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OWS Latest Victim of Phony Terror PlotBy the Staff at AFP

In late April, five Occupy Wall Street (OWS) teenagers from Cleveland were arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit terrorism. An FBI agent had originally urged them to “blow up the headquarters of some Nazi or the Ku Klux Klan.” Instead, he framed the group for a plot to destroy a Cleveland bridge, marking the first known instance that the tactics used by the FBI to suppress Islamic and white-oriented political dissidents have been used against the OWS movement.

The phony, federally concocted terror conspiracy was immediately used by the city of Cleveland to revoke the permit under which the Occupy movement there had been operating. This announcement was then carried by newspapers across the country as evidence of the “danger” of the OWS threat.

Yet the script that the federal agents who made the arrests were reading from was a tired and old one, which AMERICAN FREE PRESS has been exposing for the past year, and which has even recently drawn the attention of establishment newspapers such as The New York Times.

In this most recent case, a federal informant was sent into an OWS encampment to try to recruit angry, foolish or mentally disturbed individuals and get them to agree to commit crimes. The informant happened upon a group of young anarchists, whose anger at what they viewed as the “racist capitalist patriarchy” he transformed into a “terrorist” plot involving fake bombs provided by the government—in this case, persuading the youth that the bombs, provided by the informant, could be detonated through the use of text messages sent by cell phone.

The operation was launched as part of a larger sting designed to “discredit” OWS in much the same way the federal government and its Zionist-bankster backers have sought to discredit so-called white supremacism and “Islamism.”

The inability of the government to recover from the economic collapse it and its Wall Street allies created in 2008 has caused the Obama regime to become increasingly desperate in its efforts to maintain control and distract the public from real problems, which it is unable to address. The Obama regime used a similar tactic near the end of 2011 to justify the imposition of sanctions on Iran. This scheme is being used to distract the public with a phony threat of war and is also used to discredit left and right-wing political activists who have raised questions and garnered public support in opposition to the regime’s agenda.

Traditional opponents of the Obama regime in the neocon movement of course hailed the arrests in an effort to persuade their readers that OWS is more of a threat to the ordinary American than the phony “war on terrorism” being instigated by the FBI. It’s all part of a plan to position people on both sides of a debate so they can frame and control it, and distract the people into cheerleading for one team or the other while both teams, knowingly or unknowingly, work toward the same goal—in this case, the goal of a world dictatorship.



afp_live_Obama_Newscom• Obama, Clinton work in secret to surrender U.S. sovereignty

By Victor Thorn

Is the Obama administration secretly negotiating treaties with globalist bodies, in violation of the Constitution? That’s the question on the minds of a number of political watchdogs, who argue that the White House is doing an end run around Congress and the American people in order to lock the country into agreements on the environment, fishing rights and even gun ownership with the United Nations (UN).

On Feb. 7, former Bill Clinton campaign manager Dick Morris dissected a host of international “sneaky treaties” that, he says, “Once signed and ratified, have the same status as constitutional law and cannot be altered or eclipsed by Congress or state legislatures. And their provisions must be enforced by U.S. courts.”

The most egregious of these would be U.S. membership in the International Criminal Court(ICC). This tribunal that has jurisdiction across the globe could prosecute elected U.S. leaders for entering into a war without UN approval. These “crimes of aggression”—even if approved by Congress under an official declaration of war—could still land the president or cabinet members in prison. The ICC’s reach supersedes the rulings of any U.S. court, thereby posing a serious threat to constitutionally-guaranteed trials by a jury of our peers.

A lesser-known aspect of this treaty involves, ironically, the use of America’s military to wage aggressions against those deemed war criminals by the ICC.

Already, Barack Obama has buckled to this ruling body by sending armed forces into Africa to execute an arrest warrant for alleged war criminal Joseph Kony, leader of the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda.

Yet rather than having Congress authorize sending U.S. men and women into action overseas, Obama bypassed them and opted to exert his “executive power.” He justified this decision as an “international obligation.” Who is our president obligated to: American citizens or the New World Order?

Another treaty, one advocating children’s rights, would—at least superficially—protect youths from kidnapping, prostitution and human trafficking. However, if a 14-member panel determines that certain countries like the U.S. aren’t providing enough funding for food, education or clothing to underdeveloped nations, the UN could levy a tax on American citizens and then redistribute this money to Third World countries.

Not surprisingly, a leading proponent for the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) is Hillary Clinton. In her book It Takes a Village, she wrote: “The village must act in the place of parents. It accepts these responsibilities in all our names through the authority we vest in the government.”

These 14-member overlords could also weigh in on what religious teachings, educational material and social attitudes are acceptable. Interestingly, Hillary’s views on child-rearing dovetail with those of the UNCRC. “They [parents] have to be shown how to do it,” wrote Hillary. “They have to be, in a sense, re-parented to be able to be a good parent.”

Hillary is so distrustful of traditional families that she further elaborated.: “Decisions about motherhood and abortion, schooling, cosmetic surgery, treatment of venereal diseases or employment and others where the decision—or lack of one—will significantly reflect the child’s future should not be made unilaterally by the parent.”

If these social-engineering thoughts aren’t horrifying enough, Hillary remarked at the University of Texas in 1993, “Let us be willing to remold society by redefining what it means to be a human being in the 20th century, moving into the new millennium.”

A third troublesome treaty is known as the Law of the Sea Treaty, or LOST. Over 162 nations have signed or ratified it. Many other nations, such as Turkey and Israel, have stayed out of it. Today, America is not on board, but this situation may change if Obama sidesteps the Constitution yet again via executive order.

LOST is being promoted by another Clinton crony, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, who seeks to surrender seas off the coasts of the United States to UN overseers. Although the complexities of this treaty are far too vast to elaborate on here, in a nutshell LOST will acquiesce to a UN council where U.S. companies can drill for oil or fish and which technologies must become global property via a form of intellectual eminent domain. The UN could tax up to 50% of royalties from offshore drilling and redistribute these proceeds to poorer nations.

In another example, the Outer Space Code of Conduct could seriously interfere with the U.S. implementing any type of anti-missile shield to protect itself. Using the feel-good premise of decreasing space debris, in actuality this treaty would jeopardize the U.S. military’s ability to deploy platform-based weapons in space.

When it comes to China and India’s rapid development of their space programs and offensive weaponry, are Americans willing to forfeit their safety to the edicts of UN bureaucrats that already view us with such outright enmity?

Obama and Hillary are also targeting Americans’ firearms ownership.

In early April, Sen. Rand Paul issued a statement on this: “Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently announced the Obama administration will be working hand in glove with the United Nations to pass a new ‘UN Small Arms Treaty.’ ”

The UN Small Arms Treaty is designed to “register, ban and confiscate firearms owned by private citizens like you,” wrote Paul.

If Washington signs onto this, added Paul, the U.S. would be forced to “enact tougher licensing requirements . . . confiscate and destroy all ‘unauthorized’ civilian firearms . . . ban the trade, sale and private ownership of semiautomatic weapons . . .[and] create an international gun registry.”

Globalist Treaties Terrible for America

By Victor Thorn

During a May 10 interview with AMERICAN FREE PRESS, Becky Fenger, a political columnist for Arizona’s Sonoran News, voiced her concerns to this writer in regard to a rash of globalist treaties being negotiated by the current administration.

“What are Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama thinking?” asked Mrs. Fenger. “I can’t understand why they would willingly hand over power to the UN. How can you reason with these people when it seems like they’ve lost their minds?”

When questioned about the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST) and the International Criminal Court (ICC), Mrs. Fenger replied: “Do you know how detrimental they are to our nation? We used to worry about communism and those who wanted to take over the U.S. But now we’re surrendering our sovereignty to the UN, which is filled with petty dictators. America should get out of the UN, since we pay the bulk of dues and always get voted against anyway.”

According to Mrs. Fenger, the dangers facing us are monumental.

“These treaties become the equivalent of law,” she said, “and it’ll take 161 countries to release us from them. Worse, I’m not sure if Congress is even aware of what’s going on, or if they understand how binding these treaties are.”

She continued: “Look at the ICC. Aggression is described as going to war without UN approval, which includes Russia and China. What kind of mind thinks that succumbing to this is a good idea?”

Mrs. Fenger next addressed one of Mrs. Clinton’s favorite pet projects.

“Hillary said it takes a village, not a parent, to raise children,” she said. “Their goal is really to get these little minds and teach them from infancy to love global government dictatorship. But why should we relinquish parental control when it’s been a guiding light throughout history? They want to disintegrate the family unit and replace it with government. It’s unconscionable. Our personal liberties have always frightened them, so their goal is to take freedom out of the hands of every individual.”

AFP broached the subject of Obama’s increasing use of executive orders.

“I used to think that a law couldn’t pass if it was unconstitutional, but what about eminent domain and the Kelo decision?” she asked. “I’ve lost all faith in what used to be known as common sense and following the Constitution. Obama has proved he doesn’t give a damn about the Constitution.”

The Kelo case refers to a 2002 Supreme Court ruling which found that private entities can take property for a price from private individuals who do not want to give it up if the private company can argue that the property will be used for the common good. Specifically, the case involved a house owned by Susette Kelo in New London, Conn. As it turns out, a developer bought Mrs. Kelo’s house, even though she didn’t want to move. After all the homes in the area had been bulldozed, however, funding for the developer’s project fell through, and the town was forced to take it over. It is now a landfill.

AFP also spoke with author Brandon Pierce, author of a novel about the Bilderberg group entitled Crisis Point.

He agreed, telling this writer on May 11, “Americans could be tried in a world court even after they’ve been acquitted in the U.S. It has a direct effect on all of us when an international body can decide what happens to our leaders and citizens.”

Is Hillary or Barack Wearing the Pants in the White House?

By Victor Thorn

Is Secretary of State and one-time Bilderberg attendee Hillary Clinton the shadow president of the United States, just as it was claimed she was de facto governor and president during her husband’s tenure in Arkansas and Washington, D.C.?

Doubters should be reminded of a Feb. 24, 2008 quote delivered by Barack Obama during a campaign stop in Loraine, Ohio. “She [Hillary] has essentially presented herself as co-president during the Clinton years.”

Obama knew full well of what he spoke. Journalist Scott Creighton’s Mar. 19, 2011 article, “President Hillary Clinton’s Shock and Awe,” began with this stark contrast. “While Hillary Clinton met with 22 world leaders to decide the fate of Libya, they kept Barack Obama in the back of the bus and let the real president take the lead.” Creighton also pointed out that while Obama golfed and vacationed, Hillary conferred with practically every world leader and dignitary imaginable.

A quick glance at the State Dept.’s travel itinerary reveals nearly 75 trips to foreign countries by Clinton where the real groundwork for a New World Order super-structure was being laid.

While some commentators call Hillary a “Globalist Grand Wizard,” her influence spread to the formation of Obama’s Cabinet after his 2008 election. In a March 18 article, Edward Ulrich wrote, “31 of the 47 people Barack Obama has named for appointments have ties to the Clinton administration, including Eric Holder, Larry Summers, Rahm Emanuel and Timothy Geithner.”

To get a better idea of Hillary’s modus operandi, in a 2006 film entitled Inside Man, Hollywood actress Jodie Foster analyzed her character’s role in remedying delicate situations. “She’s a fixer, a rich Madison Avenue lawyer who fixes things when they go wrong. Say you were a mayor and you got caught in bed with three dead hookers, I would be brought in to fix the situation.” When asked how her character did it, Foster replied, “Call in lots of favors. You use people and kind of puppet behind the scenes, manipulate them. She’s a dubious bad guy.”

The above words perfectly describe Hillary Clinton’s entire political career. In fact, HILLARY (AND BILL) THE MURDER VOLUME contains the following passage. “Hillary acted as an enabler and fixer to cover-up for her husband’s serial philandering and sexual reign of terror.”

But being a handler for Bill’s raging libido was minor compared to Hillary’s role in trafficking drugs through Mena Airport, the cover-up of Vince Foster and Ron Brown’s murders, Chinagate, and laundering money through the Arkansas Development Finance Authority to finance their campaigns.

Learning the ropes from Washington, D.C.’s former fixer extraordinaire—longtime Bilderberg luminary Vernon Jordan—Hillary has always nurtured a comfortable relationship with Wall Street bankers and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Indeed, during a July 17, 2009 CFR address, Hillary revealed, “We get a lot of advice from the Council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”

With the Obama administration pursuing a number of globalist treaties that undermine American sovereignty, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton is the driving force behind these moves as she travels from country to country. According to the elitist’s worldview, individuals should be subordinate and powerless to collectivists, while nationalists are viewed as a distraction to be folded into the globalist whole.

During a July 17, 2009 CFR address, Hillary revealed: “We get a lot of advice from the council, so this will mean I won’t have as far to go to be told what we should be doing and how we should think about the future.”



NATO Protests• NATO Summit convenes in Chicago amid protests
• 66% of Americans now say ‘bring troops home’

By Mark Anderson

CHICAGO—Members of Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) are preparing to converge here in Chicago on May 20 to protest NATO complicity in the lingering, deadly conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Group leaders are vowing “to ceremoniously return [their] medals to NATO generals” during the first-ever NATO summit held here.

“We were awarded these medals for serving in the ‘Global War on Terror,’ a war based on lies and failed policies,” the group added in a news bulletin. “This endless war has killed hundreds of thousands, stripped the humanity of all involved and drained our communities of trillions of dollars, diverting funds from schools, clinics, libraries and other public goods.”

Various human rights and anti-war organizations are also flocking to Chicago by the thousands. This is expected to bring them into direct conflict with city officials, who plan to close numerous local Metra train lines and streets in order to accommodate the well-heeled world leaders and NATO brass coming to town.

The IVAW calls on NATO to “immediately end the occupation of Afghanistan. . . . We wish to begin a process of justice and reconciliation with the people of Afghanistan and other affected nations, fellow service members, veterans and the American people.”

The NATO summit comes at a time when more and more people are voicing opposition to the decade-long Afghan war. A recent poll in the U.S. by Associated Press found that 66% of Americans believe it’s time to bring the troops home. In early May, the two leading dailies in Washington, D.C.—the liberal Washington Post and the conservative Washington Times—carried articles noting how once-supportive Afghan civilians, soldiers and police are increasingly defying U.S. occupiers and openly calling for the U.S. to get out of their country.

IVAW added: “The recent news that the G-8 summit, originally set to take place in Chicago . . . has been moved to Camp David shows that the world’s large economies fear the mass mobilization and collective organizing of the people of Chicago. NATO should also be advised that the world’s military superpowers, responsible for unjust wars, occupations, and militarism, are also not welcome in our hometown.”

Despite the fact that the G-8 and NATO summits “will now be held apart from each other, we know these two summits, and the interests they represent, are linked,” said IVAW. “War, austerity, poverty and economic exploitation by the 1% go hand in hand.”




Activist: Watch Out For IDF Stealing Organs In Haiti

West says tragedy is being exploited for money by Israel

Paul Joseph Watson


Black rights activist T. West of AfriSynergy Productions warns that people need to be aware of the tragedy in Haiti being exploited by nefarious groups for their own gain, including Israel, who have admittedly stolen organs from dead Palestinians in the past.

West highlighted a CNN news clip as evidence of how the media is promoting the Israeli relief efforts in Haiti as second to none. Though praising the Israelis for their support for the victims and outstanding medical facilities, West warned that there were “personalities who are out for money” operating in Haiti with no monitoring of their activities.

“It is good that the IDF and others are helping there, but everywhere there is death, there are exploiters. There needs to be transparency in Haiti,” West told YNet News in an interview.

“The Haitian people must watch out for their citizens,” said West, highlighting past cases of IDF stealing organs from Palestinians.

Last month, the London Guardian reported on the admission of Dr Yehuda Hiss, the former head of Israel’s forensic institute, who stated that the organs of Palestinians were harvested without consent from family members. This followed a controversy after a Swedish newspaper reported that Palestinians were deliberately being abducted and killed by Israeli Defense Forces so their organs could be harvested and sold.


“The U.S. media are quick to talk about people who are stealing, people who are looting in Haiti….so be aware of this, be aware and be cautious of international groups and certainly individuals within those groups who are out for money and to earn money off of your tragedy,” said West.

West also said that musician Wyclef Jean was being demonized by the media because he was promoting methods of donating to charity where the money actually goes to victims and doesn’t get swallowed up by giant transnational charities who have been caught stealing money before.

“Jean Wyclef’s name, as is so often done with Black people, is being maligned in the media. Wyclef is a native of Haiti and is using his influence in the entertainment industry to bring assistance to the Haitian people,” wrote West.

In subsequent videos, West addressed those who attacked him for warning about the potential misdeeds of the IDF, saying, “These individuals are of the Zionist persuasion, they will go all out to defend Israel and the dirty things that the IDF do.”

Watch the You Tube clips below.…-in-haiti.html


Maldivians: Israeli doctors ‘harvest organs


(Video) Israeli medical humanitarian delegation sent to save Maldives residents eyesight greeted by protestors claiming ‘Israeli-Zionist conspiracy’

Itamar Eichner

Angry protestorsThe association’s website stated that there was no possible way the Jews came to Maldives without a hidden agenda. Adhaalath explained that the Israeli physicians are part of an Israel-Jewish organization responsible for sending doctors all over the world to harvest non-Jewish organs and implant them in Jews – claiming it is the same thing Israel had done to Palestinian bodies.

VIDEO – The Republic of Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean and the smallest Muslim country in the world, has been enraged in the past few days due to an


The Eye of Zion organization’s delegation was sent to the islands on behalf of the Israeli Foreign Ministry, who renewed diplomatic relations with Israel only about a year ago. The relationship was frozen following the


The party demanded the government expel the Israeli delegation immediately and not allow them to operate in the country.

The doctors arrived to the islands last Thursday, but received a permit to operate in the country’s capital of Male and in another location only on Saturday. Despite demonstrations, hundreds of patients awaited the arrival of the doctors.

On Saturday, the delegation was welcomed by President Mohamed Nasheed who told the physicians that the majority of Maldivian citizen appreciate their humanitarian efforts.

The Israeli Delegation Leader and Foreign Minister representative Chaim Shacham said that all in all they received a very warm welcome and that the island residents are lovely people.

“I was surprised by how nice, warm and open they were. They are one of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. They welcomed us nicely. I felt we have a lot of friends over here. All of the ministers I’ve met acknowledge the fact that there are demonstrations and many objections to us coming here, but they don’t see it as something of great importance. The authorities have made sure to provide us with security, so we feel safe. A few news items were published claiming we’re here to steal organs. The amazing thing is that despite the propaganda and blood libels there is a huge demand for checkups and surgeries.”

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Zionist bodysnatchers: Israel admits to organ thefts


Harvested organs were alleged to have been used by the military and in public hospitals

The practice is said to have ended in 2000.

Israel has admitted that it harvested organs from the dead bodies of Palestinians and Israelis in the 1990s, without permission from their families.

The admission follows the release of an interview with Jehuda Hiss, the former head of Israel’s forensic institute, in which he said that workers at the institute had harvested skin, corneas, heart valves and bones from Israelis, Palestinians and foreign workers.

In the interview, which was conducted in 2000 when Hiss was head of Tel Aviv’s Abu Kabir forensic institute, he said: “We started to harvest corneas … Whatever was done was highly informal. No permission was asked from the family.”

Nancy Scheper-Hughes, who conducted the interview, told Al Jazeera on Monday that Hiss had said the “body parts were used by hospitals for transplant purposes – cornea transplants. They were sent to public hospitals [for use on citizens].


Guidelines ‘not clear’

“And the skin went to a special skin bank, founded by the military, for their uses”, such as for burns victims.

The practice is said to have ended in 2000.

The interview was also reported on Israel’s Channel 2 television, which quoted an Israeli military statement that said: “This activity ended a decade ago and does not happen any longer.”

Israel’s health ministry said in the Channel 2 report that at the time the guidelines for transplants “were not clear” and that for the last 10 years “Abu Kabir has been working according to ethics and Jewish law”.

Scheper-Hughes, who is a professor of anthropology at the University of California-Berkeley, said that she made the interview public because of the controversy last summer over allegations of organ harvesting made by a Swedish newspaper.

In August the Aftonbladet newspaper ran an article alleging that the Israeli army had stolen body organs from Palestinian men after killing them.

Israel denied the claims, calling them anti-Semitic, and the incident raised tensions when Sweden refused to apologise for the article, saying that press freedom prevented it from intervening.

‘Conflict deaths’

Donald Bostrom, the journalist who broke the story in Aftonbladet, told Al Jazeera: “UN staff came to me and said that you have to look into this very serious issue. Palestinian young people were disappearing in the areas and five days later they appear back in the villages with an autopsy done on them against the will of the families.

“We need to know who are the victims. Mothers need to know what happened to their sons.”

Bostrom said that there is no proof that people were killed for their organs but that an investigation is needed to find out whether there was a policy in place or if the bodies used were random.

Bostrom added that Hiss is the “main key” to solving such unanswered questions, but that there would also be other people involved who could help uncover the truth.

Scheper-Hughes said that some of the dead Palestinians from whom organs were harvested were killed during military raids.

“Some of the bodies were definitely Palestinians who were killed in conflicts,” she told Al Jazeera.

“Their organs were taken without consent of families and were used to serve the needs of the country in terms of hospitals as well as the army’s needs.”

‘Technically illegal’

She said that Hiss told her “that the people who did the harvesting were sent by the military. They were often medical students”.

“He did it informally and without permission, and it was technically illegal,” she said.

The military establishment gave their “sanction and approval” to the procedures, according to Scheper-Hughes.

During his interview with Scheper-Hughes, Hiss said that the eyelids of bodies were glued shut to prevent the removal of corneas being found out.

Hiss was dismissed as head of Abu Kabir in 2004 over irregularities in the use of organs, but charges against him were eventually dropped. He still holds the position of chief pathologist at the institute.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencies

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Zionists Kidnapped Ukrainian Children & Harvested their Organs

Ukrainian Professor :
An international Zionist conspiracy to kidnap children and harvest their organs is gathering momentum as another shocking story divulges Tel Aviv’s plot to import Ukrainian children and harvest their organs.

According to Rohama, the story brings to light the fact that Zionist regime has brought some 25,000 Ukrainian children into the occupied entity over the past two years in order to harvest their organs.

It cites a Ukrainian man’s fruitless search for 15 children who had been adopted in Zionist regime.

The children had clearly been taken by Zionist medical centers, where they were used for ‘spare parts’.

The account was unveiled five days ago by a Ukrainian philosophy professor and author, Vyacheslav Gudin, at a pseudo-academic conference in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

Gudin told an estimated 300 attendees of the Kiev conference that it was essential that all Ukrainians be made aware of the genocide Zionist regime was perpetrating.

The conference also featured two professors who presented a book blaming “the Zionists” for the Ukrainian famine of the 1930s, as well as the country’s current condition.

Meanwhile, Ukrainians demonstrated outside the Zionist `Embassy in Kiev on Tuesday to protest a letter signed by 26 Knesset members (MKs) condemning what they described as anti-Semitic remarks by presidential candidate Sergey Ratushnyak.

Protesters chanted ‘Ukraine isn’t the Gaza Strip,’ suggesting that they consider the effort by the Zionist MKs as an intervention in their country.

A story, published in the Arabic-language Algerian daily al-Khabar in September, reported that Interpol, the international police organization, has revealed the existence of ‘a Jewish gang’ that was ‘involved in the abduction of children from Algeria and trafficking of their organs.’

According to the story, bands of Moroccans and Algerians had been roaming the streets of Algerian cities in an attempt to hunt around for young children.

They then trafficked the kids across the border into the neighboring Morocco.

The children were then sold to Zionists and American Jews in Oujda, the capital of eastern Morocco, for the purpose of organ harvest in Zionist regime and the United States.

The story is based on statements made by Mustafa Khayatti, head of the Algerian National Committee for the Development of Health Research. Khayatti maintains that the abduction of children in Algeria is linked to arrests made in New York and New Jersey at the end of July, in which several Jewish men were among the 44 arrested in connection to an investigation into illegal organ trafficking and political corruption.

The story comes in line with the article published last month in Aftonbladet, Sweden’s largest circulation daily, suggesting that the Zionist army kidnapped and killed young Palestinians to harvest their organs.

It shed light on the case of Bilal Ahmed Ghanem, a 19-year-old Palestinian man, who was shot dead in 1992 by Zionist forces in the West Bank village of Imatin.

Bostrom, who witnessed the man’s killing, said Ghanem’s body was abducted following the shooting and was returned at midnight, during an imposed curfew, several days later by the Zionist military with a cut from the stomach to the neck that had been stitched up.

Bostrom argued that an autopsy would be required if the cause of death was not apparent, while in this case it was clear that Bilal was shot dead.

After that incident, at least 20 Palestinian families told Bostrom that they suspected that the Zionist military had taken the organs of their sons after they had been killed and then taken away by Israeli forces before being dropped back in the area.

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Zio-Nazi Illegal Organ Harvesting Continues: Kosovo Organ Trade

It has been well over a year now since the first reports came forward out of New Jersey, USA, that Zionist Jewish criminals were involved in the inhumane and immoral practice of obtaining and trading human organs.   This revelation was appalling and opened a floodgate of followup information that first came out of Sweden, and then out of the Palestinian territories, that this immoral practice has been going on for decades.   However, thanks to the Zionist Jewish control over the media, any further news of this disgusting practice was soon either suppressed, or totally covered up.  This very important news quietly disappeared out of the headlines…Until now!

The fact is that the news of this immoral practice of human organ trafficking may have disappeared, but this disgusting practice was never ended.    Now comes some important news from PressTV at, where it seems that news is coming out of Kosovo that Israel is involved in the illegal and immoral human organ trade in that country!   Here is that article:

‘Israel involved in Kosovo organ trade’

European Union Prosecutor Jonathan Ratel, file photo
A European Union prosecutor who says Israel has been trading with an elaborate organ trafficking network in Kosovo has brought the case to Pristina District Court, a report says.

Jonathan Ratel, who serves in Kosovo as part of the EU’s rule of law mission, has announced that the seven suspected Kosovons working as physicians for a clinic called Medicus in the capital, Pristina, belong to an international network that trades in the organs of people suffering from extreme poverty, the Associated Press reported.

The donors were from Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey and were enticed with the false promise of payments as much as 20 thousand dollars. However, they never got any money.

There are also charges pressed against an Israeli individual and a Turkish doctor who have not been arrested yet.

The organs were illegally removed from the victims and transplanted into rich recipients most of whom were from Israel, Canada, Germany and Poland.

Among the suspects are some of Kosovo’s most famous doctors. One of them used to be permanent secretary of health and gave the clinic a false license. Also Dr Lutfi Dervishi, a university professor, who is said to be the ringleader of the group, set up the operations.

Police were alerted to the network in November 2008, when a Turkish man, Yilmaz Altun, appeared exhausted at Pristina airport while waiting to board a flight home. When questioned by police, he said he had donated his kidney to an Israeli recipient. Kosovo law forbids the removal and transplant of organs.

The Council of Europe has launched a probe into the issue and its report will be released to the public in France on Thursday.

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Zio-Nazi Admits Illegal Organ Harvesting zionist hate war crime palastin gentile genocide


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Egypt’s Working Class and the question of Organization

[Public transport workers on strike. Image by Hossam el-Hamalawy.]
[Public transport workers on strike. Image by Hossam el-Hamalawy.]

“Who is the labor candidate in this presidential election?” This is a question I have been asked frequently in the past few days. My answer is “no one.”

Despite the presence of left wing candidates in the race, including labor lawyer Khaled Ali, who by all accounts is the most experienced in labor organizing among his counterparts (even when he repeatedly denies the accusation of being a “socialist,” and advocates a “strong private sector” working hand in hand with a state-run public sector), neither Ali nor any other candidates can claim to speak for Egypt’s working class, simply because the working class does not have yet formal entities, organizations, parties, and unions that can claim their representation.

In the industrial west and elsewhere in the developing world, there exist labor unions and parties that have a grassroots presence in the workplace and include millions of workers and civil servants in their membership. The rank and file members are engaged in daily struggles over improving work conditions via negotiations, agreements, or strikes against the management. The extent of grassroots support can always be measured by the degree of response to strike calls issued by those unions’ or parties’ leadership. If you are in the United Kingdom for example, and the Trades Union Congress (TUC) issues a call for a general strike on any given day, you can safely expect industrial actions to take place that day. If the TUC lends its political support in elections for a candidate, a party, or a movement, you can claim with some confidence a candidacy “endorsed by workers.”

The above mentioned example does not mean that I am necessarily praising the politics of the TUC or the Labour Party. What I am trying to highlight is the existence of a machine or a structure that can mobilize the working class, articulate their demands, and claim their representation.

There is nothing of that sort here in Egypt yet. The industrial upturn, which has witnessed millions of Egyptian workers going on strikes or staging protests since 2006, is still lacking a national leadership that can coordinate the strikes, claim class representation, and raise political demands on behalf of the workers in the current political arena.

Though the socialist movement has gained ground steadily since the outbreak of the revolution, the socialists and the left collectively do not have enough of a presence among the working class to provide leadership.

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions, announced in Tahrir Square in the midst of the eighteen day uprising, has grown to include more than two hundred independent unions, with two million workers. Yet, the federation is still green, with uneven support. The federation has been active in “intervening” in and “extending solidarity” to strikes, but it would be a farce to give the federation credit for “instigating” the industrial actions in the first place. Though the federation lent its support for the November 2011 mini uprising, its presence in Tahrir was largely symbolic, and included one tent and a banner.

The 11 February 2012 general strike call was another test for the federation’s strength, yet it once again exposed its weakness. Though the federation endorsed the anti-SCAF general strike call, not a single strike took place. Strikes which occurred on that day were already scheduled in advance by the strike leaders, and we cannot credit the federation with this action.

Despite the presence of leftists in the leadership board of the federation, the political discourse followed by the leadership has been one of economism, separating the economic from the political in propaganda and agitation, which in effect is only hindering the maturity of the labor movement in terms of articulating a political program.

The increased friction between strikers and the military police, which include crackdowns and military tribunals for strikers, means an increasing number of workers are turning against the army, even when they started their struggles over bread and butter issues. In cases like the harbors and airports, the strikers had clear demands about the demilitarization of the management and the sacking of military generals and advisors who ran the business. Strikers in Suez also marched, calling for the execution of the National Democratic Party (NDP) tycoon who owns a ceramics factory and stands accused of involvement in the “Battle of the Camel.” Gas workers smashed NDP billboards in downtown Cairo last week, demanding the return of the NDP local office building back to their company, since the NDP had taken it over illegally under Mubarak. Among the demands of the public transport strikers was the purging of the management of police officers.

These are some quick examples of an acute “political” dimension that is taking shape in the strike wave, but the federation still fails to capitulate on politics and relate to it.

The federation is roughly one year old, and the unions under its umbrella are still incapable of providing representation and a unified political voice in the current revolution. This is not a pessimistic look at the future of the federation. It takes years for unions to build their support and cement the channels of coordination between the different sectors, but there will always be limitations on the extent of the revolutionary potential those unions have. Unions, at the end of the day, are built to “improve” the conditions of exploitation, not “abolish” exploitation once and for all—here is the task of the political party. As long as the most militant sections of the current strike—those who are leading the mass strikes in sectors in direct confrontation with the military—are not organized into a political party, you can expect the workers’ voice to continue to be absent in the current political process.

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