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Is the Zio-Nazi State a legitimate state?


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US soldier accused of Afghan massacre did not want to return to frontline


The American staff sergeant accused of shooting dead 16 Afghan villagers had   not wanted to return to the frontline, his lawyer has said.
The 38-year-old father-of-two, from the Joint Base Lewis-McChord base in   Washington, had been drinking with two other soldiers before wandering 500   yards from his base in Kandahar province, southern Afghanistan,   and gunning down 16 villagers, the official said.

The soldier was suffering from stress over a fourth deployment and was under   pressure from his wife, it was claimed. His lawyer John Henry Browne said he   had been reluctant to return to the frontline.

He said soldiers in the suspect’s camp had been very upset that somebody in   their unit had their leg blown off the day before the rampage.

Browne said his client is highly decorated, had twice been injured during   tours in Iraq and was reluctant to leave on his fourth deployment. But he   denied reports suggesting that the soldier had alcohol or marital problems.

Questions were raised earlier this week about the staff sergeant’s mental   stability after it emerged that he was suffering from a head trauma from a   roadside bomb in Iraq and another injury to his leg, where surgeons had to   remove part of his foot.

His lawyer John Henry Browne would not confirm whether the staff sergeant had   psychological or mental health issues but said claims he had marital issues   were “hogwash” and “a bunch of nonsense”.

“He’s one of our boys and we need to treat him fairly,” he added.

The soldier, who is originally from the Midwest, was deployed last December   with the 3rd Stryker Brigade, and on Feb 1 was attached to a “village   stability operation.”

His lawyer described him as highly decorated and said he had once been   nominated for a Bronze Star, which he did not receive.

The soldier was worried about being deployed a fourth time and didn’t hold any   animosity towards Muslims, his lawyer added.

“He wasn’t thrilled about going on another deployment,” said the   lawyer, John Henry Browne. “He was told he wasn’t going back, and then   he was told he was going.”

The suspect was “very quiet” when he spoke to him by phone and asked   Mr Browne to send his love to his family, the lawyer said.

Mr Browne is known for representing Colton Harris-Moore, the so-called “Barefoot   Bandit,” who was found guilty of a string of audacious crimes across   the United States and sentenced in January to six and a half years in   prison. He was involved in the defence of Ted Bundy, the American serial   killer.

The soldier, who has not been formally charged, was flown to an American   detention site in Kuwait yesterday, to the fury of dozens of Afghans who   have demanded he face trial in Afghanistan.

The Army has declined to name the staff sergeant further inflaming the issue.

Military officials are expected to transfer the staff sergeant to the United   States later today after diplomatic outcry from the Kuwaitis, who were not   told in advance that the soldier was being moved.

“When they learned about it, the Kuwaitis blew a gasket and wanted him out of   there,” the official said.

The staff sergeant’s wife and two children, aged three and four, were moved   from their home to the Joint Base Lewis McChord in Washington in   anticipation of the man’s name being released.

If convicted, the soldier could face the death penalty under US military law.

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Afghan Massacre Suspect Heads to U.S


The American soldier accused of massacring 16 Afghan civilians — mostly women and children — is on his way back to the United States where he will be held before trial, the soldier’s lawyer and defense officials said today.

The shooting suspect, who has not been publicly identified, is expected to arrive at Fort Leavenworth in Kansas later today, attorney John Henry Browne told CNN, echoing the timeline defense officials provided to ABC News. The soldier had been held in Kuwait after he was spirited out of Afghanistan days after the alleged murders.

Browne, a high profile Seattle-based attorney who has represented the northwest’s infamous Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore as well as convicted serial killer Ted Bundy, disputed a New York Times report that his client had “snapped” before the shooting, saying that while his client was certainly stressed from living in a war zone, he did not snap.

Browne also called reports that the alleged shooter was suffering marital problems before his last deployment “totally bogus” and said there was “no issue” with the marriage.

However, the attorney noted the soldier was distressed over returning to combat — he had already been deployed three times to Iraq before going to Afghanistan. The day before the alleged murders, Browne said, a fellow soldier lost a leg in an attack “right in front of my client” — a horrific injury that had upset several soldiers.

The suspect, described by defense officials as a 38-year-old staff sergeant hailing from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state, had been injured twice in previous deployments, including a suffering a traumatic brain injury in Iraq in 2010, defense officials told ABC News.

The staff sergeant is accused of going out in the middle of the night Sunday from his base in Kandahar and walking to a nearby village where he systematically entered several homes and opened fire on the occupants. Of the 16 victims, three were children and nine were women.

The soldier then allegedly returned to the base where he turned himself in.

Speaking of the alleged killing spree, President Obama said Tuesday, “The United States takes this as seriously as if it were our own citizens and our own children who were murdered.”

“The killing of innocent civilians is outrageous and it’s unacceptable. It’s not who we are as a country and it does not represent our military,” he said.

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A. Loewenstein Online Newsletter

Musings on daily life for Gazans


Posted: 14 Mar 2012


Amira Hass writes in Haaretz about the grim reality for those caught between Palestinian rockets and Israeli bombardment:

On the first day of the cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians, children in the Gaza Strip went to school – as they did throughout the most recent exchange of fire. “There were two days I didn’t send the girls to school,” a friend told me on the phone, “but that was when it was very cold. During the recent bombardments I sent them.”

Another friend, a teacher, insisted that her children go to school just as she did. This, despite the fact that on Monday two Palestinians were killed near a school in Beit Lahia. Mohammed Mustafa al-Husseini, 65, and his daughter Faiza, 30, were working their plot of land near the Tel el-Za’atar school in Beit Lahia when a missile from an Israeli fighter jet was fired at them, according to Palestinian reports. The father was killed instantly and the daughter died of her injuries in the hospital.

“The fears from 2008 have come back and awakened,” the young daughter of one of my friends said. The bombardments remind Gazans of the December 27, 2008 missile attack on the police center in Gaza, which was near schools.

“We’re going to visit friends now,” another friend reported, while waiting for her sister to come downstairs and get a taxi. “We went out very little over the past few days, only what was urgent. School, work, grocery, clinic,” she said.

The Israel Defense Forces has not allowed Israeli journalists into the Gaza Strip since late 2006, and phone calls are a necessary, albeit pitiful, alternative to proper coverage.

On Tuesday the streets began to fill more. And if there weren’t that many cars, it’s because of the shortage of gasoline.

Gaza is getting ready for a victory parade that Islamic Jihad is going to hold this evening at 6 P.M., my interlocutors told me yesterday afternoon.

One friend uses the word “victory” cynically. He doesn’t believe what the Palestinians are hearing from Islamic Jihad – that Israel agreed to a cease-fire, including a cessation of targeted killings; otherwise, the small organization would aim its missiles at Tel Aviv.

But when another friend used the word “victory” it was without cynicism. “They were defending us,” he said of Islamic Jihad. Then we began discussing what “defense” means, a word used by those who justify the Palestinian rocket fire. How do primitive rockets protect them, in the face of Israeli bombardment and missiles? They did and do the opposite; they invite even more deadly and frightening Israeli attacks.

The discussion, too, is part of the routine, with or without a ceasefire.

My uncynical friend says rockets are a defense against the feeling of humiliation and helplessness engendered by every targeted killing.

“People know that rocket fire is not the solution,” my friend says. “And yet in the first moment of response, when firing a rocket or a Grad, they’re happy. Right afterward they’re afraid of what will happen.”

Another friend said Islamic Jihad gained support because it responded to an assassination of a member of another faction – the Popular Resistance Committees. “The mission of the rockets is not to liberate Palestine or win the battle, but to hurt, to cause the Israelis suffering,” he said.

State of the Taliban 2012


Posted: 13 Mar 2012


Fascinating insights, published by Matthieu Atkins in GQ:

This month’s issue of GQ contains an exclusive account of the 20-hour assault on the U.S. embassy in Kabul last September. As the article shows, the attack—though militarily unsuccessful—was a public relations victory for the Taliban. In February, excerpts from a classified NATO report were leaked in the press that further undermined the official U.S. military line on the war. GQ has obtained a copy of the secret report, which contains a frank assessment of the Taliban, their ties to Pakistan, and their prospects for victory over the Afghan government.

PART I: What the Report Means
The report, “State of the Taliban: January 6, 2012,” is part of a regularly published series on the insurgency that’s based on the interrogations of thousands of detainees. It offers an unvarnished glimpse into the inner beliefs of the military establishment in Afghanistan for two reasons: First, as a classified document, it was intended solely for internal consumption, and second, it was put together by a special operations team working under the Joint Special Operations Command, which is responsible for the US military’s most secretive and demanding special forces missions, including the one that killed Osama bin Laden last year.

The special operations team that authored the report, known as Joint Task Force 3-10, allegedly helps oversee a “black site” prison at the largest US military base in the country, located at Bagram air base, just north of Kabul. In the introduction, the report describes how it was put together:

“Throughout the year, TF 3-10 conducted over 27,000 interrogations of over 4,000 Taliban, Al Qaeda, foreign fighters and civilians. As this document is derived directly from insurgents, it should be considered informational and not necessarily analytical.”While, as the authors note, the report is intended to be a presentation of the information they’ve gathered from detainees, in certain passages it clearly includes their own views and analysis. And though the ‘black sites’ operated by the CIA and special forces in Afghanistan have in the past been associated with detainee abuse, overall the interrogators seem notably sympathetic to the detainees’ motivations and understanding of Afghan politics and culture.

1. Who are the Taliban?
The report is remarkable for its clear-eyed view of the insurgency, a far cry from the caricature that often features in military press releases. Rather than merciless fanatics, the Taliban are portrayed as a nuanced and complex phenomenon — one deeply involved in violence and criminality, but also pragmatic and evolving, with a deep base of support among ordinary Afghans. It portrays them as motivated both by nationalistic and religious grounds:

“[Afghan government] corruption, abuse of power and suspected lack of commitment to Islam continue to provoke significant anti-government sentiment. The Taliban will be hostile to any government which appears to act as an agent of foreign powers to instill Western values.”The report makes clear the distinction between the Taliban and Al-Qaeda, whose influence is seen as dissipating under the pressure of military strikes and the loss of much of its core leadership:

“In most regions of Afghanistan, Taliban leaders have no interest in associating with Al Qaeda. Working with Al Qaeda invites targeting, and Al Qaeda personnel are no longer the adept and versatile fighters and commanders they once were. Even Taliban groups with historically close ties to Al Qaeda, such as the Haqqani Network, have had little or no interaction with them in the last two years.”

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Dorothy Online Newsletter


Dear Friends,


I will be in California in May, returning here mid June, assuming that there will be no war, yet.  I will be available to meet people and to speak to organizations or groups on weekdays and evenings from May 14th through May 29th.


This means that to prepare for possible speaking events, I’ll be cutting back on my writing to you, starting tomorrow, possibly.  Will return to this after we come back, unless of course peace has been achieved, in which case you’ll not need me.  Unfortunately, I don’t see that in the offing yet.


8 items below.


The first two remind us that the OPT continues to see violence and have problems.  The first of these reports that the IOF demolished a car-wash station.  Can you imagine the military in your country coming and demolishing a car-wash or service station, and without allowing the owner to extricate some of his equipment?  You can’t?  Well, that’s because you are not Palestinian.


The 2nd is a report by a member of Machsom Watch [Checkpoint Watch] of Palestinian emotions and IOF intolerance over the killing of a Palestinian.


Items 3 and 4 are about Israel.  Item 3 reports that the question of being a soldier in the Israeli military is dividing the Druze community.  Druze males are obligated to enlist at the age of 18, just as are Jewish males and females.  They are discovering what some Bedouin did, namely that being in the Israeli military wins no brownie points after you trade your military uniform for civvies.  Item 4 shows how little respect the IOF has for its Supreme Court.


Items 5, 6, and 7 take us back to the main subject of the day here: Iran.


Item 5 tells us that Obama says that the ‘window for a diplomatic solution to the Iranian problem is ‘shrinking.’  Actually, this is from Haaretz.  I anticipated finding commentary about Obama’s position in the international press, but found nothing substantial in BBC, the Guardian, the Independent, the LA Times, NY Times, Washington Post, and Al Jazeera.  But, I instead ran across other interesting materials, all of which are in this collection.


Item 6 is using Iran to attack (verbally and, eventually, probably also militarily) Gaza, claiming that it is behind Gazan violence.


Item 7 is the result of polls on the Iran issue.  They show that the results are contingent to the questions asked.


Item 8 is a portion of Akiva Eldar’s comments yesterday on Bibi’s use of the Holocaust.

That’s it for tonight.



March 14, 2012   Time : 12:14


BETHLEHEM, March 14, 2012 (WAFA) – Israeli forces Wednesday demolished a carwash in Husan, a village west of the southern West Bank city of Bethlehem, claiming it was built without permit, according to a local official.

Head of Husan village council, Jamal Sabateen, told WAFA that an Israeli force broke into the village in the early morning hours and demolished a carwash owned by a local resident while preventing the owner from removing his equipments before demolishing it.

He said this is the second time the Israeli army demolishes the carwash, in addition to several other shops in the same area.

He said the village has recently been subjected to considerable harassment by Israeli soldiers, the latest of which was the uprooting of dozens of olive trees about a week ago.

The illegal Jewish settlement of Bitar Elite is built on land belong to Husan and nearby Nahalin and Wadi Foukin.



2 The Palestine Chronicle

March 14, 2012 15:21


For Three Days the Fire Blazed


(Photo: Tamar Fleishman)


By Tamar Fleishman – The West Bank


Since Talat Ramia’s murder tranquility had yet to be restored to the streets of Ar-Ram.


For the past three days the younger residents had been going out to the streets and protesting against the murder of their friend, while the army pushes them back with a barrage of fire and gas grenades.


“He was only twenty five, from a very poor family, his brother is the one who cleans cars at the checkpoint…”, said my friend A’ who added: “Even though I didn’t know him very well, I wanted to cry when they told me the soldiers had killed him for no reason, really it was for no reason…”


And ever since that Friday the place was in flames. On top of the anger and rage over the loss of Talat Ramia was the frustration that had been piling up and increasing over the past three years, it seemed to flow in all the underground routes until finally bursting during these days, rising to the surface with the shot of the bullet that entered Talat’s body.


It had been three years, ever since the protests against the building of the wall, since we last witnessed such fury and determination in a protest.


Slowly the feelings sprouted and tuned into an infected abscess that had formed with the end of the construction of the wall that closed Ar-Ram from three sides, upon which the decrees and regulations of the occupier had been added, turning the once thriving and flourishing town to a prison, cutting off the residents from the city that had been the center of their lives (East Jerusalem), and once the richer residents moved to the other side of the wall and since no void is left unfilled, new residents arrived, a poor and weakened population, and thus began the sluggish process of the demolition of the town into itself, this was marked by the closing of institutions for education and health, the destruction of private businesses, and the shattering and fracturing of the economy.


When we were there the demonstration and protest hadn’t yet cooled down. The fire from the soldiers hadn’t ceased either. The air was full of smoke and tear gas fumes, and fires erupted in the street corners. A natural leadership had formed among the older teenagers; they forced the children who tag along with them to move to the rear.


The teenagers fought with their faces masked for fear that they might be recognized, following which the hunters might come to get them. They were constantly throwing stones at the soldiers, who stood protected and armed on the other side of the main road at the entrance to the military base (“Rama”) and fired with their various weapons at the protestors.


It had been three days without tranquility and many of the youngsters were in need of paramedic care. The paramedic wore a glowing yellow vest as he walked around giving treatment for hurting eyes and even ours were treated, as a moving gesture of solidarity with us for having chosen to stand together with and among the victims. In spite of the severity of these events there was no media coverage and no camera crews (apart from ours) were present, this was in accordance to the equation that Palestinians injured from military fire isn’t news. It was also not reported that a gas grenade fell and exploded inside the apartment of a family who lived right on the fire line, only their screaming gave indication to those standing outside of what had happened. The apartment was locked from the inside and those in it-women and children- could not escape. It was then that the youngsters stopped battling the soldiers and started throwing stones at the windows of the house. Once the windowpanes were broken white smoke came out, after which the entrance door was broken and medical crews rescued those entrapped, but the youngest of the girls had to be carried out while still unconscious and gently placed inside the ambulance.


As evening fell and the army’s patience was wearing thin, the soldiers drew closer to the entrance of the town; they blocked it and began fighting the youngsters who retreated into the back allies.


As all this was taking place news crews and photographers were only several kilometers away, covering and taking pictures of the minister of transport and the mayor in a ceremony remarking the end of the renovations in Beit Hanina, a neighborhood that had been annexed to the ‘Great Jerusalem’: at the front was an improvised podium next to which hung a blue and white flag that was like a thorn in the eyes to the local residents, even heaters were brought in case one of the VIPs might feel chilly.


“Why did they come here, they should walk a couple of meter further and see the pits in the roads at the other side…” said a resident of the neighborhood as he and his friends looked with contempt at what was taking place.


And at the same time, as though in a delusional parallel universe, Qalandiya checkpoint was operating sluggishly, which in itself is no longer a reality that is reproved. A seven year old child who was injured in a car accident in Ramallah was taken out from a Palestinian ambulance and into an Israeli one, all while maintaining Israeli safety procedures which were in fact no more than unnecessary shaking of the child which enhanced his suffering.


(Translated by Ruth Fleishman)


– As a member of Machsomwatch, once a week Tamar Fleishman heads out to document the checkpoints between Jerusalem and Ramallah. This documentation (reports, photos and videos) can be found on the organization’s site: She is also a member of the Coalition of Women for Peace and volunteer in Breaking the Silence. She contributed this article to


If you like this article, please consider making a contribution to the Palestine Chronicle.


3 LA Times

March 13, 2012


In Israel, Druze community divided over military service

Druze Arabs say they do not get the support they deserve after serving in the military. Some say such service has driven a wedge between them and other Arabs.


Israeli soldiers take part in an exercise in the Negev desert. The Druze are the only Arab Israelis subject to the draft, and some say military service has driven a wedge between them and other Arabs. (Uriel Sinai / Getty Images / January 31, 2012),0,2106426,full.story


By Edmund Sanders, Los Angeles Times


Reporting from Isfiyeh, Israel— Amal Asad began his barrier-breaking military career in the Israel Defense Forces after being drafted just days before the 1973 Yom Kippur War. He went on to become one of its first Arab paratroopers and retired as brigadier general, the second-highest rank achieved by a non-Jewish officer.


Rising in the ranks alongside future Israeli leaders such as Defense Minister Ehud Barak and former Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, Asad says, he faced relatively few obstacles as a Druze Arab in the Jewish-dominated military. But he says retirement in 2000 hit him like “a slap in the face.”


In terms of benefits, he says, he receives the same as any officer. But while other retired officers pursued political careers and lucrative jobs in the private sector, he runs a small business that recycles old tires and lives in the impoverished Druze town of Isfiyeh, where schools are overcrowded and roads need repair.


“When you fight for the state, you feel part of the team,” said Asad, 56. “But when you do your part and then get nothing back, that’s the slap. You realize you are not the same. It kills you.”


As Israel debates whether to draft ultra-Orthodox Jewish men into its military, questions are also being raised about the role of Arab Israelis, who also are largely exempt from mandatory service. Although Arabs make up one-fifth of Israel’s population, they are estimated to account for less than 5% of active soldiers.


As with ultra-Orthodox young men, Muslim and Christian Arabs are not required to serve in the army. Last month, however, the Supreme Court ruled that the exemption for religious students was unfair and illegal, raising questions about whether the same standard would apply to Arabs.


Some question whether the IDF is even willing to accept the large-scale enlistment of Arab soldiers.


“I’m not sure they want them in the military,” said Reda Mansour, one of the top-ranking Druze diplomats in Israel’s foreign service. “It would not be easy to have Arab commanders when we are fighting Arab enemies.”


Arab Israelis are also leery, pointing to the disappointing experience of the Druze, who are the only Arabs now subject to the draft.


The Druze are members of a small, close-knit society that practices a little-known religion. Scattered around several Mideast countries, including Syria and Lebanon, the Druze typically embrace the government wherever they live, with no national aspirations of their own. They were early allies of Jewish independence fighters against the British, and after Israel’s creation, they agreed to be subject to the military draft, betting it would earn them respect and support.


A measure of respect followed, but some Druze are questioning whether they received the support to which they believe they are entitled. A growing number of Druze leaders are balking at army service, complaining that their communities in Israel fare no better than other Arab villages, suffering from the same poor infrastructure and funding shortages.


The military service, some say, has driven a wedge between Druze and other Arab Israelis.


“Our roots should be with the Arab nations, but Israel is trying to use this to separate and isolate the minorities,” said Osama Melhem, an advisor to a Druze member of parliament and member of Roots, a Druze group that is encouraging its young men to boycott military service. He said his son is now waiting to be sentenced for refusing to report to duty.


“This has been a test for the past 60 years, and we’ve gotten nothing from the state,” he said, adding that he believes military service leaves Druze at a disadvantage because Arabs who don’t serve in the army get a head start by going directly to college and the job market, and they all end up facing the same anti-Arab discrimination.


About 82% of Druze young men are drafted and more than half of those serve in combat positions, according to army figures. That’s a higher rate than for Jews, 74% of whom are drafted and 42% of whom serve in combat units. (Despite the mandatory draft, exemptions are made for conscientious objectors and for health or religious reasons. Druze women are not required to serve for religious reasons.)


Some Druze leaders defend military service as a worthwhile experience that can help young men qualify for subsidized college tuition, lower mortgage rates and employment preferences, all standard benefits of IDF service. Just as important, they say, military service is every citizen’s responsibility and the army offers Druze an environment to escape discrimination and stereotypes.


“The military is the closest thing to equality that we have in Israel,” said Mansour, who served as Israel’s ambassador to Ecuador. “There are almost no barriers. The military is color-blind.”


He credits his own military service for boosting his career, saying it opened doors and provided contacts that continue to help.


Yet he and others agreed that most Druze face disappointment and hardship upon leaving the military.


Even government jobs are hard to come by, Mansour said, with only about a dozen Arabs among 380 Israeli diplomats. Since Israel’s founding, only two Arabs — one Druze and one Muslim — have served as Cabinet-level ministers.


“The post-service condition of the Arabs is the Achilles’ heel of the draft,” said Ayoob Kara, a Druze lawmaker and deputy minister of development of Galilee and Negev, a post that makes him the highest-ranking Arab official in the current government.


Kara, who lost two brothers in battle, said the army and government need to do more to support Druze soldiers upon release.


“They finish their army service with no place to live, no place to build a house or set up a family, no employment opportunities,” he said. “The gaps have widened over the years to the extent that affirmative action and preferential treatment are now urgently required.”


IDF officials acknowledged the problem for Druze, but said that it occurs after they are released.


“Their reentry into civilian life and subsequent absorption is difficult for socioeconomic reasons,” said IDF Col. Ramez Ahmad, a Druze in charge of Druze and Bedouin soldiers. “But this is out of the army’s hands. This is a matter for government.”


Asad agreed that the solution must come from the government, not the military. He noted that Israel spent vast sums of money helping Russian and Ethiopian Jewish immigrants resettle over the last 20 years, and could devote more resources to Druze if it wanted to.


But he said he had no regrets about his service.


“Every Israeli has duty to the state,” he said. “I never did this to get something back.”


Batsheva Sobelman of The Times’ Jerusalem bureau contributed to this report.


4  The Guardian


14 March 2012


The killing of Zuhair al-Qaissi exposes Israel’s attitude to its supreme court

Did the Palestinian leader killed by Israeli forces plan an attack? Without transparency, there’s no accountability to the court.


Mya Guarnieri


The body of Zuhair al-Qaissi is carried by Palestinians during his funeral in Rafah. Photograph: Hatem Moussa/AP


The recent escalation between Israel and Gaza began after Israeli forces assassinated Zuhair al-Qaissi, a leader of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), a militant group composed of members of various Palestinian parties. Haaretz noted that the PRC was “the organisation that captured Gilad Shalit”, the Israeli soldier who was freed in October 2011. The army says that al-Qaissi was behind the August 2011 attack that took place on the Israeli-Egyptian border – even though the PRC denied involvement and it was later revealed that the militants came from Sinai, not Gaza.



While army sources took care to point out al-Qaissi’s alleged involvement in the August 2011 incident, his assassination wasn’t just an act of punishment. No, Israel killed him on the basis of secret evidence – evidence that is not subject to legal or judicial review – that supposedly proves that al-Qaissi was planning a terror attack. Never mind that the Israeli supreme court’s December 2006 ruling placed numerous restrictions on such assassinations.



Fatmeh el-Ajou, an attorney with Adalah, the legal centre for Arab minority rights in Israel, explains that while the judgment did not place a blanket prohibition on targeted killings, it stated that the decision to carry out an assassination must be made on a case-by-case basis, “depending on the evidence that [security forces] have”. But, without seeing the security forces’ secret evidence, it’s impossible to know if al-Qaissi was indeed planning an attack, and if the army was in line with the 2006 ruling. There’s no transparency in this so-called democracy and, without transparency, there is no accountability to the state’s highest court. “From the perspective of human rights law,” el-Ajou adds, “assassinations are not legitimate … They should only be carried out if there is a ‘ticking bomb.’ [Suspects] should be brought to trial.”



To some extent, the 2006 ruling dovetails with this, stating that, whenever possible, the person in question must be arrested and tried – which is exactly what didn’t happen in 2007, when the army violated the supreme court’s restrictions on targeted killings and assassinated two men they had the power to detain instead. And then there’s the laundry list of less dramatic examples, instances when state bodies quietly ignore the court, revealing Israel to be the weak democracy it is. Such cases have spurred former deputy attorney general Yehudit Karp to send not one but two letters of complaint to the current attorney General Yehuda Weinstein. Here’s a partial sampling of rulings that Israel can’t be bothered to fully implement:



• In 2002, the supreme court ordered the municipalities of Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Lod, Ramle and Nazareth Illit to “add Arabic to all municipal signs”, Adalah writes. Last April, the supreme court chastised the municipality of Nazareth Illit (upper Nazareth, a predominately Jewish area) for its lack of compliance with the nine-year-old ruling.



• In 2006, the supreme court struck down the binding arrangement, a policy that binds migrant workers to one employer, essentially making his or her visa contingent on his employer’s whim. Last year, the Knesset circumvented this ruling, passing legislation so severe that human rights groups referred to it as the “slavery law”.



• In 2007, the Israeli supreme court ruled that the separation barrier in the West Bank Palestinian village of Bilin served no security purpose in its location and ordered the state to move the fence. While Israel did move it in 2011, more than four years after the court’s decision, villagers are still separated from some of their land.



• During the December 2008 to January 2009 Israeli military operation known as Cast Lead, Israel barred media from the Gaza Strip. Even though the supreme court ruled against the ban, the press was not admitted to Gaza.



• In April 2011, the supreme court overturned the policy that stripped migrant workers who had children in Israel of their legal status, calling it a violation of the state’s own labour laws. Almost a year later, Israel is still deporting some of these women and their children, despite the fact that the very mechanism that made them “illegal” has been nullified.



In his 2006 ruling on targeted killings, former supreme court president Aharon Barak quoted an earlier judgment in which he’d stated: “At times democracy fights with one hand behind her back.” But in its war on Palestinians – and anyone that Israel deems an “other” – not only does the state use both hands, it fights with the proverbial gloves off.


5 Haaretz


March 14, 2012


Obama: Window for diplomatic solution to Iran nuclear standoff is ‘shrinking’

Speaking in joint press conference with U.K. PM Cameron, U.S. President says Washington is determined to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.


By The Associated Press and Natasha Mozgovaya

Tags: Barack Obama Iran Iran nuclear Iran threat Hillary Clinton

U.S. President Barack Obama said on Wednesday the window for a diplomatic solution with Iran over its nuclear program was “shrinking,” and he encouraged Tehran to seize the opportunity of talks with world leaders to avert “even worse consequences.”


Obama, speaking at a press conference with British Prime Minister David Cameron, insisted there is still “time and space” for a diplomatic solution, in lieu of a military strike to set back Iran’s progress toward a possible bomb, but said “the window for diplomacy is shrinking.”


“We are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” Obama said, adding that he had sent a message “personally” to the Iranian leadership that it should re-enter international arms talks in good faith.


“Tehran must understand that it cannot escape or evade the choice before it. Meet your international obligations or face the consequences.”


Obama further stated that a nuclear weapon in the hands of Iran “would trigger a nuclear arms race in the most dangerous part of the world”  and would raise issues that carry risks to U.S, national security interests.”


Earlier Wednesday, the Kommersant daily quoted Russian diplomats as saying that the United States asked Russia to deliver an ultimatum to Iran, warning the Islamic Republic that it has one last chance for talks before a military strike.


According to the Russian newspaper, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in New York on Monday to tell Tehran that it has one last chance to solve the conflict peacefully by making progress in the talks with the P5+1 group – United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany. Otherwise, an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities will occur within months, the diplomats said.


The report in Kommersant did not give further details regarding the kind of military action the U.S. was threatening, but quoted Russian diplomats at the UN as saying they believe that it is a “matter of when, not if” Israel would strike Iran’s nuclear facilities.


Last week, Clinton said that there is still space for diplomacy to resolve Iran’s nuclear standoff with the West shortly after European Union foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton announced that the P5+1 group agreed to restart talks with Iran. A time and venue of the talks has yet to be set.



6 Haaretz

March 14, 2012


Netanyahu: Gaza violence shows Israel cannot afford to be lax on Iran nuclear threat

In speech before Knesset, Prime Minister says Israel must be able to defend itself, blames Kadima’s 2005 disengagement in allowing Iranian takeover of Gaza.


By Jonathan Lis

Tags: Benjamin Netanyahu Gaza Strip Hamas Iran nuclear Iran threat Iran Middle East peace

Israel cannot allow terror groups to be backed by a nuclear Iran, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said in a speech to the Knesset on Wednesday, adding that those who say he is exaggerating the severity of the Iranian threat were those who allowed Iran’s takeover of the Gaza Strip.


Netanyahu spoke following a recently achieved truce between and Israel Defense Forces and Gaza militants which capped four days of rocket attacks on southern Israel and Israeli strikes of the Strip.


Referring to the recent bout of violence in his address to the Knesset, Netanyahu blamed Iran for taking over the Gaza Strip through the Hamas militant group, saying that “the dominant element driving events in Gaza is not the Palestinians but Iran, who is building the infrastructures, provides the money, and sometimes gives the orders.”


“Gaza is Iran’s forward position,” the PM added, saying that he exited Sharon’s cabinet prior to 2005 disengagement since he knew then that “rockets would fly out of Gaza, fly at Ashkelon, Be’er Sheva, at Ashdod. They said we were spreading panic, that the move would lead to a breakthrough to peace. What breakthrough? What peace?”


Netanyahu then directly accused the disengagement for allowing the Iranian takeover of the Strip, telling the Kadima MKs: “Iran was let into Gaza, but it wasn’t we that let Iran into Gaza, it was you.”


“As soon as we were out, Iran went in,” the premier added, saying the same criticism of his stance toward the disengagement in 2005 was used currently to play down the severity of the Iranian nuclear threat.


“A nuclear Iran would represent an existential threat on the State of Israel and the safety of the entire world,” the premier said.


Netanyahu then warned against the effect of a nuclear power backing terror groups such as those which have been attacking southern Israel with rockets, saying: “Imagine that behind terror groups was a country calling for our destruction and armed with nuclear bombs.”


“Are you ready for that? I’m not. Every leader knows this cannot be allowed to pass. An Israeli prime minister cannot hand over the ability to act against this threat to others,” the PM said.


The premier also rejected claims that he was centering on the Iranian issue in order to bypass peace talks with the Palestinians, saying that there were “many reasons to making peace with the Palestinians – because we want peace, calm, because I don’t want a bi-national state.”


“But it would be a dangerous illusion to think that such an agreement would stop Iran and its proxies,” he added.


Speaking of the recently achieved truce between Israel and Gaza militants in an interview with Haaretz on Tuesday, the head of the Defense Ministry’s political department, Maj. Gen. (res.) Amos Gilad said that the understandings reached were “very simple – quiet in exchange for quiet.”


He said the understandings were not spelled out in a signed document, and the only Israeli commitment was that if the Palestinian organizations refrained from launching attacks on Israel, the IDF would also hold its fire.


At first, at the Palestinians’ request, the Egyptians also attempted to obtain an Israeli commitment to refrain from targeted killings of senior figures in the various terrorist organizations. But Israeli officials said this effort was shelved in the face of Israeli opposition. “There were no guarantees and no other promises,” said Gilad, denying Islamic Jihad’s claim that Israel did in fact promise to refrain from targeted killings of the organization’s operatives.


“Major credit goes to the Egyptians for the successful effort they invested in obtaining a cease-fire,” Gilad added.


7 NY Times

March 14, 2012, 9:15 am


Poll Positions




Gali Tibbon/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images


Do Israelis believe Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is serious about striking Iran?


JERUSALEM — An Israeli attack on Iran is “not a matter of days or weeks,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel said on Israeli television last week. “But it’s also not a matter of years.” Months then?


Israeli leaders like to repeat that diplomacy and sanctions are their preferred way forward for now. But at a meeting with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Washington on March 5, Netanyahu also said that Israel was “determined to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons.” Amos Yadlin, a former chief of Israeli military intelligence, wrote recently that Israel will attack the day “Iran is on the verge of shielding its nuclear facilities from a successful attack.” It’s a kind of “if” that sounds a lot like a “when.”


Other Israelis — non-official, normal Israelis — seem more hesitant. They are still hoping for a less dangerous way out.


In a recent poll of 500 Israelis by Shibley Telhami, a fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution, 34 percent of respondents opposed any strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities (pdf). Some 42 percent backed an attack “only if Israel gains at least American support” and only 19 percent were for striking alone.


In a study last week by Camil Fuchs, a professor of statistics at Tel Aviv University and the official pollster for Haaretz, 58 percent of respondents said Israel should not attack without the United States (26 percent said it should regardless of U.S. support). A Channel 2 poll put at 65 percent the figure of Israelis who oppose going it alone.


Two things jump out from these results. First, Israelis have mixed feelings about attacking Iran at all. Second, having — or not having — the United States’s backing matters to them a whole lot. With good reason: U.S. support for an attack on Iran means Israel wouldn’t feel completely isolated in war and would have a greater chance of success. It’s a little like bringing your uncle to school for your confrontation with the class bully.


Like Israel’s leaders, the public seems to believe that something has to be done about Iran. But unlike the politicians, who endorse a whatever-it-takes approach, Israelis are more cautious and still want to avoid a great sacrifice.


This all makes sense — except that one also has to account for a polling artifact: something funny happens when you give respondents three, not just two, options to choose from.


In the Telhami poll, for example, respondents favored the middle course (strike with U.S. support) over either of the other two options (strike alone, and do not strike at all). This is because an attack by Israel with American backing seemed most appealing: it looked like a compromise between two more extreme poles.


Based on long-time experience as a pollster, Fuchs told me that it’s common for respondents in any survey to go for “the easy response” like that. (The Fuchs poll also gave respondents three choices but those were different — attack alone, attack only with U.S. backing, and undecided — and so can’t really be compared here.)


This, of course, raises the question: what if the option to bring your uncle to face off the bully wasn’t on the table? What would the Israeli public say if the choice were between attacking Iran alone or not attacking at all?


Here’s a (confusing) clue: when Fuchs asked respondents if they trusted Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak “to properly handle” the Iran situation, 50 percent of them said yes (and 38 percent, no). That suggests at least half of Israelis trust the government over a critical security matter (tensions with Iran) even though they seem to oppose its main plan for dealing with it (the readiness to attack alone). Contradiction? It’s a tension at least.


And it’s a suggestion that the polls aren’t framed or phrased subtly enough to fully capture Israeli public opinion.


Reading between the lines, it seems Israelis must hold one of three views. Maybe they don’t really believe Netanyahu is serious about striking Iran. Maybe they trust him to eventually get the United States to back an Israeli strike.


Or maybe their stated preference for striking Iran with U.S. backing does not actually undermine their willingness, ultimately, to support a solo attack. Let this possibility be a red flag to the pundits (here, here and here) who rushed to claim that the recent polls proved Israelis don’t stand by Netanyahu on the Iran question.


8 Haaretz

March 13, 2012

Netanyahu uses Holocaust references to blur the injustices of the occupation

PM should know that for a generation that did not live through the Holocaust, the scent of increasingly more expensive oil is more powerful than the scent of the gas chambers.


By Akiva Eldar

Benjamin Netanyahu is not a distinguished statesman, nor is he an outstanding decision maker. But the man twice elected prime minister of Israel, and likely to be elected a third time, knows a thing or two about public relations. It is hard to believe that last week, as he prepared the Auschwitz letters ahead of his address to the AIPAC conference, he did not anticipate the criticism of left wingers and columnists about cheapening the Holocaust and sowing panic over an Iranian nuclear bomb that does not yet exist. He anticipated it and derided it. From his perspective, rightly so; even after 67 years, the Holocaust works on Jews.


Associations with the Holocaust help ease digestion of the injustices of the occupation and increase support for Israel. Thoughts of Auschwitz blur the images of the bodies of Palestinian children killed in the Jewish air force’s bombing of Gaza. It is scientific.


A 2010 article published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin that surveyed a sampling of Jews aged 17-81 from three communities in Canada showed a clear connection between Holocaust exposure and awareness, and the intensity of Jews’ fear of extinction. The researchers, Prof. Michael Wohl, Prof. Stephen Reysen and Prof. Nyla Branscombe, found that interviewees asked to write a composition on the Holocaust displayed greater angst and more collective solidarity than those who were not asked to write anything.


The researchers estimate that one of the effects of increased collective angst over extinction is the justification of violent acts against a rival group. They rely, among others, on a 2008 study by Wohl and Branscombe that found the Jewish subjects who were reminded of the Holocaust and of the Jewish people having been victims in the past tended to see the Palestinians as the root of the conflict more than other subjects did. In other words, the researchers concluded, in order to protect itself from extinction, the group legitimizes harming others.

It can be assumed that investing in the Holocaust assures Netanyahu political benefits in the Israeli political scene as well. In contrast, friends in Germany related that the calls for war uttered by Netanyahu from every Washington platform sparked anti-Semitic cries against the Jewish warmongers. For a generation that did not live through the Holocaust, the scent of increasingly more expensive oil is more powerful than the scent of the gas chambers.

. . .

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The Truth That Shall Set Everything Ablaze


The basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness ( the Unified Field ) which lies not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears ~ and whose principle property is the universal urge to unite, which we resist at our own peril.

by Allen L Roland


Nothing is more powerful than a truth whose time has come.

In a world that is increasingly interconnected and viral, the search for the ultimate truth is accelerating ~ for millions of people are sensing that their lives are associated with a greater purpose than just surviving, existing and making a living but are instead connected to a greater good, whatever that may be.

 That common evolutionary chord that connects us all to that greater good is our innate propensity to love, unite and grow in a spirit of social cooperation and altruism.

It was Teilhard de Chardin, the Jesuit priest, paleontologist and explorer of the soul, whose life’s work was the reinterpretation of Christianity in the light of evolution, who stood impatiently at the summit of man’s quest for the ultimate truth proclaiming to all that God is Love. To Teilhard, not only is love the most universal, the most powerful and the most mysterious of the cosmic forces but it is also the primal and universal psychic energy and uniting force.

“ If there were no real propensity to unite, even at a prodigiously rudimentary level, indeed, in the molecule itself, it would be physically impossible for love to appear higher up in the ‘ hominized’ or human form.” ( Teilhard de Chardin ~ The Phenomenon of Man , Harper and Row, pg 262)

Teilhard wrote in his last unpublished work “ Le Christique “ ( The Promised Land ) of the inevitable consequences when this truth appears: “ Sooner or later there will be a chain reaction, for the truth has to appear only once, in one single mind, for it to be impossible for anything ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze. “

My lifework has been the reinterpretation of Teilhard de Chardin, in light of the current coming together of mankind, and it is my demonstrated truth that God is most certainly love or a loving plan in action ~ an evolutionary process with which we all participate as co-creators.


 As children, we all knew. or briefly glimpsed this loving state of soul consciousness ~  or what I call the Unified Field  . Indeed, my whole life has been a journey, a quest, to find a lost and alone little boy within me who once knew and profoundly felt this great inner truth ~ that the joy and delight deepest within myself existed beyond time and space and was indelibly connected to all of nature ~ and longed to share it, as I have and continue to do with scores of others in my work as a heart centered psychotherapist, and particularly with Veterans with PTSD.


 Graham Greene once wrote ~ “There is always one moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.”

I vividly remember two such childhood moments. The first was a typical lovely, warm and sultry New England summer day in Newtonville, Massachusetts. I was three years old and playing alone in my room. I was living with my grandfather, whom I deeply loved and who I knew loved me. I never knew my real father, who had left my mother before my twin brother and I were born. My mother also lived with us as well as our maid, Delia. My mother was exceptionally beautiful, spoiled, somewhat sad and emotionally unavailable. But I knew I was loved and that I was special. At times I could feel an incredible love within me leap from my heart towards my beloved grandfather. He was such a blessing in my life and he truly loved me unconditionally.

That day in the room, I suddenly heard my favorite song on the radio. It was Gene Autry’s “ I’m Back In The Saddle Again”. My inner joy was too much to contain and I felt an incredible urge to share it ~ so I turned up the radio as loud as possible and stood on my tiptoes and opened the window. As I leaned out into that gorgeous summer day, I felt an overwhelming joy and delight which seemed to literally lift me out of myself ~ for suddenly I knew and saw something clearly. It was a feeling of knowing and seeing from deepest within me ~ a feeling of incredible joy, connection and oneness with all and I totally surrendered to it. For an ecstatic few moments I knew I was not alone ~ I knew that the awesome feeling of joy that seemed to lift me out of myself was connected to all of nature. I was obviously in a state of soul consciousness, which I would later in life eventually define ~ and completely surrender to it, as well as my deep need to share it with the world.

The memory of that blissful childhood moment was soon to become consciously completely unavailable to me for over 30 years. It was buried under a mantle of psychic pain, aloneness and despair that I deeply felt at the age of six years old when I was suddenly taken away from my grandfather. That was when my heart seemingly closed and I stopped growing emotionally ~ for it hurt too deeply in my heart to feel that profoundly.

 But not before the second door opened ~ for I had a precognitive vision in the midst of that grief (where I found myself looking at the Golden Gate Bridge, the ocean and houses on the shore) and than that vision also became buried under my deep psychic pain ~ but I always felt this deep connection to San Francisco and the Golden Gate bridge. Approximately 40 years later ~  after I had left New England moved to the west coast as a Navy fighter pilot, had fully opened my heart and written my Unified Field Theory ~ I walked into that same exact point of time scene at Fort Mason, San Francisco and as tears flowed down my cheeks ~ I realized that not only was I seeing through the eyes of that little boy within myself but that state of blissful soul consciousness existed beyond time and space ~ for that event had literally gone backwards in time when I experienced it at six years old. A door had indeed opened, in the midst of my grief, and let the future in ~

Now I can clearly see that my whole life has indeed been a quest to return to and share from that joyful state of soul consciousness, which the child within me had known and felt so profoundly ~ and which all of us once knew and felt, if only momentarily, as a child.

Finding the  Unified Field  was the act of surrendering to love and then letting go and claiming that same loving state of love and soul consciousness deepest within me. Owning and proving it has been an act of ongoing courage.

Initially, it was surrendering to and embracing an emotionally alone little boy within myself who always knew this truth but was convinced that no one, with the exception of his beloved grandfather, was aware of it.

Then it was the slow process of finding the courage to stand alone, own my truth and speak it ~ regardless of the risks.

Let me make this clear, every tenet of my Unified field is based on my own personal experience and the experiences of my clients. And I use the word love in its form as the basic propensity for all matter to unite and complete itself. This is why it took eight years for me to fully prove it and which is why I no longer call it a theory.

My  Unified Field was built on the shoulders of three men who were climbing the same mountain in search of the ultimate unifying energy and truth:

Albert Einstein, who looked at nature in awe and wonder and dared to think the unthinkable. He always believed that a common pattern was there to be seen if one could look with the fresh clear eyes of a child.

Carl Jung, who sensed a parallel between theoretical physics and depth psychology. This inspired his efforts to probe the deepest regions of his own psyche, as well as that of others, in search of a unifying source of energy (Collective Unconscious) and a causal theory of synchronicity comparable to Einstein’s theory of relativity.

Teilhard de Chardin, who clearly defined this all-unifying source of energy as love.

” Love alone is capable of uniting living beings in such a way as to complete and fulfill them for it alone takes them and joins them to what is deepest within themselves .”   ( Phenomenon of man )

What follows are the three basic tenets of my Unified Field:

Tenet One

The basic underlying and uniting force of the universe is a psychic energy field of universal love, within which all the forces of nature, including time and space, are merely conditions of state. ( By ” conditions of state ” ~ I mean that they are inherently contained or subsumed within the Unified field as a part of it )

Within this psychic realm of love, paranormal events such as clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and near death experiences are also conditions of state.

The principle property of this field of love, from the dance of sub-atomic particles to the planetary bodies and galaxies hurtling and spinning in their vast orbits, is its propensity to unite, complete and fulfill all living beings within a constantly evolving loving plan.

This field of love is the absolute constant of the universe, within which time and space do not exist or are relative conditions of state.

Once we surrender to this field of love we are instantly joined with the past, present and future of a universe that is in a continual process of uniting and completing itself.

Tenet two

The consciousness of the observer is the determining factor in being able to perceive the Unified field ~ and the depth of one’s sensory experience is what determines this consciousness. ( ” Sensory, ” as I define it , is not limited to physical sensation but includes our awareness of every kind of sensation or input in every dimension of our being ~ physical,emotional, mental and psychic.)

As such, there can be no more profound sensory experience than the experience of love ~ through the total surrender to what is deepest within us. For what is deepest within us is love ~ the ultimate life force, a joyful state of soul consciousness that includes and integrates all lesser states.

Conversely, the state of consciousness that limits or denies our perception or experience of the Unified field is ego consciousness.

Tenet Three

It would appear that the pain of not feeling loved for oneself and being seemingly separated from our original state of soul consciousness and the Unified field is of such deep psychic proportions that, early in childhood, processes are triggered in the hypothalamus which result in a left brain imbalance and dominance as well as the denial, mistrust and forgetting of our original connection to the unified field and the joy and love deepest within us.

It is from this dark tunnel of pain, aloneness, despair and apparent death that the ego and egoconsciousness is born ~ for survival and protection purposes only.

As such, death or the idea of death is an illusion measured by the limits of our consciousness.

The ego, in this sense, is nothing more than a protective cocoon that is eventually meant to be shed ~ but can only be shed when we surrender to love and restore our original connection to soul consciousness and the Unified Field.

It really is this simple and it’s always a matter of choice. I chose love and, as a result,  I know my life is divinely guided.

This inspiring six-minute Video reveals the beauty of choosing love.

Now, let’s talk about this principle property to unite for it was Teilhard de Chardin who wrote: “Considered in all its full biological reality, love ~ that is to say, the affinity of being with being is not peculiar to man. It is a general property of all life and as such embraces, in its varieties of degrees, all the forms successfully adopted by organized matter.”

Whereas Einstein was concerned with the without of things, Teilhard was concerned with the within of things. Teilhard used the term “within” to denote the psychic face or consciousness of matter ~ since the beginning of time ~ which reveals itself in its innate urge to unite.

Teilhard defines this innate urge to unite as an energy force in his famous Law Of Complexity – Consciousness.The law states two principles:

  1.  Throughout all time there has been an evolutionary tendency for all matter to unite and become increasingly complex in nature.
  2. With each increase in material complexity, there is a related rise in the consciousness of matter and an even greater urge to unite.

Teilhard divided this fundamental energy into two distinct components ~ a Tangential energy which linked the element with all others of the same order and a Radial energy which represented the innate urge toward union and greater complexity as well as a leap in consciousness.

It is this Radial energy in matter, this deep urge towards union and completion, which eventually manifests itself as LOVE.

As such, Teilhard’s Radial energy is one in the same with what I call a state of Soul Consciousness and The Unified Field. A state of love and soul consciousness that exists not only beyond time and space but also deepest within ourselves and ~ and whose principle property is the universal urge to unite.

If we compare this with Darwin’s evolutionary theory, Darwin’s only error was to substitute matter for spirit as the motivating force of the Universe.
For it becomes increasingly clear, in light of this innate urge to unite, that man is the product of an evolution of love. From the pre-atomic stage in the depths of the primordial sea to his present ‘ hominized ‘ state ~ man is the product of a seemingly endless evolution within a loving plan of plurality, union and a resultant energy transformation into something more complex, more conscious and more loving.

Only the individual and collective state of ego consciousness (the need to control and dominate others) stands in the way of the awareness of not only a loving plan in action but each one of our parts in that loving plan.

Obviously, there is no such thing as an ugly soul but there are many emotionally maimed souls throughout the planet. It takes tremendous energy to maintain our individual as well as collective state of ego consciousness ~ which is why my clients seemingly lose at least 10 years of age when they open their closed hearts and begin to extend and accept love from a place of joy and gratitudeAll that energy being used for ego defense is now available for self love and healing.

No where is that more apparent than in my work with combat veterans with PTSD ~ which I re-label PTHD (Post Traumatic Heart Disorder) ~ for one of the most common PTSD symptoms is a closed heart and the inability to extend or receive love. Usually this is because of deep ongoing feelings of shame and guilt or feelings of unworthiness which usually originated in early childhood.

In eight three hour sessions over eight weeks these veterans initially complete and share their life charts (which graphically show their life as a quest to love and be loved); take full accountability for the decisions they have made in their life; meet the lost child within themselves (through a visualization); thank the people who have been there for them throughout their life and finally claim the most important gift they have always wanted ~ themselves, free from fear, unworthiness and resentment.

I’ll let the post workshop evaluations of Band of brothers #8 tell the story of their eight week inner journey through fear, unworthiness and self hatred to gratitude, self acceptance and joy;

1.    Please tell us if and how the workshop has been helpful to you?

E.S.  I am free!

M.L.  I surrendered and never thought that was possible!

A.R.  It helped me open my heart to those that I love dearly. It helped me overcome my fears ~ particularly my fear of rejection.

L.L.  It has given me a better understanding of myself and what I did to my life and self.

F.B. It helped me release the pain, fear, anger and depression that were so much of my life.

M.N. I learned to love rather than hate.

See  report

Band of brothers #9 is now almost half over and the miracle of self healing continues as all the participants have completed their life charts. One by one, they have retraced the major events of their life in terms of joy and despair and particularly the relationships that profoundly touched their heart. They are now beginning to see their life as a quest versus a struggle whereas many of their love relationships have been an attempt to recreate earlier childhood emotional struggles with parental figures ~ in a subconscious attempt to find the emotionally trapped child within themselves.

Think of the life chart as very similar to a crime scene where something happened and someone was lost in childhood. In essence, I assist them to connect the dots to help them find where they separated from their original innocent state of being, when they made the decision to be something other than themselves and how their whole life has been an inner QUEST, not a struggle, to find and fully experience their authentic self again. I help them see how all of their love relationships, regardless of the pain that may have ensued, have been gifts on that quest as they most certainly have been in my life.

After each session ~ part of their homework is to read each session in my book RADICAL THERAPY / SURRENDER TO LOVE AND HEAL YOURSELF IN SEVEN SESSIONS ( NOT SEVEN YEARS ) which reinforces the previous group session.

I also continually remind them that these sessions are all about transformation and that these action based heart centered sessions could well bring up painful memories ~ but that beneath that deep pain is an even deeper thread of love, joy and innocence ~ which all of them have experienced at one time in their childhood or lives.

In essence, they begin to heal themselves by opening their hearts which makes it far easier for them to deal with memories from their war experience or earlier traumatic childhood events. Those painful memories are much easier to accept and assimilate once their loving core has been acknowledged and embraced.

They all know the reality of this Unified Field of love and soul consciousness because they have surrendered to it during these sessions. They all rapidly become aware that relationship must be seen as a means to an end versus an end in itself ~ the end being the full flowering of one’s authentic self or at least a major step in that process within the relationship. They are now ready to celebrate the gift of themselves from a place of service and joy ~ which just so happens to be the last step of ego death.

This is, without a doubt, the most powerful and rewarding work I have done in over 35 years of private practice.Seeing the light go on within combat veterans, who were taught to kill, is an unforgettable bonding experience ~ and I also am humbled to be in service from a place of celebration and joy.

So what would happen if the world suddenly realized that what was deepest within ourselves was not violence, aggression and hatred but instead love, altruism and social cooperation ~ a Unified Field of soul consciousness that connected all living beings ?

Richard Leakey wrote in “The beginnings of mankind” that there was very little evidence of violence and aggression in early mankind with considerable evidence of social cooperation and altruism as the deciding factors in evolution.

Scientific American said virtually the same thing in its issue The Arithmetic’s of Mutual Help (June 1995) where it shared how computer experiments show how cooperation rather than exploitation can dominate in the Darwinian struggle for survival. The article by Martin Nowak, Robert May and Karl Sigmund seems to reinforce Teilhard’s Law of Complexity-Consciousness ~ ” Throughout the evolutionary history of life, cooperation among smaller units led to the emergence of more complex structures as, for example, the emergence of multicellular creatures from single-celled organisms. In this sense, cooperation becomes as essential for evolution as is competition.”

They conclude by saying ~ “In the course of evolution, there appears to have been ample opportunity for cooperation to have assisted everything from humans to molecules. In a sense, cooperation could be older than life itself. “

And what else but Love could be older than life itself.

Politically, we, the 99%, can no longer deny our deepest and most basic urge to unite and cooperate with one another by continuing to condone an unwinnable and brutal war on terror, excessive corporate greed as well as economic and social injustice!

Lincoln Barnett ( The Universe and Dr Einstein ) wrote of the great philosophical triumph of the discovery of a Unified field ~

“The great philosophical triumph of any Unified Field is implicit in the first word of its title. For it will carry to logical fulfillment the long course of science towards the unification of man’s concepts of the physical world.

For from its august perspective, the entire universe would appear as one elemental field in which each atom, each flying electron, each star, each wandering comet and slow-wheeling galaxy is seen to be but a ripple or tumescence in the underlying space-time unity.

And so a profound simplicity would supplant the surface complexity of nature. Thus all man’s perceptions of the world and all his abstract intuitions of reality would merge finally into one, and the deep underlying unity of the universe would be laid bare”

The deep underlying unity of the universe is a psychic energy field of love and soul consciousness which exists not only beyond time and space but also beneath our deepest fears and current state of ego consciousness ~and its principle property is the universal urge to unite, which we currently resist at our own peril.

And this is indeed the truth that shall set everything ablaze!

Choose love and climb aboard the express versus the fear based local.

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Mega-Church Meets Dagger of Truth for ‘Purim’


by Tom Valentine


Purim, a major Judaic celebration each year at this time was hailed big time by Pastor Lon Solomon of the massive Mclean Virginia Bible Church. Charles Carlson’s quiet demonstrators were on hand to point a glaring finger of truth at the beltway oxymorons.

Those of us who support Carlson’s ‘Straightgate Ministries’ received his newsletter telling about the event. Most of the letter follows:

Six men, one woman and one excited teenager challenged the leadership of McLean Bible Church on Sunday, March 4, in the affluent suburb of Mclean, Virginia. The church claims over 13,000 regular attendees at three consecutive services. Its website lists a staff of 74, each of whom received two letters in advance of our visit. Attendees park in a two-story concrete garage that holds over 1500 cars; four off-duty policemen direct traffic.

Our vigils are organized, but in no way resemble mass demonstrations. Rather, like Jesus at the Temple of Herod, we go alone or with a few friends, with a firm message. We were large enough in number at McLean to display a uniform message of peace to everyone who gave us one glance. Many try not to look, but few can force themselves not to read the large display messages out of the corner of their eye:


We do not expect many people to stop and thank us for being there, but a few did. One told us that in Pastor Solomon’s message to his huge audiences, he said of us, ”They are wrong, we are not in favor of war on Iran…we do not support all of Israel’s acts.” Two members, one of whom was with our vigil, told us the church has many wonderful people, but they are prompted to support wars. One said, “I have heard the full auditorium cheer when someone talks about the need for war against Iran.”

Like most “Messianic Christians” (former Jews), Lon Solomon plays at being both a Jew and a Christian. He mixes a dash of Talmudic Judaism into his “Christian” sermons, references to the book of Esther, for example. It is not coincidental that, as reported in The Atlantic, Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu presented U.S. President Obama with a copy of the book of Esther, a reminder to the President that, according to Hebrew legend, the Persians (today, Iranians) were massacred by the Israelites (called Jews in the book of Esther), a massacre that is celebrated as the festival of “Purim” at this time of year.

But Purim is a feast that celebrates the murder of innocents found in a book (Esther) that does not mention God. What would Jesus say to that?

The Esther story tells us, “Thus the Jews smote all their enemies with the stroke of the sword and slaughter, and destruction, and did what they would unto those who hated them.” (Ch9-5) It seems the “Jews” (a word not used at the time) were living in the land of the Persians and discovered a plot against them by Haman, the King’s Minister, against whom they counter-plotted, including prostituting Esther to the king. According to the 9th chapter of this book, Esther beguiled the King to hang Haman for his ill intent against them, and then to hang Haman’s ten sons in vengeance for their father’s conspiracy. The verses do not say what they did to Haman’s wife and daughters.

Knowing how Israelis think about the lives of their “enemies,” it does not surprise that Mr. Netanyahu gave this book of Esther to our President as his gift. Today’s Iranians descend from the Persians of the Bible; Netanyahu wants Obama to know that Israel will settle for no less than another slaughter of these “enemies.” Is Netanyahu seducing Mr. Obama to do the dirty work, as Esther seduced the king? The Purim festival celebrates the massacre again today and tomorrow, March 8 and 9.

Pastor Solomon teaches in his sermons that Haman was “cursed by God.” He does not care that the name of God by any name is not mentioned even once in the bloody book of Esther. As I asked Solomon in my letter to him, what civilized people would hang the children of an enemy and then make a national holiday around the event?Present day Israelis daily starve or kill outright Palestinian children; they suffer no guilt or shame.

Only those, like Lon Solomon, who revere Israel and don’t hear the words of Christ, are inclined to honor Purim. Pastor Solomon describes himself as a former and current Jew. He also claims to be a Christian. He may have no problem celebrating Purim, the Jewish massacre of innocents, in March, and celebrating Easter, the resurrection of the Prince of Peace, in April! Should not those who follow Christ reject those who celebrate mass murder? Mr. Netanyahu will not care if we point out that the name of “God” in any form is absent from the entire book of Esther. But “Pastor” Solomon should care!

As we said in a prior paper, AIPAC Presses Congress for War; Zionist Christians Have the Votes, the book of Esther and the celebration of Purim is good reason to understand why Talmudic Judaism plus Jesus does not equal Christianity, as Messianic Christians like Lon Solomon would like us to believe. On the contrary, Judaism is corrupted Israelite-ism as Jesus faced it. It is corrupted by 30 or 40 books called the Talmud, with entangled rules that no one can understand.

Christ Followers believe this corruption is why God sent Jesus.

For the last 104 years, traditional Christianity has also been corrupted by the 1908 Scofield Reference Bible footnotes, and by many other books written by various men. Corrupted “Israelite-ism” plus corrupted “Christianity” as combined in the Messianic Christian church by Pastor Solomon cannot produce truth. This is why Project Strait Gate has challenged McLean Bible Church, and will be back to do it again.

A recent poll by The Hill found that 49% of Americans likely to vote think war on Iran is justifiable to keep it from getting nukes. All AIPAC has to do is convince a majority that Iran is trying to get fuel for nuclear weapons, and war against Iran will have the support of a simple (simpleton?) majority.

Who are these warring 49%? You may depend upon this: the majority is influenced by thousands of Christian Zionists churches like this McLean mega-church pastored by a “Messianic” Jew. So far Project Strait Gate has reached about 80 of these churches. Many more are hearing about our vigils, thanks to our friends. Join us!
(End of letter, all emphasis was added by me.)

Beware the leavening of the Pharisees! Hmmm what did He mean? Once again here is Carlson’s excellent teaching video:

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60 MINUTES, Mossad, AEROSMITH and Stupid is as Stupid Does


by Eileen Fleming


Last Sunday’s 60 Minutes, featured a Lesley Stahl interview with Meir Dagan, who admitted that bombing Iran now is “the stupidest idea” he’d ever heard.

A few other ‘stupid ideas’ this little muckraker would have asked the former Mossad chief and 60 Minutes to address follow; because ‘stupid is as stupid does’ and failures of intelligence are always rooted in failures of imagination.

At the top of that list is Israel’s failure to imagine that the vacuum left by a Media who failed to report on Israel’s WMD and Israel’s Administrative Torture and Lawless Captivity of Vanunu Mordechai could be silenced on the World Wide Web. Cases in Point are as I reported in Dubai and “Stupid Israeli Spies”  and regarding what the Whistler Blower of Israel’s WMD Program informed me of on March 26, 2006:

“Many journalists come here to the American Colony, from CNN and NY Times. They all want to cover my story, but their EDITORS say no.

“CNN wants to interview me; but they say they can’t do it because they don’t want problems with the Israeli censor. BBC is doing the same thing.

“Sixty Minutes from the United States from the beginning they wanted to do a program, but because of the censor situation they decide not to do it. Also big media from Germany, France, Italy, Japan. None of them wants problems with the Israelis.”

What followed that conversation was the taping of “30 MINUTES WITH VANUNU”

A DVD copy of that interview was mailed to “60 MINUTES” in 2006. LEARN MORE about that at The “Big Get” Don Hewitt and “60 Minutes” Didn’t Get Read more…

When I last saw Vanunu in June 2009, he told me, “The Central Commander of the General Army testified in court that it is OK if I speak in public as long as I do not talk about nuclear weapons.”

However, on July 6, 2009, Supreme Court President Dorit Beinish continued to deny Vanunu the right to leave Israel, claiming his “case is still generating great interest, like any other security-related case. The media’s attention he gets is proof of that.”

IF ONLY that were true Vanunu would now be free and Insha’Allah [God willing] America would also hold Israel to the same standards it demands of Iran: open up all nuclear facilities to IAEA inspections and establish a Nuclear Free Middle East.

A Little Important History:

In 1963, Shimon Peres was Israel’s Deputy Minister of Defense when he met with President John F. Kennedy at the White House.

Kennedy told Peres, “You know that we follow very closely the discovery of any nuclear development in the region. This could create a very dangerous situation. For this reason we monitor your nuclear effort. What could you tell me about this?”

Peres replied, “I can tell you most clearly that we will not introduce nuclear weapons to the region, and certainly we will not be the first.”

By September of 1986, Peres was convulsing over Mordechai Vanunu, who had been employed as a lowly tech in Peres’ progeny; Israel’s clandestine underground nuclear weapons center in the Negev called the Dimona.

Peres ordered the Mossad, to “Bring the son of a bitch back here.”

Vanunu’s kidnapping included a clubbing, drugging and being flung upon an Israeli cargo boat and shipped back to Israel for a closed-door trial.

After 18 years in prison, nearly 8 more under 24/7 surveillance by Mossad on top of 78 days back in solitary confinement in 2010 because he spoke to foreigners [who happened to be media] in 2004; I ask, how stupid can stupid be to continue to deny Vanunu the right to fade into the world instead of continuing to make headlines in light of what Vanunu wrote in 2009:


And so, I wonder how stupid can stupid be in light of what Israeli media also reported in 2004:

“This is the secret that hasn’t yet been told in the affair: the story of the security fiasco that made it possible for Vanunu to do what he did, and the story of the subsequent attempts at cover-up, whitewashing and protection of senior figures in the defense establishment, who were bent on divesting themselves of responsibility for the failure. The 18-year prison term to which Vanunu was sentenced is almost exactly the same period as that in which Yehiel Horev has served as chief of internal security in the defense establishment [who has been] involved in the affair as deputy chief of security at the Defense Ministry, and also after Vanunu’s abduction and arrest, as a member of an investigative commission.

“Shortly after taking office as chief of security at the Defense Ministry, Horev began to take punitive measures to hobble Vanunu. He is responsible for the harsh conditions in which Vanunu was held, which included years in solitary confinement, and the sharp limitations on the number of visitors he could have…[and has fought] a rearguard battle to prevent Vanunu from leaving Israel and to place him under supervision and restrictions that will be tantamount to house arrest.

“Horev has always been considered the strictest of all the security chiefs in Israel, especially in regard to the protection of institutions such as the Dimona facility and the Biological Institute. He is apprehensive that if Vanunu goes abroad, he will continue to be a nuisance by stimulating the public debate over Israel’s nuclear policy and the nuclear weapons he says Israel possesses…all the hyperactivity being displayed by Horev and those who support his approach is intended only to divert attention from what has not yet been revealed: the security blunders and their cover-ups.”-Yossi Melman, for Haaretz.

“Everybody understands that Vanunu has no more secrets. What can a technician know after 18 years in jail, during which technology has advanced with giant steps?

“But gradually it becomes clear what the security establishment is really afraid of. Vanunu is in a position to expose the close partnership with the United States in the development of Israel’s nuclear armaments.

“This worries Washington so much, that the man responsible in the State Department for ‘arms control’, Under-Secretary John Bolton, has come to Israel in person for the occasion. Vanunu, it appears, can cause severe damage to the mighty super-power.

“The Americans, it seems, are very worried. The Israeli security services have to dance to their tune. The world must be prevented by all available means from hearing, from the lips of a credible witness, that the Americans are full partners in Israel’s nuclear arms program, while pretending to be the world’s sheriff for the prevention of nuclear proliferation.”– Uri Avnery, April 24, 2004.

And how stupid can stupid be, not to imagine a little one such as me- who happened to be writing my first historical novel in 2005 and researching in Israel Palestine- when I met Vanunu for the first time, would as a matter of CONSCIENCE become a reporter because Vanunu told me:

“President Kennedy tried to stop Israel from building atomic weapons. Kennedy insisted on an open internal inspection.

“When Johnson became president, he made an agreement with Israel that two senators would come every year to inspect. Before the senators would visit, the Israelis would build a wall to block the underground elevators and stairways. From 1963 to ’69, the senators came, but they never knew about the wall that hid the rest of the Dimona from them.

“Nixon stopped the inspections and agreed to ignore the situation. As a result, Israel increased production. In 1986, there were over two hundred bombs. Today, they may have enough plutonium for ten bombs a year.” [1]

And I wonder how stupid can a Government, SECURITY Establishment and a Supreme Court be in light of what Vanunu wrote on November 24, 2006:

“My lawyer succeeded to reveal a few very important facts: This General of the Army was not allowed to see all the secrets that he is required to protect by these restrictions that they claim I know them. So, he gave orders of restrictions without knowing what he is protecting or that he is also following orders blindly, and Mossad Sheen Bet using its authority for just punishing me.

“He testified that it is not a crime for me to talk with foreigners in general anywhere. He testified that I can speak freely to any Israeli citizens about anything; it is not his concern what I am saying to them. These Israelis can give this information to any foreigners. It was difficult for the Judge to understand why this dichotomy exits between foreigners and Israelis. It means that it is not about secrecy but about something else.” [IBID]
That something else is of utmost import for all who believe freedom of conscience and speech is a right that no government or any corporate interest has any ‘right’ to impinge upon and was revealed on February 22, 2006, during Vanunu’s court appearance as he wrote:

“Microsoft obeyed the orders and gave them all the details…three months before I was arrested and my computers were confiscated. It is strange to ask Microsoft to give this information before obtaining the court order to listen to my private conversations. It means they wanted to go through my emails in secret, or maybe, with the help of the secret services, the Shaback, Mossad.

“The State came to the court with two special secret Government orders; Hisaion [documents or information that are deemed confidential by the government and kept from the court, the defendant, and lawyers.] This allows the prosecution to keep documents related to my court hearing secret. One was from the Minister for Interior Security and one from the Minister of Defense.

“The policeman did not have any answers and said that he brought all the evidence to the court. When Sfard asked him again about any material related to the espionage [charge] Peterburg had no answers.

“Sfard proved that the police had misled the judges who gave the orders to arrest me: to search my room, to go through my email, to confiscate my computers and [that they] misled Microsoft to believe they are helping in a case of espionage.”

And how stupid can stupid be in light of what Vanunu wrote on May 5, 2011 to:


MK Mr. Eli Yishai

Minister of Interior

The State of Israel

Re: Revoking my Israeli Citizenship

I am Mordechai Vanunu that was kidnapped from Rome on September 30, 1986 by The Israeli Secret Services.

I was tried by The Jerusalem District Court and convicted of Aggravated Espionage, High Treason and Assisting the Enemy and I was sentenced to 18 years imprisonment. This followed an interview I gave to The London Sunday Times regarding the secret production of nuclear weapons materials in Israel.

I fulfilled the democratic principal of the right of the public to know.

I have served 18 years in Ashkelon Prison, mostly in solitary confinement.

I was released on 21 April 2004 with severe restrictions imposed by the Israeli Government.

Seven years past and the restrictions had been renewed again and again relying on The Emergency Laws from 1945.

Since my release I have lived 6 years in East Jerusalem and since September 2010 I live in Tel Aviv.

On June 1986 I was baptized to the Anglican Church.

Recently, (28.3.2011), the Knesset passed a new law that revokes the citizenship of anyone who was convicted of espionage or treason.

25 years I am demanding and waiting to have my full freedom restored.

This law should be applied to my case and I am willing for my citizenship to be revoked and canceled.

I am writing to you today asking the state of Israel to cancel my citizenship.

This desire is not new and is not recent, but now it is supported by the new law to revoke citizenship .

I am asking and expecting the enforcement of this law to its letter and revoke my Israeli citizenship.

This law applies to me and I am ready for my citizenship to be canceled.

I don’t have another citizenship but I would be able to get one easily during my forced stay here and for sure at the moment that I am allowed to leave.

In any case I here declare that my wish was and still is to cancel/revoke, in fact, my Israeli citizenship.

After all the ‘treatment’ that I have received from the State of Israel and its citizens, I do not feel, here, as a citizen or how a citizen should feel, I feel as an unwellcome citizen and treated as such by the state of Israel and its citizens.

I am called and shouted at as a spy, ‘The Atom Spy’, and a traitor by the Israeli media and in the streets of Israel.

I am harassed and persecuted as the enemy of the state for 25 years.

I feel I am still imprisoned, still held as a hostage, by the state and its government.

After 25 years of ongoing, many and very hard punishments by the State of Israel, I wish the end to all punishments and my suffering, and wish the realization of the basic human right of freedom.

I would like to exercise my right to freedom of conscience, my right to choose not to be a citizen of Israel.

I have no interest in Israeli citizenship; I do not want to live here. I ask you to cancel/revoke my citizenship here and now. I ask you to let me be free from Israel as our dislike is mutual.




Mordechai Vanunu.

May 5th 2011


Copies to Prime M, Netanyho, Foreign M, Liberman, Defence M Barak, Justice M, Neaman, President Peres.


And how stupid stupid can be when on November 29, 2011, Vanunu also wrote:

“Now the judge decided they will hear the case when? The clerics will tell as very soon. I saw what they wrote, they wrote very short, repeating again and again that this law is new and my case is 20 years ago, so it can not be use for my case.

“I spoke with Feldman my lawyer, I told him it does not matter this Law, I am asking them to revoke my citizenship, with this law or without this Law, as I asked them in 1998.

“At that time they answer I need to have other different citizenship. But with this new law they can take any citizen his citizenship even if he don’t have other citizenship. So it will take more months until the court will decide.”

Vanunu’s next historic trial is scheduled for July 2012, but how stupid can stupid be to not allow Vanunu the right to fade away into the world, instead of continuing to make history?

But because if I can’t laugh and “if I can’t dance it’s not my revolution” [Emma Goldman] I am most grateful to “60 MINUTES” for ending their show with Dagan with an interview with AEROSMITH, because I last danced along with those bad boys from Boston while in Alabama in July 2009, and wrote:

To all the Sharp Dressed Soldiers Shipping Out Read more…

I am Eileen Fleming of US HOUSE of Representatives and I approve of all of my messages; and as I was born and bred in New York City and I am NOT getting off the Nuclear Train until the time’s  a’change and bring in a FREE VANUNU and establish a NUCLEAR FREE MIDDLE EAST; here’s hoping “60 MINUTES” will want to learn more about that at the Facebook Call for Public Action for Vanunu’s FREEDOM 21 April 2012

Call for Public Action for Vanunu’s FREEDOM 21 April 2012

[1] “BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu’s FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial and My Life as a Muckraker”

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Should the US Go to War for IsraHell?


If the US is led by Israel to participate in another war in the Middle East, these McClatchy findings suggest that this war could be one of the biggest sales promotion successes in modern political history.


by James M. Wall


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the annual AIPAC conference earlier this week. He also held a private meeting with US President Barack Obama.

In his AIPAC speech, Netanyahu evoked the Holocaust as the source of  Israel’s special privileged status that permits Netanyahu to do whatever he decides to do to “control Israel’s fate”.

That, of course, includes bombing Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Netanyahu drew a parallel between the exchange of letters between  the US War department and the World Jewish Congress in 1944.

The Wall Street Journal described the scene at the AIPAC conference:

Netanyahu got out copies of two letters he said he keeps in his desk, between the World Jewish Congress and the War Department in 1944, when the WJC called on the United States to bomb the extermination camp at Auschwitz, and the War Department refused.

The refusal included the argument that attacking the camp might unleash even more “vindictive” behavior.

“Think about that,” Netanyahu said. “Even more vindictive than the Holocaust!”

During his meeting with Obama, Netanyahu elaborated further:

“Israel must reserve the right to defend itself. After all, that’s the very purpose of the Jewish state, to restore to the Jewish people control over our destiny.

That’s why my supreme responsibility as prime minister of Israel is to ensure that Israel remains master of its fate.”

In an editorial comment, the British Economist responded:

News flash: Israel is not master of its fate. It’s not terribly surprising that a country with less than 8 million inhabitants is not master of its fate. Switzerland, Sweden, Serbia and Portugal are not masters of their fates.

These days, many countries with populations of 100 million or more can hardly be said to be masters of their fates. Britain and China aren’t masters of their fates, and even the world’s overwhelmingly largest economy, the United States, isn’t really master of its fate.

What gives this leader of a foreign nation the license to speak in Washington with such confidence that he expects the US to join him in an attack on Iran, a nation that poses absolutely no threat to the US or its citizens?

Indeed, US intelligence agencies report that they have found no reason to believe that Iran poses an immediate threat to Israel.

So why should the US go to war for Israel over an issue that poses no more immediate danger to Israel than Iraq’s non-existent WMDs threatened its neighbors? That non-existent threat led to a disastrous and costly war for the US, a war that was strongly encouraged by Israel and its US allies in Congress.

Why is there even any serious discussion with a foreign nation over what the US should do regarding an attack against yet another Muslim nation that has made no threats against us?

There are two reasons why;  first, there is the US Congress, and second, there is AIPAC.

After Obama delivered his required obescient speech to AIPAC, the Wall Street Journal reported:

Rep. Eric Cantor, the No. 2 Republican in the House of Representatives, said the speech was “a step in the right direction,” but  ”we need to make sure that this president is also going to stand by Israel and not allow his administration to somehow speak contrary to what our ally thinks is in its best interest.”

No one in the US administration shall speak contrary to what our ally thinks is its best interest?  Where would Rep. Cantor hear such a thing? Surely not in a Tea Party rally where loyalty to God and country are paramount.

We must look to AIPAC as the source of Rep. Cantor’s courage to denigrate the President of the United States.

President George Washington warned the new American nation in his 1796  farewell address that a passionate atachment of one nation for another produces a variety of evils”. He explained why:

“Sympathy for the favorite nation, facilitating the illusion of an imaginary common interest in cases where no real common interest exists, and infusing into one the enmities of the other, betrays the former into a participation in the quarrels and wars of the latter without adequate inducement or justification.”

The US has usually managed to adhere to Washington’s advice, until, that is, AIPAC was established.

On the Anti-War website,  Grant Smith described how, in 1948, AIPAC began to seize control of US foreign policy.

Recently declassified FBI files reveal how Israeli government officials first orchestrated public relations and policies through the US lobby. Counter-espionage investigations of proto-AIPAC’s first coordinating meetings with the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the head of Mossad provide a timely and useful framework for understanding how AIPAC continues to localize and market Israeli government policies in America.

Although AIPAC claims it rose “from a small pro-Israel public affairs boutique in the 1950s,” its true origin can be traced to Oct. 16, 1948. This is the date AIPAC’s founder Isaiah L. Kenen and four others established the Israel Office of Information under Israel’s UN mission. It was later moved under the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

AIPAC controls the US Congress through its network of Political Action Committees that follow AIPAC’s instructions on which candidates to politically and financially support, and which candidates to jettison.

The incumbent Israeli Prime Minister travels to Washington to personally lobby members of Congress. He also hosts visiting congressional delegations on their regular trips to Israel.  An annual address to AIPAC is an essential part of that lobbying campaign.

This year, Prime Minister Netanyahu had Iran at the top of his agenda.  He wants, and he fully expects, President Obama and the Congress to support Israel in its military assault against Iran’s nuclear installations.

There is no guarantee that Iran is even close to developing a nuclear capability, but in Netanyahu’s mind, even the possibility that Iran might one day develop an operational nuclear arms capability is sufficient cause for Israel, backed by the  US, to destroy Iranian nuclear sites.

In short, the prime minister is ready for war against Iran, and he expects the US to fall in line behind him.

The irony of this arrogance is that Israel may well be at its lowest point of support from the world community.

David Remnick describes the extent to which Israel has become isolated from the world community. He writes in a Talk of the Town essay in the February issue of the New Yorker:

Israel has reached an impasse. An intensifying conflict of values has put its democratic nature under tremendous stress. When the government speaks daily about the existential threat from Iran, and urges an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities, it ignores the existential threat that looms within. . . .

The political corrosion begins, of course, with the occupation of the Palestinian territories–the subjugation of Palestinian men, women and children–that has lasted for forty years.

Peter Beinart, in a forthcoming and passionately urged polemic, The Crisis of Zionism, is just the latest critic to point out that a profoundly anti-democratic, even racist, political culture has become endemic among much of the Jewish population in the West Bank, and threatens Israel proper. . . .

In 1980, twelve thousand Jews lived in the West Bank, “east of democracy,” Beinart writes; now they number more than three hundred thousand, and include Avigdor Lieberman, Israel’s wildly xenophobic Foreign Minister. .  .  .

To [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, the proper kind of ally is exemplified by AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson–the long-time casino tycoon and recent bankroller of Newt Gingrich–who owns a newspaper in Israel devoted to supporting him.

David Remnick. Editor, The New Yorker.

Remnick correctly takes note of the degree to which support for Israel affects the current US presidential campaign.

We know pretty much all we need to know about Netanyahu’s feelings toward Obama. The Prime Minister orders the President about like he might order a lowly member of his Israeli cabinet.  He would be very happy to see the White House back in Republican hands.

No doubt, he is following the Republican presidential nomination fight as it unfolds state by state. He cannot be unhappy over the strong link between the Republican candidates and the Christian evangelical conservatives, a segment of the American population already safely ensconced within the Republican base.

The latest victory for the pro-Israel/Christian evangelical base came this weekend when Republican Candidate Rick Santorum won, as reported by The Wichita Eagle, an impressive caucus victory, two to one, over Mitt Romney.

Santorum won with the strong support of that state’s governor, Sam Brownback, a former two-two term member of the US Senate. Governor Brownback is both a conservative evangelical Christian, and a strong supporter of Israel.

Salon describes Kansas as “ground zero for the takeover of the GOP by Christian-infused movement conservatism and the extinction of middle-of-the-road Republicanism.”

Southern primaries Tuesday in Alabama and Mississippi should go to either Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum, a political development that will force Romney to veer even deeper into the ”Christian-infused movement conservatism”/pro-Israel zealotry of his Republican base.

Israel’s media campaign about Iran as a threat was examined by Sheera Frenkel of McClatchy Newspapers. Among her conclusions:

Israeli officials acknowledge that the widespread acceptance in the West that Iran is on the verge of building a nuclear weapon isn’t based just on the findings of Israeli intelligence operatives, but relies in no small part on a steady media campaign that the Israelis have undertaken to persuade the world that Iran is bent on building a nuclear warhead.

“The intelligence was half the battle in convincing the world,” an Israeli Foreign Ministry official told McClatchy, speaking anonymously because he was not authorized to discuss the inner workings of Israel’s outreach on the topic. “The other half was Israel’s persistent approach and attitude that this was not something the world could continue to ignore.”

The official had recently returned from a trip to Washington and marveled at how the topic has become a major one in the United States. “U.S. politicians were falling over each other to talk about Iran,” he said. “In some ways, that is a huge success for Israel.”

If the US is led by Israel to participate in another war in the Middle East, these McClatchy findings suggest that this war could be one of the biggest sales promotion successes in modern political history.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu has said, in another context, “Think about that.”

The picture at top is of Prime Minister Netanyahu holding letters exchanged between the World Jewish Congress and the US War Department in 1944. The picture is by Cliff Owen, of the Associated Press.

Santorum: JFK’s 1960 Speech On Religion Made Me Want To Throw Up


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Murder in Afghanistan, the Coverup Begins


Sixteen Dead, Nameless “Lone Gunman,” We Have Heard It All Before


 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


The village is Balandi, outside Kandahar in Afghanistan.  Thus far the dead are 16, shot in their homes, not just said to be “women and children” but actually infants murdered in their mother’s arms and set afire.

The US claims the perpetrator to be an unnamed “Army Staff Sergeant who has turned himself in.” There are inconsistencies.


Tuesday Morning Update:

 According to live accounts and eye witnesses multiple weapon sounds were heard, including pistols and machine gun bursts simultaneously. The houses attacked are at least 2 miles apart and it becomes literally impossible for a single gunman to kill and burn people in one house and then run few kilometers to do the same thing again twice.By Tabish Qayyum – Editor Fortress Magazine

Late Monday update from ABC news: As VT predicted the ‘lone gunman’ story is being flushed out with with ‘past history’ material of brain injury and marital problem rising quickly to the surface.

But no word yet as to how someone could exit an important base like this not noticed by American base security, but as has been reported, noticed by Afghan forces who contacted their NATO counterparts, but did not send a warning to the village.

Left out of today’s ABC news is anything about how a jerrycan of gasoline could have been carried the mile to the village (and why) or a response to the Reuters report of witnesses describing multiple attackers.

ABC has the details of the ‘lone gunman’ having night vision goggles…apparently reporting only what they are being told, which obviously would fit the initial story…but no information about anything that does not fit.

An official told ABC News that the soldier has suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the past, either from hitting his head on the hatch of a vehicle or in a car accident. He went through the advanced TBI treatment at Fort Lewis and was deemed to be fine.

He also underwent mental health screening necessary to become a sniper and passed in 2008. He had routine behavioral health screening after that and was cleared, the official said.

This is the report from Reuters today:

An intense fuel source was used here

Afghan officials also gave varying accounts of the number of shooters involved. Karzai’s office released a statement quoting a villager as saying “American soldiers woke my family up and shot them in the face.”

“They (Americans) poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them,” Samad told Reuters at the scene.

Neighbors said they had awoken to crackling gunfire from American soldiers, who they described as laughing and drunk.

“They were all drunk and shooting all over the place,” said neighbor Agha Lala, who visited one of the homes where killings took place.

“Their (the victims’) bodies were riddled with bullets.”

[Editors Note: It never made any sense that a village would let one guy do something like this. After all this is Afghanistan, where babies are born already knowing how to shoot.]

The village is outside the gate of an American base.  A single soldier without a vehicle would have had to evade security and tunnel under the wire and walls to reach the village or, much more likely, this was more than one man?

Catch the Special Ops guy with the shades

This is how CNN has it as for the morning of the 12th.  Story embellishment, as you will note involves a “bed count” and a “search patrol.”  I believe the next story will include rocket flares and bloodhounds.  We will wait for this one.

To impart credit to the Army, their belated response is much more creative but as full of holes as a sieve.  A minor thing to add here, of course, is that a Staff Sergeant, as the perpetrator or suspect, whichever you choose, “patsy” if you will, is a Staff Sergeant, rank E 6.  At 3:AM, those of such rank typically do not “stand watch” on towers or in bunkers.

Then, of course, we will return to the forgotten jerrycan, taken off the nonexistent vehicle to burn the bodies of the dead.  I did, however, feel a need to get this response added in so that readers in the Western Hemisphere would be better informed.

Another minor error in the report below, noted in our earlier evaluation and reiterated here, above that text, is the nature of the armed response team.

They “came a runnin” based on someone missing from a bed rather than from gunfire, screams and flaming bodies a short distance away.

As is so easily noted, as one begins lying, one lie ties to another, one absurdity to another and, in the end, it is always a “malcontent” and “lone gunman.”

By now we would have seen a list of anti psychotic medications but “legal” was already informed by pharmaceutical companies that there is already a rash of murder/suicides for those on medications the military and Department of Veterans Affairs has prescribed for those suffering from combat stress ( or misdiagnosed as suffering from “personality disorders” or “pre-existing trauma”).

In order to leave the many “blameless,” this will have to be a singular occurrence of magical proportions, no pre-indications, no signs of any kind, no diagnosis and medical records entering shredders, being wiped from hard drives, flaming in trash cans as we speak.  But for how many, one or four or perhaps more?  CNN:

“We call this an intentional act,” Karzai said. He said the dead included four men, three women and nine children, calling the killings “acts of terror and unforgivable.” Another five people were wounded, he said.

Capt. Justin Brockhoff, an ISAF spokesman, said the wounded Afghans were being treated in ISAF facilities. The allied command did not give its own estimate of casualties.

Brockhoff said officials do not yet have a motive for the shooting, which is under investigation by both NATO and Afghan officials. And Maj. Jason Waggoner, another ISAF spokesman, said the soldier “was acting on his own.”

There were no military operations in the area, either on the ground or in the air, at the time, according to two senior ISAF officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation. They said only one soldier, an Army staff sergeant, is believed to have been involved.

A U.S. military official told CNN later Sunday that the suspect is from Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington state. The official said the soldier is assigned to a Special Forces unit.

A third ISAF official said Afghan troops spotted the soldier leaving his combat outpost around 3 a.m. Sunday and notified their American counterparts. The U.S. military did an immediate headcount, found the soldier was missing and dispatched a patrol to go look for him, the official said.

The officials said they have no knowledge at this point whether he had any previous medical or mental health issues in his record.

The patrol met him as he returned and took him into custody. He said nothing, and it was unclear whether they knew what had happened, the official said.

“We don’t know what motivated this individual, and we’re not sure where this is going to take us,” Capt. John Kirby, an ISAF spokesman, told CNN. But he said ISAF’s commander, Gen. John Allen, “has made it clear this investigation is going to be thorough. It’s going to be done rapidly, in an expeditious way, and we’re going to hold the perpetrator of these attacks to account.”

Why? Only a vehicle with more than one man, one that could claim it had been tasked with some sort of “rendition” or “search and destroy” mission could have been allowed out by security.

Otherwise, it would have been identified as a criminal operation or, more unlikely, a single individual, driving into what the Army told the Associate Press was “a Taliban infested area” on a private mission of “passion and lust.”

I think that highly unlikely.

Thus, this is what we can safely assume:

  • More than one American was involved as no single soldier would have been allowed outside the compound, heavily armed with a vehicle.
  • Gate security received authorization for the “mission” from the watch officer at the “Combat Operations Center” at the base, the 24 hour nerve center than coordinates both offensive and defensive missions for even the smallest commands.
  • No “reaction force” was sent to investigate though this was right outside the gates.  Radio contact would have been attempted, and there would be recorded records of this and all other activities, as required by normal procedures.
How could someone just walk out the gate at night?

Again, we repeat, authorization at the gate, obviously more than one person, a vehicle, radio communications, gunfire overheard, all things that make the story we have received not just unlikely but childish, superficial and an obvious lie to anyone with experience in the military, something 30 million Americans have.

Then, so recent in our minds, is the supposed killing of Osama bin Laden, the contradictory stories, the convenient death of those involved, and, of course, the singular similarity between both operations.  Don’t Americans’ throw Muslim dead into the sea?

As this act was so criminal and barbaric in nature, the murder of small children, setting bodies on fire and the reports of multiple soldiers involved, we are beset with questions.

The fire is proof, started with gasoline from a jerrycan.  Vehicle means gate which means vehicle which means team which means radios and authorized operation.

It isn’t just that we have so many exhausted soldiers suffering from PTSD in Afghanistan, this isn’t the problem.  As in Vietnam, such troops more often turn on their officers and senior NCOs, not local women and children, at least with one exception, My Lai, and that was under direct military command from Captain Ernest Medina.

Who commanded this fiasco?


Next we can ask, what kind of person does this?  That I can clearly answer, this is the act of someone with strong religious and political beliefs.  Years ago, initially Pentecostal and then broader Dominionist/Dispensationalist theologies under the broader term of “Christian Evangelism” has been behind the atrocities.

Some are tied to doomsday cults, others toward “racial cleansing” and more fall under the influence of politicians.


Those currently are Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

Previously, they were the entire Bush administration, which used communist “brainwashing” techniques on troops to encourage them to torture and kill as part of their patriotic and religious duty.

These messages were instilled during training and continually reinforced through televised psyop sessions on the Armed Forces Network and Pentagon Channel.

Such rhetoric has largely disappeared during the Obama administration with the exception of that which is normally part of the daily broadcasts on Fox News with its extremist pundits.

Their message, of the threat of Islam with its high birthrate, stresses extremist methods.  Our “churchgoers” and “conservatives” are taught Islam, even small children, are the “enemy of our blood,” as though we all carried a Torah in our pockets.

Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, an Israeli citizen tied to the ultra-nationalist Likudist party.  Murdoch and his publications have been under attack in the US and Britain for wiretapping, bribery and blackmail.

This incident, in many ways, reminds me of the “accidental killing” of former footballer Pat Tillman.  Tillman, whose activities prior to his death began to show signs of antiwar activism, was accidentally shot by fellow soldiers 4 times in the forehead while the military claimed his death was the result, initially at least, enemy action.

From the film, Full Metal Jacket:


No individual has been punished though it is believed the order for the Tillman slaying originated in the White House.

I don’t believe the same of this incident but these things are clear:

  • The base involved specialized in “Black Ops”…often late night attacks on homes searching for “Taliban suspects.”  Such attacks had been cited repeatedly for bad intelligence, civilian casualties and total incompetence.  The command involved in this action is one of the commands cited.
  • The burned corpses were an attempt to destroy evidence of an authorized operation probably compromised.
  • Less likely is that this was a planned “revenge attack” based on the belief that someone within this village had been supplying information to the Taliban that led to the death or injury of one or more Americans.  Such attacks are so common that they have happened hundreds of times, often brought on by rumors, stress, anti-psychotic medications and, of course, propaganda.
  • Every word the Army has issued is false.
  • Every imaginable effort is now being made to “prove” this to be a “disgruntled lone gunman” who “ex-filtrated” the base and had been showing signs of “Lee Harvey Oswald” syndrome.
  • Failure to sell this cover story, and by selling we mean paying millions in bribes, will put US involvement in Afghanistan at an immediate end.



A Smiling Dufster(R) – Summer of ’69

Well over 40 years ago, I was a Marine serving in Vietnam.  During part of that time, I was required to enter homes, their inhabitants frightened out of their wits, concerned for the lives of their children, while looking for “rice” or weapons.

When we would find weapons, we were also presented documentation that authorized the weapons as part of civilian defense forces.

I saw my first Browning Automatic Rifle during one such search, an ancient weapon from the First World War, but one of curious beauty.  Today, such a weapon would cost as much as an automobile.

We were told it was our job to gain the trust of the civilian population and not think of them as “gooks” to be slaughtered.  Vietnam was a slaughter, a hundred times more devastating than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.

Because of My Lai and the hundreds of women and children who died there at the hands of the Army’s Americal Division, all Vietnam veterans have worn the stain of “baby killer” these long decades.

We were told we were there to protect civilians.  We were told thousands had been slaughtered.


General Smedley Butler

In Afghanistan, troops trained for years, paid ten times what we were, well fed, oversupplied, by our standards “pampered” are continually committing such acts in a war with little combat and few casualties.

As with Vietnam, an honest assessment is that we are on the wrong side.

It always seems to be that way now, as warned of by Marine General and Medal of Honor winner Smedley Butler.

“I was a gangster for Wall Street.”

The military today, 500,000 of them “broken” veterans, and those serving are the children of our Vietnam generation, some quite literally.

I have one friend who cares for a brain injured child, a veteran of Afghanistan, a task that takes up his life.

What do we learn?  The dependence on our volunteer army and over-dependence on “special operations” or “tier one” troops has helped dehumanize our military even more.

War is bad enough as it is.


A good friend, retired Special Forces flag officer, related a meeting he had last year.  He was hiking outside an American base in the Southwest when he came upon several younger Special Forces troops.  Though retired and outranking them by extreme measure, he found their demeanor both threatening and unbalanced.

This went far beyond disrespectful.  Identified asSpecial Forces who had served in Thailand at one time, my friend, who had also been in Thailand, answered in Thai and they answered back.

Then…they began to move, believing themselves “predators.”  I laugh thinking about this.

He told me that he gave consideration to the Smith and Wesson Model 28 .357 magnum revolver he carried with him on such walks, as is the habit in those regions.

That they may well have been considering ambushing someone who had been an A Team leader in Vietnam nearly two decades before they were born, and were underestimating someone who would have left them with stomach wounds in 3 seconds while he very slowly dialed for emergency services, I now wonder if their survival of this encounter was a good thing.

Personally, when a top intel officer tells me he has met a group of criminal psychopaths, I take it seriously.

When I have to relive, not just the undeserved shame of Vietnam but the unending tragedy and insanity of our current wars, 31,000 discharged wrongly as “unfit,” a similar number of military and veteran suicides, many murders of family members and a path of torture and murder across the Middle East…

Then there is the unasked question, how 97% of the world’s heroin supply is flown out of American held territory, tacitly with the approval of Richard Holbrooke and now, who approves, who cashes the checks, who loads the planes?  By these standards, my friend and I were rank amateurs at war it seems.

He was trained, as was I, in working with the local population, earning their trust and, in doing so, winning, not just the “hearts and minds” but the war as well.  This was and supposedly is the heart of special operations, not killing children, urinating on the dead or burning holy books.



The Roosevelts

It is said that Eleanor Roosevelt was concerned about Marines returning from World War II combat in the Pacific.

Such brutality was needed to defeat the fearless Japanese that troops who had been there, who had faced that enemy, were thought to be a danger to society.

Her statements at that time, if she actually made them, were deeply scorned by most Americans.

Today’s incident is not one American.  It might be 3 or it might be 8 but it certainly isn’t one.  We don’t know what happened and, one thing for sure, we never will.

The Army lies.

How do we restore the respect for life we seem to have bled out of so many of our young?  Do we duct tape Newt Gingrich?  Do we close our heretical “churches?”

Do we silence the Fox Network and the thousands who have become addicted to their hate and prejudice?

Do we scour Washington clean of this stain, rooting the sociopaths from our military, our courts, our congress, our police, or even further?Who do we blame? Do we start with ourselves?

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