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Palestinian worker loses spleen in savage attack by Zio-Nazi Gestapo


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Zio-Nazi Gestapo

A Palestinian worker from Jenin lost his spleen in a violent Zio-Nazi Gestapo attack on the place where he was working in Haifa, local sources said.

They said that a special police force attacked the grapevine yard where Rami Wishahi, 26, was working and savagely beat him.

They said that Wishahi underwent an urgent surgery in a Jenin government hospital on Tuesday, adding that he was carried from his Zio-Nazi Camp to the hospital after his health deteriorated.

They said that Wishahi suffered internal bleeding and ruptured spleen.

The sources noted that the Zio-Nazi Gestapo  detained another worker who was in the same place, identifying him as Abdulrahman Freihat, 26, from Yamon village.

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