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Afghanistan: Taliban vs. Zal Khalilzad




Khalilzad: A Satan whispering in the Hearts of Men”, was titled in an email sent to many recipients by two Piled higher and Deeper (PhDs) expressing their views about Mr. Zal Khalilzad who apparently was in his 2014 preliminary presidential campaign mission lobbying to secure some tribal elders’ allegiance in Kabul recently. The PhDs, Messrs.’ Daud Mirakai and Rahmat Rabi Zirakyar are known to be fierce supporters of the One-Eyed Mullah Omarwho’s in line for his second term as the “Emir al-Mu’minin” (Commander of the faithful) –title given by his ally Osama Bin Laden— of Afghanistan after US-NATO troops to withdraw in 2014.

We in NWSC, have to fully concur with Mr. Mirakai and Zirakyar (against our common sense rejection of their Taliban support), who are profoundly claiming against Mr. Khalilzad in regards to the timing of his effort, gaining political power while the Obama administration’s plan appears to allow a total Taliban takeover. Indeed, it is alarming news to hear a hardcore neocon Mr. Khalizad arriving on his white horse to rescue his forefather’s land from the fraudulent Karzai government and Taliban’s mayhem.

The reality of this debate is about the two mentioned supporters of the One-Eyed Mullah who are referring a satanic stanza about Mr. Khalilzad whose non-Afghan norms and full allegiance to Mr. Bush’s U.S. may not secure him a presidency seat in Afghanistan in 2014. So, the question arises as what are their “stance and justification,” by usually painting the One-Eyed-Mullah Omar as a saint and a nationalist Afghan, and Mr. Khalilzad as an American Satan in this coercion?

Well, it is the shear support for the “commander of the faithful” who is not only an illiterate crowned ass believing that he will be enthroned by Pakistan to lead Afghanistan, but also from the 12-century medieval Islamo fascist Wahabi, indoctrinated by Pakistan’s Inter Service Intelligence school of thoughts, deeming that his and his followers’ “Pashtun identity and matchless Islamic brand” are their one-way ticket to reclaim Afghanistan’s leadership once again.


First and foremost, if the One-Eyed Emir Al Mu’minin and his supporters consider themselves nationalist Afghan Pashtuns, then their Taliban movement should endorse and defend their national language, culture and identity through political expressions and slogans. Further, they also should aim to control their affairs without outside interferences. Moreover, they have to manage their own economic resources, and seek autonomy within a multinational state in order to structure its existence by protecting and promoting their Pashtun identity on all fronts, or even in certain cases, possibly to pursue an independent state of their own.

In fact, Taliban meet none of these criteria, neither in Afghanistan nor in Pakistan, and thus, they’re not considered a Pashtun nationalist movement, on the contrary, they mimic ideological and political inspirations from Arabs and others. They also consciously, as a matter of policy, target different cultural traits of Pahstuns, akin to tribal councils, folk music and musicians; they are not even concerned about the language and promote mostly Arabic and/or interestingly, Urdu—which only eight per cent of the 170 million Pakistanis speak it as their first language. In addition, their control over economic resources is not their concern; neither is any political or administrative manifestation of Pashtun identity is their goal.

Evidently, they have killed a large number of traditional Pashtun elders—in FATA, Southern and Eastern Afghanistan—and they also banned the centuries old Jirga as means of dispute settlement in areas under their influence. Sadly and deliberately, they have been eliminating the Pashtun way of life from the very core.


In retrospect, the Soviet Union’s intervention in Afghanistan was Pakistan’s opportunity to achieve a long-cherished policy aims based on its threat perceptions from India. It had always considered Afghanistan’s closeness with India against its security and also feared Afghan claims about the Durand Line due to Pashtun unification along the tribal belt. In this state of affairs, it had always seen the Pashtun nationalist with suspicion.
The unitary post-colonial Pakistani state had always considered all the pluralist democratic identity movements as a threat, this was due to the Afghan connection, Pashtun identity, political and autonomy aspirations, even within Pakistan, were considered more so.


Pakistan’s use of religious extremists as a tool of policy began in early 1970s when most of the Mujahedeen leaders who rose to fame in 1980s were supported to counter the first Afghan President Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan’s government. This policy was furthered later by promoting the Mujahedeen amongst the resistance movement at the expense of Pashtun nationalists amongst the anti-Soviet resistance. The Pakistani state aimed at a social and political engineering of Pashtuns. It was believed that a secular Pashtun cannot be trusted.

The term “Taliban” referring to students of madrassas started when Mullah Omar led some of the students to prevent atrocities against the Mujahedeen groups who fought the Soviets in the Afghan war. In the beginning, even Americans considered the Taliban as a viable force to counter pan-Islamists as well as the neighboring Iran’s Shiite dominance in Central Asia. But very soon, international terrorists, mainly Al Qaeda, established connections with the Taliban and the terror networking rendezvous went spirally airborne.

Today, the only connection that remains between the Taliban and Pashtuns is that the term “Taliban” a Pashtu plural for the borrowed Arabic term Talib (student), and is widely used by them in the Pashtun tribal belt of Afghanistan and Pakistan. In a broader analysis, the sole unity between these diverse groups is that they follow a—piloted—particular brand of Islam–Wahhabi–based on  historical alliance between the political and financial power represented by “Ibn Saud” in which, the religious authority is represented by “Mohammed Bin Abdul Al-Wahhab;” In fact, the religious faction was deviated from the mainstream religion of Islam.


“Committing yourself is a way of finding out who you are. A man finds his identity by indentifying.” Which took thousands of years for Pashtuns to identify themselves, but Talibanization is de-Pashtunisation of Pashtuns. And, before Taliban to criticize Zal Khalilzad’s identity crises they should look at their own as stated in this article. When the Taliban marched into Afghanistan carrying pictures of the former King Zahir Shah there was no resistance because the people of Afghanistan thought they were the King’s representatives; now that Afghans know who the Taliban really are, they will resist any new Taliban efforts to take over the country; the result will be a tragic civil war, unless full adherence to a policy laid out by Afghan National Reconciliation is followed.

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How Iran Changed The World


Imagine this scenario: A developing nation decides to selectively share its precious natural resource, selling only to “friendly” countries and not “hostile” ones. Now imagine this is oil we’re talking about and the nation in question is the Islamic Republic of Iran…


by Sharmine Narwani


Early news reports on Wednesday claimed that Iran pre-empted European Union sanctions by turning off the oil spigot to six member-states: the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Greece and Portugal.

The reports were premature. According to a highly-placed source in the country, Iran will only stop its oil supply to these nations if they fail to adopt new trading conditions: 1) signing 3 to 5-year contracts to import Iranian oil, with all agreements concluded prior to March 21, and 2) payment for the oil will no longer be accepted within 60-day cycles, as in the past, and must instead be honored immediately.

Negotiations are currently underway with all six nations. Iran, says the source, expects to cut oil supplies to at least two nations based on their current positions. These are likely to be Holland and France.

Meanwhile, the other four EU member-states are in dire financial straits. They are knee-deep in the kind of fiscal crisis that has no hope of resolution unless they exit the union and go back to banana republic basics. Yet, they found the time to sanction Iran over some convoluted American-Israeli theory that the Islamic Republic may one day decide to build a nuclear weapon. I am sure arm-twisting was involved – the kind that involves dollars for votes.

But I digress. This blog is really about ideas. And not just ideas, but really ridiculous ideas.

New World Order Jump-Started by Iran?

Alternative sources of oil will be found in a jiffy for these beleaguered EU economies. But this isn’t so much about a few barrels of the stuff that fuels the world’s engines.

This is about the idea that a singular action taken amidst the political and economic re-set about to take place globally, can propel us in a whole new direction overnight.

The past few years have shown that there is no global financial leadership capable of pulling us back from the abyss. The US national debt hovers around the $15.3 Trillion mark. Its GDP in 2011 was just under $15 Trillion. You do the math – there is no fixing that one. The only next-big-thing coming out of that dead end will be the complete transformation of the current global economic order.

But how will that take place without leadership and clear direction? I’m betting hard that It will not come from the top, nor will it be directed. The new global economic order will be organic, regional and quite sudden.

What do I mean? Imagine: Iran stops selling oil to the EU; China tells the US to take a hike on currency values; India starts trading in large quantities of rupees; Russia’s central bank becomes a depot for holding dollars that don’t need to pass through New York; the creation of a global payment messaging system competing with SWIFT. Now imagine that a combination of actions – triggered only by an attempt to circumvent some really very silly sanctions – can suddenly unleash some unexpected possibilities that were beyond the realm of imagination a mere few years ago.


Imagine the emergence, say, of regional economic hubs, powered by the currencies of the local hegemonic powers, where bartering natural resources, goods and services becomes as commonplace as transactions involving currency transfers. Because of the frailty inherent in dealing with these new local currencies and a bartering system, nations tend to trade most with those closest to them in geography and culture. Shocking? Maybe not. Sometimes it just takes a need for change…and a handy tipping point.

“This is not the time to fan the flames,” someone should have told the United States. “You and your pals are sitting in a jalopy tottering on the cliff’s edge – why risk making moves now?” they should have warned. “Be a little less arrogant,” would have been sage advice.

But Washington is absolutely, irrevocably, dangerously fixated on showing Iran who’s boss, and spends a good part of every day trying to tighten the screws around the Islamic Republic.

The first Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence within the United States Department of the Treasury

For the most part, the US’s pursuit of this dubious objective has instead stripped it of the vital political tools it once wielded.

No more UN Security Council resolutions, no more unscrutinized military adventures.

The only thing left is the nefarious tentacles of theUnited States Department of Treasury and its financial weapons.

“The new tools of imperialism,” as once US-friendly central banker in the Mideast bluntly put it to me.

I only hear shrill desperation when politicos now parrot the “sanctions are biting” line. Here’s a juicy tidbit for those rolling their eyes right now: Goldman Sachs – America’s premier investment bank and Wall-Street God – has identified the Islamic Republic as one of the “Next 11” growth drivers of the global economy after the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations. BRIC was a term coined by Goldman Sachs, if you recall, and boy, were they right about that one.

Thirty years of “biting” sanctions and sanctions “with teeth” have achieved the following: “Strong or improving growth conditions,” said Goldman Sachs just last year, “combined with favorable demographics, form the foundation of the N-11 growth story.” The investment bank, furthermore, estimates “a measurable increase in the N-11’s share of global GDP, from roughly 12% in the current decade to 17% in 2040-2049.”

It’s a bad global economy we are facing right now, but Goldman Sachs’ charts illustrate that Iran is still one of five nations in the N-11 pot whose “productivity and sustainability of growth” is above average.

Iran and India have agreed to settle part of their annual USD 12-billion oil trade in rupees as a means of circumventing new US sanctions against Iran’s oil and financial sectors.

Shrugging off Dollar Dominance

A British investment research firm wrote in January: “Sanctions on the Central Bank of Iran effectively restricts Iranian oil sales to barter contracts or to state-to-state agreements utilizing non-G8 currencies…It represents a major irritation to the Iranians, rather than a chokehold.”

The authors specify the Chinese Yuan as the non-G8 currency, but in the past few days that scenario has busted open with the addition of the Indian Rupee into the mix.

The new trade deal inked between Iran and India ensures Rupee payment for 45% of Iranian oil imports, with the balance remaining in Indian banks to pay for exports to the Islamic Republic. This achieves two important things that are an unintended consequence of US sanctions: firstly, it eliminates the Dollar as the trading currency (note that oil prices have traditionally been priced in US Dollars); secondly, it significantly accelerates economic integration between Iran and one of the four largest emerging economies in the world.

D.S. Rawat, head of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry in India, says of the agreement: “The potential of trade and economic relations between the two countries can touch the level of $30 billion by 2015 from the current level of $13.7 billion dollars in 2010-11.”

There’s more. During the course of the past two weeks, Iran has purchased around 1.1 million tons of cereals and wheat from international markets – including products originating in Germany, Canada, Brazil and Australia – which it has paid for entirely in currencies other than the Dollar.

The US Dollar, which has been the international reserve currency for close to a century, is on its way out anyway. America’s huge balance of payments deficit has weakened US fundamentals and made investors wary. The downside of the Dollar’s changing status is that the Federal Reserve loses a lot of flexibility in managing its currency and the US economy. That does not bode well for keeping the US competitive against the BRIC nations and other emerging economies.

With fast-growing, large economies that speak from strength rather than weakness, BRIC does not ask for aid, but demands to be able to trade.

Iran Sanctions Biting the US Right Back?

It takes one solid idea, in a world desperately seeking them, to start the creaky shift to a new global order. Emerging economies have been nipping at the heels of the world’s governing bodies for decades, demanding entry into the hallowed halls of the UN Security Council’s permanent members; insisting on a seat at the main table at the IMF, World Bank, World Trade Organization.

When European leaders went begging for scraps at the last G-20 meeting, the BRICs found their feet and yawned a collective “no.” It signaled a reversal of fortunes, that meeting, and the idea that they can forge their own path was born. The BRICs then announced their first joint foreign policy statement last November – on Syria, of all places. The idea matured.

But US/EU sanctions against Iran are giving the idea steam. One has to act when faced with a dilemma, after all – and that dilemma has been literally foisted in the faces of nonaligned countries the world around: “sanction Iran or else.”

Now they are just shrugging and finding ways around the maze of traps set up by the Department of Treasury. Why should they care much? What is the United States today but an unwieldy bully with few arrows left in its quiver?

This week the US is putting the screws on Belgian-based SWIFT. If you’ve ever wired money to another country, you have used SWIFT – it is essentially the messaging system between banks that alerts them to money transfers. The US wants to cut Iranian banks out of the SWIFT system, in effect making it practically impossible for anyone inside or outside Iran to send or receive funds.

Who knows what Iran will do if this comes to pass? It will probably just join non-aligned countries to create an alternative SWIFT, further undermining the western grip on global finance. Iran, after all, decided last year not to put up with the prospect of perpetual cyberwar with the west, and is forging ahead with plans to create a closed internet system for itself.

Each step the US and EU take to hinder Iran’s flexibility is countered with an innovative solution – one that includes more and more non-western players who are keen to craft a new global order. They used to worry about that kind of confrontation with the west, but the collapse of the current order has left few obstacles in their paths – and even offers incentives.

Like the proverbial finger in the dyke to block a leak…the water will always find another way out and possibly even bust open the dam. A warning to Washington: the burden of anxiety will always fall on the one who needs the dam most.

Original source: Al Akhbar English

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The Destructive Madness of Extremism: First McCarthyism, Then Radical Zionism


Deflect attention from reality, create fear, and take the “high road”. This is the way extremists operate. It has always been so.

by James M. Wall

The right-wing government leaders of the state of Israel, bolstered by their powerful US allies, are trembling with excitement at the prospect of a military attack against Iran.

Everything is in place for Iraq Redux. This time the Extremists are determined to get it right. No ground troops, just highly sophisticated bombing runs that will target nuclear targets in Iran.

The American public is being manipulated by Israel’s Zionist extremists to believe that Iran is on the verge of developing nuclear arms which will be able to “wipe Israel off the map”.

Time to choose up sides, folks: Are you with us or against us?

Republican candidates for president, congressional Republicans and conservative Democrats, with the active encouragement of the always predictable Israel Lobby, are all spoiling for a fight for “our side”.

Truth of the matter, as Paul Pillar reported in the website , The National Interest, Israel has already launched its war with Iran through stealth assassinations of Iranian scientists, who may have, or more likely, did not have, a part in developing nuclear military capability. Pillar’s source is a report by Richard Engel and Robert Windrem, developed for NBC news:

Although the assassinations of Iranian scientists have until now been followed by no indication of responsibility other than smug comments of satisfaction from officials of the most likely foreign state perpetrator, now NBC offers something more specific.

According to a report by Richard Engel and Robert Windrem, the assassinations have been the joint work of Israel and the Iranian cult-cum-terrorist group Mujahedin-e Khalq.
According to the report, the partnership has involved Israel providing financing, training and arms to the MEK to accomplish the hits, as well as to commit other acts of violent sabotage inside Iran. The story tracks with accusations from officials of the Iranian government, who say they base most of what they know on interrogations and captured materials from a failed assassination attempt in 2010.Such accusations by themselves would be easy to dismiss, of course, as more of the regime’s propaganda. But the NBC story cites two senior U.S. officials, speaking anonymously, as confirming the story. A third official said “it hasn’t been clearly confirmed yet,” although like the others he denied any U.S. involvement. The Israeli foreign ministry declined comment; the MEK denied the story.


No one is fooled by the Israeli denials. In fact, as the NBC report suggests, Israel deflects attention away from its involvement in all things nefarious, by suggesting that Iran is the aggressor here with its “attacks” on Israeli diplomats, a case dutifully made by the Washington Post here and here.

Juan Cole, a Middle East scholar, writing on his Informed Comment blog, is not persuaded by the Israeli spin. He finds Indian sources more credible than Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman:

American media that just parrot notorious thug, Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman in [these] unlikely allegation are allowing themselves to be used for propaganda. Why not interview Indian authorities on this matter? They are on the ground and have excellent forensic (“CSI”) abilities. Stop being so lazy and blinkered; that isn’t journalism.

Deflect attention from reality, create fear, and take the “high road”. This is the way extremists operate. It has always been so. We need only to travel back to the post WWII days of the 1940s and 1950s, when the US public was transfixed by a Washington drama that pitted suspected Communists against the American Way of Life.

The drama was launched in 1947 Congressional hearings.

Hank Greenspun confronts Sen. Joseph McCarthy during a Republican rally at the War Memorial Building in Las Vegas in October 1952. McCarthy unintentionally calls Greenspun an ex-communist during the rally— meaning to call him an ex-convict because of Greenspun’s violation of the Neutrality Act by running arms to Israel. McCarthy exits the stage as Greenspun shouts, “Show me your proof.” The quote becomes the rallying cry of McCarthy’s foes.

Looking back to those days,the extremist side of that conflict became known in 1950 as McCarthyism, after Wisconsin Senator Joe McCarthy, a Republican who served in the US Senate from 1947 until 1957.

He became a media star because he was horribly simplistic as he peddled fear. Finally, the Senator overreached and ran afoul of an honest judge named Joseph Welch. After that he spiraled downward.

But for a time it was the McCarthy era, where the sides were clearly defined, no room for ambiguity. The times demanded good versus evil, darkness against light, the powerful against the weak. This 4 minute film clip below, from the 1947 hearings, shows both “friendly” and “unfriendly”  witnesses.

One of the friendly witnesses was an actor named Ronald Reagan, who later became President of the United States.

The Hollywood Blacklist: 1947-1960


Those with the power of the Law behind them asked the question: “Are you now or have you ever been, a member of the Communist Party”? It was a question which, with the wrong answer, could send a person to jail.

Ten of those who testified as “unfriendly” witnesses, became known as the “Hollywood Ten.” Because they originally refused to cooperate with House UnAmerican Activities Committee (HUAC) they were cited for contempt of congress.

“During the 1960 Christmas season, Americans flocked to the theaters to see Exodus, a 3-1/2 hour epic film featuring handsome freedom fighters and a riveting romance amidst the heroic triumph of Jewish Destiny over Arab Evil Doers. Set against a Yuletide backdrop of Biblical prophecy, moviegoers marveled as exiled Jews returned to their fabled promised land, a staple of popular culture to which Americans are first exposed as children in “Sunday school.” Many moviegoers failed to realize that Exodus was not fact but fiction.” __ Author Jeff Gates

They were subsequently fired and blacklisted by the Motion Picture Association of America. All ten served up to a year in prison, were fined $1,000 and faced great difficulty working in Hollywood again.

Some worked under assumed names. The blacklist was finally broken in 1960 when Dalton Trumbo, an unrepentant member of the Hollywood Ten, was publicly acknowledged as the screenwriter of the filmsSpartacus and Exodus. (Could Trumbo have anticipated that the Israel he celebrated in his script for Exodus, would one day be asking “Are you now, or have you ever been”?)

The oppression of the Hollywood Ten operated on a McCarthyite battle of simplistic good versus evil. The battle is repeated whenever extremists hold absolute power, or think they do. Give the “wrong” answer and you are doomed to an indefinite time of incarceration, or at the very least, a permanent banishment from polite society.

Fast forward to the Palestine of 2011-12, where a dying young Palestinian man lies chained to a hospital bed in Israel’s Ofer Prison in Palestine. In an earlier Wall Writings posting, I examined what happened to bring this young man into the Israeli military prison.

After he was seized on December 17, 2011, Kahder Adnan was asked the contemporary variation of the 1940s’ Communist question, under torture in an Israeli jail nine weeks ago this weekend.

Adnan was asleep with his family when he taken by the Israeli Occupation Forces from his home near Jenin, in Area A, that part of the Palestinian Occupied Terrorities which the Oslo Accords mandated “the Palestinian Authority has sole civil jurisdiction and security control, while Israel retains authority over movement in and out of the area”.

The questions put to the 33-year old baker and Bir Zeit University graduate, are probably not recorded. Israeli officials have made no effort to be specific as to why Adnan had been placed in “administrative detention”, the bland terminology used by Israel for “disappearing” a Palestinian into the darkness of the absolute control of its military prison system.

Israeli occupation forces subsequently have let their friends in the media know that the question put to Adnan was a variation of the old 1940s American “Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party”. I am  reasonably certain no one asking that question had ever heard of Joe McCarthy.

A posters depicting Khader Adnan on 60th day of his hunger strike outside Ofer prison where he is being held. (Photo: Activestills)

For Khader Adnan, the question was more along the lines of, “Are you now, or have you ever been a member of Islamic Jihad”?

From the McCarthy era to the time of Israel’s military occupation, the questions resonate through the decades.  We, the all powerful, the all good, demand that you confess that you belong to a “party” that is evil. How does the public know that the Islamic Jihad is evil?  Because the “only democracy in the Middle East”, declares it to be so.

Communism in the 1940s and 1950s did bad things; the 2012 Islamic Jihad is fighting military occupation by the means it has, none of which are attractive. Extremism from the top of the power pyramid, engenders extremism from below.

In Israel, and indeed, in the United States, where the definition of evil is dictated by Israel, Islamic Jihad is an “illegal terrorist organization”.  But is Khader Adnan a “member” of Islamic Jihad?  He might have answered with a biblical statement, “you say I am”. Or maybe he simply remained quiet, waiting to be charged with membership in an illegal organization, a charge that is yet to come.

Khader Adnan is no stranger to an Israeli jail cell. He has already spent six years in one. He had, however, been a free man until nine weeks ago when he was once again hauled away into “administrative detention”, a colonial means of control the British, the original colonial power,  bequeathed to Israel, the current colonial power.

Israel has put in jail more than 40% of the male Palestinian population, at one point in their lives. The purpose is to subdue the population. Sometimes they sit for years in administrative detention.  At other times, they serve prison terms, and then reenter society under the watchful eyes of Israeli soldiers and informers.

Khader Adnan responded the only way left to a prisoner whose future rests entirely in the hands of his jailers; he began a hunger strike that could lead to his death. In spite of numerous calls from Israeliand Palestinian organizations that Adnan be charged or released, the state of Israel remains silent, watching a man dying in one of its military prisons.

Most Americans are ignorant of Adnan’s impending death. If, or when, he dies, the American media may record his death as a small news item that will almost certainly, identify him as a leader of the “radical terrorist Islamic Jihad group”, a charge never leveled against Adnan except by implication.

And most Americans will not see that yet another Palestinian has died because the powerful are in control with the power to ask the question: “Are you now or have you ever been”, a member of whatever group that is not approved by the rulers

Variations of the McCarthy Era question will continue as a part of our national discourse. It crops up even within the American Jewish community, as it did in a strange bit of inter-tribal conflict reported this week by Adam Horowitz on his blog, Mondoweiss.

Someone has said that great minds run together.  I don’t know about that, but I say to you that by all things sacred, earlier in the week I was working on this post which links the McCarthy Era to Zionism.

I had even searched for, and found, the short congressional grilling of the Hollywood Ten, including Dalton Trumbo, above. Suddenly, there was Horowitz beating me into on line with the McCarthy connection. The least I can do is permit him to  give the background of the story.

It all started when the New York Times transferred Ethan Bronner, its long-time Jerusalem bureau chief, back to the US. The irony of this personnel shift lies in the fact that Bronner finally may have become too much of a Zionist for even his editors to tolerate. For his part, Bronner says he had requested the transfer.

Bronner had been criticized by peace activists for his softness in covering the Occupation, soft that is, as in not being critical enough of the Israeli IDF tactics. When the story broke that his son had, until last year, served in the Israeli Defense Forces, even the Times‘ Public Editor suggested it was time for a transfer.

Jodi Rudoren, the new Jerusalem bureau chief is, like Bronner, Jewish. But her ethnicity was not enough to satisfy some on the Zionist team. Acting as a journalist should, she had reached out to sources on both sides of the issue in Israel/Palestine.  Talking to the “enemy” immediately triggered a radical Zionist reaction.

Adam Horowitz on Mondoweiss, tells what happened next, writing under the headline: “Right wing to Rudoren: Are you now, or have you ever been, a Zionist?”

Judi Rudoren continues to hold her ground against the right-wing onslaught against her for tweetingMondoweiss and Ali Abunimah, as well as recommending Peter Beinart’s new book (these are really the charges?). The Washington Free Beacon’s Adam Kredo interviews her and begins in the most (appropriately) McCarthyite way possible:

The New York Times’ incoming Jerusalem bureau chief, Jodi Rudoren, won’t say if she is a Zionist.

“I’m going to punt on that question,” Rudoren, who is Jewish, told the Washington Free Beacon in an interview yesterday. “I’m not really interested in labels about who I am and what I think.”

He later presses her on the fact that she retweeted a mention from Sami Kishawiof the “Love Under Apartheid” campaign:

On the issue of her journalistic objectivity, Rudoren said her tweets do not reveal an innate bias against Israel.

Asked if she considers Israel an apartheid state—as critics of the Jewish state so often do—Rudoren declined comment.

“I don’t have an assessment yet,” she said. “I’m not sure I’ll ever answer that question in the way you’ve just framed it.”

Adam Horowitz and his Mondoweiss site, along with Richard Silverstein’s Tikun Olan blog, have been two of the very few US-based web sites or publications, to provide a day by day account of the Khader Adnan ordeal as he lies chained to an Israeli military bed near Ramallah.

Whether the unjust administrative detention of Khader Adnan ends in his last minute release or in his death by self-starvation, Adnan will have registered his protest against the injustice and humiliation of Israel’s military Occupation, and in his case, especially, its administration detention.

Somehow I have to believe that new New York Times Jerusalem bureau chief will report on the final outcome of Adnan’s protest. She should, because in a much less serious moment in her life, Rudoren has also been asked the McCarthy Era question by her inquisitors.

The drawing at the top of this posting originally appeared on the website of The Association for Human Rights in Israel. The video of the HUAC hearings is from this site.

This week’s Wall Writings posting is being released a few days earlier than usual because I wanted to add my voice to those around the world who have demanded that Israel release Khader Adnan before he dies in an Israeli military prison, where he was incarcerated without any charges made against him.

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A Story That Needs Retelling


by Paul Balles


kamel Hawwash first PSC Zionist vice Chair 


I have a story to tell. This story has been told before. It can be found in several places on and off the internet, but not enough people have read it. If they have, it hasn’t sunk in.

It’s a narrative currently left out of the news of recent events–financial crises in Europe, Arab spring with uprisings and occupy movements and elections in America.

The chaos has kept the spotlights away from Palestine, but the problem remains, and the story needs to be retold until enough people pay attention and share the simple truth.

Anyone who has read some of the history of Palestine knows that indigenous Jews and Palestinians had no trouble getting along. They lived, worked and played on the same land in Palestine. However, that’s not the way it’s told in the gullible West by the myth-makers of Zion.

The problems started when Jews in Europe invented Zionism for those Jews who wanted a Jewish state in order to escape from anti-Semitism in Europe.

At times, you can hear one of these Zionist attempts to distract people from the truth by calling anyone critical of Zionism anti-Semitic.

A huge gap exists between those accusations and reality. European Jews are not Semitic except in their use of Hebrew as one of the Semitic languages. Palestinians are Semitic for the same linguistic reason–they use a Semitic language.

To call anti-Zionists anti-Semitic is nothing more than a propaganda ploy designed to shut critics of Zionism up.

The Zionists lied about much to get their way in Palestine. According to Israeli historian Ilan Pappe, “They said that Palestine was empty when the Jewish settlers came there.”

The Zionists also spread the lie that “Israel was a land without a people for a people without a land” says Phyllis Bennis of the Institute of Policy Studies. Palestine was not empty. There were farms and villages and towns with roads and commerce, a culture and an advanced society. Ninety-six percent of the population was Muslim or Christian in the 19th century.

Following WWI, 65,000 Jews immigrated to Palestine when Britain implemented the Balfour declaration, which the British had no right to make, carving a state out of Palestinian land.

The British had promised self-rule for the Palestinians. By the 1920s they supported the Zionist movement, denying the right of self-determination to the people in Palestine.

Clashes began when Jewish settlers tried to strip away land belonging to Palestinians. In the early 1930′s the Jewish population remained under 17 percent.

After Hitler rose to power, 174,000 Jews fled to Palestine, doubling the Jewish population. More arrived, adding 119,000 in five years.

This has been the pattern ever since. Bring settlers to Palestine under Israeli colonization and refuse to stop building settlements on Palestinian land.

The latest SOAS Palestine Society Conference (March 2011), “Past is Present: Settler Colonialism in Palestine” attempted to address the issue of colonization. It aimed:

…to understand Zionism as a settler colonial project which has, for more than a century, subjected Palestine and Palestinians to a structural and violent form of destruction, dispossession, land appropriation and erasure in the pursuit of a new Jewish Israeli society.

…for Zionism, like other settler colonial projects such as the British colonization of Ireland or European settlement of North America, South Africa or Australia, the imperative is to control the land and its resources — and to displace the original inhabitants.

When Zionists claim differently or label doubters anti-Semitic, they add a rationale for hatred of Zionists. They plant the seeds of self-destruction.



Pamela Hardyment The zionists certainly plant the seeds of self destruciton when they accuse any antizionist of antisemitism, most people who enter the dangerous world of activism do so out of humanitarian principles, and that is inviolable, thus, accusations of antisemitism just cannot wash and it is in fact an own goal and the zionists are the ones who look ridiculous


: Salaam John just wanted to leyou know I did my own research on Mr. Sammi Ibrahem and I have yet to find anything bad or anti-semite >he was chairman of West Mids PSC ? It seems as you said a Zionist witch hunt and the only bad I have found is written bt Anthony Coooper..I will never make the mistake of not doing research again… It seems that Mr.Ibrahem was victim of a slur campaign..Solidarity means “Stand united” !! Resistance has no names or faces it is ever changing and evolving , our place is to just move with it..

Fi Amun Allah

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    • Pamela Hardyment We have all (maverick activists that is) been treated badly by PSC, do you have a link to this case? I know the PSC has been infiltrated by zionists…shameful


9/11 Laugh Riot?


The power of inappropriate laughter


by Kevin Barrett

I visited Washington DC last Wednesday and Thursday.

Enver Masud, a retired international consulting engineer and author of 9/11 Unveiled, met me at Reagan National. He lives very close to the the airport – and just a few blocks away from the Pentagon.

On 9/11, shortly after the Pentagon was attacked, Enver hurried to the top of a nearby hill overlooking the side of the Pentagon that was allegedly hit by a plane…and saw no evidence of any plane crash.

From the airport, Enver drove me to that hilltop site. It offers an excellent view of the approach path allegedly taken by Flight 77.

From that hilltop, you can see the top 3 1/2 floors of the whole west side of the Pentagon. The bombing or crash or missile or whatever it was did absolutely no visible damage…at least not until the fire caused the top floors to collapse well after the initial attack.

Whatever happened at the Pentagon blasted a very small hole that affected only the two bottom floors. It left unbroken glass in the windows surrounding the hole. There were no damage marks where the engines would have struck. The giant tail, which would have hit the upper floors of the building, left no mark and broke no glass.

A 757 disappeared into this hole.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!!

A Boeing 757 weighs 250 tons.  The government claims that 250 tons of metal and plastic slammed into the Pentagon, yet there is no record of its discovery or removal…just as there is no record of the discovery or removal of 250 tons of aircraft material from the fifteen foot hole in the ground in Shanksville – where the government claims, without offering a shred of evidence, that another 757 buried itself and was later excavated.

After viewing the alleged approach path at the Pentagon, I’m amazed that anyone ever accepted the official version.  Why would suicide hijackers make such a difficult downhill approach over obstacle-strewn terrain?!  And at over 500 mph – a speed that 757s probably can’t even achieve at that altitude, and certainly can’t achieve and still be controllable. And for what – to hit the relatively empty, newly-renovated West Wing of the building?!  Any real kamikaze would obviously just dive into the huge, sprawling top of the building, aiming generally for the East Wing where all the top brass is stationed.

And the idea that Hani Hanjour, who couldn’t be trusted to solo in a Cessna, could pull off such a magnificently impossible bit of stunt flying, much less want to…it really boggles the mind. After viewing the site, it’s obvious to me that the story of how Flight 77 hit the Pentagon is even more ridiculous than NIST’s claim that Building 7came down from ordinary office fires.

After touring the Pentagon attack scene with Enver Masud, I met with David Slesinger of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. David said that some of the architects and engineers had questions about my seemingly flamboyant, outrageous style of 9/11 activism. These people tend to be timid personalities, fearful of ridicule. They are afraid that bold actions by people like me – such as saying exactly what I think happened, naming the perpetrators, ridiculing the official story, pointing out that the rule of law is (at least temporarily) defunct and calling for an uprising, demanding justice at any price, using humor and hyperbole – will eclipse their more cautious and “scientific” approach, and impede the progress of the truth movement.

I told David that every 9/11 activist needs to read Lakoff’s classic Don’t Think of an Elephant. As Lakoff explains, every time you mention an issue that has been framed by the other side, it reinforces the other side’s frame, and works against your objectives.

Every time you mention 9/11, it tends to conjure up and reinforce the genocidal official story in the minds of non-truthers. Bringing the subject up actually fuels the genocide! This is especially true if you simply question 9/11 gently, or call for a new investigation. Your gentle questioning is no match for the tidal wave of psychic energy that the event unleashed, and the genocidal official myth that harnessed that energy.

The genocidal “19 hijackers” myth of 9/11 has been presented as a satisfactory, emotionally-charged narrative. The human mind thinks in narratives and associated emotional images. If it’s a complete, accepted narrative, it’s “real.” Questions and calls for new investigations will never undo it. The only way to fight a sacred narrative is (A) to profane that narrative – throw feces on it, smash its idols, heap ridicule and scorn and abuse on it, and so on; and (B) construct an equally engaging, equally emotionally-charged counter-narrative, complete with heroes, martyrs, and victims.

So while it’s fine for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth to say “we don’t really know what happened, we just know that the official version is false,” that position is as politically impotent as it is scientifically immaculate.

We need But 9/11 activism must not be limited to echoing its position. 9/11 activists and communications specialists must insist that we DO know what happened on 9/11. We must insist that we DO know who did it, and why. We DO know the names of the the genocidal mass murderers: Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Larry Silverstein, Dov Zakheim, Scooter Libby, Douglas Feith, Benjamin Netanyahu, and so on. And we DO know who the real victims were: the Constitution of the USA, the millions of Muslims murdered in the 9/11-triggered genocide, and the religion and culture of Islam which is still under genocidal attack throughout the world.

Alongside constructing this intense, emotionally-charged counter-narrative (which has the merit of happening to be true), we should also lose no opportunity to ridicule the official version of 9/11 as loudly and derisively as possible. Ridicule, more than any other weapon, can rob sacred myths of their power.

To that end, I propose that instead of a violent general uprising, we stage a nonstop 9/11 “laugh riot.” Every time anyone brings up the subject of 9/11 in a way that expressly or implicitly accepts the official story – especially if it’s the usual sanctimonious BS – we shall erupt in furious barks of outraged laughter.

Every official 9/11 commemorative event should be infiltrated and disrupted by laugh riots. When one laughing person is ejected, the next person starts laughing…then the next.

Every time a politician or anyone else mentions 9/11 in a speech, he or she should be drowned out by waves of general hilarity.

After all, it is pretty hilarious that anyone ever believed the official story for even a split-second. (I half-believed it for two years, and will never stop laughing at myself.)

Will the bastards who did it get the last laugh?

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American Poverty, What the Brits Don’t Understand


Panorama Special on American Poverty A DelusionalTale


 by  Gordon Duff,  Senior Editor


Last week, the BBC news show, Panorama, supposedly told the story of America’s poor. 

Moments of the story were right, they certainly picked one or two of those responsible for America’s economic collapse out, although not a single cogent idea was expressed on the show.

Panorama simply doesn’t get it. 

They aren’t slow witted, they are simply more of the same, controlled news, taking the focus from the magician and putting it on the pigeon.


YouTube – Veterans Today –

Eight years of deregulation led to the removal of nearly $3 qua-trillion in assets from the United States, Great Britain and Europe, money looted from the world economies by the the actions of financial institutions under the control of a highly recognized group that Panorama is terrified to use.

Too many of the names have the ethnicity that the BBC is prohibited to mention, that, in fact, produced the show itself, we hear little bit continual blaming of President Obama.

If you have read this far and not watched the video, please note the embarrassing statement made by Ron Paul where even he betrays America.  We only hope he is lying.

“Ron, we are trying to support you, you don’t have to look like a criminal to win America, just the “conservatives.”  There aren’t that many of them, they don’t have sex, not the normal kind anyway.”

Not one word of twelve years of war is made and the trillions of dollars that has “gone missing” from the Pentagon budget, years of creative accounting has never found it.

It was stolen by the 1% who gave congress a generous “taste” and then hired the Heritage Foundation to make sure than excuses were made.  We thank the BBC for using clips showing the Heritage Foundation to be a pack of blood-sucking whores.

We must print the address of their headquarters and, perhaps some of their slimiest and most servile reptilians, just in case mass hysteria sets in and there has to be a focus.

We don’t advocate violence even though the Heritage Foundation and other groups in Washington have no idea to what degree they are playing with fire.

He Speaketh the Word – Bushisms

The basis for suffering in America is simple.  America was taken over by organized crime, the Bush administration, who looted the country, devalued real estate, collapsed banking, looted pension funds, destroyed one industry after another for eight years while running up a massive debt.

This was the task they were given, the downfall of America, the destruction of her future and the collapse of western economies.

I think they did a pretty good job.

Paying the interest on the Bush debt is why we have deficits now.  Without Bush debt, America would be in the black.

Our economic collapse than has and will continue is a cascading failure based on debt run up during the Reagan and two Bush presidencies and three years of America under President Obama being unable to pay the massive interest.

Now over $1 trillion dollars a year, interest on Republican debt,  America spends, in addition to “servicing Bush debt,” $.5 trillion on Bush wars each year.

There are things we don’t see.  We could talk about how the government got into the drug business in America.

For the beginning of the story, you could look into the life of my friend Mike Ruppert, former Los Angeles Police Detective who found the CIA selling cocaine on the streets of his city.

Were I allowed to without being prosecuted, something that happens more and more each day, I might have a story.  Instead, I will simply make something up.  If you choose to believe it, go ahead.  Whatever it is, it has to be more truthful than television news.

Look up the word “clandestine.”  Imagine, if you will, working for such an organization, a “golden boy,” combat veteran, the right schools, on a “fast track” to a desk and “fat behind” in Washington DC.

Once upon a time there was a squad…

With a penchant for engineering and telecommunications and broad knowledge of much of the world, that and a charismatic personality that leads others to follow you, no matter how wrong or utterly stupid the thing you do might be, rank and promotion might just fly at you like two by fours in a hurricane.

Were you a secretly cynical Vietnam combat veteran, one who had nearly starved while others basked in war as though it were Club Med, something that has gotten worse, rather than better, one might take the paycheck, travel, perform unspoken tasks as so many have before in the “great game” and watch.

You see two things, some move up and some be “set up.”  Alphabet soup organizations, as they are called, love feeding on their own.

We are talking the past here, the delusions of someone feeling age today.  I still remember the first time I met a celebrity in my office, a famous head of a Colombian cartel.  Nobody warned me but he informed me that he was now helping America defeat communism.

From there on, I began seeing money in trash bags, the big ones you use to put leaves in or cover furniture.

Then managing civilian pilots, often with criminal records, became the norm, that and testing tracking transmitters for “dropped parcels.”  Helping develop such technologies for conventional military and intelligence applications became a bit of a career. These weren’t “conventional” applications and everything was always “unspoken.”

Nobody explains this, not the way they should.  It is critical that people have a rough idea what the huge worldwide intelligence infrastructure actually is, to what degree it is driven to produce needed wrong answers and how it makes use of some of the finest people in the world and changes them in very unpleasant ways.

I could show you things, but you still couldn’t see them

Typical operations involved the transportation and distribution of things I was told to never ask about.  Every briefing was lies, 100%.

We were fighting communism and it was our job to eliminate “infrastructure.” When “infrastructure” is eliminated, it usually means “depersonalization.”

When you get “depersonalized,” you are no longer a problem unless your body is left out in public.  That is seldom but occasionally done when a message is needed.

Who does one “depersonalize?”

That requires us naming individuals as in “material support of terrorism” as we do now or as “communist sympathizers,” the term we used for decades.  We are expanding it more to “enemy combatants,” “suspected combatants,” “potential sources of information on possible combatant suspects…..”

You see where this is going.

I could issue a kill order on your granny, oops, have her brought in for enhanced interrogation and, when she died of drowning or being dragged down a gravel road behind a Hhumvee, we would throw her into a burn pit.

If you don’t think this is exactly what we do every day while the newspapers and television whines about Marines urinating on the dead, go ask your kids who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially if they were there as “contractors.”

A bit ago, I made mention of drugs.  The British, nearly 200 years ago, used opium as a way of destroying Chinese society.  Mike Ruppert and his informants which include senior CIA, DEA and FBI agents by the dozen can give you slam dunk proof that the CIA has been peddling drugs to your kids for decades.

The Opium Wars

You can’t turn on your TV without seeing how our courts and police have been “influenced” by the billions in drug money.Afghanistan was chosen by the CIA in order to be able to fund operations without congressional oversight through use of narcotics profits.

Production overseen by the CIA will total, at “wholesale,” up to $100 billion this year.

Why did they let foreign corporate money into our elections?

In order to protect themselves, key members of congress were cut in, then three presidents that I can name, national leaders of a dozen other countries, a portion of the Pentagon. 

And eventually, through intercession of the Supreme Court, drug money is openly used to finance all American elections though I think there was a school board primary in Iowa a couple of years ago where one candidate gave back his drug donation.

Minimally 1/3rd of our oil industry, arms industry and “investments” are owned by money originating from narcotics profits. 

One of our largest defense firms, whose management includes a former US president, British prime minister, a former Secretary of Defense and others of similar stature was begun by the Colombian drug cartels.

The biggest launderer of drug money is the defense industry.

Speaking of drug money launderers, with $75 billion in untaxed offshore accounts, Mitt Romney seems to need a larger car:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

The “hedge funds” that own them and have very strong positions in the energy sector are drug cartels, some CIA run, some CIA partnered and others independent, operating on an informal and unwritten “memorandum of understanding” that they will be free to import narcotics into the United States and around the world virtually untouched.

In fact, the narcotics industry has far more real competition than the energy sector.  In 1975, the wholesale cost of a kilogram of 80% cocaine “brick” was $25,000.  Gasoline was less than a dollar a gallon.

Today, the same “brick” is $4000 while the gasoline is, in the United States, $4.00.

The drop in the retail price of heroin has even been more drastic due to improvements in that agricultural sector made by the USAID and efficiency modeling in distribution through the privatization of this sector of the CIA’s operations.

I wonder what will happen to this seized opium

Ask your kids if my pricing is accurate.  Any kid over 7 will know what narcotics cost.  Ask them the cost of each, which drugs are available at their school and to keep an eye on market trends.

This should be factored into decisions regarding your investment portfolio.  Just hope the SEC doesn’t get your kids for “insider trading.”

You can see what I am avoiding.  I am trying not to talk about the film.

I add to the trillions stolen in banking, oh wait, let’s take a second to discuss something else.

Remember “Acorn” and the mortgage scandals, not really scandals since they were wild conspiracy theories out of Fox News, but you remember it at least.

Mortgages, how evil Negroes and Mexicans, all unemployed, bought huge homes across the country, Palm Beach, Gross Pointe, Bel Aire, Beverly Hills, Telluride and Aspen a frames, those good views of Central Park and then never made the payments.

This is what collapsed the American economy… so Hannity and Beck would tell you.

Of course, back in the real world, the last property I remember picking up, there was a concern about getting a mortgage.  I ended up writing a check for it.

Kids just went through the same thing.  They just bought their first home, $50,000 down, both with jobs paying $100k or more, MBA, CPA and a war…buying a home in the $200k range outside Detroit.

This is more real life.

When banks wanted people into homes they couldn’t pay for, they had something in mind.  What we have learned is that the money banks lent out for mortgages was never theirs in the first place.

Banks caught with their pants down

We have worked with legal groups that have tracked foreclosed mortgages down.

You see, the mortgage industry has gone to the attorney generals of all 50 states asking that “they” be able to submit forged documents during foreclosure hearings.  The reason?

Your bank or whoever is foreclosing on a property, we have learned, doesn’t own the property nor does it have “legal standing” regarding the mortgage loan.

In most foreclosures, a forensic audit of mortgage documents has been shown that it is impossible to prove 80% of mortgages issued in the last 20 years in the United States even exist.

Technically, with the right filings, no foreclosure can take place because in 80% of foreclosures, there is no legal documentation that gives any entity “standing” to say “they owe us money” or “we own the house, read it here and check the signature.”

Back during the Reagan era, Savings and Loans were driven out of business because government deregulation allowed them to loan money on worthless property and then write off the losses, which invariably involved money stolen from the institutions by those who made the loan decisions themselves.

One case in point involves a “Neil Bush” with Columbia Savings and Loan in Colorado.

Working with the conservators at the time, I remember when attorney Carrie Kramlich wrote the US attorney and said that “Neil Bush,” after “careful review of transactions” was “involved in numerous cases of mail and wire fraud and other crimes.”

What the BBC misses is the anger.  Britain is a racist and unjust society.  Two of my good friends are foreign born British citizens who love Britain but quietly suffer, despite advanced positions of culture and authority, as somewhat less than human to many.

Here, the scam, some of which the BBC catches, is the dream of the would-be “conservative.”

Their history of accomplishment has been lowered standard of living, drowning debt, deindustrialization, massive bureaucracy, diminished individual rights, undo foreign influence in domestic affairs and, in fact, utter failure at every turn.

What they have created, though no accident, is Stalin’s gulag hell, an America of prison camps, of ”party oligarchs” and purges, of the kicked down door and Pravda’s daily part line.  America has become the communist hell two generations thought they had sacrificed their souls to prevent, sold and packaged like soap.

As America looks back on the “war on terror,” it becomes increasingly hard to take seriously.  The Muslims involved in the democratic revolts, despite attempts by American Neocons to portray them all as Al Qaeda terrorists, are identical to the kids in the streets of every American city or even Tel Aviv.

“Did you hear a big bang?” – “No, did you?”

The war on terror was a total scam, from 9/11 onward.

For those who work in intelligence or similar areas, after 10 years, when someone talks about 9/11, bin Laden and the box cutters, we simply turn away shaking our heads.

For a decade, testimony,  science and intelligence few have seen has put 9/11 where we knew it to be, a staged event.

Some of those responsible, intelligence officers of allies, have apologized for working with the Bush administration to kill so many, not knowing the offshoot would be global financial collapse as well.

I only ask, “What were they thinking when they blew the buildings up in the first place?”

How can the “best and brightest” also be the stupidest but folks with common sense have known this all along.  9/11 was just a “chessboard” event of the elites, thinking they could create and control history with a bit of “collateral damage.”

When you see the hungry children and empty homes, we Americans see them every day of our lives, those of us who leave our homes anyway, do you also see the faces of those who have always turned away?  This is the frightening duality of America, the idea of building an economy on thievery and deceit and selling it as “hard work” and “family values.”

Judge a man by his friends – Sheldon Adelson for Newt

The BBC misses the anger.  When Gingrich talks about having children clean toilets he doesn’t know that millions would drag him from the stage and rip him limb from limb.  He lives in a world that divorced from reality.

The people living under the bridges, in the tents, the ghetto motel rooms with the starving children do have jobs, the only jobs left in America.

Not sure how many people are aware but large companies, many run by conservatives, one of the largest run by a former neighbor, hires all its employees from “services.”

Many companies technically have no employees.  Their workers have no benefits, no insurance for sure.  In fact, their total wages are often less than health insurance alone.

If they become unemployed, even after years of work, or are injured on the job, they have no benefits as they don’t officially exist.  This is one of America’s scam industries, “employment services,” to whom every worker is not an employee but rather a “day laborer.”

Reminds me of Africa, kids waiting to work a 16 hour day for the money to buy a pound of dried beans.

Usually, by the end of the day, the find they aren’t paid at all or less than they imagined.  America is catching on quickly.

What has become important for the media is to quell the anger and indignation at the fact that many are homeless and starving while those who have the most have what they have because of crime.


Roman Ruins – Once upon a time, some had already gone through all of this.

Moreover, it is specificallybecause of the criminal activities of those who still have so much that those who have nothing are where they are.


Control is a funny thing.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, ask the French.  Though the US rebelled against Britain, it was the people of France who asked for just payment for centuries of abuse.

Even today, only 11% of French  attend church.

The French remember betrayal, the policy of Rome that starvation and slavery was the fate Christ intended for all his faithful.

Now the same story is being sold in America.

In Paris, an Egyptian obelisk at the Place de la Concorde sits at the site of the guillotine that separated so many heads from so many bodies, how France chose to deal with their “1%.”

None equate this period with tragedy, only with the “omelet.”

A lesson worth bringing across the Atlantic.

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Prisoners Filing Grievances Tossed In Solitary Confinement


By Sherwood Ross


There are nearly 25,000 inmates being held in solitary confinement in the U.S., some of them put there for filing grievances or lawsuits, “The Catholic Worker” reports.

If you don’t know what solitary can be like, Associate Editor Jim Reagan of the “Worker” explains it “consists of prisoners being held alone in a cell without, or with restricted, reading material and mail as well as other items,” for at least 22 hours a day “with little or no natural light.”

What’s more, “Visits are severely limited and human contact is confined behind a barrier.” The impact of this torture (defined as such by international law) for months or years is that it pretty much destroys the human brain.

“Study after study has shown that solitary confinement often produces psychological symptoms ranging from decreased brain function to severe depression and hallucinations to vengeful thoughts, self-mutilation and suicide,” Reagan writes.

In the Security Housing Unit(SHU) at California’s notorious Pelican Bay prison (designed for 2,380 inmates but jammed with 3,156), in Del Norte county, 78 men have been confined to solitary by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation(CDCR) for an incredible 20 years or longer.

Such treatment flies against the 1959 guidelines of the American Correctional Assn. that posited: “Segregation for punishment should be for the shortest period…and in any event not over 30 days.” ACA added, “Excessively long periods for punishment defeat their own purpose by embittering and demoralizing the inmate.”

According to the United Nations Convention Against Torture, Article 1, Section 1, torture is defined as “any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person…”  Destroying brain function seemingly would meet that standard.

Conditions at Pelican Bay are so horrific that as of last July its SHU became the focal point of a hunger strike by some 6,600 inmates across California, Reagan reports,  and spread even to prisons in other states.

In Pelican Bay’s SHU, “Fluorescent lights remained on 24 hours a day but there was no exposure to sunlight and no sight line to other cells or other people,” Reagan writes. Exercise was limited to five hours per week “in an individual wire cage in the prison yard.”

Bear in mind that solitary confinement—a far worse punishment than being sent to prison—can be meted out by a warden, with no judge or jury trial.  Some of the reasons for this crushing torture, according to Reagan, include “possession of five dollars, getting a tattoo or disobeying orders.”

Besides not meeting the strikers’ reasonable demands for limiting solitary, improving food, and ending the practice of punishing whole groups for one individual’s transgressions, the CDCR, which knows instinctively how to make a bad situation worse, took retaliatory measures against many strikers.

The CDCR opted to transfer strikers into administrative segregation where, Reagan writes, “they are denied access to all personal possessions as well as access to mail,” including legal mail from their lawyers! (What constitutional rights, eh?)

What California needs is a governor who will fire the genius running the CDCR, immediately liberate all those now incarcerated for the victimless crime of pot-smoking, transfer the mentally ill prisoners to asylums where they belong, get the juveniles out of the adult prisons, reduce prison populations so they do not exceed the capacity for which they were designed and absolutely ban the isolation of human beings. California also needs a public that will pressure their representatives to close down Pelican Bay and all it stands for. Until then, at minimum, a court hearing by a judge should be required before transferring any inmate to solitary, a punishment that can, literally, be worse than death and must not be left to the discretion of sadistic jailers.

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Water Terrorism by India to Overawe Pakistan


by Asif Haroon Raja


The majestic and ravishing landscape of the Kashmir Valley is so enchanting that whosoever happens to visit it gets spell-bounded and overawed by its natural beauty and longs to revisit it. The fairy land is rich in gem stones, timber and is laden with juicy fruits of all kinds; the men are fair colored, handsome, hardworking and skilled in handicrafts; and the women are beautiful and charming. The valley is rightly called the paradise on earth. It is, however, irony of fate that its beauty, fruits and freshness of air have only been enjoyed by foreign invaders and by tourists and not by the inhabitants of Kashmir. All the conquerors treated the people of Kashmir like slaves. This serene and enthralling valley has been converted into virtual hell for the Kashmiris. Except for 1-2% affluent Kashmiris, it is difficult for the rest to keep body and soul together.

Notwithstanding the cruel rules of earlier rulers, Kashmir was subjected to worst excesses in 1846 AD, when she passed into the hands of Dogra chieftain Maharaja Gulab Singh for a paltry sum of seven and a half million rupees through infamous Sale Deed of Amritsar, executed by the British conquerors of Sikh territory. The Dogra Hindu rule extending over more than a hundred years from 1846 till 1947 was one of the blackest periods in the history of Kashmir. Gulab Singh (1846-56) sucked the very life blood of the people. The last of the autocratic Dogra rulers was Hari Singh who had to abdicate power on 26 October 1947 in the face of freedom movement launched by Azad forces of Kashmir and tribal lashkar. The latter had come to the rescue of Kashmiri Muslims on 24 October 1947 after learning that they were being brutally butchered by Dogra Army and Hindu terrorist gangs.

By that time Pakistan had come on the world map but was only two months old. 80% of Muslim subjects of Kashmir under the leadership of Ghulam Abbas, chairing Muslim Conference had aspired to join up with Pakistan and had moved a resolution to that effect. But for the wily role of pro-Indian National Conference leader Sheikh Abdullah who was duped by Nehru, machinations of Congress leaders and Mount Batten would have failed.

Despite the mismatch, Pakistan forces put up a valiant fight and succeeded in keeping Kashmir a disputed territory requiring resolution through a fair and free plebiscite under the supervision of the UN so as to allow right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir. One-third of Kashmir which is known as Azad Kashmir was retained by Pakistan, which acts as the operational base for the freedom struggle in two-third Indian occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan had laid claims on Kashmir on the basis of ideological, religious, political and geographical linkages. Pakistan shared with Kashmir three of its rivers namely Indus, Chenab and Jhelum which originate from Himalayan part of Kashmir and form the backbone of its agriculture and literally the aqua vital. The other three rivers flowing into West Pakistan were Ravi, Sutlej and Beas had its origins in Indian Territory. Pakistan being a lower riparian was placed at a distinct disadvantage at the very outset particularly when viewed in context with India’s bellicosity and expansionist designs and its failure to reconcile with existence of Pakistan. Hindu leaders had agreed to the creation of Pakistan under the illusion that it would live as a satellite under the gigantic shadow of Indian military, or would beg for re-integration into Indian Union within six months of its birth.

The 15-month 1948 war ended in January 1949 as a result of UNSC arranged ceasefire which was requested by India. Nehru agreed to stop the war after he assessed that major part of Kashmir including the enchanting vale, Jammu and origins of three rivers had been annexed, and that Pakistan being a lower riparian would be perpetually at its mercy. Liaquat Ali Khan accepted the ceasefire since at that time fledgling Pakistan was too deeply immersed in host of intractable problems. Prolongation of war would have been at the cost of survival of Pakistan. He was sure that the pledges given by Nehru and UNSC to hold a free and fair plebiscite under the auspices of the UN would be honored.

Nehru however made a u-turn on his promises and not only disregarded the UN resolutions but also started integrating Kashmir into Indian Union through deception, fraud and use of brute force. India’s negative attitude and flagrant disregard of UN resolutions on Kashmir thwarted all attempts to settle the dispute by peaceful means. Instead of reaching an amicable settlement with Pakistan, it all along tried to pressurize Pakistan into giving up its demand for a just and fair settlement of the issue. Its obduracy and bellicosity led to 1965 Indo-Pak war and even the 1971 war was a result of unsettled Kashmir dispute. The two sides came close to war in 1990-91 and clashed with each other in Dras-Kargil sectors in the summer of 1999 due to Kashmir. Decision of the two countries to go nuclear in 1998 was also motivated by Kashmir, India wanting to retain its illegal hold over it and Pakistan wanting a just solution.

Laws framed by the US on terrorism in the aftermath of 9/11 suited India and Israel the most. Encouraged by the US, the two terrorist and expansionist states involved in massive human rights against Palestinians and Kashmiris respectively for decades became more barbaric. Pakistan by agreeing to become a front line state at the behest of USA to combat global terrorism got completely distracted from Kashmir and got deeply immersed in fighting its own people. Indo-Pak peace treaty signed between Gen Musharraf and Vajpayee in January 2004 gave new hopes of resolution of Kashmir dispute and other core issues. However, tall promises made by India proved elusive since it wasted time in futile CBMs and kept the core issues on the sidelines. India availed the elusive peace along the LoC to its advantage by intensifying its atrocities against marooned Kashmiri Mujahideen, devoid of support from Jihadi groups based in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan.

When India could no more drag its feet and situation in Occupied Kashmir became explosive following dispute over Shri Amarnath land, India’s RAW in connivance with Mossad and CIA engineered Mumbai attacks drama on 26 November 2008, blamed Pakistan, stalled composite dialogue and reverted to its old hostile posture. Whole-hearted support of the US, western world and Israel as well as of Afghanistan together with easy induction of sophisticated weaponry from advanced world made the Indian leaders highly belligerent and uncompromising. Its military leaders openly talked of resorting to Cold Start doctrine to overrun Pakistan.

Pakistan tardily realized that it had been deceived by India under the garb of peace treaty and its real motive was to proceed with its covert war from Afghanistan and cultural war from its own soil so as to encircle Pakistan in a three-directional pincer and make it powerless. FATA and Balochistan were made volatile to play the Balochistan and Pashtunistan cards and to force Pakistan to give up Kashmir. Water war was operationalized by building dams over the three rivers flowing into Pakistan from Occupied Kashmir to choke Pakistan.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had rightly termed Kashmir as the jugular vein of Pakistan since cutting of the jugular vein causes instant death to a person, and if it is pressed hard, it renders the person half-dead. Sensing the wicked designs of the Hindu leaders, Jinnah could foresee that if the jugular vein gets severed in the process of partition of India, it would cause death to Pakistan, and if it is choked it would make Pakistan comatose. An enemy grip on the hill courses of these three rivers could starve West Pakistan. Furthermore, it could enable India to either flood Pakistanis living in low lying West Punjab, or choke water flow and cause drought and kill them, or flood or dry up canals suiting its military design during war.

He had rightly decided to stand up to the Indian aggression in 1948 irrespective of the fact that in that timeframe newly born Pakistan was engulfed in multi-dimensional problems. Had the two ill-equipped infantry brigades together with Azad forces and tribesmen not resisted Indian military’s Summer Offensive launched in April 1948, whole of Kashmir would have been annexed by India. And had we not agreed to ceasefire as desperately demanded by India and continued fighting, our forces could have pushed out the thoroughly demoralized and exhausted Indian forces from Kashmir.

His apprehensions have come true and India is doing exactly what he had visualized in 1947. Despite signing Indus Basin Treaty in 1960, which gave exclusive water rights of Western Rivers Jhelum, Chenab and Indus flowing down from Occupied Kashmir to Pakistan, India in blatant violation of the said treaty has not only usurped the full quota of the three eastern rivers namely Beas, Sutlej and Ravi, but taking full advantage of the jugular vein which is in its iron grip is pressing it from many points by building dozens of dams to suffocate Pakistan to death or to make it gasp for life and thus forget about Kashmir.

India has ventured upon an ambitious plan worth $120 billion to divert waters of Rivers Jhelum, Chenab and Indus flowing from north to south and turn fertile lands of Pakistan into a desert. So far, it has built 65 dams and headworks, but has plans to build a total of 300 small and big size dams so as to gain total control over the three rivers. It is constructing a 3800 km long canal in order to divert water from River Indus to River Sutlej. This project will be completed by 2014. In addition, construction of series of canals measuring 14000 km is also in the pipeline, which will help connect 14 rivers of India. From 2008 onwards, West Punjab’s standing crops are getting severely damaged due to water shortage caused by Baghliar dam.

Violation of Indus Basin Treaty is in line with India’s national policy of backtracking from its pledges and breaking international agreements and defying the UN. India intends to complete its water denial plan to Pakistan by 2016 after which Pakistan will get deprived of its share of water. Pakistan’s condition will become worse than Somalia and Ethiopia, the two drought ridden countries. If India opens the gates of these illegal dams, it can sink Pakistan within 48 hours.

With no end to its malevolence, India has now managed to coax its strategic partner Afghanistan to build dams over River Kabul and has offered its full assistance. This would further worsen water problem of Pakistan. India has full backing of USA, UK and Israel as well as the western world as a whole since none has ever taken notice of this most pitiless form of terrorism against humanity. Among host of coercive tactics applied by the gang of six based in Kabul, water terrorism is one of the cruelest forms to overawe Pakistan and break its will to resist. I wonder what the preachers of Aman-ki-Asha who are spending their entire energies to present the soft image of India have to say about the excessive human rights violations of Indian security forces against the Kashmiris including teenagers and water terrorism against Pakistan, which will suck the very life blood of the people of Pakistan. Brahman Hindus are far crueler than Hindu Dogras in Kashmir.

Unlike India which starts howling like a spanked child on slightest suspicion, or procurement of a weapon by Pakistan, or a terrorist attack and makes a mountain out of a mole, and the US led western world rush forward to extend their wholehearted support to anguished India lamenting over cooked up grievances, our leaders on the other hand for unexplained reasons remain tightlipped even when the very survival of Pakistan is at stake. Our lackadaisical approach encouraged India to build dams in contravention to the treaty. India managed to build so many dams illegally since we didn’t make noise and failed to take up the case with international bodies in time. Jamaat Ali Shah, deputed to protect Pakistan’s water interests remained in a laid-back position thereby allowing India to complete construction of Baghliar dam and now the Kishinganaga dam. He has gone in exile.

Pakistan should immediately take up this grave matter in the UNSC and International Court of Justice and under the UN deputed unbiased Commission carryout on spot inspection of all the spots on Rivers Chenab, Jhelum and Indus where dams have been/are being built and put an end to India’s madness.

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The New York Times: America’s Unofficial Propaganda Ministry


by Stephen Lendman


For over a century, The Times played America’s lead role disseminating state/corporate propaganda duplicitously.

Its daily diet features managed, not real, news, information and analysis. Readers don’t get what they pay for. They’re cheated on what matters most.

What it reports, other major media scoundrels regurgitate. Readers and viewers are left misinformed and uninformed in the dark.

Wealth and power support defines its agenda, especially when America goes to war or plans to. In the lead, The Times cheerleads supportively.

Last year, it backed NATO’s killing machine in Libya. It sanitized mass killing, destruction, and human misery. Now it’s waging war on Syria and Iran. It vilifies regimes Washington opposes. It defends sabotage and targeted assassinations.

It blames both countries for defending their sovereign rights. It turns victims into villains. It ignores lawless Western intervention. It brazenly justifies the unjustifiable. It backs the worst of imperial lawlessness. It cheerleads war, the more the better. It denigrates leaders supporting diplomatic solutions.

Its February 1 editorial headlined, “Russia’s Bad Bet on Syria,” saying:

“Since the largely peaceful revolt (erupted) last March, security forces have killed nearly 6,000 protesters and the toll is rising. Yet the (Security Council) is paralyzed, unable (to stop Assad from) killing or leave power.”

“….Russia, supported by China and India, (defends) Assad and block(s) constructive action.”

“The Russians, Chinese and Indians – invoking Libya – insist that they will not abide foreign military intervention in Syria or let a resolution be exploited to permit the use of force. That complaint loses credibility….”

Fact check

Since March, Western backed insurgent killings wracked Syrian cities. Washington, key NATO partners, and regional despots support them. Assad’s defending Syria’s sovereignty. Russia and China oppose replicating Libya’s model. They support diplomacy, not war.

Washington unsuccessfully tried pressuring their support for resolution power to intervene and force Assad to step down. The Times quoted notorious war goddess Hillary Clinton, saying:

“(T)here is no intention to seek any authority or to pursue any kind of military intervention.” Like Obama, she’s a serial liar. They backed Libyan responsibility to protect authority as Trojan Horse deception for war.

Popular support’s enlisted by fear, misinformation and deceit. Major media scoundrels feature it. Public opinion’s manipulated to believe wrong is right. A nation of morons lets America get away with murder.

The New York Times supports Washington’s permanent war policy. Its agenda suppresses truth and full disclosure. It accuses Russia and China of “playing games.” It urges Syrians “abandon their government” for pro-Western rule.

“(T)here is no doubt where the world stands,” it claims: “with the Syrian people and against the Assad butchery.”

Washington, NATO, and regional despots recruited, funded, and armed insurgent “butchery.” The Times ignored mass slaughter and destruction in Libya. It backs America’s Afghan and Iraq wars. It turns a blind eye to rogue policies of Egyptian, Saudi Arabian, Bahraini, Yemeni, and other regional despots. It’s silent on their daily violence and repression.

It backs the worst of Israeli crimes. It spurns Palestinian rights. It ignored heroic hunger striker Khader Adnan’s struggle for justice and death sentence, as well as thousands of other Palestinian political prisoners tortured by Israeli authorities. It misreports on America’s Somalia war and others it wages lawlessly, including at home by repressive police state laws.

Since March, insurgent gangs killed most Syrians. Assad confronted them responsibly. He’s obligated to protect his people. Yet he’s blamed for doing his job.

A February 14 Times editorial headlined, “The Enablers,” saying:

“China, Russia and India see themselves as global leaders. So why have they been enabling two dangerous regimes, Syria and Iran, to continue on destructive paths?”

Fact check

Syrians had peace until Western-backed killer gangs arrived. Iran hasn’t attacked another country in over 200 years and threatens none now. Times reports substitute misinformation and lies for facts. Its mandate excludes truth and full disclosure.

“The violence has gotten worse in the 11 days since Russia and China vetoed a (Security Council) resolution, sponsored by the Arab League, calling for a peaceful transfer of power.”

Fact check

Killer gangs, not Assad, escalated violence. Arab League duplicity backed NATO’s Libya war. It condoned mass slaughter too horrific to ignore. It recognized illegitimate National Transitional Council (NTC) authority.

It now endorses its equivalent – the Syrian National Council (SNC). It’s silent on Western imperialism and Washington’s plan to control and plunder regional states. The Times ignores their longstanding brutality, especially against social justice protesters.

“China and India are also hampering the effort to ratchet up sanctions on Iran.” Both countries still buy Iranian oil. “We do not know if sanctions can force Iran to give up its nuclear program or force it to negotiate a compromise deal….”

“It’s time for Russia, China and India (to) meet the test of leadership. That means all three need to work to find ways to limit Iran’s nuclear ambitions. For Russia and China, it means standing against Mr. Assad’s siege on his people.”

Fact check

Iran’s nuclear program complies fully with Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty provisions. Its program is peaceful, not military. US intelligence and IAEA inspections confirm it.

In contrast, Israel is nuclear armed and dangerous, and Washington maintains a nuclear first-strike policy against perceived or manufactured threats. Responsible policy requires supporting right over wrong. It includes independent regimes Washington wants replaced with client ones.

Claiming Iran and Syria pose regional threats inverts truth. Both countries confront provocations defensively. It’s their right and responsibility to do so. Both endure illegitimate sanctions. They’re embargoes criminally close to war.

Ordinary people in both countries suffer most. That’s, in fact, the whole idea to fuel discontent and opposition. It hasn’t worked and won’t.

When external intervention harms populations, most often they rally supportively behind sitting governments for help. Syrians and Iranians know what happens when Washington and NATO partners show up.

They’re resolutely firm against them, and no wonder. Mass slaughter and destruction come with them. Expect strong resistance in both countries against replicating Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya.

Given Washington’s imperial agenda, succeeding won’t be easy or even possible. Either way, expect protracted instability, turmoil, and perhaps war. America thrives on it.

A Final Comment

With or without Security Council resolutions, America often hijacks the UN as cover for its own purposes. Stooges like Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon act supportively. On February 6, his spokesperson, Martin Nesirky, said the following:

“The Secretary-General is appalled by the escalating violence in Syria, particularly at the mounting death toll and continued onslaught on the city of Homs involving the use of heavy artillery and the shelling of civilian areas.”

“The Secretary-General strongly condemns these attacks….No government can commit such acts against its people without its legitimacy being eroded.”

These and similar comments show which side Ban supports. Blaming Assad for Western-backed killer gangs is unconscionable. Throughout his tenure, he backed Western imperial wars and other crimes.

In June 2009, he was silent when Washington ousted democratically elected Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. He also ignored its militarization and exploitation of Haiti.

He backed lawless Ivory Coast regime change and Washington’s war on Gaddafi. Shamelessly pro-Israel, he turns a blind eye to Palestinian rights. An imperial tool, his deplorable record violates his sworn mandate to serve all people equitably and oppose war. Like his predecessors, history won’t let him forget his bloodstained legacy.

Addressing the General Assembly on February 13, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay also made shameful comments, saying:

“Each and every member of the international community must act now to urgently protect the Syrian population. I am outraged by these serious violations.”

“The failure of the Security Council to agree on firm collective action appears to have emboldened the Syrian Government to launch an all-out assault in an effort to crush dissent with overwhelming force.”

“According to credible reports, the Syrian army has shelled densely populated neighborhoods of Homs in what appears to be an indiscriminate attack on civilian areas.”

Pillay lost credibility with these and similar remarks. Blaming Assad for Western-backed killer gang violence is unconscionable. It also violates her human rights mandate.

A legitimate successor should replace her, one honest enough to name names and point fingers the right way. It requires holding Washington, rogue NATO partners, Israel, and regional despots responsible for thousands of deaths and planned war.

Instead, the UN gives them cover. As a result, millions suffer and die. Daily the toll increases. The Middle East’s wracked by violence. Unless stopped, perhaps Armageddon’s next.

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Iran Falsely Charged with India and Georgia Attacks


by Stephen Lendman


Last October, Iran was falsely charged with a fake terror plot that didn’t pass the smell test. At best, it resembled a bad film script too implausible to believe.

Tehran was bogusly blamed for plotting to kill Saudi Arabia’s US ambassador. According to spurious accusations, an Iranian/American used car salesman and Mexican drug cartel hired assassin were involved.

You can’t make this stuff up, but major media scoundrels headlined it for days. They regurgitated a scheme too implausible to believe.

Official lies substituted for proof. They’re repeated to incite fear and justify retaliatory measures with public support. They include belligerence if ordered.

Unasked always is cui bono. Clearly, Iran’s only harmed by alleged terrorist attacks against America, NATO partners, Israel, or their allies. In contrast, Washington and Tel Aviv benefit greatly. As a result, new charges follow old ones.

On February 13, The New York Times headlined, “Israel Blames Iran for Attacks in India and Georgia,” saying:

On Monday, “(b)ombers targeted Israel embassy workers in” both countries’ capitals. New Delhi witnesses said a motorcyclist attached a bomb to an Israeli diplomat’s car, injuring his wife.”

An alleged Georgia plot was foiled. Conveniently, an Israeli Tbilisi embassy employee spotted a “strange object” in full view attached to its envoy’s car. If something real was planned, it would have been placed underneath out of sight. Even an amateur knows that.

Notorious pro-Israeli flack/Times writer Ethan Bronner headlined, “Israel Says Iran Is Behind Bombs,” saying:

“If actually carried out by Iran (implying they were), the attacks would be another indication that the leadership in Tehran was willing to reach beyond its borders against its enemies and expand its attacks to civilians.”

Bronner repeated the canard about Iran plotting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador, adding:

“….Israel has said that Iran has planned to attack its citizens in various countries, but that those plots were stopped.”

Major media scoundrels are so used to suppressing truth and full disclosure, they wouldn’t recognize it if it jumped up and bit them in the nose.

For years, Israel manufactured bogus threats against its overseas based officials and other citizens. America does the same thing. Duplicitously pointing fingers the wrong way conceals their own crimes. They’re numerous, frequent, and horrific.

In contrast, Iran threatens no other country and hasn’t attacked one in over 200 years. Israeli/Washington terrorist charges are spurious. They’re made to stoke fear and justify retaliatory measures.

Iran painstakingly avoids provocations. Despite clear evidence of Mossad’s involvement in killing its nuclear scientists and other destabilizing actions, Tehran refrained from retaliating.

Blaming Iran for the New Delhi and Tbilisi incidents is entirely spurious. Yet major media scoundrels headline it. So did Netanyahu calling Iran and Hezbollah “the world’s greatest exporter(s) of terror.”

“In the last few months, we have witnessed several attempts to target Israeli citizens and Jews in a series of countries, such as Azerbaijan and Thailand. In all of these cases were able to thwart these attacks in cooperation with local forces.”

Of course, doing so suggests Israeli involvement. Conveniently, alleged terror plots were foiled in the nick of time. Be suspicious. Be very suspicious.

At issue, of course, is blaming Iran, Syria, and other Israeli targets. It’s an old stunt used often by Israel and America. Both countries specialize in false flag attacks. They’re also behind alleged foiled terror plots.

Netanyahu added:

“The Israeli government and its security services will continue, with local security, to act against the international terror which Iran produces.”

In fact, Israel and Washington are the world’s leading state terror exponents. Incidents are conveniently blamed on others. It doesn’t wash.

Though evidence so far can’t prove it, Mossad, not Iran, was likely responsible for the latest ones. The tactic chosen replicated one of its favorites. It was classic Israeli state terrorism.

Mossad and Shin Bet (Israel’s Security Agency) have long, odious terrorist histories.

Blaming victims, lawlessness, violence, crimes of war and against humanity, collective punishment, intimidation, attacking unarmed civilians, and overall brutality are Israeli specialties.

Combined, they define a rogue state, defiant of international law principles. It pursues its own interests ruthlessly and extrajudicially, anywhere in the world.

Israel began honing its skills during the Mandatory Palestine period. At the time, Jewish terrorist groups targeted Jews, Brits and Arabs. Involved were paramilitary Hagana members, Irgun headed by future prime minister Menachem Begin, and Lehi (also called the Stern Gang) led by another future prime minister, Yitzhak Shamir. They were rogue killers before entering politics.

Today the tradition continues under new management. Little wonder Israel’s history is so bloodstained. It involves individual and mass killings. Alleged Arab terrorists are blamed. Current favorites include Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas, and other Palestinian resistance groups.

Mossad specializes in various type car bombs. Assassinating former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri was classic Israeli state terror.

On February 14, 2005, compelling visual and audio evidence revealed real time intercepted Israeli aerial surveillance footage of routes Hariri used on the day he was killed. Israel was clearly involved.

Syria initially was blamed. Assad denied responsibility. Hezbollah was later falsely named and indicted. It was typical Mossad targeting though no one at the time knew for sure. The powerful car bomb ripped a 30 foot crater in the street, injuring over 100 besides those killed.

No evidence proved Hezbollah’s involvement. Moreover, it had nothing to gain but plenty to lose. Israel and its paymaster/partner Washington greatly benefitted. Mossad’s dirty hands were responsible like for many dozens of other incidents. Most likely it committed the New Delhi/Tbilisi ones, but don’t expect major media scoundrels to explain.

Israel perfected the art of killing. It’s also skilled at manufacturing incidents avoiding them. Neither the India or Georgia incident caused deaths. That alone’s suspicious. If Israel or other professional assassins want someone dead, bet on it. If targets escape unscathed or with minor wounds, smell a rat. The odor from New Delhi and Tbilisi is telling.

India Responds

India’s Foreign Minister SM Krishna announced an investigation. Protection for Israeli embassy staff was added. India’s Home Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram said the attack was committed by a “very well-trained person.”

Tali Yehoshua-Koren, wife of Israel’s defense attache was slightly wounded. After hospital treatment to remove shrapnel, she was released. Her husband said she’s recovering nicely.

The incident occurred one day after the fourth anniversary of Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyah’s assassination. He was falsely linked to terror attacks on American and Israeli targets.

In 2008, a Damascus car bomb claimed him. Israel was blamed at the time. It was typical Mossad terror. Israel, of course, denied it. In the 1970s, Mughniyah was a student brigade organizer. He aided Arafat and other senior PLO officials in Lebanon. He was falsely accused of masterminding the 1983 US Embassy Beirut attack, as well as truck bombing French and US marine barracks in Lebanon.

Without evidence, he and Hezbollah’s rap sheet include the 1983 US Lebanon embassy and marine barracks bombings, highjackings, hostage taking, rocket attacks against Israel, suicide bombings, and more. He and Hezbollah denied them, saying they only respond defensively when attacked against militants, not civilians.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah accuses America and Israel of making false terrorist charges for political, not legitimate, reasons. At issue is its resistance to imperial aggression.

Argentinean officials also bogusly charged Mughniyeh in connection with the 1992 Israeli Buenos Aires embassy bombing. It killed 29 and wounded another 242 civilians.

In 1999, its authorities issued an arrest warrant for this attack and the 1994 AMIA (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association) Buenos Aires bombing. It killed 85 and injured hundreds. Argentina has Latin America’s largest Jewish population. It numbers around 200,000.

Once named, it’s easy to pile on more accusations. Mughniyeh faced many, including the 1996 Saudi Arabia Khobar Towers bombing and a 2006 border incident Israel used to wage aggressive war on Lebanon.

A Final Comment

When it rains, it pours. On February 14, Haaretz headlined, “Suspected Iranian national maimed by own bomb in Bangkok,” saying:

“A man thought to be Iranian was seriously wounded in Bangkok on Tuesday when a bomb he was (allegedly) carrying exploded and blew one of his legs off, police and a government spokeswoman said.”

Be suspicious. If a professional assassin wanted someone dead, he or she would wouldn’t be wounded in the process.

The report added that “Shortly before, there had been an explosion in a house the man was renting” in central Bangkok. Both incidents smell, especially by pointing fingers at Iran with no corroborating evidence. Yet Haaretz headlined it without questioning charges that appear baseless.

Israel and Washington are spoiling for a fight. What better way to justify one than by state-sponsored false flags blamed on intended targets.

It’s the oldest trick in the book with a long sordid history. Be suspicious whenever headlines feature incidents without evidence. It suggests none exists and those blamed are innocent. Believe it!

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