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PAIGC on Gaddafi


Comrade Teodora Ignacia Gomez, member of the PAIGC; the party founded and led by Amilcar Cabral, which liberated Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde and played a vital part in the liberation of other (Particularly, but not exclusively, Portugese speaking) African nations.

This section of a longer interview, given to the CPGB-ML by our comrade from Guinea Bissau on her recent visit to London, outlines the supportive relationship that Colonel Gaddafi’s Libya had fostered with Guinea Bissau, as so many other African Nations. Libya had tried to bring about sustainable infrastructural and agricultural development in Guinea Bissau, she tells us, both through the African Bank and independently granted aid.

As a result of NATOs genocidal war on Libya, and the illegal ousting of her legitimate government – and now Gaddafi’s cowardly and brutal assassination, which foul deed took place 24 hrs after this interview – the people of Guinea Bissau and all Africa will suffer, she says.

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