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Mustafa Barghouti stable after being struck in head at Qalandiya


Mustafa Barghouti was among 150 Palestinians injured at a Land Day demonstration at Qalandiya checkpoint in occupied Palestine this morning. A leader of the nonviolent movement and former candidate for president, Barghouti said that he was struck in the head by a teargas canister fired by Israeli forces. He spoke from a bed in Ramallah Hospital. He said he was not seriously injured but he is under observation for contusions to his head and back.

“Today is a great day because no one thought we would be able to mobilize thousand of people for nonviolent protest,” said Barghouti, a physician. “This is the peak of the Palestinian nonviolent movement, and it reflects Palestinian unity too.”

An Israeli government claim that Palestinians attacked Barghouti is the “most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Why would any Palestinian attack me? I’m a leader of the Palestinians.”

From IDF spokesperson Avital Leibovich– a stupendous effort to misrepresent the truth:

The info I have regarding Mousteffa Bargoutti injured,is that he was hurt by a Pales,as he was trying to convince youth in #Kalandya to riot

I remind you: Barghouti was at the center of the J Street conference last weekend, soberly, eloquently urging American Jews to do all they can to publicize the nonviolent Palestinian movement.

Hugh Naylor responded to IDF:

I was there. He was attacked by plainclothes pple. His colleagues had no idea who they were. He was not calling for riot

Israelis smashed three ambulances and injured eight Palestinian aid workers, Barghouti said.

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