That Tallies The Iowa Caucus
    By Christopher Bollyn

    The Iowa caucus is only a few days away and the nation’s attention will be directed to the results, which signify the beginning of the U.S. presidential race. But does anyone watch who tallies the results of the Iowa caucus?

    The Iowa caucus results were tallied in 2004 by a company that is headed by a man whose company was bought by Elron Electronics, the Israeli defense firm. I suspect that it will be the same this year. Don’t expect to see any grassroots political activists doing the tally in Iowa. The Israeli defense establishment takes care of that part of the American “democratic” election process.


    In the summer of 2004, I first learned that a foreign and out-of-state company using Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology tallied the Iowa caucus results.

    The system used to tally the 2004 Iowa caucus results was provided by a company called Voxeo, which was apparently based in Orlando, Florida. (Yellow flag goes up in the mind of those familiar with Orlando and electronic vote fraud history

  14. Barry says:

    Answer to your question: No one. No one is afraid of Jesse Venture unless you are facing him in the ring where he would be ferocious, no doubt. But he has fallen into the abyss of conspiracies and his hokey TV show is a joke.
    My question is, why does a Jew hating Website take on the case of Mr. Ventura? He has never uttered a word against Israel or the Jews? You must have a reason. Why? Do you realize believe in the Illuminati? Then you are more deranged than he.

  15. HKW says:

    Talking of holohoax here is some info

    Courthouse News Service

    $42 Million Swiped from Holocaust Funds, Feds Say;

    I like Jesse Ventura 🙂

  16. Hem Raj Jain says:

    Sub:- Open letter to Ex-Governor (Minnesota, USA) Jesse Ventura

    Dear (Ex-Governor) Mr. Jesse Ventura

    Attn: Mrs. Terry Ventura

    I understand that your goodness is contesting 2012 US President election.

    After reading your book “Don’t Start The Revolution Without Me”, I find similarity of my views with your over-all views. Therefore I humbly submit that in your election manifesto the following 18 issues / points will be of much assistance to your election campaign:-

    (1)- “Income Tax” to be replaced by “Consumption Tax”

    (2)- Dollar to be converted into global currency with head office of ‘Global Currency Bank’ (GCB) in USA and branch offices in other countries and with currency against asset back (precious metal, real estate etc) under physical or constructive possession of this GCB.

    (3)- Private persons too are to be allowed to create currency through GCB against recognized asset back-up.

    (4)- Cumulative public debt (through fiscal deficits) of governments (Fed and States) to be strictly against the security of their consolidated funds (the income of one year) and other collateral.

    (5)- Free health –care (except prescription drugs) to 60 % economically humble citizens out of ~ 8 % GDP which governments (Fed + State + Local) are already spending and planning to spend on health-care.

    (6)- Social organizations, Missionaries, NGOs should be encouraged to run these free governmental hospitals on lease basis.

    (7)- Depositors and investors of “Banks and Financial Institutions” to be converted into shareholders.

    (8)- Without economic freedom democracy has no meaning hence under “Right To Work” the jobless are to be given employment by US Government

    (9)- Residential & commercial buildings can also be constructed under this ‘Employment Guarantee Program’ and given on rent too (to be decided by ‘US Rent Determination Commission’).

    (10)- The ‘Right to Property’ to be respected and no bail-out to private sector.

    (11)- Federalism to be restored in USA where civil matters will be with State and only martial matters with Fed. The natural resources and their related rights should be exclusive properties and legislative subjects of respective States.

    (12)- All other relationships (LGBT) to be given equal rights, liabilities, respect, protection etc. but the term ‘marriage’ to be strictly restricted between hetro-sexual couple.

    (13)- In view of Syria fiasco, the ‘League of Democracies’ (within UN if possible and out of UN if necessary) to be launched without veto to any member and with voting rights to each member based on formula based on contribution (of men, money, material) with OP-1 converted into MP-1 of ICCPR for human rights enforcement in member democracies.

    (14)- In the interest of justice & permanent peace in Israel, the solution of one State for Jews and Palestinians to be pursued.

    (15)- The American value of ‘Mobility’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ are to be preserved. The FDI / FII by US citizens / corporations to be discouraged and US companies in other countries with 51 % and above equity to be encouraged with provision of up to 15 % employment to US citizens in such US companies.

    (16)- Government to respect civil liberties and right to dissent and to provide adequate facilities for carrying out demonstrations etc. (in future no bleeding of many demonstrators due to police assault as happened in Chicago during NATO Summit in May 2012)

    (17)- Protection of environment through ‘Saving of Power’ to be encouraged (in State like Minnesota A. C. and lights are unnecessarily on even during 8 months of clement weather and good sunlight. Good public transport can save lots of fuel consumption, but it is hopeless across State)

    (18)- In accordance with ‘US Sovereignty’ and ‘Rule of Law’, the ‘human rights’ of millions of illegal immigrants should be respected and their ordeal should be finished. They should be identified, tracked and should be either deported (if Mexico accepts them) or they should be given citizenship (after paying reasonable fine) and by demanding commensurate territory or equitable exclusive mineral rights from offending country Mexico.

    Sir, your goodness will bring immense pride to Minnesotans by contesting Presidential election 2012 and by becoming US president. Moreover there is hardly any one else on this earth who has excelled in so many fields namely armed forces (SEAL), wrestling, radio & television talk show host, football coach, acting in films, Mayor of Brooklyn Park, Governor of Minnesota, professor at Harvard and so on and on, and it is not an exaggeration to say that USA, the leader of free world, deserves nothing less than your goodness as its President.

    With regards and best wishes.

    Yours truly

    Hem Raj Jain

    (Author of ‘Betrayal of Americanism’)

    Richfield, Minnesota – 55423, USA, Ph:- 612-202-4053
    Presently at – Bangaluru – 560041, India, Ph:- 080 – 41694386, 07829074704

  17. Bob says:


    These were Nazi tactics. Hitler did the same in Germany. After the war hundreds of Nazis were brought to America. Prescot Bush’s bank financed the Nazi War Machine. But the fact that blows my mind is that Bush is a MARRANO JEW.


    And now, dear friends, I have decided to reveal to you the name of a crypto-Jew. The culprit is a man who is only the latest in a series of dynastic leaders, all of whom were and are Jews and all of whom have carefully and watchfully guarded this Great Secret. I hereby stamp myself—according to the reigning criteria or rules promulgated by the Illuminati elite—as a bonafide anti-Semite merely by once again calling a Jew a Jew. Fact: GEORGE W. BUSH, Former President of the United States of America, is a Jew.
    Absurd? Preposterous, you say? Well, I have carefully traced the history of the Bush Dynasty, including the Rothschild faction, and without hesitation I declare to you that, yes, indeed, George W. Bush is a Jew: A Jew by race, a Jew by religious choice. Hidden from public view.

    What the media dare not tell you is that, as President, George W. Bush appointed as his first official White House spokesman, a Jew—in fact, a Jewish rabbi—Ari Fleischer. He retained a Jewish banker, Alan Greenspan, as Chairman of the Federal Reserve. He made a Jewish Rabbi, Dov Zackheim, the Comptroller (money man!) of the Pentagon, and he placed a Jewish ideologue and Christian hater, Michael Chertoff, in the scary position of being head of FEMA and Homeland Security. Yes, Chertoff, an ADL fiend whose father is a Jewish rabbi, was America’s Gulag Commandant, Americas version of Himmler.

    Early American Jews
    From Inquisition to Freedom

    Early American Jews were unremarkable in many ways. They looked and behaved like other colonists: they wore the same clothes, lived in the same types of homes, worried about their children and worked to earn a living, just like other colonists. Their religion and their history were the only differences. Their beliefs had gotten them expelled from England in 1290 and cast out from Spain in 1492. The forced conversions, torture and expulsions of the Inquisition sometimes caused them to change their names and hide their religion, but never to forget who they were. Some fled from Catholic Europe to North Africa, Turkey, the Kingdom of Poland, and Protestant Europe including Slovakia, the German states and Scandinavia, making their homes in Copenhagen or Hamburg. More frequently, Spanish and Portuguese Jews sought refuge in Holland and created a home for themselves in Amsterdam. The Jewish community thrived there; their success allowed them to migrate to Brazil, Suriname, Jamaica and Curacao, where they built synagogues and purchased ground for cemeteries. And in 1654, these Jews came to Nieu Amsterdam (later New York) in the New World.

    Their names were Spanish and Portuguese: Abram De Lucena, David Israel, Moses Ambrasias, Abram De La Simon, Salvator D’Andrada, Joseph De Costa, David Fiera, Jacob Barsunson, Jacob C. Henrique, Isaac Mesa and Isaac Levy. Their outlook was cosmopolitan and their trading interests became widespread and varied – and vital to the economy of the colonies. Soon more Jews arrived from Europe and the Caribbean and the Jewish community expanded to Newport, Charleston, Savannah and Philadelphia, always seeking the freedom to practice their religion and their professions. It wasn’t always easy; the Christian community mistrusted the Jews and frequently denied them basic rights of citizenship. New York was one place where Jews were given more latitude: under the provisional transfer to England of New Netherland negotiated by Peter Stuyvesant and his council in 1665, New Netherlanders under future English jurisdiction “shall keep and enjoy the liberty of their consciences in religion.” As the Jewish community grew and prospered, they contributed to the welfare of New York and the other cities in which they lived: creating jobs, supporting the prevailing government and, when the time came, frequently joining with the forces of revolution.

    The Spanish Jews, the “Sephardim”, were joined by those from other parts of Europe: Germany, Poland, Bohemia and Russia. These “Ashkenazim” used different prayer books and conducted their worship services differently from the Sephardim, but to the Christian community, the distinction did not matter. All Jews were subject to discriminatory rules for trade and citizenship. But in America, it was sometimes possible to challenge discrimination. Little by little, in Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and New York, Jews won the right to be naturalized, to trade freely and to worship publically. They were able to serve in the military and to provide funds for the infant country. They were Patriots and Loyalists, Whigs and Tories, rich and poor. They were, in short, just like other Americans.

    Still, some individuals stand out for their achievements in American and in Jewish history. The thirteen whose lives are commemorated in Patriots Park (one from each colony) and nine others were extraordinary in their own time and in ours.
    Jews Honored in Patriots Park
    Solomon Bush (1753-1795) — Delaware
    Lieutenant-Colonel Solomon Bush was the highest-ranking Jewish officer in the Continental Army, a distinguished public servant, and a leader of the Masons in Pennsylvania. Born Oct 13, 1753, he was the son of Mathias Bush and Tabitha Mears. He joined the Pennsylvania Militia in 1776 and by July of 1777, he was appointed Deputy Adjutant General of the Militia of the State of Pennsylvania. According to a letter of commendation passed by the Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania in 1779,
    . . . it appears that Major Bush has, on many occasions, distinguished himself in the public service, especially in the winter of 1776, when the service was critical and hazardous . . . in the month of September, 1777, acting as Deputy Adjutant General, he was dangerously wounded in a skirmish between the militia and the advance of the British Army, his thigh being broken and he brought off with great difficulty; that being carried to his father’s house, on Chestnut Hill, and incapable of being moved, he fell into the hands of the British Army, when it moved up to Whitemarsh, Pennsylvania in December, 1777 and was imprisoned. Colonel Bush was ultimately released in exchange for British prisoners held by the Continental forces.

    Bush was an active Mason and went to London in November 1788 on business for the Pennsylvania Grand Lodge. From there he repeatedly petitioned Washington for a diplomatic post, but was unsuccessful, despite being highly recommended by others close to Washington. Although he apparently had no formal medical training, Bush had evidently picked up enough medical knowledge, perhaps during the time he spent in London, to be generally referred to as Dr. Bush. In 1791, he married Nancy Ann Marshall, most likely in Philadelphia. He died in 1795 and is buried in the Friends Burial Ground in Philadelphia.

    This publication of the National Jewish Welfare Board lists a Major George Bush, Major Louis Bush, and Major Solomon Bush, as Jews participating in the American Revolutionary War against the British. It also reveals the money connection of Rothschild agent, Haym Salomon, to what it describes as the “weak U.S. government.”


    Scant and unsatisfactory as are the army records of the Revolutionary
    period, enough of an authentic character has been preserved to fully sustain
    the statement of Solomon Etting, who writing in Baltimore in 1824, notes
    that among the soldiers of the Revolution “were many Hebrews who were always
    at their post and always foremost in all hazardous enterprises.” This almost
    contemporary notice emanates from a Jew whose father had served in the
    Continental army from the beginning of the Revolution to the capture of
    Charleston, and who, through the prominence of his family, had been brought
    in contact with many of the distinguished participants in the momentous

    The active co-operation of Jewish citizens in the non-importation
    movement of 1763 has already been adverted to, but even before that time we
    find references to prominent Jewish participants in the public defense. In
    1754, during the French and Indian War, Isaac Myers, a Jewish citizen of New
    York, called a town meeting at the “Rising Sun” Inn and organized a company
    of bateau men, of which he became captain. Two other Jews are named as
    taking part in the same war, both of whom served in the expedition across
    the Allegheny mountains in the year above noted. It is altogether, probable
    that these three were not the only Jewish soldiers of that early war, but
    only these have left traces of their presence. In the following year, 1755,
    when the colonies were agitated by the disastrous ending of the Braddock
    campaign and the incipient movement toward federation, we find a Jew,
    Benjamin Cohen, a member of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania and
    Attorney-General of the colony.

    The chronicles of the Revolutionary War afford a considerable and in many
    respects an interesting list of Jewish names. A few of the more prominent of
    these have already been mentioned under preceding heads, and others cited on
    the records are here added in alphabetical order:

    Captain NOAH ABRAHAM
    was called out with the battalion of Cumberland County Militia, of
    Pennsylvania, ³by an order from Council, July 28, 1777.”

    Ensign of 8th Connecticut Regiment, January 1, 1777; Second Lieutenant,
    February 14, 1778 ; First Lieutenant, May 7, 1778 Regimental. Adjutant,
    April 1, 1780, to January, 1783 transferred to 5th Connecticut Regiment
    January 1, 1781; transferred to 3rd Connecticut Regiment January, 1, 1783;
    retained in Swift’s Connecticut Regiment June, 1783, and served to November
    3, 1783; Lieutenant-Colonel of 37th United States Infantry March 11, 1813;
    honorably discharged June 15, 1815; died January 11, 1829.

    Ensign of 8th Massachusetts Regiment January 1, 1777; Second Lieutenant
    October 3, 1777 First Lieutenant March 28, 1779, served to June, 1783.

    Captain of 3rd New Jersey Regiment February 9, 1776; Deputy Judge
    Advocate-General November 17, 1776, to October 29, 1778; Brigadier-General
    United States Army March 27, 1812; honorably discharged June 15, 1815; died
    October 3, 1823.

    (New Jersey) Hospital Surgeon May 14, 1777; Hospital Physician and Surgeon
    October 6, 1780; resigned December 13, 1780; died August 14, 1791.

    is recorded as a soldier in the “Associators and Flying Camp,” Pennsylvania.

    Colonel SOLOMON BUSH
    was an officer in the Pennsylvania Militia (1777-1778), whose record is
    highly creditable and whose services won for him a well-deserved promotion.
    He was appointed Deputy Adjutant General of the Militia of the State on July
    5, 1777. As to his subsequent career in the army , no stronger testimony
    could be desired than that set forth in the resolution adopted by the
    Supreme Executive Council of Pennsylvania, at its session on Wednesday,
    October 20, 1779. It reads thus:

    ³The petition of Major Solomon Bush, in the militia of this State, being
    read, and due inquiry having been made into the circumstances of his case,
    it appears that Major Bush has, on many occasions, distinguished himself in
    the public service, especially in the winter of 1776, when the service was
    critical and hazardous.

    “That he entered again into the said service in the summet of 1777, when
    General Sir William Howe invaded the State and the militia were called out
    pursuant to the resolutions of Congress and the requisition of His
    Excellency, General Washington; and in the month of September, 1777, acting
    as Deputy Adjutant General, he was dangerously wounded in a skirmish between
    the militia and the advance of the British Army, his thigh being broken and
    he brought off with great difficulty; that being carried to his father’s
    house, on Chestnut Hill, and incapable of being moved, he fell into the
    hands of the British Army, when it moved up to Whitemarsh, in December,
    1777, who took his parole; That he has ever since been confined with his
    wound, and incapable of performing any military duty, or acquiring a
    livelihood, but on the other hand, his situation attended with much
    difficulty and expense.

    “All which circumstances being considered, and that the said Major Bush
    being at the time of receiving his wounds in Continental Service and now a
    prisoner of war,

    “Resolved, That he be recommended to the especial notice of the Honourable
    Board of War, in order to obtain pay and rations equal to his rank; and that
    this Board in consideration of the services and sufferings of Major Bush,
    will permit him to draw from the State store, from time to time, such
    articles as may be necessary for his comfortable Subsistance and Support.”

    That Major Bush had already been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel,
    is evidenced by another resolution, complimentary to him, adopted by the
    same Council seven days later, when he was “recommended to the Honourable
    the Board of War, for pay and rations accordingly.² Again on November 5,
    1785, the Council, over which Benjamin Franklin then presided, passed an
    order for the payment of a pension due to Lieutenant-Colonel Bush.

    Major LEWIS BUSH
    became First Lieutenant of the 6th Pennsylvania Battalion on January 9, 1776
    and Captain the following June. He was transferred to Colonel Thomas
    Hartley’s Additional Continental Regiment January 13, 1777 and was
    commissioned Major, March 12, 1777. That he proved a brave soldier, his
    efficient service in a number of battles affords ample evidence. At the
    battle of Brandywine, September 11, 1777, he was fatally wounded, and four
    days later he died.

    was in the roll of revolutionary soldiers, but there is no information given
    as to his rank or date of enlistment.

    in 1783 went to Charleston, S. C., and during the campaign which followed,
    took part as a volunteer soldier in the Continental army, serving under
    Moultrie and Lincoln. Frequent references to Mr. Cohen are found in the
    Madison papers, and his valuable services are repeatedly adverted to.


    became so distinguished for the services he rendered to the Colonies that he
    was singled out by the British authorities through a special order depriving
    him of the right of holding or exercising any office of trust, honor or
    profit in the Province of Georgia.

    Ensign Of 2nd Pennsylvania Battery January 5, 1776; died on August 12, 1776.

    was a clerk in Baltimore at the time of the battle at Lexington. Although
    only 19 years of age, he enlisted in a Maryland company, which hastened
    north to join the forces of Congress. He served in various battles and was
    taken prisoner by the British at the surrender of Charleston. When released
    from imprisonment by exchange he was broken in health from ill treatment in
    prison and exposure on the field. He was a captain of the Independent Blues
    in 1798, and Marshal of Maryland, appointed by President Jefferson.

    a native of York, Pennsylvania, appears as one of the committee of citizens
    appointed to forward resolutions to Washington expressive of disapprobation
    of a proposed treaty with Great Britain. Subsequently settled in Baltimore
    and became President of the Municipal Council.

    Colonel ISAAC FRANKS,
    who then lived in Philadelphia, entered the army shortly after the battle of
    Lexington. He became aid-de-camp to General Washington, holding the rank of
    colonel, and serving throughout the war. After the Revolution Colonel Franks
    became the incumbent of various civil offices, among them Prothonotary of
    the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania, being appointed to that position on
    February 18, 1819. His residence in Germantown was for some time occupied by
    President Washington.

    Colonel DAVID S. FRANKS, Aide-de-camp. See sketch on p.27

    of Philadelphia, aided the Colonists in the Revolutionary war. He was one of
    the signers of the Non-Importation Resolutions (October 20, 1765), after the
    passage of the Stamp Act, and was among the most active, patriotic and
    respected Israelites of Philadelphia, being a conspicuous character in
    public affairs.

    was Quartermaster of a brigade of State troops during the Revolution.

    a public spirited and leading citizen of Easton, Pa., of whom it is
    “Let it be remembered that Michael Hart was a Jew, practically pious, a
    Jew reverencing and strictly observant of the Sabbath and Festivals; dietary
    laws were also adhered to. * * * Mark well that he, Washington, the then
    honored as ‘first in peace, first in war, and first in the hearts of his
    countrymen,’ even during a short sojourn, became for the hour the guest of
    the worthy Jew.”

    enlisted as a private in the 1st Pennsylvania Battalion November 15, 1775.

    was an active participant in the struggle for independence and served with
    the Colonial Army on Long Island. In retaliation for his patriotic services
    the Tories burned his house and store. Prior to the Revolution he was one of
    the Commissioners appointed by the British authorities to lay out public
    lands. All of his family sided with the Colonists during the War of

    father and son, fought in various of the battles for independence.

    Colonel ISAACS,
    of North Carolina Militia; wounded and taken prisoner at Camden August 16,
    1780; exchanged July, 1781.

    one of the early settlers of Newport, R. I., was an active supporter of the
    Army of the Revolution. He had the honor of receiving General Washington as
    a guest at his house.

    enlisted as a private in the 6th Pennsylvania Battalion, company of Capt.
    Robert Adams, February 6, 1776.

    2nd Lieutenant of 8th Virginia Regiment, February 9, 1776; 1st Lieutenant,
    January, 1777; Captain, November 23, 1777; transferred to 4th Virginia
    Regiment, September 14, 1778.

    JOSEPH ISRAEL volunteered as a soldier during the Revolution.

    was an officer on the staff of General Pulaski.

    JACOB DE LEON, of Charleston, S. C., was a distinguished officer of the War
    of the Revolution. He served as captain on the staff of General de Kalb, and
    when the latter was mortally wounded at the battle of Camden, S. C., de Leon
    in company with Major Benjamin Nones and Captain Jacob de la Motta, of the
    staff, carried de Kalb from the field.

    Ensign of 1st New Jersey Regiment, September 12, 1778; resigned June 4,

    of Baltimore, served under Lafayette during the Revolutionary War.

    was a soldier of the Revolutionary War, who rose from the ranks to military
    positions of honor and trust.

    Captain of 6th Pennsylvania Regiment, February 15, 1777; retired, July 1,

    served on the staff of General Pulaski.

    of Philadelphia, advanced three thousand pounds when Robert Morris undertook
    to raise money to prosecute the War of Independence; he was active in the
    Jewish communities of New York and Philadelphia.

    served in the Revolution and in the War of 18 12. In recognition of his
    valor as displayed in battle he was promoted from the ranks to a military
    position of honor.

    was a captain on the staff of General Pulaski.

    of South Carolina, (1747-1825) patriot and soldier; heretofore referred to
    as having contributed twenty thousand pounds to the support of the American
    army; served with General Marion, also on the staff of General Washington.

    a native of Bordeaux, France, came to Philadelphia in 1777. He served at
    various times on the staff of General Lafayette and on that of General
    Washington. He had previously been a private under General Pulaski, and had,
    as he writes, ” fought in almost every action which took Place in Carolina,
    and in the disastrous affair of Savannah, shared the hardships of that
    sanguinary day. ” He became major of a Legion of four hundred men attached
    to Baron De Kalb’s command and composed in part of Hebrews. At the battle of
    Camden, S. C., on August 16, 1780, when the brave De Kalb fell mortally
    wounded, Major Nones, Capt. Jacob De la Motta and Capt. Jacob de Leon bore
    their chief from the battlefield. Major Nones rendered many conspicuous
    services, civil and military, to his adopted country.

    was a member of the artillery corps of Newport, R. I., in 1790.

    was born 1745, and resided in Germantown, Pa. When the war broke out in the
    Spring of 1775 he enlisted as surgeon’s mate under the command of General
    Lee, serving about ten months. After the British occupation of Philadelphia,
    in September, 1777, he became surgeon’s mate to Surgeon Norman, of the
    Second Virginia Regiment.

    Russell went into winter quarters with the army at Valley Forge, 1777-1778.
    An attack of sickness, which impaired both his sight and hearing, forced him
    to resign in August, 1780. He received a letter of commendation from General
    Washington, “for his assiduous and faithful attentions to the sick and

    Lieutenant of Baldwin’s Artillery, Artificer Regiment, May to December,

    2nd Lieutenant of Cotton’s Massachusetts Regiment, May to December, 1775.

    was a lieutenant in the Georgia Brigade of the Continental Army.

    MORDECAI SHEFTALL. See biographical sketch, p. 40.

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