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Pro-Zionist Arab Network Al Jazeera pledges not to broadcast Video footage


Pro-Zionist Arab Network Al Jazeera said it would not broadcast video footage shot by Mohammed Merah during his attacks on soldiers and on a Jewish school in Toulouse.

“In accordance with Al Jazeera’s code of ethics, given the video does not add any information that is not already in the public domain, its news channels will not be broadcasting any of its contents,” the network said Tuesday.

Al Jazeera also said it was declining all requests from other media outlets for copies of the footage.

Earlier in the day, French President Nicolas Sarkozy had called on television networks “that might have these images” not to broadcast the footage “out of respect for the victims — out of respect for the Republic.”

The edited footage was sent on a USB flash drive to Al Jazeera in Paris. Al Jazeera sent the drive to police on Monday, Reuters reported.

The package reportedly was mailed to Al Jazeera on March 21, the day that police began their siege of Merah’s Toulouse apartment. Merah was killed following a 30-hour standoff when police stormed his apartment. He was shot in the head while jumping out a window.

A letter accompanying the footage said that Merah had acted on behalf of al-Qaida, The Associated Press reported.

Merah had confessed during the standoff with police that he killed the three soldiers and the four people at the Ozar Hatorah school — a rabbi and his two young sons, and the daughter of the school’s principal.

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How Dare They Lie To The American People


by Stewart Ogilby


The US media are blatantly lying to us. Not just little white lies, but lies for which members of an upcoming generation of America’s youth are being killed. What kind of human beings are these men and women who accept money to tell lies to their neighbors and to millions of their fellow citizens? How are they raising their own children?

They lied when they told veterans there was a necessary and patriotic job to be done. They are lying to students, to teachers, to farmers and workers, and to all who came to this country looking for peace, hoping against hope for freedom from abusive and tyrannical government.

Television news, upon which the vast majority of Americans depend for accurate information, is not only unreliable but has become simply a huge propaganda machine for war criminalsSix corporations, owned and managed by men having financial interests in corporations that profit from wars, determine what the mass of America’s people watch on television. If you don’t yet know that 911 was a massive audio-visual hoax, you may shortly grasp that fact. Television’s “news reporters” are simply lying fear-mongers, preying upon insecurity in persons who yearn to trust what they perceive to be authorities.

Free people rightfully expect institutions of their society to be managed and operated by persons of integrity. What we now have in America is an entrenched mob, criminals with the lowest ethical standards imaginable. They now control all three branches of our federal government, much of state governments, local judiciary, police, as well as the national media.

As good citizens, most of us act in accordance with an imbedded ethical and moral sense when dealing with our employers, our families, our neighbors, and our friends. We know that there is a fundamental difference between right and wrong. We seek to separate and to reform misguided persons in our communities who violate the law.

We who have no respect for liars watch attractive well-dressed men and women who appear on our television sets and invite them into our homes. They are the whores of modern America’s media. They deserve no respect. In fact, they deserve today to be disregarded at the very least, and prosecuted once enough Americans have decided that they have had enough economic abuse, civil abuse, and lies from criminals who have usurped our government and who fully control America’s lying media.

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America’s Murdoch Weakness


Espionage and Bribery on the Surface, What is Beneath?


Murdoch and Unnamed Job Seeker

 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Years ago, we were the first to report that Rupert Murdoch was tied to Israeli intelligence.  Who would have guessed that the Weizman Institute of Israel, “doing good works” was owned by Murdoch and the Mossad and into corporate espionage and dirty tricks, according to a Haaretz article below.

Prior to that, to Americans at least, his network, Fox News and so much more, few were aware he owned much of the world’s media, was seen as biased, fanatical, war mongering and racist.


What is kept from America is that the parent company, NewsCorp, is assailed around the world for using their “Operations” section, a professional spy organization which includes a specific group of trained assassins, to undermine the free governments of the world.

When politicians begin to look “too hard” at Murdoch, and if Britain’s mainstream news says this, what can the real truth be?

Hiding behind a few clowns and their rate bigots, Fox News piled up good numbers as the propaganda arm for Neoconservatism, always loose with the truth, always exploiting weaknesses in character and divisions between Americans. The Murdoch organization was, now that we look back, at the heart of America’s moral decline, economic collapse and political woes.

Worse yet, NewsCorp, the “front” for Murdoch worked in partnership with Israeli intelligence and others, not just retirees, but active weapons carrying spies using illegal equipment, actual “hit squads” as part of their everyday practices.  From the UK Telegraph:

 News Corp had set up a covert unit known as Operational Security and employed “former”British and Israeli police and intelligence officers to use hackers to pirate the smart cards of rival pay TV operators. The allegations follow claims by BBC’s Panorama that the company engaged in similar conduct to undermine BSkyB’s competition.

The stash of emails came from the hard drive of a former Metropolitan police commander in London, Ray Adams, who was head of security in Europe at NDS, a former News Corp subsidiary. They show NDS operatives engaging in a range of illegal practices including sabotaging rivals, unlawfully obtaining telephone records and fabricating legal actions…(italics added)

By way of deception

Then Britain exposed them.  It turned out that Murdoch had been spying, blackmailing, bribing across Britain, not just celeb’s but government officials, particularly law enforcement and counter-terrorism.

In fact, Murdoch dictated who would be prime minister for almost two decades.  Now investigations show that Murdoch had used the Mossad and Shin Bet, Israeli spy organizations, to destroy his competition, derailing their businesses to support his political empire of smut, lies and black mail.

Yet, here in the United States, it is as though he doesn’t exist though everything done in Britain, Australia and across the world, has been done by him here, and “in spades.”

The image, of Rupert Murdoch and his sons as Australian “cowboy” journalists, the “wild men” of right wing causes and political extremism, always up for war, always at war with someone themselves was never true.

Murdoch citizenship is primarily Israeli and their interests are in promoting the ultra-nationalist agenda of Netanyahu’s Likudist regime whose influence in America is so powerful, 85% of members of congress make humiliating statements, not just in support of Israel but indicate willingness to go into anther war, this time with Iran, if “told” by their masters in Tel Aviv.

Murdoch and Peres

The reason? Murdoch has been in the US, certainly managing news, not by himself by any means, news filled with lies and mythology for sure but controlled news has only one purpose.  Murdoch’s  job has been to prevent the meltdown that has destroyed his operations in Britain and exposed him as a blackmailer, spy and thug.

His real client is Israel, his real power is wiretapping phones of congress, state officials and working hand in hand with his own organization, filled to the brim with former spies, specialists in computer hacking, wire-tapping, assassinations, poisoning, and the use of political leverage to push an agenda.

What has that agenda been?

Murdoch’s first goal was to see America divided hopelessly, taking advantage of religious extremism in some areas, churches under the power of war profiteer John Hagee and others began dictating to members of congress and, after the questionable 2000 election, they owned the presidency.


The first, perhaps the only real accomplishment of that partnership was pulling off 9/11.

For any who thinks an aircraft hit the Pentagon, who never read the engineering studies, saw the tiny hole, or have learned that the New York attacks involved the arrest of several Mossad teams with guns and explosives, later illegally released, they and the bin Laden family, those who don’t know that southern Manhattan was hit with, not collapsing buildings, but 4 small nuclear explosions leaving thousands dying of radiation disease, now being tracked, suppressed, if you aren’t aware of this, it means you watch world news.

The truth can’t be spoken of.  Ron Paul once asked for a new 9/11 investigation.  The 9/11 Commission repudiated their findings and scientists, military officers, engineers and architects all say 9/11 was a controlled demolition which made $7 billion in insurance, billions more for key Murdoch friends in stock scams, started two wars and was and Israeli operation from its beginnings in Israel and at the Project for a New American Century.

Our informants told of the planning and later, when that organization took over operation of the Bush White House, the execution of 9/11, the execution of the financial collapse of the dollar and euro, market after market, stocks, bonds, mortgages, war after war, each one lost, first Iraq, now Afghanistan, and the death, dismemberment and disability of up to 700,000 Americans.

SWIFT – Bank Transfers of Trillions That Disappear

Wire transfers totaling $31.1 trillion dollars, more money that really exists, went to Europe recently from America at Secretary Geithner’s orders.

The SWIFT documents were made public, an original order from Geither was presented to the House of Lords in Britain and Americans aren’t even paying the debt on the money.

The dollar is now backed by derivatives, not gold, not diamonds, not even treasury bonds.  The dollar, the pound, the euro and the Swiss franc are no longer valid currencies.

I do enjoy the theory however, that if all currencies collapse simultaneously, interchangeably, yet will still buy a loaf of bread or gallon of gasoline, though the prices are double, who will notice?

We notice? Could this be done without Murdoch?  Perhaps.

His role has been to advance the cause of what he misrepresents as Israel.  With the Arab Spring, Israel is a failed state, continually confronted with sanctions at the UN, having its own illegal nuclear weapons, it is trying to convince the world that the IAEA, also run by Shinbet and the Mossad, have found evidence of Iran building nuclear weapons.

Nobody can deny it if it is in the news and the “bought and paid for” congress, bribes, photos of members having sex with boys and girls, intercepted text messages, all the things brought out in Britain have clearly been at the heart of American politics even longer.

Tom Selleck(left) as Commissioner/Convict Bernie Kerick (right)

But it was never about war or 9/11, nothing was, it was a “bank robbery” that needed a distraction.  A minor insurance fraud, knocking down several buildings, two of which were filled with asbestos, over insured and unusable is an old story, one we have seen in New York a hundred times before.

Can Rudi Keep Dancing Long Enough to Not Get Caught?

After all, Bernie Kerik and Rudy Giulianiwere running the city.  It was wide open for terrorism and crime, with those tasked with controlling such things tied to Murdoch.

Kerik, the police commissioner is still in prison, something not reported though he is played by Tom Selleck in the TV drama Blue Bloods.

I wonder if the show will have Selleck’s character being sent to prison.  Selleck tries so hard to look like Kerick, mustache, pursed lips, the minor mob bagman that Giuliani had Bush appoint as head of Homeland Security.  A convict would have been running our national security if he weren’t imprisoned first?

Problem is, Kerick was a minor player, singled out, persecuted, when thousands were involved, tens of thousands in the theft and, thus far, 293 in the planning of 9/11.

Our issue is Murdoch.  We contend that his huge empire of newspapers and TV news that crosses the US spewing lies, filth and pornography are a war on the American people by an extremist group that has seized control of Israel and turned it into an apartheid police state.

News about Israel, its failure, how many are leaving, how plane loads of “non-Jew” Russians arrive each day, living off US aid, moved to live on stolen land, taking the jobs of Israeli’s, buying Russia a foothold along with Syria but that is another very curious story.

Each year, many members of congress along with Israeli officials demand the release of Soviet master-spy, Jonathan Pollard.  Netanyahu claims Pollard only sought the locations of Palestinian training camps and America refused to hand them over.

Yet Pollard has done 27 years in prison.

The Traitor Has High American Officials in His Booster Club, Including Ex-CIA Director James Woolsey.

What Pollard actually did was turn over the names of all CIA agents and assets working behind the Iron Curtain.  All were captured, tortured and killed, 1100.

Israel was then an ally of Russia while pretending to be an American friend.  Israel was and is a socialist nation, far closer to Russia than the US and, odd as it may seem, far closer to Syria than any other nation though Syria is seen as a Russian colony.

We have considerable intelligence to support this along with recent news stories putting America’s primary military ally in the region, Turkey, firmly behind Iran.

Pakistan is there too, a major nuclear power that has lost nearly 10,000 troops fighting alongside Americans in Afghanistan.

But you say that TV portrays Pakistan as an enemy?  Why does America give them $15 billion a year then?

Someone is lying and it is usually the news, backed up by shows like NCIS Los Angeles and so many others that are carefully written to propagandize the American people, in the Murdoch style, to see the world upside down.

Americans have little idea why people around the world laugh at such a huge and powerful country that, as with Germany, seems to be under total control from Tel Aviv.

A problem here at home is that what appears to be Israeli control over congress with their continual war mongering over Iran, something the American people simply don’t accept, as 69% are, according to polls, ready to immediately leave Afghanistan under any circumstances, are choosing to blame American Jews.

As Israel become increasingly unlivable, American aid likely to diminish and disappear, Russian refugees and other groups causing social strife within, not just the millions of Palestinians, either thrown out of the country or kept in the equivalent of prison camps.

Israeli Tent Protestors Got Bought Off – But with Whose Money?

Israel is unlivable, like any island, not surrounded by powerful enemies but rather, instead of being the “democracy” in the region, beginning to show itself as the militarist police state surrounded by neighbors seeking freedom and modernity.

Old Islam, the “cold war” version, run by dictators and phony royalty is coming apart, the version America built to steal oil and keep out Soviet influence.

Those nations are quickly disappearing leaving Israel an apartheid state like old South Africa under the whites, where Christians and Muslims are spit on as they walk the streets.

It is hardly ‘the Holy Land’ of John Hagee’s delusional ramblings.  The young people there are quickly relocating, seeking careers and a future to raise children, moving back to America or Germany, many even to France where so many had fled in the past.

Is this why we see the recent attacks there, is it really the French or the old Mossad trick, “containing the Jews” by making them feel hated and unwanted.  The Toulouse killings are, by our estimation, one of those efforts, a staged Mossad “hit” to make France look unwelcoming.

Those of us who have lived there know France to be the most “laid back” place on earth, much more of an economic disaster than they admit, but certainly a home for all American veterans after each war.  This is why we keep a large bureau there led by Jane Rosenstein.

The story today, however is Murdoch, why he is openly being sought across Britain for crime after crime, never himself threatened, his information is just too damning for that, I am sure he has photos of Prince Charles in his “nickers” or worse.

Why Has He Done All of This? Who Has He Created It all For?

But Murdoch is “done” in Britain, “toast” as we Americans say it, totally discredited, stands accused of billions in economic crimes in Australia as well and not one word of news in the US, nothing in our papers reporting this.

There are no investigations in Congress, no SEC involvement, not FBI reports of the use of Israeli spies by NewsCorp, something they have been doing for decades.

It isn’t just lying, it is suppression of justice.  Britain has proven America to be a slave colony but of what, a few square miles of worthless desert that suffers from far more internal strife than America itself? (and this is an election year)

Of late, Israel has been rebuffed by what they claim is the most anti-Israel president since Jimmie Carter.  They have been refused the use of American armies (that no longer exist, destroyed in Iraq an Afghanistan) for their planned American invasion of Iran.

Americans are now beginning to ask what it is that Iran has done?  We don’t seem to remember?  Why does Israel care?  They aren’t neighbors, they have no reason to be enemies and everything we ask of Iran, signatory to international conventions that Israel has refused to sign, is done.

Frankly, Americans don’t care if Iran does have nuclear weapons.  Only Israel has threatened to use them, even to attack Rome at one time.  They call it “the Sampson option,” a nuclear attack on Europe, even America, they can now do that with ICBMs supplied them by India, if they manage to end up with a government crazy enough.

Netty the Tough Guy

They may have one now, nobody has ever accused Bibi Netanyahu, a former Philadelphia furniture salesman of being stable.

Changes of government in Israel often involve voting fraud, assassinations, mysterious illnesses and lots of controlled news, propaganda, bus explosions, mysterious rocket attacks, we have seen that game over and over again.

“We are being pushed into the sea” by governments that we now know have been paid off by Israel for 30 years.

It is Murdoch’s job to deliver a war on Iran, deliver 100,000 American dead, to make sure Congress is blackmailed, stays in line, to keep the American people divided, poor as possible, uninsured and lied to.

His tools?

He is partnered with a foreign intelligence agency and the Republican Party, also partnered with a foreign intelligence agency.

Remember Newt Gingrich, the candidate nobody wanted.  He got $75 million dollars from a Vegas casino boss, we are being kind in our reference here, as his primary campaign funding.

Here is some background on Seldon Adelson, Newt’s “angel:”

Sheldon Adelson – Who is He Working For?

Adelson has always wanted to influence political leaders. Jason Chudnofsky, the former CEO at COMDEX, says Adelson told him decades ago that one day, he would be “talking to ministers” and heads of state.

According to a lawsuit by a Hong Kong businessman, in 2001 Adelson called several congressmen (including Tom Delay, then House Majority Whip) after China asked him to use his influence in Congress to stop a human rights resolution. (This was 3 years before his huge Macao casino opened, and while Beijing was seeking the summer Olympics.)

Adelson admitted calling the congressmen, and the bill was bottled up in committee and died. Adelson denies undermining it, but an employee of his Sands hotel testified that he “relayed a message to the Chinese taking credit for it” according to the New York Times.

Here are selected quotes by Newt Gingrich, Rupert Murdoch’s primary contact in Washington and current presidential candidate and the person who led the unsuccessful Clinton impeachment attempt.  (references below)

Clinton is listed as one of the top three presidents of all time.  Gingrich is ready to drop out of the race any moment though he will be allowed to keep 10′s of millions in donations, most of it mob money.

Are They All Lap Dancers to Newt?

“We had oral sex. He prefers that modus operandi because then he can say, ‘I never slept with her.’” – Anne Manning (who was also married at the time.)

“We would have won in 1974 if we could have kept him out of the office, screwing her [a young volunteer] on the desk.” – Dot Crews, his campaign scheduler at the time

“She isn’t young enough or pretty enough to be the President’s wife. And besides, she has cancer.” – Newt, on his first wife (Jackie, his high school teacher)

“I don’t want him to be president and I don’t think he should be.” – Newt’s second wife Marianne.

“She [Callista] is the single most self-centered person I’ve run into in politics—it’s all about her. They do these movies together, and she does a word count: she has to have the same number of words on camera as he does or they have to reshoot. …And Callista did not want him to run for President. That’s why he had to buy her so much damn jewelry.” – an unnamed “former strategist.” Will Rogers, Newt’s ex-Iowa strategist has denied it was him.

“He treats me really nicely, buys me all these ices. Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi and that Donna, Karan, he be sharin’ All that money got me wearin’” — Callista? No wait, that’s Fergie, “My Humps”

“[I was] very lonely, very driven, and pretty weird as a kid.” — Newt

“It doesn’t matter what I do. People need to hear what I have to say. There’s no one else who can say what I can say. It doesn’t matter what I live.” – Newt, as he dumped his second wife for a younger, healthier woman

Stashing Cash in the Caymans – Or Just Passing Through?

The leading candidate has his money in the Cayman Islands, $75 billion in accounts but no evidence of earning a cent of it?

Is it money laundering profits for the cartels?

What kind of country is America?  For two years, a criminal organization of massive proportions can be exposed, bribing and blackmailing.

The last couple of weeks, massive industrial espionage charges have been leveled, the top officers, the Murdoch family itself, still “named” but avoiding obvious jail and prosecution yet this same duo practically runs the United States using the exact same tactics without a word.

What is it about the British that make so many of them so much braver than Americans, able to stand up against the bully of all time, and Murdoch is certainly that.

What makes America a home for crime, where Secretary of Treasury Geither would rather assure Obama’s re-election with Wall Street money than see 10,000 financial criminals in prison where hundreds of thousands with CIA fed drug problems now abide?

From Haaretz of Israel:

NDS, one of Israel’s most prominent high-tech success stories, has become embroiled this week in the ongoing hacking scandals that have been shaking Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation empire.

According to allegations made in a BBC Panorama investigation, NDS, which is partly owned by NewsCorp, leaked details on the internet that allowed viewers in Britain to access television channels for free. This is alleged to have lead to the financial collapse of ON Digital, the largest rival of NewsCorp’s Sky television network in Britain.

NDS was founded as a start-up by a group of researchers from the Weizmann Institute in 1988 and is a world leader in the development of encrypted smartcards and other systems for digital television networks. The company was bought by NewsCorp in 1992 and has been a key component in the corporation’s expansion of its television networks worldwide.

NewsCorp still owns 49 percent of the company, which is currently based in Britain, but has Israeli research centers in Jerusalem and Petah Tikvah and many of its senior executives are Israeli. Two weeks ago, it was announced that the American computers giant Cisco Systems is planning to buy NDS for around $5 billion.

On Tuesday, BBC’s Panorama investigative program claimed that NDS used a website called Thoic to leak details enabling viewers in Britain to freely access TV channels operated by On Digital.

[Editors Note: In case you missed it you have just had a peek into a major long running espionage operation involving the judicious use of of high investment assets to fund itself via industrial espionage.  This is done on a scale that would hurt your head. What makes it worse is that many intelligence agencies are aware of this and historically never warn their respective publics.  Homework will be to guess why…Jim W. Dean]


America can never be free until it rescinds Murdoch’s citizenship, strips Murdoch of his holdings in the US, puts him on the “no fly list” and begins criminal investigations for his varied activities, every single one, along with full scale investigations of all his political “contacts” in the US.

Few have done more to make America more endangered, more unlivable, more divided and less free than Rupert Murdoch, the citizen “by act of congress,” his “thralls.”


Callista quote: The Good Wife: Can Callista Gingrich save her husband?, by Ariel Lev, The New Yorker, January 23, 2012

“Doesn’t matter what I do” quote: John H. Richardson, Newt Gingrich: The Indispensable Republican, ” Esquire Magazine, August 10, 2010

lobbying — January 23, 2012, 11:29 pm Tampa, Fla., Debate Fact-Checkby THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Tales About Gingrich make field level”, Idaho Spokesman Review, August 16, 1995 pB6

“Newt’s Glass House, by Stephen Talbot,, August 28, 1998

adulterous choir practice: “Personals”, by Leah Garchik, San Francisco Chronicle, August 17, 1999 pE12

Editors Note: In case you missed it you have just had a peek into a major long running espionage operation involving the judicious use of of high investment assets to fund itself via industrial espionage.  This is done on a scale that would hurt your head. What makes it worse is that many intelligence agencies are aware of this and historically never warn their respective publics.  Homework will be to guess why…Jim W. Dean]


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Global March to Jerusalem Began in Tahrir Square


by Eileen Fleming


I don’t speak Arabic, but I have friends who do and the following chant taped in Feb 2011 in Tahrir Square translates to: “Ready to be martyrs, by the millions, to Jerusalem we are going.”

للقدس رايحين شهداء بالملايين -هتاف من ميدان التحرير

2 000 000 Egyptians in Tahrir Square singing Free Palestine!

Tomorrow -30 March 2012- the borders of Israel could well be surrounded by hundreds of thousands of NONVIOLENT Arab Springers on their way to UN OCCUPY Jerusalem and unknown hundreds of thousands of Internet activists who will disseminate the facts on the ground as they happen.

The official site is:

Learn MORE:

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Shaima Alawadi — Murdered by Decade of Militarist Demagoguery

Kassim Alhimidi wept over the body of his wife, Shaima Alawadi, …

It’s as if the leader of a lynch mob had invoked the Sermon on the Mount.


By Justin Raimondo


It sickens me to write this, to report on the latest manifestation of the hate that has enveloped my country and spread out across the world like a giant oil spill, but the death of Shaima Alawadi, a 32-year-old Iraqi woman and mother of five, is a moral obscenity – a crime for which the War Party must take responsibility.

On Wednesday, in the quiet San Diego suburb of El Cajon, California, the teenage daughter of Shaima Alawadi returned home to find her mother drowning in a pool of blood. There were signs of forced entry at the back of the house. Someone had broken in and beaten her mother nearly to death with a tire iron.

Shaima Alawadi

Next to her body was a note: “Go back to your own country, you terrorist.”

A similar note had been found tacked to the family’s door a few weeks earlier, but Shaima had dismissed it as a kid’s prank.

This kind of hate is nothing new for San Diego. In 2010, a plan to build a mosque in nearby Temecula resulted in a series of protest demonstrations by local nut-jobs. A woman in a hijab was hauled off a Southwest Airlines flight in at San Diego airport in 2011 by TSA agents, and told the captain didn’t “feel comfortable” with her on the flight: this was around the same time braying demagogue Peter King (R-New York) was holding hearings on the “Muslim fifth column in America.” Last year, a similar “go back to where you came from” message was delivered by someone who repeatedly punched a Muslim cab driver, who had been observed praying. Seeherehere, and here for more evidence of the climate of hate darkening the otherwise sunny skies of this California redoubt of bigotry and military families.

If you want some idea of what’s going on in Southern California, these days, take a look at this video of a demonstration in Yorba Linda,

where an inter-religious charity event for the homeless was surrounded by hundreds of screeching banshees, screaming their hatred of Muslims. And lest you think this is just a fringe phenomenon, note that no less than three elected officials addressed this hate-fest: congressmen Ed Royce and Gary Miller, and Villa Park councilwoman Debra Pauly – all three of them Republicans, naturally.

As children and women in hijabs walk with quiet dignity into the charity venue, the crowd unleashes its fury of hate: “Go home, go home, go home!” they yell. Is it a coincidence that this is the very same message in the note from Shaima’s killer?

Hate Comes to Orange County


While Ms. Pauly is clearly deranged – as she herself admitted onstage, in a moment of candor (just comparethis and this) – the two congressmembers tried to give their hate a relatively reasonable façade. Now that the rhetoric they endorsed has claimed the life of an innocent woman in a grisly nightmarish attack, one wonders if they’ll apologize, or take some responsibility for what occurred. They have blood on their hands: they might as well have bashed that tire iron into Shaima’s skull themselves.

But of course there will be no apology, no remorse from these hate-filled cretins: justice will have to wait for the day they meet their Maker and he hurls them into eternal darkness.

This latest violent outrage against decency and morality underscores a point I have been making for quite some time: that we are living in a society where sickness is rapidly becoming the “norm.” Yes, mental sickness – and, more than that, a moral sickness, eating like a cancer at our very core. One symptom: no one is surprised by these outbreaks of violent evil. Not even an intelligent evil, one that picks its victims with care: there have been acts of violence committed against Sikhs – who are from India, and are very far from being Muslims – because they wear turbans. That’s the mentality we’re dealing with here: the mentality of ill-educated and all-too-typical Americans, who are so bathed in their own poisonous excretions that they actually consider themselvesChristians. If you listen to Pauly’s remarks at the hate rally, linked above, you’ll note she actually has the nerve to reference God and the Bible, of all things, in the midst of her tirade.

How is this possible? How is it that a religion supposedly based on “love” and “turn the other cheek” is invoked by a woman who exudes hatred, and who wants to profit politically by appealing to the basest instincts? It’s as if the leader of a lynch mob had invoked the Sermon on the Mount.

As one watches the video of the entire protest, one cannot help but compare the Muslim attendees at that charity event to the early Christian martyrs: they, too, endured the spittle of the leering, jeering mob. Why can’t Pauly see what is so visible?

Although I believe in individual responsibility, I don’t really blame Pauly any more than practically anyone else: like most people, she takes on the colors of her environment. She merely embodies a larger phenomenon – a polity in the final stages of moral degeneration, a mindless mob looking for a scapegoat and a pretext to victimize. “I have a son in the Marines,” she shouted triumphantly – as if that imbued her with some kind of moral immunity, and gave her a blank check to incite violence against a defenseless minority.

She knew she was inciting violence: listen to the hooting crowd and tell me they aren’t itching to kill. Congressman Royce knew it, too: so did Gary Miller, who looked a bit uncomfortable up there on the podium as the hate rose up and filled the air like a poison gas.

We saw it in Norway, when Anders Breivik slaughtered his victims in the name of a holy war against Islam, and we are seeing it today here in America in the heinous murder of a defenseless woman whose only “crime” was to seek refuge in the nation that had decimated her homeland. She and her husband – who provided “cultural sensitivity” training to US troops deployed to Iraq – lived in this country for 15 years, but had only moved to El Cajon in the past few weeks.

Unfortunately, no amount of cultural sensitivity training is going to solve the problem at the heart of this incident, because nothing can erase the record of the past decade or so, in which the foreign policy of the United States has been focused like a laser on the task of subjugating much of the Muslim world. The war of vengeance we are waging, in Afghanistan and around the world, necessarily nurtures the kind of hate that motivated Shaima’s killer.

Constantly reinforcing and ratcheting up hatred of Muslims, per se, is not just the work of the neoconservativeswho led us into Iraq and preached a doctrine operpetual war. It is also the work of alleged “liberals” like those in the Obama administration who, when asked to justify the continued wars, refer back to the 9/11 attacks as readily as George W. Bush ever did. These same “liberals” cavil at every criticism of Israel, and join with the neocons in smearing anyone who dares raise this forbidden topic. Like Carl Levin, the powerful Democratic Senator and chairman of the Armed Services Committee, who is calling for a naval blockade of Iran, the prospect of another war of conquest in the Middle East has them licking their chops – convinced it’ll be yet another great victory in the war on terrorism for Barack Obama.

Murder, murder everywhere – in Afghanistan, where a rampaging US soldier killed 16 Afghan civilians, half of them children, and in a quiet Southern California suburb, where Shaima’s 17-year-old daughter found her mother on the floor, her brains bashed in, next to a note that echoed the slogans shouted by Robert SpencerDavid HorowitzPamela Geller, Rep. King, Rep. Royce, Rep. Miller, Newt Gingrich, and all the rest of the Republican haters and militarists.

They all have Shaima’s blood on their hands. What’s ugly is that, lacking any moral instinct, they aren’t even trying to wash it off. They feel no more remorse for the death of an innocent woman than a hawk feels after it has killed a rabbit. This is where a decade of constant warfare, and – arguably – the modern trend toward moral relativism and nihilism, has led us.

A decadent culture, in its last stages of decomposition, nearly always exhibits signs of a false vitality, a faux resurgence centered around defeating largely imaginary enemies and entertaining fantasies of martial greatness. But this is no more indicative of real living energy than the spasmodic twitching of a recently decapitated corpse. The old America is dead, if it ever existed: in its place is Zombie America, which is animated only by the memory of past greatness. Bankrupt both financially and philosophically, with a political class that long ago lost any sense of responsibility and is rapidly driving us over a cliff, America is no longer “the land of the free and the home of the brave” – it’s the land of willing slaves and the home of the walking dead. Dead, that is, to the heritage and spirit of what had once been the greatest of republics, and is now an empire in the last throes of its decline.

Shaima was killed because she wore the hijab, and yet we are living in a world where a major Western country has outlawed this religious garb. Amid all the debate over campaigning by some “progressives” to boycott products from Israeli settlements, we hear nothing of any campaign to boycott French products for singling out a particular religious minority. What if they had banned the wearing of yarmulkes?

The President recently remarked that “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon [Martin],” the young African American recently killed by an overzealous member of a “neighborhood patrol.” One wonders what it takes to get the President to notice a victim of a vicious racist murder that doesn’t involve someone who looks like a member of his own familyAl Sharpton and MSNBC may not be whipping the public up into a frenzy over the murder of Shaima Alawadi, but then again, that’s a good reason to notice it, and come out with a strong statement against this kind of hate. President George W. Bush, for all the evil he wrought, had the moral sense to condemn the sentiments that motivated Shaima’s killer (or killers) the moment they reared their ugly heads. Will Obama have the basic decency to do the same? Or is he so afraid of the zombies who believe he’s a secret Muslim that he doesn’t dare speak up?

I’m betting on the latter, but I’m open to being surprised.

Source: Information Clearing House

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Femen – Ukrainian Women Protest Topless!


FEMEN –  Ukranian Women  Protest  Topless !

 by Gennady Sevastynov and Jane Rosenstein


In Kiev, Ukraine in 2008 a group of daring young women led by Anna Gutsol,Alexandra Shevchenko, Irina Shevchenko, Evgenia Kraizman organized a group called Femen as a human rights protesting movement.

They wanted to do something original and unique  to promote their cause  so they marched in cities topless!

They are continuing to protest for sexual  exploitation of women, breaching women’s rights, political chasing and  against the sex brothels in Ukraine. They have been active in many countries including Ukraine, Poland, Switzerland and France.

These volunteers  fund their campaign with their own money and also donations. They sell  T shirts and special art made by imprinting their breasts on paper with their slogans.

Media  such as BBC, Germany’s Die Welt and Spiegel and France’s L’Express and France 24 took note of their slogan “ Ukraine – not a brothel” which protested the sex tourism in Ukraine. They are concerned because  the  soccer championship Euro 2012  will be  held in Ukraine this summer.

Another slogan that was popular is “Ukraine is not Alina” referring to the visit of Prime Minister Putin from Russia, who visited Ukraine about the gas treaty.

Russia must supply Ukraine and Europe with gas. Almost every year since Ukraine’s 20 years of independence from Russia, Russian authorities have tried to alter the treaty.

Today there are some rumors in Ukraine that the Ukrainian government is going to sell the Ukrainian gas supply system back to Russia. This is the cause of Femen’s protest.

Alina Kabaeva, former gymnast and Putin’s mistress had a baby from an “unknown” person and then became a deputy of the Russian parliament.

“Victor, don’t do grandma shaggy” is another cause of protest aimed at Victor Yanukovich  president of Ukraine. An old women cut off the president’s name on a ribbon on a memorial wreath he left as a means of protesting cruel conditions of life in Ukraine and was arrested and sent to jail. When she was arrested the policemen made her hair “shaggy”.

Several European cities were selected by Femen for their protests

In the famous Club 44 in Les Chaux-de -Fonds, the women met with locals and were not topless. In the audience of about 300 people were civic activists, journalists, politicians and locals.

The FEMEN activists spoke about the philosophy and ideology  and how they were fighting for women’s rights and civic rights.  The guests were impressed and did not leave until midnight!

In October, FEMEN  demonstrated  outside of the Paris residence of the famous DSK Dominique   Srauss Kahn in outrage against his treatment of a maid in New York.

His behaviour is symbolic of the impunity of high-ranking officials and example of hypocrisy lust.  DSeK’s  staff called the Paris e police who drove them away in police cars. In this way they did not persecute the protesters and even wished them “Bon courage.”

In November, the daring FEMEN  activists went to the Vatican to protest in front of the pope to protest sexist policies of the Vatican. Special services and Rome’s police forces staged a raid on the activists. Two participants were detained on the way.

Alexander Shevchenko got past the police and security services and appeared topless in St. Peter’s Square under the balcony of the pope holding a banner” Freedom for women.” No comment was made by the pope.

In Paris, we called two of our friends who are a married Ukrainian – French  couple. Alexander, the Ukrainian husband supports FEMEN and even thinks that they should do something more provocative but his wife has other ideas.

Valery thinks DSK is a real man with lots of energy.  His trial in New York provoked many men into thinking that flirting with women can leads to calls of rape.

Millions of women fear they will lose their joy of being flirted by men! They are the real victims of the American justice!Therefore, Valery supports DSK and not FEMEN and would like to vote for DSK as the next president of France!

Recently Femen visited Turkey to protest against the terrible tradition insidious to small Turkish towns of splashing sulphuric  acid on faces of women when they refuse to have close relationships with men they do not want.

FEMEN is continuing their campaign to protest civil and human rights by going topless. It is their unique way of getting attention to their campaign.

Giving the Turks the Business in Istanbul

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IsraHell exploits Toulouse murders to justify no-charge jailing of hunger striker Hana al-Shalabi

by Ali Abunimah
Badia al-Shalabi displays poster of her daughter

Badia al-Shalabi, mother of hunger striking prisoner Hana al-Shalabi.

What does the spokesman of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu do when his propaganda efforts fail to conceal Israel’s abuses of Palestinians? He uses the blood of Jewish children murdered in the French city of Toulouse last week to try to blot them out. This is low, even for Israeli official propaganda.

Since 16 February – when Israeli occupation forces violently seized her from her home in the West Bank village of Burqin – Hana al-Shalabi has been on hunger strike because she has no other way to resist the injustice Israel is inflicting on her and her family.

Now into her 38th day without food, and after severe deterioration in her health, doctors warn that she is at risk of “immediate death.”

Yet Hana al-Shalabi, who had already spent more than two years in Israeli jails without charge or trial, has still not been charged with any crime. During her current and previous detention she has faced severe abuse at the hands of Israeli authorities.

No wonder Amnesty Interational issued a statement yesterday reminding us that:

Amnesty International has repeatedly called on the Israeli authorities to release Hana Shalabi and other Palestinians held in administrative detention, unless they are promptly charged with internationally recognizable criminal offences and tried in accordance with international fair trial standards.

Amnesty noted that Hana is one of “more than 300 Palestinians, including more than 20 members of the Palestinian Legislative Council, [who] are currently being held in administrative detention.”

None of them have been charged with any crime – even under Israel’s military kangaroo court system.

Israeli official uses Toulouse murders to justify detention, mistreatment of Hana al-Shalabi

But today, Ofir Gendelman, one of Netanyahu’s official spokesmen tweeted, “#HanaShalabi is in custody because she planned to murder Jews, just like the murderer in #Toulouse. People who defend her:is this your hero?”

Ofir Gendelman#HanaShalabi is in custody because she planned to murder Jews, just like the murderer in #Toulouse. People who defend her:is this your hero?
Mar 24 via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

Just like that. Hana has not been charged with a crime, has no opportunity to defend herself, is near death, and yet Israel’s official propagandists accuse her of planning “murder” and compare her to Mohamed Merah the Frenchman who killed three paratroopers, and three children and an adult.

It is a sign that the global solidarity with Hana al-Shalabi and other political prisoners is making Israel desperate. Gendelman’s use of Merah’s crimes to justify Israel’s abuses of Hana al-Shalabi’s rights is exploitive, opportunistic and simply depraved.

Hiding behind children

Merah had reportedly said that his murder of the Jewish children in Toulouse was to avenge Israel’s frequent killings of Palestinian children. No decent person could ever accept this.

Ahmad Tibi, a Palestinian member of the Knesset, put it best when he called the killings a “vile crime” and said “The Palestinian people do not need those who shoot children to protect them. Enough!”

Let us now hope that no one believes Gendelman’s claim that Israel’s massive and ruthless abuses of Palestinian rights are being carried out in the name of completely innocent Jewish children around the world.

If Israel had any evidence against Hana al-Shalabi why did it not charge her with a crime during the two years it held her from September 2009 to October 2011 (when she was released as part of the prisoner swap Israel negotiated with Hamas)? Why hasn’t it charged her now?

That’s the question that all of Gendelman’s inflammatory and cynical propaganda cannot hide.

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Mondoweiss Online Newsletter


Netanyahu’s office signs off on plan to relocate 30,000 Bedouin

Mar 28, 2012


Land theft & destruction / Ethnic cleansing / Restriction of movement / Endangerment of Palestinian culture, history

Israel’s contentious Bedouin relocation plan passes PM’s Office panel
Haaretz 28 Mar — A five-year economic development plan for Israeli Bedouin has been approved by a steering committee in the Prime Minister’s Office, as part of operational plans for relocating tens of thousands of Bedouin to officially recognized communities. The proposal calls for the relocation of up to 30,000 Bedouin from areas not recognized by the government as residential locations.
link to

Jerusalem permits for West Bank ambulance drivers canceled
JERUSALEM (WAFA) 27 Mar – The Israeli civil administration, a department in the Israeli West Bank military government, cancelled all permits issued to ambulance drivers from the West Bank who work in Jerusalem, Mohammed Gharableh, head of ambulance services union in occupied East Jerusalem, said on Tuesday. He told WAFA that cancellation of the permits will paralyze the ambulance service in the east section of the city; explaining that 20 ambulances had to stop working because the drivers could not reach their work places in Jerusalem, leaving only two cars in the service. Gharableh said this measure violates the terms of the Fourth Geneva Convention.
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Demolition orders issued for Silwan residents
JERUSALEM (WAFA) 27 Mar – The West Jerusalem Israeli municipality handed six Palestinian families living in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan home demolition notices under the pretext of building without a permit, the Wadi Hilweh Information Center said Tuesday in a statement. It said municipality staff accompanied by a large police force handed the notices to the residents. One of the homes that received a demolition order was demolished seven years ago. It was later rebuilt. The owner has already received three demolition orders over the last five months.
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Tax collectors raid Silwan shops, clash with residents
JERUSALEM (WAFA) 28 Mar – Israeli tax collectors backed by a large police force raided shops in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan Wednesday and seized goods from several stores on the pretext the owners did not pay their taxes, according to a local activist. Fakhri Abu Diab, who heads the Committee for the Defense of Silwan, said residents clashed with police when they confronted the tax collectors, who were confiscating goods from shops and loading them onto trucks.
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Jerusalem municipality councilor: Municipality seeks to erase Palestinian presence by fear of being outnumbered
PNN 26 Mar — On 22 March 2012, the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs (PASSIA), an East Jerusalem-based think-tank co-founded and chaired by Dr. Mahdi Abdul Hadi, invited Dr. Meir Margalit, elected member of the Jerusalem Municipality for the Meretz Party, to give a presentation of the “Policies and Practices of the Israeli Jerusalem Municipality towards Palestinians.” During this presentation, Margalit described how the Occupation municipality systematically seeks to erase the Palestinian presence in Jerusalem by fear that current demographic trends challenge Jewish hegemony in the city. Dr. Meir Margalit is one of the founders of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD)
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Israeli excavations continue in Mamilla cemetery despite Wiesenthal Center claims
[with short video]Center for Constitutional Rights 26 Mar —  New evidence of continuing excavations on the “Museum of Tolerance” site suggesting that it still contains archaeological artifacts and human remains, contrary to Simon Wiesenthal Center claims that bedrock has been reached on all portions of the site. Video footage here shows the Israeli Antiquities Authority (IAA) inner closure and excavation pit.
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Soldiers in full uniform hold provocative tour of Al-Aqsa
JERUSALEM (WAFA) 28 Mar — Around 100 Israeli soldiers in full uniform took a tour of Al-Aqsa Mosque compound in Jerusalem’s Old City Wednesday, which Muslim leaders considered provocative, according to a statement by Al -Aqsa Institute for Waqf and Heritage. It said Jewish settlers have also joined the tour and held provocative religious rituals in an area considered one of Islam’s holiest sites. Non-Muslim visitors of Al-Aqsa Mosque are allowed entry into the Holy Sanctuary through the Magharbe Gate, which is controlled by the Israeli police and which is adjacent to the Western Wall. However, they are not allowed to hold any religious rituals … Muslim leaders are worried that an increase in Jewish tours of the compound with a goal to take it over and destroy the Muslim structures may lead to outbreak of violence in the entire region.
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Demolitions in al Hama, al Farasiya, and Khirbet Humsa
JVS 27 Mar — For photos of demolitions on Flickr click here — On Monday March 26, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) demolished 4 homes and 12 animal barracks in the Jordan Valley. At 8am, 4 Israeli military vehicles, 2 civil administration jeeps and 2 bulldozers entered the Palestinian community of al Hama. They declared the area a closed military zone before demolishing the home of Mahmoud Alwad. He lived there with his wife and their 4 children. IOF continued to the home of Abed Rabo Mohammed Abdullah Ben Odi, in the same community….
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PSP activists visit Om Al Kheir
[with photos] 27 Mar — On Tuesday, March 27, 2012, PSP activists went to Om Al Kheir in the southern West Bank to meet with the Bedouin living there. They are surrounded by the Karmel settlement, and face daily attacks and injustices from the settlers and the court systems. At night, settlers throw molotov cocktails and stones at the Bedouin’s homes, or shoot into their village, trying to scare them off the land. One man explained that their small tents are their homes, and they have nowhere else to go. Settlers also throw chemicals onto the Palestinian land, which their sheep and goats eat, causing them to die and destroying another source of livelihood. Settlers even flooded their mud-brick oven with water, complaining that the smoke was entering their settlement.
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Migron’s Palestinian neighbors waiting to see if they get land back / Amira Hass
Haaretz 27 Mar — High Court rejects compromise between government and settlers – evacuation set for August 1  — Residents of the West Bank village of Burqa are waiting for “real results” before celebrating this week’s High Court of Justice ruling ordering the demolition of the Migron outpost, which Burqa residents say was built on land owned by Palestinians in their village. “It’s not the first time the High Court of Justice has ordered the eviction of settlers from our land,” said Abdel Mun’im Ma’atan, who was one of the petitioners in the court case. “For the time being, everything is on paper, but we want to see real results, on the ground.” .  
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Hebron teen ‘shot by Israeli settler’
HEBRON (Ma‘an) 27 Mar — An Israeli settler shot an 18-year-old Palestinian in Hebron’s Old City on Tuesday morning, leaving him moderately injured, locals said. Medics at Al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron said Muhammad Hisham Abu Aker was shot in his right leg and is undergoing surgery.
On Saturday, a Palestinian man was moderately injured when armed settlers stormed Burqa village east of Ramallah and attempted to vandalize property, witnesses said. Hassan Muatan, 40, was shot in the abdomen, they said.
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Council: Settlers assault north Jordan Valley village
TUBAS (Ma‘an) 28 Mar — Israeli settlers entered a Palestinian village in the northern Jordan Valley on Tuesday night, taking down tents and assaulting residents, the village council said. Al-Maleh village Hani Foqaha said four Israelis violently searched his house overnight, disrupting his belongings. The village council warned that residents of nearby Israeli settlements regularly tour the mountains of the village, causing violent confrontations.
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Settlers break into building in Hebron
PNN On Friday, March 23, an “enormous” group of settlers raided a building in B’ir al-Sabe’ street in Hebron, south of the West Bank. Eyewitnesses said that around 1000 settlers raided a building near the main street in the middle of the city, after the Israeli soldiers completely closed it. The Israeli soldiers hindered the Palestinian citizens’ movement and evacuated the street from the taxi cars that transfer the citizens to and from Hebron villages and city. The settlers call the house “the tomb of Atnaúal bin Gunar” and they consider it a Jewish shrine. This is not the first time they have raided the building, as they always break into it, under the protection of the Israeli army, to perform their religious rituals. Many years ago, settlers seized the building that belonged to one of the Arab families.
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Israeli soldiers injure three brothers near Ramallah
RAMALLAH (WAFA) 27 Mar — Israeli soldiers Tuesday opened fire at three Palestinian brothers in the village of Ramon near Ramallah, injuring them, according to a local official. Head of Ramon village council, Abdul Mahmoud Jib’ayeh, told WAFA Israeli soldiers in civilian clothing shot Rashad Shokha, along with his brothers Anwar and Akram in the backyard of their house during a pre-dawn raid of the village. One of the brothers was reported in a critical condition and the other two suffered moderate injuries, added Jib’ayeh. According to the head of the village council, the Shokha brothers heard commotion in the backyard of their house. Thinking the men they saw in civilian clothing were thieves, they attacked them. The disguised soldiers opened fire at the brothers injuring all three. The soldiers refused to allow Palestinian paramedics to treat the wounded or to transfer them to hospital. ib’ayeh refuted Israeli claims that one of the brothers stabbed a soldier, stressing that the Shokha brothers used only sticks to attack who they believed were thieves.
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another version:
Israeli forces injure 3 brothers near Ramallah, soldier hurt
RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 27 Mar — Three Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were wounded when Israeli forces entered a Ramallah village at dawn Tuesday … Eyewitnesses said one of the brothers stepped out of his house in Rammun village early Tuesday, unaware that Israeli forces were in the village. The soldiers immediately opened fire on the man, injuring him, they said. Another brother was injured when he opened the door to check on the man, and the third brother was injured when he arrived at the scene. An Israeli army spokeswoman said an Israeli soldier “was stabbed during routine activity (…) the soldiers responded to the attackers in self defense, and three were injured.” The circumstances of the incident are being reviewed, she said. Eyewitnesses said forces did not permit a Palestinian ambulance to evacuate the men, and they were taken to Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem. One man suffered a gunshot wound to the neck, another in the chest, and a third in the thigh, villagers told Ma‘an.
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Israel: Molotov attack on army patrol near Bethlehem
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 27 Mar – Three Molotov cocktails were thrown at an Israeli military patrol in the al-Khader village south of Bethlehem late Tuesday, Israel’s military reported. There were no reports of injury or damage in the incident near the illegal Beitar Illit settlement. Soldiers were searching the scene for suspects, an army spokesman told Ma‘an. The spokesman also said Palestinians threw rocks that damaged an Israeli vehicle traveling southwest of Nablus in the northern West Bank. There were no reports of injury.
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PA, Egypt sign gas deal to end Gaza crisis
CAIRO (Ma‘an) 27 Mar — The Palestine Electricity Company on Tuesday announced a deal with Egypt to provide gas to the Gaza Strip. Palestine Electricity Company director in Gaza Walid Saad Sayil signed the agreement with the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation in Cairo on behalf of the Ramallah-based Palestinian Authority. Sayil told reporters that Egyptian technicians have been instructed to conduct geographical surveys to find the best route for a network of pipelines to transport gas from Sheikh Zweid to the Rafah crossing on Gaza’s border. Meanwhile, technicians in Gaza will prepare to install a 30-kilometer pipeline from Rafah to the power plant in Gaza City, he said.
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Oxfam launches new generator safety campaign as power crisis rages, Gaza
PNN-Oxfam 27 Mar — The ongoing power crisis in the Gaza Strip is forcing thousands of families to resort to long periods of generator use, which has caused a spike in serious household accidents. Gaza’s civil protection authorities announced last week that 85 fires related to electricity problems broke out in the strip in the first two months of this year, including generator accidents … Oxfam has therefore re-launched its generators safety campaign originally introduced two years ago at the peak of the first electricity crisis to hit the strip. The campaign has now redesigned an information leaflet and posters that will be distributed across Gaza, together with the Gaza NGO Safety Office.
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Egyptian MPs head to Gaza for fuel crisis report
EL-ARISH, Egypt (Ma‘an) 28 Mar — An Egyptian parliamentary delegation will arrive in Gaza on Wednesday to meet with Hamas officials over the ongoing fuel crisis in the coastal enclave, an Egyptian security official said. He told Ma‘an 28 officials from the committee of Arab affairs in Egypt’s parliament, including well-known human rights champion Amr Hamzawi, will cross into Gaza via the Rafah border. The delegation will meet with government officials to hear their urgent demands over the two-day visit. It will prepare a report on the situation in Gaza for discussion in the Egyptian parliament
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Hamas holds dozens of drivers in Gaza power crisis
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) 26 Mar — Police in Hamas-ruled Gaza have detained dozens of taxi drivers for allegedly spreading “rumors” about the territory’s worst power crisis in years, officials said Monday, The detentions, which began over the weekend, signaled that the Islamic militant Hamas is increasingly concerned about the political fallout from crippling shortages of fuel and electricity. Authorities did not explain what got the drivers in trouble, beyond saying the “rumors” had to do with the energy crisis.
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Demonstrators protest Gaza buffer zone
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 28 Mar — Dozens of demonstrators rallied in northern Gaza on Tuesday to protest Israel’s confiscation of land inside the border. The Israeli military imposes a no-go buffer zone inside the borders of Gaza, demolishing homes and buildings in the area, capturing valuable agricultural land and firing at Palestinians near the fence. The rights group Al Mezan reports that the depth of the no-go zone is unclear and Israeli soldiers have shot at people as far as two kilometers from the border.
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UNRWA denies staff left Gaza
GAZA CITY (Ma‘an) 27 Mar — The UN agency for Palestinian refugees on Tuesday denied rumors its staff had vacated the Gaza Strip during Israel’s latest offensive. UNRWA spokesman Adnan Abu Hasna said in a statement that employees did not leave Gaza on Israeli orders or because of escalating tensions earlier in March. UNRWA staff remain in Gaza and will not leave, Abu Hasna said, adding that the agency’s employees were in the enclave to serve the people, particularly in difficult times.
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Irish chairman to sign sister city agreement with Gaza City
Councillor and chairman of the [Northern] Irish Moyle District Council Padraig McShane will be arriving in Gaza City on Wednesday to officially sign a historic sister city agreement with the City Council in Gaza, the Gaza TV News reported … Padraig had previously visited the Gaza Strip in October of 2010 when he participated in an aid convoy that donated medical aid and educational supplies estimated to be in the region £30,000 in value. The donation was made on behalf of the residents of the Moyle District who decided to aid the impoverished people living in the Gaza Strip, suffering from the ongoing and illegal Israeli siege imposed for more than five years.
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Political detention / Court actions

IOF soldiers serve summonses to all liberated prisoners in Beit Umma
AL-KHALIL (PIC) 28 Mar — Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed Beit Ummar village, north of Al-Khalil, in a pre-dawn raid on Wednesday and served summonses to all liberated prisoners, local sources said. Mohammed Awad, a spokesman for the national campaign in the village, said that the soldiers broke into homes of the village and asked for meeting each and every liberated prisoner. The soldiers then handed the summonses personally to each one for interrogation at the intelligence office in Etzion, north of the village, Awad said.
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Israeli forces ‘detain released prisoner’
QALQILIYA (Ma‘an) 28 Mar — Israeli forces detained a 25-year-old in northern West Bank who was released from jail a week earlier, relatives told Ma‘an on Wednesday. Momen Adwan responded to a summons from Israeli intelligence services on Monday morning but never returned, his family said. Residents of his village, Azzun near Qalqiliya, told Ma‘an he was released last week after spending three years in Israeli detention.
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Violent Israeli criminals transferred to section of Palestinian female detainees
RAMALLAH (PIC) 27 Mar — Muhjat Al-Quds society for prisoners’ rights said the Israeli jailers of Sharon prison transferred last Monday Israeli female criminals to section 2 where all Palestinian female prisoners are detained. In a press release on Tuesday, the society highlighted that the presence of violent Israeli criminals in the same section would expose the Palestinian female detainees to constant harassment and attacks.
link to

Israeli occupying force raids Bethlehem, Hebron and Jenin
PNN 27 Mar — On Tuesday morning, Israeli forces abducted five Palestinians after storming their houses in the Hebron and Bethlehem area. The raids took place before dawn, with soldiers searching the houses and sealing the roads around them before making the arrests. Two of the Palestinians were taken from Husan town, and three were removed from the Hebron area.In a separate incident on Monday night, the Israeli military stormed a house in the village of Aqqaba and abducted one of the residents. A house was also raided in Rommana village, near Jenin.
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Elderly social figure arrested in Hebron
HEBRON (WAFA) 27 Mar – Israeli forces Tuesday arrested an elderly Palestinian social figure from the southern West Bank city of Hebron, according to the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club (PPC). It said in a statement that a large Israeli force accompanied by a medical crew and an ambulance arrested Hussain Abu Hadeed, 60, after raiding his house while he was unconscious and chained him to a stretcher. Abu Hadeed is suffering from several heart diseases. One of Abu Hadeed’s sons, a member of al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas military wing, was killed by Israeli soldiers in 1994 and another son has been held in administrative detention in Israel since 2010.
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Political detainee injured after being attacked by soldiers
IMEMC 28 Mar — Palestinian political prisoner Abbas as-Sayyid was injured after Israeli soldiers of the Nachshon Brigade attacked him in front of his prison cell at the Galboa’ Israeli prison. As-Sayyid was beaten to various parts of his body and suffered injuries to the head, chest and genitals. Hamas media spokesperson Sami Abu Zuhri warned Israel of the consequences of the death of As-Sayyid. The movement accused Israel of trying to assassinate as-Sayyid. The latest attack is among numerous and escalating Israeli attacks against Palestinian political prisoners, especially after the detainees held a series of hunger-strikes demanding Israel to stop its violations against them, and to treat them like prisoners of war.
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Tadamon for Human Rights: Khaled al-Hajj transferred to Ramleh hospital
RAMALLAH (PIC) 26 Mar — The Israeli Occupation Prison Service transferred ,on Sunday, Khaled al-Hajj, a Hamas leader, from Shatta prison to Ramlah hospital to have an eye operation, according to the International Tadamun Foundation for Human Rights. [humane treatment for a change?]
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Hamas: PA detained 8 members
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 27 Mar — Hamas on Tuesday accused the Palestinian Authority of detaining eight party affiliates across the West Bank. PA forces detained eight Hamas members in Tulkarem, Nablus and Jenin, a Hamas statement said. Hamas signed a reconciliation agreement with Fatah, which leads the PA, in May 2011. Under the deal, both parties agreed to stop political detentions.
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Fatah: Hamas detained spokesman
RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 27 Mar — Fatah on Tuesday accused Hamas of detaining its spokesman in Gaza a day earlier. Hamas forces detained Fayez Abu Eita on Monday, Fatah spokesman Usama al-Qawasmi said in a statement. The detention is a “dangerous escalation” and threatens efforts to reconcile the rival factions, al-Qawasmi said. It is a disappointment for the Palestinian leadership and Egyptian mediators, he added.
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PCHR gravely concerned over Internal Security Services summons against Fatah members in the Gaza Strip
PNN-PCHR 28 Mar — The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) is gravely concerned over summons issued by the Internal Security Service (ISS) against a number of Fatah members in the Gaza Strip in the past few days. PCHR calls for stopping such summons and detention practices under degrading conditions, in order to create an appropriate atmosphere to promote the internal reconciliation process.
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Hanaa’ al-Shalabi / Other hunger strikers / Other administrative detainees

Prisoner group files appeal in case of Ash-Shalabi
IMEMC 27 Mar — The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) filed an appeal to the Israeli Supreme Court demanding the release of female detainee Hana’ ash-Shalabi who has been on hunger strike for 40 days … Head of the Legal Unit at the PPS, Jawad Boulus, stated that he filed the appeal on behalf of Ash-Shalabi after an Israeli Military Court judge rejected an appeal for her release. He added that the PPS will use all legal venues in Israel, as Tel Aviv is responsible for the abducting of Ash-Shalabi, and her well-being as a political prisoner.
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Hana al Shalabi’s hunger strike: Listen to Ali Abunimah interview on Flashpoints
EI 28 Mar — Dennis Bernstein spoke to Ali Abunimah on KPFA’s Flashpoints, about Hana al-Shalabi and the struggles of other Palestinian political prisoners against Israel’s systematic abuses. The segment on Hana al-Shalabi begins at exactly 15:00.
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Jihad leader launches hunger strike in Israeli jail
JENIN (Ma‘an) 27 Mar — Islamic Jihad announced Tuesday a senior member of the movement who was detained by Israel a week ago has began a hunger strike against his administrative detention. Jafar Ez Al-Din Qadan, 40, was seized by Israeli forces from Arraba village south of Jenin, at dawn on Wednesday. He was transferred to administrative detention — without charge — and immediately began refusing food in protest, the group said.
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5 Beit Ommar residents under administrative detention
PSP 27 Mar — More than 300 Palestinians are now in administrative detention. Administrative detention is arrest and detention of individuals by the state without trial. Within the West Bank any local Commander can issue an administrative detention order, it is valid for six months and can be renewed by the appropriate authority. There is no limit to how many times the administrative detention can be renewed. Five boys from the popular committee in Beit Ommar are now under administrative detention. Here is a list of the boys in administrative detention and how many times this has been renewed.
Ayman Hussein Za’Qeeq – Administrative detention renewed 3 times.
Iyad Jameel Almy – Administrative detention renewed 3 times.
Yousef Badr Ikhlayyil – Administrative detention renewed 3 times.
Omar Mahmoud Bregeath – Administrative detention renewed 4 times.
Firas Ibrahim Abu Maria – Administrative detention renewed 3 times.
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Press freedom and the PA

Ramallah court extends arrest of Palestinian reporter
RAMALLAH (Ma’an) — A Palestinian court has extended the remand of a journalist arrested Monday over allegations of slander and defamation, officials in Ramallah said Wednesday. The Palestinian Authority will continue to hold Yousef al-Shayeb, who was arrested Monday, for another 15 days, the court ruled. He has not yet been charged with a crime. The journalist was first questioned in late January over his reporting on allegations against the Palestinian diplomatic delegation in France, the Palestinian National Fund and the foreign minister.
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Protest supporting jailed journalist in Ramallah
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 28 Mar — Palestinian journalists protested Wednesday in the West Bank city of Ramallah, demanding that the Palestinian Authority release a reporter who was arrested two days earlier. The arrest of Yousef al-Shayeb, a reporter for a Jordanian newspaper, followed a complaint filed by the Palestinian ambassador to France accusing him of slander and defamation, officials said.
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Journalists urged to boycott PA press freedom award
RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 28 Mar — The Palestinian Authority has launched a prize to recognize exemplary reporting, but Palestinian journalists are calling for a boycott in protest of the government’s treatment of the media.
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Palestinians in Iraq appeal to Abbas over discrimination
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 28 Mar  — Palestinian refugees in Iraq say they face widespread discrimination and have appealed to President Mahmoud Abbas to intervene. The Iraqi Palestinian Brothers Association said Tuesday that it sent a letter to Abbas, who is in Baghdad to attend the Arab League summit, detailing their plight. The association said Palestinians have been refused medical care in Iraqi government hospitals and must use fake ID cards to receive treatment. The Palestinian Red Crescent lacks support from the PLO and cannot provide adequate medical care, it added. Meanwhile, some 90 percent of Palestinians in Iraq are unemployed, Palestinians are refused government jobs and young male Palestinians face particular discrimination in finding work, the association said.
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UN agency welcomes US contribution of $10 million to help Palestinian refugees
UN News Centre 27 Mar — The head of the United Nations agency assisting Palestinian refugees today welcomed a $10 million contribution from the United States to its funding … Contributions to UNRWA’s so-called General Fund are a critical means of supporting its work with Palestine refugees, particularly youth. Sixty per cent of the General Fund budget is dedicated to meeting the educational needs of the over 480,000 children who attend UNRWA schools.
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Activism / Solidarity / BDS

Welcome to Palestine campaign April 15th-21st 2012
PNN 2 Mar — Palestinian civil society organizations and peace and human rights defenders and activists call on the international community to join us on April 15th -21st for peace building in Palestine and to challenge the Israeli siege of the occupied territories. Over 1500 people of conscience from over 15 countries are scheduled to arrive for this year’s WTP campaign. The first Welcome to Palestine (WTP) Campaign in December 2010 brought 100 individuals. The second WTP in July 2011 saw hundreds of individuals purchase airline tickets and attempt to board planes to Palestine. Israel sent a “black list” of 342 participants from the ages of 9 to 83 years old to prevent them from boarding planes sparking huge protests in several international airports. The Israeli military also turned the airport near Tel Aviv into a military compound.
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Pro-Palestinian activists disrupt meeting with Israeli MKs in US
Haaretz 27 Mar — WATCH: Brandeis Students for Justice in Palestine, the same group which interrupted a speech by former minister Avi Dichter in 2011, chanted at the meeting: Knesset is silencing dissent and civil and human rights.
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International activist harassed at Ofer military court
PSP 27 Mar — On Sunday, March 25, 2012, four international activists from PSP went to Ofer military court to follow up on the eight Beit Ommar youths who were arrested recently … Going through security, the Israeli security guards asked each person if they spoke Hebrew, then if they spoke Arabic. The first of the internationals to go through was an American woman. She answered the questions, admitting that she spoke no Hebrew, but she did speak Arabic. She explains, “They laughed and said something in Hebrew that I didn’t understand, and I was pointed into another room and told to empty my pockets and take off my belt for a second time. The guard waved the wand over me, then groped me. She claimed she had to check the pockets that were on the front of my shirt, but rather than pull the front of my shirt away from my body, she roughly squeezed my breasts. She then put her hands inside all of my pants pockets, which did not happen to the other internationals, who do not speak Arabic … After the four of them made it through security, they were told the session was already finished.
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Israeli interrogated en route back to Israel for her activism in Palestinian cause
972blog 28 Mar by Leehee Rothschild — The activist tells of her experience being held for hours, harassed and intimidated by Israel Security Agency officials – for doing nothing illegal or suspicious — I arrived at Luton airport for my flight back to Israel, after spending one month in the UK and France, participating in Israeli Apartheid Week and BDS events. That, along with my ongoing activism for Palestinian rights, made me a security risk of the highest level for the Israeli state. The troubles began at the Israeli security counter before check-in.
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Norwegian retail chain ends sale of Ahava occupation products
AIC 27 Mar — Norwegian retail chain VITA made public on Friday their decision to stop all sales of products originating from settlements in occupied Palestine. VITA will therefore stop selling products from the cosmetics brand Ahava. VITA has been the main retailer of Ahava products in Norway, and this decision will be a serious blow to the sales of Ahava products in Norway. The principled decision by VITA not to buy products from Israeli settlements in the West Bank is based on a position of not wanting to contribute to violations of international law.
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Park Slope Food Co-op rejects effort to boycott Israeli-made products
NY Times 27 Mar — Members of the Park Slope Food Co-op voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday night against a motion that would have moved the organization closer to joining an international boycott against products made in Israel. The vote settled a debate that had embroiled the venerable neighborhood institution for many months and divided its membership. The vote, conducted by paper ballot, came during the Brooklyn co-op’s monthly general meeting, with 1,005 people voting against the motion to hold a referendum on a boycott, and 653 in favor.
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Political news

Court rejects appeal against Abbas premiership
RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 27 Mar — The Palestinian Constitutional Court in Ramallah on Tuesday rejected a legal challenge to President Mahmoud Abbas’ appointment as prime minister of a national unity government. Fatah leader Abbas and Hamas chief Khalid Mashaal agreed in Qatar last month that the president will lead an interim cabinet to prepare for fresh elections and end divided governments in Gaza and the West Bank. PLO central council member Abdul-Jawwad Salih submitted a legal challenge to the appointment on the grounds that it is unconstitutional. But the court ruled in a Tuesday hearing that the case does not fall within the court’s jurisdiction.
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PA will ask UN summit to end Israeli military detention
RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 27 Mar — After the UN Human Rights Council voted to launch an international investigation into Israeli settlements last week, the PA prisoners ministry is preparing to ask a UN meeting to force an end to Israel’s detention of Palestinians without charge. Minister of Prisoners’ Affairs Issa Qaraqe said Monday the PA is launching a legal campaign for the a UN meeting on Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails in Geneva starting next Monday.
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Reconcilation committee to meet on political detentions
BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 28 Mar — A reconciliation committee will meet in the West Bank on Thursday to tackle a recent escalation in political detentions between still-warring factions Hamas and Fatah. West Bank public freedoms committee coordinator Khalil Assad said Tuesday evening the cross-party group, set up the implement a reconciliation deal between the factions, will convene to deal with the escalation. The Gaza body may join by video conference, he said. Fatah and Hamas are holding closed-door talks sponsored by Egypt to resume the stalled reconciliation deal, he said.
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Other news

Army chief cancels IDF-wide Passover vacation
Ynet 28 Mar — For first time in many years, all IDF units to be on full alert during Passover holiday; army officials insist decision not related to any planned military operations
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Pentagon wants more money for Iron Dome
Ynet 27 Mar — US Defense Department to ask Congress for additional funding for Israel’s short-range rocket defense system
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Palestinian medic gets Libyan jail compensation
THE HAGUE (AFP) 28 Mar — A Palestinian-born doctor who spent eight years in a Libyan jail on charges of infecting children with HIV has got one million euros in compensation, his Dutch lawyer said Tuesday. Ashraf Juma Hajuj, who now lives in the Netherlands, last year sued for compensation in a Hague civil court. The 41-year-old and five Bulgarian nurses were sentenced to death in Libya for deliberately infecting 438 children with HIV-tainted blood.
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Opinion / Analysis / Reviews

Bibi: First we’ll take Tehran, then we’ll take Istanbul / Richard Silverstein
Tikun Olam 28 Mar — Yesterday brought ominous news regarding yet another aggressive Israeli projection of its military power in the Mideast … To show that Bibi’s aggressive, interventionist approach isn’t a fluke, UPI reports that Israel is negotiating with Greek Cyprus for placement of an Israeli air base on the island, ostensibly to protect the new Israeli-Cypriot joint gas exploration project … This field is in dispute with Lebanon, which also claims title.  Turkey too disputes the area on behalf of Turkish Cyprus. This certainly is one reason for the Israeli move. But an even more important one in the long-term, is Israel confronting Turkey with its power.  It’s a rather naked move.  A flagrant invasion of Turkey’s sphere of influence, which can only bring a Turkish response. link to

Ignoring Israel’s complete domination / Amira Hass
Haaretz 26 Mar — Israel’s position in its periodic report to the donor-coordination group for the Palestinian Authority reminds one of the boy who kills his parents and then demands an orphan’s pension. Israel describes the failings of the Palestinian economy as if the colonialist occupation is not their primary cause. The authors of the report express the view that the dependence of the Palestinian Authority on foreign aid will not diminish in the coming years. In doing so, they are showing disrespect for the intelligence of the donor countries’ representatives, who met last week in Brussels. Who better than these delegates knows the great service the family of nations is doing to Israel by providing massive, ongoing aid to the Palestinians? Taxpayers around the world are the ones who are relieving Israel of its obligations as an occupying power and repairing the damage it is causing.
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Traces of the Nakba: Book review of ‘Stone, Paper’
972blog 27 Mar — Despite attempts to conceal the memory of stones in the village of Hunin, papers in the kibbutz archives left a trail revealing the hidden war. In his bold book, Stone, Paper, Tomer Gardi places history in its present, as a driving political force, while rejecting the practice of historical writing. By Yehouda Shenhav | Translated by Dana G. Peleg
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Dutch author finds love of walking in Palestine / Charlotte Alfred
JERUSALEM (Ma‘an) — Three years ago, a Dutch economic adviser to the Middle East Quartet set off into the wilds of the northern Jordan Valley to find a mountain biking route. His book Walking Palestine is published this month, 125 West Bank walks later. Stefan Szepesi, 32, never found a place to mountain bike. Instead, Palestine converted him to the art of walking. “I always thought walking was for old people … I found my love for walking here,” Szepesi told Ma‘an. The book compiles 25 walking itineraries, with hiking maps, detailed directions, and local attractions on the way. “These are the first Palestinian-created hiking maps,” Szepesi said, who worked with local mappers Applied Research Institute — Jerusalem.
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One state solution in Palestine is coming…one day


Posted: 29 Mar 2012


This is today’s Israel, as explained by Noam Sheizaf in +972:

For some reason, people find it hard to accept that the current situation is desirable for Israelis. It certainly isn’t optimal, but considering the alternatives, it is probably the best.

It’s enough to come on a week’s visit to Israel to understand the appeal of the status quo. Despite occasional outbreaks of violence in the south and north, Israelis enjoy stability, prosperity and a general sense of security. According to the theory of “convincing Israelis to abandon the West Bank,” this was supposed to be the right moment for concessions, but the exact opposite is true: When things are going so well, it would be totally irrational to move in any other direction, either by annexing the West Bank or by leaving it.

Israelis understand that instinctively, regardless of what they say in polls on the desired solution to the conflict. Actually, even in polls, when faced with the option of maintaining the status quo, Israelis are likely to prefer it to the two-state solution. A Palestinian state becomes the preferable option only when presented on its own (“do you support/oppose…”) or when it is compared to annexing the West Bank.

The major problem right now is that an inherently immoral order represents the most desirable political option for Israelis. All the left’s effort to demonstrate the problems the occupation creates – like the burden on the state budget – won’t help, since political choices are made based on alternative options, and right now the alternatives are more expensive, more painful, and more dangerous.

It should be noted that the status quo will remain the best option regardless of developments on the Palestinian side. Even if the Palestinians in the occupied territories recognize Israel as a Jewish state or vote Hamas out of office – even if they all join the Likud – from an Israeli cost/benefit perspective, keeping things as they are will remain preferable to the alternatives of either pulling out of the West Bank or to annexing it.

Although shocking in its banality – most Israelis look away when addressing what they’re doing in Palestine, occupying millions of Palestinians – it’s startling to hear supposedly enlightened Israelis, such as Bradley Burston in Haaretz, desperately try to avoid any kind of alternative to the two-state solution. It’s far easier to feel paralysed than actually doing anything to imagine a better future for both Palestinians and Israelis. And that’s a truly democratic one-state solution. Working to get there.

Here’s Burston:

A beleaguered Democratic president, beset by an unpopular war overseas and raging polarization at home, clamps heavy pressure on Israel to make a dramatic gesture over the future of the West Bank.

Israel’s cabinet convenes to discuss the White House initiative. A minister-without-portfolio, less than three months in his first cabinet post, asks for the floor. He has a proposal regarding the Palestinians of the West Bank: Offer them citizenship and the right to vote.

Under the plan, “If an Arab from Shehem (Nablus) wants to become a citizen of the state of Israel, he’s entitled,” the minister says.

“We want a Jewish state with a large Arab minority. So what do we need to do? First of all, we’re capable of keeping a Jewish majority.

“Of course, if that majority were to break down, our situation would be a bitter one. We are not South Africa, nor Rhodesia,” he declared. “The Jewish minority will not rule over Arabs.

The date is August 20, 1967. The minister is Menachem Begin.

The minutes of the cabinet meeting are classified Top Secret and kept under wraps for 44 years.

There is no denying, however, that settlement construction, Palestinian disunity, and other factors are fast rendering the two-state concept impracticable. I say this with profound regret, as someone who still believes that two independent states would provide Israelis and Palestinians with their best chance for a future of freedom, justice, security and well-being.

A new reality is already in place, however. There are children being born who constitute the third generation of West Bank settlements.

When Begin addressed the cabinet in 1967, he outlined the concept of a “bi-ethnic” state, allowing both Jews and Arabs to develop as culturally distinctive peoples, and ruled by the majority, rather than a bi-national state with power shared equally, regardless of the numerical majority or minority.

In contrast with a bi-national state, “We have never ruled out a bi-ethnic state, and the difference is crucial,” Begin said. “Zionism, as I have known it, has never viewed the state as mono-ethnic.”

Even as I look into Begin’s proposal, which raises more questions, and suspicions, than it answers, I can feel another, deeper response welling up. Fear. The same fear that keeps Israelis, this one included, from fully committing to a substantive change in an intolerable reality.

“If every path seems to reach an impasse,” Sheizaf quoted former Netanyahu chief of staff Uri Elitzur, a fierce, even radical rightist and also an early advocate of citizenship for Palestinians, as writing, “usually the right path is one that was never even considered, the one that is universally acknowledged to be unacceptable, taboo.”

The rule of fear is the underpinning, the psychic secret police, of the dictatorship of the status quo. To use Begin’s word, we are all n’tinim, subjects, of the rule of fear.

When Murdoch and Israel collide, it all makes sense


Posted: 29 Mar 2012


This stunning investigation in the Australian Financial Review is fascinating on a range of levels, not least Rupert Murdoch’s relationship with the Israeli military and intelligence elite. What does this say? There is a seamless and ethical-free zone inhabited by multinationals that naturally gravitates towards the Zionist state because of its self-described expertise in security:

A secret unit within Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation promoted a wave of high-tech piracy in Australia that damaged Austar, Optus and Foxtel at a time when News was moving to take control of the Australian pay TV industry.

The piracy cost the Australian pay TV companies up to $50 million a year and helped cripple the finances of Austar, which Foxtel is now in the process of acquiring.

A four-year investigation by The Australian Financial Reviewhas revealed a global trail of corporate dirty tricks directed against competitors by a secretive group of former policemen and intelligence officers within News Corp known as Operational Security.

Their actions devastated News’s competitors, and the resulting waves of high-tech piracy assisted News to bid for pay TV businesses at reduced prices – including DirecTV in the US, Telepiu in Italy and Austar. These targets each had other commercial weaknesses quite apart from piracy.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is still deliberating on final details before approving Foxtel’s $1.9 billion takeover bid for Austar, which will cement Foxtel’s position as the dominant pay TV provider in Australia.

News Corp has categorically denied any involvement in promoting piracy and points to a string of court actions by competitors making similar claims, from which it has emerged victorious. In the only case that went to court, in 2008, the plaintiff EchoStar was ordered to pay nearly $19 million in legal costs.

The issue is particularly sensitive because Operational Security, which is headed by Reuven Hasak, a former deputy director of the Israeli domestic secret service, Shin Bet, operates in an area which historically has had close supervision by the Office of the Chairman, Rupert Murdoch.

The security group was initially set up in a News Corp subsidiary, News Datacom Systems (later known as NDS), to battle internal fraud and to target piracy against its own pay TV companies. But documents uncovered by the Financial Reviewreveal that NDS encouraged and facilitated piracy by hackers not only of its competitors but also of companies, such as Foxtel, for whom NDS provided pay TV smart cards. The documents show NDS sabotaged business rivals, fabricated legal actions and obtained telephone records illegally.

Nothing is private in the 21st century


Posted: 29 Mar 2012


Our digital world is increasingly monitored by a range of state and non-state actors. Be afraid and be aware.

A recent cover story in Wired showed how the US government, with no transparency, is building a massive listening station where everybody is targeted:

Under construction by contractors with top-secret clearances, the blandly named Utah Data Center is being built for the National Security Agency. A project of immense secrecy, it is the final piece in a complex puzzle assembled over the past decade. Its purpose: to intercept, decipher, analyze, and store vast swaths of the world’s communications as they zap down from satellites and zip through the underground and undersea cables of international, foreign, and domestic networks. The heavily fortified $2 billion center should be up and running in September 2013. Flowing through its servers and routers and stored in near-bottomless databases will be all forms of communication, including the complete contents of private emails, cell phone calls, and Google searches, as well as all sorts of personal data trails—parking receipts, travel itineraries, bookstore purchases, and other digital “pocket litter.” It is, in some measure, the realization of the “total information awareness” program created during the first term of the Bush administration—an effort that was killed by Congress in 2003 after it caused an outcry over its potential for invading Americans’ privacy.

But “this is more than just a data center,” says one senior intelligence official who until recently was involved with the program. The mammoth Bluffdale center will have another important and far more secret role that until now has gone unrevealed. It is also critical, he says, for breaking codes. And code-breaking is crucial, because much of the data that the center will handle—financial information, stock transactions, business deals, foreign military and diplomatic secrets, legal documents, confidential personal communications—will be heavily encrypted. According to another top official also involved with the program, the NSA made an enormous breakthrough several years ago in its ability to cryptanalyze, or break, unfathomably complex encryption systems employed by not only governments around the world but also many average computer users in the US. The upshot, according to this official: “Everybody’s a target; everybody with communication is a target.”

September 11 and Bin Laden; more pieces of the puzzle


Posted: 29 Mar 2012


Another day and another fascinating insight into Osama Bin Laden post 9/11 and the real role of Pakistan. Lead story in today’s Dawn:

Al Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden moved to Pakistan in 2002, a few months after US started large-scale air strikes on Afghanistan, particularly in the Tora Bora region, during its anti-Taliban war which it launched in 2001 in the wake of 9/11 attacks.

The information about Osama crossing over into Pakistan and staying in different cities and towns before moving to Abbottabad came in the testimony given by his widow Amal Ahmed Abdulfattah during interrogation by a joint investigation team (JIT) comprising civilian and military officials.

She told the investigators that after 9/11 she reunited with her husband in Peshawar in 2002. From Peshawar they went to Swat where they lived for about nine months. Later, they stayed for about two years in Haripur before moving to Abbottabad where the Al Qaeda leader was killed in a raid by US commandos in May last year.

In the first full account of Osama’s movement after 9/11, she told the investigation team in Islamabad that she had lived with him in four cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, but declined to say if any Pakistani official had been in contact with him.

The 29-year-old Yemeni woman said she had a desire to marry a mujahid. Osama was available. “So in this connection when she got a message of marriage with Osama bin Laden, she came to Pakistan and landed at Karachi airport on 17/07/2000,” the JIT report said.

But she overstayed her three-month visa and later went to Kandahar in Afghanistan. Ms Amal told the investigators that she got married to Osama before 9/11, but did not specify any date. According to her, Osama was living with his three wives, including her, and some Arab families. Then came 9/11 and the family scattered.

“She stayed in a flat in Karachi for almost 8/9 months and all the things were arranged by some Pakistani families and Saad, elder son of Osama, was coordinating all the things,” the report said.

She told the investigators that during her stay in Karachi she changed her residence six or seven times. The investigators say they have not been able to trace Saad.

According to the JIT report, after their reunion in Peshawar Osama and Amal went to Swat where they stayed for 8/9 months.

Thereafter they stayed in Haripur for two years and subsequently shifted to Abbottabad and lived there for almost six years till the time Osama was killed.

What happened that night in Kandahar when US solider committed massacre?


Posted: 29 Mar 2012


Australian TV SBS Dateline travelled to the site and investigated:

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A Poet of Unswerving Vision at the Forefront of Feminism

Adrienne Rich, who died last Tuesday, was also active on the Israel/Palestine front.
Here is a short piece where she explains her support for academic and cultural boycott of Israel:
Why Support the U.S. Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel?
by Adrienne Rich
February 3, 2009
Dear All,
Last week, with initial hesitation but finally strong conviction, I endorsed the Call for a U.S. Cultural and Academic Boycott of Israel.   I’d like to offer my reasons to friends, family and comrades.  I have tried in fullest conscience to think this through.
My hesitation: I profoundly believe in the visible/invisible liberatory social power of creative and intellectual boundary-crossings.  I’ve been educated by these all my life, and by centuries-long cross-conversations about human freedom, justice and power — also, the forces that try to silence them.
As an American Jew, over almost 30 years, I’ve joined with other concerned Jews in various kinds of coalition-building and anti-Occupation work.  I’ve seen the kinds of organized efforts to stifle — in the US and elsewhere — critiques of Israel’s policies — the Occupation’s denial of Palestinian humanity, destruction of Palestinian lives and livelihoods, the “settlements,” the state’s physical and psychological walls against dialogue — and the efforts to condemn any critiques as anti-Semitism.  Along with other activists and writers I’ve been named on right-wing “shit-lists” as “Israel-hating” or “Jew-hating.”  I have also seen attacks within American academia and media on Arab American, Muslim, Jewish scholars and teachers whose work critically explores the foundations and practices of Israeli state and society.
Until now, as a believer in boundary-crossings, I would not have endorsed a cultural and academic boycott.  But Israel’s continuing, annihilative assaults in Gaza and the one-sided rationalizations for them have driven me to re-examine my thoughts about cultural exchanges.  Israel’s blockading of information, compassionate aid, international witness and free cultural and scholarly expression has become extreme and morally stone-blind.  Israeli Arab parties have been banned from the elections, Israeli Jewish dissidents arrested, Israeli youth imprisoned for conscientious refusal of military service.  Academic institutions are surely only relative sites of power.  But they are, in their funding and governance, implicated with state economic and military power.  And US media, institutions and official policy have gone along with all this.
To boycott a repressive military state should not mean backing away from individuals struggling against the policies of that state.  So, in continued solidarity with the Palestinian people’s long resistance, and also with those Israeli activists, teachers, students, artists, writers, intellectuals, journalists, refuseniks, feminists and others who oppose the means and ends of the Occupation, I have signed my name to this call.
Adrienne Rich

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