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What’s Ken O’Keefe’s problem?

Ken O’Keefe
I have never spoken to, emailed, or messaged peace and justice “advocate” Ken O’Keefe, but I received a Facebook message from O’Keefe today. We went back and forth for a few messages, which I am posting below. I have had my suspicions about O’Keefe for quite some time now. But read this exchange for yourself, and see what you think. Who is lying? and who is seeking the truth? Also, Mary Rizzo’s article is linked at the bottom. See O’Keefe’s blog here:

March 22, 2012

16 hours ago Ken O’Keefe

Aloha brother,

It seems you like a page dedicated to hating me. I do not care if that is the way you feel, I really have stopped concerning myself with the judgements of others, good or bad, long ago. But it seems right to un-friend if you feel this way about me. Just want to make sure this is the way you feel before I do indeed un-friend.


15 hours ago A J MacDonald Jr

It has nothing to do with hate, I simply don’t trust you. Although, in this business, there aren’t many people I do trust. If the page is in fact hateful, please send me the link to the site and I will “unlike” it. Perhaps if you came forward with documents and good arguments to satisfy your detractors I would change my mind, but, as it is, you dismiss your critics with personal attacks, which are not arguments at all, and no documents have been forthcoming. I think Mary’s lengthy detailed critique of the Trade Not Aid mission should have been addressed by you in similar detail. If your case was better than hers I suppose I would be on your side as opposed to hers. I see no point in “defriending” you simply because I don’t trust you. I won’t be donating any money to your causes, of course, but God only knows who some of my friends are on facebook….no doubt there are a few sock-puppets amongst our friends, and there’s little we can do to prevent that. I, for one, do not care what the USG thinks of me or if they are monitoring me….I assume they are, especially when they show up in person, as they have done and will do again, I’m sure LOL ~ Peace

14 hours ago Ken O’Keefe

Brother if you ever reach a point where you directly confront the powers that be to such a degree that you are called a “terrorist operative of Hamas”, “linked to Al Qaeda”, detained under terrorism laws in 5 different countries, find yourself in numerous places where you are lucky to get out alive and ultimately piss off some of the most powerful people in the world then you might then know what is like to walk in my shoes. Many people get paid to lie about me, Mary Rizzo quite possibly being one of them. To respond to every such nut case is to invite more such slander, again you would not know this if you have never been in such a place or lack the wisdom to put yourself in another’s place. Do I do what I do for popularity? No. Are my verifiable acts of consciousness sufficient to please everyone? No. But are my actions which are verifiable, to be put on par with the multitudes of accusations which have no proof? The answer is clear. It is not my job to prove I am a moral man with words, the proof is in my actions. People of good heart and reasonable intelligence can see this. I was not put on this Earth to prove I am a good man, and if I were to defend myself against every spurious, slanderous accusation, I would have time for nothing else. It would truly be a full time job.

But hey, I wish you all the best, and I appreciate your honesty, no hard feelings, but given there is no trust, a respectful parting of the ways is correct.


9 hours ago A J MacDonald Jr

I’ve had more than enough run-ins with the feds, and they have had my number, literally, for many years now. We know where we stand with one another, meaning I know where the line is. I haven’t the time for issues with them, now, because there is too much going on. I agree we can’t waste our time with critics but when it comes to finances receipts are very helpful when dealing with expense and accounting discrepancies, because that’s the way to stay out of trouble when dealing with other people’s money. I don’t think Mary or any of your critics are “nut cases”. Again, the ad hominem attacks, too me, actually help to prove your guilt rather than your innocence. It’s easy enough for you to prove otherwise, which is something you have yet to do, and I wish you could, because we need people who are passionate about the cause, which you are. I wish you all the best, too, and I have no hard feeling either regarding all of this. I wouldn’t be surprised if we ran into each other one day and it’s always my intention to get along with everyone in the peace and justice movement, which has enough in fighting as it is. No one, after all, is perfect, especially me! I think, when the chips are down and things start getting ugly we can count on one another to do what’s right. And we will need all the vets we can get, because we will know what to do. In fact, see what you can do to to help bring the Occupy Marines and the Veterans for Ron Paul together, because we need to get over this Left/Right BS, unify, and arrest the real criminals in DC. I’m working on this, but I could use all the help I can get! ~ Peace bro (BTW, I was once stationed in Hawaii, for a year and a half, which I absolutely loved, and I sure wish we were both there now talking about and doing something else!)

7 hours ago Ken O’Keefe

Brother to be clear, the non-profit companies I have set up require annual accounts, these accounts are in order. So believe this or do not, but it is not disputable really because the accounts are public. Rizzo is a nut case, if you think what she writes is “journalism” (as she all too insecurely calls it) then you have a ways to go, beyond the Feds, to understand what it is to be a serious target. Rizzo is a nut case or working for the enemy, a classic ‘sleeper’.

Be honest brother, it does not make me a better person at all, not at all, but I am at a different level of pissing off powerful people. Disarming Israels best commandos in itself and then calling them cowards on probably the BBC’s hallmark interview program means a level of hate combined with power is directed at me well beyond what you know, this is just simple fact. What else have I done? Quite a bit, again all verifiable. So you are not satisfied, and you suspect I do this to steal a few pennys here and there, this is your assessment, and you think Rizzo is a good source of info, what can I say other than you have a bit to learn and I can tell you, the amount of people who are serious targets and have really put their heads on the chopping block like me, understand this bullshit and such people always give mutual respect. They do not ask me for receipts and I do not entertain any of the unsubstantiated slander that follows all of us.

I am only writing this to you because you seem genuinely duped and wanting to do good. I can assure you brother if you are serious about justice and peace and you start to get the type of results that make you a serious target, you will develop a healthy dose of respect for people who are already in that place.

But hey, believe what you want, all the best.


6 hours ago A J MacDonald Jr

I certainly respect you for all you have done, which is quite a lot. From my own experience with non-profits and businesses, receipts are easily produced when required. I read Mary’s lengthy article concerning the mission, which was actually quite well written and very detailed. I suppose we will have to agree to disagree on that matter. Since your annual accounts are in order I suggest you post them in public online for all to see, which will alleviate people’s concerns. Slander is a word you throw around quite a bit, along with threats to sue regarding these allegations, which I find suspicious in and of itself. As you well now, anyone deemed a serious threat is dealt with promptly, and there’s very little we can do to protect ourselves from those who wish us harm. A good ambush is always 100% effective, and even a not-so-good ambush is still very hard to survive, unless one is trained in how to do so. First they ignore you, then they try and smear you, then they threaten one’s loved ones, and then, if one is considered a serious enough threat, they will kill.

The fact that we are both alive indicates, to me, that we are not, yet, a serious threat. I am always open to being proved wrong, and, in this case I would love to be proven wrong. A lot of good people look up to you and it saddens me to know that, at this point, I cannot trust you. As I said, make public your accounts, since they are in order, and I will be the first one to publicly admit I was wrong about you. Right now, Mary’s documentation is superior to yours (and she is also asking you to make public your records) and she simply has more hard evidence than you have (to date) produced. I’m really not concerned with this issue as far more important things are in store for the future. For that, I hope we can count you in.

Few people are going to care about missing money issues – whether true or false – in the near future. More importantly, the many people who have been on the wrong side of the peace and justice issues, especially by siding with Israel, will be more concerned with keeping their necks out of a noose and keeping their bodies out of the federal penitentiary. I see no problem with you in that regard, quite the opposite in fact, so I will consider you a friend so long as nothing more serious than as yet unproven in court allegations of missing funds. Legally, I certainly consider you to be innocent until it can ever be proven in court that you are guilty regarding the money issue. We are, after all, in a fight for our lives and, considering that, money is not an issue at all, to me. ~ Peace my brother

5 hours ago Ken O’Keefe

Brother you really are a bit dim. The records are already public, there is nothing for me to make public. When the next due date for my accounts is up I will have the accounts in. If Rizzo is the model of journalism then ask yourself, why do I need to repost what is already public? And why are you so duped as to think she uncovered something hidden? Are you stupid or have you simply painted yourself into a corner and you cannot get out of it?

As for us both being alive thus we must be at the same level of being targets, that is truly amusing. In this nonsense you are just another ego driven fool who cannot admit an obvious truth. Go ask someone objective, lay out what you have done and what I have done, don’t forget the listed as “terrorist operative of Hamas” by Israel press release and the US Congress floating a bill that lists me as “linked to Al Qaeda” and then all the other stuff and compare that to your stuff. You know it and you cannot bring yourself to admit it, with regards to threats to our person, we are not in the same league brother. And this is why you act an arrogant twat, the wanting to be something you are not (yet) has to be covered with arrogance, with incantations of self-important bullshit. I did not get where I am playing the games you play, and I certainly did not tell people who had done far more than me that we were on the same level and “I can’t trust you” because I am an idiot who trusts at least one nut case as a source of truth while ignoring the obvious slander, yes slander that that laughable, non-circulated crap she has produced is.

I have been patient, but you are an idiot, you really are, and you have a lot of company, and most of you genuinely, probably, mean well. Whether or not those good intentions will mean much in the end, we shall see.

Brother, have the last word, then let us say goodbye.


a few seconds ago A J MacDonald Jr

Where are the records public Ken? More ad hominem attacks on me are not helping your case, in my thinking. I will await a link to the records, which you say are posted in public. Thanks.


See: Truth Justice and Peace nearly sunk as RTH convoy facts emerge, and as usual, Gazans get the worst part of the deal (Posted: 06/14/2011) by Mary Rizzo

Ken O’Thief

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One Response to What’s Ken O’Keefe’s problem?

  1. Mary Rizzo March 22, 2012 at 4:36 am

    thanks for this, it’s very enlightening in a lot of ways. I’d have much to say, but for the moment will just stick with the comment of KOK about “journalism”. Of course I am not a paid journalist, (nor am I paid to do activism or paid to write about anyone or have an opinion to express… that is my human right, which I cling to). Like millions of other people, I make an honest living working in other fields (art restoration and translation, and my income tax statement demonstrates it) but practice something known as “citizen journalism”. If KOK wants to talk about journalistic standards, he might want to begin my giving the correct label to what he claims people do to him: he calls it Slander.

    I have never spoken to him, thus, I am not able to slander him. What he needs to learn is that written criticism that he does not like should be called “Libel”, however, if he claims it is so, he is also held to come up with evidence proving that the statements made do not reflect the truth. I have all the documents regarding the RTH fiasco. He as well sent me what he claimed was “the contract” and since part of my work deals with contracts, I am aware of what a contract is, and what he sent is no such thing. Conclusion: there was no contract to board the ship, the actions he did on that ship and all the events following it put him in the position of not being on the side of truth, quite the contrary, as the situation was not ever represented in an accurate way.

    It also would have caused the involvement of a military unit boarding a vessel in peacetime in international waters, had he gotten his way, which would have created not only a series of events that are difficult to accept for any peaceful actions for the benefit of Palestine, but it would have endangered all future actions of convoys, which, as it stands, are necessary. Lastly, if his records are public, where are they? I especially would like to see the records for the Ferry to Gaza of Aloha Palestine. EuroPalestine donated enormous amounts of money to that initiative, (more than 17 thousand) and all we have seen is a video clip on a site. Where are the records for that, and I ask as a person who has donated to EP.


    Jo Ann Wescott LOL, I have many more begging and pleading messages from Ken for money……Ken O’keefe was also upset because, he was not getting my land and house etc. If I died I was leaving him all my assets. So he can use for Palestine. But, Palestine would had gotten nothing. 🙁 I would had made a very big mistake. I want Palestine to be helped so badly. 🙁 And people taking what were giving are keeping what we give and giving them nothing. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Ken should be in prison. But, he is not because, he is protected by Zionists.


    INVEST in KOK !!!!!

    By No one in Gaza, wants Ken O’Keefe, DM and Co. (Albums) · Updated about 5 months ago · Taken at KOK wall
    Create an advert


    وصلت الوقاحه فيهم السرقه والنصب والاستعباط والاستهبال عينى عينك على قفا القضيه .. وقطيع النعم اللى وراه لكن زفت الطين اللى بتشبه بالحمار وقولوا وراى الكرامه للحمار.. سايقين الهبل على السهتنه وقال ايش بدهم تبرعات عشان مش عارفين ايش انلطش منه .. يخى بووو لما ياخدكم ويقصر أجلكم شلة زعلطيه حراميه سرسريه مش معروفلكم كوع من بوع والتيوس من أمة لا اله الا الله اللى ماشيين ورا استغفالكم للفلسطينيه ولكل من دق الصدر وقال فلسطين .. علواه الحق مش عليكم .. الحق على كل من حط عقله بالفى وريح وقال وأنا مالى .. الهى وبهالشهر الفضيل والايام الاواخر لا تشوفوا خير بوجهكم بحسنة كل فلس لهطتوا وحطيتوا ببطن الواطى ابن الحرام .. اللهم أمين.. غواره تغوركم كلكم من أولكم لاخركم ومن صغيركم لكبيركم ولو انا بنشك يكون عندكم كبير يا ما دون قاع المجتمع ياحوش يا حبربش

    Anna O’Leary is promoting KOK, asking for donations on his wall. Note that she uses his Aloha Palestine “trade not aid” logo image below her plea to support his PROJECT in screenshot 1.

    Following that link takes you to screenshot 2 – KOK’s personal web site where he writes:

    Invest in TJP
    I am very blessed man who works full-time for the creation of a better world. I chose this life and abandoned my paradise life in Hawaii as the owner of my own whale watching & dive business, living on the beach, with money, doing what I loved. Hawaiian Independence and human rights work put me on this path much less travelled, a path of dubious existence and financial insecurity. Nine years later I remain on that path, financially impoverished, but in real terms a very rich man indeed. Invest in me or not, I will continue this work. Thank you to all those who have helped me one way or the other, I feel good in knowing that I have not let you down.
    Ken O’Keefe

    (donate link button below)

    Note A: “TJP” is not a charity or even an organization. It has no legal or other existence other than being the acronym for “Truth, Justice, Peace” – KOK’s ‘motto’ only.

    Note B: “Invest in me”: What does that mean other than “support my physical existence by giving me money”?

    Note C: see screenshot 3 which is a photo of KOK’s paypal “donation” page – which states that “donations” are for his “stolen property fund” – NOT Aloha Palestine as implied by Anna posting the logo for that CIC. He property was supposedly stolen over 1 year ago. Since then he has obviously recovered at least 1 laptop (recently it was brought up by former volunteers with the Samouni Project that he purchased another expensive MAC book in addition to the one he bought as replacement for his stolen one (and with funds meant for the Samouni project – not with funds garnered through his “stolen property fund” as displayed on this paypal site.

    So now Anna is leading people to “donate” to Ken by misleading them into thinking it is for Aloha Palestine. Either she is ignorant or in cahoots.

     · Share
      • Cath Jenkins If you google earth his dive business there is a little shack……………….look on his website and there is a dive HYPERMARKET!!…some time since the ggogle earth was done there has been a MASSIVE influx of money…..and he has to live off the donations taken for the children of Gaza????

      • Eman Khader Shanan تسلم يا احلى ادمن اه والله صدقت حي البطن الي جابك يا فلسطيني حتى النخاع انت الله اكبر على كل حرامي سارق مرتزق

      • Eman Khader Shanan يعني هم فاكرين قضيتنا كنز لا ينضب الشاطر الي بدو يلف ويسرق ما فشروا والله ما فشروا

      • No one in Gaza, wants Ken O’Keefe, DM and Co.

        والله بنعدمهم العافيه وبنعلمهم ان الله حق .. مفكرينا مش صاحيين عليهم ولاهيين زى البجم اللى ماشينن وراهم بعقدة الخواجا.. ايه وحشا الأكارم على البوست صراميه عتيقه لأتفه فلسطينى بتسواهم كلهم عن بكرة أبيهم.. احنا ببعضينا بنصطفل بناكل بعض بندبح…See more
      • Rabab Sulaiman قطيعه تقطعهم يغص بالهم ما أزنخهم ما عم بهنونا على شى بهالشهر الفضيل

      • Cath Jenkins is there anywhere on the net that will give me a Palestinian to english translation???x

      • Rabab Sulaiman dont think so, that’s the beauty of it !

      • Cath Jenkins so frustrating xxx

      • No one in Gaza, wants Ken O’Keefe, DM and Co. why .. its in English.. the description

      • Cath Jenkins I know but there are lots of comments in Palestinian on many of the pages I look at, including this one…..its ok…I will accept it x

      • No one in Gaza, wants Ken O’Keefe, DM and Co. cath this page is addressed from Palestinians in GAZA PALESTINE to the world. Therefore, its normal that we all write mainly in Arabic and choose to communicate in our accent, because its more expressive, especially due to Oppression that KOK subject reflects lots on our concerned people.

      • Eman Khader Shanan

        كاسه الخضه كتير عليهم على فكره بدهم مطرق لوز وحوش خالي هم يجروا ونحنا وراهم العين تطرهقهم شو وقحين وسافلين وقذرين ما ضل وتبقى الا الدبان المفقي وصار للدبانه دكانه وتفتحس بعد العصر وعدي رجالك عدي من كين الاقرع للمصدي ايه عليهم شو ريحتهم فايح…See more
      • Cath Jenkins I know…just wish i could understand…will have to improve myself 🙂

      • Leena Nabulsi مش بقولولك صار للخرى مره وبتقوله يا سيدى!
        أه هم ما صدقوا شايفينه ومش مصدقين
        العمى يعميهم :).. قلعاط يقلعطهم
        على فكره
        I am still a lady 😀

      • Reem Hussain امى بتقول المنيح فيهم أخو الصرمايه!

      • Handhala Al-Ali أكيد العتيقه
        مش أى صرمايه يعنى

      • Eman Khader Shanan لا حاشاك صار للخرى مره ويحلف عليها بالطلاق

      • Eman Khader Shanan قال ما ضل علينا الا الفار وممعوط الدنب وخاف الله الفار احسن من هيك اشكال يعني الي محيرني وغايظني ليش الناس الي زي هادول بيلاقوا ناس قذره تطبللهم وترقصلهم مش فاهمه يمكن لان الطيور على اشكلها تقع اخ لو يوقعوا من جبل عالي وينزلو على رقبتهم

      • Handhala Al-Ali بس هو الحق يقال المخلوق الفضائى مش ملحق! .. خلص على أربعه وعابرات السبيل على قفا مين يشيل ، بس بدى أفهم على ايش، مش غيره والله كلهم مقلعطات أصلا وذوقه مثل كندرتى! مش فاهم مثلا 🙂

      • Eman Khader Shanan ما بعرف له في خلقه شؤون والله

      • Handhala Al-Ali بس اللى عم بطبلوله خمسه معروفين وكلهم انكغه أب با.. يعنى فرافير ورور عشان خام يلعب فيهم ويشكلهم على كيفه

      • Eman Khader Shanan هون المصيبه والله وخام يعني بدهم صهر من اول وجديد واني رؤوسا قد اينعت وحان قطافها وقربت القطفه ان شاء الله

      • Handhala Al-Ali أهاليهم لازم تتبلغ عشان ما بصير نتركوا هيك كل من هب ودب يلعب فيهم وخصوصا انهم بنات فيهم

      • No one in Gaza, wants Ken O’Keefe, DM and Co.

        The difference between a common crook and a cult leader. He does not demand his devotees to give up their worldly goods and money to live in poverty while he rides around in a Rolls and is pampered. Other than that, he is no different. He K…See more
      • Mary Mc Sherry

        The dive business (Deep Ecology, Hawaii) seems to be where a lot of donations ended up. His fans still accept that a man with a business of 2.5 million dollars a year is sincere when he says that he is broke! He admitted also that the hous…See more
      • Mary Mc Sherry

        Ken O Keefe: As for me, I am blessed, I am fine, I am strong and I will die with my self-respect no matter how many idiots believe bullshit about me. I do not own any home, and neither does my wife, but we have a roof over our head. In th…See more


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