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India’s Subversive Role in Afghanistan


By Sajjad Shaukat

During his trip to India and Kabul in June, this year, by reviving old blame game, US Defence Secretary of State, Leon Panetta repeatedly stated that drone attacks would continue on safe havens of terrorists in Pakistan, while accusing the Haqqani network for some of the deadliest attacks in Afghanistan.

On the other side, Leon Panetta encouraged India to take a more active role in Afghanistan as most foreign combat troops leave in 2014. India which has already invested billion of dollars in Afghanistan, signed a wide-ranging strategic agreement with that country on october 5, 2011 also includes to help train Afghan security forces.

While taking note of India’s subversive role in Afghanistan, US Republican Senator John McCain reminded the Obama administration that encouraging India to take a more active role in Afghanistan, while simultaneously criticising Pakistan could be a recipe for disaster.

In fact, since the US-led NATO forces occupied Afghanistan, stiff resistance of the Taliban militants which created unending lawlessness in the country has made it a most conducive place for India to play strategic game against Pakistan, China and Iran. For this purpose, New Delhi with the cooperation of the Karzai-led regime and with the tactical support of US and Israel has been obtaining its clandestine aims, while America and Israel are also doing the same.

In this respect, Indian RAW with the assistance of American CIA and Israeli Mossad has well-established its espionage network in Afghanistan. Besides, in a religious Madrassa of Wakhan, located in Afghanistan is functioning under the patronage of Indian officials. It is being used for brainwashing of very young boys who are Afghans, Uzbeks and Tajiks including so-called Indian Muslims. Posing themselves as Taliban, they have joined the ranks and files of the Pakistani Taliban. In this context, India’s several secret training camps are also present in Afghanistan from where highly trained militants, equipped with sophisticated weapons are being sent to Pakistan’s various places to conduct target killings, bomb blasts, suicide attacks, assaults on civil and military installations and forced abductions including ethnic and sectarian violence regularly.

In this connection, on June 28, the released Indian spy from Pakistani jail, Surjeet Singh openly admitted by saying, “I was a RAW agent. Regarding another Indian spy who is in Lahore jail, Surjeet Singh revealed, “Sarabjit Singh is a terrorist and terrorists are not released.” However, both the spies were responsible for the string of blasts in Faisalabad, Lahore, and Multan in 1990 in which several innocent people were killed.

Nevertheless, by manipulating American ambivalent approach and duplicity in relation to Pakistan, China, Iran and even Afghanistan, New Delhi has been extracting full benefits. In this context, US which signed a nuclear deal with India in 2008, intends to make India a great power of Asia to counterbalance China by separating Pakistan’s province of Balochistan due to its geo-strategic location with Gwadar seaport including mineral resources. For these purposes, RAW is assisting CIA and Mossad which have also been supporting subversive acts in Balochistan through Baloch separatist elements like Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and another group, Jundollah (God’s soldiers).  These secret agencies are also backing similar acts of sabotage in the Iranian Sistan-Baluchistan including Tibetan regions of China. In this context, Tehran had directly accused CIA and other similar agencies for funding of terrorist attacks, while diverting the attention of Iran towards Islamabad through secret propaganda.

It is noteworthy that in the recent years, several persons died in the terror-incidents and ethnic riots occurred in various regions of China’s Xinjiangthe largely populated Muslim province. For all the incidents, India blamed Pakistani militants for supporting the insurgency in order to deteriorate Sino-Pak ties. In fact, New Delhi which had given shelter to the ex-Tibetan spiritual leader, Dalai Lama and his militants has been playing a key role in backing upsurge in the Tibetan areas of China.

During the Swat and Malakand military operations, while hinting towards India, the former Maj-Gen Athar Abbas had revealed in on of the press briefings that 400 foreigners and Afghans, having connections with the enemy countries were captured along with huge caches of sophisticated weapons, made of India and America—Afghan fighters had been infiltrated into Pakistan with the help of some external agencies bordering Afghanistan. Recently, Interior Affairs Adviser Rehman Malik also expressed similar thoughts. Earlier, he has openly disclosed that RAW was behind terror-acts in Pakistan, especially Karachi.

Notably, RAW and Afghan Khad have increased attacks inside Afghanistan, particularly targeting American soldiers with the sole aim to revive old blame game of the US against Islamabad and Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI in relation to cross-border-terrorism.

Regarding Indian activities in Afghanistan the then NATO commander, Gen. McChrystal had pointed out: “Indian political and economic influence is increasing in Afghanistan…is likely to exacerbate regional tensions.”

It is notable that after the withdrawal of NATO troops in 2014, US has decided to maintain its six military bases in Afghanistan. Thus, America not only seeks to protect Indian influence in Afghanistan, but also control the energy resources of Central Asia as part of secret agenda against Pakistan, China, Iran and Russia.

While playing double game with each other, India wants to entrap America permanently in Afghanistan so as to achieve its secret goals by harming the US interests. India also seeks to furhter strengthen its grip there to get strategic depth against Pakistan.

It is of particular attention that Pakistan is the only nuclear country in the Islamic world. Therefore, India and Israel with the assistance of America are creating instability in the country. Besides, by engaging US in Afghanistan and in blame game against Pakistan in connection with safe havens of Haqqani group, both India and Israel intend to divert the attention of Washington from their own atrocities, being perpetrated on the innocent Palestinians and Kashmiris. In this regard, they have also succeeded in distracting the attention of President Obama from the solution Kashmir and Palestinian issues.

In pursuance of its sinister designs, New Delhi is silent over American losses such as cost of war on terror, amounting to 8 trillion dollars, increase in defence budget and acute financial crisis inside the US homeland.

Drug and kidnapping are some other source of Indian income in Afghanistan. According to an estimate, world’s 90% heroin is cultivated in Afghanistan. So money earned through drug-smuggling and hostage-takings is utilised in buying weapons, being sent to the foreign agents and the insurgents in Pakistan.

But militants are well-organised from Afghanistan to Somalia and from Yemen to the Indian-held Kashmir. So, if it wants to weaken Pakistan through subversive acts, different war by the insurgents will also envelop India where New Delhi has failed in controlling the wars of liberation in Kashmir and other regions including Maoists’ movement.

In the recent years, a number of conferences were held in order to bring stability and peace in Afghanistan before the foreign troops complete withdrawal from that country in 2014. Another major purpose was to conclude a peace deal with the Afghan militants. After the recent Tokyo conference on Afghanistan, efforts to convince Taliban for talks with the Kabul government have been increased and Pakistan has been requested to play an important task in this regard. During the recent tripartite meeting in Kabul, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Afghan President Hamid Karzai met Pakistan’s Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, and reiterated Islamabad’s support for durable peace and stability in Afghanistan. Pakistan agreed to redouble efforts in facilitating these talks with the Afghan militants.

Particularly, US should realise that unlike India, there is a co-relationship of stability in Afghanistan and Pakistan, which is essential for American global and regional interests. In case, Indian subversive role continued in Afghanistan, the war-torn country will be thrown in an era of uncertainty and civil war. In that scenario, all the efforts of the US-led NATO and other western countries will prove fruitless. And Pakistan will not be in a position to help in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan.

At this crucial hour, Pakistan and US are further improving their relations, after the apology of US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton for the killing of 24 Pakistani troops last September and in return securing the reopening of NATO supply lines into Afghanistan. Especially, America must remain alert as India could conduct any subversive act in Afghanistan to thwart the Pak-US new rapprochement.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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“Locked & Loaded” – Vietnam Veteran Calls for More Guns

I served in Viet Nam and we were all armed, locked and loaded. Nobody gave anybody any verbal grief. It puts every one on a level playing field.

(Disclaimer – We reserve judgement and present this argument for discussion.)

See below for reasons this may have been a Psy Op

by John

Instead of gun control, the Colorado shooting is an argument for us to be armed.

If one patron had a weapon the loss of life could been adverted, at least to an extent.

In this surveillance video, an elderly Florida man was able to prevent the robbery of an Internet cafe.

Having a concealed permit to carry is Bull Sh**.

We have the right to carry arms in a holster, on our side.
It was declared by the Wisconsin Attorney General last year,
publicly in a Milwaukee Newspaper.

If one movie viewing patron had a weapon it could have been prevented.

More and more buildings have signs posted ‘No Weapons, Gun, Knives, etc.etc.. They should have had signs reading.. ‘concealed carry approved for this building.’

The movie theater will be and should be sued out of business for not having an armed guard on duty.

I served in Viet Nam and we were all armed, locked and loaded.
Nobody gave anybody any verbal grief. It puts every one on a level playing field.

We should all be armed, especially when attending village town hall meetings and especially when going to court. The judges would actually start to be honest.

Being armed is not just to stop incidents like the Dark Night Shooting in Colorado.

Being armed is to protect us from corrupt police, corrupt judges, and for the citizenry to be able to make citizens arrests.

Being armed enables the citizens to make citizens arrests as well as a protection against violent crime.

Supposedly citizen’ arrests were outlawed.  NOT SO. The laws were simply repealed.

But when you look at the statute for repealing a law, the definition in the very same statutes state the repealing of a law simply means it is not used anymore.

The law is still in effect, comprehende’ .

It appears the shooting may be a false flag in order to pass the new UNphony resolution coming up this week.

Send a letter an a link to the Florida Video to your congressman, before they try to pass the UN phony treaty.

Please forward the video of the 71-year-old Florida hero to everyone you know.

The bought and paid for news media surely won’t highlight it.

It appears the shooting in Colorado may be a false flag in order to pass the new UN phony resolution coming up this week.

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Zionist Suicide by Self-immolation in IsraHeLl.

This is a request to participate in an email interview for Fars News Agency. I spoke with Mark Glenn on the same subject this morning and got your names from him in an effort to have more perspectives.
There are two questions and you are welcome to answer one or both of them. To respond, please write back to me at this same address, and please include a photo of yourself and a website link. If at all possible, we prefer to have the responses back by late tonight (7-23-2012) or tomorrow morning at the latest.
Thanks in advance for your participation.

Would you please elaborate your perspectivce on either or both of these questions:

#1 As you know, there have been 5 recent cases of suicide by self-immolation in Israel. One of these suicides was a medical doctor. Would you please offer your perspective on a possible chain of events or conditions that has brought about this response from Israeli citizens.

#2 Western commentators claim that Syrian “rebels” will very soon see victory to bring down the Assad regime. Please comment on any aspect of this that you wish, hopefully including the double standard by which the US chooses to see some Middle Eastern uprisings as legitimate attempts at democracy while others deserve getting squelched by puppet dictators.

#1 As you know, there have been 5 recent cases of suicide by self-immolation in Israel. One of these suicides was a medical doctor. Would you please offer your perspective on a possible chain of events or conditions that has brought about this response from Israeli citizens.

#2 Western commentators claim that Syrian “rebels” will very soon see victory to bring down the Assad regime. Please comment on any aspect of this that you wish, hopefully including the double standard by which the US chooses to see some Middle Eastern uprisings as legitimate attempts at democracy while others deserve getting squelched by puppet dictators.

* They are Going to Feel the Effects

By: Rachael Rudolph

*The two acts of self-immolation that led Israelis to take their own lives signaled a call to the world that things within the country are not as they seem and are presented by the Israeli government. They demonstrate the existence of social, economic and political inequality and the neglect by the government of its people. The government has pursued its foreign policy agneda in an attempt to cover and over shadow a bubbling domestic situation.

It also signals that the traditional paradigm wherein states use conflict to create a rally aroun dthe flag effect will not work. Conflict and war will exacerbate existing socioeconomic and political clevages inside Israel. However, internal domestic issues are going to remain prevalent in the presence or absence of war. This is because of the larger regional and international economic situation.

More and more Israelis are going to feel the effects. The negative global perception of the state and them as citizens thereof will also impact the conditions. If they to do not act out, rise and take to the streets, then each will be pariahs just as the entity itself is.

It is time for Israelis to recognize that justice is on the side of the Palestinians and that the well-being of humanity requires their joining that side and throwing off the cloak of injustice they have shourded themselves with since 1948.


 Israelis who invented the lie about Muslims

By: Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq

Thank you for this opportunity. I want to answer both questions. My answer to the first question is sarcastic but I hope it would cause the readers to think.
1. It was the Israelis who invented the lie about Muslims getting 72 virgins as a reward when they commit suicide. It was done, as we know, not to make us think that there was anything wrong with the Israelis — who must be seen as eternal victims — to make anyone commit suicide as a means of attacking them. Oh no, no, no it has nothing to do with the Israelis mistreatment of the Palestinians and the great suffering and travail the Israelis has caused them. But the real reason for Palestinian suicides is because of the devilishness of the Palestinians and their sex-crazed appetite for 72 virgins. Oh such a sick and perverted people these Palestinians are, aren’t they.
Well it seems like the Israelis have sold this lie so much and so strong that maybe some of their own people are starting to believe it. Maybe their economy has gotten so bad that suicide is the only way some of them believe they could afford to have sex and wow, get 72 virgins in the process!!! Golly gee whiz what a jackpot :D big grin! I wrote the following at the end of my article: Debunking the Suicide for 72 Virgins Myth!
“Oddly enough in this saga about suicide killings we read the following headlines from Israeli newspapers: “Fewer officers to be armed as suicide becomes IDF’s top killer!!!” which you can read more about at the following links:
“The leading cause of death for the Israeli Defense Forces is suicide!!! Well, well it looks like suicide is really an Israeli problem and not a Muslim one. Their IDF commit far more suicides than what is being blamed on Muslims. We already know that Israel leads the world in trafficking prostitutes and that there are hundreds of brothels in Tel Aviv. Israel has no law against trafficking people, and no law against prostitution. Who knows, maybe having access to one prostitute at a time on a soldier’s salary was not enough for those IDF soldiers. Maybe these soldiers believed the lies told about Muslims and were trying to get their 72 virgins too. See how strong an effect Jewish lies have on their own people.”
2. Spreading democracy and intervention based on humanitarian concerns represents a shift since 9/11 for a reason for the US to dethrone Muslim countries as they are trying to do in Syria. It is very hypocritical especially when we look at how supportive the US is of oppressing the people’s uprising in places like Yemen and Bahrain. The US doesn’t need the Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda boogeyman to justify attacking Muslim nations anymore.
The Al-Qaeda boogeyman was used successfully to attack Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and other places.
But as evidenced in Libya and what they are attempting in Syria, all that needs to be done now is claim that leaders are killing their people and the US and NATO will have all the justification they need to attack other sovereign nations.
We are led to believe that the same murderers of millions of Muslims, plunderers of their lands and haters of Islam have transformed themselves into the saviors of the Muslim masses. We should not be fooled by their appealing propaganda playing on the goodness of our hearts. Their goals are always the same — steal Muslim countries resources and gain world dominance for Israel’s benefit.
They see how easy it is to provoke protests in Arab countries, send their mercenaries in to kill the people, blame the killings on Arab leaders and then bomb those countries. They are very selective about this process choosing to execute the complete process in Libya and now itching to do it in Syria on their road to waging war on Iran.
Their aim is to weaken and decimate Muslim countries whether friend or foe. Tunisia and Egypt were friendly countries whose cruel, corrupt and self serving leaders did more to please the West than to satisfy the needs of their people.
Libya and Syria are not considered friendly countries by the West in the same light as Egypt and Tunisia. Yet friend or foe, both types of leadership has to be toppled because the aim is to leave the Muslim world weak and helpless subject to the dominion of the West. Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan are good examples of what they want for the Muslim world after their escapades of bringing “freedom” to the Muslim masses. That “freedom” has only left those countries ruined and destroyed in much worse shape than they were in before their “saviors” from the West invaded.
“Strive as in a race to achieve the
goal of excellence in all that you do.”For real insights visit:

Another Jewish fairytale

By: Keith Johnson
I changed the first paragraph, because I think it should be emphasized that the “Masad” incident is most likely another Jewish fairytale. Either way, you have two different versions to consider.
Here’s the revised version:
Self-immolation in Jewish society is more often considered an act of martyrdom than suicide. While Judaism strongly opposes the taking of one’s own life, there are exceptions when done in accordance with certain interpretations of the kalakhah. A prime example Jews often cite is the so-called “mass self-immolation of the Garrison of Masada in 73 A.D.” (disputed), where it was deemed permissible to take one’s own life rather than risk the possibility of being subjugated to foreign rule.

Is this indicative of a repressed and backwards society? If they were Muslim, we’d certainly be hearing the usual Islamophobes making such a claim. In fact, after a string of self-immolation incidents were reported in Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Bahrain, a rabidly Zionist Jewish FOX News commentator by the name of Michael Medved took to the popular right-wing website Townhall to exploit these tragedies and further advance the anti-Islamic narrative: The self-immolation craze illustrates a death obsession widespread in Muslim societies. Islamists proudly declare that “we love death more than you love life”—all the more reason for the West to cherish life even more,” writes Medved.
Medved relies on the ignorance of his audience, and fails to mention that the governments of Tunisia, Morocco, Jordan and Bahrain are un-Islamic monarchies that are fully allied with the U.S. and Israel. Therefore, it can be argued that the people in those countries (including Israel) who set themselves on fire are not acting out against Islamic repression, but rather repression brought on by a “death obsessed” western society.

Keith Johnson is a reporter for American Free Press and host of Revolt of the Plebs on The Ugly Truth Broadcasting Network.



IsraHell must be removed for the land and region to be healthy again

BY; Jonayhan Azaziah

Assalamu alaikoum wa rahmatullah wa barakatou brother Reza,

Ramada Karim to you Sir and jazak ALLAH khair for this opportunity. I will answer both questions.

1) Firstly, it must be made clear that no “Israeli” is a “citizen” in Palestine but a colonist, a settler, a thief, a foreign presence; “Israel” is a virus, as Ayatollah Sayyed Khomeini (RA) once referred to it as, that must be removed for the land and region to be healthy again. Secondly, the recent wave of self-immolation actions in the usurping Zionist entity are an extension of the J14 protest “movement” that began in the summer of 2011.

These demonstrations were triggered by a rise in housing costs and the anger of “Israelis” towards the murderous Netanyahu regime for this inflation. The irony! The audacity! Land thieves complaining about the cost of upkeep on the land that they stole! And this is occurring while Palestinians across occupied Palestine, from Naqab Desert to the Jordan Valley, Al-Quds to Jenin, have their homes stolen and destroyed by Jewish terrorists day in and day out, with the most recent examples being Majaz, Tabban, Sfai, Fakheit, Halaweh, Mirkez, Jinba, and Kharuba, villages just south of al-Khalil.

The J14 “movement” is a literally Jews-only affair, with numerous reports from a plethora of agencies displaying that any non-Jew who partook in the demonstrations and specifically referred to Palestine as the reason for the usurping Zionist entity’s perceived economic woes was shunned, insulted and even attacked by J14 protesters. This is a “movement” that showcases the arrogance, racism, supremacism and hegemonic aspirations of “Israeli” society. This is a “movement” that is no different than any other segment of the usurping regime’s putrid “culture” and society: firmly committed to the banishment of any and all things Palestinian, strongly opposed to integration with anything that isn’t Jewish; cultural imperialism at its highest peak.

These “Israelis” are well-aware that anything that they say or do makes worldwide news because of the Jewish-Zionist domination of the media, and that their actions will be framed in the “Arab Spring” lens, with news outlets the world over showing the wonders of “Israeli democracy”, in which the regime allows people to protest freely while in the “Arab dictatorships” persons are “massacred” and “murdered en masse”. While in the microcosm, the self-immolations are a representation of how dysfunctional the Jewish supremacist society of “Israel” is, in the geopolitical macrocosm, it is yet another degree of psychological warfare that the usurping Zionist entity is inflicting upon the region and the world.

(2) The Zionist media claims that the end of the regime of Bashar al-Assad is imminent but this couldn’t be further from the truth. International Zionism is well-aware that the Syrian government is strong, has the support of the people, has the support of the military-intelligence apparatus and has the backing of Russia and China (albeit for their own interests) at the UN Security Council. This lie of “immediate collapse” is being spread by the enemies of justice because there is nothing more that they want than the fall of Syria, which, in their twisted imperialistic minds, will lead to the crumbling of the mighty Islamic Resistance of Lebanon Hezbollah and the revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran. They want these forces to vanish so their dream of “Greater Israel” can be erected upon the bodies of millions of innocent lives.

It is now confirmed by multiple mainstream entities that the barbaric sectarian gang known as the “Free Syrian Army” is being funded by the House of Saud and House of Thani, is being armed by the CIA, and is being assisted by “Israeli”, Turkish, Jordanian, French and British intelligence. It is now confirmed that the usurping Zionist entity and its puppets in the EU and US are discussing the bombing of Syria to “secure” its weapons facilities, and it has been known for months that plans for such action were long-drawn up by NATO and the upper echelons of the Jewish supremacist entity’s military-intelligence circles. Syria stands on the brink of oblivion, set to be replaced by a regime comprised of Ikhwan members and whitewashed House Arabs groomed in the halls of Zionist think tanks, and despite this, it is standing strong.

Everything that Bashar al-Assad and his officials said in the beginning, about “armed gangs” and an “international conspiracy’, turned out to be truer than true. Everything. To the letter. When this is reconciled with the idea that this plot to overthrow the Syrian regime for the benefit of the Jewish “state” originated with “Israeli” foreign policy advisor Oded Yinon’s 1982 stratagem “A Strategy For Israel In The 1980s”, and was modified with the 1996 “Clean Break” papers of Netanyahu, written by Jewish-Zionist neocons Douglas Feith and Richard Perle who would serve as prominent members of the Bush administration, and that monies began being funneled to the Syrian opposition by these same neocons during the Bush years, it cannot be clearer what is occurring: just like Hezbollah in 2006, like Iran during the Zionist-instigated Iran-Iraq war, like Iraq in 2003, the push for a New World Order has been kicked into high gear. May Syria, like all those aforementioned, triumph over the enemies. Insha’ALLAH.

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Watch this to see what one person can do to educate others.

Youtube Video




FAIRFAX, Va. (The Borowitz Report)—Saying it was “high time to take action against the number one cause of violence in America,” the National Rifle Association issued a statement today urging a sweeping ban on movies.

Tracy Klugian, an official spokesperson for the gun-lobbying organization, said that the N.R.A. had taken this extraordinary step because it “could not stand idly by and watch movies tear apart the fabric of our civil society.”

To that end, Mr. Klugian said, the N.R.A. would use money from its PAC, the N.R.A. Political Victory Fund, to support politicians who favored a ban on filmed entertainment.

In the hours after the N.R.A.’s announcement, politicians on both sides of the aisle were quick to applaud the group for identifying what it called “a long overdue need for movie control.”

“It is time for us to stop the madness,” said Speaker of the House John Boehner. “As a first step, I am proposing legislation that would impose a two-year waiting period and background check before one is allowed to see a Hollywood release.”

Minutes later, the White House said that the Speaker’s proposal was “a good first step, but does not go far enough,” arguing that Congress had to “take a hard look at whether superhero costumes and masks should continue to be legal.”

All in all, the N.R.A.’s Klugian said he was “cautiously optimistic” that the organization’s call for new legislation would be heeded “because our message finally seems to be getting through: Guns don’t kill people. Movies kill people.”

Read more


“Progressive” Journalism’s Legacy of Deceit

By Prof. James F. Tracy
Global Research

Progressive-left media persist in acting as propaganda outlets for the US-NATO destabilization of Syria, thus placating a politically conscious audience that might otherwise be mobilized against acts of imperialism and violence. The historical record suggests how this is not the first time “Progressive publicists” were used to sell a war.

A recent report in the UK Guardian by Charlie Skelton explains that Western news outlets remain willing victims (or accomplices) in a propaganda campaign for US -NATO led Syrian intervention being carried out by skilled and well-financed public relations practitioners. According to Skelton, “the spokespeople, the ‘experts on Syria’, the ‘democracy activists’ … The people who ‘urge’ and ‘warn’ and ‘call for action’” against the Assad regime are themselves part of a sophisticated and well-heeled public relations effort to allow NATO forces to give Syria the same medicine administered to Libya in 2011. “They’re selling the idea of military intervention and regime change,” Skelton reports,

“and the mainstream news is hungry to buy. Many of the “activists” and spokespeople representing the Syrian opposition are closely (and in many cases financially) interlinked with the US and London – the very people who would be doing the intervening. Which means information and statistics from these sources isn’t necessarily pure news – it’s a sales pitch, a PR campaign.”[1]

If one thinks that a revelation of this magnitude would be cause for other major Western news media to reassess their reportage of the Syrian situation they would be greatly mistaken. Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now is a case in point. Since the beginning of the “Arab Spring” color revolutions the foremost broadcast venue of “independent” progressive-Left journalism in the United States has used its reportage to obfuscate and thereby advance the campaign for regime change in Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. The tactics of disinformation and death squads employed in Libya and Syria should be easily recognizable since they were refined against popular Central American moves toward popular enfranchisement by the Reagan administration during the 1980s.

As Finian Cunningham recently observed [2] Democracy Now’s adherents look to Goodman on a regular basis because of her perceived credibility; she is the self-avowed “ exception to the rulers”—a tireless crusader against the restrictive corporate media where there remains a “deafening silence … around the issues—and people—that matter most.”[3] Today Goodman’s vaunted program is contributing to the very violence being committed by Western-backed mercenaries against the Syrian people.

Goodman and similar Left media are engaging and convincing precisely because of their posturing against corporate media control, economic exploitation and war mongering. Occupying the outer contours of National Public Radio’s milquetoast programming, Democracy Now’s self-described “independent” reportage takes on a certain aura of authenticity among its supporters—mainly progressives with concerns for social justice and human rights.

Such characteristics make Goodman and Democracy Now among the most effective sowers of disinformation. Further, their role in assuaging an educated and otherwise outspoken audience serves only to aid and abet the wanton military aggression Goodman and her cohorts claim to decry. In light of the program’s broader coverage of the “Arab Spring,” such reporting must be recognized and condemned as sheer public relations for NATO and the Obama administration’s campaign of perpetual terrorism and war on humanitarian grounds.[4]

On July 19, shortly after interviewing a mysterious “Syrian activist” who allegedly participated only with the assurance of anonymity, Democracy Now brought on McClatchy’s Beirut correspondent David Enders, who presented the US-NATO-backed mercenary army’s actions that resulted in the deaths of high-level Syrian government officials as part of a spontaneous popular revolution that was gaining momentum.

“We’ve seen the rebellion grow in numbers and as far as its organizational capability. And they’ve attempted to strike at Assad and his inner circle multiple times … I think what we’re seeing is just the government crumbling under the weight of a massive rebellion. It simply can’t put it down.”[5]

Goodman and Democracy Now are in fact upholding progressive journalism’s greatest perversion: consciously using the public’s faith in its performance and moral rectitude to promote the latest war—a tradition that dates back almost one hundred years. At that time journalists with public personae remarkably similar to Goodman’s were employed to persuade the American public on US entry into World War One. This was done with the government’s careful consideration of how ostensibly liberal crusaders were held in high regard by the broader public.

In April 1917, when Democratic President Woodrow Wilson led America into the war that he promised would “make the world safe for democracy,” he called on some of America’s foremost progressive journalists to “sell” the war to a reluctant American population through the greatest propaganda campaign ever put together. Wilson’s anxiety over securing liberal support for the war effort brought him to recognize how well known “Progressive publicists” exercised credibility in the public mind through their previous work in exposing government and corporate corruption. One such journalist was George Creel, who Wilson tapped to lead the newly formed Committee on Public Information (CPI). New Republic editor Walter Lippmann and “father of public relations” Edward Bernays were also brought on board the elaborate domestic and international campaign to “advertise America.”

Because of Creel’s wide-ranging connections to Progressive writers throughout the US, Wilson was confident that Creel would be successful in getting such intellectual workers on board the war effort, “to establish a visible link between liberal ideals and pursuit of the war,” Stuart Ewen observes. “On the whole, Wilson’s assumption was justified. When the war was declared, an impassioned generation of Progressive publicists fell into line, surrounding the war effort with a veil of much-needed liberal-democratic rhetoric.”

Well known for his derisive critiques of big business interests, such as the Rockefellers and their infamous role in the Ludlow massacre, Creel was the perfect candidate to lead a propaganda apparatus at a time when suspicion toward “a ‘capitalists’ war’” was prevalent. “When the moment to lead the public mind into war arrived, the disorder threatened by antiwar sentiments—particularly among the lower classes—was seen as an occasion that demanded what Lippmann would call the ‘manufacture of consent.’” [6]

The sales effort was unparalleled in its scale and sophistication. The CPI was not only able to officially censor news and information, but to manufacture it. Acting in the role of an advanced and multifaceted advertising agency, Creel’s operation “examined the different ways that information flowed to the population and flooded these channels with pro-war material.”

The Committee’s domestic organ was comprised of 19 subdivisions, each devoted to a specific type of propaganda, one of which was a Division of News that distributed over 6,000 press releases and acted as the chief avenue for war-related information. On an average week, more than 20,000 newspaper columns carried data provided through CPI propaganda. The Division of Syndicated Features enlisted the help of popular novelists, short story writers, and essayists. These mainstream American authors presented the official line in a readily accessible form  reaching twelve million people every month. Similar endeavors existed for cinema, impromptu soapbox oratory (Four Minute Men), and outright dvertising. [7]

Creel himself recalls the unparalleled efforts of the thought control apparatus he oversaw to sell the war to a skeptical American public

.”It is a matter of pride to the Committee on Public Information, as it should be to America, that the directors of English, French, and Italian propaganda were a unit in agreeing that our literature was remarkable above all others for its brilliant and concentrated effectiveness.”[8]

Alongside Creel’s recollections, out of their experiences in the CPI the liberal-minded Lippmann and Bernays wrote of their overall contempt for what they understood as a malleable and hopelessly ill-informed public that could not be trusted with serious decision-making. In their view, public opinion had to be created by an “organized intelligence” of technocrats (Lippmann) or “engineered” by “an invisible government” (Bernays), with the average citizen relegated to the role of idle spectator.[9]

Given the backdrop of progressive-left journalists’ lengthy and ardent opposition to the Bush-Cheney policies of Nazi-like atrocities and plunder, venues such as Democracy Now are poised to serve as platforms for disseminating the necessary disinformation to make the Obama administration’s color revolutions and “humanitarian” policy of military interventions seem palatable to the very audiences whose sensibilities are most opposed to violence and imperialism.

The phenomenon attests to the sophistication and efficiency of modern publicity efforts that genuinely alternative news outlets have long pointed to, the gullibility of many on the Left, and the extent to which vintage propaganda techniques never truly die. Rather, they are consistently refined and expanded in anticipation of shifting public sentiment and rationales for deception.


[1] Charlie Skelton, “The Syrian Opposition: Who’s Doing the Talking?” Guardian, July 12, 2012,

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[5] Democracy Now! “Back From Syria Reporter David Enders Says Assad Regime Crumbling to ‘Grassroots Rebellion,’” July 19, 2012, The observation, emblematic of Democracy Now’s overall Libyan and Syrian coverage, stands in stark contrast to the stories from genuine alternative news outlets providing important reports and analyses explaining the root causes of the Syrian unrest. For example, see Thierry Meyssan, “How Al Qaeda Men Came to Power in Libya,”, 7 September 2011, Qaeda-men-came-to-power-in; Tony Cartalucci, A Timeline & History: One Year Into the Engineered ‘Arab Spring,’ One Step Closer to Global Hegemony,” December 24, 2011, Land Destroyer Report,; Webster Tarpley, “NATO-Backed Death Squads Basic Cause of Syria Unrest,” PressTV, May 10, 2012,; Stephen Lendman, “Syria at the Crossroads: Is US-NATO Contemplating a Plan B?, April 2, 2012,

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[9] Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, New York: Free Press, 1997 (1922); Edward L. Bernays, Propaganda, New York: Ig Publishing, 2005 (1928); See also Lippmann, The Phantom Public, New York: Transaction Publishers, 1927, and  Crystallizing Public Opinion, New York: Bonni and Liveright, 1929.

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IsraHell Begins Attack on Iran with Media Strike


Israel’s Pre-emptive Media Strike on Iran Confirmed by Intel Sources to Have Been Prepared Prior to Bulgarian Bombing.

by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor

featuring  Nima Shirazi


The Iran War Games Have Begun

Israel fumbled their WWIII ball  by using the Bulgarian bombing as a pretext for launching a ‘retaliation strike’ on Iran which would really be an offensive one under the Nuremberg precedent.

Veterans Today previously caught the Israeli psy ops people red handed in the faked video material they released to the public showing ‘terrorists’ aboard the Mavi Marmara.

We discovered is was all shot in Israel’s own studios with some CGI (computer generated imaging) help. They have been caught again.

We were used to looking for this. Most all of the fake Osama videos and tapes were made by the Israelis, along with the fake Al Qaeda training tapes which were funny in a way.

What was not funny was how Western media pipelined material to their respected audiences as the real deal when a rookie Intel trainee could have spotted how fake they were.

Again, they over played their hand…too much ‘blame it on Iran’ dot connecting, too soon, based in information that was incorrect or purposefully arranged to be so.

And then they piled on of every past event that they could find on the Iranians. Missing in all of this was any mention of Israel’s ongoing crimes against humanity,their long record on State sponsored terrorism and refusing to open their WMD stockpiles for international inspection. Imagine that.

We don’t have faked video to show you on Bulgaria (yet) but Nima Shirazi has nailed the Zios on the next best thing, faked, mistranslated, mis-attributed and out of context quotes from Iran and Mr. Ahmadinejad.

But we did notice the too quick on the trigger, the very detailed media disinformation and all the bells and whistles were going off as a ‘ready to go…made in Israel’ event.

It did not take too long to confirm that this material had been ready to go before the bombing event. Welcome to that world.

A basic premise of all Intel 101 analysis training is that when you really have the goods to nail an opponent with something you use it. And when you don’t, you have to make something up.

The problem with that is when your made up material is discovered, the games is up on the alleged threat you are claiming.  It is now exposed as bogus.

This is not a knock out blow for Israeli’s credibility as it has long learned to keep their ship of state afloat having thrown that unnecessary baggage overboard long ago.

It is to the disgrace of all Western Intelligence agencies that they have not help public webinars of Israels long record of faked threats and attacks as they have always been an attack on the rest of us.

How?…by the usual ‘preparing the minds’ psy ops that routinely accompany all aggressive attacks which a public would not support otherwise.

You could ad to this that American counter intelligence has never once publicly warned the American people of the scale of Israeli espionage that has gone on here for decades with untold damage.

This even includes warning graduating physics Phd. students of their usual recruiting techniques, things like helping them get placed in our most sensitive national laboratories.

The revelation of this damage is now considered a threat to the national security but in a twisted way.

Richard Clarke

The political treason and corruption involved in having allowed this to go on all these years might trigger mass lynching across American for all those involved.

That is something most guilty parties would lie and classify to save their traitorous hides, and have.

Veterans Today has published a couple of these in the past few months, Condi Rice and Richard Clarke (and there are many more), without a single follow up call by main stream media.

A growing segment of the Intelligence community is coming to view this horrendous situation less as political corruption, but more as an uber-organized crime operation  from which our counter intelligence institutions have been powerless to defend us.

And there are even some scarier theories as to why. More on this later…always… Jim Dean


The Insanity of Anti-Iran Propaganda 

… by  Nima Shirazi

Nima Shirazi

The Times of Israel, the same “news” outfit that was quick to identify former Guantanamo detainee Mehdi Ghezali as the bomber based on half-baked Bulgarian media reports is back at it.

The claim was immediately denied by all intelligence agencies involved in the case.

But this time there is a report declaring that Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has revealed (and reveled in) Iran’s culpability for the attack in Bulgaria.

The Times opens its piece with what could not be mistaken for anything other than what it presents as a clear statement of fact:

“Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gloated publicly on Thursday over the deaths of Israelis in a terror bombing in Bulgaria, and hinted that Iran was responsible for the attack.”

Claiming that, just hours after the attack itself, “Ahmadinejad described the attack as ‘a response’ to Israeli ‘blows against Iran,’” the report continues:


“The bitter enemies of the Iranian people and the Islamic Revolution have recruited most of their forces in order to harm us,” he said in a speech reported by Israel’s Channel 2 TV.

“They have indeed succeeded in inflicting blows upon us more than once, but have been rewarded with a far stronger response.”

He added: “The enemy believes it can achieve its aims in a long, persistent struggle against the Iranian people, but in the end it will not.

We are working to ensure that.”Ahmadinejad’s speech was interpreted in Israel as asserting that the Burgas bombing was a revenge attack for the killing of Iranian nuclear scientists, for which Iran has repeatedly blamed Israel.

This report spread like wildfire around the internet, from right-wing sites like The Blaze and Commentary to progressive outlets like Paul Woodward’s War in Context.

But it’s a lie.

Ahmadinejad’s speech, delivered in commemoration of World Mosque Day, has absolutely nothing to do with the bus bombing in Bulgaria.

The quotes cherry-picked and bizarrely analyzed by the Israeli media have nothing to do with boasting or bragging about the attack.

The speech, typical of Ahmadinejad, states clearly that, in the face of Western aggression and efforts to impose hegemony over Iran and its rights, the Islamic Republic will stand firm and not back down.

This is even evident in the English language report on the speech itself, available on Ahmadinejad’s own website.

“I assure the Iranian people that the government will not retreat even one iota from their rights, principles and values against the declining materialistic powers,” Ahmadinejad said, “even if the enemies mobilize their past and future capabilities and get accompanied by certain parties inside the country.”

The key part of the speech twisted and bastardized by the Israeli press actually states that:

“the main enemies of the Iranian nation and the Islamic Revolution have waged a major battle and mobilized their utmost power and capability but the Iranian government strongly resists against them. The enemy deals a blow to the Iranian nations step by step; but, in return, it receives a stronger, heavier blow.”

The Iranian president is so obviously talking about the campaign to abrogate Iran’s nuclear rights (Ahmadinejad said that “the hegemonic system opposes the Iranian nation only because of the high speed of its progress in various sectors such as industries, science and technology”) and Iran’s steadfastness in the face economic pressure and ever-mounting sanctions and threats that to allege this has anything to do with Burgas is not only amazingly dishonest and grotesque, but also dangerous.

The critical paragraph of Ahmadinejad’s speech (a small portion of the whole, which mostly praises the importance of mosques as constructive cultural centers of society) can be read below both in the original Farsi along with an alternate translation:

دكتر احمدي‌نژاد در بخش ديگري از سخنان خود با بيان اينکه امروز دولت درگير يک نبرد سنگين و تمام عيار است، خاطرنشان کرد: امروز دشمنان اصلي ملت، فرهنگ، آرمانها، انقلاب اسلامي و موجوديت ايران، همه توان خود را بسيج کرده اند تا از حرکت سريع و رو به پيشرفت ملت ايران جلوگيري کنند و دولت نيز با همه توان و به صورت شبانه روزي و لحظه اي روياروي آنها ايستاده است. دشمنان با تسلط بر همه مراکز اقتصاد و قدرت در دنيا به صورت شبانه روزي و لحظه اي عليه جمهوري اسلامي اقدام مي کنند و دولت نيز پا به پاي آنها به مقابله برخاسته و اگر هر ضربه اي وارد کنند، ضربه اي دريافت مي کنند كه معمولاً ضربه دريافتي آنها سنگينتر از ضربه اي است که وارد کرده اند.

Queen Elizabeth Visits the Mosque

Dr. Ahmadinejad in another section of his remarks (words) mentioning that today the (Iranian) Government is involved in a heavy and all encompassing struggle reminded that:

Today the main enemies of the people, culture, ideals,the Islamic revolution and the Iranian existence have mobilized all their abilities (powers) to prevent the fast movement towards progress of the Iranian nation, and the Government (Iranian) also with all of its power, day and night and every moment is standing in front of them.

The enemies with domination over all the centers of economy and power in the world day and night and every moment are acting against the Islamic Republic and the Government (Iranian) also has risen in front of them (standing in front of them, against them) and if they deliver a blow they will receive a blow which usually the blow they receive will be heavier than the blow they have delivered.  (translation by Ahmad Shirazi)

The use of this quote, and the false presentation of it as having anything to do with the Burgas attack, may set a new low in the warmongering campaign that Israel is waging against Iran.

Nima Shirazi blogs at

Editing:  Jim W. Dean

We Have to Stop Israeli Aggression – For the Children

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Most Members of Congress Keep their Tax Returns Secret


Most members of Congress keep their tax returns secret, a new article by the McClatchy news service has revealed.

Mitt Romney has refused to release more than two years of his personal tax returns and has been strongly criticized by the two Democratic leaders of the Senate and the House of Representatives—but they themselves are among hundreds of senators and representatives from both parties who refused to release their tax records.

Just 17 out of the 535 members of Congress released their most recent tax forms or provided some similar documentation of their tax liabilities in response to requests from McClatchy over the last three months, the news service said.

Another 19 replied that they wouldn’t release the information, and the remainder never responded to the query.

“The widespread secrecy in one branch of the government suggests a self-imposed double standard. Yet while American politics has come to expect candidates for the presidency to release their tax returns, the president isn’t alone in having a say over the nation’s tax laws,” the article continued.

“Congress also stands to gain or lose by the very tax policies it enacts, and tax records – more than any broad financial disclosure rules now in place – offer the chance to see whether the leaders of the government stand to benefit from their own actions.”

According to Craig Holman, government affairs lobbyist for Public Citizen, a nonpartisan watchdog group, senior public officials, especially members of Congress and presidential candidates, should be required to disclose their tax returns so that the public can monitor potential conflicts of interest.

Absent tax information, members of Congress aren’t fully transparent, said Daniel Auble, who heads the personal finance project for the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks financial disclosures by members of Congress and appointees confirmed by Congress.

“Having a clearer picture of lawmakers’ interests . . . is definitely important in making available to the public what possible influence there could be,” he said. “In terms of transparency, it would be helpful to have more information.”

Full article here

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“Today, Jerusalem. Tomorrow, Washington?”


Has the path to the White House changed course so that all prospective candidates must first visit Israel, a new article in the British Independent newspaper has asked.

Correspondent Rupert Cornwall has posed the question if “a visit to Israel has become de rigueur for presidential hopefuls” and added that “for Mitt Romney, it’s also a chance to see an old friend.”

Cornwall is referring to Benjamin Netanyahu as Romney’s “old friend” and revelas that “the pair were in their late twenties, rising stars at the pioneering management company, the Boston Consulting Group when their paths first crossed in the mid-1970s.  But they’ve kept in touch, and now one is prime minister of Israel, while the other might soon be president of the United States. One way and another, there’s a lot to talk about. But that’s only one reason why Romney is off to Israel next weekend, after dropping in on the London Olympics.”

This trip is now however only about catching up with an old friend, he continues. “Above all, though, he is fulfilling what has become an obligatory rite of passage for aspiring US presidents: a public appearance on Israeli soil, to display undying solidarity with the Jewish state.”

Romney has already visited Israel twice. Sarah Palin went in 2011, when everyone assumed she would be running this year. And at this very moment in the 2008 cycle, having finally seen off Hillary Clinton, Democratic Senator Barack Obama went to Jerusalem to proclaim his “unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security”.

“Such statements of course are not meant to bring about the miracle of peace with the Palestinians, or to instantly counter the Iranian threat. They are solely about winning votes back home. And you don’t do that by upsetting America’s mighty pro-Israel lobby,” the article said.

“In absolute terms the Jewish vote here is small, 2 per cent or so of the electorate, and for many of these voters, other issues are at least as important as the fate of Israel. But their clout is out of all proportion to their numbers.

“Some of Israel’s most vociferous supporters are conservatives and evangelical Christians, a major segment of the electorate. Offend them by sounding lukewarm about Israel and you are in serious trouble.

“And then there’s money. Jewish groups have long been major campaign donors, but in the age of the Super Pac and unlimited personal donations, their importance has only increased. Newt Gingrich’s 2012 White House bid, for instance, was bankrolled by the Jewish casino tycoon Sheldon Adelson, for whom support for Israel is the most important issue (and which may explain why Gingrich breezily dismissed the Palestinians as an “invented people”.)

“And so to what many see as the spider at the centre of the web, the Lobby – in other words Aipac, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Of the many Jewish groups, Aipac is the most influential. No fewer than 13,000 delegates attended its 2012 annual conference in Washington, addressed by President Obama and every Republican presidential candidate, outbidding each other in declarations of fealty to Israel.

“Its influence on US Middle East policy is legendary; if America’s inbuilt bias towards Israel is the biggest obstacle to a Palestinian settlement, as many contend, then Aipac is probably the biggest reason why.

“Is it really that powerful? Incur the wrath of the Israel lobby, it is said, and your political career may be doomed. Exhibit A for this theory is Republican Senator Charles Percy, who was defeated in 1984 after he had crossed Aipac by supporting the sale of US military aircraft to Saudi Arabia, a step vigorously opposed by Israel.

“Obama will surely carry the Jewish vote again, easily. But polls suggesting his approval rating among Jews has slipped, and the Democrats’ loss in 2011 of a heavily Jewish New York district in a special congressional election, have given the Republicans hope. All this may be wishful thinking. But it will be one more topic for two old friends to chew over in Israel next weekend. And one thing may be safely predicted. If Mitt Romney wins, and Benjamin Netanyahu remains prime minister, US ties with Israel will never have been closer.”

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War With Iran Will Devastate America! And See my video with 1/2 Million Views!


Former National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski has warned that a war with Iran (which is what the Jewish Supremacists are trying to achieve with their insane war-mongering) would be “disastrous for the United States, lasting for years and possibly devastating America’s economy.

“A war in the Middle East, in the present context, may last for years,” Brzezinski, who served in the Carter White House, told the Newsmax service.

“And the economic consequences of it are going to be devastating for the average American. High inflation. Instability. Insecurity. Probably significant isolation for the United States in the world scene,” Brzezinski says.

“Can you name me any significant country that’s going to be in that war together on our side? “That’s something no one can afford to ignore,” he said.

“Rushing to war is not a wise course of action,” he said.


“You can always start a war, and you know pretty much what happens when you start it. But you don’t know how long it will last, what its consequences will be – and they will be certainly very costly for the United States.”

Iran recently renewed its threats to close the Strait of Hormuz unless sanctions against it were revoked. Tehran has repeatedly threatened to close the vital oil-shipping channel, through which 40 percent of the world’s seaborne oil exports travel, in retaliation for sanctions placed on its oil exports by Zionist-controlled Western governments.

“We would open it by force — and we have the power to do it, and I’m fairly confident we would do it,” says Brzezinski, who now is Robert Osgood Professor of American Foreign Policy at the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University in Washington, D.C..

“But let’s not be simple-minded about it. We can open it up, but you can be absolutely certain that the costs of oil will skyrocket because it will still be a dangerous passage.

“In effect, the American taxpayer should be ready to pay $5 to $10 a gallon for the pleasure of having a war in the Strait of Hormuz.”

Any international response to Iran would, essentially, fall to the United States. “Let’s not kid ourselves. When people talk about taking on Iran by force, they really mean the United States.”

As U.S. involvement in Iraq nears its 10th year, Brzezinski still opposes it. “We have now an Iraq which is much more vulnerable to Iranian pressure. Saddam Hussein was an odious dictator, but he was also a very effective opponent of Iran. He was also a very effective opponent of al-Qaida. We now have an Iraq that’s unstable.”

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