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Hasbara for Dogs

By: Gilad Atzmon


PSC attack dogs

Apparently, dogs in California have a new source of entertainment: a TV channel run by a former Israeli Army propagandist. The Arab Digest reported today that an Israeli company launched a new TV Channel for Dogs in San Diego; the Executive chairman, Yossi Uzrad, was executive producer of the Channel 2 news company and the head of the news desk at the IDF radio station in Israel. In a nutshell, an Israeli army propagandist is running a Dog’s TV channel. The Arab Digest rightly wonders whether it is safe to let America’s dogs to be subject to an Israeli propaganda channel. The show may lead some dogs to invade their respective homes and expel their human family members from their doggy promised land.

We learned today that a half a dozen Jewish anti Zionist dogs, led by Dogy Greenstein and Naomy (Ankle-Biter) Idrissi plan to boycott the new Israel channel in accordance with what they regard as ‘Jewish doggy humanist values.’

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  1. Sharan Scammon says:

    This donkey must have taken a serious liking towards the dude. I just don’t understand how the guy was recording this didn’t even put down the camera to help.


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