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The Hymen Obsession: Inequality & Harassment in Egypt


Some ten years ago I went with my family to an Arab American convention in Washington DC, at the dinner table there was another Egyptian American family and their late teenage son & daughter who told us of their experience moving back to Egypt for a couple of years. The son loved it but the daughter complained bitterly of her experience in Egypt; I am sure you can guess why: sexual harassment! A year or so later, while on holiday in Egypt some total stranger scolded my daughter and her friend for their lack of head cover, he walked almost 50 Meters on a relatively deserted North Coast beach to deliver his little charming playful lecture leaving my daughter who was just recovering from major brain surgery and her, fresh off the plane American friend, distraught.

It is the same story over & over again everywhere in Egypt, sexual harassment! You can read warnings about it in guide books and we hear about it in the news and you could see it in sickening details in movies like Cairo Time  with young men chasing a woman the age of their mothers’. Egypt is ground zero for sexual harassment! ..but why? This is a question that perhaps trained sociologists are better qualified to answer. I can only throw few guesses, from the move to separation of boys & girls in education, increased religiosity and delays in marriage age to the general oppression that Egyptians have & continue to suffer from. As an Egyptian American I can see how I am treated in Egypt depending on which passport I produce be at an Airport or hotel. We Egyptians are treated with no dignity & respect by our police, our schools, our sport coaches and in turn we treat others with little or no dignity and respect. Often times the perceived weaker sex gets the worst of it.

Is it just that, or is more to it? My guess is that there is more to it, there is a fundamental, at best discriminatory, aspect to position of women in Egyptian culture; we are brought up with it, rich and poor, educated and illiterate, Muslim and Christian alike. It is a view of women as cross between a pet, object and a lesser being. I have memories of my mother pleading with A’am Naguib the father of our Christian servant child not to take her home to their village in south of Egypt to perform the tohor ” on the then 9 or 10 year old Attiat. “tohor” is a word meaning purification, the same word used for male circumcision. Few days later after that Coptic Easter little Attiat came back not able to walk, constantly bleeding after her “purification” I remember my mother scolding the father, but his face was beaming, he achieved something important. Genital mutilation has been imposed on most Egyptian women, to my knowledge only Bedouin Arab tribes representing about 1% of the population of Egypt have normally not engaged in mutilation of their women. Many of the brave Egyptian women on Facebook & Twitter and on the streets during the protests standing up to Mubarak’s police & thugs were mutilated as children  and some of the children of the current Facebook generation are destined to the same fate.

In Pre Islamic Arabia baby girls were buried alive at birth for fear of the shame they may bring upon their families as adults, was genital mutilation the Egyptian answer to the same dilemma? The shame that can be brought upon a family if their daughter or sister got pregnant could be averted by interfering and reducing the sexual pleasure of women through mutilation, so instead of burying newborn baby girls, keep them for cleaning and cooking and also be available for man’s sexual pleasure; perhaps the word “tohor” or purification now make a bit more sense. While men often complain of the sexual desire of their wives I suspect Egyptian men are not just whining, Chinese women had their feet forcibly molded to small size, Egyptian women have their sexual enjoyment forcibly curtailed or removed.

Egyptians, Muslims and Christians alike tend to be pious, devout and the vast majority highly observant of religious practice. To my knowledge Islam and Christianity both disapprove of sex outside of marriage and premarital sex is prohibited. I am, however, unaware of Islam or Christianity imposing stiffer bans or punishment on women than on men. Why is it that Egyptian families are happy and readily willing to send their young sons abroad for a semester or a post graduate education and more hesitant to send their daughters? Why do we Egyptian Americans tolerate or even approve our sons having girlfriends but freak out about our daughters having boyfriends? How many of us heard of Egyptian families shipping their daughters back to Egypt because they got “boy crazy” or were getting into that boyfriend stuff? In some cases whole families went back to Egypt or moved to some Arab Gulf country to escape the scary syndrome known as daughter’s boyfriend! The unequal application of what are essentially equal prohibitions is interesting to explore and dig into more to understand where it comes from; it is fundamental inequality drilled into us from birth.

In my own extended family over many years I have seen examples of discrimination against women as daughters, sisters and wives both dished out by men from my family and more often I have seen women relatives suffer at hands of husbands denying children visitation rights, denying divorce even where the husbands have taken second wives. Many Egyptians feel ashamed of discussing these horrible facts especially in English for fear it would damage the image of Egypt or Islam. Ask most non Islamist Egyptians on Twitter and they tell you they believe in equality, ask them if they are willing to marry a non virgin and then ask them if they have a problem with their sister or daughter having the same exact rights they had. We are not talking religions here, we are talking culture.

As a young father some 15 years ago, I was once about to leave on a long trip, I told my then 5 year old son, come on you are now the man of the house! The look on my daughter’s face, always competitive and nearly 18 months older stayed with me. I never repeated the words again; I caught myself falling into the trap of gender discrimination, what did I mean by “man of the house” was this innocent saying a harbinger for a new generation that discriminates against its women?

The Egyptian Jan25 Revolution showed amazing courage from Egyptian women starting from those who blogged and called for the protests to those who were in Tahrir for the 18 days that brought down Mubarak. Of the many amazing aspects of Jan25 was the reported absence or near absence of harassment in Tahrir; Egyptian women found their voice and place. Yet at the very same location, Tahrir Square, and almost one month after the fall of Mubarak, some 16 Egyptian women, who were protesting peacefully, were arrested, tortured and here it comes: subjected to the ultimate humiliation, state conducted mandatory virginity tests. CNN  reported an army officer stated that the tests were conducted to avoid accusations of rape against the army and that that none were found to be virgin. I would have thought that showing all of them to have been virgins, even if one or two were married, would have been the exoneration the army needed to show that no “rape” per se occurred, but clearly that was not the real objective of the cruel tests. The objective was the sexual humiliation and ultimately the shame of these women. Those who conducted this shameful operation were well aware of Egyptian hymen obsession. the term counter revolution has been used a lot in Egypt recently, rarely have I seen such a clear example of blatant criminal counter revolutionary behavior, a cruel and violent attempt to take back Tahrir from these brave honorable women .

A sexual revolution in Egypt is most certainly not a goal of mine, neither am I writing to advocate premarital sex and promiscuous society. Egypt has too many pressing problems to deal with and the damage of promiscuity in terms of teen pregnancy, single parent struggle, sky high divorce rate and family disintegration are there for all to see in US and elsewhere. What is my goal then? In simple terms it is equality and real fundamental women rights, not a sexual revolution but rather an honesty revolution that allows us to get into the roots of our social ills. No society can move forward without advancement for its women, no equality is possible without owning up to the current highly unequal status of those fellow humans born with hymens. It is thought leaders of the society, men and women, young men and young women those who made Jan25 possible, the Facebook & Twitter people who can lead the change, towards real equality, not lip service equality and certainly not promiscuity.

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Desecrated Graves


And the next question to be asked is why? Why do they  fake hate crimes against themselves? Do they like being chased?


THE GLOBAL ECONOMIC CRISIS: We cannot afford to remain powerless


Global Research,

In 2010, at the height of the financial crisis, Global Research published a highly-acclaimed book entitled The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century (Michel Chossudovsky and Andrew Gavin Marshall, Editors). Now in 2012, even the minority elite and their backpocket media pundits — who were pushing the public to believe that the crisis was over –can no longer deny that today’s economic outlook is far from healthy. 

This important volume, featuring 20 chapters by some of Global Research’s top contributors, is essential reading for those who want to truly understand how the public is being manipulated into poverty. We cannot afford to remain powerless.

In the words of our contributors:

“You want to read The Global Economic Crisis if you meet these criteria: you welcome information and analysis about critically important issues that come from great thinkers outside the mainstream media and publishing world; you can handle brain pain from detailed and brutally honest revelations; you are willing and able to challenge your own biases and preconceptions to let in new explanations of how the world really functions. If millions of Americans read this book, we would probably see a far stronger uprising against the political establishment that has refused to severely punish the countless guilty people in the financial, banking and mortgage sectors that brought down the US and global economic system.”

–Joel S. Hirschhorn (Click for full review)

“Made up of twenty essays organized into five topics, the Global Economic Crisis describes the genesis and development of the collapse in ways that exhibit how serious and intractable it is, and the editors have had the good sense to not indulge in any Pollyanna prescriptions of how it will all end up with the world being better off than it ever has been. They have also had the good sense not to present the crisis as a doomsday event. As such, they presents things in ways that show what went wrong and what needs to be fixed and leaves the fixing to us if we can generate the courage to fix them.”

–John Kozy (Click for full review)

“The Global Economic Crisis describes the big picture, the global macroeconomics that translate into high unemployment, massive foreclosures, drastic cuts in local governmental services, and bankruptcy for millions of individuals, and businesses large and small, worldwide. And the understanding of economics at the global level, not how to open a checking account or how to shop for an auto loan, is the financial literacy the public needs most.”

–Kéllia Ramares (Click for full review)

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Jack Straw Faces Civil Action Over Alleged Illegal Rendition Of Abdel Hakim Belhadj To Libya


PA/Huffington Post UK

Jack Straw

A Libyan military commander is taking legal action against Jack Straw following allegations the former foreign secretary personally permitted his illegal rendition.

Lawyers representing Abdel Hakim Belhadj confirmed legal papers had been served on the Labour MP after reports suggested he had signed documents that allowed the rebel to be sent back to his homeland in 2004.

Belhadj, 45, claims he had been living in exile in Beijing, China, before being detained with his wife Fatima while en route to the UK where they were trying to seek asylum.

He alleges they were sent back to Libya – which was under the rule of Muammar Gaddafi – and imprisoned and tortured.

The civil action, which is against Straw personally, seeks to examine his exact role in the rendition and claim damages from him for the trauma involved.

Belhadj’s lawyers Leigh Day & Co said they sent the MP a letter yesterday asking him to produce a number of documents.

They include papers mentioned in a Sunday Times article which alleged that Mr Straw signed off the rendition, as well as his diaries, memoirs and notes from March 2004 onwards.

Sami Al Saadi, who claims to have shared the same fate as fellow Libyan and Gaddafi opponent Belhadj, is also taking legal action against Straw.

Belhadj, a key military figure in the uprising that toppled Gaddafi last year, is already suing the Foreign Office and MI6.

He alleges that he was tortured by Gaddafi’s regime after being rendered back to Libya via British-controlled Diego Garcia in 2004.

The Metropolitan Police are already investigating the claims. British ministers have always denied any complicity in rendition or torture.

The Sunday Times reported at the weekend that Straw had been confronted about the his alleged role by MI6.

Sapna Malik, a partner at Leigh Day & Co, said: “We have said all along that liability must follow the chain of command.

“These latest revelations bring us closer to that goal. If the former foreign secretary does not now own up to his role in this extraordinary affair, he will need to face the prospect of trying to defend his position in court.”

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UK Unemployment: Women Out Of Work At Highest Level For 25 Years


The Huffington Post UK


Women Out Of Work

Female unemployment is at its highest in 25 years despite the overall fall in the figures.

The number of women out of work in the UK has reached its highest level in 25 years despite overall figures dropping, risking sending gender equality into reverse.

Britain’s jobless rate for the first three months to February 2012 dropped by 35,000, figures on Wednesday showed, but the number of women out of work rose by 8,000 to 1.14m – the highest figure since November 1987.

According to think tank the IPPR the number of women out of work has risen by 100,000 over the last year with 29% of unemployed women being unemployed for more than a year. Graeme Cooke, IPPR Associate Director, said it was one of the “worrying trends” behind Wednesday’s figures.

He told The Huffington Post that the “big worry” is the rise in female unemployment would send gender equality “into reverse.”

“Part of the reason that family income in the 1980s and 1990s rose across the board was because of a big rise in female employment.

“Generally, more women were able to advance their careers. But the big risk is that that doesn’t continue in the next decade, in fact it could go into reverse. That has massive implications for gender equality and also how households are going to improve their standard of living,” he said.

“If you see big declines in the female employment rate that has very long term impact.”

Andrew Sissons, researcher at The Work Foundation, said the rise may be due to men without a job moving into part-time work.

“Previously if there were part time jobs in health and education they would have gone to women, now there’s extra competition,” he told The Huffington Post.

“Women generally perform better in the labour market as a whole. But because there are more men looking for work than women, we’ve seen a shift, the recent trends are making it difficult for women.

“What’s happened in the last year or so is that things are starting to move against women.”

Unison general secretary Dave Prentis said women were “bearing the brunt” of cuts to public sector funding.

“The record number of people forced into part-time working is masking the sheer scale of unemployment. And women are again bearing the brunt of job cuts with the number unemployed going up by 8,000 to 1.14m.”

The rise in part-time workers also contributed to the drop in overall unemployment from 35,000 to 2.65m in the three months to February 2012.

Trade union leader Brendan Barber seized on the figures, saying: “While any rise in the number of jobs is welcome, the fact is that full-time employment is still falling and a record 1.4 million are now stuck in involuntary part-time work.”

Anna Bird, Acting Chief Executive of the Fawcett Society previously said that the approach to deficit reduction was “pushing women out of the workplace.”

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“RUNNING SHORT OF NEW TARGETS”: Israel’s Secret Service is “Cutting Back on Assassinations” in Iran
By Julie Lévesque

Global Research,

Contradicting a recent report in the UK’s authoritiative Sunday Times,  America’s Time Magazine, quoting unnamed senior Israeli intelligence officials suggests that Israel’s Secret Service the Mossad has, in recent months, been “cutting back” on covert operations inside Iran including the conduct of targeted assassinations.

Ironically, the Times and TIME contradict one another. The Sunday Times in its March 25 issue, stated that Israeli intelligence services had increased their covert activity at the Iranian Parchin military base, allegedly looking for evidence to the effect that Iran was building a nuclear weapon. These Israeli intelligence operations were carried out while Tehranwas negotiating with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The IAEA had  pressured the Iranians to authorize a visit at that very specific military base. (Julie Lévesque, Fabricating A “Smoking Gun” To Attack Iran? Israeli Spies Disguised as Iranian Soldiers on Mission Inside Iran, Global Research, March 27, 2012)

Another article called US steps up intelligence, sabotage missions in Iran published by The Hill on April 9 seems to corroborate the information revealed by The Sunday TimesThe Hill points to an increase of covert operations in the Islamic Republic by the CIA and its allies in the region. Since the closest U.S. ally in the region is Israel, one can assume that Mossad was participating in those sabotage missions.

Quoting The Washington Post, Carlo Munoz writing in The Hill reports that:

American intelligence agencies are ramping up intelligence and sabotage missions focused on Iran’s nuclear program, just as Tehran prepares to renew talks with Western powers over the effort.

Iranian officials are scheduled to meet with the so-called P5+1 group — the five permanent United Nations Security Council countries plus Germany — on Friday in Istanbul, Turkey, to discuss the country’s nuclear program […]

The CIA and other agencies have also ramped up sabotage missions in the country, geared towarddisrupting Iran’s ongoing nuclear work.

To do that, the agency has leaned upon its partnerships with allied intelligence services in the region to recruit operatives for intelligence and sabotage missions inside Iran, the Post reports.  (Carlo Munoz, US steps up intelligence, sabotage missions in Iran, The Hill, April 9, 2012.)

The Washington Post’s account further reveals that the “intelligence effort” was used to increase economic sanctions onIran:

The expanded intelligence effort has coincided with a covert campaign by the CIA and other agencies to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program and has enabled an escalation in the use of targeted economic sanctions by the United States and its allies to weaken Iran’s resolve […]

The CIA’s expanded efforts continued under director Leon E. Panetta, who built partnerships with allied intelligence services in the region capable of recruiting operatives for missions inside Iran, former intelligence officials said. (Joby Warrick and Greg Miller, U.S. intelligence gains in Iran seen as boost to confidence, The Washington Post, April 7, 2012.)

These two reports clearly cast doubt on the credibility of the TIME report, published on March 30 entitled Mossad Cutting Back on Covert Operations Inside Iran, Officials Say”.

According to the TIME account, the Mossad has reduced its operations in Iran, contradicting the reports of The Washington Post and The Sunday Times.

However, the most striking aspect of the conflicting TIME revelations is not the reduction of the Mossad’s covert activities in Iran, but rather the nature of the operations themselves, namely assassinations and attacks, about which TIMEreports in a very casual manner:

The reduction runs across a wide spectrum of operations, cutting back not only alleged high-profile missions such as assassinations and detonations at Iranian missile bases, but also efforts to gather firsthand on-the-ground intelligence and recruit spies inside the Iranian program, according to the officials. (Karl Vick, Mossad Cutting Back on Covert Operations Inside Iran, Officials Say, March 30 2012.)

Without evidence, Israel has casually been accusing Iran of being responsible for bomb attacks perpetrated recently inThailand and India, which claimed no lives but wounded 5 people. Rightfully so, these bombings were qualified as terrorist attacks.

However, in the TIME report cited above, assassinations and bomb attacks committed by Israel in Iran are not considered to be bona fide terrorist acts. A clear case of double standards.

The article focuses on the alleged reason for the cutbacks, namely the unfortunate consequences of the bombings and assassinations on Israel’s “public image”. While the reports acknowledges that the Mossad has been involved in assassinating Iranian nationals, among others, and committing bombings on Iranian soil, the criminal nature of these actions is never acknowledged:

Iranian intelligence already has cracked one cell trained and equipped by Mossad, Western intelligence officials earlier confirmed to TIME. The detailed confession on Iranian state television last year by Majid Jamali Fashid for the January 2010 assassination by motorcycle bomb of nuclear scientist Massoud Ali Mohmmadi was genuine, those officials said, blaming a third country for exposing the cell.

In that case, the public damage to Israel was circumscribed by the limits of Iran’s credibility […]

But that could change if the Islamic Republic produced a captured Israeli national or other direct evidence – something on the lines of the closed circuit video footage and false passports that recorded the presence of Mossad agents in the Dubai hotel where Hamas arms runner Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was found dead in his room in January 2010.

Some warn that the assassinations already run that risk. After the most recent killing, of nuclear scientist Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan in January, the United States “categorically” denied involvement in the death and issued a condemnation. Western intelligence officials say he was at least the third Iranian scientist killed by Mossad operatives, who lately are running short of new targets, according to Israeli officials[…] (Ibid.)

On the other hand, in a TIME article related to the bombings targeting Israeli nationals in India and Thailand and which were blamed on Iran, TIME was adamant on the definition of terrorism:

To be fair, there is no internationally agreed-upon definition of terrorism. But when bombs start going off, no parsing of words or twisting of definitions is going to stop people from concluding that terrorism has taken place. (Robert Horn, Thai Tourism Sector Must Face, Not Dismiss, the Threat of Terrorism, February 20, 2012.)

Israeli “terrorist team” arrested in Iran

These conflicting reports pertaining to the number of secret operations in Iran might be an indication that Israel and theU.S. are bluffing and leaking information as part of a psychological operation (PsyOp). But on April 10, the Iranian government claimed to have arrested an Israeli-backed terrorist team, without giving much detail:

The officials alleged the terrorists were funded and sponsored by Israel and were planning to attack nuclear scientists and nuclear sites in the country. The terror plan was foiled, the ministry officials were quoted by the state-run Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) as saying. (Stephen Manual, Israel-backed terrorist team arrested in Iran, All Voices, April 10, 2012.)

The alleged terror plan acknowledged by Tehran is broadly consistent with the covert operations detailed in the TIME. But the Iranians could also be bluffing.

If it is true and the Islamic Republic “produced a captured Israeli national or other direct evidence, as mentioned in the TIME report, this could expand the “limits of [Tehran’s ] credibility.” And that, could in turn, backlash on  Israel’s “public image”.


عناوين الصحف الاسرائيلية ZIONIST MEDIA

Posted By: Siba Bizri

Arabic Shoah Editor in Chief

هارتس, معاريف, يديعوت احرونوت.

****الصحف العبرية الثلاث الصادرة هذا الصباح تطرقت وباسهاب الى التطورات الحاصلة لاتمام صفقة غلعاد شاليط , حيث جاء بان اجتماع مصيري سيعقد في القاهرة هذا اليوم, يشارك فيه قياديون من حركة حماس في قطاع غزة بالاضافة الى قيادين حمساوين من دمشق, وكان رئيس الدولة شمعون بيرس الذي اجتمع امس في القاهرة مع الرئيس المصري حسني مبارك قد صرح, بان تقدما قد حصل في المفاوضات الجارية لاتمام الصفقة, بينما والد غلعاد وهو نوعم شاليط سيجري هذا اليوم سلسلة لقاءات مع وزراء في الكنيست, والدا شاليط يقومان بهذه الفترة الحساسة والعصيبة بحملة مصيرية من اجل مستقبل ابنهم,سيبلغان كل وزير بان مصير غلعاد رهن يديه, وذلك لحثهم على دفع القضية قدما, من جانب اخر تسود رئيس الوزراء نتنياهو توجسات من الاخفاق في المصادقة على هذه الصفقة في الكنيست.

****الحكومة تقرر بان وزير العدل يعكوف نئمان لن يطرح مرشحا من قبله لاشغال منصب المستشار القضائي للحكومة خلفا ل ميني مزوز ,اما المرشحون الثلاثة لهذا المنصب فسيحضرون اليوم الى ديوان وزير العدل , بغية اجراء مقابلات شخصية مع كل واحد منهم.بينما ستتخذ الحكومة قرارها في هذا الصدد في غضون اسبوع.

****فتاة اسرائيلية تبلغ الرابعة عشرة من عمرها وتدعى مارسل افرويمسكي كانت قد فازت ببطولة العالم في الشطرنج, خلال مسابقة جرت في تركيا وعندما استدعيت لتتسلم كاس العالم , امتنع المنظمون الاتراك عن عزف او اسماع النشيد الوطني ( هتكفا) مسوغين ذلك بالقول: اردنا ان نقصر المدة الزمنية لهذه المراسم.

**** بعد مضي خمسة اعوام على الانفصال عن قطاع غزة , الحكومة ستوقف التمويل المالي لمستوطنة( نتسان), رغم القرار الذي اتخذته لجنة التشريع الرسمية والذي ينص على ان معالجة قضايا المواطنين الذين تم اجلاؤهم من النقاط الاستيطانية والاهتمام بهم ,هي مهمة وطنية عاجلة, من جانب اخر وفي سياق ذي صلة فان جيش الدفاع قد بدا باجراء استعداداته من اجل تجميد البناء في المستوطنات, هذه الاستعدادات اتخذت كي يصبح الجيش جاهزا لتنفيذها في حال استئناف المفاوضات السياسية مع الفلسطينين.

****وزير الخارجية افيغدور ليبرمان يقرر تعين يتسحاق لفانون سفيرا لاسرائيل خلفا للسفير الحالي شالوم كوهين, لفانون كان قد اشغل قبل فترة منصب سفير اسرائيل لدى الامم المتحدة في جنيف, وبهذه المناسبة تسوق صحيفة يديعوت احرونوت تفاصيل القصة المدهشة لعائلة لفانون, حيث كانت والدته شولا كوهين كيشيك جاسوسة لاسرائيل في لبنان قبل قيام الدولة, ونجت من عقوبة الموت, والدته تبلغ من عمرها اثنين وتسعين عاما وكانت قد قدمت من الارجنتين الى اسرائيل, وعاشت مع عائلتها في حي مكور باروخ في اورشليم القدس , وعندما كانت صبية زوجها والداها لتاجر يهودي لبناني وعاشت معه في الحي اليهودي في بيروت, والدة يتسحاق ليفانون كانت قد منحت شرف ايقاد الشعلة في عيد الاستقلال , لمساهمتها في امن الدولة, يشار بان ليفانون يبلغ من عمره خمسة وستين عاما.

*****الصحيفة الالمانية دير شبيغل تسوق قصة مواطن بلجيكي يدعى روم هوفنس , يبلغ من عمره ستة واربعين عاما , وهي قصة تقشعر لهولها الابدان , حيث اصيب بوعكة صحية وادخل الى المستشفى , وقرر الاطباء بانه في حالة غيبوبة , لكن في واقع الامر ’ هذا الشخص كان في حالة وعي تام وظل يصرخ كي يساعدوه ويكتشفوا امره لكن صوته لم يسمع, حتى اجريت له فحوصات طبية عادية واكتشف الخطا الطبي, هذا المريض كان على دراية بكل ما يحدث حوله لكن الاطباء ومن حوله لم يكتشفوا هذا الامر طيلة ثلاثة وعشرين عاما.

**** المصريون يطالبون بحصة لهم من الفندق الفخم ( الملك داوود) , حيث يدعي اصحاب بعض المصارف المصرية بانهم اشتروا اسهما من هذا الفندق في سنوات الثلاثينات, وكانوا قد قدموا دعوى قضائية الى محكمة العدل العليا لهذا الغرض.اصحاب المصارف يدعون بان اسهمهم تصل الى عشرات ملاين الدولارات.

**** الحكومة تقرر تخصيص مبلغ 18 مليون شيقل لمساعدة العائلات المتضررة من العمليات الجنائية التي لم تكن ضالعه بها , حيث ستقدم لهم دعما ماليا وقضائيا, وتمويلا للمصاريف المترتبه عن الضرر الذي يلحق بهم.

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نتنياهو: ايران تسعى ببرنامجها النووي لإبادة ملايين اليهود HOLOCAUST ZIO-NAZI PROPAGANDA

Posted By: Siba Bizri

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موقع الجمهورية

صرّح رئيس الوزراء الاسرائيلي بنيامين نتانياهو انه يجب اخذ التهديدات الايرانية بتدمير اسرائيل مأخذ الجد والاستعداد لمواجهتها.

واتهم نتانياهو ايران بانها تسعى من خلال برنامجها النووي الى “ابادة ملايين اليهود” مثلما فعلت المانيا النازية في الماضي، مشيرا الى ان اختلاف الحالتين يتمثل في الدوافع فقط.
وأعلن نتانياهو “إن تعلمنا شيء من التاريخ اليهودي، فهو ضرورة أخذ التهديد بالإبادة مأخذ الجد”.

واعرب رئيس الحكومة الاسرائيلية عن امله بان تؤدي العقوبات الى تغيير طهران لسياستها، مضيفا انه لن يبقى امام اسرائيل سوى الخيار العسكري في حال لم تقم الجمهورية الاسلامية بذلك.

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RT’s Crosstalk on BDS- Walberg, Baddar and Atzmon (very interesting)

What goals has the BDS movement achieved so far? Does it aim for a constructive solution to the conflict? How should Israel react to it? Norman Finkelstein and Noam Chomsky agree that the goal of the movement is to destroy Israel – how valid is this judgment? Can the movement reinvent itself and win support from those who criticize it today? CrossTalking with Gilad Atzmon, Eric Walberg and Omar Baddar

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أرمن لبنان للعرب في ذكرى المجازر: لا تنسوا أن تركيا ابادت شعوبكم

Posted By: Siba Bizri

Arabic Shoah Editor in Chief

الحياة – بيروت

لم تخل الذكرى الـ97 للمجازر التي ارتكبت بحق الارمن، والتي يحييها الارمن في لبنان سنوياً، من غضب متجدد في اتجاه الاتراك، واستهدف امس السفارة التركية في منطقة الرابية التي كانت أُحيطت بطوق امني مشدد عشية إحياء الذكرى.

وكان حشد من المشاركين في قداس اقيم امس في مقر الكاثوليكوثية في أنطلياس للمناسبة، انتقلوا في مسيرة بعد القداس نظمتها «لجنة الإبادة الارمنية» الى امام السفارة التركية التي طوقت بشريط شائك وأحرقوا العلم التركي، فيما اطلق بعضهم المفرقعات بعيداً من الطوق. وحاول آخرون رشق السفارة بالحجارة، فشكل ممثلو الاحزاب الارمنية وشخصيات درعاً بشرياً للحؤول دون الاحتكاك بين المتظاهرين والعناصر الامنيين.

وكان كاثوليكوس الأرمن الأرثوذكس آرام الأول حذر في عظة ألقاها امام حشد فاض الى الباحة الخارجية للكنيسة من ان تركيا «بدأت بالتسلل ليس فقط إلى بلدان الشرق الأوسط والعالم العربي والإسلامي، بل أيضاً إلى قارات اوروبا وأفريقيا وأميركا، مستخدمة إمكاناتها الدولية وعلاقاتها الديبلوماسية ونفوذها الاقتصادي بهدف إسكات صوت الشعب الأرمني المطالب بالعدالة». وخاطب العالم العربي قائلاً: «حذار أن تنسى ماضيك، لا تنسى أجداد هذه الدولة التركية التي أبادت وقتلت آباءك وأجدادك من مسيحيين ومسلمين، أجداد هذه الدولة التركية التي اضطهدت وأبادت الشعوب العربية لقرون متواصلة. واليوم وبكل وقاحة ليس فقط تتسلل تركيا إلى العالم العربي وحسب بل وتعطي لنفسها دور القيادي والوسيط المصلح في المنطقة. إن لتركيا في العالم العربي مصالح، نعرفها، ولكن ما هي مصالح الدول العربية في تركيا؟».

كما حذر اوروبا من «ان تركيا تريد التسلل لإثبات وجودها الفاعل، إن اوروبا ليست عالماً مبنياً على مصالح اقتصادية وسياسية بل على قيم إنسانية، فكيف تعطى تركيا دوراً في عالم مدافع عن القيم الإنسانية وحقوق الإنسان عندما تسجن وتضطهد في تركيا المفكرين والمدافعين عن حقوق الإنسان، وهي تتنكر حتى الآن لحقوق الأقليات ولجريمتها الموصوفة، أعني الإبادة الأرمنية؟».

المطالبة باملاك الاقليات

وأكد وجود «إثباتات صارخة ودامغة من مصادر ووثائق أرمنية ودولية وحتى تركية، لحصول إبادة منظمة للشعب الأرمني عام 1915». وطالب «الدولة التركية الحالية المكملة لتركيا العثمانية، بالاعتراف بالواقع والتاريخ وقبول حقيقة الإبادة والتعويض، ونطالب باسترجاع كل اراضي وأملاك الكنيسة والاوقاف الأرمنية، كما عودة الأرمن إلى وطنهم الأم». وسأل: «لماذا تقرر الدولة التركية إعادة أملاك وأراضي أوقاف الأقليات ما بعد 1936 فقط وتغض الطرف عن كامل حقوق وآلاف الاراضي للشعب الأرمني لفترة 1915 – 1920؟».

وفي السياق، رأى منسق اللجنة المركزية في حزب «الكتائب» النائب سامي الجميل في بيان، انه «لم يعد يكفي التوقف عند الذكرى، ففي هذه اللحظات التاريخية التي تمر بها المنطقة، والتي ترتفع فيها اصوات تطالب بإحقاق الحق والاعتراف بالتعددية والحرية والمساواة، لا بد من الانتقال الى الأفعال التاريخية التي تترجم هذه المطالبات».

وطالب النائب نديم الجميل بدوره «بالاعتراف الرسمي بالابادة الارمنية والاعتذار». واذ لفت الى ان «الشعب الارمني متضامن معنا في كل الظروف الاجتماعية والاقتصادية والانمائية والسياسية»، رأى ان «من واجباتنا ان نقف الى جانبه لنعترف اعترافاً رسمياً بهذه الإبادة ونزيل كل الشكوك حولها».

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