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Peter King warns: Hezbollah agents in U.S.



ed note–if Peter King were anythong OTHER than the slavish, slobbering whore to Israeli interests that he is, he would be more worried about the fact that an even more dangerous terrorist organization–the MeK, has such free reign in the US that it has added some of America’s most powerful and influential political leaders to its payroll. Furthermore, the MeK–now being used as Israel’s hired guns in carrying out acts of terror in places such as Iran–can now be used in the US to carry out acts of terror and assassination that will benefit Israel without the Jewish state having to dedicate its own resources (Mossad) in achieving.

AND YET, despite the fact that King knows all of this ALL TOO WELL, he will continue to slobber all over himself worrying about ‘terrorist’ organizations that are inimical to Israel rather than those that are on her payroll and much more dangerous to the American people.

Rep. Peter  King (R-N.Y.) warned Wednesday that there are hundreds — maybe even  thousands — of Hezbollah agents inside the United States capable of  launching a terror attack if U.S.-Iran tensions continue to escalate.

“The American intelligence community … believes we are very much at risk for  an attack by Iranian operatives, which would be Hezbollah, that is a  terrorist-trained force in this country. It really is the ‘A’ team of  international terrorism — far more sophisticated than Al Qaeda,” the chairman of  the Homeland Security Committee said on CNN’s “Starting Point.”


King, whose committee is holding a hearing Wednesday to “educate” Americans and members of Congress about the threat of Iran, explained  that Hezbollah has had agents and operatives inside the U.S. for many years for  the purpose of fundraising and recruiting.

And while the conventional wisdom until recently has been that they were not  necessarily stationed in the U.S. to carry out terrorist attacks, the Republican  congressman warned Wednesday that especially given the recent tension between Israel and Iran, as well as questions  surrounding Iran’s nuclear aspirations, a scenario in which Hezbollah agents  mobilize an attack remains a real possibility.

“We do know that a number of them have been trained as terrorists, so the  question is,how quickly they can be made operational, and would they carry out  an attack?” he said. “We estimate it to be at least in the hundreds, maybe the  thousands of Hezbollah agents here in this country. And again, especially if  things intensify between Israel and Iran, between the United States and Iran,  could Iran take preemptive action in this action through Hezbollah?”

King cited a murder plot allegedly directed by the Iranian government to kill  the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. last year as a further warning sign of the  potential threat that the country poses to Americans.

And if Israel attacks Iran, the congressman warned that the U.S. could  certainly “find itself implicated or involved” in the crisis.

“Having said that, I don’t think we can rule out an Israeli attack,” King  said. “ I think we have to keep all the pressure out there. … The fact that  there can be complications is not a reason why Israel shouldn’t do it or we  shouldn’t do it. We have to make sure whatever we do that it is going to work … and realize that Iran cannot be allowed to get a nuclear weapon.”

Wednesday’s congressional hearing will include witnesses from the New York  Police Department and others from the intelligence community.

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