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Putin Wins Overwhelmingly


Major Media Scoundrels Bash Putin

by Stephen Lendman

Putin in tears announcing election victory

Putin’s outspokenness won’t stop. He’ll continue saying “nobody can impose anything on us” and opposing Western efforts “to destroy Russia.

Today our people have proven that such scenarios are not going to work in our country.”

Pre-election polls predicted around a 60% majority.

Final results show Putin won 63.6% of the vote. He got a clear third term mandate. In 2004, he won 71%.

Five candidates contended:

  • United Russia’s Vladimir Putin
  • The Communist Party’s Gennady Zyuganov
  • The Liberal Democratic Party’s Vladimir Zhirinovsky
  • Just Russia’s Sergey Mironov
  • Independent candidate Mikhail Prokhorov (billionaire/Russia’s third richest man)

With nearly all votes counted, official results were as follows:

  • Putin: 63.6%
  • Zyuganov: 17.2%
  • Prokhorov: 7.9%
  • Zhirinovsky: 6.2%
  • Mironov: 3.9%

Turnout was 63.3%. It exceeded December’s parliamentary elections.

Opponents allege fraud. So do major media scoundrels. At issue isn’t who won or lost. Nor is it about a fair or fraudulent process. America’s electoral system is hopelessly corrupted and broken, yet media giants praise it.

They also cheerlead America’s imperial agenda. As a result, they reject Putin’s opposition along with China, Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, perhaps Brazil and India, and others fed up with what harms their interests.

Putin’s especially outspoken. He accused America of living beyond its means “like a parasite” harming the global economy. He also called dollar dominance a threat to financial markets. If America’s in “systemic malfunction” it affects everyone, he added.

In 2003, he denounced Washington’s Iraq war, saying:

“The use of force abroad, according to existing international laws, can only be sanctioned by the United Nations. This is the international law. Everything that is done without the UN Security Council’s sanction cannot be recognised as fair or justified.”

“I am being as restrained as I can be when I choose these words,” he added. “There were no international terrorists under Hussein,” nor WMDs.

In 2007, he condemned Washington’s quest for unipolar global dominance “through a system which has nothing to do with democracy.” He added that Western powers are keen to teach Russia about it, but don’t practice it themselves.

He said post-Cold War armed conflicts and casualties exceeded prior eras. He added that we’re “witnessing an almost uncontained hyper-use of military force in international relations.”

America spurns international norms and principles. It initiated a reckless arms race. It “overstepped its national borders in almost all spheres.” As a result, no one’s secure.

In 2011, he condemned US/NATO’s Libya war, saying:

“The Security Council resolution is deficient and flawed. It allows everything, and is reminiscent of a medieval call for a crusade. It effectively allows intervention in a sovereign state.”

It’s becoming a “trend,” he added. “Now it’s Libya’s turn – under the pretext of protecting civilians. Where is the logic and conscience? There is neither. The ongoing events in Libya confirm that Russia is right to strengthen her defense capabilities.”

Now he’s warning against foreign intervention in Syria, saying “Moscow won’t allow anyone to repeat the Libyan scenario….” He also firmly opposes attacking Iran. Last month he accused Washington of “diktat imperialism,” and said Russia will respond accordingly.

He’s rightfully concerned about US bases encircling Russia, as well as encroaching offensive missile defense systems. His outspokenness shows he’s drawn red line opposition to America’s global imperial agenda. As president, he’s also supreme commander-in-chief in charge of military and foreign policy, especially national security matters.

Thousands Hail Putin’s Victory in Moscow

Hollow Fraud Accusations

They falsely raged after last December’s parliamentary elections. Irregularities always occur. At issue is whether results are influenced. Russia’s were minor. Its Central Election Commission (CEC) mentioned inconsequential invisible ink, illegal propaganda, and “merry-go-round” voting incidents.

The invisible ink scheme was uncovered and stopped. “Merry-go-round” fraud was grossly exaggerated. Without evidence, major media scoundrels claimed otherwise.

Independent (CEC-invited) international monitors checked voting in over 30 Russian regions. They concluded the process was calm and orderly. Polish monitor Mateus Piskorski said, “All complaints are about technical issues and not about violations of election law.”

Institute for Democracy and Cooperation director of studies John Laughland called electoral procedures “absolutely excellent.” He added that polling station workers were “extremely competent.”

On March 4, Russia Today headlined, “Foreign observers laud Russian monitoring system as ‘best in the world,’ ” saying:

Thousands of Russian and foreign observers monitored polling stations throughout the voting process. Moreover, an elaborate Webcam system let anyone do it online. In fact, election officials said over two million people registered online to monitor voting live as it occurred.

International monitors said it “exceeded everything they saw in their home countries – or anywhere else in the world.”

They also agreed that “elections were held in a normal mode and without serious violations.” In addition, they praised the Webcam system. Italian independent observer Allesandro Mussolini said:

“Judging by the results of our visits to the polling stations, we can make a statement that the Russian video monitoring system exceeds all international standards. It is wonderful that this complicated election mechanism is working,”

Bulgarian monitor Milan Bozhevich added:

“Everything was, well, transparent and open. Russia has opened a new page in history today – there is a broadcast of the Russian elections all over the world.”

Others made similar comments. Serbia’s Tomislav Nikolich called it a “full level of democracy,” what his country’s elections lack.

One Dagestan polling station was troublesome. Instances of multiple voting occurred. In response, results were nullified. Russia’s Interior Ministry reported no other serious violations.

At 5:30PM Moscow time (17.5 hours after polls opened in Russia’s Far East), 86 complaints were received. In total after voting ended, 460 were registered. According to CEC’s deputy chairman Stanislav Vavilov:

“We have information that hundreds of complaints have been written and will be submitted to the CEC in the near future. These complaints have been written in advance (prior to the March 4 poll).”
Salbuchi: Putin a break against neo-colonial West

Washington’s Manipulative Dirty Hands

National Endowment-funded Golos (a so-called independent NGO election monitor) alleged over 2,000 irregularities, including 900 in Moscow. Executive director Grigory Melkonyants claimed “massive serious violations.” He’s well paid to say it.

NED, its National Democratic Institute (NDI) arm, the International Republican Institute (IRI), and similar organizations function as destabilizing US foreign policy tools.


They support pro-Western and/or regime change initiatives in over 90 countries. They operate like CIA alter egos, more openly than covertly by funding opposition groups. In Russia, they’re actively anti-Putin.

Claiming it’s a “private, nonprofit foundation dedicated to the growth and strengthening of democratic institutions around the world” masks NED’s true agenda. It actively participated in US orchestrated “color revolutions” in Georgia, Ukraine, and elsewhere. It also manipulated so-called “Arab Spring” rebellions to create illusions of change.

It represents US imperial interests. Taking NED or other foreign funding violates Russian law. Making baseless accusations exacerbates the crime. In America, prosecutions would result. Golos operates freely in Russia.

Victorious Vladimir Putin (R) and his wife Lyudmila AFP

It’s Official: Putin Wins Overwhelmingly

Late Sunday night, Putin thanked tens of thousands of supporters packing Moscow’s Manezhnaya Square, saying:

“We have won in an open and fair struggle….This was more than just a presidential election. This was a very important test for us – a test for the political maturity of our people and independence. We have demonstrated that nobody can impose anything on us.”

“We have shown that our people are capable of telling the difference between the desire for novelty and progress, and political provocations that press for only one goal: to destroy Russia. Today our people have proven that such scenarios are not going to work in our country.”

Losers cried foul. Zyuganov called results illegitimate, saying “As a candidate, I cannot recognize the poll as honest or fair or decent.” Prokhorov said he’ll sue. Zhirinovsky also alleged irregularities. Mironov didn’t complain, but said Putin must deliver on campaign promises.

On March 5, Russia Today reported both Putin and opposition supporters will rally Monday, saying:

“Tens of thousands of people from both camps are expected to gather in central Moscow on Monday. Moscow’s population has become visibly more politicized in the run-up to” Sunday’s election.

Boris Nemtsov said he’ll participate. Dubbed “Mr. anti-corruption,” he’s no paragon of virtue. He’s been involved in various predatory/illegal schemes. He’s got ties to convicted oligarch Mikhail Knodorkovsky and self-exiled billionaire Boris Berezovsky in Britain to avoid prosecution.

Opposition figures Garry Kasparov and blogger/lawyer Alexei Navalny may also attend. Navalny, in fact, showed up, wouldn’t leave with a few dozen others until their demands are met, and got arrested. Both have Western ties. Kasparov’s a board member of the neocon National Security Advisory Council of Center for Security Policy. It’s a “non-profit, non-partisan national security organization that specializes in identifying policies, actions, and resource needs that are vital to American security.”

He’s also connected to Khodoroksky’s partner Leonid Nevzlin. He’s avoiding prosecution in Israel on murder-related charges. Navalny has NED ties. His LiveJournal blog admits receiving funding. They and others are well paid to oppose Putin and pro-Western policies. As a result, their fraud claims ring hollow.

Major Media Scoundrels Bash Putin

On March 4, New York Times writers Ellen Barry and Sophia Kishkovsky headlined, “Russian Turnout Includes Thousands of Eager Election Observers,” saying:

“Evidence of brazen violations during parliamentary elections in December helped catalyze a series of unusual anti-government protests, and activists on Sunday circulated evidence – much of it by video clips – that they said established a comparable level of foul play in the presidential election.”

Fact check

Independent monitors called December parliamentary election open, free and fair. New York Times contributors turn a blind eye and deaf ear.

CEC Chairman Vladimir Churov called alleged videos fakes. On site monitors contradict them. Ahead of voting, Putin accused opposition elements of preparing to discredit the process with false claims of ballot box stuffing.

Russian investigators began checking video clips alleging electoral violations. One showed a voter claiming someone already cast a ballot with his name.

Another involved three Ukrainian women posing as reporters. As they approached ballot boxes in one polling station, they stripped to the waist, revealing the slogan “I steal for Putin” on their chests.

The Times also alleged “carousel voting.” The scheme involves voters using absentee ballots in multiple polling places. Video footage revealed none. Even Golos found nothing. It claimed ” falsification technology” prevented uncovering it.

Over 45 million Russians voted, around 5% by absentee ballot. Fair or fraudulent, they had no effect on results. Yet opposition figures claim it as their main argument.

Even USAID consultant Glenn Cowan suggested fraud claims affecting results are baseless, saying anecdotal examples prove nothing.

Yet other media scoundrels headline it, including the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, London Guardian, London Independent, other major broadsheets, the BBC, and US broadcast and cable channels.

A Final Comment

Whatever irregularities occurred were minor. Polls showed Putin heavily favored to win. He did slightly better than expected.

As a result, Washington, its rogue NATO partners, and complicit media scoundrels have Putin to kick around for the next six years. Expect them to take full advantage.

Putin’s outspokenness won’t stop. He’ll continue saying “nobody can impose anything on us” and opposing Western efforts “to destroy Russia. Today our people have proven that such scenarios are not going to work in our country.”

As president, his job is to assure they don’t. It’s also to serve all Russians responsibly. Hopefully, he’s up to the task.

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Afghanistan – Failed War from a False Empire


by Sartre Batr



What did the last decade accomplish in the occupation of Afghanistan? Other than streamlining the opium shipment trade, what did this foreign expedition achieve? Wikipedia reports, “As of December 29, 2011, there have been 2,765 coalition deaths in Afghanistan as part of ongoing coalition operations (Operation Enduring Freedom and ISAF) since the invasion in 2001.” This may seem a small number by recent loss standards, but the excuse of fighting the CIA invention and bogyman, Al Qaeda is the height of hypocrisy.

Not much, comfort for the Pat Tillman family or confidence in the inept cover-up mission to silence would be whistleblowers. The convenient idiot Osama bin Laden overstayed his usefulness. Too bad that Seal Team 6 knew too much to risk their loyalty on future escapades. The sick foreign policy that orders the ritual killings of their own military trained assassins offers up their heroes as necessary sacrifices for the New World Order.

The Insider provides several mainstream media references in the article; CIA created al-Qaeda and gave $3 BILLION to Osama bin Laden. “The US government trained, armed, funded and supported Osama bin Laden and his followers in Afghanistan during the cold war. With a huge investment of $3,000,000,000 (three billion US dollars), the CIA effectively created and nurtured bin Laden’s al-Qaeda terrorist network using American tax-payers money.”The definitive source in opposition to the Afghanistan debacle, is invaluable. Back in 2009, Philip Giraldi wrote in The Cost of War:

“Why are these wars so expensive? The main supply route starts in Karachi, Pakistan, and works its way up through the Khyber Pass, at which point the truck convoys are frequently attacked by insurgents. When a convoy is destroyed the US Army assumes the loss as no one will insure such a perilous enterprise. Sometimes the trucking companies pay off the attackers to be left alone, ironically putting US taxpayer-provided money into the hands of those seeking to kill American soldiers.

The Pentagon estimates that the cost of fuel delivered to the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq averages $45 per gallon, including all expenses but excluding legacy costs like interest on borrowing money to buy the fuel in the first place.

A total of one trillion dollars has been spent already in Iraq and in Afghanistan but legacy costs to include paying off the money that was borrowed and medical care for the many thousands of wounded soldiers and marines will drive the total cost of the war past the $5 trillion dollar mark even if the two wars were to end tomorrow.”

Over two years ago, a video entitled, Afghanistan War Is a Failure provided a visual account of the “so called” progress on the ground. The NeoCon “chicken hawks” will dismiss the losses as regrettable but necessary. That is the basic issue. What is essential about keeping foreign legions on distant soils when the cause for such deployment is based upon a false premise? As long as the phony war on terror is used to wage aggressive warfare and maintain a permanent garrison presence, victory will never bring national security.

The conflict between using military combat forces and private contractors for implementing search and destroy operations poses a serious issue. While both are voluntary participants, the public would want to deny that each is a mercenary. Separated by the pay scale may seem harsh to many, but the patriotic enlistee is often in training to become a Blackwater thug. Burning Koran’s is just learning the drill before graduating to work for the corporate elite.

Now the Uniform Code of Military Justice is certainly a welcome standard for conduct, but pirate Xe Services armies, are restrained only by their own demons. Such reliance on using private black bag enforcers is hardly consistent with the illusive notion of nation building. Endemic corruption is inevitable when money and brute force controls the border. Paying tribute in order to wage war exemplifies the absurdity of the military machine. Their only fear is the ending of the campaign.

The You Tube Blackwater / Xe May Get $1 Billion Afghanistan Training Contract Despite Failure with Border Police video illustrates this sentiment.Aspiring Rambo’s fighting the next Charlie Wilson’s exploit lacks the self-defense excuse of being the victim of First Blood. The Taliban that was shipped stinger missiles to defeat the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan were the product of a policy gone awry. Selig Harrison from the Woodrow Wilson International Centre for Scholars states,

“The CIA made a historic mistake in encouraging Islamic groups from all over the world to come to Afghanistan.” The US provided $3 billion for building up these Islamic groups, and it accepted Pakistan’s demand that they should decide how this money should be spent.”

The consequences of this legacy are devastating. The covert army that operates in Afghanistan to engage in Obama’s Wars is a well-known fact. Author of Watergate fame, Bob Woodward reveals in his book, that the C.I.A. has a 3,000 man “covert army” in Afghanistan counterterrorism pursuit teams

Called, “C.T.P.T., mostly Afghans who capture and kill Taliban fighters and seek support in tribal areas. Past news accounts have reported that the C.I.A. has a number of militias, including one trained on one of its compounds, but nothing the size of the covert army.

Mr. Woodward reveals the code name for the C.I.A.’s drone missile campaign in Pakistan, Sylvan Magnolia, and writes that the White House was so enamored of the program that Mr. Emanuel would regularly call the C.I.A. director, Leon E. Panetta, asking, “Who did we get today?”

The video 3,000 CIA-trained Afghan assassins in Afghanistan and Pakistan, expands on this operation. Roaming goon squads inflicting increased levels of atrocities is a demented extension of an evil empire.

Historically, Afghanistan is probably one of the least desirable locations to carry on maneuvers. However, the imperialist empire must demonstrate its ability to project and drone anyone to death. It seems that all the hard-learned lessons of Viet Nam are lost. The memory banks of the officers that direct and carry out the dictates of a civilian authority, who love to play soldier, pervert their command. Playing video games is not entertainment when human body parts explode from bombs that rain down from the sky.

Standing down and rejecting unlawful orders are the supreme duty that escapes most military careerists. The fear of Courts Martial proceedings 10 U.S.C. § 502 and 5 U.S.C. § 3331 keep the system shouting gung-ho.

“It seems appropriate that military members swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States rather than simply swearing to support and defend the United States simpliciter. This is significant. It means that military members are more than just neutral tools of the political party in power. This oath places an affirmative responsibility on military members to read and understand the Constitution, to recognize the source and limits of the authority they have, and to uphold the specific system of government that the Constitution sets forth.”

The Afghanistan adventure, in now the longest imperium war, that even the mass media laments. ABC news observes,

“Vietnam and Afghanistan do have this much in common: they are distant, profoundly complex, and ill-understood campaigns. Not surprisingly, then, they defy easy resolutions. And, in their own ways, these two wars have tested the mettle and patience of a nation.”

The “mettle and patience” of the military is the real concern. As long as there is no draft, crisis of conscience are confined to those who succumb to obeying illegal orders for trumped up assignments. The American empire is a prime cause and reason for the destruction of the nation. The government is not the country nor is it legitimate when it acts as a belligerent.

The War on Terror is a pseudo fraud. Claims of an existential threat to America are bogus. The despotic War Party regime that fosters continuous international intervention wants a perpetual state of war. The hysteria that keeps citizens in a self-delusional trance pushes the military into uninterrupted carnage.

Alexander the Great discovered the limits of the Macedonian empire in Afghanistan. The English also discovered the hard way. Rudyard Kipling’s poem THE YOUNG BRITISH SOLDIER sums up well.
When you’re wounded and left on Afghanistan’s plains,

And the women come out to cut up what remains,

Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains

An’ go to your Gawd like a soldier.

Go, go, go like a soldier,

Go, go, go like a soldier,

Go, go, go like a soldier,

So-oldier ~of~ the Queen!

A CIA report concludes that the lessons learned from the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan indicate: “There is no single piece of land in Afghanistan that has not been occupied by a Soviet soldier . . . no single military problem that has arisen and not been solved, and yet there is still no result.” Unfortunately, the most prolific attribute of American foreign policy is stupidity. The palpable explanation is that the best interests of the country are suppressed for the benefits of the ruling global elite. It is time to recognize that ill-placed patriotism is a guarantee for destruction.

SARTRE – March 4, 2012

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Truth Willing Out – The Slimy March of Zionism Well Told by Alison Weir


by Tom Valentine


When idiot blowhard Newt Gingrich kissed up to AIPAC during one of those overly hyped television debates by proclaiming; ”Palestinians are a made-up people,” He lit a firestorm of indignation that appears to have made some waves of forbidden truth over the Internet.

Thanks to Newt’s whorish devotion, more Americans are availing themselves of the facts beneath the fanatical hubris that is Judaic Zionism. After his obnoxious public statement, Gingrich motivated millions to look into the forbidden issue and debate it—exactly what his masters do not want.

To verify this claim about Newt generating reaction, it was in the bickering letters section of a daily newspaper, a bastion of Neocons, duffers and oxymorons, that a reference to Alison Weir’s report was made. It was a letter that somehow got past the gatekeeper, suggesting the facts could be found here to refute the barrage of pro Israeli letters.

Now, anyone who wants the facts may do so by reading The History of US-Israel relations for free on the Internet—And, it is most convincing.

Today we know how powerful the Jewish lobby is, this report tells how it got that way despite heroic and intelligent opposition.

The report carefully documents how the crafty Zionists used the fearsome allegation of anti-Semite, and financial skills to control the press, the school curricula, and all modern media, so that the opposition from patriotic American State department and military commands was surreptitiously overridden by money to politicians.

Her work with the group Jews for Justice in the Middle East became so effective that back in 2003 the Jewish Defense league thugs threatened to bomb her headquarters just as they had done to the original Institute for Historical review in Torrance, CA, on the 4th of July, 1984.

Alison’s debating rhetoric illustrates the sharp edges of her campaign, for instance, the following:

“…What about the famous slogan, ‘A land without people for a people without land?” This was, it turns out, one of the most cruelly calculated examples of fallacious advertising the world has known.

“Let me quote a less famous statement by the author of that shining slogan, Israel Zangwel—this one a bit different:

“[We] must be prepared either to drive out by the sword thetribes in possession as our forefathers did or to grapple with the problem of a large alien population….” (1905)

Going back into America’s roaring past, we learn about a powerful secret fraternity at Harvard that apparently makes Yale’s well known Skull & Bones look like kid’s stuff.

Justice Louis Brandeis, who had a major leadership role in World Zionism, established a secret fraternity withinHarvard’s Menorrah Society called Parushim, which is Hebrew for Pharisees. The oath taken by initiates is chilling, especially when you know these men leave Harvard to take power positions throughout society.

The initiation ceremony oath informed the new member:

“You are about to take a step which will bind you to a single cause all your life. You will for one year be subject to an absolute duty whose call you will be impelled to heed at any time, in any place, and at any cost. And ever after, until our purpose shall be accomplished, you will be fellow of a brotherhood whose bond you will regard as greater than any in your life dearer than that of family, of school, of nation.”

The Yale Skull & bones bunch is talked about all the time, but had you heard about this bunch? The Parushimare taught that to be open about their goals would be”suicidal”—They must work silently through education and ‘infection’.

This report outlines the persistent patience of the Zionist movement that from the outset in Europe had access to unmatched finance to feed their unmatched fanaticism and secretive cunning nourished by thousands of years of powerful tradition. Shrouded by lies about the mistreatment of Jews during all of Western history and coated with a created, meaningless term—anti-Semitism.

This treatise covers the political and cultural takeover, leaving the dastardly religious side of this colossal war for mankind’s soul, up to others such as Charles Carlson. (WHTT. Org) I recommend his DVD: Christian Zionism, The Tragedy and The Turning.)

The pressures brought to bear on the Western Powers to force the colony called Israel onto the natives of Palestine (which didn’t exist according to Gingrich) is very clearly told by Ms. Weir,

The subtle but heartless methods used by upper crust Jews to sacrifice the lowly ordinary haaretz to the orchestrated “persecutions” by European powers in order to force migration to Arab Palestine is laid out in this report.

As the 1920s roared to a close, in the US the ‘Bergson Group’ of the Irgun Delegation organized a march of 500 Rabbis on Washington DC and “placed full page ads in newspapers around the US, and produced a pageant ‘We Will Never Die’ celebrating the Jewish contribution to Western Civilization, written by Ben Hecht, directed by Moss Hart, featuring music by Kurt Weil, and starring Edward G. Robinson.”

Weir points out that: “While the various organizations created by the Irgun Delegation frequently pushed for rescuing European Jews, one of the major demands was for the creation of a ‘Jewish army of stateless and Palestinian Jews’ This was a goal that revisionist Zionists had sought even before the Nazi holocaust had begun and is believed to have had a mixed agenda…”

Quoting author William Rubenstein, the report continues: “It is rather difficult to believe that Bergson’s implausible proposal did not have far more to do with creating the nucleus of a Jewish Palestinian force to be used against the British and the Arabs, than with saving Europe’s Jews…”

“…The delegation did not manage to rescue any Jews from the Nazis.”

The most telling anecdote, which I had never heard previously, is the tale of Hugh Gibson, nominated to be ambassador to Poland in 1919. “After he arrived in Poland, he began to report that there were far fewer anti-Semitic incidents than being alleged. He wrote his mother: ‘These yarns are exclusively of foreign manufacture for anti-Polish purposes.’

“His dispatches came to the attention of Brandeis and his protégé Felix Frankfurter, who demanded a meeting with Gibson. Gibson later wrote of their accusations:

“I had [Brandeis and Frankfurter claimed] done more mischief to the Jewish race than anyone who had lived in the last century.

They said that my reports on the Jewish question had gone around the world and had undone their work…They finally said that I had stated that the stories of excesses against the Jews were exaggerated, to which I replied that they certainly were and I should think any Jew would be glad to know it.

“Frankfurter hinted that if Gibson continued these reports, Zionists would block his confirmation by the Senate.

“Gibson was outraged and sent a 21-page letter to the State Department. In it he shared his suspicions that this was a part of a ‘conscienceless and cold-blooded plan to make the condition of the Polish Jews so bad that they must turn to Zionism for relief.’

Continuing this tradition of fearless honesty among patriotic diplomats, the Weir report adds: ‘In 1923 another diplomat in Poland, Vice Consul Monroe Kline, confirmed Gibson’s analysis:

“It is common knowledge that Zionists are continually and constantly spreading propaganda of political and religious persecution through their agencies over the entire world,’ adding ‘the Jew in business oppresses the Pole to a far greater extent than does the Pole suppress the Jew in a political way.”

When this report documents the vicious Israeli Zionist behavior in 1948 after their mandate was established by the United Nations and Harry Truman, I find it difficult to write of the atrocities at Deir Yassin village.

Your stomach will turn as you read about the brutality of the Irgun and Stern gang thugs assault on the tiny village; an eyewitness, and future colonel in the Israeli army recalled:

“They didn’t know how to fight, but as murderers they were pretty good.”

When they began the wanton killing, the Israelis reverted to the mentality of the dubious Old Testament stories about taking the promised land.

There is much, much more in this documented report that I urge everyone to read and circulate to help overcome the ignorance of the blackout.

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Obama, AIPAC and the Rest of US


Why Does America Prostrate Itself  Before the AIPAC Bullies?

by  Gilad Atzmon

Is AIPAC a National Security Threat?

Yesterday at AIPAC annual conference, the American president had to go out of his way to appease his Jewish crowd. He used every trick in the book, he even peppered his talk with some Yiddish sporadic words and he did it all just to justify his decision not to launch a World War as yet.

One should ask, how come a lobby of a small state that practices the most appalling racist expansionist politics and practices has managed to gain so much political power in the USA.

As it happens, more and more academics and political commentators indeed ask themselves the exact question – they wonder what is it in American culture and political system that allowed it to happen?

I am also interested in a very similar quest. I actually try to identify the different elements within Jewish culture and identity politics that have led to the rise of AIAPC into the dominant force within American politics and foreign policy.

In my latest book, The Wandering Who, a book that both Zionist and  Jewish Anti Zionist Zionists (JAZZ) are desperate to stop, I explore those themes.

I for instance, elaborate on the significant role of the Book of Esther’, in shaping Jewish Lobbing in the West and beyond. The Book of Ester is an Old Testament text that preaches lobby culture and  tribal infiltration into foreign administrations.

Who really did what to whom…and why?

I also explore the Exilic nature of Judaism. I maintain that Judaism, as we know it, was founded in Babylon in conditions that, from Jewish perspectives, were very similar to 19th century Europe and the birth moment of Zionism.

In both cases it was the fear of assimilation that led towards the invention of an isolationist and separatist cult.

Seemingly the exilic nature of Judaism transcended itself into Jewish secular and nationalist politics rather than being concerned with the ‘here and now’.

The Diaspora Zionist Jew explores his or her aspiration towards a different place and different time i.e. Zion.

Unlike other migrant lobbies in the West that are engaged in issues to do with the interests of their respective migrant communities (in terms of social rights, religious freedom, education and so on), the Jewish Lobby is actually solely concerned with the interest of a remote state and a remote community.

This fact alone, explains the uniqueness of AIPAC. It also means that it is unlikely that any other political lobby would ever compete successfully with AIPAC except another Jewish Lobby.

Yet one may wonder whether AIPAC’s hegemony over American foreign policy is ‘good for the Jews’. In fact, more than a few commentators including myself are convinced that that it is actually a total disaster.

It doesn’t take a genius to notice that the domination of Jewish elite in the USA is similar to the condition of German Jewish elite in late 1920’s Weimar Republic.

In fact Jewish history is saturated with similar occurrences in which Jewish elite’s overwhelming influence led to the birth of rapid growing of anti – Jewish sentiment.

Shlomo Sand is not bullied in Israel – Even Over This Book

Israeli historian Shlomo Sand points out that in between the 1st and early 19th century Jews didn’t engage in writing history. Not a single Jewish historical text saw daylight in that period.

According to Sand, the Rabbinical Jew didn’t need history text. The Bible provided a sufficient explanation. The meaning of it is clear, there is an element of Jewish cultural denial to historical thinking.

Such an interpretation  may help us to grasp the surprising fact that Jewish communities in the West are not at all alarmed by the growing influence of the Jewish lobbies in West and AIPAC or CFI in particular.

In fact, the complete opposite is correct. Jewish communities are often in the press boasting of their Lobbying victories. Jewish communities also invest a lot of energy silencing any attempt to point at the growing danger entangled with the emergence of Jewish power.

This is far from being new.  Jewish history is saturated with attempts to shoot the messengers and whistle blowers: Jesus found himself nailed to the wood, Spinoza was excommunicated, Bernard Lazare was largely ignored, Otto Weininger was dismissed, Mordechai Vanunu is locked behind bars again and as my followers know, I am also chased by the like of Alan Dershowitz, and the Jewish Anti Zionist Zionists (JAZZ).

Like many other commentators on Middle East current affairs, I also don’t have any doubt that we are facing a volatile situation. Considering its influence and its open advocacy to attack on Iran, AIPAC is a grave threat to world peace.

It openly pushes for another war that can easily escalate into a nuclear global conflict. AIPAC clearly endangers American interests and American people but it is also very dangerous for Jewish communities all over the world.

If America loves itself and cares for its future, it must immediately find within itself the means to dismantle the power of this lobby. America owes it to its people, to world peace but also to its Jews who largely have nothing to do with this appalling warmongering genocidal campaign.

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Obama to AIPAC – No War, No Way, Just Promises


Press Lies About Key Areas Of President’s Talk


After hours of the usual AIPAC drivel, a presidential speech in the midst of an AIPAC spying trial, Obama made a plea for as much  Jewish support, votes and money as possible, promising everything  Israel demanded.

Then, in the end, he took it all all away, warning that “war talk” was irresponsible and that the US would seek a diplomatic solution.

What did he really say:

  • War is off the table
  • Sanctions have to be allowed to go forward
  • Loose talk about war is unacceptable
  • No attacks are planned or prepared for

In a talk about this today on live on Press TV’s International Service, Veterans Today’s Senior Editor, Gordon Duff, predicted this election year performance.  Video will be included as soon as available.

In the midst of the controversy, Veterans Today published the transcript of an interview with former Nuclear Weapons expert Clinton Bastin, advisor to Veterans Today, who briefed both Netanyahu and President Obama on Iran’s nuclear weapons program as he had on India’s and North Koreas.

Bastin simply sites that IAEA inspectors have no weapons knowledge and seem to be tasked with misidentifying medical engineering programs that are not weapons oriented as something else.  He calls them “political.”

Bastin: It’s a nuclear power program. Iran made a commitment to full use of nuclear power in 1970, ordered five nuclear plants from the United States, which promised, but later denied, reprocessing technology. This resulted in Iran’s cancelling the U.S. plants and ordering them from others, which were cancelled during the revolution.

But Iran has stayed committed to nuclear power. Russia is building Iran’s nuclear plant, which is ready to start operation.

Because of the denial of reprocessing, Iran is reluctant to rely on others, so they wanted to enrich their own uranium, which is essential for nuclear power. That’s what they’re doing. Their reactor is a U.S.-type light water reactor. The Russians started building them successfully,and I think it’s fine.

I believe Pakistan provided the gas centrifuges, which have had problems. I was a member of the Atomic Energy Commission’s steering committee for gas centrifuge development, and I know that they are very sensitive, run at high power, and often crash. I suspect problems are related to that, and not computer hacking.

Iran also has a research reactor, Osiris, which was built by the French and uses 20% enriched uranium,

which they’ve been getting from others and would like to make themselves. Twenty percent is not weapons material. Weapons material is about 90%.David Albright has been claiming that you can make a weapon with it, but it would be incredibly difficult, and it’s not a rational thing to try.

Iran Cannot Make a Nuclear Weapon

…A gun-type weapon would require several tons of highly enriched uranium, and wouldn’t make sense. Anyway, that’s not a real concern under these circumstances.

To make a bomb, Iran would not only have to further enrich the uranium in its existing facilities—which would be difficult to do—but after they complete further enrichment, they would have to convert the gas to metal. Iran doesn’t have the facilities or experience to do that. It would take years. The most important thing to realize is that any diversion of uranium for further enrichment or anything else would be immediately detected.

It’s very easy to detect diversion from a gas centrifuge facility.

the only thing that you cancount on to make sure that nobody’s building weapons.

The nonsense of drawings of this, or drawings of that—it’s really just nonsense. ElBaradei, the former IAEA director general, recognized this and he said, during our conversation, that no, there was no threat from Iran’s nuclear power program.

21st Century: You’ve criticized the IAEA report’s claim on Iran’s nuclear program as incompetent. Can you give some examples of this?

Bastin: Yes, that’s what’s going on right now. The IAEA director general now—I guess he’s a political person, I don’t really know. I’ve looked at some things about him, and it sounds like he’s been more like a political person. I think some people come in, as in the Department of Energy, and they accept everything that people tell them. And I think he’s come in, and believes all those inspectors that have seen things, have found things, that they shouldn’t really—they have long trigger lists of things to look for, and it misleads them. The inspectors don’t really know anything about nuclear weapons production, but they have this long list of items that are mostly normal chemical engineering type processes, used in operations, or similar things that they’ll run into.

Now, on the drawings: I’m sure in Iran that there are people who are upset about everything—you know, they have lots of problems as a country. The drawings, I’m sure, are made by people that are sort of ticked off, here, there, and yonder. Drawings for a weapons program:

I had all the drawings in the Atomic Energy Commission for all weapons. Nobody ever sees those except

people I want to see them. The drawings the inspectors have seen are something that somebody has played with.

(On falsified weapons drawings)

…Drawings of assembling a hypothetical nuclear weapon with a missile are particularly unrealistic. I’ve watched U.S. nuclear warheads being attached on missiles for the U.S. weapons. You have to know what the weapon looks like. You can’t build a hypothetical weapon in a meaningful way, and put it on a hypothetical missile, or even a real missile, if you don’t know what everything looks like. The whole thing is stupid. It’s sort of stupid, and when I say they’re ignorant, it’s really worse than that.

‘Nobody Knew Anything’

(On Inspectors)

They are trained to detect the diversion of nuclear material, and that’s what they do. But they’re also given a list of things to look for, that suggest weapons activities. But the IAEA doesn’t have people who know about nuclear weapons. They don’t build nuclear weapons. I’ve never met anybody—and I’ve been to the IAEA many, many times—and I’ve never met anybody who knows anything about nuclear weapons.

That’s also the problem in Washington, D.C. For the 25 years I was there, when involved with nuclear weapons business, with interagency and other committees, nobody knew anything about what I was telling them. It was interesting at times. Once I met at the Department of State with a group involved with concerns about nuclear programs in India. I was asked to go to India and take a look and made a report. The representative from the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency said, “We’ve been looking at this problem for four years, and it looks like we now finally know what we’re talking about.”

That’s the reality in the U.S., the reality in the UN,and the reality almost everywhere—except perhaps Russiaand China. I spent a week with the Minister of Nuclear Energy in Russia and a lot of other leaders, and I think they know more about what they’re dealing with. And I imagine that China does too.

But our system is dysfunctional.

You know, the Department of Energy has lost the ability to produce nuclear materials, because they didn’t really know about things. It’s really awful.

(quotes from his interview with 21st Century Scientist)

21st Century: That’s not comforting—

Bastin: Yes! Iran is just one of many that I’ve focused on, and I’m very much interested in it because it has awful potential consequences if somebody attacks them.

21st Century: Absolutely. I know that you wrote a detailed letter to the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, about Iran’s nuclear weapons, or lack of such. Have you had a response?

Bastin: Yes, let me elaborate on this: I started three years ago with the Consul-General of Israel in Atlanta.

I sent e-mail messages, and in March 2009, we had detailed discussions. I’m sure everything I said was sent to Tel Aviv, and I feel 100% certain that he knew I knew what I was talking about.

I sent some of the information to President Obama, and I got a call from the FBI office in Atlanta saying that they wanted to meet with me. The White House referred me to the FBI weapons of mass destruction unit, and they asked to meet with me to verify that this information was valuable. After my meeting with the Consul-General, there was an article about a statement made by Netanyahu to Ahmadinejad of Iran that Iran’s nuclear programs for weapons are meant to kill Jews, just like Hitler’s in World War II.

I sent an e-mail message to Netanyahu that Germany didn’t have a nuclear weapons program in World War II; they had a nuclear program, but their scientists never focussed on the idea of a nuclear explosion.

That’s from the book Alsos by Samuel Goudsmit, who was the principal scientist for the Alsos (Greek word for Groves), the project that looked into nuclear work that Germany was doing. When German scientists found out about the U.S. nuclear weapons, they went into shock because they couldn’t believe that the U.S. scientists could do something that they had never been able to figure out at all. Fascinating book!

“We acknowledge receipt of your e-mail to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the contents of which have been duly noted”—was the response to my information to Prime Minister Netanyahu. They didn’t say they were going to do anything, but I remember, after one particular message, the next thing I heard from the White House, was that Israel had stopped making threats. The White House information said that it was because of trouble with the gas centrifuges, but my feeling is that they knew that the information that I was providing is sound. And so did the FBI.

I’ve written to the Senators from Georgia, and all I get is the rhetoric and folderol and so forth, which doesn’t have a damn thing to do with whether Iran can make a nuclear weapon. They cite all the things the inspectors say. The IAEA inspectors were saying the same things that they were saying when ElBaradei was there, but ElBaradei recognized that they were not valid concerns. They were not then, and they are not now.

Don’t Listen to Know-Nothings

21st Century: So you think ElBaradei had more sense about the situation?

Bastin: He had more sense about the reality of things in this situation. I enjoyed him and liked his approach. He got the Nobel Peace Prize. I was union president at Department of Energy headquarters, and had interaction with secretaries of energy. Most of them would get information from the know-nothings and go you gotten from the nuclear community for your campaign?

Bastin: Good question. After U.S. officials determined there was a weapon threat in Iran, Nuclear News, the monthly magazine of the American Nuclear Society, published my letter that the idea that Iran was a nuclear weapon threat belongs on the same shelf as the notion that 1 rad of radiation to 1,000 people would mean the death of one of those people—the linear no threshold hypothesis.

21st Century: I think so, and for the reason that all of the so-called experts in the press, as you have pointed out, are really not experts in this technical area.

Bastin: I mentioned to David Albright that Pakistan’s gun-type weapons require about 50 kilograms of highly enriched uranium, and that the numbers that appear in the newspaper are probably high. He said Pakistan’s weapons are implosion-type, not gun-type, and have solid metal components. I said, “Wait a minute, David, you know better than that.” I laughed.

He got mad and cut me off, and we are no longer colleagues.

An implosion-type weapon is a hollow sphere of plutonium or uranium metal, surrounded by high explosives with detonators on the outside. The explosion squeezes the nuclear material into a tiny ball, which be comes supercritical and explodes with great force. But explosives will not squeeze solid metal. David’s comment wasn’t just technically invalid, it was stupid.

A gun-type weapon consists of two solid chunks of metal, one a cylinder, the other with a hole the size of the cylinder. The cylinder is driven into the other chunk, and boom!

21st Century: But it takes a lot more of the enriched uranium.

Bastin: The implosion weapon is a hollow sphere or spheroid, surrounded by explosives, with detonators on the outside, all contained within a strong structure. So all the force squeezes the hollow sphere into a tiny ball, a very small and very highly critical mass, and it makes a big explosion. And you can’t do it with solid metal, because it won’t squeeze.

21st Century: Was your point with Albright that Pakistan did not have the technology to do an implosion- type weapon?

Bastin: Yes. They are much more difficult to make, have to be tested prior to use. The Manhattan Project had to test the implosion weapon at Alamogordo, before it could be declared usable, whereas the gun-type weapon was used at Hiroshima without any testing. The implosion-type is a much more sophisticated, complex weapon.

The Israeli weapons are the implosion type, but are of French design. The French helped the Israelis with their weapons program. India’s is also an implosion type, but it took them a long time, and they’ve gotan awful lot of very, very smart physicists and others in India. It took a long time, and I understand that they had some failed tests before they were successful.

Full interview at 21rst Century is here.

Let’s hope that Bastin and Jim Dean’s efforts in passing on the real dialog, the real science, getting past the lies of the press will begin to receive the recognition and appreciation needed at this critical time.

What you have read above is normally classified.  Bastin had a stroke recently and is recovering.

We wish him our best.

What we can and do prove is the truth, directly from the most competent and authoritative technical sources, the same sources that brief President Obama, that have tried for several years to, not just reason to Netanyahu but have reeled in shock at his betrayal of the facts he is so aware of.

We print what is necessary, what is safe.  We go no further.  We oppose the war and we can prove, beyond a doubt, we have access to the highest levels of national intelligence, of weapons design, of world nuclear capability from Bastin and others.

We have access to all of them.

Bastin, in particular, is a man of honesty, intellect and responsibility.  We thank him for his efforts.

We thank Jim Dean for his friendship with Clinton Bastin and his efforts to bring us these critical facts denied the American people by a criminally complicit press.

We thank President Obama for what seems to be “double talk” and hope we saw the signs of intellect, honor and judgement, albeit hidden, among his worlds of confusion, disinformation and dishonor.


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Sunday afternoon update following President Obama’s AIPAC speech


Obama AIPAC speech says, in effect, Netanyahu does not have the support of either Obama or of his military advisors, for an attack on Iran unless the Obama “weaponization” red line is crossed.


by James M Wall

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu makes his annual state visit this week to Washington he will be surrounded by sycophants and loyal political allies prepared to respond to his every demand.

I speak not of the Prime Minister’s traveling companions from Tel Aviv, but of the welcoming community of American politicians, fawning pro-Israel US media stars, and brain-washed interfaith-obsessed religious leaders, far right and mainstream, who have willingly traded their stewardship of the American Soul for a bowl of interfaith Zionist porridge.

I strongly suspect President Barack Obama knows this more than he is able to acknowledge.

What he must do between now and November is orchestrate the political game skillfully enough to make it clear he does not favor an attack on Iran any time soon. If he reelected, Obama will then, and only then, be in a position to use his second term to halt all this “bomb Iran” nonsense.

The AIPAC weekend did not start well for Obama.

It was depressing to see the President playing the political game in a carefully structured individual media interview with The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg.

Goldberg used his exclusive post-Netanyahu media interview with Obama to toss up questions which  sounded uncomfortably like an AIPAC’ script.

He pushed Obama to reaffirm his love for Israel, and, by extension, led him close to McCain-like “bomb, bomb, bomb” Iran campaign rhetoric.

Goldberg writes:

Obama told me earlier this week that both Iran and Israel should take seriously the possibility of American action against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

“I think that the Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don’t bluff.”

He went on, “I also don’t, as a matter of sound policy, go around advertising exactly what our intentions are. But I think both the Iranian and the Israeli governments recognize that when the United States says it is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon, we mean what we say.”

Why would Obama betray his own deep-rooted principles to sing the war talk song? In his AIPAC speech Obama revealed that he was traveling a tricky trail to keep his AIPAC voters on the reservation even as he acted like an adult who understood the merits of diplomacy.

Richard Silverstein has his finger on the Israeli political pulse.

He had strong misgivings over the militancy of part of Obama’s Atlantic interview. But he did find another dimension in the interview, which catches the nuance of the tricky game Obama is playing:

Obama’s widely anticipated speech came one day before he meets at the White House with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

The other half of Obama’s message, and the one that I hope is operative and that Bibi hopes is window-dressing, is Obama’s warning that an Israel attack is a helluva bad idea:

The president also said he would try to convince Mr. Netanyahu, whom he is meeting here on Monday at a time of heightened fears of a conflict, that a premature military strike could help Iran by allowing it to portray itself as a victim of aggression. And he said such military action would only delay, not prevent, Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.

But this leaves his argument fatally flawed. An Israeli attack would not prevent an Iranian bomb, but somehow an American attack at a later unspecified date would. Of course, it’s true that the U.S. could inflict a great deal more damage on Iran’s nuclear program than an Israeli attack.

But even the U.S. military likely could not entirely destroy an Iranian program. We heard a week ago or so that Leon Panetta does not believe that America’s most potent bunker buster can penetrate the Fordow facility.

Silverstein is on to something, as Obama made clear in his surprisingly tough talk to AIPAC Sunday.

It is not his eventual Republican opponent that concerns Candidate Obama. What threatens his chances for re-election in November is the American war party of all political flavors that remains dedicated to the proposition that Israel’s control of the Middle East is the best guarantee of a permanent American control of the world’s economy.

In his Saturday New York Times story, Mark Landler gave a preview of what drives the AIPAC crowd Obama had to face Sunday:

On the eve of a crucial visit to the White House by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel, that country’s most powerful American advocates are mounting an extraordinary public campaign to pressure President Obama into hardening American policy toward Iran over its nuclear program.
From the corridors of Congress to a gathering of nearly 14,000 American Jews and other supporters of Israel here this weekend, Mr. Obama is being buffeted by demands that the United States be more aggressive toward Iran and more forthright in supporting Israel in its own confrontation with Tehran.

Those war party figures who are buffeting Obama are wrong, of course, horribly and dangerously wrong. A second term Barack Obama would have the vision and courage to say that. But if he loses the White House in November, he will do his post-presidential telling through op ed columns and think tank studies.

Out of office, a president can only talk. In power, he can act. Jimmy Carter experienced that reality in 1980 when Republican leaders, whose candidate was running behind the incumbent Carter, made a deal with Iran not to release their American hostages until after the election. (See Robert Parry’s analysis of how the Reagan campaign sabotaged Carter’s reelection campaign.)

As a result of the Iranian deal, Carter’s lead in the polls disappeared. On election day he was replaced by a washed-up Hollywood actor who read scripts like the experienced performer he had been. Several wars and a right-wing Supreme Court followed. The country continues to pay for that damage.

Noam Chomsky, writing for Truthout, asks his readers to view the current Iranian “crisis” from a different perspective:

Concerns about “the imminent threat” of Iran are often attributed to the “international community” – code language for U.S. allies. The people of the world, however, tend to see matters rather differently.

The nonaligned countries, a movement with 120 member nations, has vigorously supported Iran’s right to enrich uranium – an opinion shared by the majority of Americans (as surveyed by before the massive propaganda onslaught of the past two years.

China and Russia oppose U.S. policy on Iran, as does India, which announced that it would disregard U.S. sanctions and increase trade with Iran. Turkey has followed a similar course.

Netanyahu counts on his troops within the US power structures to keep that perspective out of sight. It is not good to trouble the locals with the larger pictures.

This explains why Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using this annual visit to rally his American sycophants and loyal political allies to force Obama to fall into line and join Israel’s war strategy.

Ironic, isn’t it, that Israel, with its massive (some estimate as high as 200) nuclear weapons collection, secreted in Dimona, Israel, is the nation that is warning the world of what a great danger a nuclear-armed Iran presents to its neighbors.

This week into our midst comes this man, Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader of a foreign nuclear-armed power, determined to make the case that the US must join him in removing Iran from the potential list of nuclear powers.

In his speech to the opening session of AIPAC Sunday, President Obama answered Netanyahu.

Obama combined the usual rhetoric about the “unshakeable bond” between Israel and the US, with a warning to Netanyahu that he wants to be clear that the two men have a significant difference.

Trita Parsi, founder and president of the National Iranian American Council, a frequent media commentator, and the author of A Single Roll of the Dice: Obama’s Diplomacy with Iran, points to the significant dividing line between Obama and Netanyahu.

Call it the “red line difference”, as in “Warning, danger, do not cross”.

In an interview with The Institute for Middle East Understanding, following the Obama AIPAC speech, Parsi said:

Israel, like the Bush administration, considers a nuclear capability in Iran a red line. It argues that the only acceptable guarantee that Iran does not get a nuclear weapon is for Iran to have no enrichment program.

The Obama administration puts the red line not at enrichment – which is permitted under international law – but at nuclear weapons. This is a clearer, more enforceable red line that also has the force of international law behind it. (emphasis added).

While expressing his sympathy and friendship with Israel, Obama did not yield his red line at AIPAC. With the backing of the US military, he has stood firm behind weaponization rather than weapons capability as the red line.

He said: “I have said that when it comes to preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, I will take no options off the table, and I mean what I say.”

‘This is crucial because it is essentially a question of war and peace. Critically, Obama’s rejection of containment at AIPAC was in the context of containing a nuclear-armed Iran, not a nuclear capable Iran.

The New York Times‘ Helene Cooper began her Obama AIPAC story by quoting Obama’s warning against “loose talk about war”. She then described the speech as a “political high-wire act”, and

an effort to demonstrate his commitment to Israel’s security without signaling American support for a pre-emptive strike against Iran.

It was also an effort to confront the Republican presidential candidates “who have turned the Iranian nuclear issue into the top item in their litmus test for demonstrating support for Israel.”

Obama AIPAC speech says, in effect, Netanyahu does not have the support of either Obama or of his military advisors, for an attack on Iran unless the Obama “weaponization” red line is crossed.

In her analysis of the Obama AIPAC speech, Trita Parsi reports that Obama used the D word (diplomacy) more often than the M word (military action).

The President’s tough words regarding his readiness to use military action is all in the context of preventing a nuclear weapon in Iran, not a nuclear capability. Strikingly, the president uses the D word, diplomacy, more than the M word, military action, in his speech, even though he primarily presents it as move that enabled greater sanctions on Iran.

The Israeli red line is a fast track to an unnecessary and counterproductive war. This is why the US military and Obama so adamantly opposes this red line – because it ensures both war and a nuclear-armed Iran down the road.

Political shorthand to Netanyahu, AIPAC and its America friends, stand down:

There will be plenty of time after the November election for a second term President Obama to resolve this matter peacefully.

The war option is not acceptable. No one has shown this more clearly nor with greater insightful passion, than Director Stanley Kubrick.

Here are the two closing scenes from Kubrick’s 1964 movie, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.


Editing: Debbie Menon



President Obama’s speech at the AIPAC 2012 convention in its entirety:

President Obama Speech AIPAC 2012

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When War is Promoted as a Remedy for Terror


by Anthony J. Hall


Obama pulls bin Laden from hat

The You Tube of my San Francisco presentation on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 is being presented to the public here for the first time in early March of 2012.

The oral presentation was delivered more or less extemporaneously from the podium of the Herbst Theatre, where the UN Charter was signed in 1945. I wrote a text to accompany the presentation. With the help of Tim King and Joshua Blakeney this text was illustrated and first published in in September of 2011. It’s at

When War is Promoted as a Remedy for Terror: Reflections on the Tenth Anniversary Of 9/11

I am republishing the essay along with this brand new You Tube, both of which I have entitled “When War is Promoted as a Remedy for Terror.” Thanks to Carol Brouillet, Ken Jenkins and Joshua Blakeney for their parts in making this presentation available for public viewing on the Internet

Obama Kills Geronimo to Claim Political Bounty

In early May President Barack Obama announced his administration’s most dramatic commemoration of this, the tenth-anniversary year of the 9/11 debacle. He boasted to the world that his government had murdered in Pakistan Osama bin Laden, who the US president described as “al-Qaeda’s leader and symbol.” “The death of bin Laden,” Obama declared, “marks the most significant achievement to date in our nation’s effort to defeat al-Qaeda.”[ii]

In this military operation “Geronimo” was the code name used to identify bin Laden or his impersonator. The skeletal remains of Geronimo’s head form part a key part of the Bush clan’s family lore with its deep intergenerational connection to Yale University’s Skull and Bones Society. Skull and Bones is not a myth, but its secret rituals are legendary. As is well documented, Yale’s Skull and Bones Society has been an important seeding nursery for the national security state, but especially the CIA. Like many old fortunes in New England and New York, the money to start Skull and Bones came primarily from the smuggling of East India Company opium into China.

Prescott Bush is reputed to have stolen in 1918 the skull of Geronimo from the grave of the deceased Apache guerilla fighter. Prescott is said to have delivered Geronimo’s skeletal head to Yale University’s notorious Skull and Bones Club. Its membership would in later years include Prescott’s son, George H.W. and George W. Prescott, the father and grandfather of the two Bush presidents was himself a middle manager in the bankers network that funneled investment capital in the 1930s from the United States to build up the military-industrial complex of Nazi Germany.

The alleged grave robber of Geronimo’s skull, Prescott Bush, is in the unique position of siring two presidential offspring, namely his son, George Herbert Walker Bush, and his grandson, George Walker Bush. It was Bush Jr. who put a price on bin Laden’s head after 9/11. It was Obama who came ten years later to claim the political bounty?[iii]

This return of Geronimo, the celebrated Apache guerilla fighter, to the role of legend in the 9/11 myth, where fact and fiction merge, serves as a poignant reminder of the foundational importance of the US Indian Wars in orienting imperial America to its global preoccupation with eliminating all Aboriginal impediments to capital’s conquest. Whether in Guatemala, Congo, Vietnam, Iraq, Apacheria, or the Black Hills of the Sioux Nation, indigenous political economies that do not conform to the interests and requirements of the world’s largest transnational corporations have repeatedly been assaulted with both high-tech weaponry and psychological warfare.

The plight of those that Franz Fanon identified as the wretched of the earth is widening. The blight of dispossessed natives is moving into the heartland of once-prosperous communities in North America, Europe, and Japan. The same script is being repeated again and again. The middle class wanes while swelling legions of unemployed are squeezed by the banks to abandon their remaining property, often family homes, as payment for debt.

The ascent of vulture capitalism over the managed capitalism of the New Deal began with a vengeance during the presidency of Ronald Reagan. More deeply than that, vulture capitalism flows from the monopoly power granted banks to create new money out of thin air at the same time as they leverage their loans by creating mushrooming debt. The huge financial leverage derived from this lucrative monopoly over the creation of money and debt is epitomized by the public authority invested in the private proprietors of the US Federal Reserve.

The report from America’s Commander-In-Chief that bin Laden had been executed by US Navy Seals added a new layer of deception to an extravagant complex of misrepresentations, distortions and subterfuge. The failure of officialdom to investigate credibly the crimes of September 11, 2001, together with the extraordinary extent and tenacity of the media cover-up, has, for many of us, made 9/11 synonymous with the view that fraud, complicity and worse—much worse– runs rampant at the highest levels of power. For a huge and rapidly growing global constituency the continuing 9/11 cover-up has become a striking symbol of the culture of impunity, one that protects those directing the most terrible crimes against humanity, the most terrible crimes against all life on earth.

As was obvious to millions both inside and outside our movement aimed at investigating and exposing the lies and crimes of 9/11, too many question marks hung over Obama’s claim to have eliminated Osama, or whoever it was that had been targeted for extrajudicial assassination. Why, for instance, did US forces decide to eliminate all proof of their soldier’s claimed kill by supposedly burying America’s most hyped uber-terrorist at sea before releasing news of his supposed execution?

Obama’s speech introduced yet another twist into the convoluted mess of tall tales forming the basis of the US government’s 9/11 legend. The main weaves of this religious myth were spun by the former US president in Washington D.C. well before the asbestos-laden dust from the three pulverized World Trade Centre buildings in New York had fully settled. In a sermon from the pulpit of a Washington Church delivered only three days after the debacle, George W. Bush declared war on al-Qaeda.“ Our responsibility to history is already clear,” Bush preached. The US Armed Forces would “answer these attacks and rid the world of evil.”[iv]

In the flash of a few news cycles all obstacles were cleared away to new surges of public funds into the permanent war economy—into the military Keynesianism that has been at the heart of the US political economy ever since the United States finally entered the Second World War in 1941. With the production of a new global enemy the foundering military-industrial complex was given a new lease in its commercial life, a parasitical life based ultimately on the merchandizing of death.In the echo chambers of media manipulation, the intense religious fervor booming through the 9/11 fable gave the drumbeats of war unusual ferocity. Within days and weeks of September 11, 2001 an elaborate complex of pre-prepared initiatives was moved from the wings to the central stage of public life. This process took place not only in the USA but in many countries throughout the world. Suddenly any resistance to the rise of the global police state together with the accelerated build up and deployment of the world’s preeminent war machine could be interpreted as criminal complicity. “Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists,” decreed George Bush revising a mantra brought forward from the rabid anti-communism of the Cold War.[v]

The bloated and outmoded Cold-War apparatus, whose very purpose became unclear after the Soviet Union’s demise, was saved from obsolescence. The threat of global peace had been averted. The bipartisan war party returned to the roots of a centuries-long process of shaping the American nation and expanding the American empire in the name of defeating savage infidels cast as enemies of Judeo-Christian civilization.

With the advent of 9/11, old Cold Warriors like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld were restored to high authority. They, along with many of their fellow PNAC lobbyists, were handed refurbished levers of neocolonial empire.[vi] After 9/11 the Bush War Cabinet dispensed greatly enlarged pools of federal patronage in overseeing what I refer to in Earth into Property as “the privatized terror economy.” After 9/11 Benjamin Netanyahu saw his plans go into action. Netanyahu is the current Prime Minister of Israel who began in the late 1970s to envisage, articulate, and promote what he described as an international war on terrorism. His wish came true. After 9/11 Israel’s enemies were transformed into the enemies of the so-called “West.” [vii]

The war machine’s spin doctors and media hucksters went into action to prepare public opinion for an invasion of Afghanistan and then Iraq. The incendiary rhetoric sponsored by war profiteers fanned the flames of Islamophobia so citizens would accept the onslaught of mass slaughter and illegal torture to come. A whole empire of communications sprung up to wage the psychological blitzkrieg of the 9/11 Wars. This style of police-state journalism– shock and awe journalism– has become a daily staple, the pablum of war propaganda regularly fed on TV to children and their infantilized parents.

This psychological recipe for war was brought to its most sick extremes in Rupert Murdoch’s media network. The pattern of police-state deception, however, goes far beyond Fox and News of the World. The war machine’s drive for full spectrum dominance cuts across the whole range of our most important instruments of mass communications. It includes many venues of alternative media where the controlled opposition to the quest for 9/11 truth has been sometimes very aggressive, very demeaning.

From The BBC, to the New York Times, to Charlie Rose, to Z, to the ridiculous Michael Shermer’s pseudo-skeptical column in the once-estimable Scientific American—indeed, to the daily news and cultural coverage disseminated by my own country’s Crown-owned Canadian Broadcasting Corporation—this war’s blood sacrifice of truth has become horrific.

Like drone strikes or showers of white phosphorous falling from the sky or shooting projectiles packed with depleted uranium, media missiles have been directed most viciously at poisoning Western minds against the Muslim masses especially in the Middle East and Eurasia. With the possible exception of a few individuals, the targeted populations in the Eurasian crossroads of the world had nothing to do with the demolition of the three skyscrapers in New York or the piercing of a small hole in the side of a huge edifice that should have been imperial Washington’s most heavily protected structure.

The captive presidency of the enslaved Barack Obama continued the rule of the axis of violence and fraud linking the Pentagon to Wall Street to Madison Avenue. The continuing reign of this axis of lies, obfuscation and oppression has become increasingly dependent on the emotional force of the 9/11 legend in the mythological matrix of popular culture, popular imagination. Consolidating the drama of the theocrat president who declared war from the pulpit, the fable of 9/11 has been invested with the authority of a national religion, one that props up an increasingly anachronistic and corrupt regime of national security.

The American cult of national security delivers the opposite of what it promises. By putting many of the world’s most ruthless criminals above the law—and George Bush is a perfect example– the cult of national security denies citizens the protections of domestic security, community security, international security, health security, economic security, social security, and ecological security.

The American cult of national security subordinates the rule of law to the rule of force. From the abundant openings to exploit the gathering of “intelligence” for insider trading on stock markets, to the funding of covert operations regularly financed with drug money, to the profits derived from nuclear proliferation, the corruption bred of the US president’s license to steal is the primary hallmark of the American cult of national security.

At West Point on December 1, 2009, President Obama pledged allegiance to all the Bushite fables embedded in the national religion of 9/11. “On September 11, 2001,” declared President Obama, “19 men hijacked four airplanes and used them to murder nearly 3,000 people. They struck at our military and economic nerve centers. They took the lives of innocent men, women, and children without regard to their faith or race or station… As we know these men belonged to al-Qaeda…. Al-Qaeda’s base was in Afghanistan, where they were harbored by the Taliban—a ruthless, repressive and radical movement that seized control of that country after it was ravaged by years of Soviet occupation and civil war, and after the attention of America and our friends had turned elsewhere. Just days after 9/11 Congress authorized the use of force against al-Qaeda and those that harbor them—an authorization that continues until this day.” [viii]


9/11 in Historical Context

In Earth into Property I set 9/11 and the 9/11 Wars in the context of wave after wave of empire building that began in 1492. With his initial trans-Atlantic voyage Christopher Columbus began the modern era of imperial globalization. In the second half of the eighteenth century a secessionist movement within Anglo-America succeeded in investing a small group of mostly White, exclusively male and Protestant colonists with citizenship in a new instrument of settler sovereignty.

The plan of the founders of the nascent United States was to take control of the voluntary immigration from Europe and the involuntary migration from Africa flowing through the trans-Atlantic slave trade. This East-West movement was to extend to the transcontinental transformation of much of North America from a territory of diverse Aboriginal nationalities into a federal republic. The founders of the future superpower thus seized important geopolitical turf on the moving frontiers of an old imperial mission that continues to this day. They began to move towards the forefront of an expansionary dynamic that began with the christening of America as a New World polity whose Manifest Destiny depended on the genocidal elimination of the Old World civilizations of the Indigenous peoples.

Frederick Jackson Turner delivered a famous essay at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. Reflecting on Columbus’ supposed “discovery” of America 400 years earlier, Jackson famously described the moving frontier as the shifting, westward-pointing boundary between civilization and savagery,” as most influential factor driving the expansionary ethos of the United States. From the annexation of Hawaii and the Philippines to the more recent 9/11 Wars, Turner’s reflections on history accurately predicted the future.

This trajectory saw a small number of English colonies on the western shores of the Atlantic Ocean expand and replicate to become the most heavily armed military-industrial entity the world has ever seen. Not only were countless Indigenous peoples conquered, absorbed, eliminated, corralled and subjugated in the process. The transformation of Anglo-America into the US superpower included the ingestion of New Netherlands and New France, the purchase without Aboriginal consent of Louisiana and Alaska, as well as the acquistion through force of arms of large parts of the Mestizo jurisdictions of Mexico and Canada.

Frederick Jackson Turner famously reflected in 1893 on the significance of this moving frontier, an expression of what he characterized as the ascent of “civilization over savagery.” He presented his frontier thesis at the World’s Columbian’s Exposition to commemorate in Chicago the 400th anniversary of America’s so-called discovery. Predicting the continuing westward push of US Armed Forces into the Pacific region, Turner anticipated the US colonization of Hawaii and the Philippines concurrently with the consolidation of the informal branches of the US empire in Canada, Cuba and throughout so-called Latin America.

In the twentieth century two major civil wars within Europe were globalized along with the internationalization of US power. The culminating act of the two world wars put Japan in 1945 under two mushroom clouds from US atomic weapons. The huge implications for all humanity of these atomic blasts is being eerily renewed in the uncontrolled volcano of spewing radioactivity still emanating from the maimed nuclear power plant at Fukushima.[ix]

As the initial waves of radioactive fallout from the US obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki wove its lethal threads into the fragile web of life, Europe lay bankrupted and physically ruined. The outcome of the Second World War was basically decided before the obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in a repeat of the Napoleonic wars, in a fight to the death between Nazis forces and Soviet soldiers.

The civil wars of Europe started with religious conflicts that set patterns for the iconography of infidel and martyr haunting the religious psychology of the 9/11 Wars. Instead of pitting Protestants against Roman Catholics, however, the core meme of the Global War on Terror has been to extract the heritage of Islam from the West’s heritage; to encourage, reward or outright fake jihadist violence so as to manufacture the meme of Muslims as religious enemies of Judeo-Christian civilization, of Anglo-America plus Israel.

In the decades following the Second World War the rhetoric of self-determination and decolonization was very much in the air, but especially at the United Nations. The UN originally grew out of a convergence of agendas marrying the Atlantic Charter’s idealism to bankers’ conspiracies aimed at monitoring and guiding the outcomes that would arise from the formal withdrawal of the European powers from their imperial estates. US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the UN’s initial and most committed patron, first conceived of the organization as a medium to internationalize the New Deal’s most affirmative features.

As the founders of the Non-Aligned Movement observed at the historic conference at Bandung Indonesia in 1955, the promise of decolonization was soon preempted by the neocolonial imperatives of Cold-War bipolarism. The United States outdid the builders of Soviet empire in moving, often through proxies, propaganda, and the force of arms, into the vacuum of power left by the withdrawal from their colonies of European governments.

The continuity of transformation of Great Britain’s formal empire into the informal empire of the United States was especially smooth, at least on the surface. Indeed, while the unity of Anglo-America was formally severed with the founding of the United States in the late eighteenth century, the effective unity of this English-speaking polity—this heartland of Anglobalization– has been demonstrated again and again.

The coherence of Anglo-America was evident, for instance, in the collaboration between Roosevelt and Churchill during the Second World War. It was evident in the convergence of the populist ideologies and military adventurism that made Reagan and Thatcher close partners in the final phase of the so-called Cold War. Similarly Bush and Blair together took control of the 9/11 fraud both to advance the imperial designs of the Israeli right while giving cover to the heightened militarization of resource grabs from Indigenous peoples in the most strategic zones of Eurasia. In Eurasia, but especially the Caspian Basin, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran, the oil-hungry designs of imperial Russia, China, the EU and Anglo-America are fast converging.

The evidence gathered over the last ten by scores of scholars and practitioners, but especially by Professor David Ray Griffin, has removed any reasonable doubt that some elements of the Bush-Blair regime are, along with deep-state operatives of Israel, deeply implicated in the lies and crimes of 9/11. In his tenth 9/11 book, which poses the question of what happens When State Crimes Against Democracy Succeed, Professor Griffin sums up the air-tight case he has developed from his exhaustive engagement with the evidence of official involvement in one of history’s most consequential crimes.[x]

With eloquence and erudition Professor Griffin’s scholarly work on 9/11 speaks for many more people than have actually read his carefully documented and dispassionately reasoned publications. One way or another, many millions of global citizens have taken the time to look beyond the 9/11 fable; to explore one or more aspects of the empirically-verifiable evidence concerning what actually happened on 9/11. The well-known mantra of this cultural constituency of truth seekers, a new kind of agglomeration of activism in civil society, is that “9/11 was an inside job.” Its a catchy slogan but also problematic in that the question is begged– inside of what?

In spite of the broadly-based citizens’ movement that has coalesced around the goal of breaking through the blockade of officially-sanctioned lies, ten years have gone by without a credible process in government or in any high-profile media to get to the bottom of the contested interpretations of what really happened on 9/11. This failure has contributed significantly to a huge loss of public confidence in the integrity of many of our most important institutions.

The thick obstacles consistently and unrelentingly put in the way of the citizens’ quest for even a glimmer of truth from officialdom on 9/11 makes many of our supposed leaders in government, in the academy, and in the press complicit in a collective crime of omission. The solidarity displayed in the cover-up is remarkably strict. Let the self-serving alibi of ignorance or disinterest in the lies and crimes of 9/11 be seen for the complicity it announces. This complicity is especially marked when it comes to the denialism of those holding positions of high public trust such as law enforcement officers, teachers, journalists, elected officials as well as the bureaucrats that advise them.


The complicity of accomplices begins with ignoring abundant warnings in the prelude to the 9/11 attacks. It extends to the media’s looking away from the mounting evidence of 9/11 as a classic example of false flag terrorism.[xi] The complicity of officialdom edges towards involvement when it comes to setting up Islamic patsies that are sometimes paid and manipulated by agents who claim to be fighting terror on our behalf. In the black markets of the privatized terror economy the stimulation, manipulation and exploitation of fear reigns supreme. It is the universal gold for those who combine the business of promoting war, empowering the police and the selling of private security with enterprise of managing public perceptions.

The areas of direct involvements by officialdom are spread out across the vast complexities of this, the most many-faceted and ultra-high-tech of twenty-first century crimes. Much of the official involvement was, no doubt, so tightly compartmentalized and so well contained within rigid protocols of command-and-control, as well as “need-to-know,” that many who contributed to the crime’s commission may not be aware to this day of the consequences of their actions or inactions.

The defense of ignorance, however, has only limited application here. Some extremely high-placed wizards, with vast access to resources, technical expertise, and political knowhow, were required to oversee the murderous operations. To what extent were these wizards acting in concert? It remains to be seen if 9/11 was a single operation successfully executed by a cohesive group of plotters or whether it was a somewhat botched operation embodying the work two or more partnered but competing cabals.

In order to get even remotely close to the full story we need a genuine criminal investigation as free as possible from the kind of political manipulation that demeans and disqualifies the work of the tainted 9/11 Commission. A real investigation, which would be more likely to happen in the UN than the US, must be followed by a trial of the most credibly accused individuals. We already know enough—indeed, much more than enough– to include Dick Cheney among the accused.

Even, however, the partial story that can now be put together points to conclusions that are very unlike the account of the crime we were fed within hours of the Twin Towers falling. In spite of the quick destruction and secreting away of so much of the evidence by those with most to hide, enough proof survives to make a key point abundantly clear. As is often verified by high-ranking military personnel around the world, the scope and sophistication of the 9/11 attacks marks the event as the work of skilled professionals highly expert in their respective fields.

Near the top of the hierarchy of expertise represented in the 9/11 crime is psychological warfare, a specialty of Mossad and the CIA. As epitomized by ten years of propagandistic coverage of 9/11 and the 9/11 Wars, the subversion of the instruments of mass communications has become far more pronounced than in the mid-1970s.[xii] In those days a Congressional investigation revealed that the CIA’s Project Mockingbird employed about 3000 journalists to sabotage truth in reporting through covert censorship, distortion, smears and outright lies conducted in the name of Cold War anti-communism. How many journalists have been hired as agents of disinformation with all the massive budgets funding the Global War on Terror?

In our own times, when the life support systems of native populations can be bombed for “the protection of civilians” and for “humanitarian purposes;” when “war” is regularly presented as the best remedy for “terror;” when themilitary killing of innocents is brushed aside and trivialized as “collateral damage;” when Barack Obama can face the world and openly boast of his government’s claim to have murdered, without any trial, America’s number one patsie, the mental environment has become polluted beyond belief.

The criminal responsibility for all the lies, distortions and cover-up– the prohibited propaganda on behalf of illegal and aggressive wars[xiii]—goes far beyond the illegal tapping of the telephones of the families of 9/11 victims or the bribing of cops. Arrest Rupert Murdoch. Arrest those criminal politicians that the Murdoch’s media empire helped to install and maintain in their cockpits of ill-gotten power. For starters, Arrest George Bush, Arrest Tony Blair, Arrest Dick Cheney, Arrest Benjamin Netanyahu. [xiv]

These ringleaders of the highest levels of organized crime make Al Capone’s Chicago look like a kindergarten.

The lies and crimes of 9/11 include the active involvement of banking and insurance interests that are both the main beneficiaries and prominent behind-the-scene directors of the world’s preeminent military-industrial complex. Those with the investigative common sense to follow the money in what Canadian professor Peter Dale Scott has termed, The Road to 9/11, should pay particular attention to the financial machinations revealed in the Iran-Contra affair and in the related scandals that brought down the international operations of the Pakistani-based, Saudi-funded Bank of Credit and Commerce International.[xv]

However they were made to happen, the events of 9/11 had the effect of, in the words of Naomi Klein, “casting the US in the same role in which Israel cast itself, facing the same threat.” “The real legacy of 9/11,” my Canadian compatriot wrote in 2004 in The Guardian of UK, was “the Likudisation of the world.”[xvi]

Backing Both Sides as a Tactic of Profiteering in the Business of War

The first Queen Elizabeth helped establish the oceanic force that would become the British Navy. For a cut of the action the Protestant Queen transformed pirates like Walter Raleigh into the privateers, legally chartered to seize Roman Catholic gold and silver from Spanish cargo ships leaving Mexico. The juridical slight of hand that made privateers of pirates provided a key to England’s historic defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.

If the booty and violence of pirates could be channeled to imperial advantage by extending privateers royal charters, why not extend the same tricks of acquistion to the colonization of lands and populations across the oceans. The imperial logic of privatized conquest was thus extended to a royal charter for the East India Company, the polity that became the great prototype for many colonizing ventures to come.

In transforming pirates into privateers, Queen Elizabeth I helped set in motion currents of history that led to the founding of the English East Indian Company and the British navy.

These ventures extended from Cecil Rhodes’ South Africa Company, to the United Fruit Company, to Halliburton, BCCI, Blackwater, and AIG. AIG lies at ground zero in the eruption of the financial contagion that began in 2008 and still infects the global economy. Its dealings also intersect suggestively with many of the unsolved mysteries of 9/11. This extremely complex insurance and intelligence-gathering conglomerate helped extend the imperial machinery of the Opium Wars into the geopolitics of financial derivatives and Eurasian pipelines.[xvii]

Many enemies were met and defeated in the process of globalizing the corporate empire of Anglo-America. Some of these enemies were real and substantial. Other enemy groups were invented and manufactured. Sometimes the manufactured enemies were organized, armed and built up by the colonizing power in order to make land grabs look like just wars waged to advance the common good. Occasionally the conditions of combat were almost entirely fictional, like when Madison Avenue guru Edward Bernays was hired by United Fruit and the CIA in order to stage manage a concocted drama reported as fact.

Bernays’ psy op, a prototype for many similar Cold War frauds to come, depicted in the early 1950s gathering hoards of communist revolutionaries about to seize Central America if the USA did not spring to the defense of the capitalist heartland by backing illusory freedom fighters in Guatemala. In the process the elected government of Jacobo Arbenz was overthrown in a US-backed coup. Thereafter the largely Mayan population of Guatemala was relegated to series of murderous and repressive military dictatorships whose genocidal excesses reached new extremes when President Efrain Rios Montt, a favourite of Ronald Reagan, went on a particularly ruthless killing spree. This genocidal campaign of the 1980s demonstrated that the Indian Wars of the Americas have never really ended.

There was nothing imaginary about the Nazi enemy whose meteoric rise to power in central Europe led to the clash in the Second World War between Hitler’s, Mussolini’s and Hirohito’s fascist forces and the allied forces commanded by Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt. Even this conflict, however, was engineered to some extent to serve a variety of elite agendas. Hitler’s military-industrial regime of slavery, eugenics and master-race fantasies was built up with the direct involvement of many major US corporations. Among the most important of Hitler’s military contractors were Ford, GM, IBM, ITT, GE, Dow Chemical and the notorious IG Farbens’ partner in the slave labor camp at Auschwitz, the Rockefeller clan’s Standard Oil of New Jersey.

The plutocrats overseeing these expansionary corporate dynamos of high-tech industry, together with the bankers that backed them, tended to prefer the corporatist capitalism of Hitler to the mediated, union-friendly New Deal capitalism of Roosevelt. Moreover they looked to the corporatism of Hitler and his well disciplined agents of jack-booted order as a block against the spread of Soviet-style communism into the German-speaking heartland of Central Europe. On quite another level it is tempting to read the deep-state politics of that era as guided by the Anglo-American objective of preventing the consolidation of Germany and Russia, the two polities that, if merged, might conceivably jump out ahead in the imperial race to dominate global society.

In order to understand the conditions we face on this, the tenth anniversary of 9/11, it is important to look at the current legacies flowing from the installation by some of the most important US-based companies of their industrial enterprises on both sides of the Second World War. This history is very applicable to understanding the deep politics of the 9/11 Wars as well as the civil war being made to take shape in the oil patch of northern Africa.

Behind the war profiteering of industrialists sits the power of an imperial banking establishment with a very old pedigree. This pedigree goes back, for instance, to the innovations of Italian financiers who funded the anti-Muslim Crusades and then the Vatican’s mission to spread Christendom through the expanding Roman Catholic empires of Spain, Portugal and France. It was the Genoese branch of the Italian banking establishment that helped set in motion the modern era of globalization by funding Christopher Columbus’s quest on behalf of Spain for a westward-pointing trade route to the riches of the Orient.

From 1492 to the present, the world’s biggest fortunes have been derived from the financial backing of competing sides in armed conflict. This propensity is abundantly illustrated by the banking history of European warfare and its extension in the military and commercial competition of the imperial powers for overseas control of natural resources, slaves, trade franchises and the other forms of wealth and prestige to be derived from colonial possessions.

The well-established bankers’ technique of encouraging and funding the armed build up of antagonists, and then backing all sides in domestic or international conflicts, finds an extension in Wall Street’s preoccupation with hedge funds based on the misapplication of insurance to the construction of financial derivatives.

Hollywood’s take on the US-backed proxy campaign pitting in the 1980s Islamic jihadists, including CIA agent Osama bin Laden, against the Soviet -backed puppet regime in Afghanistan.

It finds expression in the manipulation of funding to create controlled oppositions, a process reflected in the left gate keeping aimed frequently at keeping the quest for 9/11 truth on the margins. While the most serious threat of totalitarianism emanates from the right, the most concerted crackdowns on dissident perspectives often occur on the left.

The manufacturing of al-Qaeda as an Islamic monster of global proportions can be seen as the renewal of old tactics by double-dealing bankers seeking to hedge their bets. While the al-Qaeda scam marks a continuation of some old practices, however, the larger fraud within which the al-Qaeda scam is embedded also marks new departures in the business of warfare, banking, energy politics and drug dealing. As illustrated by the technological prowess displayed for the attentive in the controlled demolitions of the three WTC Towers, a Black psy op on the scale of 9/11 has never, to the best of my knowledge, been attempted before.

The word and the concept of al-Qaeda emerged in course of the CIA-backed anti-Soviet campaign in Afghanistan dubbed by a book and a Hollywood movie of the same name as Charlie Wilson’s war. The organizing and building up of a proxy army of Islamic theocrats to defeat the Soviet-backed Najibullah regime is one of the best-documented episodes of Reagan’s anti-communist crusade. Some of the deep politics underlying this important chapter in the genesis of the 9/11 Wars are briefly exposed in the revelations that emerged from the Iran-Contra and BCCI scandals.

The Anglo-American-Israeli mounting of the Global War on Terror took place to serve a number of agendas, some of them complementary and some of them somewhat discordant. It is perfectly fair to refer to the model of the Crusades as the preeminent example being drawn upon in this psy op to define the so-called “West” as the outcome of a trajectory of Judeo-Christian advancement set against the stubborn and retrograde backwardness of the Islamic enemy.

But that meme of a Judeo-Christian war against Islamic evil cuts against the importance to the West of the heritage of Al-Andalus, the most brilliant effusion of Moorish Spain. In Andalusia many Jews and Christians were able to thrive in an Islamic caliphate whose scholars immersed themselves deeply in many traditions including that of Greco-Roman civilization. This scholarship emerging from the cultural and scientific sophistication of the Arab world forms an essential part of what we now refer to as the Renaissance, when the wheels of progress started to move towards the century of Enlightenment, the prelude to the Industrial Revolution.
Vigilantes in Uniform
As The Washington Post has outlined in an important series of feature articles, “Top Secret America,” 9/11 gave rise to the most opulent make-work project ever undertaken by the US federal government.[xviii] Obama’s elevation by whatever name of Bush’s Global War on Terror is becoming the ailing capitalist superpower’s only growth field. It is the sad replacement for a once-vibrant industrial economy that until the decade of Ronald Reagan was the envy of the world for the abundant creativity of its manufacturing sector.

The Beach Boys- an undeniable California Success story. They brought a new culture into American living rooms.

As long as a decent portion of American industrial creativity was aimed after the Second World War at objectives other than killing, maiming, jailing and otherwise controlling people through police-state repression and barrages of disinformation, the US economy floated the vibrancy of a strong middle class. This middle class included millions upon millions of unionized workers, a good number of them Black. Sadly this healthy condition no longer prevails.

The decline of America the Manufacturer to make way for the corporatist ascent of Top Secret America diminishes hope for positive change throughout the world. In the same country that has beguiled the global community with the genius of, say, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Charlie Chaplin, Louie Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Motown, James Brown, the Beach Boys, Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Prince, the failed-rock-star president prepares the way for his government’s “humanitarian” bombing of Libya through a fake burial of Geronimo bin Laden at sea. The growing global movement demanding full disclosure on the lies and crimes of 9/11 is not some luxury of self-indulgence. It is not some ephemeral whim drawing attention away from more important matters as the late great Howard Zinn, the people’s historian, recently declared. Put plainly, Zinn was monumentally wrong in 2008 when he was filmed dismissing a questioner soliciting the sage’s help in exposing the substance and broader significance of the 9/11 fraud. As is often the case when so-called “truthers” step up to the microphone to ask the featured speaker for comment on a 9/11-related matter, Zinn became condescending. He described his questioner’s preoccupations as “ a diversion from what we really have to do.” [xix]

Howard Zinn included the voices of the oppressed and marginalized in his people’s histories. A former bomber pilot, Zinn in his last essay pointed to the moral and intellectual bankruptcy entailed in the deployment of the propaganda term “al-Qaeda” as a cover for mass slaughters of innocent Muslims.

In my view Zinn would later demonstrate himself the importance of moving beyond his prejudices to distinguishing fact from fiction in the 9/11 myth. This myth, which is essential to the constructed demonology of al-Qaeda, pictures Judeo-Christian martyrs being sacrificed to feed the lust of Islamic terrorists to punish the West. On 9/11 al-Qaeda was cast as the all-purpose boogeyman, the quintessence of terrorism, to justify the invasions, occupations and assaults on civil liberties already put in motion in the back rooms of executive power where Rupert Murdoch was but a servant to more devious criminals than him.

Zinn’s breakthrough came in his essay The Bomb, the last published piece he ever wrote. This essay was put into print in San Francisco in 2010 by City Lights Books. Zinn’s reflections are especially personal because he reflects on his own role in the Second World War. He was “a bombardier sitting in the Plexiglas nose of a B-17, operating [his] bombsight, observing flashes of light below as bombs hit, but seeing no human beings, hearing no screams, seeing no blood, totally unaware that down below there might be children dying, rendered blind, with arms or legs severed.” (p. 18)

Zinn then goes on to describe his government’s War on Terror featuring bombing raids on Muslim populations in Eurasia and now in northern Africa as well. Zinn writes, What you see over and over again in news reports is the words “suspected terrorist” or “suspected Al Qaeda”—meaning that “intelligence” is not sure whom we are bombing, that we are willing to justify the killing of a “suspect” in Iraq or Afghanistan or Pakistan, something we would not accept in New York or San Francisco. This suggests, to our shame, that the lives of people other than Americans are of lesser importance. (p. 19)

With this telling passage Zinn anticipates some core issues that we must investigate vigorously in the wake of revelations about the real function of Rupert Murdoch’s media network in the corrupt empire of the privatized terror economy. The real governors of the Anglo-American-Israeli criminal cartels seize and retain power by manipulating the collaboration between media and the police, between media and the upper echelons of the national security state. In this axis of oppression, political contests for elected office come to resemble the fluffy inconsequence of syrupy soap operas. Elected officials become actors in dramas following plots they neither direct nor write, as was probably the case when President Obama read from the teleprompter to announce his government’s murder of Osama bin Laden.

This crime against democracy depends on poisoning the minds of citizens so we become hypnotized, terrorized and shocked into robot-like compliance. It depends on the regular presentation of fiction as fact. It depends on sophisticated techniques of psychological warfare to make it OK for our guys to murder and disable the diabolical Other. It depends on the subordination of the rule of law to the rule of political expediency and force.

As in the days when lives and careers were destroyed with McCarthyesque accusations that this or that individual, group or country was Red, commie, pinko, so in our own times a similar tactic is made to prevail. When some can be so easily smeared and dehumanized through the application of the hot-button labels such as al-Qaeda, Taliban, Black Block, Mohawk Warrior, or Truther, the prospects of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are diminished for all citizens. Who will they come for next?

The hair-trigger responses that these toxic terms are calculated to elicit have been made to preempt honest discussion based on mutual respect, education, careful research, evidence, and the subtleties of nuance. The constant barrage of inducements to hate and despise whole categories of the human family is stealing attention away from where the focus of our concern should really be pointed.

We must no longer tolerate the war hawks’ sick trick of building up enemies so they can blackmail us into buying into the frauds of their protection racket. This con is pulling us away from what we have to do to save ourselves and our posterity from a hellish future of war, mass famine and impoverishment, radioactive contamination and all the other environment and economic disasters now heavily bearing down upon us.

It is hard to believe how far the illogic of those who promote war as a remedy for terror has come over the last difficult decade. Everywhere this illogic is freeing vigilantes in uniform to hunt down their prey, as Obama claims to have done with Osama.


[i]Much of the information outlined in this presentation is elaborated in far greater detail in Anthony J. Hall’s Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2010). This text is the second volume of a larger project, The Bowl with One Spoon, published also by MQUP Press. The first volume of the Bowl project is The American Empire and the Fourth World, published in 2003 and slightly revised in the 2005 paperback edition. Both texts include detailed indexes and very extensive endnotes for those wishing to know more about specific topics or those wishing to check the evidentiary basis for the claims made here. With a couple of exceptions, the endnotes below refer to the documentary source of speeches, or to publications that have appeared after the Bowl project’s completion, or to added information and explanations concerning terms that will be familiar to some, unfamiliar to many.

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[vi] PNAC is a short form for the project for the New American Century. There is a wide perception among those engaged in the quest for 9/11 truth that PNAC’s report in 2000, “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” anticipated 9/11 by indicating only a “New Pearl Harbor” would be sufficiently influential public opinion in order to clear the way for the implementation of its recommendations. See

[vii] Proceedings of the Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, held under the auspices of the Jonathan Institution, July2-5 1979, Binyamin Netanyahu, ed, (Jerusalem: Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism, 1979); Netanyahu, Terrorism: How the West Can Win (New York: Farrar, Straus, Giroux, 1986)

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[xi] False Flag attacks reflect the reality that for governments to go to war they must have some measure of support from their home constituencies. This need has grown with the spread of voting as the primary means of choosing public officials. False flag attacks are violent acts manipulated by agencies planning to go to war on targeted groups. The goal is to make the violent episodes look like acts of murder and mayhem perpetrated by the targeted groups when the violence is, in fact, the covert creation of the agency doing the targeting. False flag attacks are designed to deprive targeted groups of public sympathy in the home population of the belligerent power. They are designed as illusions to trick home populations into viewing their own governments’ acts of aggression as acts of self-defense. Well-known false flag attacks include the sinking of the Maine in the prelude to the Spanish-American War, the Reichstag Fire blamed by Hitler’s Nazi regime on a Jewish communist man, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident prior to the heightening of the US military intervention in Vietnam.

[xii] See Hall’s, The Globe and Mail: A saga of Recklessness and Lack of Accountability, The Canadian Charger, 13 January, 2011m at

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[xvi] Naomi Klein, “The Likud Doctrine, The Guardian, 10 September, 2004 at

Benjamin Netanyahu is the current leader of the Likud Party and Prime Minister of Israel. Likud’s ideological roots lie in Revisionist Zionism. They lie in the ideology of Irgun and the Stern gang as expressed historically in, for instance, the decision to bomb the King David Hotel In Jerusalem in 1946. This act of murderous terrorism or freedom fighting, depending on one’s perspective, was aimed at pressuring Great Britain to leave its mandate derived from the League of Nations to govern Palestine/Israel. Likud presently is a right-wing natand Internet Addictsionalistic party that has its origins in the goal of realizing Greater Israel, Eretz Yisrael Ha-Shlema, the Whole Land of Israel.

[xvii] See Chapter 15 of Earth into Property

[xviii] Diana Priest and William Arkin, “Top Secret America,” 19 July, 2010, at

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Targeting Free Expression


by Stephen Lendman


Free expression in all forms is fundamental in democratic societies. Without it, all other freedoms are at risk.

Included are free speech, a free press, freedom of thought, culture, and intellectual inquiry. It also includes the right to challenge government authority peacefully, especially in times of war and cases of injustice, lawlessness, official incompetence, and abusive government behavior.

Denying it risks tyranny. Voltaire defended it, saying “I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Howard Zinn called dissent “the highest form of patriotism.” It includes the right to speak and write freely, assemble, protest publicly, and associate with anyone for any reason lawfully.

Democracy depends on it. Bill of Rights freedoms affirm it. Nonetheless, US history is strewn with abusive laws. The 1798 Sedition Act criminalized publishing “false, scandalous and malicious writing” against President John Adams or Congress, but allowed it against Vice President Thomas Jefferson.

The 1917 Espionage Act imprisoned anyone convicted of “insubordination, disloyalty, mutiny, or (encouraging) refusal of duty in the military or naval forces of the United States.”

It targeted First Amendment speech against WW I and American’s participation in it. The 1918 Sedition Act went further. It criminalized “disloyal, scurrilous (or) abusive” anti-government speech.

The Supreme Court upheld the Espionage Act, notably in (Eugene) Debs v. United States. A five-time socialist presidential candidate, he served prison time for opposing militarism and America’s WW I entry.

In 1968, the Warren Court disallowed draft card burning on grounds it would disrupt the “smooth and efficient functioning” of American recruitment.

However, in 1969, the Court upheld student rights to wear black arm bands, protesting the Vietnam War. In Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969), it ruled government can’t punish inflammatory speech unless directed to incite lawless action.

In Texas v. Johnson (a 1989 flag burning case), Justice William Brennan wrote the majority opinion, saying:

“(I)f there is a bedrock principle underlying the First Amendment, it is that government may not prohibit the expression of an idea simply because society finds the idea offensive or disagreeable.”

America has no Brennans today. As a result, speech and all other liberties are threatened. Under either major party, the nation’s hurtling toward tyranny.

Forgotten is Jefferson’s warning, saying:

“What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance.” He also said free speech “cannot be limited without being lost.”

Former US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall added:

“Above all else, the First Amendment means that government has no power to restrict expression (regardless of its) ideas…subject matter (or) content….Our people are guaranteed the right to express any thought, free from government censorship.”

Suppressing Free Expression

Major media scoundrels are thought control gatekeepers. Instead of reporting vital information accurately, they suppress it. The free interchange of speech, ideas, and opinions suffers. Public opinion’s manipulated to support what people should oppose, denounce, and refuse to accept.

Police state laws pass largely below the radar. They erode and destroy fundamental freedoms. The USA Patriot Act alone wrecked key constitutional protections, including:

  • Fifth and Fourteen Amendment due process rights;
  • First Amendment freedom of association rights;
  • Fourth Amendment protections from unreasonable searches and seizures;
  • prohibitions against unchecked government surveillance powers to monitor virtually all our activities, and use secret “evidence” unavailable to counsel in prosecuting politically targeted defendants.

In addition, the Act created the federal crime of “domestic terrorism.” It applies to US citizens and aliens. It states criminal law violations are considered domestic terrorist acts if they aim to “influence (government policy) by intimidation or coercion (or) intimidate or coerce a civilian population.”

By this definition, anti-war and global justice demonstrations, environmental and animal rights activism, civil disobedience, and dissent of any kind may be called “domestic terrorism.”

As a result, Occupy Wall Street and other protesters may be arrested and so charged.

HR 347 increases the likelihood. The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011:

“Amends the federal criminal code to revise the prohibition against entering restricted federal buildings or grounds to impose criminal penalties on anyone who knowingly enters any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority.”

“Defines ‘restricted buildings or grounds’ as a posted, cordoned off, or otherwise restricted area of: (1) the White House or its grounds or the Vice President’s official residence or its grounds, (2) a building or grounds where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting, or (3) a building or grounds so restricted due to a special event of national significance.”

On February 6, a Senate amendment titled, “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011″ passed unanimously with no dissent.

On February 28, the House suspended the rules and passed HR 347 388 – 3. The bill awaits Obama’s signature.

Only the fullness of time will determine how much damage is done, but clear red flags are raised.

On February 29, Russia Today reported how First Amendment rights are risked, saying:

“Just when you thought the government couldn’t ruin the First Amendment any further,” this measure threatens legitimate protests near locations where US officials are present, even with no knowledge they’re there.

Participants may be criminally prosecuted for exercising their First Amendment rights.

Section (c) states:

“the term restricted buildings or grounds means any posted, cordoned off, or otherwise restricted area –

(A) of the White House or its grounds, or the Vice President’s official residence or its grounds;

(B) of a building or grounds where the President or other person protected by the Secret Service is or will be temporarily visiting; or

(C) of a building or grounds so restricted in conjunction with an event designated as a special event of national significance; and

(2) the term ‘other person protected by the Secret Service’ means any person whom the United States Secret Service is authorized to protect under section 3056 of this title when such person has not declined such protection.’ ”

In fact, they may be covered wherever they are any time for any purpose. Virtually any event may be designated “significant.”

Among others, they include congressional sessions, party conventions, G8, G20, IMF, World Bank, and NATO meetings/summits, public appearances for any reason, funerals of prominent officials, locations with visiting foreign dignitaries or despots, and other events unrelated to government business.

Vague language leaves it up for grabs how authorities will use this measure, and how courts will interpret it if challenged.

OWS protesters target government, corporate, and related locations for redress. Many hundreds already have been harassed, violently attacked, arrested and detained.

Expect worse if they’re criminalized for exercising their First Amendment rights. As a result, they may be subject to arrest, prosecution, imprisonment up to 10 years, and/or fines.

Whether it turns out this way isn’t clear. However, numerous police state laws currently target First Amendment and other freedoms. Activists are wrongfully imprisoned on bogus domestic terrorism charges.

A Final Comment

Will sweeping anti-OWS crackdowns follow under HR 347 and other measures entirely destroying inviolable constitutional rights cast aside to enforce tyranny? Only the fullness of time will tell, but don’t bet against it.

Remember Jefferson’s warning that “All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

In today’s climate of permanent war, corporate predation, and state-sponsored fear, if ordinary people don’t defend their rights, who will?

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Examining The 911 Script Is Not Inappropriate


by Stewart Ogilby

Drama Masks

In the extraordinary Don Juan in Hell scene in Act III of George Bernard Shaw’s “Man and Superman”, following what may be his best-known oration, Juan exclaims, As you say, they are mere words, useful for duping barbarians into adopting civilization, or the civilized poor into submitting to be robbed and enslaved. That is the family secret of the governing caste; and if we who are of that caste aimed at more Life for the world instead of at more power and luxury for our miserable selves, that secret would make us great. This is as true today as it was in Victorian England. It was for that reason, among more selfish ones, that the founders of our nation eschewed creating a blood-line ruling aristocracy.

Earler in the same scene, in his tirade and castigation of mankind’s foibles, Don Juan makes the following observation, Their imagination glows, their energies rise up at the idea of death, these people: they love it; and the more horrible it is the more they enjoy it. A host of firemen, policemen, corporate employees, airline passengers, and a few would-be rescuers were said to have been dustified or chopped into body parts recognizable only through their DNA. Such is the stuff of 911.

By controlling the 911 Truth Movement, seeding even honest efforts with appealing disinformation, those, and their supporters, who demolished the antiquated WTC buildings have diverted attention from efforts to flesh out nearly 3000 alleged victims. Instead, we have had over a decade of tireless speculation and studies of hijackers, airplanes, and foreign conspirators, as well as obviously fanciful topics – anything to distract from the reality of a masterfully obscured urban renewal project and its political spin.

Perpetrators of the 911 hoax have posted online countless mawkish tributes to imaginary victims of a
non-existent 911 human catastrophe. These were created as diligently as was their bizarre New York City 101-minute “news” video to appeal to a vicarious sentimentaliy, confident that the masses would respond appropriately.

Dare to make a personal effort to intelligently discount what you have been obliged to see on TV, read in newspapers, and viewed on the internet. Reach out to locate and to offer condolences to families and
survivors of a canonized, memorialized, honored, and forever remembered 911 victim from your own neighborhood.

Go into your county courthouse and search real-estate tax rolls. Match data spewed on the internet in cloying legacy sites, obits, and memorials. Actually spend some time at two online forums, and
. Find the sections regarding alleged victims. If this line of thinking offends you, please ask yourself why and avoid Don Juan’s criticism. Demand that grieving celebrity survivor-actors be held accountable.The purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold as ’twere the mirror up to nature: to show virtue her feature, scorn her own image, and the very age and body of the time his form and pressure. (Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 2).

The 911 televised hoax is being exposed despite pains being taken to marginalize, deride, and mock those who question every aspect of the official 911 narrative, including a tiresome victimology, and have begun to dig into incongruities of a decade of pre-911 paper-trails cobbled together for nearly 3000 simulated victims of that well orchestrated spectacular myth.

What may really hurt the masses is if, and when, they feel betrayed by their beloved talking movie box, the ominpresent television set. Abusing their sense of outrage and of compassion by invoking solicitude for the deaths of make-believe people may finally convince them that they are being lied to incessantly when it comes to news and other social matters. Perhaps they will then watch TV for weather reports, sports, and amusement only . . . ’tis a consummation devoutly to be wished.

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Sunday Notes – Nuttyahoo Invades Washington, Man Eats Own Head

New Israeli Strategy Revealed

Sunday Notes from Veterans Today

  by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The week is a minor one.  Netanyahu will be in Washington at the behest of the oil lobby, pretending to scare Iran to death.

The entire thing is an act, Netanyahu pretending he is a world leader, running a patch of sand, a few concentration camps.

Add in to that a population largely made of people suffering from the collective delusion that they had been awarded the land of others by an invisible supernatural being with psychopathic tendencies.



Janis might have asked for a house but she didn’t want to see a family bulldozed to death.  I doubt she would live on the West Bank anyway, too much like Texas.

Iran, a nation ten times the size of Israel, with more potential suicide bombers than Israel has shoplifters, must be living in terror. They are laughing themselves to death.

The Truth about Wikileaks – Is Not Always Pretty

Wikileaks,  long proven to be a Mossad operation, has just published memos claimed it stole from STRATFOR,  sort of funny in itself, claiming that Russia gave Israel the “codes” to the Tor 1 air defense system Iran is using.

Those unfamiliar with either Wikileaks or STRATFOR probably should remain that way.  Familiarity with either is akin to learning to prepare a meal you despise made from ingredients both expensive and difficult to obtain.

If the meal were also poisonous, it would be “Wikileaks.”

Netanyahu will be heading to Washington with the backing of wealthy American supporters, some quite respectable but most 2nd generation  members of organized crime families involved in heroin, human trafficking, murder and extortion.


This is a video based on one of those Wikileaks, the real ones, you never see.  The presenter is “David Duke,” like our good friend Gilad Atzmon who speaks “outside the lines written at gunpoint…by organized crime,” he is attacked villified.  It has now become an honor for many to have their own attack pages on the internet done by organized crime front groups like the ADL.  For me, it meant I had become a “listed celeb.”  As we say it in our home to friends and buests, “Enjoy.”


Who says the real “Mafia” was Italian?  Take some time and look up the name “Rothstein.”  The Wiki-tale, one of many carefully crafted fairy tales peddled as “stolen secrets” has a purpose, as usual.

That is meant to give the Israeli air force the sound of credibility.  Iran, of course, could drop two dozen high explosive penetrators on the Dimona Nuclear Weapons Lab or the secret germ warfare facility that South Africa moved to the Southern Negev Desert (big secret, sorry about that) and turn Israel into a post-apocalyptic rat hole.

Imagine hundreds of tons of anthrax, smallpox with attached “weaponized” ebola spreading into the wind.  Half the world’s Nobel Prize winners could be hurt or worse were this biological weapons facility to be forcefully “decommissioned.”  Imagine a Nobel Prize in poetry and having to recite E.E. Cummings to workers on an assembly line making poison gas shells.

Would you have a cup of tea with me?

Who says Israeli socialism doesn’t have its benefits?

Then again, their other secret, DNA/racially “specific” bio-toxins, the real product of this facility and its twin in Southern Libya, a continuation of research that began in Rhodesia so long ago, migrated to South Africa and has now only Israel as a sponsor….

When Israel got all those Soviet scientists in trade for the information superspy Jonathan Pollard had stolen so many years ago, did that begin the war over who would get the Russian germ warfare operations?

Reading the script to our recent international “snafu’s” is more like watching Sesame Street if Big Bird took over as both writer and producer.

Our real question is whose DNA is targeted?  Building on the original research, meant to wipe out the African population are some surprises.

The original “black bomb,” a nerve gas weapon developed by Israel in South Africa, tested in Angola in the 80s, was the first step toward depopulating Africa to gain control of oil, gas and mineral wealth.

Sound nutty?  Why do you think they call him “Nuttyahoo?”  Have you noted any provisions for Africa to have a rational population or development plan in the last 40 years?  No?  Hmm.

What we are told is that the Rwanda killings, as many as half a million, began with a test of a racially specific neurotoxin.  Then one side was told the other had released the toxin and the slaughter began, later blamed on the Chinese.  But, I am making this up, otherwise, I would be releasing highly classified information, which would be wrong.

Of course I mean none of this, all conjecture, otherwise, this would be information of the highest classification possible which might reveal the long term plans which would put certain economic manipulations and the restructuring of commodity markets in perspective.

Four billion is a big pile of bodies

After all, what kind of person would arrange the systematic murder of over 4 billion people?  It would be like agreeing to kill your own son or sending your long awaited messiah to a tortuous death.

The kind of people who would do this might run gasoline from unsaleable oil to $4 bucks a gallon, fight a ten year war to build an heroin empire run by American intelligence services or wire transfer more money than most Americans ever knew existed, sent to the Bank of Scotland for the Rothschild family to play with.

Take a moment or two to watch General Hamid Gul, attempt to tell the truth on American television.  Gul, co-editor of Veterans Today, former head of one of the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies, puts responsbility for 9/11 on Israel and their neocon allies.

His explanation is as close to truth as any American will every receive from someone of his stature.  Gul, though decorated for helping the US in the war against the Soviets in Afghanistan gives us the facts below:


Then I remember the story I saw on TV on 9/11, planes hitting buildings and NORAD nowhere in sight, no American fighter jets, all on “stand down” just as General Hamid Gul had warned, as we now know so many had warned, so many, so many who had been gagged, silenced, drugged, killed or put in military psychiatric hospitals though civilians.

Read Susan Lindauer’s book describing what happened to her when she tried to warn those who knew already. Ah, but then, those are all mythology.

Nobody is doing anything, it is all for show, another “pump and dump” on the people of the world, same as with the phony Keystone project from Canada and the Koch Brothers oil and gas futures manipulation.

To think Netanyahu, at one time, was a fairly successful furniture salesman.  Problem is, that is the job he had much more recently than many realize.  His skills learned from peddling night stands don’t translate well to international relations. He needs advice from Abe Foxman of the ADL. 

I will make a call about that. Remind me.  I tend to forget when it is time to talk with people who are a useless waste of time.

Iran is having an election.  The Israeli/American press claims we can expect big changes there.  I wonder if the Shah is running again.  Isn’t he living in Saudi Arabia with Gaddafi?

On a genuine note, our condolences for the families of the dead in Indiana from the storms this week and to the families of the dead coeds from BGSU who were killed on I 75.

Below is one of the surviving videos of a South Park episode that addresses concerns about Mormonism and how utterly insane a belief it is.  Excuse the video quality but we feel it is necessary that, if the religious beliefs of presidential candidates can be considered none other than clear evidence of mental illness so severe as to make them a threat to themselves or others, the truth must be revealed.  Romney is “bishop” in this church, loosely related to other religions of “the book” but more science fiction.  To me, it more closely resembles the life of Superman from early DC Comics with lots of sex added, an almost insane about of sex.  This is a short cartoon revealing this cult as strangest of all:


Romney has avoided discussing any of this on the campaign trail

I could list a thousand other real tragedies we wish could have been averted instead of having to report the useless drivel of Republican political candidates and their wars over whether humans rode on dinosaurs or not.

With Mitt Romney the deal is whether we should spend the next decade building a space ship to get to the private Mormon god’s planet where he spends his days having illicit unprotected sex with dozens of unwilling virgins.

I do so love religion, yes; this is exactly what Mitt Romney believes and an official tenet of the Mormon Church.  Yes, I believe they are insane and a danger to themselves and others.  Why do you think Romney’s father was born in Mexico?

Answer:  Chased out of the country by the US Army.  Clear enough?  Wish we had been able to chase them to Kenya.

Watching the GOP on stage bragging about their religion is quite humorous.  Nobody asks the real questions:  “How many of you onstage have sex with animals or believe in eating small children, cooked or raw?” How many hands would we see?  Half, most of them?

Other minor story of the week, Rush Limbaugh, now a G list celeb (I am even E list), called a woman a “slut” over the issue of birth control as part of a last ditch attempt to make people remember he is not dead.

Is it bad being called a “slut” by a drug addict?  I want to know?  Comments?

Rush, you are deader than Andy Breitbart but a lot better looking.  If you could, can you give us the names of a few doctors who write illegal “oxy” scripts?  It isn’t that we plan anything but let’s admit it; you are a well-known contact for buying illegal drugs.

Some of the Middle East nuttiness of the week, which even confuses me:

Israel secretly loves Syria.  Syria and Israel secretly love Russia. Iran secretly loves Turkey.  Turkey secretly loves Pakistan but it may be a “crush” over Pakistan’s nuclear weapons.

News versions of this, which seem to come directly from the secret meetings of Israel’s security bureaus, they have several, to the front pages of our papers, out TV sets and all the “neocon” online website and thousands of nameless “robo-bloggers” seems like more than a coincidence.

Is this a new form of warfare, continual lying and calling it news?  Comments?

Will the tail wag the dog?

The breakup between Obama and Netanyahuwill not be settled Tuesday.  The failed furniture salesman from Philly (great town!) trying to handle a Chicago lawyer who can kick his ass one handed isn’t going to work out well for Netanyahu.

I suggest “one on one” basketball to settle it.  Others have suggest both jump off a tall building and see who g-d picks to survive.  That’s nasty.  Comments?

Can Netanyahu dribble?  He certainly drools, but that’s not the same.

Even in Israel, from highly reliable sources, those who make such decisions don’t think Netanyahu is even worth killing although the damage he has done, particularly to, not only the United States, but alienating so many American Jews by siding with the “neocon/commie apparatchiks,” too long after their 15 minutes is up…….

What are we saying?  Netanyahu still thinks the Tea Party exists and is going to be the muscle behind his “bitch slapping” of Obama.

Has anyone seen the Tea Party?  You know, the idiots who rode around in the Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin buses paid for by the Koch Brothers begging for higher taxes for the poor and a draft so our kids could all die in Iran while we starved to death at home?

You remember them, that’s the “Tea Party?”  “Gone,” you say?  Anyone seen Palin or Beck or Bachmann?  Gone too?  They were funny, psychopaths, yes, but funny too. As for our Israeli friend, he has to be off his meds.


A Mad Bibi

Nuttyyahoo, your 15 minutes is up,the Tea Party died when the Koch Brothers took it over, the GOP lineup of butt-kissers and morons are a laughing stock and even control and manipulation of the press isn’t going to work anymore.


It isn’t that the American people have suddenly become brilliant overnight, not like they are all Knesset members, but the same scary stories from 2001 don’t sell so well anymore.

Hey, do this:  Get a real poll going on how many Americans think 9/11 has a bad smell about it.  My take is fewer than 20% blame Israel as of now.  Before you are done, you will have doubled that number.

I am reliably told that current members of the US military at the highest levels have, minimally, reassessed you.  They don’t hate Israel and certainly don’t wish it any unpleasantness but would be happier if you resigned, if Dimona were destroyed and Gaza and the West bank were withdrawn from.

These opinions are highly representative of the majority “in authority” and are now being voiced openly, so openly that your own military chiefs have issued you a personal rebuke regarding this.

Conveniently, Israel has the weakest military in the last 30 years.  Hey, an invasion of Iran will toughen your girls and guys up, take some weight off them, give them purpose. We wish you good luck with that.  We will enjoy watching it all on Al Jazeera.

Our own are clear.  Not one single veteran has mentioned a desire to fight in Iran or a willingness to accept orders to do so.  Then again, our Commander in Chief and Chairman of our Joint Chiefs of Staff seem to share their beliefs.

A few minor notes to end up.  With the deterioration in the quality of news in the west, let’s admit it, we have a controlled press, propaganda, lies and fabrications that even include sports news and weather now, pretty much everyone is aware.

Even our history is not history.  I had the occasion to review a college history text this week.  Errors are one thing.  When “history” disagrees with intelligence assessments which aren’t in the public sector it is one thing.

Brzezinski with CIA’s ‘Tim Osmon’ – Osama bin Laden

I know bin Laden wasn’t a terrorist and died in 2001.  A history text could say that bin Laden was suspected to have been responsible for 9/11 but had worked for the CIA for years before that.

It isn’t “quality truth” nor would an education based on such oversimplification suffice someone with more than a passing need for a history class to enhance a degree in sewing or television repair, but things don’t stop there.

Many popular lower level university text books are being written by people whose background is academic only, very “light weight” and tied to “agenda oriented” institutions of religious base or thought of as “diploma mills.”

When our real “geniuses,” turn out to be wrong about 90% of the time, having half-baked morons supplying materials which aren’t even well organized enough to be considered legitimate lies and distortions is embarrassing.

My suggestion? Get your education from TV.  Watch Band of Brothers about WW2 or Platoon about Vietnam, maybe Full Metal Jacket. Scorsese’s efforts, Gangs of New York and Boardwalk Empire are superb. Watch Burn Notice.

More curiously, watch changes in NYPD Blue that are slowly reflecting reassessment of 9/11, its exploitation, or “holocausting” and the inconsistencies.

TV is become increasingly duplex.  Some shows are clearly controlled by elements whose purpose is racist, Islamophobic and dishonest. These shows should probably be considered “hate speech” and outlawed.

Having said that, the reason being is that they are supported by the wealthy and powerful intended upon victimization of, not just the Muslims of the world but I have got 500,000 recently disabled veterans whose lives have been negatively impacted by these violations of existing laws which are not protected.

Here is a recommendation for all.  Travel in Israel, eat the food, try walking through “fundamentalist” neighborhoods.  Travel in Turkey.  Do the same.

Which is safer?  Whose food is better?  Even my Greek friends vacation in Turkey now.  I never thought I would live that long.  My Israeli friends do only one thing.  They call and ask which country they can move to.  I am suggesting Ecuador, no extradition.

Federal licenses intended for communicating news and entertainment have been, for many years, illegally used to prestage public opinion toward racism, war mongering, class hatred, fear and general mistrust of government.

The last part I would agree with were it not shown to undermine a desire by our best and brightest to be involved in our governmental processes.

Ex-Governor Blagojevich – A Perfect Example

Thus, we have mob rule in the US, controlled by a criminal oligarchy.  Any doubts about that?  Check the full biographies of all members of our federal and state governments.

Sixty percent are unqualified to mow lawns. Many of the rest belong in prison. Over half of the 15 million now in prison in the US might better serve us in government.  I am willing to take that chance; after all, what do we have to lose?

As a post script, I had a strange dream.  I dreamed of the wild story of the death of Osama bin Laden.

Hamid Gul said it never happened as we claim, most of my friends in military and intelligence, including top US officials said bin Laden died over a decade ago.

Then I wondered where the others killed in the 45 minute “gun battle” with Navy SEALS had gone?  No shell casings or blood was found anywhere.  Doesn’t anyone watch CSI?

There were two killed next door, lots of “unsuppressed firing” of weapons in a highly populated area where everyone is armed and quite unlikely to be cowering in their homes.

Then I think of the tiny helicopter that crashed into the wall and the news story from witnesses that American dead were strewn across the ground and citizens were told to return to their homes.

A few days later, the dead that never died managed to die again, not in a SEAL helicopter specially designed for their high risk insertions but in a National Guard helicopter carrying 3 times its maximum load on a mission that SEALS would never be used on.

Maybe a hijacked airliner crashed into the SEALS, killing them, airliners so convenient when needed for tasks such as this. Ah, the disease of cynicism, believing so many lie so often.  Perhaps I should rejoin the cartoon world and wait for the rapture.                                                                                     

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