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IsraHell and the paths to national suicide


By Uri Avnery

Uri Avnery argues that Israel, through its unwillingness to reach a just accommodation with the Palestinians, its ticking bomb of rapidly multiplying parasitic Orthodox Jews, who do not work and are not equipped for the modern age, and its growing unattractiveness as a place to live, may be heading for national suicide.

After the founding of Israel, God appeared to David Ben-Gurion and told him: “You have created a state for my chosen people in my holy land. This merits a great reward. Tell me what you wish, and I will grant it.”

Ben-Gurion answered: “Almighty God, I wish that every person in Israel shall be wise, honest and a member of the Labour Party.”

“Dear me,” said God, “That is too much even for the Almighty. But I decree that every Israeli shall be two of the three.”

Since then, if a wise Israeli is a member of the Labour party, he is not honest. If an honest Israeli is a member of the Labour party, he is not wise. If he is wise and honest, he is not a member of the Labour Party.

This joke was popular in the 1950s. After 1967, another much less funny formula took its place.

A non-democratic or a non-Jewish state?

It goes like this: many Israelis ask God for their state to be Jewish and democratic, and that it will include the entire country between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. That is too much even for the Almighty. So he asks them to choose between a state that is Jewish and democratic but only in part of the country, or a state in all the country that is Jewish but not democratic, or a state in the entire country that is democratic but not Jewish. To which I would add a fourth option: A Jewish and democratic state in the entire country, but only after driving out all the Arabs – some 5.5 million at this point, and growing quickly.

“The current government is determined to prevent any peace that would compel it to give up any part of the occupied territories (22 per cent of pre-1948 Palestine).”

This is the choice facing us today as it did almost 45 years ago. It has only become more sharply defined.

For any foreseeable future, the fourth alternative can be excluded. The circumstances which led, in 1948, to the expulsion of more than half the Palestinian people from the territory that became Israel were unique, and not likely to return in the coming decades. So we must deal with the present demographic reality.

The current government is determined to prevent any peace that would compel it to give up any part of the occupied territories (22 per cent of pre-1948 Palestine). There is no one around who would compel it to do so.

What remains?

A state that is either non-democratic or non-Jewish.

As things stand, the first possibility is certain to be realized, or, rather, to realize itself. This needs no conscious decision, since it is the default situation that already exists de facto.

This means, to use the popular catch phrase, an apartheid state: a state in which every instrument of power is in the hands of the Jewish-Israeli majority (some 6.5 million people), with limited rights for the 1.5 million Palestinians with Israeli citizenship. The Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip – some four million – are granted no rights whatsoever, neither national, nor human nor civil.

The present state of “temporary” occupation can last forever, and is therefore ideal for this purpose. However, a future Israeli government, an even more nationalist one, could change the formal situation by annexing these territories to Israel. That would make, in practice, no difference.

As many Israelis see it, this situation could go on forever. The official slogan is: “We have no partner for peace.”

But can it really last? The Palestinian population throughout the country is growing rapidly, and soon enough it will constitute the majority. The idealists who embrace this as the “one-state solution” believe that the apartheid state will slowly turn into a “state of all its citizens”.

If, after decades of oppression, civil war, atrocities and other plagues this really came into being, it would quickly turn into a Palestinian state, with a Jewish minority, like the whites in present South Africa. It would be a negation of the whole Zionist enterprise, whose core purpose was to have one place in the world where Jews would be a majority. Most Jewish Israelis would probably emigrate.

“Orthodox families generally have eight to 10 children. All these go to religious schools, where they study exclusively religious texts and don’t acquire any skills useful for working in a modern society. They don’t need them, since they do not work at all…”

For an Israeli, this would mean national suicide. Yet it is the inevitable outcome if the state continues on its present course.

If a person wants to kill himself, as is his right, he has many ways to do so: poisoning, shooting, hanging, jumping from the roof, etc. As a state, Israel also has several options.

Orthodox Jewish ticking bomb

Apart from the external ticking bomb (the “one-state solution”), Israel also has an internal ticking bomb, which may be even more dangerous. Like the first option, the second one is already well on its way. If the first option depends at least partly on outside factors, the second is entirely self-made.

When Israel came into being, Orthodox Jews were a small minority. Since Ben-Gurion needed them for his coalition, he gave them some privileges which looked cheap to him. The Orthodox got their own education system, financed by the state, and were exempted from army service.

Some 60 years later, these privileges have grown to gigantic dimensions. To compensate for the lives lost in the Holocaust, and to increase the Jewish population, the Israeli government has encouraged natural increase by generous children’s subsidies. Since the religious of all shades have reproduced much more than any other Israelis (except Muslim Arabs), their part in the population has grown by leaps and bounds.

Orthodox families generally have eight to 10 children. All these go to religious schools, where they study exclusively religious texts and don’t acquire any skills useful for working in a modern society. They don’t need them, since they do not work at all, devoting their entire lives to the study of the Talmud. They don’t need to interrupt their studying of the dead texts, because they don’t serve in the army.

If these were marginal phenomena in the early days of the state, they are now rapidly leading to a national emergency. Right from the beginning, almost all government coalitions have relied on the religious parties, because no party has ever won an overall majority in the Knesset. Almost all governing parties had to bribe their religious partners with ever increasing subsidies for children and adults, thus encouraging the growth of a population which neither serves in the army nor does any work.

“… very soon, half the first grade pupils in Israel will be religious children, destined for a life without work, without paying taxes or serving in the army – all this paid for by the taxes of the diminishing number of the non-Orthodox.”

The absence of the Orthodox from the Labour force has severe effects on the economy, attested to by world financial institutions. Their absence from the army – as well as the absence of the Arab citizens, who are not drafted for obvious reasons – means that soon almost half the male population will not serve. This compels all the others to serve three full years, and then to do reserve duty for many more years.

Also, very soon, half the first grade pupils in Israel will be religious children, destined for a life without work, without paying taxes or serving in the army – all this paid for by the taxes of the diminishing number of the non-Orthodox.

Recently, after deepening unrest between religious and non-religious Jews in Bet Shemesh, 25 kilometres west of Jerusalem, the secularists demanded that the town be divided into two, one half Orthodox and the other secular. The interior minister, himself a leader of an Orthodox party, rejected this outright. As he candidly explained, since the Orthodox do not work and cannot pay municipal taxes, they cannot sustain a town of their own. They need the secular to work and pay.

This grotesque situation exists throughout the state. One can calculate when the whole edifice will come crashing down. International financial institutions as well as Israeli experts foretell disaster. Yet our political system does not make any change possible. The hold of the religious parties is as strong as ever.

”A state in which normal people just may not want to live”

Another method of suicide.

A third method is less dramatic. Israel is rapidly becoming a state in which normal people just may not want to live.

“A state without democracy, without equality, condemned by itself to an endless war, dominated by religious fanatics, with the gap between the abject poor and a handful of immensely rich growing from year to year – such a state will look less and less attractive to bright young people…”

In his monumental opus on the Crusades, the late British historian Steven Runciman maintained that the Crusader state did not collapse because of its military defeat, but because too many of its inhabitants just packed up and went back to Europe. Though many of them belonged to the 4th and even 8th generation of crusaders, the Crusader state had lost its attraction for them. The state of perpetual war and inner stagnation drove them out. The state collapsed when many more went away than came to join.

The Crusaders felt a stronger sense of belonging to Christendom than to the local Kingdom of Jerusalem. Today, many Israelis feel themselves first of all as Jews, belonging to a world-wide people, and only in second place Israelis.

That makes emigration easier.

A state without democracy, without equality, condemned by itself to an endless war, dominated by religious fanatics, with the gap between the abject poor and a handful of immensely rich growing from year to year – such a state will look less and less attractive to bright young people, who can easily find a better life elsewhere, while retaining their Jewish identity.

That, too, is a kind of national suicide…

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Is Iranian Government Behind Recent String Of Bombings? Not Bloody Likely!


by Keith Johnson

Iran seems an unlikely culprit for the series of attacks that have occurred in South Asia and the Caucus region of Eurasia, according to Ashrin Adib-Moghaddam of the Guardian.

“What would be the motive?,” asks Ashrin. “The argument that Iran is retaliating for the murder of five civilian nuclear scientists in Iran is not plausible. If Iran wanted to target Israeli interests, it has other means at its disposal. It is hard to imagine that the Iranian government would send Iranian operatives to friendly countries, completely equipped with Iranian money and passports – making the case against them as obvious as possible.”

Arshin Adib-Moghaddam is reader in the comparative and international politics of western Asia at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. He is the author of several books including Iran in World Politics: The Question of the Islamic Republic and A Metahistory of the Clash of Civilisations

In his most recent article, Adib-Moghaddam goes on to point out that even the Israelis have confessed that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards are a professional, highly trained and politically savvy group. “So why would they launch such a clumsy and self-defeating operation?,” Adib-Moghaddam queries. “And why India, Georgia and Thailand, three countries that Iran has had cordial relations with during a period when Iran is facing increasing sanctions spearheaded by the United States? A few days ago, India agreed a rupee-based oil and gas deal with Iran and resisted US pressures to join the western boycott of the Iranian energy sector. As a net importer of 12% of Iranian oil, India’s total trade with Iran amounted to $13.67bn in 2010-2011. What would be the motive for damaging relations with one of Iran’s major trading partners and regional heavyweights?”

The most recent attack came Tuesday in Bangkok. According to the New York Times, “Witnesses said three men, who appeared to be foreigners, fled a house in the Sukhumvit neighborhood of Bangkok after an explosion in the early afternoon destroyed the house’s roof. One escaped and another was detained at the city’s main international airport. The fourth suspect, a woman, was not at the house at the time of the explosion, but is being sought because she rented the house and was occasionally seen there, the police said. Witnesses and the police said the third man who left the house, bleeding and seemingly disoriented, lobbed two explosive devices, one at a taxi and later another at approaching police officers, and the second blast severed the man’s legs and wounded several Thais.”

Of course this would be a non-story if the “foreigners” had been of any other persuasion, but since the Thai government claims to have found Iranian passports on two of the three suspects, the Israelis have jumped on the story to exploit it as an act of terrorism.

“The attempted terror attack in Thailand proves once again that Iran and its proxies continue to operate in the ways of terror and the latest attacks are an example of that,” said Defense Minister Ehud Barak. “Iran and Hezbollah are unrelenting terror elements endangering the stability of the region, and endangering the stability of the world.”

What a joke! Even the New York Times admits, “It was possible that the men were simply arms smugglers, drug traffickers or gangsters in a city known as a hub of illicit activity.”

In a recent article for, John Glaser writes, “Barak’s statement illustrates Israel’s frenzied eagerness to paint Iran as a global terrorist menace, since the Thai intelligence agencies don’t think the incident was an act of terror, especially since it seems more like three idiots playing with explosives and blowing themselves up. Furthermore, what possible interest the Iranian government has in blowing up a rented cottage and a taxi in Bangkok, Thailand has escaped the [Israeli] version of events.”

Glaser continues by pointing out that, “The attacks came just days after NBC News broke a story in which an unnamed U.S. official revealed that Israel funded, trained, and armed the Iranian terrorist dissident group Mujahedeen e-Khalq (MEK) in carrying out assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists.

He concludes by saying, “That Israel would have the temerity to condemn acts of covert terrorism is hypocritical.”

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Report: Nazi Gestapo ‘Mossad’ chief visited New Delhi days before attack on Zio-Nazi officials


Times of India claims Tamir Pardo told local officials Israelis felt safer in India than in Turkey or South America, did not provide specific warning of New Delhi attack.

ed note–stories such as this one being published in virtuallyALL MEDIA OUTLETS in Israel indicate one thing–the cat is out of the bag and Israel knows it. Her spies spend all their time reading what is said about the Jewish state on every website worldwide and based upon what reading they are now getting, they know that the world is waking up to Israel’s schemes, including her use of false flag terrorism such as took place in India.


Mossad chief Tamir Pardo visited New Delhi just days before an attack on Israeli officials in the Indian capital this week, Indian media reported on Thursday, highlighting the extent to which Israeli intelligence was in the dark regarding possibility of a terror attack taking place in the country.

On Monday, the wife of an Israeli diplomat was moderately wounded when a car bomb exploded outside of Israel’s embassy in New Delhi.

The attack was one of three targeting Israeli officials abroad this week, with failed attempts to strike at diplomats reported the same day in Tbilisi and on the following day in Bangkok.

Neither attack was preceded by a specific intelligence warning.

Citing Indian officials, a report in the Times of India on Thursday placed Pardo’s visit a week ago, saying he met with the heads of local intelligence. The report even quoted the Mossad chief as saying that Israeli citizens felt safer in India than in Turkey, the Caucusus or South America.

Pardo reportedly led a delegation of top Mossad officials, who discussed the possibility of Iranian counter attacks against Israeli targets. However, according to the report, the possibility of an attack taking place in New Delhi was not discussed.

The Times of India report also indicated that Israel’s deputy envoy to India, Yahel Vilan, and the embassy’s security officer, Shahar Gal Nero, sent a letter on February 1 to the New Delhi police warning of the possibility of attacks targeting Israeli citizens ahead of the anniversary of Mughniyah’s assassination, and following attacks against Iranian nuclear scientists.

However, the letter did not detail any specific intelligence regarding the possibility of an attack taking place on Indian soil.

Indian intelligence officials were quoted as saying they feared increased use of magnetic bombs such as that used in the New Delhi attack.

One source indicated to the newspaper that an Indian intelligence agency had intercepted a phone call mentioning that  Pakistani terrorists could make use of such explosive devices.

A report of the phone call was passed on to all Indian security agencies  shortly prior to the attack on Monday, which represented the first time  such bombs were known to have been used in India.

Kuwaiti report: Iran attempts to assassinate Barak intercepted during Singapore visit

Also on Thursday, the Kuwaiti newspaper al-Jarida reported that Singapore security forces had intercepted a joint Iranian-Hezbollah attempt to assassinate Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak during a recent visit to the country.

Senior Israeli defense officials told Haaretz on Thursday that the report had no basis in reality.

The al-Jarida article, which was attributed to the newspaper itself without giving the name of any specific writer, claims to cite senior Israeli sources as saying that the assassination was prevented after Mossad informed Singapore of the plot.

According to the report, the terror squad received abundant and precise intelligence concerning the timetable of Barak’s visit to the country last week, and planned to track his movements and eventually assassinate him at his hotel.

Upon learning of the plan, Mossad informed Singapore’s security agencies, who then arrested three of the squad’s members. They were jointly interrogated by local authorities and Mossad officials who arrived to attempt to extract information concerning other squads that might be operating in Asia and planning to target Israelis.

Al-Jarida was founded in 2007, and has since published several exclusive reports based on Israeli sources, in what is seen in the Arab world as a way for Israel to deliver messages to Lebanon and Syria.

One of the paper’s reports, probably backed by sources in the Prime Minister’s Office, eventually led to the removal of Uzi Arad as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s National Security Advisor.

Lebanese pundits have argued in the past that the newspaper, considered to be independent, was financially backed by Israel and serves to deliver Israeli propaganda.



‘Mossad thought India was safe days before attack’

Times of India says Israeli intelligence agency’s security assessment of New Delhi just days before attack on embassy deemed Indian capital safer for Israelis than Turkey, South America


Monday’s terrorist attack in New Delhi appears to have come as a surprise to Israel’s Mossad, The Times of India reported Thursday. Nevertheless, the paper noted that the embassy was aware of the possibility of an attack on the anniversary of that assassination of Hezbollah arch-terrorist Imad Mughniyeh, and alerted Delhi Police accordingly.

Sources told the paper that a high-level team, which discussed the threat of revenge strikes against Israeli targets, did not anticipate that Iran’s alleged sympathizers could strike in India’s capital.

The report suggests that a team headed by Mossad Chief Tamir Pardo interacted with their Indian counterparts last week. The nature of this interaction is unclear.

It was also noted that the Mossad team “felt that Israeli citizens were safer in India than their compatriots in Turkey, countries in East Asia and South America.”   Meanwhile, Indian media reported that additional suspects were arrested in connection to the attack which injured Tal Yehoshua Koren, the wife of the Israeli defense attaché.

Investigators believe that the person who attached the explosives to Yehoshua Koren’s car was a local Indian man who was apparently working for the planners of the attack. On Wednesday Delhi police traced a red motorcycle which it suspects served the terrorist.

Meanwhile, doctors say that Yehoshua Koren is showing signs of recovery.

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Netanyahu: International sanctions against Iran not working

On a visit to Cyprus, Israeli Prime Minister says Iran is ‘most irresponsible’ country in the world.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday that sanctions against Iran had not yet worked, adding that Tehran’s nuclear pursuits made it the most “irresponsible” country in the world.

“Iran is the most irresponsible country in the world and it is breaking all the rules,” Netanyahu said during a one-day visit to Cyprus.

“The United States – and any other country – should be concerned because we have information of ongoing efforts and attempts by Iran to conduct terrorism in many parts of the world. Fortunately until now there has been no loss of life,” he said after talks with Cypriot President Demetris Christofias.

His remarks came a day after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated three new nuclear projects, in a show of defiance of international pressure for the country to abandon its program.

In Bangkok meanwhile, police said three Iranians linked to a series of blasts in the city had come to Thailand to target Israeli diplomats. Authorities are investigating possible connections with recent attacks on Israeli diplomats in Georgia and India.

Earlier Thursday, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Iran was exaggerating the progress it had made in its nuclear program, in order to make the world believe it was too late to stop it.

“Yesterday’s show was really just a show, both for the Iranians themselves, to strengthen their spirits, and for the entire world,” Barak told Israel Radio. “They are boasting achievements that aren’t there yet. They are talking about a third and fourth generation of centrifuges. I think they still have a lot to do with the second generation, let alone with the third,” he said.

The world could not afford to ignore the considerable progress Iran had made and must intensify sanctions against Tehran, the minister said, stressing however that Iran had not yet reached the point of no return. “They are presenting a situation that is better and more advanced than they really are in, in order to create a feeling with all players that in fact the point of no return is already behind them, which is not the case,” he said.

Israel has been a leading voice in an international campaign to halt Tehran’s nuclear program. Like the West, Israel accuses Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons. Tehran denies the charge.


1 Libyan in 3 wants return to authoritarian rule


The Independent

Almost a year after the start of the Libyan uprising that led to the ousting and killing of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, new research suggests more than a third of its citizens would rather return to being ruled by a strongman than embrace democracy.

Despite thousands of deaths in the revolt against Colonel Gaddafi’s 40-year rule, fewer than a third of Libyans would welcome democracy, according to the study published by the Institute of Human Sciences, at the University of Oxford, and Oxford Research International.

Libya is traditionally a tribal society and there are concerns that the vacuum created by Colonel Gaddafi’s removal in October could lead to clashes between the factions that toppled him. In recent weeks, medical and human-rights groups have complained that the situation in parts of country is getting out of control.

The deaths of 12 detainees who lost their lives after being tortured by the various militias running law and order in towns and cities across country are documented in an Amnesty International report released today. The study follows last month’s decision by Médecins sans Frontières to halt operations in Misrata after being asked by officials to treat prisoners midway through torture sessions, allowing authorities to abuse the victims again.

Still, the survey found 35 per cent would still like a strong leader in five years’ time, although more than two-thirds wanted some say in future governance.

“Although there appears to be a push for an early election, the population seems to be happy with the National Transitional Council [NTC],” Christoph Sahm, director of Oxford Research International, said.

“Perhaps more significantly, Libyan people have not yet developed trust towards political parties, preferring a return of one-man rule. Yet they have also resoundingly said they want a say in how their country is run, which suggests Libyans who have had autocratic rule for decades lack the knowledge of how a democracy works and need more awareness of the alternatives to autocratic government.”

While trust in the NTC will be welcomed by Western backers – 81 per cent of Libyans expressed faith in the new administration that helped defeat Colonel Gaddafi – 16 per cent said they were ready to resort to violence for political ends.

The figures are borne out by the Amnesty report, ‘Militias threaten hopes for new Libya,’ which points to evidence of war crimes being committed against Gaddafi loyalists. Its authors found that torture or ill-treatment was being perpetrated in 10 out of 11 detention centres they visited, with several prisoners saying they had offered false confessions to rape and other offences simply to end their ordeal.

The bodies of the 12 men who died were covered in bruises, wounds and cuts, Amnesty said, and some had fingernails and toenails pulled out.

“Militias in Libya are largely out of control and the blanket impunity they enjoy only encourages further abuses and perpetuates instability and insecurity,” said Amnesty’s Donatella Rovera. “”Militias with a record of abuse of detainees should simply not be allowed to hold anyone and all detainees should be immediately transferred to authorised detention facilities under the control of the National Transitional Council.”

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Ultra-Orthodox IsraHell minister walks out on girls’ choir at child safety conference




Deputy Health Minister’s decision to leave event, at which he was a guest of honor, follows controversy in the army over requiring religious soldiers to attend official events featuring female singers.

ed note–this is the kind of thing that when/if it happens in some small corner of the Islamic world, pro-Israel sirens begin screeching about it from the rooftops in order to warn the west about how dangerous DEM MOOZLEMS are and how it is perfectly appropriate the present war of extermination against them is. 

HOWFREAKINGEVER, this kind of thing takes place EVERY DAY in Israel and in various Jewish communities around the world and are these same sirens warning about the dangers that these backwards, neanderthals pose to enlightened, western culture?Answer–



Deputy Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who is ultra-Orthodox, left a conference on child safety yesterday when a schoolgirls’ choir took to the stage. Many Haredi men refrain from being present when women sing.

Litzman’s decision to leave the event, at which he was a guest of honor, follows controversy in the army, over requiring religious soldiers to attend official events featuring female singers.

Yesterday’s event was sponsored by Litzman’s ministry and the child safety organization Beterem. After he delivered the opening speech, Litzman was seated in the front row of the hall with the other guests of honor, including the Health Ministry’s Director General Ronni Gamzu and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

After learning that the 12-year-old girls were due to perform, Litzman was said to have asked those sitting near him how he could leave the hall and saying that he had an important telephone call to make.

As soon as the choir finished its performance, Litzman returned to his seat.

Associates of the deputy health minister confirmed that he left the hall due to the choir’s performance. His office issued a statement saying it is Litzman’s practice not to be present when women sing and that no apology was necessary.

The statement said there should be “understanding in respecting a person who conducts himself in accordance with his faith.” The statement also said, however, that Litzman left the hall to deal with the issue of hospital nurses who had walked off the job.

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Amid violence, Syria’s Assad sets date for vote on new constitution


Los Angeles Times

BEIRUT — With his nation plunging toward civil war, Syrian President Bashar Assad said Wednesday that a nationwide referendum would be held this month on a new constitution that is the centerpiece of what he says is a plan to reform the country.

The opposition dismissed the announcement as an effort to buy time, and it was not clear how the a vote could be carried out in a country torn by violence. Large areas of Syria are no longer under government control.

The new constitution would enshrine freedom of speech and worship and end the current monopoly on power held by Assad’s Baath party, which has ruled for four decades. The state-run Syrian Arab News Agency said it could “turn Syria into an example to follow in terms of public freedoms and political plurality.”

Assad’s foes say the government regularly tramples rights guaranteed in the current constitution. They scoffed at the proposed changes as a sign of desperation.

“This shows Assad is living in an alternate reality,” said Rafif Jouejati, a U.S.-based spokeswoman for the Local Coordinating Committees, a Syrian opposition network. “It’s completely impractical.”

White House spokesman Jay Carney labeled the proposed referendum “laughable. … It makes a mockery of the Syrian revolution,” Carney said.

The referendum is probably meant in part to please Syria’s dwindling list of foreign allies, notably Russia, which along with China vetoed a Security Council resolution this month for Assad to give up power. Russia has pressed Assad to push ahead with reforms.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking in The Hague, Netherlands, called the plan for a referendum “a step forward.”

As Assad announced the referendum, a thick plume of smoke billowed from a fuel pipeline in the city of Homs, which has become a focus of the escalating conflict. The government and the opposition accused each other of attacking the pipeline in Syria’s third-largest city.

Opposition activists said the government had launched new assaults on Homs and other rebel strongholds. The opposition reported at least 32 people were killed across the country, reported Al-Jazeera, the pan-Arab satellite network.

Syrians fleeing the violence have flooded into Lebanon, though not in the numbers the United Nations had expected. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has registered more than 6,000 Syrian refugees in Beirut and northern Lebanon and estimates 2,000 to 3,000 more are living in the Bekaa Valley, in eastern Lebanon.

Lebanese activists who have formed a coalition of groups to aid refugees estimated the number of Syrians that have fled since mass demonstrations against the Syrian government began nearly one year ago could be as high as 20,000. They said many of those don’t bother to register with the U.N. because they don’t need aid. Others avoid registering out of fear of being identified by the Syrian government.

At the U.N., diplomats were working on a General Assembly resolution condemning the Syrian government, which may come Thursday. General Assembly action carries less weight than a Security Council resolution, but cannot be vetoed.

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Russia: West ‘slammed door’ on Syria at UN


VIENNA: Russia’s foreign minister on Wednesday blamed “external actors” for  prolonging Syria’s agony, suggesting that the U.S. and its allies opposed  negotiations to end the bloodshed there and were responsible for torpedoing a  U.N. resolution aimed at calming the situation.

Sergey Lavrov also seized on a call by the al-Qaida terror network to topple  Syrian President Bashar Assad to caution that little was known about those  opposing the regime in Damascus, and implied that the opposition could not be  trusted to run the country if victorious.

He also welcomed Assad’s announcement that he had ordered a Feb. 26  referendum on a new constitution that would open the way to political parties in  Syria other than the ruling Baath Party.

Russia and China vetoed a Security Council resolution earlier this month  brought by the Arab League that aimed to halt Syria’s violence – angering many  Western powers and Arab states. The U.N. estimates well over 5,400 people have  died in the Syrian regime’s crackdown on protesters in the past year.

Lavrov and other foreign ministers were in Vienna for a conference Thursday  to discuss ways to reduce the drug flow from Afghanistan. But Syria was the  dominant issue during his talks Wednesday with Austrian Foreign Minister Michael  Spindelegger and was likely to dominate talks on the sidelines Thursday.

Lavrov told reporters that he would meet with French Foreign Minister Alain  Juppe on Thursday to be briefed on a French plan that envisages setting up  violence-free “human corridors” in Syria. But he insisted any plan to reduce the  carnage must be approved by all sides in the conflict.

The Russian foreign minister defended Moscow’s stance against the U.N.  Security Council resolution, saying “it wasn’t us who slammed the door” on  council agreement Feb. 5. Refusal by Western permanent Security Council members  to accept Russian insistence that not only Syrian army units but rebels also  withdraw from urban battle zones essentially was “a demand on the regime to  capitulate,” he said.

He blamed “some external actors” – shorthand for Washington and its Western  allies – for allegedly persuading the rebels not to negotiate, a tactic that he  said “can only lead to (further) massive losses of human life.”

Al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahri has called on Muslims to support the Syrian  rebels, raising fears that Islamist extremists will try to exploit the uprising,  and Lavrov emphasized such concerns Wednesday.

“Who are these people? Nobody knows,” he said alluding to the anti-Assad  forces. “The Muslim Brotherhood … there are deserters, al-Qaida is  represented.”

Lavrov came from the Netherlands, where, after meeting with Dutch Foreign  Minister Uri Rosenthal, he said Russia would not support any U.N. resolution  “that could legitimize regime change.”

Earlier in the day, White House spokesman Jay Carney called Assad’s plans  for a referendum on a new constitution “quite laughable.” But Lavrov praised the  move.

“A new constitution to end one-party rule in Syria is a step forward,”  Lavrov said. “It is coming late, unfortunately, but better late than never.”

Carney, however, said any attempt to hold a constitutional referendum now  “makes a mockery” of the Syrian uprising.

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FBI Purges Hundreds of Terrorism Documents in Islamophobia Probe


An internal FBI investigation into its counterterrorism training has purged hundreds of bureau documents of instructional material about Muslims, some of which characterized them as prone to violence or terrorism.

The bureau disclosed initial findings from its months-long review during a meeting at FBI headquarters on Wednesday with several Arab and Muslim advocacy groups, attended by Director Robert Mueller. So far, the inquiry has uncovered and purged over 700 pages of documentation from approximately 300 presentations given to agents since 9/11 — some of which were similar to briefings published by Danger Room last year describing “mainstream” Muslims as “violent.” And more disclosures may be forthcoming, as the FBI continues its inquiry and responds to Freedom of Information Act requests for the documents themselves.

FBI spokesman Christopher Allen confirms to Danger Room that the bureau found some of the documents to be objectionable because they were inaccurate or over-broad, others because they were offensive. Allen explains that the documents represent “less than 1 percent” of over 160,000 documents reviewed by the inquiry, which was prompted by a Danger Room investigation in September. The FBI purged documents according to four criteria: “factual errors”; “poor taste”; employment of “stereotypes” about Arabs or Muslims; or presenting information that “lacked precision.”

Danger Room uncovered several such documents in the fall, including some instructing FBI counterterrorism agents that “mainstream” Muslims sympathized with terrorists; that the Prophet Mohammed was a “cult” leader; and that the more “devout” a Muslim was, the more likely he would be to commit a violent act. Some documents even purported to graph the correlation. The FBI initially said the instruction occurred “one time only.” But when Danger Room uncovered additional anti-Islam materials — in briefings that compared Islam to the Death Star; in books on the shelves of the FBI training library at Quantico; and in pages hosted on internal FBI websites — the bureau began an extensive internal review.

Salam al-Marayati, the executive director of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, attended the FBI meeting. He came away worried that the volume of anti-Muslim training documents hands al-Qaida an unnecessary win.

“People will report criminal activity to the authorities, that’s been proven time and again,” Marayati tells Danger Room. “But if we are giving propaganda to al-Qaida, resuscitating this dying ideology that al-Qaida is promoting, by continually exposing anti-Muslim propaganda published by the government, that undermines our pluralism, which is the best defense against any transnational ideological threat.”

Others think that the FBI can’t stop at purging internal documents. “It’s a bit hard to avoid the conclusion there isn’t a problem of culture in the [FBI] training division,” says Maya Berry, executive director of the Arab-American Institute, whose subordinates also attended the meeting. “It’s one that appears to have some built-in biases when it comes to the Arab-American and Muslim-American communities.” Allen declined to respond.

But the FBI isn’t finished. The bureau plans to publish a “touchstone document” in the coming weeks that explains its criteria to ensure new anti-Islam documents won’t enter counterterrorism training in the future. Similarly, the Justice Department plans on March 21 to release “Cultural Competency” guidelines for dealing with Arab and Muslim communities on counterterrorism, according to Xochitl Hinojosa, a department spokeswoman.

Several civil-rights advocates said they appreciated Mueller’s personal attention. The Wednesday meeting had been scheduled by the FBI’s public-affairs arm, whose deputy assistant director, Jeff Mazanec, briefed the groups for about 40 minutes before Mueller unexpectedly joined.

“Director Mueller acknowledged the seriousness of our concerns and expressed a commitment to maintaining contact with the inter-religious community,” says Rev. C. Welton Gaddy of the Interfaith Alliance, another attendee at the meeting. Mueller “seemed to understand the hurt and pain as well as the fear, engendered by the offensive, inappropriate and insensitive materials.”

But the worst may not have passed. Allen acknowledged that the internal review, assisted by the Army’s counterterrorism specialists at West Point, hasn’t yet concluded. Several additional organizations have filed Freedom of Information Act requests for the specific offending documents; attendees came away with the impression that their disclosure will be ugly.

The White House ordered a government-wide review of counterterrorism training late last year. A Pentagon document responding to the order cited Danger Room’s series as an impetus for the effort.

Berry says she could “see the seriousness with which [the FBI] has approached this.” But she calls the problem a “systemic” one, with urgent implications for U.S. domestic counterterrorism — a concern voiced by Attorney General Eric Holder as well.

“They’ve never owned this problem. It’s not a problem of outside contractors,” she tells Danger Room. “They’re producing these kind of documents that inhibit our counterterrorism efforts. We need our communities engaged, and these have done nothing but alienate us.”

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By: Nahida

The Type of Resistance is indeed an internal matter that should be left to those on the ground to decide.

The “israeli peace camp” and their global associates are hell bent to rob Palestinians of their choices of Resistance, to achieve their final goal of conquest by DISARMING the Palestinians and minimizing the harm that might be inflected on Zionists.

The Zionist Mossad motto “by deception we wage war” fits perfectly with the saying of Sun Tzu “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting

Doves and Hawks

Doves and hawks

It is perplexing to observe the “soft-zionist” or the upholders of “post-zionism”, the “doves” of the “peace camp”, exerting tremendous effort to “teach” Palestinians the ethics of “non-violent resistance”:

How to “resist” sadistic soldiers with peaceful smiles

How to silence machineguns with intelligent argument

How to face lethal bullets with colourful banners

How to stop tanks with bare hands

How to fend off F16 with debka dance and folklore songs

How to subdue a nihilist army with hospitality

How to freeze an apache helicopter by “shooting” a movie of its actions

How to receive thieves as lawful owners

How to welcome baby-killers as good friends and righteous neighbours

How to embrace armed invaders with open arms

How to accept and befriend fanatic supremacists (those who invade fully-armed, fully-trained ready to kill, whether they arrived yesterday, today or even tomorrow) as honourable citizens with equal rights

Instead of wasting their time and energy preaching to the oppressed how to defend themselves “non-violently”, the “me-peacers” aught to be teaching their own society how to conduct their daily lives without aggression and non-violence

Instead of condemning the self-defence of armed resistance as “terrorism”, they aught to be condemning the very violent creation and existence of their own terrorist state, founded by theft, terrorism, ethnic cleansing and slow genocide

How could anyone with a thread of moral fiber condemn self-defence when one’s very life is threatened with extermination?

One can only imagine what would the reaction of those “peace-campers” be in a hypothetical situation, wherein they and their children are attacked by heavily armed gangsters, would they stand peacefully waving their banners to face the bullets? Would they sit and write a petition against the actions of the attackers then pass it around to be signed? Or would they run to their guns to defend themselves and protect their children?

While the “doves” persist to “educate” Palestinians with all that stuff, their “hawks” brethren continue to push their agenda, advance their military power, refine their plans, intensify their aggression, expand their control, extend their influence, and spread their hasbara.

The hawks continue to teach their future-invader children how to perfect the use of machineguns, how to become good-sharpshooters, how to gun down a mother and baby with one bullet, how to make life even more unbearable for Palestinians that they leave, how to finish off the ethnic-cleansing of Palestine, and how to wrap up their zionist project by forging more documents, stealing more land and creating more irreversible facts on the grounds!

It works mighty well between those two seemingly opposite poles; the harmonious duo complements each other magnificently!!
While one team is busy doing the “dirty work”, the other rolls its sleeves to clean up the mess and put the makeup on.

In short, while “soft” zionists are busy “teaching” Palestinians the “art of peace-making”, their brethren are working tirelessly teaching themselves the “art of war”

And as a Palestinian once said, “the hawks want to eat us with bare hands, while the doves want to eat us with knives and forks”

In that context the Zionist Mossad motto “by deception we wage war” fits perfectly with the saying of Sun Tzu “Hence to fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting”

Finally, I would draw to the attention of the reader some quotes of Gandhi that many don’t like to mention or even remember:

Gandhi Quotes:

“ I WOULD risk violence a thousand times rather than risk the emasculation of a whole race.”

“I have been repeating over and over again that he who cannot protect himself or his nearest and dearest or their honour by non-violently facing death may and ought to do so by violently dealing with the oppressor. He who can do neither of the two is a burden. He has no business to be the head of a family. He must either hide himself, or must rest content to live for ever in helplessness and be prepared to crawl like a worm at the bidding of a bully”

“Though violence is not lawful, when it is offered in self-defence or for the defence of the defenceless, it is an act of bravery far better than cowardly submission. The latter befits neither man nor woman. Under violence, there are many stages and varieties of bravery. Every man must judge this for himself. No other person can or has the right”


Some Thoughts on Resistance


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