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Syrian rebels’ arsenal includes remote-controlled truck bombs



KAFER ZAITA, Syria — Late in the afternoon on the second day of the intense fighting that raged in Kafer Zaita for much of last week, a massive explosion rocked the small northern town. “Abdullah,” who commands a small unit of rebel fighters, smiled. “I was waiting for that,” he said. “We just sent them a little gift.”

“They” were the army forces who for two days had been attempting to break out of their stronghold in the center of the town, and the “gift” was a truck laden with what the rebels said was 660 pounds of a homemade explosive. The bomb tore a hole in the fortress wall and left a 4-foot-deep crater in the pavement.

Unlike the car bombs that U.S. troops came to fear during the Iraq war, this vehicle wasn’t driven by a young fanatic set on martyrdom. In fact, it wasn’t really driven at all. Rather, it was piloted – by remote control. Its pilot remained safely concealed in a nearby house as he steered the truck around a corner, then accelerated it into the stronghold wall.

The drone truck is among the innovations that rebels known as the Free Syrian Army increasingly are using in their fight to topple the government of President Bashar Assad. With growing financial support and what appears to be a steady flow of weapons, the rebels effectively have created havens from which they launch deadly attacks against regular army and police units.

The rebels’ effectiveness is driving a rising death toll among the country’s security forces that appears likely to hit a record level in June for the second month in a row. As of Monday, the state news agency has announced the funerals of 259 soldiers and police officers who were killed in combat with rebels this month, well ahead of May’s pace, when 404 such burials took place.

There are at least two bomb makers near the city of Hama, one of the centers of fighting in Syria, who specialize in making low-tech drone weapons. One of them, “Ahmer,” a former math teacher, agreed to talk about his creations, demonstrating how the vehicles are steered using a remote-controlled curtain opener. Like everyone else interviewed for this story, he asked that his real name be withheld, out of fear of government retaliation.

“I’ve made two so far, but I can’t afford to make another one right now,” Ahmer said. “They cost about $200,000 apiece.” He showed off a YouTube video of his creation with obvious pride.

Despite some spectacular attacks that have claimed scores of lives in Damascus and generally are thought to be the work of al Qaida-affiliated groups, suicide bombings remain rare here, even as the anti-Assad uprising enters its 15th month. One such bombing occurred a few days ago at a small checkpoint west of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province.

A rebel fighter named Mahmoud said the driver had been 17 years old. “His father had four children. He lost three of them to Bashar (Assad), and now this. He has no children left.” Mahmoud did not approve. “In Islam, this is not good. There were other ways to accomplish the attack. It’s a tragedy.”

A five-minute drive south of Kafer Zaita in the town of Ltamneh, Yusef has become a skilled bomb maker as the war has ground on. Before the war he was a farmer, tending a well-kept plum orchard a few miles outside town. Now he seems to have a hand in most all rebel operations in Idlib province, showing his face at meetings with United Nations observers, leading anti-regime demonstrations and fighting battles in pressed khakis and smartly ironed button-down shirts.

Yusef’s latest device is a propane tank filled with a homemade explosive that’s triggered by the same remote curtain opener that’s used to steer the cars. The tank is remarkably heavy. “This will destroy a BMP,” he said, referring to the Russian-made armored personnel carriers that are the Syrian military’s primary way of transporting its troops. “With a little luck, it can kill a tank, too.”

The main component of the homemade explosive is ammonium nitrate, a common fertilizer that Yusef has stockpiled in great supply at his orchard. He laces the nitrate with small bits of aluminum, which give the bomb a higher yield, he explained. “I shred the aluminum by putting it through a meat grinder,” he said.

He said he learned how to make homemade explosives long before the war began. “When we were kids, we used this stuff to go fishing,” Yusef said. He repeatedly denied having received any training in his craft, a claim that didn’t seem particularly credible given the sophistication of his weapons.

He said his bomb making was a one-man operation. “After the revolution, I don’t want other people to know how to do this. It could cause problems.”

Driving outside the town, on the way to his orchard, Yusef pulled over to check on one of his bombs, carefully hidden at a bend in the road. “I keep the power supply disconnected,” he said. “That way it will not detonate accidentally. If the army tries to come here, I’ll have enough time to come out and connect it.”

When a group of Libyan fighters passed through Kafer Zaita a few days ago en route to Damascus, they were peppered with questions by rebels eager to find ways to fight the better-equipped army forces. One of the Libyans suggested soaking blankets in diesel fuel and leaving them in the streets: “When a tank rolls over it, set it on fire, with an RPG” – meaning a rocket-propelled grenade – “or a Molotov cocktail. It won’t destroy the tank, but it gets so hot that the soldiers have to get out.” The Syrians listened in rapt attention.

A few days after the battle in Kafer Zaita, Mahmoud and Yusef conferred. Mahmoud had a question for the erstwhile farmer: “If we had some C-4, could you make a bomb out of a remote-controlled airplane?”

Yusef was intrigued. “I’ve never used C-4 before, but I think so. I could set the fuse to detonate on impact.”

They considered the risk of a crash landing, and brainstormed on how to get plastic explosive. Mahmoud promised to do some research and to order a few remote-controlled planes next time he went online: “I can probably get them from Amazon, don’t you think?”

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This Ramadan, Check the Label – Don’t Break your Fast with an Zionist Date


Ramadan is a time of year when we remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves. It would be an affront if at such a time we helped support oppression.

Every year, Israel exports millions of pounds worth of dates to the world, which many people unknowingly buy and use to break their fasts. These dates are grown in illegal settlements in the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, on land that has been stolen from Palestinians. By buying these dates, we are in fact helping Israel to continue its occupation and oppression of the Palestinian people.

For this reason, Friends of Al-Aqsa will again be launching the ‘Check the Label’ Campaign.

Get Involved – Become a Check the Label Ambassador

There are two stages to this campaign:

Stage 1 – Contact and inform the wholesalers and shops. Letters for shops and wholesalers can be printed here.

Stage 2 – Contact and inform consumers. Letters for mosques can be printedhere and free campaign material can be ordered here.

Volunteer to be an ambassador for the Check the Label Campaign. This will mean you will help promote the campaign in your area and take responsibility of distributing leaflets, speaking to shop owners and uploading photographs of shops where dates from Israel, West Bank and Jordan Valley can be purchased.

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Former Zionist official: U.S. suspects Jonathan Pollard was not only Israeli spy operating on American soil

Jonathan Pollard during an interview, May 15, 1998.

Former ambassador to Washington Itamar Rabinovich tell Israel Radio that 25 years later, U.S. is still using Pollard to punish Israel.


United States officials suspect that Jonathan Pollard was not the only Israeli spy operating on U.S. grounds, former Israeli ambassador to Washington Itamar Rabinovich said on Monday in an interview with Israel Radio.
Rabinovich, Israeli envoy to Washington from 1993 to 1996, said that officials in the U.S. intelligence community believe that Israel still conceals the full extent of its espionage activity on American soil.
Speaking of his encounters with American officials, Rabinovich said that he “heard the claim concerning the enormous damage done to the Americans, but there is also a hidden one, which is not voiced openly, but is implied.”
“They suspect that he wasn’t the only one, that there were additional Pollards, and that Israel, despite its promises, did not reveal all the cards in this case and in similar cases,” Rabinovich added.
When asked, the former ambassador said he doubts Israeli spies operate in the U.S. today.
According to Rabinovich, the U.S. is “punishing Israel at Jonathan Pollard’s expense. They are angry with Israel more than with Pollard.”
Jonathan Pollard used to work as a civilian analyst for Navy intelligence. In 1987 he received a life sentence after he was convicted of spying for Israel.
In 1995 Pollard was granted Israeli citizenship, but it was only in 1998 that Israel finally admitted it paid him in exchange for classified information.
On Wednesday, President Shimon Peres will be awarded the United State’s highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama.
In a petition sent to Peres prior his departure, The Committee to Free Pollard asked the Israeli president to demand Pollard’s release. According to the group, some 70,000 people signed the letter, among them authors Amos Oz, A.B. Yehoshua and David Grossman, Nobel Prize winners Daniel Shechtman and Yisrael Uman, and former Israeli president Yizhak Navon.
The committee said that Gilad Shalit, the Israeli soldier, who was kidnapped and held for over five years by Hamas in Gaza, who was released in October, also joined the call for Pollards release.

On visit to Washington, Peres to present Obama with signed petition for Jonathan Pollard’s release

Israeli President to be awarded the Medal of Freedom by U.S. President; intends to discuss fate of convicted Israeli spy and nuclear talks with Iran.


Israel President Shimon Peres began on Monday a four day visit in Washington during which he will be awarded the Medal of Freedom by U.S. President Barack Obama and meet administration officials.

Equipped with a signed petition calling for the release of Israeli convicted spy Jonathan Pollard, Peres said the matter will be discussed with Obama in private.

Peres arrived at Blair House, the U.S. president’s official guest house, at 1:30 P.M. local time.

Upon arrival, Peres told reporters that he is honored by the fact Obama chose to award him the medal. “I see it as an exceptional tribute; there are over 200 countries around the world, he could have chosen any one of 200. The fact Israel was chosen is truly remarkable.”

Peres added that Obama’s decision indicates that “despite all that is said, the relations (between Israel and the U.S.) are deep, both historically and in the present,” and that even though Israel and the rest of the world don’t always see eye to eye on a number of issues, the “deep friendship” between Israel and the U.S. has been maintained.

“The Israeli president also has the authority to grant a pardon, (so) I am familiar with the complexity of granting an amnesty,” Peres said. “There are considerations beyond (the legal process) and I will explain it to the president.”

Peres said nevertheless that he is aware Obama has other considerations, saying he will “be focusing on the humanitarian issue.”

The Israeli president also commented on the anti-Semitic graffiti discovered at the entrance of Jerusalem’s Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial Center, saying it “is one of the most horrific acts possible.”

At least 10 slogans were found on Monday morning on the walls outside the museum, such as: “Hitler, thank you for the Holocaust”, “If Hitler did not exist, the Zionists would have invented him”, and “Zionists! You declared war on Hitler in the name of the Jewish people, you brought upon the Holocaust.”

“Are we acting like the ones who tried to annihilate us?” Peres asked, and continued: “The whole nation should stand as one against this act.”

On Iran, Peres said that while Western powers are preparing for another round of talks over its nuclear program, the Islamic Republic doesn’t seem to be very “flexible.” He did not specify what he intends to tell the U.S. president.

Later on Monday, Peres is scheduled to meet Defense Secretary Leon Panetta. On Tuesday, Peres will attend a special sitting with the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy.

On Wednesday, a few hours before being awarded the Medal of Freedom, Peres will meet Obama in the White House. Peres’ family will attend the medal awarding ceremony. 

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Freemason’a: “Sex Cult” Runs UK Government, says MI-6 Victim (Part 2)


Contrary to popular image, many MI-6 agents begin as trauma brainwashed child sex slaves. “Red Ox” was one. 

(Background here)

Part One- Here

Part Two – Douglas Hurd’s Cottage 

by Red Ox

As can be gleaned from accounts, some members of the Royal Arch take things more seriously than others, and have different perspectives.

 A former GCHQ Director present wanted to train me as a “guardian” (become one of them – the ‘real’ Communists) but  [ex Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd’s son] Thomas Hurd (left, now MI-6) being a sociopathic little toe-rag wanted to train me as an assassin as punishment, and certainly didn’t want me being let loose near Miss Kennedy, who is the daughter of a close-ish friend of his.

A quick rundown of some of the Royal Arch games played at Douglas Hurd’s cottage, before we go via air to Bohemian Grove :


Fingers or fists in a variety of animals including: a fox and a donkey.


Choking: almost turning blue


Fingering of young boys

Providing ‘treats’ for young girls (ejaculate)


Oral and anal sex

Including “record-breaking” attempts, some successful, that porn stars would not attempt. There is a young woman called Alyssa, who wore a T-shirt berating Giorgio Grandi, who attempted the same trick.

The trials and tribulations are based on the 1975 film, Salo, by Pierre Paolo Pasolini, which I was forced to watch.

Pierre Paolo eh? That would be the same name as a witness to the murder of MI-6 worker Gareth Williams. What would the Metropolitan Police of London make of that!? (Answer: they make nothing of it, having not spotted the link).


We flew to America, with Thomas commenting that “you don’t even need your passport, due to the relationship we have with their government”.

Present were UK friends of Rothschild from both ‘democratic’ Parties: Cameron, Osborne, Mandelson, Blair, Miliband.

Two of the most memorable meetings I had was with Ariel Sharon and Barack Obama. At this point, I’ve still got ‘KGB’ bugs on me: hidden devices, that Richard Tomlinson, Security Officer of MI-6, somehow failed to find.

As they were going in, I asked David Cameron, accompanied by his ‘twin’ George Osborne: “Sir, Sir” , “what’s your name”?

 Eventually he snapped “Cameron, and that’s all you’ll get out of me”. “And what’s your surname?” no answer. “leave it, er, Cameron” Osborne smirked, “he’s just a stooge the Royal Arch are using”. 

The KGB then instructed me to ask Osborne (current Chancellor of the Exchequer)  whether he was afraid of “being caught” and then “being exposed –  “you’d have to catch me first!” Judging by his high-profile ‘friendship’ with big black drug-taking escorts.. he’s not *that* hard to catch! One in a long line, perhaps…

Obama was more fun: after the KGB asked me to tell him he seemed “different” to the others. Obama took his time, looked down and up a bit, with a hint of a smile, paused and said “is it because I am black?”. A legendary line, still remembered to this day, I could hear lots of laughter in my ‘earpiece’.

Sharon was the most fun of all, inviting me into his limo for caviar and vodka, much to the concern of Mossad. Assuming the KGB were genuine (which I will come back to at the end of the article), with good reason!

 The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs showed great interest in my future business career, if my website tracking stats are anything to go by, and even sent me an e-mail about whether I remember anything about ever being in a limo with Ariel Sharon. Well, it didn’t seem like a question where yes was an appropriate answer, so I said I didn’t remember. No, well, memories are notoriously unreliable anyway!


At Bohemian Grove, they discussed HAARP and chemtrails in clouds.

The Grove is not a pleasant place, apart from being given a blowjob by high priestess Madonna on the altar. 

Other rooms included the “Dolls Room” where MK’d children are picked out for abuse amongst others, and an “underused” Golden Shower room where kids are used as urinals.

A real mixed bag: I couldn’t give it more than 3 stars out of 5.

They worship Moloch, Satan’s gatekeeper, and ‘pretend’ to sacrifice children, though it seem a few slip through the net.

 I made it back to Britain, was given a scholarship to an elite school, and made to sign a contract with MI-6, before the age of 18 and the end of my education. This contract was kept… but it was kept only by *them*, *not* by me!

 The former Director of GCHQ, kept my side of the contract. “We don’t trust them” the KGB said to me, and interviewed me with a young woman who wanted to be a reporter, Anna Kushchenko(now, Chapman).

Well, I don’t trust *anyone*. But hey guys, I’m looking forward to evidence being revealed, because under the terms of the completely fantastical contract MI-6 made up, they owe me about £1m per year for the last 15 years

 Re. payment: I have “no objections” as the SIS phrasing goes…


One of the things the Royal Arch do when they are electroshocking/programming someone is to do fake aliens.
When abusing children, they sometimes dress up as Mickey Mouse/Donald Duck/Disney characters, or claim their name is “Chuck Norris”.

Shape-shifting aliens is part of the routine. They project a hologram, using pop-up books. Makes it look like say John Scarlett or George W Bush is turning into an alien. It’s not true.

If Icke has spoken with enough ex-MI-6 people he MUST know this!

I’m not saying there aren’t people who BELIEVE they have met shape-shifting reptilians. But I have to tell you, it’s PART OF THE PROGRAM.

I know how they do it (people lying on backs, with holograms projected in pop-up books).

My low-level friends in MI-6 such as Daniel Broughton, seem to like David Icke. And if I’m not mistaken there are also people like Ron Paul, who seem to be anti-establishment but are some of the biggest CIA/MI-6 assets going! Nick Clegg who runs the Liberal Democratic Party in the UK, and many ‘mavericks’ are directly in the group.
I can’t remember 100% if Icke was in this group directly, or just talked about, but his bullshit about shape-shifting reptilians, and belief of people who claim to have experienced events but don’t seem to have by their body-language … e.g Cathy O’Brien. I’m skeptical.
If you were to meet me, although I’m stable, lots of people comment that I have a “nervous” air. Spiritual people claim I have a bad aura: some guy from the Rosicrucian Order came out and asked me if I’d been through Alice in Wonderland after one meeting with me!
Compare that to Cathy O’Brien or David Icke who seem to make a lot of money and be promoted by the very countries they are accusing. Where are their obvious body language cues? Where are Cathy’s visible moles (only physical evidence of electroshock – I have 50 – 100 small ones on my body)?

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Freemason’s: “Sex Cult” Runs UK Government, says MI-6 Victim (Part 1)


MI-6 MK ULTRA: a UK Survivor’s Story

Contrary to the popular image, many MI-6 agents start as trauma- brainwashed child sex slaves. “Red Ox” was one. 

In an email, he said: “You are right about Royal Arch Freemasonry and MI6. I have been in these meetings as a young boy. Games played with electroshock, paedophilia, drugging, group rape. The main purpose is disassociation, not sexual gratification.

The person who did it to me was Thomas Hurd (MI6) and this was at Douglas Hurd’s cottage . Also met John Scarlett and Eliza Manningham-Buller, and Stella Rimington. Blair, Mandelson, Kinnock, Saatchi, Cameron, Osborne and others (Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan) all attended. It makes perfect sense if you are worshipping Satan.”

This is additional confirmation of the basis thesis of this website: that the world is run by a satanic cult, cabbalists empowered by the central bankers. Cult members are controled by their sexual excesses and blackmail.

I asked “Red Ox” to tell his story: “There is something of an interracial sex cult (along with the bestiality and pedophilia) at the heart of the British Government.”


OXFORDSHIRE, ENGLAND – Douglas Hurd was running for leader of the ruling Conservative Party (UK) in 1990. As a nine- year old boy, I had a ‘chance’ encounter with the Hurds at the Theatre, in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, now David Cameron’s constituency.

(left, Hurd, British Foreign Sec 1989-1995)

This early November Pantomine, was enjoyed or endured by a collection of Hurds including Douglas, his son Thomas and Thomas’s wife, the very     attractive Catherine. 

[Douglas’s son] Thomas Hurd was approximately 15-16 years older than me. It seemed like a ‘chance’ meeting, but I suspect it wasn’t. They have a phrase called “having the X Factor” where people are targeted before birth. They knew my mother was an illiegitimate grand-daughter of King Edward VIII.

Also in the crowd was the Hurd security, and the watching KGB, a few rows to the front, in the guise a woman with a large wide-brimmed hat… [Ed. Note: It appears that Red Ox was also recruited by KGB at an early stage. He sees MI-6 & KGB as essentially one and their rivalry as Masonic office politics. He says most members of these agencies are so compartmentalized, they haven’t a clue of the bigger picture, i.e. both agencies serve Rothschilds.]

In the course of this performance, Douglas was doing the usual grimace of an Alice-in-Wonderland initiate Royal Arch T (T=torture) Party sufferer of the past, after the local Oxfordshire cast directed some attempts at jokes at him.

Douglas has a reputation as a “nice man”, his son not so much. Indeed a GCHQ colleague informed me “the problem with Thomas is that he confuses cruelty with cunning”.

Thomas [now] works for MI-6.

Current chief Sir John Sawers (left) was Douglas’s Principal Private Secretary at the Foreign Office.  

During this pantomime I “annoyed” Thomas, particularly by catching sweets thrown in Douglas’s direction. It was like something from *The Matrix* and not without skill, the way this nine-year old ducked and dived, denied poor Thomas his penny sweeties, bounced one of his glasses and snatched one off his head. And I know … I was shown the video seven years later…

Now, I would like to say “Thomas didn’t know whether to torture me, f*** me or something else!” at this point, but it seemed pretty clear he *did* know, and invited me via my parents to a local Cricket class he was teaching, which quickly turned into an invite round “for Tea”.

[Ed Note: In May 2011, Catherine Hurd, wife of Thomas Hurd, mother of five jumped/was thrown to her death from roof of their townhouse in NYC. Pictures of both Thomas & Catherine Hurd seem to have been removed from the Internet]

Oh dear! As explained T in Royal Arch/MI-6 language means Torture, and preparation for use as some kind of mind controlled ‘slave’, probably sexual. 

The KGB were watching and seemed equally sure: going to the trouble of going undercover at this cricket club months in advance, and fitting me with bugs that picked up at least aurally, everything that went on at Douglas Hurd’s cottage prior to Bohemian Grove.

This may be a good time to put in a first reservation about Putin, Medvedev and the Russians. Their central bank is controlled by the Rothschilds, and they have an uncanny ability to worm their way into MI-6 situations who they at least “used” to work with. “Hmm” as they say… but we’ll continue with the tale.


After some persuasion, most probably including psychotronic weapons, my parents seemed to find it “a good idea” to entrust me to Thomas Hurd for a week, after never having let me stay with anyone else, ever, before.

During this time: John Scarlett (left) “Eggman”, Stella Rimington “Cruella” and Mikhail Repa all communicated to *me*, at least. Funny time to be developing imaginay friends, my parents said.. not examining their own sudden change in parenting behaviour!

Now, because I had the KGB ‘with’ me, the events at Thomas Hurd’s house can be remembered, even with some slight disassociation. I am not a scientist, but guess that having people prompting you and keeping you active aids memory. A lot of effort goes into making people forget, usually.

So what happens if you have “T” with the Royal Arch? It mainly involves a cattle prod and stories from Alice in Wonderland. This has been discussed in depth and I can confirm what has been said is pretty well spot on. Thomas Hurd was the one applying the cattle prod to me, and I still have the moles to prove it.

Purpose of “Alice” (another nickname) is to shock the victim to program oneself in the manner directed by the torturer. This will include doing exactly what is asked by the British Government, smuggling, assassinations, and sex.

The school I went to is called The Dragon in Oxford (ages 7-12). Mark Allen of MI-6 went there as a boy. Some of the other lads who went there, such as the Hon Nick Knatchbull also experienced “Alice”. Most of the boys go on to Eton (age 13-18) where there must be a fair few having gone through it.

Knatchbull used to confide to a boy Joey Vlasto and myself about the “horrible” things that his father and friends used to do to him. Father is Lord Mountbatten. When I spoke to Nick about being dressed up in a yellow fisherman’s outfit and electroshocked, he said he’d been through exactly the same thing. 

At Hurd’s house, When John Scarlett (MI-6) was running the electroshock “Alice” or “T” session on me, he allowed me to sit in the “Royal” chair.

There are chairs for 2 types of programmer, one Royal and one normal. The normal one is usually handled by the likes of Andrew Marr and Daldry.

I gave Hurd a shock, which he was pleading with me not to do, then gave him “one for luck” and for complaining, which Scarlett laughed at. Of course, he knew that Hurd would get his revenge just a few minutes later, for a lot longer (!), and that was the purpose of allowing me to antagonise him.


This next bit is a touch bizarre, but essentially there is something of an interracial sex cult (along with the bestiality and paedophilia) at the heart of the British Government.

 After introducing himself as the Eggman, and saying some people find it funny that he lost all his hair at a young age, Sir John Scarlett took me to another room with Rimington, Thomas Hurd and Richard Tomlinson, in which they had a line-up of male escorts wearing headphones and blindfolded. 

Some were of a particular type, one way of putting it is they used to pick cotton in the USA! Under electroshock punishment I was ‘asked’ to convince myself what type of man my sister would like to go out/breed with: a black man. [Editor-See alsoWinnipeg Porn Judge where Canadian satanists fixate on interracial sex.]

Similar games were used to convince me to go out/breed with Asians: one touching moment including Thomas and I lying on a bed visualising the “bum” of about a 7 year old girl called Anita, who was about the only Indian girl I knew. 

The electroshocks increased if I professed not knowing anything about Indian culture, not knowing any Indians (!) (you are also allowed Pakistani’s and middle eastern women) or getting the answer wrong to “in which country is the Taj Mahal?”

Now obviously there was a lot of other stuff thrown in, but I can honestly say the interracial sexual content was highest and reinforced the most. What better way to control people than through their sex drive?

 It’s a way of avoiding same race heterosexual relationships, as a skilled psychologist may tell you. What is the natural reaction? Go gay! Perhaps Robert Mugabe was not so far off as most thought in describing UK as “a gay mafia”.

One white woman was allowed to be considered in this multi-hour torture session, her name Alison Kennedy. She’s the niece of one of the participants, a senior boss at (Rothschilds’) JP Morgan Mr Kennedy.

 In this way, the abused becomes the abuser. “You’ll become one of them” warned the KGB.

 “She’s the last woman in the world you should go near now”.  She is related to the Bush family, myself to some minor Royals, and this Royal Arch gang are into some far-right eugenic stuff.

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IsraHell gives up status quo in Syria caring about post-Assad time’


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US accelerates preparations for ‘no-fly zone’ in Syria


Syrian men shout slogans during a pro-regime protest (AFP Photo/Louai Beshara)

The United States may soon take on a formal role in the Syrian uprising after reports surfaced this week that suggest the White House wants an air offensive targeting the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.

After over a year of unrest in Syria, Israel’s Debka news agency reports that US President Barack Obama has asked the US Navy and Air Force to accelerate plans that would aid in the ousting of Assad. According to their sources, President Obama hopes that by initiating a temporary air strike in locales instrumental to the Syrian government, the US may be able to decimate Assad’s control by attacking his regime’s military command centers.

The US would call for a no-fly zone over Syria, reports Debka, then send their own personnel to strike Assad-aligned targets.

Murmurings of the latest plans out of Washington come less than two weeks after Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) called for the implementation of a no-fly zone. Speaking to reporters last month, Sen. Graham said that ousting Assad from control in Syria is much more crucial for America’s interests than the issue of Libya; last year the US aided in the removal of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi from Libyan rule.

“Compared to Libya, the strategic upside of taking out (Syrian President Bashar) Assad is far greater,”said Graham, who currently sits on the US Senate Committee of Armed Services. “We’ve used force to stop slaughter less strategic and egregious than this.”

Debka’s reports also come days after White House Press Secretary Jay Carney confirmed that, in terms of US involvement in Syria,“military action is always an option,” although he added, “We do not believe that … further militarization of the situation in Syria at this point is the right course of action.”Less than two weeks later, however, the White House may have already changed their stance.

According to Debka, Washington’s rumored change of heart may have something to do with reports out of Russia. Sources speaking with the news agency say that US President Obama asked for an accelerated attack on Syria’s leaders after hearing Russian officials allegedly say, “Moscow would support the departure of President Bashar al-Assad if Syrians agreed to it.”

Debka adds that, to carry out the plan, the US will equip Syrian rebels with military supplies so that they could out attack Assad’s regime on the ground after an American-led airstrikes. It is believed that Assad’s government is currently using unmanned surveillance air drones to patrol the countryside for rebel forces only to then order strikes targeted them.

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Insurgents Named Responsible for Syrian Massacres


By Stephen Lendman

A Syrian documentary aired on June 9, and a June 7 report by Germany’s leading broadsheet provide more evidence. Both refutes Western and scoundrel media misinformation. More on the latter below.

On May 10, suburban Damascus suicide bombings killed 55 and injured hundreds. The attack happened near Syria’s military intelligence complex. Children were killed. So were drivers and others heading for work.

At the time, SANA state media said rescue workers collected “15 bags of limbs and torn-off body parts” from the scene. The blasts also destroyed 105 cars.

Western reports spuriously blamed Assad. He had nothing to do with it, other insurgent massacres, daily attacks, targeted assassinations, and Western-sponsored terrorism.

On June 10, SANA state media’s documentary discussed the Damascus incident. It pointed fingers the right way. It named Western-recruited Jabhet al-Nasra terrorists responsible. They also carried out earlier attacks.

Jordanian terrorist Abu Musaab, Syrian Mohammad Ali Ghazi, and an Iraqi called Marwan “supervised the operation.” Others involved included “Mohammad Ahmad Kamaleddin, a Syrian from Serghaya, Yasser, another Syrian, and an Iraqi known as Allawi.”

Testimonies were aired. Medical student Abdullah said the Yousef al-Hajer terrorist organization recruited him to participate. He met Iraqi insurgents involved. They were affiliated with Al Qaeda.

Abdullah was enlisted to help make explosives. He didn’t know for what purpose. He said Jabhet al-Nasra is active throughout Syria. It works cooperatively with Free Syrian Army elements. Their mission is violence and destruction to destabilize Syria and oust Assad.

Recruits were deceived to go along.

On air footage also showed al-Qassa’a security camera evidence. “(F)our booby-trapped cars….targeted al-Jamarek, Kafarsousseh, al-Qassa’a and the Criminal Security Department in al-Jamark.”

“The documentary showed that the terrorist AbdulSalam Awwad al-Ali al-Hayyawi, nicknamed Abu Omar al-Shami from Deir Ezzor,23 years old, was the one who carried out al-Midan terrorist bombing using a 30-kg explosive-laden belt on April 27th.”

It also “revealed that the explosives used in the terrorist bombings were manufactured at a blacksmith shop in Akraba, owned by the terrorist Said Mahmoud Hamada,36 years old, nicknamed Abu Salah, who was a senior member of Jabhet al-Nasra. He recruited an Iraqi explosives’ expert called Taha.”

On June 7, the Frankfurther Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) published an article titled “Again massacres in Syria.” The English translation was choppy. Nonetheless, it pointed fingers the right way.

Anti-Assad elements were interviewed. They claimed responsibility. FAZ kept their names confidential. At issue is potential reprisals.

It said most Qubeir victims “were of a family. While the rebels accused the regime militias of murder, the state television made a ‘terrorist group’ responsible for the massacre.”

It replicated Houla May 25 killings. “(C)redible witnesses” “reconstruct(ed)” events. They refuted Western and Assad opposition element claims.

“(I)nsurgents attacked the three roadside inspections of the Syrian army” near Houla. They’re responsible for protecting villages.

“Rebels (got a) 300-million-dollar fund.” An “expatriate” Doha-based “businessman” supplied it. “Mustafa Sabbagh, president of the Syrian Business Forum in exile, presented the fund.”

“Wael Mirza, Secretary General of the Syrian opposition National Council, said half” the amount was spent “and partly flowed to the Free Syrian Army.”

In Houla area fighting, “three villages….were sealed off from the outside world.”

“According to the eyewitnesses to the massacre,” those killed “almost exclusively” were pro-Assad Alawite family members. Several dozen members of one family were slaughtered.

“Killed were also members of the Alawite family Shomaliya and the family of a Sunni member of parliament, because (he) was considered” pro-Assad.

The National Review calls itself “America’s most widely read and influential magazine and web site for conservative news, commentary, and opinion.”

On June 9, it headlined “Report: Rebels Responsible for Houla Massacre,” saying:

FAZ’s new report blamed Houla killings on “anti-Assad Sunni militants, and the bulk of the victims were members of the Alawi(te) and Shia minorities, which have been largely supportive of Assad.”

The massacre followed insurgent/Syrian army clashes. Anti-Assad elements initiated them. Dozens were killed on both sides. Fighting raged for 90 minutes.

It was a diversion. Eyewitnesses said Houla killings occurred at the same time. Pro-Assad loyalists were targeted.

Russian journalist Marat Musin revealed the same thing. Based on firsthand observations and eyewitness testimonies, he refuted Western misinformation and lies.

Western-enlisted death squads bear full responsibility. Government forces and/or so-called pro-Assad shabbiha had no involvement.

FAZ’s account said the same thing. Qara, Syria Monastery of St. James members collected their own eyewitness testimonies. They confirmed what Marat and FAZ reported.

The National Review said:

“According to monastery sources cited by the Dutch Middle East expert Martin Janssen, armed rebels murdered ‘entire Alawi(te) families’ in the village of Taldo in the Houla region.”

In early April, Mother Agnes-Mariam de la Croix warned about rebel atrocities “being repackaged in both Arab and Western media accounts as regime atrocities.”

She cited a Homs massacre. According to a monastery web site account (published in French), “rebels gathered Christian and Alawi(te) hostages in a building in Khalidiya and blew (it up) with dynamite.”

They blamed Assad. Mother Agnes-Mariam said:

“Even though this act has been attributed to regular army forces….the evidence and testimony are irrefutable: It was an operation undertaken by armed groups affiliated with the opposition.”

These accounts and other credible evidence point fingers the right way. Western-enlisted death squads bear full responsibility for months of Syrian killings and overall violence. Assad had nothing to do with them. Nonetheless, he’s wrongly blamed.

Fabricated accounts substitute for truth and full disclosure. Public support is enlisted for war. Western profiteers want it. Pentagon officials say they’re ready.

Joint Chiefs head General Martin Dempsey appears often on Fox News. Claiming Assad atrocities, he threatens military action. So do Obama officials. Media scoundrels promote it. Top UN officials regurgitate it.

Former Secretary-General Kofi Annan and current one, Ban Ki-moon, are trusted imperial tools. Annan’s so-called peace plan is sham cover for what’s planned.

He and Ban hold Assad responsible “for grave violations of human rights and international humanitarian law.”

Ban said his government “lost all legitimacy. The trail of blood leads” directly to him and close associates. Culpability is ignored. Victims are blamed, not perpetrators.

The “trail of blood leads” to Washington, not Damascus. Ban reports in for orders. His comments sound pre-scripted. Obama speech writers likely wrote them. Dutifully he repeats him.

Like conspiratorial administration officials, he bears direct responsibility for months of Western-instigated violence. He’s equally culpable. He’s guilty of crimes of war and against humanity.

How many more will die before bloodshed ends? How great a body count is tolerable? Is Syria in ruins acceptable? Are wars without end defensible? Perhaps nuclear weapons are planned for the next one.

Einstein and Bertrand Russell once thought using them was unthinkable. Both forthrightly opposed war. Russell once said:

“Here, then, is the problem which we present to you, stark and dreadful and inescapable: Shall we put an end to the human race, or shall mankind renounce war?”

Einstein put it another way, saying:

“I know not what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Leaders with these views are sorely lacking. America had none in modern times. World peace hangs in the balance. So does human survival.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”

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‘Dozens of Kuwaiti jihadists’ join different nationalities to enlist in Free Syrian Army


The Free Syrian Army, the country’s main armed resistance force, are reportedly welcoming the Kuwaiti fighters for “jihad operations.” (File photo)



Dozens of Kuwaitis “jihadists” have crossed the Turkish border into Syria to support the Free Syrian Army’s (FSA) fight against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a Kuwaiti news report stated on Sunday.

The FSA, the country’s main armed resistance force, are reportedly welcoming the Kuwaiti fighters for “jihad operations,” relatives of the Kuwaiti fighters told the Gulf nation’s al-Qabas newspaper.

Fighters of other nationalities, including “large groups of Algerians, Saudis and Pakistanis,” have also joined the dozens of Kuwaitis in Syria, the report stated.

Upon their arrival, the Kuwaiti fighters were given a Syrian identification card, “in case it is needed for any emergency,” the relatives said.

They were then armed and sent to different provinces across Syria. The fighters’ relatives also said that many had been refused from enlisting in the FSA because they were under the age of 18.

The report also noted that there are a “large amount of weapons” on the Turkish-Syrian border.

The FSA consists mainly of former Syrian troops who have deserted the army in protest against the government’s bloody crackdown, which has left more than 13,500 people dead since March 2011, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The FSA is increasingly gaining ground, stepping up its attacks on government troops and expanding the area under its control.

Over the weekend, two neighborhoods in the central city of Homs that have come under the sway of the Free Syrian Army were bombarded by government forces.

“The increased activity comes as an international effort to aid the Free Syrian Army quietly gathers pace,” The Washington Post’s Liz Sly wrote on Saturday.

“Although the rebels insist they are still not being helped by foreign countries, they say they now have ample access to money from Syrian opposition figures and organizations outside the country and are using it to purchase supplies on a revived black market inside Syria,” Sly added.

Earlier this year, Iraq’s deputy interior minister said jihadists were traveling from Iraq to Syria and weapons being sent to opponents of Assad’s regime. It was not clear, however, if they had begun to fight with the FSA.

In March, an Iraqi Sunni tribal sheikh admitted to sending “hundreds of men and tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of arms and other aid,” to Syria to support the rebellion against Assad.

The sheikh, whose identity was kept confidential during an interview with The Daily Telegraph, said that half a dozen of his men have paid with their lives during the bloody civil conflict in Syria. He said they had been buried where they fell.

He also told the newspaper he has bought 100 Kalashnikovs, 50 rocket-propelled grenade launchers, and a few sniper rifles.

“A hundred Kalashnikovs are not going to bring down Assad,” he admitted.

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FIFA chief Blatter urges Israel soccer body to help jailed Palestine player on hunger strike


By Associated Press,

ZURICH — FIFA President Sepp Blatter has called on Israel soccer leaders to “urgently” help a Palestine player on hunger strike in Israeli custody.

Blatter has written to the Israel Football Association of his “grave concern” after receiving reports that “several Palestine football players have allegedly been illegally detained.”

Blatter asks IFA President Avi Luzon to intervene with Israeli authorities with “utmost urgency” because of the “alarming situation” facing Mahmoud Sarsak.

Sarsak is reported to have been on hunger strike for almost three months.

Palestine officials and global players’ union FIFPro says Sarsak has been held without trial since 2009.

They say he was stopped at a Gaza Strip checkpoint while traveling to an international match.

Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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