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Warning: All Activists: Kimberly Amatullah Reportedly Works for Mossad


Siraj Davis Special to

Activists for Palestine, there is a shill in the mix.

Shill sign

(EAST JERUSALEM, Occupied Palestine) – (Foreword by Editor: Our friend Siraj Davis brings important information to the table; a shill or ‘poser’ in the pro-Palestine movement is reportedly a member of Israel’s Mossad. The name is ‘Kimberly Amatullah’ and I have to say I like these games; I hope we have the pleasure of hearing from this individual who has led a slaughter campaign against our noted activist and writer Ken O’Keefe, a true hero of Gaza.

Write the name down, and place the name by ‘Mary Rizzo’ who is the other attacker of Ken O’Keefe, a man who has accomplished so much for Palestine and is in fact, a citizen of Palestine.

Always remember that if things don’t make sense, they are not what they seem. This self-described woman is also harassing people like Nadia Sindi who is a political activist in Eugene, Oregon. The thing about our group is that we insist on truth being told, and when a paid liar enters the scene, it doesn’t take long to figure it out. Apparently the individual threatens to have people arrested, we hope all people who have information on her get in touch and help us have a hey day exposing her. At this point the shill using the name ‘Kimberly Amatullah’ is guilty of harassment and will have her arrested when we locate her information. Come on Kimmy, send me an email, I want you to try your shit here. Special thanks to Siraj! And one more thing, I am a direct descendant to Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Dangerosa who is synonymous with the story ‘Rapunzel’ – this is highly documented and I have absolutely never heard of this woman)
– Tim King

There is a woman who has appeared out of nowhere claiming to be a Palestinian human rights activist implying she has worked with REAL activists and organizations in the past. In addition, she claims to be a Muslim. Furthermore, it has been brought to our attention that has posted nude pics of herself on the internet and claims to be a relative of the Prophet Jesus and Eleanor of Aquitane.

(If anyone wants proof of this, please ask, I have copies of it in my possession).

Despite her claims she has engaged in a vehement campaign against Ken O Keefe without valid evidence, over-generalizations of facts available to the public on the internet, and worse…attacks upon anyone’s character or morals for not falling behind her bugle call of hate. In addition, she has also threatened many other Palestinian activists who have simply had the unfortunate fate of crossing her path and disagreeing with her, by threatening to call law enforcement and by threatening violent acts of retribution for responding in self defense to her attacks or for the tiniest nuisance she feels done upon her regardless of the fact she has done much much more nefarious acts such as post pictures of dead miscarried children of her victims. She has also had people attempt to engage in a physical altercation with her targets.

There have been reports by others that she has posted a good game in her support for Palestine but have not done anything of material and significant value for the cause. There are also other reports we are investigating of her friendship with the other side of the conflict that we can not release as of now without a plethora of evidence to avoid libel against her. We respect that she DOES have rights despite the witnesses who have made these reports.

She also works in liason with a Julie Berger and Scott Hall.

I ask that if anyone can forward names and phone numbers of people who can verify her claims to be a Muslim and Palestinian activist, please do so to Collective Consciousness in order to augment and support a current investigation. We want names of Sheikhs, masjids, organziations, etc. Please feel free to contact her and ask her to provide these names and numbers to validate her credibility. We just want the truth!!! Too much harm has been done for us to accept her own words as credibility and she is one of the best smooth talkers in the business when it comes to Facebook posts. That is before she asks you to bash another activist for supporting either a one-state or two state solution or for not bashing Ken O Keefe or for not helping her in a confrontation with another activist on facebook, etc. I call this a bully!!

We want to get to the bottom of a Facebook identity that has continued for several years to wreak havoc upon the Palestinian movement by augmenting conflict within the movement with her cronies. I understand this can not be done without her threatening people with violence and law enforcement every time someone challenges her credibility. Asking for one’s credentials is not the equivalent of endangering one’s life and this is a lesson that Kim will have to learn herself. She put herself out there as the real deal former and latter identities, we just want her to PROVE IT!!!

This message is not only a warning to activists, but a statement of fact by me in order to express to everyone my aspiration to protect myself in anyway I can if this woman continues to harrass me and send people to fight me. I want to also say that please be careful of ANY information you share with this woman or her colleagues. Especially about Palestine, our beloved. Whatever you share may be going directly to the other side. It happened with me unfortunately.

(Before anyone dismisses this post with doubt, PLEASE ask for evidence as we, Collective Consciousness, have evidence to prove any and all of our claims)


Siraj Davis

Founder and president of Collective Consciousness Human Rights Organization
Clemson University Student Human Rights organization and beyond
AAPER Coordinator
Amnesty International Organizer
Asian Student Association Co-founder
American Families United Constituent

US/World History teacher Modern American School
ESL English and TOEFL/IELTS instructor
Dedicated human rights activist

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Great Lakes of Africa Coalition Calls for U.S. Action to End Instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo


A United Nations Group of Experts report has documented the Rwandan government’s support for rebel groups inside the Congo. Various media have reported that the United States Mission to the United Nations, headed by Ambassador Susan Rice had first attempted to block the report and after pressure has subsequently agreed to allow the publishing of the Group of Experts report. Reuters states that “the (UN) experts have implicated several high-ranking Rwandan officials who are directly involved.”

The U.N. material has been “verified by five separate sources,” identifying Rwandan “officials supporting M23 as Defense Minister James Kaberebe; chief of defense staff Charles Kayonga; and General Jacques Nziza, a military adviser to Kagame.” Kaberebe, according to this source, was “in constant contact with M23.” In spite of the abundance of evidence demonstrating Rwanda’s support of war criminals in the Congo, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the U.S. State Department refuses to hold Rwanda to account in spite of a U.S. Law that calls for withholding of aid to countries that destabilize the Congo.

Atrocities continue to mount in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where over 200,000 people have been displaced from their homes in the last three months as a result of attacks by rebel groups M23 and the National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP). Support of the M23 militia is only the most recent example of Rwanda underwriting rebellions that continue to devastate Congolese communities; this is the latest of many documented instances of such support.

Worth noting are previous rebellions of the Alliance of Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Congo-Zaire (AFDL) in 1996, the Rally for Congolese Democracy (RCD) in 1998 and the National Congress for the Defense of the People (CNDP) in 2006. It is telling that former members of the RCD like renegade general Laurent Nkunda formed the CNDP and that, today, former members of the CNDP and RCD, including indicted war criminal Bosco Ntaganda, are members of the M23 rebellion. These rebellions are not separate, internal rebellions as they are often reported, but are all related recurrences of foreign intervention by the Rwandan government.

According the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navy Pillay, “The leaders of the M23 figure among the worst perpetrators of human rights violations in the DRC, or in the world for that matter, and many of them have appalling track records including allegations of involvement in mass rape, and of responsibility for massacres and for the recruitment and use of children.

While President Obama has long recognized that the DRC has been destabilized by neighboring countries, his administration has yet to get tough on those fueling the cycles of violence. The need to hold the DRC’s neighbors accountable was part of the only law he sponsored as a senator in 2006:PL109-456. Section 105 of that law gives power to the US Secretary of State to withhold aid from neighboring countries deemed to destabilize the Congo. US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton co-sponsored this law.

This legislation has been on the books for 6 years, but has yet to be fully implemented. The recent flood of evidence pointing to Rwanda’s military aggression in the Congo calls for an enforcement of this law. In the United Kingdom, more than 20 members of parliament have joined the call to suspend financial support to Rwanda in light of the content in the UN report implicating Rwanda in supporting rebels in the Congo. In accordance with its statutes, the US government should withhold any military, bilateral and multilateral budgetary aid until Rwanda permanently ceases its support of rebels in the DRC.

Given the Obama administration’s mass atrocities prevention directive, current violence in the Kivu provinces of the DRC tests the US government’s political will to fulfill its promises and enforce its laws. Will the administration recognize the atrocities in eastern DRC and use the law Obama wrote to hold destabilizing parties responsible? Historically, economic sanctions have proven effective in curtailing Rwandan aggressions across the border. In late 2008, Sweden and the Netherlands suspended aid to Rwanda after evidence surfaced showing Rwanda’s support of the CNDP rebel group.

The CNDP rebellion, parent to the M23 rebellion currently led by the International Criminal Court (ICC) indicted war criminal Bosco “The Terminator” Ntaganda, had been devastating eastern Congo, causing thousands of deaths and displacing over three hundred thousand people from their homes. As soon as aid was withdrawn, Rwanda arrested General Laurent Nkunda. With a law on the books requiring that the United States respond as Sweden and the Netherlands did, and as the second biggest donor to Rwanda providing nearly $200 million in aid annually, the US has the power to help stabilize the region or continue to underwrite those who are destabilizing it. In its position, the US has both tremendous leverage and responsibility to take action.

The international community failed Rwanda in 1994 when it did little to respond and help prevent genocide, and nearly a million Rwandans were slaughtered within three months. Aftershocks from that tragedy have been reverberating through the region ever since. Though Rwanda has stabilized significantly, it is still a time to respond to mass atrocity in the region, as more than six million civilians have perished in Congo since 1996, Rwanda’s first documented invasion. The United States government must do its best to foster peace and reconciliation in the whole region, not just in Rwanda. This means not merely giving aid but doing due diligence; the best hope for a speedy end to the atrocities is for donor nations to begin withholding aid from governments who perpetrate instability in the region.

Please join the Great Lakes of Africa Coalition in urging the US government to take swift and decisive action in Congo. Call on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, to help end the impunity in the Congo by enforcing Section 105 of Public Law 109-456. 

Institute for Policy Studies, Foreign Policy in Focus
Africa Faith and Justice Network
Africa Action
African Great Lakes Action Network
Mobilization For Justice and Peace
Shalupe Foundation
Friends of the Congo

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Kimberly Amatullah: The Kossover CONnection

Written by Michael Langston :

Kimberly Amatullah’s Facebook friendship with ultra-Zionist Reuven Kossover tells us everything we need to know about Amatullah’s alleged support of Palestinians. When Kossover refers to Palestinians, he puts the name in quotes and says “Palestinian” terrorists must die and that the “evil” must be cleansed from the land that God promised the children of Israel. He also advocates “making Gaza howl” by cutting off food, water, electricity, and oil.

No true supporter of Palestine would EVER befriend and find common ground with such a staunch ultra-Zionist. Kimberly “Amatullah” is NOT a true supporter of Palestine. If her prior record of slandering, attacking, and harassing TRUE friends of Palestine such as Ken O’Keefe and his supporters is not ample proof of her treachery, then her friendship with this Zionist EXTREMIST most certainly is.

Note Kimberly Amatullah’s friendship with this Zionist extremist and how she seems to peacefully coexist and fit in nicely with all the Zionist extremism exhibited on his page:



Note also how this flaming Zionist friend of “Amatullah” rushes to her defense by insulting and threatening not only Siraj Davis, but the editor at as well and how Amatullah herself calls this true advocate of Palestine a “loser” and thereby also insults him, while loving what her Zionist friend said:

“I’m gonna have fun with this. It may take a bit to work it out, but these lying shits at “” are going to wish they never published that all-points bulletin!! And Kimberly – you were advised – wisely so – to sue the son of of [sic] bitch for defamation of character. Go for it! There’s money (while money has any meaning – you may want to sue for a pound of flesh) to be made off this shithead, Siraj. And in calling him a shithead, I’m insulting shit!” – Reuven Kossover

“He is a loser and in the UK.” – Kimberly “Amatullah”


Now, most of this flaming Zionist’s posts have become mysteriously inaccessible. Is this in response to what I have just posted? Is he feverishly attempting to hide his extremist Zionist views? Inquiring minds would like to know with absolute certainty, but it’s a pretty sure bet that this is exactly what has just happened.

I’ve apparently now been blocked by this Zionist (who calls himself a “Hebrew nationalist”). What is it, I wonder, that “Hebrew nationalism” actually entails? Could it be theft of Palestinian land and massive persecution and oppression of the Palestinian people that underlies this so-called Hebrew nationalism?

Amatullah’s post on her wall showing her shameful connection to the ultra-Zionist Kossover has now also mysteriously disappeared from view. Is there a cover-up in the works, a well orchestrated cover-up involving the simultaneous machinations of both of these individuals? It seems that a cover-up of the evidence is certainly being attempted, but it will be an ineffectual one since we have the screenshots.

Kimberly “Amatullah,” like her friend Catherine Myles, who hijacked Ken O’Keefe’s Trade Not Aid mission to Gaza and who, according to Ken O’Keefe, took personal control of a large sum of money intended for the children of Gaza, claims, like her friend Catherine Myles, to be a friend and ally of the Palestinian cause and supporter of the oppressed people of Gaza.

But what exactly would Amatullah’s ultra-Zionist ISRAELI friend and staunch supporter REUVEN KOSSOVER do about Gaza? In his own words, this is what Amatullah’s good friend and defender Reuven Kossover would do:

“Occupy the Philadelphi Corridor, cut off ALL food, water, electricity and oil – and blockade the coast so that fishing is a problem. After a while, rats and seawater will make anybody lethargic – even in pursuing the great dream of exterminating the evil Jews. ‘Make Georgia howl!’ was the watchword of General Sherman in 1864. ‘Make Gaza howl!’ needs to be ours now. However, aside from the soldiers in the Philadelphi Corridor, NO Israeli should risk his life over Gaza.” – Reuven Kossover

Ken O’Keefe has proposed doing everything possible to end the Israeli blockade of Gaza so that the people of Gaza can conduct free trade. Yet Kimberly “Amatullah,” who claims to be a supporter of Gaza, is one of Ken O’Keefe’s most vociferous and outspoken enemies.

Reuven Kossover, however, proposes instead to STARVE the people of Gaza by depriving them of needed food and water. And Kimberly “Amatullah” is the enemy of Ken O’Keefe and this guy’s FRIEND? What in heaven’s name is wrong with this picture?

“Are we really protecting the Jewish settlement enterprise in Israel – or are we trying to snuff it out? Are we officially boycotting Europeans and others who boycott us? Are we sending assassins to get rid of the liars who defame us?” – Reuven Kossover

What truly sane and responsible pro-Palestinian activist could possibly “understand,” be “true friends” with, and make “peace” with a Zionist extremist such as Kossover, someone who advocates not only a continuation of the unconscionable theft of Palestinian land by means of the “Jewish settlement enterprise,” but also openly suggests sending “assassins” to get rid of alleged “liars” who dare to disagree with Zionist policies and who “defame” (speak the truth about) Israel? It boggles the mind, and indeed no TRUE pro-Palestinian activist could possibly be a friend and ally of a blatant Zionist EXTREMIST such as this.

“You are engaging in Libel and Defamation. It is not your right to make assumptions, and your mock courtroom will end with you in a courtroom. Last warning.” – Scott Tucker

This threat issued by Scott Tucker, who allegedly is the “brother” of Kimberly “Amatullah,” has indeed been carried out. I haven’t yet been dragged into an actual courtroom, but I HAVE been “reported” to Facebook, and as a result, I have now been banned from posting for a period of 30 days. Such is the price one pays for speaking the truth, and it’s a price I’m perfectly willing to pay because the truth really matters.




Make no mistake about who is and is not the victim in this situation. Even though Israel and apologists for Israel such as Kossover would like us to THINK that Israel is the innocent victim of Palestinian “terrorism,” Israel is one hundred percent to blame for the strife in that region and is, in fact, the VICTIMIZER.

And exactly as is the case with the state of “Israel,” Kimberly “Amatullah” and Scott Tucker are not the innocent victims either. They have not been unjustly blocked by Facebook as I have, as a direct result of THEM unjustly reporting ME. They have not been “libeled.” And they have not been “slandered.” THEY are the ones who have been doing all the lying, slandering, attacking, harassing, and threatening, while their victims have simply been telling the TRUTH about it. THEY, Scott Tucker and Kimberly “Amatullah,” are the victimizers.

And just as with Israel, they are one hundred percent in the wrong here, one hundred percent guilty, and one hundred percent to blame.

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Undermining Iran–The Menacing Plots of the MKO



The ill-omened, inauspicious plots of the terrorist gang Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization against Iran seem to have no end. The recent letter signed by 44 U.S. Senators addressed to President Obama in which it was implied that time for diplomacy with Iran is over and other options to deal with Iran’s nuclear program should be considered is said to be a magnum opus of MKO.

The website of Habilian, a non-governmental organization which represents the families of 17,000 terror victims of Iran, has recently published a news story, suggesting that the affiliates of MKO are behind the letter which near to half of the U.S. Senators signed and requested President Obama to end diplomatic efforts and dialogue with Iran and consider other options in dealing with the country’s nuclear standoff.

The pro-Israel Senator Roy Blunt who has made fanatic statements in support of Israeli regime and enjoys strong ties to the Iranian-American Cultural Association of Missouri, an MKO affiliated organization, was the mastermind of the letter to President Obama.

Blunt’s website introduces the Senator as a staunch supporter of Israeli regime, saying that he “believes America’s strongest ally in the Middle East is the democracy in the state of Israel, an alliance that dates back to Harry S Truman.”

In the introductory page of his website, it’s further mentioned that “Iran’s ongoing rush to become a nuclear power poses a terrible danger to the region and certainly to Israel… the United States must not allow Iran or any other dictatorship to develop nuclear weapons that can be used against us or our allies.”

Now, having in mind Blunt’s unwavering sponsorship of Israel and his clandestine relations with MKO, one may seriously suspect that the hostile letter which the U.S. Senators blindly put their signatures on was spearheaded by MKO.

The website of UK Committee in Support of Ashraf which is a London-based organization that advocates regime change in Iran and has voiced its support for the members of MKO organization has published articles and interviews by Roy Blunt and proposed the idea of removing MKO from the State Department’s list of foreign terrorist organizations.

According to a report published on May 24 on the group’s website, Roy Blunt told a Senate briefing that the decision for delisting MKO should be made as soon as possible and that there’s no evidence confirming the “allegation” that residents of Camp Ashraf in Iraq possess weapons.

In his opening remarks, Roy Blunt said, “We’re talking about MEK and Camp Ashraf… we’re talking about people in Iran who have a tremendous desire for freedom and democracy.” In a letter to the U.S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton in March 2012, the Missouri Republican had formally requested “a detailed briefing regarding the State Department’s review of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq” (MEK) designation under section 219.” He had noted that “if no satisfactory public or classified information exists to sustain our designation of the MEK as a foreign terrorist organization, it is my belief that the time has come to remove it from the list.”

These MKO-associated groups are actively lobbying to convince the Iraqi government, through pressures by Obama administration, to relocate the members of MKO who are now residing in Camp Ashraf, a refugee camp in Iraq’s Diyala province, to another country and provide them with security and shelter. They are afraid that Iraq may hand in the members of the terrorist organization to Iran which unquestionably will be followed by their legal prosecution.

The UKCSA (the UK-based group which supports MKO) calls Iranian government extremist and talks of the members of MKO as freedom and peace warriors who want to bring democracy to their fellow citizens in Iran. The irony is the name of these very “peace warriors” was until recently on the European Union’s list of terrorist organizations. EU removed MKO’s name from that list in 2009 in an attempt to pressure Iran over its nuclear program and demoralize, undermine the Iranian government.

The MKO is also suspected of playing a role in the killing of Iran’s nuclear scientist, Dr. Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan. Referring to the January 11 assassination of Dr. Ahmadi Roshan, Richard Silverstein, an American journalist wrote in his blog , “my own confidential Israeli source confirms today’s murder was the work of the Mossad and MKO, as have been a number of previous operations I’ve reported here.”

On February 10, the U.S. paper New York Post wrote that MKO leaders deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for their role in the assassination of Iran’s nuclear scientists: “were the MEK (MKO) to play the critical role in derailing an Iranian bomb, it would be far more deserving of a Nobel Peace Prize than a certain president of the United States we could mention.”

The animosity and hostility of the MKO toward the people of Iran needs no evidence or proof. They spare no effort to undermine the security of Iran. It’s time for the international community to mindfully confront MKO and stop them from furthering their dangerous plots in the future.

Kourosh Ziabari is an Iranian journalist, media correspondent and peace activist. He is a member of World Student Community for Sustainable Development. He can be reached at

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Hamas member killed in Syria, Nazi Mossad suspected


A Hamas member was killed Wednesday in a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, a senior member of the group told AFP, adding that they suspected Zio-nazi spy agency of being behind the attack.

The victim was Kamal Hussein Ghannaje, said the official, speaking under condition of anonymity.

“A group of people entered his home in Qudsaya … where he was liquidated,” the official said. “According to our information, Nazi Mossad was behind the assassination.”

The official said Ghannaje was one of the deputies of Mahmoud Abdel Raouf Al-Mabhuh, a senior Hamas military commander found dead in a Dubai hotel room in 2010.

Investigators there said they believed Nazi Mossad was behind that murder.

The political wing of Hamas is based in Damascus and has received the backing of the Syrian government in recent years against the Zio-Nazi regime.

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Graphic video: Syrian Family ‘slain by Zio-Nato Puppet’s in Hama Massacre


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Our Lives, Our Rights’ asserts the right to refuse to fight


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Click photo for news coverage of the campaign.
Campaign co-founder and conscientious objector on active duty.

Active-duty Air Force Master Sergeant and campaign co-founder.

Active-duty Army infantryman & Iraq war vet Sgt. Lindsay, who is currently AWOL, speaks at a press conference about why he is co-founding the campaign.

In response to the catastrophic, immoral war in Afghanistan and the ceaseless epidemic of military suicides, active-duty U.S. troops along with Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have launched a nation-wide campaign to educate and assist service members in their right to refuse to fight. Click here for news coverage of the campaign.

The founders of the campaign are war resisters and active-duty service members who are currently refusing to participate in the war any longer.

Please make a donation to help launch this important campaign.

This campaign is called “Our Lives, Our Rights.” Its purpose is to reach-out to service members throughout the entire U.S. military in everyway we can—passing out flyers on bases, sending care packages, building an online and media presence, creating organizing teams in military units, and more—to spread the message that the officers and politicians do not care about our lives, and that we have rights as service members. Above all, we hold that the most fundamental right we have is to refuse to deploy to the absurd, immoral war in Afghanistan.

As the politicians lie and stumble over themselves to explain why we must endlessly occupy Afghanistan, and while the generals refuse to address the criminal negligence for troops with PTSD, countless lives are literally being thrown away. It’s a critical time for service members to know about their rights and how to exercise them.

Thousands of U.S. service members today qualify to become Conscientious Objectors, whether or not they have deployed before, entitling them to be exempt from deployment and a discharge with full benefits. Others who are compelled to go AWOL also have legal rights and options. Those with psychological trauma, diagnosed or not, have the right to demand adequate treatment and exemption from deployment. But these rights are unknown to most—so we want to make sure all service members know with this campaign.

Those who resist the war or advocate for their interests can face harassment, intimidation and denial of rights by their chain of command, or need help properly exercising their rights. This campaign will provide a community of support from other service members and veterans, expose mistreatment by the chain of command, and assist service members in the process.

We believe this campaign has the potential to save the lives of scores of U.S. service members and present a real challenge to the generals and politicians who are orchestrating the destruction of so many lives at home and abroad. To maximize the potential of the campaign, we need your help.

Here’s how you can help the ‘Our Lives, Our Rights’ campaign reach thousands of U.S. service members all over the world.

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Dow: one month till the Olympics

“By exposing the crimes Dow Chemical is trying to whitewash through its sponsorship of the Olympics, you are helping us fight the crimes of this evil company. Thank you for your contributions to the struggle for justice in Bhopal.”
— Hazra Bee, survivor and campaigner for justice in Bhopal

Dear All

Today marks one month until the London 2012 Olympic Games begins, and the stadium wrap is covering the Olympics in Dow’s shameful legacy.

When I started my petition last November to drop the wrap, I worried Dow would use the Olympics to whitewash their toxic reputation. Instead, we turned Dow’s Olympic sponsorship into a PR disaster for them and drew international attention to the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Bhopal.

So although we didn’t win this campaign, I’m incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved. Here are some of the things that have happened since I last wrote to you:

  • The campaign has been covered in the Telegraph, the Guardian, the FT, The Indian Times, The Hindustan Times and over 100 other papers across the Globe
  • In nearly every article about Dow’s Olympic sponsorship the issue of Bhopal and the campaign for justice has been raised
  • Prime Minister David Cameron, LOCOG Chair Seb Coe, London Mayor Boris Johnson and Dow Vice-President George Hamilton were all forced to answer questions about Dow’s legal liabilities for Bhopal
  • I’ve heard reports that they’re running a pilot project to safely dispose of 346 tonnes of toxic waste from the factory site in Bhopal — and the Indian Government are planning to send the bill to Dow

The waste-disposal pilot project is an incredible step forward and friends in Bhopal say it wouldn’t have happened without the active campaigning taking place in India and the UK around Dow’s sponsorship of the London Olympics.

So although I’m closing my petition to drop Dow’s wrap, I will keep fighting for justice in Bhopal and hope you’ll join me. Today I’ll be joining in an international day of action, supporting campaigners in the UK, India, Canada and the US by tweeting the following at Seb Coe:

Dear @sebcoe, Apologise to #Bhopal survivors for defending #Dow’s toxic legacy. Justice for Bhopal.

If you’re on Twitter, click here to send a tweet.

Dow’s shameful wrap may be covering the London 2012 Olympics stadium, but my campaign to support the people of Bhopal won’t be wrapping up until there’s justice.

Thanks for supporting my campaign and helping to bring this issue to prominence,

Lorraine Close

PS – If you want find out more about the campaign for justice in Bhopal, visit Bhopal Medical AppealDrop Dow Now or the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal

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Piggies Squeal as Illuminati Tighten Noose



Hard to feel sorry for people who forfeit control of the  economy to a   foreign cartel consisting of satanist families.

“Economic crises have been produced by us for the goyim by no other means than the withdrawal of money from circulation.”
— Protocols of Zion, 20

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Stock markets have been in free fall since last Wednesday when Ben Bernanke indicated the Fed would not trigger more “quantitative easing.”

He would not inject more currency (credit) into the US economy. Credit is the oxygen that makes the economy sizzle or fizzle.

Oil and other commodities are cratering while gold is treading water, trying to make up its mind.

Had Bernanke said he was injecting another $500 billion into the economy, the market would have soared and everyone would be partying instead of ripping their garments.

It’s hard to feel sorry for people who forfeit control over their monetary policy to a foreign private cartel of satanist families.

All our so-called leaders are agents of this cartel. Our mass media and cultural leaders are owned by them.Acquiescence in their fraud is a prerequisite for professional advancement.

This fraud has spawned all the others: the two world wars, the Great Depression, the Cold war etc. The people have been easily duped and played their roles. 

We have forfeited our freedom for a good feed. Now we’re discovering that we’re the dinner.

There should be no such thing as “sovereign debt.”  Currency (credit) is just a medium of exchange like a coupon. Governments can create as much as they need debt-free to make the economy hum. Markets will determine their value relative to other currencies.

But the Illuminati bankers have created all currency in the form of a debt to them. Our society is wholly complicit in this fraud.

It is not Greek or German or French or Spanish banks that are getting the bailouts. They all got the virtual “money” from the Illuminati families. The banks are just a front for these families.


These families don’t need the “money” back. It was created out of thin air. This is just a mechanism for plundering what’s left.

The taxpayers of these countries are being saddled with this fictional debt and becoming debt slaves.

By accepting this fraud, they are enslaving themselves. The Illuminati bankers instigated 9-11 as a pretext to erect the prison walls.


As we have seen, the Cabalist Jewish bankers (the Illuminati) have a long-range plan for the ascendance of their “Messiah.”  Actually the anti-Christ, he will be “the King of the Jews” to be selected from the House of Rothschild. Most Jews are not privy to this plan.

The Illuminati Jews realized it will not happen by itself. The first step was the re-establishment of the State of Israel. The Rothschilds did this by colonizing Palestine and engineering the Dreyfus Affair and Nazism.

Now, the Rothschilds will bend the nations to their will by means of debt. Moses relates the basic principle in Deuteronomy 15:6: “Thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shalt not reign over thee.”

The book, Elijah, Rothschilds & the Ark of the Covenant continues: “Note that this is not a suggestion given in the Scriptures. It is a command from the God of Israel. Lending upon usury is how to possess the land.” (175)

“Lending on interest for consumer and emergency needs became a virtual Jewish monopoly in Western Europe between the 12th and 15th centuries…As security, real estate was most preferred. In this way Jews acquired in pledge houses, vineyards, farms, villages, castles, towns, and even provinces. ” (177)

“The rise of absolute monarchies in Central Europe brought numbers of Jews into the influential position of negotiating loans for the various royal courts. The phenomenon of court Jews now continued into Europe. The nost famous included Lehmann, Oppenheimer and Goldschmidt in Germany and Austria.” (180)

“Jean Izolulet, a member of the Jewish Alliance Israelite Universeile wrote in 1932: ‘The meaning of history of the last century is that today 300 Jewish financiers, all masters of lodges, rule the world.” (183)

“Vatican City came under Rothschild influence in the early 19th century…Pope John Paul II admitted the Roman Catholic Church is still tied to the Rothschilds…In Sept 1979, the Pope revealed the Church had $50 billion invested in various Rothschild banks…” (191)

The Economist, cover.gif


We have the dubious honor of witnessing the consummation of a centuries-old plan for world tyranny based on satanic megalomania and demented Biblical prophesies.

The Illuminati could not succeed without our determined self-deception and collaboration.Humanity is infected by a death wish.

Our would-be masters are proving that we are too venal, craven and stupid to be prosperous and free. They have ensured humanity will miss its Divine Rendezvous. However, there is still hope for some individuals.


First Comment: (From D & R)

This article together with the recent one on Messianic Jews are your best. They should both go viral to everyone on the planet since they clearly and correctly explain what is coming. Most Christians AND Jews are greatly deceived – perhaps this is the “great deception” that the bible predicts in the last days. I cannot add to your excellent overview other than an amplification, namely that the mark of the beast (666) will be a mark of triumph for the Jewish New World rulers who by their wars and/or infiltration of all countries will have “restored” the Jewish hegemony over the world, a hegemony they last enjoyed under Solomon.
14 The weight of the gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents, not including the revenues from merchants and traders and from all the Arabian kings and the governors of the territories.  1 Kings 10: 14-15
The Jewish New World Order will then enforce subjection to what they genuinely believe is “righteousness” by requiring everyone on the planet to worship their concept of God and abide by the demonic Talmud. Such subjection to their religion will be demonstrated by a mark (666) to be displayed on the foreheads and wrists of all prepared to worship at their altar, bothy Jew and “righteous” Gentile.
6 These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts.7 Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 8 Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Deuteronomy 6: 6-8
Many Christians have privately wondered how the NWO will persuade people to wear such a mark since many have heard of it and are wary… but it will be sold to the world as a mark of righteousness! That is why the Masons, Eastern Star and other cabalist inspired societies for the Gentiles CONSIDERED THEMSELVES denied Christ but  revered the Jewish teachings. They were setting a precedent for a new world religion that will be comfortable with the mark because they believe they serve the God of the Old Testament OR HIS HEAVENLY HOST.

Now their spiritual heirs are the many new churches who encourage a similar “Jewification” of Christianity. Many of these new so-called Christian preachers now wear Jewish robes, display Jewish symbols on their walls, wave flags steeped in Old Testament symbolism, blow the shofar and extoll observance of various Jewish religious rites and dates. And these new churches are growing rapidly, fast-fueled by a feel-good false baptism in the spirit, false tongues, demonic giggling etc.

Ultimately those persons not willing to subject themselves to “God” as defined by the Jews (and therefore not willing to display their “mark of righteousness”) will be exterminated – and those doing the exterminating will believe they are doing God a service by killing the unrighteous!
2 They will put you out of the synagogue; in fact, the time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God. John 16:2
The reality is that the puppet masters pulling the strings behind these genuinely deceived Jews and Christians are the Jewish Cabalists who spawned the Masons and the satanists by encouraging worship of the “heavenly host” – namely fallen angels whose head is Lucifer. And when the NWO is fully in place the satanists/cabalists will reveal themselves to a captive and conquored world. Then Christ will come again (doubt this not) and He will defeat them. No-one else is able to.  A Jewish remnant will wake up at some point and see the deception, repent and recognize their true Messiah (Jesus) and the true enemy (Lucifer).
Absolutely nothing is more feared by the enemy than the dissemination of these truths. Every Christian should forward your two recent seminal articles on this subject to at least 10 friends – and then check to see that the emails arrived! If that is their sole contribution to the struggle, it is a good contribution.

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Mark Dankof’s America

Mark Dankof’s America June 27, 2012

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