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No Media Reporting on “Enhanced” Aid to IsraHell


There has been no media reporting on H.R.4133 — United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012 introduced into the House of Representatives of the 112th Congress on March 5th “To express the sense of Congress regarding the United States-Israel strategic relationship, to direct the President to submit to Congress reports on United States actions to enhance this relationship and to assist in the defense of Israel, and for other purposes.”

The sponsors include Eric Cantor, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, and Howard Berman (all of whom are Jewish) and also Steny Hoyer of Maryland, who is Norwegian but might as well be Jewish given his frequently expressed love for Israel.

The bill provides Israel with a blank check drawn on the US taxpayer to maintain its “qualitative military superiority” over all of its neighbors combined. It is scheduled for passage on a “suspension of the rules,” which means it will not actually be voted on and will be approved by consent of Congress.

It is perhaps no coincidence that on Monday the Republicans in the guise of the redoubtable Howard “Buck” McKeon released their proposal for increased defense spending (yes, increased) for 2013.

It includes a cool $1 billion for Israel to upgrade its missile defenses. That’s on top of the $3 billion it already receives plus numerous co-production programs that are off the books and defense spending that is not considered to be part of the annual grant.

Perhaps “Buck” should consider changing his sobriquet to “Warbucks.” Buck is not Jewish but he is a Mormon, perhaps a sign of what will be coming if we are so unlucky as to vote into office the born again Hawk Mitt Romney.

Mitt has a foreign policy team consisting of more than thirty stalwarts, mostly drawn from the Bush Administration, and nearly all of whom are neocons. It features Robert Kaplan, John Bolton, and Dan Senor.

Israel and its partisan hacks in Congress are utterly shameless. At a time when the country is screaming for some measure of restraint in government spending, Israel is the one budget line that only sees increases.

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Zionist is 64, Thanks to Western Life Support


By Adrian Salbuchi. Israel turns 64 on May 14th. But it only seems to have made it to today thanks to unconditional life support from the US, UK, EU and powerful global Zionist lobbies.

“Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four…?” memorable words sung by Paul McCartney and John Lennon in the late sixties. If Israel’s founders had asked Western Powers that question back in 1948, the answer – then and now – would be a powerful and resounding “YES!”

In those days, Britain governed the Palestine Mandate and had become increasingly wary of Zionist extremism there. The terror bombing of the King David Hotel housing the British Military Government headquarters in Jerusalem on July 22, 1946, which killed almost 100 people, may have been the straw that finally broke the British Camel’s back. It was carried out by the Zionist terror group “Irgun Zvai Leumi” under Menachem Begin, later to become one of Israel’s prime ministers and a Nobel “Peace” laureate.

So, as the end of Britain’s Mandate over Palestine set for May 1948 neared, London eagerly prepared to withdraw, and just one day before that – on May 14, 1948 – Zionist leaders unilaterally created the State of Israel.

War immediately broke out between Israel and its Arab neighbors. Since then, four major wars and countless smaller ones have pitted Israel against various combinations of Arab states. But Israel survived.

Indeed, generously fed by the West, Israel always survives. Militarily, today Israel stands stronger than ever; and yet, it has grown weaker in global popular support, even amongst Jews.

Reminiscing on Israel’s creation, president Shimon Peres was quoted in The New York Times on April 25 as saying that in spite of many odds, “…we won anyway, thanks to hidden powers. Ever since, for all of my life, I have tried to understand those immeasurable powers.”

We can help President Peres “understand those immeasurable powers” by pointing to the “people hidden behind the curtain,” whom Benjamin Disraeli – Queen Victoria’s most famous prime minister – said really run things in this world.

They certainly seem to have systematically ensured Israel is ever-fed the fullest diplomatic cover, political support, unlimited financial and economic lifelines, and the fullest military backing by the West.

An example: today Israel is the only Middle Eastern nation with a powerful arsenal of nuclear weapons of mass destruction. It has never signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and yet this never makes the headlines in the Western press, which is far too busy whipping up fear and war-mongering against Iran, in order to justify Israel’s threatened unilateral attack, fully supported by the US, UK and Sarkozy France.

At 64, Israel clearly continues enjoying that lifeline from the West, especially the US. So much so that many wonder whether the US promotes its Middle East agenda through Israel, or if things are really exactly the other way around: that Israel controls US policy in the Middle East through powerful lobbies and gigantic global money power clout.

As academics Stephen Walt (Harvard University) and John Mearsheimer (Chicago University) point out in “The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy,” “Israel is the largest annual recipient of (US) direct economic and military assistance since 1976… to the tune of well over $140 billion… [Washington] has provided Israel with nearly $3 billion to develop weapons systems, and given it access to such top-drawer weaponry as Blackhawk helicopters and F-16 jets… giving Israel access to intelligence it denies to its NATO allies, and has turned a blind eye to Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons.”

In addition, “Since 1982, the US has vetoed 32 Security Council resolutions critical of Israel, more than the total number of vetoes cast by all the other Security Council members… (and) blocks the efforts of Arab states to put Israel’s nuclear arsenal on the IAEA’s agenda.”

In short, “The US comes to the rescue in wartime and takes Israel’s side when negotiating peace” even though “Israeli officials… ignore US requests and renege on promises… to stop building settlements and to refrain from ‘targeted assassinations’ of Palestinian leaders.”

Actually, the plight of the Palestinians was well understood from the very beginning by Israeli leaders like David Ben-Gurion, who told Nahum Goldman, then-president of the World Jewish Congress: “If I were an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country … We come from Israel, but two thousand years ago, and what is that to them? There has been anti-Semitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that?”

When she became prime minister, Golda Meir eloquently rounded off this view when she infamously remarked that “there is no such thing as a Palestinian.”

Ben-Gurion even acknowledged that early Zionists were hardly benevolent to the Palestinians, as the creation of Israel involved acts of ethnic cleansing, including executions, massacres and rapes by Jews, and Israel’s subsequent conduct has often been brutal.

But the Israel Lobby controlling US foreign policy towards Israel is not just about militant Jewish Zionists. It’s also about Christian evangelicals like Gary Bauer, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson or Ralph Reed, and about politicians as Dick Armey, Tom DeLay, John Bolton, Joe Biden, John McKay and Joe Lieberman, some of whom believe Israel’s rebirth is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and support its expansionist agenda; to do otherwise, they believe, would be contrary to God’s will.

Naturally no small nation in the world would ever be able to get away with all of this unless it did indeed have full support from – even control over – the United States of America, ensuring that it will be “needed and fed” until it’s sixty four and far beyond.

Can the Israel Lobby’s power be curtailed?

The answer lies with the American taxpayer and voter. They must open their eyes and realize how vilely they are being misused and abused.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world can help promote this grand-awakening of American public opinion so the US stops being a powerful but intellectually-challenged proxy pawn to foreign interests that are contrary to US national interests.

Until then, Israel will continue to “get older and lose its hair,” whilst the US, UK and EU continue to “need them and feed them,” even at today’s ripe age of sixty-four…

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Zionist Quote of the Day: “We Have Come Here and Stolen Their Country.”


  • Memoirs : David Ben-Gurion (1970), p. 36  — Ben Gurion was the main founder and first president of Israel.
  • “I don’t understand your optimism,” Ben-Gurion declared. “Why should the Arabs make peace? If I were an Arab leader I would never make terms with Israel. That is natural: we have taken their country. …There has been antisemitism, the Nazis, Hitler, Auschwitz, but was that their fault? They only see one thing: we have come here and stolen their country. Why should they accept that? They may perhaps forget in one or two generations’ time, but for the moment there is no chance. So, it’s simple: we have to stay strong and maintain a powerful army. …”

David Duke Commentary — There you have it from the founder of Israel. “We have come here and stolen their country.” That is the fundamental truth that cannot be denied, and it is a fundamental truth that must begin any discussion of the Jewish-Palestinian conflict. Yet, it is the one essential truth that seems to be left out of 99 percent of the media discussions on Israel.

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By Lauren Booth

Abu Ghraib leash

Victory in Kuala Lumpur but no cigars in Guantanamo.

Billed as a ‘court of conscience,’ the Kuala Lumpur War crimes tribunal proved to be a gathering of sharp, knowledgeable and equally kind hearted, talents from the legal and human rights world. Over four days, a packed court room in KL, heard testimony from a series witnesses. Men and women from Iraq and the UK who had endured Viet Cong style torture – all supposedly in the name of America’s ‘security.’ The accounts of pulped limbs, sexual degradation, Medieval shackling and psychopathic torments inflicted by the powerful on the innocent and the weak, on more than one occasion, drew gasps of shock, from the court.

And then, at last the moment of truth. The first panel of judges in the world to hear the case against George Bush’s regime found he and seven cohorts unanimously guilty on all counts. Let’s re cap on who was in the dock.

Former US President George W Bush and his co conspirators;

  1. Richard Cheney
  2. Donald H Rumsfeld
  3. Alberto Gonzales, then counsel to president Bush
  4. David Addington, then General Counsel to the VP
  5. William Haynes II, then General counsel to the Sec of Defence
  6. Jay Bybee the Assistant Attorney General
  7. John Choo Yoo, former deputy Assistant Attorney General.

All the above have been charged and found guilty of the crime of torture and war crimes, in contravention of the convention against Torture 1984, the third Geneva Convention of 1949 and other treaties. For the full charges visit here for the War crimes list.

Bush et al connived in the commission of acts of torture and cruel and degrading and inhuman treatment. The 2002 to 2003 infamous ‘torture memos that passed between attorneys and the office of the Sec of state Rumsfeld were not as the weaselling lawyers may allege merely advice. Remits from the attorney generals office are far more than advice to the politicians – they are orders. The Presidential office not should but must adhere to the advice. If of course it is legal.

Meanwhile, as Washington connived to round up ever more civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq and indeed across the globe – the detainees we heard from this week – and how many thousands of others? – were subjected to severe physical and mental pain and cruel and inhuman acts over log periods, as a result.

And still the question hung in the air over all the proceedings. Why? Why did the American political system and the army round up men like Moazzem Begg or women like Jameela Abbas of Iraq. Moazzem is a British former detainee of Guantanamo Bay and now director of the charity Cage Prisoner. He was in Afghanistan to build a children’s school with his family for a charitable venture, fled to Pakistan and was snatched by US thugs from Islamabad in 2002. Whilst Jameela, a widowed mother in her fifties was brutally snatched form her home in Kirkuk in 2004 and passed through several terrible American torture bases before being put through a system of ‘planned, ordered and committed’ war crimes, in Abu Ghraib. Six months she was there without charge.


Moazzem Begg was asked initially by the US thugs of th CIA and the military; ‘When was the last time you saw Bin Laden.’ Honestly, if it wasn’t so sick it would be laughable. This was a standard question put to most if not all detainees; men, women and yes even children. I wonder what they ask of the thousands of men, women and children being tortured right now in secret US torture bases whose names we don’t even know? It must be quite a blow to the meat heads running these illegal concentration camps to have to invent other ‘reasons’ for their acts of terror.

The tribunal orders that reparations commensurate with the irreparable harm and injury, pain and suffering undergone by the Complainant War Crime Victims be paid to them. This is of course just a tribunal of conscience with no real power of enforcement, however it finds the witnesses are entitled ex justtia to the payment of reparations by Bush, Cheney and the rest of them. The tribunal hopes that armed with the findings, the witnesses will in the near future find a state or an international judicial entity able and willing to exercise jurisdiction and to enforce the verdict. The award of reparations will now submitted to the war crimes commission to facilitate the determination and collection of reparations by the complainant war crime victims.
Francis Boyle, of the prosecution, makes no bones about the ‘why’ of America’s addiction to torturing civilians, usually, Muslims. And it’s not for information about terror plots, dirty bombs, WMD’s, or any of that other BS.

They want to terrorize all those who disagree with their policies. And that includes the American public as well.

You see Jameela Abbas was told, actually told, by a US General on one of the sites where she was tortured, that she had been specially selected for long term abuse. Not because they thought for a second that she had any information on the Iraqi resistance. Because she was a well known female public figure; head of the corporation of unions in government. When it reached the Iraqi public she was at first ‘disappeared’ then at Abu Ghraib without charge – well, it would just help spread terror of the US troops in homes across the land.

Those who have suffered in this way that I have met, all have great self composure and calm. This is Islam. ‘This is from Allah’all the prisoners I meet tell me. The idea that Blair (war criminal – convicted here too), that Bush (war criminal) only becomes brighter and makes even greater sense under oppression. In Islam you fear the creator not the creation.

The faith that is stronger than terror.

Thoughts post verdict quickly turned to the future and the bloody reality of the present. For as Begg told me, when the 169 detainees still in Guantanamo Bay after ten years, hear the verdict they will free strengthened. But what use strength when it won’t change their reality one bit? And what of President I-will-shut-Guantanmo-give-me-the-Nobel-Prize Obama? The chain of command from the White House to the animals who kicked the Afghani Taxi driver Diliwar to death for the fun of hearing him sob ‘Allah’ each time they kicked him – are STILL committing war crimes. Bagram is open. Guantamo Bay – open. And worse is to come warns Francis Boyle looking to the near future and first, near certain Gitmo executions.
‘If this happens then for the first time the United states will have Nazi style extermination camps’ says Boyle. Exaggeration? This is a legal specialist who is an expert on international law. State murders without due process of people of a particular faith, on ‘security’ grounds, mimic precisely the acts of the Nazis.

‘The Arabs, the Muslims and Asian people of colour are the Jews of today’ says Boyle.
See this report for more

After a week of relived horrors and an emotional victory. What remains in the heart and mind in all this madness is the voices of the Muslim survivors. Not victims. Survivors. Each of whom I have met says that the lasting victory is that of Islam. The faith that is stronger than terror. And here in KL, I will always remember too, the love that can flow between human beings of all colours and faiths; when oppression must be resisted and fought.

N.B Tony Blair was found guilty in KL in 2011.


Popular Priest Fathered Child and Says He’ll Step Aside


A telegenic American priest, widely known for his media commentary from Rome on popes, prayer and personal morality, has publicly acknowledged having an affair and fathering a child — the latest jolt to hit his scandal-torn religious order, the Legionaries of Christ.

The priest, the Rev. Thomas D. Williams, apologized in a statement on Tuesday “for this grave transgression” and “to everyone who is hurt by this revelation.” He said he would take a year off from public ministry to reflect on his transgressions and his “commitments as a priest” — a decision he said he made with his superiors.

Father Williams was the most visible American member of the Legionaries, a powerful and conservative Roman Catholic religious order that has been in turmoil since 2006, when its charismatic founder was banished by the Vatican to a life of prayer and penance.

The order’s founder, a Mexican priest named Marciel Maciel Degollado, died in 2008 amid revelations that he had sexually abused young seminarians, misappropriated money and fathered several children, some of whom say they were also victims of his sexual abuse. Only last Friday, the Legion acknowledged that seven of its priests are being investigatedby the Vatican in connection with the sexual abuse of minors.

Pope Benedict XVI appointed a delegate in 2010 to oversee the order. Although priests have been abandoning the Legion, it still claims 800 priests and thousands of laypeople in Regnum Christi, an affiliated group.

The Rev. Luis Garza, the order’s leader in North America, said in a statement to the members: “I know that this will be shocking news to you. In the wake of all that we have been through as a Movement in the past several years, it won’t surprise me if you are disappointed, angry or feel your trust shaken once again.”

Jim Fair, a spokesman for the Legion, said the order had not paid any financial support to the child or the mother. He added that Father Williams was staying with his parents in Michigan and was recovering from cancer surgery.

Father Williams said in the statement issued by the Legion that his relationship occurred “a number of years ago.” The Associated Press and The National Catholic Reporter broke the news on Tuesday after learning of allegations made by a Spanish association of Legion victims about multiple sexual improprieties by Father Williams.

Father Williams, who joined the Legion in 1985, was ordained a priest in 1994, and rose to become superior of the Legion’s general directorate in Rome. He is the author of many books on spirituality, including “Knowing Right From Wrong: A Christian Guide to Conscience,” and “The World as It Could Be: Catholic Social Thought for a New Generation.”

In recent years, he taught ethics and Catholic social doctrine at the Regina Apostolorum Pontifical Athenaeum, a Legion university in Rome, and served as a Vatican analyst for NBC, CBS and Sky News in Britain. During the funeral for Pope John Paul II and the conclave that elected Pope Benedict XVI, he was often seen on American television.

“He was the face of the church at the time of the conclave,” said Susan Gibbs, the spokeswoman at the time for the Archdiocese of Washington and now a media consultant for Catholic organizations. “He really helped people understand how the church worked.”

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The girl killed by Barack Obama – she never saw it coming


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Revolt of the Plebs Pod-Broadcast

by crescentandcross

Keith Johnson, writer/speaker/thinker extraordinaire and all-around great guy debuts his own weekly live broadcast, archived here for your listening enlightenment.


Download here


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Please share this link with everyone you know:

Birmingham Calls on Council to Reject Cllr. John Lines as Lord Mayor

On Tuesday May 22nd at 4pm Councillor John Lines is due to be appointed as Birmingham’s Lord Mayor.

1.      As the First Citizen of Birmingham, the Lord Mayor is supposed to represent not only the City, but also the people of Birmingham. Yet Lines is entirely unfit to perform such a function. He has repeatedly revealed himself to be a violent bullying racist, whose attitudes and behaviour are entirely out of step with the values of a cosmopolitan 21st century City like Birmingham. His appointment as Lord Mayor will turn the City into a laughing stock. Brass-necking Lines has scapegoated Asylum Seekers, blaming them for the City’s housing crisis (which he created himself). He has also lied and misled people about the struggles faced by many newcomers to Birmingham. He has called Asylum Seekers “scumbags” and “scallywags” who are “not his people”.

2.      Lines has also been convicted twice for acts of violence. Celebrating in a pub after winning an election he was irate when staff wouldn’t serve him after hours and waited for the barman to come out, punching him in the face three times. Prior to that, he was convicted for beating his neighbour’s son-in-law with a plank of wood and throttling him.

3.      The people of Birmingham need to make it plain that we are not “his people”; that we have no wish to be represented either nationally or 
internationally by a violent, self-serving ignoramus as Mayor. Back in 2001, Lines was nominated for Lord Mayor by his party. For the first time in the Council’s history this was overwhelmingly rejected by other Councillors.

4.      With this petition we are calling on Birmingham City Council, and it’s Councillors, to once again deny his appointment as Lord Mayor. Furthermore, that he publicly apologises for his scapegoating of migrants and the misleading comments he has made about people seeking refugee status.






Zio-Nazi police brutally arrest hunger strike demonstrators, threaten them with rape


Some of the 17 activists arrested at a demonstration in support of hunger striking prisoners outside Ramle prison are brought to court in Petach Tikva near Tel Aviv, 4 May.

Seventeen activists, including a minor, were brutally arrested during a permitted demonstration on 3 May in support of the Palestinian hunger strikers near Ramle prison, where some strikers are being held in the Israeli Prison Service medical center.

The protesters spent the night in Ramle police station and were brought to Petach Tikvacourt the following day. After reviewing the “secret evidence” presented by the police, a judge imposed three days of house arrest on them and forbade the activists to make any contact with each other for 15 days, also fining them hundreds of shekels for disturbing the peace.

On 6 May, the Palestinian human rights group Adalah submitted an urgent complaint to the head of the police investigation unit at the Israeli ministry of justice, demanding an investigation into the arrest and abuse of the 17 protesters.

According to a 7 May press release issued by Adalah, “At approximately 6:45pm, after the demonstration ended and most participants had left, several individuals attempted to continue protesting by forming a picket line, which does not require a permit under Israeli law. However, the police violently attacked the group, beating them and using tasers, even after the people were handcuffed.” Eight were arrested at the site (Adalah Demands Criminal Investigation into Illegal Arrest and Abuse in Custody of 17 Demonstrators).

Adalah adds, “After the initial arrests, some of protestors went to the police station to find out about the others’ status. There, the police attacked and beat the remaining protestors and arrested an additional nine people.”

Adalah emphasized that “this event is yet another example of the Israeli police’s systematic brutality against Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel who demonstrate and exercise their right to free speech.”

Demonstrator taken to hospital

Sixteen-year-old Ward Kayal, sentenced to house arrest, recalled the Israeli police’s use of force at the protest.

“We were around 200 demonstrators, and although the protest was permitted by the police, it did not stop the Yassam [a special police force unit] and police forces attacking us,” she said.

“They put us on the ground and started beating us. I have bruises all over my body. I suffer from a medical condition [related to] blood pressure, and am being treated with medicine. After they arrested us around 6pm, they hand- and leg-cuffed us all, as they continued to use tasers [electric stun guns] while cursing and humiliating us.

“I told the police, as did my mother who also participated in the protest, that I suffer from a medical condition and to allow me to take the medicine and see a doctor. While [I was] cuffed, they pushed me down the stairs, beat me with their fists and tasers, and forced me to use the bathroom while the door was open to humiliate me. Four hours later I was too weak to stand on my feet and fainted.

“When they saw that my condition was bad, they took me to a hospital nearby, while hand- and leg-cuffed, and in my medical record it stated that my blood pleasure was 150/122 and that I should take medicine. They kept me under custody and I was deprived any medicine until I was released the following day.

“During the night they interrogated me, until around 3am.”

Kayal added, “I find the support of the hunger strikers of national importance … The support should be more active, especially since it has a significant meaning for the strikers [to know] of our support, which gives them hope to go on with their struggle.”

Female activists threatened with rape

Thaira Zoabi, a 27-year-old activist from Nazareth, also suffered injuries at the hands of police on 3 May.

“As soon as the protest began, the Israeli Yassam and police forces first arrested the bus driver and eight protesters. That did not stop us from continuing our protest demanding to release them all,” she said.

“I was first attacked by a police officer when he lifted me up the ground with my kuffiyeh[traditional checkered scarf] that was around my neck, suffocating me and making it hard for me to breathe. They arrested me and eight other protesters. There were also Israeli and foreign activists amongst us.

“The Israeli forces used [taser guns] and I have bruises on my arms and legs. I saw them open a protester’s mouth by force and spit in it, and they spit in my face as well. They beat us and used massive verbal violence. They did a full body search. While being under custody, a police officer of Ramle district addressed both me and another female activist while being cuffed with verbal sexual harassment, threatening to rape us. I have to admit I burst in tears.”

Zoabi said that in spite of what happened during the protest, she will continue her activism — even more motivated than before.

“I regard the struggle of the Palestinian prisoners and their hunger strike as a personal matter for each Palestinian and human rights defenders,” she said. “The government of Israel tries to break our national spirit using psychological and physical terror.”

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Mark Twain Identified the Bankster Vampires



Ever since Joseph’s rule in Egypt, nations have regularly evicted Jewish money lenders in order to survive, Mark Twain wrote in 1898.

114 years later, Greece faces expulsion from the EU for failure to repay“odious debt” created out of thin air . Perhaps it’s again time for the central bankers and their minions to be expelled instead. 

by Mark Twain
(Excerpt from “Concerning the Jews”)

We have all ... read the pathetic story of the years of plenty and the years of famine in Egypt, and how Joseph,made a corner in broken hearts, and the crusts of the poor, and human liberty – a corner whereby he took a nation’s money all away, to the last penny [ie. austerity, deflation;] took a nation’s livestock all away, to the last hoof.


(left, Josephinterprets Pharaoh’s dream, corners the market.) 
[He] took a nation’s land away, to the last acre; then took the nation itself, buying it for bread, man by man, woman by woman, child by child, till all were slaves; a corner which took everything, left nothing; a corner so stupendous that, by comparison with it, the most gigantic corners in subsequent history are but baby things, for it dealt in hundreds of millions of bushels, and its profits were reckonable by hundreds of millions of dollars, and it was a disaster so crushing that its effects have not wholly disappeared from Egypt to-day, more than three thousand years after the event.

Is it presumable that the eye of Egypt was upon Joseph the foreign Jew all this time? I think it likely. Was it friendly? We must doubt it. Was Joseph establishing a character for his race which would survive long in Egypt? and in time would his name come to be familiarly used to express that character – like Shylock’s? It is hardly to be doubted. Let us remember that this was centuries before the crucifixion…


When I was a boy, in the back settlements of the Mississippi Valley, where a gracious and beautiful Sunday-school simplicity and unpracticality prevailed, the “Yankee” (citizen of the New England States) was hated with a splendid energy. But religion had nothing to do with it. In a trade, the Yankee was held to be about five times the match of the Westerner. His shrewdness, his insight, his judgment, his knowledge, his enterprise, and his formidable cleverness in applying these forces were frankly confessed, and most competently cursed.

In the cotton States, after the war, the simple and ignorant Negroes made the crops for the white planter on shares. The Jew came down in force, set up shop on the plantation, supplied all the Negro’s wants on credit, and at the end of the season was proprietor of the Negro’s share of the present crop and of part of his share of the next one. Before long, the whites detested the Jew, and it is doubtful if the negro loved him.


Ieft. Larry Summers & David Rockefeller

The Jew is being legislated out of Russia. The reason is not concealed. The movement was instituted because the Christian peasant and villager stood no chance against his commercial abilities. He was always ready to lend money on a crop, and sell vodka and other necessaries of life on credit while the crop was growing. When settlement day came he owned the crop; and next year or year after he owned the farm, like Joseph.

In the dull and ignorant England of John’s time everybody got into debt to the Jew. He gathered all lucrative enterprises into his hands; he was the king of commerce; he was ready to be helpful in all profitable ways; he even financed crusades for the rescue of the Sepulcher. To wipe out his account with the nation and restore business to its natural and incompetent channels he had to be banished the realm.

For the like reasons Spain had to banish him four hundred years ago, and Austria about a couple of centuries later.


(Mario Draghi, head of European Central Bank)

In all the ages Christian Europe has been obliged to curtail his activities. If he entered upon a mechanical trade, the Christian had to retire from it. If he set up as a doctor, he was the best one, and he took the business. If he exploited agriculture, the other farmers had to get at something else. Since there was no way to successfully compete with him in any vocation, the law had to step in and save the Christian from the poor-house.

Trade after trade was taken away from the Jew by statute till practically none was left. He was forbidden to engage in agriculture; he was forbidden to practise law; he was forbidden to practise medicine, except among Jews; he was forbidden the handicrafts. Even the seats of learning and the schools of science had to be closed against this tremendous antagonist. Still, almost bereft of employments, he found ways to make money, even ways to get rich…


(Hank Paulson & Sholem Bernanke)

Protestants have persecuted Catholics, but they did not take their livelihoods away from them. The Catholics have persecuted the Protestants with bloody and awful bitterness, but they never closed agriculture and the handicrafts against them. Why was that? That has the candid look of genuine religious persecution, not a trade-union boycott in a religious disguise…

I am persuaded that in Russia, Austria, and Germany nine-tenths of the hostility to the Jew comes from the average Christian’s inability to compete successfully with the average Jew in business – in either straight business or the questionable sort.

In Berlin, a few years ago, I read a speech which frankly urged the expulsion of the Jews from Germany; and the agitator’s reason was as frank as his proposition. It was this: that eighty-five per cent. of the successful lawyers of Berlin were Jews, and that about the same percentage of the great and lucrative businesses of all sorts in Germany were in the hands of the Jewish race!


(Timothy Geitner , Secretary of the Treasury, left)

Isn’t it an amazing confession? It was but another way of saying that in a population of 48,000,000, of whom only 500,000 were registered as Jews, eight-five per cent. of the brains and honesty of the whole was lodged in the Jews. I must insist upon the honesty – it is an essential of successful business, taken by and large. Of course it does not rule out rascals entirely, even among Christians, but it is a good working rule, nevertheless. The speaker’s figures may have been inexact, but the motive of persecution stands out as clear as day.

The man claimed that in Berlin the banks, the newspapers, the theatres, the great mercantile, shipping, mining, and manufacturing interests, the big army and city contracts, the tramways, and pretty much all other properties of high value, and also the small businesses, were in the hands of the Jews. He said the Jew was pushing the Christian to the wall all along the line; that it was all a Christian could do to scrape together a living; and that the Jew must be banished, and soon – there was no other way of saving the Christian.

Here in Vienna, last autumn, an agitator said that all these disastrous details were true of Austria-Hungary also; and in fierce language he demanded the expulsion of the Jews. When politicians come out without a blush and read the baby act in this frank way, unrebuked, it is a very good indication that they have a market back of them, and know where to fish for votes.

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(left, George Soros)

You note the crucial point of the mentioned agitation; the argument is that the Christian cannot compete with the Jew, and that hence his very bread is in peril. To human beings this is a much more hate-inspiring thing than is any detail connected with religion. With most people, of a necessity, bread and meat take first rank, religion second. I am convinced that the persecution of the Jew is not due in any large degree to religious prejudice.

No, the Jew is a money-getter; and in getting his money he is a very serious obstruction to less capable neighbors who are on the same quest. I think that that is the trouble. In estimating worldly values the Jew is not shallow, but deep.

With precocious wisdom he found out in the morning of time that some men worship rank, some worship heroes, some worship power, some worship God, and that over these ideals they dispute and cannot unite – but that they all worship money; so he made it the end and aim of his life to get it.


(IMF Director Lagarde who succeeded DSK)

He was at it in Egypt thirty-six centuries ago; he was at it in Rome when that Christian got persecuted by mistake for him; he has been at it ever since. The cost to him has been heavy; his success has made the whole human race his enemy – but it has paid, for it has brought him envy, and that is the only thing which men will sell both soul and body to get.

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