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Anas al-Tikriti, HE is not Sadam Hussien al-Tikriti  vice President of UK’s Stop the War coalition:”Nasrallah and Hezbollah could have remained silent on Syria awaiting how events would shape up. However their insistence on speaking up and commenting at every turn, confirmed beyond any shadow of a doubt their unwavering support for a criminal and blood-thirsty regime. History will not forget.”

“….Sadly, he (Nasrallah) chose to make his a sectarian stand, rather than an ethical righteous stand in which he stands by the people against their oppressor, hence betraying his and his party’s own claim to resistance against injustice and oppression….” 

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The Great Transformation: From the Welfare State to the Imperial Police State


A Through the Looking Glass Peek into the Belly of the New American Beast

by James Petras

The Famous Philadelphia Police Captain Who Made a Stand

The ‘Great Transformation’ occurred exclusively from above, organized by the upper echelons of the civil and military bureaucracy under the direction of the Executive and his National Security Council.

The ‘Great Transformation’ was not a single event but a process of the accumulation of powers, via executive fiats, supported and approved by compliant Congressional leaders.

At no time in the recent and distant past has this nation witnessed the growth of such repressive powers and the proliferation of so many policing agencies engaged in so many areas of life over such a prolonged period of time (a time of virtually no internal mass dissent).

Never has the executive branch of government secured so many powers to detain, interrogate, kidnap and assassinate its own citizens without judicial restraint.

Police state dominance is evident in the enormous growth of the domestic security and military budget, the vast recruitment of security and military personnel, the accumulation of authoritarian powers curtailing individual and collective freedoms and the permeation of national cultural and civic life with the almost religious glorification of the agents and agencies of militarism and the police state as evidenced at mass sporting and entertainment events.

The drying up of resources for public welfare and services is a direct result of the dynamic growth of the police state apparatus and military empire.

This could only take place through a sustained direct attack against the welfare state – in particular against public funding for programs and agencies promoting the health, education, pensions, income and housing for the middle and working class.

The Ascendancy of the Police State


Is this the beginning of a new Civil War?

Central to the rise of the police state and the consequent decline of the welfare state have been the series of imperial wars, especially in the Middle East, launched by every President from Bush (father), Clinton, Bush (son) and Obama.

These wars, aimed exclusively against Muslim countries, were accompanied by a wave of repressive ‘anti-terrorist’ laws and implemented through the rapid build-up of the massive police state apparatus, known as ‘Homeland Security’.

The leading advocates and propagandists of overseas militarism against countries with large Muslim populations and the imposition of a domestic police-state have been dedicated Zionists promoting wars designed to enhance Israel’s overwhelming power in the Middle East.

These American Zionists (including dual US-Israeli citizens) secured strategic positions within the US police state apparatus in order to terrify and repress activists, especially American Muslims and immigrants critical of the state of Israel.

The events of 9/11//01 served as the detonator for the biggest global military launch since WWII, and the most pervasive expansion of police state powers in the history of the United States.

The bloody terror of 9/11/2001 was manipulated to institute a pre-planned agenda – transforming the US into a police state while launching a decade- long series of wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and, now, Syria as well as covert proxy wars against Iran and Lebanon.

The military budget exploded and government deficits ballooned while social programs and welfare were denigrated and dismantled as the ‘Global War on Terror’ swung into full gear.

Programs, designed to maintain or raise living standards for millions and increase access to services for the poor and working class, fell victim to ‘9/11’.

As the wars in the Middle East took center-stage, the US economy tanked.

On the domestic front vital public investment in education, infrastructure, industry and civilian innovations were slashed. Hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars flowed into the war zones, paying mercenaries (private contractors), buying off corrupt puppet regimes and providing a golden opportunity for military procurement officers and their private contractor-cronies to run up (and pocket) huge billion dollar cost overruns.

As a result, US military policy vis a vis the Middle East, military policy, which at one time had been designed to promote American imperial economic interests, now took on a life of its own.

Wars and sanctions against Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya had undermined profitable oil contracts negotiated by US multi-nationals while enhancing militarism.

Indeed, the Zionist-Israeli power configuration in the United States has become far more influential in directing US Middle East military policy than any combination of Big Oil – and all to the benefit of Israeli regional power.

Imperial Wars and the Demise of the Welfare State


Guns and Butter with LBJ – Vote Buying on Both Ends

From the end of World War II to the end of the 1970’s, the US managed to successfully combine overseas imperial wars with an expanding welfare state at home.

In fact, the last major pieces of welfare legislation took place during the bloody, costly US-Indo-Chinese war, under Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon.

The economic basis of welfare-militarism was the powerful industrial-technological foundations of the US war-machine and its dominance over world markets.

Subsequently, the declining competitive position of the US in the world-economy and the massive relocation of US-MNC (and their jobs) overseas strained the ‘marriage’ of domestic welfare and militarism to the breaking point.

Fiscal and trade deficits loomed even as the demands for welfare and unemployment payments grew in part because of the shift from stable well-paid manufacturing jobs to low paid-service work.

While the global US economic position declined, its global military expansion accelerated as a result of the demise of the Communist regimes in the USSR and Eastern Europe and the incorporation of the new regimes of the former Eastern bloc into the US-dominated NATO military alliance.

The demise of the Communist states led to the end of competing global welfare systems and allowed capitalists and the imperial state to slash welfare to fund their massive global military expansion.

There was virtually no opposition from labor: the gradual conversion of Western trade unions into highly authoritarian organizations run by self-perpetuating millionaire ‘leaders’ and the reduction of trade union membership from 30% of the work force in 1950 to less than 11% by 2012 (with over 91% of private sector workers without any representation) meant that American workers have been powerless to organize strikes to protect their jobs, let alone apply political pressure in defense of public programs and welfare.

Militarism was on the ascendency when President Jimmy Carter launched his multi-billion dollar ‘secret war’ against the pro-Soviet regime in Afghanistan and President Ronald Reagan initiated a series of ‘proxy wars’ throughout Central America and Southern Africa and sent the US Marines into the tiny island of Grenada.

Reagan oversaw the escalation of military spending boasting that he would ‘bankrupt’ the Soviet Union with a new ‘arms race’. President George Bush, Sr. invaded Panama and then Iraq, the first of many US invasions in the Middle East.

President Bill Clinton accelerated the military thrust, along the way slashing public welfare in favor of ‘private workfare’, bombing and destroying Yugoslavia, bombing and starving Iraq while establishing colonial enclaves in Northern Iraq and expanding the US military presence in Somalia and the Persian Gulf.

The constraints on US militarism imposed by the massive popular anti-Vietnam War movement and the US military defeat by the Vietnamese Communists, were gradually eroded, as successful short term wars (like Grenada and Panama) undermined the Vietnam Syndrome –public opposition to militarism. This prepared the American public for incremental militarism while chipping away at the welfare system.

If Reagan and Bush built the foundation for the new militarism, Bill Clinton provided three decisive elements: together with Vice-President Al Gore, Clinton legitimized the war on welfarism, stigmatizing public assistance and mobilized support from religious and political leaders in the black community and the AFL-CIO.

Secondly, Clinton was key to the ‘financialization’ of the US economy, by de-regulating the financial system (repealing the Glass-Steagal Act of 1933) and appointing Wall Street financiers at the helm of national economic policy.

Thirdly, Clinton appointed leading Zionists to the key foreign policy positions related to the Middle East, allowing them to insert Israel’s military view of reality into strategic decision-making in Washington. Clinton put in place the first series of repressive police state ‘anti-terrorist’ legislation and expanded the national prison system.

In sum, Bill Clinton’s Middle East war policies, his ‘financialization’ of the US economy, his ‘war on terror’, his Zionist orientation towards the Arab world and, above all, his own ideological anti-welfarism led directly to Bush Junior’s full scale conversion of the welfare state into the police state .

Exploiting the trauma of 9/11, the Bush and later the Obama regimes nearly tripled the military budget and launched serial wars against Arab states. The military budget rose from $359 billion in 2000, to $544 billion in 2004 and escalated to $903 billion in 2012.

Military expenditures financed major foreign military occupations and colonial administrations in Iraq and Afghanistan, border wars in Pakistan and US Special Forces covert operations (including kidnappings and assassinations) in Yemen, Somalia, Iran and seventy-five other countries world-wide.

Meanwhile financial speculation ran rampant, budget deficits ballooned, living standards plunged, international trade deficits reached record levels and public debt doubled in fewer than eight years. Multiple imperial wars dragged on without end; the costs of these wars multiplied while the financial bubble burst.

The contradiction between domestic welfare and militarism exploded. Finally, the massive roll back of basic social programs for all American topped the Presidential and legislative agenda.

Previous ‘untouchable programs’ like Social Security, Medicare, the US Post Office, public sector employment, services to the poor, elderly and handicapped and food stamps were all put on the butcher’s block. At the same time the federal government increased its funding of private military and police contractors (mercenaries) overseas and extended the scope and depth of US Special Forces clandestine operations.

Bush-Obama vastly increased spending for the military and espionage agents in support of wildly unpopular, brutal collaborator regimes in Pakistan and Yemen. They funded and armed foreign mercenaries in Libya, Syria, Iran, and Somalia. By the first decade of the new century it had become clear that imperial militarism and domestic welfarism were in a zero sum game: as imperial wars multiplied, domestic programs were slashed.

The severity and depth of the cuts to popular domestic welfare programs were only in part the result of imperial wars; equally important was the huge increase in the funding for personnel and surveillance technology for the burgeoning police state at home.

The Origins of the Conversion of the Welfare State to the Police State


American Police State? – Where?

The precipitous decline of the welfare state and the dismantling of social services, public education and access to affordable health care for the working and middle classes cannot be explained by the demise of organized labor, nor is it due to the ‘right-turn’ of the Democratic Party.

Two other deep structural changes loom large as fundamental to the proces: the transformation of the US economy from a competitive manufacturing economy into a ‘FIRE’ (finance, insurance and real estate) economy; and secondly, the rise of a vast police legal-political-administrative state apparatus engaged in permanent ‘internal warfare’ at home, designed to sustain and complement permanent imperial warfare abroad.

Agencies and personnel of the police state expanded dramatically during the first decade of the new century. The police state penetrated telecommunications systems, patrolled and controlled transport outlets; dominated judicial procedures and oversaw the major ‘news outlets’, academic and professional associations.

The expanded police state covertly and overtly entered the private lives of tens of millions of Americans. The loss to taxpayers in terms of citizen rights and the welfare state has been staggering.

As the biggest and most intrusive component of the police state apparatus, christened ‘Homeland Security’, grew exponentially, the budget and agencies providing welfare and public services, health, education and unemployment shrank.

Tens of thousands of domestic spies have been hired and costly intrusive spyware has been purchased with tax-payer money, while hundreds of thousands of teachers and public health and social welfare professionals have lost their jobs.

The Department of Homeland Security (as of the end of 2011) is composed of approximately 388,000 employees, including both federal and contracted agents. Between 2011-2013 the DHS budget of $173 billion has faced no serious cuts. Homeland Security’s rapid expansion occurred at the expense of Health and Human Services, education and the Social Security Administration, which currently face large scale ‘retrenchment’.

Among the top officials, appointed by the Bush, Jr. Administration to key positions in the police state apparatus, there are two who have been the most influential in setting policy: Michael Chertoff and Michael Mukasey.

Michael Chertoff – More Conflicts of Interest Than You Could Count

Michael Chertoff headed the Criminal Division of the Justice Department (from 2001 – 2003).

During that time he was responsible for the arbitrary arrest of thousands of US citizens and immigrants of Muslim and South Asian heritage, who were held incommunicado without charge and subject to physical and psychological abuse – without a single resident alien or Muslim US citizen linked to 9/11.

In contrast, Chertoff quickly intervened to free scores of Israeli spy suspects and 5 Israeli Mossad agents who had been witnessed filming and celebrating the destruction of the World Trade Center and were under active investigation by the FBI.

More than any other official, Michael Chertoff has been the chief architect of the ‘Global War on Terror’ – co-author of the notorious ‘Patriot Act’ which trashed habeas corpus and other essential components of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As Secretary of Homeland Security from 2005-2009, Chertoff promoted ‘military tribunals’ and organized the vast internal spy network, which now preys on private US citizens.

Michael Mukasey, the Bush-appointed US Attorney General, was an enthusiastic defender of the Patriot Act, supporting military tribunals, torture and overseas assassinations of individual suspected of what he called ‘Islamic terrorism’ without trial.

Both Chertoff and Mukasey are zealous Zionists with longstanding ties to Israel. Michael Chertoff was believed to hold dual US-Israeli citizenship as he launched the Administration domestic war on US citizens.

A cursory review of the origins and direction of the police-state apparatus and the top echelons of the global war on ‘Islamic terrorism’ – code languages for military imperialism – reveals a disproportionate number of Israel-Firsters, who placed greater importance on persecuting potential US critics of the Middle East wars for Israel than in upholding Constitutional guarantees and the Bill of Rights.

Back in ‘civilian’ life, Michael Chertoff profited greatly from the bogus ‘War on Terror’ promoting radioactive and degrading body scanning technology in airports throughout the US and Europe.

He established his own security consulting firm Chertoff Groups (2009) to represent the manufacturers of surveillance body scanners. Americans can thank Michael Chertoff every time they pass through the humiliation of an airport body scan.

The fusion of the police state apparatus with the industrial-security complex and its prominent overseas links with its corporate security counterparts in the state of Israel, underscores the imperial state’s ties to the Israeli military establishment.

As the police state has grown it has created a powerful lobby of high tech surveillance industry backers and beneficiaries who push federal and state ‘security’ spending at the expense welfare programs.

The police state’s squeeze on social programs, education and welfare has a powerful ally on Wall Street, which emerged as the dominant sector of US capital in terms of access to and influence over US Treasury and its budgetary allocations.

Unlike the manufacturing sector, financial capital does not need a population of educated, healthy and productive workers. Its own ‘labor force’ is composed of a small educated elite of speculators, analysts, traders and brokers at the top and middle levels and a small army of ‘contract’ office sweepers, secretaries and menial workers at the bottom.

They have their own ‘invisible’ army of domestic servants, cooks, caterers, gardeners and nannies devoid of any ‘Social Security’, health coverage and pension plans.

And the financial sector has its own private networks of doctors and clinics, schools, communications systems and messengers, estates and clubs, and security agencies and body guards; it needs not an educated, skilled public sector; and it certainly does not want national wealth to support high quality public health and educational systems.

It has no interest in supporting this mass of public institutions which it views as an obstacle to ‘freeing up’ vast amounts of public wealth for speculation. In other words, the dominant sector of capital has no objection to ‘Homeland Security’; indeed it shares many sentiments with the proponents of the police state and supports the shrinking the welfare state.

It is concerned about lowering taxes on finance capital and increasing Federal bail-out funds for Wall Street while controlling the impoverished citizenry.



Police State in Seattle? – You are Kidding Me, Right?

The conversion of a welfare state to a police state is the result of militarized imperialism abroad and the ascendancy of finance capital at home, as well as the proliferation of security state agencies and related private industries and the strategic role of rightwing Zionists in top positions of the police state apparatus.

This convergence of international and domestic structural changes took hold during the 1980’s and 1990’s and then accelerated during the first decade of the 21st century.

The downgrading of the vast public services of the welfare state was covered up by a massive government propaganda campaign to promote the ‘global war on terror’ together with a fabricated widespread domestic ‘terrorist threat’ involving the most hapless of suspects (including oddball Haitian millenarianists entrapped by FBI agents).

The supporters and beneficiaries of the welfare state found themselves on the margins of any national debate. The mass media/regime propaganda campaign demanded and successfully secured massive increases in centralized powers of domestic policing, surveillance, provocations, disappearances and arrests.

Throughout the past decade what the welfare state lost in support and funding, the police state gained. The rise of financial capital and the deregulation of the financial system crowded out any public subsidies to promote and sustain the competitiveness of the US manufacturing sector. This has led to a major break in the links between industry, labor and the welfare state.

Huge tax write-offs to big business, combined with the growth in expenditures for a non-productive police state bureaucracy and the series of costly overseas wars, has caused unsustainable budget and trade deficits, which then became the pretext to further savage the welfare state.

Significant political, cultural and ideological shifts have aided the rise of the police state over the public welfare state. The success of prominent American Zionists in securing power within key media propaganda mills and obtaining appointments to critical position in the top echelons of the police state apparatus, judiciary and in the imperial state bureaucracy (Treasury and State Department) has put Israel’s colonial interests and its own police-state apparatus at the center of US politics.

The US police state has adopted Israeli-styled repression targeting US citizens and residents.

US society is now split into two sectors: the ‘winners’ linked to the expanding and lucrative financial – security complex embedded in the police state while the ‘losers’, tied to the manufacturing – welfare sector, are relegated to an increasingly marginalized ‘civil society’.

The police state purges dissidents who question the ‘Israel-First doctrine’ of the US security-military apparatus. The financial sector, embedded in its own luxurious ‘cocoon’ of private services, demands the total gutting of public services directed toward the poor, working and middle classes.

The public treasury has been taken over in order to finance bank bailouts, imperial wars and police state agencies while paying the bondholders of US debt.

Social Security is on target to be privatized. Pensions are to be reduced, delayed and self-financed. Food stamps, access to affordable health care and unemployment support will be slashed. The police state cannot pay for glitzy new repressive technologies, greater policing, more intrusive surveillance, arrests and prisons while financing the existing welfare state with its vast educational, health and human services and pension benefits.

In sum, there is no future for social welfare in the United States within its powerful financial-imperial-police state system. Both major political parties nurture this system, support serial wars, appeal to the financial elites and debate over the size, scope and timing for further cuts in social welfare.

The American social welfare system was a product of an earlier phase of US capitalism where US global industrial supremacy allowed for both military spending and welfare support and where US military spending was constrained by the demands of the domestic socio-economic sectors of manufacturing capital and ‘labor’.

In an earlier phase Zionist influence was based on wealthy individuals and their congressional ‘lobby’ — they did not occupy key Federal policymaking positions setting the agendas for war in the Middle East and domestic police state.

Times have changed for the worse: a police state, linked to militarism and perpetual imperial wars in the Middle East has gained ascendancy and now impacts our everyday life. Underlying both the growth of the police state and the erosion of the welfare state is the rise of an inter-locking ‘financial-security power elite’, held together by a common ideology, unprecedented private wealth and the relentless drive to monopolize the public treasury to the detriment of the vast majority of Americans.

A confrontation and full exposure of all the self-serving propaganda, which undergirds the power elite is an essential first step. The enormous budgets for imperial wars are the greatest threat to US welfare. The police state erodes real public services and undermines social movements. Finance capital pillages the public treasury demanding bailouts and subsidies for the banks.

Israeli Firsters, in key decision-making positions, serve the interests of a foreign police state against the interests of the American people. The state of Israel is the mirror opposite of what we Americans want for ourselves and our children: a free and independent secular republic without colonial settlements, clerical racism, and destructive self-serving militarism.

Today the fight to restore the advances in citizens’ welfare established through public programs of the recent past requires that we transform an entire structure of power: true welfare reform requires a revolutionary strategy and, above all, a grass-roots mass movement breaking with the entrenched ‘two party’ regime tied to the financial- imperial- internal security system.

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UAE Zionist Regime: State Terrorism – Online Activist Stripped of Citizenship – Sent into Exile


Comoros Islands Government Agrees to Provide UAE Terror Victims ‘Exile’ Passports for $200 million Cash Deal

 by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

featuring  Press TV

Is the Ship of State Going Adrift?

We have a common saying around here at VT, “You just can’t make this stuff up!”

Every time we think a top shocker will never be broken along comes another one to prove us wrong.

Autocratic governments being hostile toward reform is not a new story by any means. It’s the historical norm.

But the UAE is a unique example. Despite the one man rule the economic transformation there has been incredible.

This is a country where once a major cause of death was blood poisoning from untreated tooth abcesses, a result of high consumption of dates and poor oral hygiene.

When the country’s budget was being poured into infrastructure while social services were taking a back seat, the Emir went on record stating that the old generation was being sacrificed so that the new could live better lives. He did not include sacrificing himself with the old folks.

The Press TV report below has news of the unfortunate Ahmed Abdul Khaleq’s deportation…and the message being sent to other reform activists in the UAE.

If anyone thinks I am hyping this with the State Terror tag, I am not.  We are on this slippery slope ourselves. Here is what the Global Arab Network had to report back on May 31rst:

[UAE]…The Gulf Arab state, a U.S. ally, revoked the [7] men’s citizenship late last year, saying they posed a threat to national security. Some of the men had demanded greater powers for the Federal National Council, an elected body that advises the government.

 They were arrested for refusing to sign documents that asked them to “amend their status” by applying for residency visas in the UAE or seeking new nationalities, their families said.

The catch words here are ‘posed a threat to national security’…for promoting political reforms. Do you grasp what a wide net that is? Do you see the tie in with other wide nets being constructed as a trip wire for extreme state responses?

Abe Foxman and the ADL have been clawing away at America’s first Amendment so they can prosecute opposition to their domestic terrorism

Take for example Hate Crime legislation creep in America to undermine our first amendment.

The definitions are broadened every few years by Jewish Lobby groups who actually write the expanded legislation.

Our corrupt Congress generally does whatever they are ordered to by these domestic terrorists who seem to have ‘protected entity status.

If you want to see a Congressman turn white as a ghost, ask him to stand up to these gangsters.

In Europe they have these KKK laws, also. You can get five years for challenging the ‘official history’ of WWII.

What this is really for is punishing anyone who informs the public about horrible lies that have been told as to who really did what to who, and why.

The public might then get the idea that, “Well if they lied to us so ruthlessly back then, maybe they continue to do the same today.”

They don’t want you to go there. They don’t even want you to think about it, hence the felony laws as a reminder that you only live in a free country, to a degree.

These same groups cooked up, a la UAE style, that any criticism of Israeli state policy was a national security threat to them, thus triggering any and all methods to eliminate said opposition. 

This begins with mass smearing them with the anti-semetism virtual public lynchings, the terror tactic of choice by the Hebrew Klan.

The common anti-semite smear has become the Neo-N word of our times, one that to the nation’s disgrace is an in vogue acceptable hate term to use.

I remember looking at the old photos of former black lynching victims with the smiling dummies in the crowd thinking that going to a lynching was so cool.

Here is the famous 1930 Marion Indiana lynching photo of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith, with the smiling idiot over on the left. We have virtual lynchings continually going on today that use different methods. Groups like the ADL replace the KKK and the smiling idiot above.

I see them now as Congressmen, academics, religious leaders and ‘God please punish them’, human rights groups who think anti-semite smear lynchings are cool to participate in as they think it ‘keeps them in their places about getting uppidty’.

And they have the same stupid self satisfaction looks on their faces, too.

All of you engaged in bending over for these creeps have disgraced every shred of American decency that survives, no thanks to you.

You are ‘aiders and abettors’ in assisting subversion of your own country and we will never forget or forgive.

So no, I am not hyping this with the Terror Tag. That is what their (the UAE and others) game is, to scare people into not daring to speak out. And they have plenty of company.


[Editors Note: Two items on how you have been scammed on the lynching game…the collective guilt hustle. One, all lynchings victims statistically reflect the various ethnic populations of an area. Most people, including children, only have seen black victims lynch photos, well…that is on purpose, for imprinting. 

And two, the definition of what a lynching actually was…got ‘adjusted’.  Remember the definition creep I mentioned above. It was changed to be a group attack by whites on a black person, and did not necessarily have to be a hanging or even involve a death. And it could have been done by white hoodlums, not a community.

Why was this done? To inflate the traditional public’s version of lynching numbers. My source was a booklet I bought at the Vicksburg National Battlefield Park bookstore, a federal publication.]


UAE – The Good, the Bad, and Now the Ugly.

For a country like UAE that does this to continue to maintain UN membership is an outrage, but of course many do. UN membership should not be a right, but a privileged, one that is earned and maintained.

Israel comes to mind as they have made a science out of playing the victim while being the victimizer. I’ll take the good honest crook any day of the week :-)

Maybe it is time to split the UN into two different groups…the thugs, and the wannabe thugs.

We could then set up a section on VT where they can leak nasty things they know the other side is doing and this would save us a lot of work.

But if poor Mr. Khaleq cannot vote his concience, let us be substitute voters for him.

Those of you who would like to call the UAE Embassy to tell them what you think of their formalized State Terrorism here is their number:

UAE Washington, DC Embassy media number:  202-243-2448

I would address your remarks to the Ambassador and please advise in a firm but polite delivery as impolite ones are just put in the trash can.

The next call, to have some fun with the phony UN, is to give them a call and ask what a member must do to get kicked out of the UN. I would suggest testing them on whether crimes against humanity or state sponsored terrorism would do the trick.

I am not joking here. It’s time to see if the VT audience can be a contact brigade when we need one so we can test what the impact is, as I can assure you we will hear.

United Nations, New York, main number… (212) 963-8302

You can also call your respective country UN delegation and ask them what they think of this. They may give you the run-a-round as in ‘call so-and-so’. But they do log call in topics and report above what phone traffic concerns are. This is always step number one.

Dear Mr. Khaleq,  If this finds its way to you please contact us about joining VT as a staff writer. You are just the sort of new talent that we are looking for.   The VT editors and staff.


From Press TV

Mr. Ahmed Abdul Khaleq

The United Arab Emirates has stripped an activist of citizenship and deported him to Thailand over his online campaign for reform in the Persian Gulf littoral state.

According to the London-based Emirates Center for Human Rights, Ahmed Abdul Khaleq was deported on Monday on a Comoros Islands passport arranged by UAE authorities.

Abdul Khaleq and four others, including blogger and rights advocate Ahmed Mansour and economics professor Nasser bin Ghaith, were arrested in April 2011 for signing an online petition demanding constitutional reforms and free elections in the UAE. They were convicted of committing crimes against the state.

UAE officials have revoked the citizenship of several other activists, who had called for reforms, but it was not clear whether Abu Dhabi will seek to carry out any more deportations.

A 2009 report showed that the Arab emirates has struck a USD 200 million deal with the government of Comoros to provide passports for people it makes stateless

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“There was something huge brewing up, which Mrs. Clinton was not informed with, awaiting her arrival”           … by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Coptic rally protesting Clinton’s visit to Egypt

When president Obama visited Egypt in June 2009, and gave his famous and good for nothing speech for the Muslim world from the big reception hall at Cairo University, he and his team must have felt that Cairo was the quietest and most peaceful place on earth second only to the Seychelles islands.

The reason for that was so simple, but rather dictatorial; the deposed President Mubarak was so careful nothing and no one would bother the American delegation, he simply ordered the day off for all Cairenes whom were also told to stay home and not venture to go out until Mr. Obama had already boarded his flight back to the States.

Mrs. Hillary Clinton, who have been lately engaged in a diplomatic drone attacks on the Russians and the Chinese over the Syrian issue, must have thought nothing would be rewarding and relaxing like winding up her latest world tour with a visit to the historic city of Cairo.

There she would only have to do the hand shake-routine and smile back at few of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) faces. But at the end of the day she would have all the time to enjoy sightseeing, may be the pyramids,  and indulge in the Cairene serenity, she still recalls from the 2009 visit.

Prior to Mrs. Clinton’s visit to Cairo, the usual security arrangements were meticulously gone over time and again and a full week weather forecast was submitted to help the state secretary to decide on her wardrobe during the visit.

And yes, a couple of young American tourists were kidnapped in Sinai close to the borders with Israel, to highlight the Sinai loose security issue, just in case Mrs. Clinton forgot to bring it up.

President Morsi meets secretary Clinton in Cairo
But that was not all. Something was missing. There was more to this visit than just the usual speeches, the TV interviews and the expected tranquil royal suite with the majestic view of the pyramids.


There was something huge brewing up, which Mrs. Clinton was not informed with, awaited her arrival.

In her brief and careful remarks after meeting with the newly elected president, Mr. Mohamed Morsi of the MB, instead of calling for an immediate handover of power as American officials have in the past, Mrs. Clinton instead emphasized only the need for“building consensus across the Egyptian political spectrum.”

What Mrs. Clinton did is simply add more gray to the current vague picture, whereas what most Egyptians longed for is black and white.

The White House’s struggle to deliver a satisfactory message here, for all parties involved including Israel, reflects its dilemma with how to deal with a rapidly evolving contest for power whose outcome remains yet unclear.

The American diplomacy is trying to balance a public push for a democratic Egypt against a deeply seated desire to maintain long-term ties with both factions, the generals and the Islamists, in a context where the United States seems to have virtually zero influence in post-Mubarak Egypt, and almost any American statement is sure to provoke a backlash. And provoke a backlash it did.

More shoes and tomatoes


One of the Coptic community protesting Clinton’s visit to Egypt
Thousands of anti-MB rallied outside Mrs. Clinton’s hotel, the Four Seasons, at downtown Cairo to protest what they called the American plot to help the MB to outweigh the generals and take full control of the country.

According to the protesters, the American administration unable to curb down the post-Mubarak Islamist tide, decided to use the MB to discipline Hamas (an offshoot of the international MB organization) and may be make it come to terms with Israel.

By nightfall Saturday, thousands of protesters, who practically surrounded Mrs. Clinton’s Hotel, kept chanting anti-American and anti-MB slogans all night long.

One of the protest leaders chanted, “If you like the MB so much, why you don’t take them back with you”

General Tantawi meets Clinton

In the following morning, without a good night sleep I presume, Mrs. Clinton went on to meet General. Houssein Tantawy, the head of the supreme council of armed forces (SCAF) behind closed doors.

The meeting with general Tantawy was seen by some of the liberal parties as a provocative move that added to the polarization of the political scene in Egypt.

As if this was not enough of a disappointment for Mrs. Clinton, her invitation to convene with the Coptic heads was unexpectedly turned down by most of the leaders of the Christian community in Egypt.

Maybe this was just poor staff work as such meetings are always arranged in advance to avoid embarrassments to either or both parties..

“We kind of hoped Mrs. Hillary Clinton had transparently met with all parties and factions of the Egyptian political spectrum in the same room,  and not to divide and aggravate the already volatile situation by  meeting with the Salafists and the MB first and in private and then ask to meet with some of the Coptic community heads” said Emad Gad, a prominent Coptic activist.

On Sunday, and after inaugurating the new American consulate in Alexandria, all of Mrs. Clinton’s appointments and her expected visit and speech at the library of Alexandria, an event I planned to attend, were cancelled for security reasons.

The road to the library of Alexandria was practically blocked by anti-American protesters who raised shoes, a sign of disrespect, and showered Mrs. Clinton’s car with a decent quantity of Egyptian tomatoes forcing her car to turn around and head for the airport.

After almost one year and a half of the so called Arab Spring, I think it’s only fair to admit that the Europeans and the Americans were outpaced and taken by surprise by the uprisings in both Tunisia and Egypt and it was not before Gaddafi took up arms did they sober up and sent in the NATO planes.

After that they were ready, and in full gear, for Syria, where the Arab spring turned into a nightmare and a theater for all the local and international powers to play out their ugliest plans.

Till this moment, the American administration is trying to make head or tail of the post-Mubarak Egypt and May be that’s why we don’t hear the Obama’s campaign Bragging about how they got rid of Mubarak. Because, frankly, they didn’t.

YouTube Hillary Clinton’s visit to Egypt, July 2012

As the American plane was taking off the Cairo airport and heading for Tel Aviv, I guess Mrs. Clinton started typing down the report of her two-day visit to Egypt, and her lines went as follows …

“Egyptians are not happy with our current stance, the MB are wary of our moves, and I don’t trust them either.  I’m afraid we don’t have an influence over the generals … not even by threatening to withhold the American annual aide. Anyway we’ve done it before and didn’t work.

Dealing with the Islamists will cost us. It has already turned the seculars and Copts against us.  As for the peace treaty with Israel, no robust commitment detected, and there are too many possible scenarios. … I don’t know, but I liked Egypt 2009 better.  Cairo is not tranquil nor friendly as it used to be.”


Condi Rice’s Ties to Turkish Spy Ring


The Story that Should Remove Condi Rice from Consideration for Vice President


 by  Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

Washington (VT) Condi Rice, as with most Washington insiders, has a secret that can take her down.  

In 2002, Rice “crossed the line” in preventing the investigation of a major spy operation in the White House.  For the first time, facts just released and eyewitness testimony make Rice a political liability or worse.

We begin with Rice and her real agenda, or what can be shown, even proven beyond a doubt, as she served President Bush (43).  Rice filled the White House with convicted criminals and spies.

This broad claim bears examining, which is what we do here.  But first, one must understand the power of the National Security Council she headed and how access to membership meant full access to all classified data held by the United States.

Remember, each member carried, not only a Top Secret security clearance but an “SC” clearance as well, known as “Special Compartmentalized Intelligence.”

This is a higher rating that most are even aware of and awarded to only the most carefully vetted public servants, usually with a history of dedicated combat service. None of Rice’s staff were veterans. Almost all were Israeli citizens.

The “downfall” that should occur will involve serious breaches of trust, violations of national security policy and perhaps much more involving Matthew Bryza.

Matthew Bryza

Today, Bryza is a former Ambassador from the US married to a Turkish national living in Istanbul and deeply enmeshed in the Caspian Basin oil business.

He is a young man, born in 1964. His ambassadorship was stripped away for statements he made in denial of the Armenian genocide.

His history as a diplomat puts him in the Russian embassy during the mid 90′s after spending his first years in Poland during the end of the Soviet influence there.

When President Bush (43) took office, he appointed Condi Rice as his National Security Advisor.

She took over running the National Security Council, bringing most members over from Project for a New American Century.

This included Richard Clarke, as Counter Terrorism Chief, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle.

Let’s start with Perle.  Perle had already been accused of spying, according to Seymour Hersh in his book, thePrice of Power (page 322):

“In mid-October 1970, [Henry] Kissinger testified, when a second wiretap was authorized for Helmut Sonnenfeldt, who was Kissinger’s closest friend on the NSC [National Security Council] staff, his role was even more tangential….

Richard N. Perle, a foreign policy aide to Senator Jackson, was overheard discussing classified information that had been supplied to him by someone on the National Security Council Staff…..

Kissinger – perhaps seeking to ward off a Nixon explosion – handed him (Haldeman) the FBI wiretap on the Israeli embassy and requested that the FBI be assigned to determine which NSC staff member was in contact with Richard Perle…

Kissinger had to know that Hoover and Haldeman would suspect Sonnenfeldt, who was known from previous wiretaps to have close ties to the Israelis as well as Perle.”

Thus, the day Perle was brought over, he was a known espionage agent.  Rice would be sure he was not alone.

Rosen and Weissman

Next was Steve Rosen, who was arrested for spying along with Lawrence Franklin, assistant to Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle and Keith Weissman.

Rosen was brought into the White House by Rice, Franklin by Wolfowitz, who was brought into the White House by Rice.

Weissman was given full national security access though not a government employee by Rice.

Rosen, head of the Rand Corporation was Middle East Chief on the NSC, in direct contrast to reports that list him as only an “AIPAC” (Israeli lobbyist”) as was Weissman.

All three were arrested for spying, the espionage organized by AIPAC and the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative “think tank.”  Franklin was sentenced to 13 years in prison and charges against Weissman and Rosen were “suspended” on “national security concerns” by the Bush Justice Department.

President Bush had Franklin’s spying sentence commuted to 10 months of “house arrest.”

Douglas Feith

Douglas Feith was appointed Under Secretary of Defense, part of the same group, under suspicion but never arrested.

He came from PNAC also as did Elliot Abrams, convicted in 1991 on two counts of lying to congress during the Iran Contra investigation.

Reagan had appointed him Assistant Secretary of State for Humanitarian Affairs yet CIA insiders have him deeply involved in the genocide in Central America, Guatemala in particular, that killed over 300,000.

His greatest project was El Salvador, however.

Elliott Abrams

“ Loved  ones of the thousand unarmed Salvadoran peasants, including 139  children, killed by U.S.-trained contra troops in the 1981 El Mozote  massacre may be less inclined to let bygones be bygones.

Abrams has  been a consistent massacre denier, even calling Washington’s policy in  El Salvador a “fabulous achievement.”

He told Congress that the reports  carried in the New York Times and Washington Post a month after El  Mozote were Communist propaganda.

In  1993, members of a Salvadoran Truth commission testified about the  massacre in a congressional hearing of the House Western Hemisphere  subcommittee. Chairman Robert G. Torricelli (D-New Jersey) vowed to  review for possible perjury “every word uttered by every Reagan  administration official” in congressional testimony on El Salvador. 

Eventually  documentation emerged proving that the Reagan administration had known  about El Mozote and other human rights violations all along. Abrams,  however, carefully denied knowledge of the assassination of Salvadoran  Archbishop Oscar Romero, committed shortly after the cleric denounced  government terror.

“Anybody who thinks you’re going to find a cable  that says that Roberto d’Aubuisson murdered the archbishop is a fool,”  Abrams was quoted in a March 21, 1993 article in the Washington Post.”


The FBI has always tried to do a good job. It is the traitors above them that block major espionage investigations. We are sorry to say this is an old game and Counter Intel people have long been humiliated.

Bryza was brought into the NSC by Rice in April 2001 to head the vital Turkey (Eurasia) desk at the NSC.

He was given top security clearances which were later discovered to have been awarded under, not just false pretenses, but to someone actually living with a Turkish intelligence agent to whom he passed vital US intelligence for years.

That intelligence, never entirely cataloged, due to Bush administration obstruction, went to Russia, China, Iran and elsewhere.

The investigation was handled by the FBI, never reported until now.  Did Bryza access more information than Pollard?

The truth is that nobody was able to ask as Bryza was “protected” by Condi Rice who had the power, through President Bush, to quash any investigation and, as we will read later, clearly violate any law.

Here is how it started;

Our sources are at the highest levels of the Bush White House.

First you must understand that the FBI is not allowed to interview any White House or NSC staff on foreign policy or Intel issues without permission from the National Security Adviser.  Naturally, the FBI finds this objectionable.

Here is part of what we were told:

Zeyno Baran

In early 2002, two FBI agents asked if I could help them prove that this policy was basically a green light for anyone on the White House and NSC staff to commit national security breaches with no investigation. 
They asked if I knew of any current examples of an NSC staffer who might be compromising intelligence.  If they could prove that this was going on, they hoped to convince Condi to change the policy.
So I told them that Matt Bryza, who was handling Caspian issues, was living with a Turkish national, Zeyno Baran, who was not only the stepdaughter of the owner of Sabah, a Turkish newspaper, but also was unofficially lobbying hard for US support of the Baku Ceyhan oil pipeline. 
I said I was pretty certain Matt had not mentioned that during his clearance process.  Also, the last time I had seen Matt and Zeyno was at Steve Rosen’s house
Zeyno and Matthew Bryza

Sources tell us that Matt and Zeyno had an apartment in Arlington, near the Courthouse.  What was obvious from this point is that Matt Bryza had not just lied but was passing intelligence as well.
The FBI assigned one of their top agents, Laura Pino, to head the investigation, one that no longer exists, one Pino still carries with her to this day, “one of the many who got away.”
When the FBI was able to prove spying, they demanded to interrogate Bryza.  These went on through 2002 and 2003 at the Old Executive Office Building by mutual agreement.
There has never been a press release nor any published documentation on any of this until now.
When the FBI had established their case, they went to the DOJ and requested prosecution and the immediate suspension of all security clearances and that Bryza have all access, White House and any other government department ended.
From our NSC source:
“The FBI went straight into action.  Sure enough, Matt had lied.  They also told me, with no detail, that Zeyno was definitely milking Matt for info and using it to further her professional objectives. Major security breach.
The FBI took their discovery to Condi, who had to let them interview Matt under the circumstances.  One agent called me right before the scheduled interview to ask what questions to be able to see if he was telling the truth.
Everything I told them panned out.  At the end of the interview, the FBI formally requested that Matt Bryza’s clearance be immediately revoked.  State was ready to do it, but Condi stepped in, personally, and blocked the suspension.”
Rice, rather than ordering prosecution, especially since over half of her staff was either under indictment, recently convicted, previously convicted or under investigation for espionage, appointed Bryza “Under Secretary of State” covering the same region he had been accused of spying for.
Here is Wikipedia’s version of his career after these incidents:

In June 2005, he assumed duties of Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs. He was responsible for policy oversight and management of relations with countries in the Caucasus and Southern Europe.

He also led U.S. efforts to advance peaceful settlements of separatist conflicts of Nagorno-KarabakhAbkhazia and South Ossetia. Additionally, he coordinated U.S. energy policy in the regions surrounding the Black and Caspian Seas and worked with European countries on issues of tolerance, social integration, and Islam.[1]

In August 2009, Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) Chairman Ken Hachikian sent a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton outlining the concerns of the Armenian American community regarding what he called the recent “biased remarks by Matt Bryza” the U.S. Co-Chair to the OSCE Minsk Group charged with helping to negotiate a settlement of the Nagorno Karabagh conflict.[3]

In May 2010, the White House appointed Bryza as the United States Ambassador to Azerbaijan.[4] On September 21, 2010, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved his ambassadorial nomination and sent it to the Senate floor.

In a SFRC roll call vote, Democratic Senators Robert Menendez of New Jersey and Barbara Boxer of California who are Armenian Caucus members tried to block the nomination voting against Bryza’s appointment. On December 29, 2010 Bryza’s appointment by President Obamawas confirmed by the White House as a recess appointment.[5][6] He served as ambassador to Azerbaijan starting from February 2011.

In January 2012 Bryza left the post and the foreign service as the Senate did not confirm his nomination due to the opposition by Armenian-American lobbying groups[7] who alleged his ties with the Azerbaijani government. Washington Post editor Fred Hiatt described it as a “vivid example of how the larger U.S. national interest can fall victim to special-interest jockeying and political accommodation”.[8]


In 2010, Jean-Francois Julliard and Clothilde Le Coz, of the Washington Times wrote about Barza.  They cite a number of “peculiarities” in his more recent history as we see below:

 Last month, Washington Times reporter James Morrison wrote an item in his Embassy Row column about the nomination of Matthew Bryza as U.S. ambassador to Azerbaijan.

As Mr. Morrison noted, several human rights groups had previously questioned Mr. Bryza’s close ties to Azerbaijani leadership, and tough questions about his possible bias again surfaced during his recent confirmation hearing.

During the hearings, Mr. Bryza stated: “If confirmed, I will continue to encourage the government of Azerbaijan to move forward on key issues such as media freedom, freedom of expression, political pluralism, rule of law and civic participation.”

Obviously, these are noble goals often repeated by U.S. ambassadors who are stationed in authoritarian countries, but Mr. Bryza’s past in Azerbaijan raises important doubts about his promises.

In 2007, the editor of the opposition newspaper Azadlig, Ganimat Zahid, and correspondent Agil Khalil were sued over an article titled “Azerbaijanis Paid for Matthew Bryza’s Wedding.” The article states that Azeri Economic Development Minister Haydar Babayev paid for a significant portion of Mr. Bryza’s wedding, which took place in Istanbul the same year.

At the time, Mr. Bryza was the U.S. co-chairman of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe Minsk Group, the body tasked with mediating a peace deal for the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Both countries claim sovereignty over the region, and although a cease-fire has been observed since 1994, no agreement has ever been signed between the two governments.

In the year after the article was published, Azadlig correspondent Agil Khalil was the target of four murder attempts, and in July 2008 – no longer able to deal with the constant threats against him – he fled to France, where he remains to this day. Mr. Khalil cannot return toAzerbaijan because he fears for his life.

What is made clear is that Barza’s supporters, his protectors, don’t just stop at obstruction of justice, murder seems to be an option they run to just as quickly.

Reports from confidential sources, unconfirmed, indicate that Barza was the force that pushed Georgia into their attack on South Ossettia, leading to their conflict with Russia.

There have also been accusations that Barza’s expertise on the Baku/Ceyhan/Kirkuk pipeline, which empties Iraqi crude through Turkey may have benefited certain American oil companies, one of whom once employed Condi Rice, with tens of billions of dollars of unbilled crude oil.  The Washington Times continues:

Mr. Bryza was very much criticized and questioned about his position on the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, an extremely sensitive and taboo subject in Azerbaijan. Reporter and editor Eynulla Fatullayev remains in jail for writing about the subject in a way that displeased Azerbaijani officials.

A respected journalist recognized as a political prisoner by the international community, Mr. Fatullayev was the editor of two newspapers that since have been closed down, the weekly Realny Azerbaijan and the daily Gundelik Azerbaijan.

Arrested in 2007, he was convicted the following year on charges of “insulting the honor and dignity of the Azerbaijani people,” refusing to pay taxes and making “terrorist threats.”

The last charge resulted from an article that accused the Azerbaijani armed forces of sharing responsibility with their Armenian counterparts for the deaths of hundreds of civilians during an attack by Armenian troops in 1992 on the village of Khojali in the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

The latest development of note has been the adoption of amendments to the press law imposing additional curbs on journalists, including draconian limitations on the ability to take photos. The first sign a country is reforming its policy in a democratic way is to let journalists do their job properly, as a sign of transparency.

As Mr. Aliyev continues to crack down on the press and freedom of speech, a nominee who can easily be identified as a strong supporter of the Azerbaijani government might indeed undermine the U.S. government’s stated goal of improving democracy and human rights in the country.

Joshua Foust of Registan writes on Caspian Basin and governmental issues.  This is what he had to say about Bryza and his role in the Georgian war:

Now, enter Matt Bryza. He’s long been a figure in Caspian circles, going back at least a decade to President Bush’s National Security Council then as Condoleeza Rice’s point man on the Caucasus.

However, like many in the Bush administration, Bryza was close to Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili — and rumors are rampant that he helped nudge the tiny country into war with Russia by hinting the U.S. would support them.

In fact, Moscow has been so open about those rumors that they have made it very plain that Bryza would get a cool reception by Russian diplomats.


The Wild Bunch

Bryza came to the White House with the group from PNAC.  They had already established an agenda, as described by Paul Wolfowitz, by 1999.

He was already recruiting White House staff, telling key recruits that the election had already been decided and all that was left was to wait for “the event” and then invade Iraq as a jumping off point for an invasion of Iran.

Crafty Ahmed Chalabi

In tow was Ahmed Chalbi, his choice for President of Iraq despite the fact Chalbi was facing criminal charges at the time.

Chalabi turned out to be the source for 90% of the false intelligence about Al Qaeda and WMDs that brought about the US attack on Iraq.

Coincidentally, Azerbaijan is seen as a “jumping off point” for air attacks on Iran.  Weapons, transported through Georgia and attack aircraft of uncertain national origin have been spotted in Azerbaijan, falsely credited to “Islamic rebel groups” that have now been shown to never have existed.

Bryza now lives in Istanbul with his wife but sits on the board of Turcas Petrol AS, a Turkish/Azerbaijani oil company though Reuters fails to show him holding that position.

Since March 1, 2012, Bryza has been appointed the Director of the International Centre for Defense Studies, an Estonian “think tank” secretly funded by USAID, often a channel for CIA covert operations funds.

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been unavailable for comment on her current contacts with Barza or her reasons for blocking his prosecution and reinstating his security clearances.

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Syria Moving Parts of Chemical Arsenal Says U.S.A.


Syria Moving Parts of Chemical Arsenal Says U.S.A.

By Editor,  World News Tomorrow

WORLD NEWS TOMORROW – WASHINGTON : Syria has started moving some parts of its huge stockpile of chemical weapons out of storage, American officials said Friday, but it was uncertain whether the transfer was a precaution as security conditions across the country rapidly deteriorated, or something more sinister. Some analysts and lawmakers said Syria’s president, Bashar al-Assad, might use chemical weapons in a last-ditch attack against an increasingly potent rebel force, possibly as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing. Other officials said Syrian security forces might be moving parts of the arsenal to prevent it from falling into rebel hands.

“The truth is, we just don’t know,” said one American official who has been monitoring intelligence reports since the Syrians began moving the chemical weapons in recent days. “There’s a big gaping hole in what we know.”

Over the past four decades, Syria has amassed one of the largest undeclared stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons in the world, including sarin nerve agent, mustard gas and cyanide, the officials said. It is unclear which agents are being moved, how big the transfers have been, and where the weapons are being taken.

Spokesmen for the Pentagon, the State Department and the Central Intelligence Agency declined to comment on the movements, which were reported on Friday by The Wall Street Journal.

But Andrew J. Tabler, a senior fellow and Syria expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said some chemical weapons had been moved in an area around Homs, where some of the heaviest fighting has taken place in recent weeks.

“The Assad regime is losing control of its territory,” Mr. Tabler said. “You don’t move this stuff unless you have to, and they obviously felt they had to move it.”

A second United States official with access to classified intelligence reports said rebels were placing increasing pressure on Syrian security forces across the country.

“The armed opposition is becoming more effective,” said the official, who like the first official spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the assessments. “It’s using guerrilla tactics more frequently to attack regime forces and improving tactical coordination.”

“It appears the insurgents are now operating in larger chunks of territory,” the official continued. “The situation is not at a tipping point as the regime still has significant military capabilities, but the military ground underneath Assad is increasingly unstable.”

Israel and the United States have been monitoring movements of all Syrian weapons, and are believed to have allowed the Syrians to move some conventional weapons over the border into Lebanon without protesting, said one analyst with long experience in Syria, speaking on the condition of anonymity. The rationale for Israel’s not speaking up is that any interference would play into the government’s accusation that the entire uprising is an Israeli plot, the analyst said.

Obama administration officials, who have maintained from the beginning of the turmoil in Syria that the country’s chemical and biological arsenal remained secure and in storage, warned the Assad government on Friday to keep it that way.

“We have repeatedly made it clear that the Syrian government has a responsibility to safeguard its stockpiles of chemical weapons, and that the international community will hold accountable any Syrian officials who fail to meet that obligation,” said Victoria Nuland, a State Department spokeswoman.

But Representative Mike Rogers, a Michigan Republican who is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said in a statement, “We cannot discount that the Assad regime could make a decision to use these weapons in an act of desperation, and we must act accordingly.” He neither confirmed nor denied that Syria had moved the munitions.

George Little, the Defense Department spokesman, said: “We would caution them strongly against any intention to use those weapons. That would cross a serious red line.”

American intelligence analysts had probably observed the movement of chemical weapons or the preparations to move them in satellite imagery and communications intercepts, security specialists said.

Jeffrey White, a former Defense Intelligence Agency intelligence officer who now studies Syria at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, said if the munitions were being deployed to firing units, that would suggest that preparations were being made for their use. If they are being concentrated at a smaller number of secure sites, that would suggest concerns about enhancing security.

Mr. White said that moving the chemical weapons raised concerns that government convoys could come under attack with the risk that deadly agents could be released or could fall into the hands of rebel forces.

Moving the munitions around would also pose new challenges to Western analysts trying to keep track of them. “Presumably the intel community will be checking all known C.W. facilities, but they could be going anywhere,” Mr. White said.


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Mali, Al Qaeda, and the US Neo-Colonial Agenda

By Eric Draitser

Global Research,

Recent developments in Mali illustrate both the way in which the Unites States and its Western allies directly project military and political power, as well as the role of terrorism as a necessary pretext for imperialist, neo-colonial domination.  Beginning with the establishment of AFRICOM (US Africa Command) in 2007, incorporating the war in Libya and the military coup d’etat in Mali, and up to today’s consolidation of power by Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), it has become clear that the United States has managed to successfully destabilize West Africa and achieve many of its long-term strategic objectives in the region.
While the Western media portrays the situation in West Africa as an “unintended consequence” of the imperialist aggression against Libya, the incontrovertible fact that the United States has, for years, attempted to expand its control of the region, has been made all the more apparent by the current instability and the “decisive action” that it necessitates.  The spread of AQIM, which has now consolidated control over a vast swath of land in the Sahel region, rather conveniently provides the US with the crucial cover it needs to expand its military presence.
Recent Developments
Since the fall of the Gaddafi regime in Libya, Mali has been embroiled in a fierce civil war that has torn the country apart.  The Tuareg fighters, who had fought on the side of Gaddafi and the Green Resistance, began to return home armed, battle-hardened, and bearing a grudge.  This was, understandably, a recipe for war in Mali where the central government was seen as little more than a US puppet regime,touting democracy as it bowed to US military and corporate interests.  The rebels began waging war against Bamako in hopes of creating their own independent state of Azawad in Northern Mali, a goal which has been stifled since Mali gained its own independence in 1960.
As the war continued to intensify, the Malian military became increasingly frustrated with what they perceived to be a lack of support from the civilian government.  This anger and resentment was then channeled by a small clique within the Malian officer corps into a coup d’etat to overthrow the government in Bamako.  The coup was lead by Captain Amadou Sanogo, a US-trained mid-level officer, heading an assortment of lower-level military officers who claimed to be patriots seeking to quell the rebellion in the North.  In reality, the move was a cynically designed ploy by Sanogo and his US sponsors to destabilize Mali.  As anticipated, the overthrow plunged the country into political turmoil, and with no legitimate government in the capital, opened the door to a much more dangerous enemy in the North.

Enter: Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb
In the midst of the fighting between the Touré government and the Tuareg forces, there emerged a new threat in the North, Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).  This offshoot of Al Qaeda, once seen as a marginal threat with little to no chance of establishing a significant presence in the region, began to make its presence felt through an alliance with the rebels.  Really no more than a marriage of convenience, the two forces fought side by side to defeat the weak Malian military which, despite years of training and advanced equipment from the United States, was unable to inflict any significant damage on the rebels or terrorist fighters.  However, once it became clear that the North was going to be “freed” from the control of the government and Malian military, the divide between rebels and AQ fighters became evident.
Eyewitness accounts from Mali describe the AQIM fighters as having arrived in Land Cruisers with advanced weapons and communications equipment, ostensibly acquired through defeating the Malian and other military forces in the region.  This highly organized and well-funded contingent emerged in Mali after having been roundly defeated by the military and other government forces in Algeria, where the group originated.  This fact should not be lost on keen observers who note that, due to their failure to destabilize that oil-rich country in the interests of Western imperialists, AQIM migrated to Mali where they successfully hijacked the civil war there and turned it into another staging ground for terror and destabilization, like its corollary in Libya.

AQIM, US-AFRICOM, and the Destabilization of the Sahel
As with other Al Qaeda offshoots, AQIM’s history is directly related to that of the US intelligence and military presence in the Sahel.  The US military’s Africa Command (AFRICOM) was established by the Bush Administration in 2007 in order to, in their words, “defend US national security interests by strengthening the defense capabilities of African States… and defeat transnational threats.”  However, within months of the establishment of AFRICOM, the Algerian group known as the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat (SGPC) was rebranded AQIM and immediately became a much more serious threat with international capabilities, something it had never had before that point.
One can only wonder how, within the span of a few short months, as US military and intelligence presence is dramatically increased, such a group can immediately spring up. It would be logical to assume that the two events are not merely coincidence.  Rather, AFRICOM, in order to legitimize its own presence in the region needed an enemy.  So, it took an obscure terror organization, gave them the Al Qaeda banner, and thereby created the conditions for a military presence. AFRICOM was then able to install so-called “advisers” in the militaries of the region, ostensibly to combat the threat posed by this new organization while, in truth, creating dependence of those militaries on the United States.  These developments were part of the broader mission known as the Trans-Sahara Counter-Terrorism Partnershipwhich enabled the United States to penetrate the militaries of the entire region and thereby make them into clients or proxies of the US military.  It is precisely this dependence which was so evident in the routing of the Malian military at the hands of the rebels and AQIM.
With the defeat of the Malian forces and the de facto establishment of the state of Azawad, AQIM now controls a large portion of the Sahel/West Africa region, allowing it to menace neighboring states and continue to legitimize the AFRICOM presence.  This military presence, though, is not entirely visible.  In fact, it is now confirmed that US commandos and other Special Forces have been actively engaged in Mali since before the coup in late March.  According to mainstream media and military spokespeople, the commandos were purely communications experts providing technical assistance to the military.  While this is undoubtedly true to a certain extent, the news indicates a much broader engagement in the country, one that likely includes all manner of covert operations engaging with terrorists, rebels, and the military forces.  Essentially then, the situation in Mali, and the wider region, has to be understood as being directly and cynically manipulated by the United States.

US Objectives
The US imperialist ruling class has a multitude of reasons for their desire to destabilize the Sahel and Africa more broadly.  First and foremost is the desire to block the continued Chinese economic penetration of the continent.  It is no secret that China has become, by far, the most significant investor in Africa.  With the mutually beneficial arrangements wherein China engages in large-scale economic development while receiving, in return, access to raw materials, the Chinese have entrenched themselves in many African nations.  Because of this, the United States must find ways to
slow down or stop altogether these relations by any means necessary.
Secondly, the US seeks to prevent the independent economic development of Africa.  Washington and Wall St. cannot bear to watch their former servants establish themselves outside of US dollar hegemony.  As the US, Europe, and much of the world have slipped into a global depression, much of Africa has remained economically stable.  Naturally, the 1% cannot allow this, and so, they must seek to re-impose their dominance utilizing the usual assortment of weapons: terrorism, military coups, and blackmail.  In so doing, Africa is once again under the thumb of Western financiers.
Lastly, the US must do whatever it takes to continue to justify its military presence on the continent.  Despite public revulsion throughout Africa to the idea of AFRICOM, Washington has managed to incorporate it into many of the militaries on the continent.  In so doing, the US both legitimizes its own expenditures and is able to enforce the agenda of Wall St. and the international financier class.  Moreover, this provides the muscle behind US puppet regimes such as those in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, and elsewhere – governments that act as the brutal enforcers of US policy, always bowing to the dictates of their patrons in Washington.

In many ways, Mali has become a second Libya – a fractured nation that has been reduced to chaos with much of the population living under the rule of terrorists and extremists.  Like Libya, Mali is undoubtedly being transformed into a sanctuary for international terror campaigns that have, as their mission, nothing less than the total destruction of modern Africa.

Whether conscious or unconscious, these forces, which seek to impose their will on the people of Africa, work in the service of the United States.  As with Libya, Somalia, Nigeria, and countless other nations, the US imperialists, using the brutal weapon of terrorism, have reduced Mali to a failed state in order to consolidate their own domination and further their neo-colonial agenda.

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Facts behind Balochistan’s Missing Persons Unmasked


By Sajjad Shaukat

Since the Supreme Court of Pakistan has been hearing the cases of the missing persons of Balochistan by taking notice of the deteriorating law and order situation, the province has perennial been in the limelight.

While hearing a petition, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry on July 12 ordered the Inspector General of Frontier Corps (FC) Maj-Gen. Ubaidullah Khan Khattak to produce eight missing persons in court within 10 days and to produce Abdul Malik, a missing person on the same day.

The chief justice also asked about the 14 people who had gone missing in the Tutak operation in Khuzdar. The FC IG said, “There was a camp in Tutak. We conducted an operation there and two people were arrested, whose custody was given to police.” The IG also stated that if anybody belonging to the FC was found guilty, action would be taken against him.

While rejecting that the FC had detained any missing person, FC counsel Raja Irshad pointed out that if the representatives of Balochistan sitting in assemblies and Senate did not want FC then they should withdraw the force from the province.

Surprisingly, when Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry was addressing the Balochistan High Court Bar on July 12, while speaking about the missing persons, and law and order situation of the province, six people including the leader of Awami National Party Malik Qasim were killed on the same day in a bomb blast at a public gathering. In this context, 10 people workers of the ANP who were observing strike were killed on July 14 when some unidentified gunmen opened fire on them.

But July 10, was the dark day for Balochistan when many people were killed, kidnapped, and bullet-riddled bodies found in different parts of the province.

It is or particular attention that on July 12, Quetta police found the dead bodies of seven coal miners who were kidnapped from the Degari area of Balochistan on July 6. Regarding this incident, Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) had claimed responsibility for their abduction. But following the death, coalminers refused to work in the mines across Balochistan, and are observing strike. This is what the militants wanted to seek.

However, facts behind the deteriorating situation and the disappeared people in Balochistan are that most of the people were abducted by the militants, and then taken to Afghanistan for ransom. And a number of these persons have gone to Afghanistan and India. Some of them were murdered by foreign secret agencies in order to implicate FC and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. Even Balach Marri was killed in Afghanistan.

In this respect, BLA and another group, Jundollah (God’s soldiers) which have been fighting for secession of the province get logistic support from American CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad. Their militants kidnapped and killed many innocent people. Many persons in Balochistan have also been killed in bomb blasts, suicide attacks, ethnic and sectarian violence. On a number of occasions, BLA, Jundollah and other separatist groups claimed responsibility for these criminal activities.

These foreign-backed insurgent groups including other separatist elements are responsible for target killings of Punjabis, Pushtuns, people of Hazara community, and patriot Balochis.

Besides, disappeared individuals are also in the detention centres (Farrari Camps) which are being run by Baloch feudal lords (Sardars). Due to difficult heavy terrain, it is not easy for the FC to detect these people. With the assistance of US-led India and Israel, these Sardars are fighting for their so-called prestige, status and influence, and want to continue old system of feudalism in the province.

It is notable that on June 2, this year FC Inspector General Maj-Gen. Obaidullah Khan Khattak informed the media that millions of rupees were being spent to spread unrest in Balochistan, adding that over 30 militant training camps had been set up across the border in Afghanistan to launch terrorist and anti-state activities in Balochistan. He revealed that teachers, doctors and many civilians have fallen prey to targeted killings—over 100,000 people had migrated from the province due to worsening law and order and about 550 incidents of terrorism have taken place in the province so far this year of which several separatist groups have claimed responsibilities. He disclosed that foreign powers had their eyes on the province as part of a well-planned conspiracy, hatched for propaganda against the FC and intelligence agencies. He explained that during the last three months, FC posts were attacked in which several soldiers lost their lives. He also said, “FC has been fighting to give normal life to people and ensure security of development projects, main highways, dams, mines and oil and gas installations.”

It is worth-mentioning that the agents of CIA, RAW and Mosssad are well-penetrated in the foreign and Pakistani media, various NGOs and human rights organisations which are being used for vile propaganda against Pak Army and country’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI)—and now especially against FC in relation to human rights violations and the disappeared persons.

It is mentionable that on February 8, 2012, the hearing of the US Congress Committee on Foreign Affairs, chaired by Dana Rohrabacher discussed target killings and human rights violations in Balochistan, blaming Pakistan’s security agencies. He also favoured an independent Balochistan. It has exposed US support to the Baloch separatists who are responsible for missing persons.

It is our misfortune that without knowing the reality, while speaking in the tone of anti-Pakistan external elements, some of our own media anchors, so-called NGOs and human rights groups spread disinformation, creating sensations about the missing persons of Balochistan. Either, these internal entities want to get good coverage in the foreign media or are on the payroll of the foreign enemies like US and India.

In this regard, on June 2011, a two-member bench of the Supreme Court headed by the former Justice Javed Iqbal had remarked that NGOs exaggerated figures of missing persons, but failed to provide details about them. He elaborated that these NGOs were just spreading sensationalism. Observing the critical situation, Justice Javed Iqbal decided to visit Balochistan. Recently, he again repeated his views.

As Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is taking personal notice of the missing persons of Balochistan in connection with FC, these external-supported insurgent groups have chosen this particular movement to fulfill the foreign agenda of the US-led India and Israel by intensifying the acts of sabotage in the province.

Notably, the law and order situation in Balochistan is the responsibility of the provincial government, which must put its act together to take charge of the situation. So, the focus of attention on the FC, holding it responsible for the aggravated situation and for the missing persons, is not rational. FC’s actions are being conducted in support of the provincial government in defeating the terrorists’ agenda.

During his visit to Balochistan, Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, while hinting towards US, India and Israel including militant groups said on July 13, that there were some external and internal forces involved in creating unrest in the province and they could only be defeated with combined efforts. He elaborated, “Law and order is a provincial subject and the federal government will fully assist the provincial government”, adding that the “Frontier Corps could not work against the wishes of the Balochistan chief minister.”

At this critical juncture when some foreign secret agencies are destabilising Pakistan through various subversive acts, the continuous judicial focus on the FC for being responsible for the law and order situation in Balochistan by excluding the provincial government amounts to discourage the security agencies and the FC for bringing peace to the troubled province. FC is doing a wonderful job and its work need to be appreciated rather than putting it in the spot for unproven charges about the missing persons.

The acceleration of the ongoing wave of violence and claim of responsibility by the foreign-backed insurgents have clearly unmasked the facts behind the missing persons of Balochistan.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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Masonic Corruption: Lori Douglas Inquiry Unveils Masonic Underworld


An Inquiry now taking place in Winnipeg lays bare the Masonic corruption of modern society. In 2003, a Winnipeg lawyer Jack King tried to entice a Black client, Alex Chapman, to have sex with his wife, Lori Douglas, also a lawyer.

He plied Chapman with pornographic pictures of his wife on a website devoted to interracial sex, a Masonic fetish. Images show Douglas withher hands shackled to the bed frame; a topless Douglas with a dog collar and chain around her neck; and Douglas urinating on the grass.

Despite widespread knowledge of this in the legal community, Lori Douglas later became Chief Family Court Judge of the Province of Manitoba! The Masonic Establishment is trying to sweep this scandal under the carpet. Douglas is being portrayed by Masonic-controlled media and academics as the “victim” and Chapman as a troublemaker! This article was originally posted in Sept. 2010 and slightly updated. A new take will be posted after the Inquiry ends. 

Winnipeg Freemason Press columnist Lyndor Reynolds opined, “there’s no reason she can’t continue as a judge. One has nothing to do with the other.” The judge poses for obscene photos and then rules on marriages and child custody. One has nothing to do with the other?

by Henry Makow, Ph.D

In bygone days, if a top judge  appeared naked in shackles on a website devoted to Black men ravishing White women, she would have been dismissed in disgrace.

Thankfully we live in more tolerant times, tolerant of evil.

However, we’re not so tolerant of people who maintain the distinction between right and wrong.

Take Alex Chapman (picture below.) In 2003, two years before Lori Douglas became a Manitoba judge, her husband Jack King, also a lawyer, tried to procure Alex for obscene sexual acts and photos with his wife.

Since Chapman, 44, in Sept. 2010, the following developments have occurred:

1. Alex Chapman has lost his job of 13 years as an IT person with insurance giant, Great West Life. He was suspended with pay in August 2010 and escorted out of the building by security. Recently he was fired. The pretext is that he kept evidence on his office computer. The real reason is that, like most corporations, Great Waste Life is Illuminati. It is owned by the Desmarais family, Rockefeller’s Canadian consiglieri.

“I’m out of the job that kept me going in all this mess,” Chapman told the Winnipeg Free Press. “I didn’t want to pull Great-West Life into this mess, but they’re somehow politically connected. I do an excellent job. I go over and beyond each day,” Chapman said, citing positive performance reviews. “They just walk people out the door because somebody phoned them up and said some crap?”

Chapman plans to file a complaint about his firing to the Manitoba Human Rights Commission. Good luck! They are another Masonic front, deciding who shall have human rights.


2. Sheriff’s officers have been ordered to seize Chapman’s computers and files. Lori Douglas’ colleague Queen’s Bench Justice Joan McKelvey made the ruling following a heated, two-hour court hearing in which Chapman claimed he is the victim of a racist, corrupt justice system.

“I’m a Black guy who has dirt on top officials. Tell me, where do Black people get fair treatment in our system,” Chapman said outside court.

Chapman told court he is trying to hire a lawyer to represent him but  because so many have connections to the parties in the case. He said he plans to bring a motion seeking to have all Queen’s Bench judges “disqualified” from hearing any further arguments about this case on the grounds of bias.

3. Allan Fineblit, CEO of the Law Society of Manitoba, confirmed the group has been aware of “at least some details” of the scandal since 2003.


(left, Judge Lori, sans shackles, ball-in- mouth)

In other words, Douglas’ extracurricular activities were widely known TWO years BEFORE she became a judge in 2005. Perhaps her depraved behavior wasn’t a barrier to becoming a Family Court judge, and may have been a condition. This is the way satanic elites operate. Everyone must first be compromised.

But now the local legal eagles are “wondering whether a scandal could have been avoided if the issue had been dealt with sooner — and possibly spared Queen’s Bench Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas the embarrassment she is now facing.”

Fineblit said this week they didn’t pursue the matter further because they had “no complainant.” He doesn’t believe there has been any attempt at a “cover-up,” by his organization.

4. The Law Society has slammed the CBC for its “unwarranted attack” on a respected member of the judiciary and wants the public broadcaster to publicly apologize for its “savage” reporting. Frankly. this is the first time I have seen the CBC perform admirably.

5. University of Manitoba Law Professor Karen Busby said: “Most people have sex pictures out there somewhere, then it’s an impossible standard for anyone to meet to become a judge.” Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous? I must be the only person cleared to become a judge!


(Left, Illuminati have put their tramp stamp on the City of Winnipeg. Logo exhibits typical Illuminati motifs, 666, horizon)

Winnipeg Freemason Press columnist Lyndor Reynolds opined, “there’s no reason she can’t continue as a judge. One has nothing to do with the other.” The judge poses for obscene photos and then rules on marriages and child custody. One has nothing to do with the other?

Reynolds then tries to peddle the thesis that Douglas didn’t know how the pictures were used.

Puh-lease. I suppose Douglas also didn’t know why she had repeated lunch dates with Chapman. Reynolds continues:

“If Karen Busby’s correct, and most of us have sex pictures or ill-advised letters or emails we wish we hadn’t sent, there’s a lesson. Some people are judging the judge because they can, because it’s sport to see the powerful humbled. I hope Douglas’s friends, family and colleagues are gathering around and holding her close.” (or just tying her up?)

See how they’re normalizing this behavior? Everybody is like this? If they have their way, they will be.

6. Deafening by virtue of their silence, we haven’t heard a peep from local church leaders, our moral guardians, all bought and paid for, apparently.

7. Another complaint has been filed with the Canadian Judicial Council against Lori Douglas. A woman complained that in 2008, Douglas failed to grant her a Prevention Order against her husband, a lawyer who ran in the same perverted circles as Judge Douglas.


We never imagined that the people telling us that religion is “superstition” were actual disciples of Satan.

I always wondered why society was so false, inhuman and sad. Now I know, it’s because our elites are members of a satanic cult. They are all Masons whether they know it or not. Some belong to the feminist branch; others to the liberal or socialist branch. The “conservatives” are your ordinary garden variety Masons.

The Cabalist Illuminati bankers figured out they could take down how  Western civilization by empowering the most venal and mediocre Gentile elements, and corrupting them further. They gave us today’s Gentile leadership. They keep just enough dupes around to maintain the illusion of propriety and democracy.

The Illuminati need to maintain this illusion for both the masses and the intelligentsia. Periodically, as here, the mask slips and the horrible reality is glimpsed. There are still enough dupes to give the Satanists heartburn. But as you can see, many prominent people are willing to excuse and normalize depravity.

Lori Douglas — supposedly a feminist — was degraded and humiliated in sex orgies. Her husband procured strangers to have sex with her.  Now other “feminists” are defending her. That tells you all you need to know about feminism.

If Lori Douglas is allowed to keep her $225,000 job, it will confirm once again:  the Age of Satan (the New World Order) has arrived.

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The Disintegration of The Jewish State Has Begun


By Gilad Atzmon

Israeli Generals expressed dismay yesterday over a violent assault on a senior Air Force officer perpetrated by a gang of soldiers.

Ynet reported yesterday that Maj. A., deputy commander of a squadron at the northern Ramat David Airbase was attacked near his home within the airbase.

An Israeli military source confirmed yesterday that three soldiers, who serve in a technical support unit, assaulted the officer over the weekend after he issued a complaint over their reckless driving on base premises, in violation of strict military regulations.

The three soldiers, apparently outraged by the pilot’s decision to lodge a complaint with their commanding officer, initially threatened to kill him at the presence of his children. They later attacked him outside his home, located on base, with wooden clubs until he nearly lost consciousness.

Ynet reported that Israeli army elite are in shock. “No one can believe that soldiers dared to strike a senior officer”

According to Global Times Senior IAF officers have previously complained about having to deal with soldiers from harsh socioeconomic backgrounds. “With all due respect to the notion of the people’s army, my feeling is that the balance has been violated.”

Earlier this week we learned about an Israeli who set himself on fire during Tel Aviv social protest. Israel, so it seems, is on the verge of disintegration. The images of social protests and violence towards top commanders within the military are clear signs of collapse of the Israeli national, cultural and ideological bond. It is not the Palestinians or the BDS who are going to bring down the Jewish State, it is actually the Israelis themselves. It is the supremacist and chauvinist ideology embedded within the Israeli philosophy and culture that make the Jewish State into an unbearable concept for its citizens let alone the indigenous people of the land i.e. the Palestinians.

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