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Iranian Terror Threat — Panic Hits New York City!


Pandora Pushkin comments on the scary situation



NEW YORK…2013?

Source: NYPD Concerned NYC Is Under Iranian Terror Threat
See also: NYPD Increase Patrols In Wake Of Deadly Shooting In France

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The New York Police Department (NYPD) has talked to more than a dozen people with ties to Iran caught photographing New York Citylandmarks that could be terrorist targets, and that is raising major security concerns.

This is really scary! I am canceling my trip to New York next week!

With coordinated attacks from Thailand to India to Georgia the intelligence community believes the covert war between Israel and Iran is underway and it’s now touching New York.

This is NOT good news! I am utterly spooked. I have a granny who lives in New York City and I’m keeping my fingers crossed, like, she’s gonna be okay. Why are these evil Iranians picking on innocent American citizens who just want to get on with their lives? Why can’t Iran and Israel sit down and settle their problems, like, amicably, without involving peace-loving Americans in their disputes?

The NYPD says it believes Iran has people on the ground covered by diplomatic rights conducting reconnaissance missions and photographing possible targets like landmarks and infrastructure in the City. The fear is that information is going directly to Iran’s Hezbollah faction.

I think all New Yorkers should keep an eye out for these evil Iranians prowling round our streets and, like, “up to no good”, if you know what I mean.

If you happen to see any guys with interesting noses, drawing  swastikas on walls, ignore them! They’re the good guys. On our side. They just like drawing swastikas on walls for fun. They’re talented graffiti artists.

“Hezbollah is a threat to this country, a growing threat and it has gone from terrorist financing to being capable of fully operational terrorist activities,” said Republican Representative Peter King of Long Island, the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee.

Yeah, Hezbollah is evil. No doubt about that. It’s defending evil Lebanon from the nice Israelis who are only trying to expand their borders a bit by occupying south Lebanon up to the Litani River. Nothing wrong with that, is there? I mean, c’mon! Evil Hitler wanted Lebensraum, if you know what I mean, so why shouldn’t nice Jews help themselves, like, to a bit of extra land in evil Lebanon?!?

After all, the whole Middle East (except for valiant little Israel) is full of Islamofascist terrorists. Brainwashed by the Koran into wanting to conquer the world!  Yeah, and they wanna  force young women like me to stop wearing miniskirts! Honestly, I’d go crazy if some horrid Muslim forced me to wear a veil and ankle-length dresses!  I’d never be able to go into a bar again and, like, pick up a nice guy, know what I mean!?!  So banning miniskirts is dead wrong!

Another thing. Have you ever met a Hezbollah terrorist? I have. I met one in Beirut once, on  a bus, and I will NEVER  forget the way he looked at me! He called me a “Western whore”. And just because I was wearing a miniskirt and a tight low-cut blouse with one shoulder strap, like, hanging loosely off my shoulder, like I wear when I go to that disco in Manhattan!

These guys have no tolerance and lassy-fair. (Spelling?) They smell of garlic! They live with goats! They don’t even use underarm deodorant! And of course they’re extremely, like, anti-feminist. They want to ban makeup, miniskirts, and sex toys. Heck, they don’t even approve of porn!!!  So what I say is, our government is right. These guys are dead evil and  they should be killed on sight.

The landmarks range from the Brooklyn Bridge to Grand Central Terminal and other infrastructure and an NYPD intelligence official says since 2005, 13 people with connections to the Iranian government have been interviewed for taking pictures in the city. They could have been tourists but the NYPD is being cautious.

I think this presents a really scary picture! People sneaking around doing surveillance and taking pictures of landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge. All this kinda reminds me of  what happened just before 9/11…if you remember. Only on that occasion it was nice Israelis, wasn’t it?  Driving round in white vans and doing, like, high fives…as the Twin Towers came crashing down.

Anyone remember what happened to those guys? They beat it right sharpish, didn’t they? Skedaddled pronto.  Hopped on a plane to Tel Aviv and became national heroes on Jew TV!?! Well, what I’m saying is…if the cops can let those Jewish guys get away so easily, I really don’t see how they’re gonna catch these sneaky Iranian terrorists in time?!?

Yeah okay, that sounds a bit, like, “unpatriotic”. No point saying bad things about our cops now they’re trained, like, to do their jobs in Israel!

Hey, read this fantastic new article if you have some time: it’s called The Israelification of American Domestic Security.” Looks like nice Jews from Israel are now running our police forces across the country… helping our cops do surveillance of nasty Americans and taser them good and proper if they, like, misbehave!  Frankly, that’s the best news I’ve heard in a long, long  time!!!

Why? Well, seems those Jews have a much higher IQ than us dumb Americans do, Jewish average of 115 compared to our national average of only 98, so I’m damn relieved a smarter race is helping to run our policeforces! Know what I mean, like?

Hey, don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying, like, our cops are STUPID! No way! I’m just saying they gotta be pretty smart to call in the Jews to run the show! Know what I mean? No? Never mind! (Guess you’re stupid too, like).

The heated battle between Iran and Israel could easily spill over to the streets of New York with it’s very large Jewish population.

Jiminy crickets, why didn’t I think of that? I’ll have to warn all my nice Jewish friends to get out of New York real quick. Heck, it’s safer right now for Jews in Iran!!!  Looks like Jews are really HAPPY in Iran — and you can’t even PAY them to GO TO ISRAEL!!!

So that’s one solution if you’re an American Jew who feels threatened by evil Iranian terrorists in New York City: just HOP ON A PLANE TO TEHRAN!!! Yeah, Iranian Jews feel really safe in Iran!!!

In recent days a gunman has killed seven in France including three children and those brutal attacks have lead to the NYPD to ramp up security here according to police commissioner Ray Kelly who said, “We put in additional coverage using our critical response vehicles around synagogues and other Jewish locations you might say in the city.”

I’m glad they shot that evil antisemitic sonofabitch  before he was caught and put on trial. The thing with these guys is this: it’s very dangerous, like, to put terrorists on trial. Cos it gives them just what they want: the oxygen of publicity. I mean, you can’t have them getting up there in the dock, in full view of the world, denying their guilt! And denying the Holocaust!!! And spouting a whole bunch of crap from the Protocols! Nosir, that’s just not on!

So what I say is, like: Kill ’em first, like, and DON’T ask questions later…know what I mean?!?

My personal hero Norman Podoretz writes: “Their first priority, as repeatedly and unequivocally announced by their president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is to “wipe Israel off the map”—a feat that could not be accomplished by conventional weapons alone….Israel would be destroyed in a nuclear exchange, but Iran would survive.


WOW! Israel wiped off the map and all the nice Jews driven into the sea!That would make the FIRST Holocaust look like a kiddie’s picnic!

As a result of these dreadful threats, Norman Podoretz wants to wipe Iran off  the map before Iran wipes Israel off the map! That makes sense to me. (See The Case for Bombing Iran.)

Look, they’re now threatening to, like, nuke NEW YORK! That’s even MORE serious than wiping Israel off the map!!! I can no longer visit my granny in Brooklyn or buy bagels at the corner store like I used to do. It’s praying on my mind. Or should that be “preying”? Not quite sure, but “praying” will do, cos I’m praying real hard that Obama gets his finger out and starts nuking Iran RIGHT NOW!

The sooner these guys are wiped off the map, the better.

So far the NYPD says there are no known terror threats.

Whew, thank G-d for that! Yippeeeee!  WORLD SAFE AGAIN!!!

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9/11 bombshell — the truth about 9/11 will destroy IsraHell!


A US Marine Corps veteran and author asserts that Israel masterminded the 9/11 attacks, saying if Americans were informed of this, they would exterminate the Zionist regime.

“I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period,” Alan Sabrosky, writer and consultant specializing in national and international security affairs, said in a clip appearing on the public video-sharing website You Tube.


“It is 100 percent certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation.” — Dr Alan Sabrosky, former Director of Studies at the US Army War College.


Sabrosky said his colleagues who are still serving in uniform initially react with incredulity to his assertions but upon his explanations regarding the controlled demolition of the buildings their disbelief gives way to rage.


“First is disbelief, and what I show them immediately afterwards is an interview with a Danish demolitions expert named Danny Jowenko, and it shows the third building at the World Trade Center going down – WTC7.”

“The thing that’s necessary is to tell people:

(1)  THREE buildings went down.
(2)  The third was NOT hit by a plane, it was wired for controlled demolition.
(3)  Therefore, ALL of them were wired for controlled demolition.

And at that point the reaction is rage. First disbelief, and then rage,”  he added.


Sabrosky said if the Americans were apprised of the truth behind the attacks, they would not hesitate to eliminate Israel without any consideration for the costs involved.


“If Americans ever know that Israel did this, they are going to scrub them off the earth,” he said.


On September 11, 2001, a series of coordinated attacks were carried out in the United States, reportedly leaving nearly 3,000 people dead.

The US government claimed that 19 terrorists, allegedly affiliated with the shadowy, Afghanistan-based al-Qaeda group, had hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners to carry out the attacks.


The official US account of the September 11 events has, however, been widely challenged by various quarters in the US and worldwide.

The US, under the administration of former President Bush, invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after claiming that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the members of al-Qaeda harbored by the then Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

The US also attacked Iraq in 2003, insisting that the oil-rich country was in possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

In his September 22, 2011 address to the UN General Assembly, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called for an independent international probe into the 9/11 incident, saying the attacks provided the US with a convenient excuse to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“The Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they’re done,” Sabrosky concluded.

See Video here


The latest US allegation against Iran, accusing Iran of being involved in the 9/11 incident, is utterly “preposterous,” a respected political analyst tells Press TV.

James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for the 9/11 Truth, questioned the legality of a Thursday ruling by a US federal judge in Manhattan, alleging Iran’s involvement in the terrorist attacks. He described the judicial ruling as “quite preposterous.”


In an extraordinary move, the court also withdrew Saudi Arabia from the ten-year-old case, even though 15 of the 19 September 11 attackers were Saudi nationals.

Fetzer pointed to multiple investigations on the 9/11 incident by independent journalists, including Alan Sabrosky, Christopher Bolyn, Wayne Madsen, as well as other websites exclusively devoted to probe into the issue, insisting all those researches have revealed that “Israel, the MOSSAD, have played a key role in 9/11.”

The political analyst also made reference to the proposal by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad during his address to the UN General Assembly, calling for an independent international probe into the 9/11 incident.

In his September 22 speech, Ahmadinejad said the US government has been involved in the 9/11 attacks or has allowed them to happen to find an excuse to wage wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Fetzer referred to Washington’s massive media campaign to put the blame of 9/11 on al-Qaeda in the wake of Ahmadinejad’s proposal, and questioned, “So who was it — Iran or al-Qaeda?”

On September 11, 2001, a series of coordinated attacks were carried out in the United States, reportedly leaving nearly 3,000 people dead.


Who did 9/11 — IRAN or AL-Qaeda?
Or was it ISRAEL?


The US government claimed that 19 terrorists, allegedly affiliated with the shadowy, Afghanistan-based al-Qaeda group, had hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners to carry out the attacks.

The official US account of the September 11 events has, however, been widely challenged by various quarters in the US and worldwide.


The US, under the administration of former President Bush, invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after claiming that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by the members of al-Qaeda harbored by the then Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

The US then attacked Iraq in 2003, insisting that the oil-rich country was in possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

This turned out to be the first Big Lie of the 21st century.

See  VIDEO here.


MARK GLENN: Alan Sabrosky (Ph.D, University of Michigan) is a ten-year US Marine Corps veteran and a graduate of the US Army War College.

Now, not only that – Dr. Sabrosky correct me if I’m wrong here – not only are you a graduate of the US Army War College, but you were a director of studies there for some period of time – is that correct?

Dr ALAN SABROSKY: That’s correct. For five-and-a-half years.

MARK GLENN (MG): Dr. Sabrosky, I cannot think of an article that I have read in recent memory that basically sums up the problem that we are dealing with right now as accurately and as succinctly as this essay that you have written.

You have, for all intents and purposes, nailed this thing on the head.

I guess the reason why I got so excited over this article, Dr. Sabrosky, is because one of things that I have noted about the problem that we’re dealing with – in terms of Zionism, the power of the Jewish lobby, and what-not – is that everything is shrouded in some type of confusion or mystery, and I think deliberately so. I think one of the biggest components to this powerful foreign interest being able to get as far as it has.

I mean, let’s face it: it got away with attacking a United States ship forclose to two hours killing 34 men – this was an act of war, they got away with it.

Not only did they get away with it, they were rewarded with three-billion dollars a year minimum.

When we look at the two wars that the United States finds herself in, and on the cusp of at least two others, and all of this for the benefit of a certain foreign country sitting on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea – they have been wildly successful at bringing all of this about and I think one of the main components of this is the fact that very few people really understand the nature of the problem – and I think that your article here basically lays out the problem, which is that when you have people that try to make this claim that they are loyal to America and, at the same time, loyal to a foreign government, it is a lie.


ALAN SABROSKY (AS): It is, and it’s more than that, Mark. What we need to stand up and say is that not only did they attack the USS Liberty,they did 9/11. They did it.

I have had long conversations over the past two weeks with contacts at the Army War College, at the Headquarters Marine Corps, and I have made it absolutely clear in both cases that it is 100% certain that 9/11 was a Mossad operation. Period.

9/11 has led directly to 60,000 Americans dead and wounded, God knows how many hundreds of thousands of people in other countries that we’ve killed or wounded or made homeless, and it’s an on-going sore. It’s not your sore from the USS Liberty, it’s not my sore from Vietnam. Both of us have those, both of us care about. But this is an open wound.

And what Americans need to understand is that they did it. They did it. And if they do understand that, Israel’s going to disappear. Israel will flat-ass disappear from this Earth.


I sent a film to one of my colleagues and it basically had Americans grieving over their dead coming back. And I showed one of them — it was a woman — just wrenched by grief over her dead soldier. And I said, you know, if Americans ever know that Israel did this, they’re going to scrub them off the Earth, and they’re not going to give a rat’s ass — forgive my language — what the cost is.

Phil Tourney: Your article needs to be shipped off to the library of congress immediately.


AS: Well, I can tell you it’s being read by some people in Headquarters Marine Corps and at the Army War College. I sent it off to them this past week and I’ve had some long discussions with people up there, and there’s some really, really unhappy people.

MG: What are they saying, Dr. Sabrosky?


AS: Astonishment. The first thing, Mark, is astonishment. They didn’t know. They truly didn’t know. And these are not unintelligent people. They really didn’t know.

And the next statement is rage. Real rage. And the Zionists are playing this as truly an all-or-nothing exercise, because if they lose this one, if the American people ever realize what happened, they’re done.

And if this explodes, I’m going to go down with the rest of them [as a Jew myself]. And I know this. I flat-out know this. But if that was the price for making America whole again….But if that’s the price, then that’s the price I’ll pay. I mean that.

Phil Tourney:  You struck me very, very hard just a second ago when you talked about 911. You’re very willing to say that, yeah, they did it: 911. Yes, they did. And, you know, my heart broke.

MG: Just for the record, Dr. Sabrosky, it was about three years ago…and I made a prediction on the air….Someday, maybe a lot sooner than any of us realize, the United States is going to find herself at war with Israel. And I mean a real, live shooting war.


Now, technically speaking, we ARE at war with Israel because she is at war with us. She is out to destroy us. We just haven’t figured that out yet.

My personal prediction is that probably – again, sooner than any of us realize or would like to envision – Israel is going pull off another 9-11. She’s going to pull of another USS Liberty. Obviously, some pretty powerful people in some pretty prominent places, such as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike Mullen, believe this is a possibility because he cut short a trip he made to Europe a few years ago to hastily fly to Israel to meet with his counterpart and warn him in no uncertain terms how important it was that there not be another USS Liberty part two.

I think that Israel has been watching all of this and has been saying, “We need to kind of let things cool a little bit for now — if we try to pull another one off right now, then that’s it: we’re going to blow our cover.”

AS: It’s not only a matter of blowing our cover. If Americans ever truly understand that – they’re history. It’ll be a bloody, brutal war – and they’re gone. I mean, it’s not even going to be a close contest. And they know that.

What they understand, I think, as well, is that their leverage is on the political appointments. Their leverage is not in the uniformed services…..the military has not been bought. The military is loyal but it has not been bought….I mentioned to a contact in Headquarters Marine Corps, I said, “You know they did 9/11…” and it was, “You don’t mean it.” I said, “Absolutely”.

And if they ever understand that, these people [the Jews] are history.

(To read the Mark Glenn / Dr Alan Sabrosky interview in full, click HERE)

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George Galloway (left)

George Galloway works for MI6?

George Galloway has just been elected as Member of Parliament for Bradford West, in the UK.

Bradford West has a lot of Moslems.

Galloway, who was brought up as a Catholic, would like people to think that he is a friend of Moslems.

However, Galloway supports the CIA’s Arab Spring.

Galoway strongly supported the ousting of Mubarak, an act which has greatly weakened Egypt.

Galloway is currently helping Mossad, by attacking Assad of Syria.

“To describe the mass uprising in Syria… as the actions of ‘terrorists’ and ‘gunmen’ is a gross distortion. 

“This is a genuine popular uprising taking place in Syria,”said George Galloway.

(Thirty Pieces of Silver: George Galloway Sells Out on Syria)

Website for this image

George Galloway says that the idea of 9 11 being an inside-job is “crazed conspiracy theory madness.”

(kenny’s sideshow: George Galloway – 9/11 Truth is “crazed …)

“The list of ‘media personalities’ who profess to speak for the truth now ‘outed’ for failing to pass the bottom line litmus test of 9/11 truth grows.

“Already … we’ve had Julian Assange and Jeremy Scahill.

Noam Chomsky and Amy Goodman are a couple of ‘old timers’ in this game.

“Add to that list George Galloway.

“Galloway makes the ‘watch list.’

“Be sure to read what Kev Boyle has to say about this in his George Galloway Not An Honest Man.”

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‘American people after fixing ailing economy not war’

Interview with Mark Dankof, political commentator from San Antonio, Texas

The interest of the average American citizen is in getting his own economy back, getting his community back, getting his constitution back, getting the old American republic back and disenfranchising and getting rid of the interests that are destroying this country as well as those who threaten to destroy the Iranian country.”

Mark Dankof, political commentator from San Antonio, Texas

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has warned about the adverse consequences of the tensions with Iran and high oil prices, saying they posed ‘the biggest threats’ to the US economy.

Oil prices have shot up in the recent months in the wake of Iran’s decision to halt its crude sales to certain European countries in response to the European Union oil embargo on the Islamic Republic.

The rise in crude prices has slowed down the US recovery from its worst economic downturn in decades.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Dankof, political commentator from San Antonio, Texas, to further explore the issue.

The video offers the opinions of two additional guests: Kaveh Afrasiabi, author and political commentator from Boston, Massachusetts, and American philosopher and political commentator, James Fetzer.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Not to mention the fragile state of the global economic recovery, most notably Europe, suffering from the euro-zone crisis; is not this a major hit towards their recovery? I mean Europe just announced it is going into a second recession?

Dankof: Yes and it is amazing. We might ask ourselves the question is how long the Europeans and the European people are going to put up with us. I frankly think that it is you look at this whole situation that the most ominous aspect of it is the historical perspective that we might gain on what is happening here.

If we look at President Herbert Hoover’s book just released, by the way, –a writer on the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor– it is edited by historian George Nash and it is entitled ‘President Herbert Hoover on the History of the Second World War and its Aftermath’, there is a 50-page section of that book that talks about the inside story of what Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Henry Stimson, his Secretary of War, and Mr. Roosevelt’s State Department were doing to virtually ensure that a war with Japan that was totally preventable would in fact occur.

And if one takes a look at what the United States, as revealed in President Hoover’s book, was doing under Franklin Roosevelt, especially from July 18, 1941 all the way through the September, it becomes clear that the Roosevelt administration was bent on having a war with Japan at virtually any price.

There was nothing that the Japanese could have agreed to and which in fact they did agree to that did not resolved in a new set of conditions on the part of the US. The same thing is now happening in this tragedy that is unfolding with Iran.
‘US war with Iran to please Israel’
The United States wants this war chiefly because Israel and Netanyahu want this war, the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council ((P)GCC) states want this war and the International Central Bankers who love fiat banking and fractional reserve banking will profit by the debt that will be generated by this war on all sides.

This is a terrible situation. It is something that the American public should not support, that the European public should not support and that should generate absolute worldwide protest before it happens and yet the passivity of the American public on this up to now absolutely amazes me.

Press TV: Is there a chance that by this US-led sanction on Iranian oil, they want to stop or hinder the growth of for example these two economies [China and India]?

Dankof: I do not think there is any question about it and I think this had a great deal to do with the NATO intervention in Libya where in the eastern part of that country, you had oil fields and oil assets that had come to terms with communist China in terms of selling oil to them and engaging in long-term contracts with them.

The same thing holds true, I think, for Iran. When you look at the Chinese, when you look at the Indians for example –just to name those two in particular–, their situation with Iran in regard to business arrangements with the Iranian regime are designed to mutually benefit both.

The United States, it would seem to me, has an interest in undermining that or at least its multinational corporations, its Central Bankers and its Israeli lobby have an interest in undermining that.

And so in essence, what is happening here is that a nonexistent Iranian weaponized nuclear program is being heightened in terms of the American media, our own national intelligence estimates and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) opinion on this notwithstanding.

This is an order, I think, not simply to destroy arrangements in Iran might be making with countries like China and India as it regards oil but clearly the Israelis have a vested interest in continuing to destroy the hegemony of countries that are not singing Netanyahu’s tune every 5 minutes.

The other aspect of this is that the Iranians have made it very clear that at one point, they would like to begin doing business in terms of oil sales in something other than the American dollar. The whole threat that is posed by this to the status of the American dollar is the reserve currency in the world.

Also it has something to do, I think, with why these military preparations are underway. It is a very insidious situation and I think Dr. James Fetzer has stated it exactly correctly. It is a disgrace; it is an outrage; innocent people on both sides of this problem are going to perish and perish at the behest of the usual players: the international bankers, the Israeli lobby in the oil and natural gas consortiums and you can take that one to the bank.

Press TV: Mark Dankof, I do not know what the price of gas is at the pumps where you are at but obviously it has been increased. We tried to round up everything.

It seems like what these leaders are doing including the United States is that they are sacrificing their own people for their strategy against Iran and it is not Iran as they are portraying it to be the one that is threatening their livelihoods. Do you agree with that?

Dankof: Yes, I do and I think it is important to underscore what Dr. James Fetzer has been talking about here. Whether we are talking about the American government’s monolithic support for the Israeli regime; whether we are talking about the fact that American economic and political institutions are owned lock, stock and barrel by multinational corporate interests and by central bankers who could care less about the average American or whether we are looking at the domestic police state that Dr. James Fetzer has quite correctly underscored is being developed in this country as of the last 10 years or whether it is warrantless wiretapping or it is profiling legitimate and honest and peace loving American citizens like Dr. James Fetzer, Mark Dankof and Mark Glenn of theuglytruth, Michael Collins Piper, the American Free Press and others, or whether we are talking about a situation with a Posse Comitatus laws in this country are going to be eliminated so that the American military can begin to turn its guns on the American people itself and the enforcement of some of these outrageous policies, it is an absolutely draconian picture that is developing here and the great paradox is this.

More and more Americans need to understand that their enemies are not the Iranian government, their enemies are not the Iranian people, their enemies are not the other peace loving countries and peace loving peoples of the world who are sick of this new world order.

The interest of the average American citizen is in getting his own economy back, getting his community back, getting his constitution back, getting the old American republic back and disenfranchising and getting rid of the interests that are destroying this country as well as those who threaten to destroy the Iranian country.

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Good Friday–The Passion from the book of St. Matthew

Good Friday–The Passion from the book of St. Matthew

by crescentandcross

On this solemn Good Friday, we recall the day Jesus paid the ultimate price for going up against the IDF, Knesset, Jewish Defense League and ADL of His own time. We also recall that today–as we are inundated with propaganda concerning DEM MOOZLEMS and the ‘threat’ they pose to Christians and the things held dear by them, that it remains THE JEWS who work tirelessly in defaming the holy name of Jesus and in making a mockery out of everything He was and everything He did.

We are joined by Mark Dankof and Fr. Jim Kretz as we read the Passion of St Matthew, and many thanks to both of them for taking time out to do it. 

–ed note–It has been Christian tradition that between the hours of 9 am and noon, that a period of reflectful silence is maintained in remembrance of Jesus’ passion, so TUT  will not be checking the website during that period to read/approve comments or augment any news stories.


Download Here

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Friends of Syria Declare War on Syria


Friends of Syria Declare War on Assad


by Stephen Lendman


On April 1 in Istanbul, Washington-led rogue leaders discussed ways to destabilize and topple Assad.

They recognized the violent Syrian National Council (SNC) as the “sole representative of the Syrian people.” Doing so assures continued conflict, not peaceful resolution. Killer gangs were promised generous funding. They’ve already gotten plenty, as well as weapons, munitions, and training. Now they’ll get more.

Washington and rogue NATO partners plan conflict, not peace. They want Assad replaced by someone they control. Violence rages to achieve it. Expect lots more followed by war if current efforts fail.

In Istanbul, pretense dissolved. So did Annan’s sham peace plan. Couched in diplomatic language, it was more theater than resolve to end conflict peacefully.

While calling for both sides to stop violence, it demanded Assad act first. Doing so ignored his responsibility to protect his people against Western-backed insurgents. Yet he’s blamed for doing his job.

On April 1, The New York Times headlined, “US Joins Effort to Equip and Pay Rebels in Syria,” saying:

Doing so reflects consensus that “more forceful action” is needed to halt violence. SNC leader Burhan Ghalioun called for “a stronger Free Syrian Army. All of these responsibilities should be borne by the international community.”

Hillary Clinton said Washington is “discussing with our international partners how best to expand this support.”

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan wants insurgents better armed “to defend themselves.” He barely stopped short of declaring war, adding:

If Assad doesn’t “cooperate,” the Security Council must “fulfill its responsibility and put an end to the massacre in Syria.”

Doing so today’s possible if Washington calls off its dogs. Erdogan and other rogue participants didn’t explain or their intention to oust Assad violently.

A concluding statement called for “determin(ing) a timeline.” It virtually declared war. “Working group” strategy plans how.

On April 2, The Times headlined, “Syria Dismisses Notions of Foreign Intervention,” saying:

“Syrian authorities dismissed the gathering. (The) official Al Baath newspaper declar(ed):”

“Despite all the hype, the conference of the ’Enemies of Syria’ produced only meager results, showing it was unable to shake Syrians’ rejection of foreign intervention.”

Russian Foreign Ministry deputy spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said:

“The second session of the Group was held in Istanbul, but Russia did not take part in it. According to coming reports, unfortunately, the Istanbul meeting took place on the unilateral basis.”

“Neither representatives of the Syrian government nor influential groups of the Syrian political opposition were represented at the meeting.”

“The Group’s intentions on direct, as well as military and logistics, support for the armed opposition will, of course, run counter the peaceful settlement of the civil conflict in Syria.”

Violence continues because Washington wants it to topple Assad. Expect nothing ahead to change. The worst is yet to come. Assad will be blamed. Thousands more Syrians will likely die, despite his efforts to prevent it.

Friends of Syria 27-Item Concluding Statement

It belied what’s really going on, but couldn’t entirely conceal it. Among other comments, it “welcomed the growing interest and participation of” 83 participating countries.

Led by Washington, they represented the UN, EU, Arab League, Gulf States, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, and African Union.

They “reaffirmed (their) determination to support the just cause of the Syrian people.” They committed to help and provide aid. They called the situation on the ground “grave.” They stopped short of admitting responsibility.

They blamed their crimes on Assad. Major media scoundrel headlines, of course, regurgitate their lies and deceptions.

They expressed “deep regret of the continuation of the actions of the Syrian regime,” despite accepting Annan’s plan. It reflects “the insincerity of the regime.”

Its window of opportunity to comply “is not open-ended.” A timeline will be determined. “(A)ppropriate measures” will follow otherwise. “The Group expressed full support (for) the opposition,” and advanced its agenda.

It “applauded the role of the Syrian National Council and others” working with it. “In view of the above, the Friends’ Group recognized the Syrian National Council as the legitimate representative of all Syrians and the umbrella organization under which Syrian opposition groups are gathering.”

Syria’s National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCC) and other nonviolent opposition groups want contentious issues resolved peacefully. They reject SNC/Free Syrian Army violence.

“The Friends’ Group strongly urged all the members of the international community to take all necessary measures to deprive the regime of the means it is using to oppress the Syrian people. In this regard, prevention of the regime’s access to arms is at the foremost.”

The Group promised more aid without explaining what kinds. It also set up a Sanctions Working Group to punish ordinary Syrians more than already. Sanctions always harm those most vulnerable.

At issue is trying to turn them against sitting governments. It rarely works. When outside forces target them politically, financially or belligerently, populations usually rally around them for help.

The longer Libya’s conflict raged, the more Gaddafi’s support grew. At the end, it was overwhelming. It’s likely as true for Assad, especially in light of his promised reforms. Libyans wanted no part of foreign intervention. Neither do Syrians.

They know what happens when Washington and rogue NATO partners show up. Conflict, mass killing, destruction, colonization, exploitation, and human misery follow. So-called Friends of Syria assure more of the same.

The Group “expressed its grave concern about the worsening humanitarian situation in Syria.” It stopped short of naming who’s responsible.

“The Friends’ Group expressed their thanks and appreciation to Turkey for hosting the Second Conference of the Group of Friends of the Syrian People. The Group agreed to hold its next meeting in France.”

As they say, with “Friends” like these, who needs enemies. Most Syrians understand and reject them. So should everyone, as well as Washington and other rogue states supporting them.

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German poet Günter Grass says what cowardly politicians and academics dare not


By Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon considers German poet Günter Grass’s courageous stance on Israel, which he has criticized in a poem for undermining an already fragile world peace, and views the ridiculous response of Israel’s embassy and its stooges in Germany.

There is outrage in Germany. Nobel laureate Günter Grass has once again told the truth about Israel being the greatest threat to world peace.

Günter Grass, Germany’s most famous living author and the 1999 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, sparked outrage in Germany on 4 April with the publication of a poem, entitled What must be said,” in which he sharply criticizes Israel’s offensive approach towards Iran.

Once again, it is the artist rather than the politician who is telling the truth as it is. Once again, it is the artist and not the academic who is speaking out.

“Why did I wait until now, at this advanced age and with the last bit of ink, to say that Israel the nuclear power is endangering a world peace that is already fragile?” wrote Grass.

In the poem, published by Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and other European dailies on 4 April, Grass calls for “unhindered and permanent monitoring of Israel’s nuclear potential and Iran’s nuclear facilities through an international entity approved by the governments of both countries.”

Israel’s disgraceful response

Israel and some prominent German Jewish voices were quick to react. The Israeli embassy in Berlin issued a statement offering its own version of “What must be said”.

“Israel and its supportive Jewish lobbies … are openly pushing for a new global conflict. Yet, the Israeli embassy shamelessly defies criticism by tossing in the air the old blood libel.”

“What must be said is that it is a European tradition to accuse the Jews before the Passover festival of ritual murder,” the statements reads.

Pretty outrageous, don’t you think?

Israel and its supportive Jewish lobbies – for example, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) – are openly pushing for a new global conflict. Yet, the Israeli embassy shamelessly defies criticism by tossing in the air the old blood libel. The appropriate and timely question here is why Israel and AIPAC are pushing for a world war and a potential nuclear conflict just before Passover? Can they just wait for another Yom Kippur (Atonement Day)?

The Israeli embassy continues: “In the past it was Christian children whose blood the Jews allegedly used to make their unleavened bread, but today it is the Iranian people that the Jewish state allegedly wants to annihilate.”

Isn’t this in fact the case? Every military expert suggests that Israeli pre-emptive attacks on Iran could escalate into a nuclear conflict. If anything, Grass is trying, like others, including your truly, to prevent Israel from celebrating its lethal symptoms once again.

The Israeli embassy noticed though that “Israel is the only state in the world whose right to exist is openly doubted”.

Correct, and so it should be. Israel is a racist, expansionist state; there is no room for it among other nations.

German Jewish hypocrisy

The Central Council of Jews in Germany also called the poem an “aggressive pamphlet of agitation”. I wonder: is it really aggressive to try to restrain an aggressor?

The German newspaper Die Welt, which apparently obtained an advance copy of Grass’s poem, published a response by the rabid Zionist Henryk Broder, the country’s most prominent Jewish writer. “Grass always had a problem with Jews, he has never been articulated it as clearly as he has in this poem,” Broder said, adding: “Grass has always had a tendency toward megalomania, but this time he is completely nuts.” I would expect Germany’s leading Jewish writer to come with something slightly more astute.

Broder, however, may be correct when he notes that Grass is “haunted by guilt and shame and also driven by the desire to settle history; he is now attempting to disarm the ‘cause of the recognizable threat’”.

History of courage

This is not the first time that Grass has criticized Israel. In an interview with Spiegel Online in 2001, he offered his own solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. “Israel doesn’t just need to clear out of the occupied areas,” he said at the time. “The appropriation of Palestinian territory and its Israeli settlements are also a criminal activity. That not only needs to be stopped – it also needs to be reversed. Otherwise there will be no peace.”

Broder contends that such a statement is “no less than a demand for Israel not just to cede Nablus and Hebron, but also Tel Aviv and Haifa”. He continues: “Grass does not differentiate between the ‘occupied areas’ of 1948 and 1967.”

Needless to say, from an ethical perspective, Grass is correct: there is no difference between 1948 and 1967. The Jewish state located itself on historic Palestine at the expense of the Palestinian people. I guess that Grass understood back in 2001 that the Jews-only state must be transformed into a “state of its citizens”.

Israel should embrace the true notion of peace, universalism and inclusiveness. But I guess that we shouldn’t hold our breath for it is not going to happen anytime soon.

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Mondoweiss Online Newsletter


Political farce

Apr 05, 2012

Annie Robbins

Israeli forces evict settlers in Hebron K818JRB9 x large
Israeli forces evict settlers in Hebron

So much for the showdown accompanied with glaring headlines plastered all over the MSM yesterday. In a political dance that is making my head spin, on orders from Defense Minister Ehud Barak, settlers were evicted from the building in the heart of Hebron yesterday while Netanyahu was announcing new housing tenders for hundreds of new dwellings as well as authorizing retroactive legalization of three illegal outposts! What a set up!

Connecting these illegal outposts to existing settlements solidifies Israel’s clutch on more Palestinian land. With the distraction of the inflammatory settler encroachment into the heart of Hebron and those settlers’ eviction grabbing the world’s attention under the guise of ‘the rule of law,’ are we supposed to not notice who just won out here? The settlers!

Is this an election season gambit? There’s more here than meets the eye.

Isabel Kershner NYT:

Israeli police and border officers swiftly evicted a group of Jewish settlers from a contested house in the volatile West Bank city of Hebron Wednesday on the orders of the minister of defense, officials said, though at the same time, the Israeli government signaled strong support for more Jewish settlement in areas it captured in the 1967 war.

Among the signs of official support, the Ministry of Housing posted new tenders on its website for plots for the construction of more than 800 new apartments in Har Homa, a Jewish development across the 1967 lines in south-east Jerusalem, and in Givat Zeev, a settlement north of Jerusalem in the West Bank.
In a move that appeared aimed at mollifying the settlers, but that is likely to infuriate Palestinians, Netanyahu said shortly before the Hebron eviction that he had asked the attorney general to “find a solution’’ for a neighborhood of the Beit El settlement that was built without proper permits and is supposed to be demolished by court order by May 1.

He said he also intended, together with the defense minister, to see the necessary permits to retroactively legalize three other West Bank settler outposts that went up without authorization.


In a rare note of discord within Mr. Netanyahu’s governing coalition, rightist ministers blamed the defense minister, Ehud Barak, for ordering the eviction, accusing him of trying to set the government’s agenda. Mr. Barak leads a small centrist faction in a government that is otherwise dominated by right-wing and religious parties.

Amos Harel in Haaretz explains the political infighting and maneuvering:

Wednesday’s headlines declared otherwise, but the final countdown has begun. The hullabaloo surrounding the eviction of the house in Hebron reveals that Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition partners sense that elections can’t be far off.

While Netanyahu confidently claims he won’t call early elections, his government is losing control. Likud ministers and MKs were quick to show their solidarity with the settlers in Hebron, and the defense minister wasted no time in sending the police’s Special Patrol Unit to evict the invaders before Passover. Meanwhile, Likud ministers swiftly slammed Defense Minister Ehud Barak, conveniently playing down the prime minister’s role in authorizing the eviction.


Netanyahu was quick to declare his commitment to the rule of law, but in the same breath he said he would legalize three illegal outposts by connecting them to existing settlements. Still, Likud ministers from Limor Livnat to Ya’alon wasted no time in attacking Barak; Ya’alon said the defense minister had manipulated Netanyahu. Barak associates countered by accusing Ya’alon of “very peculiar behavior.”


The problem is that the legal problems with the settlers won’t go away. Barak promised the High Court of Justice to empty several large apartment buildings in Beit El by May 1, while Netanyahu said yesterday he would seek a way to legalize them. And the Migron problem is yet to be solved.

Color me suspicious, but the upshot of this one-week-long dance with the Hebron house settlers is that the world is left with the impression of Israeli forces easily overpowering settlers who bend at the government’s will, as opposed to being militant fanatics screaming and clutching in the civil war between military and settlers we thought was inevitable). But as Israel stages this showpiece of following the rule of law…what do we get but illegal outposts now cloaked in legality.

Had the GOI just announced it was grabbing a whole bunch more land it would have been problematic, it wouldn’t have left the impression there was some kind of ‘balance and compromise’. It almost seems like there was political cooperation going on.

A wall

Apr 05, 2012

Rawan Yaghi

Separation wall

It’s funny there’s a sidewalk here. I walked with my finger tips touching the huge blocks of the great, made-to-scare-me wall. I didn’t look at the graffiti; I know it very well. The sky was halfway eaten by the wall, and the sun was no better. I stumbled with a stone, which was probably thrown by some of my friends yesterday. I sat down where I stumbled and grabbed the stone, stared at it for a minute, and threw it to the other side of the wall. I listened for an aw, a curse word, footsteps , a call, a whisper, or a gun shot. Nothing. I kept on walking. It didn’t seem to end. My finger tips were now colored with all dry paint colors. I stopped. Turned my face to the wall. Put both my hands on it. I pushed. I kept pushing, my arms straight, my teeth stressed, my legs rooted to the ground, the paint of the graffiti’s smell going through my lungs, the man on the other sidewalk stopping to see what will come out of this. My feet started backing the other way. A sound from inside me broke out to a scream. I collapsed to the ground crying. And, the man on the other sidewalk giggled and went on walking.

(Crossposted at Rawan Yaghi’s blog I Am)

Israeli forces attempt to arrest 2-1/2-year-old Palestinian

Apr 05, 2012

Today in Palestine

Israeli forces attempt to arrest 2-year-old Palestinian child, Linah Alsaafin
Mo’men Shtayeh probably owns a John Cena shirt, the WWE wrestler who the Palestinian kids hero worship, their shrill voices echoing in neighborhood streets of Cena’s catchphrase, “You can’t see me!” accompanied with waving a hand in front of their faces. Mo’men Shtayeh has seen and knows too much. There is a chance—nay, a probability— that due to witnessing the Israeli army’s brutality and severe oppression in his village of Kufr Qaddoum, Mo’men might have grown up to be a warmongering Islamist (or perversely, a Tea Partier). Mo’men Shtayeh represents a threat to the security of the Israeli racist occupying state. Apparently, it is well known that due to his savvy nature, Mo’men has been involved in drawing up specialized blue prints to attack enemy bases. So it all makes perfect sense that the most moral army in the world, the Israeli Defense Forces, the 4th strongest army, the upholders of the beacon of democracy and godly light, tried to arrest Mo’men on Monday, April 2nd. The thing is, Mo’men is two-and-a-half years old.
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Ethnic Cleansing / Land Theft & Destruction / Theft of Resources / Refugees / Exile

New Tenders in Har Homa C Aiming at the Two States Solution
It seems to me that Netanyahu decided really to kill the two states solution. He continues with his plan to bloc between Bethlehem and the southern Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem so that no Palestinian capital will be able to be established in East Jerusalem. Today (4/4/12) Tenders for 800 housing units wereissued in Har Homa C, and another 72  in Har Homa Blink to

Israel Plans Theft of 10% More West Bank Land, Stephen Lendman
Israel occupies Gaza, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank illegally. Its settlements, closed military zones, tourist sites, and commercial areas control over 40% of the West Bank, including its most valued resource rich parts – notably water. Its expanding settlements steal more. When completed, its Separation Wall will control about 12% of the West Bank. In 2004, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled it illegal.
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Uprooting 30,000 Bedouin in Israel, Neve Gordon
‘It is not every day that a government decides to relocate almost half a per cent of its population in a programme of forced urbanisation,’ Rawia Aburabia asserted, adding that ‘this is precisely what Prawer wants to do.’ The meeting, which was attempting to coordinate various actions against the Prawer Plan, had just ended, and Rawia, an outspoken Bedouin leader who works for the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, was clearly upset. She realised that the possibility of changing the course of events was extremely unlikely and that, at the end of the day, the government would uproot 30,000 Negev Bedouin and put them in townships. This would result in an end to their rural way of life and would ultimately deprive them of their livelihood and land rights.
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Settlers pitch tent near Machpelah house
Settlers who claim they are rightful owners of Hebron property say they will remain in tent until allowed to reenter home.
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Israel’s Finance Minister: Financial assistance to settlements grew significantly during my term
Yuval Steinitz says ministry had to compensate for construction freeze and ‘discrimination’ against settlements due to international pressure.
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Lieberman: IDF eviction of Hebron settlers could threaten stability of Netanyahu coalition
Foreign Minister criticizes conduct of Defense Minister Ehud Barak; says Yisrael Beiteinu has made decisive efforts to keep coalition together.
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Palestinians deny sale of Machpelah house
Palestinian family who lived in contested Hebron property says it never sold it to anyone; settlers forged ownership papers.
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Palestinians, leftists try to take over Hebron house
Security forces evacuate 20 Palestinians, left-wing activists from house located one kilometer from Machpelah house. Palestinians: We have permit from Civil Administration.
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Army Constructs Outpost On Mt. Olive
Fkahri Abu Thiab of the Wadi Hilweh Information Center in Silwan, in occupied East Jerusalem, stated that Israeli soldiers have concluded the establishment of an outpost near the “Seven Arches Hotel” on Mount Olive, in occupied East Jerusalem, the Palestine News & Info Agency, WAFA, reported.
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Israel causes $66 million worth of damage to EU-funded aid projects, Charlotte Silver
new report by the European Commission indicates that 82 humanitarian aid projects that it funded in the West Bank and Gaza Strip were destroyed or damaged by Israeli military attacks between 2001-2011.
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‘Prawer Plan’ to uproot Bedouins shows folly of the phrase ‘democratic Israel’, Alex Kane
Peter Beinart’s pro-settlement boycott article in the New York Times has rightly been critiqued from the left for ignoring the fact that “Israel is only a ‘genuine democracy’ for its Jewish citizens,” as Adam Horowitz put it . A close look at the Israeli government’s Prawer Plan, which calls for the forced relocation of tens of thousands of citizens of Israel, further shows why the notion of a “democratic Israel” is a farce.

Kifl Hares and the Settler Partying
Kifl Hares is a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank, located six kilometers west of Salfit and 18km south of Nablus in the Salfit Governorate, northwest of the illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel.
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Look How Unequally Water Is Divided In The Middle East
IsraelTHE southern provinces on Lebanon’s border with Israel fare worse than the rest of the country by most measures. Water is one thing in short supply. Swathes of fertile farming land sit idle. Officials say the lack of water is partly to blame for the region’s underdevelopment. While Lebanon as a whole has water in abundance, the south’s rivers are shared with Israel which gets the lion’s share. This is nothing new, but a new study has sketched out the extent of the imbalance for the first time.
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UNRWA deletes 169,000 Palestinian refugees from its records
The organisation for Palestinian refugees and their right of return, Thabet, has expressed grave concern that the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) has deleted 169,000 refugees from its records for 2011. Thabet condemned the move. In a statement sent to Quds Press, the organisation explained that the statistics at the beginning of 2011 noted the details of 4,797,724 registered refugees, whereas the records for 2010 had included 4,966,664. The details of 168,940 registered refugees are missing. Thabet said, “The names of 19,219 refugees from Lebanon, 9,024 refugees from Syria, 19,886 refugees from Jordan, 211 refugees from Gaza and 121,023 refugees from the West Bank have been removed.”
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Relatives of released hunger-striker travel to Gaza
GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The family of deported former prisoner Hana Shalabi arrived in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday to visit her in hospital, after she spent 43 days on hunger strike in jail.  Shalabi’s mother, father, and uncle traveled to the coastal strip via the Rafah crossing with Egypt, and visited Shalabi in Al-Quds hospital in Gaza City, a Ma’an correspondent said. Shalabi, 29, is from Burqin village in the northern West Bank. She arrived in the Gaza Strip on Sunday under a deal to end her hunger strike protesting Israel’s administrative detention policy.
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Syria War Triggers Rifts in Palestinian Camps in Lebanon
The camps are becoming “more and more of a battlefield” between those who are for or against the Assad regime in Syria.
Gaza Siege

Palestinian Authority supplies fuel to Gaza
Fuel began arriving in Gaza on Wednesday as per a new deal between the territory’s Hamas government and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, an official said. “Tanks of fuel holding 45,000 liters each entered through the Kerem Shalom crossing this morning,” Raed Futuh, the coordinator on the Palestinian side of the crossing, told AFP. “We’re expecting about 430,000 liters of industrial fuel for the electricity plant today,” he added.
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Abu Salmiya: Palestinian patients in Gaza in danger of death
Palestinian patients in the Gaza Strip are in danger of death due to the continued power crisis in the enclave for the second month running, Adham Abu Salmiya said.
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Israeli Violence and Raids

Video: Israeli Army Invades and Closes University Community Media Center
For the second time in two months, the Israeli authorities have invaded, searched and prevented the functioning of Al-Quds University’s Institute of Modern Media. This time, they prevented skype contact for an event taking place simultaneously in Jerusalem and Ramallah. Today, at 12:55 pm local time, plain clothes police arrived at the offices of the Institute of Modern Media, at Al-Quds University, in the old city of Jerusalem. University faculty and students and invited guests had gathered at the location to launch Hona Al-Quds (“Jerusalem is Here” an online multi-media community network focusing on Jerusalem. After mingling with the guests for about fifteen minutes, without any warning, the police locked the office doors, shutting some guest inside and some outside, ransacked the offices, and collected the identification documents of all those inside the building. The building was by that time surrounded by soldiers. They presented those outside with an order in Hebrew, signed by the Israeli Minister for Internal Security, forbidding the launch event on the grounds that it was a “PA” event, i.e. organized by the Palestinian Authority. This was despite the fact that Honaalquds is clearly a part of Al-Quds University, since 1996, recognized as an independent NGO by the Israeli authorities. The Israelis arrested two Al-Quds University employees: Adel Ruished, Administrative Director of Jerusalem Affairs, and Mohannad Izheman, University security guard. Since then, Mr Izheman has been released with a summons to return tomorrow and Mr Ruished is being held at the central Israeli police station.
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Israeli forces raid Kafr Qaddum
QALQILIYA (Ma’an) — Israeli forces raided the northern West Bank village of Kafr Qaddum before dawn on Thursday and detained locals and two police officers, witnesses said. Witnesses said soldiers detained police officers Thaer Shteiwi, 38, and Riyad Shteiwi, 38, and 18 other residents including four minors. An Israeli army spokesman said 10 villagers were detained and taken for security questioning. Locals told Ma’an that soldiers ransacked several homes during the raid and stole jewelry worth 8000 Jordanian dinars ($11,200) from Ata Shteiwi’s home.
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Investigate death, injuries from live firing during Land Day demonstrations in Gaza
B’Tselem wrote to the Military Police and the Military Advocate General Corps requesting they launch a Military Police Investigation into the death of a Palestinian demonstrator and the wounding of dozens of others when live ammunition was used against protesters during a Land Day demonstration in the Gaza Strip on Friday, 30 March 2012.
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Group leaks EU report on Israeli settler violence suppressed by Dutch government, Ali Abunimah
A European Union report on Israeli settler attacks against Palestinians, that was suppressed at the insistence of Dutch foreign minister Uri Rosenthal, has been published today by a nongovernmental group.
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Illegal Arrests by Israel and the PA / Administrative Detainees / Prisoner News

Israeli forces attempt to arrest 2-year-old Palestinian child, Linah Alsaafin
Mo’men Shtayeh probably owns a John Cena shirt, the WWE wrestler who the Palestinian kids hero worship, their shrill voices echoing in neighborhood streets of Cena’s catchphrase, “You can’t see me!” accompanied with waving a hand in front of their faces. Mo’men Shtayeh has seen and knows too much. There is a chance—nay, a probability— that due to witnessing the Israeli army’s brutality and severe oppression in his village of Kufr Qaddoum, Mo’men might have grown up to be a warmongering Islamist (or perversely, a Tea Partier). Mo’men Shtayeh represents a threat to the security of the Israeli racist occupying state. Apparently, it is well known that due to his savvy nature, Mo’men has been involved in drawing up specialized blue prints to attack enemy bases. So it all makes perfect sense that the most moral army in the world, the Israeli Defense Forces, the 4th strongest army, the upholders of the beacon of democracy and godly light, tried to arrest Mo’men on Monday, April 2nd. The thing is, Mo’men is two-and-a-half years old.
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IOF soldiers arrested 38 Palestinians in Nablus in March including 11 children
The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) arrested 38 Palestinians in Nablus province in March including 11 children, the Tadamoun foundation for human rights, said in a statement on Thursday.
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IOF soldiers arrest 20 Palestinians in Qalqilia village

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) stormed the village of Kafr Kaddoum in Qalqilia and rounded up 20 Palestinian citizens, local sources said.
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Quds Press calls on Israel to release its West Bank correspondent
Quds Press International News Agency has expressed its gravest concern over the fate of its West Bank correspondent, Muhammad Anwar Muna, after he was detained by the Israeli occupation forces yesterday. On Tuesday, Israeli forces raided the home of Mr Muna in the eastern suburb of Nablus and arrested him. A release from Quds Press condemned what it described as an ‘outrageous’ and unjustified act of aggression against the freedom of expression and the intimidation of the journalist’s family. The Agency’s statement added that it held the Israeli authorities responsible for the safety and wellbeing of its journalist, who it says is renowned for his professionalism.  It called for his immediate release.
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Female journalist in PA jail carried to hospital
Palestinian journalist Esmat Abdulkhaleq, who has been held in PA custody for a week, was rushed to hospital after her health deteriorated.
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CPJ condemns arrest of Palestinian journalists
BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — The Committee to Protect Journalists on Wednesday condemned the Palestinian Authority’s recent arrest of journalists who challenged the government, calling it “anti-press” behavior. “It is ironic that Palestinian leaders, who for years have benefited from independent media coverage, should now try to stifle their own critical journalists,” said CPJ deputy director Robert Mahoney. “The Palestinian Authority should stop muzzling journalists and scouring social media posts looking for critics to punish.” Yousef al-Shayeb, of the Jordanian daily Al-Ghad, was held for a week before a court ordered his release on bail. Tariq Khamis, of Zaman press, was briefly held for questioning about a separate case.
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What happens when a Palestinian journalist dares criticize the Palestinian Authority?, Amira Hass
Palestinian journalist Yusuf Al-Shayeb dared raise suspicions of corruption at the PA’s mission in France. Now he languishes in a Ramallah cell.
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Captives on hunger strike transferred to solitary
As a punishment for his hunger strike, the Prison Administration transferred him two days ago from the Zionist Megiddo Prison to solitary confinement and fined him NIS 1,000 for each day of strike.
MP Beitawi dies in hospital after IOA refused his travel abroad for treatment
MP Hamed Al-Beitawi died in Makased hospital in occupied Jerusalem on Wednesday after the Israeli occupation authority refused to allow him travel for medical treatment in Jordan.
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IOA renews administrative detention of Hamas MP
The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) on Tuesday renewed the administrative detention of Al-Khalil MP Hatem Qufaisha for six months.
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19 year old released from prison
Yousef Abu Hashem was yesterday released after six months in prison. He was arrested in October 2011, in the middle of the night by brutal soldiers with dogs, most likely because of his active participation during demonstrations in Beit Ommar. Yesterday he was back with his own family and friends. The car he was riding in joined a cortege of cars with flags and fireworks waiting for him two hundred meters inside Beit Ommar. They continued up the main street with noise from fireworks, shouting and car horns, then doing a lap of honor up-town before driving down towards the house of the young man’s family.
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Solidarity / Activism / Popular Protests

International symposium on Palestinian prisoners held in Gaza
An international symposium on the thousands of Palestinians still detained in Israeli jails has been held in Gaza. The event was attended by European parliamentarians, human rights activists and journalists, in addition to Arab experts on prisoners’ affairs. The European Network for the Defence of Palestinian Prisoners’ Rights, which organised the symposium, said that the European delegation was joined by other international researchers specialising in the law, detention and torture. The agenda included discussions on Palestinian political prisoners and detainees, the arrest of MPs, the detention of children and women, the physical and psychological torture of Palestinian prisoners, and the international movement for solidarity with the prisoners.
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Pro-Palestinian groups plan April 15 mass arrival in Israel
‘More than 1,000 activists with European and other passports intend to fly to Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport for a Land Day event,’ organizer tells Haaretz.
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Swedish activists plan new Gaza convoy
‘Ship to Gaza Sweden’ says will launch aid convoy by year’s end in protest of blockade imposed on Strip
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AICafe 5.4: Resistance from within with Israeli activist Sahar Vardi
Please join us at the AICafe on Thursday 5 April at 8.00 p.m. for a presentation and discussion about Resistance from Within with Israeli activist Sahar Vardi.
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Anti-Zionist rabbis visit southern Lebanon, following invitations from pro-Palestinian activists.

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BDS / Anti-BDS

Palestinian Appeal: Boycott INjustice Conference at Hebrew U!
The Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) urges international legal scholars and professionals to boycott the Minerva Jerusalem Conference on Transitional Justice.
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“Sí, se puede!” : Palestinian civil society salutes US Chicano/Latin@ youth for their principled stand in support of BDS
At the 19th annual national conference of M.E.Ch.A. (Movímíento Estudíantíl Chícan@ de Aztlán), the largest association of Latin@ youth in the US, chapter leaders voted by a landslide decision to endorse the global call for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) on Israel, due to its military occupation and settlement of Palestine.
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Antony Lowenstein lecture at Sydney’s Israeli Apartheid Week 2012
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BDS Update: Israel’s Ides of March, Eric Walberg – Cairo
Israeli land confiscations accelerated in the 1970s and led Palestinians to organise the first coordinated demonstrations in the Occupied Territories on 30 March 1976, during which 6 Palestinians were killed. This date has been marked ever since as “Land Day”. The secret Interior Ministry Koenig Memorandum, written shortly after the 1976 Land Day rallies, called for “diluting existing Arab population concentrations” to “ensure the long-term Jewish national interests”. This officially marked the implementation of Ben Gurion’s plans of ethnic cleansing to make Israel a de facto Jewish state. Treatment of native Arab Muslims and Christians ever since merely confirms this policy, with forced Jewish loyalty oaths and second class services and laws for non-Jews.
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Armed Resistance

Rocket From Sinai Lands in Israel
JERUSALEM — At least one rocket fired from the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt struck the southern Israeli resort city of Eilat overnight, causing alarm but no injuries, police officials said on Thursday. Residents reported hearing several explosions shortly after midnight, and bomb-disposal experts located one rocket that fell in an open area close to buildings in a residential neighborhood.
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Racism and Discrimination

Teenagers abuse refugee, film act
Five teenagers suspected of savagely beating refugee in abandoned Jaffa house. Video of act found on one of the suspects’ cell phone.
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In an exclusive holiday interview, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blames ‘monopolies and cartels’ – and government – for the increases in food prices.

Other News and Developments

ICC Prosecutor statement: Fears over justice for Gaza victims
A “dangerous” statement by the office of International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor that it cannot consider allegations of crimes committed during the 2008-9 Gaza conflict means Palestinian and Israeli victims seem likely to be denied justice, Amnesty International said. The Office of the Prosecutor today said that it cannot consider allegations of crimes committed during the conflict unless the relevant UN bodies or ICC states parties determine that the Palestinian Authority is a state. “This dangerous decision opens the ICC to accusations of political bias and is inconsistent with the independence of the ICC. It also breaches the Rome Statute which clearly states that such matters should be considered by the institution’s judges,” said Marek Marczyński, Head of Amnesty International’s International Justice campaign.
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Shady Companies With Ties to Israel Wiretap the U.S. for the NSA
Army General Keith Alexander, the director of the NSA, is having a busy year — hopping around the country, cutting ribbons at secret bases and bringing to life the agency’s greatly expanded eavesdropping network. In January he dedicated the new $358 million CAPT Joseph J. Rochefort Building at NSA Hawaii, and in March he unveiled the 604,000-square-foot John Whitelaw Building at NSA Georgia. Designed to house about 4,000 earphone-clad intercept operators, analysts and other specialists, many of them employed by private contractors, it will have a 2,800-square-foot fitness center open 24/7, 47 conference rooms and VTCs, and “22 caves,” according to an NSA brochure from the event. No television news cameras were allowed within two miles of the ceremony.
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German Nobel laureate Guenter Grass’ new poem: Nuclear Israel is a threat to world peace
Grass publishes a poem criticizing Israel’s role in the Israel-Iran conflict; the poem, called ‘What must be said’ will be published in newspapers around the world on Wednesday.
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Israel’s Netanyahu to meet Palestinian PM Fayyad
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet next week with Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad, Israeli and Palestinian officials said on Wednesday.
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Abbas to accuse Netanyahu government of undermining Palestinian Authority

Barak Ravid – Haaretz – According to both Israeli and Palestinian sources, an envoy headed by Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad will deliver the letter, which places responsibility for the freeze in negotiations on Israel, during a meeting with Netanyahu over the Passover holiday.
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Israeli Parallel Universe: ‘Arabs should accept responsibility for Jewish refugees’

Deputy FM Daniel Ayalon urges Arab world to acknowledge historic liability for displacing Jews who once lived in Arab nations; creating Palestinian refugee problem by warring with Israel.
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Israeli, Palestinian negotiators meet in Jordan
Amman’s Foreign Ministry says Yitzhak Molcho, Saeb Erekat resume preliminary peace talks in effort to break deadlock.
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Jordan’s crown prince holds secret visit to Temple Mount
King Abdullah’s eldest son escorted around Temple Mount by Israeli security forces, may also visit Cave of Patriarchs.
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Analysis / Op-ed / Human Interest

The Arab spring has shaken Arab TV’s credibility,  Ali Hashem
Their biased coverage is undermining viewers’ faith in the Middle Eastern satellite channels that sprang up in the 1990s and 2000s. Twenty-two years ago my father, a Lebanese immigrant in Sierra Leone, bought a huge satellite dish with tens of channels to replace the radio that we had used to listen to the BBC’s Arabic service. I was only 10 at the time but I remember people gathering at our place to see CNN’s coverage of Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. People always saw CNN as representing America, but still they wanted to know what was happening. This continued with the US-led intervention to liberate Kuwait.
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The Decline of Political Islam in the Arab World, Asad AbuKhalil
After more than one year of political transformation in the Arab world, it is not premature to declare the beginning of decline of the Arab Islamists.
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Dear Abu Mazen: End This Farce!
Do not hesitate for a moment! Do not accept the request of President Obama, who merely wants to be left undisturbed before election day. Do not let Prime Minister Netanyahu hide behind the fig leaf of the Palestinian Authority — impose upon him, once again, the responsibility for the fate of 4 million Palestinians. Remain as the head of the Palestine Liberation Organization, which will give you the authority to lead the political negotiations if and when they resume.
But for the sake of your own people, and for the sake of peace, you cannot let this farce continue.
“ICC was a hoax from the start”: How the rules were broken to deny justice to Israel’s victims in Gaza, Ali Abunimah
The International Criminal Court (ICC) “was a hoax from the start.” So said Michael Mandel, a professor at Osgoode Hall Law School at York University in Toronto, in response to the ICC Prosecutor’s shocking decision yesterday to refuse jurisdiction over Gaza war crimes without even referring the matter to judges.
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ICC Office of the Prosecutor decides not to open investigations into situation of Palestine.  The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) issued a statement Wednesday expressing its extreme disappointment following the decision by the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court (ICC) not to open an investigation on the situation in Palestine.
ICC Absolves Israeli Lawlessness, Steve Lendman
Established by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) on July 1, 2002, it’s mandated to prosecute individuals for genocide and aggression, as well as crimes or war and against humanity. Instead, it functions solely as an imperial tool. It supports wealth and power. It targets independent states Washington and other Western nations oppose. In the process, it lets America and rogue NATO powers get away with murder.
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My local MP, Henry Bellingham, is a Foreign Office minister whose responsibilities include the United Nations, the International Criminal Court and conflict resolution. I take this to mean he’s tasked with keeping the British Government on the straight-and-narrow as regards international law, with ensuring dutiful conformity with the UN’s Charter and numerous resolutions, with saving our warmongering hotheads from the calaboose in The Hague, and with treading the path of peace at all times.
The IDF calls it ‘the escalation of means’. That is: the use of all the Alfa (riot control measures) in the arsenal.  They also call it ‘non-lethal weapons’. The first are the stun grenades; one of these non-lethal grenades landed less than half a meter away from me. It wasn’t a “direct shot”. Afterwards, it was time for the rubber bullets, which are also a “non-lethal weapon” that had killed not once and not twice before, and that on that day had injured tens of those participating in the demonstration. Then the gas grenades came. And as finale, for pudding, they brought in the worst of them all, ‘Skunk’.

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‘German GQ’ gets a political story American media have ignored: Palestinian youth, Allison Deger 
“Hidden from the news cycle of endless peace negotiations and fears of impeding violence in the region, non-aligned political activists are perfecting forms of civil disobedience,” writes Joseph Dana for the April 2012 issue of German GQ magazine. Dana continues, the new youth movement believes these demonstrations “will form the backbone of the next chapter in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.” For his article, titled “Spring in Palestine,” Dana tagged along in the West Bank with Palestinian activists Diana Alzeer and Fadi Quran. Alzeer is a Ramallah-based organizer with a devoted Twitter following under the handle @ManaraRam and Fadi Quran (@FadiQuran) is the Stanford graduate who is best known for participating in thePalestinian Freedom Rides with the long-time Palestinian human rights advocate, Huwaida Araf.
The extreme left is whoever endeavors toward a single state – the plundering settlers, the establishment that embraces them and the majority of Israelis, who do not lift a finger to stop them.

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What Marwan Barghouti Really Means to Palestinians,  Ramzy Baroud
Last week Marwan Barghouti, the prominent Palestinian political prisoner and Fatah leader, called on Palestinians to launch a ‘large-scale popular resistance’ which would ‘serve the cause of our people.’ The message was widely disseminated as it coincided with Land Day, an event that has unified Palestinians since March 1976. Its meaning has morphed through the years to represent the collective grievances shared by most Palestinians, including dispossession from their land as a result of Israeli occupation.  Barghouti is also a unifying figure among Palestinians. Even at the height of the Hamas-Fatah clashes in 2007, he insisted on unity and shunned factionalism. It is no secret that Barghouti is still a very popular figure in Fatah, to the displeasure of various Fatah leaders, not least Mahmoud Abbas, who heads both the Palestinian Authority and Fatah.. Throughout its indirect prisoners exchange talks with Israel, Hamas insisted on Barghouti’s release. Israel, which had officially charged and imprisoned Barghouti in 2004 for five alleged counts of murder – but more likely because of his leading role in the Second Palestinian Intifada – insisted otherwise.
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Palestinian Hunger Strikers for Justice, Stephen Lendman
Hana Shalabi’s ordeal highlights what many others endured previously and dozens do now. Only they know the physical and emotional toll. Who else understands the willingness to die for justice? Who’ll suffer and risk it? Who’ll challenge an implacable foe unconcerned if they live or die? Hana, Khader Adnan, and many others risk everything to live free. They confront injustice courageously for it. They’re willing to die without it. What greater sacrifice than that! What better reason to lend support and honor them. Thousands of Hanas and Khaders rot in Israeli gulags. Recovering from his ordeal, Israel promised to free Khader on April 17, Palestinian Prisoners Day. More on it below. Free or in prison, tormenting Khader won’t end. Nor will Hana’s ordeal or other Palestinians persecuted by Israel’s racist oppression.
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Shebab vs the Wall at the Erez Crossing, Johnny Barber
On March 30, 1976, the Palestinian people declared a general strike and demonstrated against the Israeli confiscation of thousands of acres of land in the Galilee. The Israeli’s responded with violence, killing six unarmed Palestinian demonstrators and injuring hundreds. Every year Land Day is commemorated in Palestine in remembrance of those who would rise up to protect their land. On this Land Day, I was at Erez Crossing. Several hundred youth had managed to find their way around the Hamas policemen blocking the roads leading to Erez. At the crossing, they moved to within two hundred yards of the Israeli gate. There they found their path blocked by rows of concertina wire across the road. The shabab set fire to tires in the roadway and threw stones towards the Israeli wall, most falling into the roadway, well short of their target. Intermittently and without warning, the Israeli occupation forces open fire on the stone throwers. Each volley consists of one to three shots, and with each volley, young men fall. Others immediately retrieve them. Dozens of youth mob the wounded. Somehow they manage to carry them through the crowd and load them onto motorcycles where they are ferried to the Palestinian side of the crossing to waiting ambulances.

Leading sociologist says ‘the enemy’ includes ‘disloyal’ individualistic young Jews who push human rights, Philip Weiss
A year ago, an Israeli wrote a piece for Commentary asking whether young rabbinical students are turning on Israel, and last week J Street held an educators’ panel about rabbinical students, and by extension young Jews, questioning Israel. I wanted to pass along the following excerpts of the discussion because you will see how important “loyalty” to Israel is within the American Jewish community. Steven Cohen is the leading sociologist of changes in American Jewish attitudes towards Israel. And here he speaks of human-rights-oriented Jews as “disloyal” individualistic crazy enemies of the Jewish collective– meshugayim (I think; pardon my bad Yiddish).

Only 20% of American Jews Believe Israel is Important Part of Jewish Identity, Richard Silverstein
The news from the American Jewish community isn’t good as far as Israel is concerned (that is, if Israel even cares).  The Public Religion Research Institute, whose board chair is Rabbi David Saperstein, has conducted a wide-ranging survey (full report) of attitudes toward Jewish identity and Israel among American Jews.  If you’re a leader of the affiliated community or an Israeli who believes the Diaspora plays an important role related to Israel, then the news will be disturbing.  This poll follows on a ground-breaking one published by the dean of Jewish demographers, Steven Cohen, in 2007,Beyond Distancing.  I’ll be comparing these polls below to determine if there’s been a progression between the results of the earlier survey and the current one.
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The First Amendment Does Not Apply To Israel, MJ Rosenberg
It would be funny if it wasn’t so creepy. An author or journalist can write anything he wants about the United States — or, in fact, about any foreign country — without causing legions of critics to question the propriety of his doing so. That is, unless the subject of the author’s work is Israel. Think about it. Books have accused FDR of having advance knowledge of Pearl Harbor while others argue that the U.S. government — in the form of the FBI, CIA or even Vice President Lyndon Johnson — had President Kennedy killed. In other words, books that accuse U.S. presidents and U.S. government agencies of high treason are okay. This is America, and authors, journalists and bloggers can write what they like. (So long as it isn’t libelous.)
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Tear Gas in the Morning, Adam Horowitz
This is a motion comic pitch for the graphic novel Tear Gas in the Morning: A Story of Nonviolent Resistance. Tear Gas in the Morning is the story of Barbara Silverman, a Jewish-American artist volunteering as an activist and human rights worker in the West Bank. The story is loosely based around the authors’ own personal experiences and the experiences of real life Palestinians, Israelis and international volunteers. The story takes place primarily in the West Bank cities of Hebron and Ramallah. As in Art Spiegelman’s Maus, the nationality of the characters in Tear Gas in the Morning is key to understanding the story. Taking a cue from Mr. Spiegelman, we have decided to color Israelis blue, Palestinians red and foreigners purple.

At the heart of the debate over the settlements there was always this question: Whose side are we on – that of the Palestinian subjects of the occupation, or that of the state that oppresses them?

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The Gaza Kitchen cookbook recaptures lost history through food
Grilled sea bream, sour plums and citrus fruits were once the staples of the Gazan diet. In the evenings, families would gather around a plate of fried fish stuffed with dill, accompanied with fragrant, chilli-spiced rice. Now, the daily struggle to put food on the table has forced many Gazans to reinvent their cuisine.
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As of the last few days, Mr. AlKhawaja has given up glucose and thus has been hospitalized due to a significant deterioration in his health. Doctors have told his family they expect him to fall asleep into a permanent coma. The Bahraini authorities refuse to acknowledge the severity of Mr. AlKhawaja’s case. More than 50 rights groups have called for his release, yet there has been no response from the government.

Bahraini activist Abdulhadi Alkhawaja has been on a hunger strike for nearly 2 months to protest against the human rights violations of the Bahraini government, including his own life sentence for his role in the pro-democracy movement in Bahrain. The people of Bahrain are suffering and the U.S. has the power to do some

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Perfect case study of NYT echoing Washington on Iran


Posted: 05 Apr 2012


The role of real journalists is to question every allegation made by officials of whatever stripe.

If you work for the New York Times, however, you like to give anonymity to a motley collection of “American officials” to talk about allegedly malign Iranian influence on the world. Because of course Washington’s influence is so benign (Salon’s Glenn Greenwald has a few words to say about this, too).

Here’s the White House press release, or the New York Times:

Just hours after it was revealed that American soldiers had burned Korans seized at an Afghan detention center in late February, Iran secretly ordered its agents operating inside Afghanistan to exploit the anticipated public outrage by trying to instigate violent protests in the capital, Kabul, and across the western part of the country, according to American officials.

For the most part, the efforts by Iranian agents and local surrogates failed to provoke widespread or lasting unrest, the officials said. Yet with NATO governments preparing for the possibility of retaliation by Iran in the event of an Israeli attack on its nuclear facilities, the issue of Iran’s willingness and ability to foment violence in Afghanistan and elsewhere has taken on added urgency.

With Iran’s motives and operational intentions a subject of intense interest, American officials have closely studied the episodes. A mixed picture of Iranian capabilities has emerged, according to interviews with more than a dozen government officials, most of whom discussed the risks on the condition of anonymity because their comments were based on intelligence reports.

One United States government official described the Iranian Embassy in Kabul as having “a very active” program of anti-American provocation, but it is not clear whether Iran deliberately chose to limit its efforts after the Koran burning or was unable to carry out operations that would have caused more significant harm.

Iran has long faced a quandary in shaping an Afghan policy. It has wanted to target the Americans fighting in Afghanistan, and the best mechanism for doing that is the Taliban insurgency. But at the same time, Iran has little interest in the return of a Taliban regime. When they were in power, the Taliban often persecuted the Hazara minority, who, like most Iranians, are Shiite, and whom Iran supports.

What Iran has pursued more relentlessly is an effort to pull the Afghan government away from the Americans, a strategy that has included payments to promote Iran’s interests with President Hamid Karzai.

One American intelligence analyst noted that Iran had long supported Afghan minorities, both Shiite and Sunni, and had built a network of support among Hazaras, Uzbeks and Tajiks. Iran has exercised other means of “soft power,” the analyst said, opening schools in western Afghanistan to extend its influence. The Iranians have also opened schools in Kabul and have largely financed a university attached to a large new Shiite mosque.

Iran is thought to back at least eight newspapers in Kabul and a number of television and radio stations, according to Afghan and Western officials. The Iranian-backed news organs kept fanning anti-American sentiment for days after the Koran burnings.

How one-state solution is inevitable now


Posted: 05 Apr 2012


Gideon Levy in Haaretz on how the two-state solution in Israel/Palestine is long dead – thank you America, settlers, the Israeli government and the Zionist Diaspora – and there’s only one outcome now:

Even a dead body can sometimes twitch reflexively. Here we go again: The settlers have occupied another building. Their lawyer isn’t ashamed to boast about the deceptive way the property was acquired. The ministers make their pilgrimages. The defense minister pulls a surprise eviction. The right is furious, the remnants of the left utter praise, and even Europe and America seem satisfied – look, another settler real estate grab has been thwarted.

If it hadn’t involved the private property of an unfortunate Palestinian family it would have been one more laughable farce. If we weren’t talking about a hopeless rearguard battle there would be a reason for outrage.

But there’s no point in outrage now. Migron, Hebron, whatever – the war is over. The victor was declared long ago, the vanquished was defeated long ago, notwithstanding yesterday’s evacuation in Hebron. All that’s left is the reflexive twitching of the corpse: the targeted removal – a drop in the bucket – and a last gasp from the moribund left.

The part of Hebron under Israeli control, H2 under the 1997 Hebron Protocol, has for years been a ghost town, with hundreds of abandoned apartments and dozens of shuttered stores; a mute testament to the purest and most undeniable form of apartheid. But the “protest” continues: Another house on the wild prairie was saved.

But we could have given the settlers that house; it wouldn’t have changed anything. Let them have Migron, that won’t make or break anything either. Even the 50 homes in Beit El’s Ulpana neighborhood won’t change the bigger picture. The occupation is more entrenched than ever, its end more remote than ever, and the settlers have won in a stinging knockout.

It’s time to raise the white flag, to admit publicly that the two-state solution has been foiled. There’s no point in celebrating yesterday’s evacuation of Hamachpela House, because there are thousands of other buildings just like it. It doesn’t even pay to fight for the rule of law; if the state has the audacity to try to circumvent a ruling of the High Court of Justice, as it tried to with Migron, even that looks like a lost cause.

If the apartheid neighborhood in Hebron could not stir Israelis from their moral fog – and any decent person who visits there is shocked to the depths of their being – and if life goes on undisturbed, with no moral questions, even as this horror occurs in our own backyard, then what difference does another stolen house make? Let it go, let other houses go; the chance for a solution is long past.

Even the twitching of the dead are moving. The determination of organizations such as B’Tselem, Breaking the Silence and Gush Shalom not to surrender should evoke admiration here and abroad. But it’s hard to revel in them when they are fighting a final battle.

Hamachpela House was evacuated. But like its predecessor in Hebron – known variously as “Peace House,” “The Brown House or “Beit Hameriva” (“The House of Contention” ), which has stood empty for more than three years, and hundreds of abandoned homes whose sole occupants are the ghosts of justice and of Israeli democracy – its owners will presumably never be able to return to live there.

The battle for Hebron has been decided. All that remains is to ask what will replace the solution that was put to death. There will not be two states. Even a child knows the alternative: one state. There is no third option. Israel’s most radical left won. For years it said one state, even as we played with ourselves at two states. Now everyone says two states, in unison, only because they know that train has left the station, and the great train robbery was pulled off.

From now we need only take care with our definitions: The extreme left is whoever endeavors toward a single state – the plundering settlers, the establishment that embraces them and the majority of Israelis, who do not lift a finger to stop them.

The Palestinians, as everyone knows by now, aren’t going anywhere. There is even a handful of settlers that has begun talking about giving them citizenship. If this, too, is not a ruse, then this little group is openly reconciling with the great victory of Israel’s most extreme left.

The struggle? From now on it must focus on human rights. Yes, equal rights for everyone who lives in Greater Israel, just as you wanted.

What hardline Zionists don’t want young American Jews to think


Posted: 05 Apr 2012


The American Jewish community is slowly but surely becoming more willing to critically debate Israel’s brutal policies towards Palestinians. Norman Finkelstein, here interviewed by Haaretz, says occupying Israel has a problem on its hands:

“Nobody really defends Israel anymore,” he said in an interview. “If you go on college campuses, there are some Hillel faithfuls who are bringing an IDF soldier to try to explain that not all IDF soldiers are war criminals. And among the 60 to 100 people in the audience, there are Palestinian supporters who come with tape over their mouth, and when the soldier starts to speak, many people stand up and walk out.

“They’ve lost the battle for public opinion,” he says. “They claim it’s because American Jews know too little – I claim it’s because they know too much about the conflict, and young liberal Jews have difficulty defending the use of cluster bombs in Lebanon or supporting the Israeli settlements. I was bashing Israel in the past because nobody else was exposing its true record. Many people are doing it now, so I switched hats from a critic of Israel to a diplomat who wants to resolve the conflict. I have not changed, but I think the spectrum has moved.”

Finkelstein’s book is suprisingly optimistic about the chances of settling the confict, and about changing the debate, even among American Jewry. The tide of public opinion is turning against Israel, he says, and once support for Israeli policy becomes widely unacceptable in the United States, the “self-designated voices for Israel,” as he calls them, will quickly drop out. Meanwhile, American Jewish college students are having their eyes opened.

“The academic research on Israel is no longer the footnoted “Exodus,” and younger Jews, when they go to college, are walking away with very different picture of Israel,” he said. “And the American Jewish community that for a long time was a huge obstacle to resolving the conflict is breaking up. If you put forth a reasonable and principled goal, I think a resolution is possible. We might be entering the endgame, but one that might take a long time.”

Last night, Al-Jazeera’s The Stream (great show, by the way, that allows new voices to be heard in the international arena) tackled the American Jewish community and its young people not simply blinding defending Zionism:

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Reality and rhetoric in Afghanistan


Posted: 04 Apr 2012


Charles Glass in Harpers nails it:

The week of March 20 was supposed to have been Afghanistan’s first without private-security companies on its soil since the American invasion of 2001. However, a few months ago, the Afghan government delayed for a second time its implementation of Presidential Decree 62, promulgated in August 2010, which called for armed men not under government control to leave by the end of that year. The decree—which covers such notorious foreign contractors as Academi (formerly Xe Services and Blackwater), as well as Afghan ones that are often warlord-run militias branded as businesses—promised an end to the free-for-all that had characterized Afghan security for more than a decade. Lobbying by the American government and its allies persuaded President Hamid Karzai to extend the ostensibly non-negotiable deadline to March 20, however. This date has now passed, and nothing has changed.

The Afghan Public Protection Force (APPF), which consists of government policemen paid by private clients, is still waiting to assume responsibility for the security of development projects, military bases, supply convoys, and VIPs. BBC reports that the APPF has only 6,000 armed Afghans ready to take over these duties from the estimated 40,000 private-security men now in the country. Last September, senior Afghan official Ashraf Ghani told me that “the objective of establishing full Afghan control of security” was the government’s top priority. The state, he insisted, should have a monopoly on force in the country in order for it to be considered independent. His confidence that Decree 62 would be implemented was strong enough for him to tell me that, by this April, either APPF paramilitary police would be guarding all American bases or “the American soldiers themselves will not be there.” Instead, the American forces are still there, and the APPF isn’t. Nor is the APPF providing security for UN or USAID field projects.

With the deadline blown, the Afghan government is now granting extensions to Afghan and foreign security firms to remain in the country for up to ninety days. These extensions are renewable. Presidential Decree 62 is already riddled with more holes than a house blasted by a predator drone, with exceptions that allow for private embassy security and for military firms to rebrand themselves as “risk management” companies. The APPF itself has institutionalized these exceptions, by signing at least sixteen contracts with “risk management” businesses for the oversight of APPF guards. This sleight-of-hand does little more than subcontract the work of the APPF to private-security companies.

The Afghan state, already so weak that it cannot enforce building codes and property ownership rights in Kabul, is competing with NATO troops (whose actions it has condemned), the Taliban (which controls large parts of the country), warlords of the former Northern Alliance, and armed security guards from scores of companies that are unlikely to disappear soon. Decree 62, initiated to prove the government’s determination to provide national security, is instead demonstrating its impotence.

If India is the future, worry about its 1%


Posted: 04 Apr 2012


India is often heralded as the great hope of the democratic state in the 21st century.

Let the wonderful Arundhati Roy, writing in Outlookshow you otherwise:

Is it a house or a home? A temple to the new India, or a warehouse for its ghosts? Ever since Antilla arrived on Altamont Road in Mumbai, exuding mystery and quiet menace, things have not been the same. “Here we are,” the friend who took me there said, “Pay your respects to our new Ruler.”

Antilla belongs to India’s richest man, Mukesh Ambani. I had read about this most expensive dwelling ever built, the twenty-seven floors, three helipads, nine lifts, hanging gardens, ballrooms, weather rooms, gymnasiums, six floors of parking, and the six hundred servants. Nothing had prepared me for the vertical lawn—a soaring, 27-storey-high wall of grass attached to a vast metal grid. The grass was dry in patches; bits had fallen off in neat rectangles. Clearly, Trickledown hadn’t worked.

But Gush-Up certainly has. That’s why in a nation of 1.2 billion, India’s 100 richest people own assets equivalent to one-fourth of the GDP.

The word on the street (and in the New York Times) is, or at least was, that after all that effort and gardening, the Ambanis don’t live in Antilla. No one knows for sure. People still whisper about ghosts and bad luck, Vaastu and Feng Shui. Maybe it’s all Karl Marx’s fault. (All that cussing.) Capitalism, he said, “has conjured up such gigantic means of production and of exchange, that it is like the sorcerer who is no longer able to control the powers of the nether world whom he has called up by his spells”.

In India, the 300 million of us who belong to the new, post-IMF “reforms” middle class—the market—live side by side with spirits of the nether world, the poltergeists of dead rivers, dry wells, bald mountains and denuded forests; the ghosts of 2,50,000 debt-ridden farmers who have killed themselves, and of the 800 million who have been impoverished and dispossessed to make way for us. And who survive on less than twenty rupees a day.

Mukesh Ambani is personally worth $20 billion. He holds a majority controlling share in Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), a company with a market capitalisation of $47 billion and global business interests that include petrochemicals, oil, natural gas, polyester fibre, Special Economic Zones, fresh food retail, high schools, life sciences research and stem cell storage services. RIL recently bought 95 per cent shares in Infotel, a TV consortium that controls 27 TV news and entertainment channels, including CNN-IBN, IBN Live, CNBC, IBN Lokmat, and ETV in almost every regional language. Infotel owns the only nationwide licence for 4G Broadband, a high-speed “information pipeline” which, if the technology works, could be the future of information exchange. Mr Ambani also owns a cricket team.

RIL is one of a handful of corporations that run India. Some of the others are the Tatas, Jindals, Vedanta, Mittals, Infosys, Essar and the other Reliance (ADAG), owned by Mukesh’s brother Anil. Their race for growth has spilled across Europe, Central Asia, Africa and Latin America. Their nets are cast wide; they are visible and invisible, over-ground as well as underground. The Tatas, for example, run more than 100 companies in 80 countries. They are one of India’s oldest and largest private sector power companies. They own mines, gas fields, steel plants, telephone, cable TV and broadband networks, and run whole townships. They manufacture cars and trucks, own the Taj Hotel chain, Jaguar, Land Rover, Daewoo, Tetley Tea, a publishing company, a chain of bookstores, a major brand of iodised salt and the cosmetics giant Lakme. Their advertising tagline could easily be: You Can’t Live Without Us.

According to the rules of the Gush-Up Gospel, the more you have, the more you can have.

The era of the Privatisation of Everything has made the Indian economy one of the fastest growing in the world. However, like any good old-fashioned colony, one of its main exports is its minerals. India’s new mega-corporations—Tatas, Jindals, Essar, Reliance, Sterlite—are those who have managed to muscle their way to the head of the spigot that is spewing money extracted from deep inside the earth. It’s a dream come true for businessmen—to be able to sell what they don’t have to buy.

What’s the next capitalist car? Hamas?


Posted: 04 Apr 2012


Fascinating example of the corporate world trying to appropriate a political position (via Foreign Policy):

In 2003, Volkswagen launched its first ever SUV, the Touareg. ‘”Touareg” literally means “free folk” and is the name of a nomadic tribe from the Sahara,’” they wrote in a press release, explaining their decision to borrow the name of the nomadic North African ethnic group. “A proud people of the desert, the Touareg embody the ideal of man’s ability to triumph over the obstacles of a harsh land. To this day, they have maintained their strong character and self-reliance.”

The “strong character” of the Tuareg — as it’s more typically spelled — has been in the news lately. Tuareg rebels, formerly brought to Libya to be mercenaries for Muammar al-Qaddafi’s regime, have been steadily advancing though Northern Mali, capturing several military bases as well as the ancient city of Timbuktu. Believing themselves inadequately equipped to take on the heavily armed Tuareg fighters, a rogue group of Malian army officers overthrew the country’s president last week.

The nominally Muslim Tuareg are reportedly working with local Islamists who have instituted Sharia law on some of the captured towns. Oxfam says that in some parts of the country as much as 70 percent of the population is facing “acute food insecurity.”

I was curious as to whether, with the Tuareg in global headlines, Volkswagen was reconsidering its, in retrospect, odd, decision to name an SUV after an ethnic group that has been involved off-and-on in a low-level insurgency against the government of Mali and Niger since the 1960s. 

“I cannot comment on whether we would consider changing the name of the car. We are not politically involved with this tribe.  We don’t have an opinion on this yet,” said Christian Buhlmann, a spokesman for Volkswagen AG. “I wasn’t even aware of that situation until you told me about it,” he added.


My lecture at Sydney’s Israeli Apartheid Week 2012


Posted: 04 Apr 2012


I gave the following talk at the University of Sydney on 15 March:

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