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A Victory for Bullies Everywhere – The Zionification of the PSC


by Laura Stuart

First PSC Jewish Vice chair

Palestine Solidarity Campaign believers have just hit Twitter with a flurry of upbeat, positively Hasbaraesque tweets – presumably to convince us all that today’s AGM was a resounding success.

PSC updates PSC Great AGM today. Excellent programme of work continuing our campaign to FREE PALESTINE! Make sure you get involved in the PSC campaign

Exactly how P.S.C. intends to FREE PALESTINE is not clear.I wasn’t at the AGM but this much I know: before the PSC can FREE PALESTINE  from Zionist occupation it had better first free itself!

Noticeably absent from the tweets was any mention that PSC is still reeling from a barrage of Jewish bullying tactics – not only from the usual outside  Zionist sources but also from so-called ‘anti- Zionist’  fifth column within.
I am reliably informed that a member of the PSC Executive has confirmed that it was the attacks from the pro-war, Islamophobic, rabidly Zionist website Harry’s Place and the Jewish Chronicle which had bounced the PSC into placing a statement on its website declaring that PSC will not tolerate from members any form of holocaust denial or holocaust minimising (will someone please tell me what this means exactly!) .  This was obviously rushed and ill-considered but once out on the website the damage was done and any subsequent retraction would have simply added grist to the mill of Zionist vitriol. In any case, like all acts of appeasement,  it didn’t satisfy the Zionists one bit who simply twisted the words and then made even further demands such as PSC had now better stop supporting the genuinely-Semitic Sheik Raed Salah, labelled by Zionists as an anti- Semite. Such is the futility of appeasing these Zio-thugs.
Compounding the Zionist attack from outside, some so-called ‘anti- Zionists’ from within, seized the opportunity to hi-jack the situation and sideline the Palestine Solidarity Movement into discussing issues of holocaust denial and holocaust minimizing, instead of what they should be discussing – the liberation of Palestine. This opportunistic campaign was led by people with a personal vendetta against a certain International Jazz Musician, who incidentally, has many times stated publicly that he is NOT a holocaust denier.
Myself and others who are unwilling to submit to bullying by either Zionist or ‘anti- Zionists, we will continue the fight for a Zionist-free Palestine and indeed a Zionist-free world. We will do this with a new website where we can fly the banner for Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Expression.
Welcome to deLiberation.

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  1. world clock says:

    A Victory for Bullies Everywhere – The Zionification of the PSC | SHOAH – just great!

  2. Donkeys says:

    Yeah, why do you have this donkey?  What is he for?  Seems like it would be fun to get him to pull a plow I guess.


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