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By: Jo Ann Wescott

Ken O’Keefe

Cmmunity Interest Companies has been one of his best ways of operating his scams because, it gives him the leverage he needs to get away with his intended schemes.  Using Charity Status would restrict him because, he would have to be more responsible and accountable. With CIC he can get away with taking an enormous amount of monies.   I will soon share the sites I posted over a month and a half ago for you to see how exactly CIC works.

  • Jo Ann Wescott Jo Ann Wescott This site was one of Kens other scams. Notice how it sounds just like today. Within the same donation operations with Palestine?? This is an absolute replica of prior Con attempts may it be successful or not. WOW! He created causes and used them within groups of people who are compassionate and have always had great concerns for helping. He took advantage of people like us who are fighters and speakers for the vulnerable and helpless. All of us who are activists are very passionate about saving lives and helping the helpless. And ken O’keefe used that to scam us all. He used that make so much money it’s beyond comprehension. While the real people he collected donations for were just left with nothing and to die from the unbelievable retched, horrid, war ravished territories and circumstances.

    What else is to be expected when there is no money, food, water, and safety.And only death surrounds them every second of the day. Ken O’keefe used their bloodshed and their horrid pain to make money. RRRRRRR!!!!! Ken has gotten into fields of occupation in his life that would bring in donations. Just like save the whales and sea life etc. Everything he has gotten into he did it not for the subject but, for the opportunity to make money off the subject and leave the subject to die. THIS IS PATTERN.-

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    Jo Ann Wescott——Ken O’keefe has an absolute “PATTERN” of how he operates in regards to Donation Collections. He is an expert Con Artist who after all his exposure is still collecting from people now. He is a relentless money raiser. Addicted to using peoples deepest cares & concerns and transforming it into a lot of money. Even if he just did not care for them at all. He saw people as money opportunities in extreme ways.–

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    Hate for Bush keeps itself alive. The world despises this man and we can only ex…See More

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Ken O Keefe

1-Universal Kinship Society.

Umbrella business ACCEPTING FUNDING FOR OTHER PROJECTS OF KO’K. Can not find any

financials for this company e.g used to collect funds for P10K Human Shields 2003. It lost its US

tax exempt status last year for failure to file for three consecutive years.

Under this banner are- P10K, Deep ecology inc, Aloha Palestine, Trade NOT Aid and TJP. Purpose

according to Guidestar (verifies purpose as filed with IRS as educational film making)

Registered August 25,1999

Involuntarily Dissolved

Annual Filings


2005 Delinquent

2004 Delinquent

2003 Delinquent

2002 Not Required

2001 Mar 10, 2003 Processed

2000 May 16, 2003 Processed

1999 May 16, 2003 Processed

Late filings, note that Ken caught up with his filings in 2003 because at that point he used Universal

Kinship Society (founded per IRS as an educational film effort)to run funds through for his Iraqi

Human Shield effort. After 2003 UKS never made any further filings and was involuntarily

dissolved. Could not access figures, but I am sure an accountant would know how to do this



2;Deep Ecology Inc.

According to info on KOK left Deep Ecology Inc in November


According to

KOK is President and Director of this successful business still on 01 January 2011

The annual estimated turnover for this business is up to $2.5 million.

Ken denys that he has anything to do with this company.

3; 2003 Human Shield –


KOK instigated about 60 people to travel in convoy on buses to Baghdad to act as human shields in

the Bush bombings.

In the video you tube- human shield( 40 min documenray by

Journeyman) it is stated that the volunteers pay $850 each for their expenses. The video also states

that there were about 60 people on the buses. 60 x 850= $ 51000

On the web page for Human Shield, KOK has listed his estimated costings for the journey.

Travel costs 5900-8900

Phone 600-1000 “

Laptop 1200-2000 “

Camera 2500 “

misc 1000-2000 “

Total expenses necessary 12000- 18400

KOK says on his site that any left over funds will be donated to the people.. which people?

We have received many emails from people who say at the time there were a lot of unanswered

questions of where the money had gone and rumours of it going to Hawaii. We do not have the

time or resources to check it out… The paypal of this company is still active and donations are still

able to be accepted. We have no way of accessing them to see how many donations are being and

have been received .

The following are two accounts of a gentleman that was there. They are very worth reading.

John Ross – Life and Death at the Daura Refinery | 1000Memories

John Ross – Endgame in Baghdad: as Bush Triggers the Genocide of the Iraqi People, Human

Shields Go.



Non-profit” 4. P10K


Immediately following being kicked out of Iraq, Ken went to Palestine with his P10K idea. Here is

the link to the P10K donate site.

Although claiming to be a non-profit, no UK or Hawaii entity by that name can be found. Note that

it is written that all expenditures had been halted and all financial records would be made public.

This was never done. All left over monies would go to a “Palestinian charity”, which charity? Note

Ken writes that if the P10K forces did not materialize by Sept 2005, P10K would be no more.

However using the internet wayback machine, Ken was still pushing this project up til the time he

joined Free Gaza in summer 2008….

ext: Ken volunteered for Free Gaza. Info on this can be obtained from Greta Berlin who is highly

respected. Ken volunteered to captain the boats but did not have the proper captain’s license. The

license he holds still is a 6-pac (for a 6 passenger commercial dive boat)This resulted in having to

find someone to replace Ken at short notice because FG needed qualified licensed captain. Ken did

not return to Cyprus with Free Gaza. Instead he stayed behind friending Lauren Booth (Sarah Booth


Business 5. Aloha Palestine.

Incorporated October 16, 2008 as a Private Limited Company (same as Samouni)-later changed to

a Community Interest Company, January 7, 2010. IMPORTANT to note, while CIC directors are

entitled a salary, the only persons other than Ken on the board of Aloha Palestine were his wife and

Jack Adams (both added Oct 2009) Jack Adams resigned in May 2010 shortly before the Mavi

Marmara incident,Fadwa was terminated April 8,2011.

Incorporation papers (note at the bottom you will see Sara (Lauren) Booth. She subsequently

removed herself from Aloha Palestine and is not seen on any further documentation. October Strike

notice sent for overdue financial filings for first year of business (08-09)

Filed on: 19 Oct 2010


Form: GAZ1 – First notification of strike-off action in London Gazette (Section 652)


Financials, filed more than a year late. Year ended October 2009, filed after receiving strike notice

in January 2011. Note that Ken was in Gaza at the time so Fadwa was the one meeting the


company income £36,888

left after expenses £198

Today received Companies House monitoring alert for Aloha Palestine:

All documents for Aloha Palestine are purchasable here:

what has happened to the money donated


There a lot of unhappy people asking about their funds with this too

6;2010 Road to HopeIn light of this, surely you

know how things run in activism and surely you know that a big part of it depends on donations.

The “kidnapping” took place in Libya, while RTH’s convoy was there. A ship was required for the

transportation of the convoy’s vehicles to Egypt. The charterer of the vessel had to pay a freight.

RTH asked for people to donate money in order for the freight of the vessel to be paid. The money

was gathered. According to RTH and Ken, who was the convoy’s leader, the freight was paid to the


The exact amount of freight paid still remains a mystery though, since according to Ken’s writings

one time it was $55,000, the other $75,000 and the third $82,500. Whatever the exact amount they

allegedly paid (and this is where the term “allegedly” needs to be used since the burden of proof,

i.e. the payment or wire receipt of the money paid to the ship owning company still lies with RTH

& Ken up to this date), we are still talking about a 5-digit number, which was raised from


At some point RTH & Ken said that the money was safely recovered….whatever that means.

First, what is the exact amount of money recovered? Second, what happened to the money?

RTH & Ken wrote and promised that RTH would go through an internal review with regards to this

whole incident. The outcome of the review remains unknown, as of this writing, and a

considerable number of donors is still not informed as to whatever happened to the money

they donated for a humanitarian cause.

It still remains a mystery to what happened to a 5-digit amount of dollars.

7, 2011 Samouni Project;

 Samouni Project incorporation papers. A Limited Private

Company with Noor, Mousheera and Ahmad Salti (also

resides in the UK) as board members and Ken listed as

Managing Director.

Again, another PLC




total so far $7,325


these accounts are all Kens and we have no idea how much has gone into them

Paypal> purpose ~ Ref: class-rooms-1312065437

Paypal> shop payments also go here^^^^

Paypal > The Samouni Project purpose ~ Samouni Project

Paypal > Donations go to

Paypal >


This is Kens personal website where he explains about himself on all the topics he is “ expert” on.

This is a sample page…….

Invest in TJP;

I am very blessed man who works full-time for the creation of a better world. I chose this life and

abandoned my paradise life in Hawaii as the owner of my own whale watching & dive business,

living on the beach, with money, doing what I loved. Hawaiian Independence and human rights

work put me on this path much less travelled, a path of dubious existence and financial insecurity.

Nine years later I remain on that path, financially impoverished, but in real terms a very rich man

indeed. Invest in me or not, I will continue this work. Thank you to all those who have helped me

one way or the other, I feel good in knowing that I have not let you down.


Ken O’Keefe

you “click” to donate

the good


Catherine Myles said that “she is in control of the money”  but, she did not have the entire amount of money being handled. Ken had his other sources. Like Deep Ecology, Mom, Mother In Law, Common Law wife and a few followers he used because, some had felony criminal records and he would be able to use it against them when the time came for ken to need a fall guy. Even Catherine had a bogus account that she showed us. What Kind of accounts did Catherine really have. Since she was in charge of more that just the bogus account. She had paypals, Western Unions, Checks, Money Orders, Wire Transfers etc.

Catherine is trying to save herself now. But, she knew she was breaking the law. She knew that very well. And now she wants to be seen as a victim.  Ken O’Keefe had overall control of the donated money? Catherine was more involved than she says she was. And Ken of course is laughing all the way to the bank. He knew Catherine would break the laws and be as greedy as he was. She should of known better but, she wanted to please her master Ken O’keefe. And now both Ken and Catherine are having to pay the piper and their trying to clean eachothers rear ends with one another.


All of this information has been gathered over a period of 4 months. And some of it has been recently enhanced. This information has derived from my notes posted within the Jo Ann Wescot Facebook account. And much of the information has also been shared on Radio a few weaks back. There is much more.


Anyone can count on me to share details as soon as information is available. I have not held back and I will not begin to anytime soon.


Here is some additional information that has been deleted off the net a couple of weaks ago.


Here is the other part of it: —————————————————-Sunday, 31 July 2011



Ken O’Keefe has been accused of misappropriating funds and no amount of smooth talking, subterfuge and diversion are going to alter that. He is said to have used Samouni funds for a Mac book Pro for himself (Fraud). Attempted to get a convoy member to say she was driving a vehicle that he crashed (Fraud!!) and has been said to have pocketed funds on the UK promotional tour (Fraud and theft). What is worst is the now desperate measures he is taking to divert attention away from what he has alleged to have done.


Why is it that no other activist in the Palestinian movement has ever been accused of misappropriating funds – solely HIMSELF? Please do not say that MI5, the CIA or Mossad have it in for him as quite seriously – he is nothing special and assumes an importance he does not have! Do not say that people are jealous of him. Jealous of what – a man who has a string of failed ventures to his name but sees these as successes?


Why is it that he sets up projects that he never completes – a ship to Gaza, 10,000 people to Gaza etc, etc, etc. He is a failure at everything he has ever put his hand to, but, for reasons known only to himself (or perhaps a certified psychiatrist) he has a persecution complex worthy of any Zionist. People are always out to get him aren’t they – Zionists, infiltrators, MI5, MI6, Mossad, the CIA – the list is endless, the paranoia without end and the tedium beyond measure.


None of this would have ever happened if he had done the honourable and expected thing (given his sullied track record) and published his incomings and outgoings. He refused to publish his accounts, because he believes that he has the fundamental right to be answerable to no one. Donations given to him, he regards as his personal slush fund because he has some quite frankly bizarre, inverted Messianic complex. He is not Desmond Tutu or Nelson Mandela or any person worthy of the mantle of hero.


He is merely a man who does not want to get a job, sees Palestine as a means of generating income and will probably move onto some other continent when all of this dies down. Where next Ken O’Keefe? Will he insert himself into Myanmar, South America, Africa? I suspect there is an awful lot of money to be made from the persecuted people there.


Show proof that the Samouni family were going to be granted visas to travel. Show the proof. Any idiot would have realised that this was untenable. But since he insists it is true – show the correspondence which demonstrates otherwise. Catherine Myles et al you say, are dangerous BUT merely it seems because they have exposed what has been going on (but frankly they should have worked this out a lot sooner rather than supporting you from the onset) . If Ken O’keefe was in the right, he would not be seeking money to help fund a legal action against his detractors, he would have headed down to his nearest police station to report her for fraud, and misappropriation of funds, but it appears there is far more evidence against him!


Why did he use donated money to “do up his trucks” which advertised his various businesses IF he was going to donate those trucks to the Palestinian people? He has point blank refused to answer these questions – any of them – and this tactic of simply going online to post long, rambling and paranoid statements about people being Zionists and lifes being put at risk because of every single person other than HIMSELF, is cringeworthy. If had a single ounce of integrity, he would have answered these questions. No one has to be a soothsayer to know how he/his followers will now respond to criticism – ZIONIST, you will scream, CIA you will shout – hoping that the louder you shout this the more people will believe you. Well, I aint no damned Zionist and I say it here and I say it loud that ANYONE who loses the key to their brain to give this man a single dime should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.


I’d advise, each and ever person who may have been affected by this man by giving donations or being pressured to give donations, to go down to your local police station, report him and then let’s see where the die falls!

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Catherine Myles threatened my friends and insulted me. She got my address and passed it around and said I hung out at a corner of a street all day. And she did this because, I was exposing Ken O’keefe’s thievieng and Conning. She was part of it. And now she wants to look innocent. Here is an example of what she was like. And this is nothing. She was very wicked and evil to me for the last 4 months. She fought hard to destroy me. All of Ken O’keefes people worked around the clock to get my page deleted and some how tried to frighten me in some way enough to silence me. But, I would not back down. Even after they stated they wanted me to die on the same thread they were excited about finding my address.  And I still never silenced myself.


Now all these other women who denied me for the last 4 months and some complained I was going to fast.  Are coming out of the wood worrk now trying to step on my toes and kick me to the curb. Now that this whole case has been broken open these women are trying to be noticed as if they were the ones working so hard for the last 4 months. But, they were hiding and laying low. I was out in the open throwing punches all by myself. A few friends backed me up and it helped alot. Peter Storm, Scott Pirano, Maria Nuacence, Deirdre O’neil,Victoria, Mary Mc Sherry, Llyn, John Carlo, Jason Neil, Scott Roberts, Dean Henderson, Salah Manning, Mike Knicely, Felicity, Ziggy Menzel, Robert Dobbs, etc. I will name the others shortly. These are friends who were also threatened by Catherine Myles and David Markarian. And others I will name soon. Catherine has yet not apologized to my friends. Not sure if she has to me. But, so far she has not tried hard enough.


Yet, Catherine Myles, Ria, Robin Mclaren, Rizzo ( whom sees no problem with pornographers being with children), and others have raped my Facebook page for all the information I have posted and distributed. I have all kinds of information that I gathered relentlessly within the last 4 months by many different sources. Much of it by common sense and looking up key words into search engines. And of all the women who hate me only Mclaren was one who gave me a few pieces of infrormation and Maha did a little to. Robin had been sitting on this information for nearly 1 yr. 1/2 or more. She never made a real effort to ditribute it. Now that I have distributed the information she is outraged with me. LOL! It makes no sense for that woman to be so mad because, I pushed it and she did not.

And Paul was also another person who gave me information that Mclaren thought only she had. But, she was very wrong. We have group threads involving discussions of information between others Mclaren did not know. I was involved in various group threads gathering all I could to distribute and bring to life into the minds of everyone who could have a voice to share and speak out. I brought all the information from all ends into one page for all to analys. And I’m happy it worked in bringing Ken O’keefe to his knees. I know Ken and David Markarian will try and kill me. But, it’s worth it to me. The children will not be with David Markarian the Hard Core Sexual Torture Bondage Pornographer, Freemason, that owns an Escort service. That’s for sure and I’m very happy for that more than anything. YESSSSSSSS!!!!!


I will soon be adding all the horrid threats and criminal acts by Catherine Myles who knew better but, still continued to assault us for questioning Ken O’keefe.


by Catherine Myles on Sunday, 31 July 2011 at 03:29



We the committee were formed officially after two convoy members presented an agenda to Ken O’Keefe in regards to his mis- handling of the Samouni Project.Under his autocratic leadership, it would have gone nowhere. His interests were solely those of self promotion and getting his personal company Aloha Palestine set up with “Commercial Vehicles” that he intended to keep. In the last ten days we have discovered that we have all been duped by this 2 bit con man and lied to in the most horrendous manner. Volunteers who have worked harder than KOK has ever done in his life, have been treated like abused dogs and set up as fall guys,by this devious manipulative and frankly evil man.

We cannot at present publish all receipts and accounts as we are working very hard to get the project moving in the correct manner. We will give all accounts and the receipts we have, KOK claimed to 2 different members that receipts were lost. So we have no way of accounting for what he did with these monies.

Anyone who wishes to take legal action against this man and his IT worker who helped with all his websites and paypal links we will assist in any way we can..We wish to shed light on a all we can at present and will do our utmost to collate and publish all we have. Legal action may have to be taken after the full accounts are done.This may take some time.

All this is diverting away from the project,but in the interests of fairness we wish to give you all as much as we can right now.

Please read the following synopsis of events and you will see we could not have acted sooner.


The volunteers worked very hard and diligently, but all were under the direct control of KOK, no one was allowed to question any decision. Those who questioned were dismissed and abused.


He then asked for payment to be sent to his families accounts for a New Mac Book Pro, he stated clearly that this money would be returned and was in Aloha Palestine Paypal account..The money for this Mac Book had to paid to his Girlfriend Fadwa Dajani and her mother W.Dajani. This was never returned, many similar promises were made in regards to money, all prove now to be lies.


We have been accused of endangering womens lives in Gaza, however please check our online profiles, not one of us has made an accusation or statement to this effect. It is KOK who makes these statements and accusations, please check his statements and internet posts, so the only person endangering anyone is KOK.We will not be dragged into an internet verbal war.


The first we knew something was amiss, KOK had an accident in Bristol in the 7.5 ton bus.A female convoy member was physically taken to the scene of the accident and made to say she was driving, as it transpired KOK had no licence, ergo no insurance.

Please read this statement 29 July at 11:40 Report


Hi Catherine, We seem to keep on missing each others calls, but thank you for your apology, I appreciate it!

Yes, what can I say except that Ken had me fooled for a long time and despite several warnings from many people (also people in Gaza) I chose to ignore it until he showed his true colours to us in Bristol.

My husband, is the most placid person you can ever wish to meet, and he said to me that Ken was all show and no substance. They spent several hours on the road waiting for Ken’s truck to be fixed (turned out to be NO FUEL!), and during that time?????? had some time to ask Ken a few questions and enquire about several issues relating to Gaza. Ken could answer very few questions…..he was so totally obsessed with “the people who are doing him in”, the “lies that are spread on the Net”, “how he cannot trust anyone”, etc., etc.

The main object Palestine and Gaza had little discussion! Unfortunately for him ????? is very knowledgeable about most things going on in Palestine, he belongs to various committees and is not a fool. He could see through Ken in a second! What really upset us as well was when Ken bumped his bus into our neighbour’s car and was quite happy (in fact EXPECTED) ?????? to pretend that she was the driver! What man will stand and allow a woman to take the blame….such a coward.

After he and his family left my home, where we went out of our way to accommodate them, feed them, clothe them….(with designer clothes from my cupboard and baby clothes bought in Europe specially for his baby),Ken turned on us like a viper! The conversation he had with ????? on the Sunday morning was beyond terrible! He is very ungrateful, self obsessed, nasty and should be stopped immediately. He is high profile person on the TV and Net, people should be made aware of his behaviour and real motives. I think this needs police intervention….?

We can only take this as a very expensive lesson and carry on with what is the most important…..Gaza and Palestine. Lets carry on, I will give you our support as much as we can and lets try and get the aid to Gaza. Where is all the stuff? Do you have the vehicles in your possession? Hopefully so!

Speak soon and keep up the good work!

Lots of love and peace “

Two weeks ago we received a call from from Gaza that KOK owed $1800 to Wael Samouni. He had been waiting some months for this money from KOK but received no response. Wee immediately paid this money via Western Union to Wael Samouni.KOK had no intention of doing this.


The Samouni Project went on a promotional tour of the UK, but it soon became apparent to all on board that this was the KOK show.Engagements were broken, people treated like animals, women forced to sleep in carparks,on concrete alone, use public car parks as toilets for all that women need (this was disgusting), whilst OK slept in a large double bed in the safety of his mobile office/home. The drivers had to sleep in the drivers seats with very little sleep before driving again. People were treated as disposable garbage !

During this time we contacted the home office in regards to the family Al-Samouni’s Visa’s..There are no Visa’s there will be no Visa’s. When we tackled KOK about this, he told us that we were to pay the fees to the home Office and just print the rejection online. A waste of yet more funds and more disappointment to the family. Still today to our knowledge he is lying to the Samouni Family and telling them they are coming to Europe, this is not being permitted by any EU government. They must be told the truth. We have no idea of the other promises he has made, although efforts are being made in Gaza to secure this information. We will not be able to honour all these promises. We will never be able to honour the lies he told.

We will not engage in an online war but we are collating much more information about him, his lies and double dealings. He is not married to a Palestinian at all. He can easily disprove this, publish his marriage certificate? We had no interest in going down this route,but he is leaving us with no choice. He accuses us of slander, when we have not spoken. We have published the bank records that prove money was paid to to him and his family. That he spent over £2900 on graphics and paint on a truck that is not even valued at this.

He asked for ALL vehicles to be registered to his personal company Aloha Palestine on a commercial basis, please search AP has an office in Cyprus. These vehicles belong to Gaza not KOK.


We have heard from Gaza that KOK is unwelcome in Gaza, this comes from the top levels.

We know that AP is under a tax investigation and KOK require the vehicles to show the tax man as assets.He and his girlfriend disclosed this to a few people. They are both complicit in this..

He has never rendered any receipts for expenses despite frequent requests, we have one hand written note for £100 for hard drive for his video camera.

We know that a collection was made in Bradford Mosques on the road tour and he did not hand the money to those collecting the cash at all. In fact the convoy member who queried this was removed from the convoy.

We publish only facts, no speculation , no accusations, just fact.

We have many other statements form others who have worked with KOK, some wish to remain private as they are terrified of him and he has threatened them. So we honour their privacy. But we hope we can get them to speak out openly, from Human Shield to today. I f not we stand alone. We will not allow this Snake Oil salesman to damage anyone else, to use Gaza for his own ego and tell another lie to feather his own nest. We could publish many personal insults here, but we will not, as for Catherine Myles in 2010 taking down an anti-zionist, this was publically done with her and others from the Mid East and cause, is this the worst he can find on her? He was a white supremacist and Nazi. This is documented. And why has this not been brought up until now? Ludicrous.

KOK has a swastika on his stomach and freely admits to prior being a member of a USA white supremacist movement, as he could not climb the higher echelons there, he moved to somewhere else.

We will not enter a public foray, we will not be dragged into the mire by this gutter snipe. The facts are plain. He lies about fundamental truths, marriage, finance, ideals, we do not need to say more at this stage.


We are collating a complete dossier, please feel free to add to it, we are not in the slander game, we deal only in facts. Our members Facebooks have been entered illegally and private notes posted on Google, they are receiving telephone death threats from blocked numbers, this is all now in the hands of the police. With todays technology even blocked numbers are easily traced through GPS.Tjis is the way KOK deals with things , threats and intimidation, his time is up. We will expose him for the con artist he is.


We now have a clear strategy to get the aid to Gaza, the aid does not belong to any individual, it belongs to Gaza and that is where it is going..TO GAZA. Unlike KOK we do not seek fame,or kudos, you will not find us on Youtube or anywhere else, we do not seek thanks we seek nothing bar Justice for Palestine. This we will achieve under the new leadership, under KOK it would not have made it to Dover.


We will give more details when collated but hope this stops the dreadful internet slander campaign. All bank accounts are available to all to see online and the minutes of the meetings.

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Zio-Nazi @ Work

The following is an interesting  debate between Rabbi Michael Lerner and myself hosted by Dennis Bernstein on KPFA Flashpoint. We agreed on some crucial issues to do with empathy but we also differ on some fundamental matters to do with Jewish history, Jewish suffering, Israel, Palestine etc’.

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Stop the War leaders and Libya: you can’t expel the truth


Statement by CPGB-ML, 1 March 2012


By attempting to unconstitutionally rescind CPGB-ML’s affiliation to the Stop the War coalition, StW ‘leaders’ are behaving in a criminally sectarian and cowardly manner.

Cowardly, because the Labour party, Counterfire and CPB leaders who dominate our coalition’s executive seek, by unconstitutionally expelling the CPGB-ML, to silence criticism and avoid having their failed policies on Libya in particular, and lack of consistent anti-imperialism more generally, scrutinised and overturned.

They seek to avoid answering to the coalition’s membership and having the truth behind these failures exposed: that their cosy relations with ‘left Labour’ (German-Benn, Murray-Corbyn, etc) and their personal political stock-in-trade are more dear to them than the stated aims of the StW coalition they purport to uphold.

That is why, at the crucial moment, rather than leading British workers to oppose Nato’s genocide in Libya, their personally cherished ideas and relations led StW to parrot the predatory propaganda of British imperialism, which was hell-bent on waging war upon Libya and the devastating this beautiful, historic, cultured and formerly most prosperous sovereign African nation — all in pursuit of Nato’s strategy of capital aggrandisement, regional and world domination.

All of which begs the question: can an anti-war movement be effectively led by members and supporters of a party that condones and conducts those wars?

Libya — a betrayal

Throughout the Libyan crisis, the conduct of the Stop the War Coalition was shameful, bringing us nothing but ignominy in the eyes of the world’s oppressed and struggling masses.

Prior to Nato’s bombardment, when US/British/French intervention was a little less blatant (very much in the vein of its current plot against Syria), conducted via MI6, CIA and other covert operatives, and through the funding of motley feudal and criminal elements, StW organised a demonstration. But this ‘anti-war’ demonstration was not against imperialism and its mercenaries in Benghazi, but against the Gaddafi government!

Owen Jones wrote on the StW website: “Let’s be clear. Other than a few nutters, we all want Gaddafi overthrown, dead or alive. In both his anti-western and pro-western incarnations, his record is that of a brutal and unquestionably slightly unhinged dictator. I will not caricature supporters of the bombing campaign as frothing-at-the-mouth neocons.

Andrew Murray, wrote in the Morning Star, while Nato’s blitzkrieg was underway, that “it is wrong to assert that the rebellion based in Benghazi was some sort of pro-imperialist plot from the outset“.

Is that so?

CPGB-ML, a member of the Stop the War Coalition since its inception, did not fall for this pro-imperialist whitewash, and on 11 March 2011 we issued a leaflet calling for the defence of Libya and its government. This was a principled and coherent anti-imperialist stance, which has stood the test of time. We are proud to have promoted it among British workers and activists — including those of the StW coalition — as part of our activity to oppose illegal and genocidal Nato wars, in Libya and elsewhere.

The text of our March 2011 ‘Hands off Libya! victory to Gaddafi!’ statement is freely available:

Further, in August 2011, we issued a leaflet calling on workers to “support the resistance” and “denounce StW treachery“:

It contained the following — remarkably restrained — criticism of StW’s position:

Some people and organisations, such as Stop the War, have been bamboozled by the non-stop and ubiquitous Goebbelsian propaganda that has spewed forth from the imperialist media ever since Gaddafi’s regime was put in place into believing that he is some kind of a monster who must be overthrown at all costs. In view of his record in defending the interests of the Libyan people, such an approach is absurd.

Stop the War, dominated as it is by organisations that devote themselves to spreading illusions in social democracy (ie, futile hopes that solutions for the working class and oppressed people are to be found within capitalism), still finds itself cheerleading for Gaddafi’s opponents: their only reason for opposing imperialist military intervention is that it may be harmful to the cause of imperialism’s local agents in Libya!

“Down with social-democratic treachery; down with imperialism!

John Rees and the ‘Don’t Mention the War’ campaign

With the lack of political will to defend Libya from imperialist attack, there was a corresponding dearth of activity on the ground. What happened to ‘our’ alleged ability to mobilise 2-million-strong marches, like the one held in February 2003 before the invasion of Iraq, which is so often cited and trumpeted? This kind of capitulation before the Nato juggernaut has made us an increasing irrelevance to British workers.

As tomahawk cruise missiles, bunker busters, white phosphorous and depleted uranium rained down on Libya, pulverising Tripoli and Sirte, targeting all progressive Libyans, and in particular Col Muammar Gaddafi — whose infant grandchildren were among the early victims of Nato’s dark forces — John Rees apparently felt no shame, declaring (in a similar vein to Liam Fox and William Hague) on a YouTube interview that “nobody is going to shed a tear for the fall of this brutal dictator [Gaddafi]”.

He further advised the quisling ‘Transitional National Council’ (in reality a front for Trans-National Corporations) to gain credibility by “telling the major powers where to get off” — ie, to adopt his own tactic of dressing up an imperialist campaign in ‘anti-imperialist’ colours. No doubt this would have been convenient for Rees, but the heartless clerics had another agenda.

During the bombing campaign, StW leadership belatedly declared its half-hearted opposition to the imperialist bombing campaign — not because they disagreed with Nato’s aims, but because it believed their methods were not effective enough. Bombing, they said, “would merely serve to bolster Gaddafi’s position, and thus undermine the cause of the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime” — which principle aim of imperialism in Libya, ‘Stop the War’ leaders continued to cherish and support.

We published a statement on 8 September, pointing out that with ‘anti-war friends’ like these, the Libyan people might well ask, ‘Who needs enemies?’

StW leaders — as the 2012 national conference agenda attests — barely make reference to their betrayal of Libya, as despite some mild queasiness and reservations they remain broadly in support of Gaddafi’s lynching.

Nor is the struggle in Libya — like the struggle in Iraq — over. Resistance is regrouping, even after the wholesale slaughter of the flower of Libya’s anti-imperialist leadership. The Green flag has been raised in Bani Walid, Tripoli, Sirte and elsewhere — long after Hilary Clinton stopped cackling with glee over the gruesome imagery of Gaddafi’s murder.

For while the feudal thugs of Nato’s TNC run amok in Libya, committing mass violations of its citizens’ rights, including (among other things) kidnapping, raping and murdering Libyan women, and lynching anyone with black skin, while helping Nato bandits to help themselves to Libya’s oil and financial wealth, there can be no peace.

Let us all reflect — if there was previously any room for doubt — that these are not the actions of a popular-democratic revolution, but the pogroms of a decaying, imperialist-backed feudal movement attempting to divide and destroy the unity and progressive sentiment built over 40 years among the formerly free Libyan people. Their gains can only be temporary; their ultimate defeat is certain.

Genocide and ethnic cleansing have been perpetrated, a nation stolen, its resources subsumed into the coffers of imperialist finance capital. The issue for us to address is that all the criticism from our ‘anti-war’ group was directed, not against Obama, Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, Balls, or the hosts of retainers without whom the war could not have been waged, but against its victims.

A ‘broad’ movement — the cry was ‘Unity’!

StW leaders frequently call for unity. It is interesting to compare their words with their deeds. Their response to CPGB-ML criticism of their anti-Libya propaganda was not reason or even attempted justification, but sectarian bureaucracy.

On 23 September, the CPGB-ML received an email from the Stop the War Coalition informing us of a decision by the “officers group” to “reject the affiliation” of our party. We were told that this was on the basis that the CPGB-ML had been “publicly attacking Stop the War Coalition” in its publications.

We again brought the debate back to the real issues, in our October statement:

Lindsey German sent a follow-up email clarifying that “the officers” felt that our “reported recent characterisation of some of them, including our chair Jeremy Corbyn, as ‘pro imperialists’ or ‘traitors’ was unacceptable from an affiliated organisation. We understand that sometimes debate on issues becomes heated, but feel that we could only consider affiliating you if there were assurances that you would not make such remarks in the future.

But when did StW declare its ‘officers group’ to be above criticism — on pain of expulsion? In what statute or officers group meeting minute is this ruling secreted away? We are certainly not aware of it. And how is the policy of a broad coalition to be corrected, if it errs, without criticism?

John Rees, speaking at StW’s 2010 conference, which had just passed the CPGB-ML’s No cooperation with war crimes‘ resolution thundered:

“I personally support the call for victory to the resistance in Iraq and Afghanistan — but I also know that the strength of our campaign comes from its breadth … And if this slogan puts off our affiliates — like the Quakers — then I am against it, and oppose the resolution.” (From memory)

Here is a fine thing. Counterfire leader John Rees opposing his own fervently held beliefs to hold a broad coalition together — for how can we have an anti-war movement without Quakers? (Incidentally, no Quaker we have ever spoken to — and we have spoken to a surprising number, although admittedly not at StW meetings — disagrees with the idea that an oppressed nation or people has the right to defend itself.)

Consistent anti-imperialism is just too far ahead of the curve, you see. Obviously, Rees is well up for the fight against British imperialism, but you know, these Quakers just aren’t gonna go for it, so — regrettably — the deal’s off. His speech, delivered to a carefully managed but highly spirited conference, was just enough to (narrowly) defeat the motion.

The choice: oppose Nato or compromise with imperialism

The real choice, of course, is not ‘Quakers or communists’, but whether the aim of StW can be reconciled with the class interests of the capitalists who wage these wars. If we are serious about actually stopping war, the CPGB-ML believes that we must oppose the capitalist imperialist system that on a daily and weekly basis engenders war — and campaign to raise British workers’ awareness of the actions of their own ruling class at home and abroad. This inevitably involves confronting groups and cliques that directly or indirectly support social democracy with the contradictions in their own political position.

Logically, that includes challenging the social-democratic ‘leaders’ of left Labour who talk of their opposition to war while in practice make their careers out of sitting in the parties of war and asking workers to support those parties at every juncture.We cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds.

Learning lessons for the future — defend Syria!

All this is not simply an academic exercise in point scoring. There are very real practical consequences for our work next week, next month and next year, which make it of vital importance that the coalition should learn lessons and correct its stance.

Since the fall of Libya, all Stop the War’s national efforts have been directed at pointing out the threat of war against Iran. And while that threat is very real, and must certainly be mobilised against, such activity cannot be allowed to act as a cover for ignoring the much more imminent threat against that other sovereign anti-imperialist nation in the Middle East: Syria.

As well as carving out an independent economic path free from the diktat of the IMF and World Bank, Syria is home to the headquarters of many Palestinian resistance movements, and a firm supporter of Lebanon’s anti-imperialist resistance movement, Hizbollah. Millions of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees have made their homes there, and the country is Iran’s strongest regional ally, as well as being an implacable foe of Israel. Although described by western media as a ‘dictator’, President Bashar al-Assad is actually the leader of a broad-based coalition government of national unity, which comprises many political parties, including communists. All of which makes the country a prime target for imperialism’s guns.

The aggressive war being prepared by Nato and its regional stooges against Syria is using all the same tricks that were applied in the case of Libya. Nato is funding, training and arming disparate opposition and terrorist groups and parachuting in covert special forces to give them vital support, while Nato’s leaders push through UN resolutions about ‘democracy’ and the ‘safety of the people’ and, of course, orchestrate a hysterical media campaign of lies and disinformation.

And while some people do seem to have learned a lesson from the carnage in Libya, the Stop the War leadership does not yet seem to be among their number. Yet again, the coalition’s leaders are failing to take a consistently anti-imperialist and anti-war position; yet again, they are failing to stand up against the media lies and declare themselves to be on the side of the Syrian masses against Nato imperialism.

Instead of standing firmly against war on Syria, Stop the War leaders prefer not to talk about it. The recent picket for Iran and Syria didn’t feature a single speaker for Syria on the platform, and its recent emails refer to Syria only in passing.

Instead of standing up to imperialist propaganda, the Stop the War website carries articles referring to “Bashar al-Assad’s killing machine” while John Rees uses his television show to consistently denounce the legitimate government and legitimise Nato’s stooges, including the MI6-backed ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’. Once more, Stop the War’s ‘opposition’ to Nato seems to be based more on tactical grounds than on any real ideological difference.

Let no-one be under any illusion: not only is a beautiful, cultured, independent country and its people under threat, but the illegal war already being waged by covert forces in Syria is a stepping-stone to even bloodier war against Iran, and from there to war against China and Russia. In a very real sense, Syria today stands in the same place as did the Spanish republic in 1936. British workers and progressive people need to stand side by side with the Syrian masses, demanding: Hands off Syria! Victory to Assad!

And above all, we must start to use our collective power to prevent the British ruling class from taking part in this criminal and barbaric conflagration.

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Libya: green flag raised in Bani Walid


The green resistance forces are regrouping, while the imperialist stooges fight amongst themselves.

After the capture, torture and murder of Libya’s national leader on 20 October, imperialist joy was unbounded in Washington, London and Paris. It seemed the green revolution had been cut off at the head, and now it only remained for the western-backed ‘opposition’ to form a puppet government ready to deliver sovereign Libya and her oil wealth safely into the clutches of imperialism.

Just three days after Colonel Gaddafi was slaughtered, Libya was solemnly pronounced to be ‘liberated’, and all the talk was of minting a brand new constitution and government.

By early November, however, the assorted counter-revolutionary militia had already broken their pledge to give up their weapons and submit to the authority of the National Transitional Council (NTC), instead continuing to fight each other over the elusive spoils of victory. The heavily armed Misrata Brigades, in between engaging in fire fights with their terrorist rivals from Benghazi, have not even refrained from attacking each other in Misrata itself, with brigades setting up rival checkpoints in the city.

Meanwhile, in amongst this chaos of civil war unleashed by imperialism, there starts to emerge also evidence that Libya’s green forces are gathering strength after the setback of losing their leading figure.

And whilst the mainstream media are happy to use the fog of war to muddle up sectarian clashes with acts of resistance, it is clear even from their reports that resistance to NTC attempts to rule is growing. Nor is it always so obvious where militia loyalties lie.

When Gaddafi’s son Saif al-Islam was captured by the Zintan militia, the ecstatic NTC promised he would be delivered to the International Criminal Court. Instead he appears, according to some reports, to have remained under the protection of the Zintan militia, which according to Dr Yusuf Shakir, a veteran Libyan TV broadcaster, may itself be warming to the green cause.

Some sense of the developing pattern of events can be gleaned from the Libya Liberation Front News (LLFN) website, though the information coming through is necessarily patchy and hard to corroborate in detail. This source tells how people chased out of Tawergha (formerly home to 10,000 mainly black Libyans, now a ghost town) in racist pogroms are now crammed into unsanitary concentration camps in the depths of winter, with their children dying of exposure to frost.

Other displaced people inside Tripoli have been attacked and robbed by the Misrata militia. This nation, which a year ago could boast the highest Human Development Index in all Africa, is now reduced to near-barbarism.

Yet the LLFN website testifies how even in the midst of all this chaos, resistance is growing in influence and organisational strength. For example we are told that the “green army has sent teams of engineering battalion to start immediate repairs on the Man-Made River in areas that have been captured by the green army”.

At present, the western stooges use water shortages as a way of controlling the population, cutting off the supply to those who disagree with the NTC’s rebellion or who cannot afford to pay the hefty new bills. By their actions, the green resistance forces are striving to restore fresh water and electricity to city residents.

LLFN reports too that anti-green rebels in the southern city of Sabha have lost control to green forces, calling on the quisling NTC for reinforcements, and armed clashes between rebels and green fighters in Sirte are reported to have left a score of rebels dead. In and around Tripoli itself, it is claimed that recent ground operations by green forces have resulted in the loss of many NTC soldiers, whilst a green attack using two helicopter gunships cost the lives of a number of French and Italian mercenary agents near Bregah.

A resistance attack is also reported upon El Jadida prison involving an intense fire fight and the loss of a number of NTC security goons. A new year report announced that Sabha, Bani Walid, Tarhouna and Zilten are still flying the green flag of the resistance, and people there publicly celebrated the reopening of the Al Jamahriya TV channel, (now beaming in from Egypt to the chagrin of the NTC).

As we go to press, we are much heartened by the following report, which appeared in the Daily Mail of 24 January:

“Libya appeared to be sliding backwards into civil war yesterday when supporters of Colonel Gaddafi’s regime clashed with government forces and seized control of a town.

“At least four were killed in the violence. The fighting came just 24 hours after the head of the interim government said Libya risked becoming a ‘bottomless pit’.

“A resident of Bani Walid, about 120 miles south-east of Tripoli, said both sides fought using heavy weaponry and that 20 had been wounded …

“Another witness said the fighting had stopped but that supporters of the country’s previous regime were in control.

“The violence was sparked when some Gaddafi loyalists were arrested. Other supporters of the former leader, who was captured and killed in October, attacked the local militia’s headquarters in response …

“The uprising could not come at a worse time for the ruling National Transitional Council. It is already reeling from violent protests in the eastern city of Benghazi.” (‘Four dead as Gaddafi loyalists seize town amid fears country is descending into “bottomless pit”’ by Julian Gavaghan)

The impotent NTC has meanwhile announced its fantasy plans for a new electoral system. In place of the mass-participation model of neighbourhood democracy that previously obtained, the quislings propose to ban from standing, not only former government leaders (and this despite the fact that many NTC leaders were themselves senior members of the former Libyan government), but even anyone who secured a university degree relating to academic research on the Green Book. Clearly the only democratic right now in Libya is that being fought for by the green resistance.

Victory to Libya’s green army!

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Syria: Assad looks East


The Syrian president has reasserted his government’s anti-imperialist credentials and his people’s determination maintain their dignity and independence.

President Bashar al-Assad’s January speech in Damascus has been much abused but little studied in the West. In it, Assad boldly confirmed the government’s intention to unite the nation behind its planned reforms whilst giving no quarter to the western-backed insurgency, serving notice on the world that Syria has no intention of abandoning the anti-imperialist road, despite the internationally driven campaign of slander and violence that has racked the nation for the past year.

Whilst naturally for Victoria Nuland of the US state department the speech proved that Assad should “step aside”, and French foreign minister Alain Juppé snorted that the speech was a “denial of reality”, for all sane and progressive humanity this slap in the face for colonial arrogance was cheering indeed.

Assad’s confidence reflected the fact that imperialist aggression against Syrian sovereignty, carefully decked out in phony ‘Arab spring’ regalia, has been running into increasing difficulties of late. In October, America barked its shins on the Russian and Chinese Security Council veto, thwarting its attempt to get the UN to declare economic war on Syria with a sanctions resolution.

Then, frustrated at the failure of all its propaganda lies and covert support for terrorism to overthrow the broadly based Ba’athist-led secular coalition that leads the country, imperialism came clean on its support for armed subversion within the country, no longer even bothering to pretend that what is going on is just ‘peaceful democratic protestors versus a brutal dictatorship’.

Sadly for the insurgents though, now that they have stepped out of the shadows, their lack of support within the country, and embarrassing reliance upon support from their country’s enemies, have become ever more evident.

Under these circumstances, the US, Britain and France are scrambling all the harder to lend the pro-imperialist insurgency against Syrian national sovereignty an Arab face. To this end, the feudal relics now dominating the Arab League, such shining examples of democracy and progress as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, were egged on to push for the Arab League observer mission to go and nose around Syria in search of pretexts for intervention by the ‘international community’.

In his speech Assad aptly characterised this ‘international community’ as “a group of big colonial countries, which view the whole world as an arena full of slaves who serve their interests”. By kowtowing to these panjandrums, the Arab League will “no longer be a league – bringing people together – or Arab. It will be a mock-Arab body in order to be in line with [the imperialists’] policies and the role they are playing on the Arab arena. Otherwise, how can we explain this unprecedented and unreasonable tact with the zionist enemy in everything it does and this decisiveness and toughness with Syria?”

Of the League he asked: “Has it returned one olive tree uprooted by Israel or prevented the demolition of one Palestinian house in occupied Arab Palestine? Has it been able to prevent the partition of Sudan or prevent the killing of over a million Iraqis or feed a single starved Somali?” As for the penny lectures offered by such people on the subject of democracy, he compared them to “a smoking doctor who advises the patient to quit smoking while putting a cigarette in his mouth”!

Yet when the long-awaited observer mission arrived, even this stunt started to backfire. When the mission visited Homs, it was incautious enough to note that the situation was – “reassuring”! There was no sign of tanks on the street, just the occasional armoured car. Incensed, ‘activists’ claimed that the monitors were mistaken, the tanks must have been pulled out when they saw them coming, and in any case the mission’s leader was from Sudan and could not be trusted. In short, the monkey was not dancing hard enough to the organ grinder’s tune.

Since then, no effort has been spared to furnish the mission with photo opportunities to illustrate the supposed brutality of the state, orchestrating provocative demonstrations, putting words in monitors’ mouths, and not even stopping at such gruesome stunts as reportedly hoisting a young girl’s lifeless body across the bonnet of an observer’s car as supposed proof of government atrocities. Yet for all that, as Assad puts it, “the tears shed by the dealers of freedom and democracy for our own victims can no longer conceal the role they played in the bloodshed that they tried to use for their own purposes”.

Further pressure upon the mission to cleave more closely to the intended propaganda line came with the maximum media coverage given to the decision by one of the monitors, Anwar Malek, to quit his post. He told the Qatar-based Al Jazeera that the “mission was a farce and the observers have been fooled”, adding that the “regime orchestrated it and fabricated most of what we saw to stop the Arab League from taking action against the regime”. Of course, Al Jazeera knows all about fabrication, having itself built and televised an elaborate replica of Tripoli’s Green Square in Doha as part of the psy-ops wing of the Libyan counter-revolution.

Exactly who is fooling whom came sharply and tragically into focus with the death in Homs of the French journalist Gilles Jacquier. His cameraman explained that Jacquier had been interviewing merchants out on the street when a spontaneous pro-government demo took off. It was whilst they were filming this that the rockets were fired, killing the journalist and at least seven others.

The Syrian information ministry officials pointed out that the murder was just the latest extension of the terror chain to which Syria is exposed, adding that it comes in the context of the terrorists’ bid to distort the real image of what is happening in Syria.

Meanwhile, when the Arab League mission’s report was presented on 22 January, it broadly concluded that the League’s plan was being implemented by Syria. Whilst dutifully repeating the West’s assertions about government violence, the report was honest enough to point out the violence of the ‘opposition’. The report also noted that Damascus had granted authorisation to approximately 147 media outlets to operate in Syria, with 112 media outlets being physically present in Syria, and 90 media outlets sending reporters. The mission’s leader, General Mohammed al-Dabi, recommended that the mission be extended to allow it to complete its duties.

Horrified at the sight of the whole propaganda exercise backfiring so badly, Saudi Arabia at once responded to al-Dabi’s measured report by denouncing the mission’s leadership and pulling its monitors out of the team, with Bahrain and Kuwait rapidly following suit. By sabotaging the very diplomatic mission that they themselves had earlier demanded, this gaggle of princelings stand exposed before the whole world as puppets of imperialism. They themselves are rotten ripe for that same overthrow which they so ardently wish upon the Syrian government.

Putting all this in context, Assad spelled out in his speech the strategic goals that imperialism is pursuing right across the Middle East and went on to explain why those goals will never be achieved. “What is taking place in Syria is part of what has been planned for the region for tens of years, as the dream of partition is still haunting the grandchildren of Sykes–Picot. But today their dream turns into a nightmare, and if some believe that the time of conflict over Syria is back, then they are mistaken …

“And one thing we will never allow them to achieve is defeating Syria as it means defeating steadfastness and resistance and it also means the fall of the whole region to the hands of great powers. Defeat is not necessarily military and it might come true if they succeed in making us withdraw to internal conflicts and forget about our bigger issues – on top of which is the Palestinian issue.

“The ultimate goal which they aspire to achieve eventually is a Syria that is busy with internal marginal conflicts … But they did not succeed in destroying our identity or in shaking our belief that the resistance is at the core of this identity, which shall remain firm as it has always been over history.”

Towards the conclusion of his speech, Assad offered this valuable insight into the shifting geopolitics within which the world struggle against imperialism is playing out:

“For us, the West is important and we cannot deny this truth. But the West today is not like the West a decade ago. The world is changing and there are emerging powers. There are alternatives. It is important, but it is not the oxygen that we breathe. If the West closes its doors, we can still breathe. It is not the life buoy without which we drown. We can swim on our own and along with our friends and brothers, and there are plenty of them.

“That is why we decided in 2005 to move eastwards. At that time, we knew that the West will never change. The West is still colonial in one way or another. It is changing from an old coloniser to a modern coloniser and from a modern coloniser during the Sykes-Picot agreement to a contemporary coloniser. It has different forms and shapes but it will never change, which means that we have to turn to the East.”

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Arab Spring, Libya & Stop the War


We have seen a momentous year of change in 2011.

In this video, Giles Shorter of Bristol Stop the War and the CPGB-ML talks about the relationship between the genuinely revolutionary Arab movements that brought in the New Year (2011) with the toppling of Ben Ali’s regime in Tunisia and Hosni Mubarak’s regime in Egypt. Yemen and Bahrain have also been gripped by popular revolutionary movements.

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Libya – a Media War


A brief introduction to some facts about the war in Libya is followed by media worker Joti Brar’s remarks on the role of the press in aiding and abetting imperialism’s unjust wars, concentrating on the example of Libya.

Joti goes on to demonstrate that journalists playing an active and knowing part in the generation of war propaganda are not only central to the entire

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PAIGC on Gaddafi


Comrade Teodora Ignacia Gomez, member of the PAIGC; the party founded and led by Amilcar Cabral, which liberated Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde and played a vital part in the liberation of other (Particularly, but not exclusively, Portugese speaking) African nations.

This section of a longer interview, given to the CPGB-ML by our comrade from Guinea Bissau on her recent visit to London, outlines the supportive relationship that Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya had fostered with Guinea Bissau, as so many other African Nations. Libya had tried to bring about sustainable infrastructural and agricultural development in Guinea Bissau, she tells us, both through the African Bank and independently granted aid.

As a result of NATOs genocidal war on Libya, and the illegal ousting of her legitimate government – and now Gaddafi’s cowardly and brutal assassination, which foul deed took place 24 hrs after this interview – the people of Guinea Bissau and all Africa will suffer, she says.

Join the Struggle!

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Libya Report USA


Bob marley would have turned in his grave to know that whoever holds copyright over his song “War” (lyrics: untill there are no longer first class and citizens of any nation, everywhere is war…) uses it as a pretext to stop the truth about US / UK’s latest imperial and colonial war on Libya from reaching the ears of the masses… or some of them!

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Syria- Keith Bennett


See also:…

Cde Keith Bennett, addresses the may meeting of the Stalin Society.

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