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Forgotten Terror – The DC Sniper, Another Government False Flag


So Obvious any Moron Would Notice, Special Forces/CIA Hit Team Plays “DC Terrorist”

DC Sniper, “Homeless Man” Who Vacationed Often and Very Expensively

by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

From time to time I get videos from odd sources.  Back during the Bush era, selling terrorism was a big business, that and silencing people. 

One of the government operations stumbled over was the famed “DC Sniper,” forgotten by all.

We will begin with the impossible. 

Williams was a combat vet, fought in Desert Storm, 16 successful years in the military, real records of special schools, records the army lies about when asked but doesn’t disprove.

This man was intelligent, a success, a perfect soldier, highly fit, top expert in martial arts, record of leadership ability, heading to a fat retirement and then he goes off the map and begins a life of “cover and deception,” a typical spy, a modern day “Michael Weston,” hardly a serial killer.

Movie star good looks, Armani at the homeless shelter, there isn’t a single word of truth thus far heard about him until now.

This is someone with access to top circles in DC, now, we are told, dead in the quickest execution in history, all arranged through his own wife, if you can imagine the coincidence.

Oh, you will love this film and my deep appreciation and respect to the very real journalist who put it all together.  To begin, we get the “short and sweet.”


Here is what Wikipedia tells us, for those who have forgotten:

The Beltway sniper attacks took place during three weeks in October 2002 in Washington, D.C.,Maryland, and Virginia. Ten people were killed and three other victims were critically injured in several locations throughout the Washington Metropolitan Area and along Interstate 95 inVirginia. It was widely speculated that a single sniper was using the Capital Beltway for travel, possibly in a white van or truck.

It was later learned that the rampage was perpetrated by one man, John Allen Muhammad, and one minor, Lee Boyd Malvo, driving a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice sedan, and had apparently begun the month before with murders and robbery in Louisiana and Alabama, which had resulted in three of the deaths.[1]

In September 2003, Muhammad was sentenced to death. One month later, Boyd Malvo was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. On November 10, 2009, Muhammad was executed by lethal injection.


The video above was received from a “source.”  It was uploaded from the Netherlands, has a very misleading title and is one of the finest pieces of investigative journalism I have seen.  It ties the DC sniper to the CIA and US Special Forces, proves him to be an army trained sniper and more.

It shows he became a “Muslim” only days before becoming a killer, had unlimited funds and his helper, “Boyd Malvo” was walked out of an immigration detention center to be his assistant instead of being deported.

Williams, his real name, had a wife on Attorney General John Ashcroft’s staff, spent money like water, ski trips, in and out of the Caribbean, all trips booked by his travel agent while staying in homeless shelters.

See the entire tape, all 16 minutes.  One section shows him being given what I know to be a hypnotic suggestion to surrender, something also so obvious no one but a moron would miss it, and it is here for everyone to see.

What was the fastest execution in American history was the killing of a government “hit man” operating under psychological programming. 

I am also certain he was very real US Special Forces trained, not saying that for amusement sake, had been “disappeared” from records as have more than a few of my contracting friends who operate with nuclear facility clearances or ties to “Delta.”

Do remember all the anthrax attacks.  Though not publicized, the CIA was attacked also.  The anthrax was, as most suspect, made by the US government, weaponized, and no one has been arrested.

Several associates were attacked, people with unusual ties to highly classified operational intelligence but also respected members of the DC community.

Some attacked were clearly otherwise.

I will add two videos for context.  The first one is categorical proof that 9/11 was an inside job.  Using the old “OJ trial” adage, “If it doesn’t fit, you must  acquit,” the following video proves 9/11 was an inside job.

We have the police tape of the arrest of two bombers captured on 9/11, all live for you to hear but those involved, the bombers, the dispatcher, the police officers, the forensic evidence, even the forensic team and, no wait, it gets better, the 188 eye witnesses have all “disappeared.”


Imagine the threats.

Dan Rather, on this video quite clearly, says “this isn’t me.”  Does Rather have an evil twin somewhere?

There is no record that the news videos, nationally broadcast  by CNN and CBS had ever existed but you can see them here.  All records were destroyed but loyal Americans at local affiliates were there to help.  We thank them.

Do we laugh over so many deaths?

‘We Will Leave No Man Behind’ – Is a Sick Joke

I, at one time, with close friends, investigated the missing POWs from Vietnam.

When presenting evidence of up to 200 POWs who were alive after 1980, I was simply “frozen out” while one of my friends was shipped to Europe to take over a top Army intelligence command.  We talk about this about once a month.

Any more and we would, old as we are, be unable to control ourselves.

“Men in Black” is a joke in comparison to things the US does every day.  I have had two good friends jailed, both diplomats for the US.

One was “anthraxed,” a former Chief of Staff for the Central Intelligence Agency, and anther friend jailed on bizarre charges whose last employment was Chief Legal Council for the Central Intelligence Agency.

Another associate is in hiding, a former member of the National Security Council, assistant to Paul Wolfowitz and Condi Rice and briefer of President Bush (43).  Hiding from the US government.

I can add more to this list, mysterious deaths, silencings, disappearances, arrests, convictions, and in most cases, these were people with direct access to the President.

Then again, one of these people is in hiding because they were wearing an FBI wire when the Presidents Chief Advisor on Counter-Terrorism turned over national secrets to a foreign spy while being witnessed by, among others, the Secretary of State of the United States.

The AIPAC-Steve Rosen espionage investigation led to very high government officials. Historically, these are then quashed as a threat to the national security, that is, the public knowing that Israeli espionage has, for a long time involved our top people who effectively cannot be prosecuted.

The FBI agents involved tried for months to get this and the Rosen (a complex issue on its own)  case prosecuted but those involved in the spying were under the personal protection of someone above the president.

I spent some period of time leading a team that did analyses of potential high level risk areas, many areas of the Middle East, some others.

This involved signals intercepts, satellite imagery, human intelligence, even “getting the feel on the ground” when possible.

A bit ago, I had learned what we call “hyper-spatial analysis” and of late have worked with a top expert at an “agency” that does analysis of imagery.

For fun, they look at things and take them apart, seeing what is real and how clever some can be in fooling others.

Think about it, do governments have a major national security interest in being able to determine what is real video and what has been faked? How long would you image we have had this capacity for? How about decades?

This, in the imagery below, actually “illegal as hell” highly classified stuff that can never be legally on the internet is real proof of a UFO or, more correctly, a vehicle capable of something one might minimally call “interplanetary travel.”


Capable of Reaching Mars Before Lunch, Fully and Still Classified Image

The rest of the images, that when turned over to a university to examine, which none can legally touch, prove things we don’t even want to talk about.  They are here, in good resolution with full resolution available to qualified institutions.

If you haven’t read the piece attached, you should.

OK, here’s the kicker, when I submitted a video of a plane hitting one of the 9/11 towers even I got “Men in Blacked” as we call it.  This is what I was told:

Let’s say we were to spend the $250,000 dollars you ask.  What if we were to tell you that iconic film images can be proven to be “something else.”  What if we were to say the images, under “national security level analysis” prove, categorically that certain planes had

  1. No mass
  2. Were not made of metal
  3. Had no surface temperature
  4. Did not exist ‘contemperaneously’ with their surroundings
  5. Had no speed, more simply put, appeared to move but, in fact showed no evidence of movement, something we are capable of detecting down to the level of a walk.

I tried.  Take the answer, be it “double-talk” as you will.  I cannot and will not expand on it nor answer questions.

Then my friend and associate sent me to Youtube.  ”Something has caught our eye.   We found a video that could not be “created” using any technology we forsee having available at the xxx for the next ten years.”

I asked the plans.

“Oh, that!  UFOs are like a game in some ways, we can take a look at this and let you know but, all I can tell you is that, initially, we are accepting this as a genuine UFO.  However, let me add, we are also accepting it as a vehicle of American manufacture.”



I will wait for more evidence but enjoy the video, you are paying considerable taxes to others who are doing the same.


Who Really Selected Romney to Run? Why are Ron Paul Delegates being Cleansed from the Convention?

One might ask why things are put together. I call something like this a “mosaic of deceit.”  It describes, for Americans, our lives.

We all have learned our political system is hopeless.  For the last “hold outs” Ron Paul being pushed aside by “joke candidate” Mitt Romney is the lesson.

For the older among us, the Kennedy murders, government hits, pure, simple easy to prove when they happened were the lesson.

Who didn’t watch 9/11 and say, “Aren’t we supposed to have NORAD send fighter planes?”

We all knew, it is just so many can’t take that sick feeling anymore that we are all getting, helplessness.

We all, at heart, know.

For me the thing I am haunted by is the POWs abandoned and what John McCain did to make sure we would never recover them though we had mountains of hard evidence and the easy capability to retrieve them. 

My closest co-worker headed that program for one of our intelligence agencies.  I can bring him on and have him talk, black screen of course, of the endless reliable sightings, the signals intercepts and the efforts Washington went to to make sure our POWs from Vietnam died in misery.

I will never forget or forgive.  John McCain was the single force that worked publicly and secretly with North Vietnam to keep POWs held until they could be disposed of.  Look into it.  Imagine why.


John McCain Being Saved – But for What and Whose Purpose?

For interest and in order to be genuinely informative, I include what “non” or “semi-operational” intelligence I can that will not endanger any American.

To that extent, I have no idea who I am actually speaking for, at what level but I suspect.  We often publish “bits” that President Obama could never be allowed to see or that Mitt Romney could never have explained to him, no matter how many boxes of crayons or how short the words were.

What we ask together is simple.  Is it too late?  Do we have a chance?  Nobody asks “How bad is it?”  I think we either know or are even afraid to suspect.

Too many of us were willing to die for our countries.  Instead, we were duped.  All of us would die for our children, pretty much, if only the simple act of us dying, giving our lives, would save them.

We fear it is beyond that.

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Syrian NATO Puppet’s: No Change in Russian Support of Assad


Syrian Opposition: No Change in Russian Support of Assad

By World News Tomorrow

WORLD NEWS TOMORROW–  After meeting with Russia’s foreign minister, leaders of the Syrian opposition say Moscow’s support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad allows violence in Syria to continue.

Members of the Syrian National Council opposition group met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Wednesday in Moscow, but admitted afterward that Russia, Syria’s main ally, has not given up its support of Assad’s government.

Lavrov reaffirmed on Wednesday Russia’s position that both the government and opposition must halt all violence and that the Syrian people must decide the future of their country.

But opposition leader Abdelbaset Sieda told reporters after the meeting that Russia still insists peace can be achieved without Assad leaving office. Sieda’s opposition group says Assad must step down if the nation’s political conflict is to be solved.

U.N. envoy Kofi Annan is scheduled to brief the Security Council on Wednesday, following his talks on the crisis earlier this week with Syrian, Iranian and Iraqi leaders.

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Who Is The Winner Of Sanctions Game?


By Kourosh Ziabari

Iran’s major oil importers

The EU’s unilateral sanctions come after the United States targeted Iran with a set of sanctions against the country’s Central Bank and a number of individuals and companies and threatened to penalize the foreign firms and banks which have financial transactions with Iranian counterparts.

The sanctions are not unprecedented and unexpected for the Iranians, as the United States began to cut off its economic deals with Iran since the Islamic Revolution of 1979 which toppled the Washington-backed Shah; however, what is new and surprising is that the United States and its European allies are extraordinarily intensifying the sanctions, tightening the noose around the ordinary Iranians who are unquestionably the innocent and silent victims of the West’s vitriolic animosity with Iran.

Perhaps what the majority of people in different countries think about Iran’s nuclear program which is the main cause of the West’s hostility with Iran is inspired by the mainstream media’s coverage of the developments in the country. After the painful 9/11 attacks which was followed by George W. Bush’s initiation of the War on Terror plan, the corporate media began to disseminate and foster anti-Iranian sentiments as part of their agenda for demonizing the Muslims and Muslim-majority countries. Iran was dubbed as one of the elements of the so-called Axis of Evil by President Bush during his 2002 State of the Union address and a venomous media campaign against Iran was set in motion afterwards.

Aggrandizing the shortcomings and internal problems, frequently accusing the country of violating human rights, propagating the idea that Iran has become an isolated and reclusive country and portraying a distorted and falsified image of Iranian people and their lifestyle constituted the core of Western mainstream media’s coverage of Iran over the past years. Such a biased coverage laid the groundwork for the United States and its allies to put an excessive pressure on Iran, work to further isolate the country, adopt crippling sanctions against her and even drum-beat for a possible military invasion with the final objective of a regime change in Tehran.

President Bush and his successor who came to power with the flaunting and pompous slogan of “change” identically pursued a policy of antagonism with Iran and although the latter had vowed to take up reconciliation and détente with Iran, he exactly imitated what his predecessor has done.

On September 30, 2006, the U.S. Congress ratified the Iran Freedom and Support Act which allocated $10 million to anti-Iranian groups both inside and outside the country who were seeking to overthrow the Iranian government.

On May 27, 2007, Daily Telegraph quoted intelligence sources as reporting that President Bush had given the CIA approval to launch covert “black” operations to achieve regime change in Iran. According to the British paper, Bush had signed an official document endorsing CIA plans for a campaign of propaganda and disinformation intended to destabilize and eventually topple the Islamic Republic government.

Bush’s plan also included covert support for notorious terrorist gangs such as Jundallah and MKO which over the past years have carried out several terrorist operations across Iran, claiming the lives of tens of innocent civilians. The main goal of these cults is to sabotage Iran’s security and pave the way for the United States and its allies to invade Iran and implement their perilous plans for the country.

According to an ABC News report published on May 22, 2007, some former officials in the Bush administration who spoke on the condition of anonymity revealed that the U.S. government had designed plans for manipulating the value of Iran’s currency and damaging its international financial transactions.

They also unveiled that the U.S. government which has been involved in several regime change operations in such countries as Syria, Guatemala, Indonesia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Greece, Chile, Argentina, Afghanistan, Turkey, Poland and Nicaragua since the World War I had authorized a $400 million covert operation to create unrest in Iran, especially following the 2009 presidential election in which the defeated candidates claimed that the results had been rigged.

At the same time, however, the leaders of the United States and the European states who imposed upon Iran a set of relentless biting sanctions hypocritically talk of friendship with the Iranian nation and state that they seek rapprochement and camaraderie with Iran.

In his March 2009 videotaped message to the Iranian people on the occasion of Persian New Year (Nowrouz), the U.S. President Obama adored Persian culture, civilization, arts and literature and overtly cajoled Iranians with the aim of persuading them to confide in the United States and its policies vis-à-vis Iran: ” In particular, I would like to speak directly to the people and leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Nowruz is just one part of your great and celebrated culture. Over many centuries your art, your music, literature and innovation have made the world a better and more beautiful place… Here in the United States our own communities have been enhanced by the contributions of Iranian Americans. We know that you are a great civilization, and your accomplishments have earned the respect of the United States and the world.”

Thereafter, he turned to the leaders of Iran to reach out to them directly: “we have serious differences that have grown over time. My administration is now committed to diplomacy that addresses the full range of issues before us, and to pursuing constructive ties among the United States, Iran and the international community. This process will not be advanced by threats. We seek instead engagement that is honest and grounded in mutual respect.”

President Obama appreciated Iranian culture and talked of his commitment to diplomacy and negotiations with Iran; however, by the end of the same year, he authorized the renewal of the long-standing U.S. financial sanctions against Iran, provoking a wave of anger and disappointment among Iranians.

In the following years, President Obama recorded similar videotaped messages on the occasion of Nowrouz, and despite the fact that his tone got unsympathetic over time, he still insisted on his being concerned for the Iranians and their “rights.”

With regards to Iran, the Western politicians, including President Obama, seemingly follow a modus operandi of “divide and rule.” They want to separate the Iranian government and people and pretend that they care for the interests of the Iranians, and at the same time, oppose the policies of the government; a government which they say has long repressed its own people, while the reality proves otherwise.

Now, the gist of Iran-West standoff can be expressed this way: the United States and its allies demand that Iran should give up its nuclear rights and make other concessions. Iran doesn’t accept these demands, calling them illegitimate and beyond its liability. The West doesn’t spare any effort to punish Iran: sanctions, assassination of its nuclear scientists, passing resolutions in the UN Security Council, psychological operations and other punitive measures. Iranians have firmly tolerated the pressures to show that they don’t give in to bullying. The future is unclear and blurred; however, what is certain is that the ones who bear the burden of West’s hostility toward Iran are the ordinary people.

The sanctions have targeted Iran’s medical sector. Aside from the official data which show that many European countries have banned the shipment of different medicines to Iran, my personal observations prove that Iran is direly running out of sensitive medical products, including medicine for the psychological patients, those who suffer from various types of cancer, diabetes, hemophilia, thalassemia, multiple sclerosis and heart diseases. I’ve personally encountered patients who needed medicine from countries such as Canada and Belgium, but as a result of the sanctions, they couldn’t find them. Aren’t such diabolical sanctions contrary to the principles of human rights? Why don’t those who preach human rights and democracy take the fact into consideration that banning the export of medicine to a country whose people are in dire need of such products is simply a collective punishment of the innocent civilians?

Every year, tens of Iranian citizens are killed in painful air accidents, which is a direct result of the U.S.-engineered sanctions against Iran. According to the U.S. sanctions which were implemented almost 30 years ago, the European aviation companies are not allowed to sell aircrafts to Iran and the aging fleet of Iranian airlines cannot accommodate the growing demand of the people for safe and secure air travels. According to the chancellor of Amir Kabir University of Iran, the country needs at least 600 civilian aircrafts, but no country sells Iran such a huge number of aircrafts and the people always travel via Iranian airliners in an atmosphere of trepidation and anxiety.

Overall, what is clear is that the sanctions game started by the U.S. and its European allies has no winner. It simply blackens the image of the Western superpowers in the eye of Iranian people and makes them believe that the United States and its cronies cannot be ever trusted in.

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SECURITY ALERT: “Stupid Spies and Silent Supporters”-Mordechai Vanunu


by Eileen Fleming

Israel’s Nuclear Whistle Blower’s July 2012 Message to The World:

“The restrictions now renewed for the 9th year. My Lawyer Avigdor Feldman is trying to deal with the Israel authorities to find any solution to end this case, either by appeal to the court or by meeting with them. If you want to know more you can contact him, VMJC.”

I do want to know more, so I emailed Mr. Feldman and I will also email this article to him to let him know more about me.


VM stands for Vanunu Mordechai and JC stands for John Crossman the name he chose in 1985 when he was baptized Christian just weeks before being kidnapped by Mossad-Israel’s ‘elite’ spies.

As “stupid is as stupid does” the “stupid spies” failed to imagine the likes of me-an American author, reporter and now candidate for US House who has become the most outspoken supporter of Vanunu who won’t shut up about Vanunu until he is free to fade into the world instead of continuing to make headlines—even if I am the only one to write them!

On 10 July 2012, Vanunu wrote me:

Hi. You can continue to act and do for my freedom as much as you can-no one can stop you. Freedom NOW!!! vmjc.

I laughed because over the last seven years Vanunu has TRIED many times to get me to shut up because I have made extra trouble for him as reported in  BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu’s FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial and My Life as a Muckraker: 2005-2010

When I email Vanunu, the SUBJECT usually reads: SECURITY ALERT because the restrictions that have subjected him to 24/7 surveillance -his movements, phone calls and emails-by Israel’s SECURITY spies-Mossad/Shabak ever since he emerged from 18 years in a windowless tomb sized cell on 21 April 2004 come from the Emergency Defense Regulations, which were implemented by Britain against Palestinians and Jews after World War II.

Attorney Yaccov Shapiro, who later became Israel’s Minister Of Justice, described the Emergency Defense Regulations as “unparalleled in any civilized country: there were no such laws in Nazi Germany.”

When I asked Vanunu, “If the British Mandate has expired why not the British Mandate’s Emergency Defense Regulations?”

Vaunu replied, “The reason given is SECURITY but it is because Israel is not a democracy unless you are a Jew. This administration tells me I am not allowed to speak to foreigners, the Media, and the world. But I do because that is how I prove my true humanity to the world. My freedom of speech trial began January 25, 2006 for speaking to the media, the same day as the Palestinian elections.

“When I decided to expose Israel’s nuclear weapons I acted out of conscience and to warn the world to prevent a nuclear holocaust.” [1]

I want the world to know that when I met Vanunu during my first of seven trips to Israel Palestine in 2005, I vowed to Vanunu that I would tell his story until Israel allowed him the freedom to leave the state -and I am a woman who keeps her word.

But most especially I want the world to know that Vanunu once paid me the highest compliment of my life when he told me that I was “always good to remind him of JC.”

Today in Orlando, I met with a group of Central Florida conservative Pastors who questioned me and two other candidates for US HOUSE where we stood on the issues dear to their hearts.

I responded from mine and also told them that I am a candidate of conscience for US HOUSE because “I am on a mission from God!”

When I began a series of interviews with Vanunu in 2005 during my first of seven trips to Israel Palestine, I was interested in his childhood and why he –an Orthodox Jew of Zionist parents became a Christian.

I had no clue then, that seven years later I would become a candidate and contender for Congress and remind the world that in 1999, thirty-six members of the US House of Representatives signed a letter calling for Vanunu’s release from prison because they believed “we have a duty to stand up for men and women like Mordechai Vanunu who dare to articulate a brighter vision for humanity.”

President Clinton responded with a public statement expressing concern for Vanunu and the need for Israel and other non-parties to the Non-Proliferation Treaty to adhere to it and accept IAEA safeguards.

Ever since the silence from the American Government has been deafening; as has Vanunu’s most famous American supporter, Daniel Ellsberg who in 2004 called Vanunu “the preeminent hero of the nuclear era” and in 2009 added that Vanunu was his “friend, hero, and brother.”

On Daniel Ellsberg’s Facebook Wall, I posted the following comment and link on June 24, 2012 to his June 20 status update: “I just asked Ecuador to grant asylum to the founder of WikiLeaks. Please join me.”

I wrote: Will you ask USA to grant asylum to Vanunu?
  Vanunu Mordechai: Friend, Hero, Brother’s Latest Message 

There is no evidence as of this writing that Mr. Ellsberg has even been back to his Facebook Wall, but I seize this opportunity to remind the world again that Before Manning and Assange: There was and is Vanunu Mordechai Read more…

I also want the world to know that in 1986, Israel kidnapped Vanunu from Rome but Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states: “No one shall he subjected to arbitrary arrest or detention” including abduction of a person by agents of one state to another state.

According to Section 99 of the Israeli Penal Code, treason is defined as “an act calculated to assist (an enemy) in time of war…delivering information with the intention that it fall into the hands of the enemy.”

Vanunu gave away his photos to the London Sunday Times because Israel’s political leaders have consistently lied about Israel’s nuclear-weapons programme and he found this unacceptable in a democracy” and he wanted to prevent a nuclear holocaust.

Section 113 defines aggravated espionage as “deliver(ing) any secret information without being authorized to do so and with intent to impair the security of the state” and a sub-clause provides for a penalty of seven years for the unauthorized collection, preparation, recording or holding of secret information; if this is done with intent to impair the security of the state and then, the penalty is increased to 15 years.

Vanunu got 18 years behind bars and was also rendered defenseless when the court ruled that his motivations were not ideological and they refused to even allow Vanunu’s statements regarding his intentions to be considered in his defense! [IBID]

A total of 1,200 pages of transcript of Vanunu’s 1986 closed-door trial have been released.

Defense witness and the Sunday Times journalist who broke Vanunu’s story, Peter Hounam stated, “We did not pay him money, but only covered his expenses… Money did not motivate him.”

Sunday Times journalist Wendy Robbins wrote, “Mordechai never asked for nor received a single penny for his information…he blurted out the whole tale without first setting out any financial preconditions. Mordechai got nothing out of the whole episode. He never ‘sold’ Israel’s secrets-he told them.”

I want the world to know that the establishment of Israel’s very statehood was contingent upon their upholding the UN UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and Article 19 affirms:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart  information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

I also want to make it abundantly clear that if I am elected to congress-which will be a miracle-I am on the record committed to hold this Nation to its Obligations as a Member State of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights-which includes holding all other Member States to their obligations: Read more…

I also want to make it perfectly clear that in 2009, Vanunu suffered another crisis of faith and fired God from his case, but as this photo attests Vanunu is back to wearing his Cross and looking very healthy in east Jerusalem on 6 July 2012, at a meeting with friends:

But when Vanunu taped this following Message to the World’s Media just moments before Israel sent him back to solitary confinement in 2010-the outcome of his FREEDOM OF SPEECH TRIAL- he also lambasted religion; and I want the world to know that religion without spirituality should be lambasted and rejected!
When Vanunu published that video after emerging back into the light after 78 days in solitary confinement, I left him the first comment and he readily replied:

No shame on Eileen, Because Eileen is the best of using all her freedom of speech to the limits of using as a strong power to Bring my freedom.

That Power comes from God!

I make no claim for myself other than I am just a little sister in service to The Prince of PEACE/AKA JC, and I affirm that NO WAY will I ever back down or shut up about Vanunu’s RIGHT to leave Israel, until Israel wakes up and allows him his inalienable human rights as affirmed in Article 13 of the UN UDHR:

(2) Everyone has the right to leave any country, including his own, and to return to his country.

I am Eileen Fleming for US House and I approve of ALL of my messages.

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Whitewashing Criminal Fraud


by Stephen Lendman


Wall Street crooks walk away free every time. So do their London counterparts and other corporate bosses.

Crime pays so why not commit it. The only penalty is nasty headlines for a few days and minor slap on the wrist fines or admonishments about promising no repeats. At least not until next week.

Most politicians also get off easy, and not just in America.

In August 2009, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was indicted in three corruption cases. They related to Rishon Tours as well as the Talansky and Investment Center affairs. More on them below.

On January 5, 2012, he and 17 others were indicted for allegedly giving or receiving bribes related to various real estate deals.

He was charged with taking bribes worth 1.5 million NISs (Israeli New Shekels).

The so-called Holyland case made headlines. It’s a Jerusalem luxury housing project. Olmert was city mayor at the time. Later he was Israel Land Administration minister.

On January 8, a Haaretz editorial headlined “Holyland corruption case is a fight for Israel’s soul,” saying:

“The Israeli entire public must reject corruption and remove those stained by it from government.”

The Holyland complex “emerge(d) as an extravagant memorial to municipal corruption, riches to entrepreneurs, fringe benefits to elected officials, and kickbacks to go-betweens.”

In other words, it was business as usual for crooked profiteers and complicit politicians. Haaretz called the case “a watershed in the way the public relates to the conduct of government.”

Whether those indicted are convicted or exonerated, “the system….will find it hard to present a defense….”

It’s fundamentally corrupt. It’s rife with bribes, kickbacks, and cronyism. Crimes are committed multiple ways. Everyone involved has both hands in the till. The resulting architecture makes Israel’s skyline “ugly.”

On April 26, 2010, Israel’s Ynet News headlined “Der Spiegel: Israel is a corrupt country,” saying:

Israelis know it. So do Germans. Headlines explain it. Der Spiegel covered it in an article headlined “The land of affairs.” Jerusalem corruption is replicated throughout the country.

At the time, Der Spiegel writer Kristof Schult said Olmert might find himself in prison. So far, he got off nearly scot-free. More on that below.

His article said increasing numbers of Israelis believe their main threat is internal. He didn’t mean bomb-throwing terrorists. Haaretz urged Israeli judges to “reject corruption and remove those stained by it from government.”

Nearly two years after the news broke, indictments were handed down. Besides Olmert, former Jerusalem mayor Uri Lupolianski and former Israel Land Administration (ILA) director Yaakov Efrati face charges.

A key prosecution witness, identified only as “S,” served as middleman in corrupt deals. He told police that “in talks I held with Mayor Olmert, with chairman of the local planning and building committee Lupolianski and with members of the local committee, it was made clear to me that via the ‘give and take’ method, I could get (what) I desired.”

“I want to stress: The hints were from those people to me, not the reverse, because I wouldn’t have dared.”

The deal involved developers getting huge tax breaks, additional building rights, and other benefits worth tens of millions of dirty dollars.

The Holyland Park Corporation and businessman Hillel Charney asked for plea bargain consideration on lesser charges with no indictment. He’s implicated in bribing city officials.

In 1999, he got land in question rezoned for residential use. Originally it was for hotels. He won approval to build apartments. He sold part of it to Holyland Park Corporation (HPC). It’s also a defendant in the case.

Like in America, Israeli corruption runs broad and deep.

From 2003 – 2007, HPC and complicit parties bribed Jerusalem officials. In return they got what they wanted. At the same time, so did others for farmland and other rezoning priorities. Months of investigation put the pieces together.

Olmert was implicated in earlier financial crimes. In 1988, he was involved in forging Likud party campaign donation receipts. Others were convicted. He got off scot-free.

He lives a charmed life. Maybe he pulls the right strings with the right people in the right places.

He faced three earlier corruption charges. They involved Rishon Tours as well as Talansky and Investment Center affairs.

On July 9, he was acquitted on Rishon Tours and Talansky charges. He was convicted only of breach of trust in the Investment Center case.

Talansky accusations forced his resignation as prime minister.

Reasonable doubt got him off. Jerusalem District Court president Mossia Arad ruled:

“The defendant’s claim that he wasn’t aware of it, has its problems, but there wasn’t enough evidence presented to prove that his version of events isn’t reasonable. (T)here were no clear directives or procedures.”

The court accepted Olmert’s argument about disorder in his office as prime minister, but not corruption.

“We arrived at the conclusion that the evidence does not prove beyond reasonable doubt that the defendants chose a course of action that would gain the defendant profits,” said Arad.

“(N)o document was found in which the defendant directed Risby-Raz to collect the extra money. Indeed, there are documents that could point to the defendant’s awareness of surpluses.”

“(T)here was no joint fraud system by the defendant and Rishon Tours. There were no special relations with the Rishon Tours owners, and no proof of a system to produce profits.”

Observers called it one of Israel’s most significant corruption trials. Charges involved events occurring from 2002 – 2006. At the time, Olmert was Jerusalem mayor. Later he was ILA minister.

He was accused of double-billing $92,000. His Rishon Tours account held funds in that amount stolen from public organizations. He allegedly used it for private travel for himself and family members.

He built a relationship with Rishon Tours owner Emanuel Baumelshpiner. Charges alleged he ordered his agency to transfer funds from other customer accounts without their authorization or knowledge.

In the Talansky affair, Olmert was charged with receiving $600,000 from US businessman Morris Talansky from 1993 – 2005. In return, it was alleged he helped him with various business deals. Olmert claimed the funds were for political, not personal, use.

The court held that despite evidence of conflict of interest, none proved he used his office for criminal wrongdoing. Prosecutors failed to prove charges beyond a reasonable doubt, it said. As a result, conviction isn’t warranted.

Olmert was also accused of failing to disclose US businessman Joe Almaliah’s donations to Israel’s state comptroller as well as misleading him about their source.

Again the court ruled that prosecutors failed to make their case.

Olmert was convicted on one minor breach of trust charge. It was for failing to disqualify himself from oversight from various transactions.

Despite considerable evidence, he escaped conviction on multiple counts of fraud. Overall, he dodged a bullet, but he’s not home free yet.

He still faces trial on Holyland charges. As explained above, it’s for allegedly accepting bribes as Jerusalem mayor to facilitate its construction.

On July 10, Haaretz headlined “Verdict shows Olmert was no saint, but trial reflects a desecration of Israeli democracy,” saying:

Talansky charges forced his resignation as prime minister. He left office “shamed and humiliated.” Charges “sealed his political-public coffin.”

He was publicly called a “scoundrel, a liar, a schemer and a thief.” Despite his acquittal, some observers and members of his own party believe he’s guilty “beyond all reasonable doubt.” Exoneration doesn’t prove innocence.

Even conviction only of breach of trust is no “cause for celebration or pride….” Calling his offense a “procedural impropriety” avoids issues of justice.

Holyland bribe charges remain. A key state witness will soon testify. If evidence he presents looks credible, “Olmert can expect another grueling year of process and testimonies.”

If he dodges another bullet, will he attempt a political comeback? Voters will have final say on that score.

A Final Comment

Months before Rishon Tours, Talansky and Investment center charges surfaced, Gideon Levy called Olmert a “hedonistic, spendthrift prime minister, a relatively small-time, corrupt man who, like many others, did not know where to draw the line between public and private money and who – like many of his colleagues….thought that a politician deserves everything….”

He “and his transgressions will be remembered as a footnote in history,” predicted Levy.

He stressed a far graver issue. It involves unequal judicial treatment for Jews and Arabs as well as Israel’s rich and poor.

“Can anyone seriously claim that a wealthy (Jew) armed with a phalanx of high-priced lawyers is consigned to the same legal fate as” any Arab or ordinary Israeli, Levy asked?

Israel’s legal system reveals apartheid justice as well as unequal treatment for rich and poor Jews. Stealing shekels doesn’t rise to that level of criminality. It’s not even discussed in judicial or political circles.

Israel has no profiles of courage able to transform itself into a legitimate, just, democratic nation respecting the rights of everyone. It remains a fundamentally flawed rogue state threatening humanity.

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THE UGLY TRUTH Broadcast: Jewish/Zionist Environment.

TUT Broadcast July 16, 2012

by crescentandcross

Round up of the weekend’s news as well as a pre-recorded interview with author Richard Forer concerning being raised in a Jewish/Zionist environment.


Download Here


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Nazi settlers attack Palestinian homes in Susiya, leave racist messages



A spraypainted swastika was discovered Friday in Borough Park. On Sunday another graffiti swastika was discovered nearby. Cops are probing the incidents.  >

A group of extremist Nazi settlers infiltrated into Susiya town south of Al-Khalil city and wrote racist slurs on the walls of Palestinian homes.

Coordinator of the popular committees against settlement in Yatta Rateb Jabour stated that Nazi settlers from Susiya illegal Nazi Camp, that was built on Palestinian lands, wrote on Wednesday night Nazi racist remarks on tents, walls and water tanks calling for expelling the Palestinian natives from their homes.

Nazi settlers also threatened in their graffiti to kill the Palestinians and some remarks said that the biggest achievement made by the Nazi Jews was the killing and displacement of Arabs.

The Israeli occupation authority had threatened in an earlier incident to demolish all Palestinian homes in Susiya town.

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Kufr Qaddoum: Israel fires at peaceful protest, man injured in head

By Amina Simonsson

International Solidarity Movement, West Bank

On Friday, July 13, several protesters were injured when the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) fired tear-gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at the weekly peaceful demonstration in the Palestinian village of Kufr Qaddoum. One man was shot in the head by a tear-gas grenade and was taken to hospital. Two other men were badly injured by rubber-coated bullets.

A young man shot in the head with a tear-gas grenade is carried to ambulance

A home adjacent to the demonstration was hit by tear-gas grenades and caught fire. One child, 2 men, and 4 women were injured by the fire and smoke. An ambulance arrived but was delayed for 30 minutes because of the IOF attacks on the village.

A hand displays the bullets fired by the Israeli army. Beneath a thin rubber coat is a steel sphere.

The IOF also employed use of the ‘skunk’ truck which pumps out a foul smelling water and released several sound bombs to terrorize the village. Although illegal, most of the tear-gas was fired at body-level rather than in an arch in the air. Often, 10-12 canisters were fired at a time.

The purpose of the weekly demonstration in Kufr Qaddoum focuses on the closure of the main road that connects the village with Nablus. The road, which passes alongside the nearby illegal settlement of Qedumim, was closed to Palestinian access. As a result, the journey to Nablus has increased from 15 minutes to 40 minutes. This has resulted in hardships because many residents travel daily to Nablus for work, studies, or health care.

On Thursday, June 12, the residents of Kufr Qaddoum celebrated the one year anniversary of their Friday demonstrations. During this year, 60 people have been arrested, 65 people have been shot and badly injured by tear-gas canisters, 200 olive trees have been burned, and the town has suffered systemically from nightly raids and harassment by the IOF.

Amina Simonsson is a volunteer with the International Solidarity Movement (name has been changed).

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Iran’s Aging Airliner Fleet Seen as Faltering Under U.S. Sanctions

By k

TEHRAN — Capt. Houshang Shahbazi was preparing to land at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini International Airport last October when a blinking red light in the cockpit of his 40-year-old Boeing 727 signaled that he had a big problem: the landing gear in the nose was jammed.

Newsha Tavakolian for The New York Times

Capt. Houshang Shahbazi, an Iran Air pilot, is campaigning for the lifting of a ban on sales of new planes or parts to the country.

Behind the cockpit, in rows of cramped, outdated seats, sat 120 passengers who had boarded the Iran Air flight three hours earlier in Moscow. Captain Shahbazi and his crew performed all the emergency procedures, but the plane’s front wheel remained stuck.

As the passengers were told to prepare for a crash landing, Captain Shahbazi placed both hands on the controls and tried to banish thoughts of charred bodies and flaming wreckage.

When he joined Iran’s state airline in 1983, its fleet of Boeings and Airbuses was in mint technical condition. Whenever he walked down the gate toward his plane, black Aviator sunglasses under his pilot’s cap, Captain Shahbazi said, he would swell with pride and confidence.

But after 17 years of United States sanctions that have prevented the Islamic Republic from buying new Western planes and spare parts, he said he now felt ashamed before his passengers and angry over American policies, which he said, were responsible for Iranian plane crashes that have left more than 1,700 passengers and crew members dead.

The sanctions have prevented oil-rich Iran from updating its fleet, forcing it to use substandard Russian planes and to patch up its older jets far past their normal years of service, drawing on spare parts bought with increasing difficulty on the black market. Rarely a year goes by without major airline accidents, and most Iranian planes, including the 727, are forbidden to operate within the European Union.

“Our planes are completely worn out,” Captain Shahbazi said, emphasizing that mechanics were doing what they could to keep the planes flying safely. That was getting harder and harder, he said. “In reality, each flight can be our last.”

As it turned out, that seemingly doomed flight from Moscow was not to be his last. Captain Shahbazi pulled off a miracle landing, deftly manipulating the brakes to balance the plane until it gently tipped down its nose after slowing considerably. The incident was captured on video and turned Captain Shahbazi into a national hero, the Chesley Sullenberger of Iran.

Days after the crash landing, Captain Shahbazi said he was told that the gear had failed for lack of hydraulic pressure, a typical consequence of wear and tear. “It doesn’t have to be like this,” he said, citing Iran’s oil wealth. “The U.S. can allow us to buy the planes.”

The airline sanctions were put in place under President Bill Clinton in 1995, and are separate from more recent restrictions on financial transactions aimed at Iran’s nuclear program. But the two have become intertwined. During the recent negotiations over the nuclear program, world powers offered to suspend the airline sanctions as an incentive for Iran to stop enriching uranium.

While many Iranians are quick to blame their own leaders for the country’s growing isolation, almost everyone is upset over the American measures against Iran’s airlines.

“I support the pressure on our leaders,” said Janet, a 54-year-old homemaker who did not want to give her full name, for fear of the authorities. “But I don’t understand why the U.S. wants to hurt us, normal people. Don’t we have the right to travel safely?”

President Obama, in an interview with the Persian service of the BBC in 2010, said that he was concerned for Iranians, but that they had to blame their own leaders for the problems they faced. In 2010, his administration forced international oil companies to stop refueling Iran Air planes in Europe and Asia, which caused the cancellation of many popular routes.

But for Ali Rastegar, 27, and his sister Hanieh, 30, it has been hard to find someone to blame for the death of their father. The Boeing 727 he worked on crashed just outside the western city of Oroumieh in January 2011.

“My dad would always tell me never to work in the air,” said Mr. Rastegar in their carpet-lined apartment in Tehran. “He said it was too dangerous.”

The evening of his father’s death, Mr. Rastegar received a phone call from a friend asking whether his father was working — state television had reported a crash. Frantic calls to his father’s cellphone went unanswered. In total, 77 people died in the accident, most of them students on their way to college.

“Of course, they would still be alive had we had new planes,” Mr. Rastegar said, as his older sister quietly wept.

It was not the first time his father had told him of serious problems with his planes. “You don’t fix those with constant repairs,” said Mr. Rastegar, who was training to become an airplane mechanic. “But it’s all we can do for now.”

Buying spare parts on the black market has also become more problematic with the new sanctions on financial transactions. On Sunday, the chief executive of Iran Air, Farhad Parvaresh, said that the prices had risen by nearly 40 percent in the last few months.

Captain Shahbazi has started an independent campaign to persuade the Obama administration to lift the sanctions on spare parts and new planes, signing up nearly 125,000 Iranians on his Web site.

“I ask President Obama to take responsibility and think of us, the Iranian people,” he said. “We should not lose our lives over politics.”

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UK spy chief’s Iran warning may go too far


His comments point to assumption Tehran already developing nukes, analysts say.

London: Britain’s foreign spy chief has reportedly warned that Iran is two years away from acquiring nuclear weapons, but analysts said he was assuming Tehran is actually developing the bomb.

MI6 boss John Sawers gave a rare public speech to civil servants in London saying that British agents had prevented Iran from producing a nuclear weapon as early as 2008, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on Friday.

But Sawers said the threat of Iran becoming “a nuclear weapons state” was now only “two years away”, said the Telegraph, citing Civil Service World, a newspaper for senior ministry officials and lawmakers which reported the event.

Should Iran finally acquire nuclear weapons, the intelligence chief warned that Israel and the United States “would face huge dangers”, hinting at the increased likelihood of military action, according to the Telegraph article.

Article continues below


Iran since 2010 has been subject to severe international economic sanctions over its controversial nuclear programme, which Western powers believe masks an atomic weapons drive — despite repeated denials by Tehran.

But analysts said Sawer’s comments pointed to an assumption that Tehran was already developing a nuclear weapon.

“Most Western intelligence agencies believe that Iran has not made the decision to acquire a nuclear weapon, but is amassing the capability to weaponise when it decides to do so,” analyst Dina Esfandiary of the London-based International Institute for Strategic Studies told AFP.

“He [Sawers] seems to be completely glossing over that,” she said.

“At the moment, Iran has enough low-enriched uranium for four or five bombs if further enriched,” she said, explaining that only highly-enriched uranium can be used for weapons.

Patricia Lewis, an international security expert at London’s Chatham House think-tank, said she was surprised by the claims that MI6 had stopped Iran getting nuclear weapons by 2008.

“I am surprised by the date because, if you look at IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) documents, the general understanding is that any weapons activities that Iran had stopped in 2003,” she told AFP.

She said that in Sawers’ speech there were “assumptions there as to how you define a weapon… whether Iran has developed a warhead, whether it has the technology to do it”.

The Telegraph quoted Sawers as saying Iran was “determinedly going down a path to master all aspects of nuclear weapons”, and that “Israel and the United States would face huge dangers if Iran were to become a nuclear weapon state”.

He said that without MI6’s efforts “you’d have Iran as a nuclear weapons state in 2008 rather than still being two years away in 2012”, according to the article.

The report comes as the United States unleashed a fresh wave of sanctions against Iran on Thursday, ratcheting up pressure to convince Tehran to take seriously concerns about its disputed nuclear programme.

Iran has repeatedly said it will not give up its nuclear ambitions, which it insists are purely peaceful.

Lewis said one purpose of Sawers’ speech appeared to be to send a message to both Iran and Israel.

“To Israel he is saying: ‘they do not have them (weapons). Do not stop them, give us time. To Iran he is saying: ‘we know what you’re doing’. He is trying to make Iran nervous,” Lewis said.

“He is also issuing a warning to the rest of us that Israel may be prepared to act if they think they have only got until 2014.”

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