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Divide and Conquer Score 1+ to the Zionist!!



Its a sad sad day, when you realise the Palestine Solidarity campaign, the BDS campaign and the Palestine Solidarity campaign all appear to have been invaded and taken over by the “PC Nazis” ie Jewish control freaks hell-bent on controlling the narrative. Its an even sadder day when you see one person you look up to and admire attacking another’s freedom of speech. While choosing to exercise his own.

At a push this to could be described as anti Semitic…. yet Ali chooses to attack Gildad Atzmon with charges of anti semitism.

Personally I don’t know either man so I have no interest in this argument, but this is not the only “event” of such nature. And there is a definite pattern emerging of on going attacks on Palestine activists who don”t kowtow to a certain line of thinking (ie how the Jews involved in the Palestine freedom movement think it should go.).This concerns me so much because its taking away the focus on the people who are really suffering , those living in the West Bank, Gaza , the48 Arabs and of course those living in the diaspora particularly in the refugee camps.

There is so much more to this story in its entirety and and if I had not seen  other activists taken down in this way, I would not of been writing this. I suggest any one wanting  to find out more start digging, look at both sides of the argument and decide for yourself or even better decide to ignore it and focus on Palestine and the end goal of freedom

As for me I see nothing wrong in anything Atzmon has written, unlike many of those now denigrating him, he has been through the system and says it like it is. Atzmons problems are because he is speaking out in public,  he is bringing to light many things that Jews would rather not heard spoken about publicly. The accusation of anti Semitism charged against Atzmon should give anyone with nous a clue, in the words of Shulamit Aloni… “Anti semitism its a trick we use”.

But having said all this its Palestinians  themselves who must define the struggle…. فلسطين فوق الجميع

As activists our focus should be on Palestine, and if your a Jewish activist for Palestine you should grow a thick skin, things will be said that may hurt you. Truths may be shown that will hurt you even more, but the truth will set you free as much as it will set the Palestinians free.We are all such a wide diverse bunch,.,if you dont agree with what some one is saying just ignore it. We are not all going to agree and certainly trying to find common ground on one common definition of anti Semitism and what constitutes anti Semitic rhetoric should not be defined in the limits of Palestinian activism .just as character assassinations should not be a part of said limits either.

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