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Lest We Forget…Rabbi– “Japanese Tsunami result of haredi arrests”


Leader of Rachmastrivka Hasidic dynasty says Japan punished for imprisonment of two yeshiva students convicted of drug smuggling


Rabbi David Twersky, leader of the Rachmastrivka Hasidic dynasty, says the recent tsunami in Japan, which has left thousands of people dead, was the result of the arrest of two yeshiva students by Japanese authorities after being convicted of smuggling drugs.

“The Japanese don’t understand why they keep on receiving blow after blow, and it never ends. If they want it to stop, they must release the two guys jailed in their prison immediately, and then experience salvation,” the rabbi told his followers last week during a Purim celebration in Jerusalem.

Haredi website Ladaat reported that the Rebbe asked for the names of the two jailed men and said a prayer for their immediate release. “Amen,” the audience responded.

The yeshiva students were arrested in an airport in Japan in April 2008, in possession of a suitcase with some 90,000 Ecstasy tablets. The detainees’ lawyers claimed at the time that the young men were victims of a ‘sting’ and were tempted with money, but the two were convicted the following year.

One of the detainees, a minor, was sentenced to eight years in prison, and Israel submitted a request to have him transferred back to the country.

The Rachmastrivka Hasidic dynasty is one of the biggest and most famous Hasidisms, with thousands of followers and many affiliates. It has two centers – one in Jerusalem and one in Borough Park, New York.

Ahead of the Hasidic celebration last week, huge screens were placed near the Torah study house in Jerusalem, and the tish was broadcast live due to the density inside the building.

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S.O.S.–Save Our Sinagogue


Wow. For the very first time Max Keiser is more than insinuating that Zionist were wholly responsible for the debt-crisis, and basically the complete subjugation of Ireland.

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Some 200,000 missiles aimed consistently at IsraHell


Head of military intelligence Aviv Kochavi reiterates army estimates that Iran could further enrich that uranium it already has to create 4 atomic bombs.


About 200,000 missiles are aimed at Israel at any given time, a top Israel Defense Forces officer said on Thursday, adding that Iran’s ability to obtain nuclear weapons was solely dependent on the will of Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The remarks by Military Intelligence Chief Major General Aviv Kochavi came after IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said on Wednesday that the threats facing Israel have increased and intensified in recent years due to regional instability.

Speaking to the Herzliya Conference, Gantz said that Iran’s nuclear program is a “global problem and a regional problem,” adding that Tehran’s attempts to acquire nuclear weapons must continue to be disrupted.

On Thursday, Kochavi, speaking at the opening session of the Herzliya Conference’s closing day, spoke of the growing threats Israel was facing: “a more hostile, more Islamic, more sensitive Middle East, one more attune to public sentiment, less controlled by the regimes, and less susceptible to international influence.”

The chief of military intelligence then indicated that about 200,000 missiles were aimed at Israel at any given time, adding, however, that “Israel’s military deterrence is intact.”

Referring to Israel’s concerns over Iran’s nuclear ambitions, Kochavi presented a relatively tame estimation of a possible timeline en route to an Iranian atomic bomb, saying that the project depended more on the will of Iran’s Supreme Leader than on any technological advancement.

“If Khamenei issues a command to achieve a first nuclear explosive device, we estimate it would take another year before that’s achieved,” the top IDF official said, adding that “if he asks to translate that ability to obtain a nuclear warhead, that would take another year or two.”

Kochavi also reiterated the IDF estimate that Iran is in possession of more than 4 tons of low-grade enriched uranium as well as almost 100 kilograms of uranium enriched at 20%.

“If those are enriched more, to a 90% level, that would be enough for 4 atomic bombs,” the IDF officer said.

The military intelligence chief added that the sanctions on Iran “are taking their toll. There’s 16% unemployment, 24% annual inflation, and practically no growth,” he said adding that “at this point the pressure isn’t leading Iran to a strategic shift.”

However, Kochavi added that “there’s a potential, with greater pressure, that the regime, interested first and foremost in its own survival, would reconsider its position.”

Speaking at the Herzliya conference on Tuesday, President Shimon Peres also referred to the Iranian nuclear threat, saying that Tehran’s “evil” leaders cannot be allowed to obtain nuclear weapons.

“It is the duty of the international community to prevent evil and nuclear [weapons] from coming together. That is the obligations of most of the leaders of the free world, one which they must meet,” Peres said.

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Islamophobic Film and Its Zionist Backers

Wrong Message: New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly is under pressure over a video with anti-Muslim messages that was shown to recruits.

Police Video Raises Questions About Group That Produced It

The New York Police Department is caught up in a tangled spat with the city’s  Muslim community and assorted liberal groups over counter-terrorism measures  that seem to have crossed the line into rank anti-Muslim bigotry. The  department’s chief spokesman has made matters worse by repeatedly offering  explanations of police actions that turned out to be false. Some critics are now  calling for his dismissal.

In a sense, it’s just the latest case — several cases, actually — of minority  rights versus over-zealous law enforcement, post-9/11. This case is more  complicated than most, however.

For one thing, the embattled police spokesman, Paul Browne, is an old and  trusted aide of the NYPD’s popular commissioner, Raymond Kelly. That raises the  political stakes.

For another thing, one of the flashpoints, the screening of a shockingly  anti-Muslim film at an NYPD counter-terrorism training facility, brings the  Jewish community into the dispute. The 72-minute film, “The Third Jihad,” is  produced and distributed by a small non-profit organization, the Clarion Fund,  that shares staff and an address with a well-known, Jerusalem-based Orthodox  outreach organization, Aish HaTorah. This adds a layer of volatility to  discussions of the film’s anti-Muslim bias.

There is such a thing as Islamic terrorism. Muslim discontent and terrorist  violence are linked in too many world trouble spots to ignore. Public probing of  the issue is often derailed, alas, by automatic accusations of Islamophobia  against the probers. On the other hand, there is such a thing as Islamophobia.  It is real, widespread and insidious.

But public probing of Islamophobia equally risks being hobbled by accusations  of anti-Semitism against the probers. In the end, both communities harbor their  own extremists and allow them to demonize the other side, while resisting honest  examination of their own.

Launched in 1974 as an outreach yeshiva in Jerusalem’s Old City, Aish is now  a multimillion-dollar international organization marketing a slick package of  Haredi theology and homespun spiritual teaching combined with a broadly  conservative political message.

Through the Clarion Fund, Aish combines efforts with neoconservative  ideologues on the Clarion board like Daniel Pipes, Frank Gaffney and James  Woolsey, whose hardline attitude toward Muslim discontent meshes well with the  messianic strain in Israeli Orthodoxy.

“The Third Jihad” purports to show that “radical Islam” is at war with the  West in a “battle for the very civilization and way of life that we believe in,” in the words of one on-screen expert, Walid Phares, a Clarion board member.  True, the film opens with a claim, in text on a blank screen, that it “is not a  film about Islam. It is about the threat of radical Islam. Only a small  percentage of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are radical.” But the rest of the  film undercuts that assertion with a barrage of claims about the irreconcilable  values and “relentless determination” of Muslims and Islam.

One interviewee says Christians and Jews are “persecuted” in “every one of  the countries where there is a Muslim majority.” Another claims “Islam is the  fastest growing religion in the world” and is “also thought to be the fastest  growing religion in America.” Another says “they do see the fertility rate as a  key element of conquest.” Yet another, Princeton historian Bernard Lewis, says “this is a global, cosmic struggle between religiously defined  civilizations.”

The film was produced by Raphael Shore, Clarion Fund founder, who is also  described in an Aish HaTorah publication as one of its rabbis. The  website plugs two earlier films by Shore, “Crossing the Line: The Intifada Comes  to Campus” and “Relentless: The Struggle for Peace in Israel,” plus several  written works.

The dust-up over NYPD’s use of the film began in January 2011, when the  Village Voice reported the film being screened at a counter-terrorism training  facility. NYPD spokesman Browne responded dismissively, calling it a “wacky” movie that was screened just “a couple of times” to a few officers. Browne also  said on-screen appearances by his boss, Kelly, had been lifted from old  footage.

But a year later, on January 24, the New York Times reported in a front page  article that the film had been screened in a “continuous loop” for somewhere  between three months and a year, beginning in 2010, and seen by close to 1,500  officers. It cited documents uncovered by New York University’s Brennan Center  for Justice after a nine-month Freedom of Information Act struggle. A separate  report by the Associated Press said Kelly’s appearance did not come from old  clips but from an interview for the film.

The Times called Clarion’s financing “a puzzle,” citing federal income tax  forms showing about $1 million income per year “except in 2008, when it booked  contributions of $18.3 million.” Think Progress, however, posted a document  purporting to be a Clarion donor list. Among others, it shows $27,880 from the  New York Jewish Communal Fund in 2007 and $75,000 from the Jewish Community  Federation of San Francisco in 2008-2009. Other donors include bingo king Irving  Moskowitz and clothier Sy Sims.

The disclosures come at a bad time for NYPD relations with the Muslim  community. Last August, the department was reported to be conducting secret  surveillance within the local Muslim community, including of people who were not  under suspicion. Browne flatly denied those reports until documents surfaced  proving they were true. The new disclosures about the “Jihad” film thus surface  in an atmosphere already thick with rancor.

Tensions are likely to mount as more becomes known about how the film found  its way into the Police Academy. If the messianic, millennialist wings of Islam  and Judaism are allowed to turn New York’s public policy debate into their  battleground, everyone will suffer.

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Secretary of State Supports Civilians in Syria but What About Palestinians?




Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the foreign ministers of Britain and France joined Arab League officials in a high-level meeting on Jan. 31 at the U.N. urging council members to approve a resolution on Syria. As we listened to Secretary Clinton we couldn’t help but recall the recent unsuccessful Palestinian bid for statehood. Thanks to intensive U.S. lobbying the Palestinian effort was ultimately tabled on Nov. 11, 2011, after the Security Council stated its inability “to make a unanimous recommendation.”

Substitute “Israeli government” for the “Assad regime” and “Palestinian” for “Syrian” civilians and see how selective Americans are in our support for international peace and justice.

Clinton’s Remarks on Jan. 31 at the United Nations: (For complete transcripts visit  <>.)

“And for many months, the people of the region and the world have watched in horror as the Assad regime executed a campaign of violence against its own citizens.  Civilians gunned down in the streets, women and children tortured and killed.  No one is safe, not even officials of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent….

“The regime also continues to arbitrarily detain Syrian citizens, such as the activists Yahia al-Shurbaji and Anas al-Shaghri, simply for demanding dignity and universal rights.  To date, the evidence is clear that Assad’s forces are initiating nearly all of the attacks that kill civilians… Already, the challenges ahead for the Syrian people are daunting – a crumbling economy, rising sectarian tensions, a cauldron of instability in the heart of the Middle East.” …

“So why is the Arab League here before this Security Council?  Because they are seeking the support of the international community for a negotiated, peaceful political solution to this crisis and a responsible, democratic transition in Syria.  And we all have a choice:  Stand with the people of Syria and the region or become complicit in the continuing violence there.

“We all know that change is coming to Syria.  Despite its ruthless tactics, the Assad regime’s reign of terror will end and the people of Syria will have the chance to chart their own destiny. The question for us is:  How many more innocent civilians will die before this country is able to move forward toward the kind of future it deserves?

“It is time for the international community to put aside our own differences and send a clear message of support to the people of Syria.” Clinton said. 

The following day, Feb 1, at a signing ceremony with Singaporean Foreign Minister and Minister for Law K. Shanmugam, Clinton added:

“The Arab League has set forth a roadmap as to how we can, working together through the international community in support of the Arab League, help to end the bloodshed and help to begin a peaceful political process that will result in a more democratic future for the people of Syria. The Syrian people themselves are the ones who are crying out for peace and justice, for dignity, for their rights, for a better future.

“And every member of the council has to make a decision: Whose side are you on? Are you on the side of the Syrian people? Are you on the side of the Arab League? Are you on the side of the people of the Middle East and North Africa who have, during this past year, spoken out courageously and often for their rights? Or are you on the side of a brutal dictatorial regime? Each country will have to be mulling that over and making a decision, but certainly, from my perspective, as members of the Security Council charged with the responsibility of trying to help keep international peace and security, it is absolutely imperative that we all be on the right side of history. And that means standing with the Arab League and standing with the people of Syria.”

Today diplomats at the UN Security Council are watering down a resolution on Syria in order to overcome Russian objections to an earlier draft. The new text drops explicit reference to a call for President Bashar al-Assad to hand over power, but still supports the Arab League’s decision to facilitate political transition.

Meanwhile, on the 30th anniversary of the Hama uprising, crushed by Hafez Assad, Bashir’s father, security forces in the central Syrian town of Hama closed public squares and set up checkpoints. Protesters splashed red paint in the streets to mark 30 years since the massacre, which killed at least 10,000 people.

“They want to kill the memory and they do not want us to remember,” an activist in the city told Reuters news agency. Tanks blocked main squares to prevent demonstrations. “But we will not accept it,” the activist concluded.

The same is true for Palestinians….and their supporters around the world, Secretary of State. Contact Hillary Clinton and ask her to be on the right side of history for Palestinians as well as Syrians.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
U.S. State Department
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520
State Department Public Information Line:
(202) 647-6575

Visit this page to e-mail Secretary Clinton:


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William J. Murray knocks Alison Weir’s camera across room at CNI press conference


We want Press TV on our TV screens!!!

After a CNI press conference on Monday May 23rd at the National Press Club a pro-Israel supporter assaulted Alison Weir, Press TV filmed the incident. We have identified the assailant as William J. Murray who, along with Gen. Jerry Boykin, was preparing for a pro-Israel press conference





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Gilad Atzmon: The Wandering Hugh

PSC Campaign for Zio-Nazi StatePalestine Solidarity Campaign (logo).jpg

PSC Chair Hugh Lanning © Palestine Solidarity CampaignWe’ve been sent a transcription of PSC Chair Hugh Lanning’s speech at the PSC AGM where he tries to justify, on the grounds of racism, anti-Semitism and prejudice, the expulsion of ex-PSC Chair, Dr. Francis Clark-Lowes
To support the PSC EC decision Lanning quotes Dr. Clark-Lowes saying.

“I said I was proud to call myself a Holocaust denier – it is the capital ‘H’ I believe we must question.”
Clearly here Clark-Lowes adopts a genuine, universalist attitude. By denying the Holocaust its capital ‘H’, the Brighton academic rejects the primacy of Jewish suffering.   Of course one would expect  the UK PSC to be primarily concerned with Palestinian suffering but, alas, this is not the case. Clark-Lowes’ stand has provoked all the usual PSC/hasbara agitators.

Similarly and tragically, Lanning, who, in recently stating  his and PSC’s adherence to the principle of Two States,  betrayed not just the Palestinian cause, but also the most basic humanist and universal ethical code, framed in international law, which guarantees to Palestinians (and anyone else in similar circumstances), the right of return.

Lanning also quotes Dr. Clark-Lowes as saying…
“to be precise, I’ve ceased to believe in the six million figure, the planned extermination programme and the mass killings in gas-chambers.”
A bit more problematic perhaps. Or is it?

Dr. Clark-Lowes is an academic, a student of, and authority on, German-Jewish relations. Of course , like anyone else, he can be right or he can be wrong. That’s not the point. The real issue is this: Is this essentially academic matter to be judged by the PSC EC or even the PSC AGM? Can the PSC decide how many Jews perished in the holocaust and in what manner?  Are these not subjects for historical research? Should they really be considered  political questions?   And consider this: If the AGM of the PSC can determine the past by ‘popular vote’, how can it protest the Israeli Knesset determining the nature of the Nakba by the same means?

It’s pretty simple. The past does not belong to politicians, activists or anyone else. It is there for us to visit, revisit and revise – and those who oppose such an approach – whether Zionists, anti Zionists, Likudniks or even the PSC Executive Committee –  are the enemies of truth, justice and peace and therefore of all humanity.

Lanning concludes, “…it was on these grounds that the Executive Committee determined that Dr. Clark-Lowes’ membership was not compatible with the objectives of the PSC…..PSC stands in opposition to racism, including anti-Jewish prejudice. “
I couldn’t find in Francis Clark-Lowes’ words a single trace of “racism or anti-Jewish prejudice.” But Lanning knows better.

“It was clear to the EC in this case that there was  racism based on a clearly-stated expression of anti-Jewish prejudice. I’d go further: Holocaust denial with a big or a little ‘H’ is racist and anti-Semitic.”
Here I find myself in some agreement with Lanning. I don’t doubt that Holocaust denial may, in some cases,  be driven by anti-Jewish feelings. But in Francis Clark-Lowes’ case this is clearly not so. The Brighton academic, ex-PSC Chair and scholar of Jewish studies, clearly opposes the Holocaust religion, the oppressive primacy of Jewish suffering, and Talmudic-style censorship  practised by Lanning, PSC EC and their Zionist overlords – Harry’s Place and the Jewish Chronicle . Dr. Clark-Lowes is no racist nor is he an anti-Semite and the PSC has singularly failed to prove that he is.

Over the years I’ve heard some Palestinian friends suggest that Palestinine solidarity activists should, mainly for tactical reasons, avoid any questioning of  the Holocaust, and I understand their concerns. They say:

‘We’ve enough to deal with without taking on the Shoa as well’.
PSC’s Hugh Lanning, however, thinks otherwise:  “It’s not a tactical issue as alleged in the correspondence; it is a principle issue. Holocaust denial has no place in the fight for a free Palestine. Our campaign is based on justice, human rights and international law.”
Someone should remind the PSC EC, and Hugh Lanning in particular, that the suppression of free thought and speech is incompatible with  justice, human rights and international law . And they should ask themselves why an academic and leading solidarity activist should not be entitled to express his thoughts and explore Jewish identity, Jewish ideology and even challenge the ‘primacy’ of  Jewish suffering. And one other question: Why has the PSC located itself in the front line of the Israeli Hasbara campaign in Britain?

In the last two years, the PSC EC has systematically expelled and marginalised leading Palestinian thinkers and solidarity activists in the UK and it was this, ahead of the AGM, that catalysed our founding of deLiberation as an alternative intellectual and activist platform.
Unlike a PSC that supports the Two-State solution, we at deLiberation simply support  the right of Palestinians to determine their own future and, most important of all, we welcome open debate on the matter. Unlike the ‘secular’ PSC we are not afraid of Islam, Judaism or any other religion for that matter.  And also unlike a PSC that bows shamelessly to Zionist pressure, we promise to fight  Israel and its   lobbies unceasingly.

On the most crucial and controversial matters, deLiberation will always provide open discussion and fresh analysis.


The Judeo-Christian divide


Op-ed: The road to true Christian-Jewish reconciliation starts with Christian repentance


ed note–I add this as YET ANOTHER in a long line of similar examples of the madness of Jewish thinking.

The reader will note in reading this that according to the author, one Dan Calic, Jewish suffering for the last 2,000 years is the result of Christian ‘anti-Semitism’ and that nothing more played/plays a role in the ‘troubled’ relationship between the 2 peoples.

And this, in light of the fact that the relationship between them was cast in stone when THE JEWS REJECTED JESUS’ TEACHINGS OF PEACE, HONESTY, JUSTICE, MERCY, AND ALL THE REST OF THAT GOOD STUFF, allowed their mob-mentality mindset to take over and when given the choice, elected to have Him killed and to have Barrabas, a convicted murderer, freed.

Add to this the fact that the early Christians were hunted down, jailed, scourged, and murdered for accepting the teachings of Jesus over those of the mad rabbis who would have none of this ‘brotherhood of man’ business.

And yet, with a straight face, the author of this UTTER AND COMPLETE RUBBISH tells us that–SURPRISE, SURPRISE, it is the Jews who are innocent of any wrongdoing and that if Christians want to improve upon Jewish/Christian relations, they need to ‘repent’.


One of the most difficult issues for Christians and Jews to navigate is how to relate to each other while the proverbial 800 pound gorilla is in the room.

What’s the 800-pound gorilla? The desire on the part of Christians to evangelize Jews, and the sensitivity Jews have about uninvited conversion efforts. As one Jew eloquently stated several years ago, “Christians have to understand Jews did not volunteer to become participants in the final act of a play they didn’t write.”

Friends or Foes?

Serious Christians, many of whom have a genuine love of the Jewish people, might consider doing something important if they wish to develop a meaningful, or in many cases a better relationship with Jews. They should consider repentance.

Repenting for the centuries of misunderstanding, abuse, expulsions, and the Holocaust would be an excellent starting point. Doing the same for anti-Semitism and replacement theology would be recommended as well. 

Something else Christians should consider is to stop looking at Jews through their own agenda based eyes. Jews should be accepted and loved for who they are, and the unique role they have in God’s plan for humanity.

They should not be looked upon merely as conversion targets. If a Jew senses this the 800 pound gorilla will immediately appear.

It seems far too many Christians have either forgotten or haven’t been taught about some important contributions from the Jews that have had great mutual significance. For example, it is the Jews God chose to reveal himself to.

Jews are not ‘lost’

Moreover, it is the Jews whom God established the Sabbath through, which is Saturday rather than Sunday. A thorough search of both Bibles reveals it was never changed to Sunday. The Catholic Church brought about the change to Sunday in the fourth century, as part of a growing effort by the fledgling religion as it steadily moved away from its birth as a sect of Judaism.

Contrary to what most Christians and many Jews have been taught, Jesus (a Jew, whose given name was Yeshua Ben Yosef) did not abolish Torah. Another noteworthy point is that almost all of Christianity’s doctrine is based on the writings of Paul, whose real name is Saul, who lived his entire life as a Jewish Pharisee and steadfastly considered himself a Jew, in spite of the Church’s effort to portray him as a convert to Christianity.

Given these facts, one could make a strong case that without the Jews Christianity wouldn’t exist.

It would also be mutually beneficial if Christians developed a more objective and respectful understanding of what Jews have contributed to the world, rather than simply looking upon them as “lost.”

With more than 1,800 years of persecution and death having been perpetrated against Jews by Christians, it should be understandable that Jews are skeptical, hesitant, or resistant about entering into a relationship with a Christian, especially if they sense said Christian is singularly interested in converting them to the very religion responsible for long years of persecution against them.

In the final analysis, while there may not be a cookie cutter solution to improved relations, it seems the most appropriate starting point is Christian repentance. If that is done with sincerity and received accordingly, the 800-pound gorilla will become the size of a pigmy.


Related–an older article I wrote when still employed by American Free Press newspaper before being driven out by Editor Jim Tucker who characterized my work as ‘Jew-baiting hysteria’.


By Mark Glenn

Some 200 Christian Zionist leaders, representing churches spread throughout America, Europe, Africa and Asia, gathered in Israelís Knesset to “beg forgiveness” for 2,000 years of “Christian persecution” of Jews.

The well publicized ceremony took place under the auspices of the “Knesset Christian Allies Caucus,” just one of a growing number of partnerships springing up in recent years between organized Jewish and Christian Zionist groups for the purpose of funneling Christian money and political support toward Israel. Part of the statement reads as follows:

“On behalf of millions of Christians, we repent before you for crimes committed against the Jewish people throughout history in the name of Christianity.…We have sinned against God and against you.… To you we owe much.… Through you, God gave us the Holy Scriptures, and because of this we have a heritage, a destiny, a hope and a compass for living.…What a treasure you are in the sight of our God! You are His chosen and the apple of His eye.…”

But despite the fact that Israel was built (and continues to live) off of handouts from Christian countries—principally the U.S. and Germany—and for all the inherent groveling and breast-beating that this mea culpa was meant to convey, it obviously did not “cut the mustard” in improving Christian/Jewish relations in Israel, the birthplace of Jesus Christ and the 2,000-year-old religion created in His name.

Besides the fact that Israel has now become a haven for international gangsters—meaning rampant prostitution, drugs, human trafficking and money laundering to name a few—there are other indicators surrounding Israel’s political and social character as well that show she is anything but friendly to the morals and precepts of Christian teachings. Christian churches that were not taxed are now being sent heavy bills. Media outlets featuring Christian programming on television and radio are having their license renewal applications rejected.

More telling though is the fact that physical attacks on Christians, their symbols and institutions continue in Israel unabated, and not by “Islamo-fascists” (so much discussed by the likes of Norman Podhoretz, Daniel Pipes, John Hagee, Bill O’Reilly, et al.) but rather by a more fanatical sect that has nursed a hatred for Christianity since its inception, the people who collectively call themselves “the Israelites” and whom Christians are told to “bless.”

Pastor Hagee has been an avid supporter of the state Israel since his first visit there in 1978. “I went to Israel as a tourist and returned home a committed Zionist,” he said. His book says that Jesus did not come to Earth to be the Messiah. In what appears to be a growing trend these days, physical attacks on Christians, their churches and symbols are beginning to show a marked rise in Israel.

For nearly a century, since the invasion of Palestine began, Christians of all denominations have suffered bombings, shootings, arsons and wanton acts of senseless destruction of their sacred properties—and all of it by a horde of Marxist/atheist invaders from Eastern Europe calling themselves “God’s chosen.” From the moment they arrived—announcing to the world “We’re baaaack” with all the fanfare that their grip over the Western media afforded them—they picked up where their alleged ancestors left off in attempting to erase the name of the hated Jesus from the Holy Land.

Mimicking the same kind of behavior their Bolshevik cousins exhibited during and after the takeover of Russia and using the “fog of war” as a smokescreen for their actions, Christian church properties have been bulldozed, blown up or burned down on numerous occasions, all of it chalked up to “collateral damage.” Since the Jews of Europe began reconstructing the nation that was destroyed some 2,000 years ago following the predictions of Jesus Himself, priests, pastors, nuns, churches, cemeteries, Bibles, icons, stained-glass widows, all were all fair game as far as the Zionists were concerned when it came to maintaining its exclusively “Jewish character.”

Not long after Israel declared her statehood, legislation was passed outlawing Christians trying to convert Jews to the religion of Jesus Christ with a 5-year prison sentence attached for good measure.

Now, no longer limited to impersonal attacks done in the middle of the night with minimal chance of being caught, Jews (and particularly those in Jerusalem, the city of Jesus’s sham trial and murder by his enemies) are coming out in the open now and displaying their ancestral hatred for all things Christian without any evident fear of what kind of consequences might follow.

Out-in the-open physical attacks on priests, pastors, statues and Christian processions by extremist Jews is now more the norm than the exception. A recent case involving a Greek Orthodox clergyman involved a skullcap-wearing elderly Jew tapping on the window of the clergyman’s car and when the man opened his window, the Jew spat in his face, something becoming a daily occurrence in Israel. Only a few days later, a yeshiva student spat at the cross as it was being carried by the Armenian archbishop during a procession near the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem and did so under the watchful eye of his rabbi, who did nothing to impede him.

In another recent case, 13 bishops from Austria were barred from praying at Jerusalem’s Western Wall by a rabbi who oversees the site. The Christians refused to remove the crosses around their necks, which the rabbi considered “insulting.” Other Christians who have seen the increasingly bold and violent nature on the part of Israel’s Jews toward them and their faith in a manner up close and personal say that during Jewish religious festivals such as Purim (celebrating the hanging of Haman and the execution of 75,000 Persians) they stay inside and lock their doors, fearing their lives are in danger amid a band of rowdy, drunken and violent Jewish extremists.

One would think that, with all the lecturing taking place during the last half-century by organized Jewish groups when it comes to “hatred” and “intolerance” (not to mention the undeniable influence these groups have wielded in getting “hate crimes” legislation passed in most Christian countries), there would be more concern paid for this growing trend in the “headquarters” of Jewish values in the world—Israel.

With all the fear-mongering to which Christians are subjected on a daily basis when it comes to Islam that is inaccurately portrayed as inherently anti-Christian by the likes of John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Joseph Farah and other Israel-worshipping wolves in sheep’s cothing, one would expect some attention given to this alarming business taking place in Israel. And yet, not a peep from any of them.

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