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Mask of Zion Report with Jonathon Azaziah

Mask of Zion Report with Jonathon Azaziah May 24, 2012

by crescentandcross

The one and only Jonathon Azaziah covers the latest news involving Israel’s drive to see Lebanon split up into factionalism in order to weaken Syria and eventually Iran.


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2 Responses to “Mask of Zion Report with Jonathon Azaziah”

  1. Ted Pioro says:


    How come we should undertake such a noble mission as defending the U.S. Constitution?

    Do we are another kind of pranksters in great multitude all around?

    Let’s see where from we have got the idea to become defenders.

    Everyone knows (if not, shall know) the Holy Bible (Torah), the main source of disarray of people across the world, struggling for correctness of its tenets, many times throughout unpleasant confrontations.

    It is so because they find in it charming myths worthy of application into normal life, also of their neighbours, whether they wish or do not.

    In this particular case we must say that the creator of these myths, Moses, who by setting a program of subduing world, uses a tyrannizing, revengenous and omnipotent god Jahve. Whoever disobeys him will perish. Even his son Jesus said so (Mat.10:34) if not mentioning Prophet Muhammad who with his teachings dislikes people going astray from the Koran, the Muslim’s Bible.

    The Trio, Jahve, Jesus and Muhammad follow the program of Moses, for the Moses created it under the name of the mythical Jahve, as the only one and no one else. Thus came to a claim of monotheism, although in pro-Moses times monotheism had been practiced in Egypt (Amon) and in Emporium of Ebla (Israel). To be sure about, please read The Archives of Ebla, An Empire Inscribed in Clay by Giovanni Pettinato, New York, 1981.

    According to Eblaites, the god Israel was a sun god for its name stems from “Is” – ransom, “Ra” – Sun and “El” – god.

    The myths of antiquity under Moses’ program laid the foundation for “choosiness” of all born from Adam and Eve with a task of being a light to other nations where Adamites shall be favored, even for their wrong doings, because for the wrong doings is only the Jahve responsible, hence the “chosen” cannot be judged by non-Adamites, the Gentiles .So, once a year their sins are redeemed byYom Kippur.

    Under atheistic Soviet Russia, for example, there had been forbidden blaming Jews for anything, in extreme cases punishable by death.

    Most recently in Kuwait whoever will blasphemy God Allah/Elijah/El, god of Eblaites – Israel, as well as the prophet Muhammad, will be put to death. This would put the Trio in a position of the untouchable chosen.

    While the U.S. Constitution guides humanity apart of myths, many forces within are praising the Trio for opposing the Constitution. In its Declaration of Independence there is set forth a different image of humanity based upon the Nature’s God, being controversial to the murderous instincts of the humans past.

    From the God of Nature emanates human’s curiosity what the Nature is about. That paves a freeway to discoveries of laws which govern the Nature save laws of mythical gods incompatible with reasons of the modern humans.

    So it comes to conflicts between the Trio and the Nature, hence to endless bombardments of the Moses’ program, which in order to survive must constantly continue fights for its existence causing multitude of victims.

    Perpetuity of Nature’s laws does shape mind of curious humans, enhancing their innate qualities undisturbed by myths..

    Assaults waged by mythycisers threaten the very foundations of the American Nation.

    Therefore Defenders of the U.S. Constitution can’t allow to go backwards to the Dark Ages with their bloody confrontations.

    Taking into consideration that mythycisers in many different forms are forces of subversion in the United States of America, which is the beacon of freedom, America may not withstand the assault, so the Constitution must be defended.

    It is right time to put the Trio into a headlight and to prevent realization of the Moses’ program

    If the U.S. Constitution falls, the absolute truth hidden in the laws of Nature, here on Earth and in the vastness of the Universe will never be discovered.

    So do not hesitate and join the Defenders of the U.S. Constitution at P.O.Box 193, San Diego, CA 92038 with a desirable donation. Thank you in advance for. Email us:

    Now read this:

    And this:

    Adolf Hitler Founder of Israel

  2. Ted Pioro says:

    Do not you see how the Moses works?


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