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Syria, UN Veto’s & Western Foreign Policy


by Akh The Angry Academic Activist



So what are we to make of the situation in Syria?

The UK, US and France have vigorously attempted to get a UN security resolution passed on the ever worsening conditions in Syria,a resolution which has been vetoed by both permanent UNSC members China & Russia.

The Russian envoy to the UNSC, Vitaly Churkin has insisted that:

“Some influential members of the international community unfortunately… have been undermining the opportunity for political settlement, calling for a regime change, pushing the oppositionists to power”

You have to question the real motives of the Western diplomats and their Arab allies. Susan Rice, the US ambassador to the UN has made blustering statements on the veto:

“sell out the Syrian people and shield a craven tyrant……any further bloodshed that flows will be on their hands”

Our very own William Hague hasn’t been that far behind his American counterpart, stating the veto:

“lets the Syrian people down, and will only encourage President Assad’s brutal regime to increase the killing”

Almost every single player involved in this unfolding tragedy are engaged in the same manner of self righteous indignation. The same players of course that were prominent in the regime change in Libya.

I’m no fan of the regimes in Damascus, Moscow or Beijing, but are they right to veto the resolution?


But not for the whiter than white reasons they might claim.

There is a far greater game being carved out in the Middle East, sadly our media (as well as Al Jazeera) is presenting it as a simple case of acrimony amidst the geo-political self interests of China and Russia, against the benevolent and kind hearted nature of UNSC members that supported the resolution.

The resolution was of course itself driven by political machinations, by strategic demands and potential gains. It is downright perfidious to suggest that the real concerns of the western political powers are with the Syrian people.

In fact some media commentators have stated that the unfolding conflict in Syria has been covered with “less interest in empirically collected data and more reliance on hysteria and manipulation and rumour.”

For example, last Friday’s attack on Homs was reported to have killed more than two hundred people, in reality the number was later revised to fifty five. Fifty five deaths too many, but when your only sources are “activists” that you are using to bolster another western intervention, the veracity of the information cannot be guaranteed. The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree where the Assad’s are concerned. Basher’s father, Hafez gave the go ahead for the Hama massacre of February 1982 that left tens of thousands of Syrians dead.

Do I condemn Assad and his regime, of course I do, whole heartedly, but not for the same reasons of self interest “The West” has.

With Libya as the new template for regime change, we have to ask the questions that no one else is asking:

Why is there not a greater split amongst the Assad regime?

Who are the “Free Syrian Army”?

Who are the “Syrian National Council”?

Who is arming the rebel factions?

Why are Qatar acting as a military and media cheerleader?

Why have the Saudi’s declared it recognises the Syrian National Council and what is their motivation in doing so?

The written testimony of Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer is worth considering. He claimed last year that:

“NATO is already clandestinely engaged in the Syrian conflict”

If this is correct, why are NATO involved in conspiratorial schemes of regime change, deemed illegal under international law ?

Would you be surprised to know that the self styled Christian crusading knight and uber mercenary Erik Prince and his Blackwater boys have been carrying out covert operations in Syria since January 2011. In a recent interview, Prince stated:

“In Syria, we did the signals intelligence to geo-locate the bad guys in a very denied area”

So will direct intervention like in Libya improve the situation?

These are the questions to which we should be demanding answers, yet they are not even being asked. The official narrative (same as Libya) is of the archetypal evil Arab tyrant, butchering his own people. These narratives are of course promoted by the very same people who want regime change in Syria.

Are atrocities being committed?


Can we say conclusively who is committing them all?

The Arab League observer mission (not that it carries much gravitas, when tyrants from equally abhorrent murderous neighbouring states are doing the observing) stated it is not conclusive who is perpetrating the acts of terror in Syria. If we believe NATO and effectively the US is on the ground in Syria in some capacity, could they be responsible for some of them?

The cases of full Western invention are being made, with the now well worn we cannot stand idly by’ argument that “The West” should provide the opposition with special forces training of the kind that was provided in Libya

The policy for Syria is being developed in America, of that there should be no doubt.

Therefore it’s probably best to leave you with the cold hearted realism of the realpolitik espoused by neo con and “Israel firster”Charles Krauthammer. In a recent op-ed piece in The Washington Post the game plan for regime change in Syria and external intervention were made all too startlingly clear:

“His (Assad) fall would deprive Iran of an intra-Arab staging area and sever its corridor to the Mediterranean. Syria would return to the Sunni fold. Hezbollah, Tehran’s agent in Lebanon, could be next, withering on the vine without Syrian support and Iranian material. Hamas would revert to Egyptian patronage. At the end of this causal chain, Iran, shorn of key allies and already reeling from economic sanctions over its nuclear program, would be thrown back on its heels”

He continued:

“Force the issue. Draw bright lines. Make clear American solidarity with the Arab League against a hegemonic Iran and its tottering Syrian client. In diplomacy, one often has to choose between human rights and strategic advantage. This is a rare case where we can advance both — so long as we do not compromise with Russia or relent until Assad falls.”

Does it make it clearer now?

It’s Iran and it always has been about Iran.

After the illegal invasion of Iraq for the purpose of regime change, “The West” quickly learnt that the blowback on their own shores from a restive Muslim population would cause immense problems. So how do “The West” engineer regime change now?

In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, General Wesley Clark, the retired four-star American General and former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO, stated that he was privy to discussions that described how:

“we’re going to take out seven countries, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

The conditions for a similar strategy of tension are being unrolled in Lebanon, with a cargo containing huge amounts of US dollars, guns, special passports and credit cards having been seized upon arrival in Beirut this morning.

Understand that whilst our politicians in the UK pontificate about the ever worsening condition of the Syrian people, the real drivers for the resolution come from the Americans.

They are not concerned about the slaughter in Syria or anywhere else in the region. Their murderous intent of reshaping the region is polished with the veneer of respectability afforded by the useful idiots in the FCO and the media right here in the UK.

For me, the motives are clear, and that’s why I will not support any UNSC resolutions bought forward by America and her cronies.

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Global march to challenge ‘Judaisation’ of Jerusalem


by The Editor

The Dome of the Rock Jerusalem

from Paul Larudee

Today, the world has a chance to stop an ethnic cleansing project in Jerusalem that has been under way since at least 1967, and, in the larger context, for more than a century.   The fact that the city is sacred to 4 billion Christians, Muslims and Jews seems to have made little difference.  In fact, the West – and especially the U.S. – have been accomplices in this crime.

It is called “Judaisation,” which apparently does not carry the same stigma as “apartheid,” “ethnic cleansing,” “segregation,” and other terms that have been used to describe the elimination of one people in favour of another.  It should.  Racist policies by any name are equally despicable.

Unfortunately, racism against Palestinians is protected by law and even encouraged in Jerusalem today.  Most of the city’s housing is off limits to them, and the remaining Palestinian property is routinely denied building permits and adequate public services.  Many of the existing homes are under demolition orders.

Israel makes no secret of its definition of “Judaisation.”  Its stated goal is to reduce the percentage of Palestinians in Jerusalem from 37% to 30%, and preferably even less.

Population reduction?  Ethnic cleansing?  The difference isn’t even semantic, and there’s no way to do it that respects human decency.

Thus, when “archaeological digs” undermine the foundations of Palestinian homes in the Silwan section of the city, demolition orders are issued, rather than building permits to shore up the houses.  No need to reflect on where the inhabitants will go, as long as the Palestinian presence is diminished.

Besides, Israel considers Palestinian inhabitants merely “residents” and not citizens, whether the families have lived in the city a hundred or a thousand years, while Jewish immigrants are welcome if they came only yesterday.  It then expels thousands of these unwanted “residents” every year by denying them work and education and then finding that their work and education outside the area no longer entitles them to live in the city.

Israel also builds illegal subsidized Jewish-only housing on Palestinian land by first confiscating the land, then offering it to Jews on attractive terms, while denying it to Palestinians.  Next, a wall is built, effectively separating the preexisting Palestinian communities from the rest of the city, and making it difficult or impossible for them to go to the jobs, schools and family members that used to be only a few steps away.

Finally, the mayor of the city, Nir Barakat, announced on Dec. 26, 2011 that he was effectively disenfranchising 70,000 Palestinians living on the “wrong” side of the wall, by revoking their Jerusalem “residency” with the stroke of a pen.  Such is the creativity of Israel’s ethnic cleansing techniques (and of the choice of date for such announcements).

In this case, however, the world has decided not to look the other way.  Hundreds of community organizations in dozens of countries spanning the globe have decided to participate in a massive Global March to Jerusalem on March 30, 2012.  The march is being organized by Palestinians and their supporters representing communities throughout all of Palestine, the surrounding countries and the diaspora, with participation by solidarity organizations around the world.  It commemorates Palestinian Land Day, when Israeli forces killed six Palestinians, wounded more than 100, and arrested hundreds more in 1976, while they were peacefully protesting the confiscation of thousands of dunams of Palestinian land from Palestinian citizens of Israel.

The intention is to march from many starting points and converge on Jerusalem, either reaching that destination or getting as close to it as possible.  Although nonviolent resistance has a long history in Palestine, this is the first time the entire Palestinian community has mobilized in a massive nonviolent action since the Palestinian general strike of 1936.

Is this the equivalent of a Palestinian Tahrir Square? Or a civil rights March on Washington?  History will be the judge, but a key element will be the support and participation of solidarity groups throughout the world.  Accordingly, regional associations have been formed in Europe, Asia, North America, Africa and other regions.  These associations are helping to form delegations that will participate side by side with the marchers in Palestine and neighboring countries, and will facilitate marches and demonstrations in the major cities of their home countries.  Many of them have established regional websites and social media to coordinate these functions.

The dream of the Palestinian nonviolent resistance movement has been an irresistible sea of humanity exercising its rights in defiance of all efforts to stop it.  Neither the organizers nor the participants expect that all of the participants will reach Jerusalem on the first try, nor that Palestinian rights will suddenly be realized on the day following the march.  However, we are hopeful that it will mark a major shift toward an inexorable popular demand to restore all human rights for all Palestinians and to put an end to the “Judaisation” ethnic cleansing project in Palestine that has stained human history for more than a century.

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Iran crisis: 10 questions Hague won’t answer


by Stuart Littlewood

Hage at CFI

William Hague (left) and current Tory leader and British PM David Cameron flank Ron Prosser, the Israeli ambassador to the UK. Photo taken at the Conservative Friends of Israel Annual Business Lunch, June 18, 2009

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph Britain’s Foreign Secretary, William Hague, claims that Iran is threatening to spark a nuclear arms race in the Middle East which could be more dangerous than the original East-West Cold War.

“It is a crisis coming down the tracks,” he says. “Because they are clearly continuing their nuclear weapons programme… If theyobtain nuclear weapons capability, then I think other nations across the Middle East will want to develop nuclear weapons.”

“And so, the most serious round of nuclear proliferation sincenuclear weapons were invented would have begun with all the de-stabilising effects in the Middle East.”

“We are very clear to all concerned that we are not advocatingmilitary action,” he assures us. “We support a twin-track strategyof sanctions and pressure and negotiations on the other hand. We are not favouring the idea of anybody attacking Iran at the moment.”

But, says Mr Hague,

all options must remain on the table.”

That same day Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Sarkozy signed a ‘landmark agreement’, committing their two countries to a shared programme of civil nuclear power and setting out a shared long term vision of safe, secure, sustainable and affordable energy.

“We are working together… to stop a nuclear weapon in the hands of Iran,” said Cameron. “As two great civil nuclear nations, we willcombine our expertise to strengthen industrial partnership, improve nuclear safety and create jobs at home. The deals signed today will create more than 1500 jobs in the UK but they are just the beginning. My goal is clear. I want the vast majority of the content of our new nuclear plants to be constructed, manufactured and engineered by British companies. And we will choose the partners and technologies to maximise the economic benefits to the UK.”

Such freedom of action or benefits must not be enjoyed by Iran, of course.

Some 3 weeks earlier Mr Hague was clamouring for an “unprecedented” package of measures including an oil embargo and financial sanctions “to increase the peaceful, legitimate pressure on the Iranian government”. It’s tempting to add “as punishment for their peaceful and (so far) legitimate civil nuclear activities”. Such measures are no doubt intended to bring ruin and terror in a way that bombing couldn’t.

Most of us remember only too well how the Iraq sanctions devastated that country’s economy and resulted in widespread hunger and disease among Iraqi people. John Pilger reported in the Guardian, March 4, 2000: “This is a war against the children of Iraq on two fronts: bombing, which in the last year cost the British taxpayer £60 million. And the most ruthless embargo in modern history. According to Unicef, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the death rate of children under five is more than 4,000 a month – that is 4,000 more than would have died before sanctions. That is half a million children dead in eight years. If this statistic is difficult to grasp, consider, on the day you read this, up to 200 Iraqi children may die needlessly.”

With this evil still quite fresh in people’s minds Hague successfully obtained his “unprecedented” measures, meaning worse than those taken against Iraq presumably, to inflict on Iranian women and children.

“A mad dog too dangerous to bother”?

Israel is a Mad dog

Israel is just like a Mad dog

There are a number of issues raised by Hague’s extraordinary antics.

Why does he say the Iranians“are clearly continuing their nuclear weapons programme”when there’s no proof?

Why does he say “Iran is threatening to spark a nuclear arms race” when Israel has already de-stabilised the region with its nuclear arsenal?

And even if Iran really does have a weapons programme his claim that the present situation is “the most serious round of nuclearproliferation since nuclear weapons were invented” is rubbish. The BBC reported recently that back in 2009 the IAEA expressed concern about Israel’s nuclear capabilities and called on it to join the Non-Proliferation Treaty, open its nuclear facilities to inspection and place them under comprehensive IAEA safeguards. “Israel refuses to join the NPT or allow inspections. It is reckoned to have up to 400 warheads but refuses to confirm or deny this.”

Actually, Israel is the third or fourth largest nuclear force in the world and the only one in the Middle East. But our brave politicians dare not even whisper this fact let alone criticize it. According to a 2006/7 report by the Weapons of Mass Destruction Commission most unofficial estimates put Israel’s nuclear arsenal in the hundreds, possibly larger than the British stockpile. “Israel… has an
unsafeguarded plutonium production reactor and reprocessing capability and possibly some uranium enrichment capability, along with various other uranium-processing facilities.”

It is the only state in the region that is not a party to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (Iran is). It has signed but not ratified the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty. As regards biological and chemical weapons, Israel has not signed the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. It has signed but not ratified the Chemical Weapons Convention.

Israel just doesn’t care. Who can forget that much-quoted remark by former Israeli Defense Minister, General Moshe Dayan:

Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother”?

And is anyone surprised at reports that European cities are targeted?

Against this background it is difficult to understand how Hague’s aggressive escalation against Iran is in the British national interest – or anyone’s interest except Israel’s. Do the British people want it? If Mr Hague’s purpose is to help preserve the imbalance of power in the Middle East so that a rogue regime, Israel, remains the dominant military force, he must be called on to explain the wisdom of it.

Hague and Cameron both voted enthusiastically for the Iraq war, and we know the consequence in lives and irreversible damage to the country, its heritage, its social fabric and infrastructure and its survivors… and of course to Britain’s reputation. We want no repetition, surely.

William Hague, according to the Jewish Chronicle, told David Cameron when he became Conservative party leader in 2005 that a deep understanding of the Middle East would be crucial if he wished to be taken seriously as a statesman… “because you can’t understand it without the history. That’s been one of the failings sometimes with the Western governments.”

The pair’s support for Israel and its Zionist ambitions is such that no sane world would allow them anywhere near the levers of international power. Besides, Hague seems to have jettisoned his
history. In March 1951 the Iranian Majlis and Senate voted to nationalise Anglo-Iranian Oil, in which the British government had a majority interest and which had controlled Iran’s oil industry since 1913 under terms that were disadvantageous to Iran. Dr Mohammad Mossadeq, the newly elected prime minister, carried out his government’s wish to cancel Anglo-Iranian’s oil concession, which
was not due to expire for another 42 years, and take over its assets.

In a speech in June 1951 (M. Fateh, Panjah Sal-e Naft-e Iran, p. 525) he explained: “The Iranian state prefers to take over the production of petroleum itself. The company should do nothing else but return its property to the rightful owners. The nationalization law provides that 25% of the net profits on oil be set aside to meet all the legitimate claims of the company for compensation…

“It has been asserted abroad that Iran intends to expel the foreign oil experts from the country and then shut down oil installations. Not only is this allegation absurd; it is utter invention…”

Considering Britain paid Iran only 16% of the profits during the inter-war years and treated Iranian oil workers abominably, while profiting hugely herself, these were generous terms.

History repeats itself

Faced with nationalisation the British government went mad and imposed a blockade and vicious sanctions, quickly bringing Iran to its knees. Mossadeq, popular and highly regarded, was removed in a coup by MI5 and the CIA, imprisoned for 3 years then put under house arrest until his death. The Iranians were condemned to suffer the re-imposition of the hated Shah and his secret police for another 25 years. The Islamist Revolution of 1979 was the inevitable consequence.

And Iran has not forgotten…

Perhaps Mr Hague, before pressing the ‘History Repeat’ button too many times, should pause to reflect and answer just ten questions…

  1. Have we so easily forgotten the cruel and devastating effect of economic sanctions on civil society, especially children?

  2. Would the Foreign Secretary kindly explain the reasons for his hostility towards Iran?

  3. What concrete proof is there of Iran’s military application of nuclear technology?

  4. Why is he not more concerned about Israel’s nuclear arsenal, the threat it poses to the region and beyond, and the mental attitude of the Israeli regime?

  5. Why is he not seeking sanctions against Israel for its refusal to sign up to the NPT or engage constructively on the issue of its nuclear and other WMD?

  6. How many times has a British foreign secretary visited Tehran in the 32 years since the Islamic Revolution?

  7. Did Mr Hague make an effort to go and talk before embarking on his punitive sanctions programme?

  8. Britain’s conduct towards the Iranians in 1951-53 when a previous Conservative government, in cahoots with the USA, snuffed out Iran’s democracy and reinstated a cruel dictatorship, was largely responsible for bringing about the Islamic Revolution and setting the pattern of future relationships. Is it not shameful that this Conservative government is spoiling for another fight? Shouldn’t the Foreign Office focus on exerting influence through trade and co-operation?

  9. Iran’s present administration, like others, may not be to our liking but nor was Dr Mossadeq’s democracy 60 years ago. Similarly the Israel-leaning administrations of the US and Britain are not much to the liking of the rest of the world. In any event, what threat is Iran to Britain? And why is Mr Hague leading the charge?

  10. By pulling our people out of Tehran and kicking Iran’s people out of London Mr Hague has shut the door on diplomacy. How can he now communicate effectively with a nation he seems determined to goad into becoming an implacable enemy?

On this last point I hear that Baroness Ashton, the EU’s ‘foreign minister’, is handling contact with Iran on behalf of the United States, Britain, France, Russia, China and Germany. So much for Hague’s talk of negotiations alongside sanctions. While playing the role of chief bully he has shut himself out of any direct conversation. As for Ashton, she hasn’t made the slightest impact on the crisis in Palestine, even with the clout of 500 million citizens behind her, so is anyone holding their breath?

Most of those questions were put to Mr Hague through my MP (who happens to be one of Hague’s junior ministers) two-and-a-half months ago and repeated early January, but Mr Hague isn’t replying.

Until he does, the Foreign Secretary ought to be made to stand in the parliamentary ‘naughty corner’.

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Two People, One Hummus


by Gilad Atzmon

A talk given in Toronto at The Islamic Society of York, Canada 24.2.12

I was asked to talk to you today about the on-going dispute within our ranks between those who support the One State Solution for the Israeli Palestinian conflict, and those who advocate Two States for the two people.

Interestingly enough, this is a topic I hardly comment on, and not because I am short of vision, opinion or ideas, but rather because I do believe that the fate of the people in Palestine and Israel should be decided by the Israelis and the Palestinians themselves. I, for instance, fail to see what qualifies a NYC Jewish academic or activist to determine how people should live in Palestine or anywhere else. Furthermore, I have never seen a Palestinian trying to advise Western solidarity activists how to run their life. I argue then, that our ‘interventionist’ enthusiasm to preach to others on how they should live is actually slightly pretentious.

But the subject is obviously deeper: in spite of the fact Israel is an organic sovereign State — it is already recognised as a one State by the nations, it has a single sewage system, one electric grid, one pre-dial international code – many Western world leaders insist that it should actually be divided into two. But don’t you think that it is pretty unusual for the ‘international community’ to blindly follow the Zionist ideology and draw a racially inspired line between the two people on the land?

So, rather than entering an endless and futile debate here, I propose that we should begin from a point at which we all agree: I presume that we all accept that Israel is currently a one State, yet it is dominated politically and spiritually by an ethnocentric discriminatory political system.

Israel defines itself as the Jewish State and the practical meaning of it is pretty devastating. It is racially driven. Israeli laws favour the Jewish population over the indigenous people of the land. Israel is impervious to universal and ethical thoughts. It is basically set to serve one tribe at the expense of the people of the land.

I would insist that in order to tackle any subject to do with Israel/Palestine conflict resolution we must first understand; what is Israel is all about? Surely, we must ask what the Jewish nature of Israel entails. We should, once and for all, grasp the relationship between Zionism and Jewishness.

Zionism presented itself initially as a Utopian promise to bring to life a new ‘authentic ethical and civilised Jew’; it promised to make Jews into ‘people like all other people’. But the Israeli reality has proved to be the complete opposite of that aspiration. Zionism has totally failed. The Israelis have been proven to be the most unethical collective in the history of the Jews. One may wonder, why, where and when did it all go so wrong? Why did Zionism fail? If Zionism was a unique moment of Jewish reawakening and self-reflection, then why didn’t it provide on its promises? I believe that the answer is devastating. Zionism was doomed from its very beginning, for in spite of its pseudo-secularist agenda, it was entangled with a quasi-religious ideology, and inevitably, it transformed the Bible into a land registry, and turned God into an estate agent. It was the Jewishness of the Jewish State then, that prevailed over the early Zionist utopia. It is the Jewishness in Israel that has lead to ethnic cleansing, segregation, isolation, and ultimately , the resurrection of the European ghetto walls.

In order to contemplate a prospect of a peaceful future then, we must be able to understand the complicated relationship between Jews, Zionism, Israel and Jewishness, and we have to ask whether there is any lucid vision of peace within the Jewish ideological and cultural discourse.

But are we even allowed to ask these questions? I say certainly yes, we must – after all, Israel openly, consciously  and even proudly defines itself as the Jewish State. Its air-planes drop bombs on densely populated Palestinian neighbourhoods whilst decorated with Jewish symbols. Surely then, we are entitled to ask what Jewishness means and what is its role within the Jewish psyche and spirit.

In my book The Wandering Who I have attempted to untangle this knot. I  have tried to understand what is Jewish identity politics all about? I have exposed the continuum between Zionism, Jewish anti-Zionism and some elements within the left. In the book I try to find out, what is the meaning of Jewishness and how is it related to Jewish politics and Jewish political power?

In the last few pages of the book I elaborate on a fictitious peace scenario in which an imaginary Israeli Prime Minister who grasps, pretty much out of the blue, that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can be resolved with just a single statement.

In a press conference, the imaginary Israel PM announces to the world and his/her people:

‘Israel realises its unique circumstances and its responsibility for world peace. Israel calls the Palestinian people to return to their homes. The Jewish state is to become a state of its citizens, where all people enjoy full equal rights’.

Though shocked by the sudden Israeli move, political analysts around the world would be quick to realise that, considering Israel is the representative of world Jewry, such a simple Israeli peaceful initiative won’t just resolve the conflict in the Middle East, it would also bring to an end to two millennia of mutual suspicion and resentfulness between Christians and Jews. Some right-wing Israeli academics, ideologists and politicians join the revolutionary initiative and declare that such a heroic unilateral Israeli act could be the one and only total and comprehensive fulfilment of the Zionist dream, for not only have Jews returned to their alleged historical home, they also have managed, at last, to love their neighbours and be loved in return.

But don’t hold your breath – as much as such an idea is thrilling, we shouldn’t expect it to happen any time soon, for Israel is not an ordinary state and such a scenario doesn’t fit into its Jewish ethno-centric ideology that is driven by exclusiveness, exceptionalism, racial supremacy and a deep inherent inclination toward segregation.

The meaning of it is very concerning. For Israel and Israelis to fulfil the initial Zionist promise and become ‘people like other people’, all traces of ideological superiority must be suppressed first. For the Jewish state to lead a peace initiative, Israel must be de-Zionised it should first stop being the Jewish State. Similarly, in order for an imaginary Israeli PM to bring peace about, he or she must be de-Zionised first.

As things stand, the Jewish State is categorically unable to lead its people into reconciliation. It lacks the necessary ingredients needed to think in terms of harmony and reconciliation — at present, Israel can only think in terms of Shalom , a term which, in reality, only means ‘peace and security for the Jews’.

But what about world Jewry; can they push their Israeli brothers towards a reconciliation? I don’t actually think  that they can. I recently came across some devastating statistics gathered by the Institute for Jewish Policy Research (JPR). The poll studied ‘The attitudes of Jews in Britain towards Israel’. It revealed that “the vast majority of (British Jewish) respondents exhibit strong personal support for, and affinity with, Israel: 95% have visited the country; 90% see it as the “ancestral homeland” of the Jewish people, and 86% feel that Jews have a special responsibility for its survival.”

Though some Jewish ‘progressive’ voices insist to tell us that Diaspora Jews are drifting away from Israel and Zionism, the JPR report reveals the complete opposite – Nine out of ten British Jews feel close affinity towards a war criminal, ethnic cleanser, racist discriminatory state.

But what about the one out of ten Jew who openly opposes Israel? Is he or she going to speak out and help us to get the message of peace across? I am not so sure either. It is more likely that he or she are going to do any thing they can to prevent us from from talking about Jewishness and the fact that 90% of their brothers identify with the Jewish state. Ahead of my Toronto appearance, the organisers of tonight’s event were subject to endless harassment by various Jewish ‘anti’ Zionist organisations and individuals.   Like their Zionist brothers most Jewish anti Zionist are largely concerned with Jewish tribal matters– they will fight anti Semitism, ‘Holocaust denial’ or any attempt to understand Jewishness from a universal perspective. Yet, as the JPR poll reveals, they will achieve very little within their respective communities.

But the situation may not be totally grim. I am actually slightly optimistic. For more than a while I am convinced that the only people who can bring peace about are actually the Palestinians, because Palestine, against all odds and in spite of the endless suffering, humiliation and oppression, is still an ethically-driven ecumenical society.

So what do we do for the time being – should we fight for one state or two states? I guess that you gather by now that I am a strong supporter of a one State. I would love to see Israel being transformed into a state of its citizens. I would also openly admit that I do realise that this State won’t be a Jewish State. It will be Palestine. It is about time to say it openly–Israel belongs to the past. And yet, I contend that it is the facts on the ground that would determine the future of the region. And what we see on the ground maybe encouraging.


Two People, One Hummus

In spite of the, pain, animosity and distrust between the two people, there is one principle both Israelis and Palestinian would agree upon, namely “Two People, One Hummus”. It may sound frivolous, banal or trivial to say that, but it is actually far more profound than just a culinary suggestion. Israelis are gradually becoming the minority on the land. As I once heard Palestinian Ambassador to Britain Manuel Hassassian commenting, ‘Israel has many lethal bombs, the Palestinians have only one bomb, the demographic one’.

Interestingly enough, when Israelis want to feel authentic, they do not speak in Yiddish or Aramaic, they actually swear in Arabic and eat hummus. The meaning of it is simple, deep in their hearts the Israelis know that Palestine is the land and Israel is just a state. When Israelis want to bond with the Zion they actually plagiarise the indigenous people of the land, for deep inside the Israeli knows that the sky, the sea, Al Quds, Mount Olive, the Sea of Galilee, the Wailing Wall, the Arabic language and the Hummus belong to the land. They also grasp that  oppression,  exceptionalism,  supremacy belong to the State — their own Jewish State.

‘Two People one Hummus’ is my image of peace and reconciliation. The Land will Stay forever – the failing Jewish State is already subject to historical research. The two people will dine together — and they won’t just share the hummus: they may even share the pita bread between them.

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Weekly Reality Update

Making the World Safe

Like an “Intel Drop” But More Painful


By Gordon Duff,


I could rattle on endless conspiracies, historical misconceptions and how television and phony news is mind control for hours.  I am lying.  I could do it for weeks.  What is necessary to is come to the understanding that the most basic beliefs most of us hold, not all, but most, are false or misleading.  We are just going to touch on a few, political, geopolitical and military today.

First of all, I am willing to debate anyone, Kissinger, Brzezinski (who I often agree with, now at least) or any of the pundits.  The pundits I can eat alive, some have watched me do it.  Andrew Napolitano was a smart guy, he is gone.  Beyond that, there is no sign of an IQ beyond lukewarm except, on occasion, Jon Stewart and is quite good on domestic politics and utterly ignorant beyond that.

We have set the bar of journalism, of debate, even our mindless personal attacks have become inane.  We are boring ourselves to death.

Let’s start with something simple.  When Egypt fell, a year ago, we learned that Mubarak was working for Israel for decades.  The entire nation of Israel should have risen up, enraged but in reality, nothing happened at all.  Betrayal is expected.

Worse in America.

Yet, for decades, Israel got billions from the US to protect themselves from Mubarak and others that, with things as they are now, we can clearly see have worked with Israel for years.  Syria is one of them.

Israel took a combination of the holocaust, the 1967 and 1973 wars, changed the characters more than a bit on all of it, wrote it into a story and played it out as a “long con” like in the movie, “The Sting.”  I wouldn’t trade the entire “holy land” for 50 square miles of Alaska, even parts under water.

As a start, just a warning, 75% or more of the Jews who died in the holocaust were killed by Stalin, not Hitler.  Israel made a deal with Russia to keep this secret.  This is why TV continually bombards us all with talk about gas chambers and Nazi hunting because most of the deaths, estimated as high as 4.2 million Jews died in the Urals under Stalin’s work camp regime, part of the up to 65 million murdered by him during his reign.

He put as many of the numbers as possible on the Germans.  It was profitable to Israel to play along.  What is the truth?  You will never know if your grandmother was murdered by Germans or Stalin, you will never know much of the truth of any of it because every bit of history relating to the holocaust comes from sources that are entirely communist.

Take the family on concentration camp visits.  I have.  Get a guide.  Ask when things were built.  When you learn that key “iconic” aspects of the holocaust were built after the war as “demonstration projects to depict how Nazi death camps were run by Soviet forces” I don’t ask you to deny the holocaust.

What I expect is for you to ask for an accounting.  “Why was I lied to all my life?”  I have both missing Jewish and German family from different areas of Europe.  Some of the Jews we can find.  All of the Germans were wiped out, murdered after the surrender in 1945 in a story we will never know.  I would like to meet them too.

Jonathan Pollard has done decades in prison, convicted of spying for Russia with Israel’s help as part of that deal.  Learn about Pollard.  Only Veterans Today will tell you the highly classified truth about Pollard’s spying,.

The only reason there isn’t “peace in the Middle East” is because the whole thing is a racket, arms deals, spying, oil price scams, not one bit of it is real.

The new governments, like Erdogan of Turkey, will simply quit playing along.  This is why we are trying to start a war in Africa and convince Americans China is the new enemy.  Arab Spring and the Israeli people are fed up at being pawns, at least the smart ones.

If you are Jewish and don’t understand any of this, or find this difficult, I am sorry.

None of it was necessary, the two wars, the terrorism, it was all a geopolitical game staged for some to make huge amounts of money while you did your time in the IDF and Israel became a country you now want to leave.  The only reason Israel isn’t nearly empty is because other places are worse.

Still, you have to ignore injustice and ingest propaganda a child would laugh at.  The proof is all there, all findable.  When you find one thing to be a total lie, like the 1967 war, it is proof all things are lies.  That is how things work.

Please excuse what some might see as “Jew bashing.”  It is an example only, not my intent.  We hyperfocus on Israel here because the “Israel lobby,” is actually a dangerous organized crime group that undermines our government under the “front” of claiming to be concerned about Israel.

Those American politicians who kowtow to this group are notoriously intolerant.  Meaning?  In a safe somewhere, there are plans to incinerate Israel somewhere, under the control of Israel’s best friends.

Everyone in Israel suspects this, some know it.

The real danger is going to be Africa.

Here is what is discussed.   African resources are seen as of great value, we really mean profit for the few, but the people of Africa are seen as “redundant.”

Many, and these discussions go back 100 years, see the eventuality of having to depopulate Africa.  The old South African government sought weapons that killed only blacks.  All their records were found, the weapons were tested, other nations were involved, many nations, and some of the facts, a very  few about “Dr. Basson,” were published by the Truth Commission.

The Bush family with others, for many decades, has helped finance the science of eugenics.  Under the best of circumstances, it involved helping found and finance Planned Parenthood and look at humane population control methods.

Go to China to find out what population can do.  Having a large family, in China, is considered “terrorism.”

As an aside, for those who don’t understand the dynamic of Afghanistan, terrorism and such, let’s take a moment out for a story about Afghanistan.

An American intelligence officer, an NCO, receives vital “humint” from an asset.  He is told that in a certain village 40 miles away, in a home, carefully drawn onto a crude map with a big red “X” an “AlQaeda/Taliban/Insurgent leader and his associates will spend the night.

A mission is approved, a squad of Rangers will “motor” out to the “pos” and do some “door kicking.”  As the mission briefing ends, he tells them, “let’s go kick some raghead butt.”

Without gps navigation there is only the map and the directions given.  On the way there, now over 2 hours of wrong turns and misread signs, the village is in sight.  It’s no lights, night vision only, while the target compound, a two story house with outbuildings and a wall, is spotted.

Thankfully, there is no visible security, just a few farm animals.  The perimeter is breached and the house approached, there are no lights.  A cursory examination of windows shows no activity on the lower floor.  The decision is made for silent entry, the lock is picked, weapons on a mixture of “semi” and “full auto,” and 4 Rangers approach the stair while others secure the rear, the vehicles and keep watch for movement.

There are 3 doors on the second floor, each one gets a “flash bang” and, though we don’t admit it, a fragmentary grenade goes in also.  One man enters each room, selecting targets one at a time while the 4th watches the stairs.”

Late the next day, another intelligence report comes in.  It tells of a Taliban leader coming to the same town to attend a funeral.

It seems a squad of Rangers who had gotten lost had attack the wrong home.  5 children were dead in one room, victims of a grenade and automatic weapons fire.  Two adults, the mother and father, dead in another.  The third room was grandma.  The grenade killed her quickly though a “double tap” made sure”

Reports indicated that a Taliban leader and 15 or more fighters were killed during the action, shades of the famous “body count” games of Vietnam.

This time they are sure.  The entire village has, after the killing of the family, welcomed the Taliban to speak at the funeral.  A Raptor UAV piloted from Clark Air Force Base in Las Vegas will be overhead.  The target will be the Taliban leader, his driver and the armed villagers, now full fledged Taliban members.

Yesterday they were all government supporters.  How things change.

As the Hellfire missile is loosed, the wrapped bodies of 5 small children, 3 adults below, that and a hundred civilians and what was learned to be a local tribal leader related to the family, are subjected to the fearsome attack.

The report tells of the death of one of Osama bin Laden’s top aides.  Mention is made of 15 local residents killed during the attack.

Video is supplied showing rows of corpses, children torn apart, another of a hundred attacks on funerals.  Most Raptor attacks are weddings or funerals, where “armed fighters” are known to congregate.

The “humint,” or as we call it, “human intelligence” supplied comes from a reliable source.  In reality it may be a real Taliban insurgent or more likely a member of the RAW, India’s intelligence services.  Thus far in Afghanistan, our record for reliable human intelligence, “snitching” has been abysmal.  We “get played” continually.

With the big “kill count,” the US loses all control of a region of Afghanistan.  No American can safely go there again.  All agricultural projects are over and local villagers that survived are now heading to the hills to bring back a dozen RPGs.

The next vehicle that goes through this town or anywhere near will end up with its human cargo looking like “spam in a can.”

This is how America is winning Afghanistan, this is where “Al Qaeda” and the “Taliban” come from.   Were this 40 plus years ago in Vietnam, the village would have had a militia with a squad of Marines living there with them.  This is how Marines won that war, stupid though it was, by learning.  It never mattered.  The Marines left eventually and the war was lost.  After all, this is just a story.

Who is to say how Afghanistan will work out.  We have 10,000 American dead, 25,000 American suicides, 500,000 disabled veterans, Afghanistan and Iraq, and are scheduled to leave “soon as possible.”  It will be as though we were never there,  just like Vietnam and every other war.

Ah, but there will still be lots of dead, as Dickens would say, a way of dealing with “excess population.”  But the real problem with population is Africa.

Some solutions being looked at for Africa are brutal and unimaginable.

They will begin with the west moving in, military bases will spread, “disease control” centers will be built and a new “war on terror” fueled by false flag terrorism already begun by French and Israeli groups paid by an unknown entity are recreating an imaginary “Al Qaeda” in Africa.

It has begun at 1/4th speed in Nigeria already.  The supposed enemy is called Boko Harum, really now run by intelligence agencies.

Some with common sense, the very few, are aware that, if things go to total civil war in Nigeria, it will be immense, tragic and last decades.

Thus, the US and others are attempting to instill a “low intensity conflict” that will be controllable.

I am personally involved at the behest of official groups, and am trying to help.  Few Americans know of Nigeria, a nation of 200 million that could be so much more than it is.  They have a newly elected president who is seen as “not delivering on promises,” as with Obama, and a powerful military.  They are closely allied with the United States.

I could talk about this for days, in fact have, while visiting Abuja.  The answers are simple, electricity, clean water, medical care and schools.

Otherwise, a war will sweep across Africa 20 times the conflicts we have seen in recent years.  Those in Washington who think they can play in Africa while knowing nothing of it have no idea.  Nigeria could field an army of 20 million if they wanted to, and they are only one nation.

A word or two about China now.  I had mentioned this the other day.  Let’s expand even past China.  There is an enemy.  It is not Russia or China, certainly not Iran or North Korea.  It is a world economic system that is predicated on the assumption that human beings are an infection on the planet and are only considered “symbiotic” when they contribute by allowing themselves to be stolen from or killed off in wars.

Others live only so long as the ability to selectively exterminate them in a deniable fashion is not scientifically feasible.

Yes, you are living in a Star Trek episode from 1967.

Problem is, billions are being spent, as we speak, to develop those capabilities.  Some “accidents” and “outbreaks” are not unplanned.

The issue is one of values.  “Occupy” sits on the edge of the truth but never turns toward it long enough to understand.  Mankind of exploited and then discarded by the 1%, which former Congressman Alan Grayson, a favorite of mine, loves pointing out is substantially less than “”1%” because human life and human civilization is inconsistent with the “modeling” used by those who control sufficient financial liquidity to dictate policy to the world’s governments.

Historian Charles A. Beard explains how the American constitution was written.  Two groups fought, those who wanted money to have power and the other who wanted people to have power.

The bad guys won.

Take a moment, think about 9/11.  I know there were no hijackers but that the triple towers were destroyed as part of a massive insurance scam and pretext for overthrowing the American constitution.  I am certain of these things and can prove them with ease.  But to whom?

What is there were terrorists who hated America?  Think of how we have acted, the kidnappings and torture, the brutality?  Were 9/11 to have been a real terrorist attack, which it was not, who would deserve it more than a nation that would have its children, sitting with joysticks, murder attendees at the funeral of a child 8000 miles away, a child we also murdered?

So, even the propaganda invented at Fox News meant to provide rationale for the false flag attacks on America known as “9/11″ proved right after all.  They say we were struck because America is the great Satan, a nation of torturers and killers, of demons.  This is what Fox News said.

Then they helped prove themselves right.

Thus, we got an unelected 6 year senate, an electoral college, a supreme court and a political system where London bankers could buy and sell our government at will.  Over 200 plus years, we have become more democratic and then less and finally not at all.

Read his book, “An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution.”  Every lawyer has, I assure you.

The bad guys are called “Federalists.”

Now for the China part.  It is more than “China.”  America maintains a huge military based on potential enemies.  In truth, we have none.  Libya proved how weak NATO and France were.  The armies of Russia and China are nearly useless.

Even America can’t hold a few square miles of Afghanistan because a bronze age people with access to simple, low cost arms capable of making mincemeat of the vehicles we use to drive from one end of the country to the other, have taken offense to our unwanted and extremely unwarranted presence.

Lordy, lordy.

Talk about morons, why do you think the term “military intelligence” makes people laugh so hard?

Let’s take out a moment and discuss religion.  I know Washington reasonably well.  There are Christians there,  maybe more Jews actually and a Muslim or two.  Those who practice religion do so only because they think they are being watched, with a few exceptions.

Former Congressman Mark Siljander who is also former UN Ambassador, runs the National Prayer Breakfasts.  Mark is very Christian with a bit of Jewish background also.  His book, “A Deadly Misunderstanding,” explains our current religious misconceptions with absolute brilliance.

Mark, a close friend, will be in federal prison soon.  He told President “W” Bush that Iraq had no WMDs and that people around him were lying.  In retaliation, Attorney General John Ashcroft had him arrested on dozens of counts of terroism.

Ashcroft was one of his closest friends.  Years ago, President Truman said, “If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog.”

Ashcroft is now listed by dozens of nations as a war criminal and faces life in prison were he to leave the United States.  Having ignored Siljander, Bush faces the same.  Some say Obama does also.

Look at Mitt Romney, a bishop in the whatever church they have in Utah where a guy got  gold tablets that disappeared and that dead people get planets full of virgins to have sex with.  Yes, it is all in the Book of Mormon and more but I let it all go.  Romney doesn’t believe a word of it and has spent much of his life involved in things that would make a rat ashamed.

Bad as that, Romney is a much better person than Gingrich or Santorum or Bachmann and Palin.

Almost everyone else in Washington is a sex pervert, thief or simpleton.  Having said this, does anyone disagree?

For those who don’t know, Republicans are a political party that exists totally under the control of a series of secret societies but publicly represent control of the rich and destruction of the middle classes who they exploit with a vision of class hatred and anti-elitism.

I would put them all in prison and I don’t care for democrats.

Jon Stewart explains this pretty well.  Problem is, there are other facts he ignores.  Until people like Stewart are willing to speak up and tell the truth, men with real leadership capability, we have no hope.

If Stewart told the truth about Israel and 9/11, his career would be gone in 1 minute.  He knows but it still isn’t an excuse.

As much as I love his humor and intellect, he is dangerous and dishonest.  Even Judge Napolitano went silent on us more than once.

Americans in the media, the few with talent, live in continual fear.  More are almost totally ignorant and with mouth liberal crap.

Republicans are such easy targets, shills for Wall Street, morons, thieves, war mongers and, were we able to say this publicly, entirely financed by drug gangs and the CIA.

Did I forget the Koch Brothers and Mr. Adelman or were they included somehow.  Figure it out.

Let’s go back to talking about the Pentagon, the single largest collection of idiots outside congress.

Taking these facts for granted:

  1. We have no potential enemies

  2. We have no competing political philosophy, we are all crooks, so is everyone else.

  3. We have always controlled 90% of the world’s Muslim population through petty dictators.  They were never a threat until we made them seem like one.

  4. China is a military joke with nuclear weapons they can never use.

  5. Iran, if they did have nukes, could never use them.  I know they bought 5 of them in 2002.  (Can prove it)  We could give them more, they would be useless.

  6. Israeli history is 99% fiction and Israel has never been in any danger they didn’t purposefully create themselves.  In 1967, they perpetrated a sneak attack on Egypt and then tried to sink the American naval ship, USS Liberty.  Until you understand these basic facts and the lies about the Palestinian people, you are a “yuchna.”  Don’t tell me you have forgotten Yiddish.

  7. Frighteningly, most conspiracy theories are milder versions of a reality you probably don’t want to know.

  8. Everyone around the world is just like us, I assure you, I have personally checked.  ( I like some people more than others….I am prejudiced and, thus, human.)

Time for some military drivel.  First of all, let’s take a moment or two to discuss the magical new F 35, a 4th generation fighter with the radar profile of a flying garbage truck.  There are a dozen better planes flying now though the F 35 is capable of accomplishing a variety of “missions” that don’t now nor will they ever exist.

The F 35 is a con.

We make drones.  Some can fly 11,000 miles or more at 80,000 feet.   Some can even refuel other drones.

Did you know we make drones that can shoot down an F 35 like it was a clay pigeon?  Problem is, they don’t need aircraft carriers, can avoid detection, can outmaneuver air defenses and shoot down any plane in the world.

They have no pilots and are cheap.

They can maneuver with enough G force to crush a pilot in seconds.  Their performance?  Think of UFOs.

Why don’t we use them?  First of all, we don’t need them anymore than we need the planes we have.  They require no aircraft carriers, can be flown by teenagers with joysticks, and have no real purpose because they would destroy the world’s phony “fighter plane” industry in seconds.

Planes and aircraft carriers are a total con, a way of bilking taxpayers into spending useless billions and buying floating and flying target drones.

There are air defense systems out there that can shoot down anything we have, they have rockets 10 times faster than they used to be, hundreds of miles of range, “fire and forget” radar and can’t be destroyed or defended against.

We defeat them by pretending they don’t exist.

Welcome to that world.

Oh, Syria has one.  If you are wondering why we aren’t bombing Syria it is because their 30 year old air defense system can shoot down an F 18 7 out of 10 times.

Check on that, please.  Libya didn’t have that.  Are you getting the picture?

Iran doesn’t have an advanced air defense system.  They could have bought one on the black market but choose not to.  Why?

Does Iran need to do things that make them a target, things like build secret underground bases so big, so obvious they can be seen from Mars?

Something smell fishy?  I explained it earlier.

“High.  I am Iran.  We have no air defense system.  We have oil as does every country now, so much of it you shouldn’t be able to give it away.  We actually have nothing else, other than 100 million people to feed.  We enjoy antagonizing Israel and others by bringing in scholars who rip apart their “fantasy” history.  We have no reason to do this, other than to give them an equally fantasy reason to see us as a threat.  Secretly, we have had a relationship with them we don’t speak of openly.

Years ago, we bought nuclear weapons on a missile from the Ukraine.  We were worried about Americans in Iraq invading us.  We still have them.  That we bought them makes us look like idiots, everyone knows we have them, they are useless, hard to get rid of so we and everyone else pretend they don’t exist.

Now we are in a deal with all our pretend enemies, threatening to cut off oil from the Straits of Hormuz at a time when nobody needs oil.  What we are doing, of course, is keeping the price from crashing, which it would have done when the Euro, Franc, Pound and dollar devalued and markets crashed.   By pretending to be the “bad guy” for awhile,  people are going to owe us alot, the oil companies, Israel, currency speculators and bankers, we are proving we are still useful as when the Shah was still around.”

This takes us full circle, that there are no enemies, no secret powers planning to take over the world, no subversive groups other than those who continually propagandize us already.

Religious conflict, the people who tell us all to love others then murder them in their sleep is the most amusing of all.  I have trouble with people who talk to those they can’t see unless they have one of those bluetooth devices.  We used to call them schizophrenics.

Is anyone noticing that, with decades of incredible technological advances, the same percentage of people in the world are without the ability to read, without electricity, without clean water and without enough food as 50 years ago?

You think that’s an accident?

With the supposed elimination or near elimination of evil totalitarian systems, and the explosion of world information, why is there more censorship, so many more in prison, so much poverty, drugs everywhere, violence everywhere, fear everywhere, deindustrialization, a world of gadgets but an overall decline in the world’s standard of living, level of education and, most noticable of all, “world understanding.”

You think this isn’t planned?

After decade after decade of research, why is cancer a pandemic?  With new treatments, with survival rates changing so much, why isn’t someone noticing that, as science moves forward, our ability to deliver treatment is moving backward exponentially.

Some claim 50 million Americans have no healthcare.  I can assure you, the number is over 120 million.

I have no competent healthcare and am fully insured and a 100% disabled veteran, making me “top of the list” at the world’s largest and most technologically advanced medical system.  I get one message when I am ill and seeking treatment, even and especially for maladies directly related to military service.

I am made to feel I am “bothering people” by being sick, I am given sent for tests which I have repeatedly found were never completed nor evaluated.

It would be different if I didn’t have a wife that teaches nursing.

What is the average American expectation?  Americans expect to die a painful death of cancer, surrounded by filth and the smell or urine while alone and forgotten.

Don’t like the sound of it?  Healthcare professionals who do their best are fighting a losing battle.  Nursing pay is dropping, thousands are unemployed while we still import doctors and nurses from around the world.

We do this like we let 33 million illegal aliens in the country.  The key issue is creating a surplus of labor that makes the American worker worthless, no matter their skill.

It can and will be done elsewhere or by “others” cheaper.  Better?  Who wants “better?”

There is no money in “better.”

We are back to 1967 watching Star Trek, the TV series.  A machine society sees humans as an infection.

We now live in that world, where, not a machine society, but an economic system controlled by the “much less than 1%” finds “people” an unpleasant and “smelly” redundancy.  People are to rob, are to be set on one another as dogs to kill for amusement.

They are meant to consume, untested drugs, contaminated GMO (genetically modified) foods, they are to buy overpriced fuels, or spend their meager income on “entertainment,”  the continual controlled flow of thought control packaged as orchestrated political fiction and “news” meant to pre-condition the race for destruction.

Humans are engineered for addictions, bright fast moving images on television, smarmy sarcasm hiding hate inducing propaganda, a world of “oxy” and “meth” or worse, the thousands of tons of heroin and cocaine ourgovenments supply us with then arrest us and imprison us for using.

Do you wonder why birth control, an issue settled 40 years ago, is now considered, we are told anyway, a valid rationale for political debate?

Do they think we are all insane, drooling idiots?

They assume we are harmless.

Are we?

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“The Jewish State”—What It Really Means and Why the Rest of the World Should be Terrified at the mere mention of it


2012 Mark Glenn

…On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abraham, saying “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates”…Genesis, 15:18

God spoke unto us saying, ‘Go to the hill-country and all the places nigh thereunto… in the Arabah, the hill-country and in the Lowland… in the South and by the sea-shore, the land of the Canaanites, and Lebanon, as far as the great river, the river Euphrates…Go in therefore and possess the land which the Lord swore unto your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, unto them and to their seed after them… Deuteronomy 1:6–8

Every place whereon the sole of your foot shall tread shall be yours, from the wilderness, and Lebanon, from the river Euphrates, even unto the hinder sea shall be your border…Deuteronomy 11:24

…From the wilderness, and this Lebanon, even unto the great river, the Euphrates, all the land of the Hittites, and unto the Great Sea toward the going down of the sun, shall be your border…Joshua 1:4


It’s amazing, just how easily it rolls off the tongue, in heated or even casual conversation…

‘Well, GOD gave them that land, and if we do anything to get in God’s face, He’s gonna get in OURS, and when He does, it ain’t gonna be pretty…’

…As if things weren’t ugly enough already…

This little religious ditty is the ‘science’ that Jewish interests (and their intellectually-comatose Christian-Zionist lackeys) have used now for close to a century in rationalizing the irrational and in defending the indefensible.

Mass murder, despoilment, displacement, the dehumanization of millions of innocent people in the Middle East and the total meltdown of all order–political, economic, military, social, et al–everywhere else, but as far as Israel and her supporters are concerned, these are just irrelevant details distracting us from the ‘real truth’ of the matter, which is—

…what ‘God’ wants…

Anyone doubting this is the case need do no more than check in at the front desk of the Jewish mainstream media on any given day where, like some gypsy fortune teller looking into a magic Kristol ball, there is always some vizier claiming to have hacked into God’s hard drive reminding the world in some fashion ‘how bad the weather’s gonna get’ if the Jews don’t get ‘that land’.

In their narration, there he sits, ‘Yahweh’, the Jewish God…fair-skinned, blue-eyed, white-haired…tic, tic, ticking away like a time bomb, just waiting for the right moment, and then–


–goes ‘biblical’, and in the process dishes out a healthy dose of holy hell against an insubordinate non-Jewish world for having ignored His plans concerning a certain Middle East real estate venture.

Now, do the long-bearded, curly-locked, black-hat-wearing, barely-literate ‘scientists’ presenting such a thesis use any form of measurable, visible, empirical data in ‘proving’ such a theory? Do they dust for fingerprints, take a sampling of carpet fibers, put bloodhounds on the trail or in any way collect even the minutestshred of ‘evidence’ for such a thesis that the rational mind can grasp?

Perish such insolent and heretical thoughts. In this case rather, the dope-dealers trafficking in this pure, uncut Kristol Meth mythology known as Judaism simply open up their Old Testament scrolls (which they themselves wrote) and recite a laundry list of bad things that (they say) happened to all sorts of people (s) who ‘got in the way’ of them getting their grubby paws on ‘that land’, including the 31 villages of yesteryear that (again, they say) were ‘wiped off the map’ by the ‘world’s most moral army’ under the IDF generalship of biblical luminaries such as Abraham, Moses, Joshua et al.

Yes, in 2012, a time and place where (we thought) we’d put away the ‘prevailing wisdom’ of the Dark Ages…A place where rational thought and an at least semi-sane science have brought the blessings of modern medicine, rapid transit, deep sea and space exploration, the study of subatomic particles and about a million other things making today’s existence virtually indistinguishable from that of a mere century ago…

And yet THIS—self-worshipping, narcissistic, black magic Judaic mythology—is what’s used in explaining, supporting and justifying the religiously-inspired madness that’s led not only to the creation, support and suckling of the Jewish state, but as well to all the apocalyptic wars serving as the life support system for this sickly, stillborn, given-to-fits-of-madness l’enfant horrible known as ‘Israel’.

However, as bad as all this is already, the REAL problem (aside from the fact that a gang of well-funded, well-organized religious fundamentalist headcases has managed to reorganize world affairs to the detriment of everyone besides them) is that the present hurricane of biblically-inspired violence is only in its early stages, much to the unbeknownst of most players involved, minus of course the organized Jewish interests directing it all…

That’s right folks, as heated as things certainly are, nevertheless no one should be loosening their collars for a little relief just yet, because the fact of the matter is–things are just getting warmed up…

Yes, hard to imagine, since after all what we’re talking about here is 20 years of non-stop war between the Christian and Islamic worlds, beginning first with George H.W. Bush’s invasion/destruction of Iraq and then continuing through 3 subsequent presidential administrations…Trillions of dollars spent and several tens of millions of lives destroyed either by death, disease or ruination.

In such a scenario therefore it’s hard to imagine it getting much worse, until one begins to understand the goals and aims of those who engineered this ‘splendid little war’ and just how far they plan on taking it, a script that when boiled down to its irreducible minimum makes clear to all the fact that we ain’t seen nothing yet…

As the old saying goes concerning a fool and his money being ‘soon parted,’ truer words have never been spoken when it comes to the West and its all-too-willing role as both surrogate mother and midwife in birthing upon civilized societyRosemary’s Baby, heretofore known simply as the Jewish state. The misery index suffered by today’s great, great grandchildren of yesterday’s Romans in willfully forfeiting their national treasure—the gold, silver, and red—in fighting the various wars for the soon-to-be-declared Jewish Empire truly is a Greek tragedy of the non-Greek variety. In allowing should-be mental patients such as Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Abrams, Lieberman and Netanyahu (madmen whose minds have been pickled to the gills on the religious science fiction liquor known as Old Testamentism) to put her on a course of permanent war with the Islamic world, the West—by having laid down with the Zionist mad dog–has now woken up with the all-too-predictable maladies associated with having been bitten by its disease-carrying fleas.

And if America and her Western drag-alongs such as England, France et al think things are tough now in terms of economy, demographics and the domestic pressures these wars for Pax Judaica are bringing them, let them understand then that these are but the first birth pangs of what is sure to be a long and painful labor and delivery. After all, what we are talking about here is expanding Israel’s borders several hundred miles to the east and several hundred miles to the south and in the process killing and/or displacing as many as 300 million non-Jews in order to bring about this thing that has never before existed—

Eretz Israel…

Oh, did they forget to mention that in all the propagandizing they’ve done when discussing ‘poor little Israel’ and the Christian West’s responsibility in protecting the ‘apple of God’s eye’? Did they forget (fail) to mention that Israel’s real agenda here is not some eensy, weensy, teensy slice of land the size of Rhode Island but rather a behemoth 4 times the size of Texas?

Lest we forget–

…On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abraham, saying “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river Euphrates”…Genesis, 15:18

Can’t argue much with that, now can we? After, all, it comes right out of the very first of the Jewish ‘holy’ books and more or less sets the stage for the rest of the narrative. ‘God’ has spoken and has laid down the law.

And lest some (made understandably nervous by such ‘frank’ discussions about what ‘biblical’ Israel REALLY encompasses) attempt to deflect and derail such a discussion by saying the aforementioned passage from Genesis is but one small utterance taken out of context, consider then that it is repeated over,

and over,

and over,

and over,


–throughout the ENTIRETY of the Jewish Old Testament.

Yes, that’s right folks, from the Nile to the Euphrates, just as ‘God’ promised/ordered…Roughly 1,000,000 square miles of land encompassing ALL of historic Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, parts of northern Saudi Arabia, eastern Egypt, eastern Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Djbouti, part of Somalia and half of Uganda all the way to Lake Victoria.

WOW…Talk about your ‘hidden clauses’ and ‘fine print’. What originally sounded like a deal ‘too good to pass up’ has instead turned out to be ‘an offer you can’t refuse’. Not just a pound of flesh in Shylockian shyster legalese, but indeed human suffering that is—even after utilizing all the mechanisms of modern math and science at our disposal—incalculable in its magnitude.

So, the long and short of it is that despite the very well-orchestrated propaganda campaign portraying the entire Zionist venture as some harmless ‘retirement investment’ where a handful of honest, unpretentious individuals want to buy up a few meager shares of this corporate stock known as the Middle East (and all its resources) with the butter & egg money they have stashed away over time, the truth of the matter is that this has been—FROM THE BEGINNING–a hostile takeover of the entire enterprise, where the 300 million other shareholders who have owned the class A stock in this piece of real estate for thousands of years have had their investment stolen from them at the point of a gun.

Do we understand a little better now why there is this thing known as ‘Arab terrorism?’ Do we now have a better grasp of ‘Islamic extremism?’ Simple cause and effect and a case of ‘What shall ye sow, also shall ye reap’.

And now, with the advent of the ‘war on terrorism’, what we are seeing is the final putsch for total control of the company. What’s more is that the organized Jewish interests responsible for bringing it all about are willing to see it done down to the last American, Brit, Frenchman, Italian, etc, etc, etc, for that famously Judaic principle summed up thus—

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth…

Why?  Because as these organized Jewish interests see it, the aforementioned Americans, Brits, Frenchmen, Italians, etc, etc, etc are the great, great grandchildren of the same Romans of yesteryear who violated that idea of Eretz Israel when the military legions under the generalship of Titus destroyed it all in 70 AD, and in exactly the fashion as Jesus Christ described, not ‘one stone being left upon another’.

So, since—as the Jews believe—that ‘the sins of the father’ fall upon the heads of the sons, likewise therefore, it is the job of the Europeans today to fund and rebuild this thing that their forefathers destroyed almost 2,000 years ago.

Absent all that however is the fact that she—Israel—can’t do it alone. Again, we are talking about 300 million + Arabs and their 1 billion + cousins scattered throughout the world in places such as North Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Turkey, and–last but certainly not least—


Yes….Iran. Why, the Euphrates river comes almost right smack dab up to her western borders…Whaddya know?

Fairly easy to see then why Iran might turn out to be a fly in the ointment in all of this.

Iran, despite being neither Arab nor Sunni, nevertheless achieved what no other country in the region has—a real revolution and real independence. No foreign (western) assistance in the form of money or weaponry. Beholden to no one. Sovereign. Stabile. Strong.

And with such a country (Iran) like this in the region at a time when Israel must keep those living within the aforementioned 1,000,000 square miles of the soon-to-be-declared ‘Jewish state’ disoriented and confused so as to make possible the business of scrubbing the land clean of non-Jewish squatters, such a situation is clearly unacceptable, and for easy-to-understand reasons.

Why, Iran–Beholden to no one Iran…Sovereign Iran….Stabile Iran…Strong Iran–might wind up becoming a role model for those 300 million Arabs…She might start tutoring them on what they need to do in achieving what she did in 1979. Next thing you know, the Arabs, rather than being disoriented and ‘scurrying around like drugged cockroaches’ (as former Mossed capo Rafael Eitan once quipped) are getting their Ps and Qs together. They are organized. They are reading off the same page and functioning like a well-tuned political machine. As a result, they begin electing leaders who put Arab interests 1st, 2nd and 3rd…They then begin kicking Western influences out, at which point they begin courting other powers such as Russia or China, and next thing ya know—


The thousands-of-years-old dream of Eretz Israel vanishes before it even materializes as it did in 70 AD, revealing the entire codified-in-the-Torah Jewish narrative and its dreams of territorial conquest of the entire Middle East and acquisition of its natural resources as nothing more than the mere rantings of madmen hearing voices in their heads.

And it is due entirely to all this that organized Jewish interests make sure NEVER to discuss ‘Eretz Israel’ as it is described in the bible. This is why—through their control over the leadership of Western Christian churches–that the ‘fine print’ and ‘hidden clauses’ concerning the REAL Jewish state are NEVER discussed and instead, the narrative centers around ‘poor, defenseless LITTLE Israel’…Cute little Israel…Apple of God’s eye Israel…

The day that these same Christian societies come to understand that they have signed onto a 1,000-year war in destabilizing dozens of countries containing over a billion righteously-angry people, and at the same time start doing the math on what it has cost ALREADY, these same Christian societies will then tear up such a contract and lynch those responsible for consigning them and their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness towards the furtherance of these ‘hidden clauses’.

Clearly, as current events are proving to be the case on a daily basis, no other people in any time period of recorded history have been able to do so much damage so efficiently and with nothing more than a little ink, some papyrus and a dash of black magic they call ‘hasbara’. Waving this self-composed narrative in the face of the world like some eons-old lottery ticket acquired from that great Seven-Eleven in the sky, complete with winning numbers on it that never expire, it—the religious literature of the Jews—is now proving to be the most dangerous WMD ever employed against mortal, civilized man. With this document (and the magic incantations contained therein) each individual member of the cast becomes a shareholder in its destructive powers, similar to radioactive particles whose ingathering results in critical mass and the inevitable thermonuclear reaction.

While indeed it is in its early stages–this thermonuclear reaction known as the ingathering of Jewish power–let those with the ability to do so (principally the West where the preponderance of political, economic and military power resides) pull the plug on this Fukashima type disaster before it reaches the point of no return.

The alternative to such is that if (when) such a point of no return is reached, it would eerily resemble the fulfillment of dire warnings left by the One man remembered these last 2,000 years for His opposition to the radioactive nature of Jewish power, and who described this apocalyptic condition simply as one where ‘no flesh would survive’.

Mark Glenn

*Ed note—the map of ‘Greater Israel’ was taken from Wikipedia that included the following caveat in its description—

“This image is a work of a Central Intelligence Agency employee, taken or made as part of that person’s official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain.”

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Clinton tells Muslims to disregard campaign talk


ed note–it is stories such as this that convince me more and more everyday that it is perhaps time to pack up and leave.

Consider what the US SoS is saying here–’The islamophobic comments being made by various presidential candidates from the Republican party are not USGOV ‘official’ policy.

HOWEVER, IT HAS BEEN AND REMAINS USGOV policy to bomb Islamic countries back into the stone age, destroy their infrastructure, kill millions of innocent people and in general make the lives of the living innocent hell on earth.

This was the kind of lip service that was part and parcel of how the Soviet Union did business, and yet we still beat our breasts and talk about how we are a ‘free’ people.

TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton advised an audience in Tunisia on Saturday to “not pay attention” to the comments made by candidates vying for the Republican presidential nomination, saying the often overheated rhetoric of the campaign doesn’t reflect U.S. policy.

Speaking at a town-hall style event in Tunisia, the North African nation that sparked the “Arab Spring” revolts, Clinton said the partisan remarks made during campaign events “certainly don’t reflect the United States, don’t reflect our foreign policy, don’t reflect who we are as a people.”

Clinton’s remarks came in response to a question from a member of her audience who said he was troubled by some of the comments, which he considered anti-Muslim, made by candidates running for president.

“If you go to the United States, you see mosques everywhere, you see Muslim-Americans everywhere. That’s the fact. So I would not pay attention to the rhetoric,” she said.

Instead, she advised people to listen instead to President Barack Obama.

“I think that will be a very clear signal to the entire world as to what our values are,” Clinton said.

She added that she is sometimes surprised that people around the world pay more attention to what’s said in U.S. political campaigns than do most Americans.

“I think you have to shut out some of the rhetoric and just focus on what we’re doing and what we stand for and particularly what our president represents,” Clinton said.

Obama has come under fierce criticism from Republicans for apologizing for the burning of Qurans at a military base in Afghanistan.

GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich said while campaigning that the apology was “astonishing” and that Obama “has gone so far at appeasing radical Islamists that he is failing in his duty as commander in chief,”

American military officials say the burning of the Muslim holy books was a mistake, but it has sparked days of violent protests across Afghanistan.

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Hillary Clinton says Syrian military may oust President Assad


With deep divisions preventing forceful international action, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton suggested security forces long loyal to Bashar Assad and his family could oust the Syrian president and end the bloodshed that is ripping his country apart.

A much-anticipated gathering of representatives of more than 60 countries held Friday in the Tunisian capital highlighted divisions at multiple levels: within the anti-Assad international coalition, the fractured Syrian opposition and the people of Syria, where Assad maintains considerable support among minorities fearful of a takeover by Islamists.

Clinton and other leaders of a coalition calling itself Friends of Syria demanded an immediate halt to the violence, but ended up satisfying almost no one.

“This conference does not meet the aspirations of the Syrian people,” said Burhan Ghalioun, leader of the Syrian National Council, an opposition umbrella group. Pro-Assad demonstrators rallied outside the venue.

The delegation from Saudi Arabia, frustrated at the failure to take more direct action such as arming the Syrian rebels, withdrew from the conference.

Clinton, in comments to reporters, raised the prospect of a coup to remove Assad, who has withstood an almost yearlong rebellion.

“We also know from many sources that there are people around Assad who are beginning to hedge their bets … they didn’t sign up to slaughter people,” Clinton said.

Clinton cited the cases last year of Tunisia and Egypt, where militaries stepped in to remove longtime autocratic leaders after popular protests.

“We saw this happen in other settings last year,” Clinton said. “I think it is going to happen in Syria.”

Clinton’s suggestion that top Syrian officers might take matters into their own hands was an explicit recognition of one scenario that could avert an even longer struggle: removing the polarizing figure of Assad, whose family has ruled Syria for more than 40 years. Much of the opposition, including the Syrian National Council, has rejected negotiations with Assad and insisted that he must go.

Clinton and other Obama administration officials have hinted that they would like to see elements within Syria oust Assad. But Robert Danin, a former State Department official now with the Council on Foreign Relations, said Clinton’s statement Friday was “by far the most explicit call by the administration for what would be a coup.”

“It would be the quickest, most expeditious way, and it would also leave intact one of the few functioning institutions in the country,” Danin said. The administration has been publicly committed to trying to leave as much of Syria’s order as possible intact, in part to calm the fears of minorities that Assad’s departure could plunge the country into chaos.

The military “is still one of the few institutions in the country that can provide unity and stability,” Danin said.

However, many Syria observers say the prospect of a coup is remote because of the presence around Assad of a coterie of loyal commanders and advisors from his minority Alawite sect, an offshoot of Shiite Islam. Some Alawites have come to view the conflict as a sectarian fight for survival against radical Sunni Islamist forces backed by Saudi Arabia and other Sunni-dominated Persian Gulf states.

Others say that even if there was a coup, there is no guarantee that other Alawite commanders would not keep on fighting, perhaps under the banner of Assad’s brother Maher, who commands an important military brigade.

The conference opted not to recognize any opposition group as the sole representative of the Syrian people, a blow for the Syrian National Council. Instead, the international coalition labeled the group “a legitimate representative of Syrians seeking peaceful democratic change,” but it pointedly withheld exclusive recognition of any one faction among many opposition currents.

Its failure to embrace arming the disparate rebel movement may reflect doubts in Washington and elsewhere about the makeup of the insurgent forces and their commitment to democracy.

Reports have circulated of Islamic militants from Iraq and elsewhere heading to Syria to fight Assad’s forces. Al Qaeda’s leader, Ayman Zawahiri, recently called on Muslims from neighboring countries to join the battle to topple Assad.

The Syrian government blames “terrorists” backed by foreign countries for much of the violence, including several mysterious car bombings in major cities.

The conference attendees did agree to tighten sanctions against the Assad government, which is grappling with an economic free fall because of the violence and previous sanctions, including a European oil embargo.

The Saudi role is indicative of the geopolitical importance of Syria, a neighbor of Israel and a close ally of Iran, Saudi Arabia’s fierce rival in the region. Analysts say Saudi officials are keen to see Assad replaced by a government reflecting Syria’s majority Sunni population, which would presumably be hostile to Tehran.

Saudi Arabia and its gulf allies, especially oil- and gas-rich Qatar, reportedly pushed for some form of direct aid to the rebels, who are facing off mostly with rifles against Assad’s heavily armored military.

“My country cannot take part in any [meeting] that would not lead to protecting the Syrian people,” Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud al Faisal was quoted as saying, a clear rebuff of an approach that opposition critics call rhetoric over action.

During an appearance with Clinton in Tunis, the foreign minister said that arming the rebels was “an excellent idea.”

Casting a shadow over the Tunisia meeting was the specter of neighboring Libya, where a Western-led bombing campaign contributed directly to the ouster last year of Moammar Kadafi.

Neither Russia nor China wants to see a repeat of the Libya scenario in Syria. The two countries have twice vetoed U.N. Security Council resolutions condemning Assad’s handling of the Syrian protests.

Neither Russia nor China attended the Tunis conference. Both nations have called for “dialogue” to resolve the Syrian crisis and are opposed to any international steps that could lead to foreign military intervention in Syria, where Russia has considerable business and strategic interests.

Russia is also keen not to lose its last major ally in the Arab world.

Clinton denounced the stance taken by Russia and China as “despicable.”

Assad did lose one longtime ally. The Palestinian militant group Hamas ditched its longtime patron and publicly backed the opposition. Hamas recently abandoned its former headquarters in Damascus, signaling a shift that was confirmed Friday. Assad still retains the support of militant group Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, which is also a close ally of Iran.

Opposition activists reported that violence continued to rage across much of Syria on Friday. The Local Coordination Committees, an opposition coalition, said at least 103 people died, 32 of them in the central city of Homs, which has been under government shelling for three weeks.

A group of international Red Cross and Syrian Red Crescent ambulances arrived in Homs’ hard-hit Baba Amr neighborhood Friday to begin evacuating civilians, a Red Cross spokesman said. Among the injured were two Western journalists hit in shelling Wednesday that killed two other journalists: veteran U.S.-born reporter Marie Colvin of London’s Sunday Times and French freelance photographer Remi Ochlik.

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Santorum: no apology needed for Quran burning

Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum criticized President Barack Obama’s apology for the burning of Qurans in Afghanistan, adding that Afghanistan should apologize to the U.S. for the deaths of four U.S. soldiers during six days of violence sparked by the incident.

“There was nothing deliberately done wrong here,” Santorum said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week”. “This was something that happened as a mistake.  Killing Americans in uniform is not a mistake.  It was something that deliberate.”

More than 30 people have been killed in clashes since it emerged Tuesday that copies of the Muslim holy book and other religious materials had been thrown into a fire pit used to burn garbage at Bagram Air Field, a large U.S. base north of Kabul. Protesters angry over Quran burnings by American troops lobbed grenades Sunday at a U.S. base in northern Afghanistan and clashed with police and troops in a day of violence that left seven international troops wounded and two Afghans dead.

“The response needs to be apologized for by (President Hamid) Karzai and the Afghan people for attacking and killing our men and women in uniform and overreacting to this inadvertent mistake,” Santorum said on NBC’s “Meet the Press”. “That is the real crime here, not what our soldiers did.”

The president’s apology suggests that there is blame and that the U.S. did something wrong “in the sense of doing a deliberate act,” Santorum said.

Santorum says that rather than saying he was sorry, Obama should have only acknowledged that burning copies of Islam’s holiest book in a trash pit was wrong and taken responsibility for the incident, “but to apologize, I think, lends credibility that somehow or another that it was more than that.”

Santorum is the latest Republican to criticize Obama for apologizing for burning the religious materials. Despite apologies from the president and other U.S. officials for what they said was a mistake, their regrets have not quelled the anger of Afghans, who viewed the Quran burnings as an illustration of what they perceive as foreign disrespect for their culture and religion.


Appeal To President Obama


In yesterday’s TUT podcast, I made an appeal to the listeners to contact President Obama and let him know that we the people are aware of an impending false flag attack by Israel on an American interest somewhere. Below is the message I left on the White House website–

President Obama, A sizable number of us Americans understand the pressure you are under from Israel to attack Iran. We also know that your military and intelligence advisors are telling you this would be disasterous to our nation. We also know that if Israel does not get her way she will more than likely try another false flag attempt on an American interest somewhere, no different than what took place with Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY in 1967. The American people are with you and do not want another war for Israel’s benefit. Stay firm and resolute in the face of the demands they are making on you.

We at TUT are humbly asking the readers to copy and send this same message to the White House, or if you prefer, one of your own in the same vein.

The page for leaving comments to the President is as here

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