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Dear Islam: We Love You to Pieces

Armed Iraqi child.Iraqi children are forced to become men at a very young age. (Photo courtesy of

Smile — we are bringing the American dream to your country. This should becelebrated not scorned. While doing this your welfare and security shall be our top priority. Think of us as the good doctorwho is treating your injury. The pain we bring you is only temporary.

We acknowledge that you really want to be the religion of peace but we cannot permit this because this restrains us from acquiring essential domestic support that enables us to colonize your sacred lands and manage your resources for you.

Someone has to do it therefore we are really only exercising our God-given rights to police the world. If we damage any of your public spaces and properties we shall rebuild them to modern standards. Your country will look brand new when we have completed our mission.

The good news is that it will all be free. Yes you heard us right; we are not going to bill you for anything — we promise. Hold on, there’s more! In fact, we intend on paying many of you off to express our generosity. If you do not believe us just look at our track record in Iraq. Where do you think the many billions disappeared to? That is why God created the American people. They are relatively well off, spoiled, and easily deceived by propaganda. But do not forget to slide some of it back to certain individuals before you lose track of it all. We are certain you know how this works.

Our commission is to oust your tyrants from power and install our own brand of freedom and democracy that is friendly to American corporatism. Please trust us when we affirm that you will embrace this — everyone does except our own people. But they matter not because we know what is in their best interests. They are too dumbed-down to manage their own affairs. As it stands now, they still believe they need government. Yeah, yeah we know; we are laughing too but it is not their fault. We made them that way.

We are aware of your anemic military and poorly funded ragtag militias with second or third rate technology. To demonstrate our sportsmanship, the CIA shall provide your resistance with weapons, funding, training, and fighters so that they may give our ownheroes a good fight — just like we did early on in Iraq when we imported Taliban and Al-Qaeda freedom fighters. Who said we didn’t play fair?

Do not be concerned with our war on terror. It is not for you. When you do challenge us please persist in practicing very cunning guerrilla tactics that we call terrorism so that we may prolong labeling you terrorists. This justifies us further eroding the civil rights of our own people while it reduces them to obedient Manchurian citizens who dispense endless funding and healthy bodies needed for extending these war games.

A sullen and well-armed American public is very dangerous to the state. Hence, it is essential to pacify them with controlled or illegal toxic substances. Therefore, despite ourwar on drugs, we shall continue to guard your crops and accommodate you with covert protection and assistance while exporting your most bountiful commodity — opium. We also demand this product to maintain imprisoning our own citizens otherwise some will go hungry in the public-sector while private citizens run restless in the streets seeking for somewhere to fit in.

We apologize that Christianity has been and will endure as the religion of pieces. But we respectfully request that you remain patient with us and sustain your very courageous struggle otherwise many American defense and construction companies will lose value and right now our economy is very fragile. Your armed response is the humanitarian thing to do because the alternative is for such corporations to lay off more of our workforce in the private sector. They must not be handicapped of their ability to provide for themselves. We are only doing this for the children — ours. But your children who do not becomecollateral damage will benefit too.

The state really is a noble thing because it feeds families and restricts them to peaceful dissent. Some of this is valued because such a disgruntled public can be easily divided and weakened. Just like the facade that democracy has become, this builds the illusion that their government must answer to them. If they only knew who was really pulling the reins. But please lets only keep this between us — two trusting friends.

When all this is over we shall lift martial law and install a much kinder police stategovernment that primarily arrests people in masses for petty victimless offenses. This will spawn a major prison industry that will feed many sectors of your free economy especially in government jobs such as prisons, police, justice system, administration, and of course public-sector labor unions that we shall very happily procure for you. You will also generate much more wealth in the form of taxation, fines, and fees to grow your government to fund all this. Just like a well cultivated olive tree, the more you care for it the bigger it will grow.

Winning your hearts and minds really is our goal. The West really does love you this much. We also thank you for your participation; for without you this conflict would not be possible. May Allah bless you and guide you through the ever so elusive path to peace, prosperity, freedom, and happiness.

Your dearest friend,

The United States Federal Government

Further Reading and Viewing

The list that follows are current and republished articles authored by this reporter and op-ed writer. He was recently fired for something he regrettably wrote while not in the right state of mind. As a libertarian, he fully accepts this consequence from his employer and the resentment by the general public. It is really nothing more than accepting personal responsibility for one’s own actions and welfare without encroaching on anyone else’s right to this.

The following items are full-length independent documentary films, talks, news clips, or interviews that reveal the true nature of the American government when it wages war.

The first two embedded items are of particular interest because the United States has built many secret military bases in Afghanistan. Is it doing this to remain there indefinitely? Is it setting the stage for an invasion of Iran and to remind the Russians who is now the tough guy on the block?

© 2012 Jules Manson — All Rights Reserved

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Jihad: Zio-Nazi Rabbis Teach Racism


Top Islamic Jihad operative accuses rabbis of treating Palestinians like ‘snakes, bugs,’ says Palestinians have right to teach about ‘thieving Israeli enemy’


A top Islamic Jihad operative on Wednesday accused Israeli rabbis of teaching hatred and racist values to children, a statement made in response to a recent report that Gaza kindergartens indoctrinate students into becoming terrorists.

“(Rabbis) treat Palestinian children and women as if they were snakes and bugs,” Khader Habib, a leader of the Gaza group told Ynet. “They don’t see them as normal people.”

Photographs released earlier this week showed a graduation ceremony celebrated at a Gaza preschool, during which the children donned army uniforms, carried rifles and staged scenes of torture purportedly inflicted on Palestinian prisoners by Israeli troops.

According to the report, during the ceremony some of the kids vowed to become terrorists and martyrs who kill Zionists.

The kindergarten’s director said that it is the school’s obligation to teach children to “love the resistance” and to recognize the enemy.

The Foreign Ministry is looking into the possibility of sending the photographs out to several embassies worldwide, to be used for advocacy purposes. Meanwhile, the Israeli embassy in London has already decided to display the photos during a British Parliament session.

Habib dismissed the criticism of the unsavory education practices witnessed at the school.

“The Palestinian people have the right to teach its children that the Israeli enemy is stealing Palestinian land,” he said.

Habib further claimed that the “enemy is trying to distort the facts by using its media outlets across the globe,” and urged the Arab and Palestinian press to come out against the “enemy’s criminal propaganda machine.”

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Zio-Nazi Dublin embassy planned to smear Palestine activists as sexual deviants and Mossad agents

Electronic Intifada

Nurit Tinari-Modai, Israel’s deputy ambassador in Dublin, planned to smear activists and post their pictures online.

Israel’s deputy ambassador in Dublin proposed to her superiors a plan to personally smear Palestine solidarity activists – especially Israelis – to “humiliate and shame them” as suffering from psychological and sexual problems and imply that they work for Israel’s spy agency Mossad.

Deputy Ambassador Nurit Tinari-Modai, who is also the wife of Ambassador Boaz Modai, made the suggestions in a memo to the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs that was exposed by Israel’s Channel 10.

The full text of the Channel 10 report has been translated from Hebrew by Dena Shunra, with emphasis added:

Deputy to the ambassador in Ireland: the pro-Palestinian activists are motivated by problems in sexual orientation

By Moav Vardi

Senior diplomat Nurit Tinari-Modai, has come up with a new plan to combat the delegitimization activities against Israel: to fight directly with the Israeli activists who take part in it. [“]You have to hurt their soft underbelly, publish their pictures, with the hopes of local activists understanding that they might actually be working on behalf of the Mossad,” she wrote the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and claimed that their motivation is not ideological.

An exceptional statement by a senior Israeli diplomat is published for the first time today (Tuesday), on Channel 10 News. The deputy to the ambassador to Ireland, Nurit Tinari-Modai, has argued that pro-Palestinian Israeli activists who defame Israel abroad are acting from psychological motivation, including problems of sexual identity. Ireland is one of the sharpest hot-spots of the pro-Palestinian activism against Israel, and some of the people who take part in that activity are Israeli.

In a cable Tinari-Modai sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem she proposes a new strategy: work directly against those Israeli activists, humiliate and shame them. “It is possible to obtain names of the Israelis… you have to try and hit their soft underbellies, to publish their photographs, maybe that will cause embarrassment from their friends in Israel and their family, hoping that local activists would understand that they may actually be working on behalf of Mossad,” writes the deputy ambassador.

“The activity of those activists against the state is, in my evaluation, not necessarily ideological (!) but grounded in psychological reasons (generally of disappointment with the parents, [or] sexual identity problems) or the need to obtain a residency visa in one of the countries in Europe,” adds Tinari-Modai.

This letter was met with fury by senior figures at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “The deputy ambassador has become entirely confused, this result of going against the Israelis will empower the objectors. It would be better to fight against the delegitimization than to propose deranged ideas,” they told Channel 10 News there.

The official response by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is that “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs unrelentingly fights the delegitimization of Israel everywhere, but does not engage in witch hunts. Such proposals are not aligned with the spirit and customary practice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

Despite denials, this is IsraHell’s modus operandi

While, as the report says, Israeli officials denounced Tinari-Modai’s plan – perhaps because it was publicly exposed – “naming and shaming” so-called “delegitimizers” is a fundamental part of the influential Reut Institute’s advocacy strategy adopted by the Israeli government and anti-Palestinian lobby groups around the world.

Indeed, Zio-Nazi’s UN ambassador Ron Prosor publicly enunciated a similar strategy in February 2011 at the Herzliya Conference:

Prosor also presented his idea of what the response should be to those “hardcore delegitimizers” as he put it.

“It’s important to out them, name them, and shame them so that respectable organizations don’t coordinate with them,” he said.

On top of the repugnance of these kinds of tactics, Nurit Tinari-Modai’s emphasis on alleged “sexual identity problems” of those to be smeared, indicates an innate homophobia that is at odds with Israel’s efforts – known as pinkwashing – to portray itself as supportive of the rights of people who identify as LGBTQ.

Irish campaigners urge Dublin to tell IsraHell to withdraw its deputy ambassador

Irish human rights activists are calling on their government to ask Israel to withdraw its deputy ambassador Nurit Tinari-Modai following the exposure of her plan to smear them.

“This type of behaviour is indicative of the mindset of apologists for Apartheid Israel. They have no legal, political or moral arguments. Instead of questioning Israel’s illegal actions and occupation, they opt to attack human rights activists’ characters and motivations,” said Martin O’Quigley, Chairperson of the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) in a statement posted on the group’s website.

Urging the Dublin government to take action, O’Quigley added, “that these kind of proposals are being seriously touted by the Israeli Embassy in Ireland is incredibly worrying, and the Irish government should, at the very least, demand Ms. Modai be withdrawn immediately. Support for such intimidatory behaviour, interference and personalised attacks on human rights activists by a foreign diplomatic mission should be unacceptable in a democratic and sovereign country.”

O’Quigley also pointed out the heightened atmosphere facing those campaigning for Palestinian human rights in Ireland: “in recent weeks, there has been an unprecedented attack on both the campaign for a cultural boycott of Israel and the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) in the Irish media, much of it based on inaccurate and misleading reporting. These attacks have often been highly personalised against individual IPSC members. While this would fit with the modus operandi of the Israeli Embassy, whether or not the embassy has influenced such reporting is impossible to say. However, there is no doubt that the Israeli Embassy can only have been happy with the skewed misrepresentation of the campaign.”

As David Cronin wrote in May, Irish newspapers had declared “open season” on Palestine solidarity activists.


How A Comment on My Website Led Jason Leopold to Discover the Story of Abu Zubaydah’s Brother, Living in the US


On Christmas Day 2008, a comment by someone identifying themselves as Hesham Abu Zubaydah was submitted on an article I had written many months earlier, entitled, The Insignificance and Insanity of Abu Zubaydah: Ex-Guantánamo Prisoner Confirms FBI’s Doubts. This was the first of many articles I have written explaining how Abu Zubaydah, the “high-value detainee” for whom the Bush administration’s torture program was specifically developed, was not a senior al-Qaeda operative, as the administration claimed, but was instead the mentally damaged gatekeeper of a training camp, Khaldan, that was independent of al-Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

The comment read, “Yes that is my brother and I live in Oregon. Do you think I should have been locked away for 2 years with no charges for a act of a sibling? I am the younger brother of Zayn [Abu Zubydah’s real name, Zayn al-Abidin Mohamed Husayn] and I live in the USA. Tell me what you think.”

In response, from what I recall, I responded to the comment, but did not hear anything back. With hindsight, I should have pursued it further, but I’m glad to note that, eventually, my friend and colleague Jason Leopold stumbled across the comment, tracked down Hesham in Florida, where he lives with his wife Jody, and began a 14-month investigation that resulted in the publication, yesterday, of EXCLUSIVE: From Hopeful Immigrant to FBI Informant – the Inside Story of the Other Abu Zubaidah, a 15,000-word article by Jason that was published by Truthout, where he is the lead investigative reporter, and where I am an occasional contributor.

This excellent article, accompanied by a video interview of Jason talking to Hesham and Jody, and an additional article about how a Freedom of Information request submitted by Jason attracted the attention of the FBI, reveals most of all how, because of his blood relationship with Abu Zubaydah — who is known to his family as Hani — Hesham has been imprisoned in America, threatened with deportation and made to work for nearly three years as an FBI informant, even though he himself has done nothing wrong, and has no involvement with or sympathies for anything to do with violent jihad.

One of ten children born to Palestinian parents in Saudi Arabia, Hesham is five years younger than Hani, and was only 11 or 12 years old when his brother left home for good, and he recalls him only as a happy-go-lucky guy, and something of a womanizer. At that time, he insists, there was no hint of religious extremism. As a result, it should have been obvious that he was of little use to law enforcement officials or the intelligence agencies, but instead he has been hounded, persecuted and treated abominably, primarily by the FBI.

Hesham arrived in the US in July 1998, when he was 22 years old, and, a year later, moved to Portland, Oregon, where he was living when the 9/11 attacks occurred. It was only afterwards that the FBI paid him a visit. As Jason explains (using the spelling “Zubaidah,” which I have maintained in the quotes from the article):

Hesham said the first time he learned that his brother had been involved in any alleged terrorist activities was immediately after 9/11, when FBI agents showed up at his apartment in Portland with a set of photographs they asked him to identify.

“I didn’t believe it,” Hesham said when he first learned of the allegations that his brother was involved in the planning of the 9/11. “I did not recognize the person in the pictures the FBI showed me. The person in the photographs had a beard and a mustache. My brother used to shave his mustache all the time. They had pictures where he had blue eyes, blond hair and green hair. The person just didn’t look anything like the person I grew up with. I told the FBI, ‘The guy you’re talking about, I don’t know that guy.’”

Hesham says he has been paying a price ever since for having the same name as the suspect in the pictures.

Crucially, Jason continues:

Why didn’t the FBI speak to Hesham before 9/11? It would seem a simple visit to the sibling of the person designated as a notorious al-Qaeda terrorist would be standard law enforcement procedure. But it wasn’t. Rather than interview Hesham, the FBI instead secretly spoke to his wife, about three weeks before 9/11.

John Kiriakou, the former CIA officer who helped lead the operation that resulted in Zubaidah’s capture on March 28, 2002, said he could not believe Zubaidah had a brother living in the United States at a time when the intelligence community was trying to track down and capture Zubaidah.

“That’s just stunning to me,” Kiriakou said in an interview last summer. “Before the raid, our team was trying to find people who knew Zubaidah. We heard he had a brother or a relative in Paris and tried to track him down, but that didn’t pan out. Had I known Zubaidah had a brother in the US, I would have demanded headquarters get the FBI to make immediate contact with him and squeeze as much info out of him as we could about his brother.”

No answer has been forthcoming, although the word that springs most obviously to my mind is incompetence.

As another example of the incompetence that runs through the whole of America’s response to the 9/11 attacks, and which I have been consistently exposing with relation to the supposed intelligence gathered at Guantánamo, Jason also details a phone conversation that Hesham had with his brother, in April 2000, when Hani rang him — probably from Pakistan.

Hesham was at work at the Fast Trip gas station one afternoon in April 2000 when the phone rang.

“Hello,” a voice said when Hesham picked up the phone.

“Who’s this?” Hesham responded.

“It’s Hani.”

Hesham had not spoken with his brother for nearly a decade. By then, Hani had been on the radar of US intelligence for years. Hesham was oblivious to the news reports that started to appear in December 1999 linking his brother to Millennium terrorist plots in Jordan and to an Algerian named Ahmed Ressam, who was planning to blow up Los Angeles International Airport and was caught trying to smuggle bomb-making materials into the United States from Canada. Ressam told federal prosecutors and the FBI that Hani was a top al-Qaeda lieutenant, close confidant of Bin Laden and “facilitator” of terrorist attack operations.

Hani was thought to be living in Pakistan at this time, and President Bill Clinton had reportedly asked government officials there to assist in capturing him. The FBI started to step up its surveillance of Hani, monitoring his cellular phone and other communications immediately following the failed plots in Jordan, according to two former FBI counterterrorism agents.

“Hani? Oh my God! I haven’t heard from you for a long time. How ya doin’, buddy?”

“I’m good, I’m good,” Hani said. “I heard you’re not doing good. What’s the matter, buddy?”

“I explained to him what I’m going through,” Hesham said. “I told him I have a girlfriend and a baby on the way but I am pretty stressed out. I have money issues. I don’t have enough money to pay the bills. I missed some car payments.”

“Do you need some help?” Hani asked.

“I don’t need help,” Hesham responded. “I don’t want to ask the family for help. You know how dad is and how he will throw it in my face and say, ‘See? I knew you would fail and come crying to me for help.’”

“It’s OK,” Hani said. “It doesn’t make you less of a man if you ask for help.”

“I really don’t want to do that,” Hesham said.

“You know what, listen, I am going to talk to your sister, and they’re going to try and help you out,” Hani said. “Just take it.”

Hesham said Hani asked him how America was treating him and if he enjoyed living in the United States.

“I love this country,” Hesham told Hani.

During their approximately 15-minute conversation, Hani also asked Hesham about his plan to obtain citizenship.

“Hani said to me, ‘You know, as a Palestinian, you can get refugee status,’” Hesham said. “He stressed that point.”

Hesham said Hani’s voice sounded like he was “happy,” like “what I remember. A fun, good guy.”

“I kind of think he’s away from dad, he moved on with his life and he made his life,” Hesham said.

A few days later, Hesham said Hani called him at his apartment and told him that a sister was going to wire about $1,800 into his bank account. They spoke for another 15 minutes. Hani said he hoped he would have an opportunity to see Hesham. Then they said their goodbyes.

Hesham never spoke with Hani again.

Curiously, Hesham said he never asked Hani what he was up to. He never asked where he was living, where he was calling from, what his phone number was, whether he was married, had kids, or even how he got his phone number.

Hesham’s explanation is that he simply didn’t care.

“I assumed he got my phone number from my parents,” Hesham said. “They called me regularly and I told my mother how stressed out I was.”

Still, considering that Hani initiated the phone call and that his every move at that time was supposedly being monitored by the CIA and FBI, did the National Security Agency (NSA), which at the time was headed by Gen. Michael Hayden, track it and pass the intelligence along to those agencies?

Jason followed up with a Freedom on Information request, as he explains:

I filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request last year with the NSA to find out. On February 28, the NSA responded, issuing what is known as a Glomar response to the FOIA. (The term “Glomar response” came into use after the CIA in 1969 denied a reporter’s request for information about the CIA-built ship the Glomar Explorer; the CIA refused to either confirm or deny the ship’s existence.)

“We have determined that the fact of the existence of non-existence of the materials you request is a currently and properly classified matter in accordance with Executive Order 13526, as set forth in Subparagraph c) of Section 1.4. Thus, your request is denied pursuant to the first exemption of the FOIA which provides that the FOIA does not apply to matters that are specifically authorized under criteria established by an Executive Order to be kept secret in the interest of national defense or foreign relations and are, in fact properly classified pursuant to such Executive Order.”

Five special agents assigned to the FBI’s I-49 squad, which focused on Bin Laden and international terrorism out of the bureau’s New York Field Office, reacted with surprise when told that Hani called the United States in April 2000; the agents said they had no idea the calls had been made. Four officers assigned to the CIA’s Alec Station, which also focused on Bin Laden, said they, too, were unaware Hani made the calls.

Hani’s telephone calls, which the FBI’s Portland field office learned about immediately after 9/11 when Hesham was arrested, was not shared with the so-called “independent” 9/11 Commission or the Congressional 9/11 panel.

Sen. Bob Graham (D-Florida), who co-chaired the joint Congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks, said it is “news to him” that Zubaidah not only has a brother who lives in the United States, but that Zubaidah called the United States three times in April 2000 and spoke to his brother twice.

“The 9/11 Commission and our Congressional inquiry would have been very interested in this information,” Graham said. “We should have been told about it so we could evaluate the relative significance of the information, because it could have further contributed to our understanding of what happened before 9/11.”

The phone calls add yet another wrinkle to the official narrative of pre-9/11 intelligence and who knew what and when. The New York Times reported in June 2008 that Hani “was careful about security: he turned his phone on only briefly to collect messages, not long enough for his trackers to get a fix on his whereabouts.”

Before 9/11, Hesham was involved in a disastrous, tempestuous relationship, which ended badly. The woman, Rosalee, his first wife, “sent a letter to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) on May 31, 2001, stating that she wanted to withdraw her petition sponsoring Hesham for citizenship,” and, as Jason notes, that letter was sent the day before White House Counterterrorism czar Richard Clarke told then-CIA Director George Tenet and National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice that “a notorious al Qa’ida operative named Abu Zubaidah was working on attack plans,” according to Tenet’s memoir, At the Center of the Storm.” As Jason added, however, “no one from the FBI visited Hesham to discuss his brother.”

In August 2001, after further marital problems, Hesham was arrested, and on August 22, 2001, FBI agents interviewed Rasalee, who, as Jason put it, told.”some wild stories about Hesham, according to a copy of the FBI’s interview report. She claimed that Hesham murdered someone at the behest of the Chicago mob, that he brought home crack cocaine and other drugs, and that he was going to return to Saudi Arabia with their daughter. She also provided agents with details about their violent altercation.”

She also talked about Hani. “Per Hesham, his brother Hani Mohamed Abu-Zubaidah is a bomb terrorist,” the FBI report says. “Hani has no contact with his family and his family has no way to contact him unless he wants to talk to them … For this reason, the father wants nothing more to do with Hani.”

Rosalee later confessed that she had lied to the FBI, and said that when she spoke to one of the agents who interviewed her, and said that the allegations she leveled against Hesham “weren’t really true,” the agent replied, “I could kind of tell that.”

Nevertheless, Hesham had finally ended up on the FBI’s radar. A week after the 9/11 attacks, two agents came to visit him, and he was arrested a day later, “charged with violating the conditions of his student visa,” and “placed into removal proceedings and held in solitary confinement.” He “maintained that the FBI and INS wanted to deport him because he was the brother of an alleged al-Qaeda operative. He said about ten different FBI agents interrogated him about his brother ‘a few times a week’ while he was in custody.”

And so Hesham’s nightmare began in earnest. A court case, in which he was poorly advised, led to him spending over two years in prison. On the day his brother was captured (March 28, 2002), a judge ordered him to be deported to Saudi Arabia, but that plan never materialized, as he is not a Saudi citizen. The FBI also turned up to harangue him in prison after his capture, but finally, in April 2003, he was released on probation.

As Jason notes, “Hesham developed a deep hatred for his brother, Hani. He blamed Hani for destroying his life.” As Hesham explained, “Let’s face it, if my last name was not Abu Zubaidah, I wouldn’t be in this position. The FBI wouldn’t be coming to see me all the time. I would probably be a US citizen by now. It’s all because of that guy that my life is fucked up. If he did what the FBI tells me he did, then he should pay. If he is the mastermind terrorist they say, he should be brought to justice. But don’t penalize me for his crimes. I’m a good guy. Screw him, and if my life is fucked up because of him, then fuck him!”

Please see Jason’s article for the rest of Hesham’s story — the positive side, involving him meeting and marrying Jody, his second wife, and the rather darker time when, for nearly three years, he was obliged to work as an informant for the FBI. I hope, for Hesham’s sake, that the publicity generated by this story will prove helpful to him, and I’m glad that my website proved to be the starting point for Jason’s extraordinary investigation.

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The Palestine Solidarity Movement: A Recipe for Kosher anti-Zionism

by Martin Iqbal.

British Palestine Solidarity outfit ‘Palestine Place’ provides a platform for anti-Syrian speakers, while ostracising and banning activists who choose to discuss topics designated as ‘no-go’ by Zionist ideology. This is symptomatic of a wider disease prevalent in the ‘Palestine Solidarity Movement’.

The Palestine Solidarity Movement, not only within the UK but across nations worldwide, is becoming increasingly fractured and impotent. The movement is characterised by swathes of different groups squabbling amongst themselves, and ostracising members(1) who cross certain red lines – red lines which have been drawn by Zionism.

‘Palestine Place’: Symptoms of a Wider Disease

During my own recent experiences at ‘Palestine Place’ in London, I was unfortunate enough to witness acute symptoms of the disease afflicting the Palestine Solidarity Movement. The disease is not unique to Palestine Place; it afflicts the wider Palestine Solidarity Movement and the liberal ‘left’ in the UK. Not only is the Palestine Solidarity Movement paralysed with fear of being branded with the anti-Semitism epithet, but it routinely falls prey to Zionist and imperialist deception, manipulation, and propaganda. The carnal fear of being branded an ‘anti-Semite’ prevents any level of open and honest discussion on anything pertaining to Israel and the Zionist project – especially its founding myths which must be openly discussed and debated in order for truth to see light.

Outlawing Thoughtcrime in the Service of Zionism

During an open discussion at Palestine Place in June 2012, one attendee brought up the subject of Gilad Atzmon’s alleged anti-Semitism. The gentleman proceeded to misrepresent Atzmon’s words in order to paint him as a racist who merely seeks to attack Judaism.

During this discussion the subject of holocaust denial and holocaust revisionism came up. At no point was the holocaust denied by anybody present, however this writer did make the point that we must make a distinction between ‘revisionism’ and ‘denial’. All historical events must be open to investigation and questioning; the very concept of history is based on revisionism. What legitimate reason could we possibly have for shielding any historical event from examination? We are constantly reminded that we must learn from history lest it repeat itself (reminiscent of the ‘never again’ mantra), yet we are prevented from examining these very elements of history!

This particular discussion at Palestine Place continued for ten or fifteen minutes before the next scheduled discussion was due to begin. During this time, dedicated pro-Palestinian activist Ken O’Keefe came to Gilad Atzmon’s defence, drawing attention to Atzmon’s idea that Jewishness and Jewish culture must be part of our investigation of Israeli and Zionist ideology. Are Israel’s tanks, gunships and warplanes not adorned with the Jewish Star of David? Is ‘Israel’ not a self-professed Jewish State? The gentleman who had chosen to accuse Atzmon of anti-Semitism had misrepresented Atzmon’s views and launched into a baseless ad hominem attack.

Immediately before the next scheduled speaker, a spokesman for Palestine Place made an announcement to the following effect: some people have decided to air their views on the holocaust, we must remind you that at Palestine Place we do not tolerate anti-Semitism and we will not be discussing the holocaust any further.

It must be noted that this was after the same spokesperson had emphatically stated that day, that Palestine Place was not affiliated with any solidarity organisation (such as the UK Palestine Solidarity Campaign), purely to avoid the politicisation and control of discussion!

This relatively small incident demonstrates how the Palestine Solidarity Movement is not only subject to Zionist bullying, infiltration, and lobbying, but more importantly cultural indoctrination. We are instilled with a cardinal fear of discussing the holocaust outside of the officially accepted narrative – a ‘thoughtcrime’ in this democracy and beacon of free speech known as Great Britain.

The knee-jerk ‘we do not tolerate anti-Semitism‘ emotional reaction is sadly typical, and it is trotted out before one iota of thought has been given to the content and substance of the discussion.

It is incredibly sad and disheartening to see that the Palestine Solidarity Movement is utterly beholden to Zionism’s biggest rhetorical weapon: false charges of anti-Semitism coupled with a religious observance of and adherence to the dogma of ‘the holocaust’.

As activists and truth seekers, are we actually going to conflate historical revisionism (the practice of investigating and revising our understanding of history based on facts and free debate) with racism? This logic is completely lost on those who have an immediate emotional reaction to this question.

Palestine Place Bars Prominent Pro-Palestine Activist, Backs Foreign Insurrection in Syria

On June 13, 2012, Palestine Place hosted a talk on the subject of Syria. Several guests were invited to speak – all of whom were anti-Assad and pro-’revolution’. Without exception, all of the speakers represented the viewpoint of the corrupt Gulf dictatorships, the USA and Israel, who are jointly seeking the dissolution of all bastions of Arab resistance to Zionism and Western neocolonialism.

Shortly before the talk, I witnessed Ken O’Keefe being asked to leave the premises by organisers who cited a ‘group decision’ that had been made. Hypocritically, not one of the attendees to the talk was consulted about this decision – the decision was made by Palestine Place’s organisers and had no ‘grassroots’ input whatsoever.

After Ken had left the premises the talks continued and the speakers dictated their opinion to the almost exclusively young (18-23) and impressionable crowd. One after another the anti-Assad guests expounded their mythical idea that the ‘revolution’ in Syria was at all indigenous, as opposed to being a foreign-led insurrection, which is now a clearly established reality.

The speakers were Simon Assaf, UK-based Syrian activist Shiar Youssef, activist Dan Gorman, and ‘internet researcher and activist’ Miriyam Asfar.

Simon Assaf’s previous writings shed light on his ideological position. He is a commentator who claims to oppose western intervention in Libya and Syria, while breathlessly parroting the lies and propaganda that enable it. He saw the NATO-appointed NTC’s calls for a ‘no-fly zone’ over Libya as “genuine calls for help”,(2)and he mindlessly repeats the long-discredited claims that Gaddafi bombarded civilian demonstrations from the air. He even claimed that the case for the intervention in Libya was “very powerful”.(3)

At Palestine Place, Assaf continued with his delusional and romantic narrative wherein he painted the foreign-led counter-revolution in Syria as an indigenous people’s and workers’ revolution. He smugly dismissed ‘al Qaeda’ involvement in Syria as paranoid conspiracy theory.

No reasonable person would debate the CIA’s use of what would become ‘al Qaeda’ in Afghanistan throughout the 1980s to achieve its strategic objectives. This is not the stuff of ‘conspiracy theory’, rather it is established historical fact.

Assaf chose to ignore the deeply sectarian, thuggish, and terroristic inclinations of the ‘revolutionaries’ in Syria. Even the mainstream press has been forced to admit(4) that Abdelhakim Belhaj, former leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), is providing fighters and assistance to the so-called Free Syrian Army.

The LIFG, still listed as a terrorist group by the US State Department,(5) is a paradigmatic example of one of the CIA’s many proxy armies of brainwashed sectarian drones – commonly referred to collectively as ‘al Qaeda’.

Assaf, as well as the other speakers, reminded the audience that the ‘revolution’ started in Daraa, Syria, in March 2011. What they didn’t draw attention to was the fact that Daraa, like the majority of the hotspots in the Syrian unrest, is on Syria’s border. As a result of calls from short-sighted, hateful and poisonously sectarian-minded Sunni religious leaders (including our new ‘al Qaeda’ boogeyman Ayman al-Zawahiri), ‘jihadists’ in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq have flocked to Syria to fight against the Assad regime(6) (Assad is an Alawi and non-sectarian leader who allows 18 different sects to live in harmony). These ‘jihadists’ include Abdelhakim Belhaj’s men, who were shipped to Turkey in order to allow them to infiltrate Syria’s borders(7)from there. Further to this, the United States and Jordanian militaries began a joint military exercise known as Eager Lion in the summer of 2011.(8) What is the significance of this, and why is the majority of the unrest in border regions?

The Houla Killings – Fruit of the ‘FSA’

Predictably, Assaf and the other speakers accused the Assad regime of committing brutal massacres against the Syrian people. The Houla massacre – an event which is held as the ‘trump card’ by the ‘opposition’ in Syria, is deserving of inspection here.

In the immediate aftermath of the Houla massacre, the Syrian ‘opposition’ and media outlets across the spectrum attempted to blame the killings on artillery attacks by the Syrian Army. When it became clear that most of the victims were killed at close range, many with stab wounds, the narrative became ‘pro-regime militia’. Now however, after the dust has settled, it is clear that pro-Assad elements had nothing to do with the Houla massacre, and in fact it was the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’ and ‘opposition’ that is most likely responsible.

The Assad regime would have nothing to gain but everything to lose by perpetrating the Houla killings. These murders have played right into the hands of Syria’s enemies – those who seek regime change under the barrel of a ‘humanitarian’ gun. Initial reports from the opposition contradicted the physical manner in which the victims were killed. Three days after the event, Human Rights Watch joined the chorus blaming Assad and ‘pro-government forces’.(9)

However, the facts betray this speculation from the Syrian ‘opposition’ and so-called human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch.

Those killed were nearly exclusively families from the Alawi and Shia minorities in Sunni-majority Houla (while HRW and the ‘opposition’ try to suggest that the victims were Sunni). This included several dozen members of one extended family, which had converted from Sunni to Shia Islam. Also killed was the family of a Sunni member of parliament who was considered a government collaborator by the rebels.

Considering these points(10) and the fact that the massacre occurred as three Syrian Army checkpoints were being attacked by armed gangs around the town, the idea that the Syrian Army was responsible for the Houla killings is asinine. It is now evident that the sectarian terrorists whom people such as Simon Assaf refer to as ‘revolutionaries’, were responsible for this heinous crime.

Another notable moment during Palestine Place’s decidedly anti-Syrian evening was when ‘activist’ Dan Gorman showed the audience a video of an opposition-produced puppet show which ridiculed Bashar al-Assad and his father, Hafez. During the few-minute sequence, the puppets of Bashar and Hafez joked about killing Syrians, and bemoaned the propaganda peddled by Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya. The entire audience smugly nodded, laughed and clapped as this ‘Two Minutes Hate’ played out before them.

When UK-based Syrian activist Shiar Youssef took the stage, he forged another memorable moment. “This is just how we work in Syria“, he said. He was referring to how Syrian activists work, compared to the way in which the Palestine Place activists were sat around on the floor of the room, gazing at the speaker. I have to confess, this reminded me of when UK Foreign Secretary William Hague admitted that the UK government is training Syrian activists.(11)

Conclusion: Solidarity Demands Intellectual Courage, not Servility & Herd Mentality

Palestine Place is, in every way, a microcosm of the international Palestine Solidarity Movement. Toothless, pseudo-enlightened know-it-alls who are intellectually servile, exclusivist, drowned in ego, and utterly impotent.

Ostensibly it has no individual leaders and is purely democratic, but this is meaningless since it religiously adheres to specific pre-defined boundaries of discussion. Freedom of speech and discussion exists only on paper; ‘thought criminals’ are barred and ostracised. It claims to present the opportunity for “radical change“. It ‘occupies’ a building with the full cooperation of the landowner (this writer confirmed this by speaking to activists on-site).

Frank Barat, a London-based human rights activist tells Mondoweiss about the ins and outs of Palestine Place. Barat, who this writer suspects plays a role in the Palestine Place project, promotes the organisation(12) as a movement that will mean the West will “never be the same again“.

He also insists that Palestine Place is “open to everyone and belongs to everyone“, and that it is a “hub of creativity, discussions and possibility for radical change“.

Palestine Place completely betrays these ideals.

Discussion of historical events intimately linked to Palestine and the history of Zionism, has been stifled. Attendees are banned and ostracised for having a different opinion; discussion outside of the mainstream is prohibited at this ‘radical’ outfit – whether this concerns the attendees or the opinionated, one-sided speakers who are invited to talk.

Palestine Place’s official ‘Safe Spaces Policy’ bars holocaust revisionism(13) (the act of enriching our understanding of history on an ongoing basis by examining and documenting the facts). I must reiterate: what legitimate reason could we possibly have for shielding any historical event from examination? What are they afraid of? What is there to hide? We are constantly reminded that we must learn from history lest it repeat itself (reminiscent of the ‘never again’ mantra), yet Palestine Place chooses to protect this aspect of history from scrutiny!

Interestingly, Palestine Place’s Safe Spaces Policy calls for (emphasis mine) “An end to the occupation and colonization of all Arab lands occupied since 1967“. Does the land ethnically cleansed and occupied in 1948 not count? Did Israel’s crimes start in 1967? Palestine Place attempts to normalise the Nakba here, accepting the legitimacy of the 1948 land thefts and only referring to the 1967 occupation.

The following passage from the same policy statement is simply staggering in its dishonesty, keeping in mind the practices of Palestine Place:

Palestine Place will not be dogmatic nor prescriptive about attitudes, opinions or beliefs that relate to the political debate around Palestine.

Palestine Place is not an environment that encourages any level of independent or critical thought. Youngsters, keen to learn about the Palestinian cause (and the geopolitical landscape surrounding it – i.e. Syria) are being corralled into adopting a kosher ‘anti-Zionist’ viewpoint that will pose zero threat to Zionism.

Outspoken and dedicated pro-Palestinian voices are banned and ostracised. Guest speakers are invited who are exclusively representing a one-sided point of view. Discussion of Zionism’s founding myths are prevented. This supposed ‘solidarity’ outfit has demonstrably positioned itself into an anti-Palestinian standpoint, either wittingly or unwittingly.

The Palestine Solidarity Movement is terminally afraid of discussing subjects that are designated ‘no-go’ areas by Zionist ideology. The incessant false charges of ‘anti-Semitism’ is Zionism’s biggest ideological weapon – and we all know it – but our movement has no defence.

Only with real independent thought and intellectual courage will our movement proceed.

When we are held emotionally hostage by certain ideas, we must ask why.

We must never stop the pursuit of truth, regardless of the level of ‘herd mentality’ around us. We must take a step back and think objectively.

Exposing any and all deceptions which alter perceptions about Israel, anti-Semitism, and Palestine, is our place.


(1) ‘Granting No Quarter: A Call for the Disavowal of the Racism and Antisemitism of Gilad Atzmon’ – US Palestinian Community Network

(2) ‘Libya: at the crossroads’ by Simon Assaf

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(11) ‘US fears fresh massacre in Syria’ – The UK Telegraph

(12) ‘‘Palestine Place’ comes to London, and the west will never be the same’ by Frank Barat

(13) ‘Safe Spaces Policy’ – Palestine Place

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Military Personne, Lab Rats for Harmful Experiments

Hundreds of thousands of American veterans have been killed or disabled by what amounts to a massive program of harmful human experimentation, according to my frequent radio guest

Doug Rokke

Dr. Mengele dunks American soldier in tub of DU & vaccines

In the letter below, disabled veteran David Marshall urges that military personnel be offered the same protection against harmful human experimentation that convicted rapists and murderers receive. -KB


David H. Marshall
28 Meadowview Rd.
Wayland, MA 01778

EMAIL: USAF 1952-1956, 100% disabled veteran. Education and experience available on request.


Dr. Kevin Barrett,

The following summary addresses the U.S. Senate [3] and Government Accountability Office (GAO) [4] proven Department of Defense (DOD) non-consensual, human experiments. Given the U.S. Congress’s from 1944 through 1994, 2002 and to-date lack of corrective action, it is suggested that these “to harm” experiments continue. Your ideas on how to accomplish a collective, correcting solution would be appreciated. Thank you for your consideration.

David Marshall

Veterans lose, rapists and murderers gain SUMMARY.

For U.S. convicted Rapists and Murderers “Non-consensual experimentation is illegal” [5] vs. the U.S. Senate and GAO documented DOD premeditated “experiments that were designed to harm” [3 & 4] conducted on U.S. SERVICE PERSONNEL. This DOD “to harm” behavior is encouraged by the U.S. Supreme Court accidental death by DOD barracks fire “incident to service”, “Feres Doctrine”. [7] In particular by its sweeping enlargement to capture deliberate DOD “experiments that were designed to harm” as an “incident to service”, e.g., the U.S. Supreme Court Stanley DOD, LSD experiment.[6] This 1958 experiment on Stanley was in direct disobedience of the Secretary of the DOD’s 1953 NO non-consensual experiments order! [8] A 26 Feb. 1953 “TOP SECRET” “Memorandum”, “UNCLASSIFIED”, TWENTY TWO (22) years later on 22 Aug. 75.

“To make Rules for the Government and Regulation of the land and naval Forces” is the responsibility of the U.S. Congress via. the U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 14.

The “Veterans Right to Know Act” [1] has been rejected by the U.S. Congress EIGHT (8) times from 1999 through 2007 and to-date. The 2002 U.S. Senate Hearing [2] on the 1950 Feres Doctrine [7] is 137 pages of 19 Testimonials and Submissions for the Record that ignored the U.S. Constitution, Amendment 8, no cruel and unusual punishments. Not 2002 addressed were the U.S. Senate and GAO back to 1944 documented “experiments that were designed to harm”.[3] Also underlying the U.S. Congress’s responsibility is the still currently ignored 1994 U.S. Senate Report on 50 years of non-consensual, “to harm” experiments on U.S. Military Personnel. The Report “Is Military Research Hazardous to Veterans’ Health?” with its DOD “military research” “experiments that were designed to harm” conducted on “hundreds of thousands”! Some of its, “III. Findings and conclusions” are, “K. DOD and DVA have repeatedly failed to provide information and medical followup to those who participate in military research…” plus “N. Participation in military research is rarely included in military medical records, making it impossible to support a veteran’s claim for service-connected disabilities from military research.”[3] With the U.S. Senate’s 1994 reported past 50 years and a now 18 more years it is 68 years of “Non-consensual experimentation is illegal” on U.S. convicted rapists and murderers but on U.S. Veterans a right to know ignored. Thereby, without corrective action don’t they continue?

Each DOD “military research” Project completes the Research and Development (R&D) process. The prior lessons learned are reviewed. The then DOD Scope of Work (SOW) defines what the experiment is “designed” to do.[9] The how, where, when and who is identified. The conducted researched cause and effects are closely followed with ongoing progress reports. From the results are developed safe production and end use with medical treatment and needed protection. Accordingly, then recorded are the project resultant disabilities with their withheld needed for “to harm” treatment but experiment proving evidence!

In 2012 shouldn’t U.S. Service Personnel have the same U.S. Constitutional Rights that convicted rapists and murderers keep?[5] PLEASE HELP by asking your members in the U.S. Congress to provide U.S. Military Personnel with the same protection from “experiments that were designed to harm” as rapists and murderers receive.

REFERENCES:>>>[1] The “Veterans Right to Know Act” was proposed by H.R. 3256, 1999; S. 2953, 2000; H.R. 511, 2001; S. 405, 2001; H.R. 5060, 2002; S. 2704, 2002; H.R. 4259, 2005 and H.R. 2434, 2007.>>>[2] “THE FERES DOCTRINE: AN EXAMINATION OF THIS MILITARY EXCEPTION TO THE FEDERAL TORT CLAIMS ACT OCTOBER 8, 2002.” >>>[3] December 8, 1994 REPORT 103-97 “Is Military Research Hazardous to Veterans’ Health?….” Hearings Before the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, 103rd Congress 2ND Session.>>>[4] GAO September 28, 1994 “Human Experimentation Overview….” >>>[5] U.S. State Dept., “U.S. Report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights July 1994, Article 7 – Freedom from Torture, or Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.” “1994 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” Index of “Treaties and Legal Issues” || Electronic Research Collections Index || ERC Homepage>>>[6] U.S. SUPREME COURT, JUNE 25, 1987, U.S. V. STANLEY , 107 S. CT.. 3054 (VOLUME 483 U.S., SECTION 669, PAGES 699 TO 710).>>>[7] Feres v. United States, 340 U.S. 135, 146 (1950).>>>[8] Pages. 343-345: “The Nazi Doctors and the Nuremberg Code; Human Rights in Human Experimentation” George J. Annas and Michael A. Grodin (N. Y.: Oxford University Press, 1992).>>>[9] DOD STATEMENT OF WORK (SOW)

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More Syrian Blood on Obama’s Hands


At issue is Obama advancing the ball closer to war. Washington readied plans long ago. Timing alone remains undecided. Plans now may be set. Most likely the Serbia/Kosovo/Iraq/Libya model will be repeated.


by Stephen Lendman


Morning headlines again falsely accused Assad of mass killings in Qubeir village in central Hama province.


Houla-style slaughter was repeated. Reports said as many as 78 civilians were killed. Half were women and children. Around 35 members of one family were murdered in cold blood.


Victims were shot at close range and/or stabbed. Some bodies were burned. Independent reports haven’t explained what eventually will come out. Pro-Assad loyalists were targeted for assassination. At issue also is creating pretexts for Libyan-style intervention.


Western-recruited death squads bear full responsibility. Syrian state TV said an “armed terror group” committed the “horrifying crime….What a few media have reported (is) completely false. (They’re) contributing to spilling the blood of Syrians.”


Responding to calls for help, government forces headed for Qubeir. State TV said they “raided a terrorist cell and killed a number of them and confiscated their weapons.”


At issue is Obama advancing the ball closer to war. Washington readied plans long ago. Timing alone remains undecided. Plans now may be set. Most likely the Serbia/Kosovo/Iraq/Libya model will be repeated.


In 1999, Washington bypassed Security Council approval. It claimed NATO authorization alone mattered. It set a precedent. Henceforth international and constitutional law could be circumvented. Going to war became as simple as ordering bombs away.

On June 6, Hillary Clinton suggested it’s coming.Her official State Department press releasesaid:


“Recent events, including the killings at Houla, have exposed the Asad regime’s determination to continue waging war on the Syrian people.”


“The international community cannot sit idly by, and we won’t….”


Clinton stressed “transition(ing)” to a new Syria. At issue is regime change. Earlier she said Washington and the “international community” must “intensify” pressure on Assad “whose rule by murder must come to an end.”


Heated rhetoric advances the ball for war. So do Western-directed death squad massacres falsely blamed on Assad.


In late May, Joint Chiefs head General Martin Dempsey said there’s “always a military option….(I)t may come to a point with Syria because of the atrocities.”


Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and other Gulf Council states also urge direct military intervention. So do Western-recruited Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Syrian National Council (SNC) members.

Moscow and Beijing reaffirmed their strong opposition to intervention in Syria in a joint statement issued after talks between China’s leaders and visiting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Beijing.

“Russia calls impermissible and dangerous the refusal of the Syrian armed opposition to follow the plan of UN/LAS Envoy Kofi Annan, Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich told reporters on Tuesday….”


“That is a very bad and dangerous trend.” So is “the establishment of another illegal armed unit, the so-called Syrian Insurgent Army of 12,000 solders, was announced on June 4.”


“The international community should have learned the no-fly zone lesson from the Libyan events.”


“Such a scenario is possible only if the illegal armed units receive moral support from abroad and are supplied with arms, munitions and money. We have repeatedly declared that such a situation was impermissible and we continue to call on the Syrian sides and the external forces to stick with the logic of the Annan plan….”


“Moscow hopes that the leading world capitals will fully realize the danger and amorality of preparations for an even bigger bloodshed in Syria and the leading of that country to a civil war, which may spread outside of the national territory and spill blood throughout the Middle East.”


On June 7, Reuters said Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) members urged dialogue, not confrontation, saying:


SCO “member states are against military interference in the affairs of this region, enforced ‘handover of power’, and unilateral sanctions.”


“Member states stress the need to stop any violence on the territory of Syria wherever it is coming from. They respect broad nationwide dialogue, based on independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria.”


Obama’s rhetoric barely conceals intent for direct intervention. Plans are ready to be implemented. Earlier patterns are being repeated. Propaganda wars precede hot ones.


NATO intervention followed falsified Serbian atrocity reports. Occupation, colonization and exploitation were planned. So was expanding NATO and enhancing US dominance.


New World Order strategy dictates war. Puppet regimes called democracies are established. Serbia/Kosovo aggression became the operative model. America’s Project for a New Middle East replicates it.


9/11 was the bogus pretext for attacking and occupying Afghanistan. So were nonexistent WMDs for war on Iraq. Falsified Gaddafi atrocities produced bombs away. Syria follows the same pattern.


Mass slaughter and destruction follow. Human misery replaces peace and calm. Washington bears direct responsibility for millions of deaths. Only imperial dominance matters, not body counts.


Imagine what’s coming if not stopped. America’s rage to kill and destroy is insatiable. War on Syria approaches, then Iran, then new targeted states.


In 2001, the SCO expanded from its 1996-founded Shanghai Five alliance. Currently its members include China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. Observers include India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Mongolia. Dialogue partners include Belarus and Sri Lanka. Expanding the organization is planned.


Its member states and observers comprise around half the world’s population. They counterbalance Washington and other NATO states. They oppose US hegemony.


They endorse non-alignment, non-confrontation, non-interference, non-intervention, inviolable national sovereignty, and economic cooperation. They support peace, not war, to resolve national differences.


On June 6 and 7, SCO members held their 12th summit in Beijing. China’s Xinhua News Agency said the organization “reshaped the global strategic landscape and reshifted the balance of power.”


Summit goals include adopting a “Strategic Plan for the Medium-Term Development of the SCO.” China’s Vice Foreign Minister, Cheng Guoping, said:


“It is no exaggeration to say the adoption of this document will have far-reaching influence on the SCO’s development.”


Security and economic cooperation are prioritized. Beijing’s summit “will be a milestone in the SCO history, and is sure to give new impetus to the development of the six-member bloc.”


China and Russia especially oppose belligerent US policies. Encroaching near their territory raises concerns. Washington’s missile shield represents a direct threat. It targets Russia and China, not Iran, North Korea, or other nations.


Washington’s military buildup across North Africa, the Middle East, Central and East Asia threaten both countries.


Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been touring East and South Asia. He seeks new basing rights and closer military alliances. Addressing the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, he said:


“Defense policy in the region calls for the U.S. military to expand military-to-military relationships well beyond the traditional treaty allies.”


“By 2020, the Navy will reposture its forces from today’s roughly 50/50 split between the Atlantic and Pacific to about a 60/40 split between those oceans – including six aircraft carriers, a majority of our cruisers, destroyers, littoral combat ships and submarines.”


At issue is enhancing Washington’s regional influence and strength at the expense of China. Russia is Washington’s main military rival. Between them, they have about 97% of the world’s nuclear arsenal. In addition, they’ve got sophisticated delivery systems able to target each other’s strategic sites.


China also has significant military strength. According to a 2009 Pentagon report, its naval forces alone are formidable.They number at least 260 vessels, including 75 or more major warships and over 60 submarines.


It also has hundreds of nuclear warheads, sophisticated delivery systems, and other strategic weapons. It’s a regional super-power. It’s also positioned to surpass America as the world’s dominant economy before decade’s end.


During last year’s November Bali summit, Obama sought anti-China coalition partners. Panetta’s on the same mission. America’s aim is unchallenged global dominance.


Middle East/Central Asian wars rage for it. More are planned. An eventual Russia/China showdown looms. Each side seeks strategic partnerships against the other. How it plays out ahead remains to be seen.


It’s hard imagining Washington wants war with any nation able to give as much as it takes. War was never an option under conditions of “mutually assured destruction (MAD).”


It’s not likely now, but events sometimes overtake policies. Extremist US hawks believe wars solve all problems. Earlier ones felt the same way.


In 1961, General Curtis LeMay believed nuclear war with Soviet Russia was inevitable. He argued for preemptively launching thousands of missiles to destroy its nuclear capability. He believed losing a few US cities was a price worth paying.


General Lyman Lemnitzer held the same view. He presented it at a National Security Council meeting. Thankfully, Jack Kennedy was president. He was so disgusted he walked out.


Today America has no JFK. He wanted the Cold War and America’s involvement in Vietnam ended. Those views got him killed. Current US leaders crave more wars. That mindset could assure mutual destruction.


Syria’s a stepping stone to Iran and other targeted states. Russia and China represent the final frontier. Anything ahead is possible given Washington’s rage for dominance no matter the risks. Imagine leaders willing to take them.


Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at His new book is titled “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War”

Visit his blog site at and listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network Thursdays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.


War-Talk Games: ‘Obama slams Syria intervention, can change mind’


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From the Maple Spring to the Education Summer

Taking Back Our Freedom From the Crime Syndicates Enslaving Us

By Anthony Hall

The Maple Spring has blossomed in Quebec and is starting to proliferate throughout Canada and beyond. Chris Hedges recently described this outburst of anti-authoritarian energy in the French-speaking heartland ofles canadiens as “the most important resistance movement in the industrialized world.”

Building on the momentum launched by the originators of the Arab Spring, the political mobilization of the Indignados in Europe, and the ubiquitous networking of Occupy Wall Street, the dawning of the Maple Spring brings new energy to our growing global movement of public education. The concerted resistance of Quebec students to a near doubling of their tuition fees put fundamental issues of pedagogy in the forefront. The student strike thereby provided the basis for an attentive focus on the importance of education, including public education, in our collective march towards positive regime change.

The necessity of achieving ameliorative regime change both within states and across borders is highlighted as one crisis after the next goes from bad to worse. The evidence is overwhelming that our manufactured civilization and the natural world that supports it are in sharp decline across many converging fronts of catastrophe. We the people have no choice but to continue to initiate emergency measures of our own because it has come absolutely clear that those presently steering the ship of state are following the lead of Titanic’s captain.

The merger of so many torrents of ecological, economic, political, military, and social degradation is largely attributable to the actions of the dominant transnational cartel of kleptocratic psychopaths that presently exercise large concentrations of ill-gotten power over us.  The Lords of Larceny prefer to make war, not love. The Axis of Extortion links the Pentagon with Wall Street and London’s financial district. The goal of those in charge of this, the most elaborate extortion racket ever, is to privatize all the remaining public wealth for themselves and their heirs and to socialize all liability flowing from their mistakes, speculative excesses, outright frauds, astronomical thefts, and gargantuan misdeeds.


It is hard to fathom the scale of the betrayal perpetrated by the tiny minority who continue to benefit most from the world’s first truly global coup d’etat on 9/11. From the poisoning of our minds, to the contamination of earth, air and water, to the despoliation of the poor and the middle class, to the assault on the political economy of public health care, public education, public broadcasting and social security, the scale of the pillage is unprecedented.

Elections are rigged. Governments are bought. Trade unions are sabotaged. Whole societies are de-industrialized. And the people are lied to again and again, often through big info-entertainment cartels whose main business it is to alter public perceptions through toxic media concoctions. Their witches’ brew of mind control mixes the drug of nonstop distraction with heavy doses of deception, disinformation, and censorship.

Whole populations are demonized and “othered” in the popular imagination to prepare public opinion to accept mass slaughters, mass displacement, mass incarcerations and wholesale torture. The juggernaut of an increasingly privatized battalion of military contractors is thereby unleashed, enriched, and rendered immune from future prosecution.

The world’s most ruthless warlords are pressing ahead very quickly the robotization of murder.

The commercialization of mass murder is increasingly robotized as Obama’s drones point the way towards further technological breakthroughs in the art and science of destroying one another.

The whole enterprise of sometimes targeted and sometimes indiscriminate mass killing is permeated with the imperial culture of Opium Wars that never really ended. The drug of easy money, the drug of having so much power over the life and death of soldiers and civilians alike has made the vultures of war ravenous in their lust to suck life’s blood from the veins of our young. In the process many of their victims die before their time, too often at their own hands. Many more survive to become the zombies needed to replenish an asylum of sickness that passes for normalcy in the empire of lies.


The descent into chaos, police-state tyranny, and the heavy burdens of debt enslavement will inevitably continue unless the crime bosses are reigned in. Much depends, therefore, on our capacity to transform the Maple Spring into the Education Summer.

We must must go beyond occupying our own public spaces to truly inhabiting them. We must take back the public squares from which we we were illegally and violently evicted. We invite members of the police to join us in their capacity as regular citizens. We invite all members of the public to participate in General Assemblies that may continue for weeks, months or years.We the people have a lot of work to do. We the people have a lot damage to begin to try to repair.

In order to rise to the high responsibilities of citizenship in these difficult times we cannot tolerate further illegal infringements on our most fundamental rights of assembly, on our our rights to express ourselves freely and to hear one another as well as to be heard. We therefore demand a stop to police intimidation, surveillance, infiltration, harassment, brutalization, improper arrest, and being made targets of prohibited chemical warfare.

There are two sides to this abuse of police powers by those in control of corporatist crime syndicates that permeate government. We demand that police afford average people some measure of protection from those that commit with impunity all manner of crimes against humanity, crimes against the peace, crimes against social security, crimes against the environment, crimes against all life on earth. No more Fukushimas!

The failure of officials around the world to safeguard public health in the wake of the catastrophe at Fukushima could be described as a crime against all life. This ongoing nuclear nightmare cannot really be described as an accident because Fukushima #1, like other similar installations in California, was placed in a very active earthquake and tsunami zone. The media has obfuscated the reality that the explosions and meltdowns took place amidst huge nuclear waste dumps that make this ongoing crisis far more serious than Chernobyl. The decimated no. 4 structure shown here contains a huge mass of spent fuel rods packing enough energy to feed a huge radioactive bonfire that would almost certainly occur if another earthquake was to take place. The scale of the danger is comparable to a nuclear war. The gross criminal negligence endemic to the nuclear weapons/energy industry, which first made its mark on the world with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is on full display for the attentive in the Fukushima debacle. And the virtual media blackout continues concerning the debacle’s ongoing radioactive threat to the future of all life on earth.

Our General Assemblies require that we build up attending  infrastructures and encampments where we will continue to experiment in the development of political economies that offer viable alternatives to the death culture that currently engulfs us.

We must act in the public interest and in the common good because we know that our governments have been stolen from us. The result is pretender governments. The result is governments that act as store front operations where representative assemblies are put in the windows for show while most of the important business is transacted in the back offices by people we never even see.

Instead of being houses of political representation for we the people, our governments have become more like brothels whose specialty is to serve up the stuff of corporate perversion. While we have huge respect and appreciation for those in government who blow the whistle on wrongdoing, we know that by and large the ideal of public service has long since been rendered subordinate to the imperatives of serving private interests.

Our own shared domain has thus been appropriated from us by predatory kleptocrats engaged in dispossessing and disempowering the many to increase the entitlements of the hugely entitled few. Our governments have been occupied by lobbyists representing corporate fraudsters, banksters, and war profiteers whose armed robbery of our treasuries creates the basis for our further enslavement.


These are our own streets, our own civic squares, our own universities, our own town halls, are own community centres, our own public parks, our own legislatures, our own parliaments, our own Congress.

We are the public. We are the citizens. We are the tax payers. We are the people. We refuse any longer to supplicate ourselves to the dark superstitions justifying the priestly hold of international bankers gravitating around the Unholy Trinity of the US Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, and Goldman Sachs.We refuse to be further enslaved, whether by student debt, housing debt, or national debt.

Those claiming to own much of the massive assets forming the other side of this massive body of debt are the very folks who in 2008 and 2009 put a knife to our throats demanding a ransom of trillions in so-called bailout funds from their own puppets who pretend to be our governors. These transactions, negotiated in secret and under duress on Wall Street and in capital cities throughout the world, lack, therefore, even the minimal attributes of legitimacy. Contracts negotiated under duress are not legally binding.

Ultimately this lack of legitimacy is embedded in a system that treats money as a commodity to be created for the private profit of chartered monopolies rather than as a public utility to advance the public interest and common good.

There is, therefore, no truth or legitimacy behind the specious claim that the only way ahead lies in further enslaving the great mass of people through a future of higher taxation combined with more and more austerity. The real bankruptcy of our times lies in the failure of our supposed governors to come up with plans that make the most of our assets, one of the greatest of all being the civic creativity of well educated citizens.

This display of moral and intellectual bankruptcy on the part of those who currently pose as our leaders demonstrates why we must aspire to forms of regime change that substantially alter the very ecology of relationships linking citizens with one another, with the rest of nature, with the state, and with the global community of communities.

We must expose the lies and crimes behind the most recent corporatist attacks in the name of government austerity on the public interest and common good. We refuse to allow the life chances of our children, their children, and our children’s children’s children to be robbed in this way. We insist on our fair share of the fruits of our labour and inventiveness. If properly directed and marshalled the creative capacities of we the people is more than enough to generate a good life for all.

Some Snapshots of Our True Conditions in These Dangerous Times

Snapshot Number One

Andrew Gavin Marshall

The Maple Spring and the Mafiocracy: Struggling Students versus “Entitled Elites’

Unfortunately for their self-congratulations, it was recently revealed that Canada’s banks actually received a “secret bailout” in 2008, for a total of $114 billion, or $3,400 for every Canadian man, woman, and child.

The bailouts took place between 2008 and 2010, funded by the Bank of Canada, the United States Federal Reserve, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. The government continues to deny it gave the banks a bailout, instead, our Finance Minister insists, it was just “liquidity,” which means… the government did not “bail out” the banks with public money, it just gave the banks public money… in “support.” Call it what you will, they gave them $114 billion. Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of Canada (our central bank), and a former executive with Goldman Sachs (what’s not to love?), even admitted that the Bank of Canada gave tens of billions to our private banks.

The U.S. Federal Reserve provided $33 billion to Canada’s big banks, while the official numbers of what the Bank of Canada provided remain a “secret,” as the government has refused to respond to Access to Information requests on the subject. Available information, however, points to $41 billion given to our banks by the Bank of Canada by December of 2008.

Even some foreign banks had access to money from the Bank of Canada. Thus, Canada’s big five banks – Royal Bank of Canada, T.D. Bank, Scotiabank, the Bank of Montreal and CIBC – received collectively over $114 billion in “bailouts.” Oh, excuse me, I mean, “liquidity support.” And now, these same banks have inflated a major housing bubble in Canada which is eerily similar to that which existed in the United States in 2007, with housing prices dangerously high, and the average household debt at $103,000.

But don’t worry, these big five banks made “record profits” in 2011. So naturally, with record profits for banks, and record debt for Canadians, the banks have decided to increase their fees on you! And then their profits continued to increase! Naturally, the executives have been giving themselves bigger bonuses than ever.

Snapshot Number Two

9/11 FEMA Videographer at Ground Zero Goes Public

Kurt Sonnenfeld: At the highest levels in Washington, DC, someone knew what was going to happen. They wanted a war so badly that they at least let it happen and most likely even helped it happen.

Sometimes it seems to me that the “nuts” are those who hold to what they’ve been told with an almost religious fervor despite all of the evidence to the contrary — the ones who won’t even consider that there was a conspiracy. There are so many anomalies to the “official” investigation that you can’t blame it on oversight or incompetence. I am familiar with the scientists and qualified professionals to whom you refer, and their findings are convincing, credible, and presented according to scientific protocol — in stark contrast to the findings of the “official” investigation. In addition, numerous intelligence agents and government officials have now come forward with their very informed opinions that the 911 Commission was a farce at best or a cover-up at worst. My experience at Ground Zero is but one more piece of the puzzle.

Voltaire NetworkThose events are nearly 8 years behind us. Do you consider that uncovering the truth about 9/11 continues to be an important objective? Why?

Kurt Sonnenfeld: It is of absolute importance. And it will be equally as important in 10 years, or even 50 years if the truth still has not been exposed. It is an important objective because, at this point in history, many people are too credulous to whatever “authority” tells them and too willing to follow. People in a state of shock seek guidance. People who are afraid are manipulable. And being able to manipulate the masses results in unimaginable benefits to a lot of very rich and very powerful people. War is incredibly expensive, but the money has to go somewhere. War is very profitable for the very few. And somehow their sons always end up in Washington DC, making the decisions and writing the budgets, while the sons of the poor and the poorly-connected always end up on the enemy lines, taking their orders and fighting their battles. The enormous black-budget of the US Department of Defense represents an unlimited money machine for the military-industrial complex, figuring in the multi-trillions of dollars, and it will continue to be so until the masses wake up, recuperate their skepticism and demand accountability. Wars (and false pretexts for war) will not cease until the people realize the true motive of war and stop believing “official” explanations.

Snapshot Number 3

In the wake of the Fukushima debacle people have been organizing locally and globally to push back against of the expansion of the nuclear weapons/energy industry. The protests in India against the commissioning of the Koodamkulam nuclear power plant have been especially massive and determined.

The Atlantic

“Censorship of the Emperor’s Anti-Nuclear Speech Speech in Japan”

26 March, 2012

powerful interests in Japan are withholding important information about the risks of nuclear power. When the Fukushima crisis began last March, the government was aware of both the risks of meltdown and the spread of radiation. Yet it waited days or weeks to make that information public, it says for fear of sparking a mass panic. Because radiation is totally invisible, large numbers of Japanese were unwittingly soaked in it.

Snapshot Number 4

“Obama’s Role in the Selection of Drone Missile Targets”

World Socialist Web Site

1 June, 2012

The lengthy May 29 article in the Times establishes that personally plotting killings and selecting victims occupies a great deal of President Barack Obama’s time. The process has been organized as a weekly routine, with Obama heading so-called “Terror Tuesday” meetings of military and intelligence officials. Each week they assemble in the White House situation room to study mug shots and biographies of those on the “kill list”, some of them minors and, in one case, “a girl who looked even younger than her 17 years.”

In the end, Obama selects most of the victims.



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Nuclear Whistle Blowers Appeal Denied, Israels Nuclear Apartheid and The Real Deal About Iran

By Eileen Fleming


Today from east Jerusalem, Mordechai Vanunu issued the following Global invitation:

”The court hearing June 6, Wednesday 11:30, Israel Supreme Court. It is open for all. See you there.”

Time will soon tell if The Media turns out for the Nuclear Whistle Blower’s latest historic trial, which is the first to be brought under Israel’s Citizenship Revocation Law:

Vanunu Mordechai asking ,CANCEL,Revoking my Citizenship-MAY 5-2011.

But one thing for certain; the light on Israel’s Nuclear Apartheid- which could not exist except for US collusion has been relit by this candidate of conscience for US HOUSE here:

On 17 April 2012, Iran hosted a conference in Tehran on Nuclear Disarmament and Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that nuclear weaponry was “haram” meaning prohibited under Islam and he also blew the doors off Israel’s and America’s nuclear deceptions in his statement:

“If America’s claims of fighting the proliferation of nuclear weapons were not false, would the Zionist regime be able to turn the occupied Palestinian lands into an arsenal where a huge number of nuclear weapons are stored while refusing to respect international regulations in this regard, especially the NPT?

 ”There is only one government that has committed a nuclear crime so far. Only the government of the United States of America has attacked the oppressed people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs in an unfair and inhumane war, using or even threatening to use such weapons is a serious violation of the most basic rules of philanthropy and is a clear manifestation of war crimes.

“The greatest violators of the NPT are the powers who have reneged on their obligation to dispose of nuclear weapons mentioned in Article 6 of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. These powers have even surpassed other countries with respect to promoting nuclear weapons in the world. By providing the Zionist regime with nuclear weapons and supporting its policies, these powers play a direct role in promoting nuclear weapons which is against the obligations they have undertaken according to Article 1 of the NPT.

“We believe that besides nuclear weapons, other types of weapons of mass destruction such as chemical and biological weapons also pose a serious threat to humanity. The Iranian nation, which is itself a victim of chemical weapons, feels more than any other nation the danger that is caused by the production and stockpiling of such weapons and is prepared to make use of all its facilities to counter such threats. We consider the use of such weapons as haram (religiously forbidden) and believe that it is everyone’s duty to make efforts to secure humanity against this great disaster.”

In 1987, from Ashkelon prison, Mordechai Vanunu wrote:

“The passive acceptance and complacency with regard to the existence of nuclear weapons anywhere on earth is the disease of society today.

“This struggle is not only a legitimate one – it is a moral, inescapable struggle. 

”Already now there are enough nuclear missiles to destroy the world many times over [and] this issue should unite us all, because that is our real enemy.

“Is any government qualified and authorized to produce such weapons?”

Anyone with a functioning Conscience would respond NO!

On 8 July 1996, the International Court of Justice issued this statement:

“The destructive power of nuclear weapons cannot be contained in either space or time. They have the potential to destroy all civilization and the entire ecosystem of the planet.”

The ICJ also affirmed the “fundamental, cardinal and intransgressible” rule that “States must never make civilians the object of attack and must consequently never use weapons that are incapable of distinguishing between civilians and military targets.”

States have obligations and People have rights!

In threatening military action against Iran, America and Israel are also in breach of Article 2.4 of the UN Charter, which requires that all UN member states “shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.”

Interviews with current and former US and European officials with access to intelligence on Iran “contrast starkly with the heated debate surrounding a possible Israeli strike on Tehran’s nuclear facilities…The United States, European allies and even Israel generally agree on three things about Iran’s nuclear program: Tehran does not have a bomb, has not decided to build one, and is probably years away from having a deliverable nuclear warhead.

“Iran is not in breach of the NPT by engaging in uranium enrichment, so long as this activity is under IAEA supervision to ensure that no nuclear material is diverted for military purposes. That is the case at Iran’s uranium enrichment plants at Natanz and Fordow – and the IAEA has verified that no material is being diverted and that each facility is operating as declared by Iran in the relevant design document.” [1]

Israel has not signed the NPT and has never allowed IAEA inspectors into their WMD facility and “Vanunu told the world that Israel had developed between one hundred and two hundred atomic bombs [in 1986!] and had gone on to develop neutron bombs and thermonuclear weapons. Enough to destroy the entire Middle East and nobody has done anything about it since.”-Peter Hounam, 2003 for the BBC.

Because of America’s hypocritical foreign policy, we the people of America who tax payers are forced to provide over $3 billion a year in military aid to Israel, but not a whisper is heard from this Government in regards to sanctioning Israel– despite our enormous budget deficit–which has increased every year under President Nuclear Free Obama’s Administration, and he has increased even more US tax dollars to go to Israel than Bush ever did!

On 2 October 2009, The Washington Times reported that Obama agreed to keep Israel’s nukes ‘secret’ and reaffirmed a 4-decade-old understanding that has allowed Israel to keep a nuclear arsenal without opening it to international inspections!

At the White House on 15 March 2012, British Prime Minister, David Cameron opined:

“We also discussed the continuing threat posed by Iran’s failure to meet its international obligations. On this, we are fully united. We are determined to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.  We believe there is still time and space to pursue a diplomatic solution and we are going to keep coordinating closely with our P5+1 partners.  At the same time, we are going to keep up the pressure with the strongest US sanctions to date and the European Union preparing to impose an embargo on Iranian oil.  Tehran must understand that it cannot escape or evade the choice before it: meet your international obligations or face the consequences.” [2]

Despite economic sanctions and threats of military attack, Iran continues to refuse to meet what the US and its allies term “international obligations.”
Iran has been commanded to cease uranium enrichment which is its “inalienable right” under Article IV(1) of the NPT  “to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes without discrimination.”

On 17 September 2005, President Ahmadinejad proposed:

“As a further confidence building measure and in order to provide the greatest degree of transparency, the Islamic Republic of Iran is prepared to engage in serious partnership with private and public sectors of other countries in the implementation of uranium enrichment program in Iran. This represents the most far reaching step, outside all requirements of the NPT, being proposed by Iran as a further confidence building measure.”

That offer was ignored, because the objective “was to put a stop to all enrichment in Iran. That has remained the West’s aim ever since, despite countless Iranian reminders that they are unwilling to be treated as a second-class party to the NPT – with fewer rights than other signatories – and despite all the evidence that the Iranian character is more inclined to defiance than buckling under pressure. But that missed opportunity need not prove lethal if the West can pull back now and join the rest of the world in seeing an agreement of this kind as the prudent way forward.” [3]

The Obama Administration has been seeking states around the world to stop trading with Iran and to stop buying Iranian oil, with threats to cut off foreign financial institutions from the US financial system, if they conduct transactions with the Central Bank of Iran or other Iranian financial institutions.

US trade with Iran has been negligible since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.

On 20 March 2012, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was “pleased to announce that an initial group of eleven countries has significantly reduced their volume of crude oil purchases from Iran – Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom. As a result, I will report to the Congress that sanctions pursuant to Section 1245 of the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 (NDAA) will not apply to the financial institutions based in these countries, for a renewable period of 180 days.” [4]

America and its allies claim they want a Nuclear Free Middle East, but the focus is always on Iran who haven’t any nuclear weapons and its nuclear facilities are open to IAEA inspections despite Israel’s possession of up to “400 nuclear warheads with the ability to deliver them by aircraft, ballistic missile and submarine-launched cruise missiles and wipe any capital in the Middle East (and probably much further afield) off the map – and its nuclear facilities are almost entirely closed to the IAEA.” [5]

The US spin has been that if Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons, it would lead to widespread proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.

Article IX of the NPT affirms:

“Each Party shall in exercising its national sovereignty have the right to withdraw from the Treaty if it decides that extraordinary events, related to the subject matter of this Treaty, have jeopardized the supreme interests of its country. It shall give notice of such withdrawal to all other Parties to the Treaty and to the United Nations Security Council three months in advance. Such notice shall include a statement of the extraordinary events it regards as having jeopardized its supreme interests.” [6]

Iran indeed has grounds for withdrawing from the NPT while Israel, who is not a member of the NPT, is not breaching any “international obligations.


The UN Charter contains a set of international obligations, which all UN members are supposed to fulfill. 

The most fundamental of all is in Article 2.4, which requires that all UN member states “shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the territorial integrity or political independence of any state.” [7]

On 5 April 2009, President Obama stood on the world stage in Prague and admitted: 

”As the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the United States has a moral responsibility to act. When we fail to pursue peace, then it stays forever beyond our grasp. We know the path when we choose fear over hope. To denounce or shrug off a call for cooperation is an easy but also cowardly thing to do. That’s how wars begin. That’s where human progress ends.

“The voices of peace and progress must be raised together…Human destiny will be what we make of it…Words must mean something.”

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Mubaraks Verdict, A Revolution Back To Square One

“Watching the Egyptian judiciary acquitting the top police commanders, who were responsible for the killing of almost 900 innocent protesters, is like watching the regime survive the bullet of the revolution and getting back in business, and may be with a vengeance”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


On this same platform, back in August 2011, we have posted an article “Mubarak in the cage for the wrong charges”                       

In the post we argued that trying Mubarak before a civil court and for crimes of bribery and profiteering, and not for political corruption, would turn his case into some mockery of the law and would eventually fail, in the lack of any incriminating evidence, to bring  justice or even to appease the Egyptian revolutionaries.

Last Saturday, The deposed Egyptian president, Hosni Mubarak, was sentenced to life in prison, a sentence that was deemed fair by many political analysts and observers.

But against all odds, the verdict which, in my opinion, has been tailored to placate an angry people, has instead infuriated the majority of Egyptians and prompted them to head back to Tahrir square to protest not only the trial and the verdict but the whole political process that is due to lead Egypt, on June 16, to the run-off presidential elections, or calling the whole thing off, for that matter.

Wrong beginnings

Something is obviously wrong in Egypt nowadays. All of a sudden, after the revolution, all things began to acquire double meaning and reflect two messages. Meanwhile, the revolution wagon seems to have lost its way.

After toppling Mubarak, The protesters left Tahrir square too soon before they made sure they left some political entity to speak for the revolution demands. Later, Egyptians were conned into voting on a referendum that offered some cosmetic amendments to the old constitution where they should have worked on drafting a whole new constitution to safeguard the democratic turn of the country.

Egyptians had to literally occupy Tahrir square for several weeks to put Mubarak on trial and to struggle with a military council that was adamant on aborting the revolution and keeping the old regime alive.

MB Presidential candidate, Mohamed Morsy Vs. Ahmed Shafik, Mubarak’s former prime-minister

Egyptians who sobered up after the Muslim Brotherhood took over the parliament, 75% of the seats went to the Islamists, are faced with a bleak scenario that awaits them at the presidential run-off elections.

The seat of the presidency will either go toMuhamed Morsy, the MB candidate, backed by Islamists or to Mr. Ahmed Shafik, Mubarak’s last prime-minister and who, supported by the Copts and the military, makes no secret of loathing the revolution.

The uprising is over, but the protesters keep coming back to Tahrir square. Mubarak has gone, but the regime is pretty much in place. The revolution has managed to topple the dictator but has yet failed to neither produce a popular leader nor deal with any of the Egyptians’ grievances.

The old National Democratic Party (NDP) of Mubarak, which controlled just about every aspect of the country’s political life, is replaced by the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is now pretty much in control of the parliament and aspiring to seize the presidential seat as well.

The Egyptian people are not satisfied, they made a revolution that inspired the millions around the world and yet they failed to have a presidential candidate who could really speak for this great revolution.

Egypt is in desperate need for a revolutionary leader who could steer the country away from going back to dictatorship or falling prey to MB and its dream of turning Egypt into a theocracy.

More than 16 months have passed and still the country can’t agree on a national committee, which would represent Egyptians of all creeds and walks of life, to draft the new constitution. And therefore, Egypt, under the rule of the military junta, has been forced to commit the sin of electing a president that no one knows what kind of authorities he will have nor the power he will wield

The verdict

Mubarak wheeled, on a stretcher, into the court room.

President Hosni Mubarak gets a life sentence and yet the Egyptians are not satisfied especially that his lawyer intends to appeal the verdict. But if we examined the whole verdict, we would soon discover that it’s completely contradictory and that it was blatantly politicized.


While Mubarak’s minister of interior, Habib El-Adly, was sentenced for life in prison, six of his top police commanders, who were obviously responsible for shooting unarmed protesters, got off the hook and walked home free as the court surprisingly couldn’t link them directly to the killings- a conclusion that millions of TV viewers around the world, who have watched countless footages of the deadly police crackdown on Egyptian protesters during the uprising, would strongly disagree with.

Moreover, as Mubarak was bizarrely acquitted from charges of facilitating and profiteering from the notorious gas deal with Israel, his two sons, Alaa & Gamaal who got their hands dirty from long years of illegal profiteering and ripping off public money were also acquitted by the court.

Obviously, the court was left with no solid case as the key witnesses- Mubarak’s vice-president and the top military generals- were careful not to point the finger at Mubarak in regard to any of the charges pressed against him.

So, the judge had no choice but to try and incriminate Mubarak not for shooting the protesters but for doing nothing to stop the killing, so much for a court of law that at the end of the day had to appease angry people.

It’s true that Mubarak is the first deposed Arab leader to be tried and convicted in his own country, but his trial has failed to deliver full justice as Egyptians feel should righteously take place.

For the average Egyptian, Egypt under the long reign of Mubarak was nothing but a police state.

So, to watch the post-revolution judiciary system clumsily acquitting all the top police officials, who were responsible for the killing of almost 900 innocent protesters, is like watching the regime survive the bullet of the revolution and getting back in business and may be with a vengeance.

YouTube – Egyptian Revolution at the Crossroads/ Edited & Narrated by Ashraf Ezzat

The popular anger at the verdicts reinvigorated the revolutionary zeal in Egypt as thousands of protesters began to flock into Tahrir square once again.

Constitutional dilemma

Hamdin Sabahy

After hearing the verdict, thousands have held a sit-in in Tahrir square and were joined by other presidential candidates who didn’t make it to the run-off elections, amongst them, Hamdin Sabahy, who despite coming out of the presidential elections in third place, is considered by many as the newly born leader of the revolution and is now celebrated by millions of Egyptians around the country.

Mr. Sabahy and other revolutionary figures called for forming a presidential council and stressed the urgency to implement the political disenfranchisement law- that denies top government officials who served under Mubarak from running for any public posts.

The high constitutional court is to render a verdict considering the constitutionality of the disenfranchisement law and also the constitutionality of the last parliament on June 14th – two days before the presidential run-off elections.

And needless to say, that the Egyptians would be in for a big surprise if the high court permitted the disenfranchisement law and said that the current parliament is not constitutional due to electoral irregularities.

Should this scenario take place, something that is far from being coincidental, it will be definitely a game changer, as Ahmed Shafik will consequently be disqualified from the presidential run-off and the whole presidential race will be halted until further notice.

In the meantime, Egypt will have to carry on, indefinitely, under the rule of the military, and everybody will be back to square one.

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